Ancestry Database Available on Test Basis

February 15, 2012

Do you suspect that Great Uncle Bob was a bootlegger during Prohibition but lack proof? Would you like to see the ship's manifest that brought your ancestors to the new world? Do you have a student with a genealogy project? Then check out Ancestry Library Edition (ALE).

Ancestry provides a wealth of genealogical information with access to 75,000 U.S. and international collections. These collections include birth, death, and marriage records; military records; and census statistics from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Australia. Users may also search for travel and immigration records, plus 1885-1940 Native American census records.

A variety of search options are available: basic searches using a name, date of birth, or residence; and advanced searches naming additional limiters such as events (birth, death or military service), known family members, gender or race, and nationality.

What to do with all the information you find? ALE provides several handy forms to help keep track of everything including an ancestral chart, research extract, correspondence chart, and blank copies of census records to make reading column headings easier (difficult to read on some censuses).

This new database is on trial at the Dayton and Lake Campuses only until the summer of 2013 (no off-campus access is available).

This article written by Libraries’ Practicum Student Stacie Peterson.

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