Election 2012: Complete & Objective Information

September 6, 2012

Be the most informed voter on your block! Read up on the candidates and issues for Federal, State and Local elections and voter information in the University Libraries’ guide, Election 2012.

Voter apathy is dangerous and political disagreements can polarize the political machine to the point of lethargy. Make your own decisions about the issues and choose candidates you feel will benefit your national, state, local governments, and you personally. Through this guide you can research and read the various speeches, political platforms and press releases of the candidates, plus find information on the various state and constitutional issues.

The University Libraries provides access to hundreds of newspapers, magazines, professional journals and other online content. Physical newspapers and journals are in the Media area on the Dunbar Library 2nd floor, or look through our online e-journals. Use reliable Libraries’ resources to find more information on political issues and candidates.

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