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New Exhibit: Phil Donahue’s Dayton Connection

Who hasn’t heard of Phil Donahue? Did you know that Phil Donahue has a pretty significant connection to Dayton, Ohio? The Phil Donahue Show, which revolutionized daytime television with its unique format, premiered on Dayton’s WLWD-TV in November 1967 and was … Continue reading

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New Exhibit: Model Airplanes

Two of our Public History graduate students and Archives student workers, Victoria Penno and Karis Raeburn, recently completed a new semi-permanent exhibit pairing model airplanes with photographs and historical information about the models’ real-life counterparts. The exhibit, which can be … Continue reading

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New exhibits, including original items

We created several new exhibits for various events this week, including the WSU Foundation event on November 18th, as well as the Dunbar Library’s 40th birthday celebration on November 19th. Some of the exhibits containing original materials, such as this … Continue reading

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