3D Printing Now Available at the STAC!

The staff of the Student Technology Assistance Center (STAC), located on the 2nd floor of Dunbar Library, are excited to announce their new 3D printing services, available to all current Wright State University students.

8bit STAC

The STAC has two 3D printers: a PrintrBot Simple Metal printer and a Polar 3D printer.


STAC staff are excited to continue their 3D printing education with students this fall and assist in the creation of a variety of fun and functional projects.  Projects can be printed in black, white, pink, green, red or blue filament.

3D Printed Objects

3D printing in the STAC costs just $0.10 per gram, with project weights rounded to the nearest gram. Our STAC staff strives to keep printing costs low, in order to encourage students from all majors to visit the STAC and experiment with 3D printing.

Learn more about our 3D printing service at: http://www.libraries.wright.edu/stac/3dprinting
3D printing services are exclusive to current Wright State students.

Questions about 3D printing or any of the other multimedia and technology projects students can create in the STAC? Please contact STAC Coordinator, David Reyes at 937-775-2656.

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Remembering Dr. Lewis K. Shupe

University Libraries lost a dear Friend when Dr. Lewis K. Shupe passed away on June 26, 2016. One of the early faculty members at Wright State, Lew was dedicated to serving Wright State students, faculty and staff long after his retirement in 1993.  Read more about Lew’s dedication to education and the arts on his memorial page.

A celebration of Lew’s life will be held in the Berry Room of the Nutter Center on August 31st at 4:30 p.m. All who knew him are invited to attend and help us remember and honor Lew.

When notable Wright State alum, Eddie McClintock hosted the campaign kickoff banquet for the Rise. Shine. campaign, he shared a story about testing his limits and finding forgiveness from one of his favorite Wright State professors. He was talking about Dr. Shupe.

In addition to his service with the Wright State Retirees Association and the American Rose Society among others, Lew was a dedicated supporter of the University Libraries. After serving several terms on the Friends of the Libraries Board, Lew stayed an active member of the Friends. He was quick to volunteer new ideas and served as an advocate for the University Libraries, the Friends of the Libraries group, and especially Special Collections and Archives, which he often called the “jewel in the crown” of Wright State. Read about Lew’s work with Special Collections and Archives and Digital Services on the Retirees Oral History Project on SC&A’s Out of the Box blog.

Thank you, Lew, for your dedication, service, leadership, teaching and friendship. You are already greatly missed.




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New Faculty Orientation Workshops Aug 24 – 25

University Libraries staff are proud to offer the follow workshops for faculty as part of New Faculty Orientation week events organized by the Center for Teaching and Learning. These workshops are open to ALL Wright State faculty and staff.

Register here: http://www.wright.edu/center-for-teaching-and-learning/workshops 

Building your Academic Profile Page

Jane Wildermuth and Elisabeth Shook, Digital Services Department

Creating an academic publication profile can shine a light on your professional accomplishments. Academic profiles are Search Engine Optimized, provide metrics such as download counts, and allow readers to follow your work. University Libraries’ staff will speak about the pros and cons of the various profile platforms such as ResearchGate, Academia.edu, etc., and help you create your own profile page to get your work noticed.

Wednesday, August 24th 11am – 12pm

Dunbar Library Room 241

Using Primary Sources for Teaching and Research

Dawne Dewey, Head of Special Collections and Archives

The Special Collections and Archives (SCA) holds over 15,000 linear feet of unique manuscript materials in more than 500 collections covering aviation and aerospace technology, politics, the arts, literature, civic organizations, religion, education, government, military history, medicine, engineering, personal and family history and much more.  Join the Archivists for a discussion of primary sources and how they can be used to support teaching and research.  A VIP tour of the SCA, highlighting our premier collections, will conclude the workshop.

Wednesday, August 24th 2pm – 3pm


Thursday, August 25th 10am – 11am

Special Collections and Archives, Dunbar Library 4th floor

Library Instructional Support for your Classroom

Holly Jackson, Humanities Librarian

Librarians can support your students’ research needs virtually or in person. We’ll discuss customized research guides, library instruction in the classroom, virtual appointments, and library tours and orientations. We can introduce your students to scholarly resources or instruct on various topics like avoiding plagiarism, how to use citations properly, or integrating sources into research papers. Whether you would like library instructional support for a partial class period, full class period, or multiple class periods, we have options to fill your needs.

Thursday August 25th 9am-10am

Dunbar Library Room 241

Manage your Research with RefWorks

Bette Sydelko, Medical and Education Librarian

Need help keeping your references organized? Looking for an easier way to create bibliographies and in-text citations? RefWorks, a web-based citation management program, can help users create a personal database of resources and keep them easily organized.  This workshop will provide an overview of RefWorks and the many features offered.

Thursday, August 25th 11am – 12pm


Thursday, August 25th 3:30pm – 4:30 pm

Dunbar Library Room 241

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Harry Potter and the Dunbar Library

You’ve read every book. You know what your wand is made out of. You can name all the horcruxes and hallows. Now’s your chance to take part in some library/Harry-Potter-themed fun. First up:

Harry Potter Murder Mystery

During Welcome Week, August 29 – Sept 2, you’re invited to take part in a Harry Potter Murder Mystery at Dunbar Library!

Cho Chang has been murdered and we need YOUR help to solve the case. If the suspects look familiar, it’s because they’re your favorite Harry Potter characters (played by your library staff). Click the photo below for a preview of the game!

HP Group

How to play:

  • Pick up an instruction sheet at the Circulation Desk during Welcome Week. (Check our calendar for hours.)
  • The game requires you to install the free Aurasma app on your iPhone or Android phone and set up a free account.
  • Use the app to scan posters of the murder suspects, who will give you clues to the instruction sheet and the location of the next poster. Solve the clues and be sure to write down your answers.
  • Complete the final answer sheet and return it to the Circulation Desk and you’ll be entered to win one of three prize packs at Game Night Friday, Sept 2nd, 6:30 – 10:00 p.m.

Also check out:

Dunbar Library House Cup Challenge

Throughout the fall, you can participate in our House Cup Challenge! Simply answer a questionnaire (updated every other week), turn in your answers to the Information Desk on the 2nd floor, and receive a point for your house. House points will be recorded on the bulletin board across from the restrooms on the second floor. Not sure which Hogwarts house is right for you? Try this quiz.

House Cup Challenge

Questions about Harry Potter activities? Contact Holly Jackson, Humanities Librarian, at holly.jackson@wright.edu.

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