Items Acquired in August 2014 for the University Libraries

A companion to ethnicity in the ancient Mediterranean
edited by Jeremy McInerney
Call Number: DE73

A contemporary concept of monetary sovereignty
Claus D. Zimmermann
Call Number: K4430 .Z56 2013eb

A life course approach to healthy ageing
edited by Diana Kuh, Rachel Cooper, Rebecca Hardy
Call Number: RA564.8 .L54 2014

A life course approach to mental disorders
edited by Karestan C. Koenen, Sasha Rudenstine, Ezra Susser, Sandro Galea
Call Number: RA790.5 .L54 2014eb

A luxury of the understanding : on the value of true belief /
Allan Hazlett
Call Number: BD215 .H39 2013eb

A micro-level perspective on the dynamics of conflict, violence, and development
edited by Patricia Justino, Tilman Brück, Philip Verwimp
Call Number: HM886 .M53 2013eb

A new history of the humanities : the search for principles and patterns from Antiquity to the present /
Rens Bod
Call Number: AZ231 .B63 2013

A new introduction to American constitutionalism
Mark A. Graber
Call Number: KF4550 .G725 2013eb

Accountability in the contemporary constitution
Nicholas Bamforth and Peter Leyland
Call Number: K3165 .A73 2013

Addiction and self-control : perspectives from philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience /
edited by Neil Levy
Call Number: RC564 .A558 2013eb

Advanced biomaterials and biodevices
edited by Ashutosh Tiwari and Anis N. Nordin
Call Number: R857.M3

Advanced monitoring and procedures for small animal emergency and critical care [electronic resource]
editors, Jamie M. Burkitt Creedon, Harold Davis
Call Number: SF778 .C889 2012

Advanced nutrition and dietetics in gastroenterology
editor, Miranda Lomer
Call Number: RC801

Advances in materials science for environmental and energy technologies II
edited by Josef Matyáš, Tatsuki Ohji, Xingbo Liu, M. Parans Paranthaman, Ram Devanathan, Kevin Fox, Mrityunjay Singh, Winnie Wong-Ng
Call Number: TA455.C43

Advances in multifunctional materials and systems II : a collection of papers presented at the 10th Pacific Rim Conference on Ceramic and Glass Technology, June 2-6, 2012, Coronado, California /
edited by Jun Akedo, Tseung-Yuen Tseng, Xiang Ming Chen ; volume editor, Hua-Tay Lin
Call Number: TK7871.15.C4

Aging gracefully in the Renaissance : stories of later life from Petrarch to Montaigne /
by Cynthia Skenazi
Call Number: PN721 .S54 2013

Agricultural input subsidies : the recent Malawi experience /
Ephraim Chirwa and Andrew Dorward
Call Number: HD2133.5.Z8 C45 2013eb

American allies in times of war : the great asymmetry [electronic resource]
Stéfanie von Hlatky
Call Number: JZ1480 .H53 2013

American blood : the ends of the family in American literature, 1850-1900 /
Holly Jackson
Call Number: PS217.F35 J33 2013eb

Analytics and dynamic customer strategy : big profits from big data /
John F. Tanner, Jr
Call Number: HF5415.5 .T36 2014

Ancient economies of the northern Aegean : fifth to first centuries BC /
Zosia Halina Archibald
Call Number: DF261.A177 A73 2013eb

Ancient Greek letter writing : a cultural history, 600 BC- 150 BC /
Paola Ceccarelli
Call Number: DF82 .C43 2013eb

Ancient Greek Women in Film [electronic resource]
Konstantinos P. Nikoloutsos, editor
Call Number: PN1995.9.W6 A525 2013

Antipodean America : Australasia and the constitution of U.S. literature /
Paul Giles
Call Number: PS169.G47 G53 2013

Application of nanotechnology in water research
edited by Ajay Kumar Mishra
Call Number: TD442.5 .A67 2014

Applied regression modeling [electronic resource]
Iain Pardoe
Call Number: QA278.2

Aratus and the astronomical tradition [electronic resource]
Emma Gee
Call Number: PA3873.A7 G44 2013

Ascetic pneumatology from John Cassian to Gregory the Great
Thomas L Humphries, Jr
Call Number: BT121.3 .H86 2013

Asset rotation : the demise of modern portfolio theory and the birth of an investment renaissance /
Matthew P. Erickson
Call Number: HG4529.5

Asymmetrical threat perceptions in India-China relations
Tien-sze Fang
Call Number: DS740.5.I5 F36 2014

Authorities : conflicts, cooperation, and transnational legal theory /
Nicole Roughan
Call Number: K236 .R68 2013

Balanced scorecard evolution : a dynamic approach to strategy execution /
Paul R. Niven
Call Number: HD58.9 .N579 2014

Balanced scorecards & operational dashboards with Microsoft Excel
Ron Person
Call Number: HF5549.5.P37

Basic data analysis for time series with R
DeWayne R. Derryberry, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Idaho State University, Boise, ID
Call Number: QA280 .D475 2014

Basic guide to system safety
Jeffrey W. Vincoli
Call Number: T55

Battered women's protective strategies : stronger than you know /
Sherry Hamby
Call Number: HV6626.2 .H358 2014eb

Bayesian networks for probabilistic inference and decision analysis in forensic science
Franco Taroni, Alex Biedermann, Silvia Bozza, Paolo Garbolino, Colin Aitken
Call Number: QA279.5

Beastly journeys : travel and transformation at the fin de siècle /
Tim Youngs

Being realistic about reasons [electronic resource]
T.M. Scanlon
Call Number: BC177 .S336 2014eb

Between perception and action
Bence Nanay
Call Number: BD418.3 .N35 2013

Beyond the banality of evil : criminology and genocide /
Augustine Brannigan
Call Number: HV6322.7 .B73 2013eb

Beyond the regulatory polity? : the European integration of core state powers /
edited by Philipp Genschel and Markus Jachtenfuchs
Call Number: JN30 .B496 2013

Big data, big innovation : enabling competitive differentiation through business analytics /
Evan Stubbs
Call Number: HD30.28

Biochemistry of Signal Transduction and Regulation [electronic resource]
Call Number: QP517.C45 K73 2014eb

Biological controls for preventing food deterioration : strategies for pre- and postharvest management [electronic resource]
edited by Neeta Sharma
Call Number: SB319.7 .S33 2014

Biological relatives : IVF, stem cells, and the future of kinship /
Sarah Franklin
Call Number: RG135 .F74 2013

Biomaterials science : processing, properties and applications III [electronic resource]
edited by Susmita Bose, Amit Bandyopadhyay, Roger Narayan
Call Number: R857.M3 B56 2013eb

Bioprediction, biomarkers, and bad behavior : scientific, legal, and ethical challenges /
edited by Ilina Singh, Walter P. Sinnott-Armstrong
Call Number: HV6047 .B56 2014eb

Biosensors nanotechnology
edited by Ashutosh Tiwari and Anthony P.F. Turner
Call Number: R857.B54

Bits and atoms : information and communication technology in areas of limited statehood /
edited by Steven Livingston and Gregor Walter-Drop
Call Number: JC328.2 .B476 2014

Blood of the provinces : the Roman auxilia and the making of provincial society from Augustus to the Severans /
Ian Haynes
Call Number: U35 .H39 2013

Body knowledge : performance, intermediality, and American entertainment at the turn of the twentieth century /
Mary Simonson
Call Number: ML1711 .S56 2013eb

Born free and equal? : a philosophical inquiry into the nature of discrimination /
Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen
Call Number: HM821 .L57 2014eb

Laurence Goldstein
Call Number: P95.45 .B76 2013

British North America in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries
edited by Stephen Foster
Call Number: E45 .B75 2013eb

Buddhist nuns and gendered practice : in search of the female renunciant [electronic resource]
Nirmala S. Salgado
Call Number: BQ6150 .S25 2013eb

Building winning algorithmic trading systems : a trader's journey from data mining to Monte Carlo simulation to live trading /
Kevin J. Davey
Call Number: HG6024.A3

Cancer consult : expertise for clinical perspective /
edited by Syed A. Abutalib, Maurie Markman
Call Number: RC266.5

[edited by] Vincenzo Di Marzo
Call Number: QP801.C27

Cascade biocatalysis : integrating stereoselective and environmentally friendly reactions
edited by Sergio Riva and Wolf-Dieter Fessner
Call Number: TP248.65 .E59

Catch up : developing countries in the world economy /
Deepak Nayyar
Call Number: HC59.7 .N39 2013eb

Causality and mind : essays on early modern philosophy /
Prof Nicholas Jolley
Call Number: B801 .J65 2013eb

Cellular and molecular pathobiology of cardiovascular disease
edited by Monte S. Willis, MD, PhD, FCAP, FASCP, FAHA, University of North Carolina, UNC Health Care, McAllister Heart Institute, Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, Chapel Hill, NC, USA, Jonathon W. Homeister, MD, PhD, FCAP, University of North Carolina, UNC Health Care, McAllister Heart Institute, Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, Chapel Hill, NC, USA, James R. Stone, MD, PhD, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, Department of Pathology, Boston, MA, USA
Call Number: RC677 .W384 2014

Central counterparties : mandatory clearing and bilateral margin requirements for OTC derivatives /
Jon Gregory
Call Number: HG6024.A3

Chameleon poet : R.S. Thomas and the literary tradition /
S.J. Perry
Call Number: PR6039.H618 Z64 2013eb

China's iGeneration : cinema and moving image culture for the twenty-first century /
edited by Matthew D. Johnson, Keith B. Wagner, Kiki Tianqi Yu, and Luke Vulpiani
Call Number: PN1993.5.C4 C44219 2014

Choruses, ancient and modern
edited by Joshua Billings, Felix Budelmann, and Fiona Macintosh
Call Number: PA3203 .C49 2013

Christians and the color line : race and religion after Divided by faith /
edited by J. Russell Hawkins and Phillip Luke Sinitiere
Call Number: BT734.2 .C47 2013eb

Classics in the modern world : a democratic turn ? /
edited by Lorna Hardwick and Stephen Harrison
Call Number: PA3014.P65 C56 2013

Clinical endocrinology of companion animals [electronic resource]
edited by Jacquie Rand
Call Number: SF768.3 .C55 2013eb

Cloud computing law
edited by Christopher Millard
Call Number: K564.C6 C56 2013

CO2 biofixation by microalgae : modeling, estimation and control /
Sihem Tebbani [and four others]
Call Number: TP248.27.A46 T43 2014

Coalition politics and democratic consolidation in Asia [electronic resource]
edited by E. Sridharan
Call Number: JQ39 .C63 2012

Colonial medical care in north India : gender, state, and society, c. 1840-1920 /
Samiksha Sehrawat
Call Number: RA529 .S44 2013

Compendium of organic synthetic methods. Volume 13 : Michael B. Smith
Call Number: QD262

Composing the party line : music and politics in early cold war Poland and East Germany /
David G. Tompkins
Call Number: ML3916 .T67 2013

Comprehensive cytopathology
Call Number: RB43

Computational approaches to studying the co-evolution of networks and behavior in social dilemmas
Rense Corten
Call Number: HM1106 .C667 2014

Concepts and case studies in chemical biology [electronic resource]
edited by Herbert Waldmann and Petra Janning
Call Number: QH345

Conflict & conversion : Catholicism in southeast Asia, 1500-1700 /
Tara Alberts
Call Number: BX3746.A1 A63 2013eb

Confronting Capital Punishment in Asia : Human Rights, Politics and Public Opinion [electronic resource]
Call Number: HV8699.A78 .H384 2013

Constructing Muslims in France : discourse, public identity, and the politics of citizenship /
Jennifer Fredette
Call Number: DC34.5.M87 F74 2014

Constructionalization and constructional changes
Elizabeth Closs Traugott, Graeme Trousdale
Call Number: PE1075 .T73 2013

Contemplation and classical Christianity : a study in Augustine /
John Peter Kenney
Call Number: BR1720.A9 K46 2013eb

Corporate boards in law and practice : a comparative analysis in Europe /
edited by Paul Davies, Klaus J. Hopt, Richard Nowak and Gerard van Solinge
Call Number: KJC2461 .C67 2013eb

Corporate holiness : pulpit preaching and the Church of England Missionary Societies, 1760-1870 /
Dr Bob Tennant
Call Number: BX5883 .T46 2013eb

Corporate obligations under international law
Markos Karavias
Call Number: K1315 .K37 2013eb

Death penalty mitigation : a handbook for mitigation specialists, investigators, social scientists, and lawyers /
José B. Ashford with Melissa Kupferberg
Call Number: HV8699.U5 A84 2013

Defining the struggle : national organizing for racial justice, 1880-1915 /
by Susan D. Carle
Call Number: KF4757 .C37 2013eb

DeLee & Drez's orthopaedic sports medicine : principles and practice /
[edited by] Mark D. Miller, MD, Stephen R. Thompson, MD, MED, FRCSC
Call Number: RD97

Democratic trajectories in Africa : unravelling the impact of foreign aid /
edited by Danielle Resnick and Nicolas van de Walle
Call Number: HC800 .D46 2013eb

Design and construction of nuclear power plants [electronic resource]
Rüdiger Meiswinkel, Julian Meyer, Jürgen Schnell
Call Number: QA76

Designing human-machine cooperation systems
edited by Patrick Millot
Call Number: TA167

Developing human capital : using analytics to plan and optimize your learning and development investments /
Gene Pease, Barbara (Bonnie) Beresford, Lew Walker
Call Number: HF5549.5.M3

Developments in electrochemistry : science inspired by Martin Fleischmann /
editors, Derek Pletcher, Zhong-Qun Tian, David E. Williams
Call Number: QD571

Discovering knowledge in data : an introduction to data mining /
Daniel T. Larose, Chantal D. Larose
Call Number: QA76.9.D343 L38 2014

Discovering the musical mind : a view of creativity as learning /
by Jeanne Bamberger, Professor Emerita of Music and Urban Education, MIT, USA
Call Number: MT1 .B36 2013eb

Dissent and the Bible in Britain, c.1650-1950
edited by Scott Mandelbrote and Michael Ledger-Lomas
Call Number: BX5203.5 .D57 2013eb

Domestic violence and the Islamic tradition
Ayesha S. Chaudhry
Call Number: KBP4187 .C435 2013

Dreams of love : playing the romantic pianist /
Ivan Raykoff
Call Number: ML397 .R39 2013eb

Dust explosion and fire prevention handbook : a guide to good industry practices /
Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff, Ph.D
Call Number: TH9446.D86 C34 2014

Dynamism, rivalry, and the surplus economy : two essays on the nature of capitalism /
Janos Kornai
Call Number: HB501 .K583 2014eb

Ecology of wildfire residuals in boreal forests
Ajith H. Perera and Lisa J. Buse
Call Number: QH545.F5 P47 2014

Economic crisis, quality of work and social integration : the European experience /
edited by Duncan Gallie
Call Number: HD6957.E8 E36 2013eb

Economics of the Roman Stone Trade [electronic resource]
Call Number: HC39 .R87 2013

Electrical insulation for rotating machines : design, evaluation, aging, testing, and repair /
Greg C. Stone, Ian Culbert, Edward A. Boulter, Hussein Dhirani
Call Number: TK3401

Electronic Iran : the cultural politics of an online evolution /
Niki Akhavan
Call Number: HM742 .A4294 2013

Electrons in molecules : from basic principles to molecular electronics /
Jean-Pierre Launay, Michel Verdaguer
Call Number: TK7874.8 .L38 2014

Emotion and decision making explained
by Edmund T. Rolls
Call Number: QP401 .R642 2014

Emotional insight : the epistemic role of emotional experience /
Michael S. Brady
Call Number: B815 .B733 2013

Encounter on the Great Plains : Scandinavian settlers and the dispossession of Dakota Indians, 1890-1930 /
Karen V. Hansen
Call Number: F645.S2 H35 2013eb

[edited by] Robert H. Hawes, Paul Fockens, Shyam Varadarajulu
Call Number: RC78.7.E48

Engineering the next revolution in neuroscience : the new science of experiment planning /
Alcino J. Silva, Anthony Landreth, John Bickle
Call Number: RC337 .S55 2013eb

Epic arts in Renaissance France
Phillip John Usher
Call Number: PN53 .U84 2014

Equality and opportunity
Shlomi Segall
Call Number: HM821 .S44 2013

Equine reproductive procedures [electronic resource]
John J. Dascanio, Patrick M. McCue
Call Number: SF768.2.H67

Essentials of econophysics modelling
Frantisek Slanina
Call Number: HG106 .S35 2013

Essentials of nonlinear optics [electronic resource]
YVGS Murti & C. Vijayan
Call Number: TK5103.59 .M384 2014

Ethics of armed conflict : a cosmopolitan just war theory /
John W. Lango

Ethics of information [electronic resource]
Luciano Floridi
Call Number: T58.5 .F66 2013

EU energy law and policy : a critical account /
Kim Talus ; inspired by Thomas Wälde
Call Number: KJE6698 .T35 2013eb

Evangelicalism and fundamentalism in the United Kingdom during the twentieth century
edited by David Bebbington and David Ceri Jones
Call Number: BR1642.G7 E93 2013eb

Ever faithful : race, loyalty, and the ends of empire in Spanish Cuba /
David Sartorius
Call Number: F1789.N3 S27 2013

Evidence-based dermatology
edited by Hywel C. Williams ; associate editors, Michael Bigby [and six others]
Call Number: RL71

Evolution and ecology [electronic resource]
Avner Friedman (ed.) ; with contributions by C. Cosner ... [et al.]
Call Number: QH371.3.M37 T87 2008eb

Exodus and liberation : deliverance politics from John Calvin to Martin Luther King Jr /
John Coffey
Call Number: BT810.3 C64 2014eb

Experience and meaning in music performance
edited by Martin Clayton, Byron Dueck and Laura Leante
Call Number: ML3853 .E97 2013eb

Explaining criminal careers : implications for justice policy /
by John F. MacLeod, Peter Grove, David Farrington
Call Number: HV6944 .M28 2012

Explaining syntax : representations, structures, and computation /
Peter W. Culicover
Call Number: P291 .C85 2013eb

Explaining the cosmos : creation and cultural interaction in late-antique Gaza /
Michael W. Champion
Call Number: BS680.C69 C43 2014eb

Exploring the interactional instinct
edited by Anna Dina L. Joaquin and John H. Schumann
Call Number: P118 .E96 2013eb

Faith on the avenue : religion on a city street /
Katie Day ; photography by Edd Conboy
Call Number: BV637 .D39 2014eb

Families and faith : how religion is passed down across generations /
Vern L. Bengtson, with Norella Putney and Susan C. Harris
Call Number: BV1475.3 .B46 2013eb

Fault lines of globalization : legal order and the politics of A-legality /
Hans Lindahl
Call Number: KZ1268 .L56 2013

Fictions of fact and value : the erasure of logical positivism in American literature, 1945-1975 /
Michael LeMahieu
Call Number: PS379 .L44 2013eb

Fighting for a living : a comparative history of military labour 1500-2000 /
edited by Erik-Jan Zürcher

Finite element analysis of structures through unified formulation
Erasmo Carrera, Maria Cinefra, Marco Petrolo, Enrico Zappino
Call Number: QC20.7.F56

First, do no self harm : understanding and promoting physician stress resilience /
edited by Charles R. Figley, Peter Huggard, Charlotte E. Rees
Call Number: RC451.4.P5 F56 2013

Fixed income markets : management, trading and hedging /
Moorad Choudhry, David Moskovic, Max Wong ; with contributions from Zhuoshi Liu, Michele Lizzio and Alexandru Voicu
Call Number: HG4650

Food allergy : adverse reactions to foods and food additives /
edited by Dean D. Metcalfe, Hugh A. Sampson, Ronald A. Simon, Gideon Lack
Call Number: RC596

Food security and sociopolitical stability
edited by Christopher B. Barrett
Call Number: HD9000.5 .F663 2013eb

Formal causes : definition, explanation, and primacy in Socratic and Aristotelian thought /
Michael T. Ferejohn
Call Number: B485 .F47 2013

Formal methods applied to industrial complex systems
edited by Jean-Louis Boulanger
Call Number: QA76.9.F67

Founding an empire on India's north-eastern frontiers, 1790-1840 : climate, commerce, polity /
Gunnel Cederl̲f
Call Number: DS483.5 .C43 2014

Fracture mechanics. 2, applied reliability [electronic resource]
Ammar Grous
Call Number: TS173

Freedom's price : serfdom, subjection, and reform in Prussia, 1648-1848 /
S. A. Eddie
Call Number: HT795 .E33 2013eb

Freewomen and supermen : Edwardian radicals and literary modernism /
Anne Fernihough
Call Number: PR478.R33 F47 2013eb

From GSM to LTE-advanced : an introduction to mobile networks and mobile broadband /
Martin Sauter
Call Number: TK5103.2

From health behaviours to health practices : critical perspectives /
edited by Simon Cohn
Call Number: RA418

From morality to the end of reason : an essay on rights, reasons, and responsibility /
by Ingmar Persson
Call Number: BJ1500.D68 P47 2013

From Whorf to Montague : explorations in the theory of language /
Pieter A. M. Seuren
Call Number: P40 .S48 2013eb

Future of bioethics : international dialogues /
edited by Akira Akabayashi
Call Number: QH332 .F878 2014

Galileo's Visions : piercing the spheres of the heavens by eye and mind [electronic resource]
Marco Piccolino and Nicholas J. Wade
Call Number: QB36.G2 P53 2014

GaN transistors for efficient power conversion
Alex Lidow, Johan Strydom, Michael de Rooij, David Reusch
Call Number: TK7871.95

Gas insulated substations
edited by Hermann J. Koch
Call Number: TK3441.G3

Gasification processes : modeling and simulation /
edited by Petr A. Nikrityuk and Bernd Meyer
Call Number: TP759 .G375 2014eb

Glancing angle deposition of thin films : engineering the nanoscale /
Matthew M. Hawkeye, Michael T. Taschuk, Michael J. Brett, NRC National Institute for Nanotechnology
Call Number: T174.7

Glass : mechanics and technology [electronic resource]
Eric Le Bourhis
Call Number: TP857 .L395 2014

Global new drug development : an introduction [electronic resource]
Jan A. Rosier, Mark A. Martens, and Josse R. Thomas
Call Number: RS420

Globalization and television : a study of the Indian experience, 1990-2010 /
Sunetra Sen Narayan
Call Number: HE8700.9.I4 N37 2014

Governing failure : provisional expertise and the transformation of global development finance /
Jacqueline Best
Call Number: HD75 .B4965 2014

Graphene : a new paradigm in condensed matter and device physics /
E.L. Wolf
Call Number: QD341.H9 W65 2013eb

Greek epigram in reception : J. A. Symonds, Oscar Wilde, and the invention of desire, 1805-1929 /
Gideon Nisbet
Call Number: PA3123 .N57 2013eb

Greek to Latin. Frameworks and contexts for intertextuality
G.O. Hutchinson
Call Number: PA6021 .H87 2013

Guidelines for determining the probability of ignition of a released flammable mass
Center for Chemical Process Safety, New York, NY
Call Number: TH9446.I47 G85 2014

Gurus of modern yoga
edited by Mark Singleton, Ellen Goldberg
Call Number: BL1171 .G87 2013eb

Handbook in Monte Carlo simulation : applications in financial engineering, risk management, and economics /
Paolo Brandimarte
Call Number: HG106 .B735 2014

Handbook of 3D Integration : 3D process technology /
edited by Philip Garrou, Mitsumasa Koyanagi, and Peter Ramm
Call Number: TK7874.893

Handbook of trade policy for development [electronic resource]
edited by Arvid Lukauskas, Robert M. Stern, Gianni Zanini
Call Number: HF1411 .H2577 2013

Health promotion and the policy process
edited by Carole Clavier and Evelyne de Leeuw
Call Number: RA427.8 .H43 2013eb

Healthy living in late Renaissance Italy
Sandra Cavallo, Tessa Storey
Call Number: RA507 .C38 2013

Hemostasis and thrombosis : practical guidelines in clinical management /
edited by Hussain I. Saba, Harold R. Roberts
Call Number: RC647.C55

High-resolution electron microscopy
John C.H. Spence
Call Number: QH212.T7 S64 2013

Hindu nationalism and the evolution of contemporary Indian security : portents of power /
Chris Ogden
Call Number: DS480.45 .O33 2014

Holding and letting go : the social practice of personal identities /
Hilde Lindemann
Call Number: BF697 .L53555 2014eb

Hong Kong's war crimes trials
edited by Suzannah Linton
Call Number: KZ1185 .H66 2013eb

Honor, history, and relationship : essays in second-personal ethics II /
Stephen Darwall
Call Number: HM1106 .D37 2013

Horticultural reviews. Volume 42 : edited by Jules Janick, Purdue University
Call Number: SB318

How peace operations work : power, legitimacy, and effectiveness /
Jeni Whalan
Call Number: JZ5538 .W43 2013

How to build a brain : a neural architecture for biological cognition /
Chris Eliasmith
Call Number: QP376 .E545 2013eb

HSPA+ Evolution to release 12 : performance and optimization /
edited by Harri Holma, Antti Toskala, Pablo Tapia
Call Number: TK5105.3

Human rights and democracy : the precarious triumph of ideals /
Todd Landman
Call Number: JC571 .L363 2013

Human rights as practice : Dalit women securing livelihood entitlements in South India /
Jayshree P. Mangubhai
Call Number: HQ1744.T3 M36 2014

III-nitride semiconductors and their modern devices [electronic resource]
edited by Bernard Gil
Call Number: TK7871.15.N57 A15 2013

Imagining the edgy city : writing, performing, and building Johannesburg /
Loren Kruger
Call Number: DT2405.J6557 K78 2013eb

Imperial justice : Africans in empire's court /
Bonny Ibhawoh
Call Number: KQC462 .I24 2013eb

Imprisoned in English : the hazards of English as a default language /
Anna Wierzbicka
Call Number: PE1074.75 .W54 2013eb

In defence of war [electronic resource]
Nigel Biggar
Call Number: BT736.2 .B54 2013eb

In praise of desire
Nomy Arpaly, Timothy Schroeder
Call Number: B105.D44 A77 2014eb

In search of the Amazon : Brazil, the United States, and the nature of a region /
Seth Garfield
Call Number: HC188.A485 G37 2014

India's military modernization : challenges and prospects /
Rajesh Basrur, Ajaya Kumar Das, and Manjeet Singh Pardesi
Call Number: UA840 .I53 2013

Inequalities in health : concepts, measures, and ethics [electronic resource]
edited by Nir Eyal ... [et al.]
Call Number: RA427.25

Innovation studies : evolution and future challenges [electronic resource]
edited by Jan Fagerberg, Ben R. Martin, and Esben S. Andersen
Call Number: HM846 .I55 2013

Inscriptions and their uses in Greek and Latin literature
edited by Peter Liddel and Polly Low
Call Number: CN340 .I57 2013

Institutional diversity and political economy : the Ostroms and beyond /
Paul Dragos Aligica
Call Number: HB99.5 .A47 2014

Interactive displays : natural human-interface technologies [electronic resource]
edited by Achintya K. Bhowmik
Call Number: QA76.76.I59

Interceptive orthodontics : a practical guide to occlusal management /
Joseph Noar
Call Number: RK527.5

Intercultural pragmatics
Istvan Kecskes
Call Number: P99.4.P72 K46 2013eb

International finance regulation : the quest for financial stability /
Georges Ugeux
Call Number: HG3881 .U34 2014

International relations theory and South Asia Vol. 1 : security, political economy, domestic politics, identities, and images. [electronic resource]
Call Number: JZ1720 .I58 2011

International relations theory and South Asia Vol. 2 : security, political economy, domestic politics, identities, and images. [electronic resource]
Call Number: JZ1720 .I58 2011

Interpreting lung function tests : a step-by-step guide /
Brigitte Marianne Borg, Bruce Robert Thompson, Robyn Elizabeth O'Hehir
Call Number: RC734.P84

Interrogating India's modernity : democracy, identity, and citizenship : essays in honour of Dipankar Gupta /
edited by Surinder Jodhka
Call Number: JQ281 .I58 2013

Introduction to population pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic analysis with nonlinear mixed effects models
Joel S. Owen, Jill Fiedler-Kelly
Call Number: RM301.5

Introduction to tissue engineering : applications and challenges /
Ravi Birla
Call Number: R857.T55

Introduction to type-2 fuzzy logic control : theory and applications /
Jerry M. Mendel, Hani Hagras, Woei-Wan Tan, William W. Melek, Hao Ying
Call Number: TJ217.5 .M46 2014

Elijah Chudnoff
Call Number: BD161 .C483 2013

Jane Austen's erotic advice
Sarah Raff
Call Number: PR4038.I52 R34 2014eb

Jonathan Edwards and the church
Rhys S. Bezzant
Call Number: BX7260.E3 B49 2013eb

Just emotions : rituals of restorative justice /
Meredith Rossner
Call Number: HV8688 .R68 2013

Justice and foreign policy
Michael Blake
Call Number: JZ1306 .B63 2013eb

Kant's anatomy of the intelligent mind
Wayne Waxman
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Kinship in Thucydides. Intercommunal ties and historical narrative
Maria Fragoulaki
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Kipling's art of fiction 1884-1901
David Sergeant
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Language, cognition, and human nature : selected articles /
Steven Pinker
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Late German idealism : Trendelenburg and Lotze /
Frederick C. Beiser
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Law and religion in the Eastern Mediterranean from Antiquity to early Islam [electronic resource]
edited by Anselm C. Hagedorn and Reinhard G. Kratz
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Law, liberty, and the pursuit of terrorism
Roger Douglas
Call Number: K5256 .D68 2014

Legitimacy and criminal justice : an international exploration /
edited by Justice Tankebe and Alison Liebling
Call Number: K5001 .L445 2013

Legitimating international organizations
edited by Dominik Zaum
Call Number: JZ1318 .L54 2013eb

Lexical relatedness [electronic resource]
Andrew Spencer
Call Number: P326 .S67 2013

Like Cats and Dogs : Contesting the Mu Koan in Zen Buddhism /
Steven Heine
Call Number: BQ9289.5 .H436 2013eb

Limiting Leviathan : Hobbes on law and international affairs [electronic resource]
by Larry May
Call Number: JC153.H653 M39 2013

Listening to the Bible : the art of faithful Biblical interpretation /
Christopher Bryan ; with an appendix on liturgical reading by David Landon
Call Number: BS476 .B79 2013eb

edited by Enoch Oladé Aboh, Maria Teresa Guasti, and Ian Roberts
Call Number: P291 .L623 2013eb

Low-energy lunar trajectory design
Jeffrey S. Parker, Rodney L. Anderson
Call Number: TL1075 .P37 2014

Machiavelli's prince : a new reading /
Erica Benner
Call Number: JC143.M4 B39 2013

Macrocognition : a theory of distributed minds and collective intentionality /
Bryce Huebner
Call Number: HM1033 .H863 2014eb

MAK- und BAT-Werte-Liste 2014 : Maximale Arbeitsplatzkonzentrationen und Biologische Arbeitsstofftoleranzwerte /
Senatskommission zur Prüfung gesundheitsschädlicher Arbeitsstoffe ; Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
Call Number: RA1229.5

Making and unmaking in early modern English drama : spectators, aesthetics and incompletion /
Chloe Porter

Making sense of data I : a practical guide to exploratory data analysis and data mining /
Glenn J. Myatt, Wayne P. Johnson
Call Number: QA276

Management of pregnant and neonatal dogs, cats, and exotic pets [electronic resource]
edited by Cheryl Lopate
Call Number: SF427.2 .M36 2012eb

Managing energy risk : a practical guide for risk management in power, gas and other energy markets /
Markus Burger, Bernhard Graeber, Gero Schindlmayr
Call Number: HD9502.A2

Managing services : challenges and innovation /
edited by Kathryn Haynes & Irena Grugulis
Call Number: HD9980.5 .H39 2013

Mapping policy preferences from texts : statistical solutions for manifesto analysts /
Andrea Volkens [and thirteen others]
Call Number: H97 .M37 2013eb

Marathon fighters and men of Maple : ancient Acharnai [electronic resource]
Danielle L. Kellogg
Call Number: DF951.A22 K45 2013

Markov decision processes in artificial intelligence : MDPs, beyond MDPs and applications [electronic resource]
edited by Olivier Sigaud, Olivier Buffet
Call Number: Q335 .M374 2010

Mathematical foundations of image processing and analysis. 1 [electronic resource]
Jean-Charles Pinoli
Call Number: TA1637

Mathematical modeling of calcium dynamics and signal transduction [electronic resource]
James Sneyd, ed. ; with contributions by R. Bertram ... [et al.]
Call Number: QP535.C2 T87 2005

Mathematical neuroscience [electronic resource]
Alla Borisyuk ... [et al.]
Call Number: QA3 .L28 no. 1860

Mathematical programming solver based on local search [electronic resource]
Frédéric Gardi...[et al.]
Call Number: T57.7

Meaning in life : an analytic study /
Thaddeus Metz
Call Number: BD431 .M48 2013

Metal-based neurodegeneration : from molecular mechanisms to therapeutic strategies [electronic resource]
Robert Crichton and Roberta Ward
Call Number: RC365 .C75 2014

Metaphysics and the tri-personal God [electronic resource]
William Hasker
Call Number: BT111.3 .H38 2013eb

Micro- and nanostructured epoxy/rubber blends
edited by Sabu Thomas, Christophe Sinturel, and Raju Thomas
Call Number: TS1925

MicroRNAs in toxicology and medicine
editor, Saura C. Sahu
Call Number: QP623.5.S63 M536 2014

Minding norms : mechanisms and dynamics of social order in agent societies /
edited by Rosaria Conte, Giulia Andrighetto, Marco Campennì
Call Number: HM676 .M56 2014eb

Minds, brains, and law : the conceptual foundations of law and neuroscience /
Michael S. Pardo & Dennis Patterson
Call Number: K346 .P36 2013eb

Mineral trioxide aggregate : properties and clinical applications /
edited by Dr. Mahmoud Torabinejad
Call Number: RK351

Modern biophysical chemistry : detection and analysis of biomolecules [electronic resource]
Peter Jomo Walla
Call Number: QD476.2 .W34 2014

Modernism keywords
Melba Cuddy-Keane, Adam Hammond and Alexandra Peat
Call Number: PE1580

Monarchy and the end of empire : the House of Windsor, the British government, and the post-war Commonwealth /
Philip Murphy
Call Number: DA566.7 .M87 2013

Montaigne's English journey : reading the essays in Shakespeare's day /
William M. Hamlin
Call Number: PQ1642.E5 H36 2013

More than Bollywood : studies in Indian popular music /
edited by Gregory D. Booth and Bradley Shope
Call Number: ML3502.I4 M47 2014

Mormon Christianity : what other Christians can learn from the Latter-day Saints [electronic resource]
Stephen H. Webb
Call Number: BX8635.3 .W43 2013eb

Mother of invention : how the government created free-market health care /
Robert I. Field
Call Number: RA393 .F53 2014

Multinational firms in China : entry strategies, competition, and firm performance /
Sea-jin Chang
Call Number: HD2910 .C43 2013eb

Mundane governance : ontology and accountability /
Steve Woolgar and Daniel Neyland
Call Number: HD2741 .W665 2014eb

Music, modernity, and God : essays in listening /
Jeremy Begbie
Call Number: ML160 .B45 2013eb

Musical intimacies and indigenous imaginaries : aboriginal music and dance in public performance /
Byron Dueck
Call Number: ML3563.7.M36 D84 2013eb

Muslim childhood : religious nurture in a European context /
Jonathan Scourfield, Sophie Gilliat-Ray, Asma Khan, and Sameh Otri
Call Number: BP188.18.F35 S3 2013

My voice is my weapon : music, nationalism, and the poetics of Palestinian resistance /
David A. McDonald
Call Number: ML3754.5 .M33 2013

N-heterocyclic carbenes : effective tools for organometallic synthesis /
edited by Steven P. Nolan
Call Number: QD305.H7

Nature in the balance : the economics of biodiversity /
[edited by] Dieter Helm, Cameron Hepburn
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Necessary beings : an essay on ontology, modality, and the relations between them /
Bob Hale
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Netter's correlative imaging. Neuroanatomy : volume editors, Thomas C. Lee, Srinivasan Mukundan, Jr. ; illustrations by Frank H. Netter, contributing illustrators, Tiffany Slaybaugh DaVanzo, Carlos Machado
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Networks and institutions in Europe's emerging markets
Roger Schoenman
Call Number: HD3616.E8523 S36 2014

New approaches to the process industries : the manufacturing plant of the future /
Jean-Pierre Dal Pont, Catherine Azzaro-Pantel
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New heavens and a new earth : the Jewish reception of Copernican thought [electronic resource]
Jeremy Brown
Call Number: BM538.A76 B76 2013

New parties in old party systems : persistence and decline in seventeen democracies /
Nicole Bolleyer
Call Number: JF2051 .B65 2013

Niketas Choniates : a histiographical study /
Alicia Simpson
Call Number: DF505.C4 S56 2013eb

Nonexistent [electronic resource]
Anthony Everett
Call Number: BD219 .E84 2013eb

Occupational change in Europe : how technology and education transform the job structure /
Daniel Oesch
Call Number: HD5764.A6 O47 2013eb

On global citizenship : James Tully in dialogue /
James Tully

Operational risk modelling and management [electronic resource]
Claudio Franzetti
Call Number: HD61 .F728 2011eb

Organizations in time : history, theory, methods /
edited by Marcelo Bucheli and R. Daniel Wadhwani
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Organized innovation : a blueprint for renewing America's prosperity /
Steven C. Currall, Ed Frauenheim, Sara Jansen Perry, and Emily M. Hunter
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Oxford figures : eight centuries of the mathematical sciences /
edited by John Fauvel, Raymond Flood and Robin Wilson
Call Number: QA14.G73 O948 2013eb

Oxford studies in medieval philosophy. Volume 1
edited by Robert Pasnau
Call Number: B721 .O94 2013eb

Oxford studies in metaphysics. Volume 8
edited by Karen Bennett and Dean W. Zimmerman
Call Number: BD111 .O94 2014eb

Oxford studies in normative ethics. Volume 3
edited by Mark Timmons
Call Number: BJ1458.3 .O94 2013eb

Pain Management in Veterinary Practice [electronic resource]
Call Number: SF910.P34

Paper money collapse : the folly of elastic money /
Detlev S. Schlichter ; foreword by Thomas Mayer
Call Number: HG353

Participatory mapping : new data, new cartography [electronic resource]
Jean-Christophe Plantin
Call Number: G70.2

Partisan gerrymandering and the construction of American democracy
Erik J. Engstrom
Call Number: JK1341 .E64 2013

Partnering for recovery in mental health : a practical guide to person-centered planning /
Janis Tondora, Rebecca Miller, Mike Slade, Larry Davidson
Call Number: RC489.M53

Passionate amateurs : theatre, communism, and love /
Nicholas Ridout
Call Number: PN2051 .R53 2013

Perceptions of the prehistoric in Anglo-Saxon England. Religion, ritual, and rulership in the landscape
Sarah Semple
Call Number: DA152 .S45 2013

Philosophical foundations of property law
edited by James Penner and Henry E. Smith
Call Number: K720 .P49 2013eb

Piecing together the fragments : translating classical verse, creating contemporary poetry /
Josephine Balmer
Call Number: PA3537 .B35 2013eb

Plantation church : how African American religion was born in Caribbean slavery /
Noel Leo Erskine
Call Number: BR563.N4 E77 2014eb

Plates : theories and applications [electronic resource]
K. Bhaskar, T.K. Varadan
Call Number: QE511.4 .B3 2014

Point of care ultrasound
Nilam J. Soni, Robert Arntfield, Pierre Daniel Kory
Call Number: RC78.7.U4

Political leadership : themes, contexts, and critiques /
Michael Foley
Call Number: JC330.3 .F65 2013

Politics of security : British and West German protest movements and the early Cold War, 1945-1970 /
by Holger Nehring
Call Number: HN385.5 .N44 2013eb

Popular music and the new auteur : visionary filmmakers after MTV /
edited by Arved Ashby
Call Number: ML2075 .P65 2013

Practical handbook of advanced interventional cardiology [electronic resource]
edited by Thach N. Nguyen ... [et al.]
Call Number: RD598

Practical musculoskeletal ultrasound
Eugene G. McNally, [editor]
Call Number: RC925.7 .M36 2014

Professional ethics at the international bar
Arman Sarvarian
Call Number: K123 .S27 2013eb

Profiling Jewish literature in antiquity : an inventory, from Second Temple texts to the Talmuds [electronic resource]
by Alexander Samely ; edited by Philip Alexander, Rocco Bernasconi, Robert Hayward
Call Number: BM496.6 .S37 2013

Profitable day and swing trading : using price/volume surges and pattern recognition to catch big moves in the stock market [electronic resource]
Harry Boxer
Call Number: HG4661

Prudes on the prowl : fiction and obscenity in England, 1850 to the present day /
edited by David Bradshaw and Rachel Potter
Call Number: PR878.C45 P78 2013

Public health practice : what works /
Jonathan E. Fielding and Steven M. Teutsch
Call Number: RA440.3.U52 L67 2014

Public policy investment : priority-setting and conditional representation in British statecraft /
Anthony Bertelli, Peter John
Call Number: JN318 .B47 2013

Quality of experience engineering for customer added value services : from evaluation to monitoring [electronic resource]
edited by Abdelhamid Mellouk, Antonio Cuadra-Sanchez
Call Number: TA174

Radical traditions : reimagining culture in Balinese contemporary music /
Andrew Clay Mcgraw
Call Number: ML345.I5 M25 2013eb

Radio over fiber for wireless communications : from fundamentals to advanced topics /
Xavier N. Fernando
Call Number: TK5105.775

Realpoetik : European romanticism and literary politics /
Paul Hamilton
Call Number: PN710 .H36 2013eb

Reconciliation of geometry and perception in radiation physics [electronic resource]
Benoit Beckers, Pierre Beckers
Call Number: QC475

Redefining Hungarian music from Liszt to Bartók
Lynn M. Hooker
Call Number: ML248 .H66 2013eb

Regulating obesity? : government, society, and questions of health /
W.A. Bogart
Call Number: K3570 .B64 2013eb

Relationship thinking : agency, enchrony, and human sociality /
N.J. Enfield
Call Number: P95.54 .E56 2013eb

Relativistic hydrodynamics
Luciano Rezzolla, Olindo Zanotti
Call Number: QA912 .R49 2013eb

Reorganizing crime : mafia and anti-mafia in post-Soviet Georgia /
Gavin Slade
Call Number: HV6453.G28 S53 2013eb

Representing space in cognition : interrelations of behaviour, language, and formal models /
edited by Thora Tenbrink, Jan M. Wiener, Christophe Claramunt
Call Number: P37.5.S65 R477 2013

Representing the good neighbor : music, difference, and the Pan American dream /
Carol A. Hess
Call Number: ML199.5 .H47 2013eb

Rescaling the European state : the making of territory and the rise of the meso /
Michael Keating
Call Number: JN30 .K43 2013eb

Restoring public debt sustainability : the role of independent fiscal institutions /
edited by George Kopits
Call Number: HJ8015 .R47 2013eb

Rethinking Jewish philosophy : beyond particularism and universalism /
Aaron W. Hughes
Call Number: B154 .H84 2014eb

Rhetorics of belonging : nation, narration, and Israel/Palestine /
Anna Bernard

[edited by] Marc C. Hochberg, Alan J. Silman, Josef S. Smolen, Michael E. Weinblatt, Michael H. Weisman
Call Number: RC927

Risk management in trading : techniques to drive profitability of hedge funds and trading desks /
Davis W. Edwards
Call Number: HD61 .E39 2014

Robbins and Cotran pathologic basis of disease
[edited by] Vinay Kumar, Abul K. Abbas, Jon C. Aster ; with illustrations by James A. Perkins
Call Number: RB111

Rousseau's hand : the crafting of a writer /
Angelica Goodden
Call Number: PQ2043 .G66 2013eb

Royal priesthood in the English Reformation
Malcolm B. Yarnell III
Call Number: BT767.3 .Y37 2013

Russia in Britain, 1880-1940 : from melodrama to modernism [electronic resource]
edited by Rebecca Beasley and Philip Ross Bullock
Call Number: PR478M6 B43 2013eb

Sacred landscape in medieval Afghanistan : revisiting the Faḍāʼ il-i Balkh /
Arezou Azad
Call Number: DS375.B35 A93 2013eb

Sacrifice and modern thought
edited by Julia Meszaros and Johannes Zachhuber
Call Number: BL570 .S23 2013eb

Saying it with songs : popular music and the coming of sound to Hollywood cinema /
Katherine Spring
Call Number: ML2075 .S74 2013eb

Securing livelihoods : informal economy practices and institutions /
edited by Isabelle Hillenkamp, Frédéric Lapeyre, and Andreia Lemaître
Call Number: HD2341 .S418 2013eb

Shakespeare and the remains of Richard III
Philip Schwyzer
Call Number: PR2821 .S39 2013eb

Sham transactions
Edwin Simpson and Miranda Stewart
Call Number: K579.F7 S53 2013eb

Showing, sensing, and seeming : distinctively sensory representations and their contents /
Dominic Gregory
Call Number: B105.S45 G74 2013eb

Simplicity theory
Byunghan Kim
Call Number: QA9.7 .K56 2014eb

Sister churches : American congregations and their partners abroad /
Janel Kragt Bakker
Call Number: BR500.A1 B35 2013eb

Size, risk, and governance in European banking [electronic resource]
Jens Hagendorff, Kevin Keasey, and Francesco Vallascas
Call Number: HG2974 .H34 2013

Slave culture : nationalist theory and the foundations of Black America /
Sterling Stuckey
Call Number: E441 .S97 2013eb

Slide rules : design, build, and archive presentations in the engineering and technical fields /
Traci Nathans-Kelly, Christine G. Nicometo
Call Number: T10.5 .N377 2014

Small animal soft tissue surgery [electronic resource]
edited by Eric Monnet
Call Number: SF981 .S64 2012eb

Smart SOA platforms in cloud computing architectures
Ernesto Esposito, Codé Diop
Call Number: QA76.585

Social emotions in nature and artifact
edited by Jonathan Gratch and Stacy Marsella
Call Number: BF39.5 .S63 2014eb

Sorry I don't dance : why men refuse to move /
Maxine Craig
Call Number: GV1588.6 .C73 2013eb

Sound and safe : a history of listening behind the wheel /
Karin Bijsterveld, Eefje Cleophas, Stefan Krebs and Gijs Mom
Call Number: TL246 .B55 2013eb

Sounding authentic : the rural miniature and musical modernism /
Joshua S. Walden
Call Number: ML197 .W38 2014"@"ML197 .W38 2014eb

Sounding authentic : the rural miniature and musical modernism /
Joshua S. Walden
Call Number: ML197 .W38 2014"@"ML197 .W38 2014eb

Sovereign choices and sovereign constraints : judicial restraint in investment treaty arbitration /
Gus Van Harten
Call Number: K3830 .V363 2013eb

Sovereign financing and international law : the UNCTAD principles on responsible sovereign lending and borrowing /
edited by Carlos Espósito, Yuefen Li, Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky
Call Number: K4450 .S653 2013eb

Sovereignty and the law : domestic, European, and international perspectives /
edited by Richard Rawlings, Peter Leyland and Alison L Young
Call Number: KZ4041 .S6697 2013eb

Speaking Pittsburghese : the story of a dialect [electronic resource]
Barbara Johnstone
Call Number: PE3101.P4 J64 2013

State correspondence in the ancient world : from New Kingdom Egypt to the Roman Empire /
edited by Karen Radner
Call Number: JV71 .S73 2014eb

Stochastic numerical methods : an introduction for students and scientists [electronic resource]
Raúl Toral, and Pere Colet
Call Number: QA214 .T384 2014

Strengthening of concrete structures with adhesive bonded reinforcement : design and dimensioning of CFRP laminates and steel plates /
Konrad Zilch, Roland Niedermeier, Wolfgang Finckh
Call Number: TA633

Structuring sense. Vol. 3, Taking form
Hagit Borer
Call Number: P245 .B67 2013

Superconducting state : mechanisms and properties /
Vladimir Z. Kresin, Hans Morawitz, Stuart A. Wolf
Call Number: QC611.92 .K757 2013

Sustainable use of wood in construction
Jim Coulson
Call Number: TH1101

Syntax and its limits
edited by Raffaella Folli, Christina Sevdali, Robert Truswell
Call Number: P295 .S968 2013eb

Techniques in revision hip and knee arthroplasty
Giles R. Scuderi, Alfred J. Tria, Jr., William J. Long, Michael N. Kang
Call Number: RD686

The 'incumberances' : British women in India, 1615-1856 /
Joan Mickelson Gaughan
Call Number: HQ1593 .M53 2013

The aesthetic brain : how we evolved to desire beauty and enjoy art /
Anjan Chatterjee
Call Number: BH301.P78 C45 2013eb

The aesthetics of loss : German women's art of the First World War /
Claudia Siebrecht
Call Number: N8260 .S54 2013

The affluent society revisited
Mike Berry
Call Number: HC106.5 .B47 2013eb

The age of new waves : art cinema and the staging of globalization [electronic resource]
James Tweedie
Call Number: PN1995 .T795 2013eb

The AIDS generation : stories of survival and resilience /
Perry N. Halkitis
Call Number: RA643.83 .H35 2014

The aim of belief
edited by Timothy Chan
Call Number: BD215 .A55 2013eb

The animal in Ottoman Egypt
Alan Mikhail
Call Number: QL85 .M55 2014eb

The anthropology of law
Fernanda Pirie
Call Number: K487.A57 P57 2013

The Antiquity of the Italian nation. The cultural origins of a political myth in Modern Italy, 1796-1943
Antonio De Francesco
Call Number: D652 .D4 2013

The art of grafted song : citation and allusion in the age of Machaut /
Yolanda Plumley
Call Number: ML172 .P68 2013eb

The art of re-enchantment : making early music in the modern age /
Nick Wilson
Call Number: ML285 .W55 2014eb

The artistry of exile : romantic and Victorian writers in Italy /
by Jane Stabler
Call Number: PR590 .S72 2013

The Athenian Amnesty and reconstructing the law
by Edwin Carawan
Call Number: DF231.3 .C37 2013

The author's voice in classical and late antiquity
edited by Anna Marmodoro and Jonathan Hill
Call Number: PA3061 .A98 2013eb

The Blackwell encyclopedia of writing systems [electronic resource]
Florian Coulmas
Call Number: Z40 .C67 1999eb

The boundaries of pure morphology : diachronic and synchronic perspectives /
edited by Silvio Cruschina, Martin Maiden, John Charles Smith
Call Number: P126 .B68 2013

The coherence of EU free movement law : constitutional responsibility and the Court of Justice [electronic resource]
Niamh Nic Shuibhne
Call Number: KJE6569 .N53 2013

The concept of the rule of law and the European Court of Human Rights
Geranne Lautenbach
Call Number: KJC4426 .L38 2013

The craft of ritual studies
Ronald L. Grimes
Call Number: BL600 .R743 2013eb

The creative development of Johann Sebastian Bach. Volume II, 1717-1750 : music to delight the spirit [electronic resource]
Richard Jones
Call Number: ML410.B3 J66 2013

The crisis of genocide. Volume 1, Devastation : : the European rimlands, 1912-1938 /
Mark Levene
Call Number: D424 .L48 2013 v.1

The Crisis of genocide. Volume 2, Annihilation : : the European rimlands 1939-1953 /
Mark Levene
Call Number: D424 .L48 2013 v.2

The cultural dimension of human rights
edited by Ana Filipa Vrdoljak
Call Number: K3240 .C85 2013

The development of international law by the International Court of Justice
edited by Christian J Tams and James Sloan
Call Number: KZ6275 .D48 2013eb

The economics of electricity markets
Darryl Biggar, Mohammad Hesamzadeh
Call Number: HD9685.A2

The emergence of Irish gothic fiction : history, origins, theories /
Jarlath Killeen

The Europeanization of intellectual property law : towards a European legal methodology /
edited by Justine Pila and Ansgar Ohly
Call Number: KJC2636 .E97 2013

The father's will : Christ's crucifixion and the goodness of God /
Nicholas E Lombardo
Call Number: BT453 .L66 2013eb

The fitness of information : quantitative assessments of critical evidence /
Chaomei Chen, College of Information Science, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA
Call Number: H62

The forerunner of all things : Buddhaghosa on mind, intention, and agency /
Maria Heim
Call Number: BQ4435 .H45 2013eb

The handbook of market design
edited by Nir Vulkan, Alvin E. Roth and Zvika Neeman
Call Number: HF5470 .H36 2013eb

The heart of human rights
Allen Buchanan
Call Number: K3240 .B79 2013eb

The hidden histories of war crimes trials
edited by Kevin Heller, Gerry Simpson
Call Number: KZ1168.5 .H53 2013eb online

The idea of arbitration
Jan Paulsson
Call Number: KZ6115 .P379 2013

The individual in the religions of the Ancient Mediterranean
jörg Rüpke
Call Number: BL687 .I64 2013

The inessential indexical : on the philosophical insignificance of perspective and the first person /
Herman Cappelen and Josh Dever
Call Number: BD348 .C37 2013eb

The invaded : how Latin Americans and their allies fought and ended U.S. occupations /
Alan McPherson
Call Number: F1418 .M3729 2014eb

The Islamic finance handbook : a practitioner's guide to the global markets /
Sasikala Thiagaraja [and three others], editors
Call Number: HG3368.A6 .I853 2014eb

The jurists : a critical history /
James Gordley
Call Number: KJ147 .G67 2013eb

The language of bribery cases
Roger W. Shuy
Call Number: KF9409 .S58 2013eb

The lewd, the rude, and the nasty : a study of thick and thin concepts [electronic resource]
Pekka Väyrynen
Call Number: BJ1012 .V39 2013

The lyre of Orpheus : popular music, the sacred, and the profane /
Christopher Partridge
Call Number: ML3470 .P37 2013eb

The macroeconomics of the Arab states of the Gulf
Raphael A. Espinoza, Ghada Fayad, and Ananthakrishnan Prasad
Call Number: HC498 .E87 2013eb

The Market for retirement financial advice
edited by Olivia S. Mitchell and Kent Smetters
Call Number: HG179.5 .M37 2013eb

The metaphysics and ethics of death : new essays /
edited by James Stacey Taylor
Call Number: BD444 .M4287 2013eb

The Milošević trial : an autopsy /
edited by Timothy Waters
Call Number: KZ1203.M55 M56 2013eb

The modern origins of the early Middle Ages
by Ian Wood
Call Number: D116 .W578 2013

The Mormon image in the American mind : fifty years of public perception /
J.B. Haws
Call Number: BX8611 .H39 2013eb

The myth of Piers Plowman : constructing a medieval literary archive
Lawrence Warner
Call Number: PR2015 .W37 2014

The nature and origin of language [electronic resource]
Denis Bouchard
Call Number: P116 .B68 2013

The nature of time [electronic resource]
Ulrich Meyer
Call Number: BD638 .M49 2013

The new evangelical social engagement
edited by Brian Steensland and Philip Goff
Call Number: BR1640 .N474 2013eb

The Normans and empire
David Bates
Call Number: DA195 .B38 2013eb

The objects of thought
Tim Crane
Call Number: BD111 .C73 2013eb

The Old Testament in Eastern Orthodox tradition
Eugen J. Pentiuc
Call Number: BS465 .P467 2014eb

The organometallic chemistry of the transition metals
Robert H. Crabtree
Call Number: QD411.8.T73 C73 2014

The perfect meal : the multisensory science of food and dining /
Charles Spence, Betina Piqueras-Fiszman
Call Number: TX631

The philosophy of metacognition : mental agency and self-awareness /
by Joëlle Proust
Call Number: BF311 .P758 2013

The philosophy of universal grammar
Prof Wolfram Hinzen, Michelle Sheehan
Call Number: P153 .H56 2013eb

The phonology of Swedish
Tomas Riad
Call Number: PD5131 .R53 2014

The phonology of Welsh
S. J. Hannahs
Call Number: PB2175 .H36 2013eb

The political psychology of terrorism fears [electronic resource]
edited by Samuel Justin Sinclair and Daniel Antonius
Call Number: HV6431 .P6185 2013eb

The politics of justifying force : the Suez Crisis, the Iraq War, and international law /
Charlotte Peevers
Call Number: KZ6368 .P44 2013

The predictive mind
by Jakob Hohwy
Call Number: QP360.5 .H65 2013eb

The principle of mutual recognition in EU law
Christine Janssens
Call Number: KJE3795 .J36 2013

The project of positivism in international law
Monica Garcia-Salmones Rovira
Call Number: K331 .R68 2013eb

The rebirth of Latin American Christianity
Todd Hartch
Call Number: BR600 .H37 2014eb

The remarkable life and career of Ellen Swallow Richards : pioneer in science and technology /
Pamela Curtis Swallow
Call Number: Q143.R53 S93 2014

The roots of cognitive neuroscience : behavioral neurology and neuropsychology /
edited by Anjan Chatterjee, H. Branch Coslett
Call Number: QP360.5 .R66 2014eb

The rule of law in action : the nature of litigation in democratic Athens /
Edward M. Harris
Call Number: KL4115.A75 H368 2013eb

The secular spectacle : performing religion in a southern town /
Chad E. Seales
Call Number: BL2527.S55 S43 2013eb

The social science of cinema
edited by James C. Kaufman, Dean Keith Simonton
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The soldier in later medieval England [electronic resource]
Adrian R. Bell ... [et al.]
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by Richard Snoddy
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The struggle for order : hegemony, hierarchy, and transition in post-Cold War East Asia [electronic resource]
by Evelyn Goh
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The truth within : a history of inwardness in Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism /
Gavin Flood
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The two selves : their metaphysical commitments and functional independence /
Stanley B. Klein
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The unity of the common law
Alan Brudner with Jennifer M. Nadler
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The war prerogative : history, reform, and constitutional design /
Rosara Joseph
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The whispers of cities : information flows in Istanbul, London, and Paris in the age of William Trumbull /
John-Paul Ghobrial
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The World Jewish Congress during the Holocaust : between activism and restraint /
Zohar Segev
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Theology after postmodernity : divining the void -- a Lacanian reading of Thomas Aquinas /
Tina Beattie
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Theology of transformation : faith, freedom, and the Christian act /
Oliver Davies
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Theoretical approaches to disharmonic word order
edited by Theresa Biberauer and Michelle Sheehan
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Theory of addiction
Robert West and Jamie Brown
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Thinking and killing : philosophical discourse in the shadow of the Third Reich /
by Alon Segev
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Thinking like a planet : the land ethic and the earth ethic /
J. Baird Callicott
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Thinking through the Wissenschaftslehre : themes from Fichte's early philosophy [electronic resource]
Daniel Breazeale
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Time to react : the efficiency of international organizations in crisis response /
Heidi Hardt
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Tolerating intolerance : the price of protecting extremism /
Amos N. Guiora
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Toni Morrison and the classical tradition : transforming American culture /
Tessa Roynon
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Trade unions in Western Europe : hard times, hard choices /
Rebecca Gumbrell-McCormick and Richard Hyman
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Transformable race : surprising metamorphoses in the literature of early America /
Katy L. Chiles
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Transformation of biomass : theory to practice /
editor, Andreas Hornung
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Transformation products of emerging contaminants in the environment : analysis, processes, occurrence, effects and risks /
edited by Dimitra A. Lambropoulou and Leo M. L. Nollet
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Tree of salvation : Yggdrasil and the cross in the north /
G. Ronald Murphy, SJ
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Trees and timber in the Anglo-Saxon world
edited by Michael D.J. Bintley, Michael G. Shapland
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Turning to tradition : converts and the making of an American Orthodox church /
D. Oliver Herbel
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Tweeting to power : the social media revolution in American politics /
Jason Gainous, Kevin M. Wagner
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Unbounded attachment : sentiment and politics in the age of the French Revolution /
Harriet Guest
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Uncertainty theories and multisensor data fusion [electronic resource]
Alain Appriou
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Understanding and conducting research in the health sciences
Christopher J.L. Cunningham, Bart L. Weathington, David J. Pittenger
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Understanding love : philosophy, film, and fiction /
edited by Susan Wolf and Christopher Grau
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Understanding the global energy crisis
edited by Eugene D. Coyle and Richard A. Simmons
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Union with Christ in the New Testament
Dr. Grant Macaskill
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Use of documents in pharaonic Egypt [electronic resource]
Christopher Eyre
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Verse and transmutation : a corpus of Middle English alchemical poetry (critical editions and studies) /
by Anke Timmermann
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Voices from the canefields : folksongs from Japanese immigrant workers in Hawai'i /
Franklin Odo
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Vulnerability : new essays in ethics and feminist philosophy /
edited by Catriona Mackenzie, Wendy Rogers, and Susan Dodds
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Wagner's Parsifal
William Kinderman
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We'll meet again : musical design in the films of Stanley Kubrick /
Kate McQuiston
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What is adaptive about adaptive memory?
edited by Bennett L. Schwartz, Mark L. Howe, Michael P. Toglia, Henry Otgaar
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What is an American Muslim? : embracing faith and citizenship /
Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im
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Willful ignorance : the mismeasure of uncertainty /
Herbert I. Weisberg, Correlation Research, Inc., Needham, MA
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P.M.S. Hacker
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Women in early Indian Buddhism : comparative textual studies /
[edited by] Alice Collett
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Women in philosophy : what needs to change? /
edited by Katrina Hutchison and Fiona Jenkins
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Women in war : the micro-processes of mobilization in El Salvador /
Jocelyn Viterna
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Words and meanings : lexical semantics across domains, languages, and cultures /
by Cliff Goddard, Anna Wierzbicka
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Work-life balance : the agency and capabilities gap /
edited by Barbara Hobson
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Wounded heroes : vulnerability as a virtue in ancient Greek literature and philosophy /
Marina Berzins McCoy
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Wrap contracts : foundations and ramifications [electronic resource]
Nancy S. Kim
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York : the making of a city, 1068-1350 /
Sarah Rees Jones
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You can't put god in a box : thoughtful spirituality in a rational age /
Kelly Besecke
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