Items Acquired in November 2015 for the University Libraries

1989 : the struggle to create post-Cold War Europe /
Mary Elise Sarotte with a new afterword by the author
Call Number: D860

2016 intravenous medications : a handbook for nurses and health professionals /
Betty L. Gahart, Adrienne R. Nazareno, Meghan Q. Ortega
Call Number: RM301.12

A First Course in Vibrations and Waves
Mohammad Samiullah
Call Number: QC231

A forest on the sea : environmental expertise in Renaissance Venice [electronic resource]
Karl Appuhn
Call Number: SD624.V37

A game for dancers : performing modernism in the postwar years, 1945-1960 [electronic resource]
Gay Morris
Call Number: GV1619 .M67 2006

A great and wretched city : promise and failure in Machiavelli's Florentine political thought /
Mark Jurdjevic
Call Number: DG736.3.M333

A map of home : a novel [electronic resource]
Randa Jarrar
Call Number: PS3610.A77 M37 2008eb

A mattress maker's daughter : the Renaissance romance of Don Giovanni de' Medici and Livia Vernazza /
Brendan Dooley
Call Number: DG738.29.M43 D66 2014eb

A modest apostle : Thecla and the history of women in the early church /
Susan E. Hylen
Call Number: BR1720.T33 H95 2015

A music for the millions : antebellum democratic attitudes and the birth of American popular music [electronic resource]
by Nicholas Tawa
Call Number: ML3477

A nation of steel : the making of modern America, 1865-1925 [electronic resource]
Thomas J. Misa
Call Number: HD9515

A new Andalucia and a way to the Orient : the American Southeast during the sixteenth century [electronic resource]
Paul E. Hoffman
Call Number: F212

A walk to Horace's farm [electronic resource]
by E.K. Rand
Call Number: PA6411 .R3

Accidental occidental : economics and culture of transition in Mitteleuropa, the Baltic, and the Balkan Area [electronic resource]
Lajos Bokros
Call Number: HC244 .B6744 2013eb

Adam and Eve in the Armenian tradition : fifth through seventeenth centuries /
Michael E. Stone
Call Number: BS1830.A262 S773 2013eb

Adam Mickiewicz : the life of a romantic [electronic resource]
Roman Koropeckyj
Call Number: PG7158.M51 K643 2008eb

After marriage : rethinking marital relationships /
edited by Elizabeth Brake
Call Number: HQ734 .B784 2016eb

Aftershocks of the new : feminism and film history [electronic resource]
Patrice Petro
Call Number: PN1995.9.W6 P485 2002

Agrarian reform in Russia : the road from serfdom [electronic resource]
Carol S. Leonard
Call Number: HD1333.R9 L46 2011eb

Agriculture and the state in Soviet and post-Soviet Russia [electronic resource]
Stephen K. Wegren
Call Number: HD1333.R9 W44 1998

AIDS and religious practice in Africa [electronic resource]
edited by Felicitas Becker and P. Wenzel Geissler
Call Number: RA643.86.A35 A343 2009eb

Al-Hind : the making of the Indo-Islamic world [electronic resource]
by André Wink
Call Number: DS451

All the difference in the world : postcoloniality and the ends of comparison [electronic resource]
Natalie Melas
Call Number: PN849.C3 M45 2007

Allegory and representation [electronic resource]
edited, with a preface, by Stephen J. Greenblatt
Call Number: NX650.A44 E5

Amal and the Shiʻa : struggle for the soul of Lebanon [electronic resource]
by Augustus Richard Norton ; foreword by Leonard Binder
Call Number: DS80.5 .N67 1987

Amarna diplomacy : the beginnings of international relations [electronic resource]
edited by Raymond Cohen and Raymond Westbrook
Call Number: DS62.23

Ambiguity and the absolute : Nietzsche and Merleau-Ponty on the question of truth /
Frank Chouraqui
Call Number: B3318.T78 C46 2014eb

American independent cinema : an introduction [electronic resource]
Yannis Tzioumakis
Call Number: PN1993.5.U6 T99 2006eb

An introduction to computational fluid mechanics by example [electronic resource]
Call Number: TA357 .C475 2011eb

Analyzing jazz : a Schenkerian approach [electronic resource]
Steve Larson
Call Number: MT146 .L37 2009

Ancient rome and the construction of modern homosexual identities
Jennifer Ingleheart
Call Number: HQ76.2.R6

Arab seafaring in the Indian Ocean in ancient and early medieval times [electronic resource]
by George F. Hourani ; revised and expanded by John Carswell
Call Number: VK99

Armageddon averted : the Soviet collapse, 1970-2000 [electronic resource]
Stephen Kotkin
Call Number: DK274

Armaments and the coming of war : Europe, 1904-1914 [electronic resource]
David Stevenson
Call Number: D511

Armenian apocrypha relating to Abraham [electronic resource]
Michael E. Stone
Call Number: BS1830.T32 S76 2012eb

Arnold Schoenberg's A Survivor from Warsaw in Postwar Europe [electronic resource]
Call Number: ML410.S283

Art and morality : essays in the spirit of George Santayana /
Morris Grossman ; edited by Martin A. Coleman
Call Number: N72.E8 .G76 2014eb

Astrology and Reformation
Robin B. Barnes
Call Number: BR307 .B37 2016eb

Atlas of head and neck pathology
Bruce M. Wenig
Call Number: RC936

Balkan economic history, 1550-1950 : from imperial borderlands to developing nations [electronic resource]
John R. Lampe and Marvin R. Jackson
Call Number: HC401 .L35 1982

Balkan smoke : tobacco and the making of modern Bulgaria [electronic resource]
Mary C. Neuburger
Call Number: HD9145.B9 N48 2013eb

Basic, advanced, and robotic laparoscopic surgery
[edited by] Tommaso Falcone, Jeffrey M. Goldberg ; illustrated by Joe Chovan
Call Number: RD33.53 .B37 2010

Beethoven's last piano sonatas : an edition with elucidation.
by Heinrich Schenker ; translated, edited, and annotated by John Rothgeb
Call Number: ML410.B42 S27713 2015

Beethoven's last piano sonatas : an edition with elucidation.
by Heinrich Schenker ; translated, edited, and annotated by John Rothgeb
Call Number: ML410.B42 S27713 2015

Beethoven's last piano sonatas : an edition with elucidation.
by Heinrich Schenker ; translated, edited, and annotated by John Rothgeb
Call Number: ML410.B42 S27713 2015

Between silver and guano : commercial policy and the state in postindependence Peru /
by Paul Gootenberg
Call Number: HF1525 .G66 1989eb

Between two fires : transnationalism and Cold War poetry /
Justin Quinn
Call Number: PN56.W3

Between two motherlands : nationality and emigration among the Greeks of Bulgaria, 1900-1949 [electronic resource]
Theodora Dragostinova
Call Number: DR64.2.G73 D7 2011eb

Beyond the shadow of Camptown : Korean military brides in America [electronic resource]
Ji-Yeon Yuh
Call Number: E184.K6 Y85 2002

Bloodlands : Europe between Hitler and Stalin [electronic resource]
Timothy Snyder
Call Number: DJK49 .S69 2010eb

Braddom's physical medicine & rehabilitation
edited by David X. Cifu ; associate editors, Darryl L. Kaelin, Karen J. Kowalske, Henry L. Lew, Michelle A. Miller, Kristjan T. Ragnarsson, Gregory Worsowicz
Call Number: RM700

Breaking the ties that bound : the politics of marital strife in late imperial Russia [electronic resource]
Barbara Alpern Engel
Call Number: HQ637 .E54 2011eb

Brush with death : a social history of lead poisoning [electronic resource]
Christian Warren
Call Number: RA1231.L4 W37 2000

Buddhism : one teacher, many traditions /
Bhikshu Tenzin Gyatso, the Fourteenth Dalai Lama and Bhikshu Thubten Chodron
Call Number: BQ7935.B774 B85 2014eb

Budweisers into Czechs and Germans : a local history of Bohemian politics, 1848-1948 [electronic resource]
Jeremy King
Call Number: DB2650.C463

Building business in post-communist Russia, eastern Europe, and Eurasia : collective goods, selective incentives, and predatory states /
Dinissa Duvanova, State University of New York, Buffalo
Call Number: HD2429.R8 D88 2013eb

Building states and markets after communism : the perils of polarized democracy [electronic resource]
Timothy Frye
Call Number: JZ6300 .F79 2010eb

By force of thought : irregular memoirs of an intellectual journey [electronic resource]
János Kornai
Call Number: HB102.K673 A3 2006eb

Byzantium and the Slavs in letters and culture [electronic resource]
Ihor Ševčenko
Call Number: DJK45.B97

Cars for comrades : the life of the Soviet automobile [electronic resource]
Lewis H. Siegelbaum
Call Number: HD9710.R92 S54 2008eb

Catholic Europe, 1592-1648 : centre and peripheries /
Tadhg Ó hAnnracháin
Call Number: BR305.3

Cell biology
Thomas D. Pollard, William C. Earnshaw ; with Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz ; illustrated by Graham T. Johnson
Call Number: QH581.2 .P65 2008

Changing referents : learning across space and time in China and the West /
Leigh Jenco
Call Number: LA1131 .J47 2015eb

Cinema and experience : Siegfried Kracauer, Walter Benjamin, and Theodor W. Adorno [electronic resource]
Miriam Bratu Hansen
Call Number: PN1994 .H265 2012eb

Circumstantial Shakespeare
Lorna Hutson
Call Number: PR2995

City of 201 Gods : ilé-ifè in time, space, and the imagination [electronic resource]
Jacob K. Olúp̜̀onà
Call Number: BL2470 .N5 O48 2011

Civilizing emotions : concepts in nineteenth-century Asia and Europe /
Margrit Pernau ... [and 12 others]
Call Number: BF531

Clinical radiation oncology
senior editors, Leonard L. Gunderson, Joel E. Tepper ; associate editors, Jeffrey A. Bogart [and 7 others]
Call Number: RC271.R3

Communities of the converted : Ukrainians and global evangelism [electronic resource]
Catherine Wanner
Call Number: BR1642.U38 W36 2007eb

Conceptualising terrorism
Anthony Richards
Call Number: HV6431

Conservation Education and Outreach Techniques
Susan K. Jacobson, Mallory D. McDuff and Martha C. Monroe
Call Number: QH75

Constitutional dialogue in common law Asia
Po Jen Yap
Call Number: KNC524

Constructing and deconstructing power in Psalms 107-150 [electronic resource]
by W. Dennis Tucker, Jr
Call Number: BS1430.52 .T83 2014

Conversion to Islam in the Balkans : Kisve bahası petitions and Ottoman social life, 1670-1730 [electronic resource]
by Anton Minkov
Call Number: BP65.B28 M56 2004eb

Corpus II : writings on sexuality [electronic resource]
Jean-Luc Nancy ; translated by Anne O'Byrne
Call Number: HQ12

Courts and comparative law
edited by Mads Andenas and Duncan Fairgrieve
Call Number: K559

Crisis amid plenty : the politics of Soviet energy under Brezhnev and Gorbachev /
Thane Gustafson
Call Number: HD9502.S652 G87 1989eb

Crisis and the everyday in postsocialist Moscow [electronic resource]
Olga Shevchenko
Call Number: HN530.2.M67 S54 2009

Cultures of charity : women, politics, and the reform of poor relief in Renaissance Italy [electronic resource]
Nicholas Terpstra
Call Number: HV295.B6 T47 2013

Current therapy of trauma and surgical critical care
[edited by] Juan A. Asensio, Donald D. Trunkey
Call Number: RD93.95

Cybernetic revolutionaries : technology and politics in Allende's Chile [electronic resource]
Eden Medina
Call Number: JL2631 .M43 2011

David Lewin's Morgengruss : text, context, commentaries /
edited by David Bard-Schwarz and Richard Cohn
Call Number: MT90 .D38 2015

Defending English ground : war and peace in Meath and Northumberland, 1460-1542 /
Steven G. Ellis
Call Number: DA250

Democracy and ideals [electronic resource]
by John Erskine ..
Call Number: E169 .E73

Democracy's Guardians : A History of the German Federal Constitutional Court, 1951-2001 /
Justin Collings
Call Number: KK5470

Demon in the box : Jews, Arabs, politics, and culture in the making of Israeli television [electronic resource]
Tasha G. Oren
Call Number: PN1992.3.I75 O74 2004eb

Disability and mobile citizenship in postsocialist Ukraine [electronic resource]
Sarah D. Phillips
Call Number: HV1559.U38 P55 2011eb (Online)

Dividing lines : municipal politics and the struggle for civil rights in Montgomery, Birmingham, and Selma [electronic resource]
J. Mills Thornton, III
Call Number: E185.93.A3 T48 2002eb

DNA repair in cancer therapy : molecular targets and clinical applications [electronic resource]
edited by Mark R. Kelley
Call Number: RC271.A684 D64 2012eb

Dostoevsky and the novel
Michael Holquist
Call Number: PG3328.Z6 .H6 1977eb

Driving the Soviets up the wall : Soviet-East German relations, 1953-1961 [electronic resource]
Hope M. Harrison
Call Number: DD284.5.S65 H37 2003eb

Dynamic of destruction : culture and mass killing in the First World War [electronic resource]
Alan Kramer
Call Number: D625 .K73 2007eb

Earnest games : folkloric patterns in the Canterbury tales [electronic resource]
Carl Lindahl
Call Number: PR1875.F67

Economic liberalism and its rivals : the formation of international institutions among the post-Soviet states [electronic resource]
Keith A. Darden
Call Number: HF1557 .D37 2009eb

Eighteenth-century women poets and their poetry : inventing agency, inventing genre [electronic resource]
Paula R. Backscheider
Call Number: PR113 .B33 2008eb

Electromyography in clinical practice : a case study approach [electronic resource]
Bashar Katirji
Call Number: RC77.5 .K38 2007eb

Electronic media and technoculture [electronic resource]
edited and with an introduction by John Thornton Caldwell
Call Number: HM851 .E54 2000

Elements of sonata theory : norms, types, and deformations in the late eighteenth-century sonata [electronic resource]
James Hepokoski, Warren Darcy
Call Number: MT62 .H46 2006eb

Eloquence in an electronic age : the transformation of political speechmaking [electronic resource]
Kathleen Hall Jamieson
Call Number: PN4121 .J327 1988eb

Embracing arms : cultural representation of Slavic and Balkan women in war [electronic resource]
edited by Helena Goscilo with Yana Hashamova
Call Number: P96.W352 E8524 2012eb

Empires in world history : power and the politics of difference [electronic resource]
Jane Burbank and Frederick Cooper
Call Number: D32

Engaging the enemy : organization theory and Soviet military innovation, 1955-1991 [electronic resource]
Kimberly Marten Zisk
Call Number: UA770 .Z54 1993eb

English Institute essays, 1948 [electronic resource]
edited by D.A. Robertson, Jr
Call Number: PE1010

ENT secrets
[edited by] Melissa A. Scholes, Vijay R. Ramakrishnan
Call Number: RF57

Epistemic Evaluation : Purposeful Epistemology /
edited by David K. Henderson and John Greco
Call Number: BD161

Equality & revolution : women's rights in the Russian Empire, 1905-1917 [electronic resource]
Rochelle Goldberg Ruthchild
Call Number: HQ1236.5.R8 R88 2010

Erotic letters
Aristaenetus ; introduced, translated, and annotated by Peter Bing and Regina Höschele
Call Number: PA3874.A3 .A757 2014eb

Esprit de corps : the art of the Parisian avant-garde and the First World War, 1914-1925 [electronic resource]
Kenneth E. Silver
Call Number: N6850

Ethnic Patriotism and the East African Revival : a History of Dissent, C. 1935-1972 [electronic resource]
Derek R. Peterson
Call Number: BR115.P7 P445 2012

Europe undivided : democracy, leverage, and integration after communism [electronic resource]
Milada Anna Vachudova
Call Number: D2009 .V33 2005eb

Event and time [electronic resource]
Claude Romano ; translated by Stephen E. Lewis
Call Number: B22

Everything was forever, until it was no more : the last Soviet generation [electronic resource]
Alexei Yurchak
Call Number: DK266.4 .Y87 2006eb

Evidence and agency : norms of belief for promising and resolving /
Berislav Marušić
Call Number: BD215

Evidence of editing : growth and change of texts in the Hebrew Bible /
by Reinhard Muller, Juha Pakkala, and Bas ter Haar Romeny
Call Number: BS1171.3 .M554 2014eb

Evliya Çelebi in Albania and adjacent regions : Kossovo, Montenegro, Ohrid : the relevant sections of the Seyahatname [electronic resource]
edited with translation, commentary and introduction by Robert Dankoff and Robert Elsie
Call Number: DR916

Expressing our attitudes : explanation and expression in ethics.
Mark Schroeder
Call Number: BJ1012 .S37 2015

Failed : what the "experts" got wrong about the global economy /
Mark Weisbrot
Call Number: HB3782 .W45 2015

Fame and infamy : essays for Christopher Pelling on characterization in Greek and Roman biography and historiography /
edited by Rhiannon Ash, Judith Mossman, and Frances B. Titchener
Call Number: D56

Fiddling in West Africa : touching the spirit in Fulbe, Hausa, and Dagbamba cultures [electronic resource]
Jacqueline Cogdell DjeDje
Call Number: ML3760 .D55 2008eb

Fighting to become Americans : assimilation and the trouble between Jewish women and Jewish men [electronic resource]
Riv-Ellen Prell
Call Number: E184.36.P84

Film noir and the cinema of paranoia [electronic resource]
Wheeler Winston Dixon
Call Number: PN1995.9.F54 D59 2009eb

Food, sacrifice, and sagehood in early China [electronic resource]
Roel Sterckx
Call Number: BL1859.F66 S74 2011eb

Foreign pressure and the politics of autocratic survival
Abel Escribà-Folch and Joseph Wright
Call Number: JZ1242

Formation of the modern state : the Ottoman Empire, sixteenth to eighteenth centuries [electronic resource]
Rifaʻat Ali Abou-El-Haj
Call Number: DR511 .A26 2005

Framing the early Middle Ages : Europe and the Mediterranean 400-800 [electronic resource]
Chris Wickham
Call Number: D121 .W53 2005eb

Free composition : volume III of New musical theories and fantasies = Der freie Satz [electronic resource]
Heinrich Schenker ; translated and edited by Ernst Oster
Call Number: MT40

Free radicals in biology and medicine
Barry Halliwell and John M.C. Gutteridge
Call Number: RB170 .H35 2015

Free speech on trial : communication perspectives on landmark Supreme Court decisions [electronic resource]
edited by Richard A. Parker
Call Number: KF4772.A7 F74 2003eb

Freedom and limits
John Lachs ; edited by Patrick Shade
Call Number: BD31 .L28 2014eb

Freedom and self-creation : Anselmian libertarianism /
Katherin A. Rogers
Call Number: B765.A84 R64 2015eb

Friendship, love, and trust in Renaissance Florence [electronic resource]
Dale Kent
Call Number: DG735.6 .K458 2009

From economic crisis to reform : IMF programs in Latin America and Eastern Europe [electronic resource]
Grigore Pop-Eleches
Call Number: HG3881.5.I58 P67 2009eb

From elite to mass politics : Italian socialism in the Giolittian era, 1900-1914 [electronic resource]
James Edward Miller
Call Number: HX288 .M56 1990

From Jim Crow to civil rights : the Supreme Court and the struggle for racial equality [electronic resource]
Michael J. Klarman
Call Number: KF4757 .K58 2004eb

From the cult of waste to the trash heap of history : the politics of waste in socialist and postsocialist Hungary [electronic resource]
Zsuzsa Gille
Call Number: GE190.H9 G55 2007eb

Getting welfare to work : street-level governance in Australia, the UK, and the Netherlands /
Mark Considine
Call Number: HD7795

Giotto and his publics : three paradigms of patronage [electronic resource]
Julian Gardner
Call Number: ND623.G6 G28 2011eb

God's continent : Christianity, Islam, and Europe's religious crisis [electronic resource]
Philip Jenkins
Call Number: BR735

Greater Magadha : studies in the culture of early India [electronic resource]
by Johannes Bronkhorst
Call Number: DS426 .B76 2007

Guillaume de Machaut : secretary, poet, musician [electronic resource]
Elizabeth Eva Leach
Call Number: ML410.G966

Handbook of European history, 1400-1600 : late Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation [electronic resource]
edited by Thomas A. Brady, Jr., Heiko A. Oberman, James D. Tracy
Call Number: D203 .H36 1994

Healthy China 2020 : strategic research report /
editor-in-chief, Chen Zhu ; director, Chen Zhu ; associate director, Chen Wen, Dai Tao, Hu Shanlian ; member, Chen Xianyi [and 6 others]
Call Number: RA527

Heart-pine Russia : walking and writing the nineteenth-century forest [electronic resource]
Jane T. Costlow
Call Number: PG3015.5.F67

Heroic wives : rituals, stories, and the virtues of Jain wifehood [electronic resource]
M. Whitney Kelting
Call Number: BL1375.W65 K44 2009eb

Hindu Christian Faqir : modern monks, global Christianity, and Indian sainthood /
Timothy S. Dobe
Call Number: BL2007.5 .D63 2015eb

Historic firsts : how symbolic empowerment changes U.S. politics /
Evelyn M. Simien
Call Number: JK528 .S55 2016eb

Holler if you hear me : searching for Tupac Shakur [electronic resource]
Michael Eric Dyson
Call Number: ML420.S529

Housing first : ending homelessness, transforming systems, and changing lives /
Deborah K. Padgett, Benjamin F. Henwood, and Sam J. Tsemberis
Call Number: HV4505

Identity in formation : the Russian-speaking populations in the near abroad [electronic resource]
David D. Laitin
Call Number: PG2074.73 .L35 1998

Immigration and perceptions of national political systems in Europe
Lauren McLaren
Call Number: JV7590

Immunology for medical students [electronic resource]
Roderick Nairn, Matthew Helbert ; illustrations by Ethan Danielson
Call Number: QR181 .N357 2007eb

Imperial Germany 1871-1918 [electronic resource]
edited by James Retallack
Call Number: DD220 .I645 2008eb

In defense of common sense : Lorenzo Valla's humanist critique of scholastic philosophy [electronic resource]
Lodi Nauta
Call Number: B785.V1144 N38 2009

In the footsteps of the ancients : the origins of humanism from Lovato to Bruni [electronic resource]
by Ronald G. Witt
Call Number: PA8045.I6 W58 2000eb

India traders of the middle ages : documents from the Cairo Geniza : India book [electronic resource]
by S.D. Goitein and Mordechai Akiva Friedman
Call Number: HF3785 .G65 2008eb

Indians in the fur trade : their role as trappers, hunters, and middlemen in the lands southwest of Hudson Bay, 1660-1870 : with a new introduction [electronic resource]
Arthur J. Ray
Call Number: E78.C2

International anti-corruption norms : their creation and influence on domestic legal systems /
Cecily Rose
Call Number: K5261

International organization in time : fragmentation and reform /
Tine Hanrieder
Call Number: JZ4839

Interpreting the Constitution
Kent Greenawalt
Call Number: KF4550 .G737 2015

Intestate Succession
edited by Kenneth G.C. Reid, Marius J. de Waal and Reinhard Zimmermann
Call Number: K807

Inventing the cotton gin : machine and myth in antebellum America [electronic resource]
Angela Lakwete
Call Number: TS1585 .L35 2005

Inventing the enemy : denunciation and terror in Stalin's Russia [electronic resource]
Wendy Z. Goldman
Call Number: DK268.4 .G65 2011eb

Inventing the individual : the origins of Western liberalism /
Larry Siedentop
Call Number: JC574 .S52 2014eb

Ishiwara Kanji and Japan's confrontation with the West [electronic resource]
by Mark R. Peattie
Call Number: DS885.5.I77

Islam after Communism : religion and politics in Central Asia [electronic resource]
Adeeb Khalib, with a new afterword
Call Number: BP63

Islam and democracy after the Arab Spring
John L. Esposito, Tamara Sonn, and John O. Voll
Call Number: JQ1850.A91 E86 2016

Jewish cultural studies [electronic resource]
edited by Simon J. Bronner
Call Number: DS112 .J48

Jews in the Kingdom of Poland, 1815-1918 [electronic resource]
edited by Glenn Dynner, Antony Polonsky and Marcin Wodziński
Call Number: DS134.55

Jews, Germans, and Allies : Close Encounters in Occupied Germany [electronic resource]
Atina Grossmann
Call Number: DS134.26 .G76 2009

Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes : law and the inner self [electronic resource]
G. Edward White
Call Number: KF8745.H6 W47 1993

Justice, care, and the welfare state
Daniel Engster
Call Number: HM681

Kant's transcendental deduction : an analytical-historical commentary /
Henry E. Allison
Call Number: B2779

Kaunitz and enlightened absolutism, 1753-1780 [electronic resource]
Franz A.J. Szabo
Call Number: DB69.9.K38 S96 1994eb

Keeping the vow : the untold story of married Catholic priests /
D. Paul Sullins
Call Number: BX1912.85 .S85 2014

Key themes for the study of Islam [electronic resource]
edited by Jamal J. Elias
Call Number: BP161.3 .K49 2010

Khubilai Khan : his life and times /
Morris Rossabi
Call Number: DS752.6.K83 R67 2009

Kith, kin, and neighbors : communities and confessions in seventeenth-century Wilno [electronic resource]
David Frick
Call Number: DK505.935 .F75 2013

Know what I mean? : reflections on hip-hop [electronic resource]
by Michael Eric Dyson ; intro by Jay-Z, outro by Nas
Call Number: ML3531 .D95 2007eb

Knowing better : virtue, deliberation, and normative ethics /
Daniel Star
Call Number: BJ1012

Land and power : British and Allied policy on Germany's frontiers, 1916-19 [electronic resource]
by Harold I. Nelson
Call Number: D650.T4 N37 1963

Language and woman's place : text and commentaries [electronic resource]
Robin Tolmach Lakoff ; edited by Mary Bucholtz
Call Number: HQ1206 .L36 2004eb

Lavoisier, the crucial year : the background and origin of his first experiments on combustion in 1772 [electronic resource]
by Henry Guerlac
Call Number: QD22.L4 .G83 1990

Lending credibility : the International Monetary Fund and the post-communist transition [electronic resource]
Randall W. Stone
Call Number: HC244 .S743 2002eb

Leo Ornstein : modernist dilemmas, personal choices [electronic resource]
Michael Broyles and Denise Von Glahn
Call Number: ML410.O67 B76 2007

Liberalizing lynching : building a new racialized state /
Daniel Kato
Call Number: HV6457 .K37 2016eb

Listening to war : sound, music, trauma and survival in wartime Iraq /
J. Martin Daughtry
Call Number: ML3917.I72

Logics of hierarchy : the organization of empires, states, and military occupations [electronic resource]
Alexander Cooley
Call Number: JZ1310 .C663 2005eb

Lorenzo Ghiberti [electronic resource]
by Richard Krautheimer, in collaboration with Trude Krautheimer-Hess
Call Number: NB623.G45

Louis MacNeice and the Irish poetry of his time
Tom Walker
Call Number: PR6025.A2815

Lucretius and early modern
David Norbrook, Stephen Harrison, and Philip Hardie (eds)
Call Number: PA6484

Making Beats : the Art of Sample-Based Hip-Hop [electronic resource]
Joseph Glenn Schloss
Call Number: ML3531 .S35 2014

Making enemies : war and state building in Burma [electronic resource]
Mary P. Callahan
Call Number: DS529.7

Making music in the Polish Tatras : tourists, ethnographers, and mountain musicians [electronic resource]
Timothy J. Cooley
Call Number: ML3611.T38 .C66 2005

Making news : the political economy of journalism in Britain and America from the Glorious Revolution to the Internet /
edited by Richard R. John and Jonathan Silberstein-Loeb
Call Number: PN4801

Making the poor free? : India's unique identification number /
S.K Das
Call Number: JC599.I4

Making Things Valuable
Martin Kornberger, Lise Justesen, Jan Mouritsen, and Anders Koed Madsen (eds)
Call Number: HB201

Male anxiety and female chastity : a comparative study of Chinese ethical values in Ming-Chʻing times [electronic resource]
by Tʻien Ju-Kʻang
Call Number: BJ117

Maps of time : an introduction to big history [electronic resource]
David Christian
Call Number: CB19 .C477 2004eb

Massachusetts General Hospital psychopharmacology and neurotherapeutics
editors, Theodore A. Stern, Maurizio Fava, Timothy E. Wilens, Jerrold F. Rosenbaum
Call Number: RM666.B42 .S384 2015

Material spirit : religion and literature intranscendent /
edited by Gregory C. Stallings, Manuel Asensi and Carl Good
Call Number: BL51 .M47425 2014

Maya conquistador [electronic resource]
Matthew Restall
Call Number: F1435 .R493 1998

Meanings of manhood in early modern England [electronic resource]
Alexandra Shepard
Call Number: HQ1090.7.G7 S54 2006

Means, ends, and persons : the meaning and psychological dimensions of Kant's humanity formula /
Robert Audi
Call Number: BJ1521 .A93 2016

Medieval Persian court poetry
Julie Scott Meisami
Call Number: PK6416 .M45 1987eb

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Sean Roberts
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edited by Omid Safi
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Alexander R. Galloway
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William Mack
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edited by Benjamin A. Bensadon
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Tim Mulgan
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Peter Wallensteen
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Jane Gallop
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Brian Hedden
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Bruno Latour
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Grzegorz Ekiert and Jan Kubik
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Anna Grzymala-Busse
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Padraic Kenney
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Scott Gehlbach
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Bruce Currie-Alder
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Angelique V. Nixon
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edited by Andrew Martin and Patrice Petro
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Elizabeth McCahill
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[by] J. Davidson Ketchum; with a foreword and postscript by Robert B. MacLeod
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D. Asher Ghertner
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Stephen K. Batalden
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Jeanne Halgren Kilde
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Stephen Mark Holmes
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Sanctioned violence in early China [electronic resource]
Mark Edward Lewis
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Scheuer's liver biopsy interpretation
Jay H. Lefkowitch
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Christine Cornea
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edited and with an introduction by Krin Gabbard and William Luhr
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John Dennison
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edited by Ruth Bernard Yeazell
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K. Ali
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Beretta E. Smith-Shomade
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Laurel E. Fay
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Silencing the past : power and the production of history /
Michel-Rolph Trouillot
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Smith's recognizable patterns of human deformation
John M. Graham, Jr., Pedro A. Sanchez-Lara
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Ted Hopf
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Barrington Moore, Jr. ; with a new foreword by Edward Friedman and James C. Scott
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Gregory Vlastos
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Solitary action : acting on our own in everyday life /
Ira J. Cohen
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edited with an introduction by Northrop Frye
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David Nowell Smith
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by JoAnn Scurlock
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Antonia Finnane
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Adam S. Miller
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Daniel Leonard Bernardi
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Beth Holmgren
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Annelise Orleck
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Nayan Shah
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by Frank Gunderson
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Raymond Tallis with Julian Spalding
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Surfing uncertainty : prediction, action, and the embodied mind /
Andy Clark
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Teaching religion and healing [electronic resource]
edited by Linda L. Barnes, Inés Talamantez
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Terrors of the table : the curious history of nutrition [electronic resource]
Walter Gratzer
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Murray Forman
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Bernard Porter
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Russell F. Weigley
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Theodore Ziolkowski
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G. Edward White
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by J. Franklin Jameson
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Byron Williston
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H.P. Willmott
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The biopolitics of gender
Jemima Repo
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Richard K. Wolf
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The Black Sea : A History [electronic resource
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Susan Friend Harding
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edited and with an introduction by Miguel León-Portilla ; with a foreword by J. Jorge Klor de Alva ; translated from Nahuatl into Spanish by Angel María Garibay K. ; English translation by Lysander Kemp ; illustrations, adapted from original codices paintings, by Alberto Beltran
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The centered mind : what the science of working memory shows us about the nature of human thought /
Peter Carruthers
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Sam White
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Kate C. McLean
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The coming of the First World War [electronic resource]
edited by R.J.W. Evans and Hartmut Pogge von Strandmann
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The Concept of State Aid Under EU Law : From Internal Market to Competition and Beyond /
Juan Jorge Piernas López
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edited by Thomas Claviez
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The construction of space in early China [electronic resource]
Mark Edward Lewis
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Thomas Marsden
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Edward Muir
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The defeat of solidarity : anger and politics in postcommunist Europe [electronic resource]
David Ost
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by Derwas J. Chitty
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Anne-Gaëlle Saliot
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Monica Azzolini
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Charles Dempsey
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Wade Jacoby
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The essential writings [electronic resource]
Jean-Luc Marion ; edited by Kevin Hart
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The ethics of killing animals
edited by Tatjana Višak and Robert Garner, with afterword by Peter Singer
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Mieke Meurs
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The evolution of atheism : the politics of a modern movement /
Stephen LeDrew
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edited by Brian Bond
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Nilüfer Göle
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Nicholas Scott Baker
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The Global Community Yearbook of International Law and Jurisprudence 2014
Giuliana Ziccardi Capaldo (ed.)
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The Gorbachev factor [electronic resource]
Archie Brown
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Andrea Graziosi
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The Great War and modern memory [electronic resource]
Paul Fussell
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The hip hop & Obama reader
edited by Travis L. Gosa and Erik Nielson
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The hip hop generation : young Blacks and the crisis in African American culture [electronic resource]
Bakari Kitwana
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The hip hop wars : what we talk about when we talk about hip hop--and why it matters [electronic resource]
Tricia Rose
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Eileen M. Schuller and Carol A. Newsom
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David Armitage
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by Heghnar Zeitlian Watenpaugh
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The institutional framework of Russian serfdom
Tracy Dennison
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John Torpey
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The language of new media [electronic resource]
Lev Manovich
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Christopher S. Celenza
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The luxury economy and intellectual property : critical reflections /
edited by Haochen Sun, Barton Beebe, and Madhavi Sunder
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The making of a Moonie : choice or brainwashing? [electronic resource]
Eileen Barker
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by Michel Jacq-Hergoualc'h ; translated by Victoria Hobson
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The masons of Djenné [electronic resource]
Trevor H.J. Marchand
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Matthew Chrisman
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Gregory Murry
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The modern world-system [electronic resource]
Immanuel Wallerstein ; with a new prologue
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The moral obligation to be intelligent [electronic resource]
by John Erskine
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The morphosyntax of gender
Ruth Kramer
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The nation in the village : the genesis of peasant national identity in Austrian Poland, 1848-1914 [electronic resource]
Keely Stauter-Halsted
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Patricia Crone
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The nude : a study in ideal form [electronic resource]
Kenneth Clark
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Kate Kenski, Bruce W. Hardy, Kathleen Hall Jamieson
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The Old English vision of St. Paul [electronic resource]
edited by Antonette DiPaolo Healey
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The old faith and the Russian land : a historical ethnography of ethics in the Urals [electronic resource]
Douglas Rogers
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Alex Woloch
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Karin Friedrich
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edited by Fikret Adanir and Suraiya Faroqhi
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L.F. Haber
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The Politics of Households in Ottoman Egypt : the Rise of the Qazdaglis [electronic resource]
Jane Hathaway
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The politics of social change in the Middle East and North Africa [electronic resource]
by Manfred Halpern
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Jessica Allina-Pisano
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The priestly blessing in inscription and scripture : the early history of Numbers 6:24-26 /
Jeremy D. Smoak
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The problem of a Chinese aesthetic [electronic resource]
Haun Saussy
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The pulpit and the press in Reformation Italy [electronic resource]
Emily Michelson
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Martha Gardner
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Noëlle Vahanian
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The relevance of Royce [electronic resource]
edited by Kelly A. Parker, Jason Bell
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The responsibility to prevent : overcoming the challenges of atrocity prevention /
edited by Serena K. Sharma and Jennifer M. Welsh
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Alison Brown
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Richard Tuck
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The rise of the rich : a new view of modern world history [electronic resource]
Peter Gran
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The rise of universities
by Charles Homer Haskins
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Federico Varese
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by Robert T. Anderson and Terry Giles
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The sculpture of Donatello [electronic resource]
by H.W. Janson, incorporating the notes and photographs of the late Jenö Lányi
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The second greatest disappointment : honeymooning and tourism at Niagara Falls [electronic resource]
Karen Dubinsky
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The shape and shaping of the Book of Psalms : the current state of scholarship /
edited by Nancy L. deClaissé-Walford
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The shape of the signifier : 1967 to the end of history /
Walter Benn Michaels
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The Silk Road in world history [electronic resource]
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