Items Acquired in October 2014 for the University Libraries

A companion to Greek democracy and the Roman republic
edited by Dean Hammer
Call Number: JC73 .C673 2015eb

A companion to Martin Scorsese
edited by Aaron Baker ; contributors, Michael Brendan Baker [and twenty-two others]
Call Number: PN1998.3.S39 .C64 2015eb

A manual of orthopaedic terminology
Fred R.T. Nelson, Carolyn Taliaferro Blauvelt
Call Number: RD723

A system of life : Mawdudi and the ideologisation of Islam /
Jan-Peter Hartung
Call Number: BP80.M34 H365 2014eb

Adhesion in microelectronics
edited by K.L. Mittal and Tanweer Ahsan
Call Number: TK7870.15

Advanced materials for agriculture, food, and environmental safety
edited by Ashutosh Tiwari and Mikael Syvajarvi
Call Number: TP373.5 .A48 2014

Advanced technical analysis of ETFs : strategies and market psychology for serious traders [electronic resource]
Deron Wagner, Ed Balog
Call Number: HG6043

Aquinas and Calvin on Romans : God's justification and our participation /
Charles Raith II
Call Number: BS2665 .R35 2014

Assessment sensitivity : relative truth and its applications /
John MacFarlane
Call Number: BD171 .M33 2014

Avatar and philosophy : learning to see /
edited by George A. Dunn
Call Number: PN1997.2.A94 A95 2014

Balancing wealth and health : the battle over intellectual property and access to medicines in Latin America /
edited by Rochelle Dreyfuss, Cesar Rodriguez-Garavito
Call Number: RA401.A1 .B35 2014eb

Becoming Catholic : finding Rome in the American religious landscape /
David Yamane
Call Number: BX1406.3 .Y36 2014

Bio- and bioinspired nanomaterials [electronic resource]
edited by Daniel Ruiz-Molina, Fernando Novio, and Claudio Roscini
Call Number: TA455.A34 .R374 2014

Bio-inspired routing protocols for vehicular ad-hoc networks
Salim Bitam, Abdelhamid Mellouk
Call Number: TE228.37

Biofouling methods
edited by Sergey Dobretsov, Jeremy C. Thomason, David N. Williams
Call Number: TD427.F68

Bioinspired catalysis : metal-sulfur complexes /
edited by Wolfgang Weigand and Philippe Schollhammer ; contributors Ulf-Peter Apfel [and thirty three others]
Call Number: QD474 .B565 2015eb

Biorefineries and chemical processes : design, integration and sustainability analysis /
Jhuma Sadhukhan, Kok Siew Ng, Elias Martinez Hernandez
Call Number: TP155.2.E58 S34 2014

Bovine Reproduction [electronic resource]
Call Number: SF871 .H384 2014

Braunwald's heart disease : a textbook of cardiovascular medicine /
edited by Douglas L. Mann, Douglas P. Zipes, Peter Libby, Robert O. Bonow ; founding editor and online editor Eugene Braunwald
Call Number: RC681

Capital markets, derivatives, and the law : evolution after crisis /
Alan N. Rechtschaffen and Jean-Claude Trichet
Call Number: KF1070 .R42 2014

Cellulose and cellulose derivatives in the food industry : fundamentals and applications /
Tanja Wüstenberg
Call Number: TS933.C4

Cementitious materials for nuclear waste immobilization
professor Rehab O. Abdel Rahman, professor Ravil Z. Rakhimov, professor Nailya R. Rakhimova, professor Michael I. Ojovan
Call Number: TD898.17

Central Asia in international relations : the legacies of Halford Mackinder /
edited by Nick Megoran, Sevara Sharapova
Call Number: DS327.6 .C46 2013

Character and person
John Frow
Call Number: PN56.B62 F76 2014

Cloud computing and electronic discovery
James P. Martin, Harry Cendrowski
Call Number: KF390.5.C6

Cognitive behavioral group therapy : challenges and opportunities [electronic resource]
Ingrid Söchting
Call Number: RC489.C63 S63 2014

Cognitive interviewing methodology
edited by Kristen Miller, National Center for Health Statistics [and 3 others]
Call Number: H61.28 .C64 2014

Combining pattern classifiers : methods and algorithms /
Ludmila I. Kuncheva
Call Number: TK7882.P3 K83 2014

Comprehensive clinical nephrology
[edited by] Richard J. Johnson, John Feehally, Jurgen Floege
Call Number: RC902

Concepts and methods in infectious disease surveillance [electronic resource]
edited by Nkuchia M. M'ikanatha, John K. Iskander
Call Number: RC111

Conflicts in a conflict : a conflict of laws case study on Israel and the Palestinian Territories /
Michael Karayanni
Call Number: KMK482

Confronting the colonies : British intelligence and counterinsurgency /
Rory Cormac
Call Number: UB251.G7 C66 2013eb

Constitutionalization of European private law
edited by Hans-W. Micklitz
Call Number: KJE995 .C67 2014

Correspondence analysis : theory, practice and new strategies /
Eric J. Beh, Rosaria Lombardo
Call Number: QA278.5 .B44 2014

Creating business agility : how convergence of cloud, social, mobile, video, and big data enables competitive advantage /
Rodney Heisterberg, Alakh Verma
Call Number: HD45 .H366 2014

Crisis cities : disaster and redevelopment in New York and New Orleans /
Kevin Fox Gotham and Miriam Greenberg
Call Number: HT177.N5 G68 2014

Crisis management in anesthesiology
[edited by] David M. Gaba, Kevin J. Fish, Steven K. Howard, Amanda R. Burden
Call Number: RD82.5 .G33 2015

Customer's new voice : extreme relevancy and experience through volunteered customer information /
John McKean
Call Number: HF5415.5

Cytogenetic abnormalities : chromosomal, FISH, and microarray-based clinical reporting /
Susan Mahler Zneimer
Call Number: QH600

Dangerous rhythm : why movie musicals matter /
Richard Barrios
Call Number: PN1995.9.M86 B36 2014

Deep value : why activists investors and other contrarians battle for control of "losing" corporations /
Tobias E. Carlisle
Call Number: HD2744 .C47 2014

Differential and Differential-Algebraic Systems for the Chemical Engineer : Solving Numerical Problems [electronic resource]
Guido Buzzi-Ferraris, Flavio Manenti
Call Number: QA371

Diplomatic sites : a critical enquiry /
Iver B. Neumann
Call Number: JZ1305 .N44 2013eb

DNA methods in food safety : molecular typing of foodborne and waterborne bacterial pathogens /
edited by Omar Oyarzabal, Sophia Kathariou
Call Number: RA601.5

Drug transporters : molecular characterization and role in drug disposition /
edited by Guofeng You, Marilyn E. Morris
Call Number: R857.B52

Dungeons & dragons and philosophy : read and gain advantage on all wisdom checks /
edited by Christopher Robichaud
Call Number: GV1469.62.D84 D84 2014

Ecological biochemistry : environmental and interspecies interactions /
edited by Gerd-Joachim Krauss and Dietrich H. Nies
Call Number: QP514.2

Economic, social, and cultural rights in international law : contemporary issues and challenges /
edited by Eibe Riedel, Gilles Giacca, Christophe Golay
Call Number: K3240

Embedded systems : analysis and modeling with SysML, UML and AADL [electronic resource]
edited by Fabrics Kordon ... [et al.]
Call Number: TK7895.E42

Environment and development economics : essays in honour of Sir Partha Dasgupta /
Scott Barrett, Karl-Göran Mäler, and Eric S. Maskin
Call Number: HC79.E5

Epistemic norms : new essays on action, belief, and assertion /
edited by Clayton Littlejohn and John Turri
Call Number: B820.3

Equine pharmacology [electronic resource]
editors: Cynthia Cole, Bradford Bentz, Lara Maxwell
Call Number: SF951 .E579 2014

Ethics and biblical narrative : a literary and discourse-analytical approach to the Story of Josiah /
S. Min Chun
Call Number: BS1335.52 .C48 2014

EU migration law : legal complexities and political rationales [elektronische middelen]
edited by Loïc Azoulai and Karin de Vries
Call Number: KJE6044

External mission : the ANC in exile, 1960-1990 /
Stephen Ellis
Call Number: JQ1998.A4 E45 2013eb

Failure to flourish : how law undermines family relationships /
Clare Huntington
Call Number: KF505 .H86 2014

Fiction and narrative
Derek Matravers
Call Number: P302.7

Financial stability : fraud, confidence and the wealth of nations /
Frederick L. Feldkamp and R. Christopher Whalen
Call Number: HB3722

Fluid dynamics of the midlatitude atmosphere
B.J. Hoskins & I.N. James
Call Number: QC880.4.A8

Food industry design, technology, and innovation
Helmut Traitler, Birgit Coleman and Karen Hofmann
Call Number: TP374 .T73 2015eb

Forged in crisis : India and the United States since 1947 /
Rudra Chaudhuri
Call Number: E183.8.I4 C543 2014

Forging a discipline : a critical assessment of Oxford's development of the study of politics and international relations in comparative perspective /
edited by Christopher Hood, Desmond King, Gillian Peele ; contributors Rodney Barker [and fourteen others]
Call Number: JA88.E9 .F674 2014eb

Forgiveness and remembrance : remembering wrongdoing in personal and public life /
Jeffrey Blustein
Call Number: BJ1476 .B58 2014

Formal Languages, Automata and Numeration Systems 1 : Introduction to Combinatorics on Words /
Michel Rigo
Call Number: QA267

Formal Languages, Automata and Numeration Systems 2 : Applications to Recognizability and Decidability /
Michel Rigo
Call Number: QA267

Friendship as sacred knowing : overcoming isolation /
Samuel Kimbriel
Call Number: BL51 .K59527 2014eb

From above : war, violence, and verticality /
[edited by] Peter Adey, Mark Whitehead, Alison Williams
Call Number: UG632 .F76 2013

From stagnation to forced adjustment : reforms in Greece, 1974-2010 /
Stathis Kalyvas, George Pagoulatos, and Haridimos Tsoukas
Call Number: HC295 .F76 2014

Fundamental concepts in heterogeneous catalysis
Jens K. Norskov, Felix Studt, Frank Abild-Pedersen, Thomas Bligaard
Call Number: QD505

Fundamentals of body CT
W. Richard Webb, William E. Brant, Nancy M. Major
Call Number: RC78.7.T6

Gas injection for disposal and enhanced recovery
edited by Ying (Alice) Wu, Sphere Technology Connection, John J. Carroll, Gas Liquids Engineering, Qi Li, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Call Number: TN871.37

Gas treating : absorption theory and practice /
Dag A. Eimer
Call Number: TP242 .E34 2014

Genotype-by-environment interactions and sexual selection
edited by John Hunt and David Hosken
Call Number: QL761 .G46 2014

[editors] Tarek M. Shaarawy, Mark B. Sherwood, Roger A. Hitchings, Jonathan G. Crowston
Call Number: RE871

Globalizing transitional justice : contemporary essays /
Ruti G. Teitel
Call Number: K5250 .G56 2014eb

Governance of marine fisheries and biodiversity conservation : interaction and coevolution /
edited by Serge M. Garcia, Jake Rice,Anthony Charles
Call Number: QH91 .G68 2014

Graph-related optimization and decision support systems
Saoussen Krichen, Jouhaina Chaouachi
Call Number: QA166

Gray's atlas of anatomy
Richard L. Drake [and 4 others]
Call Number: QM25

Greece : a short history of a long story, 7,000 BCE to the present /
Carol G. Thomas
Call Number: DF757 .T46 2014

Green's skeletal trauma in children
[edited by] Gregory A. Mencio, Marc F. Swiontkowski
Call Number: RD101

Guidelines for Reporting Health Research : A User''s Manual [electronic resource]
Call Number: R850

High throughput analysis for food safety
edited by Perry G. Wang, Mark F. Vitha, Jack F. Kay
Call Number: RA601 .H54 2014

Homogeneous catalysis : mechanisms and industrial applications /
Sumit Bhaduri, Doble Mukesh
Call Number: TP156.C35 B52 2014

How we fight : ethics in war /
edited by Helen Frowe and Gerald Lang
Call Number: U22 .H69 2014eb

Human interests, or, Ethics for physicalists
Joseph Mendola
Call Number: BJ1031

Humans in nature : the world as we find it and the world as we create it /
Gregory E. Kaebnick
Call Number: BD581 .K34 2013eb

Ignorance and moral obligation
Michael J. Zimmerman
Call Number: BJ1451

Industrial scale suspension culture of living cells
edited by Hans-Peter Meyer and Diego R. Schmidhalter
Call Number: TP248.27.M53

Integral and measure : from rather simple to rather complex [electronic resource]
Vigirdas Mackevičius
Call Number: QA312 .M33 2014

Introduction to imprecise probabilities
edited by Thomas Augustin, Frank P. A. Coolen, Gert de Cooman, Matthias C. M. Troffaes
Call Number: QA273 .I56 2014

Introduction to Mixed Modelling : Beyond Regression and Analysis of Variance [electronic resource]
Call Number: QA276

Inventing the spectator : subjectivity and the theatrical experience in early modern France /
Joseph Harris
Call Number: PN2622.A8 H37 2014

Israel's clandestine diplomacies
Call Number: DS119.6 .I7776 2013eb

Japanese syntax in comparative perspective
Edited by Mamoru Saito
Call Number: PL613 .J37 2014

Kant's critique of Spinoza
Omri Boehm
Call Number: B2798 .B648 2014

Knowing what to do : imagination, virtue, and Platonism in ethics /
Timothy Chappell
Call Number: BJ1012 .C43 2014

Laser ignition of energetic materials
S Rafi Ahmad, Michael Cartwright
Call Number: TP293 .A37 2015

Legislating equality : the politics of antidiscrimination policy in Europe /
Terri E. Givens and Rhonda Evans Case
Call Number: JC599.E85 G58 2014eb

List of MAK and BAT Values 2014 : maximum concentrations and biological tolerance values at the workplace /
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
Call Number: RA1229.5

Local politics in Afghanistan : a century of intervention in social order /
Conrad Schetter, editor
Call Number: JS7442.2 .L63 2013eb

Loss and the other in the visionary work of Anna Maria Ortese
Vilma DeGasperin
Call Number: PQ4875.R8 .D44 2014eb

Lower previsions
Matthias C.M. Troffaes, Gert de Cooman
Call Number: QA273 .T755 2014

Mandell, Douglas, and Bennett's principles and practice of infectious diseases
[edited by] John E. Bennett, Raphael Dolin, Martin J. Blaser
Call Number: RC111

Markets for managers : a managerial economics primer /
Anthony J. Evans
Call Number: HD30.22

Materials in energy conversion, harvesting, and storage
Kathy Lu
Call Number: TJ163.2 .L823 2014

Mindfulness and schema therapy : a practical guide /
Michiel van Vreeswijk, Jenny Broersen, Ger Schurink
Call Number: BF321

Mixed fortunes : an economic history of China, Russia, and the West /
Vladimir Popov
Call Number: HC427 .P67 2014eb

Model based systems engineering : fundamentals and methods /
by Patrice Micouin
Call Number: TA168

Music learning today : digital pedagogy for creating, performing, and responding to music /
William I. Bauer
Call Number: MT1 .B337 2014

Nanoinnovation : what every manager needs to know /
Michael Tomczyk
Call Number: T174.7 .T663 2015eb

Nanomaterials for environmental protection
edited by Boris I. Kharisov, Oxana V. Kharissova, H. V. Rasika Dias
Call Number: TD192 .N354 2014

Narrative politics : stories and collective action /
Frederick W. Mayer
Call Number: JA85 .M4446 2014

Neonatal formulary 7 : drug use in pregnancy and the first year of life /
[edited by] Sean Brian Ainsworth
Call Number: RG627.6.D79

Nietzsche on art and life
edited by Daniel Came
Call Number: B3318.A4 N54 2014

Nonparametric hypothesis testing : rank and permutation methods with applications in R /
Stefano Bonnini, Livio Corain, Marco Marozzi, Luigi Salmaso
Call Number: QA278.8 .B66 2014

Nuclear dawn : F.E. Simon and the race for atomic weapons in World War II /
Kenneth D. McRae
Call Number: UG1282.A8 M37 2014eb

Nucleic acids as molecular diagnostics
edited by Andreas Keller and Eckart Meese
Call Number: QP620

Occupational therapy in psychiatry and mental health
edited by Rosemary Crouch and Vivyan Alers
Call Number: RC487

Odze and Goldblum surgical pathology of the GI tract, liver, biliary tract, and pancreas
[edited by] Robert D. Odze, John R. Goldblum
Call Number: RD540

Omissions : agency, metaphysics, and responsibility /
Randolph Clarke
Call Number: B105.A35 C53 2014

On loyalty and loyalties : the contours of a problematic virtue /
John Kleinig
Call Number: BJ1533.L8 K54 2014

One : being an investigation into the unity of reality and of its parts, including the singular object which Is nothingness /
Graham Priest
Call Number: BD395 .P75 2014

Orthopaedic surgical approaches
[editors] Mark D. Miller [and 5 others]
Call Number: RD733.2

Parochial global Europe : 21st century trade politics /
Alasdair R. Young and John Peterson
Call Number: HF1531 .P376 2014eb

Patent law in global perspective
edited by Ruth L. Okediji, Margo A. Bagley
Call Number: K1505 .P3747 2014

Philosophical foundations of the law of torts
edited by John Oberdiek
Call Number: K923 .P45 2014eb

Plant cell wall patterning and cell shape
edited by Hiroo Fukuda
Call Number: QK725

Policing Afghanistan : the politics of the lame leviathan /
Antonio Giustozzi, Mohammed Isaqzadeh
Call Number: HV8242.6.A2 G58 2012eb

Popular punishment : on the normative significance of public opinion /
Jesper Ryberg and Julian V. Roberts
Call Number: K5101 .R93 2014

Preventive justice [elektronische middelen]
Andrew Ashworth and Lucia Zedner
Call Number: KD7883 .A94 2014

Probabilistic design for optimization and robustness for engineers
Bryan Dodson, Patrick C. Hammett, Rene Klerx
Call Number: TS171.9

Psychosocial interventions for genetically influenced problems in childhood and adolescence [electronic resource]
Call Number: HV713

Quantile regression : theory and applications [electronic resource]
Cristina Davino, Marilena Furno, Domenico Vistocco
Call Number: QA278.2 .D38 2014

Real-time Systems Scheduling 1 : Fundamentals /
Editied by Maryline Chetto
Call Number: QA76.54

Real-time Systems Scheduling 2 : Focuses /
Editied by Maryline Chetto
Call Number: QA76.54

Realizing reason : a narrative of truth and knowing /
Danielle Macbeth
Call Number: B4372 .M33 2014eb

Referential mechanics : direct reference and the foundations of semantics /
Joseph Almog
Call Number: B105.R25 A46 2014

Regionalism in international investment law [electronic resource]
edited by Leon E. Trakman and Nicola W. Ranieri
Call Number: K3830 .R435 2012eb

Religion and democratization : framing religious and political identities in Muslim and Catholic societies /
Michael D. Driessen
Call Number: BL65.P7 D75 2014eb

Remapping India : new states and their political origins [elektronische middelen]
Louise Tillin
Call Number: JQ298.8 .T55 2013

Scriptural polemics : the Qur'an and other religions /
Mun'im Sirry
Call Number: BP134.B4 S57 2014eb

Secondary ion mass spectrometry : an introduction to principles and practices /
Paul van der Heide
Call Number: QD96.S43 V36 2014

Senecan tragedy and the reception of Augustan poetry
Christopher V. Trinacty
Call Number: PA6685 .T75 2014

Service science : the foundations of service engineering and management /
Robin G. Qiu
Call Number: HD9980.5 .Q28 2014

Shaping a Muslim state : the world of a mid-eighth-century Egyptian official [electronic resource]
Petra M. Sijpesteijn
Call Number: Z115.1 .S53 2013

Shared agency : a planning theory of acting together /
Michael E. Bratman
Call Number: B105.A35 B74 2014

Simultaneous structure in phonology
D. Robert Ladd
Call Number: P217 .L33 2014eb

State building in boom times : commodities and coalitions in Latin America and Africa /
Ryan Saylor
Call Number: JL966 .S37 2014eb

Sustainable supply chain management [electronic resource]
Joëlle Morana
Call Number: HD38.5

The Bosnian Muslims in the Second World War : a history /
Marko Attila Hoare
Call Number: D802.B66 H63 2013eb

The Challenges of Climate Change : Children on the front line
Call Number: QC903

The Coptic question in the Mubarak era
Sebastian Elsässer
Call Number: BX134.E3 .E47 2014eb

The crowd funding services handbook : raising the money you need to fund your business, project, or invention /
Jason R. Rich
Call Number: HG4751 .R49 2014

The deconstructed church : understanding emerging Christianity /
Gerardo Marti and Gladys Ganiel
Call Number: BV601.9 .M28 2014eb

The euro crisis and its aftermath
Jean Pisani-Ferry
Call Number: HG925 .P5713 2014

The ideals of inquiry : an ancient history /
G.E.R. Lloyd
Call Number: BD183

The Jordanian labor market in the new millennium
edited by Ragui Assaad
Call Number: HD5812.25.A6

The law of energy underground : understanding new developments in subsurface production, transmission, and storage [electronic resource]
edited by Donald N. Zillman ... [et al.]
Call Number: K3981 .L39 2014

The nature of philosophical problems : their causes and implications /
John Kekes
Call Number: B53 .K45 2014

The physics of living processes : a mesoscopic approach /
Thomas Andrew Waigh
Call Number: QC176.8.M46 .W354 2014eb

The polio wars : Sister Elizabeth Kenny and the golden age of American medicine /
Naomi Rogers
Call Number: RA644.P9 R644 2014eb

The possibility of inquiry : Meno's Paradox from Socrates to Sextus /
Gail Fine
Call Number: B187.K7

The Sandžak : a history /
Kenneth Morrison, Elizabeth Roberts
Call Number: D766.62.S33 M67 2013

The secret connexion : causation, realism, and David Hume /
by Galen Strawson
Call Number: B1498

The Special Tribunal for Lebanon : law and practice /
edited by Amal Alamuddin, Nidal Nabil Jurdi, and David Tolbert
Call Number: KZ1208.L43 S68 2014

The string quartets of Béla Bartók : tradition and legacy in analytical perspective /
Dániel Péter Biró and Harald Krebs
Call Number: MT145.B25 S76 2014

The value of forests : payments for ecosystem services in a green economy
Call Number: QH541.15.E267 V35 2014eb

The working man's reward : Chicago's early suburbs and the roots of American sprawl /
Elaine Lewinnek
Call Number: HD7287.82.U62 C65 2014

Therapeutic delivery solutions
edited by Chung Chow Chan, Kwok Chow, Bill McKay, Michelle Fung
Call Number: RS199.5

Towards human development : new approaches to macroeconomics and inequality /
Giovanni Andrea Cornia and Frances Stewart
Call Number: HB172.5 .C676 2014eb

Transport and coherent structures in wall turbulence
Sedat Tardu
Call Number: TA3575.5.T87

Ultra-high performance concrete UHPC : fundamentals, design, examples [electronic resource]
Ekkhard Fehling...[et al.]
Call Number: TA439

Understanding organometallic reaction mechanisms and catalysis : computational and experimental tools /
edited by Valentine P. Ananikov ; contributors, Vincenzo Barone [and twenty-seven others]
Call Number: TP223 .U534 2015eb

Understanding the predictive analytics lifecycle
Alberto Cordoba
Call Number: HD30.23

Unmaking north and south : cartographies of the Yemeni past /
John M. Willis
Call Number: DS247.Y45 W56 2014

Visions of the Ottoman world in Renaissance Europe [electronic resource]
Andrei Pippidi
Call Number: D34.T8 P57 2013

Voices at work : continuity and change in the common law world /
edited by Alan Bogg and Tonia Novitz
Call Number: K1705

Vulnerability of land systems in Asia
edited by Ademola K. Braimoh, He Qing Huang
Call Number: HD843.2

War and war crimes : the military, legitimacy and success in armed conflict /
James Gow
Call Number: KZ7145 .G69 2014eb

Warrior geeks : how 21st century technology is changing the way we fight and think about war /
Christopher Coker
Call Number: U39 .C63 2014eb

Why law matters
Alon Harel
Call Number: K235 .H37 2014

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