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Items Acquired in March 2014 for the University Libraries

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B105.P53 T39 2014
Recovering place : reflections on Stone Hill /
Mark C. Taylor ; photographs by Mark C. Taylor

B131 .F76 2014
Free will, agency, and selfhood in Indian philosophy
edited by Matthew R. Dasti and Edwin F. Bryant

B154 .H84 2014
Rethinking Jewish philosophy : beyond particularism and universalism / Aaron W. Hughes

B1626 .G481 2014
A world without why
Raymond Geuss

B2430.B274 A513 2013
Philosophy and the event
Alain Badiou with Fabien Tarby ; translated by Louise Burchill

B2430.C354 B67 2013
Albert Camus and the political philosophy of the absurd : ambivalence, resistance, and creativity /
Matthew H. Bowker

B2430.K7544 M55 2014
Head cases : Julia Kristeva on philosophy and art in depressed times /
Elaine P. Miller

B29 .H384 2013
A Companion to W. V. O. Quine [electronic resource]
edited by Gilbert Harman, Ernie Lepore

B3376.W564 S2785 2014
Wittgenstein's later theory of meaning : imagination and calculation /
Hans Julius Schneider ; Translated from the German by Timothy Doyle and Daniel Smyth

B3998 .A425 2014
Everything in its right place : Spinoza and life by the light of nature /
Joseph Almog

B485 .S44 2014
Christopher Shields

B5134.K753 T6 2000
To be human
J. Krishnamurti ; edited by David Skitt

B815 .B733 2013
Emotional insight : the epistemic role of emotional experience /
Michael S. Brady

B841.4 .K65 2014
Cut of the real : subjectivity in poststructuralist philosophy /
Katerina Kolozova ; foreword by François Laruelle

B945.B4764 R53 2014
Richard J. Bernstein and the pragmatist turn in contemporary philosophy : rekindling pragmatism's fire /
edited by Judith M. Green, Fordham University, USA

B945.J21 S76 2013
William James and the art of popular statement
Paul Stob

B945.P44 D385 2013
Peirce : a guide for the perplexed /
Cornelis de Waal

BC199.P2 C86 2014
Margaret Cuonzo

BD161 .C483 2013
Elijah Chudnoff

BD418.3 .N35 2013
Between perception and action
Bence Nanay

BD436 .F4313 2013
On love : a philosophy for the twenty-first century /
Luc Ferry ; translated by Andrew Brown

BF39.3 .C645 2014
The open mind : cold war politics and the sciences of human nature /
Jamie Cohen-Cole

BF408 .L625 2014
The rise : creativity, the gift of failure, and the search for mastery /
Sarah Lewis

BF408 .T845 2014
The origin of ideas : blending, creativity, and the human spark /
Mark Turner

BF448 .B83 R57 2013
Risk and rationality

BF531 .H324 2014
Handbook of emotion regulation
edited by James J. Gross

BF531 .P67 2014
The positive side of negative emotions
edited by W. Gerrod Parrott

BF575.I5 L48 2014
Barriers to loving : a clinician's perspective /
Stephen B. Levine

BF575.S37 B54 2014
Mirror, mirror : the uses and abuses of self-love /
Simon Blackburn

BF611 R33 2013
Addiction and weakness of will
Lubomira Radoilska

BF636.6 .H55 2014
Helping skills : facilitating exploration, insight, and action /
Clara E. Hill

BF636.65 D86 2013
Getting the most from supervision : a guide for counsellors and psychotherapists /
Alan Dunnett, Caroline Jesper, Máire O'Donnell, Kate Vallance

BF636.7.C76 L44 2014
Introduction to multicultural counseling for helping professionals
Graciela L. Orozco, Wanda M.L. Lee, John A. Blando, Bita Shooshani

Understanding hard to maintain behaviour change : a dual process approach /
Ron Borland

BF637.B85 .D856 2014
Overcoming mobbing : a recovery guide for workplace aggression and bullying /
Maureen Duffy, Len Sperry

BF683 .P78
The Psychology of learning and motivation

BF692.2 .B456 2014
Warriors and worriers : the survival of the sexes /
Joyce F. Benenson with Henry Markovits

BF697 .M22773 2014
Youth on religion : the development, negotiation and impact of faith and non-faith identity /
Nicola Madge, Peter J. Hemming and Kevin Stenson ; with Nick Allum [and 5 others] ; foreword by Grace Davie

BF698 .M3437 2014
Personal intelligence : the power of personality and how it shapes our lives /
John D. Mayer

BF698.35.R47 F33 2014
Facilitating resilience and recovery following trauma
edited by Lori A. Zoellner, Norah C. Feeny

BF713 .D455 2013
Vygotsky, philosophy, and education
Jan Derry

BF713 .E94 2013
Exemplar methods and research : strategies for investigation /
M. Kyle Matsuba, Pamela Ebstyne King, Kendall Cotton Bronk, editors

BF713 .G463 2014
Gender and development
edited by Patrick J. Leman and Harriet R. Tenenbaum

Treating childhood and adolescent anxiety : a guide for caregivers /
Eli R. Lebowitz and Haim Omer

BF723.A75 H65 2014
John Bowlby and attachment theory
Jeremy Holmes

BJ1012 .R349 2013eb
The self beyond itself : an alternative history of ethics, the new brain sciences, and the myth of free will [electronic resource]
Heidi M. Ravven

BJ1031 .C597 2014
Contemporary debates in applied ethics
edited by Andrew I. Cohen, Christopher Heath Wellman

BJ1460 .B35 2014
Free will
Mark Balaguer

BJ1499 .S6
The handbook of solitude : psychological perspectives on social isolation, social withdrawal, and being alone /
edited by Robert J. Coplan, Julie C. Bowker

BL1278.1592.A67 L83 2014
Reflections of Amma : devotees in a global embrace /
Amanda J. Lucia

BL2527.G488 L66 2014
Gettysburg religion : refinement, diversity, and race in the antebellum and Civil War border north /
Steve Longenecker

BL2527.S55 S43 2013
The secular spectacle : performing religion in a Southern town /
Chad E. Seales

BL2747.3 .S748 2014
Imagine there's no heaven : how atheism helped create the modern world /
Mitchell Stephens

BL312 .L66 2014
Gods, heroes, and monsters : a sourcebook of Greek, Roman, and Near Eastern myths in translation /
edited by Carolina López-Ruiz, The Ohio State University

BL501 .B87 2014
Apocalypse of the alien god : Platonism and the exile of Sethian gnosticism /
Dylan M. Burns

BL51 .P559 2013
The evolving God : Charles Darwin on the naturalness of religion /
J. David Pleins

BL624 .M45 2014
Belief without borders : inside the minds of the spiritual but not religious /
Linda A. Mercadante

BL625.9.I55 G35 2013
Migration and religion in Europe : comparative perspectives on South Asian experiences /
by Ester Gallo

BL627 .M55 2014
The contemplative practitioner : meditation in education and the workplace /
John P. Miller

BL65.C57 D39 2014
Faith on the avenue : religion on a city street /
Katie Day ; photographs by Edd Conboy

BL65.M4 F47 2014
Medicine and religion : a historical introduction /
Gary B. Ferngren

BL783 .R88 2013
State pilgrims and sacred observers in ancient Greece : a study of Theōriā and Theōroi Ian Rutherford /
Ian Rutherford

BL805 .C65 2013
Religious networks in the Roman empire : the spread of new ideas /
Anna Collar

BL980.C39 R45 2014
Religion and politics in post-socialist Central and Southeastern Europe : challenges since 1989 /
edited by Sabrina P. Ramet

BL980.P6 G37 2014
Religious life in Poland : history, diversity, and modern issues /
Christopher Garbowski

BM205 .K36 1997
Stalking Elijah : adventures with today's Jewish mystical masters /
Rodger Kamenetz

BM525.A59 G735 2014
Roads to utopia : the walking stories of the Zohar /
David Greenstein

BM755.K66 M57 2014
Rav Kook : mystic in a time of revolution /
Yehudah Mirsky

BP182 .S63513 2013
The roots of terrorism in Indonesia : from Darul Islam to Jema'ah Islamiyah /
Solahudin ; translated by Dave McRae, foreword by Greg Fealy

BP223.Z8 L57163 2014
Malcolm X at Oxford Union : racial politics in a global era /
Saladin Ambar

BP223.Z8 L57166 2013
Malcolm X : a biography /
A.B. Assensoh and Yvette M. Alex-Assensoh

BP67.U6 N35 2014
What is an American Muslim? : embracing faith and citizenship /
Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im

BP80.G3 G37 2014
The first Islamic reviver : Abū Ḥāmid al-Ghazālī and his Revival of the religious sciences /
Kenneth Garden

BQ7920 .R34 2005
The reincarnation of Khensur Rinpoche [videorecording]
written by Tenzing Sonam ; produced and directed by Ritu Sarin, Tenzing Sonam ; a White Crane Films production in association with the Meridian Trust

Beyond secular order : the representation of being and the representation of the people [electronic resource]
John Milbank

BR1720.A9 K466 2013
Contemplation and classical Christianity : a study in Augustine /
John Peter Kenney

BR252 .H345 2013
Church and people in the medieval West, 900-1200
Sarah Hamilton

BR300 .A5
Archiv für Reformationsgeschichte = : Archive for reformation history

BR563.N4 E77 2014
Plantation church : how African American religion was born in Caribbean slavery /
Noel Leo Erskine

BR600 .H37 2014
The rebirth of Latin American Christianity
Todd Hartch

BS1182.3 .H36 2014
Are you not a man of God? : devotion, betrayal, and social criticism in Jewish tradition /
Tova Hartman and Charlie Buckholtz

BS1430.52 .G55 2013
Journey of two psalms : the reception of psalms 1 and 2 in jewish and christian tradition

BS2651 .B54 2014
A materialism for the masses : Saint Paul and the philosophy of undying life /
Ward Blanton

BS511.3 .V33 2014
Borderline exegesis
Leif E. Vaage

BS680.H67 B76 2013eb
Bible, gender, sexuality : reframing the church's debate on same-sex relationships [electronic resource]
James V. Brownson

BS680.S5 L63 2013
Making sense of sex : attitudes towards sexuality in early Jewish and Christian literature /
William Loader

BT121.3 .H86 2013
Ascetic pneumatology from John Cassian to Gregory the Great
by Thomas L. Humphries, Jr

BT303.2 .H675 2014
Jesus and the politics of Roman Palestine
Richard A. Horsley

BT303.2 .P68 2013
Jesus as a figure in history : how modern historians view the man from Galilee /
Mark Allan Powell

BT75.3 .D43 2013
Debating Christian theism
edited by J. P. Moreland, Chad Meister, and Khaldoun Sweis

BV3773 .E85 2013
God's forever family : the Jesus People movement in America /
Larry Eskridge

BX1377 .K47 2014
The Pope and Mussolini : the secret history of Pius XI and the rise of Fascism in Europe /
David I. Kertzer

BX1503 .I75 2013
Irish Catholic identities
edited by Oliver P. Rafferty

BX1530 .H28 2014
Romantic Catholics : France's postrevolutionary generation in search of a modern faith /
Carol E. Harrison

BX1587.G73 D73 2013
The lead books of Granada
Elizabeth Drayson, Senior Lecturer in Spanish, Murray Edwards College and Peterhouse, University of Cambridge

BX4654.J4 L4213 2014
In search of sacred time : Jacobus de Voragine and the Golden legend /
Jacques Le Goff ; translated by Lydia G. Cochrane

BX4700.G427 K84 2014
The making and unmaking of a Saint : hagiography and memory in the cult of Gerald of Aurillac /
Mathew Kuefler

BX4700.S4 B36 2014
American saint : the life of Elizabeth Seton /
Joan Barthel ; [foreword by Maya Angelou]

BX4700.V7 S66 2014
The saint and the chopped-up baby : the cult of Vincent Ferrer in medieval and early modern Europe /
Laura Ackerman Smoller

BX4827.B67 M34 2014
Emil Brunner : a reappraisal /
Alister E. McGrath

BX7260.E3 B49 2014
Jonathan Edwards and the church
Rhys S. Bezzant

BX8443 .O94 2014
Formation of the African Methodist Episcopal Church in the nineteenth century :brhetoric of identifcation
A. Nevell Owens

A church with the soul of a nation : making and remaking the United Church of Canada /
Phyllis D. Airhart

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