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Items Acquired in November 2015 for the University Libraries

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B105.A55 M38 2013eb
Pets, people, and pragmatism [electronic resource]
Erin McKenna

B105.L65 M537 2015
Feeling lonesome : the philosophy and psychology of loneliness /
Ben Lazare Mijuskovic

B105.P535 N43 2015
Plant theory : biopower and vegetable life /
Jeffrey T. Nealon

B105.W6 S26 2009
Sandra Bartky : Chicago, May 21 and 22, 2004 [videorecording]
produced by Joan Callahan and Nancy Tuana ; a FemPhil production ; a Snoozygrrls film

B105.W6 S263 2009
Sandra Harding : December 27 and 29, 2002, Philadelphia, PA [videorecording]
produced by Joan Callahan and Nancy Tuana ; a FemPhil production ; a Snoozygrrls film

B105.W6 S873 2009
Susan Bordo : Lexington, KY, February 7 and 8, 2004 [videorecording]
produced by Joan Callahan and Nancy Tuana ; a FemPhil production ; a Snoozygrrls film

B126 .L38 2006eb
The construction of space in early China [electronic resource]
Mark Edward Lewis

B146 .V36 2016
Philosophy before the Greeks : the pursuit of truth in ancient Babylonia /
Marc Van De Mieroop

Thomas Reid on mind, knowledge, and value
[edited by] Rebecca Copenhaver, Todd Buras

B1649.R254 M48 2015
Frank Ramsey and the realistic spirit
S. J. Methven, Worcester College, University of Oxford, UK

Event and time [electronic resource]
Claude Romano ; translated by Stephen E. Lewis

The essential writings [electronic resource]
Jean-Luc Marion ; edited by Kevin Hart

B2433.R663 I413 2016
There is : the event and the finitude of appearing /
Claude Romano ; translated by Michael B. Smith

Kant's transcendental deduction : an analytical-historical commentary /
Henry E. Allison

The Space of Culture : Towards a Neo-kantian Philosophy of Culture (Cohen, Natorp, and Cassirer) /
Sebastian Luft

B2848 .J36 2015
Fichte's republic : idealism, history, and nationalism /
David James

Socrates : ironist and moral philosopher [electronic resource]
Gregory Vlastos

B317 .M67 2015
Socrates and self-knowledge
Christopher Moore

B3199.A34 H36 2015
Adorno's modernism : art, experience, and catastrophe /
Espen Hammer

B3279.H49 J2713 2015
Heidegger in France
Dominique Janicaud ; translated by François Raffoul and David Pettigrew

B3279.H49 S65 2013eb
Sounding/silence : Martin Heidegger at the limits of poetics [electronic resource]
David Nowell Smith

B3318.T78 C46 2014eb
Ambiguity and the absolute : Nietzsche and Merleau-Ponty on the question of truth /
Frank Chouraqui

The task of hope in Kierkegaard
Mark Bernier

B4378.L6 S77 2015
Kierkegaard and the philosophy of love
Michael Strawser

Naked self : Kierkegaard and Personal Identity /
Patrick Stokes

B5305 .A88 2015
Atụọlụ Ọmalụ : some unanswered questions in contemporary African philosophy /
edited by Jonathan O. Chimakonam

B765.A84 R64 2015eb
Freedom and self-creation : Anselmian libertarianism /
Katherin A. Rogers

The return of Lucretius to Renaissance Florence [electronic resource]
Alison Brown

B785.V1144 N38 2009
In defense of common sense : Lorenzo Valla's humanist critique of scholastic philosophy [electronic resource]
Lodi Nauta

B802 .I87 2001eb
Radical enlightenment : philosophy and the making of modernity, 1650-1750 [electronic resource]
Jonathan I. Israel

Reasons without persons : rationality, identity, and time /
Brian Hedden

B945.R64 R45 2014
The relevance of Royce [electronic resource]
edited by Kelly A. Parker, Jason Bell

The guilty
David Baldacci

BC177 .W3238 2015
Goal-based reasoning for argumentation
Douglas Walton

Surfing uncertainty : prediction, action, and the embodied mind /
Andy Clark

Epistemic Evaluation : Purposeful Epistemology /
edited by David K. Henderson and John Greco

BD161 .M26 2015
Soul machine : the invention of the modern mind /
George Makari

Evidence and agency : norms of belief for promising and resolving /
Berislav Marušić

BD221 .E44 2015
Disknowledge : literature, alchemy, and the end of Humanism in Renaissance England /
Katherine Eggert

BD31 .L28 2014eb
Freedom and limits
John Lachs ; edited by Patrick Shade

BD581 .M395 2016
Autonomous nature : problems of prediction and control from ancient times to the scientific revolution /
Carolyn Merchant

Reading Lacan [electronic resource]
Jane Gallop

BF1581 .H88 1999eb
The triumph of the moon : a history of modern pagan witchcraft [electronic resource]
Ronald Hutton

BF1729.P6 A99 2013
The duke and the stars : astrology and politics in Renaissance Milan [electronic resource]
Monica Azzolini

BF204.6 .P667 2016
Positive organizing in a global society : understanding and engaging differences for capacity building and inclusion /
edited by Laura Morgan Roberts, Lynn Perry Wooten, and Martin N. Davidson

BF323.S63 H557 2016
The perception of people : integrating cognition and culture /
Perry R. Hinton

BF353 .E29 2015
Ecopsychology : advances from the intersection of psychology and environmental protection /
Darlyne G. Nemeth, set editor

BF353.5.N37 C53 2015
Conservation psychology : understanding and promoting human care for nature /
Susan Clayton and Gene Myers

BF378.A33 .J655 2015
Mechanisms of sensory working memory : attention and perfomance XXV /
Pierre Jolicoeur, Christine Lefebvre, Julio Martinez-Trujillo

The centered mind : what the science of working memory shows us about the nature of human thought /
Peter Carruthers

BF408 .H287 2015
Worldmaking : psychology and the ideology of creativity /
Michael Hanchett Hanson

Civilizing emotions : concepts in nineteenth-century Asia and Europe /
Margrit Pernau ... [and 12 others]

BF531 .R6825 2016
Generations of feeling : a history of emotions, 600-1700 /
Barbara H. Rosenwein

The co-authored self : family stories and the construction of personal identity /
Kate C. McLean

BF697 .L5195 2016
Enlivening the self : the first year, clinical enrichment, and the wandering mind /
Joseph D. Lichtenberg, Frank M. Lachmann and James L. Fosshage

BF698 .P3587 2015
Personality and well-being across the life-span
edited by Marek Blatný

BF698.95 .B355 2015
Beyond biofatalism : human nature for an evolving world /
Gillian Barker

BF713 .S514 2015
Developmental psychology for the helping professions : evidence-based practice in health and social care /
Brian Sheldon

BF723.M37 T43 2015
Teaching mindfulness skills to kids and teens
edited by Christopher Willard, Amy Saltzman ; foreword by Susan Kaiser Greenland

Psychology and geriatrics : integrated care for an aging population /
edited by Benjamin A. Bensadon

BF789.D4 R4613 2015
Dying : a transition /
Monika Renz ; translated by Mark Kyburz with John Peck

BH301.I53 .K33 2014eb
Thinking through the imagination : aesthetics in human cognition /
John Kaag

BH39 .A43 2013eb
The human eros : eco-ontology and the aesthetics of existence [electronic resource]
Thomas M. Alexander

Knowing better : virtue, deliberation, and normative ethics /
Daniel Star

Oxford studies in agency and responsibility : volume 3 /
David Shoemaker (ed.)

BJ1012 .M37 2015
Moral reasoning in a pluralistic world
Patricia Marino

BJ1012 .S37 2015
Expressing our attitudes : explanation and expression in ethics.
Mark Schroeder

Male anxiety and female chastity : a comparative study of Chinese ethical values in Ming-Chʻing times [electronic resource]
by Tʻien Ju-Kʻang

BJ1451 .S28 2015
Extraordinary responsibility : politics beyond the moral calculus /
Shalini Satkunanandan, University of California, Davis

BJ1500.E94 C47 2016
The meaning of 'ought' : beyond descriptivism and expressivism in metaethics /
Matthew Chrisman

Trust in a complex world : enriching community /
Charles Heckscher

BJ1521 .A93 2016
Means, ends, and persons : the meaning and psychological dimensions of Kant's humanity formula /
Robert Audi

BJ2021 .C66 2013eb
The conditions of hospitality : ethics, politics, and aesthetics on the threshold of the possible [electronic resource]
edited by Thomas Claviez

BJ52 .K43 2016
Ethical life : its natural and social histories /
Webb Keane

BJ852 .R64 2009eb
The old faith and the Russian land : a historical ethnography of ethics in the Urals [electronic resource]
Douglas Rogers

BL1375.W65 K44 2009eb
Heroic wives : rituals, stories, and the virtues of Jain wifehood [electronic resource]
M. Whitney Kelting

BL1859.F66 S74 2011eb
Food, sacrifice, and sagehood in early China [electronic resource]
Roel Sterckx

Zhuangzi and modern Chinese literature
Jianmei Liu

BL2007.5 .D63 2015eb
Hindu Christian Faqir : modern monks, global Christianity, and Indian sainthood /
Timothy S. Dobe

BL2400 .C66 2015
Contemporary perspectives on religions in Africa and the African diaspora
edited by Ibigbolade S. Aderibigbe and Carolyn M. Jones Medine

BL2470 .N5 O48 2011
City of 201 Gods : ilé-ifè in time, space, and the imagination [electronic resource]
Jacob K. Olúp̜̀onà

BL2525 .M57 2015
Saving faith : making religious pluralism an American value at the dawn of the secular age /
David Mislin

BL2747.3 .L4155 2016
The evolution of atheism : the politics of a modern movement /
Stephen LeDrew

BL304 .N43 2015
Myth-making and religious extremism and their roots in crises
Arthur G. Neal and Helen Youngelson-Neal

BL41 .T43 2006
Teaching religion and healing [electronic resource]
edited by Linda L. Barnes, Inés Talamantez

Purpose in the universe : the moral and metaphysical case for Ananthropocentric Purposivism /
Tim Mulgan

BL51 .M47425 2014
Material spirit : religion and literature intranscendent /
edited by Gregory C. Stallings, Manuel Asensi and Carl Good

BL51 .M623 2013eb
Speculative grace : Bruno Latour and object-oriented theology [electronic resource]
Adam S. Miller

BL545 .C66 2015
The concept of hell
[edited by] Robert Arp, University of Missouri, Kansas City, USA, Benjamin McCraw, University of South Carolina, USA

BL60.W43 A33 2015
Fundamental concepts in Max Weber's Sociology of religion
Christopher Adair-Toteff

BL625 .B58 2015
Zen and the unspeakable god : comparative interpretations of mystical experience /
Jason N. Blum

BL65.L2 .V34 2014eb
The rebellious no : variations on a secular theology of language /
Noëlle Vahanian

BL65.S68 W46 2015
Whose will be done? : essays on sovereignty and religion /
John H.A. Dyck, Paul S. Rowe, and Jens Zimmerman ; foreword by Eric Elshtain

BL820.T38 W45 2015
Tarpeia : workings of a Roman myth /
Tara S. Welch

BM487 .B76 2013eb
Reading the Dead Sea scrolls : essays in method /
George J. Brooke ; with the assistance of Nathalie LaCoste

BM488.T5 S38 2012eb
The Hodayot (Thanksgiving Psalms) : a study edition of 1QHa [electronic resource]
Eileen M. Schuller and Carol A. Newsom

BM610 .L45 2016
The love of God : divine gift, human gratitude, and mutual faithfulness in Judaism /
Jon D. Levenson

BM670.P74 S66 2015eb
The priestly blessing in inscription and scripture : the early history of Numbers 6:24-26 /
Jeremy D. Smoak

BM927 .A53 2012eb
The Samaritan Pentateuch : an introduction to its origin, history, and significance for biblical studies [electronic resource]
by Robert T. Anderson and Terry Giles

BP161.3 .K49 2010
Key themes for the study of Islam [electronic resource]
edited by Jamal J. Elias

BP161.3 .P763 2003eb
Progressive Muslims : on justice, gender and pluralism [electronic resource]
edited by Omid Safi

BP173.6 .R6813 2015
The Sunni tragedy in the Middle East : Northern Lebanon from al-Qaeda to ISIS /
Bernard Rougier

BP190.5.C6 L49 2015
Muslim fashion : contemporary style cultures /
Reina Lewis

BP190.5.S35 G65 2015
Islam and secularity : the future of Europe's public sphere /
Nilüfer Göle

BP52 .I57 2015
Instances of Islamophobia : demonizing the Muslim "other" /
edited by Seyyed-Abdolhamid Mirhosseini and Hossein Rouzbeh

Islam after Communism : religion and politics in Central Asia [electronic resource]
Adeeb Khalib, with a new afterword

BP63.I68 C76 2012eb
The nativist prophets of early Islamic Iran : rural revolt and local Zoroastrianism [electronic resource]
Patricia Crone

BP65.B28 M56 2004eb
Conversion to Islam in the Balkans : Kisve bahası petitions and Ottoman social life, 1670-1730 [electronic resource]
by Anton Minkov

BQ4040 .N68 2015
Nothing : three inquiries in Buddhism /
Marcus Boon, Eric Cazdyn, and Timothy Morton

BQ4570.M4 C37 2015
Living Buddhism : mind, self, and emotion in a Thai community /
Julia Cassaniti

BQ736 .N67 2008eb
North American Buddhists in social context [electronic resource]
edited by Paul David Numrich

BQ7935.B774 B85 2014eb
Buddhism : one teacher, many traditions /
Bhikshu Tenzin Gyatso, the Fourteenth Dalai Lama and Bhikshu Thubten Chodron

The Zen monastic experience : Buddhist practice in contemporary Korea [electronic resource]
Robert E. Buswell, Jr

BR115.I6 M67 2015
The forge of vision : a visual history of modern Christianity /
David Morgan

BR115.P7 P445 2012
Ethnic Patriotism and the East African Revival : a History of Dissent, C. 1935-1972 [electronic resource]
Derek R. Peterson

BR1329 .J86 2015
Migration and religion in East Asia : North Korean migrants' evangelical encounters /
Jin-Heon Jung, Research Fellow, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity, Germany

BR1642.U38 W36 2007eb
Communities of the converted : Ukrainians and global evangelism [electronic resource]
Catherine Wanner

BR1644 .A58 2015
The anthropology of global pentecostalism and evangelicalism
edited by Simon Coleman and Rosalind I. J. Hackett ; with an Afterword by Joel Robbins

BR1644.5.U6 R36 2015
Migrating faith : Pentecostalism in the United States and Mexico in the twentieth century /
Daniel Ramírez

BR1720.A9 L36 2015
Augustine : conversions to confessions /
Robin Lane Fox

The Concept of State Aid Under EU Law : From Internal Market to Competition and Beyond /
Juan Jorge Piernas López

The vision of Didymus the Blind : a fourth-century virtue-origenism /
Grant D. Bayliss

BR1720.T33 H95 2015
A modest apostle : Thecla and the history of women in the early church /
Susan E. Hylen

BR1725.N42 G33 2015
The life and struggles of our mother Walatta Petros : a seventeenth-century African biography of an Ethiopian woman /
written by Galawdewos ; translated and edited by Wendy Laura Belcher and Michael Kleiner

Catholic Europe, 1592-1648 : centre and peripheries /
Tadhg Ó hAnnracháin

BR307 .B37 2016eb
Astrology and Reformation
Robin B. Barnes

Sacred signs in reformation Scotland : interpreting worship, 1488-1590 /
Stephen Mark Holmes

BR390 .M53 2013eb
The pulpit and the press in Reformation Italy [electronic resource]
Emily Michelson

BR525 .Y68 2016
We gather together : the religious right and the problem of interfaith politics /
Neil J. Young

God's continent : Christianity, Islam, and Europe's religious crisis [electronic resource]
Philip Jenkins

BR754.A33 S74 2015
The politics of language : Byrhtferth, Ælfric, and the multilingual identity of the Benedictine reform /
Rebecca Stephenson

The crisis of religious toleration in Imperial Russia : Bibikov's system for the Old Believers, 1841-1855 /
Thomas Marsden

BS1171.3 .M554 2014eb
Evidence of editing : growth and change of texts in the Hebrew Bible /
by Reinhard Muller, Juha Pakkala, and Bas ter Haar Romeny

BS1199.P95 G65 2015
Impurity and gender in the Hebrew Bible
Elizabeth W. Goldstein

BS1199.W2 W37 2014eb
Warfare, ritual, and symbol in biblical and modern contexts
edited by Brad E. Kelle, Frank Ritchel Ames, and Jacob L. Wright

On biblical poetry
F.W. Dobbs-Allsopp

BS1430.2 .S477 2014eb
The shape and shaping of the Book of Psalms : the current state of scholarship /
edited by Nancy L. deClaissé-Walford

BS1430.52 .T83 2014
Constructing and deconstructing power in Psalms 107-150 [electronic resource]
by W. Dennis Tucker, Jr

Time in the book of ecclesiastes
Mette Bundvad

BS1830.A262 S773 2013eb
Adam and Eve in the Armenian tradition : fifth through seventeenth centuries /
Michael E. Stone

BS1830.T32 S76 2012eb
Armenian apocrypha relating to Abraham [electronic resource]
Michael E. Stone

BS2341.52 .C374 2013
The New Testament : methods and meanings /
Warren Carter & Amy-Jill Levine

BS2851 .J464 2015
The many faces of Christ : the thousand-year story of the survival and influence of the lost gospels /
Philip Jenkins

BS2920.P3 A3 1978
The Old English vision of St. Paul [electronic resource]
edited by Antonette DiPaolo Healey

BS460.R7 B37 2013eb
Russian Bible wars : modern scriptural translation and cultural authority [electronic resource]
Stephen K. Batalden

BS600.3 .T43 2007
Teaching the Bible through popular culture and the arts
edited by Mark Roncace and Patrick Gray

BT40 .T439 2013eb
Theopoetic folds : philosophizing multifariousness [electronic resource]
edited by Roland Faber and Jeremy Fackenthal

BT708 .Y37 2015eb
Understanding gender dysphoria : navigating transgender issues in a changing culture /
Mark A. Yarhouse

BT82.2 .H36 2001
The book of Jerry Falwell : fundamentalist language and politics [electronic resource]
Susan Friend Harding

BT83.59 .W45 2016
The weight of all flesh : on the subject-matter of political economy /
Eric L. Santner ; with commentaries by Bonnie Honig, Peter E. Gordon, Hent de Vries, ; edited and introduction by Kevis Goodman

BX1076 .D46 2015
Gregory the Great : ascetic, pastor, and first man of Rome /
George E. Demacopoulos

BX1270 .M33 2013eb
Reviving the Eternal City : Rome and the Papal Court, 1420-1447 /
Elizabeth McCahill

BX1308 .O27 2015
The commentaries of Pope Pius II (1458-1464) and the crisis of the fifteenth-century papacy
Emily O'Brien

BX1912.85 .S85 2014
Keeping the vow : the untold story of married Catholic priests /
D. Paul Sullins

BX2465 .C48
The desert a city : an introduction to the study of Egyptian and Palestinian monasticism under the Christian Empire [electronic resource]
by Derwas J. Chitty

BX350 .W45 2015
Performing Orthodox ritual in Byzantium
Andrew Walker White

BX8593.W74 E5 1992 c.2
Bishop Milton Wright and the quest for a Christian America
Daryl Melvin Elliott

The making of a Moonie : choice or brainwashing? [electronic resource]
Eileen Barker

BX9876 .W75 2009 c.3
A higher moral and spiritual stand : selected writings of Milton Wright /
edited by Timothy S.G. Binkley

BX9877.A4 T75 1984
Trials and triumphs : a history of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ /
edited by Paul R. Fetters

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