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Items Acquired in October 2014 for the University Libraries

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B105.A35 B74 2014
Shared agency : a planning theory of acting together /
Michael E. Bratman

B105.A35 C53 2014
Omissions : agency, metaphysics, and responsibility /
Randolph Clarke

B105.R25 A46 2014
Referential mechanics : direct reference and the foundations of semantics /
Joseph Almog

The secret connexion : causation, realism, and David Hume /
by Galen Strawson

The possibility of inquiry : Meno's Paradox from Socrates to Sextus /
Gail Fine

B2798 .B648 2014
Kant's critique of Spinoza
Omri Boehm

B3318.A4 N54 2014
Nietzsche on art and life
edited by Daniel Came

B4372 .M33 2014eb
Realizing reason : a narrative of truth and knowing /
Danielle Macbeth

B53 .K45 2014
The nature of philosophical problems : their causes and implications /
John Kekes

Epistemic norms : new essays on action, belief, and assertion /
edited by Clayton Littlejohn and John Turri

BD171 .M33 2014
Assessment sensitivity : relative truth and its applications /
John MacFarlane

The ideals of inquiry : an ancient history /
G.E.R. Lloyd

BD395 .P75 2014
One : being an investigation into the unity of reality and of its parts, including the singular object which Is nothingness /
Graham Priest

BD581 .K34 2013eb
Humans in nature : the world as we find it and the world as we create it /
Gregory E. Kaebnick

Mindfulness and schema therapy : a practical guide /
Michiel van Vreeswijk, Jenny Broersen, Ger Schurink

BF683 .N4
Nebraska Symposium on Motivation

BF721 .A45
Advances in child development and behavior

BJ1012 .C43 2014
Knowing what to do : imagination, virtue, and Platonism in ethics /
Timothy Chappell

Human interests, or, Ethics for physicalists
Joseph Mendola

Ignorance and moral obligation
Michael J. Zimmerman

BJ1476 .B58 2014
Forgiveness and remembrance : remembering wrongdoing in personal and public life /
Jeffrey Blustein

BJ1533.L8 K54 2014
On loyalty and loyalties : the contours of a problematic virtue /
John Kleinig

BL51 .K59527 2014eb
Friendship as sacred knowing : overcoming isolation /
Samuel Kimbriel

BL65.P7 D75 2014eb
Religion and democratization : framing religious and political identities in Muslim and Catholic societies /
Michael D. Driessen

BP134.B4 S57 2014eb
Scriptural polemics : the Qur'an and other religions /
Mun'im Sirry

BP80.M34 H365 2014eb
A system of life : Mawdudi and the ideologisation of Islam /
Jan-Peter Hartung

BQ2 .P33
The Pacific world : journal of the Institute of Buddhist Studies

BS1335.52 .C48 2014
Ethics and biblical narrative : a literary and discourse-analytical approach to the Story of Josiah /
S. Min Chun

BS2665 .R35 2014
Aquinas and Calvin on Romans : God's justification and our participation /
Charles Raith II

BV601.9 .M28 2014eb
The deconstructed church : understanding emerging Christianity /
Gerardo Marti and Gladys Ganiel

BX134.E3 .E47 2014eb
The Coptic question in the Mubarak era
Sebastian Elsässer

BX1406.3 .Y36 2014
Becoming Catholic : finding Rome in the American religious landscape /
David Yamane

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