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Items Acquired in August 2015 for the University Libraries

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B105.A35 H96 2015
Action, knowledge, and will
John Hyman

B105.B64 A45 2015
Striking beauty : a philosophical look at the Asian martial arts /
Barry Allen

B105.F3 B48 2015
Against facts
Arianna Betti

B1131 .H88 2015
British philosophy in the seventeenth century
Sarah Hutton

Locke's touchy subjects : materialism and immortality /
Nicholas Jolley

B132.Y6 D4754 2015
The goddess pose : the audacious life of Indra Devi, the woman who helped bring yoga to the West /
Michelle Goldberg

The riddle of Hume's Treatise : skepticism, naturalism, and irreligion [electronic resource]
Paul Russell

B1489 .D415 2015
Ideas, evidence, and method : Hume's skepticism and naturalism concerning knowledge and causation /
Graciela De Pierris

B1875 .B378 2015
Descartes' philosophical revolution : a reassessment /
Hanoch Ben-Yami, Central European University, Budapest

B2430.B274 R83 2015
For Badiou : idealism without idealism /
Frank Ruda ; preface by Slavoj Žižek

B2430.B33954 N44 2015
Negative ecstasies : Georges Bataille and the study of religion /
edited by Jeremy Biles and Kent L. Brintnall

B2430.D454 D4575 2015
Deleuze and the non/human
edited by Jonathan Roffe, University of Melbourne, Australia and Hannah Stark, University of Tasmania, Australia

B2779 .K39 2015
Kant's transcendental deduction of the categories : unity, representation, and apperception /
Lawrence J. Kaye

Beauty, ugliness and the free play of imagination : an approach to Kant's aesthetics /
Mojca Küplen

B2799.L8 B64 2015
Logic and the limits of philosophy in Kant and Hegel
Clayton Bohnet, Forhdam University, USA

B3248.G34 V45 2015
Gadamer and the transmission of history
Jerome Veith

B3376.W563 P532547 2015
Wittgenstein : opening investigations /
Michael Luntley

B3376.W564 H37 2015
On moral certainty, justification and practice : a Wittgensteinian perspective /
Julia Hermann, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Platonic conversations
Mary Margaret McCabe

B415 .D53 2015
Mortal imitations of divine life : the nature of the soul in Aristotle's De anima /
Eli Diamond

B491.E7 H54 2015
The highest good in Aristotle and Kant
edited by Joachim Aufderheide and Ralf M. Bader

B5234.T324 H83 2015
China's transition to modernity : the new classical vision of Dai Zhen /
Minghui Hu

B68 .R475 2015
A journey through philosophy in 101 anecdotes
Nicholas Rescher

B697.Z7 .S56 2015eb
Universal salvation in late antiquity : Porphyry of Tyre and the pagan-christian debate /
Michael Bland Simmons

Gersonides : a portrait of a fourteenth-century philosopher-scientist /
Ruth Glasner

B785.F434 B97 2015
Ficino in Spain
Susan Byrne

Linking game-theoretical approaches with constructive type theory : dialogical strategies, CTT demonstrations and the axiom of choice /
Nicolas Clerbout, Shahid Rahman

Investigations into the phenomenology and the ontology of the work of art : what are artworks and how do we experience them? /
Peer F. Bundgaard, Frederik Stjernfelt, editors

B833 .B47 2015eb
Patterns of rationality : recurring inferences in science, social cognition and religious thinking /
Tommaso Bertolotti

Reason, value, and respect : Kantian themes from the philosophy of Thomas E. Hill, Jr /
[edited by] Mark Timmons and Robert N. Johnson

B945.P44 A85 2016
Albert Atkin

Foundations of logical consequence
Colin R. Caret and Ole T. Hjortland

BC135 .M3155 2015
Autonomy Platonism and the indispensability argument
Russell Marcus

Propositional content
Peter Hanks

BC181 .H36 2015
Propositional content
Peter Hanks

Freedom and enforcement in action : a study in formal action theory /
Janusz Czelakowski

BC199.C57 F68 2015
Foundations of logical consequence
edited by Colin R. Caret, Ole T. Hjortland

Modality, semantics and interpretations : the second Asian Workshop on Philosophical Logic /
Shier Ju, Hu Liu, Hiroakira Ono, editors

Quantifiers, quantifiers, and quantifiers : themes in logic, metaphysics, and language /
Alessandro Torza, editor

The boundary stones of thought : an essay in the philosophy of logic /
Ian Rumfitt

Leibniz's metaphysics and adoption of substantial forms : between continuity and transformation [electronic resource]
Adrian Nita, editor

Alexius Meinong, the shepherd of non-being
Dale Jacquette

BD161 .R65 2002eb
Thinking about knowing [electronic resource]
Jay F. Rosenberg

Modest nonconceptualism : epistemology, phenomenology, and content /
Eva Schmidt

Unifying the philosophy of truth
Theodora Achourioti, Henri Galinon, José Martínez Fernández, Kentaro Fujimoto, editors

Truth in virtue of meaning : a defence of the analytic/synthetic distinction [electronic resource]
Gillian Russell

BD181 .P425 2004eb
The realm of reason [electronic resource]
Christopher Peacocke

Truly understood [electronic resource]
Christopher Peacocke

BD212 .C65 2015
Extended rationality : a hinge epistemology /
Annalisa Coliva, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy

BD222 .N45 2015
The science of subjectivity
Joseph Neisser, Grinnell College, USA

Death's values and obligations : a pragmatic framework /
Dennis R. Cooley

BD450 .G657 2015
The rhetorical invention of man : a history of distinguishing humans from other animals /
Greg Goodale

BD450 .M885 2015
Thinking about oneself : from nonconceptual content to the concept of a self /
Kristina Musholt

BD460.T76 E47 2011eb
Tropes : properties, objects, and mental causation [electronic resource]
Douglas Ehring

BF109.L28 L3176 2015
Lacan on madness : madness, yes you can't /
edited by Patricia Gherovici and Manya Steinkoler

BF121 .G84 2016
How to rethink psychology : new metaphors for understanding people and their behavior /
Bernard Guerin

BF152 .C613 2015
Six discourses on the distinction between the body and the soul and Treatises on metaphysics
Géraud de Cordemoy ; translated with an introduction by Steven Nadler

BF201 .I556 2015
Integrating behavioural and cognitive psychology : a modern categorization theoretical approach /
Darren J. Edwards, Ph.D.

BF241 .B73 2006eb
Visual masking : time slices through conscious and unconscious vision [electronic resource]
Bruno G. Breitmeyer and Haluk Öğmen

BF241 .J25 2003eb
Ways of seeing : the scope and limits of visual cognition [electronic resource]
Pierre Jacob and Marc Jeannerod

Behavioural methods in consciousness research
[edited by] Morten Overgaard

BF311 .D46 2015
Content and consciousness revisited : with replies by Daniel Dennett /
Carlos Muñoz-Suárez, Felipe De Brigard, editors

BF311 .U57 2008eb
Understanding events : from perception to action [electronic resource]
edited by Thomas F. Shipley and Jeffrey M. Zacks

BF318.5 .M54 2015
Gender, experience, and knowledge in adult learning : Alisoun's daughters /
Elana Michelson

Anticipation : learning from the past : the Russian/Soviet contributions to the science of anticipation /
Mihai Nadin, editor

Embodied social cognition
Jessica Lindblom

Indoor thermal comfort perception : a questionnaire approach focusing on children /
Kristian Fabbri

BF371 .B767 2015
Vital memory and affect : living with a difficult past /
Steven D. Brown and Paula Reavey

BF385 .M26 2015
How memory works--and how to make it work for you
Robert Madigan

Pacific Rim Objective Measurement Symposium (PROMS) 2014 Conference Proceedings : Rasch and the future /
Quan Zhang, Hong Yang, editors

BF431 .C666 2015
Intelligence and human abilities : structure, origins and applications /
Colin Cooper

BF575.E55 A36 2015
A rumor of empathy : resistance, narrative and recovery in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy /
Lou Agosta

Group-centered prevention in mental health : theory, training, and practice /
Elaine Clanton Harpine

BF637.P36 R38 2015
Brief coaching with children and young people : a solution focused approach /
Harvey Ratner and Denise Yusuf

BF637.R57 P763 2015
Psychology of risk taking : new research /
Caitlin E. Nathanson, editor

BF683 .P78
The Psychology of learning and motivation

BF698.35.R47 R87 2015
Restoring resilience : discovering your clients' capacity for healing /
Eileen M. Russell ; forewords by Diana Fosha and Daniel A. Hughes

Processes and pathways of family-school partnerships across development
Susan M. Sheridan, Elizabthe Moorman Kim, editors

Promoting positive youth development : lessons from the 4-H study /
Edmond P. Bowers, G. John Geldhof, Sara K. Johnson, Lacey J. Hilliard, Rachel M. Hershberg, Jacqueline V. Lerner, Richard M. Lerner, editors

The role of play in human development [electronic resource]
Anthony D. Pellegrini

BF723.A75 A865 2015
Attachment in middle childhood : theoretical advances and new directions in an emerging field /
Guy Bosmans, Kathryn A. Kerns, editors

Children's images of identity : drawing the self and the other /
edited by Jill Brown and Nicola F. Johnson

BF789.D4 D343 2015
Death and bereavement across cultures
edited by Colin Murray Parkes, Pittu Laungani and Bill Young

BJ1008.S53 C75 2015
The cosmos of duty : Henry Sidgwick's Methods of ethics /
Roger Crisp

The highest good in Aristotle and Kant
Joachim Aufderheide and Ralf M. Bader

BJ1395 .D87 2015
Feminist analyses of applied ethics
Jane Duran

BJ1451 .N385 2015
The nature of moral responsibility : new essays /
edited by Randolph Clarke, Michael McKenna, and Angela M. Smith

BJ1469 .T36 2015
Taking life : three theories on the ethics of killing /
Torbjörn Tännsjö

Talking to our selves : reflection, ignorance, and agency /
John M. Doris

BJ52.5 .T54 2015eb
From field to fork : food ethics for everyone /
Paul B. Thompson

BJ71 .P48 2015
The robust demands of the good : ethics with attachment, virtue, and respect /
Philip Pettit

BL1215.C76 G58 2008eb
The strides of Vishnu : Hindu culture in historical perspective [electronic resource]
Ariel Glucklich

BL1585 .B44 2006eb
The religion of the Mithras cult in the Roman Empire : mysteries of the unconquered sun [electronic resource]
Roger Beck

Issues in science and theology : what is life? /
Dirk Evers, Michael Fuller, Antje Jackelén, Knut-Willy Sæther, editors

BL325.W32 B35 2015eb
The conflict myth and the biblical tradition
Debra Scoggins Ballentine

BL41 .W34 2015
Religion in the composition classroom : a pragmatic approach /
Joe Wagner

God and mental causation
Daniel Lim

BL617 .D585 2015
Divine promise and human freedom in contemporary Catholic thought
edited by Kevin A. McMahon

BL65.H78 R4425 2015
Religion and human rights : global challenges from intercultural perspectives /
edited by Wilhelm Gräb and Lars Charbonnier

Religion, caste, and nation in South India : Maraimalai Adigal, the Neo-Saivite movement, and Tamil nationalism, 1876-1950 /
V. Ravi Vaithees

BL65.N3 R44 2015
Religion and national identities in an enlarged Europe
edited by Willfried Spohn, University of Wroclaw, Poland, Matthias Koenig, Georg-August-University Göttingen, Germany, and Wolfgang Knöbl, Hamburg Institute for Social Research, Germany

BL65.P7 P64235 2015
Politics of religious freedom
edited by Winnifred Fallers Sullivan, Elizabeth Shakman Hurd, Saba Mahmood, and Peter G. Danchin

BL65.V55 M33 2015
Religions and nonviolence : the rise of effective advocacy for peace /
Rachel M. MacNair

BL80.3 .C69 2015
Cults and new religions : a brief history /
Douglas E. Cowan, Renison College, University of Waterloo and David G. Bromley, Virginia Commonwealth University

BL980.Y83 R45 2015
Religion in the post-Yugoslav context
edited by Branislav Radeljić and Martina Topić

BM520.6 .H39 2015
What's divine about divine law? : early perspectives /
Christine Hayes

BM535 .N57 2015
Aesthetic theology and its enemies : Judaism in Christian painting, poetry, and politics /
David Nirenberg

BM538.S43 S43 2015
Secularism in question : Jews and Judaism in modern times /
edited by Ari Joskowicz and Ethan B. Katz

BP173.7 .T47 2015
Islam and politics in the Middle East : explaining the views of ordinary citizens /
Mark Tessler

BP188.16.M59 K358 2015
The middle path of moderation in Islam : the Qur'ānic principle of wasaṭiyyah /
Mohammad Hashim Kamali ; foreword by Tiriq Ramadan

Beyond hybridity and fundamentalism : emerging Muslim identity in globalized India /
Tabassum Ruhi Khan

BQ4275 .M66 2015
The moon points back
edited by Koji Tanaka, Yasuo Deguchi, Jay L. Garfield, and Graham Priest

BQ678 .D43 2015
A cultural history of Japanese Buddhism
William E. Deal and Brian Ruppert

BQ7604 .K663 2015eb
Tibetan Buddhism and mystical experience
Yaroslav Komarovski

BQ7604 .K76 2015
Tibetan Buddhism and mystical experience
Yaroslav Komarovski

BQ8912.3 .D58 2015
The holy madmen of Tibet
David M. DiValerio

BR100 .C533 2015
Christian philosophy of religion : essays in honor of Stephen T. Davis /
edited by C.P. Ruloff

BR115.E45 J35 2015
Christians, free expression, and the common good : getting beyond the censorship impulse /
Gordon S. Jackson

BR115.H6 W446 2015
Reforming Sodom : Protestants and the rise of gay rights /
Heather R. White

BR115.N3 S76 2015eb
Inherit the holy mountain : religion and the rise of American environmentalism /
Mark R. Stoll

Canon law and episcopal authority : the canons of Antioch and Serdica /
Christopher W.B Stephens

BR526 .M343 2015
New monasticism and the transformation of American evangelicalism
Wes Markofski

BR65.A9 P57 2015
Augustine, the Trinity, and the Church : a reading of the anti-Donatist sermons /
Adam Ployd

BR65.A9 P57 2015eb
Augustine, the Trinity, and the Church : a reading of the anti-Donatist sermons /
Adam Ployd

BR65.C46 D4 2015
Preaching bondage : John Chrysostom and the discourse of slavery in early Christianity /
Chris L. de Wet

BR737.C4 H37 2002eb
Women in a Celtic Church : Ireland 450-1150 [electronic resource]
Christina Harrington

BR756 .H25 2007eb
The plain man's pathways to heaven : kinds of Christianity in post-Reformation England, 1570-1640 [electronic resource]
Christopher Haigh

Sandra Brown

BS2506.3 .G34 2015
Who made early Christianity? : the Jewish lives of the Apostle Paul /
John G. Gager

BS511 .E45 2015
On freedom, love, and power
Jacques Ellul ; compiled, edited, and translated by Willem H. Vanderburg

BT695.5 .B465 2015
Devoted to nature : the religious roots of American environmentalism /
Evan Berry

BT706 .B46 2008eb
Water is thicker than blood : an Augustinian theology of marriage and singleness [electronic resource]
Jana Marguerite Bennett

BT708 .M67 2015eb
Virgin nation : sexual purity and American adolescence /
Sara Moslener

Roman faith and Christian faith : pistis and fides in the early Roman Empire and early churches /
Teresa Morgan

BT82.25 .I54 2015
Building God's kingdom : inside the world of Christian reconstruction /
Julie J. Ingersoll

BV160 .V56 2008eb
The triumph of the Cross : the Passion of Christ in theology and the arts, from the Renaissance to the counter-Reformation [electronic resource]
Richard Viladesau

BV3625.T4 B46 2015
Missionary families find a sense of place and identity : two generations on two continents /
John S. Benson

BX1047 .G74 2008
The soteriology of Leo the Great [electronic resource]
Bernard Green

BX1490 .K73 2015
The European Union and the Roman Catholic Church : political theology of European integration /
Petr Kratochvíl, Director, Institute of International Relations, Prague, Czech Republic, Tomáš Doležal, Lecturer, University of Economics and University College of International and Public Relations, Prague, Czech Republic

BX173.3 .P46 2015
Envisioning Islam : Syriac Christians and the early Muslim world /
Michael Philip Penn

BX1751.2 .P39413 2014
The Second Vatican Council : Prehistory - Event - Results - Posthistory /
Otto Hermann Pesch ; Translated by Deirdre Dempsey

BX1912.85 .C34 2015
Unnatural Frenchmen : the politics of priestly celibacy and marriage, 1720-1815 /
E. Claire Cage

Heritage, pilgrimage and the Camino to Finisterre : walking to the end of the world /
Cristina Sánchez-Carretero, editor

BX2350.3 G47713 2015
Christ, God's companionship with man
Luigi Giussani ; excerpts selected and presented by Julián Carrón

BX4705.G45 M35 2015
Jean Gerson and gender : rhetoric and politics in fifteenth-century France /
Nancy McLoughlin, University of California, Irvine, USA

BX4705.R4584 V36 2015
Imagining religious leadership in the Middle Ages : Richard of Saint-Vanne and the politics of reform /
Steven Vanderputten

BX4714.122 .S25 2015
Missionary stories and the formation of the Syriac churches
Jeanne-Nicole Mellon Saint-Laurent

BX4827.S3 M37 2008eb
Transformation of the self in the thought of Friedrich Schleiermacher [electronic resource]
Jacqueline Mariña

BX4827.T53 R48 2015
Retrieving the radical Tillich : his legacy and contemporary importance /
edited by Russell Re Manning

BX5100 .S55 2004
Tractarians and the "condition of England : the social and political thought of the Oxford movement [electronic resource]
S.A. Skinner

BX7636 .C73 2015
Holy nation : the Transatlantic quaker ministry in an age of Revolution /
Sarah Crabtree

BX7678.L6 L36 2015
London Quakers in the trans-atlantic world : the creation of an early modern community /
Jordan Landes

BX9225.C43 B74 2015
Following Father Chiniquy : immigration, religious schism, and social change in nineteenth-century Illinois /
Caroline B. Brettell

BX9622.A4 D84 2015
Changing childhoods in the Cape Colony : Dutch Reformed Church evangelicalism and colonial childhood, 1860-1895 /
S.E. Duff, Researcher, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa

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