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Items Acquired in December 2014 for the University Libraries

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B105.C477 C43 2010
Love, life and death [electronic resource]
D.P. Chattopadhyaya

B1853.E5 C68 2013
Meditations on first philosophy : with selections from the objections and replies : a Latin-English edition /
René Descartes ; edited and translated with textual and philosophical introductions by John Cottingham

B1878.S67 W35 2014
Descartes' temporal dualism
Rebecca Lloyd Waller

B2430.R554 C37 2014
Ricoeur on moral religion : a hermeneutics of ethical life /
James Carter

B3317 .T63 2014
Nietzsche, tension, and the tragic disposition
Matthew Tones

B3318.E9 L45 2015
Nietzsche on morality
Brian Leiter

B53 .M363 2014
Metaphor and metaphilosophy : philosophy as combat, play, and aesthetic experience /
Sarah A. Mattice

B753.G34 S25 2013eb
Ghazālī's politics in context [electronic resource]
Yazeed Said

B765.D74 C755 2014
Duns Scotus's theory of cognition
Richard Cross

B802 .O33 2010
The Enlightenment : a beginner's guide /
Kieron O'Hara

Horizons of authenticity in phenomenology, existentialism, and moral psychology : essays in honor of Charles Guignon
Hans Pedersen, Megan Altman, editors

BD143 .N34 2014
Knowledge : a very short Introduction /
Jennifer Nagel

BD21 .R467 2014
Metaphilosophy : philosophy in philosophical perspective /
Nicholas Rescher

BF108.I6 F68 2011
Foundations of Indian psychology. Volume 1, theories and concepts [electronic resource]
R.M. Matthijs Cornelissen, Girishwar Misra, Suneet Varma, [editors]

BF108.I6 F686 2011
Foundations of Indian psychology. Volume 2, Practical applications : R.M. Matthijs Cornelissen, Girishwar Misra, Suneet Varma [editors]

BF1779.F4 L57 2009
Feng shui for success in business [electronic resource]
Evelyn Lip

BF2050 .F678 2015eb
The Andreasson affair : the true story of a close encounter of the fourth kind /
by Raymond E. Fowler ; foreword by J. Allen Hynek

BF241 .S334 2014
Scene vision : making sense of what we see /
edited by Kestutis Kveraga and Moshe Bar

BF353 .J83 2015eb
Studying and designing technology for domestic life : lessons from home. /
Tejinder K. Judge, Carman Neustaedter

BF371 .R379 2015
Remembering : attributions, processes, and control in human memory : essays in honor of Larry Jacoby /
edited by D. Stephen Lindsay [and 3 others]

BF378.S54 B37 2015
Working memory : loss and reconstruction /
Pierre Barrouillet and Valérie Camos

BF408 .R53 2011
Out of our minds : learning to be creative [electronic resource]
Sir Ken Robinson

BF441 .B79 2008eb
How to pass diagrammatic reasoning tests : essential practice for abstract, input type and spacial reasoning tests [electronic resource]
Mike Bryon

BF441 .H86 2014
A practical guide to critical thinking : deciding what to do and believe /
David A. Hunter, Department of Philosophy, Ryerson University, Toronto, ON, Canada

BF448 .R633 2015
Decide & conquer : the ultimate guide for improving your decision making [electronic resource]
Stephen P. Robbins

Time perspective theory : review, research and application : essays in honor of Philip G. Zimbardo /
Maciej Stolarski, Nicolas Fieulaine, Wessel van Beek, editors

The front nine : how to start the year you want anytime you want /
by Mike Vardy

BF531 .A585 2015
The cultural politics of emotion
Sara Ahmed

BF575.A85 H37 2014
How to be assertive : communicate your needs, feelings, and opinions clearly and calmly [electronic resource]
Gill Hasson

BF575.A86 D36 2015
Adult attachment patterns in a treatment context : relationship and narrative /
Sarah I.F. Daniel

BF575.A88 D46 2014
Seeing the light : the social logic of personal discovery /
Thomas DeGloma

BF575.H27 H96 2014
Happiness : understandings, narratives and discourses /
Laura Hyman, University of Portsmouth, UK

BF575.H27 T36 2014
Emotional well-being and mental health : a guide for counsellors and psychotherapists /
Digby Tantam ; foreword by Emmy van Deurzen

BF575.J4 T66 2014
Peter Toohey

BF575.L8 G675 2015
Principia amoris : the new science of love /
John Mordechai Gottman

BF575.R35 G64 2015
The reject : community, politics, and religion after the subject /
Irving Goh

BF632 .T46 2014
The rules to break [electronic resource]
Richard Templar

BF636.6 .E74 2015
Forty techniques every counselor should know
Bradley T. Erford

BF636.6 .J67 2015
Nature and therapy : understanding counselling and psychotherapy in outdoor spaces /
Martin Jordan

BF636.7.G76 K87 2015
Recovery groups : a guide to creating, leading, and working with groups for addictions and mental health conditions /
by Linda Farris Kurtz

BF637.B85 Y68 2015
Youth suicide and bullying : challenges and strategies for prevention and intervention /
edited by Peter Goldblum, Dorothy L. Espelage, Joyce Chu, Bruce Bongar

BF637.C74 .B754 2015
The truth doesn't have to hurt : how to use criticism to strengthen relationships, improve performance, and promote change [electronic resource]
Deb Bright

BF637.I5 .M356 2014
Job interview success for introverts : secure the job you want and deserve [electronic resource]
Bob McIntosh

BF637.I5 G87 2014
Conducting a telephone interview : master the art of conducting a telephone interview to make the most effective hiring decisions [electronic resource]
Vaibhav Gupta

BF637.P36 .B736 2014
Neuroscience for coaches : how to use the latest insights for the benefit of your clients [electronic resource]
Amy Brann

BF637.P4 C53 2014
Developing your influencing skills : make people listen to and be persuaded by what you are saying [electronic resource]
Mike Clayton

BF637.S8 C653 2014
The wisdom of oz : using personal accountability to succeed in everything you do /
Roger Connors and Tom Smith

BF698.35.O57 K36 2014
The intelligent optimist's guide to life : how to find health and success in a world that's a better place than you think /
Jurriaan Kamp

BF698.5 .T387 2014
Revealed : using remote personality profiling to influence, negotiate and motivate /
John Taylor, Consultant, UK, Adrian Furnham, Professor of Psychology, University College London, UK and Janet Breeze, consultant, Oman

BF723.C5 W453 2014
Making minds : how theory of mind develops /
Henry M. Wellman

BF723.I53 N33 2014
How imitation boosts development : in infancy and autism spectrum disorder /
Jacqueline Nadel ; translation by Eleanor Corbett and Jaqueline Nadel

BF724.2 .H373 2014
Juvenescence : a cultural history of our age /
Robert Pogue Harrison

BF789.C7 C65 2011
Color harmony compendium : a complete color reference for designers of all types [electronic resource]
Terry Marks... [et al.]

BF789.D5 C37 2014
Listening to trauma : conversations with leaders in the theory and treatment of catastrophic experience /
interviews & photography by Cathy Caruth

BJ1031 .S389 2010
Ethics : theory and practice [electronic resource]
Y.V. Satyanarayana

BJ1201 .O36 2014
Morality truly Christian, truly African : foundational, methodological, and theological considerations /
Paulinus Ikechukwu Odozor, C.S. Sp

BJ1404 .F6713 2014
New demons : rethinking power and evil today /
Simona Forti ; translated by Zakiya Hanafi

BJ1471 .J313 2015
The bad conscience
Vladimir Jankélévitch ; translated by Andrew Kelley

BJ1471 .S64 2014
Moral conscience through the ages fifth century BCE to the present
Richard Sorabji

BJ1481 .S876 2014eb
Sustainable happiness : live simply, live well, make a difference /
edited by Sarah van Gelder and the staff of YES! Magazine

BJ1500.M67 W54 2014
Robust Ethics : The Metaphysics and Epistemology of Godless Normative Realism /
Erik J. Wielenberg

Strategies for success : the keys to success in college, career and life /
by John Spence

BL1138.62 .E5 2014
The Bhagavad gita : a new translation /
contexts criticism translated by Gavin Flood and Charles Martin ; edited by Gavin Flood, Oxford University

Dao companion to Daoist philosophy
edited by Xiaogan Liu

BL2747.3 .C487 2014
Atheist awakening : secular activism and community in America /
by Richard Cimino and Christopher Smith ; foreword by Martin E. Marty

BL312 .F68 2014
Foundation myths in ancient societies : dialogues and discourses /
edited by Naoíse Mac Sweeney

BL410 .M69 2014
In response to the religious other : Ricoeur and the fragility of interreligious encounters /
Marianne Moyaert

BL439 .G76 2014
The question of the animal and religion : theoretical stakes, practical implications /
Aaron Gross

BL51 .P585 2014
Rethinking philosophy in light of the Bible : from Kant to Schopenhauer /
Brayton Polka

BL580 .C46 2015
Choreographies of shared sacred sites : religion and conflict resolution /
edited by Elazar Barkan and Karen Barkey

BL60 .B87 2014
Visions of religion : experience, meaning, and power /
Stephen S. Bush

BL65.D7 S44 2014
Seeking the sacred with psychoactive substances : chemical paths to spirituality and to God /
J. Harold Ellens, editor ; foreword by the Reverend Dr. Alexander Riegel

BM197.6 .D38 2015
Becoming un-orthodox : stories of ex-Hasidic Jews /
Lynn Davidman

BM290 .B38 2014
Practicing piety in medieval Ashkenaz : men, women, and everyday religious observance /
Elisheva Baumgarten

BP170.5.A1 O99 2015
Being German, becoming Muslim : race, religion, and conversion in the new Europe /
Esra Ozyurek

BP173.4 .O94 2013b
The Oxford encyclopedia of Islam and women
Natana J. Delong-Bas, editor in chief

BP173.7 .O94 2014
The Oxford encyclopedia of Islam and politics
Emad El-Din Shahin, editor in Chief

BQ7529.V367 G65 2014
Paving the great way : Vasubandhu's unifying Buddhist philosophy /
Jonathan C. Gold

BQ9288 .Z5813 2014
The Chan whip anthology : a companion to Zen practice /
translated by Jeffrey L. Broughton with Elise Yoko Watanabe

BR115.H6 Q435 2015
Queer Christianities : lived religion in transgressive forms /
edited by Kathleen T. Talvacchia, Michael F. Pettinger, and Mark Larrimore

Bucer, Ephesians and biblical humanism : the exegete as theologian /
N. Scott Amos

BR510 .R45 2014
Religious transformations in the early modern Americas
edited by Stephanie Kirk and Sarah Rivett

BR515 .A537 2014
American evangelicalism : George Marsden and the state of American religious history /
edited by Darren Dochuk, Thomas S. Kidd, and Kurt W. Peterson

BS1186 .A8713 2014
The Jews and the Bible
Jean-Christophe Attias ; translated by Patrick Camiller

BS445 .C37 2014
Holy resilience : the Bible's traumatic origins /
David M. Carr

BT103 .B69 2014
God : a very short introduction /
John Bowker

BT1319 .S66 2015
Guilt by association : heresy catalogues in early Christianity /
Geoffrey S. Smith

BX350 .K784 2014
Liturgical subjects : Christian ritual, Biblical narrative, and the formation of the self in Byzantium /
Derek Krueger

BX4700.T4 K7513 2014"@"BX4700.T4 K7513 2014
Teresa my love : an imagined life of the Saint of Avila /
a novel by Julia Kristeva ; translated by Lorna Scott Fox

BX4705.D57 B69 2014
An American Cardinal : the biography of Cardinal Timothy Dolan /
Christina Boyle

BX4705.N5 P645 2014
The antagonist principle : John Henry Newman and the paradox of personality /
Lawrence Poston

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