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Items Acquired in June 2015 for the University Libraries

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B105.C455 C45 2015
Outside color : perceptual science and the puzzle of color in philosophy /
M. Chirimuuta

Why greatness cannot be planned : the myth of the objective /
Kenneth O. Stanley, Joel Lehman

B105.T54 J8513 2015
The book of beginnings
Franc̦ois Jullien ; translated by Jody Gladding

B1197 .E45 2015
Francis Bacon : the double-edged life of the philosopher and statesman /
Robert P. Ellis

Yoga all-in-one for dummies
by Larry Payne [and six others]

B1499.E8 S93 2015
The virtue ethics of Hume and Nietzsche
Christine Swanton

B1626.D854 D86 2015
Dummett on analytical philosophy
edited by Bernhard Weiss, University of Cape Town, South Africa

B21 .Z85 2015
Alkibiades' love : essays in philosophy /
Jan Zwicky

B2137 .P34 2015
Man or citizen : anger, forgiveness, and authenticity in Rousseau /
Karen Pagani

B2430.M3764 T56 2015
Time, memory, institution : Merleau-Ponty's new ontology of self /
edited by David Morris and Kym Maclaren

B2798 .R316 2015
Reason, value, and respect : Kantian themes from the philosophy of Thomas E. Hill, Jr. /
edited by Mark Timmons and Robert N. Johnson

B2948 .G885 2015
Relating Hegel's Science of Logic to contemporary philosophy
Luis Guzmán

B2949.M4 K74 2015
Reason in the world : Hegel's metaphysics and its philosophical appeal /
James Kreines

B2949.M4 K74 2015eb
Reason in the world : Hegel's metaphysics and its philosophical appeal /
James Kreines

B3279.H49 C696 2015
Heidegger's confessions : The remains of Saint Augustine in being and time and beyond /
Ryan Coyne

B3376.W564 A695 2015
Reckoning with the imagination : Wittgenstein and the aesthetics of literary experience /
Charles Altieri

B3376.W564 H695 2015
Wittgenstein and meaning in life : in search of the human voice /
Reza Hosseini, Rhodes University, South Africa

B378 .T33 2015
Plato's Parmenides reconsidered
Mehmet Tabak

String quartet with bass
Tobias Picker

B395 .S26 2015
Levels of argument : a comparative study of Plato's Republic and Aristotle's Nicomachean ethics /
Dominic Scott

B398.A64 P53 2015
Plato's animals : gadflies, horses, swans, and other philosophical beasts /
edited by Jeremy Bell and Michael Naas

B4870.Z594 R474 2015
Repeating Žižek
Agon Hamza, ed

B491.C26 G75 2015
Aristotle's categories in the Early Roman Empire
Michael J. Griffin

Philosophy in colonial India
Sharad Deshpande, editor

Nature in Indian philosophy and cultural traditions
Meera Baindur

B52 .W378 2014
Big ideas for little kids : teaching philosophy through children's literature /
Thomas E. Wartenberg

B53 .D484 2015
The myth of the intuitive : experimental philosophy and philosophical method /
Max Deutsch

B613 .B43 2015
Greek Buddha : Pyrrho's encounter with early Buddhism in Central Asia /
Christopher I. Beckwith

B697.Z7 S56 2015
Universal salvation in late antiquity : Porphyry of Tyre and the pagan-Christian debate /
Michael Bland Simmons

B802 .M79 2015
The practices of the Enlightenment : aesthetics, authorship, and the public /
Dorothea E. von Mücke

B802 .S47 2015
Invisible hands : self-organization and the eighteenth century /
Jonathan Sheehan & Dror Wahrman

B808.67 .S53 2015
Interdependence : biology and beyond /
Kriti Sharma

B808.9 .K755 2015
The varieties of consciousness
Uriah Kriegel

B808.9 .K755 2015
The varieties of consciousness
Uriah Kriegel

B823 .T698 2015
The transcendental turn
edited by Sebastian Gardner and Matthew Grist

B823 .T698 2015
The transcendental turn
edited by Sebastian Gardner and Matthew Grist

The Vienna Circle : studies in the origins, development, and influence of logical empiricism /
Friedrich Stadler

The sense of things : toward a phenomenological realism /
Angela Ales Bello

B945.S24 B76 2015
The ethics of detachment in Santayana's philosophy
Michael Brodrick, Miami University, USA

BC181 .M47 2015
Trenton Merricks

BC59 .R86 2015
The boundary stones of thought : an essay in the philosophy of logic /
Ian Rumfitt

BC78.L3 L3613 2015
Logica, or Summa Lamberti
Lambert of Auxerre ; translated with Notes and Introduction by Thomas S. Maloney

BD111 .D65 2015
Creaturely cosmologies : why metaphysics matters for animal and planetary liberation /
Brianne Donaldson

BD161 .D74 2015
Retrieving realism
Hubert Dreyfus, Charles Taylor

Identity and personhood : confusions and clarifications across disciplines /
Laurance J. Splitter

BD241 .M2465 2015
Orientation and judgment in hermeneutics
Rudolf A. Makkreel

BD311 .B456 2015
Towards a relational ontology : philosophy's other possibility /
Andrew Benjamin

BD418.3 .C64 2015
The conceptual mind : new directions in the study of concepts /
edited by Eric Margolis and Stephen Laurence

BD431 .C224 2015
Happiness and goodness : philosophical reflections on living well /
Steven M. Cahn, Christine Vitrano

BD450 .P472344 2015eb
The politics of the human
Anne Phillips

BD581 .C64 2015
Stone : an ecology of the inhuman /
Jeffrey Jerome Cohen

BD632 .P45 2015
Sensorama : a phenomenalist analysis of spacetime and its contents /
Michael Pelczar

BD638 .C326 2015
The physicist & the philosopher : Einstein, Bergson, and the debate that changed our understanding of time /
Jimena Canales

BF121 .A88 2015
An advanced guide to psychological thinking : critical and historical perspectives /
Robert Ausch

BF1591 .P46 2015
Pagan magic of the northern tradition : customs, rites, and ceremonies /
Nigel Pennick

A trader's guide to financial astrology : forecasting market cycles using planetary and lunar movements /
Larry Pesavento, Shane Smoleny

BF201 .C635 2015
Cognitive psychology : revisiting the classic studies /
edited by Michael W. Eysenck & David Groome

Positive psychology in practice : promoting human flourishing in work, health, education, and everyday life /
edited by Stephen Joseph

Evidence-based approaches in positive education : implementing a strategic framework for well-being in schools /
Mathew A. White PhD, A. Simon Murray, editors ; foreword by Martin E.P. Seligman PhD

BF204.6 .J67 2015
Positive therapy : building bridges between positive psychology and person-centred therapy /
Stephen Joseph

Brain changer : how harnessing your brain's power to adapt can change your life /
David DiSalvo

Neuroscience in intercultural contexts
Jason E. Warnick, Dan Landis, editors

BF311 .M595 2015
Consciousness, attention, and conscious attention
Carlos Montemayor and Harry Haroutioun Haladjian

BF311 .R487 2015
Anigrafs : experiments in cooperative cognitive architecture /
Whitman Richards

The nature and function of intuitive thought and decision making
Lauri Järvilehto

BF321 .B825 2015
Mindfulness-based compassionate living : a new training programme to deepen mindfulness with heartfulness /
Erik van den Brink, Frits Koster

Attitude is everything : 10 life-changing steps to turning attitude into action /
Keith Harrell

BF371 .D68124 2015
Forgetting : myths, perils and compensations /
Douwe Draaisma ; translated by Liz Waters

BF378.S7 G75 2015
Sonic virtuality : sound as emergent perception /
Mark Grimshaw and Tom Garner

Improve your memory
Jonathan Hancock

The Wiley handbook of genius
edited by Dean Keith Simonton

BF431 .F256 2015
The faculties : a history /
edited by Dominik Perler

BF431 .F256 2015eb
The faculties : a history /
edited by Dominik Perler

BF431 .M87 1998z
Multiple intelligences and the second language learner [videorecording] :
presented by Jo Gusman ; National Professional Resources presents ; executive producer, Robert M. Hanson

Critical thinking skills for dummies
by Martin Cohen

BF441 .S635 2015
Rethinking language, mind, and meaning
Scott Soames

Why you decide the way you do
Bruce Posner

Feeling smart : why our emotions are more rational than we think /
Eyal Winter

Could I do that?
Simon Hartley

Your trajectory code : how to change your decisions, actions, and direction to become part of the top 1% high achievers /
Jeffrey Magee

BF511 .P793 2015
The psychology of compassion and cruelty : understanding the emotional, spiritual, and religious influences /
Thomas G. Plante, editor

BF511 .R47 2015
Researching with feeling : the emotional aspects of social and organizational research /
edited by Caroline Clarke, Mike Broussine and Linda Watts ; foreword by Stephen Fineman

BF511 .V35 2015
The psychology of passion : a dualistic model /
Robert J. Vallerand

Feel good : how to change your mood and cope with whatever comes your way /
Shane Pascoe and Graham Law

BF575.A88 B375 2015
The subject of freedom : Kant, Levinas /
Gabriela Basterra

If you're in the driver's seat, why are you lost? : a roadmap to an amazing life /
Dr. Lawana Gladney, the emotional wellness doctor

BF575.S75 A55 2015
Stress and your health : from vulnerability to resilience /
Hymie Anisman

BF575.S75 B395 2015
Stress, trauma, and posttraumatic growth : social context, environment, and identities /
Roni Berger

Emotional intelligence : managing emotions to make a positive impact on your life and career /
Gill Hasson

How to succeed in 12 months : creating a life you love /
Serena Star Leonard

BF636.6 .C35 2015
Canadian counselling and counselling psychology in the 21st century
edited by Ada L. Sinacore and Freda Ginsberg

BF636.6 .H47 2015
Boundary issues in counseling : multiple roles and responsibilities /
Barbara Herlihy, Gerald Corey

BF636.6 .T56 2015
Transforming emotional pain in psychotherapy : an emotion-focused approach /
Ladislav Timulak

BF636.65 .O43 2015
Making the most of counselling and psychotherapy placements
Michelle Oldale and Michelle J. Cooke

BF636.A1 R4
European review of applied psychology : Revue européenne de psychologie appliquée [electronic resource] =
Ryan S. Wells, Frances K. Stage, editors

Understanding hard to maintain behaviour change : a dual process approach /
Ron Borland

Jolt : shake up your thinking and upgrade your impact for extraordinary success /
Richard Tyler

BF637.D42 S57 2015eb
You're lying : secrets from an expert military interrogator to spot the lies and get to the truth /
Lena Sisco

BF637.H4 R5313 2015
Altruism : the power of compassion to change yourself and the world /
Matthieu Ricard ; translated by Charlotte Mandell and Sam Gordon

Negotiate to win : the 21 rules for successful negotiation /
Jim Thomas

Persuasion equation : the subtle science of getting your way /
Mark Rodgers

Brave : 50 everyday acts of courage to thrive in work, love and life /
Margie Warrell

BF637.S4 A45 2014eb
Mindfulness at work for dummies [electronic resource]
Shamash Alidina, Juliet Adams

Blind ambition : how to envision your limitless potential and achieve the success you want /
Patricia Walsh

What do you want to create today? : build the life you want at work /
Dr. Bob Tobin

Your brain at work : strategies for overcoming distraction, regaining focus, and working smarter all day long /
David Rock ; foreword by Daniel J. Siegal

Your life plan : how to set yourself on the right path and take charge of your life /
Erica Sosna

Psychology of gender through the lens of culture : theories and applications /
Saba Safdar, Natasza Kosakowska-Berezecka, editors

The outside edge : how outsiders can succeed in a world made by insiders /
Robert Kelsey

Evolutionary perspectives on social psychology
Virgil Zeigler-Hill, Lisa L. M. Welling, Todd K. Shackelford, editors

BF710 .N44 2015
Why grow up? : subversive thoughts for an infantile age /
Susan Neiman

BF723.A4 .D57 2015
Disruptive mood : irritability in children and adolescents /
Argyris Stringaris, Institute of Pschaiatry Psychology and Neuroscience, King's College, London. and Mood disorder Clinic for Young people, Maudsley Hospital and Eric Taylor, Institute of Pschaiatry Psychology and Neuroscience, King's College, London

BF724.8 .P79 2015
Psychology and geriatrics : integrated care for an aging population /
edited by Benjamin A. Bensadon

Influence : the psychology of persuasion /
Robert B. Cialdini

BF789.D4 S66 2015
The worm at the core : on the role of death in life /
Sheldon Solomon, Jeff Greenberg and Tom Pyszczynski

The age of figurative theo-humanism : the beauty of God and man in German aesthetics of painting and sculpture (1754-1828) /
Franco Cirulli

BH301.A94 A37 2015
Aesthetic revolutions and twentieth-century avant-garde movements
Ales̆ Erjavec, editor

BH301.T7 L46 2015
Tragic modernities
Miriam Leonard

BJ1063 .O3413 2015
Human kindness and the smell of warm croissants : an introduction to ethics /
Ruwen Ogien ; translated by Martin Thom

BJ1289.3 .C55 2015
Families of virtue : Confucian and Western views on childhood development /
Erin M. Cline

Debating procreation : is it wrong to reproduce? /
David Benatar and David Wasserman

BJ1335 .B46 2015
Debating procreation : is it wrong to reproduce? /
David Benatar, David Wasserman

BJ1409.5 .D95 2015
Dying in the twenty-first century : towards a new ethical framework for the art of dying well /
edited by Lydia S. Dugdale

BJ1461.T293 F38 2011
Fate, time, and language : an essay on free will : David Foster Wallace /
edited by Steven M. Cahn and Maureen Eckert ; introduction by James Ryerson ; epilogue by Jay Garfield

BJ1474 .S38 2015
In defense of selfishness : why the code of self-sacrifice is unjust and destructive /
Peter Schwartz

BJ1475.3 .W38 2015
Bread from stones : the Middle East and the making of modern humanitarianism /
Keith David Watenpaugh

BJ1533.S55 W55 2015
Keep it fake : inventing an authentic life /
Eric G. Wilson

BJ1595.5 .W66 2015
Women in philosophical counseling : the anima of thought in action /
edited by Luisa de Paula and Peter Raabe

The art of conversation : change your life with confident communication /
Judy Apps

Weighing and reasoning : themes from the philosophy of John Broome /
Iwao Hirose and Andrew Reisner

BJ319 .W45 2015
Weighing and reasoning : themes from the philosophy of John Broome /
edited by Iwao Hirose and Andrew Reisner

BJ45 .D69 2015
Talking to our selves : reflection, ignorance, and agency /
John M. Doris

BJ52.5 .T54 2015
From field to fork : food ethics for everyone /
Paul B. Thompson

BL1138.25 .S59 2015
adapted and edited by David R. Slavitt ; introduction by Henry L. Carrigan Jr

BL1215.P65 .P587 2014eb
Pluralism and democracy in India : debating the Hindu right /
edited by Wendy Doniger, Martha C. Nussbaum

BL1225.S592 F47 2015
Religion, devotion and medicine in north India : the healing power of Śītalā /
Fabrizio M. Ferrari

BL1225.V495 S28 2015
Crossing the lines of caste : Víśvāmitra and the construction of Brahmin power in Hindu mythology /
Adheesh A. Sathaye

BL1225.V495 S28 2015eb
Crossing the lines of caste : Visvamitra and the construction of Brahmin power in Hindu mythology /
Adheesh A. Sathaye

BL1803 .R68 2015
Emperor Wu Zhao and her pantheon of devis, divinities, and dynastic mothers
N. Harry Rothschild

BL183 .D54 2015
Excellent beauty : the naturalness of religion and the unnaturalness of the world /
Eric Dietrich

BL2211.W65 A43 2015
Women in Japanese religions
Barbara R. Ambros

BL240.3 .C69 2015
Faith versus fact : why science and religion are incompatible /
Jerry A. Coyne

BL240.3 .T485 2015
Private doubt, public dilemma : religion and science since Jefferson and Darwin /
Keith Thomson

BL2400 .T47 2015
African traditional religion in the modern world
Douglas E. Thomas

BL2747.8 .K55 2015
Secularism, Catholicism, and the future of public life : a dialogue with Ambassador Douglas W. Kmiec /
edited by Gary J. Adler, Jr

BL2747.8 .K55 2015eb
Secularism, Catholicism, and the future of public life : a dialogue with Ambassador Douglas W. Kmiec /
edited by Gary J. Adler, Jr

BL325.D35 D42 2015
Death, dying, and mysticism : the ecstasy of the end /
edited by Thomas Cattoi and Christopher M. Moreman

BL325.W32 B35 2015
The conflict myth and the biblical tradition
Debra Scoggins Ballentine

BL482 .M355 2015
American possessions : fighting demons in the contemporary United States /
Sean McCloud

BL60 .K87 2016
Gods in the global village : the world's religions in sociological perspective /
Lester R. Kurtz

Pilgrimage : A Very Short Introduction

BL65.H78 S26 2015
If God were a human rights activist
Boaventura de Sousa Santos

BL65.I55 D44 2014
Connected struggles : Catholics, nationalists, and transnational relations between Mexico and Quebec, 1917-1945 /
Maurice Demers

BL65.P7 D69 2015
Christianity, Islam and liberal democracy : lessons from Sub-Saharan Africa /
Robert A. Dowd

BL65.P7 D69 2015eb
Christianity, Islam and liberal democracy : lessons from Sub-Saharan Africa /
Robert A. Dowd

Tom Clancy under fire
Grant Blackwood

BM501.15 .L3813 2010
The sages : character, context and creativity, /
Binyamin Lau ; translated by Michael Prawer

BM526 .A79 2015
Kabbalah : a neurocognitive approach to mystical experiences /
Shahar Arzy and Moshe Idel

BM612 .S66 2015
Revelation and authority : Sinai in Jewish scripture and tradition /
Benjamin D. Sommer

BP173.7 .S72 2015
Young Islam : the new politics of religion in Morocco and the Arab World /
Avi Max Spiegel

BP173.75 .G74 2015
Terrains of exchange : religious economies of global Islam /
Nile Green

BP188.16.M59 K358 2015
The middle path of moderation in Islam : the Qurʼānic principle of wasaṭiyyah /
Mohammad Hashim Kamali ; foreword by Tariq Ramadan

BP188.18.W65 J68 2015
Pious practice and secular constraints : women in the Islamic revival in Europe /
Jeanette Selma Jouili

BP188.18.W65 W66 2015
Women's rituals and ceremonies in Shiite Iran and Muslim communities : methodological and theoretical challenges /
edited by Pedram Khosronejad

BP52.5 .G74 2014
Terrains of exchange : religious economies of global Islam /
Nile Green

BP63.S33 C66 2015
Islam in Saudi Arabia
David Commins ; foreword by Malise Ruthven

BQ4398 .B68 2015
Realizing awakened consciousness : interviews with Buddhist teachers and a new perspective on the mind /
Richard P. Boyle

BR115.E3 S82 2015
Bulls, bears and golden calves : applying Christian ethics in economics /
John E. Stapleford

BR115.M25 F36 2015
Rewriting magic : an exegesis of the visionary autobiography of a fourteenth-century French monk /
Claire Fanger

BR115.N3 S76 2015
Inherit the holy mountain : religion and the rise of American environmentalism /
Mark R. Stoll

BR1720.T45 B36 2015
Theophilus of Alexandria and the first Origenist controversy : rhetoric and power /
Krastu Banev

BR326.6 .R47 2015
Luther's fortress : Martin Luther and his Reformation under siege /
James Reston, Jr

Inventing a Christian America : the myth of the religious founding /
Steven K. Green

BR515 .C67 2015
Emptiness : feeling Christian in America /
John Corrigan

BR520 .G745 2015
Inventing a Christian America : the myth of the religious founding /
Steven K. Green

BR526 .M343 2015
New monasticism and the transformation of American evangelicalism
Wes Markofski

BR535 .V375 2015
Varieties of southern religious history : essays in honor of Donald G. Mathews /
edited by Regina D. Sullivan and Monte Harrell Hampton

BR750 .R46 2015
Imagining the parish in late medieval England
Ellen K. Rentz

BS2650.52 .P75 2015
Secular messiahs and the return of Paul's 'Real' : a Lacanian approach /
Concetta V. Principe

BS2650.52 .W44 2015
Paul's summons to messianic life : political theology and the coming awakening /
L.L. Welborn

BS2651 .W75 2014
What Saint Paul really said : was Paul of Tarsus the real founder of Christianity? /
N.T. Wright

BS680.E38 H68 2015
You shall love the stranger as yourself : the Bible, refugees, and asylum /
Fleur S. Houston

BS680.W7 D86 2015
A new gospel for women : Katharine Bushnell and the challenge of Christian feminism /
Kristin Kobes Du Mez

BS680.W7 D86 2015
A new gospel for women : Katharine Bushnell and the challenge of Christian feminism /
Kristin Kobes Du Mez

BT306 .F57 1997
The five Gospels : the search for the authentic words of Jesus : new translation and commentary /
by Robert W. Funk, Roy W. Hoover, and the Jesus Seminar

BT40 .M365 2015eb
God, modality, and morality
William E. Mann

BT77 .R25 2015
Christian theology : the basics /
Murray Rae

Killing Monica
Candace Bushnell

BV4012 .C58 2015
Converging horizons : essays in religion, psychology, and caregiving /
Allan Hugh Cole Jr. ; foreword by Jaco J. Hamman

BX1378 .K67 2015
The pope's dilemma : Pius XII faces atrocities and genocide in the Second World War /
Jacques Kornberg

BX1407.M48 S26 2015
Open your heart : religion and cultural poetics of greater Mexico /
David P. Sandell

BX1407.P24 D69 2015
The bread of the strong : Lacouturisme and the folly of the Cross, 1910-1985 /
Jack Lee Downey

BX1462.3 .M67 2015
The Catholic Church and Argentina's Dirty War
Gustavo Morello, SJ

BX2250 .R435 2015
Catholic theology of marriage in the era of HIV and AIDS : marriage for life /
Emily Reimer-Barry

After the wrath of God : AIDS, sexuality, and American religion /
Anthony M. Petro

BX2470 .L39 2015
Medieval monasticism : forms of religious life in Western Europe in the Middle Ages /
C.H. Lawrence

The role of death in the Ladder of divine ascent and the Greek ascetic tradition
Jonathan L. Zecher

BX465 .D4713 2015
The Moscow Council (1917-1918) : the creation of the conciliar institutions of the Russian Orthodox Church /
by Hyacinthe Destivelle, O.P. ; foreword by Metropolitan Hilarion (Alfeyev) ; translated by Jerry Ryan ; edited by Michael Plekon and Vitaly Permiakov

BX4705.E66994 B55 2015
The strange case of Ermine de Reims : a medieval woman between demons and saints /
Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski

BX6235 .K48 2015
Baptists in America : a history /
Thomas S. Kidd, Barry Hankins

BX8249.N46 G46 2015
One Mississippi, two Mississippi : Methodists, murder, and the struggle for racial justice in Neshoba County /
Carol V.R. George

BX8565 .P48 2015
A time of sifting : mystical marriage and the crisis of Moravian piety in the eighteenth century /
Paul Peucker

BX8695.Y7 A4 2015
The prophet and the reformer : the letters of Brigham Young and Thomas L. Kane /
edited by Matthew J. Grow and Ronald W. Walker

BX9323 .B26 2015
Lay empowerment and the development of Puritanism
Francis J. Bremer, Professor Emeritus, Millersville University, USA

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