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Items Acquired in August 2014 for the University Libraries

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B105.A55 W56 2014
Interspecies ethics
Cynthia Willett

B105.D44 A77 2014eb
In praise of desire
Nomy Arpaly, Timothy Schroeder

B105.L54 L57 2014
Listening, thinking, being : toward an ethics of attunement /
Lisbeth Lipari

B105.S45 G74 2013eb
Showing, sensing, and seeming : distinctively sensory representations and their contents /
Dominic Gregory

B105.W6 W63 2013eb
Women in philosophy : what needs to change? /
edited by Katrina Hutchison and Fiona Jenkins

B154 .H84 2014eb
Rethinking Jewish philosophy : beyond particularism and universalism /
Aaron W. Hughes

B1925.S45 C65 2014
The virtues of abandon : an anti-individualist history of the French Enlightenment /
Charly Coleman

B2430.D484 L83613 2014
Politics of deconstruction : a new introduction to Jacques Derrida /
Susanne Lüdemann ; translated by Erik Butler

B2745 .B45 2013eb
Late German idealism : Trendelenburg and Lotze /
Frederick C. Beiser

B2798 .B648 2014
Kant's critique of Spinoza
Omri Boehm

B2798 .W44 2014
Kant's anatomy of the intelligent mind
Wayne Waxman

B2848 .B74 2013
Thinking through the Wissenschaftslehre : themes from Fichte's early philosophy [electronic resource]
Daniel Breazeale

B3181 .S53 2013
Thinking and killing : philosophical discourse in the shadow of the Third Reich /
by Alon Segev

B3376.W564 D435 2013
Wittgenstein : comparisons and context
P.M.S. Hacker

B398.M38 L48 2014
Plato's rivalry with medicine : a struggle and its dissolution /
Susan B. Levin

B4815.L84 F43 2014
The philosophy of praxis : Marx, Lukács, and the Frankfurt School /
Andrew Feenberg

B485 .F47 2013
Formal causes : definition, explanation, and primacy in Socratic and Aristotelian thought /
Michael T. Ferejohn

B491.P38 M37 2014
Aristotle on perceiving objects
Anna Marmodoro

B53 .K45 2014
The nature of philosophical problems : their causes and implications /
John Kekes

B721 .O94 2013eb
Oxford studies in medieval philosophy. Volume 1
edited by Robert Pasnau

B751.I62 E5 2014
Ibn Sina's Remarks and admonitions : physics and metaphysics : an analysis and annotated translation /
Shams C. Inati

B765.T54 B43 2013eb
Theology after postmodernity : divining the void -- a Lacanian reading of Thomas Aquinas /
Tina Beattie

B765.T54 D375 2014
Ethics as a work of charity : Thomas Aquinas and pagan virtue /
David Decosimo

B801 .J65 2013eb
Causality and mind : essays on early modern philosophy /
Prof Nicholas Jolley

B808.67 .A985 2014
Autonomy, oppression, and gender
edited by Andrea Veltman and Mark Piper

B815 .B733 2013
Emotional insight : the epistemic role of emotional experience /
Michael S. Brady

BC177 .S336 2014eb
Being realistic about reasons [electronic resource]
T.M. Scanlon

BD111 .C73 2013eb
The objects of thought
Tim Crane

BD111 .O94 2014eb
Oxford studies in metaphysics. Volume 8
edited by Karen Bennett and Dean W. Zimmerman

BD161 .A4 2014
Ad Infinitum : new essays on epistemological Infinitism /
edited by John Turri and Peter D. Klein

BD161 .C483 2013
Elijah Chudnoff

BD161 .E59 2014
Epistemic norms : new essays on action, belief, and assertion /
edited by Clayton Littlejohn and John Turri

BD181.7 .D66 2014
Remembering places : a phenomenological study of the relationship between memory and place /
Janet Donohoe

BD215 .A55 2013eb
The aim of belief
edited by Timothy Chan

BD215 .H39 2013eb
A luxury of the understanding : on the value of true belief /
Allan Hazlett

BD218.5 .H35 2013eb
Necessary beings : an essay on ontology, modality, and the relations between them /
Bob Hale

BD219 .E84 2013eb
Nonexistent [electronic resource]
Anthony Everett

BD348 .C37 2013eb
The inessential indexical : on the philosophical insignificance of perspective and the first person /
Herman Cappelen and Josh Dever

BD418.3 .N35 2013
Between perception and action
Bence Nanay

BD431 .M48 2013
Meaning in life : an analytic study /
Thaddeus Metz

BD444 .M4287 2013eb
The metaphysics and ethics of death : new essays /
edited by James Stacey Taylor

BD450 .K587 2013eb
The two selves : their metaphysical commitments and functional independence /
Stanley B. Klein

BD638 .M49 2013
The nature of time [electronic resource]
Ulrich Meyer

BF199 .H33 2014
Facet theory and the mapping sentence : evolving philosophy, use and application /
Paul M.W. Hackett

BF311 .P758 2013
The philosophy of metacognition : mental agency and self-awareness /
by Joëlle Proust

BF371 .W46 2014eb
What is adaptive about adaptive memory?
edited by Bennett L. Schwartz, Mark L. Howe, Michael P. Toglia, Henry Otgaar

BF378.A33 W67 2015
Working memory and ageing
edited by Robert H. Logie and Robin G. Morris

BF39.5 .S63 2014eb
Social emotions in nature and artifact
edited by Jonathan Gratch and Stacy Marsella

BF408 .S4484 2014
Powers of two : finding the essence of innovation in creative pairs /
Joshua Wolf Shenk

BF442 .G55 1993
How we know what isn't so : the fallibility of human reason in everyday life /
Thomas Gilovich

BF515 .B68 2014
The story of pain : from prayer to painkillers /
Joanna Bourke

BF637.N66 F5813 2014
Vilém Flusser ; translated by Nancy Ann Roth

BF697 .L53555 2014eb
Holding and letting go : the social practice of personal identities /
Hilde Lindemann

BF698.5 .M85 2014
Multimethod clinical assessment
edited by Christopher J. Hopwood, Robert F. Bornstein

BF789.W3 N53 2014"@"BF353 .N53 2014
Blue mind : the surprising science that shows how being near, in, on, or under water can make you happier, healthier, more connected and better at what you do /
Wallace J. Nichols ; foreword by Céline Cousteau

BH301.P78 C45 2013eb
The aesthetic brain : how we evolved to desire beauty and enjoy art /
Anjan Chatterjee

BJ1012 .V39 2013
The lewd, the rude, and the nasty : a study of thick and thin concepts [electronic resource]
Pekka Väyrynen

BJ1458.3 .O94 2013eb
Oxford studies in normative ethics. Volume 3
edited by Mark Timmons

BJ1475 .E47 2014
Empathy and morality
edited by Heidi L. Maibom

BJ1500.C63 M36 2014
Human interests, or, Ethics for physicalists
Joseph Mendola

BJ1500.D68 P47 2013
From morality to the end of reason : an essay on rights, reasons, and responsibility /
by Ingmar Persson

BJ324.P46 G83 2014
The far reaches : phenomenology, ethics, and social renewal in central Europe /
Michael Gubser

BL1108.7.G3 A37 2014
The nay science : a history of German Indology /
Vishwa Adluri and Joydeep Bagchee

BL1171 .G87 2013eb
Gurus of modern yoga
edited by Mark Singleton, Ellen Goldberg

BL2527.S55 S43 2013eb
The secular spectacle : performing religion in a southern town /
Chad E. Seales

BL2530.H3 T49 2014
Roots of Haiti's Vodou-Christian faith : African and Catholic origins /
R. Murray Thomas

BL263 .C53 2014
Religion and the sciences of origins : historical and contemporary discussions /
Kelly James Clark

BL458 .F56 2014
Finnish women making religion : between ancestors and angels /
edited by Terhi Utriainen and Päivi Salmesvuori

BL473 .M33 2013eb
Union with Christ in the New Testament
Dr. Grant Macaskill

BL475 .B444 2014
Messianic thought outside theology
edited by Anna Glazova and Paul North

BL480 .D47 2014
The devil and philosophy : the nature of his game /
edited by Robert Arp

BL51 .B544 2014eb
You can't put god in a box : thoughtful spirituality in a rational age /
Kelly Besecke

BL51 .C43 2014
Challenges to moral and religious belief : disagreement and evolution /
edited by Michael Bergmann and Patrick Kain

BL570 .B828 2014
Sacrifice in the post-Kantian tradition : perspectivism, intersubjectivity, and recognition /
Paolo Diego Bubbio

BL570 .S23 2013eb
Sacrifice and modern thought
edited by Julia Meszaros and Johannes Zachhuber

BL60 .R317 2014
Refuge in Crestone : a sanctuary for interreligious dialogue /
Aaron Thomas Raverty, OSB

BL600 .R743 2013eb
The craft of ritual studies
Ronald L. Grimes

BL624 .F58 2013
The truth within : a history of inwardness in Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism /
Gavin Flood

BL626.5 .M36 2014
Martyrdom and terrorism : pre-modern to contemporary perspectives /
edited by Dominic Janes, Alex Houen

BL687 .I64 2013
The individual in the religions of the Ancient Mediterranean
jörg Rüpke

BL870.Y44 M87 2013eb
Tree of salvation : Yggdrasil and the cross in the north /
G. Ronald Murphy, SJ

BM496.6 .S37 2013
Profiling Jewish literature in antiquity : an inventory, from Second Temple texts to the Talmuds [electronic resource]
by Alexander Samely ; edited by Philip Alexander, Rocco Bernasconi, Robert Hayward

BM538.A76 B76 2013
New heavens and a new earth : the Jewish reception of Copernican thought [electronic resource]
Jeremy Brown

BM645.P67 S73 2014
A prophet like Moses : prophecy, law, and Israelite religion /
Jeffrey Stackert

BP10.J383 A427 2014
Answering the call : popular Islamic activism in Sadat's Egypt /
By Abdullah Al-Arian

BP173.75 .K645 2014
Early Islam and the birth of capitalism
Benedikt Koehler

BP173.J8 H36 2014
Where Islam and Judaism join together : a perspective on reconciliation /
Shai Har-El

BP188.18.F35 S3 2013
Muslim childhood : religious nurture in a European context /
Jonathan Scourfield, Sophie Gilliat-Ray, Asma Khan, and Sameh Otri

BP64.N5 A45 2014
Christian responses to Islam in Nigeria : a contextual study of ambivalent encounters /
Akintunde E. Akinade

BP67.U6 N35 2014
What is an American Muslim? : embracing faith and citizenship /
Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im

BQ4435 .H45 2013eb
The forerunner of all things : Buddhaghosa on mind, intention, and agency /
Maria Heim

BQ4570.W6 W64 2013eb
Women in early Indian Buddhism : comparative textual studies /
[edited by] Alice Collett

BQ6150 .S25 2013eb
Buddhist nuns and gendered practice : in search of the female renunciant [electronic resource]
Nirmala S. Salgado

BQ840 .B83 2014
Buddhists : understanding Buddhism through the lives of believers /
edited by Todd Lewis

BQ8920 .S56 2014
Spells, images, and maṇḍalas : tracing the evolution of esoteric Buddhist rituals /
Koichi Shinohara

BQ9289.5 .H436 2013eb
Like Cats and Dogs : Contesting the Mu Koan in Zen Buddhism /
Steven Heine

BR115.C45 S54 2014
The spiritual city : theology, spirituality, and the urban /
Philip Sheldrake

BR1640 .N474 2013eb
The new evangelical social engagement
edited by Brian Steensland and Philip Goff

BR1642.G7 E93 2013eb
Evangelicalism and fundamentalism in the United Kingdom during the twentieth century
edited by David Bebbington and David Ceri Jones

BR1642.M6 N88 2014
Native evangelism in central Mexico
by Hugo G. Nutini and Jean F. Nutini

BR1720.A9 K46 2013eb
Contemplation and classical Christianity : a study in Augustine /
John Peter Kenney

BR500.A1 B35 2013eb
Sister churches : American congregations and their partners abroad /
Janel Kragt Bakker

BR555.T4 W88 2014
Rough country : how Texas became America's most powerful Bible-belt state /
Robert Wuthnow

BR563.N4 E77 2014eb
Plantation church : how African American religion was born in Caribbean slavery /
Noel Leo Erskine

BR600 .H37 2014eb
The rebirth of Latin American Christianity
Todd Hartch

BS465 .P467 2014eb
The Old Testament in Eastern Orthodox tradition
Eugen J. Pentiuc

BS476 .B79 2013eb
Listening to the Bible : the art of faithful Biblical interpretation /
Christopher Bryan ; with an appendix on liturgical reading by David Landon

BS680.C69 C43 2014eb
Explaining the cosmos : creation and cultural interaction in late-antique Gaza /
Michael W. Champion

BT111.3 .H38 2013eb
Metaphysics and the tri-personal God [electronic resource]
William Hasker

BT121.3 .H86 2013
Ascetic pneumatology from John Cassian to Gregory the Great
Thomas L Humphries, Jr

BT453 .L66 2013eb
The father's will : Christ's crucifixion and the goodness of God /
Nicholas E Lombardo

BT60 .C49 2015
Christianity : the basics /
Bruce Chilton

BT734.2 .C47 2013eb
Christians and the color line : race and religion after Divided by faith /
edited by J. Russell Hawkins and Phillip Luke Sinitiere

BT736.2 .B54 2013eb
In defence of war [electronic resource]
Nigel Biggar

BT75.3 .D365 2013
Theology of transformation : faith, freedom, and the Christian act /
Oliver Davies

BT751.3 .S66 2014
The soteriology of James Ussher : the act and object of saving faith /
by Richard Snoddy

BT767.3 .Y37 2013
Royal priesthood in the English Reformation
Malcolm B. Yarnell III

BT810.3 C64 2014eb
Exodus and liberation : deliverance politics from John Calvin to Martin Luther King Jr /
John Coffey

BT83.57 .G655 2014
A critical introduction to religion in the Americas : bridging the liberation theology and religious studies divide /
Michelle A. Gonzalez

BV1475.3 .B46 2013eb
Families and faith : how religion is passed down across generations /
Vern L. Bengtson, with Norella Putney and Susan C. Harris

BV637 .D39 2014eb
Faith on the avenue : religion on a city street /
Katie Day ; photography by Edd Conboy

BX3746.A1 A63 2013eb
Conflict & conversion : Catholicism in southeast Asia, 1500-1700 /
Tara Alberts

BX4705.B163 M39 2014
Balthasar on the spiritual senses : perceiving splendour /
Mark McInroy

BX5203.5 .D57 2013eb
Dissent and the Bible in Britain, c.1650-1950
edited by Scott Mandelbrote and Michael Ledger-Lomas

BX5883 .T46 2013eb
Corporate holiness : pulpit preaching and the Church of England Missionary Societies, 1760-1870 /
Dr Bob Tennant

BX7260.E3 B49 2013eb
Jonathan Edwards and the church
Rhys S. Bezzant

BX739.A1 H47 2013eb
Turning to tradition : converts and the making of an American Orthodox church /
D. Oliver Herbel

BX750.B3 O774 2014
Orthodox Christianity and nationalism in nineteenth-century southeastern Europe
edited by Lucian N. Leustean

BX8611 .H39 2013eb
The Mormon image in the American mind : fifty years of public perception /
J.B. Haws

BX8635.3 .W43 2013eb
Mormon Christianity : what other Christians can learn from the Latter-day Saints [electronic resource]
Stephen H. Webb

BX8962 .H36 2014
Storm of words : science, religion, and evolution in the Civil War era /
Monte Harrell Hampton

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