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Items Acquired in June 2014 for the University Libraries

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B1001 .V35 2014
Latin American philosophy from identity to radical exteriority
Alejandro A. Vallega

B105.B64 C64 2013
Recovering the body : a philosophical story /
Carol Collier

B105.E7 Z59 2014
Event : philosophy in transit /
Slavoj Žižek

B127.C65 L494 2014
The Confucian philosophy of harmony
Chenyang Li

B1297 .R53 2014
Samuel C. Rickless

B132.V3 T447 1962
The Sounds of Yoga-Vedanta : a documentary of life in an Indian Ashram [electronic resource]

B132.Y6 W48 2014
The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali : a biography /
David Gordon White

B1489 .S36 2014
Hume's epistemology in the Treatise : a veritistic interpretation /
Frederick F. Schmitt

B187.5 .G75 2013
The presocratics and the supernatural : magic, philosophy and science in early Greece /
Andrew Gregory

B2424.R38 P43 2014
Spinoza contra phenomenology : French rationalism from Cavaillès to Deleuze /
Knox Peden

B2430.D482 E5 2014
For Strasbourg : conversations of friendship and philosophy /
Jacques Derrida ; edited and translated by Pascale-Anne Brault and Michael Naas

B2430.S34 J436 2013
Jean-Paul Sartre : key concepts /
edited by Steven Churchill and Jack Reynolds

B2949.T64 W35 2014
Tragedy in Hegel's early theological writings
Peter Wake

B316 .P538 1956
On the death of Socrates : introduction, with readings from the Apology and the Phaedo, in Greek & in English translation. [Phonodisc] [electronic resource]

B317 .P33 2014
Virtue is knowledge : the moral foundations of Socratic political philosophy /
Lorraine Smith Pangle

B3199.A34 H45 2014
Adorno and art : aesthetic theory contra critical theory /
James Hellings

B3305.M74 B68 2012
Understanding Marxism
Geoff Boucher

B577.G24 G25 2013
Galen : psychological writings /
edited by P.N. Singer ; translated with introductions and notes by Vivian Nutton, Daniel Davies and P.N. Singer ; with the collaboration of Piero Tassinari

B65 .E93 2014
Resilient life : the art of living dangerously /
Brad Evans and Julian Reid

B67 .C43 2013
Science and philosophy in ancient India
Debiprasad Chattopadhyaya

B824.4 .B45 2014
Freedom and its betrayal : six enemies of human liberty /
Isaiah Berlin ; edited by Henry Hardy ; foreword by Enrique Krauze

The phenomenology of embodied subjectivity [electronic resource]
Rasmus Thybo Jensen, Dermot Moran, editors

B829.5 .S483 2013
The new phenomenology : a philosophical introduction /
J. Aaron Simmons and Bruce Ellis Benson

B831.2 .S56 2013
Fifty key postmodern thinkers
Stuart Sim

B843 .C36 2014
The Cambridge companion to utilitarianism
edited by Ben Eggleston, University of Kansas, Dale E. Miller, Old Dominion University

B945.C274 D34 2014
Stanley Cavell, religion, and continental philosophy
Espen Dahl

B945.P43 I45 2014
Illustrations of the logic of science
Charles S. Peirce ; edited by Cornelis de Waal

B995.F744 A3 2014
One hour in Paris : a true story of rape and recovery /
Karyn L. Freedman

BC34 .P377 2014
Articulating medieval logic
Terence Parsons

BD171 .C357 2013
Truth : philosophy in transit /
John D. Caputo

BD175.5.M84 C6
The evolution of multiculturalism : past, present, and future : keynote address [electronic resource]
Lillian Comas-Díaz

BD418.3 .L48 2014
Consciousness and moral responsibility
Neil Levy

BD418.3 .P49 2014
Philosophy of mind : the key thinkers /
edited by Andrew Bailey

BD431 .C225 2014
The Cambridge companion to life and death
edited by Steven Luper

BD438.5 .P43 2014
The mirror of the world : subjects, consciousness, and self-consciousness /
Christopher Peacocke

The clock is stopping : a discourse for our time [electronic resource]

BD531 .J36 2014
An introduction to design arguments
Benjamin C. Jantzen

BD581 .C298 2014
Making sense of nature : representation, politics and democracy /
Noel Castree

Person-centred counselling in action
Dave Mearns and Brian Thorne with John McLeod

BF109.W45 D58 2009
A discussion with Dr. Joe White [electronic resource]
[presented by] Thomas Parham ; executive producers, Thomas Parham, Iain Grainger ; produced by TLTC at UC Irvine ; Microtraining Associates

BF175.5.P72 S745 1977
Enhancing psychic energy [electronic resource]
conducted and created by Lee R. Steiner

BF203 .S52 2002
Return of the prodigal daughter : historiography and the relationship between Gestalt psychology and Gestalt therapy /
by Paul Shane

The Wiley-Blackwell handbook of positive psychological interventions
edited by Acacia C. Parks, Stephen M. Schueller

BF204.6 .P67 2008
Positive psychology and psychotherapy [electronic resource]
Martin Seligman with Randall C. Wyatt

BF207 .L437 1991
The psychedelic experience : readings from the book The psychedelic experience : a manual based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead. [electronic resource]

BF295.A2 I566 1976
Innovative rhythmic and tonal textures for developing creative motor skill activities [electronic resource]
by Bilal Abdurahman

BF311 .V53 2013
Methodological cognitivism. Vol. 2, Cognition, science, and innovation : Riccardo Viale

BF341 .T33 2014
Beyond versus : the struggle to understand the interaction of nature and nurture /
James Tabery

BF38.5 .J64 2013
Formulation in psychology and psychotherapy : making sense of people's problems /
edited by Lucy Johnstone and Rudi Dallos

New developments in quantitative psychology : presentations from the 77th Annual Psychometric Society Meeting /
Roger E. Millsap, L. Andries van der Ark, Daniel M. Bolt, Carol M. Woods, editors

BF481 .P79 2005
The psychology of working : expanding our vision to affirm race and culture [electronic resource]
Microtraining Associates ; David L. Blustein

BF531 .S38 2014
Science and emotions after 1945 : a transatlantic perspective /
edited by Frank Biess and Daniel M. Gross

BF531 C65 2014
Collective emotions : perspectives from psychology, philosophy, and sociology /
edited by Christian von Scheve and Mikko Salmela

BF575.G7 R47 2006ev
Resiliency after violent death : lessons for caregivers [electronic resource]
produced by Gift from Within and Post Office Editorial

BF575.G7 T45 2009
Telling your grief story : personal growth through expressions of love [electronic resource]
Microtraining Associates

BF575.L3 B38 2014
Laughter in Ancient Rome : On Joking, Tickling, and Cracking Up /
Mary Beard

BF636.6 .B43 2007
Becoming creative as a counselor : the SCAMPER model [electronic resource]
[presented by] Microtraining Associates ; written by Samuel T. Gladding ; produced and directed by Trevor J. Buser, Juleen K. Buser, Erin Binkley

BF636.6 .C674 2013
Counseling around the world : an international handbook /
editors, Thomas H. Hohenshil, Norman E. Amundson, Spencer G. Niles

BF636.6 .I8 1997
Basic influencing skills [electronic resource]
Allen E. Ivey, Norma B. Gluckstern, and Mary Bradford Ivey

BF636.6 .L58 2009 E-Video
A living legend : life review interview with Patricia Arredondo [electronic resource]
Microtraining Associates ; produced by Carlos Zalaquett & Scott Seifreit

BF636.6 .P67 2014
Personal consultancy : a model for integrating counselling and coaching /
Nash Popovic and Debra Jinks

BF636.6 .W75 2014
Research methods for counseling : an introduction /
Robert J. Wright, Widener University

BF636.6 B35 2014
The internship, practicum, and field placement handbook : a guide for the helping professions /
Brian N. Baird

BF636.68 .S657 2009
Spirituality in counseling [electronic resource]
hosted by Samuel T. Gladding and Michele Kielty Briggs ; Microtraining Associates presents ; written by Samuel T. Gladding ; produced by Audrey Muck

BF636.7.C76 A44 2009
The age of the cookie cutter has passed : contradictions in identity at the core of therapeutic intervention [electronic resource]
Microtraining Associates

BF636.7.C76 C3743 2006
Career counseling : skills for guided discovery and career assessment [electronic resource]
Microtraining and Microtraining Development ; Anika K. Warren

BF636.7.C76 C66 2010
The conversation with pioneers : a roundtable discussion [electronic resource]

BF636.7.C76 C68 2004 DVD
Counseling Muslims In a western context [electronic resource]
Microtraining and Multicultural Development ; directed and edited by Joshua M. Peltier

BF636.7.C76 E97 2009
European-American perspectives : growing up with culture [electronic resource]
Microtraining Associates ; produced by Bruce Oldershaw

BF636.7.C76 F38 2013
Experiential approach for developing multicultural counseling competence
Mary L. Fawcett, Kathy M. Evans

BF636.7.C76 H43 2009
Healing of the soul wound : Native American psychology and its implications for multicultural theory and practice [electronic resource]
Microtraining Associates

BF636.7.C76 I64 2009ev
Infusing the psychology of curriculum and ethnocultural content : truths, half-truths, anecdotes, and the role of critical thinking [electronic resource]

BF636.7.C76 M8487 2009ev
Multiculturalism in psychology education and training [electronic resource]

BF636.7.C76 M86 2009
Multiculturalism : issues in education and counseling [electronic resource]
created & developed by Don Pope-Davis ; producer/director, Bruce Drummond ; Instructional Media Production, College of Education, University of Iowa ; Microtraining Associates

BF636.7.C76 P68 2009
Possible selves and social identities : when and how they promote school performance [electronic resource]
Microtraining Associates ; Pedagogy Productions

BF636.7.C76 S93 2013
The bilingual counselor's guide to Spanish : basic vocabulary and interventions for the non-Spanish speaker /
Roberto Swazo

BF636.7.C76 T84 2009
Twenty five years later : how big is the circle of inclusion? [electronic resource]
Pedagogy Productions ; Microtraining Associates

BF637.B4 P67 2009
Promoting change : helping people with alcohol problems in primary care [electronic resource]
Department of Psychiatry, the University of Manchester

BF637.C6 C85 2009ev
Culturally-competent counseling and therapy [electronic resource]
sponsored and produced by the Society for the Psychological Study of Ethnic Minority Issues, Division 45 of the American Psychological Association

BF637.C6 M835 2004
Multicultural competence : awareness, knowledge, and skills [electronic resource]
[presented by] Microtraining Associates

BF637.H4 M875 2014
The good life : wellbeing and the new science of altruism, selfishness and immorality /
Graham Music

BF637.M45 .W42 2010ev
What is it about a mountain top? : an activist legacy of mentoring and scholarship [electronic resource]
Thomas Parham

BF698 .W23 2014
Cyclical psychodynamics and the contextual self : the inner world, the intimate world, and the world of culture and society /
Paul L Wachtel

BF713 .T4843 2014
Creating human development theories : a guide for the social sciences and humanities /
R. Murray Thomas

Crybaby : an analysis of the cry-language of babies [electronic resource]

BF723.M55 M68 2009
Mothers and sons : the crucial connection [electronic resource]
Microtraining Associates ; Ackerman Institute for Family Therapy ; executive producer, Steve Lerner ; producer, Peter Graumann

BF724 .T475 2009ev
Three counseling approaches : one adolescent client [electronic resource]

BF724.3.B55 I8 2002
Is it really me? [electronic resource]
Sister Productions, Wisdom Television ; produced by Brenda Siemer ; directed by Brenda Siemer, Emma Joan Morris

BF724.5 .G679
Coping with adulthood : a current, selected annotated bibliography for women and men, with particular emphasis on changing roles and critical turing points [electronic resource]
compiled by Marilyn Curryer Gould

BF76.5 .S89 2009
Reading between the lines : understanding culture in qualitative results [electronic resource]
Lisa Suzuki

BF789.D4 K45 2014
The inner life of the dying person
Allan Kellehear

BF891 .S273 1962
Handwriting analysis [electronic resource]

BF921 .H644 1980
Hand analysis, beginner's introduction [electronic resource]
by Betsy Hoffman

BJ1031 .S26 2014
The place of prejudice : a case for reasoning within the world /
Adam Adatto Sandel

BJ1461 .M45 2014
A dialogue on free will and science
Alfred R. Mele

BJ1533.H8 W66 2014
Reverence : renewing a forgotten virtue /
Paul Woodruff ; foreword by Betty Sue Flowers

BJ161 .I59 2014
Ethics after Aristotle
Brad Inwood

BJ301 .W45 2014
In praise of intransigence : the perils of flexibility /
Richard H. Weisberg

Irrealism in ethics
edited by Bart Streumer

The four Vedas [electronic resource]

BL1168.U532 H66 2013
Homegrown gurus : from Hinduism in America to American Hinduism /
edited by Ann Gleig and Lola Williamson

BL2017.45 .M358 2013
Sikhism : a guide for the perplexed /
Arvind-Pal Singh Mandair

BL217 .D83 2014
A million and one gods : the persistence of polytheism /
Page duBois

BL2370.S5 F766 1968
From a shaman's notebook : primitive and archaic poetry [electronic resource]

BL2480.Y6 Y46 2013
Yemoja : gender, sexuality, and creativity in the Latina/o and Afro-Atlantic diasporas /
edited by Solimar Otero and Toyin Falola

BL2525 .F325 2014
Faith and the founders of the American republic
edited by Daniel L. Dreisbach and Mark David Hall

BL51 .K59527 2014
Friendship as sacred knowing : overcoming isolation /
Samuel Kimbriel

BL60 .L96 2012
On the sacred
Gordon Lynch

BL65.V55 C53 2014
The justification of religious violence
Steve Clarke

BM205 .C495 2014
Judaism in transition : how economic choices shape religious tradition /
Carmel U. Chiswick

BM673.G7 G744 1978
Greek-Jewish musical traditions [electronic resource]
recordings and notes by Amnon Shiloah, the Hebrew University, Jerusalem

BM690 .B584
Songs of the holidays and other songs [electronic resource]

Reginald Foort in the Mosque Vol. IV : : in the Mosque, Richmond, Virginia [electronic resource]

BP130.2 .L36 2014
Never wholly other : a Muslima theology of religious pluralism /
Jerusha Tanner Lamptey

BP161.3 .A235 2014
At freedom's limit : Islam and the postcolonial predicament /
Sadia Abbas

Muslims and the new information and communication technologies : notes from an emerging and infinite field /
Thomas Hoffman, Göran Larsson, editors

BP188.5 .I23 2008ev
I named her Angel [electronic resource]

BP190.5.H44 K67 2014
The headscarf debates : conflicts of national belonging /
Anna C. Korteweg and Gökçe Yurdakul

BQ5020 .S59 2005
Sky burial [videorecording]
[produced and directed by] Ellen Bruno

BQ6160.C62 T527 1993
Satya, a prayer for the enemy [videorecording]
a film by Ellen Bruno

The spiritual city : theology, spirituality, and the place of the city /
Philip Sheldrake

BR127 .M2155 2014
A Trinitarian theology of religions : an evangelical proposal /
Gerald R. McDermott and Harold A. Netland

BR1725.S4265 W65 2014
Juan de Segovia and the fight for peace : Christians and Muslims in the fifteenth century /
Anne Marie Wolf

BR517 .S455 2014
Righteous rhetoric : sex, speech, and the politics of concerned women for America /
Leslie Dorrough Smith

BR525 .A74 2013
Apocalypse and the millennium in the American Civil War era
edited by Ben Wright and Zachary W. Dresser ; with a foreword by Mark A. Noll

BR53.G85 G856 1961
Christian poetry and prose [electronic resource]

BS1404.F7 T443 1958
The Bible in French : excerpts from the Psalms, the Proverbs, the Ecclesiastes [electronic resource]

BS2675.6.E815 C66 2014
When you were gentiles : specters of ethnicity in Roman Corinth and Paul's Corinthian correspondence /
Cavan W. Concannon

John Bale's The image of both churches
Gretchen E. Minton, editor

BS2860.S42 A53 2013
Ancient gospel or modern forgery? : the Secret Gospel of Mark in debate /
edited by Tony Burke ; foreword by Paul Foster

BS551.2 A834 1991
Joseph and his brothers : from In the beginning [electronic resource]
by Sholem Asch

BS580.A3 B335 2014
The family of Abraham : Jewish, Christian, and Muslim interpretations /
Carol Bakhos

BS580.D4 S37 2014
Deborah's daughters : gender politics and biblical interpretation /
Joy A. Schroeder

BS580.E9 F75 2014
Ezra and the law in history and tradition
Lisbeth S. Fried

BT304.9 .E37 2014
How Jesus became God : the exaltation of a Jewish preacher from Galilee /
Bart D. Ehrman

BT966.2 G977 1975
Gypsy nights [electronic resource]

BV1340.W6 R5
A history of the World's Young Women's Christian Association [electronic resource]

BV1350 .W7
Fifty years of association work among young women, 1866-1916 [electronic resource]

How did a multi-racial movement develop in the Baltimore YWCA, 1883-1926? [electronic resource]
by Kimberly Crandal Bowling and Kriste Lindenmeyer

How did the Portland YWCA enhance the lives of women, 1901-2000? [electronic resource]
by Patricia A. Schechter

BV4012.2 .A67 2013
Transformative encounters : the intervention of God in Christian counseling and pastoral care /
edited by David W. Appleby and George Ohlschlager

BV4012.2 .J87 2014
Please don't tell : what to do with the secrets people share /
Emma J. Justes

BV4257 .B766 1979
Are you ready for Christmas? : [a sermon] [electronic resource]
Audrey F. Bronson and Becky Carlton

BX1406.3 .Y36 2014
Becoming Catholic : finding Rome in the American religious landscape /
David Yamane

BX1746 .M225 2014
Leaving Christendom for good : church-world dialogue in a secular age /
James Gerard McEvoy

BX1749.T6 M34 2014
Thomas Aquinas's Summa theologiae : a biography /
Bernard McGinn

BX4220.G3 L54 2014
Religious women in early Carolingian Francia : a study of manuscript transmission and monastic culture /
Felice Lifshitz

BX4705.M5526 L68 2014
Lorenzo Milani's culture of peace : essays on religion, education, and democratic life : /
edited by Carmel Borg and Michael Grech

BX7012.Z5 U733 1957
Urban Holiness service [electronic resource]

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