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Items Acquired in November 2014 for the University Libraries

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B1008.P73 P73 2011eb
Pragmatism in the Americas [electronic resource]
edited by Gregory Fernando Pappas

The great chain of being : a study of the history of an idea [electronic resource]
by Arthur O. Lovejoy

B105.I47 F75 2009eb
The virtual window : from Alberti to Microsoft [electronic resource]
Anne Friedberg

B105.M4 P465 2014
Inferentialism : why rules matter /
Jaroslav Peregrin, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague

B105.S59 D97 2014
The tone of our times : sound, sense, economy, and ecology /
Frances Dyson

B105.S79 H36 2014
How to deal with adversity
Christopher Hamilton

B125 .B3 1967"@"B125
Basic writings of Mo Tzu, Hsün Tzu, and Han Fei Tzu [electronic resource]
translated by Burton Watson

B125 .C4813 1967"@"B125
Reflections on things at hand : the neo-Confucian anthology [electronic resource]
compiled by Chu Hsi and Lü Tsu-ch'ien ; translated, with notes, by Wing-tsit Chan

B126 .N45 2008eb
Ritual and deference : extending Chinese philosophy in a comparative context [electronic resource]
Robert Cummings Neville

B128.W36 E5 1963"@"B128.W34
Instructions for practical living, and other Neo-Confucian writings [electronic resource]
by Wang Yang-Ming ; translated, with notes, by Wing-tsit Chan

B132.Y6 A483 2004eb
Yoga in modern India : the body between science and philosophy [electronic resource]
Joseph S. Alter

B1348 .W28 1990eb
The rhetoric of Berkeley's philosophy [electronic resource]
Peter Walmsley

B1545.Z7 H55 2014
The other Adam Smith
Mike Hill and Warren Montag

Studies in the way of words [electronic resource]
Paul Grice

B1649.N473 P4835 2013
The thoughtful heart : the metaphysics of John Henry Newman : with a fully annotated reader's text of Newman's Discursive enquiries on metaphysical subjects /
William F. Myers

B1649.P64 H33 2000eb
Karl Popper, the formative years, 1902-1945 : politics and philosophy in interwar Vienna [electronic resource]
Malachi Haim Hacohen

B1674.W354 S435 2014
The universe of things : on speculative realism /
Steven Shaviro

B2430.C3584 A64 2011eb
Castoriadis's ontology : being and creation [electronic resource]
Suzi Adams

B2430.D483 A5513 2008eb
The animal that therefore I am [electronic resource]
Jacques Derrida ; edited by Marie-Louise Mallet ; translated by David Wills

B2430.D484 H87 2008eb
Derrida vis-à-vis Lacan : interweaving deconstruction and psychoanalysis [electronic resource]
Andrea Hurst

B2430.D484 K385 2008eb
Fielding Derrida : philosophy, literary criticism, history, and the work of deconstruction [electronic resource]
Joshua Kates

B2430.D484 N32 2008eb
Derrida from now on [electronic resource]
Michael Naas

B2430.D484 N325 2012eb
Miracle and machine : Jacques Derrida and the two sources of religion, science, and the media [electronic resource]
Michael Naas

B2430.D484 S24 2010eb
Apparitions--of Derrida's other [electronic resource]
Kas Saghafi

B2430.D484 W68 2006eb
Counter-institutions : Jacques Derrida and the question of the university [electronic resource]
Simon Morgan Wortham

B2430.F724 J67 2014
Convulsing bodies : religion and resistance in Foucault /
Mark D. Jordan

B2430.L14664 M37 2005eb
Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe : representation and the loss of the subject [electronic resource]
John Martis

B2430.L484 D83 2001eb
The intrigue of ethics : a reading of the idea of discourse in the thought of Emmanuel Lévinas [electronic resource]
Jeffrey Dudiak

B2430.L484 E96 2010eb
The exorbitant : Emmanuel Levinas between Jews and Christians [electronic resource]
edited by Kevin Hart and Michael A. Signer

B2430.L484 F32 2000eb
The face of the Other and the trace of God : essays on the philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas [electronic resource]
edited by Jeffrey Bloechl

B2430.L484 L466 2013
Levinas and Asian thought
edited by Leah Kalmanson, Frank Garrett & Sarah A. Mattice

B2430.L484 W97 2000eb
Emmanuel Lévinas : the problem of ethical metaphysics [electronic resource]
Edith Wyschogrod

B2430.M284 G58 2005eb
Givenness and God : questions of Jean-Luc Marion [electronic resource]
edited by Ian Leask and Eoin Cassidy

B2430.M284 M33 2010eb
Interpreting excess : Jean-Luc Marion, saturated phenomena, and hermeneutics [electronic resource]
Shane Mackinlay

B2430.N363 D4337 2012eb
Re-treating religion : deconstructing Christianity with Jean-Luc Nancy [electronic resource]
edited by Alena Alexandrova ... [et al.] ; with a preamble and concluding dialogue by Jean-Luc Nancy

B2430.N363 E6413 2015
After Fukushima : the equivalence of catastrophes /
Jean-Luc Nancy ; translated by Charlotte Mandell

B2430.R553 M4613 2004eb
Memory, history, forgetting [electronic resource]
Paul Ricoeur ; translated by Kathleen Blamey and David Pellauer

B2430.R554 P36 2010eb
A passion for the possible : thinking with Paul Ricoeur [electronic resource]
edited by Brian Treanor and Henry Isaac Venema

B2430.S34 C37 2012eb
Carnets Jean Paul Sartre : Reisende ohne Fahrschein Jahrbücher der Sartre-Gesellschaft e.V. (2012) [electronic resource]
Peter Knopp, Vincent von Wroblewsky (Hrsg.)

B2433.L374 G36 2014
Laruelle : against the digital /
Alexander R. Galloway

B2599.I34 R64 2014
Leibniz's principle of identity of indiscernibles
Gonzalo Rodríguez-Pereyra

B279 .L36 2015
The birth of hedonism : the Cyrenaic philosophers and pleasure as a way of life /
Kurt Lampe

B2798 .W84 2014
Kant on mind, action, and ethics
Julian Wuerth

B288 .B68 1969
Greek sophists in the Roman Empire [electronic resource]
G.W. Bowersock

B2936.E5 H3 1995eb
Lectures on the history of philosophy [electronic resource]
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel ; translated by E.S. Haldane ; introduction to the Bison Book Edition by Frederick C. Beiser

B3216.D81 D58 2002"@"B3216.D81
The formation of the historical world in the human sciences [electronic resource]
Wilhelm Dilthey ; edited, with an introduction, by Rudolf A. Makkreel and Frithjof Rodi

B3279.H48 B44534 2007eb
On the way to Heidegger's Contributions to philosophy [electronic resource]
Parvis Emad

B3279.H49 B273 2003eb
Martin Heidegger and the problem of historical meaning [electronic resource]
Jeffrey Andrew Barash

B3279.H49 C255 2012eb
The early Heidegger's philosophy of life : facticity, being, and language [electronic resource]
Scott M. Campbell

B3279.H49 C37 2014
Heidegger's way of being
Richard Capobianco

B3279.H49 G57 2000eb
Heidegger's philosophy of science [electronic resource]
Trish Glazebrook

B3279.H49 G593 2004eb
Heidegger, Hölderlin, and the subject of poetic language : toward a new poetics of dasein [electronic resource]
Jennifer Anna Gosetti-Ferencei

B3279.H49 I36 2010eb
Heidegger's technologies : postphenomenological perspectives [electronic resource]
Don Ihde

B3279.H49 N525 2014
The world of freedom : Heidegger, Foucault, and the politics of historical ontology /
Robert Nichols

B3279.H49 R47 2003eb
Heidegger : through phenomenology to thought [electronic resource]
by William J. Richardson ; preface by Martin Heidegger

B3279.H49 S375 2004eb
Being Jewish/reading Heidegger : an ontological encounter [electronic resource]
Allen Scult

B3312.E5 H64 2003
Twilight of the idols ; : and, The Anti-Christ /
Friedrich Nietzsche ; translated by R.J. Hollingdale ; introduction by Michael Tanner

B3317 .K266 2014
Kant on emotion and value
edited by Alix Cohen, University of Edinburgh, UK

B3317 .L433 2009eb
Nietzsche's animal philosophy : culture, politics, and the animality of the human being [electronic resource]
Vanessa Lemm

B3329.S484 S73 2002eb
Scheler's ethical personalism : its logic, development, and promise [electronic resource]
Peter H. Spader

B3611.A44 A88 2014
Giorgio Agamben : beyond the threshold of deconstruction /
Kevin Attell

B378 .S46 2010eb
Plato's Parmenides and its heritage [electronic resource]
edited by John D. Turner and Kevin Corrigan

B3998 .G63 2004eb
Spinoza's modernity : Mendelssohn, Lessing, and Heine [electronic resource]
Willi Goetschel

B4378.B52 P66 2004eb
Stealing a gift : Kierkegaard's pseudonyms and the Bible [electronic resource]
Jolita Pons

B4378.E8 D66 2001eb
The politics of Exodus : Søren Kierkegaard's ethics of responsibility [electronic resource]
Mark Dooley

B4378.S4 T38 2000eb
Journeys to selfhood : Hegel & Kierkegaard [electronic resource]
Mark C. Taylor

B4870.T656 A4 2014
Comradely greetings : the prison letters of Nadya and Slavoj /
Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Slavoj Žižek ; translated by Ian Dreiblatt ; introduced by Michel Eltchaninoff

B56 .D47 2005eb
Is there a sabbath for thought? : between religion and philosophy [electronic resource]
William Desmond

B56 .S89 2005eb
Styles of piety : practicing philosophy after the death of God [electronic resource]
edited by S. Clark Buckner and Matthew Statler

Epicurus and his gods : Épicure et ses dieux ; [electronic resource] =
Translated by C. W. Chilton

B577.H42 E57 2009eb
Hierocles the Stoic : elements of ethics, fragments and excerpts [electronic resource]
by Ilaria Ramelli ; translated by David Konstan

Jewish messianism and the history of philosophy [electronic resource]
Martin Kavka

B765.H474 M37 1985eb
Truth and scientific knowledge in the thought of Henry of Ghent [electronic resource]
Steven P. Marrone

B765.T54 B76 2014
Aquinas's ontology of the material world : change, hylomorphism, and material objects /
Jeffrey E. Brower

B804 .D275 2014
Mindfulness and letting be : on engaged thinking and acting /
Fred Dallmayr

B804 .K43 2004eb
Debates in continental philosophy : conversations with contemporary thinkers [electronic resource]
Richard Kearney

B804 .W97 2006eb
Crossover queries : dwelling with negatives, embodying philosophy's others [electronic resource]
Edith Wyschogrod

B809.8 .M567 2014
(Mis)readings of Marx in continental philosophy
edited by Jernel Habjan and Jessica Whyte

B809.8 .Z585 2014
Absolute recoil : towards a new foundation of dialectical materialism /
Slavoj Žižek

B815 .T47 2001"@"B815
Feeling in theory : emotion after the death of the subject [electronic resource]
Rei Terada

B816 .B36 2014
The realistic empiricism of Mach, James and Russell : neutral monism reconceived /
Erik C. Banks (Wright State University)

B819 .B87 1999eb
Circulating being : from embodiment to incorporation : essays on late existentialism [electronic resource]
Thomas W. Busch

B819 .T86 2013eb
Doing philosophy personally : thinking about metaphysics, theism, and antiblack racism [electronic resource]
Dwayne A. Tunstall

B827 .M66 2012
Monism : science, philosophy, religion, and the history of a worldview /
edited by Todd H. Weir

B828.2 .C65 1992eb
Nature and spirit : an essay in ecstatic naturalism [electronic resource]
by Robert S. Corrington

B829.5 .D434 2013eb
Futurity in phenomenology : promise and method in Husserl, Levinas, and Derrida [electronic resource]
Neal DeRoo

B831.2 .K66 1997eb
Knowing other-wise : philosophy at the threshold of spirituality [electronic resource]
edited by James H. Olthuis

B831.2 .S73 2013
The metaphysics of modernity : what makes societies thrive /
Ulrich Steinvorth

B832 .A345 2012eb
Reconstructing individualism : a pragmatic tradition from Emerson to Ellison [electronic resource]
James M. Albrecht

B832 .H53 2007eb
Pragmatism as post-postmodernism : lessons from John Dewey [electronic resource]
Larry A. Hickman

B851 .D64 1988eb
Doctrine and experience : essays in American philosophy [electronic resource]
edited by Vincent G. Potter

B851 .W37 2004eb
Conversion in American philosophy : exploring the practice of transformation [electronic resource]
Roger A. Ward

B885.Z7 C65 1975eb
Jefferson, nationalism, and the enlightenment [electronic resource]
Henry Steele Commager

B935 .P48 1997eb
Philosophy in experience : American philosophy in transition [electronic resource]
edited by Richard E. Hart and Douglas R. Anderson

B935 .S36 1991eb
Frontiers of consciousness : interdisciplinary studies in American philosophy and poetry [electronic resource]
by Stanley J. Scott

B936 .A53 2006eb
Philosophy Americana : making philosophy at home in American culture [electronic resource]
Douglas R. Anderson

B945.C274 S74 2012eb
Stanley Cavell and the education of grownups [electronic resource]
edited by Naoko Saito and Paul Standish

B945.D44 B65 1988eb
Dewey's metaphysics [electronic resource]
Raymond D. Boisvert

B945.D44 J56 2009eb
John Dewey between pragmatism and constructivism [electronic resource]
edited by Larry A. Hickman, Stefan Neubert, Kersten Reich

B945.D44 M68 2011eb
Faith in life : John Dewey's early philosophy [electronic resource]
Donald J. Morse

B945.D44 S23 2005eb
The gleam of light : moral perfectionism and education in Dewey and Emerson [electronic resource]
Naoko Saito

B945.D44 S54 2010eb
John Dewey's philosophy of spirit : with the 1897 lecture on Hegel [electronic resource]
John R. Shook and James A. Good

B945.J23 W536 1997eb
William James on the courage to believe [electronic resource]
Robert J. O'Connell

B945.M4541 A53 2007eb
The drama of possibility : experience as philosophy of culture [electronic resource]
John J. McDermott ; edited by Douglas R. Anderson

B945.M4544 E97 2006eb
Experience as philosophy : on the work of John J. McDermott [electronic resource]
edited by James Campbell and Richard E. Hart

B945.M464 H94 2014
Becoming Mead : the social process of academic knowledge /
Daniel R. Huebner

B945.P44 A725 2012eb
Conversations on Peirce : reals and ideals [electronic resource]
Douglas R. Anderson and Carl R. Hausman

B945.P44 N67 2012eb
The normative thought of Charles S. Peirce [electronic resource]
edited by Cornelis de Waal and Krzysztof Piotr Skowroński

B945.P44 P6 1997eb
Charles S. Peirce on norms & ideals [electronic resource]
by Vincent G. Potter ; with a new introduction by Stanley M. Harrison

B945.P44 P63 1996eb
Peirce's philosophical perspectives [electronic resource]
by Vincent G. Potter ; edited by Vincent M. Colapietro

B945.P44 S67 2004eb
Representative practices : Peirce, pragmatism, and feminist epistemology [electronic resource]
Kory Spencer Sorrell

B945.R64 F68 2012eb
Loyalty to loyalty : Josiah Royce and the genuine moral life [electronic resource]
Mathew A. Foust

B945.R64 T86 2009eb
Yes, but not quite : encountering Josiah Royce's ethico-religious insight [electronic resource]
Dwayne A. Tunstall

BD21 .W455 2014
Toward a philosophical theory of everything : contributions to the structural-systematic philosophy /
Alan White

BD213 .T74 2006eb
Aspects of alterity : Levinas, Marcel, and the contemporary debate [electronic resource]
Brian Treanor

BD241 .A36 2014
The agon of interpretations : towards a critical intercultural hermeneutics /
edited by Ming Xie

BD372 .P54 1998eb
Philosophers of process [electronic resource]
edited by Douglas Browning and William T. Myers

BD431 .L335 2006eb
The implications of immanence : toward a new concept of life [electronic resource]
Leonard Lawlor

BD443 .F3513 2012eb
The metamorphosis of finitude : an essay on birth and resurrection [electronic resource]
Emmanuel Falque ; translated by George Hughes

BD444 .D32813 2012eb
How are we to confront death? : an introduction to philosophy [electronic resource]
Françoise Dastur ; translated by Robert Vallier ; foreword by David Farrell Krell

BD444 .F285 2015
Death : a philosophical inquiry /
Paul Fairfield

BD444 .J5546 2010eb
Surviving death [electronic resource]
Mark Johnston

BD444 .P48 2009eb
Philodemus, On death [electronic resource]
translated with an introduction and notes by W. Benjamin Henry

BD450 .L795 2014
Self-consciousness and the critique of the subject : Hegel, Heidegger, and the poststructuralists /
Simon Lumsden

BD450 .M598 2013eb
On becoming God : late medieval mysticism and the modern Western self [electronic resource]
Ben Morgan

BD531.5 .E34 2014
Efficient causation : a history /
edited by Tad M. Schmaltz

BD581 .M25 2010eb
Elemental philosophy : earth, air, fire, and water as environmental ideas [electronic resource]
David Macauley

BD638 .C33 1991"@"BD638
Time, narrative, and history [electronic resource]
David Carr

BF1078 .M485 2011eb
Dreams that matter : Egyptian landscapes of the imagination [electronic resource]
Amira Mittermaier

BF109.F74 S2413 2005eb
Recollecting Freud [electronic resource]
Isidor Sadger ; edited by Alan Dundes ; translated by Johanna Micaela Jacobsen and Alan Dundes

BF109.F74 S85 1992
Freud, biologist of the mind : beyond the psychoanalytic legend [electronic resource]
Frank J. Sulloway

BF1621 .D37 2014
Daughters of Hecate : women and magic in the ancient world /
edited by Kimberly B. Stratton with Dayna S. Kalleres

BF175 .E53 1985eb
Psychoanalysis and the question of the text [electronic resource]
edited, with a preface, by Geoffrey Hartman

BF175 .R437 1997eb
Religion, society, and psychoanalysis : readings in contemporary theory [electronic resource]
edited by Janet Liebman Jacobs, Donald Capps

BF175.4.R44 C76 2007eb
Interstices of the sublime : theology and psychoanalytic theory [electronic resource]
Clayton Crockett

BF175.4.R44 S26 2001eb
On the psychotheology of everyday life : reflections on Freud and Rosenzweig [electronic resource]
Eric L. Santner

BF1762 .N58 2003eb
Prophets and prophecy in the ancient Near East [electronic resource]
by Martti Nissinen ; with contributions by C.L. Seow and Robert K. Ritner ; edited by Peter Machinist

BF1815.S7 H66 1982"@"BF1815.S7
A woman to deliver her people : Joanna Southcott and English millenarianism in an era of revolution [electronic resource]
by James K. Hopkins

BF275 .F54 2014
Tiffany Field

BF321 .V74 2014
Mindfulness and schema therapy : a practical guide /
Michiel van Vreeswijk, Jenny Broersen, Ger Schurink

BF442 .R423 2015
Reasoning as memory
edited by Aidan Feeney, Valerie A. Thompson

BF456.D7 W54 2014
Thinking visually for illustrators
Mark Wigan

BF515.H27 M37 2014
They shall beat their swords into plowshares : military strategy, psychoanalysis and the art of living /
Paul Marcus

BF521 .O88296 2011
Exercise for mood and anxiety : proven strategies for overcoming depression and enhancing well-being /
Michael W. Otto, Jasper A.J. Smits

Female aggression
Helen Gavin, Theresa Porter

BF575.A5 H346 2001eb
Restraining rage : the ideology of anger control in classical antiquity [electronic resource]
William V. Harris

BF575.D35 B35 2014
Social tragedy : the power of myth, ritual, and emotion in the new media ecology /
Stephanie Alice Baker

BF575.E55 P43 2014
Affective relations : the transnational politics of empathy /
Carolyn Pedwell, Newcastle University, UK

BF575.G7 W584 2014
Working with bereavement : a practical guide /
Janet Wilson

BF575.H27 L96 2015
Health, happiness, and well-being : better living through psychological science /
Steven J. Lynn, William T. O'Donohue, Scott O. Lilienfeld, editors

BF637.I5 .M684 2012
Motivational interviewing step by step. Core concepts of motivational interviewing [videorecording]
with Cathy Cole ; produced by Victor Yalom, Marie-Helene Yalom, Cathy Cole ; directed by Marie-Helene Yalom

BF637.I5 .M685 2012
Motivational interviewing step by step. Increasing importance in motivational interviewing [videorecording]
produced by Victor Yalom, Marie-Helene Yalom, Cathy Cole ; interview & commentary directed by Marie-Helene Yalom

BF637.I5 .M686 2012
Motivational interviewing step by step. Resolving ambivalence in motivational interviewing [videorecording]
produced by Victor Yalom, Marie-Helene Yalom, Cathy Cole ; interview & commentary directed by Marie-Helene Yalom

BF637.I5 .M687 2012
Motivational interviewing step by step. Building confidence in motivational interviewing [videorecording]
produced by Victor Yalom, Marie-Helene Yalom, Cathy Cole ; interview & commentary directed by Marie-Helene Yalom

BF683 .G67 1972eb
Looking ahead : self-conceptions, race, and family as determinants of adolescent orientation to achievement [electronic resource]
by Chad Gordon

BF685 .F74 2014
The ploy of instinct : Victorian sciences of nature and sexuality in liberal governance /
Kathleen Frederickson

BF692 .D54 2014
Love and war : how militarism shapes sexuality and romance /
Tom Digby

BF713 .L82 2014
Developmental psychology
Amanda Ludlow and Roberto Gutierrez

BF723.M54 N37 2014
Neurobiology and the development of human morality : evolution, culture, and wisdom /
Darcia Narvaez

BF723.R46 U54 2014
Working with children and youth with complex needs : 20 skills to build resilience /
Michael Ungar

BF723.S25 B75 2015
Enhancing self-control in adolescents : treatment strategies derived from psychological science /
Norman M. Brier

BF724.3.E5 S3313 2014
The conscience and self-conscious emotions in adolescence : an integrative approach /
Frans Schalkwijk

BH301.L3 L26 1995eb
Landscape, natural beauty and the arts [electronic resource]
edited by Salim Kemal and Ivan Gaskell

BH39 .B795 2006eb
On the anarchy of poetry and philosophy : a guide for the unruly [electronic resource]
Gerald L. Bruns

BJ1031 .C859 2014
Speech and morality : on the metaethical implications of speaking /
Terence Cuneo

BJ1251 .W35 1963eb
The elements of moral science [electronic resource]
by Francis Wayland ; edited by Joseph L. Blau

BJ1287.M64 C613 2004eb
Ethics of Maimonides [electronic resource]
Hermann Cohen ; translated with commentary by Almut Sh. Bruckstein ; foreword by Robert Gibbs

BJ1291 .C66 2000eb
Commanding right and forbidding wrong in Islamic thought [electronic resource]
Michael Cook

BJ1461 .L53 2014
Libertarian free will : contemporary debates /
edited by David Palmer

Disgraceful matters : the politics of chastity in eighteenth-century China [electronic resource]
Janet M. Theiss

BJ1533.G4 E55 2002eb
The enigma of gift and sacrifice [electronic resource]
co-edited by Edith Wyschogrod, Jean-Joseph Goux, and Eric Boynton

BJ1533.H8 F33 1998"@"BJ1533.H8
The faces of honor : sex, shame, and violence in Colonial Latin America [electronic resource]
edited by Lyman L. Johnson and Sonya Lipsett-Rivera

BJ1535.G6 W44 2014
When private talk goes public : gossip in American history /
edited by Kathleen A. Feeley and Jennifer Frost

BJ2021 .P48 2011eb
Phenomenologies of the stranger : between hostility and hospitality [electronic resource]
edited by Richard Kearney and Kascha Semonovitch

BJ37 .D54 2008eb
Difficulties of ethical life [electronic resource]
edited by Shannon Sullivan and Dennis J. Schmidt

BJ37 .H57 2015"@"BJ37 .H57 2014
Moral aggregation
Iwao Hirose

BJ604.S5 L39 2014
The point of view of the universe : Sidgwick and contemporary ethics /
Katarzyna de Lazari-Radek and Peter Singer

BL1060 .R87 2014
Heirs to forgotten kingdoms : journeys into the disappearing religions of the Middle East /
Gerard Russell

BL1138.66 .D38 2014
The Bhagavad Gita : a biography /
Richard H. Davis

BL1153.2 .O35 2014
Hindu theology in early modern South Asia : the rise of devotionalism and the politics of genealogy /
Kiyokazu Okita

BL1168.U532 W55 2010eb
Transcendent in America : Hindu-inspired meditation movements as new religion [electronic resource]
Lola Williamson

BL1225.R274 U634 2006
The Goddess lives in upstate New York : breaking convention and making home at a North American Hindu temple [electronic resource]
Corinne G. Dempsey

BL1237.58.D48 O77 2000eb
Donors, devotees, and daughters of God : temple women in medieval Tamilnadu [electronic resource]
Leslie C. Orr

BL1237.75 .O45 1993eb
The āśrama system : the history and hermeneutics of a religious institution [electronic resource]
Patrick Olivelle

BL1243.76.M32 W34 2004eb
Diaspora of the gods : modern Hindu temples in an urban middle-class world [electronic resource]
Joanne Punzo Wahorne

The archetypal actions of ritual : an essay on ritual as action illustrated by the Jain rite of worship [electronic resource]
Caroline Humphrey and James Alexander Laidlaw

BL1442.Z4 E3613 1971"@"BL1442.Z4
The Zen Master Hakuin : selected writings [electronic resource]
translated by Philip B. Yampolsky

BL1620 .R43 2011eb
Reading Akkadian prayers and hymns : an introduction [electronic resource]
edited by Alan Lenzi

BL1640 .P37 2002eb
Ritual and cult at Ugarit [electronic resource]
by Dennis Pardee ; edited by Theodore J. Lewis

BL1858 .O5 2002
On sacred grounds : culture, society, politics, and the formation of the cult of Confucius [electronic resource]
Thomas A. Wilson, editor

BL1900.C5 W3413 1968"@"BL1900.C5
The complete works of Chuang Tzu [electronic resource]
translated by Burton Watson

BL1923 .K64 1992eb
Early Chinese mysticism : philosophy and soteriology in the Taoist tradition [electronic resource]
Livia Kohn

BL2370.H5 .S54 2002beb
Hittite prayers [electronic resource]
by Itamar Singer ; edited by Harry A. Hoffner, Jr

BL2370.H5 H57 1998eb
Hittite myths [electronic resource]
[translated by] Harry A. Hoffner, Jr. ; edited by Gary M. Beckman

BL238 .S78 1987eb
Studies in religious fundamentalism [electronic resource]
edited by Lionel Caplan

BL240.3 .C48 2014
Mystical science and practical religion : Muslim, Hindu, and Sikh discourse on science and technology /
Richard Cimino

BL240.3 .G558 2014
God's planet
Owen Gingerich

BL240.3 .L374 2014"@"BL240.3 .L374 2014
The slain God : anthropologists and the Christian faith /
Timothy Larsen

BL2430 .P9713 2005eb
The ancient Egyptian pyramid texts [electronic resource]
translated with an introduction and notes by James P. Allen ; edited by Peter Der Manuelian

BL2480.F3 F47 1982eb
Bwiti : an ethnography of the religious imagination in Africa [electronic resource]
James W. Fernandez ; drawings by Renate Lellep Fernandez

BL2525 .B44 1989eb
New religions and the theological imagination in America [electronic resource]
Mary Farrell Bednarowski

BL2525 .J48 2005eb
Faithful generations : race and new Asian American churches [electronic resource]
Russell Jeung ; foreword by Robert N. Bellah

BL2532.R37 C47 1994eb
Rastafari : roots and ideology [electronic resource]
Barry Chevannes

BL2592.C35 M38 2005eb
Black Atlantic religion : tradition, transnationalism, and matriarchy in the Afro-Brazilian Candomblé [electronic resource]
J. Lorand Matory

BL2592.C35 S44 2014
Possessing spirits and healing selves : embodiment and transformation in an Afro-Brazilian religion /
Rebecca Seligman

BL2765.R8 P47 1998"@"BL2765.R8
Storming the heavens : the Soviet League of the Militant Godless [electronic resource]
Daniel Peris

BL2775.3 .D39 2008eb
The God delusion [electronic resource]
Richard Dawkins

BL312 .B37 2004eb
When they severed earth from sky : how the human mind shapes myth [electronic resource]
Elizabeth Wayland Barber and Paul T. Barber

BL458 .R44 2014
Religion and spirituality for diverse women : foundations of strength and resilience /
Thema Bryant-Davis, Asuncion Miteria Austria, Debra M. Kawahara, and Diane J. Willis, editors

BL458 .W56375 2006eb
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