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Items Acquired in July 2014 for the University Libraries

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B105.C74 P53 2014
The philosophy of creativity : new essays /
edited by Elliot Samuel Paul and Scott Barry Kaufman

B105.I56 F76 2014
From individual to collective intentionality : new essays : /
edited by Sara Rachel Chant, Frank Hindriks, and Gerhard Preyer

B105.P53 S245 2014
Light traces
John Sallis ; paintings and drawings by Alejandro A. Vallega

B105.R25 A46 2014
Referential mechanics : direct reference and the foundations of semantics /
Joseph Almog

B108 .S77 2014
Strategies of argument : essays in ancient ethics, epistemology, and logic /
edited by Mi-Kyoung Lee

B126 .P54 2014
Heaven and earth are not humane : the problem of evil in classical Chinese philosophy /
Franklin Perkins

B1498 S87 2014
The secret connexion : causation, realism, and David Hume /
Galen Strawson

B187.K7 F56 2014
The possibility of Inquiry : Meno's Paradox from Socrates to Sextus /
Gail Fine

B2430.L964 S29 2014
Lyotard, literature and the trauma of the differend
Dylan Sawyer

B2748.R64 R45 2014
The relevance of Romanticism : essays on German romantic philosophy /
edited by Dalia Nassar

B2779 .D93 2014
Kant and rational psychology
Corey W. Dyck

B2949.D5 C635 2014
The birth of theory
Andrew Cole

B3279.H48 E35513 2014
Introduction to metaphysics
Martin Heidegger ; revised and expanded translation by Gregory Fried and Richard Polt

Lecture on ethics
Ludwig Wittgenstein ; edited with commentary by Edoardo Zamuner, Ermelinda Valentina Di Lascio, and D. K. Levy

B745.M4 S2313 2014
The book of metaphysical penetrations : a parallel English-Arabic text /
Mullā Ṣadrā ; translated by Seyyed Hossein Nasr ; edited, introduced, and annotated by Ibrahim Kalin

B804 .P5357 2014
Philosophy at 3:AM : questions and answers with 25 top philosophers /
Richard Marshall

B840 .Y33 2014
Stephen Yablo

B945.B744354 R38 2014
Rational and social agency : the philosophy of Michael Bratman /
edited by Manuel Vargas, Gideon Yaffe

B945.D44 T58 2014
Trained capacities : John Dewey, rhetoric, and democratic practice /
edited by Brian Jackson and Gregory Clark

BC177 .M367 2014"@"BC177 .M367 2014
Moral reason
Julia Markovits

BC177 M33 2014
Realizing reason : a narrative of truth and knowing /
Danielle Macbeth

BD143 .C87 2014
Current controversies in epistemology
edited by Ram Neta

BD221 .M33 2014
Assessment sensitivity : relative truth and its applications /
John MacFarlane

BD236 .S34 2014
Staying alive : personal identity, practical concerns, and the unity of a life /
Marya Schechtman

BD395 .P75 2014
One : being an investigation into the unity of reality and of its parts, including the singular object which is nothingness /
Graham Priest

BD541 .B87 2014
Cause for thought : an essay in metaphysics /
John W. Burbidge

BF241 .P59 2014
Making a machine that sees like us
Zygmunt Pizlo [and 3 others]

The Wiley-Blackwell handbook of operant and classical conditioning
edited by Frances K. McSweeney and Eric S. Murphy

BF412 .W48 2014
The Wiley handbook of genius
edited by Dean Keith Simonton

BF442 .N49 2014
New approaches in reasoning research
edited by Wim De Neys and Magda Osman

BF51 .T96 2014
Carl Jung and Maximus the confessor on psychic development : the dynamics between the 'psychological' and the 'spiritual' /
G.C. Tympas

BF575.F14 U544 2014
Understanding and coping with failure : psychoanalytic perspectives /
edited by Brent Willock, Rebecca Coleman Curtis and Lori C. Bohm

BF582 .E46 2014
Emotional lexicons : continuity and change in the vocabulary of feeling 1700-2000 /
Ute Frevert, Monique Scheer, Anne Schmidt, Pascal Eitler, Bettina Hitzer, Nina Verheyen, Benno Gammerl, Christian Bailey, Margrit Pernau

BF637.B4 B67 2014
Understanding hard to maintain behaviour change : a dual process approach /
Ron Borland

BF637.B4 T37 2014
Task switching and cognitive control
edited by James A. Grange and George Houghton

BF637.L4 P656 2014
Looks good on paper? : using in-depth personality assessment to predict leadership performance /
Leslie S. Pratch

BF697 .H575 2014
Identity and the new psychoanalytic explorations of self-organization
Mardi Horowitz

BF698.95 .G36 2014
Thinking big : how the evolution of social life shaped the human mind /
Clive Gamble, John Gowlett and Robin Dunbar

BF723.F35 R34 2014
Do fathers matter? : what science is telling us about the parent we've overlooked /
Paul Raeburn

BF723.T78 T78 2014
Trust and skepticism : children's selective learning from testimony /
edited by Elizabeth J. Robinson and Shiri Einav

BH301.P64 R63 2014
Radical history & the politics of art
Gabriel Rockhill

BJ1012 .C45465 2014
Knowing what to do : imagination, virtue, and Platonism in ethics /
Timothy Chappell

BJ1012 .F635 2014
Theory vs. anti-theory in ethics : a misconceived conflict /
Nick Fotion

BJ1012 .R53 2014
Impassioned Belief
Michael Ridge

BJ1063 .F53 2014
Moral sprouts and natural teleologies : 21st century moral psychology meets classical Chinese philosophy /
Owen Flanagan

BJ1451 .Z58 2014
Ignorance and Moral Obligation
Michael J. Zimmerman

BJ1476 .B58 2014
Forgiveness and remembrance : remembering wrongdoing in personal and public life /
Jeffrey M. Blustein

BJ1481 .B63 2014
The virtues of happiness : a theory of the good life /
Paul Bloomfield

BJ1595 .B235 2014
Well-being : happiness in a worthwhile life /
Neera K. Badhwar

BJ63 .E69 2012eb
The encyclopedia of applied ethics [electronic resource]
edited by Ruth F. Chadwick

BL1175.A49 A86 2014
When a goddess dies : worshipping Mā Ānandamayī after her death /
Orianne Aymard

BL1241.53 .D46 2014
Real sadhus sing to God : gender, asceticism, and vernacular religion in Rajasthan /
Antoinette Elizabeth DeNapoli

BL1283.85 .D58 2014
India and the occult : the influence of South Asian spirituality on modern western occultism /
Gordan Djurdjevic

BL2016.G6 H46 2014
Hindu-Catholic encounters in Goa : religion, colonialism, and modernity /
Alexander Henn

BL238 .F825 2014
Fundamentalism : perspectives on a contested history /
edited by Simon A. Wood and David Harrington Watt

BL2532.R37 M33 2014
Visions of Zion : Ethiopians and Rastafari in the search for the promised land /
Erin C. MacLeod

BL265.M3 A53 2014
Mathematical theologies : Nicholas of Cusa and the legacy of Thierry of Chartres /
David Albertson

BL410 .H37 2014
In praise of mixed religion : the syncretism solution in a multifaith world /
William H. Harrison

BL48 .M67 2014
50 great myths of religion
John Morreall and Tamara Sonn

BL600 .T64 2014
Ritual textuality : pattern and motion in performance /
Matt Tomlinson

BL65.C8 S46 2014
Sensational religion : sensory cultures in material practice /
edited by Sally M. Promey

BL65.P4 W55 2014
A contemporary theology for ecumenical peace
James E. Will

BL65.P7 D75 2014
Religion and democratization : framing religious and political identities in muslim and catholic societies /
Michael D. Driessen

BL65.V57 G47 2014
Virtually sacred : myth and meaning in World of Warcraft and Second Life /
Robert M. Geraci

BL80.3 .L43 2014
The anthropology of Western religions : ideas, organizations, and constituencies /
Murray J. Leaf

BL820.P7 A5313 2014
The unspeakable girl : the myth and mystery of Kore /
Giorgio Agamben, Monica Ferrando ; translated by Leland de la Durantaye and Annie Julia Wyman

BL980.R8 W47 2014
The Tsar's foreign faiths : toleration and the fate of religious freedom in imperial Russia /
Paul W. Werth

BM535 .H458 2014
The virgin of Guadalupe and the conversos : uncovering hidden influences from Spain to Mexico /
Marie-Theresa Hernández

BM755.S288 T45 2014
Rebbe : the life and teachings of Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, the most influential Rabbi in modern history /
Joseph Telushkin

BP130.2 .H53 2014
Feminist edges of the qur'an
Aysha A. Hidayatullah

BP134.B4 S57 2014
Scriptural polemics : the Qurʼān and other religions /
Munʼim Sirry

BP173.25 .T58 2014
The house of service : the Gülen movement and Islam's third way /
David Tittensor

BP173.4 .B68 2014
Women and Islam : myths, apologies, and the limits of feminist critique /
Ibtissam Bouachrine

BP173.7 .R82 2014
Islam in the balance : ideational threats in Arab politics /
Lawrence Rubin

BP43.A358 W37 2014
The walking Qurʼan : Islamic education, embodied knowledge, and history in West Africa /
Rudolph T. Ware III

BP67.U6 U55 2013
Unmosqued : [a film about the mosque in America] [videorecording]
by Ahmed Eid

BP75 .M16 2014
The expeditions : an early biography of Muhammad /
Maʻmar ibn Rāshid ; according to the recension of ʻAbd al-Razzāq al-Ṣanʻānī ; edited and translated by Sean W. Anthony ; foreword by M.A.S. Abdel Haleem

BP80.Z27 P69 2014
David S. Powers

BR115.P8 G745 2014
The strange and terrible visions of Wilhelm Friess : the paths of prophecy in Reformation Europe /
Jonathan Green

BR128.H5 V68 2014
Tastes of the divine : Hindu and Christian theologies of emotion /
Michelle Voss Roberts

BR359.M85 L36 2014
Women and the Counter-Reformation in early modern Münster
Simone Laqua-O'Donnell

BR517 .K34 2014
Walking where Jesus walked : American Christians and Holy Land pilgrimage /
Hillary Kaell

BR520 .S836 2014
Nature's God : the heretical origins of the American republic /
Matthew Stewart

BR525 .P56 2014
Missionaries of Republicanism : a religious history of the Mexican-American War /
John C. Pinheiro

BR526 .M555 2014
The age of evangelicalism : America's born-again years /
Steven P. Miller

BR530 .B35 2014
Rally the scattered believers : northern New England's religious geography /
Shelby M. Balik

BR560.N4 B69 2014
The urban pulpit : New York City and the fate of liberal evangelicalism /
Matthew Bowman

BR563.N4 S56 2014
Religio-political narratives in the United States : from Martin Luther King Jr. to Jeremiah Wright /
Angela D. Sims, F. Douglas Powe Jr., and Johnny Bernard Hill

BR65.A6 E5 2014
Confessions. Books 1-8
Augustine ; edited and translated by Carolyn J.-B. Hammond

BR855 .C67 2014
Crossing the boundaries of belief : geographies of religious conversion in southern Germany, 1648-1800 /
Duane J. Corpis

BS2665 .R35 2014
Aquinas and Calvin on Romans : God's justification and our participation /
Charles Raith II

BS511.3 .B74 2014
Nomadic text : a theory of biblical reception history /
Brennan W. Breed

BS680.C69 C43 2014
Explaining the cosmos : creation and cultural interaction in late-antique Gaza /
Michael W. Champion

BV4598.3 .S26 2004
The Fred factor : how passion in your work and life can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary /
Mark Sanborn

BX134.E3 E47 2014
The Coptic question in the Mubarak era
Sebastian Elsässer

Truth and relevance : Catholic theology in French Quebec since the Quiet Revolution /
Gregory Baum

BX1428.2 .A534 2014
The Vatican and Catholic activism in Mexico and Chile : the politics of transnational Catholicism, 1920-1940 /
Stephen J.C. Andes

BX1749.T6 D38 2014
Thomas Aquinas's Summa theologiae : a guide and commentary /
Brian Davies

BX1753 .M3545 2014
Patristics and Catholic social thought : hermeneutical models for a dialogue /
Brian Matz

BX4220.U6 J64 2014
New generations of Catholic sisters : the challenge of diversity /
Mary Johnson, S.N.D. de N., Patricia Wittberg, S.C., Mary L. Gautier

BX4827.K5 H84 2014
Kierkegaard and the staging of desire : rhetoric and performance in a theology of eros /
Carl S. Hughes

BX5004.2 .C43 2014
The fantasy of reunion : Anglicans, Catholics, and ecumenism, 1833-1882 /
Mark D. Chapman

BX6462.3 .M39 2014
The woman I am : southern Baptist women's writings, 1906-2006 /
Melody Maxwell

BX7260.E3 R45 2014
Theology and the kinesthetic imagination : Jonathan Edwards and the making of modernity /
Kathryn Reklis

BX8525.8.R9 B28 2014
Dissent on the margins : how Soviet Jehovah's Witnesses defied Communism and lived to preach about it /
Emily B. Baran

BX8643.G74 S73 2014
Standing apart : Mormon historical consciousness and the concept of apostasy /
edited by Miranda Wilcox, John D. Young

BX8643.P63 H37 2014
The polygamous wives writing club : from the diaries of Mormon pioneer women /
Paula Kelly Harline

BX8677.K57 H69 2014
Kirtland Temple : the biography of a shared Mormon sacred space /
David J. Howlett

BX9418 .B154 2014
John Calvin as sixteenth-century prophet
Jon Balserak

BX9765 .S53 2014
The Shakers : from Mount Lebanon to the World /
edited by Michael K. Komanecky ; contributions by Leonard L. Brooks [and 8 others]

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