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Items Acquired in February 2015 for the University Libraries

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D10 .C475 2015
Rumors that changed the world : a history of violence and discrimination /
Eugen O. Chirovici

D1056.2.M87 S86 2015
Transnational Turkish Islam : shifting geographies of religious activism and community building in Turkey and Europe /
Thijl Sunier and Nico Landman

D117 .F8513 2015
The Middle Ages
Johannes Fried ; translated by Peter Lewis

D16.8 .V51513 2015
Déjà vu and the end of history
Paolo Virno ; translated by David Broder

D16.9 .C235 2014
Experience and History : Phenomenological Perspectives on the Historical World /
David Carr

D202 .S73 2014eb
Spiritual rationality : papal embargo as cultural practice /
Stefan K. Stantchev

D2024 .F75 2015
Flashpoints : the emerging crisis in Europe /
George Friedman

D413.5 .L67 2014
War and revolution : rethinking the twentieth century /
Domenico Losurdo ; translated by Gregory Elliott

D421 .E56 2014eb
Empires at war : 1911-1923 /
edited by Robert Gerwarth and Erez Manela

D511 .N485 2014
The next great war? : the roots of World War I and the risk of U.S.-China conflict /
Richard N. Rosecrance and Steven E. Miller, editors

D58.H47 H37 2002
Divinity and history : the religion of Herodotus [electronic resource]
Thomas Harrison

D651.P3 U6 1931
Mandate for Palestine
prepared in the Division of Near Eastern Affairs

D742.F7 I45 2003
Facing the Second World War : strategy, politics, and economics in Britain and France, 1938-1940 [electronic resource]
Talbot C. Imlay

D750 .W93 2003
Britain, Switzerland, and the Second World War [electronic resource]
Neville Wylie

D804.3 .B66 2014
Speaking the unspeakable in postwar Germany : toward a public discourse on the Holocaust /
Sonja Boos

D804.3 .M657 2001eo
Beyond Auschwitz : post-Holocaust Jewish thought in America [electronic resource]
Michael L. Morgan

D804.3 .S748 2014
Reluctant witnesses : survivors, their children, and the rise of Holocaust consciousness /
Arlene Stein

D805.5.C79 R87 2015
The train to Crystal City : FDR's secret prisoner exchange program and America's only family internment camp during World War II /
Jan Jarboe Russell

Expelling the Germans : British opinion and post-1945 population transfer in context [electronic resource]
Matthew Frank

DA16 .W34 2005eb
Englishness and empire, 1939-1965 [electronic resource]
Wendy Webster

DA190.D7 M33 1986
Domesday economy : a new approach to Anglo-Norman history [electronic resource]
John McDonald and G.D. Snooks

DA42 .C58 2003eb
Civil society in British history : ideas, identities, institutions [electronic resource]
edited by Jose Harris

DA447.E9 A4 2014
The letterbooks of John Evelyn
edited by Douglas D.C. Chambers and David Galbraith

DA495 .R48 2014
Queen Anne and the arts
edited by Cedric D. Reverand II

DA565.J66 T39 2003
Ernest Jones, Chartism, and the romance of politics, 1819-1869 [electronic resource]
Miles Taylor

DA577 .R63 2015
British culture and the First World War
George Robb

DA660 .C635 2003
Castles in medieval society : fortresses in England, France, and Ireland in the central Middle Ages [electronic resource]
Charles L.H. Coulson

DA69.3.W5 J44 2006eb
Field Marshal Sir Henry Wilson : a political soldier [electronic resource]
Keith Jeffery

DA722 .C73 2004eb
Culture, politics, and national identity in Wales 1832-1886 [electronic resource]
Matthew Cragoe

Divided Gaels [electronic resource] : Gaelic cultural identities in Scotland and Ireland, c.1200-c.1650
Wilson McLeod

DA990.U46 T66 2014eb
The Democratic Unionist Party : from protest to power /
Jonathan Tonge, Maire Braniff, Thomas Hennessey, James W. McAuley, and Sophie Whiting

DB86 .C65 2014eb
Military culture and popular patriotism in late imperial Austria
Laurence Cole

DC119 .G74 2007eb (Online)
Governing passions : peace and reform in the French kingdom, 1576-1585 [electronic resource]
Mark Greengrass

DC121.3 .C37 2006eb
Blood and violence in early modern France [electronic resource]
Stuart Carroll

DC33.4 .S74 2014eb
Status interaction during the Reign of Louis XIV
Giora Sternberg

DD256.5 .M3955 2009
Hitler's empire : how the Nazis ruled ruled Europe /
Mark Mazower

DD257.4 .J3413 2006eb
After Hitler : recivilizing Germans, 1945-1995 [electronic resource]
Konrad H. Jarausch ; translated by Brandon Hunziker

DD86 .B4713 2015
The Holocaust and the West German historians : historical interpretation and autobiographical memory /
Nicolas Berg ; translated and edited by Joel Golb

DE71 .F69 2013
Studying gender in classical antiquity
Lin Foxhall

DF225.2 .C85 2007eb
Cultural responses to the Persian wars : antiquity to the third millennium [electronic resource]
edited by Emma Bridges, Edith Hall, and P.J. Rhodes

DF234.2 .A394 2000
Alexander the Great in fact and fiction [electronic resource]
edited by A.B. Bosworth and E.J. Baynham

DF571 .K35 2015
The Byzantine Republic : people and power in New Rome /
Anthony Kaldellis

Re-imagining the past : antiquity and modern Greek culture /
edited by Dimitris Tziovas

DG124 .K66 2013
The divinization of Caesar and Augustus : precedents, consequences, implications /
Michael Koortbojian, Princeton University

DG13 .F73 2013
The fragments of the Roman historians
general editor T.J. Cornell ; editorial committee E.H. Bispham, T.J. Cornell, J.W. Rich, C.J. Smith ; contributors E.H. Bispham, J. Briscoe, T.J. Cornell, A. Drummond, B.M. Levick, S.J. Northwood, S.P. Oakley, M.P. Pobjoy, J.W. Rich, C.J. Smith

DG242 .H69 2015
Mastering the West : Rome and Carthage at war /
Dexter Hoyos

Edward Gibbon and the Shape of History
Charlotte Roberts

DG447 .B5813 2014
A lady's man : the cicisbei, private morals and national identity in Italy /
Roberto Bizzocchi ; translated by Noor Giovanni Mazhar

DG451 .H66 2015
The Italians
John Hooper

DG556.C7 D84 2002eb
Francesco Crispi, 1818-1901 : from nation to nationalism [electronic resource]
Christopher Duggan

DG731.82.V35 J87 2008eb
Guardians of republicanism : the Valori family in the Florentine Renaissance [electronic resource]
Mark Jurdjevic

DG87 .B57 2007eb
From Asculum to Actium : the municipalization of Italy from the Social War to Augustus [electronic resource]
Edward Bispham

DJK50 .B53 2015
The art of peacemaking : political essays by István Bibó /
István Bibó ; translated by Péter Pásztor ; edited and with an introduction by Iván Zoltán Dénes ; with a foreword by Adam Michnik

DJK51 .T89 2014
Twenty years after communism : the politics of memory and commemoration /
edited by Michael Bernhard and Jan Kubik

DK268.5 .S724 2014eb
Stalin and Europe : imitation and domination, 1928-1953 /
edited by Timothy Snyder and Ray Brandon

DK268.A1 F75 2014
Silence was salvation : child survivors of Stalin's terror and World War II in the Soviet Union /
Cathy A. Frierson

DK507.7295 .R83 2015
The rise and fall of Belarusian nationalism, 1906-1931
Per Anders Rudling

DK508.9.U37 S55 2015
Ukrainian nationalism : politics, ideology, and literature, 1929-1956 /
Myroslav Shkandrij

DK508.935 .Y45 2014eb
Stalin's citizens : everyday politics in the wake of total war /
Serhy Yekelchyk

DK573 .M33 2015
Saving Stalin's imperial city : historic preservation in Leningrad, 1930-1950 /
Steven Maddox

DR83 .C73 2007eb
Bulgaria [electronic resource]
R.J. Crampton

DS115.9.J6 H65 2014
Josephus, the emperors, and the city of Rome : from hostage to historian /
by William den Hollander

DS119.6 .S365 2015
Emotional state theory : friendship and fear in Israeli foreign policy /
Christopher L. Schilling

DS119.76 .Z68 2014
Indecision points : George W. Bush and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict /
Daniel E. Zoughbie

DS135.L53 C54 2014
The girl from Human Street : ghosts of memory in a Jewish family /
Roger Cohen

DS135.S75 A7215 2015
Contested treasure : Jews and authority in the crown of Aragon /
Thomas W. Barton

DS135.Y4 W34 2015
Jews and Islamic law in early 20th-century Yemen
Mark S. Wagner

DS146.E85 E46 2015
The European Union, antisemitism, and the politics of denial
R. Amy Elman

DS195.5 .D49 2015
Great catastrophe : Armenians and Turks in the shadow of genocide /
Thomas de Waal

DS247.Q38 U57 2014
Qatar and the Arab Spring
Kristian Coates Ulrichsen

DS26 .M49 2014
Turks across empires : marketing Muslim identity in the Russian-Ottoman borderlands, 1856-1914 /
James H. Meyer

DS281 .W38 2014
Ancient Persia : a concise history of the Achaemenid Empire, 550-330 BCE /
Matt Waters, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

A comparative geography of China and the U.S.
Rudi Hartmann, Jing'ai Wang, editors ; Tao Ye, associate editor

DS740.5.A345 O45 2014
China and North Africa since World War II : a bilateral approach /
Muhamad S. Olimat

DS786 .H46 2014
The cultural monuments of Tibet : the central regions /
Michael Henss

DS850 .H36 2015
Premodern Japan : a historical survey /
Mikiso Hane, late of Knox College, Louis G. Perez, llinois State University

DT658.22.L85 G47 2015
Death in the Congo : murdering Patrice Lumumba /
Emmanuel Gerard, Bruce Kuklick

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