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Items Acquired in March 2014 for the University Libraries

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D119 .S8
Studies in medieval and renaissance history

D16.8 .H622 2014
History and causality
Mark Hewitson, Senior Lecturer in German History and Politics, University College London

D21.3 .E87 2013
Altered pasts : counterfactuals in history /
Richard J. Evans

D21.3 .G65 2014
Revolutions : a very short introduction /
Jack A. Goldstone

D767 .H353 2008
Retribution : the battle for Japan, 1944-45 /
Max Hastings

D767.25.T6 R47 2003
Rescuing the Doolittle team
masterminded by the State Council Information Office of the People's Republic of China = [Ying jiu Dulite'er hong zha ji dui / ce hua Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo guo wu yuan xin wen ban gong shi]

D769.348 555th .S76 2013
Courage has no color : the true story of the Triple Nickles : America's first Black paratroopers /
Tanya Lee Stone

D785 .O92 2014
The bombers and the bombed : Allied air war over Europe 1940-1945 /
Richard Overy

D790 .A538 2006
Americans over Europe : World War Two and the Cold War /
[editor, Mark Nicholls]

D790 .H836 2003
Hump air transport
masterminded by the State Council Information Office of the People's Republic of China = [Tuo feng kong yun / ce hua Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo guo wu yuan xin wen ban gong shi]

D790.22 8th .M55 2006
Masters of the air : America's bomber boys who fought the air war against Nazi Germany /
Donald L. Miller

D790.22 8th .M55 2006
Fly now! : a colorful story of flight from hot air balloon to the 777 Worldliner : the poster collection of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum /
[by Joanne Gernstein London]

D790.253 57th .M46
Men of the 57th

D790.B622 1987
Home by Christmas? : the story of US airmen at war /
Martin W. Bowman

D810.S2 J43 2014
Operation Paperclip : the secret intelligence program that brought Nazi scientists to America /
Annie Jacobsen

D843 .L616 2013
Remembering the Cold War : global contests and national stories /
David Lowe and Tony Joel

DA152 .B58 2014
The Wiley Blackwell encyclopedia of Anglo-Saxon England
edited by Michael Lapidge [and three others]

DA152 .J67 2014
Hengest, Gwrtheyrn and the chronology of post-Roman Britain
Flint F. Johnson

DA152.5.A7 J64 2014
Evidence of Arthur : fixing the legendary king in factual place and time /
Flint F. Johnson

DA347 .T57 2013
The reign of Mary I
Robert Tittler and Judith Richards

DA356 .W48 2014
The queen's bed : an intimate history of Elizabeth's court /
Anna Whitelock

DA460 .W45 2013
A plague of informers : conspiracy and political trust in William III's England /
Rachel Weil

DA480 .P48 2013
Material culture and sedition, 1688-1760 : treacherous objects, secret places /
Murray Pittock, Chair in Literature, University of Strathclyde and Head of the Glasgow-Strathclyde School of Scottish Studies, UK

DA589.4 .L96 2013
America in the British imagination : 1945 to the present /
John F. Lyons

DB36.3.H3 W56 2014
Danubia : a personal history of Habsburg Europe /
Simon Winder

DC101.7.O7 J34 2014
Blood royal : a true tale of crime and detection in medieval Paris /
Eric Jager

DC216.95.B629 B47 2014
Wondrous beauty : the life and adventures of Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte /
Carol Berkin

DC83.2 .C38 2014
The Cathars and Albigensian Crusade : a sourcebook /
edited by Catherine Léglu, Rebecca Rist and Claire Taylor

DE59 .N3413 2014
Antiquity : Greeks and Romans in context /
Frederick G. Naerebout and Henk W. Singor

DG271 .N67 2011
Imperial ideals in the Roman West : representation, circulation, power /
Carlos F. Noreña

DG271 .P68 2014
The Roman Empire at bay, AD 180-395
David S. Potter

DG276 .A44 2014
Aspects of Roman history, 31 BC-AD 117
Richard Alston

DG279 .M458 2006
Augustus and the creation of the Roman empire : a brief history with documents /
Ronald Mellor

DK508.846 .K675 2014
Constructing the narratives of identity and power : self-imagination in a young Ukrainian nation /
Karina V. Korostelina

DP104 .A64 2013
Parallel histories : Muslims and Jews in inquisitorial Spain /
James S. Amelang

DS113.3 .L48 2014
Ethos clash in Israeli society
Eyal Lewin

DS119.6 .J83 2014
Genesis : Truman, American Jews, and the origins of the Arab/Israeli conflict /
John B. Judis

DS119.7 .S3332 2013
Arabs and Israelis : conflict and peacemaking in the Middle East /
Abdel Monem Said Aly, Chairman of the Board, CEO and Director, Regional Center for Strategic Studies, Cairo, Shai Feldman, Director, Crown Center for Middle East Studies, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA, Khalil Shikaki, Director, Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research, Ramallah

DS122 .W67 2013eb
The world of the New Testament : cultural, social, and historical contexts [electronic resource]
edited by Joel B. Green and Lee Martin McDonald

DS135.C96 P65 2014
To tell their children : Jewish communal memory in early modern Prague /
Rachel L. Greenblatt

DS135.E4 A29 2013
The business of identity : Jews, Muslims, and economic life in medieval Egypt /
Phillip I. Ackerman-Lieberman

DS135.R93 R648 2013
Holocaust in Rovno : the massacre at Sosenki Forest, November 1941 /
Jeffrey Burds

DS149 .P37 2014
The idea of Israel : a history of power and knowledge /
Ilan Pappe

DS371.42 .M85 2014
Warlords, strongman governors, and the state in Afghanistan
Dipali Mukhopadhyay

DS448 .C427 2014
Why India matters
Maya Chadda

DS554.58.C65 M47 2014
Brothers in arms : Chinese aid to the Khmer Rouge, 1975-1979 /
Andrew Mertha

DS554.8 .C385 2014
Archiving the unspeakable : silence, memory, and the photographic record in Cambodia /
Michelle Caswell

DS63.2.U5 M5327 2014
Shifting sands : the United States in the Middle East /
Joel S. Migdal

DS701 .E17
Early China

DS740.5.S65 J47 2014
The Sino-Soviet alliance : an international history /
Austin Jersild

DS777.5 .F59 2003
Flying Tigers : American Volunteer Group, the Flying Tigers /
compiled by the Information Office of Hunan Provincial People's Government ; chief editor Zheng Jiaming

DS79.767.P74 K36 2013
Photojournalists on war : the untold stories from Iraq /
Michael Kamber ; foreword by Dexter Filkins

DS822.2 .B8813 2014
Lust, commerce, and corruption : an account of what I have seen and heard /
by an Edo Samurai ; translated by Mark Teeuwen, Kate Wildman Nakai, Miyazaki Fumiko, Anne Walthall, and John Breen ; edited and with an introduction by Mark Teeuwen and Kate Wildman Nakai

DT2405.C3643 H474 2013
People apart : 1950s Cape Town revisited /
photographs by Bryan Heseltine ; [editor], Darren Newbury ; foreword by Amanda Hopkinson ; essays by Vivian Bickford-Smith and Sean Field

DT352.8 .O46 2014
The bright continent : breaking rules and making change in modern Africa /
Dayo Olopade

DT546.484 .T65 2013
Idriss Déby and the Darfur Conflict
Ésaïe Toïngar

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