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D1053 .L59 2015
Local memories in a nationalizing and globalizing world
edited by Marnix Beyen, senior lecturer in modern political history, University of Antwerp, Belgium, and Brecht Deseure, postdoctoral researcher, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Belgium

After integration : Islam, conviviality and contentious politics in Europe /
edited by Marion Burchardt and Ines Michalowski

D13 .I585 2015
The impact of history? : histories and the beginning of the twenty-first century /
edited by Pedro Ramos Pinto and Bertrand Taithe

Nation-building and history education in a global culture
Joseph Zajda, editor

D16.8 .P339513 2015
Key issues in historical theory
Herman Paul

D16.9 .U83 2015
The uses of space in early modern history
edited by Paul Stock

D210 .S825 2015
The global Atlantic : 1400 to 1900 /
Christoph Strobel

Encounters with popular pasts : cultural heritage and popular culture /
Mike Robinson, Helaine Silverman, editors

D56.52.H45 H48 2003
Herodotus and his world : essays from a conference in memory of George Forrest [electronic resource]
edited by Peter Derow and Robert Parker

D603 .C65 G4
Georges Guynemer, the winged sword of France
by Howard W. Cook

D606 .I54 2013
Hero of the angry sky : the World War I diary and letters of David S. Ingalls, America's first naval ace /
edited by Geoffrey L. Rossano ; foreword by William F. Trimble

D606 .W67 2006
The millionaires' unit : the aristocratic flyboys who fought the Great War and invented American airpower /
Marc Wortman

D720 .B57 2015
Fracture : life and culture in the west, 1918-1938 /
Philipp Blom

D744.7.U6 S46 2014
Comics and conflict : patriotism and propaganda from WWII through Operation Iraqi Freedom /
Cord A. Scott

D756.5.N6 W93 1983
Prelude to Overlord : an account of the air operations which preceded and supported Operation Overlord, the Allied landings in Normandy on D-Day, 6th of June 1944 /
Humphrey Wynn & Susan Young

D767.25.T6 S37 2015
Target Tokyo : Jimmy Doolittle and the raid that avenged Pearl Harbor /
James M. Scott

D767.95 .P34 1989
Edwards Park

D769.8.A6 R43 2015
Infamy : the shocking story of the Japanese American internment in World War II /
Richard Reeves

D785 .V3
Pacific hawk

D786 .P45
RAF bomber units, September 1939 to June 1942
by Bryan Philpott ; colour plates by Mike Roffe and Gerry Embleton

D792.J3 C3
Zero fighter.
Introd. by Saburo Sakai

As the witnesses fall silent : 21st Century Holocaust education in curriculum, policy and practice /
Zehavit Gross, E. Doyle Stevick, editors

D804.348 .S23 2015
Memory and complicity : migrations of Holocaust remembrance /
Debarati Sanyal

D804.48 .V76 2008eb
Hidden children of the Holocaust : Belgian nuns and their daring rescue of young Jews from the Nazis [electronic resource]
Suzanne Vromen

D805.5.R38 H45 2014
Ravensbrück : life and death in Hitler's concentration camp for women /
Sarah Helm

D811.A2 Y5913 2015
Grassroots fascism : the war experience of the Japanese people /
Yoshimi Yoshiaki ; translated and annotated by Ethan Mark

D843 .M148 2004eb
Hong Kong and the Cold War : Anglo-American relations 1949-1957 [electronic resource]
Chi-kwan Mark

D887 .S78 2015
The BRICS and the future of global order
Oliver Stuenkel

DA175 .S23 2014eb
Officers and accountability in medieval England 1170-1300
john Sabapathy

DA185 .H57 2014eb
Historians on Chaucer : the 'General Prologue' to the Canterbury Tales /
edited by Stephen H. Rigby, with the assistance of Alastair J. Minnis

DA332 .W64 2015
Henry VIII
Lucy Wooding

DA680 .B36 2004eb
London in the later Middle Ages : government and people, 1200-1500 [electronic resource]
Caroline M. Barron

DA940 .C26 2001eb
Making Ireland British, 1580-1650 [electronic resource]
Nicholas Canny

DA950.1 .M35 2015
The global dimensions of Irish identity : race nation, and the popular press, 1840-1880 /
Cian T. McMahon

DA960 .W46 2005eb
Nationalism and the Irish Party : provincial Ireland, 1910-1916 [electronic resource]
Michael Wheatley

DA963 .F65 2015
The Irish Civil War and society : politics, class, and conflict /
Gavin M. Foster, Concordia University, Canada

DB36.9.R43 N4 2004
Nationalism and political liberty : Redlich, Namier, and the crisis of empire [electronic resource]
Amy Ng

DC146.B88 O45 2015
Provincial patriot of the French Revolution : François Buzot, 1760-1794 /
Bette W. Oliver

DC205 .G8413 2015
Bonaparte : 1769-1802 /
Patrice Gueniffey ; translated by Steven Rendall

DC317 .R5813 2015
Communal luxury : the political imaginary of the Paris Commune /
Kristin Ross

DD126 .H36 2015
Excavating nations : archaeology, museums, and the German-Danish borderlands /
J. Laurence Hare

DD222 .F58 2015
Purging the empire : mass expulsions in Germany, 1871-1914 /
Matthew P. Fitzpatrick

DD256.48 .E93 2015
The Third Reich in history and memory
Richard J. Evans

DD257.2 .S33 2014
States of division : border and boundary formation in Cold War rural Germany /
Sagi Schaefer

DF229.T6 N53 2015
Thucydides and the pursuit of freedom
Mary P. Nichols

DF234 .L96 2015
Alexander the Great and Hernán Cortés : ambiguous legacies of leadership /
Justin D. Lyons

Ashes, images, and memories : the presence of the war dead in fifth-century Athens /
Nathan T. Arrington

DG338 .S35 2015
Rome's Christian empress : Galla Placidia rules at the twilight of the empire /
Joyce E. Salisbury

DG70.P3 J65 2014@DG70.P3 J65 2014
Rediscovering architecture : Paestum in eighteenth-century architectural experience and theory /
Sigrid de Jong

DK268.4 .J85 2015
Enemies of the people" under the Soviets : a history of repression and its consequences /
Peter Julicher

DK502.7 .N6713 2015
The Baltic : a history /
Michael North ; translated by Kenneth Kronenberg

DK510.764 .M673 2015
Russia's postcolonial identity : a subaltern empire in a Eurocentric world /
Viatcheslav Morozov, Professor of EU-Russia studies, University of Tartu, Estonia

The legal status of the Caspian Sea : current challenges and prospects for future development /
Barbara Janusz-Pawletta

Environmental change and the social response in the Amur River Basin
edited by Shigeko Haruyama, Takayuki Shiraiwa

DP59.2 .C39 2002eb
Kingship and propaganda : royal eloquence and the crown of Aragon, c.1200-1450 [electronic resource]
Suzanne F. Cawsey

DS110.G2 F56 2013
The forgotten kingdom : the archaeology and history of Northern Israel /
by Israel Finkelstein

DS135.G32 J49 2004eb
Jewish daily life in Germany, 1618-1945 [electronic resource]
edited by Marion A. Kaplan

DS195.5 .B74 2015
Operation Nemesis : the assassination plot to avenge the Armenian genocide /
Eric Bogosian

DS195.5 .M368713 2015
Turkey and the Armenian ghost : on the trail of the genocide /
Laure Marchand and Guillaume Perrier ; foreword by Taner Akçam ; translated by Debbie Blythe

DS247.Q38 U57 2014eb
Qatar and the Arab Spring
Kristian Coates Ulrichsen

DS33.1 .W45 2015
Life along the Silk Road
Susan Whitfield

Islam and the European empires
David Motadel

Being Mizo : identity and belonging in Northeast Asia /
Joy L. K. Pachuau

DS493.9.T46 S56 2015
Rituals of ethnicity : Thangmi identities between Nepal and India /
Sara Shneiderman

DS649.6 .G84 2015
Momentum and the East Timor independence movement : the origins of America's debate on East Timor /
Shane Gunderson

Symposium on Chinese historical geography
Renzhi Hou

DS719 .L28 2015
Excavating the afterlife : the archaeology of early Chinese religion /
Guolong Lai

DS740.5.T5 K53 2015
Muslim, trader, nomad, spy : China's Cold War and the people of the Tibetan borderlands /
Sulmaan Wasif Khan

DS775.2 .R65 2015
Homesickness : culture, contagion, and national transformation in modern China /
Carlos Rojas

DS777.43 .R34 2015
The rise of political intellectuals in modern China : May Fourth societies and the roots of mass-party politics /
Shakhar Rahav

DS777.5195.K39 B57 2015
Manchu princess, Japanese spy : the story of Kawashima Yoshiko, the cross-dressing spy who commanded her own army /
Phyllis Birnbaum

DS777.75 .W343 2015
China under Mao : a revolution derailed /
Andrew G. Walder

DS786 .S36 2015
The Dalai Lama and the Emperor of China : a political history of the Tibetan institution of reincarnation /
Peter Schwieger

Electoral politics in post-1997 Hong Kong : protest, patronage, and the media /
Stan Hok-Wui Wong

DS796.S24 G74 2014eb
Shanghai future : modernity remade /
Anna Greenspan

DS838 .K84 2014
A military history of Japan : from the age of the Samurai to the 21st century /
John T. Kuehn

DS849.C6 S64 2014
Intimate rivals : Japanese domestic politics and a rising China /
Sheila A. Smith

DS881.45 .P466 2014
Japan and the war on terror : military force and political pressure in the US-Japanese alliance /
Michael Penn

The Muslim Brotherhood and its quest for hegemony in Egypt : state-discourse and Islamist counter-discourse /
Annette Ranko

DT157.5 .B339 2015eb
University governance in (post-) conflict Southern Sudan 2005-2011 : the nexus of Islamism, new publlic management and neopatrimonialism /
Akiiki Babyesiza ; with a foreword by Georg Krücken

Landscapes and landforms of South Africa
Stefan Grab, Jasper Knight, editors

Community, memory, and migration in a globalizing world : the Goan experience, c. 1890-1980 /
Margret Frenz

DT636.53.T395 D87 2015
American warlord : a true story /
Johnny Dwyer

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