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D1058 .T718 1999eb
A constructed peace : the making of the European settlement, 1945-1963 [electronic resource]
Marc Trachtenberg

D1065.A783 V65 2014
The European Union's normative power in Central Asia : promoting values and defending interests /
Georgiy Voloshin

D11.5 .C48
Chase's ... calendar of events

D121 .B57 2003eb
Global connections : the world in the early medieval age, 600-900 [electronic resource]
Wilfred J. Bisson

The gender of history : men, women, and historical practice [electronic resource]
Bonnie G. Smith

D13 .B428 2005eb
Modernizing England's past : English historiography in the age of modernism, 1870-1970 [electronic resource]
Michael Bentley

D13 .B686 2007eb
Historiography : ancient, medieval, & modern [electronic resource]
Ernst Breisach

D13 .C7313 1941"@"D13
History as the story of liberty [electronic resource]
Benedetto Croce ; translated from the Italian by Sylvia Sprigge

D13 .K7 1989eb
Time's reasons : philosophies of history old and new [electronic resource]
Leonard Krieger

D13 .P585 1997eb
Cultural history and postmodernity : disciplinary readings and challenges [electronic resource]
Mark Poster

D13 .V57 1983"@"D13
Visions of history [electronic resource]
by MARHO--the Radical Historians Organization ; edited by Henry Abelove ... [et al.] ; drawings by Josh Brown

D13.2 .K43 1970eb
Foundations of modern historical scholarship : language, law, and history in the French Renaissance [electronic resource]
Donald R. Kelley

D13.5.E85 C43 2000"@"D13.5.E85
Provincializing Europe : postcolonial thought and historical difference [electronic resource]
Dipesh Chakrabarty

D13.5.F8 B68 2014
Rewriting saints and ancestors : memory and forgetting in France, 500-1200 /
Constance Brittain Bouchard

D13.5.G7 B36 1984"@"D13.5.G7
The clothing of Clio : a study of the representation of history in nineteenth-century Britain and France [electronic resource]
Stephen Bann

D152 .D813 1956"@"D202.3
The recovery of the Holy Land [electronic resource]
Pierre Dubois ; translated with an introduction and notes by Walther I. Brandt

D152 .G813 1943"@"D152
A history of deeds done beyond the sea [electronic resource]
by William, archbishop of Tyre ; translated and annotated by Emily Atwater Babcock and A. C. Krey

D16 .B6613 1969"@"D16
Method for the easy comprehension of history [electronic resource]
translated by Beatrice Reynolds

D16 .E38 1970"@"D16
Political history : principles and practice [electronic resource]
by G. R. Elton

D16 .H45 2005eb
Historical evidence and argument [electronic resource]
David Henige

D16 .K87 1969
History : the last things before the last [electronic resource]
Siegfried Kracauer

D16 .L2713 1932"@"D16
Introduction to the study of history [electronic resource]
by Ch. V. Langlois & Ch. Seignobos ; translated by G.G. Berry ; with a preface by F. York Powell

D16 .V4613 1984eb
Writing history : essay on epistemology [electronic resource]
Paul Veyne ; translated by Mina Moore-Rinvolucri

D16.117 .H574
ACLS humanities e-book [electronic resource]

D16.14 .O75 2013
Oral history off the record : toward an ethnography of practice /
edited by Anna Sheftel and Stacey Zembrzycki ; foreword by Steven High ; afterword by Alessandro Portelli

D16.2 .C7 1965eb
The nature and the study of history [electronic resource]
Henry Steele Commager ; with a concluding chapter suggesting methods for elementary and secondary teachers by Raymond H. Muessig and Vincent R. Rogers

D16.2 .C73 1980eb
The study and teaching of history [electronic resource]
Henry Steele Commager, Raymond H. Muessig

D16.2 C719 1966eb
The study of history [electronic resource]
Henry Steele Commager

History as re-enactment : R.G. Collingwood's idea of history [electronic resource]
William H. Dray

D16.8 .C592 1993
The idea of history : with lectures 1926-1928 [electronic resource]
R.G. Collingwood ; edited with an introduction by Jan van der Dussen

D16.8 .F628 1997eb
Sartre, Foucault, and historical reason [electronic resource]
Thomas R. Flynn

D16.8 .K62813 1985eb
Futures past : on the semantics of historical time [electronic resource]
Reinhart Koselleck ; translated by Keith Tribe

D16.8 .T83 2004eb
Our knowledge of the past : a philosophy of historiography [electronic resource]
Aviezer Tucker

D16.9 .C634 1993eb
Conceptualizing global history [electronic resource]
edited by Bruce Mazlish and Ralph Buultjens

D16.9 .G59 2006eb
The theft of history [electronic resource]
Jack Goody

D16.9 .K5813 2014
History and obstinacy
Alexander Kluge, Oskar Negt ; edited with an introduction by Devin Fore ; translated by Richard Langston, with Cyrus Shahan, Martin Brady, Helen Hughes, and Joel Golb

D16.9 .M26 1977"@"D16.9
The anatomy of historical knowledge [electronic resource]
Maurice Mandelbaum

D162 .D4 1936"@"D162
De expugnatione Lyxbonensi : The conquest of Lisbon / [electronic resource] =
edited from the unique manuscript in Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, with a translation into English by Charles Wendell David

D162.1 .O3 1948"@"D162.1
De profectione Ludovici VII in Orientem : The journey of Louis VII to the East / [electronic resource] =
Odo of Deuil ; edited, with an English translation, by Virginia Gingerich Berry

D163.A3 A513 1976"@"D163.A3
The crusade of Richard Lion-Heart [electronic resource]
by Ambroise ; translated from the Old French by Merton Jerome Hubert ; with notes and documentation by John L. La Monte

D164.A3 R613 1969"@"D164.A3
The conquest of Constantinople [electronic resource]
translated from the Old French of Robert of Clari by Edgar Holmes McNeal

D17 .O74 1936eb
Seven books of history against the pagans : the apology of Paulus Orosius [electronic resource]
translated with introduction and notes by Irving Woodworth Raymond

D17 .O913 1966"@"D17
The two cities : a chronicle of universal history to the year 1146 A.D. [electronic resource]
by Otto, Bishop of Freising ; translated in full with introduction and notes by Charles Christopher Mierow ; edited by Austin P. Evans and Charles Knapp

D181.P5 A32 1936"@"D181.P5
The wars of Frederick II against the Ibelins in Syria and Cyprus [electronic resource]
by Philip de Novare ; translated, with notes and introduction, by John L. La Monte ; with verse translation of the poems by Merton Jerome Hubert

Feudal monarchy in the Latin kingdom of Jerusalem, 1100 to 1291 [electronic resource]
John L. La Monte

D199.3 .V64 1953
Medieval Islam : a study in cultural orientation [electronic resource]
Gustave E. von Grunebaum

D20 .A65 1995"@"Z6201
The American Historical Association's guide to historical literature [electronic resource]
general editor, Mary Beth Norton ; associate editor, Pamela Gerardi

D201.3 .M613 1962"@"D201.3
Imperial lives and letters in the eleventh century : translated by Theodor E. Mommsen and Karl F. Morrison ; with an historical introduction by Karl F. Morrison ; edited by Robert L. Benson [electronic resource]

D210 .A77 2008eb
The Atlantic world, 1450-2000 [electronic resource]
edited by Toyin Falola and Kevin D. Roberts

D352.9 .W43 2004eb
What history tells : George L. Mosse and the culture of modern Europe [electronic resource]
edited by Stanley G. Payne, David J. Sorkin, John S. Tortorice

D56 .M37 2003eb
Authority and tradition in ancient historiography [electronic resource]
John Marincola

D57 .I8813 1991eb
Early antiquity [electronic resource]
I.M. Diakonoff, volume editor ; Philip L. Kohl, project editor ; translated by Alexander Kirjanov

D570.33 369th .L49 2014
Harlem hellfighters
J. Patrick Lewis & Gary Kelley

D575 .S77 2004
The First World War in Africa
Hew Strachan

D58.H55 H3713 1988eb
The mirror of Herodotus : the representation of the other in the writing of history [electronic resource]
François Hartog ; translated by Janet Lloyd

D6 .H33 1991"@"DR1291
The contested country : Yugoslav unity and communist revolution, 1919-1953 [electronic resource]
Aleksa Djilas

D606 .H86 2014
The unsubstantial air : American fliers in the First World War /
Samuel Hynes

D619 .M383
The World War and American isolation, 1914-1917 [electronic resource]
Ernest R. May

D619 .W697 2013eb
Nexus : strategic communications and American security in World War I /
Jonathan Reed Winkler

D627.A2 S67 1990eb
Prisoners, diplomats, and the Great War : a study in the diplomacy of captivity [electronic resource]
Richard B. Speed III

D627.A2 S74 2009eb
Pursuit of an ' unparalleled opportunity : the American YMCA and prisoner-of-war diplomacy among the Central Power nations during World War I, 1914-1923 [electronic resource]
Kenneth Steuer

D638.R9 G38 2005"@"D638.R9
A whole empire walking : refugees in Russia during World War I [electronic resource]
Peter Gatrell

D639.P77 T56 2008eb
Unsafe for democracy : World War I and the U.S. Justice Department's covert campaign to suppress dissent [electronic resource]
William H. Thomas, Jr

D743 .C73 1945beb
The pocket history of the Second World War [electronic resource]
edited by Henry Steele Commager

D743 .C73 1945eb
The story of the Second World War [electronic resource]
edited with historical narrative by Henry Steele Commager

D744.55 .W45 2001eb
Making sense of war : the Second World War and the fate of the Bolshevik Revolution [electronic resource]
Amir Weiner

D757 .E88 2008"@"D757
A European anabasis : western European volunteers in the German army and SS, 1940-1945 [electronic resource]
by Kenneth William Estes

D764 .B5 1984eb
Stalin and his generals : Soviet military memoirs of World War II [electronic resource]
edited by Seweryn Bialer

D764 .T855 1994"@"D764
The living & the dead : the rise and fall of the cult of World War II in Russia [electronic resource]
Nina Tumarkin

D767.25.N3 N48 1995
Truman and the Hiroshima cult [electronic resource]
Robert P. Newman

D785 .J3 1979
Edward Jablonski

D802.G8 H37 1996eb
New voices in the nation : women and the Greek Resistance, 1941-1964 [electronic resource]
Janet Hart

D802.L5 D2513 2009eb
Forest brothers : the account of an anti-Soviet Lithuanian freedom fighter, 1944-1948 [electronic resource]
by Juozas Lukša ; translated and with an introduction by Laima Vincė

D802.S75 D34 1981
German rule in Russia, 1941-1945 : a study of occupation policies [electronic resource]
by Alexander Dallin

D804.348 .B77 2003eb
Collected memories : Holocaust history and postwar testimony [electronic resource]
Christopher R. Browning

D804.348 .R67 2009eb
Multidirectional memory : remembering the Holocaust in the age of decolonization [electronic resource]
Michael Rothberg

D804.6 .F7513 2005eb
Arrows in the dark : David Ben-Gurion, the Yishuv leadership, and rescue attempts during the Holocaust [electronic resource]
Tuvia Friling ; translated by Ora Cummings

D804.66.T68 Z38 2003eb
A rescuer's story : Pastor Pierre-Charles Toureille in Vichy France [electronic resource]
Tela Zasloff

D804.G4 M63 1990eb
A mosaic of victims : non-Jews persecuted and murdered by the Nazis [electronic resource]
edited by Michael Berenbaum

D810.C696 P6 2000eb
The politics of retribution in Europe : World War II and its aftermath [electronic resource]
edited by István Deák, Jan T. Gross, and Tony Judt

Miss Yourlovin : GIs, gender and domesticity during World War II [electronic resource]
Ann Elizabeth Pfau

D813.J3 H37 2005"@"D813.J3
Racing the enemy : Stalin, Truman, and the surrender of Japan [electronic resource]
Tsuyoshi Hasegawa

D829.G3 J3213 2001eb
The question of German guilt [electronic resource]
Karl Jaspers ; translated by E.B. Ashton, with a new introduction by Joseph W. Koterski

D840 .C76 2014
Global rules : America, Britain and a disordered world /
James E. Cronin

D843 .W53 1982"@"D843
Witnesses to the origins of the cold war [electronic resource]
edited by Thomas T. Hammond

D847 .B8 1967"@"D847
The Soviet bloc : unity and conflict [electronic resource]
by Zbigniew K. Brzezinski

D883 .C455 1993"@"D883
Nationalist thought and the colonial world : a derivative discourse [electronic resource]
Partha Chatterjee

D883 .D57 1997eb
The postcolonial aura : Third World criticism in the age of global capitalism [electronic resource]
Arif Dirlik

D888.W47 R42 2014
Failed statebuilding : intervention and the dynamics of peace formation /
Oliver P. Richmond

DA118 .C63 1974eb
Britain through American eyes [electronic resource]
edited, with an introduction and commentaries by Henry Steele Commager

DA190.D7 H47 2014
Domesday : Book of Judgement /
Sally Harvey

DA190.D7 M33 1986
Domesday economy : a new approach to Anglo-Norman history [electronic resource]
John McDonald and G.D. Snooks

DA225 .K34 1988
War, justice, and public order : England and France in the later Middle Ages [electronic resource]
Richard W. Kaeuper

DA235 .T9 1973
Richard II and the English nobility [electronic resource]
Anthony Tuck

DA260 .P58 2014
Digging for Richard III : how archaeology found the king /
Mike Pitts

DA315 .H28 1993
English reformations : religion, politics, and society under the Tudors [electronic resource]
Christopher Haigh

DA320 .O74 1994eb
Private matters and public culture in post-Reformation England [electronic resource]
Lena Cowen Orlin

DA332 S48 2003eb
Popular politics and the English Reformation [electronic resource]
Ethan H. Shagan

Kingship and politics in the reign of Edward VI [electronic resource]
Stephen Alford

DA345 .A45 2008"@"DA345
Kingship and politics in the reign of Edward VI [electronic resource]
Stephen Alford

From heads of household to heads of state : the preaccession households of Mary and Elizabeth Tudor, 1516-1558 [electronic resource]
J.L. McIntosh

DA375 .A25 2014
Rebellion : the history of England from James I to the Glorious Revolution /
Peter Ackroyd

DA405 .D66 2008eb
War in England, 1642-1649 [electronic resource]
Barbara Donagan

DA412.A1 H18 1934"@"DA412
Tracts on liberty in the Puritan Revolution, 1638-1647 [electronic resource]
edited, with a commentary, by William Haller

DA415 .U5 1971
Pride's Purge : politics in the Puritan revolution [electronic resource]
David Underdown

DA47.65 .U4 1961eb
Anglo-Soviet relations, 1917-1921 [electronic resource]
by Richard H. Ullman

DA533 .G557 2014
How to be a Victorian : a dawn-to-dusk guide to Victorian life /
Ruth Goodman

DA533 .H74 1998eb
Royal representations : Queen Victoria and British culture, 1837-1876 [electronic resource]
Margaret Homans

DA690.P47 A513 1951"@"DA130
The Peterborough chronicle [electronic resource]
translated with an introduction by Harry A. Rositzke

DA88 .B44 1997"@"DA88
British naval policy in the Gladstone-Disraeli era, 1866-1880 [electronic resource]
John F. Beeler

DA948.4 .H54 2010eb
A nation of politicians : gender, patriotism, and political culture in late eighteenth-century Ireland [electronic resource]
Padhraig Higgins

DA949 .B45 2007eb
Remembering the year of the French : Irish folk history and social memory [electronic resource]
Guy Beiner

DA975 .D66 2009eb
Captain Rock : the Irish agrarian rebellion of 1821-1824 [electronic resource]
James S. Donnelly, Jr

DB2228.7 .S4513 1984"@"DB2228.7
The restoration of order : the normalization of Czechoslovakia, 1969-1976 [electronic resource]
Milan Šimečka ; with a preface by Zdenek Mlynar ; translated by A.G. Brian

DB2241.H38 Z36 2014
Havel : a life /
Michael Zantovsky

DB2624.G4 C63 2006eb
The politics of ethnic survival : Germans in Prague, 1861-1914 [electronic resource]
Gary B. Cohen

DB69.7 .B3513 1997eb
Hungary and the Habsburgs, 1765-1800 : an experiment in enlightened absolutism [electronic resource]
Éva H. Balázs ; translated by Tim Wilkinson

DB739 .H57 1969"@"DB739
The Rumanian national movement in Transylvania, 1780-1849 [electronic resource]
Keith Hitches

DB85 .M37 1968"@"DB85
The Hapsburg Monarchy, 1867-1914 [electronic resource]
Arthur J. May

DB91 .J39 1929"@"DB91
The dissolution of the Habsburg monarchy [electronic resource]
by Oscar Jászi

DB920.5 .K78 2000eb
Krúdy's chronicles : turn-of-the-century Hungary in Gyula Krúdy's journalism [electronic resource]
selected, edited, and translated by John Bátki ; with an introductory essay by John Lukacs

DB926 .M44 1999eb
Geopolitics in the Danube region : Hungarian reconciliation efforts, 1848-1998 [electronic resource]
edited by Ignác Romsics and Béla K. Király

DB927.3 .R6613 1999eb
Hungarians and Europe in the early Middle Ages : an introduction to early Hungarian history [electronic resource]
by András Róna-Tas

DB933 .J36 1982eb
The politics of backwardness in Hungary, 1825-1945 [electronic resource]
Andrew C. Janos

DB937 .D42 1979eb
The lawful revolution : Louis Kossuth and the Hungarians, 1848-1849 [electronic resource]
István Deák

DB955 .M15 1957"@"DB955
October fifteenth : a history of modern Hungary, 1929-1945 [electronic resource]
C.A. Macartney

DB955.6.B46 A3 2009eb
History in my life : a memoir of three eras [electronic resource]
Ivan T. Berend

DB955.6.J37 L5813 2006eb
A twentieth-century prophet : Oscár Jászi, 1875-1957 [electronic resource]
Gyorgy Litvan

DB956.4 .B67 2004eb
Hungary in the Cold War, 1945-1956 : between the United States and the Soviet Union [electronic resource]
by Laszlo Borhi

DB956.7 .A15 2002eb
The 1956 Hungarian revolution : a history in documents [electronic resource]
compiled, edited, and introduced by Csaba Békés, Malcolm Byrne, János Rainer ; assistant editors, József Litkei, Gregory F. Domber

DB956.7 .S9613 1999eb
Soviet military intervention in Hungary, 1956 [electronic resource]
edited by Jenő Györkei and Miklós Horváth ; with a study by Alexandr M. Kirov and memoirs of Yevgeny I. Malashenko ; [translated by Emma Roper Evans ; maps by Béla Nagy]

DB957.3 .K6813 2003eb
Carrying a secret in my heart : children of the victims of the reprisals after the Hungarian Revolution in 1956 : an oral history [electronic resource]
by Zsuzsanna Kőrösi and Adrienne Molnár

DC100.3 .S5 1969eb
The portraits of Charles V of France (1338-1380) [electronic resource]
Claire Richter Sherman

DC103 .H25 2014
Joan of Arc : a life transfigured /
Kathryn Harrison

The king's army : warfare, soldiers and society during the wars of religion in France, 1562-76 /
James B. Wood

DC121.3 .B45 2001eb
The cult of the nation in France : inventing nationalism, 1680-1800 [electronic resource]
David A. Bell

DC192 .B76 2006eb
Ending the French Revolution : violence, justice, and repression from the terror to Napoleon [electronic resource]
Howard G. Brown

DC203 .A85 2000b
The rise of Napoleon Bonaparte [electronic resource]
Robert B. Asprey

DC203.9 .H36 2008"@"DC202.5
The genesis of Napoleonic propaganda, 1796 to 1799 [electronic resource]
by Wayne Hanley

DC249 .V45 2014
The Congress of Vienna : power and politics after Napoleon /
Brian E. Vick

DC252 .R413 1969
The right wing in France from 1815 to De Gaulle [electronic resource]
René Rémond ; translated from the French by James M. Laux

DC261 .P56 1972
The French revolution of 1830 [electronic resource]
by David H. Pinkney

DC317 .E38 2004"@"DC317
Surmounting the barricades : women in the Paris Commune [electronic resource]
Carolyn J. Eichner

DC33.4 .D37 2009eb
The great cat massacre and other episodes in French cultural history [electronic resource]
Robert Darnton

DC33.5 .K35 2006eb
French salons : high society and political sociability from the Old Regime to the Revolution of 1848 [electronic resource]
Steven Kale

DC36.9 .C38 1992"@"DC36.9
Poetics of the new history : French historical discourse from Braudel to Chartier [electronic resource]
Philippe Carrard

DC394 .W36 1988
The twilight of French eastern alliances, 1926-1936 : French-Czechoslovak-Polish relations from Locarno to the remilitarization of the Rhineland [electronic resource]
Piotr S. Wandycz

DC611.N88 S7
The administration of Normandy under Saint Louis [electronic resource]
[by] Joseph Reese Strayer

DC64.G8 P4613 1969"@"DC64
History of the Franks [electronic resource]
by Gregory, Bishop of Tours ; selections, translated with notes by Ernest Brehaut

Before France and Germany : the creation and transformation of the Merovingian world [electronic resource]
Patrick J. Geary

DC729 .G33 2002eb
The making of revolutionary Paris [electronic resource]
David Garrioch

DC733 .P59 1958
Napoleon III and the rebuilding of Paris [electronic resource]
David H. Pinkney

DC801.L985 W3 1962eb
Lyons, 1473-1503 : the beginnings of cosmopolitanism [electronic resource]
by James B. Wadsworth

DC92 .B76 1992eb
Customary aids and royal finance in Capetian France : the marriage aid of Philip the Fair [electronic resource]
Elizabeth A.R. Brown

DC95.A2 V413 1953"@"DC95.A2
The chronicle of Jean de Venette [electronic resource]
translated by Jean Birdsall ; edited, with an introduction and notes, by Richard A. Newhall

DD145 .H4713 1966"@"DD145
The chronicle of the Slavs [electronic resource]
translated with introduction and notes by Francis Joseph Tschan

DD149 .O7813 1966"@"DD149
The deeds of Frederick Barbarossa [electronic resource]
by Otto of Freising and his continuator, Rahewin ; translated and annotated with an introduction by Charles Christopher Mierow ; with the collaboration of Richard Emery

DD203 .B59 1998eb
The long nineteenth century : a history of Germany, 1780-1918 [electronic resource]
David Blackbourn

DD204 .B5213 1984
The peculiarities of German history : bourgeois society and politics in nineteenth-century Germany [electronic resource]
David Blackbourn and Geoff Eley

DD204 .S53
German liberalism in the nineteenth century [electronic resource]
James J. Sheehan

DD228.2 .A54 1939"@"DD228.2
The background of anti-English feeling in Germany, 1890-1902 [electronic resource]
by Pauline Relyea Anderson

DD247.H365 A3 1999eb
Requiem for a German past : a boyhood among the Nazis [electronic resource]
Jurgen Herbst

DD247.H5 M52513 2003eb
Hitler's library [electronic resource]
Ambrus Miskolczy ; [English translation by Ridey Szilvia and Michael Webb]

DD256.5 .M32 1997
The unmasterable past : history, Holocaust, and German national identity [electronic resource]
Charles S. Maier ; with a new preface

DD256.5 .M3975 2008eb
The science of the swastika [electronic resource]
Bernard Mees

DD74 .L445 2003eb
Jews, Turks, and other strangers : the roots of prejudice in modern Germany [electronic resource]
Jerome S. Legge, Jr

DF135 .H33 1997eb
Ethnic Identity in Greek antiquity [electronic resource]
Jonathan M. Hall

DF220 .V4 1972eb
Greece in the bronze age [electronic resource]
Emily Vermeule

DF234.2 .A5 1932eb
Alexander's gate, Gog and Magog, and the inclosed nations [electronic resource]
Andrew Runni Anderson

DF261.D35 F68
photographies de George de Miré ; texte et notices de Pierre de la Coste-Messelière ; avant-propos de Charles Picard

DF261.I6 R6 1959eb
Ionian trade and colonization [electronic resource]
by Carl Roebuck

DF531 .A63 1979"@"DF531
Studies in Byzantine intellectual history [electronic resource]
Milton V. Anastos

DF531 .F69 1993eb
Empire to commonwealth : consequences of monotheism in late antiquity [electronic resource]
Garth Fowden

DF543 .L33 1990"@"DF543
Barbarians and bishops : army, church, and state in the age of Arcadius and Chrysostom [electronic resource]
J.H.W.G. Liebeschuetz

DF547.L37 L5413 1993"@"DF547.L37
Byzantium and the Crusader States, 1096-1204 [electronic resource]
by Ralph-Johannes Lilie ; translated by J.C. Morris and Jean E. Ridings

DF552 .O25 1971"@"DF552
The Byzantine commonwealth : Eastern Europe, 500-1453 [electronic resource]
Dimitri Obolensky

DF559 .L46 2002eb
Failure of empire : Valens and the Roman state in the fourth century A.D. [electronic resource]
Noel Lenski

DF571 .H35 1997eb
Byzantium in the seventh century : the transformation of a culture [electronic resource]
J.F. Haldon

DF573.5 .W48 1988eb
The Emperor Maurice and his historian : Theophylact Simocatta on Persian and Balkan warfare [electronic resource]
Michael Whitby

The Byzantine revival, 780-842 [electronic resource]
Warren Treadgold

DF586 .H48 2001eb
Women in purple : rulers of medieval Byzantium [electronic resource]
Judith Herrin

DF606 .C5613 1976"@"DF606
Deeds of John and Manuel Comnenus [electronic resource]
by John Kinnamos ; translated by Charles M. Brand

DF609 .B79 1980"@"DF609
The Empire of Trebizond and the Pontos [electronic resource]
Anthony A. M. Bryer

DF632 .M3513 1988"@"DF632
The Byzantine provincial administration under the Palaiologoi [electronic resource]
Ljubomir Maksimović

DF77 .B74 1915"@"DF77
Hellenic civilization [electronic resource]
edited by G. W. Botsford and E. G. Sihler ; with contributions from William L. Westerman ... [et al.]

DF77 .S78 2014
A history of ancient Greece in fifty lives
David Stuttard

DF78 .B8513 1992
The orientalizing revolution : Near Eastern influence on Greek culture in the early archaic age [electronic resource]
Walter Burkert ; translated by Margaret E. Pinder and Walter Burkert

DF78 .M6
Alien wisdom : the limits of Hellenization [electronic resource]
Arnaldo Momigliano

DF87 .O88 1986eb
From popular sovereignty to the sovereignty of law : law, society, and politics in fifth-century Athens [electronic resource]
Martin Ostwald

DF901.A75 K37 1997eb
Fields of wheat, hills of blood : passages to nationhood in Greek Macedonia, 1870-1990 [electronic resource]
Anastasia N. Karakasidou

DF901.C83 G74 2000eb
A shared world : Christians and Muslims in the early modern Mediterranean [electronic resource]
Molly Greene

DF93 .D8 1991eb
Centaurs and amazons : women and the pre-history of the great chain of being [electronic resource]
Page duBois

DG206.A4 R55 1987eb
Apex omnium : religion in the Res gestae of Ammianus [electronic resource]
R.L. Rike

DG207.L583 C66 2015
A companion to Livy
edited by Bernard Mineo

DG215.I7 C36 2009eb
The two eyes of the Earth : art and ritual of kingship between Rome and Sasanian Iran [electronic resource]
Matthew P. Canepa

DG231 .C65 2015
The life of Roman republicanism
Joy Connolly

DG253 .S4 1967
Scipio Aemilianus [electronic resource]
by A.E. Astin

DG274.3 .T87 2008"@"DG274.3
The Syrian princesses : the women who ruled Rome, AD 193-235 [electronic resource]
Godfrey Turton

DG312 .B76
The making of late antiquity [electronic resource]
Peter Brown

DG445 .C64 2004eb
Love & death in Renaissance Italy [electronic resource]
Thomas V. Cohen

DG494 .M37 1988
Power and imagination : city-states in Renaissance Italy [electronic resource]
by Lauro Martines

DG554 .M3 1985eb
Cavour and Garibaldi, 1860 : a study in political conflict [electronic resource]
by D. Mack Smith

DG59.A2A64 2000 DG59.A2A64 2000eb
Imperial Ideology and Provincial Loyalty in the Roman Empire. [electronic resource]

The barbarians speak : how the conquered peoples shaped Roman Europe [electronic resource]
Peter S. Wells

DG676.3 .R85 2009eb
Rulers of Venice, 1332-1524 : Governanti di Venezia, 1332-1524 : interpretations, methods, database [electronic resource]
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