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Items Acquired in July 2014 for the University Libraries

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D1058 .B6473 2013
Borders and Border Regions in Europe : Changes, Challenges and Chances /
Arnaud Lechevalier, Jan Wielgohs (eds.)

D16.14 .L57 2014
Listening on the Edge : Oral History in the Aftermath of Crisis /
edited by Mark Cave and Stephen M. Sloan

D767.6 .M37 O6 1994
Operation THURSDAY : birth of the Air Commandos /
Herbert A. Mason, Randy G. Bergeron, James A. Renfrow

D790 .G28 1982
Planning the American air war : four men and nine days in 1941 : an inside narrative /
by James C. Gaston

D790 .H264 1986
The strategic air war against Germany and Japan : a memoir /
Haywood S. Hansell, Jr

D804.66.T76 T77 2014
Magda and André Trocmé : resistance figures /
edited by Pierre Boismorand ; translated by Jo-Anne Elder ; introduction by Michael D. Bess

D804.7.M67 F35 2014
Mothering the fatherland : a Protestant sisterhood repents for the Holocaust /
George Faithful

DA125.Z56 P37 2014
African transnational diasporas : fractured communities and plural identities of Zimbabweans in Britain /
Dominic Pasura, Social Policy Research Centre, Middlesex University, UK

DA175 .C57 2014
England and its rulers, 1066-1307
M.T. Clanchy

DA44 .K466 2014
The politics of English nationhood
Michael Kenny

DA554 .D46 2014
Queen Victoria : a life of contradictions /
Matthew Dennison

DA759.7.R63 K66 2014
Translations, histories, enlightenments : William Robertson in Germany, 1760-1795 /
László Kontler

DA760 .B36 2014
A people's history of Scotland
Chris Bambery

DA787.A1 P67 2013
Tudors versus Stewarts : the fatal inheritance of Mary, Queen of Scots /
Linda Porter

DA927 .I76 2014
Irish migrants in new communities : seeking the fair land? /
edited by Mícheál Ó hAodha and Máirtín Ó Catháin

DE71 .F74 2014
Egypt, Greece, and Rome : civilizations of the ancient Mediterranean /
Charles Freeman

DF214 .H26 2014
Introducing the ancient Greeks : from Bronze Age seafarers to navigators of the Western mind /
Edith Hall

DG254.2 .C58 2014
Triumph in defeat : military loss and the Roman Republic /
Jessica H. Clark

DK268.5 .S724 2014
Stalin and Europe : imitation and domination, 1928-1953 /
edited by Timothy Snyder and Ray Brandon

DP270 .M47 2014
Hunting Nazis in Franco's Spain
David A. Messenger

DS109.15 .D86 2014
Jerusalem unbound : geography, history, and the future of the holy city /
Michael Dumper

DS119.6.R33 I87 2014
Israel and the Arab turmoil
Itamar Rabinovich

DS126 .R487 2014
Britain's unfulfilled mandate for Palestine
Nick Reynold

DS134.72.G75 F7513 2014
A Jewish kapo in Auschwitz : history, memory, and the politics of survival /
Tuvia Friling ; translated by Haim Watzman

DS135.I85 L5817 2014
Mediterranean Enlightenment : Livornese Jews, Tuscan culture, and eighteenth-century reform /
Francesca Bregoli

DS135.S7 L73 2014
Jewish Spain : a Mediterranean memory /
Tabea Alexa Linhard

DS33.7 .S83 2012eb
The Portuguese empire in Asia, 1500-1700 : a political and economic history [electronic resource]
Sanjay Subrahmanyam

DS389 .A225 2014
The Taliban revival : violence and extremism on the Pakistan-Afghanistan frontier /
Hassan Abbas

DS432.P25 V57 2014
The Pariah problem : caste, religion, and the social in modern India /
Rupa Viswanath

DS558.8 .G54 1993
The air war in Southeast Asia : case studies of selected campaigns /
by Herman L. Gilster

DS63.2.B6 M54 2014
The Middle East and Brazil : perspectives on the new global south /
edited by Paul Amar

DS666.I15 R46 2014
Pigs and persons in the Philippines : human-animal entanglements in Ifugao rituals /
Jon Henrik Ziegler Remme

DS740.5.T5 M37 2014
Mapping Shangrila : contested landscapes in the Sino-Tibetan borderlands /
edited by Emily T. Yeh and Chris Coggins

DS79.724.U6 M36 1995
Thunder and lightning : Desert Storm and the airpower debates /
Edward C. Mann III

DS822.5 .H548 2014
Japan : the paradox of harmony /
Keiko Hirata, Mark Warschauer

DS832.7.K6 R36 2014
Function-based spatiality and the development of Korean communities in Japan : a complex adaptive sytems theory approach /
David Rands

DS907.18 .K5247 2014
The history of Korea
Djun Kil Kim

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