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Items Acquired in July 2015 for the University Libraries

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D13 .K88 2015
Postnarrativist philosophy of historiography
Jouni-Matti Kuukkanen, University of Oulu, Finland

D16 .B58 2015
Clio's battles : historiography in practice /
Jeremy Black

D203 .H68 2008eb
Religious warfare in Europe, 1400-1536 [electronic resource]
Norman Housley

D547.K4 C66 2006eb
Steady the buffs! : a regiment, a region, and the Great War [electronic resource]
Mark Connelly

D754.I6 O53 2008eb
Spying on Ireland : British intelligence and Irish neutrality during the Second World War [electronic resource]
Eunan O'Halpin

D802.D4 H645 2015
The boys who challenged Hitler : Knud Pedersen and the Churchill Club /
Phillip Hoose

D821.G4 S65 2006eb
The East German leadership and the division of Germany : patriotism and propaganda 1945-1953 [electronic resource]
Dirk Spilker

DA16 .M376 2005eb
The making and unmaking of empires : Britain, India, and America, c.1750-1783 [electronic resource]
P.J. Marshall

DA195 .T47 2003
The English and the Normans : ethnic hostility, assimilation, and identity, 1066-c.1220 [electronic resource]
Hugh M. Thomas

DA480 .H26 2002eb
Politics and the nation : Britain in the mid-eighteenth century [electronic resource]
Bob Harris

DA480 .R33 2006eb
Riotous assemblies : popular protest in Hanoverian England [electronic resource]
Adrian Randall

DA520 .G44 2003
The British volunteer movement, 1794-1814 [electronic resource]
Austin Gee

DA563.4 .B427 2004eb
The mind of Gladstone : religion, Homer, and politics [electronic resource]
D.W. Bebbington

DA788 .G66 2004eb
The government of Scotland, 1560-1625 [electronic resource]
Julian Goodare

DF121 .P55 2005eb
Pilgrimage in Graeco-Roman & early Christian antiquity : seeing the gods [electronic resource]
edited by Jaś Elsner and Ian Rutherford

DF82 .E37 2002eb
Roman patrons of Greek cities [electronic resource]
Claude Eilers

DF895 .C66 2007eb
The dance of the islands : insularity, networks, the Athenian empire, and the Aegean world [electronic resource]
Christy Constantakopoulou

DF901.M3 K67 2006eb
Population exchange in Greek Macedonia : the rural settlement of refugees 1922-1930 [electronic resource]
Elisabeth Kontogiorgi

DG298 .D75 2007eb
The Alamanni and Rome 213-496 (Caracalla to Clovis) [electronic resource]
John F. Drinkwater

DH186.5 .T73 2008eb
The founding of the Dutch Republic : war, finance, and politics in Holland, 1572-1588 [electronic resource]
James D. Tracy

DK33 .R53 2005eb
Russian identities : a historical survey [electronic resource]
Nicholas V. Riasanovsky

DK511.C3 K56 2008eb
The ghost of freedom : a history of the Caucasus [electronic resource]
Charles King

DK67.5.P7 B28 2015
Soviet soft power in Poland : culture and the making of Stalin's new empire, 1943-1957 /
Patryk Babiracki

Taming Balkan Nationalism : the Habsburg 'Civilizing Mission' in Bosnia 1878-1914 [electronic resource]

DR2240 .L58 2008eb
The Macedonian question : Britain and the southern Balkans : 1939-1949 [electronic resource]
Dimitris Livanios

DS112 .S55 2008eb
Palestine in late antiquity [electronic resource]
Hagith Sivan

DS127.6.O3 L48 2015
Letters to Palestine : writers respond to war and occupation /
Edited by Vijay Prashad ; Foreword by Junot Díaz

DS135.E83 L36 2015
The archive thief : the man who salvaged French Jewish history in the wake of the Holocaust /
Lisa Moses Leff

DS54.3 .K63 2008eb
Prehistoric and protohistoric Cyprus : identity, insularity, and connectivity [electronic resource]
A. Bernard Knapp

DS558.8 .U54
The United States Air Force in Southeast Asia, 1961-1973
by Carl Berger, editor ; Jack S. Ballard [and others]

DS66 .B75 2005eb
The kingdom of the Hittites [electronic resource]
Trevor Bryce

DS796.N2 Y63 2006eb
The making of the "Rape of Nanking : history and memory in Japan, China, and the United States [electronic resource]
Takashi Yoshida

DS919 .C35 2008eb
Selling the Korean War : propaganda, politics, and public opinion in the United States, 1950-1953 [electronic resource]
Steven Casey

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