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Items Acquired in June 2014 for the University Libraries

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D1055 .E85 2014
European national identities : elements, transitions, conflicts /
Roland Vogt, Wayne Cristaudo, Andreas Leutzsch, editors

D1055 .R436 2014
Rethinking modern European intellectual history
edited by Darrin M. McMahon and Samuel Moyn

D16.16 .P88 2014
Psychology and history : interdisciplinary explorations /
edited by Cristian Tileagă and Jovan Byford

D16.255.S5 M34 2014
Simming : participatory performance and the making of meaning /
Scott Magelssen

D16.8 .P38 2014
Kierkegaard on the philosophy of history
Georgios Patios

D202.8 .R67 2014
The third horseman : climate change and the Great Famine of the 14th century /
William Rosen

D21.3 .C34 2014
Empires and walls : globalization, migration, and colonial domination /
by Mohammad A. Chaichian

D383 .S85 2014
The four horsemen : riding to liberty in post-Napoleonic Europe /
Richard Stites

D523 .R43 2014
The long shadow : the legacies of the Great War in the twentieth century /
David Reynolds

D570.9.Y7 M37 2014
Alvin York : a new biography of the hero of the Argonne /
Douglas V. Mastriano

D58 .H4713 2014b
The histories
Herodotus ; translated by Tom Holland ; introduction and notes by Paul Cartledge

D58.H7 P75 2014
Herodotus and Hellenistic culture : literary studies in the reception of the histories /
Jessica Priestley

D613 .A4
Women at the Hague : the International congress of women and its results [electronic resource]
by three delegates to the congress from the United States, Jane Addams ... Emily G. Balch ... Alice Hamilton

D640 .L8513 2014
A soldier on the southern front : the classic Italian memoir of World War I /
Emilio Lussu ; translated from the Italian by Gregory Conti

D744.7.E8 C66 2014
Confronting memories of World War II : European and Asian legacies /
edited by Daniel Chirot, Gi-Wook Shin, and Daniel Sneider

D744.7.G7 B75 2014
British cultural memory and the second World War
edited by Lucy Noakes and Juliette Pattinson

D756.5.N6 W384 2014
Operation Neptune : the prelude to D-Day /
David Wragg

D767.25.H6 T475 1965
Born to live : Hiroshima [electronic resource]
compiled and edited by Studs Terkel with Jim Unrath

D805.5.S28 W55 2014
Surviving a Japanese internment camp : life and liberation at Santo Tomas, Manila, in World War II /
Rupert Wilkinson

D810.A53 E88 2014
The Aleut internments of World War II : islanders removed from their homes by Japan and the United States /
Russell W. Estlack ; forewords by Dimitri Philemonof and Blackhawk Walters

D810.J4 J49 2014
Jewish resistance against the Nazis
edited by Patrick Henry

D810.S7 B352 2014
Hoover's secret war against Axis spies : FBI counterespionage during World War II /
Raymond J. Batvinis

D819.G3 S55 2014
How to accept German reparations
Susan Slyomovics

D829.E8 L68 2012
Savage continent : Europe in the aftermath of World War II /
Keith Lowe

D915 .C536 2014
The Jacobean grand tour : early Stuart travellers in Europe /
Edward Chaney and Timothy Wilks

DA10.5 .C75 2014
Critical perspectives on colonialism : writing the empire from below /
edited by Fiona Paisley and Kirsty Reid

DA125.A1 P645 2014
The politics of ethnic diversity in the British Isles
edited by Romain Garbaye and Pauline Schnapper, University of Sorbonne Nouvelle, France

DA16 .W49 2014
Decolonisation : the British experience since 1945 /
Nicholas J. White

DA207 .B69 2014
Lionheart : the true story of England's Crusader King /
Douglas Boyd

DA260 .S57 2014
The rise of the Tudors : the family that changed English history /
Chris Skidmore

DA552 .W37 2014
Censoring Queen Victoria : how two gentlemen edited a queen and created an icon /
Yvonne M. Ward

DA566.9.C5 R649 2014
The literary Churchill : author, reader, actor /
Jonathan Rose

DA566.9.C5 S384 2013
War dogs
Kathryn Selbert

DA566.9.C5 T59 2014
Churchill in North America, 1929 : a three month tour of Canada and the United States /
Bradley P. Tolppanen

DA589.4 .P728 2014
Preserving the sixties : Britain and the 'decade of protest' /
edited by Trevor Harris, Professor of British Studies, University of Tours, France and Monia O'Brien Castro, Senior Lecturer in British Studies, University of Tours, France ; foreword by Dominic Sandbrook

DA681 .B29 2014
London : the Selden Map and the making of a global city, 1549-1689 /
Robert K. Batchelor

DA684.2 S725 2003 C437 1961
The sounds of London [electronic resource]
Recorded and edited by Samuel B. Charters, London. Eng., Nov. 1960

DA80 .R68 2013
England's medieval Navy, 1066-1509 : ships, men & warfare /
Susan Rose

DA910 .C36 2014
Ireland's history : prehistory to the present /
Kenneth L. Campbell

DC729 .D39 2014
How Paris became Paris : the invention of the modern city /
Joan DeJean

DD247.H5 N658 2014
Hitler and abductive logic : the strategy of a tyrant /
Ben Novak

DF225.4 .F56 2014
The Battle of Marathon in scholarship : research, theories and controversies since 1850 /
Dennis L. Fink

Alexander's heirs : the age of the successors [electronic resource]
Edward M. Anson

DJ18 .D46 2013
Charlotte Dematons

DK258.6 .R374 2014
The Romanov sisters : the lost lives of the daughters of Nicholas and Alexandra /
Helen Rappaport

DK265.A5 H578 1964
History of the Soviet Union in ballad and song [electronic resource]
edited by Louis Menashe

DK286 .P57 2014
The last empire : the final days of the Soviet Union /
Serhii Plokhy

DK43 .F54 2014
Revolutionary Russia, 1891 - 1991 : a history /
Orlando Figes

DK510.763 .S246 2014
Putin redux : power and contradiction in contemporary Russia /
Richard Sakwa

DK510.764 .H47 2014
Putin's wars : the rise of Russia's new imperialism /
Marcel H. Van Herpen

DP161 .K35 2014
Spain, 1469-1714 : a society of conflict /
Henry Kamen

DS119.76 .O54 2014
One land, two states : Israel and Palestine as parallel states /
edited by Mark LeVine and Mathias Mossberg

DS126.6.B33 G67 2014
Menachem Begin : the battle for Israel's soul /
Daniel Gordis

DS135.E5 H567 2014
The early Jews and Muslims of England and Wales : a genetic and genealogical history /
Elizabeth Caldwell Hirschman and Donald N. Yates

DS149 .S49518 2013
Pioneers of Zionism: Hess, Pinsker, Rülf : messianism, settlement policy, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict /
Julius H. Schoeps

DS151.Z5 .H36 2014
Jabotinsky : a life /
Hillel Halkin

DS341.3.U6 D69 2014
The geopolitical power shift in the Indo-Pacific region : America, Australia, China, and triangular diplomacy in the twenty-first century /
Randall Doyle

DS371.3 .S56 2014
The Taliban : Afghanistan's most lethal insurgents /
Mark Silinsky ; foreword by Raymond Taras

DS432.5 I53 2013eb
Indian Diaspora : Voices of Grandparents and Grandparenting /
edited by Amarjit Singh

DS481.G3 B48 2014
Between ethics and politics : Gandhi today /
editor, Eva Pföstl ; with a foreword by Akeel Bilgrami

DS557 .M463 1966
Berkeley teach-in : Vietnam [electronic resource]

DS557.7 G663 1972
Good morning Viet-Nam : a documentary [electronic resource]

DS557.A68 T446 2003
The Original Read-in for peace in Vietnam [electronic resource]

DS559.8.C5 S55 2014
Toxic war : the story of Agent Orange /
Peter Sills

DS559.8.D7 D36 2014
Resister : a story of protest and prison during the Vietnam War /
Bruce Dancis

DS578.32.L44 H33 2014
Masked : the life of Anna Leonowens, schoolmistress at the court of Siam /
Alfred Habegger

DS63.1 .P37 2014
The modern Middle East : a social and cultural history /
Ilan Pappé

DS747.5 .A89 2014
The dragon and the eagle : the rise and fall of the Chinese and Roman empires /
by Sunny Y. Auyang

DS751 .S83
Journal of Sung-Yuan studies

DS778.7 .W85 2014
The cultural revolution at the margins : Chinese socialism in crisis /
Yiching Wu

DS779.32 .L55 2014
The People's Republic of amnesia : Tiananmen revisited /
Louisa Lim

DS779.4 .F48 2014
Will China dominate the 21st century?
Jonathan Fenby

DS79.76 .S457 2014
It takes more than a network : the Iraqi insurgency and organizational adaptation /
Chad C. Serena

DS79.767.M67 L45 2014
Fighting for peace : veterans and military families in the anti-Iraq War movement /
Lisa Leitz

DS87 .S1897 2014
The government and politics of Lebanon
Imad Salamey

DS885.5.K75 K3513 2007
So sad to fall in battle : an account of war based on General Tadamichi Kuribayashi's letters from Iwo Jima ; translated by Giles Murray

DS96.2 .K67 2014
The land of the elephant kings : space, territory, and ideology in the Seleucid Empire /
Paul J. Kosmin

DT1787 .T48 2014
A history of South Africa
Leonard Thompson

DT650.E34 G75 1994
Houses in the rain forest : ethnicity and inequality among farmers and foragers in Central Africa /
Roy Richard Grinker

DT733 .S686 1956
Sounds of a South African homestead [electronic resource]

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