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Items Acquired in August 2014 for the University Libraries

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D1065.M628 G46 2013
The whispers of cities : information flows in Istanbul, London, and Paris in the age of William Trumbull /
John-Paul Ghobrial

D116 .W578 2013
The modern origins of the early Middle Ages
by Ian Wood

D157 .C474 2014
Muslims and crusaders : Christianity's wars in the Middle East, 1095-1382, from the Islamic sources /
Niall Christie

D371 .R87 2014
Russian-Ottoman borderlands : the Eastern question reconsidered /
edited by Lucien J. Frary and Mara Kozelsky

D424 .L48 2013 v.1
The crisis of genocide. Volume 1, Devastation : : the European rimlands, 1912-1938 /
Mark Levene

D424 .L48 2013 v.2
The Crisis of genocide. Volume 2, Annihilation : : the European rimlands 1939-1953 /
Mark Levene

D652 .D4 2013
The Antiquity of the Italian nation. The cultural origins of a political myth in Modern Italy, 1796-1943
Antonio De Francesco

D790.2 .O44 2014
Project 9 : the birth of the Air Commandos in World War II /
Dennis R. Okerstrom

D804.3 .S565 2014
The World Jewish Congress during the Holocaust : between activism and restraint /
Zohar Segev

D810.N4 S44 2014
The Port Chicago 50 : disaster, mutiny, and the fight for civil rights /
Steve Sheinkin

D847 .W44 2014
Myths of the Cold War : amending historiographic distortions /
Albert L. Weeks

DA110 .V47 2014
Distant strangers : how Britain became modern /
James Vernon

DA152 .S45 2013
Perceptions of the prehistoric in Anglo-Saxon England. Religion, ritual, and rulership in the landscape
Sarah Semple

DA195 .B38 2013eb
The Normans and empire
David Bates

DA566.7 .M87 2013
Monarchy and the end of empire : the House of Windsor, the British government, and the post-war Commonwealth /
Philip Murphy

DA589.8 .B58 2014
Britain and the world since 1945
Alasdair Blair

DA690.Y6 R447 2013eb
York : the making of a city, 1068-1350 /
Sarah Rees Jones

DB855 .W37 2014
Black Vienna : the radical right in the red city, 1918-1938 /
Janek Wasserman

DC34.5.M87 F74 2014
Constructing Muslims in France : discourse, public identity, and the politics of citizenship /
Jennifer Fredette

DC59.8.G7 W55 2014
France, Britain and the United States in the twentieth century, 1900-1940 : a reappraisal /
Andrew J. Williams, School of International Relations, University of St. Andrews, UK

DD247.H5 R67 2014
Explaining Hitler : the search for the origins of his evil /
Ron Rosenbaum

A companion to ethnicity in the ancient Mediterranean
edited by Jeremy McInerney

DF222.2 .G37 2014
Wandering Greeks : the ancient Greek diaspora from the age of Homer to the death of Alexander the Great /
Robert Garland

DF228.P4 A9613 2014
Pericles of Athens
Vincent Azoulay ; translated by Janet Lloyd ; foreword by Paul Cartledge

DF231.3 .C37 2013
The Athenian Amnesty and reconstructing the law
by Edwin Carawan

DF234 .A673 2014
Alexander's heirs : the age of the successors /
Edward M. Anson

DF261.A177 A73 2013eb
Ancient economies of the northern Aegean : fifth to first centuries BC /
Zosia Halina Archibald

DF505.C4 S56 2013eb
Niketas Choniates : a histiographical study /
Alicia Simpson

DF78 .V33 2014
German Philhellenism : the pathos of the historical imagination from Winckelmann to Goethe /
Damian Valdez

DF82 .C43 2013eb
Ancient Greek letter writing : a cultural history, 600 BC- 150 BC /
Paola Ceccarelli

DF951.A22 K45 2013
Marathon fighters and men of Maple : ancient Acharnai [electronic resource]
Danielle L. Kellogg

DG223 .S58x 2014
The Etruscans : a very short introduction /
Christopher Smith

DG266 .O84 2014
Turia : a Roman woman's Civil War /
Josiah Osgood

DG508.5 V58 2014
Theodahad : a platonic king at the collapse of Ostrogothic Italy /
Massimiliano Vitiello

DJK51 .T89 2014
Twenty years after communism : the politics of memory and commemoration /
edited by Michael Bernhard and Jan Kubik

DK37.8.R6 F37 2014
Secret lives of the tsars : three centuries of autocracy, debauchery, betrayal, murder, and madness from Romanov Russia /
Michael Farquhar

DP43.2 .R535 2013
Rick Steves' Europe. Spain [videorecording]

DR603 .M357 2014
The making of a protest movement in Turkey : #occupygezi /
edited by Umut Özkirimli, Lund University, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Sweden

DS134.64 .B74 2014
The ethics of witnessing : the Holocaust in Polish writers' diaries from Warsaw, 1939-1945 /
Rachel Feldhay Brenner

DS33 .M29 2014
A short history of Asia
Colin Mason

DS375.B35 A93 2013eb
Sacred landscape in medieval Afghanistan : revisiting the Faḍāʼ il-i Balkh /
Arezou Azad

DS448 .A4343 2014
How India became territorial : foreign policy, diaspora, geopolitics /
Itty Abraham

DS480.45 .O33 2014
Hindu nationalism and the evolution of contemporary Indian security : portents of power /
Chris Ogden

DS483.5 .C43 2014
Founding an empire on India's north-eastern frontiers, 1790-1840 : climate, commerce, polity /
Gunnel Cederl̲f

DS559.8.S6 K54 2014
Forever Vietnam : how a divisive war changed American public memory /
David Kieran

DS649.7 .J67 2014
Timor-Leste : the history and development of Asia's newest nation /
Abraham Joseph and Takako Hamaguchi ; foreword by José Ramos-Horta

DS740.5.I5 F36 2014
Asymmetrical threat perceptions in India-China relations
Tien-sze Fang

DT1757 .D83 2014
Apartheid, 1948-1994
Saul Dubow

DT2405.J6557 K78 2013eb
Imagining the edgy city : writing, performing, and building Johannesburg /
Loren Kruger

DT61 .E87 2013eb
Use of documents in pharaonic Egypt [electronic resource]
Christopher Eyre

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