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Items Acquired in June 2015 for the University Libraries

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E143 .S76 2013
Domesticating empire : enlightenment in Spanish America /
Karen Stolley

E169.12 .B245 2015
Baby boomers and popular culture : an inquiry into America's most powerful generation /
Brian Cogan and Thom Gencarelli, editors

E169.12 .K764 2015
Prison area, independence valley : American paradoxes in political life and popular culture /
Rob Kroes

E176.472.A34 G63 2015
Presidential leadership and African Americans : an American dilemma" from slavery to the White House /
by George R. Goethals

E178.5 .M25 2010
Malcolm X : make it plain [videorecording]
produced in association with the BBC and with the participation of SBS TV ; a Blackside, Inc./ROJA Productions film for The American experience ; WGBH

E183.7 .H84 2015
The Hillary doctrine : sex & American foreign policy /
Valerie M. Hudson & Patricia Leidl

E183.8.C4 M67 2015
Reagan and Pinochet : the struggle over U.S. policy toward Chile /
Morris Morley (Macquarie University, Australia), Chris McGillion (Charles Sturt University, Australia)

US-China strategic competition : towards a new power equilibrium /
S. Mahmud Ali

E183.8.I57 G55 2015
Sold out? : US foreign policy, Iraq, the Kurds, and the Cold War /
Bryan R. Gibson

E183.8.P5 C375 2015
Legitimizing empire : Filipino American and U.S. Puerto Rican cultural critique /
Faye Caronan

E184.A1 .B4287 2015
The Enigma of Diversity : The Language of Race and the Limits of Racial Justice /
Ellen Berrey

E184.A1 J86 2015
Beneath the surface of white supremacy : denaturalizing U.S. racisms past and present /
Moon-Kie Jung

E184.A1 L623 2015
The emotional politics of racism : how feelings trump facts in an era of colorblindness /
Paula Ioanide

E184.A75 K49 2015
Keywords for Asian American studies
edited by Cathy J. Schlund-Vials, Linda Trinh Võ, and K. Scott Wong

E184.S67 G73 2015
Improvised Adolescence : Somali Bantu Teenage Refugees in America /
Sandra Grady

E185.18 .B63 2015
The color factor : the economics of African-American well-being in the nineteenth-century south /
Howard Bodenhorn

E185.5.N276 A53 2015
Bourgeois radicals : the NAACP and the struggle for colonial liberation, 1941-1960 /
Carol Anderson, Emory University

E185.6 .E54 2014
The great Black migration : a historical encyclopedia of the American mosaic /
Steven A. Reich, editor

E185.61 .G67 2015
From power to prejudice : the rise of racial individualism in midcentury America /
Leah N. Gordon

E185.61 .R4 2014
Remembering Jim Crow : African Americans tell about life in the segregated South /
senior editors, William H. Chafe, Raymond Gavins, Robert Korstad ; [and 5 other associate editors]

E185.625 .B425 2014
African American psychology : from Africa to America /
Faye Z. Belgrave, Virginia Commonwealth University, Kevin W. Allison, Virginia Commonwealth University

E185.625 .R68 2014
Gender and race in antebellum popular culture
Sarah N. Roth

The sisters are alright : changing the broken narrative of black women in America /
Tamara Winfrey Harris

E185.86 .B5416 2014
Black women and popular culture : the conversation continues /
edited by Adria Y. Goldman, VaNatta S. Ford, Alexa A. Harris, and Natasha R. Howard

E185.86 .B5424 2014
Black women in politics : identity, power, and justice in the new millennium /
Michael Mitchell, David Covin, editors ; with Nikol Alexander-Floyd and Julia S. Jordan-Zachery, guest editors

E185.86 .C586 2015
The Black family and society
James L. Conyers, Jr., editor

E185.86 .M637 2014
Black stats : African Americans by the numbers in the twenty-first century /
Monique W. Morris ; with an introduction by Khalil Gibran Muhammad.

E185.86 .R55 2014
Please stop helping us : how liberals make it harder for blacks to succeed /
Jason L. Riley

E185.86 .S668 2014@E185.86 .S668 2014
Soul thieves : the appropriation and misrepresentation of African American popular culture /
edited by Tamara Lizette Brown and Baruti N. Kopano

E185.93.A8 R32 2014
Race and ethnicity in Arkansas : new perspectives /
edited by John A. Kirk

E185.96 .B48 2013
Betty & Coretta [videorecording]
Lifetime Pictures ; produced by Yves Simoneau, Jacquline Lavoie ; story and teleplay by Shem Bitterman and Ron Hutchinson ; directed by Yves Simoneau

E185.97.F835 A3 2015
Remnants : a memoir of spirit, activism, and mothering /
Rosemarie Freeney Harding, with Rachel Elizabeth Harding

E185.97.J59 K35 2014
The girl from the tar paper school : Barbara Rose Johns and the advent of the civil rights movement /
Teri Kanefield

E185.97.K5 L55 2015
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Peter J. Ling

E185.97.K5 M84 2014
A lasting prophetic legacy : Martin Luther King Jr., the World Council of Churches, and the global crusade against racism and war /
Thomas A. Mulhall ; foreword by Lewis V. Baldwin

E185.97.R24 A3 2015
The misadventures of Awkward Black Girl
Issa Rae

E302.5 .W796 2015
The wisest council in the world : restoring the character sketches by William Pierce of Georgia of the delegates to the Constitutional Convention of 1787 /
edited by John R. Vile

E302.6.F8 M93 2015
Benjamin Franklin and the ends of empire
Carla J. Mulford

E303 .E43 2015
The quartet : orchestrating the second American Revolution, 1783-1789 /
Joseph J. Ellis

E450 .M129 2015
Love, liberation, and escaping slavery : William and Ellen Craft in cultural memory /
Barbara McCaskill

E451 .D35 2015
John Brown in memory and myth
Michael Daigh

E457.2 .M497 2015
Lincoln and emancipation
Edna Greene Medford

E467.1.J79 D86 2015
Patrick Henry Jones : Irish American, Civil War general, and Gilded Age politician /
Mark H. Dunkelman

E468.9 .G36 2015
Defining duty in the Civil War : personal choice, popular culture, and the Union home front /
J. Matthew Gallman

E470 .A1195 2015
1865 : America makes war and peace in Lincoln's final year /
edited by Harold Holzer and Sara Vaughn Gabbard

E475.55 .G36 2015
The Gettysburg Address : perspectives on Lincoln's greatest speech /
edited by Sean Conant ; foreword by Harold Holzer

E476.7 .H46 2015
The Battle of Ezra Church and the struggle for Atlanta
Earl J. Hess

E668 .H94 2015
Searching for freedom after the Civil War : klansman, carpetbagger, scalawag, and freedman /
G. Ward Hubbs

E748.E135 Z95 2015
Senator James Eastland : Mississippi's Jim Crow Democrat /
Maarten Zwiers

E748.G687 S65 2015
Lincoln Gordon : architect of Cold War foreign policy /
Bruce L. R. Smith

E78.N5 S48 2015
Native American whalemen and the world : the contingency of race /
Nancy Shoemaker

E806 .O54 2014
America in the thirties
John Olszowka, Marnie M. Sullivan, Brian R. Sheridan, Dennis Hickey ; with a foreword by John Robert Greene

E83.759 .T67 2015
Carolina in crisis : Cherokees, colonists, and slaves in the American southeast, 1756-1763 /
Daniel J. Tortora

E83.876 .H3713 2015
The last days of George Armstrong Custer : the true story of the Battle of the Little Bighorn /
by Thom Hatch

E840.8.M545 A3 2015
The negotiator : a memoir /
George J. Mitchell

E841 .S34 2015
Buckley and Mailer : the difficult friendship that shaped the Sixties /
Kevin M. Schultz

E842 .H58 2015
JFK and LBJ : the last two great presidents /
Godfrey Hodgson

E843.K44 A94 2015
Lost destiny : Joe Kennedy Jr. and the doomed WWII mission to save London /
Alan Axelrod

E847 .C32 2015
The triumph & tragedy of Lyndon Johnson : the White House years /
Joseph A. Califano, Jr

E856 I54 2015
Nixon's first cover-up : the religious life of a Quaker president /
H. Larry Ingle

E98.S6 N49 2015
Brethren by nature : New England Indians, colonists, and the origins of American slavery /
Margaret Ellen Newell

E99.C493 T73 2015
A Chemehuevi song : the resilience of a Southern Paiute tribe /
Clifford E. Trafzer ; foreword by Larry Myers

E99.C59 S53 2015
Hunting caribou : subsistence hunting along the northern edge of the boreal forest /
Henry S. Sharp and Karyn Sharp

E99.C844 S49 2015
The complete Seymour : Colville storyteller /
Peter J. Seymour ; compiled and edited by Anthony Mattina ; translated by Madeline DeSautel and Anthony Mattina

E99.M19 R45 2015
The sea is my country : the maritime world of the Makahs, an indigenous borderlands people /
Joshua L. Reid

E99.N3 V69 2015
Wastelanding : legacies of uranium mining in Navajo country /
Traci Brynne Voyles

E99.O8 H47 2015
Osage and settler : reconstructing shared history through an Oklahoma family archive /
Janet Berry Hess

E99.P7 M34 2015
Clyde Warrior : tradition, community, and Red Power /
by Paul R. McKenzie-Jones

E99.S227 B76 2015
War paintings of the Tsuu T'ina Nation
Arni Brownstone

E99.W84 T73 2015
Transforming the dead : culturally modified bone in the prehistoric Midwest /
edited by Eve A. Hargrave, Shirley J. Schermer, Kristin M. Hedman, and Robin M. Lillie

Wicked charms
Janet Evanovich and Phoef Sutton

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