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Items Acquired in April 2015 for the University Libraries

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E159 .B28 1986
The historic treasure chest of the Madonna of the Trail Monuments
written and compiled by Fern Ioula Bauer

E181 .W273 2002
War letters : extraordinary correspondence from American wars /
edited by Andrew Carroll ; foreword by Douglas Brinkley

E183.8.C5 B66 2015
The China mirage : the hidden history of American disaster in Asia /
James Bradley

E183.8.C5 C417 2015
Fateful ties : a history of America's preoccupation with China /
Gordon H. Chang

American Jewish year book 2014 : the annual record of the North American Jewish communities /
Arnold Dashefsky, Ira Sheskin, editors

E184.36.P64 G87 2015
The Holocaust averted : an alternate history of American Jewry, 1938-1967 /
Jeffrey S. Gurock

E184.A1 S954 2014
Good white people : the problem with middle-class white anti-racism /
Shannon Sullivan

E185.18 .C62 2015
Picture freedom : remaking Black visuality in the early nineteenth century /
Jasmine Nichole Cobb

E185.61 .M374 2005eb
Massive resistance : southern opposition to the second reconstruction [electronic resource]
edited by Clive Webb

E185.615 .L26 2015
Black America in the shadow of the sixties : notes on the civil rights movement, neoliberalism, and politics /
Clarence Lang

E185.615 .S556 2015
Amiri Baraka and the Congress of African People : history and memory /
Michael Simanga

E185.625 .C646 2014
Color matters : skin tone bias and the myth of a post-racial America /
edited by Kimberly Jade Norwood

E185.86 .B53 2015
Black girls and adolescents : facing the challenges /
Catherine Fisher Collins, editor ; foreword by Marian Wright Edelman

E185.93.O2 G66 2013
Freedom and justice for all : my life and Dayton civil rights history /
told by Jessie Gooding, et al ; written by Rosalind Vera Osinubi

E188 .A59 2015
Anglicizing America : empire, revolution, republic /
edited by Ignacio Gallup-Diaz, Andrew Shankman, and David J. Silverman

E210 .B48 2015
Between sovereignty and anarchy : the politics of violence in the American revolutionary era /
edited by Patrick Griffin, Robert G. Ingram, Peter S. Onuf, and Brian Schoen

E302 .M19 1984
The papers of James Madison : presidential series /
edited by Robert A. Rutland [and others]

E332.2 .B857 2015
Democracy's muse : how Thomas Jefferson became an FDR liberal, a Reagan Republican, and a Tea Party fanatic, all the while being dead /
Andrew Burstein

E373 .V23 2015
Wolf by the ears : the Missouri crisis, 1819-1821 /
John R. Van Atta

E442 .S34 2015
The business of slavery and the rise of American capitalism, 1815-1860
Calvin Schermerhorn

E444 .F27 1976
Slave narratives : a folk history of slavery in the United States, from interviews with former slaves /
prepared by the Federal Writers' Project, assembled by the Library of Congress project, Works Progress Administration for the District of Columbia

E450 .M87 2016
The Jerry rescue : the Fugitive Slave Law, Northern rights, and the American sectional crisis /
Angela F. Murphy

E457.2 .S327 2015
Lincoln and the Jews : a history /
Jonathan D. Sarna and Benjamin Shapell

E457.5 .A44 2015
Fortune's fool : the life of John Wilkes Booth /
Terry Alford

E457.5 .O96 2015
Alias "Paine" : Lewis Thornton Powell, the mystery man of the Lincoln conspiracy /
Betty J. Ownsbey

E457.6 .L84 2015
Photographer and the president : Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Gardner, and the images that made a presidency /
Richard S. Lowry

E467 .M16 2015
For brotherhood & duty : the Civil War history of the West Point Class of 1862 /
Brian R. McEnany

E467.1.S8 M37 2015
Lincoln's autocrat : the life of Edwin Stanton /
William Marvel

E468.9 .B63 2015
The blue, the gray, and the green : toward an environmental history of the Civil War /
edited by Brian Allen Drake

E470 .H59 2015
Civil War infantry tactics : training, combat, and small-unit effectiveness /
Earl J. Hess

E470 .J36 2015
Spring 1865 : the closing campaigns of the Civil War /
Perry D. Jamieson

E475.27 .D69 2015
The Vicksburg Campaign : strategy, battles and key figures /
Kevin Dougherty

E476.69 .F73 2015
The civilian war : Confederate women and Union soldiers during Sherman's march /
Lisa Tendrich Frank

E477.16 .F67 2015
The great Missouri raid : Sterling Price and the last major Confederate campaign in northern territory /
Michael J. Forsyth

E508.5 8th .L68 2015
My dear Molly : the Civil War letters of Captain James Love /
edited by M.E. Kodner

E59.C25 B78 2015
Weaponizing maps : indigenous peoples and counterinsurgency in the Americas /
Joe Bryan and Denis Wood

E668 .D74 2015
After Appomattox : military occupation and the ends of war /
Gregory P. Downs

E668 .M375 2015
Lincoln's last speech : wartime reconstruction and the crisis of reunion /
Louis P. Masur

E748.C966 M35 2003eb
Minnie Fisher Cunningham : a suffragist's life in politics [electronic resource]
Judith N. McArthur and Harold L. Smith

E78.S65 A763 2015
The archaeology of events : cultural change and continuity in the pre-Columbian Southeast /
edited by Zackary I. Gilmore and Jason M. O'Donoughue

E807.1 .P39 2015
Hissing cousins : the untold story of Eleanor Roosevelt and Alice Roosevelt Longworth /
Marc Peyser and Timothy Dwyer

E81 .O84 2015
Red dreams, white nightmares : pan-Indian alliances in the Anglo-American mind, 1763-1815 /
Robert M. Owens

E855 .H833 2015
Fatal politics : the Nixon tapes, the Vietnam War, and the casualties of reelection /
Ken Hughes

E855 .S26 2015
A superpower transformed : the remaking of American foreign relations in the 1970s /
Daniel J. Sargent

E876 .A557 2015
Ronald Reagan : decisions of greatness /
Martin Anderson & Annelise Anderson

E876 .C653 2015
A companion to Ronald Reagan
edited by Andrew L. Johns

E876 .R423 2015
Reagan's legacy in a world transformed
edited by Jeffrey L. Chidester and Paul Kengor

E98.B7 H87 1992
A handbook of native American herbs
Alma R. Hutchens

E98.C89 W65 2015
The Women's National Indian Association : a history /
edited by Valerie Sherer Mathes

E99.M19 K575 2015
Ozette : excavating a Makah whaling village /
Ruth Kirk

E99.M47 .H64 2015
Metis and the medicine line : creating a border and dividing a people /
Michel Hogue

E99.M48 W454 2015
William Wells and the struggle for the Old Northwest
by William Heath

E99.N2 M55 2015
Natchez Country : Indians, colonists, and the landscapes of race in French Louisiana /
George Edward Milne

E99.P84 E55 2015
Poverty Point : revealing the forgotten city : a UNESCO World Heritage Site /
Jenny Ellerbe and Diana M. Greenlee

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