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E118 G89 2014
Christopher Columbus's naming in the diarios of the four voyages (1492-1504) : a discourse of negotiation /
Evelina Gužauskytė

E161 .B43 2014
American fun : four centuries of joyous revolt /
John Beckman

E168 .R795 2014
Unspeakable awfulness : America through the eyes of European travelers, 1865-1900 /
Kenneth D. Rose

E168.N27 N384 1962
George Jean Nathan's The new American credo [electronic resource]

E169.1 .K56 2014
Heroes, villains, & fools : the changing American character /
Orrin E. Klapp ; with a new introduction by Arthur Asa Berger

E169.1 .N37 2014
Wilderness and the American mind
Roderick Frazier Nash

E169.12 .B332 2014
Through a screen darkly : popular culture, public diplomacy, and America's image abroad /
Martha Bayles

E169.12 .H636 2014
Sexplosion : from Andy Warhol to 'A clockwork orange'-- how a generation of pop rebels broke all the taboos /
Robert Hofler

E169.12 .J63 2014
The myth of America's decline : politics, economics, and a half century of false prophecies /
Josef Joffe

E169.Z83 S58 2014
American smoke : journeys to the end of the light : a fiction of memory /
Iain Sinclair

E175 .H66 2014
Historians across borders : writing American history in a global age /
edited by Nicolas Barreyre, Michael Heale, Stephen Tuck, and Cécile Vidal

E176 .H25
Daughters of America [electronic resource]

E176.1 .A88 2014
Hunting the president : threats, plots, and assassination attempts; from FDR to Obama /
Mel Ayton

E179.5 .V33 2014
Securing the West : politics, public lands, and the fate of the old republic, 1785-1850 /
John R. Van Atta

E183 .S776 2014
American panic : a history of who scares us and why /
Mark Stein

E183.7 .R35 2014
American foreign policy and political ambition
James Lee Ray, Vanderbilt University

E183.8.A3 R54 2014
What we won : America's secret war in Afghanistan, 1979-89 /
Bruce Riedel

E183.8.C5 R57 2014
The rise of China and transformation of the US-China relationship : forging partnership in the age of strategic mistrust /
edited by Suisheng Zhao

E183.8.I55 U574 2014
U.S.-Iran misperceptions : a dialogue /
edited by Abbas Maleki and John Tirman

E183.8.I57 U55 2014
The United States and Iraq since 1990 : a brief history with documents /
edited by Robert K. Brigham

E183.8.S65 A44 2014
Reagan at Reykjavik : forty-eight hours that ended the Cold War /
Ken Adelman

E183.8.S7 R67 2014
Franco sells Spain to America : Hollywood, tourism and public relations as postwar Spanish soft power /
Neal M. Rosendorf, Visiting Professor of Politics and International Relations, New Mexico State University, USA

E184.6 .A346 2014
African American voices : a documentary reader from emancipation to the present /
edited by Leslie Brown

E184.7 .A37 2009
African American education in a hegemonic society : confronting the challenge of westernity [electronic resource]
Pedagogy Productions ; Microtraining and Multicultural Development ; Microtraining Associates

E184.A1 H415 2014
Diversity and society : race, ethnicity, and gender /
Joseph F. Healey

E184.A1 L63 2014
Increasing multicultural understanding
Don C. Locke, Deryl F. Bailey

E184.A1 S3 1984
Racial and ethnic groups
Richard T. Schaefer

E184.A75 A753 2009
Asian Americanist psychology : rediscovering our activist roots [electronic resource]
Pedagogy Productions ; Microtraining Associates ; produced and edited by Dan Coles

E184.A75 A755 2004
An Asian American story : research summary and life review [electronic resource]
Microtraining Associates presents ; with Derald Wing Sue, by Madonna G. Constantine

E184.A75 D54 2014
Asian America : sociological and interdisciplinary perspectives /
Pawan Dhingra and Robyn Magalit Rodriguez

E184.A75 Y45 2014
Yellow peril! : an archive of anti-Asian fear /
edited and introduced by John Kuo Wei Tchen and Dylan Yeats

E184.F4 T59 2014
Big little man : in search of my Asian self /
Alex Tizon

E184.F5 F55 2014
Finns in the United States : a history of settlement, dissent, and integration /
edited by Auvo Kostiainen

E184.G7 M67 2014
Greek Americans : struggle and success /
Peter C. Moskos and Charles C. Moskos ; with an introduction by Michael Dukakis

E184.I8 I847213 2014
Italoamericana : the literature of the great migration, 1880-1943 /
edited by Francesco Durante ; general editor of the American edition Robert Viscusi ; translations editor Anthony Julian Tamburri ; bibliographic editor James J. Periconi

E184.J5 N37 1896
Proceedings of the first convention of the National Council of Jewish Women : held at New York, Nov. 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19 1896 [electronic resource]

E184.M45 S75 2014
Growing up Amish : the Rumspringa years /
Richard A. Stevick

E185 .B574 2013
Black firsts : 4,000 ground-breaking and pioneering historical events /
[edited by] Jessie Carney Smith

E185 .H844 1955
The glory of Negro history [electronic resource]

E185.18 .W57 2014
Between slavery and freedom : free people of color in America from settlement to the Civil War /
Julie Winch

E185.2 .O4 2013
Of times and race : essays inspired by John F. Marszalek /
edited by Michael B. Ballard and Mark R. Cheathem ; [photo by Russ Houston]

E185.5 .N317
The state of Black America

E185.5.N276 B96 2013
NAACP youth and the fight for black freedom, 1936-1965
Thomas L. Bynum

What gender perspectives shaped the emergence of the National Association of Colored Women, 1895-1920? [electronic resource]
by Thomas Dublin, with Franchesca Arias and Debora Carreras

E185.5.N278 D3
Lifting as they climb [electronic resource]

E185.53.P37 P76 2013
W.E.B. Du Bois' exhibit of American Negroes : African Americans at the beginning of the twentieth century /
Eugene F. Provenzo Jr

E185.6 F545 1994
Field to factory : voices of the great migration : recalling the African American migration to the northern cities [electronic resource]
[written and produced by Davis Tarnow for the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of American History]

Socialism and the American negro : Speech before audience in Great Hall, Madison Wisconsin Memorial Union, April 9, 1960. [electronic resource]
sponsored by Wisconsin Socialist Club

E185.61 .J695 2014
Negroes and the gun : the Black tradition of arms /
Nicholas Johnson

E185.61 .S579 2014
Freedom rider diary : smuggled notes from Parchman Prison /
Carol Ruth Silver

E185.61 .W18 2013
Massive resistance and media suppression : the segregationist response to dissent during the civil rights movement /
David J. Wallace

E185.61 T447 1965
The story of Greenwood, Mississippi [electronic resource]

E185.61 T447 2000
The sit-in story : the story of the lunch room sit-ins [electronic resource]

E185.61 W474 1961
We shall overcome ; songs of the Freedom Riders and the Sit -Ins [electronic resource]

E185.61.S4 F744 1965
Freedom songs: Selma, Alabama : a documentary recording [electronic resource]
by Carl Benkert

E185.615 .B54646 2014
The Black Panthers speak
edited by Philip S. Foner

E185.615 .G6716 2013
Grassroots and coalitions : exploring the possibilities of Black politics /
Michael Mitchell and David Covin, editors

E185.615 .W436 2014
What has this got to do with the liberation of Black people? : the impact of Ronald W. Walters on African American thought and leadership /
edited by Robert C. Smith, Cedric Johnson, and Robert G. Newby

E185.625 .C43 2014
X-- the problem of the Negro as a problem for thought
Nahum Dimitri Chandler

E185.625 .H386 2013
The Haverford discussions : a black integrationist manifesto for racial justice /
edited by Michael Lackey ; assisted by Rachel Balzar ; afterword by Alfred E. Prettyman

E185.625 .I63 2009
Incorporating race and culture with other aspects of identity : choices, contexts and strategies [electronic resource]
Pedagogy Productions ; Microtraining Associates

E185.625 .M46 2009ev
Mentoring and the development of multicultural competencies [electronic resource]

E185.625 O74 2010
An organizational psychologist's struggle for social justice and the common good : real threats and true breakthroughs [electronic resource]
Patricia Romney

E185.63 .S26 2014
The story of Black military officers, 1861-1948
Krewasky A. Salter I

How did African-American women define their citizenship at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893? [electronic resource]
by Kathryn Kish Sklar and Erin Shaughnessy

E185.86 .A339 2013
African American females : addressing challenges and nurturing the future /
edited by Eboni M. Zamani-Gallaher and Vernon C. Polite

E185.86 .E437 2013
Cut dead but still alive : caring for African American young men /
Gregory C. Ellison II

E185.86 .F525 2014
Black faces, white spaces : reimagining the relationship of African Americans to the great outdoors /
Carolyn Finney

E185.86 .R236 2013
Race, gender, and identity : a social science comparative analysis of Africana culture /
James L. Conyers, Jr., editor

E185.86 .W438682 2014
What the village gave me : conceptualizations of womanhood /
edited by Denise Davis-Maye, Annice Dale Yarber, Tonya E. Perry

E185.89.I56 K55 2014
Transformation of the African American intelligentsia, 1880-2012
Martin Kilson

E185.92 .W66 2013
Abandonment in Dixie : underdevelopment in the Black Belt /
Veronica L. Womack

E185.93.A3 H69 2013
Raised up down yonder : growing up black in rural Alabama /
Angela McMillan Howell

E185.93.M6 D236 2013
Challenging the Mississippi firebombers : memories of Mississippi 1964-65 /
Jim Dann

E185.93.M6 K385 2014
And I said no Lord : a twenty-one-year-old in Mississippi in 1964 /
Joel Katz

E185.96 D385 1922
The story of the Illinois Federation of Colored Women's Clubs, 1900-1922 [electronic resource]
by Elizabeth Lindsay Davis

E185.96.B7 T446 1966
The Negro woman [electronic resource]
compiled and edited by Jean M. Brannon

E185.97 D385 1971
Angela Davis speaks [electronic resource]

E185.97.C27 J63 2014
Stokely : a life /
by Peniel E. Joseph

E185.97.D67 D684 1966
The autobiography of Frederick Douglass [electronic resource]

E185.97.D73 D836 1961
W.E.B. DuBois : a recorded autobiography [electronic resource]

E185.97.N48 N498 1970
Huey Newton speaks [electronic resource]

E185.97.P5 H555 1977
Booker T's child and Portia [electronic resource]
conceived and narrated by Roy L. Hill

E189 .T447 2003
The Patriot plan [electronic resource]
by Charles Edward Smith

E199 .M67 2014
George Washington and the Half-King Chief Tanacharison : an alliance that began the French and Indian War /
Paul R. Misencik

E199 .N475 2014
The French and Indian War and the conquest of New France
William R. Nester

E202.6 .A17
History of the organization and work of the national society Daughters of the revolution [electronic resource]
compiled from the records of the society by Mrs. Henry T. Kent, Mrs. D. Phoenix Ingraham ... [et al.] committee

E203 .H475 2003
Heritage U.S.A [electronic resource]

E209 .H85 2014
Popular media and the American Revolution : shaping collective memory /
Janice Hume

E230 .W38 2014
Poisoned by lies and hypocrisy : America's first attempt to bring liberty to Canada, 1775-1776 /
Gavin K. Watt

E269 .N3
Blacks in the American Revolutionary War : Conceived [electronic resource]
narrated & recorded by Jean Brannon

E279 .M57 2014
The original American spies : seven covert agents of the Revolutionary War /
Paul R. Misencik

E302.6.F7 F736 1961
The autobiography of Benjamin Franklin [electronic resource]

E332.2 .L47 1996
Thomas Jefferson : America's philosopher-king /
Max Lerner ; edited with an introduction by Robert Schmuhl

E340 .C763 1955
The real story of Davy Crockett [electronic resource]

E342 .C47 2014
James and Dolley Madison : America's first power couple /
Bruce Chadwick

E354 .W396 2014
America's first crisis : the War of 1812 /
Robert P. Watson

E377.2 .A34 2014
A traveled first lady : writings of Louisa Catherine Adams /
edited by Margaret A. Hogan and C. James Taylor ; foreword by Laura Bush

E443 .N674 2014
White slave owners breeding and selectively breeding themselves with their black female slaves and girls : why Black Americans are not descendants of Africans or African slaves : We are not African Americans! /
Gerald S. Nordé, Sr. ; with a foreword by Arthur E. Thomas

E445.I8 S65 2014
Busy in the cause : Iowa, the free-state struggle in the west, and the prelude to the Civil War /
Lowell J. Soike

E445.K5 H37 2014
Religion, race, and the making of Confederate Kentucky, 1830 - 1880
Luke E. Harlow

E445.T47 G66 2013
Remembering the days of sorrow : the WPA and the Texas slave narratives /
Ronald E. Goodwin

How did abolitionist women and their slaveholding relatives negotiate their conflict over the issue of slavery? [electronic resource]
by Sherry H. Penney and James D. Livingston

E449 .A621
Proceedings of the Anti-slavery Convention of American Women held in the city of New-York, May 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th, 1837 [electronic resource]

E449 .A6234
Proceedings of the Anti-slavery convention of American women, held in Philadelphia. May 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th, 1838 [electronic resource]

E449 .C433 1891
Anti-slavery reminiscences [electronic resource]
Elizabeth Buffum Chace

E449 .D684 1977
Speeches by Frederick Douglass [electronic resource]
read by Ossie Davis

E449 .H65 2014
Masters, slaves, and exchange : power's purchase in the Old South /
Kathleen M. Hilliard, Iowa State University

E449 .M92
James and Lucretia Mott : life and letters [electronic resource]
Ed. by their granddaughter, Anna Davis Hallowell. With portraits ..

E449 .P763 1900
Proceedings of the third Anti-slavery convention of American women : held in Philadelphia, May 1st, 2d and 3d, 1839 [electronic resource]

E449 .R728
An address delivered before the Concord Female Anti-slavery Society, at its annual meeting, 25 Dec. 1837 [electronic resource]
by Nathaniel P. Rogers ; to which is added, the third annual report of said society

E449.B74 B678 1836
Annual report [electronic resource]

E449.D6 D684 1975
The meaning of July 4th for the Negro [electronic resource]
by Frederick Douglass

E449.D732 D684 2009
A voice ringing o'er the gale! : the oratory of Frederick Douglass [electronic resource]

How did white women aid former slaves during and after the Civil war, 1863-1891? [electronic resource]
by Carol Faulkner

E457 .T32 2014
Teaching Lincoln : legacies & classroom strategies /
edited by Caroline R. Pryor & Stephen L. Hansen

E457.2 .W48 2014
We called him Rabbi Abraha : Lincoln and American Jewry, a documentary history /
edited with introductions by Gary Phillip Zola

E458.8 .B83 2014
With malice toward some : treason and loyalty in the Civil War era /
William A. Blair

E459 .C59 2014
The Civil War as global conflict : transnational meanings of the American Civil War /
edited by David T. Gleeson and Simon Lewis

E462.15 .M38
History of the Department of Massachusetts, Woman's relief corps [electronic resource]

E467.1.L4 K75 2014
Clouds of glory : the life and legend of Robert E. Lee /
Michael Korda

E475.81 .G38 2014
Gateway to the Confederacy : new perspectives on the Chickamauga and Chattanooga Campaigns, 1862-1863 /
edited by Evan C. Jones and Wiley Sword

E487 .B86 1867 Online
Woman's work in the Civil War : a record of heroism, patriotism and patience [electronic resource]
by L.P. Brockett and Mary C. Vaughan ; with an introduction by Henry W. Bellows

E496 .I22 2014
I do wish this cruel war was over : first-person accounts of Civil War Arkansas from the Arkansas Historical Quarterly /
edited by Mark K. Christ and Patrick G. Williams

E540.N3 W55 2014
I freed myself : African American self-emancipation in the Civil War era /
David Williams, Valdosta State University

E628 .W87
Proceedings of the meeting of the Loyal Women of the Republic, held in New York, May 14, 1863 [electronic resource]

E628 M81
Women of the war : their heroism and self-sacrifice [electronic resource]
by Frank Moore

E647 .D437 1962
Dear Abe Linkhorn : the satire of the Civil War [electronic resource]
selected, recorded and with a critical introduction by Samuel Charters

E660 .R72 2014
Selected speeches and writings of Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt ; edited and with an introduction by Gordon Hutner

How did Belle La Follette oppose racial segregation in Washington, D.C., 1913-1914? [electronic resource]
by Nancy C. Unger

E744 .A243 2014
The end of American world order
Amitav Acharya

E744 .A486 2013
America in the world : the historiography of American foreign relations since 1941 /
edited by Frank Costigliola, University of Connecticut, Michael J. Hogan, University of Illinois, Springfield

E744 .H325 2014
Authority, Ascendancy, and Supremacy : China, Russia, and the United States' Pursuit of Relevancy and Power /
by Gregory O. Hall

E745.M3 P425 2014
The most dangerous man in America : the making of Douglas MacArthur /
Mark Perry

E748 D436 1968
Senator Joseph R. McCarthy : a documentary of the McCarthy hearings [electronic resource]
produced, written and narrated by Emile de Antonio

E748.B31 B375 1957
The Veep : the story of Alben William Barkley as interviewed by Sidney Shalett [electronic resource]

E806 .A123 2014
The 40s : the story of a decade /
The New Yorker ; edited by Henry Finder with Giles Harvey ; introduction by David Remnick

E814 .C365 2014
Harry S. Truman : the economics of a populist president /
E. Ray Canterbery

E83.89 .G74 2014
American carnage : Wounded Knee, 1890 /
Jerome A. Greene ; foreword by Thomas Powers

E837.5 C367 1961
Campaign '56 : sounds of an election year [electronic resource]
[edited by Howard Lamar and Charles Blitzer]

Emile de Antonio's Millhouse : a white comedy ; voice material from the film [electronic resource]

E840.8.C59 A3 2014
Blessed experiences : genuinely Southern, proudly Black /
James E. Clyburn ; foreword by Alfre Woodard

E840.8.K4 P36 2014
Robert F. Kennedy in the stream of history
Terrence Edward Paupp ; with a foreword by Richard Falk

E842.9 G555 1965
Of poetry and power : poems occasioned by the Presidency and by the death of John F. Kennedy [electronic resource]

E842.9 L364 2001
The Oswald case : Mark Lane's testimony to the Warren Commission [electronic resource]

E842.9 O893 2003
The Oswald case : Mrs. Marguerite Oswald reads Lee Harvey Oswald's letters from Russia [electronic resource]

E846 .B49 2014
Beyond the Cold War : Lyndon Johnson and the new global challenges of the 1960s /
edited by Francis J. Gavin and Mark Atwood Lawrence

E859 .W384 2001
Watergate [electronic resource]

E873 .B35 2014
Redeemer : the life of Jimmy Carter /
Randall Balmer

E881 .A13 2014
41 : inside the presidency of George H.W. Bush /
edited by Michael Nelson and Barbara A. Perry

E887.C55 A49 2014
HRC : state secrets and the rebirth of Hillary Clinton /
Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes

E895 .D37 2014
Anti-Americanism and the rise of world opinion : consequences for the US national interest /
Monti Narayan Datta, University of Richmond, Virginia

E97 .P47 2009
Personal journeys, professional paths : navigating the crossroads [electronic resource]
Pedagogy Productions ; Microtraining Associates

E98.D2 H67 1995
Horse Dancing and Tasha [electronic resource]
writer and director, Charles Nauman ; a Nauman Films production

E98.E85 N38 2014
Native diasporas : indigenous identities and settler colonialism in the Americas /
edited by Gregory D. Smithers & Brooke N. Newman

E98.F6 H544 1978
Anpao : an American Indian odyssey [electronic resource]
performed by Highwater Jamake

E99 .C687 1971
Hopi tales : from the book People of the short blue corn [electronic resource]
by Harold Courlander

E99.C6 S664 1977
Songs of the Chippewa. Vol. 1, Minnesota Chippewa game and social dance songs [electronic resource]
collected & edited by Paul Parthum

E99.C8 O74 2014
Choctaw resurgence in Mississippi : race, class, and nation building in the Jim Crow south, 1830-1977 /
Katherine M. B. Osburn

E99.C832 C59 2014
Clovis caches : recent discoveries & new research /
edited by Bruce B. Huckell and J. David Kilby

E99.D1 H78 2014
The Canadian Sioux
James H. Howard ; with a new foreword by Raymond J. DeMallie and Douglas R. Parks

E99.H2 K76 2014
The force of family : repatriation, kinship, and memory on Haida Gwaii /
Cara Krmpotich

E99.M8 S56 2014
Mohawk interruptus : political life across the borders of settler states /
Audra Simpson

E99.N6 F57 2014
Ninigret, sachem of the Niantics and Narragansetts : diplomacy, war, and the balance of power in seventeenth-century New England and Indian country /
Julie A. Fisher and David J. Silverman

E99.P9 S83 2014
Anasazi America : seventeen centuries on the road from Center Place /
David E. Stuart ; with the research assistance and contributions of Jenny (Lund) Sherman and Susan Moczygemba-McKinsey

E99.S38 T444 1966
The Enchanted spring (an American Indian legend) [electronic resource]

How did white women reformers with the southern Ute respond to gendered assimilationist Indian policies? [electronic resource]
by Katherine Osburn

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