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E125.N9 V37 2014
Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca : American trailblazer /
by Robin Varnum

E159 .P746 2000"@"E159
Preserving cultural landscapes in America [electronic resource]
edited by Arnold R. Alanen and Robert Z. Melnick ; foreword by Dolores Hayden

E161.5 .L56 1985eb
Desert passages : encounters with the American deserts [electronic resource]
Patricia Nelson Limerick

E163 .A67 1992
Liberalism and republicanism in the historical imagination [electronic resource]
Joyce Appleby

E166 .P54 1962eb
Route from Liverpool to Great Salt Lake Valley [electronic resource]
by Frederick Hawkins Piercy ; edited by Fawn M. Brodie

E169 .S448 1990eb
Sense of place : American regional cultures [electronic resource]
edited by Barbara Allen & Thomas J. Schlereth

E169.1 .C68 1947
America in perspective : the United States through foreign eyes [electronic resource]
edited, with an introduction and notes, by Henry Steele Commager

E169.1 .C684 1950eb
The American mind : an interpretation of American thought and character since the 1880's [electronic resource]
by Henry Steele Commager

E169.1 .C686 1967eb
Was America a mistake? : an eighteenth-century controversy [electronic resource]
by Henry Steele Commager and Elmo Giordanetti

E169.1 .F828 2007eb
Observing America : the commentary of British visitors to the United States, 1890-1950 [electronic resource]
Robert Frankel

E169.1 .G273 2014
American civil religion : what Americans hold sacred /
Peter Gardella

E173 .C73 1946eb
Documents of American history [electronic resource]
edited by Henry Steele Commager

E173 .C73 1958eb
Documents of American history [electronic resource]
edited by Henry Steele Commager

E173 .C76 1951eb
Living ideas in America [electronic resource]
edited and with commentary by Henry Steele Commager

E175 .H37 1997eb
The degradation of American history [electronic resource]
David Harlan

E175 .R48 2002eb
Rethinking American history in a global age [electronic resource]
edited by Thomas Bender

[Henry Adams] [electronic resource]
by Ernest Samuels

E175.5.T83 B49
Frederick Jackson Turner : historian, scholar, teacher [electronic resource]
by Ray Alen Billington

E178 .N54 1951eb
The pocket history of the United States [electronic resource]
Allan Nevins & Henry Steele Commager

E178 .N55 1945eb
A short history of the United States [electronic resource]
by Allan Nevins and Henry Steele Commager

E178.6 .C6 1967eb
The search for a usable past, and other essays in historiography [electronic resource]
by Henry Steele Commager

E183 .C72 1966eb
Freedom and order : a commentary on the American political scene [electronic resource]
Henry Steele Commager

E183.8.C5 B439 2014
China 1945 : Mao's revolution and America's fateful choice /
Richard Bernstein

E183.8.C5 H175 2007"@"DS754.18
The romance of China : excursions to China in U.S. culture, 1776 to 1876 [electronic resource]
by John Rogers Haddad

E183.8.C5 U114 2014
The US strategic pivot to Asia and cross-strait relations : economic and security dynamics /
edited by Peter C.Y. Chow

E183.8.C5 X8 2014
Chinese and Americans : a shared history /
Xu Guoqi

E183.8.C9 G44 1973"@"E183.8.C9
Roosevelt and Batista : good neighbor diplomacy in Cuba, 1933-1945 [electronic resource]
Irwin F. Gellman

E183.8.G7 C78 2014
Informal ambassadors : American women, transatlantic marriages, and Anglo-American relations, 1865-1945 /
Dana Cooper

E183.8.G7 E49 2007eb
Cold War at 30,000 feet : the Anglo-American fight for aviation supremacy [electronic resource]
Jeffrey A. Engel

E183.8.G9 G53 1991eb
Shattered hope : the Guatemalan revolution and the United States, 1944-1954 [electronic resource]
Piero Gleijeses

E183.8.G9 I45 1982"@"E183.8.G9
The CIA in Guatemala : the foreign policy of intervention [electronic resource]
by Richard H. Immerman

E183.8.M6 N53 1995
War, diplomacy, and development : the United States and Mexico, 1938-1954 [electronic resource]
Stephen R. Niblo

E183.8.M6 R83 1998"@"E183.8.M6
On the rim of Mexico : encounters of the rich and poor [electronic resource]
Ramón Eduardo Ruiz

E183.8.M6 S36 1978
Dollars over dominion : the triumph of liberalism in Mexican-United States relations, 1861-1867 [electronic resource]
Thomas David Schoonover

E183.8.P2 H64 1986eb
The Panama Canal in American politics : domestic advocacy and the evolution of policy [electronic resource]
J. Michael Hogan

E183.8.P7 D65 2014
Empowering revolution : America, Poland, and the end of the Cold War /
Gregory F. Domber

E183.8.R9 K4 1956eb
Soviet-American relations, 1917-1920 [electronic resource]
by George F. Kennan

E184.36.E84 L48 2007eb
American Jewish loss after the Holocaust [electronic resource]
Laura Levitt

E184.A1 F73 1981
White supremacy : a comparative study in American and South African history [electronic resource]
George M. Fredrickson

E184.A1 F738 2007eb
Colored property : state policy and white racial politics in suburban America [electronic resource]
David M.P. Freund

E184.A1 H636 2006eb
Cosmopolitanism and solidarity : studies in ethnoracial, religious, and professional affiliation in the United States [electronic resource]
David A. Hollinger

E184.A75 J86 2006eb
Coolies and cane : race, labor, and sugar in the age of emancipation [electronic resource]
Moon-Ho Jung

E184.C27 J36 1999"@"E184.C27
Holding aloft the banner of Ethiopia : Caribbean radicalism in early twentieth-century America [electronic resource]
Winston James

Life on the hyphen : the Cuban-American way [electronic resource]
Gustavo Pérez Firmat

E184.I6 C34 2008eb
Ireland's New Worlds : immigrants, politics, and society in the United States and Australia, 1815-1922 [electronic resource]
Malcolm Campbell

E184.I8 S815 1993"@"E184.I8
Studies in Italian American folklore [electronic resource]
edited by Luisa Del Giudice

E184.M5 F65 2014
Mexicans in the making of America
Neil Foley

E184.M5 R86 2008eb
From out of the shadows : Mexican women in twentieth-century America [electronic resource]
Vicki L. Ruiz

E184.S3 G7
Colonists from Scotland : emigration to North America, 1707-1783 [electronic resource]
by Ian Charles Cargill Graham

E184.S75 M388 2014
Domestic disturbances : re-imagining narratives of gender, labor, and immigration /
by Irene Mata

E185.61 .C627 1967eb
The struggle for racial equality : a documentary record [electronic resource]
selected and edited by Henry Steele Commager

E185.61 .D85 2002eb
Cold War civil rights : race and the image of American democracy [electronic resource]
Mary L. Dudziak

E185.61 .G64 2007eb
The lost promise of civil rights [electronic resource]
Risa L. Goluboff

E185.61 .L814 2014
Winning the war for democracy : the March on Washington Movement, 1941-1946 /
David Lucander

E185.61 .W745 2002
The Reconstruction desegregation debate : the politics of equality and the rhetoric of place, 1870-1875 [electronic resource]
Kirt H. Wilson

E185.615 .B84 1973eb
The political status of the Negro in the age of FDR [electronic resource]
Ralph J. Bunche ; edited and with an introduction by Dewey W. Grantham

E185.615 .F398 2014
Stepping into Zion : Hatzaad Harishon, Black Jews, and the remaking of Jewish identity /
Janice W. Fernheimer

Setting down the sacred past : African-American race histories [electronic resource]
Laurie F. Maffly-Kipp

E185.625 .H63 2014
A chosen exile : a history of racial passing in American life /
Allyson Hobbs

E185.625 .R67 1971eb
Black and white self-esteem : the urban school child [electronic resource]
by Morris Rosenberg and Roberta G. Simmons

E185.625 .S63 2014
Black mosaic : the politics of Black pan-ethnic diversity /
Candis Watts Smith

E185.86 .P525 2014
The hip-hop underground and African American culture : beneath the surface /
James Braxton Peterson

E185.86 .P89 2014
The psychology of Black boys and adolescents
Kirkland C. Vaughans and Warren Spielberg, editors ; introduction by Marian Wright Edelman

E185.9 .L5 1961eb
North of slavery : the Negro in the free States, 1790-1860 [electronic resource]

The world they made together : black and white values in eighteenth-century Virginia [electronic resource]
Mechal Sobel

E185.97.F717 W56 2002eb
A gentleman of color : the life of James Forten [electronic resource]
Julie Winch

E185.97.G3 S8 1986
The world of Marcus Garvey : race and class in modern society [electronic resource]
Judith Stein

E185.97.H455 N45 2006eb
Steel drivin' man : John Henry, the untold story of an American legend [electronic resource]
Scott Reynolds Nelson

E185.97.P38 H63 2014
The short and tragic life of Robert Peace : a brilliant young man who left Newark for the Ivy League /
Jeff Hobbs

E185.97.S37 M68 2014
A black gambler's world of liquor, vice, and presidential politics : William Thomas Scott of Illinois, 1839-1917 /
Bruce L. Mouser ; foreword by Henry Louis Gates, Jr

E185.97.T8 W37 2009eb
Sojourner Truth's America [electronic resource]
Margaret Washington

E208 .G815 1995eb
Understanding the American Revolution : issues and actors [electronic resource]
Jack P. Greene

E209 .B58 1985
Visionary republic : millennial themes in American thought 1756-1800 [electronic resource]
Ruth H. Bloch

E263.N5 R64 2014
Jacob Green's revolution : radical religion and reform in a revolutionary age /
S. Scott Rohrer

E29.C5 Y68 2014
Alien nation : Chinese migration in the Americas from the coolie era through World War II /
Elliott Young

E302.6.F8 K87 2014
Benjamin Franklin : American founder, Atlantic citizen /
Nathan R. Kozuskanich

E312 .W392 1962eb
Life of Washington [electronic resource]
by Mason L. Weems ; edited by Marcus Cunliffe

E312.29 .L37 2014
The return of George Washington : 1783-1789 /
Edward J. Larson

E322 .M58 2004eb
The meaning of independence : John Adams, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson [electronic resource]
Edmund S. Morgan

E338 .Y6 1966
The Washington community, 1800-1828 [electronic resource]
James Sterling Young

E377 .E34 2014
Nation builder : John Quincy Adams and the grand strategy of the republic /
Charles N. Edel

E398 .C37 2001eb
A good and wise measure : the search for the Canadian-American boundary, 1783-1842 [electronic resource]
Francis M. Carroll

E415.9.S76 O55 2014
American queen : the rise and fall of Kate Chase Sprague, Civil War Belle of the North and gilded age woman of scandal /
John Oller

E441 .B47 2003eb
Generations of captivity : a history of African-American slaves [electronic resource]
Ira Berlin

E443 .D56 1998eb
Servants of Allah : African Muslims enslaved in the Americas [electronic resource]
Sylviane A. Diouf

E443 .M38 2004eb
Divided mastery : slave hiring in the American South [electronic resource]
Jonathan D. Martin

E444.T82 H86 2003eb
Harriet Tubman : the life and the life stories [electronic resource]
Jean M. Humez

E445.A3 D56 2007eb
Dreams of Africa in Alabama : the slave ship Clotilda and the story of the last Africans brought to America [electronic resource]
Sylviane A. Diouf

E445.G3 O36 2007eb
Becoming free in the cotton South [electronic resource]
Susan Eva O'Donovan

E445.N54 G54 2014
The ragged road to abolition : slavery and freedom in New Jersey, 1775-1865 /
James J. Gigantino II

E449 .S813 2004eb
The black hearts of men : radical abolitionists and the transformation of race [electronic resource]
John Stauffer

E449.G865 B76 1999eb
Angelina Grimké : rhetoric, identity, and the radical imagination [electronic resource]
Stephen Howard Browne

E450 .S56 1951
The mysteries of Ohio's underground railroads

E453 .R84 2008eb
The problem of emancipation : the Caribbean roots of the American Civil War [electronic resource]
Edward Bartlett Rugemer

E457.2 .K365 2014
Abraham Lincoln, the Quakers, and the Civil War : a trial of principle and faith /
William C. Kashatus

E457.45 .B76 2014
Founders' son : a life of Abraham Lincoln /
Richard Brookhiser

E457.5 .S794 2014
Lincoln's assassination
Edward Steers, Jr

E459 .M24 1994
What they fought for 1861-1865 [electronic resource]
James M. McPherson

E464 .B56 1973eb
The Blue and the Gray : the story of the Civil War as told by participants [electronic resource]
edited by Henry Steele Commager ; foreword by Douglas Southall Freeman

E464 .F5 1965eb
Fifty basic Civil War documents [electronic resource]
Henry Steele Commager [editor]

E467 .C79 2015
Corps commanders in blue : Union major generals in the Civil War /
edited by Ethan S. Rafuse

E467.1.C98 M33 2014
Commander Will Cushing : daredevil hero of the Civil War /
Jamie Malanowski

E468.5 .C94 2014
Belligerent muse : five northern writers and how they shaped our understanding of the Civil War /
Stephen Cushman ; foreword by Gary W. Gallagher

E468.9 .S654 2015
The smell of battle, the taste of siege : a sensory history of the Civil War /
Mark M. Smith

E470 .W38 2014
Lincoln and the war's end
John C. Waugh

E470 .W47 2014
The West Point history of the Civil War
The United States Military Academy ; editors, Clifford J. Rogers, Ty Seidule, and Samuel J. Watson

E475.27 .L47 2014
Vicksburg and Chattanooga : the battles that doomed the Confederacy /
Jack H. Lepa

E487 .C67 1964eb
The defeat of the Confederacy : a documentary survey [electronic resource]
Henry Steele Commager [editor]

E49.2.S4 U47 1997
Ulster and North America : transatlantic perspectives on the Scotch-Irish [electronic resource]
edited by H. Tyler Blethen and Curtis W. Wood, Jr. ; with a foreword by T.G. Fraser

E499.5 16th .G66 2015
A broken regiment : the 16th Connecticut's Civil War /
Lesley J. Gordon

E508.5 1st .S68 2014
Soldiers in the army of freedom : the 1st Kansas Colored, the Civil War's first African American combat unit /
Ian Michael Spurgeon

E57.F54 M37 1988eb
A stranger in her native land : Alice Fletcher and the American Indians [electronic resource]
Joan Mark

E58 .D538 2000"@"E58
The settlement of the Americas : a new prehistory [electronic resource]
Thomas D. Dillehay

E59.L3 S44 2001eb
American pentimento : the invention of Indians and the pursuit of riches [electronic resource]
Patricia Seed

E59.P75 N37 1992eb
The Native population of the Americas in 1492 [electronic resource]
edited by William M. Denevan ; with a foreword by W. George Lovell

Daughters of the Union : northern women fight the Civil War [electronic resource]
Nina Silber

E668 .S943 2014
The ordeal of the reunion : a new history of Reconstruction /
Mark Wahlgren Summers

E713 .C68 2009eb
The colonial crucible : empire in the making of the modern American state [electronic resource]
edited by Alfred W. McCoy and Francisco A. Scarano

E743 .C43 2015
The unfinished journey : America since World War II /
William H. Chafe, Duke University

E743 .W355 2008eb
Inventing the American way : the politics of consensus from the New Deal to the civil rights movement [electronic resource]
Wendy L. Wall

E744 .G46 1974
Deterrence in American foreign policy : theory and practice [electronic resource]
Alexander L. George, Richard Smoke

E748.M143 G7 1987eb
The politics of fear : Joseph R. McCarthy and the Senate [electronic resource]
Robert Griffith

E748.M143 R57 1967
The intellectuals and McCarthy : the radical specter [electronic resource]
Michael Paul Rogin

E748.R673 S65 2014
On his own terms : a life of Nelson Rockefeller /
Richard Norton Smith

E748.S667 G35 2014
Hope and fear in Margaret Chase Smith's America : a continuous tangle /
Gregory Peter Gallant

E748.W442 O84 2008"@"E748.W442
Sumner Welles, postwar planning, and the quest for a new world order, 1937-1943 [electronic resource]
Christopher D. O'Sullivan

E76.8 .R47 1997"@"E76.8
Rethinking American Indian history [electronic resource]
edited by Donald L. Fixico

E77 .C69 2014
Colonial genocide in indigenous North America
Andrew Woolford, Jeff Benvenuto, and Alexander Laban Hinton, editors ; foreword by Theodore Fontaine

E77 .N553 2014
American Indians in U.S. history
Roger L. Nichols

E78.C15 S54 1988"@"E78.C15
Pushed into the rocks : southern California Indian land tenure, 1769-1986 [electronic resource]
Florence Connolly Shipek

E78.C2 A82 1983eb
As long as the sun shines and water flows : a reader in Canadian native studies [electronic resource]
edited by Ian A.L. Getty and Antoine S. Lussier

E78.M67 O97 2013
Our fires still burn : the Native American experience /
executive producer/director Audrey Geyer/Visions ; producer Levi Rickert ; [a documentary by Audrey Geyer]

Manitou and providence : Indians, Europeans, and the making of New England, 1500-1643 [electronic resource]
Neal Salisbury

E78.N5 M36 2008eb
Tribe, race, history : Native Americans in southern New England, 1780-1880 [electronic resource]
Daniel R. Mandell

E78.N78 G977 1972eb
Indian life on the Northwest coast of North America : as seen by the early explorers and fur traders during the last decades of the eighteenth century [electronic resource]
Erna Gunther

E78.S65 A79 2001eb
The archaeology of traditions : agency and history before and after Columbus [electronic resource]
edited by Timothy R. Pauketat ; foreword by Jerald T. Milanich

E78.S65 P69 2006eb
Powhatan's mantle : Indians in the colonial Southeast [electronic resource]
edited & with an introduction by Gregory A. Waselkov, Peter H. Wood, and Tom Hatley

E78.W8 B54 1995eb
Native American communities in Wisconsin, 1600-1960 : a study of tradition and change [electronic resource]
Robert E. Bieder

E807 .G44 1995eb
Secret affairs : Franklin Roosevelt, Cordell Hull, and Sumner Welles [electronic resource]
Irwin F. Gellman

E807 .K48 1991eb
The juggler : Franklin Roosevelt as wartime statesman [electronic resource]
Warren F. Kimball

E807 .S45 1950
Roosevelt and Hopkins : an intimate history [electronic resource]
by Robert E. Sherwood

E81 .U747 2003"@"E81
The Indian frontier, 1846-1890 [electronic resource]
Robert M. Utley

E82 .G74 2005eb
The first way of war : American war making on the frontier, 1607-1814 [electronic resource]
John Grenier

E839.5 .M32 2001"@"E839.5
Suburban warriors : the origins of the new American Right [electronic resource]
Lisa McGirr

E839.5 .M37 2004eb
Happy days and wonder years : the fifties and the sixties in contemporary cultural politics [electronic resource]
Daniel Marcus

E840.8.H536 A3 2014
Outpost : life on the frontlines of American diplomacy : a memoir /
Christopher R. Hill

E877 .B76 2014
Ronald Reagan : champion of conservative America /
James H. Broussard

E91 .H47 1971eb
The search for an American Indian identity : modern Pan-Indian movements [electronic resource]
Hazel W. Hertzberg

E93 .F52 1990"@"E93
Termination and relocation : federal Indian policy, 1945-1960 [electronic resource]
Donald L. Fixico

E98.C89 A93 1985
The invasion within : the contest of cultures in Colonial North America [electronic resource]
James Axtell

E98.C89 J33 2009eb
White mother to a dark race : settler colonialism, maternalism, and the removal of indigenous children in the American West and Australia, 1880-1940 [electronic resource]
Margaret D. Jacobs

E98.M6 B37 1972eb
Salvation and the savage : an analysis of Protestant missions and American Indian response, 1787-1862 [electronic resource]
Robert F. Berkhofer

E98.R4 G53 2014
Fort Marion prisoners and the trauma of native education
Diane Glancy

E98.U72 F57 2000"@"E98.U72
The urban Indian experience in America [electronic resource]
Donald L. Fixico

E99.A135 M67 2008"@"E99.A13
The embattled Northeast : the elusive ideal of alliance in Abenaki-Euramerican relations [electronic resource]
Kenneth M. Morrison

E99.A35 W48 2011eb
The middle ground : Indians, empires, and republics in the Great Lakes region, 1650-1815 [electronic resource]
Richard White

E99.C5 G66 1977eb
Cherokees in transition : a study of changing culture and environment prior to 1775 [electronic resource]
by Gary C. Goodwin

E99.C6 S34 1991eb
The Ojibwa of southern Ontario [electronic resource]
Peter S. Schmalz

E99.C68 S764 2008eb
Salvation through slavery : Chiricahua Apaches and priests on the Spanish colonial frontier [electronic resource]
H. Henrietta Stockel

E99.C877 D87 2014
Being Cowlitz : how one tribe renewed and sustained its identity /
Christine Dupres

E99.E7 D85 1987eb
The Eskimos and Aleuts [electronic resource]
Don E. Dumond

E99.I7 H8 1978eb
The wars of the Iroquois : a study in intertribal trade relations [electronic resource]
George T. Hunt

E99.I7 P75 2009eb
The texture of contact : European and Indian settler communities on the frontiers of Iroquoia, 1667-1783 [electronic resource]
David L. Preston

E99.O3 P67 1988eb
Oglala women : myth, ritual, and reality [electronic resource]
Marla N. Powers

E99.O35 C37 1991eb
The Queen's people : a study of hegemony, coercion, and accommodation among the Okanagan of Canada [electronic resource]
Peter Carstens

E99.Y5 M65 I9 1982"@"E99.Y5
Carlos Montezuma and the changing world of American Indians [electronic resource]
Peter Iverson

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