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Items Acquired in November 2014 for the University Libraries

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F1021 .M425 1985eb
The Wacousta syndrome : explorations in the Canadian langscape [electronic resource]
Gaile McGregor

F1021.2 .B43 1993eb
The beaver bites back? : American popular culture in Canada [electronic resource]
edited by David H. Flaherty and Frank E. Manning

F1021.2 .S6 1994eb
Canada : an American nation? : essays on continentalism, identity and the Canadian frame of mind [electronic resource]
Allan Smith

F1024 .C73 1997eb
Creating historical memory : English-Canadian women and the work of history [electronic resource]
edited by Beverly Boutilier and Alison Prentice

F1024 .T39 1989eb
Promoters, patriots, and partisans : historiography in nineteenth-century English Canada [electronic resource]
M. Brook Taylor

F1033 .B49 2013eb
The sense of power : studies in the ideas of Canadian imperialism, 1867-1914 [electronic resource]
Carl Berger ; with a new introduction by Doug Owram

F1034.2 .B486 1995eb
Beyond Quebec : taking stock of Canada [electronic resource]
edited by Kenneth McRoberts

F1034.2 .D43 1997eb
Degrees of freedom : Canada and the United States in a changing world [electronic resource]
edited by Keith Banting, George Hoberg, and Richard Simeon

F1034.2 .W48 1994eb
Reinventing Canada [electronic resource]
Anthony Westell

F1034.3.M143 A3 2014
Thumper : the memoirs of the Honourable Donald S. Macdonald /
Donald S. Macdonald ; with Rod McQueen

F1037 .M38 1994eb
The quest of the folk : antimodernism and cultural selection in twentieth-century Nova Scotia [electronic resource]
Ian McKay

F1059.7.E53 G74 1994eb
Ethnicity in the mainstream : three studies of English Canadian culture in Ontario [electronic resource]
Pauline Greenhill

F1124.A85 K46 2009eb
The slender thread : Irish women on the southern Avalon, 1750-1860 [electronic resource]
by Willeen Keough

F1219 .J28 1994eb
Indian population decline : the missions of northwestern New Spain, 1687-1840 [electronic resource]
Robert H. Jackson

Mesoamerican writing systems : propaganda, myth, and history in four ancient civilizations [electronic resource]
Joyce Marcus

F1219.76.D35 C65 2014
Indigenous education through dance and ceremony : a Mexica palimpsest /
Ernesto Tlahuitollini Colín

F1219.8.O56 G76 2014
Discovering the Olmecs : an unconventional history /
by David C. Grove

F122 .S65 1972eb
The history of the Province of New-York [electronic resource]
by William Smith, Jr. ; edited by Michael Kammen

The Nahuas after the conquest : a social and cultural history of the Indians of central Mexico, sixteenth through eighteenth centuries [electronic resource]
James Lockhart

F1221.Y3 F65 2014
The Yaquis and the empire : violence, Spanish imperial power, and native resilience in colonial Mexico /
Raphael Brewster Folsom

F1221.Z3 D44 2006eb
Into the hearts of the Amazons : in search of a modern matriarchy [electronic resource]
Tom DeMott

F1230 .D513 1967"@"G161
The conquest of New Spain [electronic resource]

F1234 .P55 2010eb
Constructing the image of the Mexican Revolution : cinema and the archive [electronic resource]
Zuzana M. Pick

F128.68.B8 S53 2014
Bronx boys
Stephen Shames ; text by Martin Dones and José Poncho Muñoz

F128.9.I8 C64 1993eb
Workshop to office : two generations of Italian women in New York City, 1900-1950 [electronic resource]
Miriam Cohen

F128.9.M5 S64 2006eb
Mexican New York : transnational lives of new immigrants [electronic resource]
Robert Courtney Smith

Stories of freedom in Black New York [electronic resource]
Shane White

F128.9.N4 H37 2003eb
In the shadow of slavery : African Americans in New York City, 1626-1863 [electronic resource]
Leslie M. Harris

F1376 .C55 2003eb
Ambivalent conquests : Maya and Spaniard in Yucatan, 1517-1570 [electronic resource]
Inga Clendinnen

F1386.3 .C66 1994eb
The limits of racial domination : plebeian society in colonial Mexico City, 1660-1720 [electronic resource]
R. Douglas Cope

F1392.B55 C37 2001"@"F1371
Blacks in colonial Veracruz : race, ethnicity, and regional development [electronic resource]
Patrick J. Carroll

F1410 .H88 1969"@"F1410
Tradition and revolt in Latin America, and other essays [electronic resource]
R. A. Humphreys

F1410 .M274 2010
Colonialism and postcolonial development : Spanish America in comparative perspective [electronic resource]
James Mahoney

The encomienda in New Spain : the beginning of Spanish Mexico [electronic resource]
by Lesley Byrd Simpson

F1411 .S58 2008"@"F1411
The encomienda in New Spain : the beginning of Spanish Mexico [electronic resource]
by Lesley Byrd Simpson

F1414 .A76 2014
Lessons from Latin America : innovations in politics, culture, and development /
Felipe Arocena and Kirk Bowman

F1438 .D86 1988"@"F1438
Power in the Isthmus : a political history of modern Central America [electronic resource]
James Dunkerley

F145.S3 L36 1985
Scotland and its first American colony, 1683-1765 [electronic resource]
Ned C. Landsman

F1465.2.I87 (INTERNET)
The conquest of the last Maya kingdom [electronic resource]
Grant D. Jones

F1505.2.C3 B68 1992"@"F1505.2.C3
Cannibal encounters : Europeans and Island Caribs, 1492-1763 [electronic resource]
Philip P. Boucher

F1505.2.C3 J64 2007eb
Diaspora conversions : Black Carib religion and the recovery of Africa [electronic resource]
Paul Christopher Johnson

F1565.2.C8 G35 2008"@"F1569.D3
The door of the seas and key to the universe : Indian politics and imperial rivalry in the Darién, 1640-1750 [electronic resource]
by Ignacio Gallup-Diaz

F158.4 .R66 2014
Governed by a spirit of opposition : the origins of American political practice in colonial Philadelphia /
by Jessica Choppin Roney

F1621 .M38 2010eb
Mosquito empires : ecology and war in the Greater Caribbean, 1620-1914 [electronic resource]
J.R. McNeill

F1660.B55 A63 2006eb
New negroes from Africa : slave trade abolition and free African settlement in the nineteenth-century Caribbean [electronic resource]
Rosanne Marion Adderley

F1779 .K84 1986eb
Cuba, 1753-1815 : crown, military, and society [electronic resource]
Allan J. Kuethe

F1783 .K55 1970eb
Slave society in Cuba during the nineteenth century [electronic resource]
[by] Franklin W. Knight

F1787.5 .S96 2002eb
Inside the Cuban Revolution : Fidel Castro and the urban underground [electronic resource]
Julia E. Sweig

F1787.5.B27 A74 2007"@"F1787.5.B27
Fulgencio Batista : from revolutionary to strongman [electronic resource]
Frank Argote-Freyre

F1869.N4 B55 2005eb
True-born maroons [electronic resource]
Kenneth M. Bilby ; foreword by Kevin Yelvington

F1886 .M66 2004"@"F1886
Neither led nor driven : contesting British cultural imperialism in Jamaica, 1865-1920 [electronic resource]
Brian L. Moore and Michele A. Johnson

F1895.W65 C7 1970eb
A Jamaican plantation : the history of Worthy Park, 1670-1970 [electronic resource]
Michael Craton and James Walvin

F1921 .N58 1996eb
From Dessalines to Duvalier : race, colour, and national independence in Haiti [electronic resource]
David Nicholls

F1923 .G34 2002"@"F1923
Haitian revolutionary studies [electronic resource]
David Patrick Geggus

F1926 .S65 2014
Liberty, fraternity, exile : Haiti and Jamaica after emancipation /
Matthew J. Smith

F1927 .S35 1995"@"F1927
The United States occupation of Haiti, 1915-1934 [electronic resource]
Hans Schmidt ; [with a new foreword by Stephen Solarz]

F209 .W9 1983
Southern honor : ethics and behavior in the Old South [electronic resource]
Bertram Wyatt-Brown

F215 .H29 2001eb
Deep Souths : Delta, Piedmont, and Sea Island society in the age of segregation [electronic resource]
J. William Harris

F2169 .L48 1987"@"F2169
Main currents in Caribbean thought : the historical evolution of Caribbean society in its ideological aspects, 1492-1900 [electronic resource]
Gordon K. Lewis

F2269.1.P87 T38 1987eb
Shamanism, colonialism, and the wild man : a study in terror and healing [electronic resource]
Michael Taussig

F2291.B6 B73 1985eb
The assassination of Gaitán : public life and urban violence in Colombia [electronic resource]
Herbert Braun

F230 .A49 2008eb
Sectionalism in Virginia from 1776 to 1861 [electronic resource]
Charles Henry Ambler

F2319.2.C3 (INTERNET)
Oil and steel : processes of Karinya culture in response to industrial development [electronic resource]
by Karl H. Schwerin

F2349.B55 L37 2007
Myths of harmony : race and republicanism during the age of revolution, Colombia 1795-1831 [electronic resource]
Marixa Lasso

F241 .T47 2010eb
An Appalachian New Deal : West Virginia in the Great Depression [electronic resource]
Jerry Bruce Thomas

F241.G55 T83 2008eb
Governor William E. Glasscock and progressive politics in West Virginia [electronic resource]
Gary Jackson Tucker

F245 .T47 2010
An Appalachian reawakening : West Virginia and the perils of the new machine age, 1945-1972 [electronic resource]
Jerry Bruce Thomas

F247.B2 S5 2003eb
Clash of loyalties : a border county in the Civil War [electronic resource]
by John W. Shaffer

F247.R2 K35 2002eb
The Blackwater chronicle : a narrative of an expedition into the land of Canaan in Randolph County, Virginia ... [electronic resource]
by Philip Pendleton Kennedy ; illustrated by David Hunter Strother ; edited and with a preface by Timothy Sweet

F250.A1 T73 2003eb
Transnational West Virginia : ethnic communities and economic change, 1840-1940 [electronic resource]
edited by Ken Fones-Wolf and Ronald L. Lewis

F2510 .G7 1968eb
Britain and the onset of modernization in Brazil 1850-1914 [electronic resource]
by Richard Graham

F2537 .M77 2014
Legacy of the lash : race and corporal punishment in the Brazilian Navy and the Atlantic World /
Zachary R. Morgan

F2538 .W55 2001eb
Culture wars in Brazil : the first Vargas Regime, 1930-1945 [electronic resource]
Daryle Williams

F2583 .A5413 2014
The invention of the Brazilian Northeast
Durval Muniz de Albuquerque Jr. ; with a foreword by James N. Green ; translated by Jerry Dennis Metz

F2659.A1 T45 2006eb
Race in another America : the significance of skin color in Brazil /
Edward E. Telles

F2679.2.M6 B488 2014
Behold the Black Caiman : a chronicle of Ayoreo life /
Lucas Bessire

F272 .C89 1928
The southern frontier, 1670-1732 [electronic resource]
by Verner W. Crane

F277.C4 H36 2014
Patroons & Periaguas : enslaved watermen and watercraft of the lowcountry /
Lynn B. Harris

The invention of Argentina [electronic resource]
Nicolas Shumway

F3001.9.S7 M6 1998eb
Cousins and strangers : Spanish immigrants in Buenos Aires, 1850-1930 [electronic resource]
Jose C. Moya

F326 .H14 1969
Populism to progressivism in Alabama [electronic resource]
by Sheldon Hackney

F3320.1.G6 S35 2009eb
Indianizing film : decolonization, the Andes, and the question of technology [electronic resource]
Freya Schiwy

F3429 .M164 2007eb
On the wings of time : Rome, the Incas, Spain, and Peru [electronic resource]
Sabine MacCormack

F3429.3.K55 S95 1972"@"F3429.3.K55
Andean kinship and marriage [electronic resource]
edited by Ralph Bolton and Enrique Mayer

F3429.3.Q6 A82 1981eb
Code of the quipu : a study in media, mathematics, and culture [electronic resource]
Marcia Ascher and Robert Ascher

F3429.3.R3 M28 1991"@"F3429.3.R3
Religion in the Andes : vision and imagination in early colonial Peru [electronic resource]
Sabine MacCormack

F3429.3.S6 Z84 1964"@"F3429.3.S6
The ceque system of Cuzco : the social organization of the capital of the Inca [electronic resource]
by R.T. Zuidema

F3429.3.S6 Z8513 1990eb
Inca civilization in Cuzco [electronic resource]
by R. Tom Zuidema ; translated by Jean-Jacques Decoster ; foreword by Françoise Héritier-Augé

F3444 .L54 1994eb
Spanish Peru, 1532-1560 : a social history [electronic resource]
James Lockhart

F349.J13 C58 2004eb
Watching Jim Crow : the struggles over Mississippi TV, 1955-1969 [electronic resource]
Steven D. Classen

F353 .L79 1856a
Lloyd's steamboat directory : and disasters on the western waters /
by James T. Lloyd ; edited by Benjamin F. Klein

F394.C83 N37 1998eb
The Cristal experiment : a Chicano struggle for community control [electronic resource]
Armando Navarro

F395.A1 F65 1997
The white scourge : Mexicans, Blacks, and poor whites in Texas cotton culture [electronic resource]
Neil Foley

F496.4.R46 D54 2014
James A. Rhodes : Ohio colossus /
Tom Diemer, Lee Leonard, Richard G. Zimmerman

F497.C4 C4122
Champaign County Genealogical Society newsletter

F548.9.N4 G76 1989eb
Land of hope : Chicago, Black southerners, and the Great Migration [electronic resource]
James R. Grossman

F549.E8 B295 2014
Friends disappear : the battle for racial equality in Evanston /
Mary Barr

F549.S7 B34 2014
The life and death of Gus Reed : a story of race and justice in Illinois during the Civil War and Reconstruction /
Thomas Bahde

F551 .P47 2005eb
Permeable border : the Great Lakes Basin as transnational region, 1650-1990 [electronic resource]
John J. Bukowczyk ... [et al.]

F595.3 .D86 2000eb
Miles from nowhere : tales from America's contemporary frontier [electronic resource]
Dayton Duncan

F68 .B8073 1952
Of Plymouth Plantation, 1620-1647 [electronic resource]
by William Bradford

Paul Revere's ride [electronic resource]
David Hackett Fischer

F7 .M4 1977eb
Magnalia Christi Americana, books I and II [electronic resource]
Cotton Mather ; edited by Kenneth B. Murdock, with the assistance of Elizabeth W. Miller

F7 .P55 2014
Dreams and the invisible world in colonial New England : Indians, colonists, and the seventeenth century /
Ann Marie Plane

F73.37 .H5 2001"@"F73.37
Boston's changeful times : origins of preservation & planning in America [electronic resource]
Michael Holleran

F73.44 .R39 2010eb
Eden on the Charles : the making of Boston [electronic resource]
Michael Rawson

F8 .C67 1998eb
Mary Moody Emerson and the origins of transcendentalism : a family history [electronic resource]
Phyllis Cole

F805.A1 M58 2005eb
Coyote nation : sexuality, race, and conquest in modernizing New Mexico, 1880-1920 [electronic resource]
Pablo Mitchell

F805.M5 T5415 2005eb
King Tiger : the religious vision of Reies López Tijerina [electronic resource]
Rudy V. Busto

F832.U8 F37 2008eb
On Zion's mount : Mormons, Indians, and the American landscape [electronic resource]
Jared Farmer

F864 .H897 1999"@"F864
Intimate frontiers : sex, gender, and culture in old California [electronic resource]
Albert L. Hurtado

F869.L89 A2534 2008eb
The shifting grounds of race : black and Japanese Americans in the making of multiethnic Los Angeles [electronic resource]
Scott Kurashige

F869.O2 S455 2003eb
American Babylon : race and the struggle for postwar Oakland [electronic resource]
Robert O. Self

F870.A1 H67 2010eb
Racial propositions : ballot initiatives and the making of postwar California [electronic resource]
Daniel Martinez HoSang

F912.G5 C37 1997"@"F912.G5
Inhabited wilderness : Indians, Eskimos, and national parks in Alaska [electronic resource]
Theodore Catton

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