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G155.I78 K45 2010eb
Tours that bind : diaspora, pilgrimage, and Israeli birthright tourism [electronic resource]
Shaul Kelner

G69.B75 S65 2004eb
American empire : Roosevelt's geographer and the prelude to globalization [electronic resource]
Neil Smith

The adventures of Ibn Battuta, a Muslim traveler of the fourteenth century [electronic resource]
Ross E. Dunn

G93.I24 D86 2008"@"G93.I24
The adventures of Ibn Battuta, a Muslim traveler of the fourteenth century [electronic resource]
Ross E. Dunn

GA151 .T93 2014
The world of maps : map reading and interpretation for the 21st century /
Judith A. Tyner

GA793.7.A1 H37 2014
A history of the twentieth century in 100 maps
Tim Bryars and Tom Harper

GA865.M37 S63 2000eb
Imaginary cartographies : possession and identity in late medieval Marseille [electronic resource]
Daniel Lord Smail

GB1003.2 .S46 2015
Practical and applied hydrogeology
Zekâi Şen

GB1281 .R58 2008eb
Rivers in history : perspectives on waterways in Europe and North America [electronic resource]
edited by Christof Mauch and Thomas Zeller

GB459.4 .P37 2014
Between land and sea : the Atlantic Coast and the transformation of New England /
Christopher L. Pastore

GB651 .I63 no.363
Hydrology in a changing world
editor-in-chief, Trevor Daniell [and nine others]

GB661.2 .T36 2014
After the deluge : reimagining Leonardo's legacy /
Kim Tanzer

Oil spill risk management : modeling Gulf of Mexico circulation and oil dispersal /
edited by David E. Dietrich, Malcolm J. Bowman, Konstantin A. Korotenko, and M. Hamish E. Bowman

GC296.8.E4 F34 2009eb
Floods, famines, and emperors : El Niño and the fate of civilizations [electronic resource]
Brian Fagan

GC65 .R695 2008eb
Fathoming the ocean : the discovery and exploration of the deep sea [electronic resource]
Helen M. Rozwadowski

GE180 .I57 2015
In pursuit of prosperity : U.S. foreign policy in an era of natural resource scarcity /
edited by David Reed ; foreword by Admiral Mike Mullen

GE197 .E33 2007eb
Barry Commoner and the science of survival : the remaking of American environmentalism [electronic resource]
Michael Egan

GE42 .N65 2015
Environmental ethics for the long term : an introduction /
John Nolt

GE70 .B375 2015
Implementing sustainability in higher education : learning in an age of transformation /
Matthias Barth

GF13 .E58 2009eb
The environment and world history [electronic resource]
edited by Edmund Burke III and Kenneth Pomeranz

GF13 .R53 2003
The unending frontier : an environmental history of the early modern world [electronic resource]
by John F. Richards

GF711 .M55 2011eb
Nature and empire in Ottoman Egypt : an environmental history [electronic resource]
Alan Mikhail

GF80 .P73 2014
The edge of extinction : travels with enduring people in vanishing lands /
Jules Pretty

Thin on the ground : Neandertal biology, archeology and ecology /
Steven Emilio Churchill

The Neanderthal legacy : an archaeological perspective from western Europe [electronic resource]
Paul Mellars

GN298 .B63 1993"@"GN298
Bodylore [electronic resource]
edited by Katharine Young

GN315 .G36 1973eb
The interpretation of cultures : selected essays [electronic resource]
by Clifford Geertz

GN316 .G43 2000eb
Local knowledge : further essays in interpretive anthropology [electronic resource]
by Clifford Geertz

Old World encounters : cross-cultural contacts and exchanges in pre-modern times [electronic resource]
Jerry H. Bentley

GN346 .A7 1988eb
Arab women in the field : studying your own society [electronic resource]
edited by Soraya Altorki and Camillia Fawzi El-Solh

GN353 .S6 1965eb
An essay on the causes of the variety of complexion and figure in the human species [electronic resource]
by Samuel Stanhope Smith ; edited by Winthrop D. Jordan

GN370 .C53 1997eb
The global imperative : an interpretive history of the spread of humankind [electronic resource]
Robert P. Clark

GN370 .F34 1990eb
The journey from Eden : the peopling of our world [electronic resource]
Brian M. Fagan

GN388 .C37 1996"@"GN388
A view to a death in the morning : hunting and nature through history [electronic resource]
Matt Cartmill

GN419.15 .T46 2014
Body art
Nicholas Thomas

GN479.7 .G46 1989"@"GN479.7
Gender and anthropology : critical reviews for research and teaching [electronic resource]
edited by Sandra Morgen

GN480 .G4 1989eb
The Javanese family : a study of kinship and socialization [electronic resource]
Hildred Geertz

GN480 .K63 1972eb
Patterns of contact with relatives [electronic resource]
by Sheila R. Klatzky

GN635.C5 C85 1995eb
Cultural encounters on China's ethnic frontiers [electronic resource]
edited by Stevan Harrell

GN635.I4 S37 2005eb
Stigmas of the Tamil stage : an ethnography of Special Drama artists in South India [electronic resource]
Susan Seizer

Takarazuka : sexual politics and popular culture in modern Japan [electronic resource]
Jennifer Robertson

GN635.J2 R62 2008"@"GN635.J2
Takarazuka : sexual politics and popular culture in modern Japan [electronic resource]
Jennifer Robertson

Objects of translation : material culture and medieval Hindu-Muslim encounter [electronic resource]
Finbarr B. Flood

GN635.S58 F67 2002eb
Forager-traders in south and southeast Asia : long-term histories [electronic resource]
edited by Kathleen D. Morrison and Laura L. Junker

GN645 .A448 1997"@"GN645
Re-inventing Africa : matriarchy, religion, and culture [electronic resource]
Ifi Amadiume

GN666 .R658 1993eb
After Mabo : interpreting indigenous traditions [electronic resource]
Tim Rowse

GN671.N5 H69 2003eb
Sensual relations : engaging the senses in culture and social theory [electronic resource]
David Howes

GN671.S2 S53 2009eb
The trashing of Margaret Mead : anatomy of an anthropological controversy [electronic resource]
Paul Shankman

GN799.A8 O94 1986
World archaeoastronomy : selected papers from the 2nd Oxford International Conference on Archaeoastronomy, held at Merida, Yucatan, Mexico, 13-17 January 1986 [electronic resource]
edited by A.F. Aveni

GN871 .K575 2002eb
On the road of the winds : an archaeological history of the Pacific islands before European contact [electronic resource]
Patrick Vinton Kirch

GR1 .A15 1988"@"GR1
100 years of American folklore studies : a conceptual history [electronic resource]
edited by William M. Clements ; with production editors David Stanley, Marta Weigle

GR1 .J8 Suppl 1988"@"GR1
The centennial index : one hundred years of the Journal of American folklore [electronic resource]
edited and compiled by Bruce Jackson, Michael Taft, and Harvey S. Axlerod ; with contributions from Ronald L. Baker ... [et al.]

GR1 .J8 Suppl. 1994"@"GR1
1988-1994 supplement to The centennial index [electronic resource]
Michael Taft

GR105 .C68 1988eb
The conservation of culture : folklorists and the public sector [electronic resource]
edited by Burt Feintuch

GR105 .P88 1994eb
Putting folklore to use [electronic resource]
Michael Owen Jones, editor

GR105 .T56 1989"@"GR105
Time & temperature : a centennial publication of the American Folklore Society [electronic resource]
edited by Charles Camp

GR110.V8 V57 1991eb
Virginia folk legends [electronic resource]
edited by Thomas E. Barden

GR110.W5 W56 1998eb
Wisconsin folklore [electronic resource]
edited by James P. Leary

GR148.A45 C37 2008eb
Storytelling on the northern Irish border : characters and community [electronic resource]
Ray Cashman

Speaking with vampires : rumor and history in colonial Africa [electronic resource]
Luise White

GR355.6 .W48 2008"@"GR355.6
Speaking with vampires : rumor and history in colonial Africa [electronic resource]
Luise White

GR359 .S337 2002eb
The poem in the story : music, poetry, and narrative [electronic resource]
Harold Scheub

GR359.2.X64 Z46 1992eb
The world and the word : tales and observations from the Xhosa oral tradition [electronic resource]
Nongenile Masithathu Zenani ; collected and edited, with an introduction, commentaries, and annotations by Harold Scheub

GR366.A87 .G55 1998eb
Storytracking : texts, stories, & histories in central Australia [electronic resource]
Sam D. Gill

GR462 .F56 1992"@"GR462
Manufacturing tales : sex and money in contemporary legends [electronic resource]
Gary Alan Fine

GR48 .Z86 1988"@"GR48
American folklore scholarship : a dialogue of dissent [electronic resource]
Rosemary Lévy Zumwalt

GR71 .C74 1992"@"GR71
Creativity and tradition in folklore : new directions [electronic resource]
edited by Simon J. Bronner

GT1460 .S55 2008eb
The grace of four moons : dress, adornment, and the art of the body in modern India [electronic resource]
Pravina Shukla ; photographs by Pravina Shukla and Henry Glassie

GT3180 .E34 2003eb
Merovingian mortuary archaeology and the making of the early Middle Ages [electronic resource]
Bonnie Effros

GT3415.J3 A45 1994eb
Nightwork : sexuality, pleasure, and corporate masculinity in a Tokyo hostess club [electronic resource]
Anne Allison

GT4856.A2 P48 2000"@"GT4856.A2
Life has become more joyous, comrades : celebrations in the time of Stalin [electronic resource]
Karen Petrone

GV1295.P6 G53
Pinochle is the name of the game
Walter Gibson

GV14 .H643 2013
Transformative leisure : a philosophy of communication /
Annette M. Holba

GV1588 .S66 1995eb
A measured pace : towards a philosophical understanding of the arts of dance [electronic resource]
Francis Sparshott

GV1588.3 .J69 2014
The choreographic
Jenn Joy

GV1588.6 .G47 2004eb
How to make dances in an epidemic : tracking choreography in the age of AIDS [electronic resource]
David Gere

GV1595 .D34 2014
Dance & fashion
edited by Valerie Steele

GV1599 .B36 2007eb
Before, between, and beyond : three decades of dance writing [electronic resource]
Sally Banes ; edited and with an introduction by Andrea Harris ; forewords by Joan Acocella and Lynn Garafola

GV1599 .W47 1983
What is dance? : readings in theory and criticism [electronic resource]
Roger Copeland, Marshall Cohen

GV1600 .P37 1982eb
Motion arrested : dance reviews of H.T. Parker [electronic resource]
edited by Olive Holmes

GV1601 .D36 2006eb
Dancing from past to present : nation, culture, identities [electronic resource]
edited by Theresa Jill Buckland

GV1621 .K45 2007eb
Dance and its music in America, 1528-1789 [electronic resource]
Kate Van Winkle Keller

GV1623 .M37 1994"@"GV1623
Dance marathons : performing American culture of the 1920s and 1930s [electronic resource]
Carol Martin ; foreword by Brooks McNamara

GV1624.A7 S63 2014
Appalachian dance : creativity and continuity in six communities

GV1631 .C37 2002eb
Caribbean dance from abakuá to zouk : how movement shapes identity [electronic resource]
edited by Susanna Sloat

GV1637 .B76 1995"@"GV1637
Samba : resistance in motion [electronic resource]
Barbara Browning

GV1649 .F67 1998"@"GV1649
Choreography & narrative : ballet's staging of story and desire [electronic resource]
Susan Leigh Foster

GV1649 .H54 1997eb
Dance and music of court and theater : selected writings of Wendy Hilton [electronic resource]

GV1673 .E87 1992"@"GV1673
Dance and instrumental diferencias in Spain during the 17th and early 18th centuries [electronic resource]
by Maurice Esses

GV1779 .M35 2008eb
Dying swans and madmen : ballet, the body, and narrative cinema [electronic resource]
Adrienne L. McLean

GV1783 .F67 1986eb
Reading dancing : bodies and subjects in contemporary American dance [electronic resource]
Susan Leigh Foster

GV1783 .F72 1995"@"GV1783
Dancing modernism/performing politics [electronic resource]
Mark Franko

GV1785.D54 S94 1974eb
A loftier flight : the life and accomplishments of Charles-Louis Didelot, balletmaster [electronic resource]
by Mary Grace Swift

GV1785.H267 R67 2007eb
Anna Halprin : experience as dance [electronic resource]
Janice Ross ; foreword by Richard Schechner

GV1785.I88 W55 1997eb
The life and ballets of Lev Ivanov : choreographer of The nutcracker and Swan lake /
Roland John Wiley

GV1785.S3 S53 1981"@"GV1785.S3
Divine dancer : a biography of Ruth St. Denis [electronic resource]
by Suzanne Shelton

GV1785.S553 A37 1976eb
Soaring : the diary and letters of a Denishawn dancer in the Far East, 1925-1926 [electronic resource]
by Jane Sherman

GV1785.W5 M36 2006eb
Ecstasy and the demon : the dances of Mary Wigman [electronic resource]
Susan Manning ; with a new introduction

GV1799.4 .W65 2007eb
Women's work : making dance in Europe before 1800 [electronic resource]
edited by Lynn Matluck Brooks

GV199.42.C22 Y67985 2010eb
Pilgrims of the vertical : Yosemite rock climbers and nature at risk [electronic resource]
Joseph E. Taylor III

GV585 .K57 1996eb
The struggle for Canadian sport [electronic resource]
Bruce Kidd

GV884.W29 M37 2014
Strong inside : Perry Wallace and the collision of race and sports in the South /
Andrew Maraniss

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