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Items Acquired in June 2015 for the University Libraries

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H41 .I58 2015eb
International encyclopedia of the social & behavioral sciences
editor-in-chief: James D. Wright

H61.3 A88 2015
Data mining for the social sciences : an introduction /
Paul Attewell and David B. Monaghan, with Darren Kwong

H61.8 .M56 2015
Crafting scholarship in the behavioral and social sciences : writing, reviewing, and editing /
Robert M. Milardo

Should you outsource analytics?
by David Fogarty and Peter C. Bell

H62 .K37 2015
Creative research methods in the social sciences : a practical guide /
Helen Kara

HA217 .A4
Injury facts
National Safety Council

HA29 .T634 2016
Fundamental statistics for the social and behavioral sciences
Howard T. Tokunaga

Childbearing and careers of Japanese women born in the 1960s : a life course that brought unintended low fertility /
Yukiko Senda

HB137 .B66 2015eb
Science outside the laboratory : measurement in field science and economics /
Marcel Boumans

HB144 .B67 2015eb
An introduction to the theory of mechanism design
Tilman Börgers ; with a chapter by Daniel Krähmer and Roland Strausz

HB171 .R676 2015
Who gets what--and why : the new economics of matchmaking and market design /
Alvin E. Roth

HB3722 .B565 2015
A history of financial crises : dreams and follies of expectations /
Cihan Bilginsoy

HB3730 .D37 2015@HB3730 .D37 2015
Hubris : why economists failed to predict the crisis and how to avoid the next one /
Meghnad Desai

HB501 .H389 2014
Life in the market ecosystem
Stuart K. Hayashi

Get a grip : how to get everything you want from your entrepreneurial business /
Gino Wickman, Mike Paton

The entrepreneur equation : evaluating the realities, risks, and rewards of having your own business /
Carol Roth

All in startup : launching a new idea when everything is on the line /
Diana Kander

HB74.5 .L39 2015
Essays on the nature and state of modern economics
Tony Lawson

Analogies and theories : formal models of reasoning /
Itzhak Gilboa, Larry Samuelson, and David Schmeidler

HB74.P8 T527 2015
Misbehaving : the making of behavioral economics /
Richard H. Thaler

Beyond GDP : national accounting in the age of resource depletion /
Matthew Kuperus Heun, Michael Carbajales-Dale, Becky Roselius Haney

Population in the human sciences : concepts, models, evidence /
edited by Philip Kreager, Bruce Winney, Stanley Ulijaszek, Cristian Capelli

The path redefined : getting to the top on your own terms /
Lauren Maillian Bias

HC106.5 .A272
Economic report of the President transmitted to the Congress

HC240 .M656 2015
Cohesion and growth : the theory and practice of European policy making /
Willem Molle

HC240.25.T8 M37 2015
Security and the Turkey-EU accession process : norms, reforms and the Cyprus issue /
Natalie Martin, Lecturer, Nottingham Trent University, UK, Visiting Fellow, Loughborough University, UK

HC241 .B584 2015
European integration and the problem of the state : a critique of the bordering of Europe /
Stefan Borg, Research Fellow, Swedish Institute of International Affairs, Sweden

British economic growth, 1270-1870 [electronic resource]
Stephen Broadberry, Bruce Campbell, Alexander Klein, Mark Overton, Bas van Leeuwen

HC298.T75 K55 2015
History, time, and economic crisis in Central Greece
Daniel M. Knight

Monetary and financial cooperation in East Asia : the state of affairs after the global and European crises /
edited by Masahiro Kawai, Yung Chul Park, and Charles Wyplosz

HC426.5.A2 C37 2014
The capitalist dilemma in China's communist revolution
edited by Sherman Cochran

The global financial crisis and the Indian economy
B. L. Pandit

Conquering the fear of freedom : Japanese exchange rate policy since 1945 /
Shinji Takagi

Japan's industrious revolution : economic and social transformations in the early modern period /
Akira Hayami

HC59.3 .B7213 2015
The globalization of inequality
François Bourguignon ; translated by Thomas Scott-Railton

HC59.7 .K4674 2015
The BRICs, US 'decline' and global transformations
Ray Kiely, Professor of Politics, Queen Mary University of London, UK

Technologies for development : what is essential? /
Silvia Hostettler, Eileen Hazboun, Jean-Claude Bolay, editors

HC79.C3 H368 2015
Roads : an anthropology of infrastructure and expertise /
Penny Harvey and Hannah Knox

HC79.D45 D57 2015
Disaster's impact on livelihood and cultural survival : losses, opportunities, and mitigation /
edited by Michèle Companion

Sustainable development and CSR in China : a multi-perspective approach /
René Schmidpeter, Hualiang Lu, Christopher Stehr, Haifeng Huang

Cities and sustainability : issues and strategic pathways /
S. Mahendra Dev, Sudhakar Yedla, editors

Economic history of energy and environment
S. Sugiyama, editor

Time policies for a sustainable society
Lucia A. Reisch

Ecosystem services : concept, methods and case studies /
Karsten Grunewald, Olaf Bastian, editors

HC79.E5 D83 2015eb
The crisis of global modernity : Asian traditions and a sustainable future /
Prasenjit Duara

HC79.E5 W58 2015
Work in a warming world
edited by Carla Lipsig-Mummé and Stephen McBride

Cracking the tech career : insider advice on landing a job at Google, Microsoft, Apple, or any top tech company /
Gayle Laakmann McDowell

HC79.I5 A822 2015
Inequality : what can be done? /
Anthony B. Atkinson

HC79.I5 P515 2015
The little big number : how GDP came to rule the world and what to do about it /
Dirk Philipsen

Innovation, finance, and the economy : proceedings of the 13th Eurasia Business and Economics Society Conference /
Mehmet Huseyin Bilgin, Hakan Danis, Ender Demir, Chi Keung Marco Lau, editors

HC85 .H44 2015
Natural capital : valuing the planet /
Dieter Helm

HD1333.B6 C47 2015
Challenging social inequality : the landless rural worker's movement and agrarian reform in Brazil /
edited by Miguel Carter ; selected chapters translated from the Portuguese by Miguel Carter

Real estate investing in Canada 2.0 : how to create wealth with the ACRE system /
Don R. Campbell ; foreword by Les Hewitt

Real estate investing for dummies
by Eric Tyson and Robert S. Griswold

The maker's manual : a practical guide to the new industrial revolution /
Andrea Maietta and Paolo Aliverti

Advances in crowdsourcing
Fernando J. Garrigos-Simon, Ignacio Gil-Pechuán, Sofia Estelles-Miguel, editors

HD255 .B758 2015
How real estate developers think : design, profits, and community /
Peter Hendee Brown

HD266.F6 T87 2015
The Florida land boom of the 1920s
Gregg M. Turner

Assembling your personal board of advisors : in today's complex business environement, one mentor is no longer sufficient. Executives and managers need an array of advisors, mentors and role models to provide critical information and support at defining moments /
Yan Shen, Richard D. Cotton, Kathy E. Kram

Semi-organic growth : tactics and strategies behind Google's success /
George T. Geis

HD2961 .C6534 2015
Commerce and community : ecologies of social cooperation /
edited by Robert F. Garnett Jr., Paul Lewis and Lenore T. Ealy

Continual Service Improvement Manager : Careers in IT service management [electronic resource]

Workshop in a box : communication skills for IT professionals /
Abhinav Kaiser

Big data, data mining and machine learning : value creation for business leaders and practitioners /
Jared Dean

Virtual freedom : how to work with virtual staff to buy more time, become more productive, and build your dream business /
Chris Ducker

Management information systems : moving business forward /
R. Kelly Rainer Jr., Brad Prince, Hugh Watson

Learning Qlik Sense : the official guide get to grips with the vision of Qlik Sense for next generation business intelligence and data discovery /
Christopher Ilacqua, Henric Cronström, James Richardson

Bayesian methods for management and business : pragmatic solutions for real problems /
Eugene D. Hahn, Department of Information and Decision Systems, Salisbury University Salisbury, MD

Current state of big data use in retail supply chains
written by Mark Barratt [and three others]

Global managerial perspectives of big data strategy in supply chain management
written by R. Glenn Richey, Jr. [and four others]

Splunk essentials : leverage the power to efficiently analyze machine, log, web, and social media data /
Betsy Page Sigman

Stepping up : make decisions that matter /
Timothy D. Dobbins

Misplaced talent : a guide to making better people decisions /
Joe Ungemah

Strategic modelling and business dynamics : a feedback systems approach /
John D.W. Morecroft

Decision science : a human-oriented perspective /
George Mengov

Modelling, computation and optimization in information systems and management sciences : proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Modelling, Computation and Optimization in Information Systems and Management Sciences -- MCO 2015.
Hoai An Le Thi, Tao Pham Dinh, Ngoc Thanh Nguyen, editors

Modelling and simulation in management : econometric models used in the management of organizations /
Ioan Constantin Dima, Mariana Man

HD30.255 .H364 2015
Sustainable innovation : build your company's capacity to change the world /
Andrew Hargadon

Optimizing your digital business model
Peter Weill and Stephanie L. Woerner

The dream café : lessons in the art of radical innovation /
Duncan D. Bruce and Dr. Geoff Crook

Minding the analytics gap : with more access to useful data, companies are increasingly using sophisticiated analytical methods. That means there's often a gap between an organization's capacity to produce analytical results and its ability to apply them effectively to business issu
Sam Ransbotham, David Kiron, Pamela Kirk Prentice

Strategy builder : how to make and communicate more effective strategies /
Stephen Cummings and Duncan Angwin

The upside of turbulence : seizing opportunity in an uncertain world /
Donald Sull

Business process transformation : the Process Tangram framework /
Chitra Sharma

HD30.28 .B842 2015
Business model innovation : the organizational dimension /
edited by Nikolai J. Foss and Tina Saebi

HD30.28 .R41927 2015
Your strategy needs a strategy : how to choose and execute the right approach /
Martin Reeves, Knut Haanaes, Janmejaya Sinha

Brilliant personal effectiveness
Douglas Miller

The hard truth about soft skills : workplace lessons smart people wish they'd learned sooner /
Peggy Klaus with Jane Rohman and Molly Hamaker

People-centric skills : interpersonal and communication skills for auditors and business professionals /
Danny Goldberg, Manny Rosenfeld

HD30.3 .M3447 2015eb
Speak up, show up, and stand out : the 9 communication rules you need to succeed /
Loretta Malandro

HD30.37 .D54 2015
Digital business discourse
edited by Erika Darics

Agile performance improvement : the new synergy of agile and human performance technology /
Bob Winter

HD30.4 .M848 2015
The value of executive coaching
Angela Mulvie

CAE certified association executive study guide 2015 : preparation reference for the Certified Association Executive exam /
Kathleen M. Edwards, executive editor

Transitions at the top : what organizations must do to make sure new leaders succeed /
Dan Ciampa and David L. Dotlich

Green logistics and transportation : a sustainable supply chain perspective /
Behnam Fahimnia, Michael G.H. Bell, David A. Hensher, Joseph Sarkis, editors

Distribution planning and control : managing in the era of supply chain management /
David Frederick Ross

Local firm upgrading in global value chains : a business model perspective /
Jan Hauke Holste ; with a foreword by Prof. Dr. Stefan Zeranski

HD4456 S35 2015
Water, politics and money : a reality check on privatization /
Manuel Schiffler

Mass customization : opportunities, methods, and challenges for manufacturers /
Hans Kull

Innovation capability maturity model
Patrick Corsi, Erwan Neau

Competitive quality and innovation
Pierre Maillard

Cost estimation : methods and tools /
Gregory K. Mislick, Daniel A. Nussbaum

Unexplored dimensions of discrimination
edited by Tito Boeri, Eleonora Patacchini, Giovanni Peri

Leading the life you want : skills for integrating work and life /
Stewart D. Friedman

HD53 .E44 2015
The emergence of novelty in organizations
Edited by Raghu Garud, Barbara Simpson, Ann Langley, Haridimos Tsoukas

Be brilliant every day : use the power of positive psychology to make an impact on life /
Andy Cope, and Andy Whittaker ; illustrations by Laura E. Martin

Stop whining- and start winning : recharging people, reigniting passion, and pumping up profits /
Frank Pacetta with Roger Gittines

Prosperity in the age of decline : how to lead your business and preserve wealth through the coming business cycles /
Brian Beaulieu and Alan Beaulieu

Leading with strategic thinking : four ways effective leaders gain insight, drive change, and get results /
Aaron K. Olson, B. Keith Simerson

Bulletproof your job : 4 simple strategies to ride out the rough times and come out on top at work /
Stephen Viscusi

101 ways to make learning active beyond the classroom
Elaine Biech

HD5724 .B3458 2015
End unemployment now : how to eliminate joblessness, debt, and poverty despite Congress /
Ravi Batra

Labor markets and multinational enterprises in Puerto Rico : foreign direct investment influences and sustainable growth /
Ahmad H. Juma'h, Doris Morales-Rodriguez, Antonio Lloréns-Rivera

Managing the matrix : the secret to surviving and thriving in your organization : a mentor's tale /
Dawn Metcalfe

The key to social media success within organizations
Quy Huy and Andrew Shipilov

HD58.8 .R684 2015
Systemic change management : the five capabilities for improving enterprises /
George L. Roth and Anthony J. DiBella

The six disciplines of breakthrough learning : how to turn training and development into business results /
Roy V. H. Pollock, Andy Jefferson, Calhoun W. Wick

Eight steps to sustainable organizational learning : how to tackle search and transfer barriers /
Theresia Olsson Neve

HD59 .P785 2015
Public relations as relationship management : a relational approach to the study and practice of public relations /
edited by Eyun-Jung Ki, Jeong-Nam Kim, and John A. Ledingham

HD60.5.C6 C67 2015
Corporate social disclosure : critical perspectives in China and Japan /
edited by Carlos Noronha, University of Macau, China

Quantitative financial risk management : theory and practice /
Constantin Zopounidis, Emilios Galariotis

HD61 .B43 2015
Community at risk : biodefense and the collective search for security /
Thomas D. Beamish

HD61 .P477 2015
Advances in heavy tailed risk modeling : a handbook of operational risk /
Gareth W. Peters, Pavel V. Shevchenko

HD61.5 .C367 2015
Measuring and communicating security's value : a compendium of metrics for enterprise protection /
George Campbell

Raising the bar with analytics
by David Kiron, Pamela Kirk Prentice and Renee Boucher Ferguson

Startupland : how three guys risked everything to turn an idea into a global business /
Mikkel Svane, Carlye Adler

Starting a business for dummies
by Colin Barrow

Passion Into profit : how to make big money from who you are and what you know /
Andy Harrington

The ultimate startup guide to outbound sales : how to turn cold leads into hot customers /
by Steli Efti

HD6331 .F58 2015
Rise of the robots : technology and the threat of a jobless future /
Martin Ford

The Art of Solidarity in the Middle Ages : Guilds in England 1250-1550 /
Gervase Rosser

International Virtual Teams [electronic resource]

Maximizing the value of consulting : a guide for internal and external consultants /
Jack J. Phillips, William Trotter, and Patricia Pulliam Phillips

The consultant's handbook : a practical guide to delivering high-value and differentiated services in a competitive marketplace /
Samir Parikh

HD69.C6 S89 2015eb
Management as consultancy : neo-bureaucracy and the consultant manager /
Andrew Sturdy, Christopher Wright, Nick Wylie

Mastering project management integration and scope : a framework for strategizing and defining project objectives and deliverables /
Dietmar W. Sokowski

Mastering principles and practices in PMBOK, PRINCE2, and Scrum : using essential project management methods to deliver effective and efficient projects /
Jihane Roudias

Revisting complexity in the digital age : as businesses grow and diversify, the almost inevitably make their range of offerings more complex. Complexity brings costs - but smart use of today's digital technologies can help companies finesse the trade-offs between complexity's cost and benefits /
Martin Mocker, Peter Weill, Stephanie L. Woerner

Reporting in TFS : create and customize reports in Team Foundation Server using Excel and SQL Reporting Services /
Dipti Chhatrapati

Agile for Project Managers
Denise Canty

Project management essentials for dummies
by Nick Graham, Stanley E. Portny

Designing effective knowledge networks
by Katrina Pugh and Laurence Prusak

Business networking for dummies
by Stefan Thomas ; foreword by Brad Burton

Networking is dead : making connections that matter /
Melissa G. Wilson and Larry Mohl

Networking for nerds : find, access and land hidden game-changing career opportunities everywhere /
by Alaina G. Levine

HD69.S8 S94 2010eb
Networking is a contact sport : how staying connected and serving others will help you grow your business, expand your influence or even land your next job [electronic resource]
Joe Sweeney ; with Mike Yorkey

Time management for new employees : unlock the secrets of effective time management with strategies and tools designed to boost your productivity /
Prakash V. Rao

Social security for dummies
by Jonathan Peterson

DIY super for dummies
by Trish Power

Work and wellbeing
edited by Peter Y. Chen and Cary L. Cooper

HD75.7 .H366 2015
The knowledge capital of nations : education and the economics of growth /
Eric A. Hanushek and Ludger Woessmann

Free agent : the independent professional's roadmap to self-employment success /
Katy Tynan

HD8039.A4 A27 2014
Absent aviators : gender issues in aviation /
edited by Donna Bridges, Charles Sturt University, Australia, Jane Neal-Smith, London Metropolitan Business School, UK and Albert J. Mills, St. Mary's University, Canada

CompTIA network+ N10-006 cert guide
book authors: Keith Barker, Kevin Wallace ; networks+ hands-on lab simulator software author: Michael D. Taylor

HD8039.L82 U695 2015
Working on the dock of the bay : labor and enterprise in an Antebellum Southern port /
Michael D. Thompson

HD82 .C5226 2015
Global economic disparity : a dynamic force in geoeconomic competition of superpowers /
Jae Wan Chung

Food safety, market organization, trade and development
Abdelhakin Hammoudi, Cristina Grazia, Yves Surry, Jean-Baptiste Traversac, editors

HD926.5 .C36 2015
The Chinese real estate market : development, regulation and investment /
Junjian Albert Cao

Quicklook at wine
Richard Avery

The energy world is flat : opportunities from the end of peak oil /
Daniel Lacalle, Diego Parrilla

Asset management for infrastructure systems : energy and water /
Gerd Blazer, Christian Schorn

HD9560.5 .R57 2014
Marketing big oil : brand lessons from the world's largest companies /
Mark L. Robinson, President and CEO, Capitol Hill, Communications, LLC, USA

HD9697.V543 U5364 2014
Videoland : movie culture at the American video store /
Daniel Herbert

HD9698.U52 M3195 2015
The price of nuclear power : uranium communities and environmental justice /
Stephanie Malin

Managing the profitable construction business : the contractor's guide to success and survival strategies /
Thomas C. Schleifer, Kenneth T. Sullivan, John M. Murdough

Enterprise risk management in international construction operations
Xianbo Zhao, Bon-Gang Hwang, Sui Pheng Low

HE151 .K323 2015
Move : putting America's infrastructure back in the lead /
Rosabeth Moss Kanter

Securing transportation systems
edited by, Simon Hakim, Gila Albert, Yoram Shiftan

HE203 .B45 2014eb
Best practices for transportation agency use of social media
edited by Susan Bregman, Kari Edison Watkins

Urban transportation and the environment : issues, alternatives and policy analysis /
Sudhakar Yedla

Engineering and applied sciences optimization : dedicated to the memory of Professor M.G. Karlaftis /
Nikos D. Lagaros, Manolis Papadrakakis, editors

Quicklook at television
Brian Robb

Politics is a joke! : how TV comedians are remaking political life /
S. Robert Lichter, Jody C. Baumgartner, Jonathan S. Morris ; with the assistance of Daniel Amundson

HE9761.1 .A47

HE9761.1 .B8
Business and commercial aviation

Aviation and international cooperation : human and public policy issues /
Ruwantissa Abeyratne

HF1041 .C56
The CRB commodity yearbook
Knight-Ridder Financial, Commodity Research Bureau

Global production networks : theorizing economic development in an interconnected world /
Neil M. Coe, Henry Wai-chung Yeung

Great divergence and great convergence : a global perspective /
Leonid Grinin, Andrey Korotayev ; with a foreword by Jack A. Goldstone

HF1365 .K786 2015
The cost of globalization : dangers to the earth and its people /
Julian E. Kunnie

HF1379 .G55 2014
Global macro trading : profiting in a new world economy /
Greg Gliner

HF3021 .A44 2015
American enterprise : a history of business in America /
contributors edited by Andy Serwer ; [introduction by] David K. Allison ; contributions by Peter Liebhold [and 11 others]

HF5065.O3 O37
Ohio business directory

Think and grow digital : what the net generation needs to know to survive and thrive in any organization /
Joris Merks-Benjaminsen

The A-Z of careers and jobs
edited by Susan Hodgson

The bigs : the secrets nobody tells students and young professionals about how to choose a career, find a great job, do a great job, be a leader, start a business, manage your money, stay out of trouble, and live a happy life /
Ben Carpenter

HF5381 .P757 2015eb
Compassionate careers : making a living by making a difference /
Jeffrey W. Pryor and Alexandra Mitchell ; foreword by Archbishop Desmond Tutu

How to win : the argument, the pitch, the job, the race /
Rob Yeung

Flee 9 to 5, get 6-7 figures and do what you love
Ben Angel

Get things done : what stops smart people achieving more and how you can change /
Robert Kelsey

You're hired : how to succeed in business and life /
Bill Rancic with Daniel Paisner

The secret code of success : 7 hidden steps to more wealth and happiness /
Noah St. John

The e-factor : entrepreneurship in the social media age /
Adrie Reinders & Marion Freijsen

Three simple steps : a map to success in business and life

Traction : get a grip on your business /
Gino Wickman

Making it happen : turning good ideas into great results /
Peter Sheahan

The carpenter : a story about the greatest success strategies of all /
Jon Gordon ; foreword by Ken Blanchard

Unprofessional : how a 26-year-old university dropout became a self-made millionaire : and how you can do the same /
Jack Delosa

HF5386 .F415558 2012eb
Rock your business : what you and your company can learn from the business of rock and roll [electronic resource]
David Fishof with Michael Levin

HF5386 .W957 2011eb
Only the crazy and fearless win big! : the surprising secrets to success in business and in life [electronic resource]
Arthur Wylie with Brian Nicol

Social audit regulation : development, challenges and opportunities /
Mia Mahmudur Rahim, Samuel O. Idowu, editors

The fallacy of corporate moral agency
David Rönnegard

Ethics and diversity in business management education : a sociological study with international scope /
Mary Godwyn

HF5387 .S719 2015
Steve Jobs and philosophy : for those who think different /
edited by Shawn E. Klein

Professional services marketing wisdom : how to attract, influence and retain clients even if you hate selling /
Ric Willmot

Proceedings of the 1985 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference
Naresh K. Malhotra, editor

Proceedings of the 1989 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference
Jon M. Hawes, editor ; John Thanopoulos, co-editor

Minority marketing : research perspectives for the 1990s : proceedings of the 1993 Minority Marketing Congress /
Robert L. King, editor

Proceedings of the 1998 Multicultural Marketing Conference : Montreal, Quebec, Canada, September 17-20, 1998 /
Jean-Charles Chebat and A. Ben Oumlil, editors

Proceedings of the 1996 Multicultural Marketing Conference : Virginia Beach, VA, USA, October 16-19, 1996 /
presented by the Academy of Marketing Science and Old Dominion University ; Pravat K. Choudhury, editor

Proceedings of the 1984 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference
Jay D. Lindquist, editor

Proceedings of the 1987 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference
Jon M. Hawes, editor ; George B. Glisan, co-editor

Customizing social media marketing
Christian Schulze, Lisa Schöler, Bernd Skiera

The upside to large competitors
by Neeru Paharia, Anat Keinan and Jill Avery

Business development for dummies
by Anna Kennedy

Proceedings of the 1982 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference
Vinay Kothar, editor ; Danny R. Arnold [and four others], co-editors

HF5415.12.A8 E84 2015
Ethical and social marketing in Asia : incorporating fairness management /
edited by Bang Nguyen, Chris Rowley

Brand famous : how to get everyone talking about your business /
Linzi Boyd

Social media marketing for dummies
by Shiv Singh and Stephanie Diamond

Web marketing that works : confessions from the marketing trenches /
Adam Franklin & Toby Jenkins

Facebook marketing all-in-one for dummies
Andrea Vahl

The zen of social media marketing : an easier way to build credibility, generate buzz, and increase revenue /
Shama Kabani

The rise of the platform marketer : performance marketing with Google, Facebook, and Twitter, plus the latest high-growth digital advertising platforms /
Craig Dempster and John Lee

HF5415.1265 .C4885 2015
Internet marketing and big data exploitation
Ian Chaston, University of Auckland, New Zealand

HF5415.1265 .P49 2014
Viral marketing and social networks
Maria Petrescu

HF5415.1265 .R369 2014
The digital metrics field guide : the definitive reference for brands using the Web, social media, mobile media, or email /
by Stephen D. Rappaport

Minority marketing : issues and prospects - Proceedings of the 1987 Minority Marketing Congress, Greensboro, North Carolina, November 12-14, 1987 /
Robert L. King, editor ; presented by the Academy of Marketing Science, The Citadel, and North Carolina A & T State University

HF5415.127 .H83 2014
The old rush : marketing for gold in the age of aging /
Peter Hubbell ; foreword by Jane Pauley

HF5415.13 .A877 2015
Does it work? : 10 principles for delivering true business value in digital marketing /
Shane Atchison, Jason Burby

HF5415.2 .M383 2016
The market research toolbox : a concise guide for beginners /
Edward F. McQuarrie

Women want more : how to capture your share of the world's largest, fastest-growing market /
Michael J. Silverstein and Kate Sayre with John Butman

YouthNation : building remarkable brands in a youth-driven culture /
Matt Britton

The lean product playbook : how to innovate with minimum viable products and rapid customer feedback /
Dan Olsen

Justin Davis and Kristine Curington ; foreword by Dan Streetman

Analytics and dynamic customer strategy : big profits from big data /
John F. Tanner, Jr

Salesforce reporting and dashboards : master the art of building successful reports and dashboards with this comprehensive guide /
Johan Yu ; foreword by Gary Luton

The experience : the 5 principles of Disney service and relationship excellence /
Bruce Loeffler and Brian T. Church

Chief customer officer 2.0 : how to build your customer-driven growth engine /
Jeanne Bliss

HF5415.5 .K35 2015eb
Implementing SAP CRM : the guide for business and technology managers /
Vivek Kale

HF5415.5 .L64 2015
The experience : the 5 principles of Disney service and relationship excellence /
Bruce Loeffler and Brian T. Church

HF5415.5 .O83 2014
Value proposition design : how to create products and services customers want [electronic resource]
Alexander Osterwalder, Yves Pigneur, Greg Bernarda, Alan Smith

HF5415.5 55
The case for 'benevolent' mobile apps
Glen L. Urban, Fareena Sultan

Complaint management and channel choice : an analysis of customer perceptions /
Stefan Garding, Andrea Bruns

Customer-centric marketing : building relationships and creating advocates in the age of the consumer /
Aldo Cundari

HF5415.55 .T253 2014
Dynamic customer strategy : today's CRM /
John F. Tanner, Jr.

Barcodes with iOS : bringing together the digital and physical worlds /
Oliver Drobnik

HF5416.5 .L557 2015
The pricing journey : the organizational transformation toward pricing excellence /
Stephan M. Liozu

European retail research. Volume 28, 2014,@Issue I
Thomas Foscht, Dirk Morschett, Thomas Rudolph, Peter Schnedlitz, Hanna Schramm-Klein, Bernhard Swoboda (eds.)

The art of consultative selling in IT : taking blue ocean strategy a step further /
Venkatesh Upadrista

Proceedings of the 1988 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference, Montreal, Canada, April 27-May 1, 1988
Kenneth D. Bahn, editor

HF5465.U4 H69 2015
From Main Street to mall : the rise and fall of the American department store /
Vicki Howard

A higher bid : how to transform special event fundraising with strategic auctions /
Kathy Kingston

Data driven : creating a data culture /
DJ Patil and Hilary Mason

IBM business process manager V8.5 performance tuning and best practices
Mike Collins ... [and five others]

Business process management design guide : using IBM business process manager /
Dr. Ali Arsanjani [and five others]

Business analytics using SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS Enterprise Miner : a beginner's guide /
Olivia Parr-Rud

Kick ass social commerce for e-preneurs : it's not about likes... it's about sales /
by John Lawson, with Debra Schepp

HF5548.32 .M633 2015eb
Mobile electronic commerce : foundations, development, and applications /
edited by June Wei

Oracle general ledger guide
Melanie Anjele Cameron

HF5548.325.C6 E75 2015
Alibaba's world : how a remarkable Chinese company is changing the face of global business /
Porter Erisman

Learning AirWatch : learn to implement, manage, and deploy the latest Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform offered by AirWatch /
Mark Dunkerley

Risk centric threat modeling : process for attack simulation and threat analysis /
Tony Uceda Vélez and Marco M. Morana

Protecting privacy in data release
Giovanni Livraga

SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 4.1 cookbook : over 100 simple and incredibly effective recipes to help transform your static business data into exciting dashboards filled with dynamic charts and graphics /
David Lai, Xavier Hacking ; foreword by Dr. Bjarne Berg

Excel basics in 30 minutes : the quick guide to Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets /
Ian Lamont

Office for iPad and Mac for dummies
by Peter Weverka

HF5548.4.M525 C39 2013eb
Microsoft SharePoint 2013
Stephen Cawood

HF5548.4.M525 S64 2013
Microsoft Office 365 administration inside out [electronic resource]
Julian Soh, Anthony Puca, Marshall Copeland

HF5548.4.O65 A76 2014eb
Oracle business intelligence Discoverer 11g handbook [electronic resource]
Michael Armstrong-Smith, Darlene Armstrong-Smith ; technical editor, Steve Fitzgerald

Mindfulness at work essentials for dummies
by Shamash Alidina, Juliet Adams

HF5548.8 .R67 2015
Work and organizational psychology
Ian Rothmann and Cary L. Cooper

HF5548.8 .S93 2015
Work psychology in action
Anna Sutton

HF5548.85 .R645 2014
The role of demographics in occupational stress and well being
edited by Pamela L. Perrewé, Christopher C. Rosen, Jonathon R. B. Halbesleben

Getting value from your data scientists
by Jeanne G. Harris and Vijay Mehrotra

HF5549 .L2885 2015
Global trends in human resource management : a twenty-year analysis /
Edward E. Lawler III and John W. Boudreau

HR for small business for dummies
Paul Maguire

Perfect phrases for writing employee surveys : hundreds of ready-to-use phrases to help you create surveys your employees answer honestly, completely, and helpfully /
John Kador, Katherine J. Armstrong

Show your work : the payoffs and how-to's of working out loud /
Jane Bozarth

The game changer : how to use the science of motivation with the power of game design to shift behaviour, shape culture and make clever happen /
Dr Jason Fox

Overworked and Overwhelmed : The Mindfulness Alternative [electronic resource]

Showing up : how to make a greater impact at work /
Tim Robson

Why sleep is a strategic resource
Christopher M. Barnes, Gretchen Spreitzer

HF5549.5.P35 G73 2015
Measurement madness : recognizing and avoiding the pitfalls of performance measurement /
Dina Gray, Pietro Micheli, Andrey Pavlov

HF5549.5.P37 S654 2015
Variability in human performance
Thomas Jay Smith, Robert Henning, Michael G. Wade, Thomas Fisher

The politics of promotion : how high-achieving women get ahead and stay ahead /
Bonnie Marcus

HF5549.5.S38 E47 2015
Employee recruitment, selection, and assessment : contemporary issues for theory and practice /
edited by Ioannis Nikolaou and Janneke K. Oostrom

Design and development of training games : practical guidelines from a multidisciplinary perspective /
edited by Talib S. Hussain, Susan L. Coleman

Active training : a handbook of techniques, designs, case examples and tips /
Melvin L. Silberman, Elaine Biech, Carol Auerbach

HF5616.C6 W82 2015
Adoption of Anglo-American models of corporate governance and financial reporting in China
by Huiying Wu, Chris Patel ; edited by Marc J. Epstein

HF5636 .R68 2014
The Routledge companion to accounting, reporting and regulation
edited by Carien van Mourik and Peter Walton

Wiley CIAexcel exam review focus notes 2014. Part 1, Internal audit basics
S. Rao Vallabhaneni

Wiley CIAexcel exam review focus notes 2014. Part 2, Internal audit practice
S. Rao Vallabhaneni

Wiley CIAexcel exam review 2014 focus notes. Part 3, Internal audit knowledge elements
by S. Rao Vallabhaneni

HF5668.25 .V35 2014eb
Wiley CIAexcel Exam Review 2014 : Part 3, Internal Audit Knowledge Elements [electronic resource]

QuickBooks 2015 all-in-one for dummies
by Stephen Nelson

QuickBooks 2015 : the best guide for small business /
Bobbi Sandberg, Leslie Capachietti

Teach yourself visually quickbooks 2015
Elaine Marmel

HF5681.B2 M287 2015
Fraud in financial statements
Julie E. Margret and Geoffrey Peck

HF5686.N56 A23 2014
Accountability and social accounting for social and non-profit organizations
edited by Ericka Costa, Lee D. Parker, Michele Andreaux

Mathematical financial economics : a basic introduction /
Igor V. Evstigneev, Thorsten Hens, Klaus Reiner Schenk-Hoppé

Communication skills training
Maureen Orey

Top dog : impress and influence everyone you meet /
Andy Bounds and Richard Ruttle

Message not received : why business communication is broken and how to fix it /
Phil Simon

Communicating effectively : write, speak, and present with authority /
Garry Kranz

HF5718 .G68 2010eb
Just listen : discover the secret to getting through to absolutely anyone [electronic resource]
Mark Goulston ; foreword by Keith Ferrazzi

HF5718 .H2915 2015
Business communication : rethinking your professional practice for the post-digital age /
Peter Hartley and Peter Chatterton

HF5718 .S562 2015eb
Whoever tells the best story wins : how to use your own stories to communicate with power and impact /
Annette Simmons

Role of language and corporate communication in greater China : from academic to practitioner perspectives /
Patrick P.K. Ng, Cindy S.B. Ngai, editors

The broadband connection : the art of delivering a winning IT presentation /
Alan Carroll

The introverted presenter : ten steps for preparing and delivering successful presentations /
Richard Tierney

HF5718.22 .B66 2010eb
Own the room : business presentations that persuade, engage & get results [electronic resource]
David Booth, Deborah Shames, Peter Desberg

HF5826.5 .K45 2015
Advertising media planning : a brand management approach /
Larry D. Kelley, Donald W. Jugenheimer, and Kim Bartel Sheehan

HF6146.I58 N47 2015
Personalized digital advertising : how data and technology are transforming how we market /
Diaz Nesamoney

Virtual banking : a guide to innovation and partnering /
Dan Schatt

HG172.B84 C45 2015
The Warren Buffett philosophy of investment : how a combination of value investing and smart acquisitions drives extraordinary success /
Elena Chirkova

HG173 .D337 2015
Can financial markets be controlled?
Howard Davies

Statistics for finance
Erik Lindström, Henrik Madsen, Jan Nygaard Nielsen

Help, I'm Rich! : your compass to a value-adding private banking experience /
Kees Stoute

The global expatriate's guide to investing : from millionaire teacher to millionaire expat /
Andrew Hallam

The debt escape plan : how to free yourself from credit card balances, boost your credit score, and live debt-free /
Beverly Harzog

No one loves your money like you do : the ultimate retirement planning guide for business owners and private practitioners /
James B. Jackson

Quicken 2015 : the official guide /
Bobbi Sandberg

Private wealth management : the complete reference for the personal financial planner /
G. Victor Hallman, Jerry S. Rosenbloom

The value of debt in retirement : why everything you have been told is wrong /
Thomas J. Anderson

Smart is the new rich : money guide for millennials /
Christine Romans

Blue chip kids : what every child (and parent) should know about money, investing, and the stock market /
David W. Bianchi

Enough bull : how to retire well without the stock market, mutual funds, or even an investment advisor /
David Trahair

Pensionize your nest egg : how to use product allocation to create a guaranteed income for life /
Moshe A. Milevsky, Alexandra C. Macqueen

The bank on yourself revolution : fire your banker, bypass Wall Street, and take control of your own financial future /
Pamela Yellen

The international living guide to retiring overseas on a budget : how to live well on $25,000 a year /
Suzan Haskins, Dan Precher

Investing for a lifetime : managing wealth for the "new normal" /
Richard C. Marston

HG186.A2 L56 2014
The limits of surveillance and financial market failure : lessons from the Euro-area /
[edited by] Kumiharu Shigehara

HG2040.5.U6 M37 2015
Foreclosed America
Isaac William Martin and Christopher Niedt

Credit repair kit for dummies
Steven Bucci

FX derivatives trader school [electronic resource]
Giles Jewitt

Xero for dummies
by Heather Smith

HG4501 .S7949
Stocks, bonds, bills, and inflation ... yearbook

Impact investment : a practical guide to investment process and social impact analysis + website /
Keith Allman, Ximena Escobar de Nogales

Trade mindfully : achieve your optimum trading performance with mindfulness and cutting-edge psychology /
Gary Dayton, Psy.D

All about day trading : the easy way to get started /
Jake Bernstein

Brandes on value : the independent investor /
Charles H. Brandes

Investing for dummies
by Tony Levene

Beat the crowd : how you can out-invest the herd by thinking differently /
Ken Fisher ; with Elisabeth Dellinger

Winning the loser's game : timeless strategies for successful investing /
Charles D. Ellis

HG4521 .A6197 2015eb
Dual momentum investing : an innovative strategy for higher returns with lower risk /
by Gary Antonacci

HG4521 .I56 2011eb
Expected returns : an investor's guide to harvesting market rewards [electronic resource]
Antti Ilmanen

Getting started in stock analysis
Michael C. Thomsett

HG4621 .J66 2015
Women of the street : why female money managers generate higher returns (and how you can too) /
Meredith A. Jones

Stock trader's almanac 2015
Jeffrey A. Hirsch & Yale Hirsch

Why moats matter : the Morningstar approach to stock investing /
Heather Brilliant, Elizabeth Collins

Study guide for the new trading for a living : psychology, discipline, trading tools and systems, risk control, trade management /
Dr. Alexander Elder

Equity crowdfunding for investors : a guide to risks, returns, regulations, funding portals, due diligence, and deal terms /
David M. Freedman and Matthew R. Nutting

The fund industry : how your money is managed /
Robert Pozen and Theresa Hamacher ; foreword by Robert J. Shiller

HG539 .B43 2015
Gold, the dollar and Watergate : how a political and economic meltdown was narrowly avoided /
Onno de Beaufort Wijnholds

Frontier : exploring the top ten emerging markets of tomorrow /
Gavin Serkin

HG5993 .K37 2015
Cracking the emerging markets enigma
G. Andrew Karolyi

HG5993 .S467 2015
Frontier : exploring the top ten emerging markets of tomorrow /
Gavin Serkin

Trading options for dummies
by Joe Duarte

How to price and trade options : identify, analyze, and execute the best trade probabilities /
Al Sherbin

How to calculate options prices and their greeks : exploring the black scholes model from delta to vega /
Pierino Ursone

Option volatility and pricing : advanced trading strategies and techniques /
Sheldon Natenberg

Money for nothing : one man's journey through the dark side of lottery millions /
Edward Ugel

HG8083 .J37 2015
Making a market for acts of God : the practice of risk-trading in the global reinsurance industry /
Paula Jarzabkowski, Rebecca Bednarek and Paul Spee

HG8531 .B68 2015
How our days became numbered : risk and the rise of the statistical individual /
Dan Bouk

The rumor : a novel /
Elin Hilderbrand

HJ192.5 .C37 2015
Japan Inc. on the brink : institutional corruption and agency failure /
Susan Carpenter

101 ways to save money on your tax -- legally! : updated for 2014-2015 /
Adrian Raftery

HJ2250 .S58 2015
Taxation : a very short introduction /
Stephen Smith

Tax for Australians for dummies
by Jimmy B. Prince

J.K. Lasser's 1001 deductions and tax breaks 2015 : your complete guide to everything deductible /
Barbara Weltman

HJ9298.M66 M66
Adopted budget

HJ9298.M66 M668
Montgomery County Ohio ... budget in brief

HM1027.G8 A53 2015
Ancient Greece, modern psyche : archetypes evolving /
edited by Virginia Beane Rutter and Thomas Singer

Theory and practice of risk assessment : ICRA 5, Tomar, Portugal, 2013 /
Christos P. Kitsos, Teresa A. Oliviera, Alexandros Riga, Sneh Gulati, editors

Computational approaches to studying the co-evolution of networks and behavior in social dilemmas
Rense Corten

The mediation process : practical strategies for resolving conflict /
Christopher W. Moore

The handbook of conflict resolution : theory and practice /
Peter T. Coleman, Morton Deutsch, Eric C. Marcus, editors

Responsibility from the margins
David Schoemaker

HM1206 .O94 2014
The Oxford handbook of virtuality
edited by Mark Grimshaw

HM1231 .S73 2015
How propaganda works
Jason Stanley

Cultural, religious and political contestations : the multicultural challenge /
Fethi Mansouri, editor

Social psychology for dummies
by Daniel Richardson

Visual design solutions : principles and creative inspiration for learning professionals /
Connie Malamed

HM621 .P474 2015
Perspectives on interculturality : the construction of meaning in relationships of difference /
edited by Michal Jan Rozbicki

HM651 .K5635 2015
Knowledge mobilisation and social sciences : research impact and engagement /
edited by Jon Bannister and Irene Hardill

HM716 .B66 2015
The power of others : peer pressure, groupthink, and how the people around us shape everything we do /
Michael Bond

Mastering Gephi network visualization : produce advanced network graphs in Gephi and gain valuable insights into your network datasets /
Ken Cherven

Introduction to social media investigation : a hands-on approach /
Jennifer Golbeck ; Judith L. Klavans, technical editor

Getting a social media job for dummies
by Brooks Briz and David Rose

HM742 .D56 2014
The social machine : designs for living online /
Judith Donath

HM742 .G677 2014
Social roots : why social innovations are creating the influence economy /
Cindy Gordon, Andrew Weir, and John P. Girard

Facebook all-in-one for dummies
by Jamie Crager, Scott Ayres, Melanie Nelson, Daniel Herndon, and Jesse Stay

Facebook & Twitter for seniors for dummies [electronic resource]
Marsha Collier

Twitter for dummies
by Laura Fitton, Anum Hussain, and Brittany Leaning ; with Michael E. Gruen and Leslie Poston ; foreword by Jack Dorsey

Twitter power 3.0 : how to dominate your market one tweet at a time /
Joel Comm & Dave Taylor

HM821 .K38 2015
Sight unseen : gender and race through blind eyes /
Ellyn Kaschak

The social media MBA guide to ROI : how to measure and improve your return on investment /
Christer Holloman

HM851 .N34 2013
Going viral
Karine Nahon and Jeff Hemsley

Wellbeing, a complete reference guide. Volume II, Wellbeing and the environment
edited by Rachel Cooper, Elizabeth Burton, and Cary L. Cooper

The wellbeing of nations : meaning, motive and measurement /
Paul Allin and David J. Hand

HN25 .D35 2015
The happiness industry : how the government and big business sold us well-being /
William Davies

Volunteer engagement 2.0 : ideas and insights changing the world [electronic resource]
edited by Robert J. Rosenthal

HN50 .V56 2015
Violence at the urban margins
edited by Javier Auyero, Philippe Bourgois, Nancy Scheper-Hughes

Generation ageless : how baby boomers are changing the way we live today--and they're just getting started /
J. Walker Smith and Ann Clurman

HN60 .F33 2015
The fabulous future? : America and the world in 2040 /
edited by Gary Saul Morson and Morton Schapiro

HN90.S6 A34 2015
Age in America : the colonial era to the present /
edited by Corinne T. Field and Nicholas L. Syrett

Same sex couples - comparative insights on marriage and cohabitation
Macarena Sáez, editor

Wellbeing, a complete reference guide. Volume IV, Wellbeing in later life
edited by Thomas B.L. Kirkwood and Cary L. Cooper

HQ1061 .H49 2015
Rethinking old age : theorising the fourth age /
Paul Higgs and Chris Gilleard

HQ1064.U5 A223 2015
The end game : how inequality shapes our final years /
Corey M. Abramson

HQ1075 .R95 2015
Questioning gender : a sociological exploration /
Robyn Ryle, Hanover College

HQ1154 .C6527 2014
Her Brilliant Career : Ten Extraordinary Women of the Fifties /
Rachel Cooke

HQ1155 .F447 2014
Feminisms, empowerment and development : changing women's lives /
edited by Andrea Cornwall and Jenny Edwards

HQ1155 .V65 2014
Voicing demands : feminist activism in transitional contexts /
edited by Sohela Nazneen and Maheen Sultan

Women change the world : noteworthy women on cultivating your potential and achieving success /
edited by Michelle Patterson

HQ1219 .J44 2015
Beauty and misogyny : harmful cultural practices in the West /
Sheila Jeffreys

HQ1220.F8 G76 2015
The force of beauty : transforming French ideas of femininity in the Third Republic /
Holly Grout

HQ1236 .C4735 2015
Myths about women's rights : how, where, and why rights advance /
Feryal M. Cherif

HQ1236.5.A78 W66 2014
Women's movements and countermovements : the quest for gender equality in Southeast Asia and the Middle East /
edited by Claudia Derichs in cooperation with Dana Fennert

HQ1236.D44 W66 2014
Women in politics : gender, power and development /
edited by Mariz Tadros

HQ1426 .F4735 2015
Feminist surveillance studies
Rachel E. Dubrofsky and Shoshana Amielle Magnet, editors

HQ1460.5 .S356 2015
Latin American women and the literature of madness : narratives at the crossroads of gender, politics and the mind /
Elvira Sánchez-Blake and Laura Kanost

HQ1537 .T37 2015
Embodied protests : emotions and women's health in Bolivia /
Maria Tapias

HQ1729.5 .D57 2014
Dissident writings of Arab women : voices against violence /
[edited by] Brinda J. Mehta

HQ1735.3 .S63 2014
Violence against women and girls : lessons from South Asia /
Jennifer L. Solotaroff and Rohini Prabha Pande

HQ1745.8 .B43 2014
Women in Southeast Asia : Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Timor, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei /
Surajit Kumar Bhagowati, assistant professor, Department of Commerce, Nowgong College (Gauhati University), Assam

HQ1767 .G457 2015
Gender & Chinese history : transformative encounters /
edited by Beverly Bossler

HQ1793 .M4 2015
Soft force : women in Egypt's Islamic awakening /
Ellen Anne McLarney

HQ503 .L44 2015
The limits of marriage : why getting everyone married won't solve all our problems /
Gary R. Lee

HQ663.3 .C64 2013
Fathers and sons in the Arab Middle East
Dalya Cohen-Mor

HQ734 .K36 2012
Marital communication
Douglas L. Kelley

HQ755.8 .G758 2015eb
When kids call the shots : how to seize control from your darling bully--and enjoy being a parent again /
Sean Grover

Dad's guide to pregnancy for dummies
by Matthew M.F. Miller and Sharon Perkins

HQ76.13 .G66 2015
Gay fathers, their children, and the making of kinship
Aaron Goodfellow

HQ76.2.U5 H337 2015
Geisha of a different kind : race and sexuality in gaysian America /
C. Winter Han

HQ76.25 .P58 2015
Planning and LGBTQ communities : the need for inclusive queer spaces /
edited by Petra L. Doan

HQ767.5.U5 S769 2015
Sign of pathology : U.S. medical rhetoric on abortion, 1800s-1960s /
Nathan Stormer

HQ767.5.U5 Z54 2015
After Roe : the lost history of the abortion debate /
Mary Ziegler

Wellbeing, a complete reference guide. Volume I, Wellbeing in children and families
edited by Susan H. Landry and Cary L. Cooper

Parenting on the go : birth to six, A to Z /
David Elkind

HQ770.4 .A92 2015
Stress-Free Discipline : Simple Strategies for Handling Common Behavior Problems [electronic resource]

HQ775 .M37 2015
The mask you live in
The Representation Project presents, in association with Regina K. Scully ; a Jennifer Siebel Newsom film ; produced by Jennifer Siebel Newsom, Jessica Anthony, Jessica Congdon ; executive producers, Regina K. Scully, Sarah E. Johnson, Wendy Schmidt, Abigail Disney, Geralyn Dreyfous, Maria Shriver ; written, produced and directed by Jennifer Siebel Newsom

HQ777.5 .H96 2014
Child custody evaluation : new theoretical applications and research /
by Daniel J. Hynan, Ph.D

HQ782 .H386 2015
Play and the human condition
Thomas S. Henricks

HQ792.G73 G65 2015
Children and childhood in classical Athens
Mark Golden

HQ796 .L3475 2015
Adolescence, discrimination, and the law : addressing dramatic shifts in equality jurisprudence /
Roger J. R. Levesque

Perspectives on marital dissolution : divorce biographies in Singapore /
Sharon Ee Ling Quah

Humanitarian imperialism : the politics of anti-slavery activism, 1880-1940 /
Amalia Ribi Forclaz

HT123 .C4976 2015
City by city : dispatches from the American metropolis /
edited by Keith Gessen, Stephen Squibb

HT123 .M386 2015
Deep mapping the media city
Shannon Mattern

HT131 .L36 2015
Town twinning, transnational connections, and trans-local citizenship practices in Europe
Andreas Langenohl

HT151 .F725 2015
Toward an urban cultural studies : Henri Lefebvre and the humanities /
Benjamin Fraser

HT151 .P35 2015
Urban theory and the urban experience : encountering the city /
Simon Parker

HT1521 .O33 2015
The economics of race in the United States
Brendan O'Flaherty

Touching the city : thoughts on urban scale /
Timothy Makower

Planning support systems and smart cities
Stan Geertman, Joseph Ferreira, Jr., Robert Goodspeed, John Stillwell, editors

HT166 .L444 2015
Low carbon cities : transforming urban systems /
edited by Steffen Lehmann

HT167 .S74 2015
John Nolen, landscape architect and city planner
R. Bruce Stephenson

Building resilient cities in China : the nexus between planning and science : selected papers from the 7th International Association for China Planning Conference, Shanghai, China, June 29-July 1, 2013 /
Xueming Chen, Qisheng Pan, editors

HT169.G3 T73x 2015
Transforming cites : urban interventions in public space /
Kristin Feireiss, Oliver G. Hamm (ed. = hg.) ; in co-operation with the Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment, Berlin = In Kooperation mit der Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung und Umwelt, Berlin

HT175 .R475 2014
Revitalizing American cities
edited by Susan M. Wachter and Kimberly A. Zeuli

HT243.F72 P377 2015
Landscape of discontent : urban sustainability in immigrant Paris /
Andrew Newman

HT321 .H367 2015
Urban economics
John M. Hartwick

HT334.U5 G657 2015
The new urban sociology
Mark Gottdiener, University at Buffalo, Ray Hutchison, University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, Michael T. Ryan

HT395.A9 C66 2015
Contemporary issues in Australian urban and regional planning
edited by Julie Brunner and John Glasson

HT690.U6 M33 2015
Hollowed out : why the economy doesn't work without a strong middle class /
David Madland

HV1421 .S78 2015
Evaluation practice for projects with young people : a guide to creative research /
Kaz Stuart, Lucy Maynard and Caroline Rouncefield

HV1451 .S6314 2011
Social Work and Geriatric Services [electronic resource]

HV1451 .W455 2015
The meaning of care : the social construction of care for elderly people /
Bernhard Weicht

HV2391 .A58 2015
Social competence of deaf and hard-of-hearing children
Shirin D. Antia, Kathryn H. Kreimeyer

How to be great at doing good : why results are what count and how smart charity can change the world /
Nick Cooney

HV40 .C667 2015eb
How to be great at doing good : why results are what count and how smart charity can change the world /
Nick Cooney

Econometric evaluation of socio-economic programs : theory and applications /
Giovanni Cerulli

Fundraising the SMART way : predictable, consistent income growth for your charity /
by Ellen Bristol

HV4505 .C33 2015eb
School-based practice with children and youth experiencing homelessness
by James P. Canfield

HV4764 .K56 2014eb
Dangerous crossings : race, species, and nature in a multicultural age /
Claire Jean Kim, University of California, Irvine

HV551.5.A8 H86 2014
Human factors challenges in emergency management : enhancing individual and team performance in fire and emergency services /
edited by Christine Owen, University of Tasmania, Australia

HV553 .G76 2015eb
Ground rules for humanitarian design [electronic resource]
edited by Alice Min Soo Chun and Irene E Brisson

Disaster vulnerability, hazards and resilience : perspectives from Florida /
Fernando I. Rivera, Naim Kapucu

HV5833.A79 J33 2015
Code of the suburb : inside the world of young middle-class drug dealers /
Scott Jacques and Richard Wright

HV5840.C6 C548 2015
The Chinese heroin trade : cross-border drug trafficking in Southeast Asia and beyond /
Ko-lin Chin and Sheldon X. Zhang

HV6250.4.W65 .D633 2015eb
When men murder women
R. Emerson Dobash and Russell P. Dobash

Histories of transnational crime
Gerben Bruinsma, editor

HV6464 .B35 2015
Lynched : the victims of Southern mob violence /
Amy Kate Bailey & Stewart E. Tolnay

By accident or design : writing the Victorian metropolis /
Paul Fyfe

Phishing dark waters : the offensive and defensive sides of malicious e-mails /
Christopher Hadnagy, Michele Fincher ; foreword by Robin Dreeke

HV703 .M67 2015
The origins of UNICEF, 1946-1953
Jennifer M. Morris

HV751.A6 W37 2015
Emotional politics of social work and child protection
Joanne Warner

HV8059 .C37 2015
Citizen-protectors : the everyday politics of guns in an age of decline /
Jennifer Carlson

HV8059 .D43 2015
Do guns make us free? : democracy and the armed society /
Firmin Debrabander

A practical guide to computer forensics investigations
Dr. Darren R. Hayes

HV8501 .P75 2015
Prisons in the Americas in the twenty first century : a human dumping ground /
edited by Jonathan D. Rosen and Marten W. Brienen

HV8699.U5 D337 2015
Death and other penalties : philosophy in a time of mass incarceration /
edited by Geoffrey Adelsberg, Lisa Guenther, and Scott Zeman

HV874.82.W67 A13 2015
Letter from Alabama : the inspiring true story of strangers who saved a child and changed a family forever /
by David L. Workman

HV875.56.M54 B57 2015
Fostering on the farm : child placement in the rural Midwest /
Megan Birk

Children's contact with incarcerated parents : implications for policy and intervention /
Julie Poehlmann-Tyman, editor ; commentary by Karen P. Bogenschneider

HV890.S34 C45 2015
Childhood and disability in the Nordic countries : being, becoming, belonging /
edited by Rannevig Traustadóttir, Borgun Ytterhus, Snæfríður Egilson and Berit Berg

HV9466 .L66 2015
A country called prison : mass incarceration and the making of a new nation /
Mary D. Looman, John D. Carl

HV99.C39 S36 2015
The size of others' burdens : Barack Obama, Jane Addams, and the politics of helping others /
Erik Schneiderhan

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