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Items Acquired in April 2015 for the University Libraries

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H62 .G43 2015eb
GED test. Social studies : : flash review

H62.3 .P747 2015
Prepárese para el examen GED de estudios sociales

Extension of data envelopment analysis with preference information : value efficiency /
Tarja Joro, Pekka J. Korhonen

Data envelopment analysis : a handbook of models and methods /
Joe Zhu, editor

Day shift
Charlaine Harris

Principles of mathematical economics II : solutions manual, supplementary materials and supplementary exercises /
Shapoor Vali

Econophysics and data driven modelling of market dynamics
Frédéric Abergel, Hideaki Aoyama, Bikas K. Chakrabarti, Anirban Chakraborti, Asim Ghosh, editors

Solutions Manual for Econometrics [electronic resource]
by Badi H. Baltagi

The evolution of economic and innovation systems
Andreas Pyka, John Foster, editors

Macroeconomics and the Phillips curve myth
James Forder

Sustainability of External Imbalances : A Critical Appraisal

HB195 .L37 2014eb
Wars of plunder : conflicts, profits and the politics of resources /
Philippe Le Billon

HB2055 .G73 2005eb
Migration and inequality in Germany, 1870-1913 [electronic resource]
Oliver Grant

New perspectives on internationalization and competitiveness : integrating economics, innovation and higher education /
Eskil Ullberg, editor

Managing population decline in Europe's urban and rural areas
Gert-Jan Hospers, Nol Reverda

Great nations at peril
Jürgen Backhaus, editor

Convergence in output and its sources among industrialised countries : a cross-country time-series perspective /
Macarena Hernández Salmerón, Diego Romero-Ávila

Philosophico-methodological analysis of prediction and its role in economics
Wenceslao J. Gonzalez

HB3782 .V46 2014
Financial and fiscal policies : crises and new realities /
Y.V. Reddy, Narayan Valluri, Partha Ray

British financial crises since 1825
Nicholas Dimsdale and Anthony Hotson

The capitals of nations : the role of human, social, and institutional capital in economic evolution /
Dr Lalita Som

Income modeling and balancing : a rigorous treatment of distribution patterns /
Thomas Kämpke, Franz Josef Radermacher

The principle of profit models
Guiping Lin, Wei Wei, Wuxiang Zhu

Entrepreneurship in BRICS : policy and research to support entrepreneurs /
Renata Lèbre La Rovere, Luiz de Magalhães Ozório, Leonardo de Jesus Melo, editors

Entrepreneurship, human capital, and regional development : labor networks, knowledge flows, and industry growth /
Rui Baptista, João Leitão, editors

Entrepreneurial ecosystem : perspectives from emerging economies /
Mathew J. Manimala, Kishinchand Poornima Wasdani, editors

Global entrepreneurship and development index 2014
Zoltan J. Acs, László Szerb, Erkko Autio

Assessing Social Impact of Social Enterprises : Does One Size Really Fit All? [Elektronische Daten]
by Cecilia Grieco

Handling societal complexity : a study of the theory and the methodology of societal complexity and the compram methodology /
Dorein DeTombe

The Call Up to the Majors : A Proximity-Based Approach to the Economics of Minor League Baseball [Elektronische Daten]
by Thomas A. Rhoads

On moral capital
Xiaoxi Wang

Luxury and public happiness [electronic resource] : political economy in the Italian Enlightenment
Till Wahnbaeck

HB90 .O38 2015
Equality and efficiency : the big tradeoff /
Arthur M. Okun ; foreword by Lawrence Summers

Evolutionary governance theory : theory and applications /
Kristof Van Assche, Raoul Beunen, Martijn Duineveld, editors

HB99.5 .C56 1997
Classics in institutional economics : the founders, 1890-1945 /
edited by Malcolm Rutherford & Warren J. Samuels

HB99.5 .C567 1998
Classics in institutional economics II : succeeding generations, 1916-1978 /
edited by Warren J. Samuels & Malcolm Rutherford

Keynesian economics and price theory : re-orientation of a theory of monetary economy /
Masayuki Otaki

Essays in Contemporary Economics : A Festschrift in Memory of A. D. Karayiannis [electronic resource]
edited by George C. Bitros, Nicholas C. Kyriazis

HC106.84 .A93 2015
Everything in its place : entrepreneurship and the strategic management of cities, regions, and states /
by David B. Audretsch

HC106.84 .W67 2014eb
Working and living in the shadow of economic fragility
edited by Marion G. Crain, Michael Sherraden

HC108.N7 C29 2015
Mobilizing New York : AIDS, antipoverty, and feminist activism /
Tamar W. Carroll, The University of North Carolina Press/Chapel Hill

HC110.W4 .W647 2015eb
Inheriting wealth in America : future boom or bust? /
Edward N. Wolff

Low-income consumers as a source of innovation : insights from idea competitions in Brazilian low-income communities /
Aline Krämer

Societies in transition : economic, political and security transformations in contemporary Europe /
Savvas Katsikides, Pavlos I. Koktsidis, editors

HC334.5 .S54 2014
For peace and money : French and British finance in the service of tsars and commissars /
Jennifer Siegel

Economic growth and inequality : empirical analysis for the Russian regions /
Vadim Kufenko

HC340.D4 G47 2015
Unified military industries of the Soviet bloc : Hungary and the division of labor in military production /
Pál Germuska

HC345 .R44 2015
Reform capacity and macroeconomic performance in the Nordic countries
edited by Torben M. Andersen, U. Michael Bergman, and Svend E. Hougaard Jensen

HC37 .A38 2014eb
Poiesis : manufacturing in classical Athens /
Peter Acton

Cost-benefit studies of natural resource management in Southeast Asia
David James, Herminia A. Francisco, editors

HC415.E5 C53 2015
The greening of Asia : the business case for solving Asia's environmental emergency /
Mark L. Clifford

HC427 .O94 2014
The Oxford companion to the economics of China
edited by Shenggen Fan, Ravi Kanbur, Shang-Jin Wei, Xiaobo Zhang

HC427.8 .S45 2015
Industrial Eden : a Chinese capitalist vision /
Brett Sheehan

China's economy : a collection of surveys /
edited by Iris Claus, Les Oxley

China's macroeconomic outlook : quarterly forecast and analysis report, September, 2014 /
Center for Macroeconomic Research of Xiamen University

China's macroeconomic outlook : quarterly forecast and analysis report, February 2014 /
Center for Macroeconomic Research of Xiamen University

HC427.95 .I54 2008eb
Inequality and growth in modern China [electronic resource]
edited by Guanghua Wan

HC59 .C66 2015eb
Competition and conflicts on resource use
Susanne Hartgard, Wolfgang Liebert, editors

HC59.7 .B175 2015eb
Cutting the Gordian knot of economic reform : when and how international institutions help /
Leonardo Baccini and Johannes Urpelainen

Emerging technologies for emerging markets
John Vong, Insu Song

Economics of unconventional shale gas development : case studies and impacts /
edited by William E. Hefley, Yongsheng Wang

Control mechanisms for ecological-economic systems
Vladimir N. Burkov, Dmitry A. Novikov, Alexander V. Shchepkin

Responsible living : concepts, education and future perspectives /
Victoria W. Thoresen, Declan Doyle, Jørgen Klein, Robert J. Didham, editors

Consumption-based approaches in international climate policy
Christian Lininger

Strategies towards the new sustainability paradigm : managing the great transition to sustainable global democracy /
Odile Schwarz-Herion, Abdelnaser Omran, editors

The Sugarcane Complex in Brazil : The Role of Innovation in a Dynamic Sector on Its Path Towards Sustainability [Elektronische Daten]
by Felix Kaup

Information and communication technology in Sudan : an economic analysis of impact and use in universities /
Samia Mohamed Nour

Evaluation of statistical matching and selected SAE methods : using micro census and EU-SILC data /
Verena Puchner

HC79.P6 P68 2014eb
Poverty and shame : global experiences [electronic resource]
edited by Elaine Chase and Grace Bantebya-Kyomuhendo

HC79.T4 A52 2015
Innovation and entrepreneurship : powerful tools for a modern knowledge-based economy /
Hanadi Mubarak Al-Mubaraki, Ali Husain Muhammad, Michael Busler

HC79.T4 G687 2010
Innovation, intellectual property and economic growth
Christine Greenhalgh, Mark Rogers

The business of social and environmental innovation : new frontiers in Africa /
Verena Bitzer, Ralph Hamann, Martin Hall, Eliada Wosu Griffin-EL, editors

Zambia : building prosperity from resource wealth /
Christopher Adam, Paul Collier, and Michael Gondwe

HD1375 .M677 2015eb
Property finance : an international approach /
Giacomo Morri, Antonio Mazza ; country reports edited by Alessandro P. Scarso

Value addition of horticultural crops : recent trends and future directions /
Amit Baran Sharangi, Suchand Datta, editors

HD1694.A5 M235 2015
Southern water, Southern power : how the politics of cheap energy and water scarcity shaped a region /
Christopher J. Manganiello

Climate change modelling, planning and policy for agriculture
Anil Kumar Singh, Jagdish Chander Dagar, Ayyanadar Arunachalam, Gopichandran R, Kirit Nanubhai Shelat, editors

Proceedings of 2014 1st International Conference on Industrial Economics and Industrial Security
Menggang Li, Qiusheng Zhang, Runtong Zhang, Xianliang Shi, editors

Afro-European Conference for Industrial Advancement : Proceedings of the First International Afro-European Conference for Industrial Advancement AECIA 2014 /
Ajith Abraham, Pavel Krömer, Václav Snás̆el, editors

HD2351 .F55 2014
Resisting work : the corporatization of life and its discontents /
Peter Fleming

HD2356.F7 H36 2002eb
Large firms and institutional change : industrial renewal and economic restructuring in France [electronic resource]
Bob Hancké

Corporate governance and contingency theory : a structural equation modeling approach and accounting risk implications /
Abdul Ghofar, Sardar M.N. Islam

Internal and external context specificity of leadership in M & A integration
Bettina Hauser ; with a foreword by Dr. Florian Bauer

The mission-driven venture : business solutions to the world's most vexing social problems /
Marc J. Lane

HD278 .A47 2015
AMP real estate salesperson. Practice exam 1

HD278 .P433 2015
Pearson Vue real estate broker. Practice exam 1

HD278 .P437 2015
Pearson Vue real estate salesperson. Practice exam 1

HD278 .P753 2015
PSI real estate broker. Practice exam 1

HD278 .P757 2015
PSI real estate salesperson. Practice exam 1

Employee Engagement in Media Management : Creativeness and Organizational Development [Elektronische Daten]
by Stavros Georgiades

User Innovators in the Silver Market : An Empirical Study among Camping Tourists [Elektronische Daten]
by Konstantin Wellner

Valuing the Innovation Potentials of Firms : What Theory Suggests, Practitioners do, and both Implies for Existing Theory [Elektronische Daten]
by Jan Alexander Buchmann

Reshaping society through analytics, collaboration, and decision support : role of business intelligence and social media /
Lakshmi S. Iyer, Daniel J. Power, editors

Requirement engineering for knowledge-intensive processes : reference architecture for the selection of a learning management system /
Sven-Michael Wundenberg

Exploring the design and effects of internal knowledge markets
Hind Benbya

HD30.2 .K63685 2001
Knowledge management and organizational competence [electronic resource]
edited by Ron Sanchez

Enterprise interoperability : interoperability for agility, resilience and plasticity of collaborations : I-EASA'14 proceedings /
edited by Matthieu Lauras, [and others]

Decision making : uncertainty, imperfection, deliberation and scalability /
Tatiana V. Guy, Miroslav Kárný, David H. Wolpert, editors

Advanced business analytics
Fausto Pedro García Márquez, Benjamin Lev, editors

Data quality and its impacts on decision-making : how managers can benefit from good data /
Christoph Samitsch

Multi-level decision making : models, methods and applications /
Guangquan Zhang, Jie Lu, Ya Gao

HD30.23 .G374 2015
Decisions : an engineering and management perspective /
Gerard H. Gaynor

Decision models in engineering and management
Patricia Guarnieri, editors

Demand forecasting for inventory control
Nick T. Thomopoulos

Chinese strategic decision-making on CSR
Shuo Wang

Sustainable operations management : advances in strategy and methodology /
Andrea Chiarini, editor

HD30.3 .M3663 2002eb
Information orientation : the link to business performance [electronic resource]
Donald A. Marchand, William J. Kettinger and John D. Rollins

HD30.4 .A84 2015
Developing leaders by executive coaching : practice and evidence /
Andromachi Athanasopoulou, Sue Dopson

Cross-border management : theory, method and application /
Rongxing Guo

HD31 .I5565 2014
Innovative management and firm performance : an interdisciplinary approach and cases /
edited by Maja Levi Jakšić, Slađana Barjaktarović Rakočević, and Milan Martić

Gestión de la cooperación en la práctica : diseñar cambios Sociales con Capacity WORKS /
GIZ GMBH (ed.)

Quantitative approaches in logistics and supply chain management : Proceedings of the 8th Workshop on Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Berkeley, California, October 3rd and 4th, 2013 /
Hans-Jürgen Sebastian, Phil Kaminsky, Thomas Müller, editors

Vertical cooperative advertising in supply chain management : a game-theoretic analysis /
Gerhard Aust

Cloud computing for logistics
Michael ten Hompel, Jakob Rehof, Oliver Wolf, editors

The profitable supply chain : a practitioner's guide /
Ramnath Ganesan

Logistics management : products, actors, technology -- proceedings of the German Academic Association for Business Research, Bremen, 2013 /
Jan Dethloff, Hans-Dietrich Haasis, Herbert Kopfer, Herbert Kotzab, Jörn Schönberger, editors

Integrated supply chain planning in chemical industry : potentials of simulation in network planning /
Thomas Kirschstein ; foreword by Prof. Dr. Claudia Becker und Prof. Dr. Christian Bierwirth

Risk-pooling essentials : reducing demand and lead time uncertainty /
Gerald Oeser

First-time-right procurement : substitution of the paradox purchasing savings through first-time-right procurement (FTRP) /
Oliver Münch

Causes of supply chain disruptions : an empirical analysis in cold chains for food and pharmaceuticals /
Verena Brenner

Sustainable value chain management : delivering sustainability through the core business /
Michael D'heur, editor

HD3872.U6 L49 2015eb
Public Sector Entrepreneurship : U.S. Technology and Innovation Policy /
Dennis Patrick Leyden and Albert N. Link

Process equipment procurement in the chemical and related industries
Krian Golwalkar

Water policy in Canada : problems and possible solutions /
Mohammed H. Dore

Thirsty cities : how Indian cities can meet their water needs /
M. Dinesh Kumar

Technology management for sustainable production and logistics
Paulina Golinska, Arkadiusz Kawa, editors

New frontiers in open innovation
Henry Chesbrough, Wim Vanhaverbeke, and Joel West

HD4905 .P385 2014
Empty labor : idleness and workplace resistance /
Roland Paulsen

Decision support for crew rostering in public transit : web-based optimization system for cyclic and non-cyclic rostering /
Lin Xie

Why leaders fail ethically : a paradigmatic evaluation of leadership /
Cameron A. Batmanghlich

Personal knowledge management, leadership styles, and organisational performance : a case study of the healthcare industry in Thailand /
Vissanu Zumitzavan, Jonathan Michie

Leadership and organizational outcomes : meta-analysis of empirical studies /
Engin Karadağ, editor

HD57.7 .A4275 2015
The leadership crisis and the free market cure : why the future of business depends on the return to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness /
John A. Allison

Spatial mobility of migrant workers in Beijing, China
Ran Liu

Regional science matters : studies dedicated to Walter Isard /
Peter Nijkamp, Adam Rose, Karima Kourtit, editors

Advanced negotiation techniques
Alan McCarthy, Steve Hay

The scrum culture : introducing agile methods in organizations /
Dominik Maximini

HD58.7 .L894 2015
Psychological capital and beyond
Fred Luthans, Carolyn M. Youssef-Morgan, and Bruce J. Avolio

Organizational innovation by integrating simplification : learning from Buurtzorg Nederland /
Sharda S. Nanm

Planning and designing effective metrics
Martin Klubeck

Selected essays on corporate reputation and social media : collection of empirical evidence /
Markus Kick ; with a preface by Prof. Dr. Manfred Schwaiger

Corporate social responsibility and governance : theory and practice /
Samuel O. Idowu, Claus Strue Frederiksen, Asli Ÿüksel Mermod, Morten Ebe Juul Nielsen, editors

Dictionary of corporate social responsibility : CSR, sustainability, ethics and governance /
Samuel O. Idowu, editor-in-chief ; Nicholas Capaldi, Matthias S. Fifka, Liangrong Zu, René Schmidpeter, co-editors

Cooperation management for practitioners : managing social change with Capacity WORKS /
edited by GIZ GmbH

Corporate social responsibility in Europe : united in sustainable diversity /
Samuel O. Idowu, René Schmidpeter, Matthias S. Fifka

Fundamental aspects of operational risk and insurance analytics : a handbook of operational risk /
Marcelo G. Cruz, GLeonard N. Stern School of Business, New York University, New York, NY, USA, Gareth W. Peters, Department of Statistical Science, University College of London, London, United Kingdom, Pavel V. Shevchenko, Division of Computational Informatics, The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Sydney, Australia

Innovations in quantitative risk management : TU München, September 2013 /
Kathrin Glau, Matthias Scherer, Rudi Zagst, editors

Probability distributions in risk management operations
Constantinos Artikis, Panagiotis Artikis

Industrial security : managing security in the 21st century /
David L. Russell, Pieter Arlow

Benchmarking for performance evaluation : a production frontier approach /
Subhash C. Ray, Subal C. Kumbhakar, Pami Dua, editors

Process-aware systems : first International Workshop, PAS 2014, Shanghai, China, October 17, 2014. Proceedings /
Jian Cao, Lijie Wen, Xiao Liu (eds.)

Entrepreneurs in family business dynasties : stories of Italian-Australian family businesses over 100 years /
Laura Hougaz

Family businesses in transition economies : management, succession and internationalization /
Léo-Paul Dana, Veland Ramadani, editors

Strategic international management : text and cases /
Dirk Morschett, Hanna Schramm-Klein, Joachim Zentes

Transfer prices and management accounting
Peter Schuster

Higher Education in a Sustainable Society : A Case for Mutual Competence Building [Elektronische Daten]
edited by Hans Chr. Garmann Johnsen, Stina Torjesen, Richard Ennals

HD6331 .B554 2015
Learning by doing : the real connection between innovation, wages, and wealth /
James Bessen

HD655 .E33 2008eb
Landownership in Eastern Germany before the Great War : a quantitative analysis [electronic resource]
Scott M. Eddie

Maritime women : global leadership /
Momoko Kitada, Erin Williams, Lisa Loloma Froholdt, editors

Multi-project management with a multi-skilled workforce : a quantitative approach aiming at small project teams /
Matthias Walter ; foreword by Prof. Dr. Jürgen Zimmermann

Handbook on project management and scheduling. Vol. 2
Christoph Schwindt, Jürgen Zimmermann, editors

Handbook on project management and scheduling. Vol. 1
Christoph Schwindt, Jürgen Zimmermann, editors

Applied psychology for project managers : a practitioner's guide to successful project management /
Monika Wastian, Lutz von Rosenstiel, Michael A. West, Isabell Braumandl, editors

HD69.P75 K4696 2015
Project management 2.0 : leveraging tools, distributed collaboration, and metrics for project success /
Harold Kerzner

Interfirm networks : franchising, cooperatives and strategic alliances /
Josef Windsperger, Gérard Cliquet, Thomas Ehrmann, Georg Henkse, editors

The value of wellness in the workplace : a perspective of the employee-organisation relationship in the South African labour market /
Bennie Linde

Political preferences and the aging of populations : political-economy explanations of pension reform /
Oliver Pamp

HD7125 .E554 2015eb
Falling short : the coming retirement crisis and what to do /
by Charles D. Ellis, Alicia H. Munnell, and Andrew D. Eschtruth

Sustainable Development in Rural China : Field Survey and Sino-Japan Comparative Analysis [Elektronische Daten]
by Bingtao Qin

Poverty Reduction Policies and Practices in Developing Asia [Elektronische Daten]
edited by Almas Heshmati, Esfandiar Maasoumi, Guanghua Wan

Integrated occupational safety and health management : solutions and industrial cases /
Seppo Väyrynen, Kari Häkkinen, Toivo Niskanen, editors

HD7262 .H67 2015
Risky rewards : how company bonuses affect safety /
by Andrew Hopkins and Sarah Maslen

Solidarity economy and social business : new models for a new society /
Noriatsu Matsui, Yukio Ikemoto, editors

Entrepreneurship, regional development and culture : an institutional perspective /
Marta Peris-Ortiz, José M. Merigó-Lindahl, editors

Micro-behavioral economics of global warming : modeling adaptation strategies in agricultural and natural resource enterprises /
S. Niggol Seo

HD8039.A4 A27 2014
Absent aviators : gender issues in aviation /
edited by Donna Bridges, Charles Sturt University, Australia, Jane Neal-Smith, London Metropolitan Business School, UK and Albert J. Mills, St. Mary's University, Canada

HD8039.K59 L397 2014
The laws of the knowledge workplace : changing roles and the meaning of work in knowledge-intensive environments /
edited by Dariusz Jemielniak, Kozminski University, Poland

Economic growth and development : a dynamic dual economy approach /
Sibabrata Das, Alex Mourmouras, Peter C. Rangazas

Transition of the Yangtze river delta : from global manufacturing center to global innovation center /
Zhibiao Liu, Xiaochun Li (eds.)

Emerging economies : food and energy security, and technology and innovation /
Parthasarathi Shome, Pooja Sharma, editors

An introduction to place-based development economics and policy
Gilberto Seravalli

The creation of local innovation systems in emerging countries : the role of governments, firms and universities /
Marco Ferretti, Adele Parmentola

The 10 principles of food industry sustainability
Cheryl J. Baldwin

Life cycle assessment in the agri-food sector : case studies, methodological issues and best practices /
Bruno Notarnicola, Roberta Salomone, Pietro A. Renzulli, Rocco Roma, Alessan K., Cerutti

Food democracy : from consumer to food citizen /
Sue Booth, John Coveney

Food security and food safety for the Twenty-first century : proceedings of APSAFE2013 /
Soraj Hongladarom, editor

HD9006 .P273 2015
The United States of excess : gluttony and the dark side of American exceptionalism /
Robert Paarlberg

Food security and risk reduction in Bangladesh
Umma Habiba, Abu Wali Raghib Hassan, Md. Anwarul Abedin, Rajib Shaw, editors

HD9018.M54 F66 2014
Food security in the Middle East
Zahra Babar and Suzi Mirgani, editors

Environmental security of the European cross-border energy supply infrastructure
edited by M.G. Culshaw, V.I. Osipov, S.J. Booth, A.S. Victorov

Energy technology and valuation issues
André Dorsman, Wim Westerman, John L. Simpson, editors

Energy security and development : the global context and Indian perspectives /
B. Sudhakara Reddy, Sergio Ulgiati, editors

HD9502.A2 L3325 2015
The energy world is flat : opportunities from the end of peak oil /
Daniel Lacalle, Diego Parrilla

Decentralized solutions for developing economies : addressing energy poverty through innovation /
Sebastian Groh, Jonas van der Straeten, Brian Edlefsen Lasch, Dimitry Gershenson, Walter Leal Filho, Daniel M. Kammen, editors

Politics, markets and EU gas supply security : case studies of the UK and Germany /
Sandu-Daniel Kopp

Energy policy making in the EU : building the agenda /
Jale Tosun, Sophie Biesenbender, Kai Schulze, editors

HD9502.U52 J658 2014
Routes of power : energy and modern America /
Christopher F. Jones

HD9502.U52 M295 2013
Energy and electricity in industrial nations : the sociology and technology of energy /
Allan Mazur

Macro-economics of mineral and water resources
Kaulir Kisor Chatterjee

HD9506.P42 L54 2015
Unearthing conflict : corporate mining, activism, and expertise in Peru /
Fabiana Li

Mining and selling radium and uranium
Roger F. Robison

Pharmaceutical prices in the 21st century
Zaheer-Ud-Din Babar, editor

HD9665.5 .B446 2015eb
Manufacturing of pharmaceutical proteins : from technology to economy /
Stefan Behme

Modeling and forecasting electricity demand : a risk management perspective /
Kevin Berk

HD9696.2.C64 L537 2014
The Lenovo way : managing a diverse global company for optimal performance /
Gina Qiao and Yolanda Conyers

Towards a dynamic regional innovation system : investigation into the electronics industry in the Pearl River Delta, China /
Wenying Fu

Electric vehicle business models : global perspectives /
David Beeton, Gereon Meyer, editors

Construction safety and waste management : an economic analysis /
Rita Yi Man Li

Cross-cultural management and quality performance : Chinese construction firms in Nigeria /
Yomi Babatunde, Sui Pheng Low

HD9839.N43 C26 2015
In the power of the government : the rise and fall of newsprint in Ontario, 1894-1932 /
Mark Kuhlberg

HD9877.A2 M48
Historical supernovae and their remnants [electronic resource]
F. Richard Stephenson, David A. Green

Sustainable fashion supply chain management : from sourcing to retailing /
Tsan-Ming Choi, T. C. Edwin Cheng, editors

Disassembly automation : automated systems with cognitive abilities /
Supachai Vongbunyong, Wei Hua Chen

Intercity transport and climate change : strategies for reducing the carbon footprint /
Yoshitsugu Hayashi, Shigeru Morichi, Tae Hoon Oum, Werner Rothengatter, editors

HE161 .A33 2007eb
Land transport in Roman Egypt : a study of economics and administration in a Roman province [electronic resource]
Colin Adams

Governing metropolitan transport : institutional solutions for policy problems /
Simone Busetti

Modeling mobility with open data : 2nd SUMO Conference 2014, Berlin, Germany, May 15-16, 2014 /
Michael Behrisch, Melanie Weber, editors

Road traffic congestion : a concise guide /
John C. Falcocchio, Herbert S. Levinson

Traffic and granular flow '13
Mohcine Chraibi, Maik Boltes, Andreas Schadschneider, Armin Seyfried, editors

Game theoretic analysis of congestion, safety and security : traffic and transportation theory /
Kjell Hausken, Jun Zhuang, editors

HE5737 .L66 2015
Bike battles : a history of sharing the American road /
James Longhurst

Cross-industry innovation process : strategic implications for telecommunication companies /
Tobias Hahn ; preface by Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Zarnekow

HE9803.P36 F46
The first 50 years of Pan Am : the story of Pan American World Airways, Inc. from 1927 to 1977

HE9847.O87 K44 1983
60 Jahre ÖLAG : Österreichische Luftverkehrs AG : 25 Jahre Austrian : Ausstellung und Katalog /
Reinhard Keimel

Complexity and geographical economics : topics and tools /
Pasquale Commendatore, Saime Kayam, Ingrid Kubin, editors

HF1111 .I57 2014eb
The Institutional Development of Business Schools
edited by Andrew M. Pettigrew, Eric Cornuel and Ulrich Hommel

India and China in the Emerging Dynamics of East Asia [electronic resource]
edited by G. V. C. Naidu, Mumin Chen, Raviprasad Narayanan

HF1359 .A5455 2014
Towards a better global economy : policy implications for citizens worldwide in the twenty-first century /
Franklin Allen, Jere R. Behrman, Nancy Birdsall, Shahrokh Fardoust, Dani Rodrik, Andrew Steer, and Arvind Subramanian

Reconstructing the World Trade Organization for the 21st Century : An Institutional Approach /
Kent Jones

Economic sanctions under international law : unilateralism, multilateralism, legitimacy, and consequences /
Ali Z. Marossi, Marisa R. Bassett, editors

HF1418.5 .E43 2015
Single markets : economic integration in Europe and the United States /
Michelle P. Egan

Italy's Top Products in World Trade : The Fortis-Corradini Index [Elektronische Daten]
by Marco Fortis, Stefano Corradini, Monica Carminati

The spiritual dimension of business ethics and sustainability management
László Zsolnai, editor

Humanism in economics and business : perspectives of the Catholic social tradition /
Domènec Melé, Martin Schlag, editors

Enterprise Governance of Information Technology : Achieving Alignment and Value, Featuring COBIT 5 [Elektronische Daten]
by Steven De Haes, Wim Van Grembergen

Fundamentals of Business-to-Business Marketing : Mastering Business Markets [Elektronische Daten]
edited by Michael Kleinaltenkamp, Wulff Plinke, Ian Wilkinson, Ingmar Geiger

Cultural Tourism in a Digital Era : First International Conference IACuDiT, Athens, 2014 [Elektronische Daten]
edited by Vicky Katsoni

Proceedings of the 1990 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference
B.J. Dunlap, editor

Proceedings of the 1996 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference : Phoenix, Arizona, May 29-June 1, 1996 /
Elizabeth J. Wilson and Joseph F. Hair, Jr. editors ; Susuan Sartwell, proceedings coordinator

Proceedings of the 1997 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference
Elizabeth J. Wilson and Joseph F. Hair, Jr., editors ; Susan Sartwell, proceedings coordinator

Proceedings of the 1994 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference
Elizabeth J. Wilson and William C. Black, editors ; Cindy Capello, proceedings coordinator

Proceedings of the 1995 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference : Orlando, Florida, May 17-20, 1995 /
Roger Gomes, editor ; Nancy Rochester and Debbie Holbrooks, proceedings coordinators

Proceedings of the 1999 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference
Charles H. Noble, editor ; Manuel Muchacho, proceedings coordinator

Proceedings of the 1993 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference
Michael Levy and Dhruv Grewal, editors ; Maria Romeu, proceedings coordinator

Proceedings of the 1998 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference
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Budget of the United States Government

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The budget of the United States Government. Appendix

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Annual report of the Trustees and Superintendent of the Ohio Institution for the Education of the Blind

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Annual report of the Board of Trustees and Officers of the Ohio Institution for the Education of the Blind, to the Governor of Ohio. For the year ..

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Annual report of the Board of Trustees and officers to the Governor of the State of Ohio, for the year ending ..

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Annual report of the Trustees and Superintendent of the Ohio Institution for the Education of Idiotic and Imbecile Youth to the Governor of the State of Ohio for the year ..

HV897.O3 C6
Annual report of the Board of Trustees and Superintendent of the Ohio Institution for Feeble-Minded to the Governor of the State of Ohio for the year ending November 15, ..

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Annual report of the Board of Trustees and Officers of the Girls' Industrial Home to the Governor of the State of Ohio : for the year ending November ... /
Girls' Industrial Home

HX656.Z8 O5 1972
Zoar : an Ohio experiment in communalism

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