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Items Acquired in July 2014 for the University Libraries

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HA31.35 .F56 2014
Multilevel modeling using R
W. Holmes Finch, Jocelyn E. Bolin, Ken Kelley

HB172 .D59 2014
Microeconomics : a very short introduction /
Avinash Dixit

HB501 .B7456 2014
Why not capitalism?
Jason Brennan

HB835 .D57 2014
Distant markets, distant harms : economic complicity and Christian ethics /
edited by Daniel K. Finn

HC103 .P88 2014
Public economics in the United States : how the federal government analyzes and influences the economy /
Steven Payson, editor

HC137.M46 S55 2014
Sustaining the borderlands in the age of NAFTA : development, politics, and participation on the US-Mexico border /
Suzanne Simon

HC60 .E97 2014
International aid and the making of a better world : reflexive practice /
Rosalind Eyben

Tax strategies for the small business owner : reduce your taxes and fatten your profits [electronic resource]
Russell Fox

HD30.28 .G567 2014
The risk-driven business model : four questions that will define your company /
Karan Girotra and Serguei Netessine

HD30.28 .R477 2014
The entrepreneur's guide to running a business : strategy and leadership /
CJ Rhoads

HD30.3 .T395 2014
When organization fails : why authority matters /
James R. Taylor and Elizabeth J. Van Every

HD38.5 .C659 2014
Protean supply chains : ten dynamics of supply and demand alignment /
James A. Cooke

HD60.3 .S87 2014
Sustainability accounting and accountability
edited by Jan Bebbington, Jeffrey Unerman and Brendan O'Dwyer

HD9502.A2 A958 2014
The bubble economy : is sustainable growth possible? /
Robert U. Ayres

HD9502.U52 J659 2014
A smarter, greener grid : forging environmental progress through smart energy policies and technologies /
Kevin B. Jones and David Zoppo

HD9506.P262 K57 2014
Mining capitalism : the relationship between corporations and their critics /
Stuart Kirsch

HD9560.4 .H65 2014
Harness oil and gas big data with analytics : optimize exploration and production with data-driven models /
Keith R. Holdaway

HD9711.5.U6 B74
The jet makers : the aerospace industry from 1945 to 1972 /
Charles D. Bright

HE151 .B887 2014
The business of transportation
Darren Prokop, editor

HE5639.A6 C36 2012
La camioneta : the journey of one American school bus /
Follow Your Nose Films ; a film by Mark Kendall ; director/producer, Mark Kendall ; producer, Rafael González

HF3820.5.Z5 S56 2014
The rise of the new East : business strategies for success in a world of increasing complexity /
Ben Simpfendorfer

HF3836.5 .C73 2014
Myth-busting China's numbers : understanding and using China's business statistics /
Matthew Crabbe

HF5415.1265 .T76 2013
Social media marketing in BRIC countries : examining case studies of BMW, Adidas and Nivea /
Elena Trost

HF5415.13 .S273 2014
Engaging customers using big data : how marketing analytics are transforming business /
Arvind Sathi

HF5415.332.M56 T48 2014
Transcultural marketing : building customer relationships in multicultural America /
Marye Tharp

HF5548.4.M527 S73 2013eb
Visual intelligence : microsoft tools and techniques for visualizing data [electronic resource]
Mark Stacey, Joe Salvatore, Adam Jorgensen

HF5549 .B258 2014
Human resource strategy : formulation, implementation, and impact /
Peter A. Bamberger, Michal Biron, and Ilan Meshoulam

HF5626 .W43 2014
Managing the transition to IFRS-based financial reporting : a practical guide to planning and implementing a transition to IFRS or national GAAP which is based on, or converged with, IFRS /
Lisa Weaver

HF5691 .B675 2012eb
Painting with numbers : presenting financials and other numbers so people will understand you [electronic resource]
Randall Bolten

HF5822 .K363 2010
Killing us softly 4 : advertising's image of women [videorecording]
a Media Education Foundation production ; directed by Sut Jhally

HG106 .H83 2014eb
Funds : private equity, hedge and all core structures /
Matthew Hudson

The liquidity risk management guide : from policy to pitfalls /
Gudni Adalsteinsson

HG173 .F726 2014
The pillars of finance : the misalignment of finance theory and investment practice /
Guy Fraser-Sampson

Succession planning for financial advisors : building an enduring business /
David Grau, Sr

HG179.5 .M384 2014
Investing for a lifetime : managing wealth for the new normal [electronic resource]
Richard C. Marston

HG230.3 .R63 2014
Pragmatic capitalism : what every investor needs to know about money and finance /
Cullen Roche

HG4057 .A237
D & B business rankings
Dun & Bradstreet

HG4751 .A67 2014
Private equity at work : when Wall Street manages Main Street /
Eileen Appelbaum and Rosemary Batt

HG5993 .B66 2014eb
Emerging markets in an upside down world : challenging perceptions in asset allocation and investment /
Jerome Booth

HG6005 .S34 2014
Speculation, trading, and bubbles
José A. Scheinkman, with Kenneth J. Arrow, Patrick Bolton, Sanford J. Grossman, and Joseph E. Stiglitz

HG6024.A3 B67 2014
Advanced equity derivatives : volatility and correlation /
Sébastien Bossu

HG6024.A3 B687 2014
Equity derivatives explained
Mohamed Bouzoubaa

HG925 .P5713 2011
The euro crisis and its aftermath
Jean Pisani-Ferry ; translated by Christophe Gouardo

HM1271 .B756 2014
The power of tolerance : a debate /
Wendy Brown, Rainer Forst ; edited by Luca Di Blasi and Christoph F. E. Holzhey

New waves in global justice
edited by Thom Brooks

HM753 .S26 2014
Fantasies of identification : disability, gender, race /
Ellen Samuels

HM756 .P647 2014
Historically Black : imagining community in a Black historic district /
Mieka Brand Polanco

HN65 .R66 2014
The assault on social policy
William Roth and Susan J. Peters

HQ1033 .B35 2014
Same-sex marriage and children : a tale of history, social science, and law /
Carlos A. Ball

HQ1240.5.A35 K48 2014
Women and development in Africa : how gender works /
Michael Kevane

HQ1410 .P65 2014
A question of sex : feminism, rhetoric, and differences that matter /
Kristan Poirot

HQ1412 .T75 2014
Feminism as life's work : four modern American women through two world wars /
Mary K. Trigg

HQ1413.H65 C36 2013
Tempest-tossed : the spirit of Isabella Beecher Hooker /
Susan Campbell

HQ1413.P38 Z34 2014
Alice Paul : claiming power /
J. D. Zahniser & Amelia R. Fry

HQ144 .O84 2014
Leaving prostitution : getting out and staying out of sex work /
Sharon S. Oselin

HQ1460.5 .O36 2014
Mothers making Latin America : gender, households, and politics since 1825 /
Erin E. O'Connor

HQ1730 .L423 2014
A society of young women : opportunities of place, power, and reform in Saudi Arabia /
Amélie Le Renard

HQ1735.27 .T87 2014
Women's lives and livelihoods in post-Soviet Uzbekistan : ceremonies of empowerment and peacebuilding /
Zulfiya Turnunova

HQ1870.9 .S53 2014
Teach a woman to fish : overcoming poverty around the globe /
Ritu Sharma

HQ536 .C348 2014
Marriage markets : how inequality is remaking the American family /
June Carbone and Naomi Cahn

HQ613 .S38 2014
Women, rank and marriage in the British aristocracy, 1485-2000 : an open elite? /
Kimberly Schutte, Department of History, State University of New York at Brockport, USA

HQ76.965.B42 W47 2014
Fat gay men : girth, mirth, and the politics of stigma /
Jason Whitesel

HQ77.9 .J44 2014
Gender hurts : a feminist analysis of the politics of transgenderism /
Sheila Jeffreys

HQ77.9 .T714 2014
Trans bodies, trans selves : a resource for the transgender community /
edited by Laura Erickson-Schroth ; introduction by Jennifer Finney Boylan

HQ773.8 .C66 2014
Autism and the social world of childhood : a sociocultural perspective on theory and practice /
Carmel Conn

HT1050 .K47 2013
Freedom's seekers : essays on comparative emancipation /
Jeffrey R. Kerr-Ritchie

HT1127 .G69 2014
Disease, resistance, and lies : the demise of the transatlantic slave trade to Brazil and Cuba /
Dale T. Graden

HT166 .B39273 2014
Blue urbanism : exploring connections between cities and oceans /
Timothy Beatley

HT166 .F57 2013eb
The urban masterplanning handbook [electronic resource]
Eric Firley and Katharina Grön

HT166 .H349 2014
Cities of tomorrow : an intellectual history of urban planning and design since 1880 /
Peter Hall

HT166 .P5223 2013
Place-keeping : open space management in practice /
edited by Nicola Dempsey, Harry Smith, and Mel Burton

HT168.A8 A87 2014
Australian environmental planning : challenges and future prospects /
edited by Jason Byrne, Neil Sipe and Jago Dodson

HT169.F7 C87 2014
The social project : housing postwar France /
Kenny Cupers

HT177.N49 C69 2014
The inevitable city : the resurgence of New Orleans and the future of urban America /
Scott Cowen, with Betsy Seifter ; foreword by Walter Isaacson

The feel of the city : experiences of urban transformation /
Nicolas Kenny

HT241 .A39 2014
After sustainable cities?
edited by Mike Hodson and Simon Marvin

HT241 .A97 2014
Green infrastructure for landscape planning : integrating human and natural systems /
Gary Austin

HT325 .S26 2014
Convention center follies : politics, power, and public investment in American cities /
Heywood T. Sanders

HT384.D44 U726 2014
Urban growth in emerging economies : lessons from the BRICS /
edited by Gordon McGranahan and George Martine

HT690.A7 C37 2014
The Argentine silent majority : middle classes, politics, violence, and memory in the seventies /
Sebastián Carassai

HV11.2 .N37 2014
Narrating social work through autoethnography
edited by Stanley L. Witkin

HV1568 .D5688 2014
Disability incarcerated : imprisonment and disability in the United States and Canada /
edited by Liat Ben-Moshe, Chris Chapman, and Allison C. Carey

HV1568 .G66 2014
Dis/ability studies : theorising disablism and ableism /
Dan Goodley

HV16 .S26 2014
Leverage for good : an introduction to the new frontiers of philanthropy and social investment /
Lester M. Salamon

HV3004 .E895 2014"@"HV3004 .E895 2014
Evidence-based practice and intellectual disabilities
edited by Peter Sturmey and Robert Didden

HV40.32.W58 M67 2014
Wisdom, justice, and charity : Canadian social welfare through the life of Jane B. Wisdom, 1884-1975 /
Suzanne Morton

HV40.8.U6 B45 2014
The Black power movement and American social work
Joyce M. Bell

HV447 .S34 2014
Having people, having heart : charity, sustainable development, and problems of dependence in Central Uganda /
China Scherz

HV4493 .S87 2014eb
Supporting families experiencing homelessness : current practices and future directions /
Mary E. Haskett, Staci Perlman, Beryl Ann Cowan, editors

HV4999.Y68 T44 2014
Theory-based approaches to substance misuse and abuse prevention in school
Karina Weichold, Fabrizia Giannotta, issue editors

HV6432 .S255 2011
Innocent victims in the global war on terror
M.A. Salloomi

HV6433.786.A786 C45 2014
The ocean is a wilderness : Atlantic piracy and the limits of state authority, 1688-1856 /
Guy Chet

HV6433.K4 H64 2014
Al Qaeda declares war : the African embassy bombings and America's search for justice /
Tod Hoffman

HV6533.V8 B73 2014
The historic murder trial of George Crawford : Charles H. Houston, the NAACP and the case that put all-white southern juries on trial /
David Bradley

HV6535.C33 C55 2012
Real justice : fourteen and sentenced to death : the story of Steven Truscott /
Bill Swan

HV713 .M26 2014
Fostering resilience and well-being in children and families in poverty : why hope still matters /
Valerie Maholmes

HV741 .K365 2014
Kids in the middle : how children of immigrants negotiate community interactions for their families /
Vikki S. Katz

HV8599.U6 G67 2014
Mainstreaming torture : ethical approaches in the post-9/11 United States /
Rebecca Gordon

HV8688 .R4945 2014
Restorative justice, reconciliation, and peacebuilding
edited by Jennifer J. Llewellyn and Daniel Philpott

HV9950 .L475 2014
Arresting citizenship : the democratic consequences of American crime control /
Amy E. Lerman and Vesla M. Weaver

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