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Items Acquired in May 2015 for the University Libraries

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H61.15 .E67 2015
The Ant Trap : Rebuilding the Foundations of the Social Sciences /
Brian Epstein

H61.15 .E67 2015
The ant trap : rebuilding the foundations of the social sciences /
Brian Epstein

The handbook of narrative analysis
edited by Anna De Fina and Alexandra Georgakopoulou

H62 .E52 2014eb
Encyclopedia of action research
edited by Mary Brydon-Miller

H62 .E583 2005eb
Encyclopedia of evaluation [electronic resource]
editor, Sandra Mathison

H62 .I537 2014
Causal inference for statistics, social, and biomedical sciences : an introduction /
Guido W. Imbens (Stanford University), Donald B. Rubin (Harvard University)

H62 .L456 2004eb
The Sage encyclopedia of social science research methods [electronic resource]
Michael S. Lewis-Beck, Alan Bryman, Tim Futing Liao, editors

HA29 .C66 2014
Illustrating statistical procedures : finding meaning in quantitative data /
Ray W. Cooksey

Don't go home
Carolyn Hart

Our souls at night
Kent Haruf

HB131 .H3547 2015
Handbook of experimental economic methodology
edited by Guillaume R. Fréchette and Andrew Schotter

HB171 .A19 2010eb
21st century economics : a reference handbook [electronic resource]
editor, Rhona C. Free

Heterogeneity in macroeconomics and its implications for monetary policy
Fabian Schnell ; with a foreword by Prof. Dr. Reto Föllmi

The theory of new classical macroeconomics : a positive critique /
Peter Galbács

Report on development of Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei Province (2013) : measurement of carrying capacity and countermeasures /
Kui Wen, Erjuan Zhu, editors

Economic cycles in emerging and advanced countries : synchronization, international spillovers and the decoupling hypothesis /
Antonio Pesce

HB3717 2008 .A345 2014
Across the great divide : new perspectives on the financial crisis /
edited by Martin Neil Baily and John B. Taylor

HB3722 .L36 2015
Liquidity lost : the governance of the global financial crisis /
Paul Langley

Beyond global capitalism
Satoshi Fujii, editor

HB3782 .B347 2015
Crisis in the eurozone : causes, dilemmas and solutions /
Mark Baimbridge, University of Bradford, UK, Philip B. Whyman, University of Central Lancashire, UK

HB3782 .O44 2015
Europe entrapped
Claus Offe

HB501 .E4174 2015
Saving capitalism from the capitalists : world capitalism and global history /
Hartmut Elsenhans

HB501 .N39822 2015
New directions in critical comparative capitalisms research : critical and global perspectives /
edited by Matthias Ebenau, Ian Bruff, Christian May

HB615 .S2 2015
The entrepreneurship movement and the university
Creso M. Sá and Andrew J. Kretz

HB72 .C373 2015
Caring economics : conversations on altruism and compassion, between scientists, economists, and the Dalai Lama /
edited by Tania Singer and Matthieu Ricard ; with a foreword by his Holiness the Dalai Lama

HB72 .M427 2014
Human foundations of management : understanding the homo humanus /
Domènec Melé, César González Cantón

How crises shaped economic ideas and policies : wiser after the events? /
Nicos Christodoulakis

HB75 .T7147 2015
The economy of the word : language, history, and economics /
Keith Tribe

Individual and collective choice and social welfare : essays in honor of Nick Baigent /
Constanze Binder, Giulio Codognato, Miriam Teschl, Yongsheng Xu, editors

HB95 .K67 2015
The rise and fall of neoliberal capitalism
David M. Kotz

HB95 .S79 2014
Management and neoliberalism : connecting policies and practices /
by Alexander Styhre

Essays on new institutional economics
Rudolf Richter

HC106.6 .S74
Standard & Poor's industry surveys

HC106.6 .S74
Standard & Poor's industry surveys

Everything in its place : entrepreneurship and the strategic management of cities, regions, and states /
by David B. Audretsch

Achieving dynamism in an anaemic Europe
Luigi Paganetto, editor

HC255 .R35 2015
A tale of two capitalisms : sacred economics in nineteenth-century Britain /
Supritha Rajan

HC285 .L47 2015
The consuming temple : Jews, department stores, and the consumer revolution in Germany, 1880-1940 /
Paul Lerner

Reform capacity and macroeconomic performance in the Nordic countries
Torben M. Andersen, Michael Bergman, and Svend E. Hougaard Jensen

Poverty reduction policies and practices in developing Asia
Almas Heshmati, Esfandiar Maasoumi, Guanghua Wan, editors

HC415.15 .C36 2015
A political economy of the Middle East
Melani Cammett, Harvard University, Ishac Diwan, Paris School of Economics, Alan Richards, University of California, Santa Cruz, John Waterbury, Princeton University

Multiregional economic development in China
Rongxing Guo, Hao Gui, Luc Changle Guo

HC427.95 .W82243 2015
Paradoxes of China's prosperity : political dilemmas and global implications /
Guoguang Wu, University of Victoria, Canada

HC430.T4 D563 2015
Incentives for innovation in China : building an innovative economy /
Xuedong Ding and Jun Li

The making of miracles in Indian states : Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, and Gujarat /
edited by Arvind Panagariya and M. Govinda Rao

HC440.E5 R36 2015
Green signals : ecology, growth, and democracy in India /
Jairam Ramesh

HC517.S7 .O946 2014eb
The Oxford companion to the economics of South Africa
edited by Haroon Bhorat [and three others]

HC59.3 .F56 2015
Financing for overcoming economic insecurity
edited by Nazrul Islam and Rob Vos

Emerging issues in economic development : a contemporary theoretical perspective /
Sugata Marjit and Meenakshi Rajeev

HC59.7 .H37 2014
Happiness and economic growth : lessons from developing countries /
edited by Andrew E. Clark and Claudia Senik

HC59.72.E5 B46 2015
Making environmental markets work : the varieties of capitalism in the emerging economies /
Tabitha M. Benney

Leading sustainable change : an organizational perspective /
edited by Rebecca Henderson, Ranjay Gulati, and Michael Tushman

Sustainable development, knowledge society and smart future manufacturing technologies
Walter Leal Filho, Arnolds Úbelis, Dina Bērziņa, editors

Rebalancing for sustainable growth : Asia's postcrisis challenge /
Masahiro Kawai, Jong-Wha Lee, editors

HC79.E5 D8295 2015
The crisis of global modernity : Asian traditions and a sustainable future /
Prasenjit Duara

HC79.I5 S35 2015
Why we can't afford the rich
Andrew Sayer

HC79.P6 N86 2015
Understanding poverty and the environment : analytical frameworks and approaches /
Fiona Nunan

Permanent sovereignty over natural resources
Marc Bungenberg, Stephan Hobe, editors

HD1131 .G56 2015
Global trends in land tenure reform : gender impacts /
edited by Caroline S. Archambault and Annelies Zoomers

HD1131 .G563 2014
The global land grab : beyond the hype /
edited by Mayke Kaag and Annelies Zoomers

HD1131 .L3643 2014
Land grabbing and global governance
edited by Matias E. Margulis, Nora McKeon and Saturnino M. Borras, Jr

HD1251 .G73 2014
Grabbing back : essays against the global land grab /
edited by Alexander Reid Ross

HD1289.S35 M45 2014@HD1289.S35 M46 2014
Reclaiming the commons for the common good : a memoir & manifesto /
Heather Menzies

Conflict resolution in water resources and environmental management
Keith W. Hipel, Liping Fang, Johannes Cullmann, Michele Bristow, editors

HD1691 .D47 2014
Determining the economic value of water : concepts and methods /
Robert A. Young and John B. Loomis

Formalizing the shadow economy in Serbia : policy measures and growth effects /
Gorana Krstić, Friedrich Schneider, editors ; translated by Uroš Vasiljević

HD2741 .N87 2015
Corporate governance and financial management : computational optimisation modelling and accounting perspectives /
Siti Nuryanah, Sardar M.N. Islam

International business mergers and acquisitions in Japan
Ralf Bebenroth

HD2932 .R57 2015
The rise of multinationals from emerging economies : achieving a new balance /
edited by Palitha Konara, Yoo Jung Ha, Frank McDonald and Yingqi Wei

HD2963 .S74 2015
The business of sharing : making it in the new sharing economy /
Alex Stephany

HD30.15 .E493 2013eb
Encyclopedia of management theory [electronic resource]
Eric H. Kessler, editor

HD30.2 .H36 2014
Handbook of research on knowledge management : adaptation and context /
edited by A. Örtenblad

HD30.2 .K56 2015
Knowledge discovery process and methods to enhance organizational performance
edited by Kweku-Muata Osei-Bryson, Corlane Barclay

HD30.215 .P75 2015
Big data analytics : a practical guide for managers /
Kim H. Pries, Robert Dunnigan

HD30.255 .H58 2015
The business guide to sustainability : practical strategies and tools for organizations /
Darcy Hitchcock and Marsha Willard

The strategy planning process : analyses, options, projects /
Rudolf Grünig, Richard Kühn ; translated from German by Maude Montani

Business architecture management : architecting the business for consistency and alignment /
Daniel Simon, Christian Schmidt, editors

Strategy tools as symbolic objects in managerial language games : toward a radical constructivist process perspective /
Dragan Djurić ; with a foreword by Prof. Dr. Max. J. Ringlstetter

HD30.28 .B842 2015
Business model innovation : the organizational dimension /
edited by Nikolai J. Foss and Tina Saebi

HD30.3 .G654 2015
Corporate communication : critical business asset for strategic global change /
Michael B. Goodman and Peter B. Hirsch

HD30.3 C658 2015
Organizational discourse : communication and constitution /
François Cooren

Developing Leaders by Executive Coaching : Practice and Evidence /
Andromachi Athanasopoulou, Sue Dopson

HD31 .M688 2015
Managing in uncertainty : complexity and the paradox of everyday organizational life /
Chris Mowles

La gestion des coopérations dans la pratique : Façonner le changement social avec Capacity WORKS /

HD3616.C63 L5195 2015
China's centralized industrial order : industrial reform and the rise of centrally controlled big business /
Chen Li

HD3616.C63 R63 2015
China's technological catch-up strategy : industrial development, energy efficiency, and CO2 emissions /
Michael T. Rock and Michael A. Toman

Retail supply chain management : quantitative models and empirical studies /
Narendra Agrawal, Stephen A. Smith, editors

Supply chain design and management for emerging markets : learning from countries and regions /
Wojciech Piotrowicz, Richard Cuthbertson, editors

LISS 2014 : proceedings of 4th International Conference on Logistics, Informatics and Service Science /
Zhenji Zhang, Zuojun Max Shen, Juliang Zhang, Runtong Zhang, editors

Service parts planning with mySAP SCMtm : processes, structures, and functions /
Jörg Thomas Dickersbach, Michael F. Passon

HD38.5 .M33 2014
The politics of global supply chains : power and governance beyond the state /
Kate Macdonald

HD38.5 .O68 2015
Optimization of supply chain management in contemporary organizations
[edited by] Ehap Sabri

HD38.5 .S6264 2015
Cloud systems in supply chains
edited by Fawzy Soliman University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Business intelligence for new-generation managers : current avenues of development /
Jörg H. Mayer, Reiner Quick, editors

Enabling real-time business intelligence : International Workshops, BIRTE 2013 Riva del Garda, Italy, August 26, 2013 and BIRTE 2014, Hangzhou, China, September 1, 2014. Revised selected papers /
Malu Castellanos, Umeshwar Dayal, Torben Bach Pedersen, Nesime Tatbul (eds.)

Adoption of innovation : balancing internal and external stakeholders in the marketing of innovation /
Alexander Brem, Éric Viardot, editors

Open innovation in R&D departments : an analysis of employees' intention to exchange knowledge in OI-projects /
Verena Nedon ; with a foreword by Univ. Prof. Dr. Cornelius Herstatt

Responsible innovation 2 : concepts, approaches, and applications /
Bert-Jaap Koops, Ilse Oosterlaken, Henny Romijn, Tsjalling Swierstra, Jeroen van den Hoven, editors

Delivering public services effectively : Tamil Nadu and beyond /
Vivek S

HD4904.6 .S867 2015
Century of the leisured masses : entertainment and the transformation of twentieth-century America /
David George Surdam ; preface by Ken McCormick

Sustainable working lives : managing work transitions and health throughout the life course /
Jukka Vuori, Roland Blonk, Richard H. Price, editors

The emergence of novelty in organizations
Raghu Garud, Barbara Simpson, Ann Langley, and Haridimos Tsoukas

Creativity in the Digital Age
Nelson Zagalo, Pedro Branco, editors

Finding a voice at work? : new perspectives on employment relations /
edited by Stewart Johnstone, Peter Ackers

Personal and organizational excellence through servant leadership : learning to serve, serving to lead, leading to transform /
Sen Sendjaya

HD57.7 .I35 2015
Act like a leader, think like a leader
Herminia Ibarra

HD57.7 .M39527 2014
Learning leadership in a changing world : virtue and effective leadership in the 21st century /
Mark W. McCloskey

HD57.7 .N65 2015
Executive team leadership in the global economic and competitive environment
Richard L. Nolan

Social insurance, informality, and labor markets : how to protect workers while creating good jobs /
edited by Markus Frölich, David Kaplan, Carmen Pagés, Jamele Rigolini, David Robalino

Investigating cultural aspects in Indian organizations : empirical evidence /
Vijay Pereira, Ashish Malik, editors

From coal to biotech : the transformation of DSM with business school support /
Jean-Pierre Jeannet, Hein Schreuder

HD58.8 .H3685 2015
Ruthless execution : how business leaders manage through turbulent times /
Amir Hartman, Craig LeGrande

HD58.8 .H388 2015
Change competence : implementing effective change /
Steven ten Have, Wouter ten Have, Anne-Bregje Huijsmans and Niels van der Eng

HD58.8 .M25435 2015
Managing change in extreme contexts
edited by David Denyer and Colin Pilbeam

HD58.8 .S632 2015
Sources of national institutional competitiveness : sense-making in institutional change /
edited by Susana Borrás and Leonard Seabrooke

HD58.82 .K393 2015
Organizational resilience : how learning sustains organizations in crisis, disaster, and breakdown /
by D. Christopher Kayes

HD58.9 .F56 2014
Matter.ness : fearless leadership for a social world /
Allison H. Fine

HD59 .E48 2013eb
Encyclopedia of public relations
edited by Robert L. Heath, University of Houston

New perspectives on corporate social responsibility : locating the missing link /
Linda O'Riordan, Piotr Zmuda, Stefan Heinemann (editors)

HD60 .H336 2014
Handbook of research on marketing and corporate social responsibility
edited by Ronald Paul Hill, Ryan Langan

Research report on corporate social responsibility of China
Jiagui Chen ... [and others]

HD6072.5 .O77 2015
Feminine capital : unlocking the power of women entrepreneurs /
Barbara Orser and Catherine Elliott

Modern standardization : case studies at the crossroads of technology, economics, and politics /
Ron Schneiderman

Benchmarking collaborative networks : a key to SME competitiveness /
Katarzyna Rostek

Global business strategy : multinational corporations venturing into emerging markets /
Kazuyuki Motohashi

HD62.6 .C2665 2015
The talent development platform : putting people first in social change organizations /
Heather L. Carpenter, Tera Wozniak Qualls ; with Alexis S. Terry and Rusty Stahl ; foreword by Trish Tchume

HD6278.U5 R59 2015
Pedigree : how elite students get elite jobs /
Lauren A. Rivera

Dynamic and stochastic multi-project planning
Philipp Melchiors

HD6955 .S648 2013eb
Sociology of work : an encyclopedia /
Vicki Smith, University of California, Davis, editor

HD6971 .F27 2015
The changing faces of employment relations : global, comparative and theoretical perspectives /
David Farnham

HD7293.Z9 W35 2015
Hidden in plain sight : what really caused the world's worst financial crisis and why it could happen again /
Peter J. Wallison

HD75 .P65 2015eb
The politics of inclusive development : interrogating the evidence /
edited by Sam Hickey, Kunal Sen, and Badru Bukenya

HD8039.B9 L48 2015
Stress Management in the Construction Industry [electronic resource]

HD82 .H4796 2015
Energy, economic growth, and geopolitical futures : eight long-range scenarios /
Evan Hillebrand and Stacy Closson

HD9000.4 .F66 2015eb
Food price policy in an era of market instability : a political economy analysis /
edited by Per Pinstrup-Andersen

The food industry innovation school : how to drive innovation through complex organizations /
Helmut Traitler

Handbook of operations research in agriculture and the agri-food industry
Lluis M. Plà-Aragonés

Assembling export markets : the making and unmaking of global food connections in West Africa /
Stefan Ouma

HD9502.A2 E54 2014
Energy poverty : global challenges and local solutions [electronic resource]

HD9696.63.I42 S48 2015
The outsourcer : the story of India's IT revolution /
Dinesh C. Sharma

HD9696.S44 I686 2014
The Intel trinity : how Robert Noyce, Gordon Moore, and Andy Grove built the world's most important company /
Michael S. Malone

Design economics for the built environment : impact of sustainability on project evaluation /
edited by Herbert Robinson, Barry Symonds, Barry Gilbertson, Benedict Ilozor

Delay analysis in construction contracts
P.J. Keane & A.F. Caletka

Proceedings of the 19th international symposium on advancement of construction management and real estate
Liyin Shen, Kunhui Ye, Chao Mao, editors

The Indian textile and clothing industry : an economic analysis /
Mausumi Kar

The handbook of service innovation
Renu Agarwal, Willem Selen, Göran Roos, Roy Green, editors

HE141 .G37 2014eb
Encyclopedia of transportation : social science and policy /
Mark Garrett, editor, University of California, Los Angeles

HE305 .H53 2014
Transport, climate change and the city
Robin Hickman and David Banister

HE305 .M635 2014
Mobility and transportation : concepts for sustainable transportation in future megacities /
Wulf-Holger Arndt (editor)

HE305 .O74 2014
The organization of transport : a history of users, industry, and public policy /
edited by Massimo Moraglio, Christopher Kopper

HE305 .T735 2014
Transport models in urban planning practices : tensions and opportunities in a changing planning context /
edited by Marco te Brömmelstroet and Luca Bertolini

HE305 .U673 2014
Urban access for the 21st century : finance and governance models for transport infrastructure /
edited by Elliott D. Sclar, Måns Lönnroth and Christian Wolmar

HE305 .U6965 2015
Urban transportation innovations worldwide : a handbook of best practices outside the United States /
edited by Roger L. Kemp and Carl J. Stephani

Planning and scheduling for maritime container yards : supporting and facilitating the global supply network /
Wenkai Li, Yong Wu, Mark Goh

HE9774 .R48 2014
Evolution of international aviation : phoenix rising /
Dawna L. Rhoades

HE9777.7 .A37 2011
Air transport in the 21st century : key strategic developments /
edited by John F. O'Connell and George Williams

Origination : the geographies of brands and branding /
Andy Pike

HF1025 .W27 2015
A world made for money : economy, geography, and the way we live today /
Bret Wallach

Global challenges and the emerging world order
Giulio Sapelli

Single markets : economic integration in Europe and the United States /
Michelle P. Egan

In place of inter-state retaliation : the European Union's rejection of WTO-style trade sanctions and trade remedies /
William Phelan

Getting there : a book of mentors /
Gillian Zoe Segal

Proceedings of the 1991 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference
Robert L. King, editor

HF5415 .D4875 2015
Global content marketing : how to create great content, reach more customers, and build a worldwide marketing strategy that works /
Pam Didner

HF5415 .M6256 2014
Understanding markets and strategy : how to exploit markets for sustainable business growth /
Malcolm Morley

The 1980's : a decade of marketing challenges : proceedings of the 1981 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference /
Venkatakrishna V. Bellur, editor ; Tomas R. Baird [and four others], co-editors

HF5415.123 .I576 2015
Integrated communications in the post-modern era
edited by Philip J. Kitchen, ESC Rennes School of Business, France and Ebru Uzunoğlu, Izmir University of Economics, Turkey

HF5415.123 .W55 2015
The business of choice : marketing to consumers' instincts /
Matthew Wilcox

Inter-regional place branding : best practices, challenges and solutions /
Sebastian Zenker, Björn P. Jacobsen, editors

HF5415.1255 .C44 2015
SPIKE your brand ROI : how to maximize reputation and get results /
Adele Cehrs ; foreword by Sam Horn

HF5415.1255 N57 2014
The mindful marketer : how to stay present and profitable in a data-driven world /
Lisa Nirell

HF5415.1265 .K392 2014
All thumbs : mobile marketing that works /
Michael Dru Kelley

HF5415.15 .S36 2015
Selling the Silver Bullet : the Lone Ranger and transmedia brand licensing /
Avi Santo

Valuing the innovation potentials of firms : what theory suggests, practitioners do, and both implies for existing theory /
Jan Buchmann

HF5415.32 .A38 2014
Advertising to children : new directions, new media /
edited by Mark Blades, University of Sheffield, UK, Caroline Oates, University of Sheffield, UK, Fran Blumberg, Fordham University, USA, Barrie Gunter, University of Leicester, UK

HF5415.32 .H3635 2015
Handbook of culture and consumer behavior
edited by Sharon Ng and Angela Y. Lee

HF5415.32 .H3635 2015
Handbook of culture and consumer behavior
edited by Sharon Ng and Angela Y. Lee

HF5415.32 .Q37 2015
Cool : how the brain's hidden quest for cool drives our economy and shapes our world /
Steven Quartz and Anette Asp

HF5415.32 .R348 2015
The butterfly effect in competitive markets : driving small changes for large differences /

HF5415.332.W66 D37 2014
Why marketing to women doesn't work : using market segmentation to understand consumer needs /
Jenny Darroch, Professor of Marketing, Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management, USA

The paradox of points : theoretical foundation and empirical evidence of medium magnitude effects in loyalty programs /
Sören Köcher ; with a foreword by Hartmut H. Holzmüller

HF5415.55 .H36 2015
Handbook on research in relationship marketing
edited by Robert M. Morgan, Janet Turner Parish, George Deitz

The customer trap : how to avoid the biggest mistake in business /
Andrew R. Thomas, Timothy J. Wilkinson

Business process management workshops : BPM 2014 International Workshops, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, September 7-8, 2014, Revised papers /
Fabiana Fournier, Jan Mendling (eds.)

E-technologies : 6th International Conference, MCETECH 2015, Montréal, QC, Canada, May 12-15, 2015, Proceedings /
Morad Benyoucef, Michael Weiss, Hafedh Mili (eds.)

HF5548.8 .H3664 2015
Heavy work investment : its nature, sources, outcomes, and future directions /
edited by Itzhak Harpaz and Raphael Snir

HF5548.8 .I5129 2014
Individual adaptability to changes at work : new directions in research /
edited by David Chan

HF5548.8 .J49 2014
Organizational psychology : a scientist-practitioner approach /
Steve M. Jex and Thomas W. Britt

HF5548.8 .L24 2014
Human relations : strategies for success /
Lowell Lamberton, Leslie Minor

HF5548.8 .W45 2015
Well-being and performance at work : the role of context /
edited by Marc Van Veldhoven and Riccardo Peccei

HF5548.85 .F685 2015
The economic crisis and occupational stress
Ritsa Fotinatos-Ventouratos, Cary L. Cooper

HF5549.5.M63 F69 2014
Why motivating people doesn't work ... and what does : the new science of leading, energizing, and engaging /
Susan Fowler

HF5549.5.M63 F69 2014
The game changer : how to use the science of motivation with the power of game design to shift behaviour, shape culture, and make clever happen /
Dr. Jason Fox

HF5549.5.M63 M6627 2014
The power of thanks : how social recognition empowers employees and creates a best place to work /
Eric Mosley and Derek Irvine

HF5549.5.M63 O92 2014
The Oxford handbook of work engagement, motivation, and self-determination theory
edited by Marylène Gagné

HF5549.5.M63 U97 2015
The psychology of becoming a successful worker : research on the changing nature of achievement at work /
Satu Uusiautti and Kaarina Määttä

HF5549.5.P35 A84 2014
Performance management
Linda Ashdown

Key performance indicators : developing, implementing, and using winning KPIs /
David Parmenter

HF5549.5.S47 S49 2015
Sexual orientation at work : contemporary issues and perspectives /
edited by Fiona Colgan and Nick Rumens

Study on the auditing theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics
Jiayi Liu

HF5616.U6 G572 2014
Accounting fraud : maneuvering and manipulation, past and present /
Gary Giroux

HF5626 .K75 2015
Principles of group accounting under IFRS
by Andreas Krimpmann

HF5686.N3 R46 2014
Resource accounting for sustainability assessment : the nexus between energy, food, water and land use /
edited by Mario Giampietro, Richard J. Aspinall, Jesus Ramos-Martin, and Sandra G.F. Bukkens

Wiley not-for-profit GAAP 2015 : interpretation and application of generally accepted accounting principles for not-for-profit organizations [electronic resource]
Richard F. Larkin, Marie DiTommaso

The introverted presenter : ten steps for preparing and delivering successful presentations /
Richard Tierney

HF5813.U6 S53 2015
Advertising diversity : ad agencies and the creation of Asian American consumers /
Shalini Shankar

HF6146.P78 B54 2015
Branded women in U.S. television : when people become corporations /
Peter Bjelskou

Analyzing financial data and implementing financial models using R
Clifford S. Ang

HG106 .D54 2015
Financial and macroeconomic connectedness : a network approach to measurement and monitoring /
Francis X. Diebold and Kamil Yilmaz

Heroes and villains of finance : the 50 most colourful characters in the history of finance /
Adam N.S.G. Baldwin

HG172.S63 P67 2015
Buying a better world : George Soros and billionaire philanthropy /
Anna Porter

Simulation techniques in financial risk management
Ngai Hang Chan and Hoi Ying Wong

HG173 .A378 2014
Liberalization, financial instability and economic development
Yilmaz Akyüz

Statistics and data analysis for financial engineering : with R examples /
David Ruppert, David S. Matteson

HG230.3 .D583 2014
Inside the euro crisis : an eyewitness account
Simeon Djankov

HG2565 .W65 2015
Central banking in a democracy : the Federal Reserve and its alternatives /
John H. Wood

Financing the underfinanced : online lending in China /
Jiazhuo G. Wang, Hongwei Xu, Jun Ma, editors

HG3891 .M36 2014eb
Managing capital flows : issues in selected emerging market economies /
edited by Bruno Carrasco, Subir Gokarn and Hiranya Mukhopadhyay

HG3939 .P34 2014
Return to sender : the moral economy of Peru's migrant remittances /
Karsten Paerregaard

Investment risk management
edited by H. Kent Baker and Greg Filbeck

HG540 .B36 2014
Banking, monetary policy and the political economy of financial regulation : essays in the tradition of Jane D'Arista /
edited by Gerald A. Epstein, Tom Schlesinger, Matías Vernengo

HG5432 .B63 2015
Risk and trading on London's alternative investment market : the stock market for smaller and growing companies /
John Board, Alfonso Dufour, Yusuf Hartavi, Charles Sutcliffe and Stephen Wells

HG5782 .Y374 2014
China's outward foreign direct investments and impact on the world economy
Shujie Yao, Professor and Founding Head of School, University of Nottingham, UK., Special Chair Professor of Economics, Chongqing University, China, Pan Wang, Senior Manager, Pingan Trust Co., China

The value of social media for predicting stock returns : preconditions, instruments and performance analysis /
Michael Nofer ; with a foreword by Prof. Dr. Oliver Hinz

Derivative security pricing : techniques, methods and applications /
Carl Chiarella, He Xue-Zhong, Christina Sklibosios Nikitopoulos

HG6024.A3 R6778 2015
The Heston model and its extensions in VBA
Fabrice Douglas Rouah

Short selling with the O'Neil disciples : turn to the dark side of trading /
Gil Morales, Dr. Chris Kacher

Making a market for acts of God : the practice of risk trading in the global reinsurance industry /
Paula Jarzabkowski, Rebecca Bednarek, and Paul Spee

HG925 .F87 2015
The future of the euro
edited by Matthias Matthijs, Mark Blyth

HG925 .F87 2015eb
The future of the euro
edited by Matthias Matthijs and Mark Blyth

Friendship and happiness : across the life-span and cultures /
Melikşah Demir, editor

HM1266 .H373 2015
Civilized oppression and moral relations : victims, fallibility, and the moral community /
by Jean Harvey ; edited by Antonio Calcagno

HM1271 .I5765 2015@HM1271 .I5765 2015
International approaches to governing ethnic diversity
edited by Jane Boulden and Will Kymlicka

HM1281 .M345 2015
Philosophy of nonviolence : revolution, constitutionalism, and justice beyond the Middle East /
Chibli Mallat

HM276 .D37 2015
Debating cultural hybridity : multicultural identities and the politics of anti-racism /
edited by Pnina Werbner and Tariq Modood ; with a foreword by Homi K. Bhabha

HM281 .G815 2015
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The Schutzian theory of the cultural sciences
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Cities of culture : a global perspective /
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Terms of service : social media and the price of constant connection /
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Ancient views on the quality of life
Alex C. Michalos

A new research agenda for improvements in quality of life
Filomena Maggino, editor

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European social models from crisis to crisis : employment and inequality in the era of monetary integration /
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Culture, Northern Ireland, and the Second World War
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edited by Javier Auyero, Philippe Bourgois, and Nancy Scheper-Hughes

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The transitions of aging
Suchit Arora

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Gendering ethnicity in African women's lives
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50 great myths of human sexuality
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edited by ETH Studio Basel ; Roger Diener, Jacques Herzog, Marcel Meili, Pierre de Meuron, Manuel Herz, Christian Schmid, Milica Topalović [translations, Fiona Elliott, Catherine Schelbert, Steven Lindberg]

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John Rennie Short

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Future cities
Camilla Ween

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Thomas Schirrmacher ; with an essay by Richard Howell on caste in India ; Dr. Richard McClary, translator ; Patricia Foster, proofreader ; Dr. Thomas K. Johnson, text editor

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Shelley K. White, Worcester State University ; Jonathan M. White, Bentley University ; Kathleen Odell Korgen, William Paterson University

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Racial conflict in global society
John Stone and Polly Rizova

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edited by Arijit Sen and Lisa Silverman

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Roger Katan with Ronald Shiffman

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Living in wonderland : urban development & placemaking /
David Twohig

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Planning in the USA : policies, issues, and processes /
Barry Cullingworth and Roger W. Caves

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Critical spaces : contemporary perspectives in urban, spatial and landscape studies /
edited by Alexandru Calcatinge

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Cristina Moretti

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Avi Friedman

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Food and urbanism : the convivial city and a sustainable future /
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the Why Factory ; Winy Maas with Ulf Hackauf and Pirjo Haikola

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edited by Karina Pallagst, Thorsten Wiechmann and Cristina Martinez-Fernandez

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Stephan Pauleit [and nine others], editors

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edited by Steve Kayizzi-Mugerwa, Abebe Shimeles and Nadège Désirée Yaméogo

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Village in the city
[editors, Bruno de Meulder, Yanliu Lin, Kelly Shannon]

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Neoliberal urban policy and the transformation of the city : reshaping Dublin /
edited by Andrew MacLaran, Sinéad Kelly

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Chiara Mussida, Francesco Pastore, editors

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Regionalizing global crises : the financial crisis and new frontiers in regional governance /
edited by Toni Haastrup, Yong-Soo Eun

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Megaregions : globalization's new urban form? /
edited by John Harrison, Michael Hoyler

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Peter Barnes

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Middle class meltdown in America : causes, consequences, and remedies /
Kevin T. Leicht and Scott T. Fitzgerald

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Hira Singh

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Applying research evidence in social work practice
[edited by] Martin Webber

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Becoming a helper
Marianne Schneider Corey, Gerald Corey

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Key concepts in measurement
Brian E. Perron, David F. Gillespie

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Fundamentals of case management practice : skills for the human services /
Nancy Summers

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Encyclopedia of human services and diversity
Linwood H. Cousins, editor

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What works with teens : a professional's guide to engaging authentically with adolescents to achieve lasting change /
Britt H. Rathbone, MSSW, LCSW-C, Julie B. Baron, MSW, LCSW-C ; foreword by Rosalind Wiseman

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edited by Stéphanie Wahab, Ben Anderson-Nathe, and Christina Gringeri

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Elizabeth R. Petrick

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Designed technologies for healthy aging
Claudia B. Rébola

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Social inequality and leading principles in welfare states : the impact of institutional marketization, fragmentation and equalization on social structure /
by Patricia Frericks

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Local welfare policy making in European cities
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Self-leadership in social work : reflections from practice /
Bill McKitterick

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Communication skills in health and social care
Bernard Moss

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Cultural diversity : a primer for the human services /
Jerry V. Diller

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Social welfare policy and advocacy : advancing social justice through 8 policy sectors /
Bruce S. Jansson

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Social work practice placements : critical and reflective approaches /
Sue Jones

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Generalist practice with organizations and communities
Karen K. Kirst-Ashman, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Grafton H. Hull, Jr., University of Utah

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Introduction to social work : through the eyes of practice settings /
Michelle E. Martin, Dominican University

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Reflective social work practice : thinking, doing and being /
Manohar Pawar, A.W. (Bill) Anscombe

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Innovation in social welfare and human services
Rolf Rønning and Marcus Knutagård

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Social workers' desk reference
Kevin Corcoran, Editor-in-Chief ; Albert R. Roberts, Founding Editor-in-Chief

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Relational theory for clinical practice
Sharon Freedberg

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Groupwork practice for social workers
Karin Crawford, Marie Price and Bob Price

Impact of addictive substances and behaviours on individual and societal well-being
edited by Peter Anderson, Jurgen Rehm, Robin Room

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Trauma and public memory
edited by Jane Goodall, University of Western Sydney, Australia, Christopher Lee, Griffith University, Australia

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Georgia L. Fox ; foreword by Michael S. Nassaney

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Paula Mallea

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Synthetic drugs
Mary E. Williams, book editor

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Opium, the flowers of evil
author, Donald Wigal

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Roger Roffman

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Drug legalization
Noël Merino, book editor

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Chasing the scream : the first and last days of the war on drugs /
Johann Hari

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Killer weed : marijuana grow ops, media, and justice /
Susan C. Boyd and Connie I. Carter

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Encyclopedia of crime and punishment [electronic resource]
David Levinson, editor

Religion and men's violence against women
Andy J. Johnson, editor

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Some men : feminist allies in the movement to end violence against women /
Michael A. Messner, Max A. Greenberg, and Tal Peretz

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Explaining Post-Conflict Reconstruction
Desha M. Girod

Counterterrorism and cybersecurity : total information awareness /
Newton Lee

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Death in the shape of a young girl : women's political violence in the Red Army Faction /
Patricia Melzer

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ISIS : the state of terror /
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HV6433.I722 S74 2015@HV6433.I722 S74 2015
ISIS : the state of terror /
Jessica Stern and J.M. Berger

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Global alert : the rationality of modern Islamist terrorism and the challenge to the liberal democratic world /
Boaz Ganor

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Encyclopedia of murder & violent crime [electronic resource]
Eric Hickey, editor

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The True American : murder and mercy in Texas /
Anand Giridharadas

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Give me everything you have : on being stalked /
James Lasdun

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Internal control/anti-fraud program design for the small business : a guide for companies NOT subject to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act [electronic resource]
Steve Dawson

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Encyclopedia of white-collar and corporate crime
Lawrence M. Salinger, editor, Arkansas State University, Jonesboro

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China and Cybersecurity : Espionage, Strategy, and Politics in the Digital Domain /
edited by Jon R. Lindsay, Tai Ming Cheung, and Derek S. Reveron

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Encyclopedia of street crime in America
editor, Jeffrey Ian Ross, University of Baltimore ; foreword by Francis T. Cullen

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Social work with troubled families : a critical introduction /
edited by Keith Davies

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Family assessment handbook : an introductory practice guide to family assessment /
Barbara Thomlison

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Intellectual disability : civil and criminal forensic issues /
Michael Chafetz, PhD, ABPP

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Encyclopedia of criminal justice ethics
Bruce A. Arrigo, University of North Carolina, Charlotte, editor

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Guns across America : reconciling gun rules and rights /
Robert J. Spitzer

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The common-sense guide to improving the safeguarding of children : three steps to make a real difference /
Terry McCarthy

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Encyclopedia of community policing and problem solving
Kenneth J. Peak, editor, University of Nevada, Reno

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Copping out : the consequences of police corruption and misconduct /
Anthony Stanford ; foreword by Brian S. Bentley

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Citizen-protectors : the everyday politics of guns in an age of decline /
Jennifer Carlson

Forensic facial identification : theory and practice of identification from eyewitnesses, composites and CCTV /
edited by Tim Valentine, Josh P. Davis

Polymers on the crime scene : forensic analysis of polymeric trace evidence /
Valerio Causin

Empowerment on Chinese police force's role in social service
Xiaohai Wang

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Gender and private security in global politics
edited by Maya Eichler

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Assessing adoptive and foster parents : improving analysis and understanding of parenting capacity /
edited by Joanne Alper and David Howe ; foreword by John Simmonds

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The politics of foster care administration in the United States
by Rebecca H. Padot

Prison inmates living with HIV in India : case studies from prisons in Maharashtra /
Sayantani Guin

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Creating stable foster placements : learning from foster children and the families who care from them /
Andy Pithouse and Alyson Rees ; forword by Freda Lewis

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Chained in silence : Black women and convict labor in the new South /
Talitha L. LeFlouria

The handbook of juvenile delinquency and juvenile justice
edited by Marvin D. Krohn and Jodi Lane

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Encyclopedia of juvenile justice [electronic resource]
Marilyn D. McShane, Frank P. Williams III, editors

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The forgotten men : serving a life without parole sentence /
Margaret E. Leigey

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Social welfare policy for a sustainable future : the U.S. in global context /
Katherine S. van Wormer, Rosemary J. Link

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A home of their own : the story of Ohio's greatest orphanage /
Edward Lentz

HV9955.O3 H55 2015
Ohio's criminal justice system
Joshua B. Hill, Nancy E. Marion, Kevin M. Cashen, R. James Orr III, Kendra J. Kec

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