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H61 .G868 2010eb
Survival analysis [electronic resource]
Shenyang Guo

Cognitive autonomy and methodological individualism : the interpretative foundations of social life /
Francesco Di Iorio

H62 .L497 2008eb
Systematic reviews and meta-analysis [electronic resource]
Julia H. Littell, Jacqueline Corcoran, Vijayan Pillai

HA31.2 .D383 2010eb
Strategies to approximate random sampling and assignment [electronic resource]
Patrick Dattalo

HB3581.A3 L36 2005
The field and the forge : population, production, and power in the pre-industrial West [electronic resource]
John Landers

HC110.C6 A395 2005
a co-production of KCTS Television and Oregon Public Broadcasting ; PBS ; producers, John de Graaf, Vivia Boe ; writer, John de Graaf

HC241.2 .E4253 2015
The European Union illuminated : its nature, importance and future /
Ali M. El-Agraa

HC424.Z9 E5684 2012
Accelerated Mahaweli Development Programme : memoirs of a staffer /
Senaka Abhaya Samarasinghe

HC453.5 .G65 2006eb
The green tiger : the costs of ecological decline in the Philippines [electronic resource]
Barbara Goldoftas

An evaluation of Japanese environmental regulations : quantitative approaches from environmental economics /
Toshi H. Arimura, Kazuyuki Iwata

Three domain modelling and uncertainty analysis : applications in long range infrastructure planning /
Atom Mirakyan, Roland De Guio

Environmental politics : new geographical and social constituencies /
Corrado Poli

Global sustainability : cultural perspectives and challenges for transdisciplinary integrated research /
Benno Werlen, editor

Information society development through ICT market strategies : Albania versus other Developing Countries /
Ermelinda Kordha Tolica, Kozeta Sevrani, Klodiana Gorica

HD1289.S64 P76 2008
Promise, trust, and evolution : managing the commons of South Asia [electronic resource]
edited by Rucha Ghate, Narpat S. Jodha, and Pranab Mukhopadhyay

Competition with identity driven entry : a principal multi-agent model on the success of mergers and acquisitions /
Sebastian Burchhardt ; foreword by Prof. Dr. Peter-J. Jost

Innovation and Entrepreneurship : Theory, Policy and Practice [electronic resource]
by Elias G. Carayannis, Elpida T. Samara, Yannis L. Bakouros

Case Studies in e-Government 2.0 : Changing Citizen Relationships [electronic resource]
edited by Imed Boughzala, Marijn Janssen, Saïd Assar

HD2844 .W45 2000
The European corporation : strategy, structure, and social science [electronic resource]
Richard Whittington and Michael Mayer

S-BPM in the wild : practical value creation /
Albert Fleischmann, Werner Schmidt, Christian Stary, editors

Integrated business model : applying the St. Gallen management concept to business models /
Oliver D. Doleski

Optimization of integrated supply chain planning under multiple uncertainty
Juping Shao, Yanan Sun, Bernd Noche

HD3845.6 .M44 2005eb
The financial economics of privatization [electronic resource]
William L. Megginson

Management of competitiveness : theory and practice /
Alexander Chursin, Yury Makarov

HD4909 .B74 1977eb
The inequality of pay [electronic resource]
by Henry Phelps Brown

HD5779 .E35 2015
Evaluation of German active labour market policies and their organisational framework
Christopher R. Ehlert

HD5855 .I53 2008
The international mobility of talent : types, causes, and development impact [electronic resource]
edited by Andrés Solimano

Assessing social impact of social enterprises : does one size really fit all? /
Cecilia Grieco

HD66 .B443 2003
Learning team skills
Arthur H. Bell, Dayle M. Smith

HD8399.L36 .G75 2001eb
The Lancashire working classes : c.1880-1930 [electronic resource]
Trevor Griffiths

Survivable restructuring of vegetable distribution and wholesale markets in Western China
Liming Zhao

Proceedings of the 1988 International Conference of Services Marketing, Cleveland, Ohio, October 26-28, 1988
Edward G. Thomas and S.R. Rao, editors

HE377.G73 H37 2007eb
The bridges of medieval England : transport and society, 400-1800 [electronic resource]
David Harrison

Italy's top products in world trade : the Fortis-Corradini Index /
Marco Fortis, Stefano Corradini, Monica Carminati

Fundamentals of business-to-business marketing : mastering business markets /
Michael Kleinaltenkamp, Wulff Plinke, Ian Wilkinson, Ingmar Geiger, editors

Marketing analytics roadmap : methods, metrics, and tools /
Jerry Rackley

User innovators in the silver market : an empirical study among camping tourists /
Konstantin Wellner ; with a foreword by Univ. Prof. Dr. Cornelius Herstatt

Enterprise, business-process and information systems modeling : 16th International Conference, BPMDS 2015, 20th International Conference, EMMSAD 2015, held at CAiSE 2015, Stockholm, Sweden, June 8-9, 2015, Proceedings /
edited by Khaled Gaaloul, Rainer Schmidt, Selmin Nurcan, Sérgio Guerreiro, Qin Ma

HF5548.85 .S67 2015
The manager's dilemma : balancing the inverse equation of increasing demands and shrinking resources /
Jesse Sostrin

HG103 .P46 2015
The philosophy, politics and economics of finance in the 21st century : from hubris to disgrace /
edited by Patrick O'Sullivan, Nigel F.B. Allington and Mark Esposito

The Use of Risk Budgets in Portfolio Optimization [electronic resource]
by Albina Unger

HG229 .D636 2015
The truth about inflation
Paul Donovan

HG237 .M658 2008eb
The monetary systems of the Greeks and Romans [electronic resource]
edited by W.V. Harris

HG4057 .A237
D & B business rankings
Dun & Bradstreet

HG4519 .S772
Standard & Poor's analysts' handbook

The relevance of crowdfunding : the impact on the innovation process of small entrepreneurial firms /
Nadine Scholz

HM1033 .S66 2008eb
The social psychology of intergroup reconciliation [electronic resource]
[edited by] Arie Nadler, Thomas E. Malloy and Jeffrey D. Fisher

HM1111 .I36 2009eb
Strangers in a strange lab : how personality shapes our initial encounters with others [electronic resource]
William Ickes

HM1111 .S565 2008eb
Sociobiology of communication : an interdisciplinary perspective [electronic resource]
edited by Patrizia d'Ettorre and David P. Hughes

HM569 .T49 2008
Preparing Research Articles. [electronic resource]
By Bruce A. Thyer

HN460.P6 A66 2004
Power and property in medieval Germany : economic and social change, c. 900-1300 [electronic resource]
Benjamin Arnold

HQ1033 .M33 2015
Just married : same-sex couples, monogamy, & the future of marriage /
Stephen Macedo

HQ1034.U5 M375 2015
Marriage equality & the Supreme Court : special report :06.29.15 /

HQ1155 .P66 2010eb
Poor women in rich countries : the feminization of poverty over the life course [electronic resource]
edited by Gertrude Schaffner Goldberg

HQ71 .K47 2015
Pedophilia and adult-child sex : a philosophical analysis /
Stephen Kershnar

HQ769 .R1695 2008eb
Raising children : emerging needs, modern risks, and social responses [electronic resource]
edited by Jill Duerr Berrick and Neil Gilbert

HQ783 .C74 2004eb
The cute and the cool : wondrous innocence and modern American children's culture [electronic resource]
Gary Cross

HT352.U6 M34 2015
Making suburbia : new histories of everyday America /
John Archer, Paul J.P. Sandul, and Katherine Solomonson, editors ; afterword by Margaret Crawford

HV11 .F454 2009eb
The field research survival guide [electronic resource]
edited by Arlene Rubin Stiffman

HV11 .L963 2010eb
The dissertation : from beginning to end [electronic resource]
Peter Lyons, Howard J. Doueck

HV11 .S5946 2009eb
Randomized controlled trials : design and implementation for community-based psychosocial interventions [electronic resource]
Phyllis Solomon, Mary M. Cavanaugh, Jeffrey Draine

Inclusive smart cities and e-Health : 13th International Conference on Smart Homes and Health Telematics, ICOST 2015, Geneva, Switzerland, June 10-12, 2015, Proceedings /
Antoine Geissbühler, Jacques Demongeot, Mounir Mokhtari, Bessam Abdulrazak, Hamdi Aloulou (eds.)

HV1471.C38 K585 2015
Heat wave : a social autopsy of disaster in Chicago /
Eric Klinenberg

HV1568 .S54 2005
On a roll : reflections from America's wheelchair dude with the winning attitude : a memoir /
Greg Smith

HV3187.A2 D444 2007eb
Social work with Latinos : a cultural assets paradigm [electronic resource]
Melvin Delgado

HV40 .D3935 2016
Responsive leadership in social services : a practical approach for optimizing engagement and performance /
Stephen de Groot

Social work practice in nontraditional urban settings [electronic resource]
Melvin Delgado

Strategic disaster risk management in Asia
Huong Ha, R. Lalitha S. Fernando, Amir Mahmood, editors

HV5822.M3 P68 2007
Pot politics : marijuana and the costs of prohibition [electronic resource]
edited by Mitch Earleywine

HV6250.4.W65 R465 2010eb
Restorative justice and violence against women [electronic resource]
edited by James Ptacek

HV6626 .L44 2003eb
Solution-focused treatment of domestic violence offenders : accountability for change [electronic resource]
by Mo Yee Lee, John Sebold, Adriana Uken

HV6626 .P365 2007eb
Parenting by men who batter : new directions for assessment and intervention [electronic resource]
edited by Jeffrey L. Edleson, Oliver J. Williams

HV713 .R47 2008eb
Research for action : cross-national perspectives on connecting knowledge, policy, and practice for children [electronic resource]
edited by Robert J. Chaskin, Jona M. Rosenfeld

HV713 .S46 2015
Critical issues in child welfare
Joan Foster Shireman

The Tender Years. [electronic resource]
By Jill Duerr Berrick, Barbara Needell, Richard P. Barth, Melissa Jonson-Reid

HV862 .R469 2009eb
Residential care of children : comparative perspectives [electronic resource]
edited by Mark E. Courtney, Dorota Iwaniec

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