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Items Acquired in August 2014 for the University Libraries

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The fitness of information : quantitative assessments of critical evidence /
Chaomei Chen, College of Information Science, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA

H97 .M37 2013eb
Mapping policy preferences from texts : statistical solutions for manifesto analysts /
Andrea Volkens [and thirteen others]

HA203 .W48
The who, what, and where of America : understanding the American community survey

HA32 .L66 2015
Using Stata for quantitative analysis
Kyle C. Longest, Furman University

HB145 .D87 2014
Finding equilibrium : Arrow, Debreu, McKenzie and the problem of scientific credit /
Till Düppe and E. Roy Weintraub

HB172.5 .M68 2014
A concise guide to macroeconomics : what managers, executives, and students need to know /
David A. Moss

HB3782 .J66 2014
The year the European crisis ended
Erik Jones

HB501 .K583 2014eb
Dynamism, rivalry, and the surplus economy : two essays on the nature of capitalism /
Janos Kornai

HB99.5 .A47 2014
Institutional diversity and political economy : the Ostroms and beyond /
Paul Dragos Aligica

HC103 .P88 2014
Public economics in the United States : how the federal government analyzes and influences the economy /
Steven Payson, editor

HC106.5 .B47 2013eb
The affluent society revisited
Mike Berry

HC106.6 .S74
Standard & Poor's industry surveys

HC110.D4 V56 2014
The Dollar and national security : the monetary component of hard power /
Paul R. Viotti

HC110.P6 A44 2013
American winter
View Film presents ; a Gantz Brothers film

HC110.T4 C87 2014eb
Organized innovation : a blueprint for renewing America's prosperity /
Steven C. Currall, Ed Frauenheim, Sara Jansen Perry, and Emily M. Hunter

HC188.A485 G37 2014
In search of the Amazon : Brazil, the United States, and the nature of a region /
Seth Garfield

HC336.26 .G45 2014
Reexamining economic and political reforms in Russia, 1985-2000 : generations, ideas, and changes /
Vladimir Gelʹman, Otar Marganiya, and Dmitry Travin

HC39 .R87 2013
Economics of the Roman Stone Trade [electronic resource]

HC498 .E87 2013eb
The macroeconomics of the Arab states of the Gulf
Raphael A. Espinoza, Ghada Fayad, and Ananthakrishnan Prasad

HC51 .P67 2014
Mixed fortunes : an economic history of China, Russia, and the West /
Vladimir Popov

HC59.7 .N39 2013eb
Catch up : developing countries in the world economy /
Deepak Nayyar

HC79.E5 E5673 2014
Environment and development economics : essays in honor of Sir Partha Dasgupta /
edited by Scott Barrett, Karl-Göran Mäler and Eric S. Maskin

HC79.F3 W457 2014
Famine politics in Maoist China and the Soviet Union
Felix Wemheuer

HC79.I5 L646 2015
Statistical studies of income, poverty and inequality in Europe : computing and graphics in R using EU-SILC /
Nicholas T. Longford

HC79.W4 W465 2014
Billionaires : reflections on the upper crust /
Darrell M. West

HC800 .D46 2013eb
Democratic trajectories in Africa : unravelling the impact of foreign aid /
edited by Danielle Resnick and Nicolas van de Walle

HD2133.5.Z8 C45 2013eb
Agricultural input subsidies : the recent Malawi experience /
Ephraim Chirwa and Andrew Dorward

HD2341 .S418 2013eb
Securing livelihoods : informal economy practices and institutions /
edited by Isabelle Hillenkamp, Frédéric Lapeyre, and Andreia Lemaître

HD2741 .W665 2014eb
Mundane governance : ontology and accountability /
Steve Woolgar and Daniel Neyland

HD2910 .C43 2013eb
Multinational firms in China : entry strategies, competition, and firm performance /
Sea-jin Chang

Big data, big innovation : enabling competitive differentiation through business analytics /
Evan Stubbs

HD30.3 .C457 2014
Professional communication at work : interpersonal strategies for career success /
Joseph L. Chesebro

HD3616.E8523 S36 2014
Networks and institutions in Europe's emerging markets
Roger Schoenman

HD49 .H366 2014eb
Time to react : the efficiency of international organizations in crisis response /
Heidi Hardt

HD4904.25 .W67 2014eb
Work-life balance : the agency and capabilities gap /
edited by Barbara Hobson

HD51 .R427 2014
Beads, bodies, and trash : public sex, global labor, and the disposability of Mardi Gras /
David Redmon

HD5764.A6 O47 2013eb
Occupational change in Europe : how technology and education transform the job structure /
Daniel Oesch

HD58.9 .N579 2014
Balanced scorecard evolution : a dynamic approach to strategy execution /
Paul R. Niven

HD593 .H68 2014
Peasant petitions : social relations and economic life on landed estates, 1600-1850 /
R.A. Houston

HD61 .E39 2014
Risk management in trading : techniques to drive profitability of hedge funds and trading desks /
Davis W. Edwards

HD61 .F728 2011eb
Operational risk modelling and management [electronic resource]
Claudio Franzetti

HD61 .S43 2014
Security Leader Insights for Success : Lessons and Strategies from Leading Security Professionals /
Security Executive Council ; Dave Komendat, contributing editor

HD6473.E85 G86 2013eb
Trade unions in Western Europe : hard times, hard choices /
Rebecca Gumbrell-McCormick and Richard Hyman

HD6957.E8 E36 2013eb
Economic crisis, quality of work and social integration : the European experience /
edited by Duncan Gallie

HD75 .B4965 2014
Governing failure : provisional expertise and the transformation of global development finance /
Jacqueline Best

HD893 .L5 2014
Land's end : capitalist relations on an indigenous frontier /
Tania Murray Li

HD9000.5 .F663 2013eb
Food security and sociopolitical stability
edited by Christopher B. Barrett

Managing energy risk : a practical guide for risk management in power, gas and other energy markets /
Markus Burger, Bernhard Graeber, Gero Schindlmayr

HD9502.A2 U495 2014
Understanding the global energy crisis
edited by Eugene D. Coyle and Richard A. Simmons

HD9650.5 .D35 2014
New approaches to the process industries : the manufacturing plant of the future /
Jean-Pierre Dal Pont, Catherine Azzaro-Pantel

The economics of electricity markets
Darryl Biggar, Mohammad Hesamzadeh

HD9980.5 .H39 2013
Managing services : challenges and innovation /
edited by Kathryn Haynes & Irena Grugulis

HE356.C8 H85 1994
The old National Road : the historic highway of America /
by Archer Butler Hulbert

HE356.C8 I37 1990
Traveling the National Road : across the centuries on America's first highway /
Merritt Ierley

HE8700.9.I4 N37 2014
Globalization and television : a study of the Indian experience, 1990-2010 /
Sunetra Sen Narayan

HF1008 .G853 2014
Guide to Reference in Business and Economics
Steven W. Sowards and Elisabeth Leonard, editors

HF1411 .H2577 2013
Handbook of trade policy for development [electronic resource]
edited by Arvid Lukauskas, Robert M. Stern, Gianni Zanini

HF5415.1265 .V54 2014
Pricing, online marketing behavior, and analytics
Giampaolo Viglia

HF5415.5 .T36 2014
Analytics and dynamic customer strategy : big profits from big data /
John F. Tanner, Jr

HF5470 .H36 2013eb
The handbook of market design
edited by Nir Vulkan, Alvin E. Roth and Zvika Neeman

HF5549.5.E43 F47 2015
Investigative interviewing : psychology, method and practice /
Eugene F. Ferraro

Developing human capital : using analytics to plan and optimize your learning and development investments /
Gene Pease, Barbara (Bonnie) Beresford, Lew Walker

HF5549.5.M63 B97 2015
Understanding employee engagement : theory, research, and practice /
Zinta S. Byrne

HF5549.5.M63 L663 2015
The power of feedback : giving, seeking, and using feedback for performance improvement /
Manuel London

Balanced scorecards & operational dashboards with Microsoft Excel
Ron Person

HG106 .B735 2014
Handbook in Monte Carlo simulation : applications in financial engineering, risk management, and economics /
Paolo Brandimarte

HG106 .S35 2013
Essentials of econophysics modelling
Frantisek Slanina

HG179 .N324 2014
Real world personal finance
Mark A. Nadler and Terry E. Rumker

HG179.5 .M37 2013eb
The Market for retirement financial advice
edited by Olivia S. Mitchell and Kent Smetters

HG2974 .H34 2013
Size, risk, and governance in European banking [electronic resource]
Jens Hagendorff, Kevin Keasey, and Francesco Vallascas

HG3368.A6 .I853 2014eb
The Islamic finance handbook : a practitioner's guide to the global markets /
Sasikala Thiagaraja [and three others], editors

Paper money collapse : the folly of elastic money /
Detlev S. Schlichter ; foreword by Thomas Mayer

HG3881 .U34 2014
International finance regulation : the quest for financial stability /
Georges Ugeux

HG3942 .E87 2013
Euro : the beginning, the middle ... and the end? /
edited by Philip Booth ; with contributions by Philip Booth... [et al.]

Asset rotation : the demise of modern portfolio theory and the birth of an investment renaissance /
Matthew P. Erickson

HG4551 .J645 2014
Equity markets and portfolio analysis
R. Stafford Johnson

Fixed income markets : management, trading and hedging /
Moorad Choudhry, David Moskovic, Max Wong ; with contributions from Zhuoshi Liu, Michele Lizzio and Alexandru Voicu

Profitable day and swing trading : using price/volume surges and pattern recognition to catch big moves in the stock market [electronic resource]
Harry Boxer

Building winning algorithmic trading systems : a trader's journey from data mining to Monte Carlo simulation to live trading /
Kevin J. Davey

Central counterparties : mandatory clearing and bilateral margin requirements for OTC derivatives /
Jon Gregory

HJ1119 .C47 2014
Germany's war debt to Greece : a burden unsettled /
Nicos Christodoulakis

HJ192.5 .P68 2014
Post-crisis fiscal policy
edited by Carlo Cottarelli, Philip Gerson, and Abdelhak Senhadji

HJ8015 .R47 2013eb
Restoring public debt sustainability : the role of independent fiscal institutions /
edited by George Kopits

HM1033 .H863 2014eb
Macrocognition : a theory of distributed minds and collective intentionality /
Bryce Huebner

HM1091 .B76 2014
The bigot : why prejudice persists /
Stephen Eric Bronner

HM1106 .C667 2014
Computational approaches to studying the co-evolution of networks and behavior in social dilemmas
Rense Corten

HM1106 .D37 2013
Honor, history, and relationship : essays in second-personal ethics II /
Stephen Darwall

HM1106 .S563 2014
Adult development : cognitive aspects of thriving close relationships /
Jan D. Sinnott

HM1271 .E91563 2014
Europe beyond universalism and particularism
edited by Susanna Lindberg, professor of Philosophy, School of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Tampere, Finland, Mika Ojakangas, professor of Political Thought, Rhetoric, and Culture, Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy, University of Jyväskylä, Finland and Sergei Prozorov, university lecturer in World Politics and Academy of Finland Research Fellow, Department of Political and Economic Studies, University of Helsinki, Finland

HM251 .A35
Advances in experimental social psychology

HM449 .G76 2014
On the new
Boris Groys ; translated by G.M. Goshgarian

HM626 .P4313 2014
On the pleasure principle in culture : illusions without owners /
Robert Pfaller ; translated by Lisa Rosenblatt, with Charlotte Eckler and Camilla Nielsen

HM676 .M56 2014eb
Minding norms : mechanisms and dynamics of social order in agent societies /
edited by Rosaria Conte, Giulia Andrighetto, Marco Campennì

HM742 .A4294 2013
Electronic Iran : the cultural politics of an online evolution /
Niki Akhavan

HM786 .O743 2014eb
Organizations in time : history, theory, methods /
edited by Marcelo Bucheli and R. Daniel Wadhwani

HM821 .H57 2014
Iwao Hirose

HM821 .L57 2014eb
Born free and equal? : a philosophical inquiry into the nature of discrimination /
Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen

HM821 .S44 2013
Equality and opportunity
Shlomi Segall

HM841 .S36 2014
Global modernity. : a conceptual sketch /
Volker H. Schmidt

HM846 .I55 2013
Innovation studies : evolution and future challenges [electronic resource]
edited by Jan Fagerberg, Ben R. Martin, and Esben S. Andersen

HM851 .R67 2014
Enchanted objects : design, human desire, and the Internet of things /
David Rose

HM886 .M53 2013eb
A micro-level perspective on the dynamics of conflict, violence, and development
edited by Patricia Justino, Tilman Brück, Philip Verwimp

HN385.5 .N44 2013eb
Politics of security : British and West German protest movements and the early Cold War, 1945-1970 /
by Holger Nehring

HN49.V64 E43 2013
The politics of volunteering
Nina Eliasoph

HN59.2 .D84 2014
The vanishing neighbor : the transformation of American community /
Marc J. Dunkelman

HQ1170 .G53 2014
Women of the nation : between black protest and Sunni Islam /
Dawn-Marie Gibson and Jamillah Karim

HQ1170 .Z46 2014
Islamophobia, victimisation and the veil
Irene Zempi and Neil Chakraborti

HQ1190 .V85 2013eb
Vulnerability : new essays in ethics and feminist philosophy /
edited by Catriona Mackenzie, Wendy Rogers, and Susan Dodds

HQ1236.5.I8 T36 2014
The lost wave : women and democracy in postwar Italy /
Molly Tambor

HQ1593 .M53 2013
The 'incumberances' : British women in India, 1615-1856 /
Joan Mickelson Gaughan

HQ1596.W6 W65 2014
A vindication of the rights of woman
Mary Wollstonecraft ; edited and with an introduction by Eileen Hunt Botting ; with essays by Ruth Abbey, Eileen Hunt Botting [and 3 others]

HQ1744.T3 M36 2014
Human rights as practice : Dalit women securing livelihood entitlements in South India /
Jayshree P. Mangubhai

HQ1919 .V57 2013eb
Women in war : the micro-processes of mobilization in El Salvador /
Jocelyn Viterna

HQ23 .C68 2014
Critical Terms for the Study of Gender
edited by Catharine R. Stimpson and Gilbert Herdt

HQ27 .P67 2014
Positive and negative outcomes of sexual behaviors
Eva S. Lefkowitz, Sara A. Vasilenko, editors

HQ72.8 .D43 2014
Straights : heterosexuality in post-closeted culture /
James Joseph Dean

HQ76.3.U5 G483 2014
There goes the gayborhood?
Amin Ghaziani

HQ76.3.U5 R633 2014
Sexual futures, queer gestures, and other Latina longings
Juana María Rodríguez

HQ76.3.U52 W182 2014"@"HQ76.3.U52 W182 2014
A queer capital : a history of gay life in Washington, D.C. /
Genny Beemyn

HQ799.2.V56 R68 2015
Adolescent violence in the home : restorative approaches to building healthy, respectful family relationships /
Gregory Routt and Lily Anderson

HT147.C48 T66 2014
The government next door : neighborhood politics in urban China /
Luigi Tomba

HT147.C48 W355 2014
Cities and stability : urbanization, redistribution, and regime survival in China /
Jeremy L. Wallace

HT169.S462 B455 2014
Designing Tito's capital : urban planning, modernism, and socialism /
Brigitte Le Normand

HT175 .C637 2014
Americans against the city : anti-urbanism in the twentieth century /
Steven Conn

HT795 .E33 2013eb
Freedom's price : serfdom, subjection, and reform in Prussia, 1648-1848 /
S. A. Eddie

HV1146 .S53 2014
Residential children's homes and the youth justice system : identity, power and perceptions /
Julie Shaw

HV40 .K643 2014
Moral wages : the emotional dilemmas of victim advocacy and counseling /
Kenneth H. Kolb

HV5825 .R434 2014
We sell drugs : the alchemy of US empire /
Suzanna Reiss

HV6047 .B56 2014eb
Bioprediction, biomarkers, and bad behavior : scientific, legal, and ethical challenges /
edited by Ilina Singh, Walter P. Sinnott-Armstrong

HV6322.7 .B73 2013eb
Beyond the banality of evil : criminology and genocide /
Augustine Brannigan

HV6431 .H667 2014
The psychology of terrorism
John Horgan

HV6431 .P6185 2013eb
The political psychology of terrorism fears [electronic resource]
edited by Samuel Justin Sinclair and Daniel Antonius

HV6453.G28 S53 2013eb
Reorganizing crime : mafia and anti-mafia in post-Soviet Georgia /
Gavin Slade

HV6626.2 .H358 2014eb
Battered women's protective strategies : stronger than you know /
Sherry Hamby

HV6944 .M28 2012
Explaining criminal careers : implications for justice policy /
by John F. MacLeod, Peter Grove, David Farrington

HV8073.3 .N35 2014
Interpreter-mediated police interviews : a discourse-pragmatic approach /
Ikuko Nakane, Asia Institute, University of Melbourne, Australia

HV8688 .R68 2013
Just emotions : rituals of restorative justice /
Meredith Rossner

HV8699.A78 .H384 2013
Confronting Capital Punishment in Asia : Human Rights, Politics and Public Opinion [electronic resource]

HV8699.U5 A84 2013
Death penalty mitigation : a handbook for mitigation specialists, investigators, social scientists, and lawyers /
José B. Ashford with Melissa Kupferberg

HV9474.F66 K47 2011
Orange is the new black : my year in a women's prison /
Piper Kerman

HV9950 .M87 2014
The first civil right : how liberals built prison America /
Naomi Murakawa

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