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H1 .A4 vol. 56
Women in public life ... [electronic resource]
editor in charge of this volume, James P. Lichtenberger, Ph. D

H61 .H682 2014
The elements of social scientific thinking
Todd Donovan, Western Washington University, Kenneth Hoover, Western Washington University

H61 .T4646 2014
Theorizing in social science : the context of discovery /
edited by Richard Swedberg

H61 .W68 2014
Social sciences : the big issues /
Kath Woodward

H61.15 .B37 2014
The dialectics of inquiry across the historical social sciences
David Baronov

Online panel research : a data quality perspective /
editors Mario Callegaro, Reg Baker, Jelke Bethlehem, Anja S. Goritz, Jon A. Krosnick, Paul J. Lavrakas

H62 .A53 2014
Achieving impact in research
edited by Pam Denicolo

H62 .C69618 2015
A concise introduction to mixed methods research
John W. Creswell, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

H62 .F4195 2014
Field experiments and their critics : essays on the uses and abuses of experimentation in the social sciences /
edited by Dawn Langan Teele

H62 .H578 2014
Integrating knowledge through interdisciplinary research : problems of theory and practice /
Dominic Holland

H62 .K4554 2014
The practice of research : how social scientists answer their questions /
Shamus Khan, Columbia University, Dana R. Fisher, University of Maryland--College Park

H62 .M6448 2014
Integrating qualitative and quantitative methods : a pragmatic approach /
David L. Morgan, Portland State University

H62 .Q35457 2014
Qualitative research practice : a guide for social science students and researchers /
Jane Ritchie, Jane Lewis, Carol McNaughton Nicholls, Rachel Ormston

HA217 .A4
Injury facts
National Safety Council

HA31.2 .I47 2013
Improving surveys with paradata : analytic uses of process information /
edited by Frauke Kreuter

Register-based statistics : statistical methods for administrative data /
Anders Wallgren and Britt Wallgren

HA32 .E66 2013eb
Empirical Inference : festschrift in honor of Vladimir N. Vapnik /
Bernhard Scholkopf, Zhiyuan Luo, Vladimir Vovk, editors

HA32 .W34 2015
Using IBM SPSS statistics for research methods and social science statistics
William E. Wagner, III, California State University, Channel Islands

HA33.5 .B38 2014
The reference guide to data sources
Julia Bauder

HA73 N532 .O438 1959
Old timey songs for children [electronic resource]
sung by the New Lost City Ramblers

Natural language in business process models : theoretical foundations, techniques, and applications /
Henrik Leopold

HB3722 .D74 2014
The system worked : how the world stopped another great depression /
Daniel W. Drezner

HB3743 .M53 2014
House of debt : how they (and you) caused the Great Recession, and how we can prevent it from happening again /
Atif Mian and Amir Sufi

HB501 .S546 2013
Surviving the debt storm : getting capitalism back on track /
Leigh Skene and Melissa Kidd

A practioner's guide to state and local population projections
Stanley K. Smith, Jeff Tayman, David A. Swanson

HC106.6 .S74
Standard & Poor's industry surveys

HC106.84 .C53 2014
Hard times : the divisive toll of the economic slump /
Tom Clark, with Anthony Heath

Regional problems and policies in Latin America
edited by Juan R. Cuadrado-Roura, Patricio Aroca Gonz Lez

HC125 .S695 2014
Doing business in Latin America : challenges and opportunities /
John E. Spillan, Nicholas Virzi, and Mauricio Garita

HC240 .E8577 2014
Europe's crisis, Europe's future
Kemal Derviş, Jacques Mistral, editors

HC295 .P3765 2014
Greece: from exit to recovery?
Theodore Pelagidis, Michael Mitsopoulos

HC435.3 .T56 2004
Thomas L. Friedman reporting. The other side of outsourcing [videorecording]
producer & director, Kenneth Levis ; executive producer, Stephen Reverand

HC440.P5 Y33 2013
Fires, fuel, & the fate of 3 billion : the state of the energy impoverished /
Gautam N. Yadama ; photographs by Mark Katzman

Lean and Cleaner Production : Applications in Prefabrication to Reduce Carbon Emissions [electronic resource]

HC870.Z9 E448 2014
Advancing the Ugandan economy : a personal account /
Ezra Sabiti Suruma

HD1691 .R53 2014
Chasing water : a guide for moving from scarcity to sustainability /
Brian Richter

How did Florence Kelley's campaign against sweatshops in Chicago in the 1890s expand government responsibility for industrial working conditions? [electronic resource]
by Kathryn Kish Sklar and Jamie Tyler

Multinational companies, knowledge and technology transfer : Turkey's automotive industry in focus [electronic resource]
Alper Sönmez

Proceedings of 20th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management : theory and apply of industrial engineering [electronic resource]
edited by Ershi Qi, Jiang Shen, Runliang Dou

Big data, data mining, and machine learning : value creation for business leaders and practitioners [electronic resource]
Jared Dean

Transforming field and service operations : methodologies for successful technology-driven business transformation /
Gilbert Owusu, Paul O'Brien, John McCall, Neil F. Doherty, editors

HD30.2 .M36 2012eb
The innovative CIO : how IT leaders can drive business transformation [electronic resource]
Andi Mann, George Watt, Peter Matthews

Strategic decisions and weak signals : anticipation for decision-making /
Humbert Lesca, Nicolas Lesca/

HD30.28 .C7325 2014
Creating business plans : gather your resources, describe the opportunity, get buy-in

HD30.28 .D456 2013eb
Business models, coproduction de valeur et systèmes d'information
Marie-Hélène Delmond ... [and others]

HD30.28 .S639 2014
Business strategy : managing uncertainty, opportunity, and enterprise /
J.-C. Spender

HD30.28 .W3326 2014
Connected by design : 7 principles of business transformation through functional integration /
Barry Wacksman and Chris Stutzman

HD30.28 L39 2014
Aligning for advantage : competitive strategies for the political and social arenas /
Thomas C. Lawton, Jonathan P. Doh, and Tazeeb Rajwani

Design thinking for entrepreneurs and small businesses : putting the power of design to work /
Beverly Rudkin Ingle

Tactical portfolios : Strategies and tactics for investing in hedge funds and liquid alternatives [electronic resource]
Bailey McCann ; with contributions from Opalesque editors

HD38.5 .M3634 2013
Managing towards supply chain maturity : business process outsourcing and offshoring /
edited by Maciej Szymczak

HD45 .S77 2013eb
Strategy and communication for innovation
Nicole Pfeffermann, Tim Minshall, Letizia Mortara, editors

HD4885.U5 M56x
Women in the trades : a study of apprenticeship in Minnesota [electronic resource]

How did Mexican working women assert their labor and constitutional rights in the 1938 San Antonio pecan shellers strike? [electronic resource]
by Thomas Dublin, Taina DelValle, and Rosalyn Perez

How did the perceived threat of socialism shape the relationship between workers and their allies in the New York City shirtwaist strike, 1909-1910? [electronic resource]
by Thomas Dublin, Kathryn Kish Sklar, and Deirdre Doherty

How did immigrant textile workers struggle to achieve an American standard of living? The 1912 strike in Lawrence, Massachusetts [electronic resource]
by Thomas Dublin and Kerri Harney

HD57.7 .C767 2009ev
Post-Obama : the continued relevance of identity theorizing and research [electronic resource]

HD57.7 .P666 2015
Quantum leadership : building better partnerships for sustainable health /
Tim Porter-O'Grady, Kathy Malloch

Full employment and democracy [electronic resource]

HD58.8 .D862 2014
Organizational change for corporate sustainability
Suzanne Benn, Dexter Dunphy and Andrew Griffiths

HD58.8 .M85 2014
Mastering strategic risk : a framework for leading and transforming organizations [electronic resource]
Joel E. McPhee, Jr

HD58.9 .C67 2013
Dynamic capabilities : how organizational structures affect knowledge processes /
Philip Cordes-Berszinn

HD59 .P82185 2014
Public relations leaders as sensemakers : a global study of leadership in public relations and communication management /
edited by Bruce K. Berger and Juan Meng

HD6058 .M274 1992
Missouri's women in non-traditional occupations [electronic resource]
by Sue P. McDaniel and Lynn Jones

HD6060 .U54 1977
Employment : a workshop guide [electronic resource]
National Commission on the Observance of International Women's year

HD6061.2.U6 C35 2004
Women's economic status in the States : wide disparities by race, ethnicity, and religion [electronic resource]
by Amy Caiazza, April Shaw, and Misha Werschkul

HD6061.2.U62 M86 2000
The Missouri self-sufficiency standard : necessary wages for essential needs [electronic resource]
report prepared for the Missouri Women's Council Division of Workforce Development

How did women needleworkers influence New Deal labor policies in Puerto Rico? [electronic resource]
by Ivette Rivera-Guisti, under the direction of Thomas Dublin

HD6073.M392 U52 1978
Clerical work : a manual for change : report of the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women on sex discrimination in clerical work [electronic resource]

How did the International Ladies Garment Workers Union and Chinese garment workers unite to organize the 1938 national dollar stores strike? [electronic resource]
by Thomas Dublin, with research assistance by John Qiu, Julie Joseph, and Michelle Kleehammer

HD6093 .A548
Report of the Committee on Private Employment to the President's Commission on the Status of Women [electronic resource]

HD6096.M8 L66 1987
Women and employment : a Missouri profile [electronic resource]
prepared by L. Anthony Loman, Gary L. Siegel, and Gretchen W. Arnold, with the assistance of Judith L. Gibbons, Deborah A. Stiles, and AAIM, inc. for the Missouri Council on Women's Economic Development and Training

HD6096.M9 D53 1980
Montana women and work : a survey of needs and attitudes [electronic resource]
conducted by the Women's Bureau, Dept. of Labor and Industry, State of Montana ; final report completed with the cooperation of Employment and Training Division, Dept. of Labor and Industry, State of Montana ; study conducted and written by Marcia A. Dias, Laurie A. Lamson

HD6096.N3 W66 1985
Women in numbers : working women in Nebraska [electronic resource]
by the Nebraska Department of Labor ; prepared for Nebraska Commission on the Status of Women

HD6096.N3 W664 2001
Women in numbers : working women in Nebraska, 1980-1990 comparison [electronic resource]
Nebraska Workforce Development, Department of Labor

HD6096.N6 A38
New York women and their changing world : new ways to encourage the education of women to make full use of their talents and training, and the education of the community to make full use of its trained and talented women [electronic resource]
A report and recommendations

HD6096.W6 C37 1987
Profile on the economic status of Wisconsin women [electronic resource]
written by Jacqueline Carr-Olson with the assistance of Stephen Blumenfeld ; edited by Hannah Rosenthal, Dennis Dresang, Kay Clarenbach

Board governance in bank foundations : the Italian experience /
Chiara Leardini, Gina Rossi, Sara Moggi

When to hire, or not hire, a consultant : getting your money's worth from consulting relationships [electronic resource]
Linda M. Orr, Dave J. Orr

HD7125 .U53
Report of the Task Force on Social Insurance and Taxes to the Citizens' Advisory Council on the Status of Women [electronic resource]

HD7287.82.U6 H664 2014
Homeownership built to last : balancing access, affordability, and risk after the housing crisis /
Eric S. Belsky, Christopher E. Herbert, Jennifer H. Molinsky, editors

Social housing in Europe
edited by Kathleen Scanlon, Christine Whitehead, Melissa Fernandez Arrigoitia

HD75 .C655 2014
The companion to development studies
edited by Vandana Desai and Robert B. Potter

HD87 .C65 2014
Complexity and the art of public policy : solving society's problems from the bottom up /
David Colander and Roland Kupers

HD9502 .D96 2013eb
Dynamic governance of energy technology change : socio-technical transitions towards sustainability /
Silvia Ulli-Beer, editor

HD9650.5 .R347 2014eb
Industrial product design of solids and liquids : a practical guide /
Wilfried Rähse

Exploiting linkages for building technological capabilities : Vietnam's motorcycle component suppliers under Japanese and Chinese influence /
Mai Fujita

HD9710.U54 B35 2014
The arsenal of democracy : FDR, Detroit, and an epic quest to arm an America at war /
A.J. Baime

HE151 .B887 2014
The business of transportation
Darren Prokop, editor

HE305 .I563 2013
Urban public transportation systems 2013 : proceedings of the third International Conference on Urban Public Transportation Systems : November 17-20, 2013, Paris, France /
sponsored by Transportation and Development Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers ; edited by Steven L. Jones, Jr., Ph.D

HE305 .N32 2013
Urban street design guide [electronic resource]
National Association of City Transportation Officials

HE305 .U6963 2013
Urban transportation and logistics : health, safety, and security concerns /
edited by Eiichi Taniguchi, Tien Fang Fwa, Russell G. Thompson

HE8635 .A33 2013
Constant touch : a global history of the mobile phone /
Jon Agar

HE8696 .A363 1963
A documentary history of broadcasting, 1920-1950 [electronic resource]

HF1041 .C56
The CRB commodity yearbook
Knight-Ridder Financial, Commodity Research Bureau

HF1365 .L56 2014
Limits to globalization : national borders still matter /
editors Risto Tainio, Susan Meriläinen, Jukka Mäkinen and Maarit Laihonen

Exporting : the definitive guide to selling abroad profitably /
Laurel J. Delaney

HF3031 .R533 2014
Balanced trade : ending the unbearable costs of America's trade deficits /
Jesse T. Richman, Howard B. Richman, and Raymond L. Richman

HF5384 .T35 2013
Essential career transition coaching skills
Caroline Talbott

The street smart MBA : 10 proven strategies for driving business success [electronic resource]
Steve Babitsky, James J. Mangraviti, Jr

HF5387 .B862 2014
Business and corporate integrity : sustaining organizational compliance, ethics, and trust /
Robert C. Chandler, editor ; foreword by David Campbell

HF5413 .C66 2014
Contemporary issues in green and ethical marketing
edited by Morven G. McEachern and Marylyn Carrigan

HF5415.125 .A42 2014
A practical guide to data mining for business and industry
Andrea Ahlemeyer-Stubbe, Shirley Coleman

HF5415.1255 .O44 2014
Brand new : the shape of brands to come /
Wally Olins

HF5415.1265 .F863 2013
Advanced social media marketing : how to lead, launch, and manage a successful social media program [electronic resource]
Tom Funk

HF5415.1265 .P57 2014
A social strategy : how we profit from social media /
Mikołaj Jan Piskorski

HF5415.155 .K574 2014eb
Life cycle assessment (LCA) : a guide to best practice /
Walter Klöpffer and Birgit Grahl

HF5415.33.U6 M35 2014
Making Italian America : consumer culture and the production of ethnic identities /
edited by Simone Cinotto

The power of mobile banking : how to profit from the revolution in retail financial services [electronic resource]
Sankar Krishnan

HF5438.25 F855 1961
Careers in selling : a recorded interview with Alfred C. Fuller [electronic resource]
by Howard Langer

HF5547 .S33 2014
Cubed : a secret history of the workplace /
Nikil Saval

Office 365 : migrating and managing your business in the cloud [electronic resource]
Matthew Katzer, Don Crawford

HF5548.8 .N365 2014
The nature of work : advances in psychological theory, methods, and practice /
edited by J. Kevin Ford, John R. Hollenbeck, and Ann Marie Ryan

HF5548.8 .P779 2014
The psychology of workplace technology
edited by Michael D. Coovert and Lori Foster Thompson

Strategic human resource development : a journey in eight stages [electronic resource]
Matthias T. Meifert, editor ; with a foreword by Dave Ulrich

HF5549.5.C67 R435 2014
The compensation committee handbook
James F. Reda, Stewart Reifler, Michael L. Stevens

HF5549.5.M6 .Z46 2013
The soul of the organization : how to ignite employee engagement and productivity [electronic resource]
David B. Zenoff

HF5549.5.T7 U85 2014
Using experience to develop leadership talent : how organizations leverage on-the-job development /
Cynthia D. McCauley, Morgan W. McCall, Jr., editors ; forewords by Allan I. Kraut, Moheet Nagrath, and Inge G. Thulin

HF5630 .I56 2012
The interface of accounting education and professional training
edited by Elaine Evans, Roger Juchau and Richard M.S Wilson

HF5636 .N629 2014
Accounting : a very short introduction /
Christopher Nobes

Advanced Excel reporting for management accountants
Neale Blackwood

HF5658 .A23
Accounting and auditing disclosure manual

HF5686.C8 C545 2013
Improving profit : using contribution metrics to boost the bottom line [electronic resource]

HF91 .U473
International trade statistics yearbook
Department of International Economic and Social Affairs, Statistical Office = Annuaire statistique du commerce international / Département des affaires économiques et sociales internationales, Bureau de statistique

HG103 .H46 2013
Ethics and finance : an introduction /
John Hendry, University of Cambridge

HG1601 .K564 2014eb
Breaking banks : the innovators, rogues, and strategists rebooting banking /
Brett King

HG173 .S64 2014
The social value of the financial sector : too big to fail or just too big? /
editors, Viral V Acharya, New York University, USA & Centre for Economic Policy (CEPR), UK, Thorsten Beck, Tilburg University, The Netherlands & Centre for Economic Policy (CEPR), UK, Douglas D Evanoff, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, USA, George G Kaufman, Loyola University Chicago, USA, Richard Portes, London Business School, UK & Centre for Economic Policy (CEPR), UK

HG176.5 .W55 2014eb
Trading economics : a guide to the use of economic statistics for practitioners and students /
Trevor Williams, Victoria Turton

HG184.N5 J34 2014
Capital of capital : money, banking + power in New York City, 1784-2012 /
written by Steven H. Jaffe + Jessica Lautin

HG2151 .T38 2014
Other people's houses : how decades of bailouts, captive regulators, and toxic bankers made home mortgages a thrilling business /
Jennifer Taub

HG222.3 .F867 2013
The new psychology of money
Adrian Furnham

HG231 .C344 2014
Wildcat currency : how the virtual money revolution is transforming the economy /
Edward Castronova

HG3755 .P43 1973
Credit report [electronic resource]

HG3756.U54 N48 1974
Problems of credit discrimination in New Hampshire [electronic resource]
New Hampshire Commission on the Status of Women

HG3756.U54 R67
Women and credit [electronic resource]
[prepared by Joan Rosenberg]

HG3756.U54 U55x 1977
Credit : a workshop guide [electronic resource]

HG4028.V3 B47 2014eb
Valuation : the market approach /
Seth Bernström

HG4057 .A28618
Hoover's handbook of emerging companies

HG4057 .A2862
Hoover's handbook of American business

HG4515.15 .R53 2014
Investing psychology : the effects of behavioral finance on investment choice and bias /
Tim Richards

HG4519 .S772
Standard & Poor's analysts' handbook

Portfolio analytics : an introduction to return and risk measurement /
Wolfgang Marty

HG4530 .D373 2014eb
Hedge fund modelling and analysis using MATLAB
Paul Darbyshire, David Hampton

The handbook of hybrid securities : convertible bonds, coco bonds, and bail-in /
Jan De Spiegeleer, Wim Schoutens, Cynthia Vanhulle

Real estate investment trusts in Europe : evolution, regulation, and opportunities for growth /
edited by Stanley McGreal, Ramón Sotelo

HG5570.A4 P4813 2014
The world's first stock exchange
Lodewijk Petram ; translated by Lynne Richards

HG5732 .S2367 2014eb
Investing in India : a value investor's guide to the biggest untapped opportunity in the world /
Rahul Saraogi

HG6024.A3 M367 2014
Pricing and hedging financial derivatives : a guide for practitioners /
Leonardo Marroni and Irene Perdomo

HG6046 .E39 2014
Energy trading and risk management : a practical approach to hedging, trading and portfolio diversification /
Iris Mack

HG8051 .M63 2014
Modernizing insurance regulation
John H. Biggs, Matthew P. Richardson, editors

HG8538.N8 N67 1976
Insurance and women in North Carolina : [report of the Task Force on Sex Discrimination in Insurance to John Randolph Ingram, Commissioner of Insurance] [electronic resource]

Modélisation et évaluation quantitative des risques en actuariat : Modèles sur une période [electronic resource]
Étienne Marceau

HG8801 U55x 1977
Insurance : a workshop guide [electronic resource]

HJ2051 .A59
Budget of the United States Government

HJ2051 .A59 Append.
The budget of the United States Government. Appendix

HJ2051 .A593
Budget of the United States Government. Analytical perspectives

HJ2051 .A595
Historical tables, budget of the United States government

HJ2051 .L42
The 40 billion dollar question : What does the government budget mean to the citizen? [electronic resource]

You pay the taxes, you call the tune [electronic resource]
League of Women Voters

HJ4653.T38 R67 2014
Confidence games : lawyers, accountants, and the tax shelter industry /
Tanina Rostain and Milton C. Regan, Jr

HJ9801 .R384 2014
Wiley GAAP for Governments 2014 : Interpretation and Application of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles for State and Local Governments [electronic resource]
Warren Ruppel

HM1033 .D83 2014
Dual-process theories of the social mind
edited by Jeffrey W. Sherman, Bertram Gawronski, Yaacov Trope

HM1033 .L37 2014
Historical tales and national identity : an introduction to narrative social psychology /
János László

HM1106 .C86 2014
The dark side of relationship pursuit : from attraction to obsession and stalking

HM1116 .V523 2014
Violence and civilization : studies of social violence in history and prehistory /
edited by Roderick Campbell

HM1126 .H35 2014
The handbook of conflict resolution : theory and practice /
Peter T. Coleman, Morton Deutsch, Eric C. Marcus, editors

HM1146 .P88 2005
Psychology of men and masculinity in multicultural perspective [electronic resource]
Ronald Levant [and others]

HM1206 . M435 2014
Mediatized worlds : culture and society in a media age /
edited by Andreas Hepp and Friedrich Krotz

HM1211 .C44 2009
The challenge of conflict among allies : risks and opportunities [electronic resource]
Microtraining Associates

HM1221 .C59 2014
It's not just PR : public relations in society /
W. Timothy Coombs, Sherry J. Holladay

HM1236 .S665 2014
The spiral of silence : new perspectives on communication and public opinion /
edited by Wolfgang Donsbach, Charles T. Salmon, and Yariv Tsfati

HM1261 .T75 2014
Building Europe on expertise : innovators, organizers, networkers /
Helmuth Trischler, museum director and professor, Deutsches Museum, Munich, Germany and Martin Kohlrausch, associate professor, KU Leuven, Belgium

HM1271 .G665 2014
Religious pluralism and values in the public sphere
Lenn E. Goodman, Vanderbilt University

HM1271 .I58 2009
Integrating diversity guidelines for practice competency [electronic resource]
Microtraining Associates

HM1271 .J656 2014
The psychology of diversity : beyond prejudice and racism /
James M. Jones, John F. Dovidio and Deborah L. Vietze

HM51 .G445 1987
Sociology, a brief but critical introduction
Anthony Giddens ; under the general editorship of Robert K. Merton

An introduction to socio-finance
Jørgen Vitting Andersen, Andrzej Nowak

HM585 .P47 2014
Perspectives on culture and agent-based simulations : integrating cultures /
Virginia Dignum, Frank Dignum, editors

HM793 .C75 2010ev
The criterion problem in the measurement of cross-cultural competencies [electronic resource]
presenters: Frederick Leong, Abigail Billington, Katherine Giuca and Derald Wing Sue

HM821 P684 2010ev
Poverty as social exclusion : relational dimensions of social class stratification [electronic resource]
presented by the 27th Annual Teachers College Winter Roundtable on Cultural Psychology and Education, Act Together: the Hope of Community, February 19-20, 2010

HN29.5 .M534 2014
Social development : theory & practice /
James Midgley

HN59.2 .P46 2007ev
Becoming social justice agents : if not us, then who? [electronic resource]

HN64 .C89 2014
The promise of American life
Herbert Croly ; with a new foreword by Franklin Foer

The role of renewable energy technology in holistic community development
Alexander Zahnd

HN80.P85 N39 2014
Frontier boosters : Port Townsend and the culture of development in the American West, 1850-1895 /
Elaine Naylor

HQ1034.U5 C54 2014
Charity and Sylvia : a same-sex marriage in early America /
Rachel Hope Cleves

The upside of aging : how long life is changing the world of health, work, innovation, policy, and purpose /
edited by Paul H. Irving ; with Rita Beamish

Low fertility and population aging in Japan and Eastern Asia
Toru Suzuki

HQ1064.U5 L485 2014
Caring for our own : why there is no political demand for new American social welfare rights /
Sandra R. Levitsky

HQ1106 .T443 1894
The Congress of women held in the Woman's building, World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, U.S.A., 1893 : with portraits, biographies, and addresses, published by authority of the Board of Lady Managers [electronic resource]
edited by Mary Kavanaugh Oldham Eagle

HQ1106 1893a
Papers of the Jewish Women's Congress. : Held at Chicago, September 4, 5, 6 and 7, 1893 [electronic resource]

HQ1106 1893b
The World's congress of representative women : a historical râesumâe for popular circulation of the World's congress of representative women, convened in Chicago on May 15, and adjourned on May 22, 1893, under the auspices of the Woman's branch of the World's congress auxiliary ... [electronic resource]
Ed. by May Wright Sewall ..

From Wollstonecraft to Mill : what British and European ideas and social movements influenced the emergence of feminism in the Atlantic world, 1792-1869? [electronic resource]
by Nancy Hewitt ; revised by Kathryn Kish Sklar

HQ1150 .F74 2014
Reclaiming the feminist vision : consciousness-raising and small group practice /
Janet L. Freedman

HQ1154 .M353 1853
A few thoughts on the powers and duties of woman : two lectures [electronic resource]
by Horace Mann

HQ1190 .M86 2014
Feminism & popular culture : investigating the postfeminist mystique /
Rebecca Munford & Melanie Waters

HQ1190 .R87 2013eb
Ruptures : anti-colonial & anti-racist feminist theorizing /
edited by Njoki Wane, Jennifer Jagire, Zahra Murad

HQ1190 .V85 2014
Vulnerability : new essays in ethics and feminist philosophy /
edited by Catriona Mackenzie, Wendy Rogers, and Susan Dodds

HQ1236 .S658 1958
Interview with Margaret Chase Smith, U.S. Senator [electronic resource]

HQ1236.5.U6 A48 1978
After Houston [electronic resource]

HQ1236.5.U6 G444 2014
Gender and elections : shaping the future of American politics /
edited by Susan J. Carroll, Rutgers University and Richard L. Fox, Loyola Marymount University

HQ1236.5.U6 G744 2014
The political consequences of motherhood
Jill Greenlee

HQ1236.5.U6 N37 1965
Progress and prospects : the report of the Second National Conference of Governors' Commissions on the Status of Women [electronic resource]
cosponsored by the Interdepartmental Committee on the Status of Women and the Citizens' Advisory Council on the Status of Women, Washington, D.C., July 28-30, 1965

HQ1236.5.U6 R43 1990
Issues facing Oklahoma women, 1987-1990 : a report [electronic resource]
by the Governor's Commission on the Status of Women

HQ1255 .N25
Explanation of the program of the department of legal status of women, National league of women voters, 1932-1934 [electronic resource]

HQ1381 .B54 1988
A bigger piece of the pie : the emerging role of women in the New York economy [electronic resource]
New York State Division for Women

HQ1381 .S553 2013
Lessons learned and not yet learned from a multicountry initiative on women's economic empowerment
by Sara Johansson de Silva, Pierella Paci, and Josefina Posadas

HQ1391 .H68 2003
How to get appointed to state boards and commissions : a directory [electronic resource]
Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women

How did women shape the discourse and further interracial cooperation in the worldwide mass movement to Free the Scottsboro boys ? [electronic resource]
by Sara L. Creed, under the direction of Hasia Diner

HQ1391.U5 U57 1977
Women in elective and appointive office : a workshop guide [electronic resource]

HQ1403 .C54 1968c
Expanding women's effectiveness in the community : a report [electronic resource]

HQ1403 .N28 1966c
Targets for action : report. [electronic resource]
Cosponsored by the Interdepartmental Committee on the Status of Women and the Citizen's Advisory Council on the Status of Women

HQ1403 .N29 1968
1968: time for action : highlights [electronic resource]

HQ1403 .N3 1891
Transactions of the National Council of Women of the United States : assembled in Washington, D.C., February 22 to 25, 1891. [electronic resource]
Pub. by order of the executive board of the National council of women. Ed. by Rachel Foster Avery, corresponding secretary

HQ1403 .W6 1852b
The proceedings of the Woman's Rights Convention, held at West Chester, Pa., June 2d and 3d, 1852 [electronic resource]

HQ1403 .W62
Proceedings of the ... National Woman's Rights Convention [electronic resource]

HQ1413 .F385 1999
How did Lucretia Mott combine her commitments to antislavery and women's rights, 1840-1860? [electronic resource]
by Carol Faulkner and Beverly Wilson Palmer

HQ1413.O73 A3 2014
Outlaw woman : a memoir of the war years, 1960-1975 /
by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz ; revised, with a new afterword ; foreword by Jennifer Baumgardner

HQ1413.S65 F34 2014
Valerie Solanas : the defiant life of the woman who wrote Scum (and shot Andy Warhol) /
Breanne Fahs

What were the origins of International Women's Day, 1886-1920? [electronic resource]
by Kathryn Kish Sklar and Lauren Kryzak

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Woman's work in America [electronic resource]

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Report of the Task Force on Health and Welfare : to the Citizens Advisory Council on the Status of Women, April, 1968 [electronic resource]

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American women, 1963-1968 : report [electronic resource]

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Report of the Committee on Home and Community : to the President's Commission on the Status of Women [electronic resource]

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Women of Puerto Rican origin in the continental United States [electronic resource]

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The economics of women, men, and work
Francine D. Blau, Cornell University, Marianne A. Ferber, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Anne E. Winkler, University of Missouri-St. Louis

Why did some men support the women's rights movement in the 1850s, and how did their ideas compare to those of women in the movement? [electronic resource]
by Gretchen Brecht and Kathryn Kish Sklar

Responsibilities of woman : a speech at the Woman's Rights Convention, Worcester, October 15, 1851 [electronic resource]
by Mrs. C.I.H. Nichols

How did the National Woman's Party address the issue of the enfranchisement of black women, 1919-1924? [electronic resource]
by Kathryn Kish Sklar and Jill Dias

How did women antifeminists shape and limit the social reform movements of the 1920s [electronic resource]
by Kim Nielsen

What are social movements and what is gendered about women's participation in social movements? [electronic resource]
by Benita Roth and Marian Horan

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Searching for scientific womanpower : technocratic feminism and the politics of national security, 1940-1980 /
Laura Micheletti Puaca

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Voices for women : 1980 report of the President's Advisory Committee for Women [electronic resource]

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The status of women in the states : politics, economics, health, demographics [electronic resource]
Institute for Women's Policy Research

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Alaska women : a databook [electronic resource]
prepared by the Institute of Social and Economic Research, Karen White ; Barbara Baker

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Five years later : a review of the recommendations contained in A preliminary study, the status of women in Alaska, 1977 [electronic resource]
prepared by Christine Callahan

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The status of women in Alaska [electronic resource]
edited by Amy B. Caiazza and April Shaw

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The status of women in Arkansas, 1973, changing rapidly, improving slowly : report of the Governor's Commission on the Status of Women [electronic resource]

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The status of women in Arkansas, 1973, rough draft : report of the Governor's Commission on the Status of Women [electronic resource]

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A profile of the women of Arkansas [electronic resource]
prepared for the Arkansas Women's Commission by Laurie Banks-Montminy, the Institute for Economic Advancement, College of Business Administration, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

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California women get on board! : a report from the California Board and Commission Project [electronic resource]
Kate Karpilow, Julia Brootkowski ; prepared for the California State Senate Rules Committee at the request of the Women Legislators Caucus

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The challenge of being female : a Conference on Philanthropy and Women's Issues in Southern California : report on proceedings [electronic resource]

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A conference on California women : social attitudes and pressures in 1966 : San Francisco State College, Saturday, November 19, 1966 [electronic resource]

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Preliminary report of the Commission on the Status of Women as of June 7, 1974 [electronic resource]

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The status of women in California : politics, economics, health, demographics [electronic resource]
Institute for Women's Policy Research

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The status of women in Connecticut : politics, economics, health, demographics [electronic resource]
Institute for Women's Policy Research

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Delaware's women today : preliminary report [electronic resource]

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The status of women in Georgia : politics, economics, health, demographics [electronic resource]
Institute for Women's Policy Research

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The status of women in Idaho [electronic resource]
edited by Amy B. Caiazza and April Shaw

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Report on the status of women [electronic resource]

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Women : agents of change ; third report on the status of women [electronic resource]

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Fifth report on the status of women, June, 1973 [electronic resource]

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Hearings, not hearsay : a 1975 report [electronic resource]
prepared by Governor's Commission on the Status of Women and the Indianapolis Advisory Council

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Special needs of women in Indiana today : physical and family assistance [electronic resource]
Governor's Commission on the Status of Women in Indiana ; Otis R. Bowen, M.D., Governor of Indiana

How did Iowa women activists lobby for the passage of the Juvenile court law in 1904? [electronic resource]
by Shannon O'Connor

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The status of women in Iowa : politics, economics, health, rights, demographics [electronic resource]
edited by Amy B. Caiazza

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The status of women in Kentucky : politics, economics, health, demographics [electronic resource]
Institute for Women's Policy Research

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The status of women in Louisiana : politics, economics, health, demographics [electronic resource]
Institute for Women's Policy Research

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Gender composition of Maryland boards and commissions, 1965-1993 : a Maryland Commission for Women report [electronic resource]
Paulette Gerkovich Griffith ; Joanne M. Saltzberg, editor

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Decade of progress : a report to the Governor [electronic resource]
Maryland Commission for Women

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The status of women in Maryland : a report on the 2000 Census data, with comparative analysis of the 1990 Census [electronic resource]
Maryland Commission for Women

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The status of women in Maryland : politics, economics, health, demographics [electronic resource]
Institute for Women's Policy Research

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Women appointees : State of Maryland, boards and commissions [electronic resource]
prepared by Dolores Street and Dee Dee Sasatsiotis

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Uniting for progress six years later, 1977-1983 : the status of recommendations from the 1977 Maryland Women's Conference [electronic resource]

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Report from the Womenspeak '84 hearings [electronic resource]
Governor's Advisory Committee on Women's Issues

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The status of women in Massachusetts : politics, economics, health, rights, demographics [electronic resource]
Institute for Women's Policy Research ; with the assistance of the Massachusetts Advisory Committee

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Research in brief: the status of women in Massachusetts : highlights 2002 [electronic resource]
Institute for Women's Policy Research ; with the assistance of the Massachusetts Advisory Committee

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The long road to equality : topics concerning Michigan women [electronic resource]

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The status of women in Michigan : politics, economics, health, demographics [electronic resource]
Institute for Women's Policy Research

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Minnesota women : final report. July 1, 1965 to July 1, 1967 [electronic resource]

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Minnesota women in the twentieth century [electronic resource]

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Minority women in Minnesota : August 1986 [electronic resource]

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The status of women in Montana [electronic resource]
edited by Amy B. Caiazza and April Shaw

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Women in Minnesota [electronic resource]
Commission of the Economic Status of Women

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The status of women in Mississippi : politics, economics, health, demographics [electronic resource]
Institute for Women's Policy Research

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Montana women: their future role : a report and recommendations presented to the Honorable Tim Babcock, Governor, State of Montana [electronic resource]

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Montana women in the '80's [electronic resource]

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Steps to progress : a report to the Honorable Frank B. Morrison, Governor of the State of Nebraska [electronic resource]

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Minority women and girls in Nebraska [electronic resource]
prepared by Patricia Meisenholder, Muriel Herzog

HQ1438.N2 M43
A vigorous and essential partner : rural women and girls in Nebraska [electronic resource]
prepared by Patricia Meisenholder, Muriel Herzog

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The status of women in Nebraska : politics, economics, health, demographics [electronic resource]
Institute for Women's Policy Research

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The status of women in Nevada [electronic resource]
edited by Amy B. Caiazza and April Shaw

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The status of women in New Mexico : politics, economics, health, demographics [electronic resource]
Institute for Women's Policy Research

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Report to the Governor and the General Assembly of North Carolina [electronic resource]

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The status of women in North Carolina : presented to the 1975 North Carolina General Assembly [electronic resource]
from the North Carolina Commission on the Education and Employment of Women

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The status of women in North Carolina : politics, economics, health, demographics [electronic resource]
Institute for Women's Policy Research

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The status of women in New York : politics, economics, health, demographics [electronic resource]
Institute for Women's Policy Research

How did Oberlin women students draw on their college experience to participate in antebellum social movements, 1831-1861? [electronic resource]
by Carol Lasser and Oberlin college students

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The status of women in Ohio : politics, economics, health, demographics [electronic resource]
Institute for Women's Policy Research

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Progress report, June 1976-1978 [electronic resource]
Executive Department, Governor's Commission for Women

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The status of women in Oregon : politics, economics, health, demographics [electronic resource]
Institute for Women's Policy Research

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Oregon women : a report on their education, employment, and economic status [electronic resource]

How did the Ladies association of Philadelphia shape new forms of women's activism during the American revolution, 1780-1781? [electronic resource]
by Kathryn Kish Sklar and Gregory Duffy

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The status of women in Pennsylvania : politics, economics, health, demographics [electronic resource]
Institute for Women's Policy Research

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Profile of South Carolina females [electronic resource]

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Final report of the Governor's Commission for Women, State of Texas, 1983-1985 [electronic resource]
prepared by Martha S. Williams, chair, Rebecca Redwood, intern., Mark White, Governor

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The status of women in Texas : politics, economics, health, demographics [electronic resource]
Institute for Women's Policy Research

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Utah women : opportunities, responsibilities : report of the Governor's Committee on the Status of Women in Utah, June 15, 1966 [electronic resource]

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The status of women in Vermont : politics, economics, health, demographics [electronic resource]
Institute for Women's Policy Research

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The status of women in Virginia : politics, economics, health, demographics [electronic resource]
Institute for Women's Policy Research

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The needs and concerns of the women of Washington State : a report [electronic resource]
by the Washington State Women's Council

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West Virginia women : in perspective, 1970-1985 [electronic resource]
[researched and written by Adrienne C. Worthy]

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Profile of Wisconsin women [electronic resource]
by Barbara Burrell ; for Wisconsin Women's Council [and] University of Wisconsin System, Women's Studies Consortium Outreach, University of Wisconsin-Extension

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Real women, real lives : marriage, divorce, widowhood [electronic resource]
[Norma Briggs, editor]

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The status of women in Wyoming [electronic resource]
edited by Amy B. Caiazza and April Shaw

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Battle to succeed : challenges and obstacles faced by NYC women [electronic resource]
Office of the New York City Public Advocate

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The status of women in the District of Columbia : politics, economics, health, demographics [electronic resource]
Institute for Women's Policy Research

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The First twenty years : women's rights to women's leaders : the D.C. Commission for Women, highlights and legislative history, 1967-1987 [electronic resource]
edited by Carol Hill Lowe ; narrative by Kristine Kemple ; chronology of events by Betsy Orlando

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Women, work and sociability in early modern London
Tim Reinke-Williams

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Women-- bridges for a better tomorrow : proceedings of the 15th annual Federation of Asian Women's Associations Convention, April 22-25, 1998, Hilton Hotel, Tumon Bay, Guam [electronic resource]

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The business of being a club woman [electronic resource]
by Alice Ames Winter

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Unity in diversity : the history of the General Federation of Women's Clubs [electronic resource]

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The history of the General federation of women's clubs for the first twenty-two years of its organization [electronic resource]

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The history of the woman's club movement in America [electronic resource]
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History of the Maryland Federation of Women's Clubs, 1899-1941 [electronic resource]
[compiled and edited by Mrs. Harry L. Harcum ... [et al.]

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prepared by authority of the Michigan State Federation of Women's Clubs

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History of the Ohio Federation of Women's Clubs for the first thirty years, 1894-1924 : with an introductory sketch of the General Federation of Women's Clubs [electronic resource]
authorized by the Ohio Federation of Women's Clubs ; compiled and edited by the historian, Annie Laws

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Annals of the Chicago Woman's Club for the first forty years of its organization, 1876-1916 [electronic resource]
comp. by Henriette Greenbaum Frank [and] Amalie Hofer Jerome

What was the appeal of moral reform to antebellum northern women, 1835-1841? [electronic resource]
by Daniel Wright and Kathryn Kish Sklar

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Modern motherhood : an American history /
Jodi Vandenberg-Daves

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Who's in the kitchen : helping men move toward the center of family life [electronic resource]
Microtraining Associates ; written by Betty Carter, Stephen Lerner ; produced by Stephen Lerner ; VideoWorks, Inc. ; Guilford Publications

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Understanding of sex [Vol. 1, Sex principles for adults : the psychology of love and sex] : power and pleasure. [electronic resource]

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Marriage and civilization : how monogamy made us human /
William Tucker

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Counseling gay and lesbian youth : a multiethnic demonstration video [electronic resource]
by Garrett McAuliffe

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The SAGE handbook of family communication
Lynn H. Turner, Marquette University, Richard West, Emerson College, editors

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The work and words of the National Congress of Mothers : (1st annual session) Held in the city of Washington, D.C., February 17, 18, and 19, 1897. Including the journal of proceedings, the addresses and discussions, and other miscellany of the meetings [electronic resource]
Pub. by order of the National congress of mothers

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Report of the proceedings of the second annual convention of the National congress of mothers, held in the city of Washington, D.C., May 2d-7th, 1898 [electronic resource]

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Counseling LGBTI clients
Kevin Alderson

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Coming out : voices of gay and lesbian teens and their families [electronic resource]
by Bill Domonkos and Karin Heller

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Reclaiming queer : activist & academic rhetorics of resistance /
Erin J. Rand

How did the debate between Margaret Sanger and Mary Ware Dennett shape the movement to legalize birth control, 1915-1924? [electronic resource]
by Melissa Doak and Rachel Brugger

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Abortion services in Wyoming : a report [electronic resource]
prepared by the Wyoming Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

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Language development [electronic resource]
Magna Systems, Inc. ; program producers, Milan and Shanta Herzog ; producer, Ula Woronko

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Toddlers [electronic resource]
Learning Seed

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When boys become boys : development, relationships, and masculinity /
Judy Y. Chu, ; with a foreword by Carol Gilligan

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In our hands : the struggle for U.S. child care policy /
Elizabeth Palley and Corey S. Shdaimah

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The status of early care and education in the states [electronic resource]
Erica Williams, Anne W. Mitchell

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Creating a learning society : a new approach to growth, development, and social progress /
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Kathryn Linder

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Love : a question for feminism in the twenty-first century /
edited by Anna G. Jónasdóttir and Ann Ferguson

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Researching the city
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Interracial relationships in the 21st century
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Mi cuento (My story) : life review interview with Luis Vazquez [electronic resource]
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Mindfulness & acceptance in social work : evidence-based interventions & emerging applications /
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project sponsor, the Association for Specialists in Group Work, a division of the American Counseling Association

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produced by the Association for Specialists in Group Work in cooperation with the Fairfield University Media Center, Fairfield, Connecticut ; producer, Marguerite R. Carroll ; director/content expert: Rona Weinstein

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Suzanne Fraser, David Moore, and Helen Keane

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Woman and temperance [electronic resource]

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Report of the annual meeting [electronic resource]

Memories of the crusade : a thrilling account of the great uprising of the women of Ohio in 1873, against the liquor crime [electronic resource]
by Mother Stewart

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Sixty years of action, 1874-1934 : a history of sixty years' work of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union of the State of New York [electronic resource]

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The temperance reform and its great reformers [electronic resource]

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Fifty years history of the temperance cause. [electronic resource]

Why did African-American women join the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, 1880-1900? [electronic resource]
by Thomas Dublin and Angela Scheuerer

How did the reform agenda of the Minnesota Woman's Christian Temperance Union change, 1878-1917? [electronic resource]
by Kathleen Kerr

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Handbook of emergency response : a human factors and systems engineering approach /
edited by Adedeji B. Badiru, LeeAnn Racz

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Conducting substance use research
Audrey L. Begun, Thomas K. Gregoire

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A new leaf : the end of cannabis prohibition /
Alyson Martin and Nushin Rashidian

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Drugs and drug policy : the control of consciousness alternation /
Clatyon J. Mosher, Washington State University-Vancouver; Scott M. Akins, Oregon State University

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Lies, damned lies, and drug war statistics : a critical analysis of claims made by the Office of National Drug Control Policy /
Matthew B. Robinson and Renee G. Scherlen

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Drugs, crime, and their relationships : theory, research, practice, and policy /
Glenn D. Walters

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Recreational drug consumption : an economic perspective [electronic resource]
Pratima Ramful Srivastava

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The reasoning criminal : rational choice perspectives on offending /
Derek B. Cornish and Ronald V. Clarke, editors ; with a new introduction by Ronald V. Clarke

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Criminals in the making : criminality across the life course /
John Paul Wright, Stephen G. Tibbetts, Leah E. Daigle

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A profile of California women. Violence [electronic resource]
prepared by the California Commission on the Status of Women

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Suspicious gifts : bribery, morality, and professional ethics /
Malin Åkerström

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Surviving Katrina : The Experiences of Low-Income African American Women /
Jessica Warner Pardee

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The rise and decline of a global security actor : UNHCR, refugee protection, and security /
Anne Hammerstad

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Debating terrorism and counterterrorism : conflicting perspectives on causes, contexts, and responses /
[edited by] Stuart Gottlieb, Columbia University

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The historical origins of terrorism in America : 1644-1880 /
Robert Kumamoto

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Presidential policies on terrorism : from Ronald Reagan to Barack Obama /
Donna G. Starr-Deelen

How did black women in the NAACP promote the Dyer Anti-lynching Bill, 1918-1923? [electronic resource]
by Angelica Mungarro, under the supervision of Karen Anderson

How did black and white Southern women campaign to end lynching, 1890-1942? [electronic resource]
by Thomas Dublin, Kathryn Kish Sklar, and Karen Vill

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Kitty Genovese : the murder, the bystanders, the crime that changed America /
Kevin Cook

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Filicide-suicide : the killing of children in the context of separation, divorce and custody disputes /
Kieran O'Hagan

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The perversion of virtue : understanding murder-suicide /
Thomas Joiner, PhD

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Male rape is a feminist issue : feminism, governmentality and male rape /
Claire Cohen

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Findings and recommendations for revising California laws relating to rape [electronic resource]
Assembly Criminal Justice Committee

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Los Angeles County protocol for the treatment of rape and other sexual assaults [electronic resource]
prepared by the Task Force on Sexual Assaults, Los Angeles County Commission on the Status of Women

Family violence : children within the cycle : a resource manual for Texas community leaders [electronic resource]
Karen Dill Bowerman

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The abused woman : a survivor therapy approach [electronic resource]
with Lenore Walker

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Conspiracy of silence : a report on spouse abuse in South Dakota [electronic resource]
presented by South Dakota Commission on the Status of Women ; Joyce Eckblad, author

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Domestic violence in Oregon [electronic resource]
written by Marilyn G. Miller, Barbara M. Milligan

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A survey of spousal violence against women in Kentucky [electronic resource]
by Mark A. Schulman

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Wife abuse : a workshop guide [electronic resource]
National Commission on the Observance of International Women's Year

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Report on domestic violence in New York city : listening with the third ear [electronic resource]
Commission on the Status of Women

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Essentials of clinical social work
Jerrold R. Brandell

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Mastering whole family assessment in social work : balancing the needs of children, adults and their families /
Fiona Mainstone ; foreword by Jane Wonnacott

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Child care issues for California [electronic resource]

HV742.T2 C45
Child care services for working mothers : report of a conference sponsored by the governor's commission on the status of women [electronic resource]
[Governor's Commission on the Status of Women]

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The gun debate : what everyone needs to know /
Philip J. Cook and Kristin A. Goss

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The politics of child protection : contemporary developments and future directions /
Nigel Parton

HV7936.R3 B55 2014"@"KF225.Z56 B56 2014"@"KF225.Z56 B56 2014
Suspicion nation : the inside story of the Trayvon Martin injustice and why we continue to repeat it /
Lisa Bloom

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Forensic science and the administration of justice : critical issues and directions /
[edited by] Kevin J. Strom, RTI International, Matthew J. Hickman, Seattle University

Research on industrial security theory
Li Menggang

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The economics of child care : taking care of Vermont's most valuable resource [electronic resource]
written and edited by Amy Davenport ... [et al.]

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Social work and foster care
Helen Cosis Brown

HV875.55 .A362 2014
Jacqueline Langwith, book editor

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The politics of adoption : gender and the making of French citizenship /
Bruno Perreau ; translated by Deke Dusinberre

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Girls' clubs : their organization and management : a manual for workers [electronic resource]
by Helen J. Ferris ; with an introduction by Jane Deeter Rippin

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Rural social work : building and sustaining community capacity /
[edited by] T. Laine Scales, Calvin L. Streeter, H. Stephen Cooper

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Welfare in Minnesota : facts about Minnesota's public assistance programs [electronic resource]

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On the run : fugitive life in an American city /
Alice Goffman

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The fall of global socialism : a counter-narrative from the south /
Dayan Jayatilleka

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Transnational anti-communism and the cold war : agents, activities, and networks /
edited by Luc van Dongen, Post-Doctoral Researcher and Lecturer, University of Fribourg, Switzerland; Stéphanie Roulin, Post-Doctoral Researcher, University of Fribourg, Switzerland; and Giles Scott-Smith, Professor of Diplomatic History, Leiden University, the Netherlands

How did women peace activists respond to the Red Scare attacks during the 1920s? [electronic resource]
by Kathryn Kish Sklar and Helen Baker

HX632.U5 U558 1963
Bertolt Brecht before the Committee on Un-American Activities : House of Representatives, 80th Congress, 1st Session, Oct. 20-30, 1947, an historical encounter [electronic resource]
presented by Eric Bentley

Were women in the Oneida community liberated or oppressed by Bible communisim, 1848-1880? [electronic resource]
by Jennifer Cubic and Heather Rogan, under the direction of Kathryn Kish Sklar

HX73 .L3324 2014
The rhetorical foundations of society
Ernesto Laclau

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Anarchy unbound : why self-governance works better than you think /
Peter T. Leeson

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Eugene V. Debs : trade unionist, socialist, revolutionary, 1855-1926. [electronic resource]
An historical narrative written and produced by Bernard Sanders

HX89 .I43 2014
Imagine : living in a socialist USA /
edited by Frances Goldin, Debby Smith, and Michael Steven Smith

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