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Items Acquired in April 2015 for the University Libraries

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JA71 .R56 2015
Cultural relativism and international politics
Derek Robbins

JA84.F8 T45 2015
Thinking radical democracy : the return to politics in post-war France /
edited by Martin Breaugh, Christopher Holman, Rachel Magnusson, Paul Mazzocchi, and Devin Penner

Party communication in routine times of politics : issue dynamics, party competition, agenda-setting, and representation in Germany /
Simona Bevern

JC121.M35 G36 2006eb
Marsilius of Padua and 'the truth of history' [electronic resource]
George Garnett

JC312 .L83 2014eb
Minority rules : electoral systems, decentralization, and ethnoregional party success /
David Lublin

Geopolitics, development, and national security : Romania and Moldova at the crossroads /
Sebastian Vaduva, Andrew R. Thomas, editors

JC330.3 .G67 2014eb
Good democratic leadership : on prudence and judgment in modern democracies /
edited by John Kane and Haig Patapan

JC423 .M3786 2014eb
Public trials : Burke, Zola, Arendt, and the politics of lost causes /
Lida Maxwell

JC423 .V47 2007
Mechanisms of democracy : institutional design writ small [electronic resource]
Adrian Vermeule

JC571 .C597 2006
Human rights obligations of non-state actors [electronic resource]
Andrew Clapham

JC571 .G7863 2015eb
Rightlessness in an age of rights : Hannah Arendt and the contemporary struggles of migrants /
Ayten Gündoğdu

JC571 .S722 2008
Individualism : an essay on the authority of the European Union [electronic resource]
Alexander Somek

Ideologies of conservatism : conservative political ideas in the twentieth century [electronic resource]
E.H.H. Green

Victim healing and truth commissions : transforming pain through voice in the Solomon Islands and Timor-Leste /
Holly L. Guthrey

JC585 .F75 2015
Libertarian philosophy in the real world : the politics of natural rights /
Mark D. Friedman

JC599.U5 H33 2015
In search of the movement : the struggle for civil rights then and now /
Benjamin Hedin

JC599.U7 B75 1997
Human rights and democratization in Latin America : Uruguay and Chile [electronic resource]
Alexandra Barahona de Brito

JF1351 .H396 2015
Managing complexity in the public services
Philip Haynes

E-governance for smart cities
T.M. Vinod Kumar, editor

The problem-solving capacity of the modern state : governance challenges and administrative capacities /
Martin Lodge and Kai Wegrich

JF1525.I6 A4325 2015eb
National intelligence and science : beyond the great divide in analysis and policy /
Wilhelm Agrell and Gregory F. Treverton

Intangibles, Market Failure and Innovation Performance [electronic resource]
edited by Ahmed Bounfour, Tsutomu Miyagawa

JF799.5 .P37 2014eb
Affective publics : sentiment, technology, and politics /
Zizi Papacharissi

JF801 .P298 2015
The psychology of citizenship and civic engagement
S. Mark Pancer

JK1161 .A8 2015
Defending the filibuster : the soul of the Senate /
Richard A. Arenberg and Robert B. Dove ; foreword by Senator Olympia Snowe

JK1764 .L425 2015
Do-it-yourself democracy : the rise of the public engagement industry /
Caroline W. Lee

JK1967 .A57 2015
White backlash : immigration, race, and American politics /
Marisa Abrajano & Zoltan L. Hajnal

JK1967 .G73 2009eb
Image bite politics : news and the visual framing of elections [electronic resource]
Maria Elizabeth Grabe and Erik Page Bucy

JK1968 2014 .K554 2015
Election 2014 : why the Republicans swept the midterms /
Ed Kilgore

JK511 .S65 2015
Polarization and the presidency : from FDR to Barack Obama /
Robert C. Smith, Richard A. Seltzer

JK516 .D793 2015
Who governs? : presidents, public opinion, and manipulation /
James N. Druckman and Lawrence R. Jacobs

JK522 .N67 2015
The imperfect primary : oddities, biases, and strengths of U.S. presidential nomination politics /
Barbara Norrander

JK526 2008 .M35 2015eb
Groundbreakers : how Obama's 2.2 million volunteers transformed campaigning in America /
Elizabeth McKenna, Hahrie Han ; foreword by Jeremy Bird

JK558 .S47
The eagle's talons; : a military view of civil control of the military
[by] Dale O. Smith

JK585 .F69 2015
Watchdogs on the hill : the decline of congressional oversight of U.S. foreign relations /
Linda L. Fowler

JL966 .E55 2015
Enduring reform : progressive activism and private sector responses in Latin America's democracies /
edited by Jeffrey W. Rubin, Vivienne Bennett

JN1129.L32 H68 2002eb
MacDonald's party : labour identities and crisis, 1922-1931 [electronic resource]
David Howell

JN1129.L45 S66 2015eb
The Liberal Party and the economy, 1929-1964
Peter Sloman

The sub-national dimension of the EU : a legal study of multilevel governance /
Carlo Panara

JN329.I6 D95 2014eb
Defence intelligence and the Cold War : Britain's Joint Intelligence Bureau 1945-1964 /
Huw Dylan

JN33.5 .H37 2014
Which policy for Europe? : power and conflict inside the European Commission /
Miriam Hartlapp, Julia Metz, Christian Rauh

JN40 .D46 2015eb
Democratic politics in a European Union under stress
edited by Olaf Cramme, Sara B. Hobolt

JN550 .W35 2015
How parliament works
Robert Rogers and Rhodri Walters

Cultural and linguistic minorities in the Russian Federation and the European Union : comparative studies on equality and diversity /
Heiko F. Marten, Michael Rießler, Janne Saarikivi, Reetta Toivanen, editors

JN6695 .T84 2014eb
The strong state in Russia : development and crisis /
Andrei P. Tsygankov

Sex, politics, and Putin : political legitimacy in Russia /
Valerie Sperling

Partisan policy-making in Western Europe : how ideology influences the content of government policies /
Sebastian Hartmann

Institutional design and party government in post-communist Europe
Csaba Nikolenyi

JQ1809.A2 C56 2015
Collective memory and national membership : identity and citizenship models in Turkey and Austria /
Meral Ugur Cinar

JQ1830.A98 L55566 2015
Likud leaders : the lives and careers of Menahem Begin, Yitzhak Shamir, Benjamin Netanyahu and Ariel Sharon /
Thomas G. Mitchell

JQ1850.A91 B49 2014
Beyond the Arab Spring : the evolving ruling bargain in the Middle East /
editor, Mehran Kamrava

JQ1981 .H53 2015
Democracy as death : the moral order of anti-liberal politics in South Africa /
Jason Hickel

JS451.O39 M59
Directory of public official : Montgomery County

JS805 .A3 1880
Laws and ordinances of the city of Dayton of a general and permanent nature as amended and in force January 1, 1880
compiled by Alvin W. Kumler and A.A. Thomas

JV1011 .C173 2002eb
Hobson and imperialism : radicalism, new liberalism, and finance 1887-1938 [electronic resource]
P.J. Cain

Migration, regionalization, citizenship : comparing Canada and Europe /
Katja Sarkowsky, Rainer-Olaf Schultze, Sabine Schwarze (editors)

JV6035 .I465 2010eb
Immigration worldwide : policies, practices, and trends [electronic resource]
edited by Uma A. Segal, Doreen Elliott, Nazneen S. Mayadas

Immigrant vulnerability and resilience : comparative perspectives on Latin American immigrants during the Great Recession /
María Aysa-Lastra, Lorenzo Cachón, editors

JV6483 .J66 1999eb
Immigration and the nation-state : the United States, Germany, and Great Britain [electronic resource]
Christian Joppke

Identity and migration in Europe : multidisciplinary perspectives /
MariaCaterina La Barbera, editor

Demographic analysis of Latin American immigrants in Spain : from boom to bust /
Andreu Domingo, Albert Sabater, Richard R. Verdugo, editors

JZ1251 .W55 2015eb
Bodies of violence : theorizing embodied subjects in international relations /
Lauren B. Wilcox

JZ1254 .M33 2015
Power, information technology, and international relations theory : the power and politics of US foreign policy and the internet /
Daniel R. McCarthy

JZ1254 .O84 2015
Disruptive Power : the Crisis of the State in the Digital Age /
Taylor Owen

JZ1308 .A4115 2015
Muslim cosmopolitanism in the Age of Empire
Seema Alavi

JZ1318 .L446 2015
Globalization : an introduction to the end of the known world /
Charles Lemert

Handbook of international negotiation : interpersonal, intercultural, and diplomatic perspectives /
Mauro Galluccio, editor

Importing EU norms : conceptual framework and empirical findings /
Annika Björkdahl, Natalia Chaban, John Leslie, Annick Masselot, editors

JZ4841 .D38 2013
NGOs : a new history of transnational civil society /
Thomas Davies

JZ4850 .S27 2007
International organizations and their exercise of sovereign powers [electronic resource]
Dan Sarooshi

Morton Deutsch : major texts on peace psychology /
Peter T. Coleman, Morton Deutsch

JZ5538 .F75 2015eb
The art of living sideways : skateboarding, peace and elicitive conflict transformation /
Sophie Friedel ; with a foreword by Iain Borden

JZ5625 .K43 2015
Great power security cooperation : arms control and the challenge of technological change /
David W. Kearn Jr

JZ6369 .C48 2002
Just war or just peace? : humanitarian intervention and international law [electronic resource]
Simon Chesterman

JZ6374 .G84 2015
The fog of peace : a memoir of International peacekeeping in the 21st century /
Jean-Marie Guéhenno

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