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Items Acquired in February 2015 for the University Libraries

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JA75.8 .E56 2014
Engaging nature : environmentalism and the political theory canon /
Peter Cannavò and Joseph H. Lane, Jr., editors ; foreword by John Barry

JA81 .O64 2007
Before the state : systemic political change in the West from the Greeks to the French Revolution [electronic resource]
Andreas Osiander

JC348 .R49 2014
Surpassing the sovereign state : the wealth, self-rule, and security advantages of partially independent territories /
David A. Rezvani

JC571 .B763 2009
Fair governance : paternalism and perfectionism [electronic resource]
F.H. Buckley

JC571 .F776 2015
Fulfilling social and economic rights
Sakiko Fukuda-Parr, Terra Lawson-Remer, and Susan Randolph

JC574 .S34 2001eb
Boundaries and allegiances : problems of justice and responsibility in liberal thought [electronic resource]
Samuel Scheffler

JC599.S62 M337 2005eb
Franco's justice : repression in Madrid after the Spanish Civil War [electronic resource]
Julius Ruiz

JC73 .A47 2000eb
Alternatives to Athens : varieties of political organization and community in ancient Greece [electronic resource]
edited by Roger Brock and Stephen Hodkinson

JF1338.A3 A3568 2015
Public administration training in Africa : competencies in development management /
edited by Peter Fuseini Haruna, Shikha Vyas-Doorgapersad

JF1525.I6 A4325 2015
National intelligence and science : beyond the great divide in analysis and policy /
Wilhelm Agrell and Gregory F. Treverton

JF2051 .B74 2015
Doing politics
Jacqui Briggs

JF799 .D457 2015
Democratizing inequalities : dilemmas of the new public participation /
edited by Caroline W. Lee, Michael McQuarrie, and Edward T. Walker

JF799 .P6366 2015
Political and civic engagement : multidisciplinary perspectives /
edited by Martyn Barrett and Bruna Zani

JF801 .P298 2015
The psychology of citizenship and civic engagement
S. Mark Pancer

JF801 .S75 2015
Integration and new limits on citizenship rights : Denmark and beyond /
by Nicole Stokes-DuPass

JF831 .L66 2014eb
Democracy and disenfranchisement : the morality of electoral exclusions /
Claudio López-Guerra

JK1118 .H348 2014eb
How organizations develop activists : civic associations and leadership in the 21st century /
Hahrie Han

JK1319 .G74 2015
Underdog politics : the minority party in the U.S. House of Representatives /
Matthew N. Green

JK1726 .P6 2014
Polarized politics : the impact of divisiveness in the US political system /
edited by William Crotty

JK1764 .W53 2015
Displacing democracy : economic segregation in America /
Amy Widestrom

JK1899.S8 M36 2015
Lucy Stone : an unapologetic life /
Sally G. McMillen

JK275 .F33 2007eb
Compound democracies : why the United States and Europe are becoming similar [electronic resource]
Sergio Fabbrini

JK421 .C23 2014
The growth of American government : governance from the Cleveland era to the present /
Ballard C Campbell

JK516 .G77 2014
The unsustainable presidency : Clinton, Bush, Obama, and beyond /
William F. Grover and Joseph G. Peschek

JK526 2008 .M35 2015
Groundbreakers : how Obama's 2.2 million volunteers transformed campaigning in America /
Elizabeth McKenna, Hahrie Han ; foreword by Jeremy Bird

JK5571 .A3
Roster of the members, officers, employees, : and list of standing committees of the Senate and House of representatives... General assembly of Ohio

JK5745 .G43 2015
Corrupt Illinois : patronage, cronyism, and criminality /
Thomas J. Gradel and Dick Simpson ; foreword by Jim Edgar

JL1281 .F695 2007eb
Accountability politics : power and voice in rural Mexico [electronic resource]
Jonathan Fox

JN1228 .M58 2014eb
The Scottish question
James Mitchell

JN2606 .L37 2014
Cohabitation and conflicting politics in French policymaking
Sébastien G. Lazardeux

JN30 .R3613 2013eb
Schuman Report on Europe : State of the Union, 2013 /
edited by Thierry Chopin and Michel Foucher

JQ1681 .G35 2014
Japan's multilayered democracy
Sigal Ben-Rafael Galanti, Nissim Otmazgin and Alon Levkowitz

JS3051 .M56 2007eb
Cities divided : politics and religion in English provincial towns, 1660-1722 [electronic resource]
John Miller

JV1827 .M335 2005eb
Empire of love : histories of France and the Pacific [electronic resource]
Matt K. Matsuda

A new perspective on human mobility in the South
Rudolf Anich, Jonathan Crush, Susanne Melde, John O. Oucho, editors

Theory of contestation
Antje Wiener

JZ1242 .I47 2014eb
Implementation and world politics : how international norms change practice /
edited by Alexander Betts and Phil Orchard

JZ1251 .W55 2014
Bodies of violence : theorizing embodied subjects in international relations /
Lauren B. Wilcox

JZ4984.6 .F37 2015
An insider's guide to the UN
Linda Fasulo

JZ6368 .C378 2015
Civil war interventions and their benefits : unequal return /
Isaac M. Castellano

JZ6374 .N48 2015
Sexual exploitation and abuse in UN peacekeeping : an analysis of risk and prevention factors /
Kelly Neudorfer

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