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Items Acquired in June 2015 for the University Libraries

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JA71 .B53 2015
Fortune and the Dao : a comparative study of Machiavelli, the Daodejing, and the Han Feizi /
Jason P. Blahuta

JA71 .E6813 2015
Categories of the impolitical
Roberto Esposito ; translated by Connal Parsley

JA74.5 .S633 2015
Social psychology and politics
edited by Joseph P. Forgas, Klaus Fiedler and William D. Crano

Online political communication : how to use the web to build consensus and boost participation /
Gianluca Giansante

JA85.2.U6 W65 2015
The politics of common sense : how social movements use public discourse to change politics and win acceptance /
Deva R. Woodly

JA85.2.U6 W65 2015eb
The politics of common sense : how social movements use public discourse to change politics and win acceptance /
Deva R. Woodly

JA86 .H36 2015
Handbook on teaching and learning in political science and international relations
edited by John Ishiyama, William J. Miller, Eszter Simon

Individual choice and state-led nationalist mobilization in China : self-interested patriots /
Wen Zha

JC311 .M393 2015eb
Understanding national identity
David McCrone and Frank Bechhofer

JC336 .L89 2015
The great forgetting : the past, present and future of social democracy and the welfare state /
Jack Lawrence Luzkow

JC359 .P273 2015eb
The burdens of Empire : 1539 to the present /
Anthony Pagden

Public participation for 21st century democracy
Tina Nabatchi, Matt Leighninger

JC571 .B693 2015
Bringing human rights education to US classrooms : exemplary models from elementary grades to university /
edited by Susan Roberta Katz and Andrea McEvoy Spero

JC571 .S5327 2015
Violence all around
John Sifton

JC574.2.A6 G69 2014
The journey to the Arab Spring : the ideological roots of the Middle East upheaval in Arab liberal thought /
David Govrin

JC575 .R54 2014
Justice and responsibility-sensitive egalitarianism
Robert C. Robinson

JC598 .E64 2014
An enduring tension : balancing national security and our access to information /
Emily Berman, editor

JC599.C72 B37 2015
The social origins of human rights : protesting political violence in Colombia's oil capital, 1919-2010 /
Luis van Isschot

JF1001 .C5735 2015
Contentious elections : from ballots to barricades /
edited by Pippa Norris, Richard W. Frank, and Ferran Martínez i Coma

Handbook of public administration
[edited by] James L. Perry, Robert K. Christensen

JF1351 .N66 2015
Public management : performance, professionalism and politics /
Mirko Noordegraaf

JF1351 .P81876 2015
Public administration evolving : from foundations to the future /
edited by Mary E. Guy and Marilyn M. Rubin

JF1501 .H5313 2015
The bureaucratization of the world in the neoliberal era : international and comparative perspective /
Béatrice Hibou ; translated by Andrew Brown

JF2051 B82 2015
Building blocs : how parties organize society /
edited by Cedric de Leon, Manali Desai, and Cihan Ziya Tuğal

JF60 .T48 2015
Govern like us : U.S. expectations of poor countries /
M.A. Thomas

JF801 .F66 2015
Experiencing Puerto Rican citizenship and cultural nationalism
Jacqueline N. Font-Guzmán

JK1021 .H38 2014
Congress in context [electronic resource]
John Haskell, Marian Currinder, and Sara A. Grove

JK1726 .S44 2015
The Jefferson rule : how the Founding Fathers became infallible and our politics inflexible /
David Sehat

JK1759 .A58 2015
The road to citizenship : what naturalization means for immigrants and the United States /
Sofya Aptekar

JK2271 .M328 2015
Collective political rationality : partisan thinking and why it's not all bad /
Gregory E. McAvoy

JK271 .B285 2015
The associational state : American governance in the twentieth century /
Brian Balogh

JK468.S4 A67 2015
After Snowden : privacy, secrecy, and security in the information age /
Ronald Goldfarb, editor

JK521 .S74 2015
A citizen's guide to presidential nominations : the competition for leadership /
Wayne P. Steger

JK526 1936 .S88 2015
Voting deliberatively : FDR and the 1936 presidential campaign /
Mary E. Stuckey

JL2498.T7 B73 2014
Brazil under the workers' party : continuity and change from Lula to Dilma /
edited by Fábio De Castro, Kees Koonings and Marianne Wiesebron

JL2681 .D45 2015
Enhancing democracy : public policies and citizen participation in Chile /
Gonzalo Delamaza

JN1129.L32 T47 2015
A history of the British Labour Party
Andrew Thorpe

A government that worked better and cost less? : evaluating three decades of reform and change in UK central government /
Christopher Hood and Ruth Dixon

Career behaviour and the European Parliament : all roads lead through Brussels? /
Willaim T. Daniel

JN8221 .E525 2014
Democracy without justice in Spain : the politics of forgetting /
Omar G. Encarnación

JN9 .R46 2002
Republicanism : a shared European heritage /
edited by Martin van Gelderen and Quentin Skinner

JN9 .R46 2002
Republicanism : a shared European heritage /
edited by Martin van Gelderen and Quentin Skinner

Effects of Europeanization on the integration process in the Upper Adriatic Region
Elisabetta Nadalutti

JQ1510 .S26 2015
Governance and politics of China
Tony Saich

JQ1516 .B45 2015
The China model : political meritocracy and the limits of democracy /
Daniel A. Bell

JQ1846.A69 P64 2015
Group conflict and political mobilization in Bahrain and the Arab Gulf : rethinking the rentier state /
Justin Gengler

The Arab Spring : pathways of repression and reform /
Jason Brownlee, Tarek Masoud, and Andrew Reynolds

JQ1879.A15 D4617 2015
Democratic contestation on the margins : regimes in small African countries /
edited by Stephanie Matti and Claire Metelits

JQ3345 .S75 2015
Libya : continuity and change /
Ronald Bruce St John

JQ766.R43 I52 2015
Indonesia's ascent : power, leadership, and the regional order /
edited by Christopher B. Roberts, University of New South Wales at the Australian Defence Force Academy, Australia, Ahmad D. Habir, Strategic Asia, Indonesia, Leonard C. Sebastian, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

JS323 .R67 2015
Urban politics : cities and suburbs in a global age /
by Myron A. Levine

JS5963.A2 L38 2015
Conflict, improvisation, governance : street level practices for urban democracy /
David Laws and John Forester ; with the support of Platform31, the Hague

Migration, precarity, and global governance : challenges and opportunities for labour /
edited by Carl-Ulrik Schierup, Ronaldo Munck, Branka Likić-Brborić, and Anders Neergaard

Migrating and settling in a mobile world : Albanian migrants and their children in Europe /
Zana Vathi

International studies : an interdisciplinary approach to global issues /
Sheldon Anderson ... [and three others]

JZ1242 .H39 2015
Cases in international relations : pathways to conflict and cooperation /
Glenn Hastedt, James Madison University, Donna L. Lybecker, Idaho State University, Vaughn P. Shannon, Wright State University

Local cosmopolitanism : imagining and (re-)making privileged places /
Kristof Van Assche, Petruţa Teampău

JZ1730 .C56 2015
The China challenge : shaping the choices of a rising power /
Thomas J. Christensen

JZ4839 .I586 2015
International organizations as orchestrators
[edited by] Kenneth W. Abbott, Arizona State University, Philipp Genschel, European University Institute, Florence, Duncan Snidal, University of Oxford, Bernhard Zangl, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich

JZ4871 .P33 2015
The guardians : the League of Nations and the crisis of empire /
Susan Pedersen

JZ4984 .H36 2015
The United Nations : a very short introduction /
Jussi M. Hanhimaki

JZ5579 .O94 2015
Youth in conflict and peacebuilding : mobilization, reintegration and reconciliation /
Alpaslan Özerdem, Professor of Peacebuilding and Co-Director of Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations (CTPSR), Coventry University, UK and Sukanya Podder, Assistant Professor, Centre for International Security and Resilience (CISR), Cranfield University, UK

JZ5588 .I585 2015
International security studies : theory and practice /
edited by Peter Hough, Shahin Malik, Andrew Moran, Bruce Pilbeam

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