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Items Acquired in November 2015 for the University Libraries

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JA51 .S7
The Statesman's year-book

JA75.7 .Y48 2015
The play of political culture, emotion and identity
Candida Yates, Professor of Culture and Communication, Bournemouth University, UK

JA81 .B53 2008
The West and Islam : religion and political thought in world history [electronic resource]
Antony Black

JA82 .T83 1993eb
Philosophy and Government 1572-1651 [electronic resource]
Richard Tuck

JA84.A45 D33 2015
Democracy and the origins of the American regulatory state
Samuel DeCanio

JC311 .R488 2007
Where nation-states come from : institutional change in the age of nationalism [electronic resource]
Philip G. Roeder

JC359 .H389 2010eb
Power over peoples : technology, environments, and Western imperialism, 1400 to the present [electronic resource]
Daniel R. Headrick

JC574 .S52 2014eb
Inventing the individual : the origins of Western liberalism /
Larry Siedentop

Making the poor free? : India's unique identification number /
S.K Das

JC71.A7 A768 2015
Aristotle's Politics : a critical guide /
edited by Thornton Lockwood and Thanassis Samaras

JC71.A7 I53 2015
Justice and reciprocity in Aristotle's political philosophy
Kazutaka Inamura, Hirosaki University

JF251 .H67 2015
Why leaders fight
Michael C. Horowitz, University of Pennsylvania, Allan C. Stam, University of Virginia, Cali M. Ellis, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

JF60 .M558 2015
Power and the vote : elections and electricity in the developing world /
Brian Min

JK1012 .A44
The Almanac of American politics

JK1991 .M68 2015
The political geography of campaign finance : fundraising and contribution patterns in presidential elections, 2004-2012 /
Joshua L. Mitchell, Karen Sebold, Andrew Dowdle, Scott Limbocker, and Patrick A. Stewart

JK421 .N29 2015
Smart citizens, smarter state : the technologies of expertise and the future of governing /
Beth Simone Noveck

JK468.I6 T33 2015
The devil's chessboard : Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the rise of America's secret government /
David Talbot

JK468.P64 P657 2016
Political negotiation : a handbook /
Jane Mansbridge and Cathie Jo Martin, editors

JK521 .K36 2016
Primary politics : everything you need to know about how America nominates its presidential candidates /
Elaine C. Kamarck

Packaging the presidency : a history and criticism of presidential campaign advertising [electronic resource]
Kathleen Hall Jamieson

JK524 .K36 2010eb
The Obama victory : how media, money, and message shaped the 2008 election [electronic resource]
Kate Kenski, Bruce W. Hardy, Kathleen Hall Jamieson

JK528 .S55 2016eb
Historic firsts : how symbolic empowerment changes U.S. politics /
Evelyn M. Simien

JL2631 .M43 2011
Cybernetic revolutionaries : technology and politics in Allende's Chile [electronic resource]
Eden Medina

The defeat of solidarity : anger and politics in postcommunist Europe [electronic resource]
David Ost

JN96.A58 J33 2004eb
The enlargement of the European Union and NATO : ordering from the menu in Central Europe [electronic resource]
Wade Jacoby

JN96.A979 G78 2007eb
Rebuilding Leviathan : party competition and state exploitation in post-communist democracies [electronic resource]
Anna Grzymala-Busse

JQ1519.A5 W479 2015
China's Party Congress : power, legitimacy, and institutional manipulation /
Guoguang Wu, University of Victoria

JQ1539.5.A58 N4 2009eb (Online)
Paradigm city : space, culture, and capitalism in Hong Kong [electronic resource]
Janet Ng

JQ1850.A91 E86 2016
Islam and democracy after the Arab Spring
John L. Esposito, Tamara Sonn, and John O. Voll

JQ1850.A91 Y67 2015
The Arab Spring and the geopolitics of the Middle East : emerging security threats and revolutionary change /
Amr Yossef, Independent Scholar, and Joseph R. Cerami, Senior Lecturer, Bush School of Government, Texas, USA

JQ3198.A58 N68 2016
North African politics : change and continuity /
edited by Yahia H. Zoubir and Gregory White

JS422 .N67 2015eb
Metropolitan governance in America
Donald F. Norris (University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA)

JV1011 .A75 2000eb
The ideological origins of the British Empire [electronic resource]
David Armitage

JV1011 .B58 2009eb
Replenishing the earth : the settler revolution and the rise of the Anglo-world, 1783-1939 [electronic resource]
James Belich

JV6475 .D4 2015
The land of open graves : living and dying on the migrant trail /
Jason De León ; with photographs by Michael Wells

JV6602 .G37 2005eb
The qualities of a citizen : women, immigration, and citizenship, 1870-1965 [electronic resource]
Martha Gardner

Immigration and perceptions of national political systems in Europe
Lauren McLaren

JX1977.A335 E25
Economic and social survey of Asia and the Pacific

Foreign pressure and the politics of autocratic survival
Abel Escribà-Folch and Joseph Wright

JZ1253 .H67 2002
Social construction of international politics : identities & foreign policies, Moscow, 1955 and 1999 [electronic resource]
Ted Hopf

JZ1310 .C663 2005eb
Logics of hierarchy : the organization of empires, states, and military occupations [electronic resource]
Alexander Cooley

International organization in time : fragmentation and reform /
Tine Hanrieder

JZ5538 .W36 2015
Quality peace : peacebuilding, victory, and world order /
Peter Wallensteen

JZ5584.I4 W55 2015
Everyday peace? : politics, citizenship and Muslim lives in India /
Philippa Williams

JZ5588 .R48 2006
Rethinking global security : media, popular culture, and the "War on terror" [electronic resource]
edited by Andrew Martin and Patrice Petro

JZ6300 .F79 2010eb
Building states and markets after communism : the perils of polarized democracy [electronic resource]
Timothy Frye

The responsibility to prevent : overcoming the challenges of atrocity prevention /
edited by Serena K. Sharma and Jennifer M. Welsh

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