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Items Acquired in January 2015 for the University Libraries

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JA76 .S6225 2013
The social side of politics
[edited by] Douglas Hartmann, University of Minnesota, Christopher Uggen, University of Minnesota

JA79 .G855 2014
Humanity and the enemy : how ethics can rid politics of violence /
Bruno Gullì

Neither right nor left : fascist ideology in France [electronic resource]
Zeev Sternhell ; translated by David Maisel

JC330.3 .G55 2014
The psychology of power : temptation at the top /
Jaap van Ginneken

JC330.3 .H376 2014
Understanding public leadership
Paul 't Hart

JC421 .K365 2015
Democracy : a world history /
Temma Kaplan

JC571 .K65 1998eb
A debate over rights : philosophical enquiries [electronic resource]
Matthew H. Kramer, N.E. Simmonds, Hillel Steiner

JC574.2.U6 N56 2014
Fighting back the right : reclaiming America from the attack on reason /
David Niose

JC596.2.U5 C648 2014
Technology of oppression : preserving freedom and dignity in an age of mass, warrantless surveillance /
Elliot D. Cohen

JC71.A7 C37 2013
The Cambridge companion to Aristotle's Politics
edited by Marguerite Deslauriers, McGill University and Pierre Destrée, University of Louvain

JF1525.P6 V36 2014
Varieties of civic innovation : deliberative, collaborative, network, and narrative approaches /
Jennifer Girouard and Carmen Sirianni, editors

JF799.5 .P37 2014
Affective publics : sentiment, technology, and politics /
Zizi Papacharissi

JF801 .B96 2014
Making citizens : public rituals and personal journeys to citizenship /
Bridget Byrne, Senior Lecturer in Sociology, University of Manchester, UK

JK1758 .D4818 2008eb
Guía de ciudadanía : a step-by-step guide

JK1758 .M37 2011eb
Pass the U.S. citizenship exam

JK1758 .M3718 2008eb
Pasa el examen de ciudadanía americana

JK1759 .R84 2014
Queering the biopolitics of citizenship in the age of Obama
Judy Rohrer

JK1764 .L425 2015
Do-it-yourself democracy : the rise of the public engagement industry /
Caroline W. Lee

JK1965 .S45 2015
Electing the Senate : indirect democracy before the seventeenth amendment /
Wendy J. Schiller, Charles Stewart III

JK2316 .G34 2015
Don't blame us : suburban liberals and the transformation of the Democratic Party /
Lily Geismer

JK2356 .S296 2015
The stronghold : how Republicans captured Congress but surrendered the White House /
Thomas Schaller

JK271 .B36 2015
The politics of information : problem definition and the course of public policy in America /
Frank R. Baumgartner and Bryan D. Jones

JK5889 .M55 2015
Managing inequality : Northern racial liberalism in interwar Detroit /
Karen R. Miller

JK71 .M24 2008eb
Math and vocabulary for civil service exams

JK716 .B65 2013eb
9 steps to a great federal job
Lee Brainerd and C. Roebuck Reed

JK716 .C466 2010eb
Civil service exams

JK716 .C467 2013eb
Civil service exams : power practice

JK716 .H3532 2003eb
Vocabulary for civil service tests
Marguerite Hartill

JQ1512.Z13 D536 2014

JQ1848.A91 H47 2014
The wages of oil : Parliaments and economic development in Kuwait and the UAE /
Michael Herb

JQ1850.A91 B49 2014
Beyond the Arab Spring : the evolving ruling bargain in the Middle East /
Mehran Kamrava, editor

JQ1850.A91 I65 2014
The international politics of the Arab Spring : popular unrest and foreign policy /
edited by Robert Mason

JQ1875 .H47 2014
States and power in Africa : comparative lessons in authority and control /
Jeffrey Herbst

JS3000 .C93 2002eb
A tale of three cities : or the globalization of city management [electronic resource]
Barbara Czarniawska

JV6483 .B435 2009eb
Becoming a border patrol agent

JV6483 .B63 2014
Border patrol practice exam. 2 : : with artificial language

JV6483 .B63 2014
Border patrol practice exam. 1 : : with artificial language

JV6483 .B632 2014
Border patrol practice exam. 2 : : with Spanish language

JV6483 .B632 2014
Border patrol practice exam. 1 : : with Spanish language

JV6483 .B66 2008eb
Border patrol exam
[contributor, Joseph N. Dassaro]

JV6483 .B665 2012eb
Border patrol exam : power practice /
contributors: Ashleigh Martinez, Michele R. Wells

JV6483 B66 2010eb
Border patrol exam : artificial language test prep

JZ1251 .R34 2015
Race and racism in international relations : confronting the global colour line /
[edited by] Alexander Anievas, Nivi Manchanda and Robbie Shilliam

JZ1480 .D69 2015
The question of intervention : John Stuart Mill and the responsibility to protect /
Michael W. Doyle

JZ5538 .P797 2015
Psychosocial perspectives on peacebuilding
Brandon Hamber, Elizabeth Gallagher, editors

JZ5538 .R534 2014
Peace : a very short introduction /
Oliver P. Richmond

JZ6385 .K57 2015
Trust and fear in civil wars : ending intrastate conflicts /
Shanna Kirschner

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