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Items Acquired in September 2014 for the University Libraries

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JA51 .S7
The Statesman's year-book

JA71 .M35 2014eb
Traveling back : toward a global political theory /
Susan McWilliams

JA76 .M9213 2014
Politics in private : love and convictions in the French political consciousness /
Anne Muxel ; translated by Chantal Barry

JA76 .U73 2014
Families' values : how parents, siblings, and children affect political attitudes /
R. Urbatsch

JA84.U5 L55 2014
The lovers' quarrel : the two foundings and American political development /
Elvin T. Lim

JC359 .B37 2014
Informal empire and the rise of one world culture
Gregory A. Barton

JC421 .D63 2014eb
Listening for democracy : recognition, representation, reconciliation /
Andrew Dobson

JC423 .M296 2014
After Occupy : economic democracy for the 21st century /
Tom Malleson

JC423 .P67 2014eb
Mobilizing for democracy : comparing 1989 and 2011 /
Donatella della Porta

JC423 .R633 2014eb
The politics of accountability in Southeast Asia : the dominance of moral ideologies /
Garry Rodan, Caroline Hughes, authors

JC423 .T46 2014
Democracy's dangers & discontents : the tyranny of the majority from the Greeks to Obama /
Bruce S. Thornton

JC571 .B758 2013eb
Speaking rights to power : constructing political will /
Alison Brysk

JC573.2.U6 D545 2014
Rebellious conservatives : social movements in defense of privilege /
David R. Dietrich

JC574.2.G7 M67 2014
Empires without imperialism : Anglo-American decline and the politics of deflection [electronic resource]
Jeanne Morefield

JC574.2.U6 A42 2014
Liberalism and the emergence of American political science : a transatlantic tale /
Robert Adcock

JC599.S425 W53 2014
Human security and Sierra Leone's post-conflict development
Francis Wiafe-Amoako

JF1351 .L86 2014
Rethinking public strategy
Sean Lusk and Nick Birks

JF1525.E8 W43 2014
A guide to ethics and public policy : finding our way /
D. Don Welch

JF1525.I6 T83 2014
The end of intelligence : espionage and power in the information age /
David Tucker

JF1525.S4 C64 2014
Democracy declassified : the secrecy dilemma in national security /
Michael P. Colaresi

JF501 .R477 2014
Representing the people : a survey among members of statewide and sub-state parliaments /
edited by Kris Deschouwer and Sam Depauw

JK1118 .H348 2014
How organizations develop activists : civic associations and leadership in the 21st century /
Hahrie Han

JK1759 .F43 2014
The struggle for equal adulthood : gender, race, age, and the fight for citizenship in the antebellum America /
Corinne T. Field

JK1759 .F85 2014
Citizenship in Cold War America : the national security state and the possibilities of dissent /
Andrea Friedman

JK1764 .M375 2014eb
Mass Politics in Tough Times : Opinions, Votes and Protest in the Great Recession /
edited by Nancy Bermeo and Larry M. Bartels

JK2265 .M85 2014
The promise of party in a polarized age
Russell Muirhead

JK2281 .S78 2014eb
Presidential campaigning in the Internet age
Jennifer Stromer-Galley

JK2356 .H84 2014
The wrongs of the right : language, race, and the Republican Party in the age of Obama /
Matthew W. Hughey and Gregory S. Parks

JK275 .G77 2014
Artists of the possible : governing networks and American policy change since 1945 /
Matt Grossmann

JK468.P64 S958 2014
Valuing life : humanizing the regulatory state /
Cass R. Sunstein

JK511 .B39 2014
For fear of an elective king : George Washington and the presidential title controversy of 1789 /
Kathleen Bartoloni-Tuazon

JK716 .T73 2011eb
Federal resume guidebook : strategies for writing a winning federal resume [electronic resource]
Kathryn Kraemer Troutman

JL960 .V36 2014
Politics of Latin America : the power game /
Harry E. Vanden, Gary Prevost

JL966 .R38318 2014
Reflections on uneven democracies : the legacy of Guillermo O'Donnell /
edited by Daniel Brinks, Marcelo Leiras, and Scott Mainwaring

JN30 H63 2014eb
Blaming Europe? : responsibility without accountability in the European Union /
Sara B. Hobolt, James Tilley

JQ24 .C48 2015
Comparing Asian politics : India, China, and Japan /
Sue Ellen M. Charlton

JQ249.M54 T86 2015
Politics of preference : India, United States, and South Africa /
Krishna K. Tummala

JS344.P8 Z387 2014
Place branding through phases of the image : balancing image and substance /
Staci M. Zavattaro

JS422 .H285 2014
Governing metropolitan areas : response to growth and change /
David Hamilton

Winding up the British Empire in the Pacific Islands
W. David McIntyre

JV6483 .B435 2009eb
Becoming a border patrol agent

JV6483 .B63 2014
Border patrol practice exam. 2 : : with artificial language

JV6483 .B63 2014
Border patrol practice exam. 1 : : with artificial language

JV6483 .B632 2014
Border patrol practice exam. 2 : : with Spanish language

JV6483 .B632 2014
Border patrol practice exam. 1 : : with Spanish language

JZ1242 .T58 2014
A feminist voyage through international relations
J. Ann Tickner

JZ5588 .H366 2014eb
The rise and decline of a global security actor : UNHCR, refugee protection, and security /
Anne Hammerstad

JZ6385 .P37 2014
War is not inevitable : on the psychology of war and aggression /
Henri Parens

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