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Items Acquired in September 2015 for the University Libraries

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J87 .M4 1972f, no. 1537 KFM2491.W6
Report relative to the Equal rights constitutional amendment [electronic resource]

J87 .V9 1973c, no. 4 HQ1438.V5
Status of women : second report to the Governor, the General Assembly, and the citizens of Virginia [electronic resource]

J87 .V9 1974b, no. 25 KFV2811.7
Ratification of the Equal rights amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America : report of the Joint Privileges and Elections Committees of the General Assembly to the Governor and the General Assembly of Virginia [electronic resource]

Oxford studies in political philosophy. Volume 1
edited by David Sobel, Peter Vallentyne, and Steven Wall

JA71 .C877 2015
Current controversies in political philosophy
edited by Thom Brooks

JC229 .K34 2015eb
Tocqueville, democracy, and religion : checks and balances for democratic souls /
Alan S. Kahan

JC273.A49 S34 2015
Eqbal Ahmad : critical outsider in a turbulent age /
Stuart Schaar

The Wiley Blackwell companion to political geography
edited by John Agnew, Virginie Mamadouh, Anna J. Secor, and Joanne Shape

JC433 .C65
Freedom or fascism? [electronic resource]

JC480 .P475 2015
Perspectives on the entangled history of communism and Nazism : a comnaz analysis /
edited by Klas-Göran Karlsson, Johan Stenfeldt, and Ulf Zander

JC574 .K43 2015
Outline of a new liberalism : pragmatism and the stigmatized other /
Nelson W. Keith

JC71 .K37 2015
The rhetoric of Plato's Republic : democracy and the philosophical problem of persuasion /
James L. Kastely

Stasis and stability : exile, the polis, and political thought, c. 404-146 BC /
Benjamin Gray

JF1351 .F734 2016
The public administration theory primer
H. George Frederickson, Kevin B. Smith, Christopher W. Larimer, Michael J. Licari

JF1525.A8 H368 2015
Surveillance, transparency, and democracy : public administration in the information age /
Akhlaque Haque

JF1525.P6 P653 2015
Policy paradigms in theory and practice : discourses, ideas and anomalies in public policy dynamics /
edited by John Hogan, Michael Howlett

JF799.5 .W45 2015
The civic organization and the digital citizen : communicating engagement in a networked age /
Chris Wells

JF801 .E393 2015
The limits of political belonging : an adaptionist perspective on citizenship and society /
Mark Edwards

JK1319 .C89 2015
Legislating in the dark : information and power in the House of Representatives /
James M. Curry

JK1410 .P43 2015
Party discipline in the U.S. House of Representatives
Kathryn Pearson

JK168 .K4
Changing the constitution : a study of the amending process [electronic resource]
by Dorothy Kenyon; address delivered at the seventh annual convention of the National league of women voters, St. Louis, April 17, 1926

JK1880 .N32
An index to the National citizen and ballot box [electronic resource]
by Mara Ann Pinto Oess

JK1881 .L43 1977
Impact on issues, 1976-78 : a leader's guide to national program [electronic resource]

JK1881 .L485
A study of the League of Women Voters of the United States [electronic resource]
Survey Research Center, University of Michigan

JK1881 .L499
The program explained [electronic resource]

JK1881 .N357 sec. I, no. 143, #1
The proceedings of the Woman's Rights Convention, held at Worcester, October 23d & 24th, 1850 [electronic resource]

JK1881 .N357 sec. I, no. 143, #2
The proceedings of the Woman's Rights Convention, held at Worcester, October 15th and 16th, 1851 [electronic resource]

JK1881 .N357 sec. I, no. 146a, #4
The proceedings of the Woman's Rights Convention, held at Akron, Ohio, May 28 and 29, 1851 [electronic resource]

JK1883 .M66 1995
More power than we knew : the League of Women Voters in Oregon, 1920-1995 [electronic resource]
Mary Alice Moore, Donald E. Moore

JK1885 1848a no. 6
The proceedings of the Woman's Rights Convention, held at Syracuse, September 8th, 9th, & 10th, 1852 [electronic resource]

JK1885 1848d no. 5
Proceedings of the Ohio Women's Convention, held at Salem, April 19th and 20th, 1850 : with an address by J. Elizabeth Jones [electronic resource]

JK1885 1856
Proceedings of the seventh National Woman's Rights Convention, held in New York City, at the Broadway Tabernacle, on Tuesday and Wednesday, Nov. 25th and 26th, 1856 [electronic resource]

JK1896 .D3 1871a
A history of the national woman's rights movement, for twenty years : with the proceedings of the decade meeting held at Apollo hall, October 20, 1870 from 1850 to 1870 [electronic resource]

JK1896 .S8 1881
History of woman suffrage [electronic resource]

JK1899.A6 H3
The life and work of Susan B. Anthony : including public addresses, her own letters and many from her contemporaries during fifty years, [electronic resource]
by Ida Husted Harper. A story of the evolution of the status of woman

JK1899.R49 A37
Search and struggle for equality and independence [electronic resource]
Rebecca Hourwich Reyher ; an interview conducted by Amelia R. Fry [and Fern Ingersoll] ; with an introd. by Nancy Hallinan

JK1899.S7 A4
Elizabeth Cady Stanton as revealed in her letters, diary and reminiscences [electronic resource]
ed. by Theodore Stanton and Harriot Stanton Blatch, illustrated from photographs ..

JK1911.C6 W6
Equal suffrage : the results of an investigation league in Colorado made for the Collegiate equal suffrage league of New York state [electronic resource]
by Helen L. Sumner, Ph.D

JK1911.M4 B7
Report of the Woman's rights meeting, at Mercantile hall, May 27, 1859 ... [electronic resource]

JK1911.M4 R8
Massachusetts in the woman suffrage movement : a general, political [electronic resource]
legal and legislative history from 1774, to 1881

JK1961 .B55
A handy digest of election laws [electronic resource]
by Gladys C. Blakey

JK1965 .A48 2015
America at the ballot box : elections and political history /
edited by Gareth Davies and Julian E. Zelizer

JK1973 .L43
Administrative obstacles to voting : a report of the League of Women Voters Education Fund [electronic resource]

JK2075.N42 M66 2015
The first primary : New Hampshire's outsize role in presidential nominations /
David W. Moore and Andrew E. Smith

JK2255 .S35 2015
When movements anchor parties : electoral alignments in American history /
Daniel Schlozman

JK2265 .M7 1923
Parties, politics, and people [electronic resource]
four lectures to the league of women voters of Cleveland

JK2281 .B353 2015eb
Using technology, building democracy : digital campaigning and the construction of citizenship /
Jessica Baldwin-Philippi

JK2281 .G74 2015
Get out the vote : how to increase voter turnout /
Donald P. Green, Alan S. Gerber

JK271 .F55
The woman voter's manual [electronic resource]
by S.E. Forman and Marjorie Shuler, with an introduction by Carrie Chapman Catt

JK2960.5.W6 N48 1972
Discrimination in state employment [electronic resource]

JK3 .L4322 no. 52
25 years of a great idea : a history of the National League of Women Voters [electronic resource]

JK3049.C7 G85 1986
Guide to appointive boards and commissions in Vermont : a joint project of the Governor's Commission on the Status of Women and the Office of the Secretary of State [electronic resource]

JK325 .N55 2015
Governors, grants, and elections : fiscal federalism in the American states /
Sean Nicholson-Crotty

JK3325 1973.A7
Connecticut : the story of your state government [electronic resource]

JK3425 1963 .L4
New York State : a citizen's handbook [electronic resource]
[Marjorie G. Stein, editor

JK3425.1846 .A15
Report of the debates and proceedings of the convention for the revision of the constitution of the state of New York [electronic resource]

JK3431 .G85 1989
A Guide to New York State government [electronic resource]
the League of Women Voters of New York State ; Mary Jo Fairbanks, editor

JK3557 .N5 1983
An analysis of wage discrimination in New Jersey state service [electronic resource]
State of New Jersey, Commission on Sex Discrimination in the Statutes

JK3616 .K48 1989
Key to the Keystone State, Pennsylvania [electronic resource]
League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania

JK3860.5.W6 M37 1980
A survey of sexual harassment in Maryland state government [electronic resource]

JK3860.5.W6 S66 1980
Women employed in Maryland state government in 1979 [electronic resource]

JK4157 .N66 1984
Pay equity in North Carolina state government : a report to the governor and the General Assembly [electronic resource]

JK468.I6 R53 2015
The U.S. intelligence community
Jeffrey T. Richelson

JK468.I6 T73 2016
The U.S. domestic intelligence enterprise : history, development, and operations /
Darren E. Tromblay

JK528 .O43 2015
Pivotal Tuesdays : four elections that shaped the twentieth century /
Margaret O'Mara

JK6160.5.W6 M63 1977
Minnesota women : state government employment [electronic resource]

JK691 .K5
The awkward age in civil service [electronic resource]
by Betsy Knapp

The new intergovernmentalism : states and supranational actors in the post-Maastricht era /
Christopher Bickerton, Dermot Hodson, and Uwe Puetter

Fear of dying
Erica Jong

JQ1510 .R63 2015
The road to collaborative governance in China
edited by Yijia Jing

JQ1539.5.A91 L63 2015
Hong Kong's indigenous democracy : origins, evolution and contentions /
Sonny Lo

JQ1850.A91 A797 2015
Arab spring : negotiating in the shadow of the intifadat /
edited by I. William Zartman

New subaltern politics : reconceptualizing hegemony and resistance in contemporary India /
[edited by] Alf Gunvald Nilsen and Srila Roy

JQ3981.A91 A45 2015
Gender, race, and Sudan's exile politics : do we all belong to this country? /
Nada Mustafa Ali

Transnational cooperation : an issue-based approach /
Clint Peinhardt and Todd Sandler

Everyday peace? : politics, citizenship and Muslim lives in India /
Philippa Williams

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