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Items Acquired in November 2014 for the University Libraries

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JA66 .B36 1967eb
The process of government [electronic resource]
Arthur F. Bentley ; edited by Peter H. Odegard

JA81 .S54 1978eb
The foundations of modern political thought [electronic resource]
Quentin Skinner

JA84.E9 K57 1986
Uncertain victory : social democracy and progressivism in European and American thought, 1870-1920 [electronic resource]
James T. Kloppenberg

JA84.U5 N35 2014
The royalist revolution : monarchy and the American founding /
Eric Nelson

JA85.2.U6 P64 2014
Political marketing in the United States
edited by Jennifer Lees-Marshment, Brian M. Conley and Kenneth Cosgrove

JC11 .F853 2014
Political order and political decay : from the industrial revolution to the globalization of democracy /
Francis Fukuyama

JC121 .M3213 1967"@"JC121
The defender of peace : The Defensor pacis / [electronic resource] =
Marsilius of Padua ; translated with an introduction by Alan Gewirth

JC145 .E6513 1968"@"JC145
The education of a Christian prince [electronic resource]
by Desiderius Erasmus ; translated with an introduction on Erasmus and on ancient and medieval political thought by Lester K. Born

JC212 .G7 1968eb
The nature and tendency of free institutions [electronic resource]
by Frederick Grimke ; edited by John William Ward

JC229.T8 C63 1993eb
Commager on Tocqueville [electronic resource]
Henry Steele Commager

JC251 .B32 1993eb
Critical theories of the state : Marxist, Neo-Marxist, Post-Marxist [electronic resource]
Clyde W. Barrow

JC311 .A48 2006"@"JC311
Imagined communities : reflections on the origin and spread of nationalism [electronic resource]
Benedict Anderson

JC328 .D44 1973eb
The study of political commitment [electronic resource]
by John DeLamater

JC337 .C76 2006eb
Toward a civil discourse : rhetoric and fundamentalism [electronic resource]
Sharon Crowley

JC359 .I67 2004eb
Imperial rule [electronic resource]
edited by Alexei Miller and Alfred J. Rieber

JC385 .K3 1997eb
The king's two bodies : a study in mediaeval political theology [electronic resource]
by Ernst H. Kantorowicz ; with a new preface by William Chester Jordan

Oriental despotism : a comparative study of total power [electronic resource]
by Karl A. Wittfogel

JC474 .J69 1992eb
New world disorder : the Leninist extinction [electronic resource]
Ken Jowitt

JC497.D475 M36 2010eb
The God who deconstructs himself : sovereignty and subjectivity between Freud, Bataille, and Derrida [electronic resource]
Nick Mansfield

JC571 .S6285 1999eb
Pragmatism, rights, and democracy [electronic resource]
Beth J. Singer

Australian liberals and the moral middle class : from Alfred Deakin to John Howard [electronic resource]
Judith Brett

JC574.2.A8 B74 2008"@"JC574.2.A8
Australian liberals and the moral middle class : from Alfred Deakin to John Howard [electronic resource]
Judith Brett

JC599.C7 T38 2007eb
Counting the dead : the culture and politics of human rights activism in Colombia [electronic resource]
Winifred Tate

JC599.U5 C58 1954eb
Freedom, loyalty, dissent [electronic resource]
by Henry Steele Commager

JC85.C5 S5 1973
The Roman citizenship [electronic resource]
by A.N. Sherwin-White

The Senate of Imperial Rome [electronic resource]
Richard J.A. Talbert

JC85.S4 W73 1971
New men in the Roman senate, 139 B.C. - A.D. 14 [electronic resource]
T.P. Wiseman

(Dys-)functionalities of corruption : comparative perspectives and methodological pluralism /
Tobias Debiel, Andrea Gawrich (eds.) ; in collaboration with Holger Niemann

JF1081 .C67345 2014
Corruption in the contemporary world : theory, practice, and hotspots /
edited by Jonathan Mendilow and Ilan Peleg

JF1525.E8 A33 2015
Unmasking administrative evil
by Guy B. Adams and Danny L. Balfour

JF2051 .B63 2014
Democracy and social peace in divided societies : exploring consociational parties /
Matthijs Bogaards

JF60 .B475 2014
Rethinking the Third World : international development and world politics /
Mark T. Berger and Heloise Weber

JK1021 .T75 2014
Triumphs and tragedies of the modern Congress : case studies in legislative leadership /
Maxmillian Angerholzer III, James Kitfield, Christopher P. Lu, and Norman Ornstein, editors ; foreword by David M. Abshire

JK1541 .C73 1943eb
Majority rule and minority rights [electronic resource]
by Henry Steele Commager

JK1561 .K8 1968eb
Judicial power and Reconstruction politics [electronic resource]
Stanley I. Kutler

JK1726 .C36 2012
Can we talk? : the rise of rude, nasty, stubborn politics /
Daniel M. Shea and Morris P. Fiorina, editors

JK1726 .F79 2014
Beyond religious right and secular left rhetoric : the road to compromise /
Karin Fry

JK1726 .M37 2015
Working congress : a guide for senators, representatives, and citizens /
edited by Robert Mann

JK1726 .T38 2014
A different democracy : American government in a thirty-one-country perspective /
Steven L. Taylor, Matthew S. Shugart, Arend Lijphart, Bernard Grofman

Avoiding politics : how Americans produce apathy in everyday life [electronic resource]
Nina Eliasoph

JK1764 .W635 2008eb
Millennial makeover : MySpace, YouTube, and the future of American politics [electronic resource]
Morley Winograd, Michael D. Hais

JK1846 .K48 2000eb
The right to vote : the contested history of democracy in the United States [electronic resource]
Alexander Keyssar

JK1846 .W5 1960eb
American suffrage : from property to democracy, 1760-1860 [electronic resource]
by Chilton Williamson

JK1896 .T47 1998eb
African American women in the struggle for the vote, 1850-1920 [electronic resource]
Rosalyn Terborg-Penn

JK2261 .J34 2015
The American political party system : continuity and change over ten presidential elections /
John S. Jackson

JK231 .S55 1982eb
Building a new American state : the expansion of national administrative capacities, 1877-1920 [electronic resource]
Stephen Skowronek

JK2316 .L36 2014
Northern men with Southern loyalties : the Democratic party and the sectional crisis /
Michael Todd Landis

JK411 .C66 2014
Bureaucracy and self-government : reconsidering the role of public administration in American politics /
Brian J. Cook

JK511 .C64 1974eb
The defeat of America : presidential power and the national character [electronic resource]
Henry Steele Commager

JK516 .M477 2014
The end of greatness : why America can't have (and doesn't want) another great president /
Aaron David Miller

JK54 .B74 1970
The character of the good ruler : a study of Puritan political ideas in New England, 1630-1730 [electronic resource]
by T.H. Breen

JK54 .G74 1994eb
Negotiated authorities : essays in colonial political and constitutional history [electronic resource]
Jack P. Greene

JK692 .D87 2014
Why public service matters : public managers, public policy, and democracy /
Robert F. Durant

JK723.E9 T33 2014
Tackling wicked government problems : a practical guide for developing enterprise leaders /
Jackson Nickerson, Ronald P. Sanders, editors

JL187 .B45 1993eb
Belonging : the meaning and future of Canadian citizenship [electronic resource]
edited by William Kaplan

JL27 .Y68 1998eb
The secession of Quebec and the future of Canada [electronic resource]
Robert A. Young

JL27.5 .W44 1994eb
Reimagining Canada : language, culture, community and the Canadian constitution [electronic resource]
Jeremy Webber

The English government at work, 1327-1336 [electronic resource]
edited by James F. Willard and William A. Morris

JN191 .B73 2000eb
State formation in early modern England, c. 1550-1700 [electronic resource]
Michael J. Braddick

JN191 .P6 1987eb
The ancient constitution and the feudal law : a study of English historical thought in the seventeenth century : a reissue with a retrospect [electronic resource]
J.G.A. Pocock

JN2067 .K6813 1999eb
Government and politics in Hungary [electronic resource]
András Körösényi

JN2067 .R68 2002eb
The roundtable talks of 1989 : the genesis of Hungarian democracy : analysis and documents [electronic resource]
edited by Andras Bozoki

JN2959 .W45 2014
France votes : the election of Francois Hollande /
Irwin Wall

JN5801 .A53 2014
Governance and politics of the Netherlands
Rudy B. Andeweg and Galen A. Irwin

JN6500 .H68 1997"@"JN6500
Democratization and revolution in the USSR, 1985-1991 [electronic resource]
Jerry F. Hough

JN6511 .R44 1993eb
Red sunset : the failure of Soviet politics [electronic resource]
Philip G. Roeder

JN6515 1971 .I5 1973eb
Interest groups in Soviet politics [electronic resource]
edited by H. Gordon Skilling and Franklyn Griffiths

JN6531 .F75 2007eb
State-building : a comparative study of Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, and Russia [electronic resource]
Verena Fritz

JN6581 .B5 1980eb
Stalin's successors : leadership, stability, and change in the Soviet Union [electronic resource]
Seweryn Bialer

JN6592 .E543 1995eb
Elections and political order in Russia : the implications of the 1993 elections to the Federal Assembly [electronic resource]
edited by Peter Lentini

JN6598.A1 F57 1995eb
Democracy from scratch : opposition and regime in the new Russian Revolution [electronic resource]
M. Steven Fish

JN6598.K6 H6 1969"@"JN6598.K7
The Soviet prefects : the local party organs in industrial decision-making [electronic resource]
Jerry F. Hough

JN6598.K7 R5 1968eb
Communist Party membership in the U.S.S.R., 1917-1967 [electronic resource]
T.H. Rigby

JN6598.K95 R67 1974eb
Liberals in the Russian Revolution : the Constitutional Democratic Party, 1917-1921 [electronic resource]
by William G. Rosenberg

JN6699.K335 M3513 2008eb
Kalmykia in Russia's past and present national policies and administrative system [electronic resource]
Konstantin N. Maksimov

JQ1510 .W66 2006
Lost modernities : China, Vietnam, Korea, and the hazards of world history [electronic resource]
Alexander Woodside

JQ1789.A15 M64 2014
The formation of civil society in modern Iran : public intellectuals and the state /
Melody Mohebi

JQ1830.A91 S53 2002eb
Being Israeli : the dynamics of multiple citizenship [electronic resource]
Gershon Shafir, Yoav Peled

JQ1830.A98 J324 2005eb
Resistance, repression, and gender politics in occupied Palestine and Jordan [electronic resource]
Frances S. Hasso

JQ1879.A13 L46 2014
Public procurement reforms in Africa : challenges in institutions and governance /
Christine Léon de Mariz, Claude Ménard, and Bernard Abeillé

JQ229.I6 B39 1999eb
Empire and information : intelligence gathering and social communication in India, 1780-1870 [electronic resource]
C.A. Bayly

JQ299.T366 N37 1992eb
Symbols of substance, court and state in Nāyaka period Tamilnadu [electronic resource]
Velcheru Narayana Rao, David Shulman, Sanjay Subrahmanyam

JQ36 .I53 2014
Incomplete democracies in the Asia-Pacific : evidence from Indonesia, Korea, the Philippines, and Thailand /
edited by Giovanna Maria Dora Dore, Jae H. Ku, Karl D. Jackson

JQ3619.A5 W4 1967eb
Political protest in the Congo : the Parti solidaire africain during the independence struggle [electronic resource]
Herbert F. Weiss

JS1227 .B74 1984eb
A city in the republic : antebellum New York and the origins of machine politics [electronic resource]
Amy Bridges

JS3025 .S7
Borough and town : a study of urban origins in England [electronic resource]
[by] Carl Stephenson, Professor of History, Cornell University

JV105 .A35 1995eb
After colonialism : imperial histories and postcolonial displacements [electronic resource]
edited by Gyan Prakash

JV6471 .P67 2001eb
Legacies : the story of the immigrant second generation [electronic resource]
Alejandro Portes, Rubén G. Rumbaut

JX1974.7 .P445 1996"@"JX1974.7
The ribbon around the Pentagon : peace by piecemakers [electronic resource]
Linda Pershing

JX1977.A335 E25
Economic and social survey of Asia and the Pacific

JZ1318 .S228 2010eb
Globalization and nationalism : the cases of Georgia and the Basque country [electronic resource]
Natalie Sabanadze

JZ1480 .D53 2014
Diaspora lobbies and the US government : convergence and divergence in making foreign policy /
edited by Josh DeWind and Renata Segura

JZ1624 .O5 2000eb
On the edge : Ukrainian-Central European-Russian security triangle [electronic resource]
edited by Margarita M. Balmaceda

JZ5675 .F45 2014
Unmaking the bomb : a fissile material approach to nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation /
Harold A. Feiveson, Alexander Glaser, Zia Mian, and Frank N. von Hippel

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