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Items Acquired in September 2014 for the University Libraries

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K1401 .G64 2013
IPR, biosafety, and bioethics [electronic resource]
Deepa Goel, Shomini Parashar

K1401 .M89 2014
Putting intellectual property in its place : rights discourses, creative labor, and the everyday /
Laura J. Murray, S. Tina Piper, Kirsty Robertson

K1519.D78 B683 2012
Patently innovative : how pharmaceutical firms use emerging patent law to extend monopolies on blockbuster drugs [electronic resource]
Ron A. Bouchard

K236 .M865 2014eb
The structure of pluralism : on the authority of associations /
Víctor M. Muñiz-Fraticelli

Transnational legality : stateless law and international arbitration /
Thomas Schultz

K282 .M87 2014
The philosophy of customary law
James Bernard Murphy

K3171 .Z37 2014
Courts, codes, and custom : legal tradition and state policy toward international human rights and environmental law /
Dana Zartner

K3240 .L46 2014
The culturalization of human rights law
Federico Lenzerini

K3242 .P49 2013
Philosophical foundations of discrimination law
edited by Deborah Hellman and Sophia Moreau

Data privacy law : an international perspective /
Lee Andrew Bygrave

K3275 .H863 2014eb
Human rights and immigration
edited by Ruth Rubio-Marín

Constitutional secularism in an age of religious revival
Susanna Mancini and Michel Rosenfeld

K3370 .M463 2013eb
Constitutional courts and deliberative democracy
Conrado Hübner Mendes

K3791 .C44 2014
The settlement of international cultural heritage disputes [elektronische middelen]
Alessandro Chechi

K3840 .S53 2014
Achieving democracy : the future of progressive regulation /
Sidney A. Shapiro and Joseph P. Tomain

K5105.8885.W66 .M477 2014
Building web apps with WordPress [electronic resource]
Brian Messenlehner, Jason Coleman

K5297 .R37 2013
Trafficking of children for sexual exploitation : public international law 1864-1950 /
Sunil Salankey Rao

K5437 .W34 2014eb
Terror detentions and the rule of law : US and UK perspectives /
Robert H. Wagstaff

K564.C6 .R673 2014eb
Cyber operations and the use of force in international law
Marco Roscini ; The Leverhulme Trust

K639 .P79 2014
Psychology, law, and the wellbeing of children
edited by Monica K. Miller, Jared C. Chamberlain, Twila Wingrove

Principles of corporate finance law

The economic constitution
Tony Prosser

KF285.Z9 L645 2014
LSAT logic games practice set. 1

KF285.Z9 L73 2014
LSAT practice test. 1

KF285.Z9 L73 2014
LSAT practice test. 2

KF285.Z9 L732 2014
LSAT logic games practice set. 2

KF297 .B725 2013eb
Life after law : finding work you love with the J.D. you have /
Liz Brown

KF320.L4 B43 2010eb
Becoming a paralegal

KF3464 .S364 2012
Discrimination law issues for the safety professional [electronic resource]
Thomas D. Schneid

KF4541 .B33 2013eb
The civic constitution : civic visions and struggles in the path toward constitutional democracy /
Elizabeth Beaumont

KF4550.Z9 U551 2014
United States Constitution review. 1

KF4550.Z9 U552 2014
United States Constitution review. 2

KF4550.Z9 U553 2014
United States Constitution review. 3

KF4710.Z9 C58 2014
Citizenship test practice : history & civics questions

KF4755 .F57 2013eb
Bottlenecks : a new theory of equal opportunity /
Joseph Fishkin

KF5053 .F57 2014
The law of the Executive branch : presidential power /
Louis Fisher

KF535.Z9 W458 2014
Surviving divorce [electronic resource]
by Pamela Weintraub and Terry Hillman

J.K. Lasser's small business taxes 2014 : your complete guide to a better bottom line [electronic resource]
Barbara Weltman

KF6499.I57 S52 2014
Fixing U.S. international taxation
Daniel N. Shaviro

KF8748 .B56 2014
Do great cases make bad law?
Lackland H. Bloom, Jr

KF8968.54 .S483 2014
The language of murder cases : intentionality, predisposition, and voluntariness [electronic resource]
Roger W. Shuy

KF9084 .B43 2010eb
Becoming a legal mediator

KF9323 .T84 2014
Flawed convictions : Shaken Baby Syndrome and the inertia of injustice /
Deborah Tuerkheimer

KF9678 .G78 2014
I'm sorry for what I've done : the language of courtroom apologies /
M. Catherine Gruber

KGJ97 .B477 2014eb
Caribbean integration law
David S. Berry

Kindle Fire (Computer)
Fire phone : out of the box [electronic resource]
Brian Sawyer

KJC5132 .F333 2014eb
Fundamental rights in Europe : challenges and transformations in comparative perspective /
Federico Fabbrini

KJE4445 .J35 2014
Constitutional pluralism in the EU
Klemen Jaklic

KJE4445 .K536 2014eb
The principle of loyalty in EU law
Marcus Klamert

KJE5086 .Q47 2014
The question of competence in the European Union
edited by Loïc Azoulai

EU consumer law and human rights
Iris Benöhr

KNS1520 .K36 2014
Medicine and law
K. Kannan

Public secrets of law : rape trials in India /
Pratiksha Baxi

KNW469 .F44 2013
Shari'a and social engineering : the implementation of Islamic law in contemporary Aceh, Indonesia /
R. Michael Feener

KZ1318 .P85 2014
The law and politics of international regime conflict
Dirk Pulkowski

KZ6250 .S49 2014
Assessing the effectiveness of international courts [elektronische middelen]
Yuval Shany

KZ6385 .Y66 2014
Point of attack : preventive war, international law, and global welfare [elektronische middelen]
John Yoo

The role of national courts in applying international humanitarian law
Sharon Weill

KZ6745 .J87 2014eb
Jus post bellum : mapping the normative foundations /
edited by Carsten Stahn, Jennifer S. Easterday, Jens Iverson

KZ6795.T47 L66 2014
The long decade : how 9/11 changed the law /
David Jenkins, Amanda Jacobsen, and Anders Henriksen

KZ7145 .L49 2014eb
The birth of the new justice : the internationalization of crime and punishment, 1919-1950 [electronic resource]
Mark Lewis

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