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K3334 .P46 1993eb
The prince and the law, 1200-1600 : sovereignty and rights in the western legal tradition [electronic resource]
Kenneth Pennington

K840 .G673 2011eb
The philosophical origins of modern contract doctrine
by James Gordley

KBP526.3 .T83 2008eb
Women, family, and gender in Islamic law [electronic resource]
Judith E. Tucker

KD606 .O94 2003
The Oxford history of the laws of England [electronic resource]
[general editor, Sir John Baker]

Leading cases in the common law [electronic resource]
A.W. Brian Simpson

KD833 .S56 1986
A history of the land law [electronic resource]
by A.W.B. Simpson

KD835.A75 M54 1976eb
The legal framework of English feudalism : the Maitland lectures given in 1972 [electronic resource]
S. F. C. Milsom

KD8400 .G73 1985eb
Verdict according to conscience : perspectives on the English criminal trial jury, 1200-1800 [electronic resource]
Thomas Andrew Green

KD8682 .W86 1981eb
London church courts and society on the eve of the Reformation [electronic resource]
Richard M. Wunderli

KE7709 .G74 1993"@"E98.C6
The law of nations and the New World [electronic resource]
L.C. Green, Olive P. Dickason ; with an introduction by Timothy J. Christian

KF1262 .R36 2009eb
Trivial complaints : the role of privacy in domestic violence law and activism in the U.S. [electronic resource]
Kirsten S. Rambo

KF213 .W5 1967eb
The works of James Wilson [electronic resource]
edited by Robert Green McCloskey

KF221.M8 R66 2014
Racial reckoning : prosecuting America's civil rights murders /
Renee C. Romano

KF223.Z46 A43 1972"@"KF223.Z4
A brief narrative of the case and trial of John Peter Zenger : printer of the New York weekly journal [electronic resource]
by James Alexander ; edited by Stanley Nider Katz

KF224.S3 L37 1997"@"KF224.S3
Summer for the gods : the Scopes trial and America's continuing debate over science and religion [electronic resource]
Edward J. Larson

KF228.A653 S85 2009eb
Prison religion : faith-based reform and the constitution [electronic resource]
Winnifred Fallers Sullivan

KF228.H65 S52 2003eb
Inside a class action : the Holocaust and the Swiss banks [electronic resource]
Jane Schapiro

KF2814 .B458 2001eb
Freedom of the air and the public interest : First Amendment rights in broadcasting to 1935 [electronic resource]
Louise M. Benjamin

First to file : patents for today's scientist and engineer /
M. Henry Heines

KF3464 .N45 1999eb
Legalizing gender inequality : courts, markets, and unequal pay for women in America [electronic resource]
Robert L. Nelson, William P. Bridges

KF352 .A79 1978eb
American law and the constitutional order : historical perspectives [electronic resource]
edited by Lawrence M. Friedman and Harry N. Scheiber

KF3615 .W58 2004eb
The accidental republic : crippled workingmen, destitute widows, and the remaking of American law [electronic resource]
John Fabian Witt

KF366 .H6 1977eb
The transformation of American law, 1780-1860 [electronic resource]
Morton J. Horwitz

KF366 .H87 1984eb
Law and the conditions of freedom in the nineteenth-century United States [electronic resource]
James Willard Hurst

KF368.S42 L48 1957eb
The law of the Commonwealth and Chief Justice Shaw [electronic resource]
Leonard W. Levy

KF380 .W54 1998eb
The lost world of classical legal thought : law and ideology in America, 1886-1937 [electronic resource]
William M. Wiecek

KF4541 .B55 2004eb
The transatlantic constitution : colonial legal culture and the empire [electronic resource]
Mary Sarah Bilder

KF4545.S5 B58 2014
Tyrannicide : forging an American law of slavery in revolutionary South Carolina and Massachusetts /
Emily Blanck

KF4545.S5 T87 1981eb
The American law of slavery, 1810-1860 : considerations of humanity and interest [electronic resource]
Mark V. Tushnet

KF4545.S5 V36 2014
Redemption songs : suing for freedom before Dred Scott /
Lea VanderVelde

KF4545.S5 W53 1977eb
The sources of antislavery constitutionalism in America, 1760-1848 [electronic resource]
William M. Wiecek

KF4700 .K37 1989
Belonging to America : equal citizenship and the constitution [electronic resource]
Kenneth L. Karst

KF4749 .R45 1986eb
Constitutional history of the American Revolution [electronic resource]
John Phillip Reid

KF4757 .B76 2011eb
Courage to dissent : Atlanta and the long history of the civil rights movement [electronic resource]
Tomiko Brown-Nagin

KF4772 .F5677 2014
Versions of academic freedom : from professionalism to revolution /
Stanley Fish

KF4800 .N485 2004eb
Impossible subjects : illegal aliens and the making of modern America [electronic resource]
Mae M. Ngai

KF4881 .F75 2008eb
American sovereigns : the people and America's Constitutional tradition before the Civil War [electronic resource]
Christian G. Fritz

KF49 .C65
Congress and the nation

KF5399 .G55 1993eb
The Constitution besieged : the rise and demise of Lochner era police powers jurisprudence [electronic resource]
Howard Gillman

KF801 .K74 2007eb
Calculating promises : the emergence of modern American contract doctrine [electronic resource]
Roy Kreitner

KF801.Z9 S73 1998eb
The state and freedom of contract [electronic resource]
edited by Harry N. Scheiber

KF8202 .N38 2014
Nation to nation : treaties between the United States & American Indian Nations /
general editor, Suzan Shown Harjo

KF8742 .E665 2014
American justice 2014 : nine clashing visions on the Supreme Court /
Garrett Epps

KF8742 .P3345 2006
The character of justice : rhetoric, law, and politics in the Supreme Court confirmation process [electronic resource]
Trevor Parry-Giles

KF8745.M3 F3 1968eb
The jurisprudence of John Marshall [electronic resource]
by Robert Kenneth Faulkner

KF8745.S67 B57 2014
Breaking in : the rise of Sonia Sotomayor and the politics of justice /
Joan Biskupic

KF8858 .P87 1992eb
Litigation and inequality : federal diversity jurisdiction in industrial America, 1870-1958 [electronic resource]
Edward A. Purcell, Jr

KF9223 .F75 1993eb
Crime and punishment in American history [electronic resource]
Lawrence Friedman

KF9223.5 .K36 1992eb
Murder, courts, and the press : issues in free press/fair trial [electronic resource]
Peter E. Kane ; with a foreword by Franklyn S. Haiman

KF9242 .R3 1962eb
A treatise on the medical jurisprudence of insanity [electronic resource]
by Isaac Ray ; edited by Winfred Overholser

KFL411.5.A34 A83 2014
Making race in the courtroom : the legal construction of three races in early New Orleans /
Kenneth R. Aslakson

KFN5124 .B37 1982eb
In the eyes of the law : women, marriage, and property in nineteenth-century New York [electronic resource]
Norma Basch

KG173 .D44 2001
Empowering women : land and property rights in Latin America [electronic resource]
Carmen Diana Deere and Magdalena León

KJ147 .B69 2004eb
Shifting landmarks : property, proof, and dispute in Catalonia around the year 1000 [electronic resource]
Jeffrey A. Bowman

KJ147 .B785 2008eb
The medieval origins of the legal profession : canonists, civilians, and courts [electronic resource]
James A. Brundage

KJA2584 .F74 1980
Landlords and tenants in imperial Rome [electronic resource]
by Bruce W. Frier

KJA2850 .W55 2005eb
The laws of the Roman people : public law in the expansion and decline of the Roman republic [electronic resource]
Callie Williamson

KJA56 .B47 1991eb
Encyclopedic dictionary of Roman law [electronic resource]
Adolf Berger

KJC1100 .D66 2007eb
Law, marriage, and society in the later Middle Ages : arguments about marriage in five courts [electronic resource]
Charles Donahue, Jr

KJC1162 .H69 1998eb
The marriage exchange : property, social place, and gender in cities of the Low Countries, 1300-1550 [electronic resource]
Martha C. Howell

KJC7521.R48 K88 2009eb
Post-communist restitution and the rule of law [electronic resource]
Csongor Kuti

KJV894 .F83 2008eb
Contested paternity : constructing families in modern France [electronic resource]
Rachel G. Fuchs

KKH9851 .K84 1991eb
Law, family & women : toward a legal anthropology of Renaissance Italy [electronic resource]
Thomas Kuehn

KKH9851.2 .K84 2008eb
Heirs, kin, and creditors in Renaissance Florence [electronic resource]
Thomas Kuehn

KKX517.5 .P45 2003eb
Morality tales : law and gender in the Ottoman court of Aintab [electronic resource]
Leslie Peirce

KKY2070 .W65 2001eb
The moulding of Ukraine : the constitutional politics of state formation [electronic resource]
by Kataryna Wolczuk

KL210 .R68 1997eb
Law collections from Mesopotamia and Asia Minor [electronic resource]
by Martha T. Roth ; with a contribution by Harry A. Hoffner, Jr. ; volume editor Piotr Michalowski

KL4712.A3 E5 1996eb
Hittite diplomatic texts [electronic resource]
by Gary Beckman ; edited by Harry A. Hoffner, Jr

KLA120 .M4213 1979"@"KLA122
Medieval Russian laws [electronic resource]
translated by George Vernadsky

KLA540 .G65 1993eb
Women, the state, and revolution : Soviet family policy and social life, 1917-1936 [electronic resource]
Wendy Z. Goldman

KMK1020 .B37 2007eb
Outlawed pigs : law, religion, and culture in Israel [electronic resource]
Daphne Barak-Erez

Criminal justice in China : a history [electronic resource]
Klaus Mühlhahn

KNQ4200 .S65 2000"@"KNQ4200
Sex, law, and society in late imperial China [electronic resource]
Matthew H. Sommer

KNS127.3 .D38 2010eb
The spirit of Hindu law [electronic resource]
Donald R. Davis, Jr

KPT834 .E545 2010eb
Tort, custom, and karma : globalization and legal consciousness in Thailand [electronic resource]
David M. Engel and Jaruwan S. Engel

KPV2467.W65 L8813 1954"@"HQ1306.T67
The role of women in Tonkinese religion and property [electronic resource]
by Pierre Lustéguy ; translated by Charles A. Messner

KZ1242 .B46 2004eb
Law and colonial cultures : legal regimes in world history, 1400-1900 [electronic resource]
Lauren Benton

KZ6368 .W37 2014
Governing the use-of-force in international relations : the post 9/11 US challenge on international law /
Aiden Warren, Ingvild Bode

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