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Items Acquired in January 2015 for the University Libraries

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K2261 .H6 2008
A philosophy of evidence law : justice in the search for truth [electronic resource]
H. L. Ho

K3440 .C58 2014
Civil service practice exam. 2

K3440 .C58 2014
Civil service practice exam. 3

K3440 .C58 2014
Civil service practice exam. 4

K3440 .C58 2014
Civil service practice exam. 1

K370 .T358 2001
A general jurisprudence of law and society [electronic resource]
Brian Z. Tamanaha

K5064 .A967 2005
Appraising strict liability [electronic resource]
edited by A.P. Simester

K5178 .L49 2007
Assisted dying and legal change [electronic resource]
Penney Lewis

Children defending their human rights under the CRC communications procedure : on strengthening the convention on the rights of the child complaints mechanism /
Sonja C. Grover

KD720 .I22 2006
A historical introduction to the law of obligations [electronic resource]
D.J. Ibbetson

The impact of econveyancing on title registration : a risk assessment /
Gabriel Brennan

KE5008 .R69 2014
RPAT practice exam

KF154 .W47 2011eb
Gale encyclopedia of American law [electronic resource]
project editor, Donna Batten

American law yearbook 2009 [electronic resource]
Jeffrey Wilson, project editor

KF285.Z9 L645 2011eb
Logic games for the LSAT

KF285.Z9 L645 2014
LSAT logic games practice set. 1

KF285.Z9 L73 2014
LSAT practice test. 1

KF285.Z9 L73 2014
LSAT practice test. 2

KF285.Z9 L732 2014
LSAT logic games practice set. 2

KF3116 .B43 2015
Invented by law : Alexander Graham Bell and the patent that changed America /
Christopher Beauchamp

KF320.L4 B43 2010eb
Becoming a paralegal

KF373.C53 H55 2014
A very private public citizen : the life of Grenville Clark /
Nancy Peterson Hill

KF374.H55 A55 2013e
Anita : speaking truth to power /
Samuel Goldwyn Films ; Chanlim Films ; American Film Foundation ; in association with Impact Partners and Artemis Rising Foundation ; a film by Freida Mock

KF4550.Z9 U551 2014
United States Constitution review. 1

KF4550.Z9 U552 2014
United States Constitution review. 2

KF4550.Z9 U553 2014
United States Constitution review. 3

KF4710.Z9 C58 2014
Citizenship test practice : history & civics questions

KF4819 .M55 2015
Immigration judges and U.S. asylum policy
Banks Miller, Linda Camp Keith, and Jennifer S. Holmes

KF4840 .U478 2009eb
The Ultimate guide to getting your green card

KF4840 .U47818 2009eb
Lo último en guías para obtener su tarjeta verde

KF5050 .K58 2015
Reclaiming accountability : transparency, executive power, and the U.S. Constitution /
Heidi Kitrosser

KF8770 .C599 2011eb
Court officer exam

KF8770 .C68 2014
Court officer practice test. 1

KF8770 .C68 2014
Court officer practice test. 2

KF9084 .B43 2010eb
Becoming a legal mediator

KFO596 .M66
Annual report - Juvenile Division of the Common Pleas Court of Montgomery County Ohio

KJC5132 .E97 2008
A Europe of rights : the impact of the ECHR on national legal systems [electronic resource]
edited by Helen Keller and Alec Stone Sweet

KJC5132 .L485 2007
A theory of interpretation of the European Convention on Human Rights [electronic resource]
George Letsas

KJC5571 .A93 2000
A continental distinction in the common law : a historical and comparative perspective on English public law [electronic resource]
J.W.F. Allison

The criminalisation of migration in Europe : : challenges for human rights and the rule of law /
Valsamis Mitsilegas

KZ4082 .R47 2015
The responsibility to protect and the third pillar : legitimacy and operationalization /
edited by Daniel Fiott, Joachim Koops

KZ6250 .B76 2007
A common law of international adjudication [electronic resource]
Chester Brown

KZ7170 .R86 2014
Torturing terrorists : exploring the limits of law, human rights, and academic freedom /
Philip NS Rumney

KZD1445 .A34 2015
Regulation of Commercial Space Transport : The Astrocizing of ICAO /
Ruwantissa Abeyratne

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