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Organisation of banking regulation
Alexander Wellerdt

The shipping industry, ocean governance and environmental law in the paradigm shift : in search of a pragmatic balance for the Arctic /
Tafsir Johansson, Patrick Donner

K1322 .M484 2009
Insolvency within multinational enterprise groups [electronic resource]
Irit Mevorach

Intellectual property and free trade agreements in the Asia-Pacific Region
Christoph Antons, Reto Hilty, editors

K1401 .C676 2004
Intellectual property : omnipresent, distracting, irrelevant? [electronic resource]
William Cornish

K1401 .I5775 2014
Intellectual property, trade & development : strategies to optimize economic development in a TRIPS-plus era /
edited by Daniel J. Gervais, professor of law and director of the intellectual property program at Vanderbilt University Law School

Competition on the internet [electronic resource]
edited by Gintarė Surblytė

Balancing copyright law in the digital age : comparative perspectives /
Roberto Caso, Federica Giovanella, editors

Compulsory licensing : practical experiences and ways forward /
Reto M. Hilty, Kung-Chung Liu, editors

K170 .J87 2004
Jurists uprooted : German-speaking émigré lawyers in twentieth-century Britain [electronic resource]
edited by Jack Beatson and Reinhard Zimmermann

Labour constitution : the enduring idea of labour law /
Ruth Dukes

Core labour standards and international trade : lessons from the regional context /
Kofi Addo

Protecting the rights of people with autism in the fields of education and employment : international, European and national perspectives /
Valentina Della Fina, Rachele Cera, editors

K212 .V47 2009
Law and the limits of reason [electronic resource]
Adrian Vermeule

K230.E48 A35 2008
Legal rights [electronic resource]
Pavlos Eleftheriadis

K230.M356 L39 2007
Law in the age of pluralism [electronic resource]
by Andrei Marmor

K231 .C65 2005
Markets, morals and the law [electronic resource]
Jules Coleman

K235 .L335 2007
Law and philosophy [electronic resource]
edited by Michael Freeman and Ross Harrison

Legal fictions in theory and practice
Maksymilian Del Mar, William Twining, editors

K302 .N49 2007
New perspectives on the divide between national and international law [electronic resource]
edited by Janne Nijman and André Nollkaemper

A history of western public law : between nation and state /
Bruno Aguilera-Barchet ; with the collaboration of M.I. Fajardo, Ph.D. Librarian, University of Granada

Behind a veil of ignorance? : power and uncertainty in constitutional design /
Louis M. Imbeau, Steve Jacob, editors

K3165 .I58 2006
Interpreting constitutions : a comparative study [electronic resource]
edited by Jeffrey Goldsworthy

K3171 .B33 2005
International human rights and Islamic law [electronic resource]
Mashood A. Baderin

Legal republicanism : national and international perspectives [electronic resource]
edited by Samantha Besson and José Luis Martí

Betty A. Reardon: A Pioneer in Education for Peace and Human Rights [electronic resource]
by Betty A. Reardon, Dale T. Snauwaert

K3240 .F735 2008
Human rights transformed : positive rights and positive duties [electronic resource]
Sandra Fredman

K3240 .H475 2008
Human rights and the WTO : the case of patents and access to medicines [electronic resource]
by Holger Hestermeyer

K3240 .H8576 2008
Human rights, intervention and the use of force [electronic resource]
edited by Philip Alston and Euan Macdonald

K3240 .M33 2008
Independence of mind [electronic resource]
Timothy Macklem

K3240 .N495 2009
New institutions for human rights protection [electronic resource]
edited by Kevin Boyle

K3253 .C65 2009
Meaning in law : a theory of speech [electronic resource]
Charles W. Collier

K3280 .M37 2014
Mapping the legal boundaries of belonging : religion and multiculturalism from Israel to Canada /
edited by René Provost

K331 .K726 2007
In defense of legal positivism : law without trimmings [electronic resource]
Matthew H. Kramer

K3367 .J825 2007
Judicial activism in common law supreme courts [electronic resource]
edited by Brice Dickson

K3375 .E47 2014eb
Empire by treaty : negotiating European expansion, 1600-1900 /
edited by Saliha Belmessous

K341 .L45 2007
Naturalizing jurisprudence : essays on American legal realism and naturalism in legal philosophy [electronic resource]
Brian Leiter

K3585 .S867 2014
Environmental diplomacy : Negotiating More Effective Global Agreements /
Lawrence E. Susskind, Saleem H. Ali, and Zakri Abdul Hamid

K3593.5.C37 L44 2009
Legal aspects of carbon trading : Kyoto, Copenhagen, and beyond [electronic resource]
edited by David Freestone and Charlotte Streck

K3601 .L38 2008
Law and bioethics [electronic resource]
edited by Michael Freeman

K3607 .C64 2014
Patients with passports : medical tourism, law and ethics /
I. Glenn Cohen

K3611.G46 N49 2009
New technologies and human rights [electronic resource]
edited by Thérèse Murphy

Nuclear waste governance : an international comparison /
Achim Brunnengräber, Maria Rosaria Di Nucci, Ana María Isidoro Losada, Lutz Mez, Miranda A. Schreurs (eds.)

Normativity in legal sociology : methodological reflections on law and regulation in late modernity /
Reza Banakar

Art collections, private and public : a comparative legal study /
Elina Moustaira

K3820 .S223 2009
International development law : rule of law, human rights, and global finance [electronic resource]
Rumu Sarkar

K3830 .B73 2014
Investment treaty arbitration as public international law : procedural aspects and implications /
Eric De Brabandere

K3830 .H86 2009
Human rights in international investment law and arbitration [electronic resource]
edited by P.M. Dupuy, F. Francioni, and E.U. Petersmann

K3830 .I5954 2009
International investment law for the 21st century : essays in honour of Christoph Schreuer [electronic resource]
edited by Christina Binder ... [et al.]

Forests in international law : is there really a need for an international forest convention? /
Anja Eikermann

K3973 .D45 2007
International trade in services and domestic regulations : necessity, transparency, and regulatory diversity [electronic resource]
Panagiotis Delimatsis

Energy law : an introduction /
Raphael J. Heffron

Philosophical explorations of justice and taxation : national and global issues /
Helmut P. Gaisbauer, Gottfried Schweiger, Clemens Sedmak, editors

The political economy of anti-dumping protection : a strategic analysis /
Patricia Wruuck

K487.A57 L383 2009
Law and anthropology [electronic resource]
edited by Michael Freeman and David Napier

European perspectives on behavioural law and economics
Klaus Mathis, editor

K487.E3 Z39 2015
Law, psychology, and morality : the role of loss aversion /
Eyal Zamir

Law, language and translation : from concepts to conflicts /
Rosanna Masiola, Renato Tomei

K487.T4 B74 2007
Law in an era of "smart" technology [electronic resource]
by Susan W. Brenner

Foundational texts in modern criminal law
edited by Markus D. Dubber

K5018 .G37 2007
Offences and defences : selected essays in the philosophy of criminal law [electronic resource]
John Gardner

K5018 .G694 2006
Lying, cheating, and stealing : a moral theory of white-collar crime [electronic resource]
Stuart P. Green

K5036 .H577 2003
Jurisdiction and the ambit of the criminal law [electronic resource]
Michael Hirst

K5087.S4 .F769 2014eb
Defensive killing : an essay on war and self-defence /
Helen Frowe

K5103 .M38 2000eb
Justice and punishment : the rationale of coercion [electronic resource]
Matt Matravers

K5171 .L49 2006
Killing in self-defence [electronic resource]
Fiona Leverick

The illegal business of human trafficking
Maria João Guia, editor

K5301 .M48 2006
International crimes and the ad hoc tribunals [electronic resource]
Guénaël Mettraux

K559 .G547 2005
On common laws [electronic resource]
H. Patrick Glenn

Economic Analysis of Liability Rules
Satish Kumar Jain

K7624 .L37 2009eb
Judicial deliberations : a comparative analysis of judicial transparency and legitimacy /
Mitchel de S.-O.-L'E. Lasser

The sociology of shari'a : case studies from around the world /
Adam Possamai, James T. Richardson, Bryan S. Turner, editors

A practical guide to disruption and productivity loss on construction and engineering projects
Roger Gibson

KD4080 .S56 2004
Human rights and the end of empire : Britain and the genesis of the European Convention [electronic resource]
A.W. Brian Simpson

KD632.B577 M37 2006
Mapping the law : essays in memory of Peter Birks [electronic resource]
edited by Andrew Burrows and Lord Rodger of Earlsferry

KD665.A43 H47 2009
Older people in law and society [electronic resource]
Jonathan Herring

KD8348 .H39 2002
Law as last resort : prosecution decision-making in a regulatory agency [electronic resource]
Keith Hawkins

I take you : a novel /
Eliza Kennedy

KF1250 .B37 2015eb
How policy shapes politics : rights, courts, litigation, and the struggle over injury compensation /
Jeb Barnes, Thomas F. Burke

KF1263.C65 T47 2013
Terms and conditions may apply [videorecording]
a film by Cullen Hoback ; Ro*Co Films Educational ; [presented by] Hyrax Films ; a Digital Immigrants production ; produced by Cullen Hoback, Nitin Khanna, John Ramos ; written and directed by Cullen Hoback

KF1263.C65 T47 2013
Terms and conditions may apply [electronic resource]
Hyrax Films presents a Digital Immigrants production ; produced by Cullen Hoback, Nitin Khanna, John Ramos ; written and directed by Cullen Hoback

KF1416 .C65 2015
The First Amendment and the business corporation
Ronald J. Colombo

KF3116 .C37 2009
Innovation for the 21st century : harnessing the power of intellectual property and antitrust law [electronic resource]
Michael A. Carrier

KF3775 .C365 2015
Environment in the balance : the green movement and the Supreme Court /
Jonathan Z. Cannon

KF3775 .L384 2007
Law in public health practice [electronic resource]
editors, Richard A. Goodman ... [et al.]

KF4530 .A43 2015
The law of the land : a grand tour of our constitutional republic /
Akhil Reed Amar

KF4545.S5 R53 2015
Who freed the slaves? : the fight over the Thirteenth Amendment /
Leonard L. Richards

KF5130 .P43 2009
One Supreme Court : supremacy, inferiority, and the judicial power of the United States [electronic resource]
James E. Pfander

Contracts of adhesion between law and economics : rethinking the unconscionability doctrine /
Elena D'Agostino

KF8742 .B585 2009
Methods of interpretation : how the Supreme Court reads the Constitution [electronic resource]
Lackland H. Bloom, Jr

KF8742 .L56 2009
Measuring judicial activism [electronic resource]
Stefanie A. Lindquist, Frank B. Cross

KF8748 .W752 2008eb
Oral arguments before the Supreme Court : an empirical approach [electronic resource]
Lawrence S. Wrightsman

KF8924 .F45 2015eb
Dueling discourses : the construction of reality in closing arguments /
Laura Felton Rosulek

KF9085 .C375 2014
Toward a new federal law on arbitration
Thomas E. Carbonneau, Orlando Distinquished Professor of Law, Penn State University

KF9242 .E95 2008eb
Insanity : murder, madness, and the law [electronic resource]
Charles Patrick Ewing

KF974 .W35 2015
To the edge : legality, legitimacy, and the responses to the 2008 financial crisis /
Philip A. Wallach

KFN5076.5.A2 A73 2008
Lawyers in the dock : learning from attorney disciplinary proceedings [electronic resource]
Richard L. Abel

KFV2801.6.S55 M37 2015
Family bonds : free Blacks and re-enslavement law in Antebellum Virginia /
Ted Maris-Wolf

Energy law in Brazil : oil, gas and biofuels /
Yanko Marcius de Alencar Xavier, editor

KJ147 .H37 2002eb
Medieval law and the foundations of the state [electronic resource]
Alan Harding

Treatises on solvency II
Meinrad Dreher

KJC4431 .C66 2014
Constitutionalism, legitimacy, and power : nineteenth-century experiences /
edited by Kelly L. Grotke and Markus J. Prutsch

KJC6433 .I58 2006
Investor protection in Europe : corporate law making, the MiFID and beyond [electronic resource]
edited by Guido Ferrarini and Eddy Wymeersch

KJC6456 .G47 2001
Law and competition in twentieth century Europe : protecting Prometheus [electronic resource]
David J. Gerber

Risk regulation in non-animal food imports : the European Union approach /
Francesco Montanari, Veronika Jezsó, Carlo Donati

Collective rights and digital content : the legal framework for competition, transparency and multi-territorial licensing of the new European directive on collective rights management /
Cláudio Lucena

Judicial transformations : the rights revolution in the courts of Europe [electronic resource]
Mitchel de S.-O.-l'E. Lasser

The case of state liability : 20 years after Francovich /
Michael Haba ; with a foreword by Dr. Markus Frischhut

EU sports law and breakaway leagues in Football
Katarina Pijetlovic

Reforming European data protection law
Serge Gutwirth, Ronald Leenes, Paul de Hert, editors

KJE6533 .W44 2014
The criminalization of European Cartel enforcement : theoretical, legal, and practical challenges /
Dr Peter Whelan, LLB (Ling Fran), LLM, PG Cert, PhD (Cantab) Attorney-at-Law (New York)

International trade agreements before domestic courts : lessons from the EU and Brazilian experiences /
Maria Angela Jardim de Santa Cruz Oliveira

Human rights in European criminal law : new developments in European legislation and case law after the Lisbon Treaty /
Stefano Ruggeri, editor

Trust and legitimacy in criminal justice : European perspectives /
Gorazd Meško, Justice Tankebe, editors

KJE9485 .T74 2005
Human rights in criminal proceedings [electronic resource]
Stefan Trechsel ; with the assistance of Sarah J. Summers

KM558 .C37 2006
Minority rights in Asia : a comparative legal analysis [electronic resource]
Joshua Castellino and Elvira Domínguez Redondo

KMC79 .M35 2007
Introduction to Middle Eastern law [electronic resource]
Chibli Mallat

KMK1950 .S33 2014
Judicial review of national security
David Scharia

Asian data privacy laws : trade and human rights perspectives /
Graham Greenleaf

Chinese merger control law : an assessment of its competition-policy orientation after the first years of application /
Tingting Weinreich-Zhao

The road to the rule of law in modern China
Quanxi Gao, We Zhang, Feilong Tian

KNQ869.4 .R474 2015eb
Research on selected China's legal issues of e business
Yimeei Guo, editor

KNS770 .J5613 2002eb
Jīmūtavāhana's dayabhaga : the Hindu law of inheritance in Bengal [electronic resource]
edited and translated with an introduction and notes by Ludo Rocher

KNX68 .O32 2009
Japanese law [electronic resource]
Hiroshi Oda

Investing into North African solar power : a legal framework for risk management and prospects for arbitration /
Robert Gömmel

Land rights and expropriation in Ethiopia
Daniel W. Ambaye

The post-election violence in Kenya : domestic and international legal responses /
Sosteness Francis Materu

Universal jurisdiction : the Sierra Leone profile /
Justice Bankole Thompson

KWL46.7 .J87 2009
Justice, legality, and the rule of law : lessons from the Pitcairn prosecutions [electronic resource]
edited by Dawn Oliver

KZ1261 .S26 2009
International norms and cycles of change [electronic resource]
Wayne Sandholtz & Kendall Stiles

The influence of human rights on international law
Norman Weiß, Jean-Marc Thouvenin, editors

Critical international law : postrealism, postcolonialism, and translationalism /
edited by Prabhakar Singh and Benoît Mayer

Deference in international courts and tribunals : standard of review and margin of appreciation /
edited by Lukasz Gruszczynski and Wouter Werner

Sovereignty referendums in international and constitutional law
İlker Gökhan Şen

KZ4065 .W55 2008
International territorial administration : how trusteeship and the civilizing mission never went away [electronic resource]
Ralph Wilde

KZ4080 .I576 2007
International mass claims processes : legal and practical perspectives [electronic resource]
Howard M. Holtzmann and Edda Kristjánsdóttir, editors ; prepared under the auspices of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, Steering Committee on International Mass Claims

KZ4107 .R96 2008
Jurisdiction in international law [electronic resource]
Cedric Ryngaert

KZ4850 .A45 2006
International organizations as law-makers [electronic resource]
José E. Alvarez

KZ5675 .J69 2009
International law and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction [electronic resource]
Daniel H. Joyner

OPCW : the legal texts /
Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons ; compiled and edited by the Office of the Legal Advisor

KZ6310 .B766 2004
International justice and the International Criminal Court : between sovereignty and the rule of law [electronic resource]
Bruce Broomhall

KZ6310 .I584 2004
Internationalized criminal courts and tribunals : Sierra Leone, East Timor, Kosovo, and Cambodia [electronic resource]
edited by Cesare P.R. Romano, André Nollkaemper, and Jann K. Kleffner

KZ6310 .Z37 2003
Human rights in international criminal proceedings [electronic resource]
Salvatore Zappalà

Economic, social, and cultural rights in armed conflict
Gilles Giacca

KZ6745 .B45 2008
On the law of peace : peace agreements and the lex pacificatoria [electronic resource]
Christine Bell

KZ6795.T47 M64 2008
Human rights and non-discrimination in the 'war on terror' [electronic resource]
Daniel Moeckli

KZ6795.T47 W37 2014
The war on terror and the laws of war : a military perspective /
Geoffrey S. Corn [and six others] ; foreword by Major General Charles J. Dunlap, Jr., United States Air Force

KZ7230 .G65 2015
International judicial institutions : the architecture of international justice at home and abroad /
Richard J. Goldstone and Adam M. Smith

The International Criminal Court and the end of impunity in Kenya
Lionel Nichols

The International Criminal Court : an introduction /
Andrew Novak

Pluralism in international criminal law
edited by Elies van Sliedregt ad Sergey Vasiliev

Civil liability for accidents at sea
Sarah Fiona Gahlen

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