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Items Acquired in June 2015 for the University Libraries

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L13.J64 T36 2015
Crusade for democracy : progressive education at the crossroads /
Daniel Tanner

International education aid in developing Asia : policies and practices /
I-Hsuan Cheng, Sheng-Ju Chan, editors

LA222 .W43 2015
What really works in secondary education
Wendy W. Murawski, Kathy Lynn Scott, editors

LA226 .C87 2015eb
Designing the new American university
Michael M. Crow and William B. Dabars

LA230 .S745 2014
Student mobility : creating an environment for social and academic success /
Jane Stavem

LA2317. R877
Bruce M. Russett : pioneer in the scientific and normative study of war, peace, and policy /
Harvey Starr, editor

Quicklook at education
Alan Pritchard

Creative teaching : an evidence-based approach /
Dennis Sale

LB1027 .E347 2015
Educational innovations and contemporary technologies : enhancing teaching and learning /
edited by Petrea Redmond, Jennifer Lock and Patrick Alan Danaher

101 more ways to make training active
Elaine Biech

LB1027.23 .D53 2015
Leading connected classrooms : engaging the hearts and souls of learners /
Robert Dillon

LB1027.3 .M85 2015
Multidisciplinary research on teaching and learning
edited by Wolfgang Schnotz [and four others]

LB1027.5 .S85315 2015
A guide to practicum and internship for school counselors-in-training
by Jeannine R. Studer

LB1028 .M3677 2015
Meanings and motivation in education research
edited by Margaret M. Baguley, Yvonne S. Findlay and Martin C. Kerby

Measuring the success of learning through technology : a step-by-step guide for measuring impact and ROI on e-learning, blended learning, and mobile learning /
Tamar Elkeles, Patricia Pullman Phillips, Jack J. Phillips

Rapid instructional design : learning ID fast and right [electronic resource]
George M. Piskurich

Go blended! : a handbook for blending technology in schools /
Liz Arney

Networked learning : an educational paradigm for the age of digital networks /
Christopher Jones

LB1028.5 .S355 2015
Leading 21st century schools : harnessing technology for engagement and achievement /
Lynne Schrum, Barbara B. Levin

LB1029.P67 R49 2014
Portfolio teaching : a guide for instructors /
Nedra Reynolds, Elizabeth Davis

LB1031 .K47 2014
From text maps to memory caps : 100 more ways to differentiate instruction in k-12 inclusive classrooms /
by Paula Kluth, Ph.D., and Sheila Danaher, M.S.Ed

LB1042 .M36 2015
The high-performing preschool : story acting in Head Start classrooms /
Gillian Dowley McNamee

Articulate Storyline essentials : discover Articulate Storyline's ability to enhance your e-learning by allowing you to create engaging and interactive stories /
Ashley Chiasson

LB1044.9.C59 C53 2015
Class, please open your comics : essays on teaching with graphic narratives /
edited by Matthew L. Miller

LB1065 .G53 2015
Excited to learn : motivation and culturally responsive teaching /
Margery B. Ginsberg

LB1065 .H565 2015
A teacher's companion to essential motivation in the classroom : resources and activities to inspire and engage your students /
Georgia Holleran and Ian Gilbert

LB1065 .V24 2015
Partnering with students : building ownership of learning /
Kara Vandas, Mary Jane O'Connell

LB1067 .B59 2015
Boosting learning in the primary classroom : occupational therapy strategies that really work with pupils /
Sheilagh Blyth

LB1139.23 .P52 2015
What if everybody understood child development? : straight talk about bettering education and children's lives /
Rae Pica

Raising kids who read : what parents and teachers can do /
Daniel T. Willingham

LB1139.S6 F67 2015
Jumpstart! PSHE : games and activities for ages 7-13 /
John Foster

LB1576 .C5764 2015
Teaching beginning writers
David L. Coker, Jr., Kristen D. Ritchey

LB1576 .M863 2015
Uncommonly good ideas : teaching writing in the common core era /
Sandra Murphy, Mary Ann Smith ; foreword by Carol Jago

LB1576 .W4876575 2015
Writing strategies that work : do this, not that /
by Lori G. Wilfong

Development of science teachers' TPACK : East Asian practices /
Ying-Shao Hsu, editor

LB1590.5 .J65 2015
Teaching outside the lines : developing creativity in every learner /
Doug Johnson

The new shop class : getting started with 3D printing, Arduino, and wearable tech /
Joan Horvath, Rich Cameron

LB1632 .G88 2016
Transforming reading skills in the secondary school : simple strategies for improving literacy /
Pat Guy

LB1707 .H46 2015
Professional learning, induction and critical reflection : building workforce capacity in education /
Robyn Henderson and Karen Noble

LB1707 .R48 2015
Rethinking field experiences in preservice teacher preparation : meeting new challenges for accountability /
edited by Etta R. Hollins

LB1775.8 .R53 2015
The primary teacher's career handbook
Keith Richmond and Richard Greenfield

LB1778.2 .S534 2015
Shaping the American faculty
Roger L. Geiger, editor

The ethics of cultural competence in higher education
edited by Beverly A. Burnell, PhD, and Heidi L. Schnackenberg, PhD

LB2324 .A39 2015
The aims of higher education : problems of morality and justice /
edited by Harry Brighouse and Michael McPherson

LB2326.3 .C74 2015
Critical approaches to the study of higher education : a practical introduction /
edited by Ana M. Martinez-Alemán, Brian Pusser, and Estela Mara Bensimon

LB2331 .H68 2015
Discussion in the college classroom : getting your students engaged and participating in person and online /
Jay R. Howard

LB2331.68 .F36 2015
Family-friendly policies and practices in academe
edited by Erin K. Anderson and Catherine Richards Solomon

LB2343.3 .G554 2015
Get sorted! : how to make the most of your student experience /
Jeff Gill and Will Medd

SAT for dummies
by Geraldine Woods and Ron Woldoff

LB2366 .C365 2015
Excellence in university assessment : learning from award-winning practice /
David Carless

LB2371 .W284 2015
Planning your postgraduate research
Margaret Walshaw

LB2386 .W66 2015
Women supervising and writing doctoral theses : walking on the grass /
edited by Lia Bryant and Katrina Jaworski

LB2805 .W327 2015
The challenge for school leaders : a new way of thinking about leadership /
Ronald Warwick

LB2806.15 .S29 2015
Developing a local curriculum : using your locality to inspire teaching and learning /
William Evans and Jonathan Savage

Five dimensions of quality : a common sense guide to accreditation and accountability /
Linda Suskie ; foreword by Stanley O. Ikenberry

LB2831.8 .P67 2014
Why school communication matters : strategies from PR professionals /
Kitty Porterfield and Meg Carnes

Assessing instructional leadership with the Principal Instructional Management Rating Scale
Philip Hallinger, Wen-Chung Wang

LB2831.962 .S65 2015
Evaluating instructional leadership : recognized practices for success /
Julie R. Smith, Raymond L. Smith ; foreword by John Hattie

LB2844.1.N4 B74 2015
101 answers for new teachers and their mentors : effective teaching tips for daily classroom use /
Annette Breaux

LB2846 .F74 2016
There's a stat for that! : what to do & when to do it /
Bruce B. Frey, University of Kansas

LB3013.3 .D58 2015
Reframing bullying prevention to build stronger school communities
James Dillon

Test scoring and analysis using SAS
Ron Cody and Jeffrey K. Smith

The test : why our schools are obsessed with standardized testing-but you don't have to be /
Anya Kamenetz

Common core standards for parents for dummies
by Jared Myracle

LB3605 .C67 2015
College students' experiences of power and marginality : sharing spaces and negotiating differences /
edited by Elizabeth M. Lee and Chaise LaDousa

LC1011 .B47 2015
The humanities, higher education, and academic freedom : three necessary arguments /
Michael Bérubé, professor of literature, Pennsylvania State University, USA, Jennifer Ruth, associate professor in English, Portland State University, USA

LC1037.5 .C594 2015
The purposeful graduate : why colleges must talk to students about vocation /
Tim Clydesdale

LC1090 .I684 2015
Internationalizing higher education : critical collaborations across the curriculum /
edited by Rhiannon D. Williams and Amy Lee

LC1091 .M33 2015
Civics beyond critics : character education in a liberal democracy /
Ian MacMullen

LC1091 .W39 2015
What kind of citizen? : educating our children for the common good /
Joel Westheimer

LC1099.3 .R474 2015
Research on technology use in multicultural settings
edited by Tirupalavanam G. Ganesh, Anna W. Boriack, Jacqueline R. Stillisano, Trina J. Davis, Hersh C. Waxman

LC149 .H88 2015
Family reading night
Darcy J. Hutchins, Marsha D. Greenfeld, Joyce L. Epstein

LC149 .K45 2014
Raising literacy achievement in high-poverty schools : an evidence-based approach /
Eithne Kennedy

LC149.5 .P76 2015
Promoting global literacy skills through technology-infused teaching and learning
Jared Keengwe, Justus G. Mbae, Simon K. Ngigi, editors

LC157.P35 W57 2015
Language and literacy in Roman Judaea : a study of the Bar Kokhba documents /
Michael Owen Wise

LC1620 .S27 2014
Deans of women and the feminist movement : Emily Taylor's activism /
Kelly C. Sartorius

LC191.8.G7 R34 2015
Multiculturalism and education
Richard Race

LC192 .R43 2014
Reading between the lines : activities for developing social awareness literacy /
[30 authors] ; edited by Joanne Kilgour Dowdy and Kenneth Cushner

LC212.2 .M38 2015
Big box schools : race, education, and the danger of the Wal-martization of public schools in America /
Lori Latrice Martin

LC213.2 .K86 2015
Against common sense : teaching and learning toward social justice /
Kevin K. Kumashiro

LC2771 .W55 2015
An RTI guide to improving the performance of African American students
Dwayne D. Williams

LC311 .K645 2015
Civility, compassion, and courage in schools today : strategies for implementing in K-12 classrooms /
Patricia Kohler-Evans and Candice Dowd Barnes

LC3965 .F46 2015
Evaluating all teachers of English learners and students with disabilities : supporting great teaching /
Diane Staehr Fenner, Peter Kozik, Ayanna Cooper ; foreword by Melanie Hobbs and Giselle Lundy-Ponce

LC4015 .W44 2015
Commonsense methods for children with special educational needs
Peter Westwood

Writing useful, accessible, and legally defensible psychoeducational reports
Michael R. Hass, Ph.D., Jeanne Anne M. Carriere, Ph.D

LC4069.4 .M37 2015
Question everything : the rise of AVID as America's largest college readiness program /
Jay Mathews

New ground : pushing the boundaries of studying informal learning in science, mathematics, and technology /
foreword by Jrène Rahm ; edited by Karen S. Sahin and R. Steven Turner

LC46.3 .C57 2014
Alternative education and community engagement : making education a priority /
Ornette D. Clennon, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK with Cassie Earl, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK and Kehinde Andrews, Newman University, UK

Teaching children with autism to mind-read : the workbook /
Julie A. Hadwin, Patricia Howlin, Simon Baron-Cohen

LC5131 .J26 2015
Unique challenges in urban schools : the involvement of African American parents /
Eric Jackson, Carolyn Turner, and Dorothy E. Battle

Civics beyond critics : character education in a liberal democracy /
Ian MacMullen

LC71.2 .L46 2015
The politics of authentic engagement : perspectives, strategies, and tools for student success /
Kathy Leslie with Judy Taccogna

LC89 .H44 2015
The political classroom : evidence and ethics in democratic education /
Diana E. Hess and Paula McAvoy

LC929.7.U6 S76 2015
Buddhist-based universities in the United States : searching for a new model in higher education /
Tanya Storch

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