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Items Acquired in November 2015 for the University Libraries

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M1.F47 C67 2010
Corps femenin : l'avant-garde de Jean Duc de Berry [sound recording]

M1205 .B66 T5 2015
The Titan : tuba & wind ensemble /
Charles Booker

M1206 .B66 T5 2015
The Titan : tuba & piano /
Charles Booker

M1245 .G445 C76 2015
David R. Gillingham

M1245 .G445 W5 2014
While the dew is still on the roses
David R. Gillingham

M1497 .W55 C3 2003
Las cansos del Coms de Peitieus [sound recording]
Guillaume IX d'Aquitaine

M1500 .L48 M4 2012
La métamorphose [sound recording]
Michaël Levinas

M1503 .G52 T7 2015
The trial
Philip Glass

M1543.L723 C56 2015
Clocks and clouds : für 12stimmigen Frauenchor und Orchester = for 12-part female choir and orchestra : (1972/73) /
György Ligeti

M1547 .E565 C63 2010
Codex Chantilly : en l'amoureux vergier [sound recording]

M1579 .M24 V4 2014
Vertù contra furore : musical languages in late medieval Italy, 1380-1420 [sound recording]

M1613.3 .S82 C36 2015
Capricorn : für Bass und elektronische Musik, Klangregisseur : 1977 : Werk Nr. 43 3/4 /
Karlheinz Stockhausen

M1621 .M37 C38 2010
Cassandra [sound recording]
B. Marcello

M178 .H275 C6 2009
Complete string quartets & trio [sound recording]
Jonathan Harvey

M178 .H82 O4 2010
L'Œuvre pour violoncelle = Complete cello works
Klaus Huber

M178 .L48 2003
Les lettres enlacées [sound recording]
Paul Hindemith, Michael Lévinas

M178.D87 Q38 2010
Quatuors à cordes : & Trio [sound recording]
Pascal Dusapin

M2010.C5 R4 no. 1 2015
Requiem : Missa pro defunctis : c-Moll = in C minor /
Cherubini ; herausgegeben von Hans Schellevis

M2011 .F48 P7 2012
Lux perpetua : requiem [sound recording]
A. Divitis, A. de Févin

M2080.5 .E57 D4 2012
Deo gratias Anglia : polyphonies sacrées : chansons anglaises de la Guerre de Cent Ans [sound recording]

M2084 .B56 A7 2010
L'Argument de beauté : [polyphonies sacrées, plain-chant & carols anonymes] [sound recording]
Gilles Binchois

M23 .C58 C38 2010
Didone abbandonata : Scene tragiche [sound recording]
Muzio Clementi

M230 .B34 S6 2015
Séverine Ballon

M257.B755 B63 2015
Blowhard : for horn and piano /
Bruce Broughton

M298.G54 S65 2015
Songbook : for viola & marimba /
David R. Gillingham

M3 .B44
Beethoven ; herausgegeben vom Beethoven-Archiv, Bonn, unter Leitung von Joseph Schmidt-Görg

M3 .B44
Beethoven ; herausgegeben vom Beethoven-Archiv, Bonn, unter Leitung von Joseph Schmidt-Görg

M3.1 .D38 A4 2012z
Album Debussy : le compositeur et ses interprètes = Dobyusshī arubamu : sakkyokuka to ensōkatachi [sound recording]

M45 .L53 2011
Sonate pour alto [sound recording]
György Ligeti

M452 .B55 M68 2015
9 movements : for string quartet /
Harrison Birtwistle

M452.B55 C65 2012
Complete string quartets [sound recording]
Harrison Birtwistle

M7 .F68 W6 2014
Works for historic organs
Bernard Foccroulle

ML160 .L69172 2015
Music and the exotic from the Renaissance to Mozart
Ralph P. Locke

Understanding Italian opera
Tim Carter

ML195 .C35 2014
Cambridge history of eighteenth-century music
edited by Simon P. Keefe

ML2054 .C36 2015
American Cinderellas on Broadway musical stage : imagining the working girl from Irene to Gypsy /
Maya Cantu

ML28.N66 U554 2015
The Singing Irish : a history of the Notre Dame Glee Club /
Michael Alan Anderson ; foreword by Daniel Stowe

A music for the millions : antebellum democratic attitudes and the birth of American popular music [electronic resource]
by Nicholas Tawa

ML3506 .C85 2015
The cultural politics of jazz collectives : this is our music /
edited by Nicholas Gebhardt (Birmingham City University, UK), Tony Whyton (University of Salford, UK)

ML3521 .O27 2015
Early blues : the first stars of blues guitar /
Jas Obrecht

ML3527.8 .D36 2006
Presence and pleasure : the funk grooves of James Brown and Parliament [electronic resource]
Anne Danielsen

The hip hop & Obama reader
edited by Travis L. Gosa and Erik Nielson

ML3531 .D95 2007eb
Know what I mean? : reflections on hip-hop [electronic resource]
by Michael Eric Dyson ; intro by Jay-Z, outro by Nas

ML3531 .S35 2014
Making Beats : the Art of Sample-Based Hip-Hop [electronic resource]
Joseph Glenn Schloss

ML3611.T38 .C66 2005
Making music in the Polish Tatras : tourists, ethnographers, and mountain musicians [electronic resource]
Timothy J. Cooley

ML3760 .D55 2008eb
Fiddling in West Africa : touching the spirit in Fulbe, Hausa, and Dagbamba cultures [electronic resource]
Jacqueline Cogdell DjeDje

ML3760 .G86 2010eb
Sukuma labor songs from Western Tanzania : we never sleep, we dream of farming [electronic resource]
by Frank Gunderson

ML3849 .A774 2015
The art of music
edited by Patrick Coleman ; with essays by Simon Shaw-Miller, Richard Leppert, Sandra Benito, Michael A. Brown, Patrick Coleman, Anita Feldman, James Grebl, Ariel Plotek, Gemma Rodrigues, Marika Sardar, Christina Yu Yu

ML3916 .K54 2015
Modernity's ear : listening to race and gender in world music /
Roshanak Kheshti

ML3917.C6 B75 2011
Music, cosmology, and the politics of harmony in early China [electronic resource]
Erica Fox Brindley

Listening to war : sound, music, trauma and survival in wartime Iraq /
J. Martin Daughtry

ML3917.R8 J46 2009eb
Musical cultures in seventeenth-century Russia [electronic resource]
Claudia R. Jensen

ML3918.K36 B769 2015
Karaoke idols. Popular music and the performance of identity
Kevin Brown ; afterword by Philip Auslander

The 'hood comes first : race, space, and place in rap and hip-hop [electronic resource]
Murray Forman

ML410.B42 L62 2015
Beethoven's symphonies : an artistic vision /
Lewis Lockwood

ML410.B42 S27713 2015
Beethoven's last piano sonatas : an edition with elucidation.
by Heinrich Schenker ; translated, edited, and annotated by John Rothgeb

ML410.B42 S27713 2015
Beethoven's last piano sonatas : an edition with elucidation.
by Heinrich Schenker ; translated, edited, and annotated by John Rothgeb

ML410.B42 S27713 2015
Beethoven's last piano sonatas : an edition with elucidation.
by Heinrich Schenker ; translated, edited, and annotated by John Rothgeb

Guillaume de Machaut : secretary, poet, musician [electronic resource]
Elizabeth Eva Leach

ML410.O67 B76 2007
Leo Ornstein : modernist dilemmas, personal choices [electronic resource]
Michael Broyles and Denise Von Glahn

ML410.P292 C43 2013eb
Orpheus in the marketplace : Jacopo Peri and the economy of late renaissance Florence /
Tim Carter, Richard A. Goldthwaite

Arnold Schoenberg's A Survivor from Warsaw in Postwar Europe [electronic resource]

ML410.S53 F39 2000eb
Shostakovich : a life [electronic resource]
Laurel E. Fay

Holler if you hear me : searching for Tupac Shakur [electronic resource]
Michael Eric Dyson

ML422.H44 M34 2005eb
The uncrowned king of swing : Fletcher Henderson and big band jazz [electronic resource]
Jeffrey Magee

ML75.5 .M33 2015
Performing civility : international competitions in classical music /
Lisa McCormick, University of Edinburgh

Paul L. Hooper, Jr.

MT1 .K36 2016
Teaching music in American society : a social and cultural understanding of teaching music /
Steven N. Kelly

MT146 .L37 2009
Analyzing jazz : a Schenkerian approach [electronic resource]
Steve Larson

Free composition : volume III of New musical theories and fantasies = Der freie Satz [electronic resource]
Heinrich Schenker ; translated and edited by Ernst Oster

MT62 .H46 2006eb
Elements of sonata theory : norms, types, and deformations in the late eighteenth-century sonata [electronic resource]
James Hepokoski, Warren Darcy

MT90 .D38 2015
David Lewin's Morgengruss : text, context, commentaries /
edited by David Bard-Schwarz and Richard Cohn

MT956 .D44 2016
Acting in musical theatre : a comprehensive course /
Joe Deer and Rocco dal Vera

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