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M1001 .H37 no.3 1998z
American masters [sound recording]

M1003 .F75 M3 2014
Three mantras from Avatara , op. 61 (1919-30)
John Foulds ; edited and engraved by Lucian Beschiu

M1245 .G445 D7 2014
Drums of Rwanda
David R. Gillingham

M1500 .B45 B5 1992
Bianca & Fernando [sound recording]

M1500 .P37 S42 2003
The seagull [sound recording]

M1500 .P473 E8 2013
Euridice [sound recording]
Jacopo Peri

M1500.D683 M36 2004z
Maria di Rohan [sound recording]

M1500.K66 V5 1980
Violanta : op. 8 [sound recording]
Erich Wolfgang Korngold ; libretto [by] Hans Müller

M1500.P47 S47 2007
La serva padrona [sound recording]
Giovan Battista Pergolesi

M1500.W13 T3 1989
Tannhäuser [sound recording]
Richard Wagner

M1503.M428 W4 1998
Werther : an opera in four acts /
music, J. Massenet ; text, Edourd Blau, Paul Milliet and Georges Hartmann ; vocal score

M1503.S949 M5 2002
The Mikado, or, The town of Titipu
book by W.S. Gilbert ; music by Arthur Sullivan ; authentic version edited by Bryceson Treharne

M1505.A46 E35 1986
Eighteenth-century bel canto [sound recording]

M1505.M69 B37 1994
Mozart portraits [sound recording]

M1508 .C65 B3 2002
Barnum : original Broadway cast recording [sound recording]

M1619.A48 A9 1988
Auf Flügeln des Gesanges [sound recording]

M1619.O87 L68 1994
Love's twilight : late Romantic songs [sound recording]
by Berg, Korngold, Strauss

M1619.P66 J8 1992
Jugendstil-Lieder [sound recording]
[performed by] Lucia Popp, Irwin Gage

M1620 .B73 S4 1992z
Serenade : 7 sonnets of Michelangelo ; Winter words / [sound recording] ;

M1620 .C47 B3 1995
Les mélodies [sound recording]
Ernest Chausson

M1620.B8 A43 1991
Brahms songs [sound recording]

M1620.R68 B37 1991
Giovanna d'Arco : Songs / [sound recording] ;

M2 .M63 1983eb
A Florentine chansonnier from the time of Lorenzo the Magnificent : Florence, Biblioteca nazionale centrale, Ms. Banco rari 229 [electronic resource]
edited with an introduction by Howard Mayer Brown ; French texts established and edited by Brian Jeffery and translated into English verse by Max Knight

M2 .N5 1972eb
A gift of madrigals and motets [electronic resource]
[edited by] H. Colin Slim

M2020 .Z44 T4 2008
Te Deum [sound recording]
Jan Dismas Zelenka. Missa Nr. 9 / Johann David Heinichen

M2092 .W49 S2 2014
Sainte-Chapelle : for SSATB chorus a cappella /
Eric Whitacre

M231 .B855 op.65
Sonata in C, : for cello and piano, op. 65.
The solo cello part, edited by Mstislav Rostropovitch

M24.L77 A62 1978
Années de pèlerinage : deuxième année, Italie /
Franz Liszt ; nach Autographen, Abschriften und der Originalausgabe herausgegeben von Ernst Herttrich ; Fingersatz von Hans-Martin Theopold

M3.1.L54 A9 1989
Aventures [sound recording]
György Ligeti

M457.2 .G445 B3 2014
Seven bagatelles : for saxophone quartet /
David R. Gillingham

M955 .L66 G3 2001
Gabrieli in Venice [sound recording]
Frescobaldi, G. Gabrieli, Viadana, Marini, Massaino, A. Gabrieli

ML1015.G9 D93 2014
Guitar makers : the endurance of artisanal values in North America /
Kathryn Marie Dudley

ML102.M88 .R63 2014eb
The world of musicals. : an encyclopedia of stage, screen, and song /
Mark A. Robinson

ML102.P4 E5 2007eb
Encyclopedia of percussion
edited by John H. Beck

ML102.V6 H63 2014eb
A dictionary for the modern singer : dictionaries for the modern musician [electronic resource]
Matthew Hoch

ML1100 .B36 1998eb
Intimate music : a history of the idea of chamber music [electronic resource]
John Herschel Baron

ML120.U5 B77 1988eb
Music in American higher education : an annotated bibliography [electronic resource]
Edward Brookhart

ML1255 .W55 2002eb
The characteristic symphony in the age of Haydn and Beethoven [electronic resource]
Richard Will

ML128.B23 K7 2014
Music for concert band : a selective annotated guide to band literature /
Joseph Kreines, Robert Hansbrough

ML1511 .D48 1995eb
Source readings in American choral music [electronic resource]
[compiled & annotated by] David P. DeVenney

ML160 .M33 1999"@"ML169
Apollo's lyre : Greek music and music theory in antiquity and the Middle Ages [electronic resource]
Thomas J. Mathiesen

ML1723.8.V6 H86 1999eb
The culture of opera buffa in Mozart's Vienna : a poetics of entertainment [electronic resource]
Mary Hunter

ML1729 .W37 2001eb
German opera : from the beginnings to Wagner [electronic resource]
John Warrack

ML1731.2 .R94 2000eb
Masqued mysteries unmasked : early modern music theater and its Pyphagorean subtext [electronic resource]
by Kristin Rygg

ML1731.8.L7 W66 2001eb
Opera and drama in eighteenth-century London : the King's Theatre, Garrick and the business of performance [electronic resource]
Ian Woodfield

ML1733 .O64 2007eb
Opera and society in Italy and France from Monteverdi to Bourdieu [electronic resource]
edited by Victoria Johnson, Jane F. Fulcher and Thomas Ertman

ML174 .A85 2009eb
The critical nexus : tone-system, mode, and notation in early medieval music [electronic resource]
Charles M. Atkinson

ML182 .F348 1986eb
Mediterranean culture and troubadour music [electronic resource]
Zoltán Falvy

ML182 .H35 2004eb
Eight centuries of troubadours and trouvéres : the changing identity of medieval music [electronic resource]
John Haines

ML193 .L38 2008eb
The era after the Baroque : music and the fine arts 1750-1900 [electronic resource]
by Robert Tallant Laudon

ML196 .F75 2013
Music in the nineteenth century
Walter Frisch

ML196 .G37 2002eb
Palestrina and the German romantic imagination : interpreting historicism in nineteenth-century music [electronic resource]
James Garratt

ML196 .R45 2003"@"ML196
Motives for allusion : context and content in nineteenth-century music [electronic resource]
Christopher Alan Reynolds

ML196 .R67 1998"@"ML196
The romantic generation [electronic resource]
Charles Rosen

ML196 .S64 2004eb
Music in other words : Victorian conversations [electronic resource]
Ruth A. Solie

ML197 .M137 1998
Kritik der neuen Musik : Entwurf einer Musik des 21. Jahrhunderts /
Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf

ML197.2 .Y36 2014
Planet Beethoven : classical music at the turn of the millennium /
Mina Yang

ML200 .C73 2000eb
The American musical landscape : the business of muscianship from Billings to Gershwin [electronic resource]
Richard Crawford

ML200 .S26 1988eb
American popular music and its business Volume III, From 1900 to 1984 : the first four hundred years. [electronic resource]
Russell Sanjek

ML200.5 .G37 2008eb
Struggling to define a nation : American music and the twentieth century [electronic resource]
Charles Hiroshi Garrett

ML200.5 .H83 2004eb
The queer composition of America's sound : gay modernists, American music, and national identity [electronic resource]
Nadine Hubbs

ML200.5 .R45 2000eb
Reflections on American music : the twentieth century and the new millennium : a collection of essays presented in honor of the College Music Society [electronic resource]
and co-edited by James R. Heintze and Michael Saffle

ML200.8.N5 O43 2000eb
Making music modern : New York in the 1920s [electronic resource]
Carol J. Oja

ML2075 .B39 2015
Bollywood sounds : the cosmopolitan mediations of Hindi film song /
Jayson Beaster-Jones

ML2075 .B475 2007eb
Beyond the soundtrack : representing music in cinema [electronic resource]
edited by Daniel Goldmark, Lawrence Kramer, Richard Leppert

ML2075 .S63 2014
After the silents : Hollywood film music in the early sound era, 1926-1934 /
Michael Slowik

ML2100 .H45 2003eb
Emblems of eloquence : opera and women's voices in seventeenth-century Venice [electronic resource]
Wendy Heller

ML246.8.V6 M87 1989eb
Concert life in Haydn's Vienna : aspects of a developing musical and social institution [electronic resource]
by Mary Sue Morrow

ML2633.2 .M33 2004eb
Modal subjectivities : self-fashioning in the Italian madrigal [electronic resource]
Susan McClary

ML275 .J38 2002eb
Jazz & the Germans : essays on the influence of hot American idioms on the 20th-century German music [electronic resource]
Michael J. Budds, editor

ML2827 .B47 2010
Voice lessons : French mélodie in the Belle Époque [electronic resource]
Katherine Bergeron

ML290.1 .P57 1984eb
Music and culture in Italy from the Middle Ages to the Baroque : a collection of essays [electronic resource]
Nino Pirrotta

ML290.8.M33 F4 1980eb
Music and patronage in sixteenth-century Mantua [electronic resource]
Iain Fenlon

How sweet the sound : music in the spiritual lives of Americans [electronic resource]
David W. Stowe

ML3003 .J54 2005eb
The style of Palestrina and the dissonance [electronic resource]
by Knud Jeppesen ; with an introduction by Edward J. Dent

ML3031.2 .E54 1995eb
English choral practice, 1400-1650 [electronic resource]
edited by John Morehen

ML3111 .D24 2006eb
Lining out the word : Dr. Watts hymn singing in the music of Black Americans [electronic resource]
William T. Dargan

ML3197 .R37 2010eb
Women, the recited Qur'an, and Islamic music in Indonesia [electronic resource]
Anne K. Rasmussen

ML3197 .W65 2014
The voice in the drum : music, language, and emotion in Islamicate South Asia /
Richard K. Wolf

ML344 .F37 1990eb
The dastgāh concept in Persian music [electronic resource]
Hormoz Farhat

ML345.J3 P46 2004eb
Unplayed melodies : Javanese gamelan and the genesis of music theory [electronic resource]
Marc Perlman

ML3470 .L64 2008eb
Beautiful monsters : imagining the classic in musical media [electronic resource]
Michael Long

ML3475 .M67 2003eb
The Latin beat : the rhythms and roots of Latin music from bossa nova to salsa and beyond [electronic resource]
Ed Morales

ML3476 .T73 2011eb
Transnational encounters : music and performance at the U.S.-Mexico border [elektronische middelen]
edited by Alejandro L. Madrid

ML3477 .W96 2014
In tune : Charley Patton, Jimmie Rodgers, and the roots of American music /
Ben Wynne

ML3489 .C66 2004eb
Chanteuse in the city : the realist singer in French film [electronic resource]
Kelley Conway

ML3503.Z55 T87 2000eb
Nationalists, cosmopolitans, and popular music in Zimbabwe [electronic resource]
Thomas Turino

ML3506 .B475 1994eb
Thinking in jazz : the infinite art of improvisation [electronic resource]
Paul F. Berliner

ML3506 .D48 1997eb
The birth of bebop : a social and musical history [electronic resource]
Scott DeVeaux

ML3506 .M64 1996eb
Saying something : jazz improvisation and interaction [electronic resource]
Ingrid Monson

ML3507 .J383 2002eb
Jazz in print (1856-1929) : an anthology of selected early readings in jazz history [electronic resource]
edited by Karl Koenig

ML3509.J3 A85 2001eb
Blue Nippon : authenticating jazz in Japan [electronic resource]
E. Taylor Atkins

ML3516 .A94 2003eb
Four parts, no waiting : a social history of American barbershop harmony [electronic resource]
Gage Averill

ML3521 .H34 2008eb
In search of the blues [electronic resource]
Marybeth Hamilton

ML3534 .W29
Running with the Devil : power, gender, and madness in heavy metal music [electronic resource]
Robert Walser

ML3545 .G45 2007eb
The invention of folk music and art music : emerging categories from Ossian to Wagner [electronic resource]
Matthew Gelbart

ML3556 .F65 1995eb
The power of Black music : interpreting its history from Africa to the United States [electronic resource]
Samuel A. Floyd, Jr

ML3556 .R32 2003eb
Race music : black cultures from bebop to hip-hop [electronic resource]
Guthrie P. Ramsey, Jr

ML3593.G43 E64 1989eb
Epic songs of sixteenth-century Hungary : history and style [electronic resource]
Márta Á. Ghezzo

ML3621.R48 M37 1996eb
Singing the French Revolution : popular culture and politics, 1787-1799 [electronic resource]
Laura Mason

ML3654 .S299 2001eb
Celtic music : a complete guide [electronic resource]
June Skinner Sawyers

ML3760 .E75 1999
Music, modernity, and the global imagination : South Africa and the West [electronic resource]
Veit Erlmann

ML3790 .A43 2001eb
Sonic boom : Napster, MP3, and the new pioneers of music [electronic resource]
John Alderman ; foreword by Evan I. Schwartz ; preface by Herbie Hancock

ML3790 .C65 2005eb
Playback : from the Victrola to MP3, 100 years of music, machines, and money [electronic resource]
Mark Coleman

ML3790 .W34 1984eb
Big sounds from small peoples : the music industry in small countries [electronic resource]
Roger Wallis and Krister Malm

ML3795 .S8813 1987eb
Music in society : a guide to the sociology of music [electronic resource]
by Ivo Supičić

ML3795 .W574 1995eb
English musicians in the age of exploration [electronic resource]
Ian Woodfield

ML3795.S232 S713 1983eb
The social status of the professional musician from the Middle Ages to the 19th century [electronic resource]
Walter Salmen, general editor ; annotated and translated from the German by Herbert Kaufman and Barbara Reisner

Writing about Music : a Style Sheet [electronic resource]

ML3797 .D2313 1983eb
Foundations of music history [electronic resource]
Carl Dahlhaus ; translated by J.B. Robinson

ML3797 .F3813 2011eb
Music philology : an introduction to musical textual criticism, hermeneutics, and editorial technique [electronic resource]
Georg Feder ; translated by Bruce C. MacIntyre

ML3797 .K47 1985
Contemplating music : challenges to musicology [electronic resource]
Joseph Kerman

ML3800 .L67 2006eb
A humanistic philosophy of music [electronic resource]
by Edward A. Lippman

ML3800.M4 E5 1961eb
Emotion and meaning in music [electronic resource]
by Leonard B. Meyer

ML3830 .B33 2014
The sonic boom : how sound transforms the way we think, feel, and buy /
Joel Beckerman ; with Tyler Gray

ML3830 .B55 2001eb
Beethoven's anvil : music in mind and culture [electronic resource]
William L. Benzon

ML3838 .B433 2004"@"ML3838
Deep listeners : music, emotion, and trancing [electronic resource]
Judith Becker

ML3838 .B55 1974eb
How musical is man? [electronic resource]
John Blacking

ML3838 .M96 1995eb
Musicology and difference : gender and sexuality in music scholarship [electronic resource]
edited by Ruth A. Solie

ML3838 .P365 2005eb
Listening to the sirens : musical technologies of queer identity from Homer to Hedwig [electronic resource]
Judith A. Peraino

Music, imagination and culture [electronic resource]
Nicholas Cook

ML3845 .H23 2014
Musical revolutions in German culture : musicking against the grain, 1800-1980 /
Mirko M. Hall

ML3845 .S6833 2006eb
Sound figures of modernity : German music and philosophy [electronic resource]
edited by Jost Hermand and Gerhard Richter

ML3849 .A383 2007eb
Neo-mythologism in music : from Scriabin and Schoenberg to Schnittke and Crumb [electronic resource]
by Victoria Adamenko

ML3849 .B85 2000eb
Musical ekphrasis : composers responding to poetry and painting [electronic resource]
by Siglind Bruhn

ML3849 .M373 2009eb
The Orpheus myth and the powers of music [electronic resource]
by Vladimir L. Marchenkov

ML3849 .S715 2008eb
Sonic transformations of literary texts : from program music to musical ekphrasis [electronic resource]
nine esssays edited by Siglind Bruhn

ML3854 .C5 1999eb
Absolute music and the construction of meaning [electronic resource]
Daniel K.L. Chua

ML3858 .A2 1991eb
Unsung voices : opera and musical narrative in the nineteenth century [electronic resource]
Carolyn Abbate

ML3877 .R8713 1986eb
The art of noises [electronic resource]
by Luigi Russolo ; translated from the Italian with an introduction by Barclay Brown

ML3880 .K7 1990eb
Music as cultural practice, 1800-1900 [electronic resource]
Lawrence Kramer

ML3880 .O5 1981"@"ML3880
On criticizing music : five philosophical perspectives [electronic resource]
edited by Kingsley Price

ML3917.L27 M863 2014
Music and youth culture in Latin America : identity construction processes from New York to Buenos Aires /
edited by Pablo Vila

ML3918.J39 A97 2005eb
Jazz consciousness : music, race, and humanity [electronic resource]
Paul Austerlitz

ML3918.S26 W38 2002eb
The city of musical memory : salsa, record grooves, and popular culture in Cali, Colombia [electronic resource]
Lise A. Waxer

ML3921 .V65 2002eb
Voicing the ineffable : musical representations of religious experience [electronic resource]
edited by Siglind Bruhn

ML405 .B47 1998eb
Music printing in Renaissance Venice : the Scotto Press, 1539-1572 [electronic resource]
Jane A. Bernstein

ML410.A515 E94 2006eb
The music of Louis Andriessen [electronic resource]
Yayoi Uno Everett

ML410.B1 D63 1996"@"ML410.B1
Bach and the patterns of invention [electronic resource]
Laurence Dreyfus

ML410.B1 S713 1992eb
Johann Sebastian Bach : his work and influence on the music of Germany, 1685-1750 [electronic resource]
Philipp Spitta ; translated from the German by Clara Bell and J.A. Fuller-Maitland

ML410.B11 M34 1972eb
The compositional process of J.S. Bach : a study of the autograph scores of the vocal works [electronic resource]
by Robert Lewis Marshall

ML410.B26 C66 1996eb
Bartók, Concerto for orchestra [electronic resource]
David Cooper

ML410.B36 B56 1998eb
Amy Beach, passionate Victorian : the life and work of an American composer, 1867-1944 [electronic resource]
Adrienne Fried Block

ML410.B4 D68 1991eb
Beethoven, Missa solemnis [electronic resource]
William Drabkin

ML410.B4 S76 1998eb
Beethoven, violin concerto [electronic resource]
Robin Stowell

ML410.B4 T33 1967eb
Thayer's life of Beethoven [electronic resource]
revised and edited by Elliot Forbes

ML410.B42 C66 1993eb
Beethoven, Symphony no. 9 [electronic resource]
Nicholas Cook

ML410.B42 J66 1999eb
Beethoven : the Moonlight and other sonatas, op. 27 and op. 31 [electronic resource]
Timothy Jones

ML410.B44 K56 1998eb
Vincenzo Bellini, Norma [electronic resource]
David Kimbell

ML410.B47 P6 1991eb
Berg, Violin concerto [electronic resource]
Anthony Pople

ML410.B515 R85 1994eb
Berlioz, Roméo et Juliette [electronic resource]
Julian Rushton

ML410.B588 .M3 1975eb
William Billings of Boston : eighteenth-century composer [electronic resource]
by David P. McKay and Richard Crawford

ML410.B62 M25 1992eb
Georges Bizet, Carmen [electronic resource]
Susan McClary

ML410.B66 L4 2006eb
Boccherini's body : an essay in carnal musicology [electronic resource]
Elisabeth Le Guin

ML410.B661 I84 2014
Tradition! : the highly improbable, ultimately triumphant Broadway-to-Hollywood story of Fiddler on the roof, the world's most beloved musical /
Barbara Isenberg

ML410.B853 B64 2006eb
Music and sexuality in Britten : selected essays [electronic resource]
Philip Brett ; edited by George E. Haggerty ; with an introduction by Susan McClary and an afterword by Jenny Doctor

ML410.B853 R8 2001eb
Britten's musical language [electronic resource]
Philip Rupprecht

ML410.B88 K67 2000eb
Anton Bruckner, Symphony no. 8 [electronic resource]
Benjamin M. Korstvedt

ML410.C24 K46 2014
John Cage was
photographs by James Klosty

ML410.D76 H65 1999eb
Dowland, Lachrimae (1604) [electronic resource]
Peter Holman

ML410.E41 R87 1999eb
Elgar, 'Enigma' variations [electronic resource]
Julian Rushton

ML410.F27 C33 2001eb
Fauré and French musical aesthetics [electronic resource]
Carlo Caballero

ML410.G68 S7 1995
Bamboula! : the life and times of Louis Moreau Gottschalk [electronic resource]
S. Frederick Starr

ML410.G763 C53 2006eb
Enrique Granados : poet of the piano [electronic resource]
Walter Aaron Clark

ML410.H13 B95 1991eb
Handel, Messiah [electronic resource]
Donald Burrows

ML410.H13 H46 2001"@"ML410.H13
Handel as Orpheus : voice and desire in the chamber cantatas [electronic resource]
Ellen T. Harris

ML410.H4 T36 1991eb
Haydn, The Creation [electronic resource]
Nicholas Temperley

ML410.H4 W38 1991eb
Haydn's Farewell symphony and the idea of classical style : through-composition and cyclic integration in his instrumental music [electronic resource]
James Webster

ML410.H562 S6 2002eb
A heart at fire's center : the life and music of Bernard Herrmann [electronic resource]
Steven C. Smith ; with a new preface

ML410.H685 B75 2005eb
The musical order of the world : Kepler, Hesse, Hindemith [electronic resource]
by Siglind Bruhn

ML410.H75 G74 1995eb
Holst, the planets [electronic resource]
Richard Greene

ML410.I93 B56 1996eb
Ives, Concord sonata : piano sonata no. 2 [electronic resource]
Geoffrey Block

ML410.J18 B4 1994eb
Janáček as theorist [electronic resource]
by Michael Beckerman

ML410.M595 P58 1998eb
Messiaen, Quatuor pour la fin du temps [electronic resource]
Anthony Pople

ML410.M77 R67 2007eb
Monteverdi's last operas : a Venetian trilogy [electronic resource]
Ellen Rosand

ML410.M77 W44 1997eb
Monteverdi, Vespers (1610) [electronic resource]
John Whenham

ML410.M9 G65 2004eb
Three modes of perception in Mozart : the philosophical, pastoral, and comic in Così fan tutte [electronic resource]
Edmund J. Goehring

ML410.M9 I735 1998eb
Mozart, the Haydn quartets [electronic resource]
John Irving

ML410.M9 N26 1986eb
Ornamentation and improvisation in Mozart [electronic resource]
Frederick Neumann

ML410.M9 S56 1993eb
Mozart, the Jupiter symphony, no. 41 in C major, K. 551 [electronic resource]
Elaine Sisman

ML410.N6 F36 1997eb
Nielsen, Symphony no. 5 [electronic resource]
David Fanning

ML410.P176 G73 2014
Harry Partch, hobo composer
S. Andrew Granade

ML410.P89 C25 1985eb
Giacomo Puccini, Tosca [electronic resource]
Mosco Carner

ML410.P89 W53 2007eb
The Puccini problem : opera, nationalism and modernity [electronic resource]
Alexandra Wilson

ML410.S158 R53 1998eb
Antonio Salieri and Viennese Opera [electronic resource]
John A. Rice

ML410.S27 C38 2007eb
Schoenberg's musical imagination [electronic resource]
Michael Cherlin

ML410.S3 K775 1994eb
Distant cycles : Schubert and the conceiving of song [electronic resource]
Richard Kramer

ML410.S4 M37 1992eb
Schumann, Fantasie, op. 17 [electronic resource]
Nicholas Marston

ML410.S42 L36 2014
The musical theater of Stephen Schwartz : from Godspell to Wicked and beyond /
Paul R. Laird

ML410.S446 T5 2000eb
Ruth Crawford Seeger : a composer's search for American music [electronic resource]
Judith Tick

ML410.S6872 O94 2014
The Oxford handbook of Sondheim studies
edited by Robert Gordon

ML410.S93 W55 1993eb
Strauss, Also sprach Zarathustra [electronic resource]
John Williamson

ML410.S932 T38 1996eb
Stravinsky and the Russian traditions : a biography of the works through Mavra [electronic resource]
Richard Taruskin

ML410.S932 W35 1993eb
Stravinsky : Oedipus rex [electronic resource]
Stephen Walsh

ML410.S9325 L48 2002eb
Something to live for : the music of Billy Strayhorn [electronic resource]
Walter van de Leur

ML410.T134 B87 2001eb
The music of Tōru Takemitsu [electronic resource]
Peter Burt

ML410.T467 C62 2001eb
The music and thought of Michael Tippett : modern times and metaphysics [electronic resource]
David Clarke

ML410.T467 G56 1999eb
Tippett, A child of our time [electronic resource]
Kenneth Gloag

ML410.V4 R73 1995eb
Verdi, Requiem [electronic resource]
David Rosen

ML410.W19 G75 1995eb
Wagner's musical prose : texts and contexts [electronic resource]
Thomas S. Grey

ML410.W36 B34 1991eb
The twelve-note music of Anton Webern : old forms in a new language [electronic resource]
Kathryn Bailey

ML417.H23 A3 2014
Herbie Hancock ; with Lisa Dickey

ML419.A83 R45 2014
Chet Atkins : the greatest songs of Mister Guitar /
Mark S. Reinhart

ML419.B735 R3 1993eb
New musical figurations : Anthony Braxton's cultural critique [electronic resource]
Ronald M. Radano

ML419.F6 A3 2014
Play on : now, then & Fleetwood Mac, the autobiography /
Mick Fleetwood & Anthony Bozza

ML420.A86 Z84 2000"@"ML420.A92
Asmahan's secrets : woman, war and song [electronic resource]
by Sherifa Zuhur

ML420.B3439 A4 2014
Benson : the autobiography /
by George Benson with Alan Goldsher ; foreword by Bill Cosby

ML420.F778 R57 2014
Respect : the life of Aretha Franklin /
David Ritz

ML420.M39 F55 2007eb
Brass diva : the life and legends of Ethel Merman [electronic resource]
Caryl Flinn

ML420.R72 P67 1995"@"ML420.R72
Jeannie Robertson : emergent singer, transformative voice [electronic resource]
James Porter, Herschel Gower

ML420.S765 R36 2009eb
Dusty! : queen of the postmods [electronic resource]
Annie J. Randall

ML420.U46 D36 1997eb
The voice of Egypt : Umm Kulthūm, Arabic song, and Egyptian society in the twentieth century [electronic resource]
Virginia Danielson

ML421.G66 L43 2006eb
Polkabilly : how the Goose Island Ramblers redefined American folk music [electronic resource]
James P. Leary

ML421.H88 A3 1989"@"ML421.H88
Excelsior : journals of the Hutchinson Family Singers, 1842-1846 [electronic resource]
edited and annotated by Dale Cockrell

ML423.R5 R44 2003eb
Hugo Riemann and the birth of modern musical thought [electronic resource]
Alexander Rehding

ML429.J2 S6 1990"@"ML429.J2
Rhythm and life : the work of Emile Jaques-Dalcroze [electronic resource]
by Irwin Spector

ML430 .L46 1992eb
Compositional theory in the eighteenth century [electronic resource]
Joel Lester

ML431 .K45 2015
Capturing music : the story of notation /
Thomas Forrest Kelly

ML457 .B92 2002eb
Playing with history : the historical approach to musical performance [electronic resource]
John Butt

ML60 .B12 2003eb
The collected essays of Milton Babbitt [electronic resource]
edited by Stephen Peles ... [et al.]

ML652 .G6 2001"@"ML652
Giraffes, black dragons, and other pianos : a technological history from Cristofori to the modern concert grand [electronic resource]
Edwin M. Good

ML74 .H67 2015
An introduction to music technology
Dan Hosken, California State University, Northridge

ML82 .M38 2002eb
Feminine endings : music, gender, and sexuality [electronic resource]
Susan McClary ; with a new introduction

Robert E. Williams aviation collection,

MT1 .M982413 2015
Music education : navigating the future /
edited by Clint Randles

MT1 .R47 2014eb
Research methodologies in music education
edited by Kay Ann Hartwig

MT130.D9 S6 1999eb
Dvorák, cello concerto [electronic resource]
Jan Smaczny

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Bach, the Goldberg variations [electronic resource]
Peter Williams

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The crisis of classical music in America : lessons from a life in the education of musicians /
Robert Freeman

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Intermediate studies for developing artists on the clarinet
Shelley Jagow

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Structural hearing : tonal coherence in music [electronic resource]
by Felix Salzer ; with a foreword by Leopold Mannes

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Musica getutscht : a treatise on musical instruments (1511) [electronic resource]
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Chromatic transformations in nineteenth-century music [electronic resource]
David Kopp

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Classical form : a theory of formal functions for the instrumental music of Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven [electronic resource]
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Musical form in the age of Beethoven : selected writings on theory and method [electronic resource]
A.B. Marx ; edited and translated by Scott Burnham

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Analysis and value judgment [electronic resource]
Carl Dahlhaus ; translated from the German by Siegmund Levarie

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edited and translated by Lee A. Rothfarb

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Music and musical thought in early India [electronic resource]
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Schenker's interpretive practice [electronic resource]
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Songwriter's market

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Berlioz's orchestration treatise : a translation and commentary [electronic resource]
[translation, commentary by] Hugh Macdonald

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The Cambridge guide to orchestration
Ertugrul Sevsay

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Singing on stage : an actors' guide /
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Treatise on vocal performance and ornamentation [electronic resource]
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Introduction to the art of singing [electronic resource]
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The vocal athlete : application and technique for the hybrid singer /
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Tubes n' tunes [videorecording] / produced by David Kauffman

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