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Items Acquired in June 2014 for the University Libraries

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M1 .G53 2009D
Gidon Kremer & Kremerata Baltica : Shubert, Piazzolla, Schnittke, Rózsa, Raskatov [electronic resource]
eine produktion von Unitel ; regie, Horant H. Hohlfeld

M1 .N493 1975
New American music : New York section : Composers in the 1970s [electronic resource]

M1 .Y686 1979
Young composers forum : original works of children in concert [electronic resource]
recorded and annotated by Anne Marfey

M1.F65 A447 1957
American ballads [electronic resource]

M1.F65 B466
Jamaican folk songs [electronic resource]
sung by Louise Bennett

M1.F65 D883 1955
Dutch folk songs [electronic resource]

M1.F65 J835 1955
The Fisk Jubilee Singers [electronic resource]
directed by John W. Work

M1.F65 M875 1968
Music of Indonesia [electronic resource]

M1.F65 R588 1960
Ritual music of Manipur [electronic resource]

M1.F65 T756 1950
Sones of Mexico [electronic resource]
sung and played by the Trio Aguilillas

M1.P75 P756 1991
Primitive music of the world [electronic resource]
selected and edited by Henry Crowell

M1000 . V595 F6 2004
Flemish connection. IV [sound recording]

M1000 .F48 2010z
Fête à la française : Charpentier, Massenet, Franck, Lalo [sound recording]

M1000 .F54 B4 2010z
Berezowsky/Kay/Dello Joio [sound recording]

M1000 .G25 2008
Gala from Berlin : invitation to the dance [electronic resource]
a production of ZDF and EuroArts Music International GmbH in co-operation with NHK and Videal/brilliant media ; produced by Anca-Monica Pandelea & amp ; Paul Smaczny ; directed by Hans Hulscher

M1000 .G46 W48 2005
Sir Edward German [sound recording]

M1000 .G46 W5 2008
Sir Edward German [sound recording]

M1000 .K55 H3 1999z
Hans Kindler : world premiere recordings [sound recording]

M1000 .R32 S5 1991
Shéhérazade, etc. [sound recording]

M1000 .S61 L4 1992
Leonard Slatkin conducts American portraits [sound recording]

M1000 .S65 G62 2000
Orchestral music. Volume 2 [sound recording]
August Söderman

M1000 .S686 1957
Sounds of new music [electronic resource]

M1000 .S95 J41 2011
Orchestral works. Vol. 1 [sound recording]
Johan Svendsen

M1000 .T28 N3 2006
Works for orchestra [sound recording]

M1000 .T33 U5 2011z
The unknown Tchaikovsky [sound recording]

M1000 .V467 V47 2003
Verdi discoveries [sound recording]

M1000 .V47 B3 2004
Symphony in E minor : Overtures / [sound recording] ;

M1000 .V597 V3 2007
Vardar : Bulgarian rhapsody, op. 16 ; Traumspielsuite ; Bulgarian dances, op. 23 [sound recording]

M1000 .W35 T5 1991
Orchestra works [sound recording]

M1000 .W37 C6 2009
Orchestral works [sound recording]
Elinor Remick Warren

M1000.A1M25 M875 1978
Music for the colonial orchestra : 18th century American orchestra music [electronic resource]

M1000.C367 K73 1992
Krazy Kat [sound recording]
John Alden Carpenter. The dance in Place Congo / Henry F. Gilbert. American life : Scherzoso jazzoso / Adolph Weiss. Rhapsodie nègre / John Powell

M1000.G64 G4 1991
Complete orchestral works [sound recording]

M1000.M673 B7 2009
Homerische symfonie : Morgenstemming ; Mythe der lente / [sound recording] ;
Lodewijk Mortelmans

M1000.M87 C52 1992
Claudio Abbado conducts Mussorgsky [sound recording]

M1000.S255 J47 2012
Neeme Järvi conducts Saint-Saëns [sound recording]

M1001 .B725 B6 1995
Symphony in G [sound recording]
August de Boeck. Polyeucte : overture / Edgar Tinel

M1001 .S93 A8 2009
Symphony nr. 2 : Asrael ; Legend of the dead victors [sound recording]
Josef Suk

M1001.B89 D-minor 2011
Anton Bruckner [sound recording]
Anton Bruckner ; Beethovenhalle Orchestra

M1001.M35 S96 2003
Symphony no. 2 in C minor : [ Resurrection] [electronic resource]
Gustav Mahler ; produced by Paul Smaczny ; directed by Michael Beyer ; a production of EuroArts Music International ; in coproduction with SF DRS, NHK

M1002 .S67 2006
The sorcerer's apprentice : French symphonic poems [sound recording]
Dukas ... [et al.]

M1003 .S63 C4 2005z
Czech song [sound recording]
Bedřich Smetana. A fairy tale / Josef Suk. Slovácko suite / Vítězslav Novák

M1004 .E54 V53 2002
Victorian concert overtures [sound recording]

M1004 .O98 1995
Ouverturer å kongl. theatern [sound recording]

M1004 .W64 R6 1996z
Ouvertüren und Intermezzi [sound recording]

M1004.N63 F68 1989
Four overtures : Symphony in D major / [sound recording] ;
Otto Nicolai

M1004.P338 O93 2001
Overtures and symphonies [sound recording]
Giovanni Paisiello

M1004.S66 F35 2010
Overture Der Fall Babylons : WoO 63 ; Symphony no 3 in C minor, op 78 ; Symphony no 6 in G major : Historical symphony : op 116 [sound recording]
Louis Spohr

M1012 .G53 2002
Gidon Kremer : Kremerata Baltica [electronic resource]

M1012.S525 V56 2006
Violin sonatas [electronic resource]
W.A. Mozart ; EuroArts Music presents, from the Palais Daun-Kinsky, Vienna

M1038 .U36 A2 no.2 2013
Abyss of time : a film score with the animated art of Rita Blitt, version 2, for four percussion and Chinese instruments orchestra /
Michael W. Udow

M1045 .T87 C5 2014
Chicago remains : for orchestra /
Mark-Anthony Turnage

M1046 .D48 M3 1993
Marches and overtures à la française [sound recording]

M1060 .U36 A3 no.4 2013
Abyss of time : for orchestra with optional film /
Michael W. Udow

M110 .M7
Suite from Little fugitive [electronic resource]

M110.S45 L479 2003
The shakuhachi honkyoku : Japanese flute [electronic resource]
played by Riley Kelly Lee

M110.S45 M875 1975
Music of the shakuhachi [electronic resource]

M110.S5 H387 1957
Kol ha'shofar : the call of the shofar ; Scriptural cantillation [electronic resource]
by David M. Hausdorff

M1100.W37 C37 2006
Capriol suite : The curlew ; Six Italian dance tunes / [sound recording] ;
Peter Warlock

M118 .V586 2001
The harp [electronic resource]

M120 .W373
Uncle Wade : a memorial to Wade Ward, old time Virginia banjo picker 1892-1971 [electronic resource]

M1200 .A81 2012
At long! [sound recording]
University of South Florida Wind Ensemble, John C. Carmichael

M1200 .U55 P76 2009
Proclamations [sound recording]
Williams ... [et al.]

M1200.M48 S2 2008
Sanctuary [sound recording]

M125.S44 S444 2007
Early southern guitar sounds [electronic resource]
Mike Seeger

M126 .M668 2001
Montoya : flamenco, played by the master [electronic resource]

M1270 .S774 1959
Street and gangland rhythms : beats and improvisations by six boys in trouble [electronic resource]
collected and edited by E. Richard Sorenson

M1356 .J27M
Toe tappin' ragtime [electronic resource]
compiled and annotated by David Jasen

M1356 .O438 1961
Old time couple dances [electronic resource]

M1356 .T446 1958
The Music of New Orleans [electronic resource]

M1356.D27 T443 1976
The dancing twenties [electronic resource]
compiled and annotated by David A. Jasen

M1356.E28 J374 1978
Early syncopated dance music : cakewalks, two-steps, trots, and glides. [electronic resource]
compiled and annotated by David A. Jasen

M1360.N48 N495
String band instrumentals [electronic resource]
the New Lost City Ramblers

The new ragtime guitar [electronic resource]
with David Laibman and Eric Schoenberg, guitars

At the helm [electronic resource]

M1366 .C437 1977
Jazz, some cities and towns [electronic resource]
compiled and annotated by Samuel Charters

M1366 .C536 1900
Clambake on Bourbon St [electronic resource]

M1366 .C537 2003
Classic blues from Smithsonian Folkways Recordings. Vol. 2 [electronic resource]

M1366 .C539 1983
The first Kid Clayton session 1952 [electronic resource]
Recorded by Alden Ashforth & David Wyckoff

M1366 .E275 1979
Early band ragtime [electronic resource]

M1366 .F668 1950
Footnotes to jazz [electronic resource]

M1366 .J374 1978
The Jazzy twenties [electronic resource]
compiled and annotated by David A. Jasen

M1366 .J417 2010
Jazz of the forties. Vol. 1, Jazz at Town Hall [electronic resource]

M1366 .S539
Into morning [electronic resource]
with Cha Cha Shaw and his jazz orchestra

M1366 .W5
The history of jazz [electronic resource]
[music and narration by] Mary Lou Williams ; [edited and compiled by Peter F. O'Brien, S.J.]

M1366.C7375 C667
Seven flute solos [electronic resource]
Charles Compo

M1366.D38 D385 1955
Blowout at the Mardi Gras [electronic resource]
Sid Davilla & Freddie Kohlman's Band

M1366.D52 D535 1996
Hazel Dickens & Alice Gerrard : pioneering women of bluegrass [electronic resource]

M1366.D62 P385 1982
Doc Paulin's marching band [electronic resource]

M1366.J37 R348 2000
Ragtime entertainment : original recordings [electronic resource]

M1366.J65 P536 1996
The original James P. Johnson : (1942-1945: piano solos) [electronic resource]

M1366.L525 W447 1996
Where did you sleep last night [electronic resource]
Lead Belly

M1366.M46 T446 1975
The Original Memphis five [electronic resource]

M1366.S6475 T753 2004
Tribute to a generation : a salute to the big bands of the WW II era [electronic resource]
the Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra

M1366.W545 M37 2004
Mary Lou Williams presents Black Christ of the Andes [electronic resource]
Mary Lou Williams

M1366.W55 M379 2005
Mary Lou's mass [electronic resource]
Mary Lou Williams

M1366.W555 Z635 1995
Zodiac suite [electronic resource]
Mary Lou Williams

M1366.W556 M379 1977
Mary Lou Williams : the Asch recordings 1944-47 [electronic resource]

M1366.W7237 R363 1991
Ramblin' [electronic resource]
Lucinda Williams

M142.B2 A537 1990
Balalaika! [electronic resource]

M142.K6 T445 1955
The Japanese koto [electronic resource]

M142.O9 M875 1964
Music for the classical oud [electronic resource]

M142.Q25 Q637 1975
The Nuru taa African musical idiom : played on the mama-likembi [electronic resource]
by Nadi Qamar

M145 .S368 1967
Scottish bagpipe music [electronic resource]

M1450 .L576 1957
Folk dances of the world's peoples [electronic resource]
compiled by Ronnie and Stu Lipner

M1450.P466 P466 2003
Jigs and reels [electronic resource]

M1450.S7 S773 2003
Square dance [electronic resource]

M146.S4 T447 1961
The steel drums of Kim Loy Wong [electronic resource]
edited by Pete Seeger

M147 .G364 1979
Gamelan in the new world [electronic resource]

The world music theatre of Jon Appleton [electronic resource]

Computer music [electronic resource]
compositions by Larry Austin [and others]

M1473 .C667 1983
Computer music from the outside in : featuring music by Barton McLean, Karl Korte, & Reed Holmes [electronic resource]

M1473 .E443 1980
Electronic music from the outside in [electronic resource]

M1473 .H544 2003
Highlights of Vortex [electronic resource]

M1473 .I873 1981
Israeli electroacoustic music [electronic resource]

M1473 .M354 1979
McLean : electro-symphonic landscapes [electronic resource]

M1473 .M365 1979
Gateway summer sound : abstracted animal and other sounds [electronic resource]

M1473 .M875 1980
Music of a timeless earth [electronic resource]

M1473 .R633 1970
Electronic music from razor blades to Moog [electronic resource]
produced and composed by J.D. Robb

M1473 .T443 1976
The Dartmouth digital synthesizer : electronic music [electronic resource]
by Jon Appleton, Lars-Gunnar Bodin, Russell Pinkston, and William Brunson

M1473.A66 A675 1982
Four fantasies for synclavier [electronic resource]
Jon Appleton

M1473.D624 D635 1968
Eight electronic pieces [electronic resource]
by Tod Dockstader

M1473.D64 D653
Otashgah : Place of fire [electronic resource]

M1473.K67 K678 1983
Invocations [electronic resource]
conceived, recorded and edited by Richard Kostelanetz

M1473.M56 M563 1976
To kill a sunrise : a requiem for those shot in the back ; La Ruche : an elegy for electromagnetic tape [electronic resource]

M1473.R62 T757 1976
Triptyque : and other electronic musical compositions [electronic resource]
produced and composed by J.D. Robb with the assistance of Thomas M. McMullan and Richard Reiff

M1495 .T449 1955
The world's vocal arts [electronic resource]

M1495.I82 T443 1982
The Cantata in early American music [electronic resource]

M1497 .E685 1980
Equilibrium : the National Aububon Society album of songs of nature and humanity [electronic resource]

M1497.S394 T449 1958
The world in my mail box [electronic resource]
conceived, recorded, and narrated by Tony Schwartz ; written and produced by Elliott Gruskin

M1500 .B75P4 1994
Peter Grimes [electronic resource]
Benjamin Britten

M1500 .E545 2010
Elektra : tragic opera in one act [electronic resource]
by Richard Strauss ; libretto by Hugo von Hofmannsthal ; a production of Unitel Classica, in co-production with ZDF Arte, in co-operation with Festspielhaus Baden-Baden

M1500 .G67 T5 2013
François-Joseph Gossec

M1500 .P566 2006
Pnima : ins innere [electronic resource]
Mode Records presents ; [written by] Chaya Czernowin ; directed by Claus Guth

M1500 .S54 2006
Siegfried [electronic resource]
music and libretto, Richard Wagner

M1500 .T445 1984
The Labor Theater presents The bottom line [electronic resource]
original play written and directed by Chuck Portz

M1500.A515 M47 2004
Merlin [electronic resource]
by Isaac Albéniz

M1500.B4755 T762 2002
Trouble in Tahiti [electronic resource]
music and lyrics by Leonard Bernstein

M1500.B57 M56 2008
The minotaur [electronic resource]
music by Harrison Birtwistle ; libretto by David Harsent ; from the Royal Opera House

M1500.B75 G56 2006
Gloriana [electronic resource]
by Benjamin Britten ; libretto, William Plomer ; RM Arts presents, from the London Colosseum, the English National Opera production of

M1500.C67 G462 1992ev
Collaborations : ghostmakers : conversations with John Corigliano and William Hoffman [electronic resource]
a co-production of West Coast East and Ron Myrvik Productions ; producer, Scott Lane ; director, Ron Myrvik

M1500.D68 A38 2009
The adventures of Pinocchio [electronic resource]
[music by] Jonathan Dove ; Opera North

M1500.H36 G58 2006
Giulio Cesare : opera in three acts [electronic resource]
libretto, Nicola Francesco Haym ; music by Georg Frideric Handel ; a Glyndebourne/Opus Arte co-production

M1500.H36 T47 2005
Teseo : opera in five acts [electronic resource]
Georg Friedrich Handel ; libretto and text by Niccoló Francesco Haym, based on Philippe Quinault

M1500.J1 J335 1971
Varsity cheer : or, A history of the Western World at half -time [electronic resource]

M1500.M5375 S3x 2009
Saint François d'Assise : opera in three acts and eight tableaux [electronic resource]
music & libretto, Olivier Messiaen ; De Nederlandse Opera

M1500.M78 R5 2005
Il ritorno d'Ulisse in patria : dramma in musica [electronic resource]
componist, Claudio Monteverdi ; libretto, Giacomo Badoaro ; regie, Pierre Audi ; vanuit Het Muziektheater Amsterdam, De Nederlandse Opera

M1500.M84 C674
The love for three oranges [electronic resource]
music and libretto by Sergei Prokofiev

M1500.M87 K46 2008
Khovanshchina [electronic resource]
by Modest Mussorgsky ; orchestration by Dmitri Shostakovich

M1500.R35 I53 2005
Les Indes galantes [electronic resource]
une production Opéra national de Paris, LGM avec la participation de TF1, Mezzo et du Centre national de la cinématographie ; Jean-Philippe Rameau ; livret de Louis Fuzelier ; réalisation, Thomas Grimm

M1500.R67 G39 2006
La gazzetta [electronic resource]
by Gioachino Rossini

M1500.S35 P35 2006
The palace [electronic resource]
music, Aulis Sallinen ; libretto, Irene Dische, Hans Magnus Enzensberger

M1500.S56 L43 2006
Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk : opera in four acts [electronic resource]
composer, Dmitri Shostakovich ; libretto by Alexander Preis and the composer, after the short story by Nikolai Leskov ; from Het Muziektheater Amsterdam and De Nederlandse Opera

M1500.S66 W7 1994
The wreckers [sound recording]
Ethel Smyth

M1500.T564 K55 2008
King Priam [electronic resource]
[music and libretto] by Sir Michael Tippett ; a Kent Opera production ; producer, Nicholas Hytner ; directed for television by Robin Lough ; produced by Omnibus Enterprises for RM Arts

M1500.V47 A35 2008
Aïda [electronic resource]
music by Giuseppe Verdi ; libretto by Antonio Ghislanzoni

M1500.V47 A54 2006
Aïda : opera in four acts [electronic resource]
[music] by Giuseppe Verdi ; libretto by Antonio Ghislanzoni

M1500.V47 M33 2005
Macbeth [electronic resource]
by Giuseppe Verdi ; from the Gran Teatre del Liceu, a Gran Teatre del Liceu, Opus Arte production

M1500.V47 T73 2006
La Traviata [electronic resource]
Giuseppe Verdi

M1500.W34 L64 2009
Lohengrin [electronic resource]
Richard Wagner

M1500.W34 R44 2005
Das Rheingold [electronic resource]
by Richard Wagner

M1500.W34 T75 2005
Tristan und Isolde [electronic resource]
Richard Wagner

M1500.W34 W35 2005
Die Walküre [electronic resource]
by Richard Wagner ; a Gran Teatre del Liceu, Opus Arte production

M1505 .W66 2003
Wonderful town [electronic resource]
music by Leonard Bernstein ; lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green ; director, Andreas Morell

M1505.A34 G6 2013
Oh this I know : (aria from The gospel of Mary Magdalene ) : for soprano and string quartet (2011) /
Mark Adamo

M1508 .M46 2007
Amahl and the night visitors [electronic resource]
by Gian Carlo Menotti

M1509 .I536766395664 2005
L'incoronazione di Poppea : dramma in musica in un prologo e tre atti [electronic resource]
componist, Claudio Monteverdi ; libretto van Giovanni Francesco Busenello ; regie, Pierre Audi ; De Nederlandse Opera ; vanuit Het Muziektheater Amsterdam ; NOS Opera Matinee

M1515.N54 T43 1995
Theatre music [sound recording]
Carl Nielsen

M1527.2 H879 1962
Here at the water's edge, a voyage in sound [electronic resource]
by Leo Hurwitz in collaboration with Charles Pratt

M1527.S6 C62 1970
Company, original cast album [electronic resource]

M1529.3.L38 P7 2014
Prayer : mixed duet and piano /
Morten Lauridsen ; poem by Dana Gioia

M1538.A57 A573 1958
Soviet Army Chorus and band in a new program of favorites [electronic resource]

M1538.A57 A573 2001
Soviet Army Chorus & Band in a program of favorites [electronic resource]

M1551 .A764 1966
Armenian choral music [electronic resource]

M1578 .M463 1963
Lullabies of the world [electronic resource]

M1619 .B743 1965
Bentley on Brecht [electronic resource]

M1619 .T443 1980
The collector's Paul Robeson [electronic resource]

M1619 .T447 1978
The parlour piano : American popular songs of the 1800's [electronic resource]

M1619.5.B9 M333
Songs of Robert Burns [electronic resource]
sung by Ewan MacColl

M1620 .E375 1964
Songs of Hanns Eisler [electronic resource]
sung and accompanied by Eric Bentley

M1620.I95 S664 1965
Songs [electronic resource]

M1620.K56 S664 1961
Songs from Shakespeare's plays [and] Popular songs of Shakespeare's time [electronic resource]

M1623.G65 T448 1960
The unfortunate rake [electronic resource]
edited by Kenneth S. Goldstein

Whale-wail, in peace, en paix : for voice and tape structures of whale and other animal sounds [electronic resource]
music and text by Ann McMillan

From the cold jaws of prison [electronic resource]

M1625.C34 C344 1992
Indeterminacy : New aspect of form in instrumental and electronic music : Ninety stories with music [electronic resource]
by John Cage

M1625.M532 M563
Tract : a composition of agitprop music for electromagnetic tape [electronic resource]
by Ilhan Mimargoglu

M1626.A6T3 T354 1982
Two melodramas for synclavier [electronic resource]
Jon Appleton

Songs of the Civil War : [record 1] [electronic resource]
edited by Irwin Silber

Live recordings [electronic resource]
Soloists: Bill Monroe, et al

If I had my way : early home recordings [electronic resource]
Rev. Gary Davis

Songs of the Old Regular Baptists. Vol. 2 : lined-out hymnody from southeastern Kentucky [electronic resource]

Music of Central Asia [electronic resource]

Steady as she goes : songs and chanties from the days of commercial sail [electronic resource]

Songs of the Soviet underground [electronic resource]
Nougzar Sharia

Jellybean blues [electronic resource]

Old folks ain't all the same [electronic resource]
sung by Joe Glazer and friends

My darling party line : irreverent songs on international communism [electronic resource]

Singing BRAC [electronic resource]
Joe Glazer

Songs for woodworkers [electronic resource]

Music of Yakshagana -Tenkutittu [electronic resource]

Rivers of Babylon : live in India [electronic resource]

Narrative traditions of Karnataka [electronic resource]

Monpa ritual music [electronic resource]

Sopanam sangeetam [electronic resource]

Sidi Goma in concert [electronic resource]

Music of Yakshagana from the Arnold Bake collection [electronic resource]

Musician communities of Rajasthan - Sarangiya Langa [electronic resource]

Music of the saoras [electronic resource]

Ritual music of Kerala [electronic resource]

Workin' for a livin' : songs [electronic resource]
by Larry Penn

Still feels like Rollin' : songs about trucks and trains [electronic resource]
performed by Larry Penn

We just come to work here [electronic resource]

The Triangle fire [electronic resource]
as told by Leon Stein ; interviewed by Joe Glazer

Big Bill Broonzy : his life [electronic resource]
interviewed by Studs Terkel

Those ragtime banjos [electronic resource]
compiled and annotated by David A. Jasen

Masters of French Canadian music. Vol. 3 [electronic resource]
Gabriel Labbé and Philippe Bruneau

Mountain music, bluegrass style [electronic resource]

Mountain music played on the autoharp [electronic resource]

Faith, love and tragedy [electronic resource]
the Phipps Family

Fernanda Maria : Portugal's great fado singer [electronic resource]

Vietnam : songs of liberation [electronic resource]

Vietnam will win! [electronic resource]

Yulya sings Russian & gypsy songs [electronic resource]

The east is red : a revolutionary opera [electronic resource]

Old time music, it's all around [electronic resource]
songs and tunes by Bruce Hutton

Pastures of plenty, and other songs [electronic resource]

Wolf River songs [electronic resource]
recorded and annotated by Sidney Robertson Cowell

Irish music from Cleveland [electronic resource]

The songs of Mark Spoelstra : with twelve- string guitar [electronic resource]

The Iron Mountain String Band : an old time Southern mountain string band [electronic resource]

The Old Reliable String Band [electronic resource]

My epitaph [electronic resource]
Ola Belle Reed

Rural delivery no. 1 [electronic resource]

Memphis Slim and the real honky tonk : piano solos with vocal [electronic resource]

Hootenanny tonight [electronic resource]

Hootenanny at Carnegie Hall [electronic resource]

Peter La Farge sings of the cowboys : traditional songs of the cowboys and the rodeo, and cattle calls [electronic resource]

Peter La Farge sings women blues [electronic resource]

The Blues is life [electronic resource]

South Jersey Band [electronic resource]

One-man band [electronic resource]

The Donegal piper : Irish bagpipe tunes [electronic resource]

Traditional songs of the Western Torres Straits South Pacific [electronic resource]

The Irish at sea : on deck and below [electronic resource]

The speechphone method [electronic resource]

Likembi song book [electronic resource]

Late piano ragtime [electronic resource]
compiled and annotated by David A. Jasen

Late band ragtime [electronic resource]

The Orangemen of Ulster [electronic resource]

Hillel Raveh sings songs of the Israel Defense Army [electronic resource]

Days beyond recall : ragtime piano [electronic resource]
Trebor Tichenor

The Story of the keyboard instruments [electronic resource]

The mountain dulcimer instrumental album [electronic resource]
with Kevin Roth on the Dulcimer

The first few words. volume 2 : Mountain dulcimer instrumental album [electronic resource]
Kevin Roth

Traditional music from Grayson and Carroll Counties : songs, tunes, with fiddle, banjo and band [electronic resource]

Music from the Ozarks [electronic resource]

Sonny Terry's new sound : the jawharp in blues and folk music [electronic resource]

Kim Loy Wong and his Wiltwyck Steel Band [electronic resource]

Someday we'll meet again [electronic resource]

Virginia Mountain Boys. Vol. 3, Old time bluegrass from Grayson and Carroll Counties, Va. [electronic resource]

Joseph Spence : the complete Folkways recordings, 1958 [electronic resource]

Musical score from the film Whaler out of New Bedford : based on the original Panorama of a whaling voyage round the world, and other songs of the whaling era [electronic resource]

Indian summer : original soundtrack music [electronic resource]
by Pete Seeger & Michael Seeger

The Cannonsville story : from the film Kinfolks [electronic resource]

Music of Gershwin, Kern, Youmans, Rodgers & Schwartz [electronic resource]

Picasso : sound track from the documentary film Picasso [electronic resource]
score composed by Roman Vlad

Radio programme no. 1 : Henry Jacobs' Music and folklore [electronic resource]

Rawhide : radio programme [electronic resource]
performed by Max Ferguson

Kilby Snow : country songs and tunes [electronic resource]

Traditional Music of the Garifuna (Black Carib) of Belize [electronic resource]

Funeral laments of Lebanon [electronic resource]
recording and notes by Ali Jihad Racy

The Cuban danzón : its ancestors and descendents [electronic resource]

Vocal music of contemporary China [electronic resource]

Songs and dances of Nepal [electronic resource]

Songs of aboriginal Australia and Torres Strait [electronic resource]

Music from Petauke, of Northern Rhodesia [electronic resource]

Hassidic tunes for dancing and rejoicing [electronic resource]

Music from South New Guinea [electronic resource]

Music of the Tarascan Indians of Mexico : music of Michoaca and nearby Mestizo country [electronic resource]

Music from North and South Vietnam : sung poetry of the North/theatre Music of the South [electronic resource]
music recorded, edited, and annotated by Stephen Addiss

Music of the Idoma of Nigeria [electronic resource]

Traditional African ritual music of Guyana S/A : Queh Queh, Cumfa and Come Tru [electronic resource]
recorded and annotated by David Blair Stiffles

Teahouse music of Afghanistan [electronic resource]
recorded in Kabul by Peter ten Hoopen

Songs of war and death from the Slave Coast [electronic resource]

Music of the Sudan Vols. 1-3 : : the role of song and dance in Dinka society [electronic resource]

Music of Morocco [electronic resource]

Music of the Cameroons [electronic resource]

Songs of Assam, Uttar Pradesh, and the Andamans [electronic resource]

Rumanian songs and dances [electronic resource]

Music of the Vai of Liberia [electronic resource]
recorded by [Jeanne Monts and] Lester P. Monts

Kiowa [electronic resource]

Music of the American Indians of the Southwest [electronic resource]

Spanish and Mexican folk music of New Mexico [electronic resource]

Music of the Falashas [electronic resource]
recorded in Ethiopia by Wolf Leslau

Music of the Ukraine [electronic resource]

Indian music of the Upper Amazon [electronic resource]

Murut music of North Borneo [electronic resource]

Temiar dream songs from Malaya [electronic resource]
recorded under the direction of H.D. Noone and E.D. Robertson

Music of Thailand [electronic resource]

The Topoke People of the Congo [electronic resource]

Songs and music of Tibet [electronic resource]

Man's early musical instruments [electronic resource]

Music from the villages of northeastern Nigeria [electronic resource]

Haywire Mac [electronic resource]
Harry K. McClintock

The Original Talking union & other union songs [electronic resource]

Huey! : Black Panther platform with Seale, Cleaver, Rap Brown. Listen, whitey! : Black communities' reaction to the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King [electronic resource]

The view from the end of the world : live interviews of life in prison with James Carr [electronic resource]
by Isaac Cronin and Dan Hammer

The investigator : a political satire in documentary form [electronic resource]

Lest we forget [electronic resource]

The un-typical politition [electronic resource]
edited and narrated by Myles M. Platt

What if I am a woman? [electronic resource]

Underground : sound track of the film [electronic resource]
by Emile de Anronio, [i.e. Antonio], Mary Lampson, Haskell Wexler and the Weather Underground Organization

The science of sound [electronic resource]

Sounds of a tropical rain forest in America [electronic resource]

Sounds of the sea Vol. 1 : : sonic fish sounds, underwater sounds of biological origin [electronic resource]

Sounds of carnival [electronic resource]

Sounds of steam locomotives [electronic resource]
performed by Harold S. Ludlow

Music therapy with the developmentally handicapped [electronic resource]
Edith Hillman Boxill

Man in space : the story of the journey [electronic resource]

Nine months : songs of pregnancy & birth [electronic resource]
Linda Arnold

The Cajun swing [electronic resource]
Recorded by Sam Charters

Old grey goose : Maine country dance music & song [electronic resource]

Irish jigs, reels & hornpipes [electronic resource]

Ukrainian Christmas songs [electronic resource]

Songs and dances of Honduras [electronic resource]

Songs of Israel [electronic resource]

Songs of Mexico [electronic resource]

Irish traditional songs [electronic resource]
sung in Gaelic by Sorcha Ni Ghuarim

Man of the whole wide world [electronic resource]
[composed and sung by] Art Samuels

Mexican corridos [electronic resource]

Ring games from Alabama : Line games and play party songs of Alabama [electronic resource]

In the beginning [electronic resource]
Sholem Asch

Jewish children's songs & games [electronic resource]

The world of man [electronic resource]

Come along children & sing with me [electronic resource]
with Johnny Richardson

Songs of camp : the music program of a children's camp, recorded at Camp Killooleet, Hancock, VT [electronic resource]

Moving makes me magic [electronic resource]

How I hunted the little fellows [electronic resource]
by Boris Zhitkov. Pete Seeger sings in concert at Town Hall

More music time & stories [electronic resource]
sung by Charity Bailey and told by Steve Sahlein with Demise [i.e. Denise] Owens

Music in the air : a collection of original children's songs [electronic resource]
Mike Glick

Sing along, clap along : children's songs [electronic resource]
Johnny Richardson

Those once a year times [electronic resource]
all songs written by Douglas H. Ryniker

Growing : health songs [electronic resource]
by Brian Mackness

More animals [electronic resource]
performed by Alan Mills

Music for dance rhythms : 41 piano pieces [electronic resource]

Songs and stories [electronic resource]
Ed McCurdy

Russian songs for teaching children [electronic resource]
sung in Russian by Getta Petry

West Indian folksongs for children : [Words and music by] Lord Invader [pseud.] [electronic resource]

Vamos a cantar = (Let us sing) : a collection of children's songs in Spanish [electronic resource]

Niños-- dejad que os cuente un cuento : cuentos infantiles [electronic resource]

Songs for children from New York City [electronic resource]
annotated and recorded by Dr. Edna Smith Edet

How to play a 5-string banjo (instruction) [electronic resource]
performed by Pete Seeger

Nazir Jairazbhoy explains the theory of classical Hindustani instrumental music [electronic resource]

Mandolin instruction : old time, country, and fiddle tunes [electronic resource]
Michael I. Holmes

Raba♭ : Egyptian singing and epic songs [electronic resource]
recorded and annotated by Alain Weber

Some of us had to live [electronic resource]
Michael Cohen

The Kobza ; songs and tunes played on the kobza [electronic resource]

Original Hawaiian steel guitar [electronic resource]
with Tony Ku, accompanied by Tomomi Sugiura

Margaret Barry & Michael Gorman : sing and play, acc. banjo and fiddle [electronic resource]

Saturday night at the Bull & Mouth [electronic resource]

Sephardic songs [electronic resource]

Sonia Malkine sings French songs from the provences [i.e. provinces] [electronic resource]

Piänata Party presents music of Peru [electronic resource]

Hawaiian chant, hula, and music [electronic resource]

Folk songs of Newfoundland [electronic resource]

The Pennywhistlers [electronic resource]

Early English and Scottish ballads [electronic resource]
with Shanna Beth McGee

Traditional music of Ireland [electronic resource]

The Black Watch and other pipe and drum tunes [electronic resource]

Honour your partners! : square dances called by N. Roy Clifton [electronic resource]

Songs and dances of Majorca : aires de Montanya, de Selva [electronic resource]

The English concertina [electronic resource]
compiled and annotated by Richard Carlin

American Indians of the Southwest [electronic resource]

Traditional drumming and dances of Ghana [electronic resource]

Tunisia [electronic resource]

The marimba of Oaxaca, Mexico [electronic resource]
performed by Gonzalez Rivera Faustino and Pastelin Navarro Silverio

Mariachi Aguilas de Chapala : mariachi music from the Mexican state of Jalisco [electronic resource]

Into the true secret of zthe heart : songs for meditation from the resonance of the melting heart [electronic resource]
M.R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen

Hagadah : Yemenite Passover [electronic resource]

Music for meditation [electronic resource]
all selections by Sri Chinmoy

The Way of Eiheiji : Zen-Buddhist ceremony [electronic resource]

Great short stories of the world [electronic resource]
written and directed by Morris Schreiber, with the Institute Players

Speak and read German. [Volume 1] [electronic resource]
by Eric W. Bauer

Nathan Asch's Inland, western sea [electronic resource]

Selected poems [electronic resource]
Lucien Stryk

The Nineteen sixties [electronic resource]

Poems : From Simple speaks his mind by Langston Hughes [electronic resource]
by Sterling Brown

Margaret Walker Alexander reads Langston Hughes and Margaret Walker [electronic resource]

The elephant calf : or, The probability of every contention [electronic resource]
a musical extravaganza by Bertolt Brecht ; adapted by Eric Bentley ; music by Arnold Black. Small comments on large themes / by Eric Bentley

Readings from D.H. Lawrence [electronic resource]
selected and read by Harry T. Moore

Zen poems [electronic resource]

St. John of the Cross, Volume Ii [electronic resource]
(Phonodisc) Translated by Roy Campbell. Read in English by Khigh Dhiegh. Arranged and Directed by Martin Donegan ; Produced by Scott D'Arcy

Poems for several voices [electronic resource]

Poetry of Friedrich von Schiller [electronic resource]

Turkish folktales in Turkish [electronic resource]

Russian poetry [electronic resource]

Selections from Cicero : speeches, philosophical works and letters [electronic resource]

Modern times [electronic resource]
the New Lost City Ramblers

Grassy licks [electronic resource]

The Red Clay Ramblers, with Fiddlin' Al McCanless [electronic resource]

Somebody give me direction [electronic resource]
Kevin Roth

New wind [electronic resource]
Kevin Roth

Everhart. No. 2, Waiting' for a train [electronic resource]

Red Allen sings In memory of the man [electronic resource]
special guests, Harley Allen, Curley Seckler

Now & then [electronic resource]

Everhart international [electronic resource]

Travel with me my dove and listen to me : songs of the Middle East [electronic resource]

Mr. Gavitt : calypso of Costa Rica [electronic resource]

Yankee notions : traditional songs of New England [electronic resource]
Jim Douglas

Heart of oak [electronic resource]
the X Seamens Institute

On Jordan's stormy banks I stand : sacred songs of America. [electronic resource]
Ed McCurdy with Dana McCurdy

Life's railway to heaven [electronic resource]

No more nukes [electronic resource]
Niss Puk Band

Times are gonna get harder [electronic resource]
Roger Matura with and Niss Puk Band/Garbage Orchestra ; all songs written and composed by Roger Matura

Kingdom come [electronic resource]

Outer space music [electronic resource]
Vaclav Nelhybel

For Jon : Fragments of a time to come [electronic resource]
Lars-Gunnar Bodin

Music for synclavier and other digital systems [electronic resource]

Ron Turner [electronic resource]

Reelizations. [1] [electronic resource]
composed & performed by Barton Smith

The Montgomery movement [electronic resource]

Navajo dedications : modern music based on Navajo ceremonies [electronic resource]
by David Cope

The Neptune collection [electronic resource]
Entourage Music and Theatre Ensemble

Big drum and other ritual and social music of Carriacou [electronic resource]
recordings and notes by Donald R. Hill

Nativity : Sholem Asch's story of the birth of Jesus [electronic resource]

Readings from the Bible : Old Testament [electronic resource]
compiled by Sholem Asch

Statement : lecture at Columbia University, N.Y., October, 1952 [electronic resource]
Sholem Asch

Solidarity! Postulat 22 : Songs from the new Polish labour movement = Nowe poliskie piesni robothicze [electronic resource]

The promised land : American Indian songs of lament and protest [electronic resource]
originated and performed by Periwinkle

Songs from the age of sail : Sea songs : Newport, R.I [electronic resource]

Songs of the sea [electronic resource]

Israeli vocal and instrumental music [electronic resource]

Please tip your waitress [electronic resource]
Willie Sordill

Walls to roses : songs of changing men [electronic resource]

Sea music of many lands : the Pacific heritage [electronic resource]

Musics of Hawaii : anthology of Hawaiian music [electronic resource]

Puerto Rican music in Hawai'i : Kachi-kachi [electronic resource]
recordings, photographs, and notes by Ted Solâis

Tuva : voices from the center of Asia [electronic resource]

Ella Jenkins, seasons for singing [electronic resource]

The four musicians of Bremen and the golden treasure [electronic resource]
Louis F. Simon

Songs, tales, ditties and dances of Louisiana [electronic resource]

Music of St. Lucia (B.W.I.) [electronic resource]

Lord Melody sings calypso [electronic resource]
with Cyril Diaz and his orchestra and Nat Hepburn and his March of Dimes Quartette ; featuring Marjorie Johnson

King Sparrow's calypso carnival [electronic resource]

Lord Melody 1962 [electronic resource]

His and hers [electronic resource]
Charlie Magnante & Lavergne Smith

Un ti bo : and other pleasures from Martinique [electronic resource]

Haiti confidential [electronic resource]

Ramayan sewak sang of Trinidad [electronic resource]

Steel band clash [electronic resource]

Speed the parting guest : the hot tempered clavichord [electronic resource]
Jimmy Carroll Percussion Ensemble

Three rituals [electronic resource]

The compleat in fidelytie [electronic resource]

The Champion Steelbands of Trinidad [electronic resource]

The enchanted steelband [electronic resource]
performed by the Katzenjammers

Music to awaken the ballroom beast [electronic resource]

The Morelia Cathedral organ [electronic resource]

Willis Page conducts the New Orchestral Society of Boston [electronic resource]

Rail dynamics [electronic resource]

Semana Santa, Malaga [electronic resource]

Voices of the sky [electronic resource]

Le jazz primitif [electronic resource]

Jawbone of an ass [electronic resource]

The Seven last words of Christ ; and, The baroque organ old & new [electronic resource]

Russian Easter midnight service [electronic resource]

Steelband in San Juan [electronic resource]

Hellish calypso [electronic resource]

Haywire Mac [electronic resource]
Haywire Mac McClintock

The new clavichord [electronic resource]

Steelband promenade [electronic resource]

The king of organs : Bill Floyd at the N.Y. Paramount Theatre [electronic resource]

Moans & blues [electronic resource]
Lizzie Miles

Hot songs my mother taught me [electronic resource]
Lizzie Miles

Torchy lullabies my mother sang me [electronic resource]
Lizzie Miles

Meringue! [electronic resource]

Songs from the garden of love : Jefferson-Jones' orchestra & The Playboys sing of the contemporary British attitude toward romance [electronic resource]

Italian moon : Steve Merrick sings twelve famous love songs capriccioso [electronic resource]

A dead-beat guitar and the Mississippi blues [electronic resource]
K.C. Douglas

Tiroro ; a real glossary of rhythms [electronic resource]

Square dance [electronic resource]
with Al Brundage

Marimba band : otherwise known as To hell with high-fidelity. [electronic resource]
[Collected by Cook & Eskin]

Voice of the sea : a collection of many sounds relating to the sea and those who travel upon it [electronic resource]

Ionosphere ; synchronized ionosphere observation [electronic resource]

Mariachi music of Mexico [electronic resource]

Mexican firecrackers : a prayer and a festival [electronic resource]

Radio Moscow and the Western Hemisphere [electronic resource]

The voice of Mexico [electronic resource]

Kilts on parade [electronic resource]
St. Columcille's United Gaelic Pipe Band

Pipe organ in the Mosque [vol. 1] : : theatre organ classics in the unique acoustics of the Richmond Mosque [electronic resource]
Reginald Foort

Percussion and pedal. [Vol. 2] [electronic resource]
Reginald Foort

Tempo vivace : symphonic masterpieces of the dance & theater [electronic resource]

Mozart, symphony # 40, Beethoven symphony # 5 [electronic resource]
performed by New Orchestral Society-Boston and Willis Page

Modern orchestral textures [electronic resource]

Le jazz Trinidad [electronic resource]

The Castilianne [electronic resource]

Waterfall : symphonic [electronic resource]

Music of the Magindanao in the Philippines. Volumes one and two [electronic resource]
[recorded and annotated by José Maceda]

In come a bumblebee : traditional songs and tunes on English concertina [electronic resource]
Richard Carlin

Tengo Puerto Rico en mi corazón : I have Puerto Rico in my heart [electronic resource]

Palestine lives! : songs from the struggle of the people of Palestine [electronic resource]

Haiti : ki sa pou-n fe? = what is to be done? [electronic resource]
performed by Atis Independan

Algo se quema alla afuera : Something is burning out there [electronic resource]
sung by Estrella Artau

The legacy of Ho Chi Minh : speeches, writings and poems of Ho Chi Minh [and] (more) [electronic resource]

Songs of life from a dying British empire [electronic resource]
Leon Rosselson & Roy Bailey

Ireland : the final struggle [electronic resource]
Men of No Property

Thailand : songs for life [electronic resource]

Promises of the storm [electronic resource]
Marcel Khalifé

What now people [electronic resource]
Soloists: Bill Horowitz, et al. Ensemble: Covered Wagon Musicians, The, Human Condition, The, Redwing, American Indian Movement Singers, Red Shadow, Fast Flying Vestibule, The, Covered Wagon Musicians, The, Country Diction

Habla Albizu Campos : Albizu Campos speaks [electronic resource]

Music of Indonesia [electronic resource]
ed. by Philip Yampolsky

Sonny Terry, the Folkways years, 1944-1963 [electronic resource]

South African freedom songs [electronic resource]

Sound effects [electronic resource]

The blues in St. Louis [electronic resource]
performed by Daddy (George) Hotcakes Montgomery, et al

The Folkways years, 1945-1959 [electronic resource]
Brownie McGhee

Native American traditions : music of New Mexico [electronic resource]

The reason I like chocolate : and other children's poems [electronic resource]
by Nikki Giovanni

Traditional music of the world [electronic resource]
performed by René Marino Rivero

Royal court music of Thailand [electronic resource]

The New Lost City Ramblers. Volume five [electronic resource]

Mark Twain's 1601 [electronic resource]
Richard Dyer- Bennet

Rhythms of rapture : sacred musics of Haitian vodou [electronic resource]

The world's musical traditions [electronic resource]
performed by Kamalesh Maitra and Alan Maralung

Mountain music of Kentucky [electronic resource]

Her Majesty's Scots guards on tour [electronic resource]
performed by the Scots Guards

Gypsy mandolin! : Monitor presents the extraordinary artistry of Howard Frye [electronic resource]

Songs of a Macedonian gypsy [electronic resource]

Greetings from Holland [electronic resource]
Mieke, Nina

Songs of Ireland [electronic resource]

Salute to Israel [electronic resource]

Summertime in Venice : great Italian hits [electronic resource]

Latin American festival : music from Mexico, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina & Peru [electronic resource]

Guantanamera! : Latin American hits [electronic resource]
Los Tres Paraguayos

The mariachi sound [electronic resource]
performed by Oro y Plata de Pepe Chavez and William Clauson

Music of Chile & Argentina and music of the Andes [electronic resource]

Lebanon : Monitor presents the Baalbek Folk Festival [electronic resource]
featuring Fairouz

The Art of belly dancing [electronic resource]
[vocals and musical arrangements by George Abdo]

Picture yourself belly dancing [electronic resource]

The magic of belly dancing [electronic resource]
featuring George Abdo

Polish State Folk Ballet Slask [electronic resource]

Polish dance time [electronic resource]
the Kaszowski Brothers

Play, balalaika, play [electronic resource]

The divine Easter liturgy with the Easter hours [electronic resource]

The Moiseyev Dance Ensemble [electronic resource]

Monitor presents Zina Pavlova in Russian Gypsy songs [electronic resource]
[with] the balalaika of Sasha Polinoff

The Russian Orthodox Requiem : & hymns to the Virgin [electronic resource]

Virtuosi of the accordion, balalaika, and domra [electronic resource]

Songs of old Russia. vol. 2 [electronic resource]

Moscow nights : 20 popular Russian hits [electronic resource]

Russian dances [electronic resource]

Songs & dances of Ukraine [electronic resource]

Koutev Bulgarian National Ensemble [electronic resource]

The Royal Tahitian Dance Company [electronic resource]

Kahurangi : music of the New Zealand Maori [electronic resource]

Jury's Irish Cabaret of Dublin [electronic resource]

Rachel sings Israeli, Yemenite, Ladino, Arabic and Greek songs [electronic resource]

Music of Argentina [electronic resource]

Journey into Russia with Yulya [electronic resource]

Scotland on parade : a panorama of songs and dances [electronic resource]

The joy of belly dancing [electronic resource]
George Abdo & his Flames of Araby orchestra, Middle East instrumentals & vocals

Hawaii : Polynesian girl [electronic resource]
Nani Wolfgramm & his Islanders

Tuva, among the spirits : sound, music, and nature in Sakha and Tuva [electronic resource]

Smithsonian folkways world music collection [electronic resource]

Lithuanian songs and dances [electronic resource]

Moiseyev dances. Volume two [electronic resource]
Moiseyev Dance Company

Lisboa antiga [electronic resource]

Two heids are better than yin! [electronic resource]
Robin Hall ; Jimmie MacGregor

The Hungarian State Folk Ensemble [electronic resource]

Rapsodia Romina [electronic resource]

Greetings from Austria [electronic resource]

Petticoats of Portugal [electronic resource]

Popular Ukrainian folk songs [electronic resource]

Songs of a Russian gypsy [electronic resource]

The Galliards [electronic resource]

Olga Pavlova sings Ukrainian songs, vol. 2 [electronic resource]

Bayanihan on tour [electronic resource]

Ukrainian duets & solos [electronic resource]

Gypsy guitar : the fiery moods of Mirko [electronic resource]

The Feenjon goes Greek [electronic resource]

Vacation in Portugal [electronic resource]
vocals by Celeste Rodrigues & Manuel Fernandes

Three ragas, Monitor presents India's great Shamim Ahmed [electronic resource]

Songs of a Macedonian gypsy [electronic resource]

Virtuosi of the accordion, balalaika, and domra : with orchestras of folk instruments [electronic resource]

Russian romantic songs : Yulya sings Vertinsky [electronic resource]

Peak impressions [electronic resource]
the Freebourne

Monitor presents Margalit : Those were the days = Hayu yamim .. [electronic resource]

Holiday in Portugal [electronic resource]

Our rock and our Redeemer [electronic resource]

Greta Keller sings Love is a daydream and other songs by Yulya [electronic resource]

Soraya, my love [electronic resource]

Songs and dances of Vietnam [electronic resource]

Music for belly dancing [electronic resource]

Yulya sings songs of the Russian street urchins [electronic resource]

The British are coming! : to salute America's bicentennial [electronic resource]

Grupo Moncada [electronic resource]

Spotlight on belly dancing [electronic resource]
performed by John Vartan Ensemble and John Vartan

Amaneceres [electronic resource]
Grupo Raiz

Por América del Centro. Vol. 2 [electronic resource]

Greek fever [electronic resource]
George Armaos

Songs of the Old Regular Baptists [electronic resource]

Lisbon by night. Vol. 2 : Severa [electronic resource]

The fuzzy peach pie and other lunacies [electronic resource]
Leonard Elliott ad Irma Jurist

The Icelandic Singers [electronic resource]

Twelve faces of love [electronic resource]

Well may the world go [electronic resource]
Larry Long

The Folkways years, 1964-1983 [electronic resource]
Red Allen ; featuring Paul Wakefield

Zulu hymns and ceremonial songs [electronic resource]

Lala dance songs [electronic resource]

Southern Sotho circumcision songs [electronic resource]

Tumbuka songs [electronic resource]

Southern Sotho songs [electronic resource]

Lala songs [electronic resource]

South Africa : Geleka [electronic resource]

Songs for entertainment from the Nyanja-speaking Chewa of Malawi [electronic resource]

Umgubo regimental songs from the Swazi people of Swaziland [electronic resource]

Herding, drinking, and topical songs from the Nyanja-speaking Chewa of Malawi [electronic resource]

Humorous songs from the Karanga people of Zimbabwe [electronic resource]

Songs for entertainment, dance, and parties from the Karanga-speaking Mhari of Zimbabwe [electronic resource]

Nyasaland : Ngoni [electronic resource]

Songs for ritual, entertainment, and dance from the Sena-speaking Tonga of Zimbabwe [electronic resource]

Topical songs and several chitsukulumbe dances by the Nyanja-speaking Mang'anja people of Malawi [electronic resource]

The African music society's best music for 1953 [electronic resource]

Various songs from the Sotho people of Berea district, Lesotho [electronic resource]

Songs and dances from the Sotho people of Mauteng, Maseru district, Lesotho [electronic resource]

Songs from the Sotho people of Berea district, Lesotho [electronic resource]

Mokorotlo and Mohobelo dances from the Sotho people of Mokoroane, Mohale's Hoek, Lesotho [electronic resource]

Threshing and herding songs from the Tswana-speaking tlharo of mafeking district, South Africa [electronic resource]

Singing games from the Tswana-speaking Tlharo of the Mafeking district, South Africa [electronic resource]

Ritual, dance, and work songs from the Lete people of Botswana [electronic resource]

Ritual, greeting, and party songs from the Hurutshe people of Western Transvaal [electronic resource]

Praise and dance songs from the Hurutshe people of Western Transvaal [electronic resource]

Initiation songs from the Tswana-speaking Hurutshe people of Gopane, Zeerust district, Western Transvaal [electronic resource]

Praise, ritual, fighting, hunting, and party songs of the Kgatla people from Saulspoort, Western Transvaal, South Africa [electronic resource]

Songs with Nenjenje lute from the Medje people of the Democratic Republic of Congo [electronic resource]

Likembe mbira music from northern Congo [electronic resource]

Kyopere dance and drum rhythms and praise songs from the Chopi (Dhopaluo) of Uganda [electronic resource]

Orunyege dance songs from the Nyoro of Bunyoro district (Western Province), Uganda [electronic resource]

Praise chants from the Nyankole of Ankole district (Southern Province), Uganda [electronic resource]

Humorous, topical and dance songs from the Tooro of Toro district (Western Province), Uganda [electronic resource]

Songs with endongo bowl lyre and a humorous song with drums from the Ganda of Buganda district (Central Province), Uganda [electronic resource]

Madinda xylophones, historical, and topical songs from the Ganda of Kasangati, Kampala district, Uganda [electronic resource]

Lyres, lutes, and drums accompanying songs of the Ganda from Busoga Province, Uganda [electronic resource]

Songs with lyres and drums from the Ganda of Uganda [electronic resource]

Songs accompanied by the ntongoli lyre of the Soga people from Uganda [electronic resource]

Wedding, entertainment, and dance songs from the Zinza people of Biharamulo district, Tanzania [electronic resource]

Songs for entertainment from the Hangaza people of Ngala district, Tanzania [electronic resource]

Love songs of the Nyamwezi people from dar es Salaam and Tabora region, Tanzania [electronic resource]

Greeting and installation songs for chiefs of the Nyamwezi people from Tabora district, Tanzania [electronic resource]

Pipe dances with viyanzi flute and dance songs of the Zaramo people from dar es Salaam, Tanzania [electronic resource]

Songs and narratives of the Kamba people from Machakos district, Kenya [electronic resource]

Songs from the Bukusu people of Kenya [electronic resource]

Moran dance songs from the Nandi people of Nandi district (Rift Valley Province), Kenya [electronic resource]

Topical and dance songs from the Swahili-speaking people of Tanzania [electronic resource]

Praise and wedding songs of Arabic-speaking people of the Malindi district, Coast Province, Kenya [electronic resource]

Mahagita : harp and vocal music of Burma [electronic resource]

True vine [electronic resource]
Mike Seeger

Viento de Agua unplugged : materia prima [electronic resource]

Walks the strings --and even sings [electronic resource]
Eddie Pennington

Havana & Matanzas, Cuba, ca. 1957 : Batá, Bembé, and Palo songs [electronic resource]

Shake sugaree [electronic resource]
Elizabeth Cotton

Marathi songs from the Arnold Bake collection [electronic resource]

Nirguni Bhajans by Prahlad Singh Tipaniya [electronic resource]

Musical instruments of Rajasthan - the Kamaicha [electronic resource]

Musician communities of Rajasthan - Surnaiya Langa [electronic resource]

Musicians of Rajasthan - Champa Methi [electronic resource]

Musician communities of Rajasthan - Dholi [electronic resource]

Qawwali by Meraj Ahmed and party [electronic resource]

The epic of Dhola [electronic resource]

Musician communities of Rajasthan - the Manganiar [electronic resource]

We are the working class [electronic resource]

I'm a little cookie : and other songs that can taste just as good [electronic resource]
[performed] by Larry Penn

Welcome to America -- Joe Glazer sings songs of the American immigrants [electronic resource]

They moved my job to Georgia [electronic resource]
songs by James Peyton Hopkins

Sabor Nuevo Mexicano [electronic resource]

Música antigua [electronic resource]

Los reyes de Albuquerque en Washington, DC - 1992 [electronic resource]

Tchaikovsky serenade for strings [electronic resource]
performed by New Orchestral Society-Boston and Willis Page

Classic Canadian songs [electronic resource]

D'Bhuyaa saaj : live in India [electronic resource]

Devotional music of Assam [electronic resource]

Bihu [electronic resource]

Drumming traditions of Kerala [electronic resource]

Gallant lads are we [electronic resource]
sung by Louis Killen

Lee Hunter sings The face on the dime [electronic resource]

Coop - fast folk musical magazine [electronic resource]
performed by Mark Dann, et al

Fast folk musical magazine [electronic resource]

Folk songs of Martha's Vineyard [electronic resource]

All in one evening [electronic resource]

To you with love : American folk songs for men [electronic resource]

Folk music of Washington Square [electronic resource]

A folk concert in Town Hall, New York [electronic resource]

Foc'sle Songs and Shanties [electronic resource]

Bill McAdoo sings, with guitar [electronic resource]
Bill McAdoo

Chicago blues, boogie woogie and blues [electronic resource]

Brownie McGhee sings the blues [electronic resource]
Brownie McGhee

Diverse songs and moods of the 1940's [electronic resource]
Stella Brooks and Greta Keller

Early recordings [electronic resource]
performed by Emile Barnes

Live at Union Grove [electronic resource]
Clark Kessinger, fiddle

Galax Virginia : Old Fiddlers' Convention [electronic resource]

The short piano pieces [of] Charles Ives, played by James Sykes [electronic resource]

Elizabeth Cotten : when I'm gone [electronic resource]

First songs [electronic resource]

Document of a dream : a re-enactment of the diaries of Theodor Herzl [electronic resource]
written and directed by Sholom Rubinstein ; produced by the Theodor Herzl Institute ; Gilbert Mack as Theodor Herzl

Fine times at our house : traditional music of Indiana : ballads, fiddle tunes, songs [electronic resource]

Ballads and songs of the Blue Ridge Mountains : persistence and change [electronic resource]

Bluegrass from the Blue Ridge : a half century of change [electronic resource]
collected in the field by Eric H. Davidson, Paul Newman, and Caleb E. Finch

Been in the storm so long : spirituals & shouts, children's game songs & folktales [electronic resource]

F.D. Kirkpatrick hosts the Louisiana folk fest [electronic resource]

Between the sound and the sea : oral tradition: music of the N.C. Outer Banks [electronic resource]

Dahomey suite for oboe and piano : Dahomey suite documentary recordings [electronic resource]
by Mieczyslaw Kolinski

Folk songs and music from Malta [electronic resource]

African flutes : recorded in the Gambia by Samuel Charters [electronic resource]

Bongo, backra & coolie : Jamaican roots, vol. 1-2 [electronic resource]

Algerian Berber music [electronic resource]

Cult music of Cuba [electronic resource]

Burmese folk and traditional music [electronic resource]

Folk music of the Amami Islands [electronic resource]

Folk music of the U.S.S.R [electronic resource]
compiled and selected by Henry Cowell

Anthology of Central and South American Indian music [electronic resource]

Ballads of the Civil War, 1831-1861 [electronic resource]
sung by Herman Nye with guitar

Firemen's centennial parade [electronic resource]

God, guts, and guns [electronic resource]
performed by Jeff Ampolsk

Fifty sail on Newburgh Bay : Hudson River Valley songs [electronic resource]
with Pete Seeger and Ed Renehan

American moonshine and prohibition [electronic resource]

Broadside ballads [electronic resource]
performed by Phil Ochs, et al

Gary Green [electronic resource]

Boricua roots : Raices boricuas : Sandra Roldán, Puerto Rican from Brooklyn Los sures , sings Puerto Rican songs [electronic resource]

Interview with Antonio Salemme, sculptor & painter [electronic resource]

Clouds : music for relaxation [electronic resource]
music by Norman Beede [and others]

Futuribile : the life to come [electronic resource]
Gianni Safred

Music traditionelle du bas du fleuve [electronic resource]
Aimé Cagné et sa musique a bouche ; compiled and annotated by Alain Blanchet

Calypso [and] Meringues [electronic resource]

Bantu choral folk songs [electronic resource]

Arabic songs of Lebanon and Egypt [electronic resource]

1, 2, 3, [i.e. One, two, three] and a zing, zing, zing : street games and songs of the children of New York City [electronic resource]

German children's songs [electronic resource]

William Douglas interview [electronic resource]

Dr. Robert M. Hutchins : educator, president of the fund for the Republic [electronic resource]
interviewed by Howard Langer

New songs for kids [electronic resource]
Tina Meltzer

Color train [electronic resource]
with Andrew Gunsberg

Edgar Kendricks sings for the very young [electronic resource]

Children's activities to music for kindergarten, 1-3 [electronic resource]

Emperor's nightingale [electronic resource]
from a story by Hans Christian Andersen. Book & lyrics: Elsa Rael

American play-parties [electronic resource]
Pete Seeger, Mika Seeger, Larry Eisenberg

Going home : new songs for children and parents [electronic resource]
performed by Candy Band

Dance along [electronic resource]
performed by Marjorie Mazia Guthrie

Animals [electronic resource]
performed by Alan Mills

Children's activity songs [electronic resource]
performed by Johnny Richardson

Children's folksongs of Germany [electronic resource]

Carribean games and songs for children [electronic resource]

Les contes de Perrault [electronic resource]
Charles Perrault

French children's songs : for teaching French [electronic resource]

Getting along in French [electronic resource]

Cajun accordion old and new. vol. 2 [electronic resource]
Gerard Dole

Dr. B.R. Deodhar presents the ragas of India [electronic resource]
performed by B.R. Deodhar

Baijun ballads : Somali songs in Swahili [electronic resource]

Gay and straight together [electronic resource]

Folk songs & ballads of the British Isles [electronic resource]

Songs of Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan [electronic resource]
[Afif Bulos sings songs of Lebanon, Syria & Jordan.]

Folk music of Ghana [electronic resource]

Chinese songs and opera : excerpts from Cantonese music drama [electronic resource]

Beating the dragon robe : a traditional Peking opera [electronic resource]

Festival of Japanese music in Hawaii [electronic resource]

Friday night service : with Cantor Joseph Kanefsky (unacc. in traditional style) [electronic resource]

Easter ceremonies in Jerusalem [electronic resource]

Goethe's Urfaust (in German) [electronic resource]

Conversation pieces [electronic resource]

English lyric poetry [electronic resource]

Contemporary English literature [electronic resource]

Anthology of English verse [electronic resource]

Antigone, in the original Greek [electronic resource]

Poesia Hispanoamericana del siglo XX [electronic resource]

Elenco dei Saggi di lettura del Prof. Avv. Mario Palladini [electronic resource]

Frontiers : especially created for Scholastic literature units [electronic resource]

Everhart [electronic resource]

Are you feeling it too? [electronic resource]
Allen Bros

World's most unusual songs [electronic resource]
all songs written by Tommy Scott

The Bergerfolk [electronic resource]

A pilgrim son [electronic resource]

Epirotika with Periklis Halkias : Greek folk music and dances from northern Epirus [electronic resource]

Favorite sea songs [electronic resource]
X-Seamens Institute

Australian ballads : the early years [electronic resource]
Seona McDowell

Electronic music, tar and sehtar [electronic resource]
Dariush Dolat-Shahi

An English anthology [electronic resource]

An Anthology of African American poetry for young people [electronic resource]
[compiled and read by Arna Bontemps]

Children's songs from Africa [electronic resource]
with Kojo Fosu and Edwin Hunter ; coordinated by Ann F.F. Baiden

Afro-American tales and games [electronic resource]

Canada's story in song [electronic resource]

The Esso Steelband of Bermuda : a Bermuda honeymoon in song and steel [electronic resource]

Again! : Lord Melody sings calypso [electronic resource]

Calypso cross section [electronic resource]

Calypso through the looking glass [electronic resource]

Dancing calypso belly to belly [electronic resource]

The 32 variations in C minor : (1806) [electronic resource]

Beauty and the Brute Force [electronic resource]

First symphony [electronic resource]

Burlesque uncensored [electronic resource]

A double-barrel blast [electronic resource]

Cook's tour of high fidelity [electronic resource]
performed by Leonid Hambro and Emory Cook

Folk songs of old Russia : --a program of Russian-Ukrainian songs [electronic resource]

Ecuador [electronic resource]

Calypso atrocities [electronic resource]

Calypso Jamaica [electronic resource]

Folk and other songs [electronic resource]
Steve Camacho

Dance calypso [electronic resource]

Calypso kings and pink gin [electronic resource]

A night at the Tropicoro Hotel San Juan Intercontinental [electronic resource]
Lito Pena and his Orchestra Panamerica

Dirty jazz from down south [electronic resource]

Calypso exposed [electronic resource]

Caribbean limbo music [electronic resource]
performed by Lord Melody

Cook's tour of stereo [electronic resource]

American storytellers [electronic resource]
performed by Matthew Richards and Charles A. Chace

Caribeana : collected from the shores and islands [electronic resource]

Camp has a ball [electronic resource]
Red Camp

Calypso lore and legend : an afternoon with Patrick Jones [electronic resource]

Bamboo-tamboo, bongo & the belair [electronic resource]

East Indian drums of Tunapuna [electronic resource]

The blind troubadour of Oaxaca : the romantic voice of Alonzo Cruz [electronic resource]

Epilogue to the string band tradition [electronic resource]
[recorded in Trinidad by Beryl McBurnie]

R. Buckminster Fuller speaks his mind [electronic resource]

Cafe continental [electronic resource]

Military symphony : (no. 100 in G) [electronic resource]

The Forgotten pedal harpsichord [electronic resource]

Electronic music [electronic resource]

African music : from the sound track of The Naked Prey [electronic resource]
produced & directed by Cornel Wilde

Ecuador : the cry of freedom! : el grito de libertad! [electronic resource]

Angola : Forward, people's power! [electronic resource]

Folk Masters : live at The Barns of Wolf Trap [electronic resource]

Cowboy songs on folkways [electronic resource]
complied and annotated by Guy Logsdon

Bukhara, musical crossroads of Asia [electronic resource]
recorded, compiled and annotated by Ted Levin and Otanazar Matykubov

A Fish that's a song [electronic resource]

Earth is earth [electronic resource]
the New Lost City Ramblers

Bayanihan sings : the Philippine Dance Company in songs of the Philippines [electronic resource]

Bascom Lamar Lunsford [electronic resource]

Deep polka : dance music from the Midwest [electronic resource]

Cuba [electronic resource]

Armenian songs & dances [electronic resource]
featuring the Armenian State Chorus & Armenian Song & Dance Ensemble

Armenian festival [electronic resource]
featuring the Armenian Song & Dance Ensemble

Armenia, Armenia : Monitor presents Armenian songs & dances [electronic resource]

Dance Armenian! [electronic resource]
John Vartan & his ensemble

Amazing grace [electronic resource]

Best loved German folk songs [electronic resource]

From the Hofbrauhaus to the Reeperbahn : an album of German favorites [electronic resource]

20 golden hits of Hawaii [electronic resource]
Nani Wolfgramm and Islanders

Bomba : music of the Caribbean [electronic resource]

Egyptian nights : music for belly dancing [electronic resource]
Khamis El Fino Ali with the Mohamed Madi Orchestra

Ancient Slavonic chants [electronic resource]

Africa [electronic resource]

Arirang : Korean song & dance ensemble [electronic resource]

Armenian folk dances [electronic resource]

Armenian festival [electronic resource]

April in Portugal : a Severa [electronic resource]

Logan English in American folk ballads [electronic resource]
Logan English

Fernanda Maria, Fadista! [electronic resource]

A Philippine Christmas [electronic resource]
Bayanihan Philippine Dance Company

Bolek sings Polish favorites, volume two [electronic resource]

Christmas in Portugal : Natal em Portugal [electronic resource]

Armenian songs [electronic resource]

Monitor presents folk songs & dances from Czechoslovakia [electronic resource]

Frula : Yugoslav folk ensemble [electronic resource]

The Voices Four : Arbaah Kolot [electronic resource]

Danzas Venezuela [electronic resource]

An evening at the Chardas [electronic resource]
Bela Babai and his fiery Gypsies

Fadistas' choice : Portugal's best-loved songs [electronic resource]

Bayanihan 6 [electronic resource]

Any time of the year : bashana haba'ah and other Israeli hits [electronic resource]
performed by El Avram Group and the Feenjon Group

Angola : songs of my people [electronic resource]
Lilly Tchiumba

Bayanihan 7 : Philippine Dance Company [electronic resource]

Old favorites from Argentina [electronic resource]

Armenian songs [electronic resource]
Liz Sarian

Aerobics for everyone [electronic resource]

El Salvador libre [electronic resource]

Flyin' hye! : Armenian songs and dances [electronic resource]

French Songs [electronic resource]
performed by Lucky Pierre

Coimbra orfeon of Portugal [electronic resource]

Belly dance! [electronic resource]
performed by Chris Kalogerson and his Ensemble Sharqi

Alerta sings : & songs for the playground = canciones para el recreo [electronic resource]

Calypso awakening from the Emory Cook collection [electronic resource]
performed by Melody Lord, John Williams, and Mighty Sparrow

Every tone a testimony : an African American aural history [electronic resource]
compiled, annotated and produced by Robert H. Cataliotti

Bosavi : rainforest music from Papua New Guinea [electronic resource]

Dances and songs for running and walking by the Swazi people of Swaziland [electronic resource]

Ceremonial, dance, and story songs from the Yao people of Malawi [electronic resource]

Dance and entertainment songs of the Chewa and Tumbuka [electronic resource]

Drinking songs, sung riddles, and humorus songs from the Tswana-speaking Tlharo of the Mafeking district, South Africa [electronic resource]

Dances with flutes or drums from the Konjo of Uganda [electronic resource]

Dances and songs from the Nyankole of Ankole district (southern province), Uganda [electronic resource]

Engabo praises and Enanga wedding songs from the Tooro of Uganda [electronic resource]

Drumming dance from the soga people of Kiguru County, Uganda [electronic resource]

Fishing, paddling, hunting, and topical songs from the Haya people of Bukoba district, Tanzania [electronic resource]

Dance songs from the Jita people of Tanzania [electronic resource]

Dance songs of the Kamba people from Machakos district, Kenya [electronic resource]

Dance songs of the Giryama people of coast province, Kenya [electronic resource]

Dance songs from the Malindi and Kilifi districts, coast province, Kenya [electronic resource]

Capoeira Angola. 2, Brincando na roda [electronic resource]

Deeper polka : more dance music from the Midwest [electronic resource]

Belly dance! : the best of George Abdo and his Flames of Araby Orchestra [electronic resource]

First through the gate [electronic resource]
Brian Conway

Classic blues from Smithsonian Folkways Recordings [electronic resource]

Hittin' the trail [electronic resource]
Buck Ramsey

Cowboy poetry classics [electronic resource]

An untamed sense of control [electronic resource]
Roscoe Holcomb

Blues highway : live [electronic resource]
Warner Williams ; with Jay Summerour

Cape Breton fiddle and piano music [electronic resource]
Beaton Family of Mabou

Beautiful beyond : Christian songs in native languages [electronic resource]
presented by the National Museum of the American Indian

African Indian traditions : sidi dhamal [electronic resource]

Biyavalo [electronic resource]
by Madhu Natisar Nath and Shivji Nath

Dark holler : old love songs and ballads [electronic resource]

Dhrupad [electronic resource]

Annanmar Katai - the birth of the Queen's triplets (six excerpts) [electronic resource]

Down in a coal mine [electronic resource]
Joe Glazer

Al estilo de trio [electronic resource]

M1627 .A58
Anthems Vol. I & II : anthems of all nations. [electronic resource]

M1627 .B355 1953
Follow the sunset [electronic resource]
[adapted for recording by Eunice Holsaert and Charity Bailey from the book Follow the sunset by Herman and Nina Schneider]

M1627 .B533 1977
Black music of two worlds [electronic resource]
compiled and annotated by John Storm Roberts

M1627 .B758 1957
British broadside ballads in popular tradition [electronic resource]

M1627 .C539 1964
Folk ballads of the English-speaking world [electronic resource]
performed by Paul Clayton

M1627 .C687 1951
Negro folk music of Africa and America [electronic resource]

M1627 .F655 1959
Folk music U.S.A. Vol. 1 [electronic resource]
compiled by Harold Courlander

M1627 .K655 1979
Folk songs in concert form [electronic resource]

M1627 .L487 1962
Let's dance the Kolo [electronic resource]

M1627 .N499 2001
New York City global beat of the boroughs [electronic resource]
produced by the Center for Traditional Music and Dance

M1627 .S443 1951
Seeds of love [electronic resource]

M1627 .S444 1962
Pete Seeger at the Village Gate [electronic resource]

M1627 .S664 1960
Songs of love, play & protest [electronic resource]

M1627 .S664 1980
Songs of work and play [electronic resource]

M1627 .S698 2001
Songs of sea and shore [electronic resource]

M1627 .T444 1959
The Grail Singers sing folk songs [electronic resource]

M1627 .T869 1961
Two-way trip ; American, Scots, and English folksongs [electronic resource]

M1627 .W675 1962
World tour with folk songs [electronic resource]

M1627 .Y437 1964
400 years of folk music [electronic resource]

M1627 J27 T53 1962 .J364 2001
Through streets broad and narrow [electronic resource]
Karen James

M1627.C684 M875 2003
Music of the world's peoples [electronic resource]

M1627.H67 T443 1963
The Demonstration collection of E.M. von Hornbostel and the Berlin Phonogramm-Archiv [electronic resource]

M1627.M2 G6431 1959
Folk songs of Maine [electronic resource]
sung by Sandy Ives

M1627.N94 T6 1966
Toward world understanding with song [electronic resource]
Nye, Nye and Nye

M1627.R49 R496 2000
Ear to the ground [electronic resource]
Malvina Reynolds

M1627.S448 P484 1954
Pete Seeger sampler [electronic resource]

M1627.S45 S664 1955
Folk songs of four continents [electronic resource]
Song Swappers

M1627.U5 H437 1995 CS
Heartbeat : voices of First Nations women [electronic resource]

M1627.U5 S698 DISC
Songs of the suffragettes [electronic resource]
sung by Elizabeth Knight with Sol Julty

M1627.V5 M875 2003
Music of Viet Nam [electronic resource]

M1628 .B758 2007
Pennsylvania Dutch folk songs [electronic resource]
George Britton

M1628 .K468 1957
Kentucky folk songs and ballads [electronic resource]

M1628 .T443 1957
The days of '49 : songs of the gold rush [electronic resource]

M1628.2 E275 1963
Earl Robinson sings [electronic resource]

M1628.2 G475
Twelve-string guitar : folk songs and blues [electronic resource]
sung and played by Fred Gerlach

M1628.2 S444 1964
Broadsides, songs & ballads [electronic resource]
sung by Pete Seeger

M1628.2 T466 1960
Jean Thomas, the traipsin' woman : American folk song festival [electronic resource]

M1628.2 W355 1960
Walkie in the parlor : songs with ancient psaltery [electronic resource]

M1628.2.H68 C573 1968
Cisco Houston sings American folk songs [electronic resource]

M1628.2.S66 S664 1963
Mark Spoelstra [electronic resource]

Lonesome valley [electronic resource]

The Lady gay [electronic resource]

John's Island, South Carolina : its people and songs. [electronic resource]
A documentary recorded on location by Henrietta Yurchenco, assisted by Peter Gold and students of City College of New York

Millions of musicians : Conceived [electronic resource]
recorded and narrated by Tony Schwartz

Original folk music [electronic resource]
Marc Winokur, compiler and editor

I'll sing you a story : folk ballads for the young [electronic resource]

The legend of Tom Dula : and, Other tragic love ballads [electronic resource]
arranged by John R. Craig

All day singin' : Louisiana and Smoky Mountain ballads [electronic resource]

Cowboy ballads ; 900 miles : and other R.R. songs [electronic resource]
sung by Cisco Houston with guitar

Songs of the Midwest [electronic resource]

From where I stand : topical songs from America and England [electronic resource]
sung by Peggy Seeger

Banks of marble and other songs [electronic resource]

Early American folk music and songs [electronic resource]
[performed] by Clark Jones

Body, boots, and britches : folksongs of New York State [electronic resource]
Golden Eagle String Band

Berkeley farms ; oldtime and country style music of Berkeley [electronic resource]

Dulcimer songs and solos [electronic resource]

M1629 .A447 1964
American folk ballads [electronic resource]

M1629 .A455 1962
Witches and war-whoops : early New England ballads [electronic resource]

M1629 .A53 1957
Andrew Rowan Summers sings with dulcimer [electronic resource]

M1629 .B334 1958
American guitar : 8 folk styles [electronic resource]
played and sung by Ed Badeaux

M1629 .B375
Horton Barker, traditional singer [electronic resource]

M1629 .B397 1956
Bay State Ballads [electronic resource]

M1629 .B769 2001
Teton tea party [electronic resource]
with Charlie Brown

M1629 .C373
Songs with Guy Carawan [electronic resource]

M1629 .C537 1966
Clark Kessinger, fiddler [electronic resource]

M1629 .C537 1966
Clarence Ashley and Tex Isley [electronic resource]

M1629 .C537 2002
Classic mountain songs from Smithsonian Folkways [electronic resource]

M1629 .C537 2006
Classic labor songs : from Smithsonian Folkways Recordings [electronic resource]

M1629 .C537 2006
Classic railroad songs from Smithsonian Folkways [electronic resource]

M1629 .C567 1997
Close to home : [old time music from Mike Seeger's collection, 1952-1967] [electronic resource]

M1629 .C573 1960
Cisco Houston sings songs of the open road [electronic resource]

M1629 .C757
Rufus Crisp [electronic resource]

M1629 .F655 1955
Folk songs of courting and complaint [electronic resource]
sung by Peggy Seeger

M1629 .F655 1956
Folksongs and ballads of Virginia [electronic resource]

M1629 .F655 1957
Folksongs and ballads of Kansas [electronic resource]
sung by Joan O'Bryant accompanying herself on the guitar

M1629 .F655 1958
Folk songs with the Folksmiths [electronic resource]

M1629 .F655 1961
Folksongs of American Northwest [electronic resource]

M1629 .F766 1954
Frontier ballads [electronic resource]

M1629 .G546 1974
Glen Neaves and The Virginia Mountain Boys : country bluegrass from southwest Virginia [electronic resource]

M1629 .G893 1959
Guy Carawan sings something old, new, borrowed, and blue [electronic resource]

M1629 .H558
Mormon folk songs [electronic resource]
sung by L.M. Hilton

M1629 .H568 2001
Sam Hinton sings the song of men [electronic resource]

M1629 .H653 1975
Close to home [electronic resource]

M1629 .H687 1952
Cowboy ballads [electronic resource]
sung by Cisco Houston

M1629 .H693 1966
How can I keep from singing [electronic resource]
Liz Getz

M1629 .I23 2007
If you ain't got the do-re-mi : songs of rags and riches [electronic resource]

M1629 .J646 1964
John Jacob Niles sings folk songs [electronic resource]

M1629 .K394 1958
Buell Kazee sings and plays [electronic resource]

M1629 .K575 1969
Square dance with soul [electronic resource]
Frederick Douglas Kirkpatrick and the Hearts

M1629 .K575 1972
Ballads of Black America [electronic resource]

M1629 .L393 1966
Folk songs of New York city [electronic resource]
performed by June Lazare

M1629 .L594 1965
Liz Getz sings : with guitar acc [electronic resource]

M1629 .M555 1968
Milk 'em in the evening blues : old timers of the Grand Ole Opry [electronic resource]
the McGee Brothers & Arthur Smith

M1629 .M674
North Carolina mountain folksongs and ballads [electronic resource]

M1629 .N678
North Carolina ballads [electronic resource]

M1629 .O356 2000
Ohio Valley ballads [electronic resource]
sung by Bruce Buckley, with guitar

M1629 .O435 1964
Old love songs & ballads from the Big Laurel, North Carolina [electronic resource]

M1629 .O438 1964
Old timers of the Grand ole opry [electronic resource]

M1629 .O438 1985
Old time North Carolina mountain music [electronic resource]
with Bill, Billie Ray & David Johnson

M1629 .P475 1983
Clawhammer banjo & fingerstyle guitar solos [electronic resource]
[performed by] Ken Perlman

M1629 .P484 1991
Pete Seeger singalong [electronic resource]

M1629 .P764 1962
Frank Proffitt sings folk songs [electronic resource]

M1629 .R356 1960
Rainbow quest [electronic resource]

M1629 .R433 1964
Red Allen and Frank Wakefield [electronic resource]

M1629 .R583 1958
The Ritchie family of Kentucky [electronic resource]

M1629 .R654 1961
Rolf Cahn and Eric von Schmidt [electronic resource]

M1629 .R684 2001
Kevin Roth sings and plays dulcimer [electronic resource]

M1629 .S444
Nonesuch and other folk tunes [electronic resource]

M1629 .S444 1957
American favorite ballads [electronic resource]
performed by Pete Seeger

M1629 .S444 1958
Gazette [electronic resource]
performed by Pete Seeger

M1629 .S444 2001
Pete Seeger & Sonny Terry [electronic resource]

M1629 .S444 2001
American favorite ballads [electronic resource]
performed by Pete Seeger

M1629 .S444 2009
American favorite ballads [electronic resource]
Pete Seeger

M1629 .S564 1961
Sing out with Pete [electronic resource]

M1629 .S564 1963
Sing out! : hootenanny, with Pete Seeger and the Hooteneers [electronic resource]

M1629 .S658 1996
Smithsonian Folkways American roots collection [electronic resource]

M1629 .S664 1959
Songs from the depression [electronic resource]

M1629 .S664 1963
Songs of Harry and Jeanie West : Songs of the Southland [electronic resource]

M1629 .S743 1956
Steamboat 'round the bend : stories and songs of the Mississippi River told by Ben Lucien Burman [electronic resource]

M1629 .S766 1957
Stoneman Family singing and playing : Old time songs [electronic resource]
Sutphin, Foreacre and Dickens

M1629 .S866
The unquiet grave [electronic resource]
Andrew Rowan Summers

M1629 .T444 1964
The Friends of Old-Time Music [electronic resource]

M1629 .T447 1963
The Poplin Family of Sumter, South Carolina [electronic resource]

M1629 .T447 2001
There is no eye : music for photographs [electronic resource]

M1629 .T448 1962
The 37th Old Time Fiddlers' Convention at Union Grove, North Carolina [electronic resource]

M1629 .T448 1976
The Tuneful twenties [electronic resource]
compiled and annotated by David A. Jasen

M1629 .T457 1959
This little light of mine : and other songs [electronic resource]

M1629 .T483
Texas folk songs [electronic resource]
sung by Hermes Nye

M1629 .T696 1957
To you with love : American folk songs for women [electronic resource]

M1629 .W463 2001
Who built America [electronic resource]
sung by Bill Bonyun with guitar

M1629.3.C5 J465 1996
Holiday times [electronic resource]
Ella Jenkins

M1629.3.C5 V555 1967
Villancicos : Spanish Christmas songs for children [electronic resource]

M1629.6 R434 1965
Folk songs : the South [electronic resource]
Bernice Reagon

M1629.6.A17 S664 1961
Songs of the West [electronic resource]

M1629.6.A6 C455 1960
Children's songs and games from the southern mountains [electronic resource]
[recorded and edited by Kenneth S. Goldstein]

M1629.6.A6 L55
Bluegrass at the roots 1961 [electronic resource]
the Lilly Brothers & Don Stover

M1629.6.N49 A643
A Peddler's pack : a collection of early colonial songs [electronic resource]

M1629.6.N55 C466 1999
Choose your partners : contra dance & square dance music of New Hampshire [electronic resource]

M1629.6.S6 S688 1998
Southern banjo sounds [electronic resource]
Mike Seeger

M1629.6.S6G3 G359 1984
Let me fall : old time bluegrass from the Virginia-North Carolina border [electronic resource]

M1629.6.S7 C767 1996
Crossroads : Southern routes : music of the American South [electronic resource]

M1629.7 P4 S347 S617 2003 S364 1959
Sing oh, the city oh : songs about early Pittsburgh [electronic resource]

M1629.7.A4 S688 1981
Southeast Alaska folk tradition [electronic resource]
compiled and annotated by John Ingalls and Barry Roderick

M1629.7.F6 J865 2003
Junkanoo Band--Key West [electronic resource]

M1629.7.I2 S677 1961
Folk songs of Idaho and Utah [electronic resource]
sung by Rosalie Sorrels

M1629.7.I6 I593 1996
Iowa state fare : Music from the heartland [electronic resource]

Down Jersey : songs and stories of Southern New Jersey [electronic resource]
[performed by] Jim Albertson

M1629.7.N6 G444 1983
In a place called Chenango [electronic resource]
by Fred Gee

M1629.7.N6 S393
Music in the streets : music and musicians recorded on the streets of New York City [electronic resource]

M1629.7.N6 T443 1990
The Doc Watson Family [electronic resource]

Hand-me-down music : old songs, old friends : traditional music of Union County, North Carolina [electronic resource]

Been riding with old Mosby : traditional songs of Surry County, North Carolina [electronic resource]
sung by Frank Bode, with Tommy Jarrell and Paul Brown

M1629.7.N85 C688 1989
Freight train and other North Carolina folk songs and tunes [electronic resource]
Elizabeth Cotten

M1629.7.N85 J646 1983
Clawhammer banjo [electronic resource]
with David Johnson

M1629.7.N85 W355 1995
Family songs and stories from the North Carolina mountains [electronic resource]
Doug and Jack Wallin

M1629.7.O37 B355 1957
Ballads of Ohio [electronic resource]
collected & sung by Anne Grimes

M1629.7.P4 R53 2010
Vivien Richman sings folk songs of west Pennsylvania [electronic resource]

Border bash [electronic resource]
Los Polkeros de Ben Tavera King

M1629.7.T35 S288 1982
Saturday night San Antonio : Tex-Mex dance music [electronic resource]
Frank Corrales, guitar & Ben Tavera King, button accordion with Los F[P]olkeros [Dance] Group

M1629.7.T35 T378 1999
Taquachito nights : conjunto music from South Texas [electronic resource]

M1629.A55 A454 1981
Family and friends [electronic resource]
Red Allen

M1629.B34 B365 1958
Banjo tunes and songs [electronic resource]

M1629.B64 B644 1964
Dock Boggs [electronic resource]
[recorded and edited by Mike Seeger]

M1629.B755 R335 1956
Radio programme. No. 4 : Studs Terkel's weekly Almanac on WFMT, folk songs and blues [electronic resource]

M1629.C34 C346 1959
California concert with Rolf Cahn [electronic resource]

M1629.C59 M875 1976
Music for the Colonial Band [electronic resource]

M1629.C65 C644 1962
The music of Roscoe Holcomb & Wade Ward [electronic resource]
edited by John Cohen & Eric Davidson

M1629.C84 C863 1957
Cumberland Mountain folksongs [electronic resource]

M1629.D62 B644 1965
An interview with Dock Boggs : legendary banjo player & singer [electronic resource]

M1629.F666 T444 1961
The Folk music of the Newport Folk Festival [electronic resource]

M1629.G46 T447 1977
The stars and the lily ; French-American influences and interaction in colonial times [electronic resource]

M1629.G8 G884 1968
Pete Seeger sings Woody Guthrie [electronic resource]

M1629.G87 G884 1992
Nursery days [electronic resource]
Woody Guthrie

M1629.G88 A83 1999
The Asch recordings. Vol. 1-4 [electronic resource]
Woody Guthrie ; compiled by Jeff Place and Guy Logsdon

M1629.G88 W663 1964
Woody Guthrie sings folk songs vol. 2 : : with Cisco Houston and Sonny Terry [electronic resource]

M1629.H36 H365 1962
Frank Hamilton sings folk songs [electronic resource]

M1629.H55 T449 1966
The Wandering folksong [electronic resource]

M1629.H843 H3 1992
Hard travelin [electronic resource]
Cisco Houston

M1629.J4 J465
Solomon Valley ballads [electronic resource]
sung by Eugene Jemison

M1629.L4 S56 2010
Shout on [electronic resource]
Lead Belly

M1629.L43 L445 1964
Folk songs of the Colorado River [electronic resource]
sung by Katie Lee

M1629.L43 S664 1989
Leadbelly sings folk songs [electronic resource]

M1629.L61 L663
John A. Lomax, Jr. sings American folk songs [electronic resource]

M1629.N38 G664 1963
Gone to the country [electronic resource]
the New Lost City Ramblers

M1629.N498 T667 1978
Tom Paley, John Cohen, Mike Seeger sing songs of the New Lost City Ramblers [electronic resource]

M1629.O23 O247 1989
The Broadside tapes 1 [electronic resource]
Phil Ochs

M1629.O27 G653 1958
American ballads and folksongs [electronic resource]
sung by Joan O'Bryant

M1629.P48 B76
Pete Seeger sings and answers questions at the Ford Hall Forum, Boston Massachusetts [electronic resource]

M1629.R43 K563 1997
Kindness [electronic resource]
Toshi Reagon

M1629.R44 R443
Ray Reed sings frontier and cowboy songs [electronic resource]

M1629.R6 W3 F6
Walt Robertson : with guitar [electronic resource]

M1629.R67 R677 1976
The cradle of harmony : William Sidney mount's violin and fiddle music [electronic resource]
perfromed by Gilbert Ross

M1629.S38 S444 1992
The Folkways years, 1955-1992 : songs of love and politics [electronic resource]
Peggy Seeger

M1629.S44 I354 1998
If I had a hammer : songs of hope & struggle [electronic resource]
Pete Seeger

M1629.S44 S444 1982
God bless the grass [electronic resource]
performed by Pete Seeger

M1629.S44 S444 1998
Birds, beasts, bugs and fishes (little and big) [electronic resource]
Pete Seeger

M1629.S44 T733 1989
Traditional Christmas carols [electronic resource]
Pete Seeger

M1629.S44 W584 1956
With voices together we sing [electronic resource]

M1629.S66 S665 1953
Smoky Mountain ballads [electronic resource]

M1629.T72 T733 1981
Tracy's family band rode the mule around the world [electronic resource]
Tracy and Eloise Schwarz

M1629.W4 W433 1977
Pat Webb, guitar [electronic resource]

M1630 .C537 2004
Classic folk music from Smithsonian Folkways [electronic resource]

M1630 .R496 1960
Another county heard from [electronic resource]
[words & music by Malvina Reynolds]

M1630 .S444 1962
Old time country music [electronic resource]
Mike Seeger

M1630.15 F743 1994
Lead Belly's last sessions [electronic resource]
performed by Ramsey Frederick and Huddie Ledbetter

M1630.17.S3675 L665 1975
Look out! here it comes [electronic resource]
Tracy Schwarz

Memphis Slim Favorite blues singers [electronic resource]

I hate the capitalist system [electronic resource]

The force of life [electronic resource]
Red Star Singers

Six and Seven-Eights String Band of New Orleans [electronic resource]

Preachin' the blues [electronic resource]

Going back to the Blue Ridge Mountains [electronic resource]

On the Great Divide [electronic resource]

Magic mountain and other original songs [electronic resource]

Magpie and friends live at the Dunham Inn [electronic resource]

Ship in the clouds : old time instrumental music [electronic resource]

Songs from Woody's pen [electronic resource]
songs by Woody Guthrie

Live and let live [electronic resource]

The living and the breathing wind : songs and tunes for the dulcimer [electronic resource]
[performed by] Kevin Roth

Half & Half [electronic resource]

Sagegrass [electronic resource]
with Ted, Andy, and Ricky Sage, and Charlie Smithson

Hello city limits [electronic resource]
[performed by] Hugh Moore ; with Roby Huffman and the Bluegrass Cutups

The Spokane Falls Brass Band [electronic resource]

Meeting in the air [electronic resource]

Silent highways [electronic resource]
Willie Sordill, with Susan Abod ... [et al.]

Blues [electronic resource]

Serious Bizness : for your immediate attention! [electronic resource]
with Jaribu and Ngoma Hill

Feeling the blues [electronic resource]

A mixed bag of ol' timey music [electronic resource]
Roger Sprung, Hal Wylie and the Progressive Bluegrassers

Down home with Tracy and Eloise Schwarz [electronic resource]

Tom Morgan [electronic resource]

Across the Blueridge Mountains [electronic resource]
with Harley Allen and bluegrass musicians

Everhart alive at Avoca [electronic resource]

Dulcimer man [electronic resource]
Kevin Roth

China Grove, my hometown [electronic resource]
the Nashville Grass, with Curly Secher

Blue grass hill [electronic resource]
with Bill Price

Chesapeake born : the songs of Tom Wisner and Mark [electronic resource]

Dreams about life [electronic resource]

M1630.18 .C53 2009
Classic protest songs [electronic resource]

M1630.18 .M478 2001
Traditional blues [electronic resource]
sung by Brownie McGhee

M1630.18 .S77 2003
Progressive bluegrass [electronic resource]

M1630.18 A373 1973
A grain of sand : music for the struggle by Asians in America [electronic resource]

M1630.18 A447 1990
American banjo : three finger and Scruggs style [electronic resource]

M1630.18 A476 1979
Brownwater and blood [electronic resource]

M1630.18 B377 1961
Barrelhouse Buck ; backcountry barrelhouse [electronic resource]

M1630.18 B584 1999
Blues routes [electronic resource]

M1630.18 B756 1973
Bringing the blues back [electronic resource]
Arbee Stidham

M1630.18 B766 1963
Blues [electronic resource]
with Big Bill Broonzy, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee

M1630.18 C437 1981
On the beach at Waikiki [electronic resource]
compiled by Samuel Charters

M1630.18 C537 2002
Classic bluegrass from Smithsonian Folkways [electronic resource]

M1630.18 C537 2003
Classic old-time music from Smithsonian Folkways [electronic resource]

M1630.18 C537 2005
Classic bluegrass from Smithsonian Folkways Recordings. Vol. 2 [electronic resource]

M1630.18 C537 2006
Classic African-American ballads : from Smithsonian Folkways [electronic resource]

M1630.18 C537 2007
Classic old-time fiddle from Smithsonian Folkways Recordings [electronic resource]

M1630.18 C537 2008
Classic piano blues : from Smithsonian Folkways [electronic resource]

M1630.18 C644
Plutonium [electronic resource]
Mark Cohen

M1630.18 C644 2001
What did you expect--? [electronic resource]
Michael Cohen

M1630.18 D696 1982
Down yonder : old-time string band music from Georgia [electronic resource]
with Gordon Tanner, Smokey Joe Miller, Uncle John Patterson

M1630.18 D696 2006
Down home Saturday night [electronic resource]

M1630.18 E947 1983
Everhart takes the fifth [electronic resource]
Bob Everhart

M1630.18 F378 2002
Fast folk : a community of singers & songwriters [electronic resource]

M1630.18 F754 2006
Friends of Old Time Music [electronic resource]

M1630.18 G539 1980
Joe Glazer sings Garbage, and other songs of our times [electronic resource]

M1630.18 H363
W.C. Handy blues [electronic resource]
Katharine Handy Lewis ; accompanied by James P. Johnson at piano

M1630.18 J646 1974
Climbing high mountains [electronic resource]
Juanita Johnson & the Gospel Tones

M1630.18 J646 1983
Bluegrass [electronic resource]
[performed by] David & Billie Ray Johnson

M1630.18 K676 1974
Eric Bentley sings The Queen of 42nd Street and other songs [electronic resource]
by Jacques Prévert and Joseph Kosma

M1630.18 L366 1977
Author Corliss Lamont sings for his family and friends a medley of favorite hit songs from American musicals [electronic resource]

M1630.18 M378 2006
Masters of old-time country autoharp [electronic resource]

M1630.18 O584 1959
On the road [electronic resource]
Sonny Terry, J.C. Burris, Sticks McGhee

M1630.18 R653 2005
Rolas de Aztlán : Songs of the Chicano movement [electronic resource]

M1630.18 R668
Roots : the rock and roll sound of Louisiana and Mississippi [electronic resource]

M1630.18 R668 2003
Roots : rhythm and blues [electronic resource]

M1630.18 R684
Women [electronic resource]
Kevin Roth

M1630.18 R684
The quiet times [electronic resource]
Kevin Roth

M1630.18 S444 1978
Hot blast : contemporary songs written an[d] sung by Peggy Seeger and Ewan MacColl [electronic resource]

M1630.18 S664 1959
Song and dance man, popular American song hits of 1913-1928 [electronic resource]

M1630.18 S665 2007
Smokey Joe Miller and his Georgia pals Newman Young and Lawrence Humphries presents Silver threads among the gold [electronic resource]

M1630.18 S855
Joe Sullivan piano [electronic resource]

M1630.18 S893
Suzanne [electronic resource]
[performed by] Harley Allen & Mike Lilly

M1630.18 T438 1996
That's why we're marching [electronic resource]

M1630.18 T443 2001
The Country Gentlemen on the road (and more) [electronic resource]

M1630.18 T446 1998
The Mississippi, river of song : a musical journey down the Mississippi [electronic resource]

M1630.18 T447
The Red Allen tradition [electronic resource]

M1630.18 T448 1964
The Virtuoso 5-string banjo [electronic resource]

M1630.18 T457 1971
This is free Belfast! [electronic resource]

M1630.18 T564 2007
Time after time [electronic resource]

M1630.18 V367 1991
The Folkways years, 1959-1961 [electronic resource]
Dave Van Ronk

M1630.18 V574 1977
The Virginia Mountain Boys, 2 [electronic resource]

M1630.18 W566 1968
Wimoweh and other songs of freedom and protest [electronic resource]
Pete Seeger

M1630.18 W663 1989
Woody Guthrie sings folk songs [electronic resource]

M1630.18.B63 B644 1998
Dock Boggs, his Folkways years, 1963-1968 [electronic resource]

M1630.18.B63 P466 1961
Phono-cylinders [electronic resource]
edited [by] and from the collection of George A. Blacker

M1630.18.B76 B766 1989
Big Bill Broonzy sings folk songs [electronic resource]

M1630.18.B76 T768 2000
Trouble in mind [electronic resource]
Big Bill Broonzy

M1630.18.C392 C436
Groovin' time [electronic resource]
the Chambers Brothers

M1630.18.C395 C474 2008
Richmond blues [electronic resource]
Cephas & Wiggins

M1630.18.C42 T443 1966
The Asch recordings [electronic resource]

M1630.18.C677 F222 1977
Fare well, traveller [electronic resource]

M1630.18.C68 G65 2007
Going back to the Blue Ridge Mountains [electronic resource]
Country Gentlemen

M1630.18.C686 C686 1991
Folk songs and bluegrass [electronic resource]

M1630.18.C69 C687
Radio programme III : : Courlander's almanac : familiar music in strange places [electronic resource]

M1630.18.C69 N495 1958
The New Lost City Ramblers [electronic resource]

M1630.18.C69 N495 1968
The New Lost City Ramblers with Cousin Emmy [electronic resource]

M1630.18.D26 D364 2000
When we make it through [electronic resource]
Barbara Dane

M1630.18.D36 B373 1964
Barbara Dane sings the blues [electronic resource]

M1630.18.D38 P874 1991
Pure religion and bad company [electronic resource]

M1630.18.D728 F7 2008
From now on [electronic resource]
Michael Doucet

M1630.18.D87 D877
The women blues of Champion Jack Dupree [electronic resource]

M1630.18.E26 M577 2001
Mississippi Delta bluesman [electronic resource]
Honeyboy Edwards

M1630.18.E35 E245 2005
Snooks Eaglin : New Orleans street singer [electronic resource]

M1630.18.G34 C85 1983
Cullen Galyean, Bobby Harrison, and the Virginia Mountain Boys [electronic resource]

M1630.18.G467 J878 1968
Just enough [electronic resource]

M1630.18.G54 G555 1961
Blues [electronic resource]
by Jazz Gillum

M1630.18.G56 G567 1981
First blues : rags, ballads, and harmonium songs [electronic resource]
Allen Ginsberg

M1630.18.G568 G539 1994
Folk songs of the American dream [electronic resource]
Joe Glazer

M1630.18.G568 T446 1997
The music of American politics [electronic resource]
Joe Glazer

M1630.18.G643 J335 1959
The cowboy, his songs, ballads & brag talk [electronic resource]
sung by Harry Jackson ; edited [and annotated] by Kenneth S. Goldstein

M1630.18.G87 G884 1994
Long ways to travel : the unreleased Folkways masters, 1944-1949 [electronic resource]
Woody Guthrie

M1630.18.G88 G884 1999
Buffalo skinners [electronic resource]
Woody Guthrie

M1630.18.G88 H373 1998
Hard travelin' [electronic resource]
Woody Guthrie

M1630.18.G88 M854 1997
Muleskinner blues [electronic resource]
Woody Guthrie

M1630.18.G885 P667 1968
Poor boy [electronic resource]
Woody Guthrie

M1630.18.H6 T444 1965
The high lonesome sound [electronic resource]
Roscoe Holcomb

M1630.18.H6 T444 1998
The high lonesome sound [electronic resource]
Roscoe Holcomb

M1630.18.H68 H687 1994
The Folkways years : 1944-1961 [electronic resource]
Cisco Houston

M1630.18.J36 R56 2010
Rip-roarin' ragtime [electronic resource]
David Jasen

M1630.18.J56 T443 1993
The complete Folkways recordings [electronic resource]
Lonnie Johnson

M1630.18.L43 L433 1997
Bourgeois blues [electronic resource]
Lead Belly

M1630.18.M148 M344 1990
Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry sing [electronic resource]

M1630.18.M334 M344 1981
Bread and raises : songs for working women [electronic resource]
sung by Bobbie McGee

M1630.18.M45 M467 1962
Memphis Slim [pseud.] and Willie Dixon at the Village Gate [electronic resource]

M1630.18.M45 S664 1960
Songs of Memphis Slim and Wee Willie Dixon [electronic resource]

M1630.18.M497 S665 1982
Smokey Joe Miller and his Georgia Pals Newman Young and Lawrence Humphries sing Old American heart throbs [electronic resource]

M1630.18.M533 T444 2000
The Folkways years, 1959-1973 [electronic resource]
Memphis Slim

M1630.18.M65 M668 1961
Blues [electronic resource]
Little Brother Montgomery

M1630.18.N49 N495 1997
There ain't no way out [electronic resource]
New Lost City Ramblers

M1630.18.N492 N495 1993
New Lost City Ramblers Vol. II, 1963-1973 : : out standing in their field [electronic resource]

M1630.18.N532 N495 2009
50 years : Where do you come from? Where do you go? [electronic resource]
the New Lost City Ramblers

M1630.18.O13 O275 1996
Fight with song [electronic resource]
Barry O'Brien

M1630.18.P29 P397 1982
Earth and ocean songs : Canciones del mar r de la tierra [electronic resource]
Suni Paz

M1630.18.P3 P377
Neon princess [electronic resource]
Tom Parrott

M1630.18.P37 M369 1968
Many windowed night [electronic resource]

M1630.18.R3 E873 1961
Essay in ragtime : ragtime piano classics [electronic resource]

M1630.18.R457 R494 1970
De Nosotros - Para Ustedes [electronic resource]

M1630.18.R457 R494 1994
Con sus viejitas [electronic resource]

M1630.18.R457 R494 2001
Fuimos, somos y seremos [electronic resource]

M1630.18.R457 R494 2005
Continuando la tradicion [electronic resource]

M1630.18.R63 O569 2007
On my journey : Paul Robeson's independent recordings [electronic resource]

M1630.18.R64 R634 1982
Way out on the mountain [electronic resource]
songs by Jimmie Rodgers ; with Bud Reed

M1630.18.R67 R684 1983
Don't wait for me : and songs of the first decade [electronic resource]
Kevin Roth

M1630.18.S3572 S368 1980
Girls we met at the medicine show [electronic resource]
Tommy Scott, Scotty Lee, Old Bleb & the Tommy Scott Old Time Medicine Show Band

M1630.18.S42 S444 1980
Kilroy was here : contemporary songs, mostly written & all sung by Peggy Seeger and Ewan MacColl [electronic resource]

M1630.18.S433 S444
Love songs for friends and foes [electronic resource]
sung by Pete Seeger

M1630.18.S6795 T443 1961
The barrel-house blues of Speckled Red [electronic resource]

M1630.18.S74 S747 1959
My own true love, and other tunes and songs [electronic resource]
Leo Stephenson, vocal ; Leo Paul, Saxophone ; and rhythm

M1630.18.S75 S753 1961
Arbee's blues [electronic resource]
Arbee Stidham

M1630.18.S983 S954 1995
Blues by Roosevelt The Honeydripper Sykes [electronic resource]

M1630.18.T47 H376 1952
Harmonica and vocal solos [electronic resource]
Sonny Terry

M1630.18.T757 T757 2008
Territory [electronic resource]
Tony Trischka

M1630.18.V36 D384 1961
Dave Van Ronk sings [electronic resource]

M1630.18.V367 V367 2004
--And the tin pan bended, and the story ended-- [electronic resource]
Dave Van Ronk

M1630.18.W5 F74 1998
Free and equal blues [electronic resource]
Josh White

M1630.18.W5 W555 1995
Mississippi's Big Joe Williams and his nine-string guitar [electronic resource]

M1630.18.W54 H455 1968
Hell bound & heaven sent [electronic resource]
Big Joe Williams ; Short Stuff Macon

M1630.18.W555 H377 1990
Happy woman blues [electronic resource]
Lucinda Williams

M1630.2.L4 C33
Furry Lewis [electronic resource]

M1630.2.M65 M668 1968
Farro street jive [electronic resource]

The American Revolution in song and ballad [electronic resource]
the Committee of Correspondence

M1631 .A447 1976
American Revolutionary War songs to cultivate the sensations of freedom [electronic resource]

M1631 .P383
Patchwork and powder horn : songs & ballads of the American Revolution [electronic resource]
Dorothy Mesney

M1631 .S664 1976
Songs and ballads of Colonial & Revolutionary America [electronic resource]

M1631.H68 H687 1966
Ballads of the Revolution, 1767-1781 [electronic resource]

M1633 .H687 1954
Ballads of the War of 1812 : 1791- 1814 [electronic resource]

M1637 .S664 2003
Songs of the Spanish Civil War [electronic resource]

M1649 .T443 2000
The best of Broadside 1962-1988 : anthems of the American underground from the pages of Broadside magazine [electronic resource]
produced, compiled, and annotated by Jeff Place and Ronald D. Cohen

We say no to your war [electronic resource]

M1657.N36 W457
Sweet Nebraska land [electronic resource]
Roger Welsch

M1657.N6 C436 1960
Champlain Valley songs : from the Marjorie L. Porter collection of North Country folklore [electronic resource]

M1657.N6 M663 1963
Folksongs of the Catskills [electronic resource]

M1657.T35 S664 1961
Songs of Texas [electronic resource]
sung by the Tex-i-an Boys

M1658 .F655 1963
Folksongs of Vermont [electronic resource]

M1658 .M577 1959
Missouri folk songs [electronic resource]
sung by Loman D. Cansler

M1658 .S664 1958
Songs of the North Star State [electronic resource]
conceived and sung by Gene Bluestein with guitar

M1658.C537 B36
Ballads of La Salle County, Illinois : the story of Ottawa, Illinois [electronic resource]

M1658.L8 S774 2004
Street cries and Creole songs of New Orleans [electronic resource]

M1659.5.S2 G884 1996
Ballads of Sacco & Vanzetti [electronic resource]
Woody Guthrie

M1659.7.B73 P747 1999
Presidential campaign songs, 1789-1996 [electronic resource]

M1659.7.D4 D375 1960
Politics and poker : Songs to get elected by [electronic resource]
Howard DaSilva and the Ward Healers

M1659.7.W5 W566 1978
Winners and losers : campaign songs from the critical elections in American history [electronic resource]

M1660 .E443 1960
Election songs of the United States [electronic resource]

M1664.L3 S444 1992
American industrial ballads [electronic resource]
Pete Seeger

M1664.L3 S664 2006
Songs of the Wobblies : I will win [electronic resource]
Joe Glazer

Anglo-American folk songs [electronic resource]
sung by Hermes Nye with guitar

M1668.1 B758 1960
British traditional ballads (Child ballads) in the southern mountains [electronic resource]

M1668.1 S567 1961
Simple gifts : Anglo-American folk songs [electronic resource]

Tradiciâon y cultura [electronic resource]
Los Reyes de Albuquerque con los Violines de Lorenzo

Calabria bella : dove t'hai lasciate ; Italian folk music collected in New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. [electronic resource]
Recorded and edited by Anna L. Chairetakis

M1668.4 H476 2002
Heroes & horses : corridos from the Arizona-Sonora borderlands [electronic resource]

M1668.4 I564 1979
In mezz'una strada trovai una pianta di rosa [electronic resource]
recorded and edited by Anna L. Chairetakis

M1668.4 K564 1984
Border crossings : new directions in Tex-Mex music [electronic resource]
all songs arranged or composed by Ben Tavera King

M1668.4 M875 1992
Music of New Mexico : Hispanic traditions [electronic resource]

M1668.4.M365 A436 1977
Ambos [electronic resource]

M1668.4.M365 E474 1975
El redondo largo [electronic resource]

Kobzari, Ukrainian folk ensemble [electronic resource]

Hey Madeleine! : Louisiana Cajun, Creole & country music [electronic resource]

Bayou memories : Louisiana French folk songs and dance tunes [electronic resource]
interpreted by Gérard Dóle

M1668.8 B354 1977
Cajun fiddle tunes old and new [electronic resource]
with Dewey Balfa and Tracy Schwarz

M1668.8 C358 1990
Cajun social music [electronic resource]

M1668.8 L685 2007
Louisiana Creole music [electronic resource]
recorded & annotated by Gerard Dole

M1668.8 M334 1999
Mademoiselle, voulez-vous danser? : Franco-American music from the New England borderlands [electronic resource]

M1668.8 Q387 2001
Les Quatre vieux garcons [electronic resource]

Cajun country guitar [electronic resource]
edited and annotated by Gérard Dôle

Belly dancing with George Abdo [electronic resource]

M1668.9 C358 1956
Cajun songs from Louisiana [electronic resource]

M1668.9 L584 1955
Lithuanian folk songs in the United States [electronic resource]

M1668.9.A3 D357 1977
Cajun home music [electronic resource]
recorded by Gérald Dôle

M1668.9.H8 H864 1983
Hungarian folk music in the United States [electronic resource]
recordings and notes by László Kürti

M1668.M55 M555
Mickey Miller sings American folksongs [electronic resource]

Turtle Mountain music [electronic resource]

Music of the Plains Apache [electronic resource]
recorded and edited by John Beatty

Music of the Algonkians : woodland Indians [electronic resource]

Songs of the Seminole Indians of Florida [electronic resource]

Indian music of the Pacific Northwest coast [electronic resource]
Collected and recorded by Ida Halpern

The Kiowa peyote meeting [electronic resource]
Recorded and edited by Harry Smith

An anthology of North American Indian and Eskimo music [electronic resource]
compiled and edited by Michael I. Asch

An historical album of Blackfoot Indian music [electronic resource]
[edited and with notes by] Bruno Nettl

A cry from the earth : music of the North American Indians [electronic resource]
edited by John Bierhorst

M1669 .C743 1994
Creation's journey : Native American music [electronic resource]
presented by the National Museum of the American Indian

M1669 .H43 1998
Heartbeat. 2, More voices of First Nations women [electronic resource]

M1669 .H435 1965
Healing songs of the American Indians [electronic resource]

M1669 .H675 1964
Hopi katcina songs : [and six other songs by Hopi chanters] [electronic resource]
edited by Charles Hofmann

M1669 .L576 1958
Dances of the North American Indians [electronic resource]

M1669 .M634 2003
Modern Mayan : the Indian music of Chiapas, Mexico [electronic resource]

M1669 .M875 1953
Music of the Sioux and the Navajo [electronic resource]

M1669 .M875 1965
Music of the Pawnee [electronic resource]
Sung by Mark Evarts

M1669 .M875 2001
Music of the Jívaro of Ecuador [electronic resource]

M1669 .N483 2004
Comanche flute music [electronic resource]
played by Doc Tate Nevaquaya

M1669 .N668 1974
Nootka : Indian music of the Pacific north west coast [electronic resource]
produced by Dr. Ida Halpin [i.e. Halpern]

M1669 .P535 1992
Plains Chippewa/Metis music from Turtle Mountain [electronic resource]
recorded, compiled, annotated and produced by Nicholas Curchin Peterson Vrooman ; produced in collaboration with the North Dakota Council on the Arts

M1669 .S464 1980
Seneca social dance music : from Allegany Reservation, Cattaraugus County, New York, 1977-1980 [electronic resource]
recorded and annotated by Mary Frances Riemer

M1669 .S664 1953
Songs and dances of the Flathead Indians [electronic resource]

M1669 .T444 1955
The Eskimos of Hudson Bay and Alaska [electronic resource]

M1669 .T447
The Pueblo Indians in story, song, and dance [electronic resource]

M1669.B27 B373 1957
Canadian-Indian folk-lore : an autobiography [electronic resource]
by Marius C. Barbeau

M1669.G743 S664 1956
Song and dances of the Great Lakes Indians [electronic resource]
recorded and annotated by Gertrude Prokosch Kurath

M1669.I 64 I535 2007
Indian music of the Canadian Plains [electronic resource]

M1669.L3 L343 1965
Peter La Farge on the warpath [electronic resource]

M1669.L34 L343 1963
As long as the grass shall grow [electronic resource]
Peter La Farge sings of the Indians

M1669.N38 N383 1992
Navajo songs [electronic resource]
recorded by Laura Boulton in 1933 and 1940

Music from the South [electronic resource]

Carolina medicine show hokum and blues [electronic resource]
Pink Anderson

Slave shout songs from the coast of Georgia [electronic resource]

Negro folk music of Alabama [electronic resource]

M1670 .A238 1979
Echoes of Timbuktu and beyond in Congo Square, U.S.A [electronic resource]

M1670 .A447 1960
American Negro songs from slavery times [electronic resource]

M1670 .B355 1968
Ballads, blues and a spiritual [electronic resource]

M1670 .B446 1990
Been in the storm so long : a collection of spirituals, folk tales and children's games from Johns Island, South Carolina [electronic resource]

M1670 .B533 1983
Black American religious music from Southeast Georgia : hymns, spirituals, gospel : ensemble music and solo music [electronic resource]
recorded, compiled, and written by Jacqueline Cogdell DjeDje

M1670 .B533 1998
Black banjo songsters [electronic resource]

M1670 .B768 1960
Brother John Sellers sings Baptist shouts and gospel songs [electronic resource]

M1670 .C487 1975
Church songs [electronic resource]

M1670 .C52 1977
Jazz/some beginnings [electronic resource]
compiled and annotated by Samuel Charters

M1670 .F655 1952
Get on board : Negro folksongs by the Folkmaster [sic], accompanying themselves [electronic resource]

M1670 .J4 1992
A long time to freedom [electronic resource]
Ella Jenkins

M1670 .L433
Pete Seeger sings Leadbelly [electronic resource]

M1670 .M685 1964
Moving Star Hall Singers & Alan Lomax [electronic resource]

M1670 .R443
Spirituals [electronic resource]
with Dock Reed and Vera Hall Ward

M1670 .S455 1900
Brother John Sellers sings Big boat up the river and other blues and folk songs [electronic resource]

M1670 .T448 1958
The Talking blues [electronic resource]

M1670 .T477
Sonny Terry's washboard band [electronic resource]

M1670 .W33 1994
Wade in the water : African American sacred music traditions [electronic resource]
conceived and compiled by Bernice Johnson Reagon

M1670.C37 C385 1958
Cat-Iron sings blues & hymns [electronic resource]

M1670.C42 C437
Blues : music from the documentary film [electronic resource]

M1670.J46 J465 1998
African American folk rhythms [electronic resource]
Ella Jenkins and the Goodwill Spiritual Choir of Monumental Baptist Church

M1670.R43 R434 1997
Give your hands to struggle [electronic resource]
Bernice Johnson Reagon

M1670.R6 R668 1972
Roots of Black music in America [electronic resource]
compiled and edited by Samuel Charters

M1670.S36 H687
The blues of the Mississippi Delta [electronic resource]

M1670.S6 M875 1965
Music down home : an introduction to Negro folk music, U.S.A [electronic resource]

M1675.U57 R583 2003
Ballads from her Appalachian family tradition [electronic resource]
Jean Ritchie

Songs and dances of Quebec : [party songs, reels, and squares] [electronic resource]

M1678 .C436 1957
Chansons populaires de France et du Canada : folk songs of French Canada [electronic resource]

M1678 .D848 1955
Duet songs of French Canada [electronic resource]

M1678 .F655 1952
Folk songs of French Canada [electronic resource]

M1678 .F655 1953
Folk songs of Newfoundland [electronic resource]

M1678 .F655 1955
Folk songs of the Canadian north woods [electronic resource]

M1678 .F655 1958
Folk songs of Ontario [electronic resource]

M1678 .F655 1962
Folksongs of the Miramichi, lumber and river songs from the Miramichi Folk Festival, Newcastle, New Brunswick [electronic resource]

M1678 .K374 1961
Karen James [electronic resource]

M1678 .M378 1986
Haida : Indian music of the Pacific Northwest [electronic resource]
recorded and annotated by Ira Halpern

M1678 .M555 1961
Alan Mills and Jean Carignan : Songs, fiddle tunes, and a folk-tale from Canada [electronic resource]

M1678 .S664
Songs of the Maritimes [electronic resource]
sung by Alan Mills, guitarist - Gilbert Lacombe, accordionist Gordon Fleming

M1678 .S664 1956
Songs & ballads of Newfoundland [electronic resource]
sung by Ken Peacock

M1678 .S664 2001
Songs from Cape Breton Island [electronic resource]

M1678 .V477 1983
French Canadian dance music [electronic resource]
Jean- Marie Verret, fiddle ; Lise Verret, piano

M1678.B23 S664 2003
Songs of French Canada [electronic resource]

M1678.B24 B355 1956
Folk songs of Acadia [electronic resource]
sung by H'elene Baillargen and Alan Mills

M1678.C38 C377 1963
Folksongs of Saskatchewan [electronic resource]

M1678.C73 F655 1956
Folk music from Nova Scotia [electronic resource]

M1678.K83 S65
Kwakiutl : Indian music of the Pacific Northwest [electronic resource]
[collected, recorded and annotated by Dr. Ida Halpern]

M1678.L3 L334 1970
La Belle province, Que*bec : French-Canadian folk songs [electronic resource]
[performed by Alexander Zelkin and Denise Berard]

M1678.L42 L433 1966
Songs from the out-ports of Newfoundland [electronic resource]

M1678.L6 L649
Songs and ballads of northern Saskatchewan and northern Manitoba [electronic resource]
compiled by Marvin Loewen and Shirley Davidson

M1678.M37 C745 1962
Maritime folk songs from the collection of Helen Creighton [electronic resource]

M1678.O32 O236 1956
O'Canada : a history of Canada in folk songs [electronic resource]
sung by Alan Mills with guitar, drum acc. ; research and annotated by Edith Fowke

M1679.18 A434 2006
Alberta : wild roses, northern lights [electronic resource]

M1680.18 R333 2002
Raíces latinas : Smithsonian Folkways Latino roots collection [electronic resource]

M1680.18.S66 S663 2009
Son de mi tierra [electronic resource]

Music of Cuba [electronic resource]

Afro-Dominican music from San Cristóbal, Dominican Republic [electronic resource]
recorded by Morton Marks ; annotated by Morton Marks and Isidro Bobadilla

Caribbean dances [electronic resource]

Está llegando la hora : the time is coming [electronic resource]
sung and played by Expresión Jovén, accompanied by los Macetongos

M1681 .C2 v.1
Caribbean folk music. Vol. 1 [electronic resource]
compiled by Harold Courlander

M1681 .C437 1975
André Charles & his Quisqueya Ibo combo group of Port-au- Prince, Haiti [electronic resource]

M1681 .C455 1957
Children's Jamaican songs & games [electronic resource]

M1681 .H2
Haitian folk songs [electronic resource]

M1681 .H2
Haitian piano [electronic resource]

M1681 .H2
Creole songs of Haiti [electronic resource]

M1681 .J3
Jamaican cult music [electronic resource]

M1681 .J3
Folk music of Jamaica [electronic resource]
recorded by Edward Seaga

M1681 .S744 2003
Steel band [electronic resource]

M1681.518.T7 B788 1955
The steel bands of Antigua, B.W.I [electronic resource]
Brute Force Steel Band, Hell's Gate Steel Band, [and] the Big Shell Steel Band

M1681.A1 S637 2000
Sparrow in hi-fi : 1959 calypsos & songs [electronic resource]

M1681.A1 S664 1957
Songs from the British West Indies [electronic resource]
sung and played by the Caribbean Chorus

M1681.A1 T443 1962
The Bamboushay Steel Band [electronic resource]

M1681.B3 M875 2003
Music of the Bahamas [electronic resource]
recorded and edited by Samuel B. Charters

M1681.B318 R455 1991
Religious songs and drums in the Bahamas [electronic resource]
recorded in the Bahamas by Marshall Stearns

The Big drum dance of Carriacou [electronic resource]

M1681.C8 C376 1981
Carnaval in Cuba [electronic resource]

M1681.C8 M383 2001
Matanzas, Cuba, ca. 1957 : Afro-Cuban sacred music from the countryside [electronic resource]

M1681.C8 O778 1984
Orquesta Aragon [electronic resource]

M1681.C83 S237 1983
Sacred rhythms of Cuban Santería : Ritmos sagrados de la santéria cubana [electronic resource]

M1681.C9 G787 1971
Cuba va! : songs of the new generation of revolutionary Cuba [electronic resource]

M1681.C9 H383 2001
Havana, Cuba, ca. 1957 : rhythms and songs for the orishas [electronic resource]

M1681.C918 R586 T7 2008
A tribute to Gonzalo Asencio, Tío Tom : Homenaje a Gonzalo Ascencio, Tío Tom [electronic resource]
Puntilla y El Conjunto Todo Rumbero

M1681.D6518 M474 2008
Merengue típico from the Dominican Republic [electronic resource]
La India Canela

M1681.D8 Q577 2004
Quisqueya en el Hudson : Dominican music in New York City [electronic resource]

M1681.H2 C375 1991
Caribbean revels : Haitian rara and Dominican gaga [electronic resource]

M1681.H2 V638 1975
Vodun-Rada rite for Erzulie [electronic resource]

M1681.H218 H358 1954
Haitian dances [electronic resource]

M1681.H3 C687 1951
Music of Haiti [electronic resource]

M1681.J3 J646 1981
John Crow say : Jamaican folk music [electronic resource]
recorded & annotated by John Storm Roberts

M1681.P6 F655 1971
Folk songs of Puerto Rico [electronic resource]
recorded by Henrietta Yurchenco with Peter Gold & Peter Yurchenco

M1681.P6 P725 2005
Para todos ustedes [electronic resource]
Los Pleneros de la 21

M1681.P6 P847 1996
Puerto Rico in Washington [electronic resource]

M1681.P6 S656 2001
Songs and dances of Puerto Rico [electronic resource]

Puli Toro sings favorite Hispanic songs : Alma hispana [electronic resource]

Viva Puerto Rico libre : songs of the independence movement [electronic resource]

Como el filo del machete : Like the edge of the machete [electronic resource]
sung by Andrés Jiménez

M1681.P618 M68 2003
Jíbaro hasta el hueso : mountain music of Puerto Rico [electronic resource]
[performed] by Ecos de Borinquen

M1681.S36 M875 1993
Musical traditions of St. Lucia, West Indies : dances and songs from a Caribbean Island [electronic resource]

M1681.T618 L673 1960
Calypso travels [electronic resource]
Lord Invader & his Calypso Group

M1681.T7 S637 2005
First flight : early calypsos from the Emory Cook collection [electronic resource]
the Mighty Sparrow

M1681.T7 S657 1980
Spiritual Baptist music of Trinidad [electronic resource]
recorded in Trinidad by Stephen D. Glazier

M1681.T718 C858 1961
Cult music of Trinidad [electronic resource]

M1681.T718 L673 2000
Calypso in New York : The Asch recordings [electronic resource]
Lord Invader

M1681.T74 J867 1956
Jump up carnival in Trinidad [electronic resource]

M1681.T75 L673 1955
Calypso [electronic resource]

M1682 .B685
Indian music of Mexico [electronic resource]

M1682 .B834 1965
Mexico! [electronic resource]
Maria Luisa Buchino

M1682 .I535
Indian music of Mexico [electronic resource]

M1682 .S237 1977
Sacred guitar and violin music of the modern Aztecs [electronic resource]
recordings, notes and photographs by Paul Jean Provost and Alan R. Sandstrom

M1682 .S636 1957
Spanish folk songs of New Mexico [electronic resource]
sung by Peter Hurd

M1682 .S664 1958
Songs and dances of the Mexican plateau [electronic resource]

M1682 .T496 2009
Borders y bailes [electronic resource]
los Texmaniacs

M1682 .Y378 1957
Yaqui dances : the Pascola music of the Yaqui Indians of Northern Mexico [electronic resource]

M1682.C35 C367 2005
El ave di mi soñar : Mexican sones huastecos [electronic resource]
Los Camperos de Valles

M1682.C6 S674 1965
Cora Indian festive music [electronic resource]
recorded and edited by E. Richard Sorenson and Philip R. Lenna

M1682.C749 C665 2006
¡Tierra caliente! [electronic resource]
by Conjunto de Arpa Grande Arpex

M1682.G8 L333 2003
La bamba : sones jarochos from Veracruz [electronic resource]
José Gutiérrez & Los Hermanos Ochoa

M1682.J55 J564 1958
Mexican folk songs [electronic resource]
Alfonso Cruz Jimenez

M1682.M375 M375 2008
Amor, dolor y lágrimas : música ranchera [electronic resource]
Mariachi Los Camperos de Nati Cano

M1682.M38 M463 1968
Songs of old Mexico : collected and edited by Lilian Mendelssohn [electronic resource]

M1682.Y9 M495 2001
Mexico south : traditional songs and dances from the Isthmus of Tehuantepec [electronic resource]

M1683.18 M375 2005
Llegaron los camperos! : concert favorites of Nati Cano's Mariachi Los Camperos [electronic resource]

M1683.18 M495 1979
Mexico, imágenes cotidianas : contemporary Mexican folksongs [electronic resource]

M1683.18 R494 1973
Mexico days of struggle [electronic resource]

M1683.18.M375 M375 2002
Viva el mariachi! [electronic resource]
Nati Cano's Mariachi Los Camperos

M1684 .G9
Music of Guatemala [electronic resource]
recorded and edited by Jacques Jangoux

M1684 .T443 1952
The Black Caribs of Honduras [electronic resource]

M1684 .T447 1983
The Pipil Indians of El Salvador [electronic resource]
recorded and annotated by David Blair Stiffler

M1684.A1 M875 1981
Music of the Miskito Indians of Honduras & Nicaragua [electronic resource]
[recorded and annotated by] David Blair Stiffler

M1684.D6 M875 2003
Music from the Dominican Republic [electronic resource]

M1684.G9 Y873 1978
Music of the Maya -Quiches of Guatamala : the Rabinal achi and Baile de la canastas [electronic resource]

M1684.P36 M875 1983
Music of the Indians of Panama : the Cuna (Tule) and Chocoe (Embera) tribes [electronic resource]
recorded by David Blair Stiffler

M1685.B4 D338 1982
Dabuyabarugu : inside the temple : sacred music of the Garifuna of Belize [electronic resource]
[recorded and produced by Carol and Travis Jenkins]

M1685.G918 C43 M37 2007
Marimba music of Guatemala [electronic resource]

M1685.N418 M453 1983
Un son para mi pueblo : songs from the new Nicaragua [electronic resource]
by Luis E. Mejía Godoy & Mancotal

M1685.S3 C888 1985
Por eso luchamos [electronic resource]
sung by Cutumay Camones

M1686 .J383 1971
Jatari [electronic resource]

M1686 .L576 1959
Songs and dances of Bolivia [electronic resource]

M1686 .P397 1979
From the sky of my childhood : del cielo de mi niñez : folk songs from Latin America [electronic resource]
sung by Suni Paz

Music from Saramaka [electronic resource]

M1687 .L695 2001
Lowland tribes of Ecuador [electronic resource]

M1687 .T443 1978
The Creole music of Surinam (Dutch Guiana) [electronic resource]
recorded and annotated by Clifford Entes, Coronie, Suriname, 1971, 1972

M1687 .T733 1958
Traditional music of Peru [electronic resource]

M1687.A7 A734
Argentine folk songs [electronic resource]
Octavio Corvalan

M1687.A7 P397 2006
Bandera mia : songs of Argentina [electronic resource]
Suni Paz

M1687.A7 S455 2003
Selk'nam chants of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina [electronic resource]

M1687.B6 I578
Instruments and music of Bolivia [electronic resource]

M1687.C6 G283 2003
Music of Colombia [electronic resource]

M1687.C6 G787 2005
Arriba suena marimba! : currulao marimba music from Colombia [electronic resource]
[performed] by Grupo Naidy

M1687.C6 S237 1977
Sacred and profane music of the Ika [electronic resource]
recorded in Colombia by Jim Billipp

M1687.C618 G144 2006
Un fuego de sangre pura [electronic resource]
Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto from Colombia

M1687.C6418 I393 2008
¡Ayombe! : the heart of Colombia's música vallenata [electronic resource]

M1687.C7 A376 1967
Afro-hispanic music from Western Colombia and Ecuador [electronic resource]
recorded and edited by Norman E. Whitten

M1687.C7 C375 1957
Caribbean rhythms [electronic resource]

M1687.E2 C455 1977
Children's songs and games from Ecuador, Mexico, and Puerto Rico [electronic resource]

M1687.G8 M875 1980
Music of the Haut Oyapok : Oyampi and Emerillon Indian tribes, French Guiana, South America [electronic resource]

M1687.G89 M875 1982
Music of the coastal Amerindians of Guyana [electronic resource]
recorded by David Blair Stiffler

M1687.R6 R637 1957
Latin American folk songs [electronic resource]
sung in spanish by Chago Rodrigo

M1687.V3 M875 1975
Music of the Venezuelan Yekuana Indians [electronic resource]

M1687.V4 L576 1958
Dances of Venezuela [electronic resource]
collected & compiled by Ronnie & Stu Lipner, in collaboration with L.F. Ramon y Rivera

M1687.V46 I393 2009
¡Y que viva Venezuela! : maestros del joropo oriental [electronic resource]

M1688.C6 S5 2004
Sí, soy llanero : Joropo music from the Orinoco plains of Columbia [electronic resource]

M1688.P218 M358 2009
Maiteí América : harps of Paraguay [electronic resource]

M1688.U618 V545 1973
Uruguay: a desalambrar! : Tear down the fences! [electronic resource]

The music of capoeira [electronic resource]
[performed by] Mestre Acordeon

M1689 .A584 1964
Anthology of Brazilian Indian music [electronic resource]

M1689 .M875 1954
Music from Mato Grosso [electronic resource]

M1689 .M875 1982
Music of Para, Brazil : Carimbó, Pajelanca, Batuque and Umbanda [electronic resource]
Recorded and annotated by Morton Marks

M1689 .S664 1956
Songs and dances of Brazil [electronic resource]

M1689 .T447 1981
The Palicour Indians of the Arucua River in Brazil [electronic resource]
recorded by David Blair Stiffler

M1689.18.B36 B739 1971
Brazil : songs of protest [electronic resource]

M1689.G78 G787 1996
Capoeira Angola from Salvador, Brazil [electronic resource]
produced by Mestre Cobra Mansa and Heidi Rauch in collaboration with the Organization of American States and the Grupo de Capoeira Angola Pelourinho

M1691 .A385 1974
The siege of Santa Maria de Iquique : a people's cantata of the Chilean nitrate miners [electronic resource]

M1691 .A447 1975
Amerindian music of Chile : the Aymara ; the Qaqashqar ; the Mapuche [electronic resource]

M1691 .C455 1975
Chile : songs for the resistance [electronic resource]

M1691 .F655 1957
Folk songs of Chile [electronic resource]

M1691 .M875 1961
Music of Chile [electronic resource]

M1691 .T733 1960
Traditional Chilean songs [electronic resource]

Music of Peru [electronic resource]

M1692.18.I45 I453 1980
Raza brava [electronic resource]
by the Chilean Ensemble Illapu

M1692.18.M36 M367 2008
Que viva el canto! : songs of Chile [electronic resource]
Rafael Manríquez and friends

Corazón : songs and music [electronic resource]
recorded in Peru by Rosalind Solomon

M1693 .M686 1991
Mountain music of Peru [electronic resource]

M1693 .T733 1995
Traditional music of Peru [electronic resource]

Canción protesta : protest song of Latin America [electronic resource]

Folk music of the Mediterranean [electronic resource]

M1702 .F655 1959
Folk dances of Austria [electronic resource]
performed by Karl Kubat and Karl Zaruba

M1703.18.L53 L536 1957
Vienna by night [electronic resource]

Folk songs of Hungary [electronic resource]

M1706 .F655 1961
Folk music of Hungary [electronic resource]

M1706 .T736 2001
Transylvanian wedding music [electronic resource]
recorded and annotated by Laszlo Kurti

M1707.18 R355 2001
Rajko Hungarian Gypsy Orchestra [electronic resource]

M1711 .M473 1996
The now sounds of the Middle East [electronic resource]

M1714 .F64 1956
Folk dances of Greece [electronic resource]

M1714 .F655 1955
Folk music of Greece [electronic resource]
recorded by James A. Notopoulos

M1714 .M634 1959
Modern Greek heroic oral poetry [electronic resource]

M1714 .S664 1953
Songs and dances of Greece [electronic resource]

M1714 .T756 1970
Popular Greek songs [electronic resource]

M1714.L56 L563 1968
Ballads of a Greek cafe [electronic resource]
music by Jimmy Linardos ; lyrics by Theodoros Poulikides

M1715.18 B455 2002
Bells & winter festivals of Greek Macedonia [electronic resource]

M1715.18.T43 T446
People's music : the struggles of the Greek people [electronic resource]
music by Mikis Theodorakis

M1718 .H864 1985
Hungarian folk music from the Kis-Küküllo region of central Transylvania, Romania [electronic resource]
collected and annotated by László Kürti

The Diaphonic music of the Island of Krk, Yugoslavia [electronic resource]

M1720 .B676 1993
Bosnia : echoes from an endangered world [electronic resource]

M1720 .F655 1952
Folk music of Yugoslavia [electronic resource]

M1720 .S664 2001
Songs and dances of Yugoslavia [electronic resource]

M1720 .Y846 2001
Songs and dances of Yugoslavia [electronic resource]
Yugoslav National Folk Ballet-Tanec

M1721.18 A333 2001
The Branko Krsmanovich chorus of Yugoslavia at Carnegie Hall [electronic resource]

M1722 .F655 1961
Folk and traditional music of Turkey [electronic resource]

M1722 .S664 1955
Songs and dances of Turkey [electronic resource]

M1722 .S664 1996
Songs and dances of Turkey [electronic resource]
featuring singers & ensembles of Radio Ankara

M1722 .T875 1995
Turkish dances : Longa ve Sirtolar [electronic resource]

M1728.C6 F3 1959
True false lovers : a collection of British love songs [electronic resource]
adapted and sung by Shirley Elizabeth Collins

Folk music of France [electronic resource]

M1730 .C363
Chansons populaires de France [electronic resource]

M1730 .C667 1960
Compagnie nationale de danses Françaises [electronic resource]
with Jacques Douai

M1730 .M355 1964
Sonia Malkine sings French songs [electronic resource]

M1730 .V546 1960
Songs of Auvergne [electronic resource]

M1730 .V659 1976
Voix du sol français : Voices of French soil [electronic resource]

M1730.B1285 C436 1956
Chants de Noël du Canada français : Christmas carols of French Canada [electronic resource] =

M1730.B48 C5 1989
24 best-loved French folk songs [electronic resource]

M1730.S36 S393 1954
French folk songs [electronic resource]

M1730.V37 V377 1976
Hurdy gurdy music [electronic resource]

M1731.18.M66 S664
Songs of Paris [electronic resource]
[performed by] Yves Montand ; accompanied by Bob Castella & his orchestra

M1732 .F746 1953
French folk songs for children [electronic resource]

M1732 .F746 1957
French folk songs for children [electronic resource]

M1732 .S664 1957
Songs and dances of Brittany [electronic resource]

M1734 .E275 1960
Early German ballads [electronic resource]

M1734 .F655 1957
Folk songs from Germany [electronic resource]

M1734 .G476 1954
German folk songs [electronic resource]

M1734 .G476 1956
German favorite songs [electronic resource]

M1736 .B545 1999
German drinking songs [electronic resource]

M1738 .C653 1978
Cold snap ; traditional & contemporary songs and ballads [electronic resource]

M1738 .D947 1997
Richard Dyer-Bennet [electronic resource]
performed by Richard Dyer-Bennet

M1738 .E53 2003
The English and Scottish popular ballads [electronic resource]
Child ballads sung by Ewan MacColl

M1738 .M333 1962
Revival in Britain [electronic resource]

M1738.M13 T447 2001
The singing streets : childhood memories of Ireland and Scotland [electronic resource]
Ewan MacColl and Dominic Behan

M174.M85 M875
Music boxes, carousels & hand organ [electronic resource]

M174.O7 M434 2003
Mechanical parlor organ : Organina Thibouville [electronic resource]

English folk songs [electronic resource]

Folkways record of contemporary songs [electronic resource]
written and sung by Peggy Seeger & Ewan MacColl

M1740 .E545 1956
English folk songs [electronic resource]

M1740 .N678 1999
Northumberland rant : traditional music from the edge of England [electronic resource]

M1740 .N944 1957
Ballads reliques [electronic resource]
sung by Hermes Nye

M1740 .R635 1953
Robin Hood ballads [electronic resource]

M1740 .S549
She was poor but she was honest [electronic resource]
Derek Lamb

M1740 .T445 1962
The Jupiter book of ballads [electronic resource]

M1740.G64 W354
Sussex folk songs and ballads [electronic resource]
sung by Tony Wales with guitar

M1740.M33 B763 1962
Broadside ballads : (London: 1600-1700) [electronic resource]

M1740.M33 L376
Now is the time for fishing : songs and speech [electronic resource]
by Sam Larner

M1740.R583 R583 1959
Field trip--England [electronic resource]
Collected by Jean Ritchie and George Pickow ; Edited by Jean Ritchie

M1741.18.C622 A193 1978
Adam & the beasts and other songs [electronic resource]

Welsh folk songs [electronic resource]

M1742 .B59 2009
Blodeugerdd : Song of the flowers : an anthology of Welsh music and song [electronic resource]

Irish rebellion album [electronic resource]

Fishers hornpipe and other Celtic traditional tunes [electronic resource]

M1744 .H687
Irish songs of resistance : the great rebellion [electronic resource]
sung by Wallace House

M1744 .I754
Irish popular dances [electronic resource]

M1744 .I757 1958
Irish traditional songs [electronic resource]

M1744 .I757 1960
Irish folk songs for women [electronic resource]

M1744 .I757 1961
Irish and British songs from the Ottawa Valley [electronic resource]

M1744 .I757 1965
Irish music in London pubs [electronic resource]

M1744 .I757 1968
Irish folk songs and ballads [electronic resource]

M1744 .I757 1973
Irish dance music [electronic resource]
edited by Reg Hall

M1744 .K564 1962
An Irishman in North Americay [electronic resource]
Tom Kines

M1744 .S664 1957
Songs of Aran : Gaelic singing from the west of Ireland [electronic resource]

M1744.A87 A857 1960
As I roved out : field trip - Ireland [electronic resource]
music collected by Jean Ritchie and George Pickow ; selected and edited by Jean Ritchie

M1744.D46 T447 2008
The Sligo Indians [electronic resource]
Tony DeMarco

M1744.M4 M466 1977
England's Vietnam [electronic resource]

M1745.5 .S68 2007
Sound neighbours : contemporary music in Northern Ireland [electronic resource]

M1745.5.B87 B875 2001
Sweeney's dream : fiddle tunes from County Sligo, Ireland [electronic resource]
Kevin Burke

M1746 .B684 1961
Bothy ballads of Scotland [electronic resource]

M1746 .D564 1962
Ding dong dollar : anti-Polaris and Scottish republican songs [electronic resource]

M1746 .G743 1990
Great Scottish ballads [electronic resource]

M1746 .M333
Scottish bagpipe tunes [electronic resource]

M1746 .P678 1961
Popular Scottish songs [electronic resource]

M1746 .S664 1952
Songs and pipes of the Hebrides [electronic resource]

M1746 .S664 1960
Songs of two rebellions ; the Jacobite Wars of 1715 and 1745 in Scotland [electronic resource]

M1746 .S866 1954
The Faulse lady [electronic resource]

M1746 .T733 1964
Traditional songs and ballads : (The Scottish garland) [electronic resource]

M1746 .W563
Music from the Orkney Islands [electronic resource]
featuring Allie Windwick & Hugh Inkster

M1746.C357 C437 1960
The borders : songs and dances of the English-Scottish border [electronic resource]
recorded ... by Samuel B. Charters

M1746.G58 M349 1957
Scottish songs and ballands [sic] [electronic resource]

M1746.G6 G653 1961
Lucy Stewart : traditional singer from Aberdeenshire, Scotland [electronic resource]

M1746.H65 S368 1958
Scottish folksongs for women [electronic resource]

M1747.18 S664 1956
Songs and ballads of the Scottish wars, 1290-1745 [electronic resource]

M1748 .I835 1972
Italian folk music [electronic resource]
recorded in the field by Alan Lomax with Diego Carpitella

M1748 .S664 1955
Songs and dances of Italy [electronic resource]

M1749.18 F478 1995
Festa Italiana : Italian songs and dances [electronic resource]

M1749.18 F655 1962
Folk music from Italy [electronic resource]

M175 .M875 1961
Music of the carousel [electronic resource]

M175.B3 P375 1983
Paris street music : the mechanical pipe organ [electronic resource]
operated by Gérard Döle

M175.B36 B363 1999
Bamboo on the Mountains : Kmhmu Highlanders from Southeast Asia and the U.S [electronic resource]

M175.C3 N535 1960
Nickelodeon and calliope [electronic resource]

M175.X6 S628 2014
They looked like strangers : for solo vibraphone, 2011 /
Stuart Saunders Smith

M1750.L65 I83 1965
Italian folk songs [electronic resource]
edited by Alan Lomax and Carla Bianco

M1751.18 A454
Neapolitan songs [electronic resource]

Living folksongs and dance-tunes from the Netherlands [electronic resource]

M1752.S54 S544 1963
Folksongs and dances of the Netherlands [electronic resource]

M1755.3 .P768 2003
Polish folk songs and dances [electronic resource]

M1755.3.K85 K855 2001
Sadly whisper the leaves of the willow : Polish partisan and folk songs [electronic resource]
sung by Aleksander Kulisiewicz

M1755.5.K6 K639 2001
Sentimental journey to Poland [electronic resource]

Alexander Zelkin sings Russian songs, old & new [electronic resource]

M1756 .A768 1963
Around the samovar [electronic resource]

M1756 .K387
Russian favorites [electronic resource]

M1756 .M666 2002
Moon over Moscow : popular Russian hits [electronic resource]

M1756 .M673 1960
Moscow nights : popular Russian hits [electronic resource]

M1756 .M673 1970
Moscow after dark [electronic resource]

M1756 .M875 1951
Music of the Russian Middle East : recorded in Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Armenia [electronic resource]

M1756 .O433 1995
Old believers : songs of the Nekrasov Cossacks [electronic resource]

M1756 .R877 1992
Russian folk dances of the Moiseyev Dance Company [electronic resource]

M1756 .S664 1959
Songs of old Russia [electronic resource]

M1756 .S664 1993
Songs of old Russia [electronic resource]

M1756 .Y859 1970
Yulya sings her favorite Russian songs [electronic resource]

M1756 .Y859 2001
Yulya sings Kalinka and other Russian folk songs [electronic resource]

M1756 R93 2003 .R877 1959
Russian choral music [electronic resource]

Russian gypsy! [electronic resource]

M1756.G67 2003
Russian folk songs with the Piatnitsky Chorus [electronic resource]

M1756.S547 R877 1966
Russian songs, traditional & contemporary [electronic resource]

M1757.2.G467 G467 1992
A Treasury of Russian Gypsy music [electronic resource]

M176 .L377
Play me a movie [electronic resource]
composed & played by Abraham Lass

M176.S65 S658 1982
Reelizations. 2 [electronic resource]
composed and performed by Barton Smith

Finnish tunes and songs [electronic resource]

M1762.18 Z393 1992
Monitor presents Bolek singing Polish favorites : Memories of Poland. [electronic resource]

M1764 .K639 2001
The dove : Holubivna [electronic resource]

M1764.S567 S484 1992
17 popular Ukrainian dances [electronic resource]
Michael Skorr and his Ukrainian Ensemble

M1765.18 S664 1957
Songs and dances of the Ukraine, vol. 1 [electronic resource]

M1766.A1 S664 1956
Songs and dances of the S.S.R. Middle East [electronic resource]

M1766.A7 H346 1993
Armenian music through the ages [electronic resource]
Richard Hagopian

M1766.A7 S664 1952
Songs and dances of Armenia [electronic resource]

M1768 .S336 1974
Scandinavia! : songs & dances of Denmark, Finland, Norway & Sweden [electronic resource]

M1768.S56 S336 1960
Scandinavian folk songs : music of Sweden, Norway and Finland [electronic resource]

M177 .C456 1966
Chinese classic music [electronic resource]
played by the Chinese Cultural Theatre Group

M1770 .D365 1957
Danish folk songs [electronic resource]

M1770 .I544 1965
Inger Nielsen sings Danish folk songs [electronic resource]

Lappish joik songs from northern Norway [electronic resource]

M1772 .N679 1958
Norwegian folk songs [electronic resource]

M1774 .B478 1965
Best-loved songs of Sweden [electronic resource]

M1774 .S943 1999
Swedish folk songs and ballads [electronic resource]
sung by Sven-Bertil Taube

M1774 .T447
The Swedish fiddlers : music from the gathering of the fiddlers at Delsbo [electronic resource]

Spain : Flamenco music of Andalusia [electronic resource]

Spanish guitar solos [electronic resource]
Arr. by Carlos Montoya

Flamenco guitar solos [electronic resource]

M1779 .L895 1990
Spain : Lutys de Luz in Flamenco songs & dances [electronic resource]

M1779 .P375 1982
Al tocar diana : at the break of dawn , songs from a Franco prison [electronic resource]
remembered and sung by Max Parker

M1779 .S636 1959
Spanish dances [electronic resource]
Arr. by Mario Escudero

M1779 .T753 1963
Cante jondo : flamenco music [electronic resource]
sung by Chinin de Triana ; guitar accompaniment by Emilio Bonet

M1779.J2 J364 1963
Children's songs from Spain [electronic resource]

M1779.M87 M875 1951
Music of Spain [electronic resource]

M1779.R35 C383 1971
Catalonian protest songs [electronic resource]
[composed and performed by] Raimon

Entourage [electronic resource]

M178 .A447 1965
American colonial instrumental music [electronic resource]

M1780 .C475 1955
Christmas songs of Spain [electronic resource]

M1781 .A584 1962
Anthology of Portuguese music [electronic resource]

M1781 .C47
Christmas songs of Portugal [electronic resource]

M1781 .P678 1990
Portugal's great Amalia Rodrigues [electronic resource]

M1781.18 R534 2001
Portuguese accordion [electronic resource]
Fernando Ribeiro & his ensemble in popular instrumentals

M1781.18.F44 F338 1964
Canção do mar : song of the sea and other Portuguese songs [electronic resource]

M1781.A45 F336 1964
Fados [electronic resource]

M1781.F46 F336 1963
Fados of Portugal [electronic resource]

M1781.M37 F336 1960
Fados & folk songs of Portugal [electronic resource]
Maria Marques, vocals

M1784 .M686 1960
Mountain songs and yodeling of the Alps [electronic resource]

M1784 .S664 1953
Songs and dances of Switzerland [electronic resource]

M1786 .S958 2001
Switzerland : schottisches, ländler, polkas, waltzes [electronic resource]

M1788.C8 F655 1956
Folk songs from Czechoslovakia [electronic resource]

M179 .T444 2002
The heart of Cape Breton : fiddle music recorded live along the Ceilidh Trail [electronic resource]

Music of Southeast Asia [electronic resource]

M1795 .B455 1975
Belly dancing for everyone [electronic resource]

M1795 .M875
Music of the Orient in Hawaii [electronic resource]

M1795.A3 O437 2002
Virtuoso from Afghanistan [electronic resource]
Ustad Mohammad Omar

Music of South Arabia [electronic resource]

M1797 .A733 1965
Arabian delight, music from Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco [electronic resource]

M1797 .A733 1974
Arabic songs and dances [electronic resource]

M1797 .B455 1971
Belly dance music [electronic resource]

M1797.B84 C537 1976
Classic Arabic music : a recital of Muwashahat [electronic resource]

M1804 .C446 1994
Flower drum and other Chinese folk songs [electronic resource]
csung by Stephen C. Cheng

M1804 .M654 1963
Ellie Mao sings Chinese folk songs [electronic resource]

M1804 .T447 2003
The Ruse of the empty city : a traditional Peking opera [electronic resource]

M1804 .W478 1981
West meets East : Chinese and Balinese music [electronic resource]
performed by the Asian Music Ensemble, North Illinois University (Dakalb)

Indian love rites : Durga puja and Kali puja in Calcutta [electronic resource]
recorded and annotated by Rosalind Solomon

M1808 .F655 1951
Folk music of India [electronic resource]

M1808 .F655 1963
Folk music of Kashmir [electronic resource]

M1808 .M875 1961
Music from south India : Kerala [electronic resource]

M1808 .M988 2001
Music of India : traditional & classical [electronic resource]

M1808 .R343 1957
Ragas : songs of India [electronic resource]

M1808 .R353 1967
Ragas from South India [electronic resource]

M1808 .R353 2003
Ragas from South India [electronic resource]

M1808 .R455 1952
Religious music of India [electronic resource]

M1808.D54 M888 1981
Navagraha krtis : The 9 planets ; Cāturdaśa rāgamālika = The 14 worlds ; and Srī gurunā / [electronic resource] =
by Muttusvāmi Dīkṣitar

M1809 .T753 1993
Tribal music of India : the Muria and Maria Gonds of Madhya Pradesh [electronic resource]

M1810 .B464 1958
Israeli children's songs [electronic resource]

M1810 .F655 1951
Folk music of Palestine [electronic resource]

M1810 .H555 1968
Mountain so fair : folk songs of Israel [electronic resource]

M1810 .T447 1959
The sounds of Jerusalem [electronic resource]
produced, edited and narrated by Yehuda Lev

M1810.18.F42 J478 1967
Jerusalem of gold [electronic resource]

M1810.G54 G555 1958
Holiday songs of Israel [electronic resource]

M1810.H23 H333 1993
Rakhel : songs of Israel [electronic resource]

Salute to Israel [electronic resource]

Japanese Buddhist ritual [electronic resource]

M1812 .F655 1962
Folk music of Japan [electronic resource]

M1812 .S258 2003
Sakura : a musical celebration of the cherry blossoms [electronic resource]

M1812 .S554 1975
Shigin : chanting to Chinese poetry [electronic resource]

M1812 .T693 1960
Waka and other compositions : contemporary music of Japan based on traditional Japanese themes and poetry [electronic resource]
composed by Michiko Toyama

M1812 .T733
Traditional folk dances of Japan [electronic resource]

M1812.H37 T733 1961
Traditional folk songs of Japan [electronic resource]
selected and arranged by Ryutaro Hattori from his own collection

M1816 .F655 1951
Folk & classical music of Korea [electronic resource]

M1816 .K674 2001
Korea : vocal and instrumental music [electronic resource]

M1820 .C537 1991
Classical music of Iran : the dastgah systems [electronic resource]

M1820 .F655 1960
Folk songs and dances of Iran [electronic resource]

Hanunóo music from the Philippines [electronic resource]

M1822 .B364 1999
Bangon! Arise! : songs of the Philippine National Democratic Struggle [electronic resource]

M1822 .F655 1960
Folk songs of the Philippines [electronic resource]

The living, dead, and dying : music of the New Guinea Wape. [electronic resource]
Recorded and annotated by William E. Mitchell

Drums of Thailand [electronic resource]
compiled by Princess Chumbhot of Nagor Svarga

M1824 .I5
Music of Sulawesi [Sound recording] [Sa®dan Toradja Region] Celebes, Indonesia : Recorded by Eric & Catherine Crystal [electronic resource]

M1824 .I5
Music of Indonesia [electronic resource]

M1824 .I7
Classical music of Iran : dastgah systems [electronic resource]
compiled and edited by Ella Zonis

M1824 .I75
Kurdish folk songs and dances [electronic resource]

M1824 .N5
Music of a Sherpa village [electronic resource]
Recorded by John Melville Bishop

M1824 .P3
Folk music of Pakistan [electronic resource]

M1824.A3 M875 1961
Music of Afghanistan [electronic resource]

M1824.C3 C363 1978
Cambodia : traditional music [electronic resource]

M1824.I5 B383 1976
Batak music : Tobak Batak music [electronic resource]
played by the Tihang Gultom group ; Guru Tihang, leader ; recorded by Paul Pedersen ; material collected by Paul Pedersen and Toenggoel P. Siagian

M1824.I5 D573 2000
Discover Indonesia : music of Indonesia [electronic resource]

M1824.I75 A443 2006
When the soul is settled : music of Iraq [electronic resource]

M1824.M34 D743 1995
Dream songs and healing sounds in the rainforests of Malaysia [electronic resource]
[recorded, compiled, and annotated by Marina Roseman]

M1824.N4 T444 1982
The gaines of Nepal [electronic resource]
recorded by Stephen Conlon

M1824.P33 A733 1956
Arabic and druse music [electronic resource]

M1824.V5 F655 1968
Folk songs of Vietnam [electronic resource]
recorded by Stephen Addiss

M1825.L418 G467 1991
Love songs of Lebanon [electronic resource]
Sawaya Chorus

M1825.N5218 M875 1978
Music of Bhutan [electronic resource]
compiled and annotated by J.S. Szuszkiewicz

M1828 .M456 1991
Melodies & rhythms of Arabic music [electronic resource]
[produced by] Afif A. Bulos

Music of Equatorial Africa [electronic resource]

M1830 .A375 1962
African and Afro-American drums [electronic resource]
[edited by Harold Courlander]

M1830 .A375 1978
African songs and rhythms for children [electronic resource]
recorded and annotated by Dr. W.K. Amoaku

M1830 .B438 1978
Beduin music of Southern Sinai [electronic resource]

M1830 .F655 1961
Folk music of the western Congo [electronic resource]

M1830 A2575 1957
African music [electronic resource]

M1830.C66 C687 1957
Africa south of the Sahara [electronic resource]

M1830.S24X S243 2000
Safarini : In transit : music of African immigrants [electronic resource]

M1830.W18 B334 2002
Badenya : Manden jaliya in New York City [electronic resource]

Music of the Ashanti of Ghana [electronic resource]

M1831 .B35
Bantu high life [electronic resource]

M1831 .D786 1953
Drums of the Yoruba of Nigeria [electronic resource]
Recorded by William Bascom

M1831 .H435 1999
Healing dance music of the Kalahari San [electronic resource]
[recorded by Richard Katz, Megan Biesele and Marjorie Shostak]

M1831 .T443 1956
The Baoulé of the Ivory Coast [electronic resource]

M1831 .T446 2003
The music of!Kung Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert, Africa [electronic resource]

M1831 .W656 1955
Wolof music of Senegal and the Gambia [electronic resource]

M1831.E93 E946 1969
Ewe music of Ghana [electronic resource]

Music from an equatorial microcosm : fang bwiti music from Gabon Republic, Africa, with Mbiri selections [electronic resource]
recorded and annotated by James W. Fernandez

M1831.G5 T733
Traditional women's music from Ghana : [Ewe, Fanti, Ashanti, Dagarti, and Dagomba] [electronic resource]

M1831.H64 H646 1966
Music of Chad [electronic resource]

M1831.H64 H646 1966
Music of Mali [electronic resource]

M1831.K86 I578 2001
Instrumental music of the Kalahari San [electronic resource]

M1831.M24 K673 1978
Kora music from the Gambia [electronic resource]
Recorded by Verna Gillis

M1831.M24 K673 1991
Kora duets [electronic resource]
[performed by Alhaji Bai Konte and Dembo Konte and by Dembo Konte and Ma Lamini Jobate]

M1831.P94 T447
The Pygmies of the Ituri forest [electronic resource]

M1831.W2 S664 1952
Songs of the Watutsi [electronic resource]

M1831.Y37 Y678 1980
Yoruba bata drums : elewe music and dance [electronic resource]
recorded at Ila Rangun at the Odun E[g]ungun Festival by G. Odukewe Sackeyfio

M1834 .D749 1957
Afrikaans children folksongs [electronic resource]

M1834 .S664 2001
Songs of South Africa [electronic resource]
sung in Afrikaans by Shimon Ash ; banjo accompaniment by Peter Weldon

M1834 .T457 1965
This land is mine : South African freedom songs [electronic resource]

Music of the Waswahili of Lamu, Kenya [electronic resource]
collected [and annotated] by Alan W. Boyd

Music of the Dagomba from Ghana [electronic resource]

Traditional music of Botswana, Africa : a journey with tape recorder along Southern Botswana from Mochudi to Kang [electronic resource]
recorded and annotated by Elizabeth Nelbach Wood

Indigenous music of the Ivory Coast National Company [electronic resource]

M1838 .E845 1975
Ethiopia : the Falasha and the Adjuran tribe [electronic resource]
recorded and edited by Lin Lerner and Chad Wollner

M1838 .K45
Music of the Kuria and the Gusii of western Kenya [electronic resource]

M1838 .N966 1965
Songs from Kenya [electronic resource]

M1838.A4 S664 1962
Songs of the F.L.N., freedom fighters of Algeria [electronic resource]

M1838.A5 A546 1962
Angolan freedom songs [electronic resource]

M1838.A5 A546 1970
Angola : Victory is certain [electronic resource]

M1838.C17 P735
Psalms of the Cameroons [electronic resource]

M1838.C3 B858 1954
Bulu songs from the Cameroons [electronic resource]
recorded in the Southern Cameroons by Edwin Cozzens

M1838.C6 M875 1957
Music of the Ituri forest [electronic resource]

M1838.C67 M388 1992
Mbuti Pygmies of the Ituri rainforest [electronic resource]

M1838.E35 M875 1979
Music of Upper-Egypt [electronic resource]
compiled and annotated by Alain Weber

M1838.E8 F655 1951
Folk Music of Ethiopia [electronic resource]

M1838.E8 F655 1974
Folk music and ceremonies of Ethiopia [electronic resource]
recorded and edited by Lin Lerner and Chad Wollner

M1838.G3 .G363 1978
Gambia's music, 1 : La Musique de la Gambie, 1 = Gambias musik, 1 [electronic resource]

M1838.G4 P677 2007
Por por : honk horn music of Ghana [electronic resource]
the La Drivers Union Por Por Group

M1838.G46 G436 1976
Ghana children's songs and games [electronic resource]

M1838.G47 M875 1978
Music of the Ga people of Ghana. Vol. 1, Adowa [electronic resource]

M1838.G5 O886 1985
Otu music for mental healing : for dance therapy and parties [electronic resource]
recorded in Ga by Odukwe Sackeyfio

M1838.K4 N966 1970
African rhythms : Songs from Kenya [electronic resource]
sung by David Nzomo

M1838.K4 W675 1975
Work & dance songs from Kenya [electronic resource]

M1838.K45 N966 1973
African politics : More songs from Kenya [electronic resource]

M1838.K46 N966 1975
Children's songs from Kenya [electronic resource]

M1838.L5 F655 1960
Folk music of Liberia [electronic resource]

M1838.L5 M87 2003
Music of the Kpelle of Liberia [electronic resource]

M1838.L5 M875 1976
Music of Lesotho [electronic resource]
recorded, annotated and edited by Bill Wood

M1838.M83 M987 2001
Music from Mozambique [electronic resource]

M1838.N5 G738 1965
Music of the Jos Plateau and other regions of Nigeria [electronic resource]

M1838.N54 A443 1976
Alhaji Garba Leo and his goge music [electronic resource]

M1838.S3 C687 1960
Tuareg music of southern Sahara [electronic resource]

M1838.S38 T446 1965
The music of the Diola-Fogny of the Casamance, Senegal [electronic resource]

M1838.S45 M339 2003
Songs of Senegal [electronic resource]

M1838.S5 M875 1981
Music of Sierra Leone : Kono Mende farmers' songs [electronic resource]

M1838.S518 M875 2003
Music of the Mende of Sierra Leone [electronic resource]

M1838.S66 K477 2001
The Freedom songs of the Somali Republic [electronic resource]

M1838.S73 T444 1975
The griots : ministers of the spoken word [electronic resource]
[texts and] recorded in West Africa by Samuel Charters

M1838.U318 S564 2007
Singing for life : songs of hope, healing, and HIV/AIDS in Uganda [electronic resource]

M1838.Z4 M875 2003
Music of Zaire [electronic resource]

M184.R388 H9 2014
Hymnus : for trumpet and organ (1998) /
Einojuhani Rautavaara

Maori songs of New Zealand [electronic resource]

M1840 .A978 1959
Australian folksongs & ballads [electronic resource]
edited by Kenneth S. Goldstein

M1840 .T443 1963
The Bora of the Pascoe River, Cape York Peninsula, Northeast Australia [electronic resource]

M1840 .T753
Tribal music of Australia [electronic resource]

Polynesian dances of Bellona (Mungiki) Solomon Islands [electronic resource]

M1844 .H393 1989
Hawaiian drum dance chants : sounds of power in time [electronic resource]

M1844.P4 B39 1991
Monitor presents the Bayanihan Philippine Dance Company [electronic resource]

Music from Western Samoa : From conch shell to disco [electronic resource]
recorded [and annotated] by Ad & Lucia Linkels

M1844.S6 P659 1976
Polynesian songs [and] games from Bellona [Mungiki], Solomon Islands [electronic resource]
Ton recordings, notes and photographs by Jane Mink Rossen

Morasha ; traditional Jewish musical heritage [electronic resource]

M1850 .A239 2003
Abayudaya : music from the Jewish people of Uganda [electronic resource]

M1850 .B355 1983
Ballads, wedding songs, and piyyutim of the Sephardic Jews of Tetuan and Tangier, Morocco [electronic resource]
recorded by Henrietta Yurchenco

M1850 .H437 1957
Hebrew folk songs [electronic resource]
Mark Olf

M1850 .J495 1959
Jewish and Israeli folk songs [electronic resource]

M1850 .S664 1965
Songs of the ghetto [electronic resource]

M1850 .S664 1979
Songs from the depths of hell [electronic resource]
[sung by] Aleksander Kulisiewicz

M1850.A83 I873 1957
Israel dances [electronic resource]

M1850.K45 K448 2000
European klezmer music [electronic resource]
with Steven Greenman and W. Zev Feldman

M1850.R2 R337 1962
Raasche and Alan Mills sing Jewish folk songs [electronic resource]

M1850.S53 C468 1991
Central Asia in Forest Hills, N.Y : music of the Bukharan Jewish ensemble Shashmaqam [electronic resource]

M1851 .Y464 1958
Yemenite and other folk songs [electronic resource]

Jewish freilach songs [electronic resource]

Jewish folksongs [electronic resource]

Yiddish folksongs [electronic resource]
Ruth Rubin

M1852 .J495 1960
Jewish folk songs of Europe [electronic resource]

M1852 .S664 1961
Songs of the ghetto and D.P. camps [electronic resource]

M1852.O4 O446 1960
Yiddish folksongs for children [electronic resource]
sung by Mark Olf, with guitar

M1852.R8 J495 1958
Jewish life : the old country [electronic resource]
ethnic recordings collected and edited by Ruth Rubin

M1852.Z858 Z867 1963
Selected songs of Eliakum Zunser [electronic resource]

M1961.W66 W654 1959
German students' songs [electronic resource]

M1977 .P75
Bentley on Biermann : songs and poems of Wolf Biermann [electronic resource]

M1977 .R3
Union train [electronic resource]

M1977 .S2
X-Seamens Institute sing at South Street Seaport [electronic resource]

M1977 .S664 1964
Songs of the Great Lakes [electronic resource]
collected by Edith Fowke

M1977 P75 .Y873 1982
Songs of freedom from Turkey : behind prison bars [electronic resource]
lyrics and music by Sanar Yurdatapan

M1977.C3 T449 2003
The Wagoners sing folk songs for camp [electronic resource]

M1977.C34 T444 2003
The grand canal : songs of the Erie Canal [electronic resource]
with William Hullfish and Golden Eagle String Band

M1977.C35 B835 1963
Snoopy cat : the adventures of Marian Anderson's cat Snoopy [electronic resource]
Songs and story composed and written by Frida Sarsen-Bucky

M1977.C47 B373 1966
Barbara Dane and the Chambers Brothers [electronic resource]

M1977.C47 S564 1990
Sing for freedom : the story of the civil rights movement through its songs [electronic resource]

M1977.C47 V65 1997
Voices of the civil rights movement : Black American freedom songs, 1960-1966 [electronic resource]

M1977.C47 W549
Songs of the Selma-Montgomery march [electronic resource]

M1977.L3 H555 1954
Songs of Joe Hill [electronic resource]

M1977.L3 H55x 1990
Don't mourn-- organize! : songs of labor songwriter Joe Hill [electronic resource]

M1977.L3 J335
The songs and stories of Aunt Molly Jackson [electronic resource]

M1977.L3 J644 1996
Joe Glazer sings labor songs [electronic resource]

M1977.L3 N447 1956
Negro prison camp worksongs [electronic resource]

M1977.L3 S664 2006
Songs of steel and struggle : the story of the steelworkers [electronic resource]
Joe Glazer

M1977.L3 S778 1990
Struggle [electronic resource]
Woody Guthrie

M1977.L3 T498 1975
Textile voices [electronic resource]

M1977.L3 W675 1974
Working people gonna rise [electronic resource]

M1977.L36 W496
We won't move! : songs of the tenants' movement [electronic resource]

M1977.L8 B865 1961
Bunkhouse and forecastle songs of the Northwest [electronic resource]

M1977.L8 F695 1961
Lumbering songs from the Ontario shanties : [Collected and edited by Edith Fowke] [electronic resource]

M1977.L8 G653 1958
Songs of a New York lumberjack [electronic resource]

M1977.L8 L644 1951
Logger's songs and sea shanties [electronic resource]
sung by Sam Eskin accompanying himself with guitar

M1977.M5 T444 1962
The Elliots of Birtley, a musical portrait of a Durham mining family [electronic resource]

M1977.N38 S664
Songs of nature and the environment : childrens songs [electronic resource]
by Gerry Axelrod & Robert Macklin

M1977.N38 T878 2001
Turtles and snakes and snowstorms [electronic resource]
created and sung by Gerry Axelrod

The outrage grows [electronic resource]
with Roger Matura and Niss Puk Band ; all songs written and composed by Roger Matura

M1977.P75 C655 1968
Everybody's got a right to live : our King will never die [electronic resource]
[Jimmy Collier and Rev. Frederick Douglass Kirkpatrick]

M1977.P75 S475 1985
How many more? [electronic resource]
produced by Jaribu and Ngoma Hill

M1977.P75 S66 1964
Songs of struggle and protest (1930-1950) [electronic resource]
sung by Pete Seeger

Born of another time : songs of the sailors, songs of the sea [electronic resource]
Tom Goux and Jacek Sulanowski

M1977.S2 C537 2004
Classic maritime music : from Smithsonian Folkways recordings [electronic resource]

M1977.S2 C656 1975
Colonial & Revolutionary War period sea songs & chanteys [electronic resource]

M1977.S2 F736 1978
Sea chanties and sailor songs at Mystic Seaport [electronic resource]
Selected and with notes by Stuart M. Frank

M1977.S2 M555
Songs of the sea [electronic resource]
sung by Alan Mills

M1977.S2 M556 2009
Irish pirate ballads and other songs of the sea [electronic resource]

M1977.S2 M677 1980
By land or by sea : music in the tradition of the British Isles [electronic resource]

M1977.S2 R889 1981
Leave her Johnnie, leave her [electronic resource]
the stories and shanties of Hja[l]mar Rutzebeck

M1977.S2 S258 1980
Salt Atlantic chanties [electronic resource]
with Tom Sullivan

M1977.S2 S437
Sea songs Seattle [electronic resource]
sung by Lou Killen, Stan Hugill, the X Seamen's Institute, and friends

M1977.S2 S439 1983
The sea song sampler [electronic resource]

M1977.S6 D364 1970
FTA! : songs of the GI resistance sung by Barbara Dane with GI's [electronic resource]

--and ain't I a woman? [electronic resource]
sung by the New Harmony Sisterhood Band

M1977.W64 P397 1973
Brotando del silencio : breaking out of the silence [electronic resource]
Suni Paz

M1977.W64 P397 1977
Entre hermanas : Between sisters : women's songs sung in Spanish [electronic resource]
by Suni Paz

M1977.W64 S41
Different therefore equal : contemporary women's songs [electronic resource]
written and sung by Peggy Seeger

M1979 .K873 1966
Kurdish folk music from western Iran [electronic resource]
edited by Frank Gillis

M1985 .L438 2003
Learn as we play : musical activities: rhythms, ring and singing games for exceptional children [electronic resource]

M1990 .J465 1992
Come dance by the ocean [electronic resource]
Ella Jenkins

M1990 .R534 2001
Lullaby and goodnight [electronic resource]

M1990 GRPRE0-4 .J465 1989
This-a-way, that-a-way [electronic resource]
Ella Jenkins

M1990 GRPRE0-4 .T738 1989
Travellin' with Ella Jenkins : a bilingual journey [electronic resource]

M1990.4 .J465 2001
Little Johnny Brown [electronic resource]
Ella Jenkins

M1990.J3656 M858 1995
Multi-cultural children's songs [electronic resource]
Ella Jenkins

M1990.J45 P539 1994
Play your instruments and make a pretty sound [electronic resource]
Ella Jenkins

M1990.J46 G76 2002
Growing up with Ella Jenkins [electronic resource]

M1990.J46 J465 1989
My street begins at my house : and other songs and rhythms from The me too show [electronic resource]
Ella Jenkins

M1990.J46 J465 1996
Early early childhood songs [electronic resource]
Ella Jenkins

M1992 .B645 1972
Good time music : [10 participation game songs for young children] [electronic resource]
produced and conceived by Josh Bogin

M1992 .C393 2004
CELLAbration! : a tribute to Ella Jenkins [electronic resource]

M1992 .S588 1979
Sitting at home with our apple friends [electronic resource]

M1992 .S658 1998
Smithsonian Folkways children's music collection [electronic resource]

M1992 GR1-6 .J465 2000
Songs, rhythms & chants for the dance [electronic resource]
Ella Jenkins

M1992.G35 G355
Love 'n kindness : with Jill Gallina [electronic resource]

M1992.J45 J465 1961
This is rhythm [electronic resource]
Ella Jenkins

M1992.J45 J465 1997
Songs and rhythms from near and far [electronic resource]
Ella Jenkins

M1992.J45 R498 1989
Rhythms of childhood [electronic resource]
Ella Jenkins

M1992.J45 W437 1989
We are America's children [electronic resource]
Ella Jenkins

M1992.J45 Y685 1989
You'll sing a song and I'll sing a song [electronic resource]
Ella Jenkins

M1992.K14 K355 1999
Environmental songs for kids [electronic resource]
Coco Kallis

M1992.M31 M338 1959
Children's stories and songs [electronic resource]

Play party dances and ice breakers for young folk [electronic resource]

Children's game songs of French Canada [electronic resource]

M1993 .B355 2003
Music time with Charity Bailey : a teaching record [electronic resource]

M1993 B24 F666 1981
A quite remarkable snowman : activity songs for young children [electronic resource]
by Sarah Barchas

M1993.B47 B476 1956
Activity songs for kids [electronic resource]

M1993.G88 G867 1982
Can you fool your shadow : game & concept songs for children [electronic resource]
conceived and performed by Andrew Gunsberg

M1993.G88 G867 2001
Saddle-up your pony and other movement songs for children [electronic resource]
by Andrew Gunsberg

M1993.J4 J465 1990
Rhythm and game songs for the little ones [electronic resource]
all selections arranged or written by Ella Jenkins

M1993.J4 J465 1995
And one and two and other songs for pre-school and primary children [electronic resource]
Ella Jenkins

M1993.J4 J465 1996
Songs children love to sing [electronic resource]
[all songs written or arranged by] Ella Jenkins

M1993.J45 J465 1990
Call and response [electronic resource]
Ella Jenkins

M1993.J45 J465 1990
Counting games and rhythms for the little ones [electronic resource]
Ella Jenkins

M1993.J46 A384 1989
Adventures in rhythm [electronic resource]

M1993.J6 J664 1976
Activity rhythmic movements of zoo animals [electronic resource]

M1993.R58 R583 1968
Marching across the green grass, and other American children game songs [electronic resource]

M1995.S5 S568 1963
More musical plays [electronic resource]

M1995.S55 S568 1961
Musical plays for special days [electronic resource]

M1996.P37 C355 1962
Call of freedom : cantata [electronic resource]

Small voice, big voice [electronic resource]

M1997 .C359 1959
Calypso for children [electronic resource]
sung and composed by Lord Invader

M1997 .C436 1961
Chantons en français [electronic resource]
performed by Alan Mills and Helene Baillargeon

M1997 .M555 1961
Chantons en français : French songs for learning French [electronic resource]
[arr. by Max and Beatrice Krone]

M1997 .N863 1972
14 numbers, letters, and animal songs [electronic resource]
sung by Alan Mills

M1997 .S568 1956
Twelve songs for all year long [electronic resource]
words and music by Gil Slote

M1997 .Y873 1968
Songs and games from Mexico and Puerto Rico [electronic resource]
recorded on location by Henrietta Yurchenco, assisted by Peter Gold and Peter Yurchenco

M1997 W815 2003 .W576 1984
We've got to come full circle : Chesapeake song and story for young hearts [electronic resource]
the songs of Tom Wisner and Teresa Whitaker with Frank Schwartz, Bill Caldwell and Jessica Boynton

M1997.B3 B373 1979
Everyone has feelings : and other songs [electronic resource]
by Sarah Barchas

M1997.B37 B373 1980
In this our land : songs about America [electronic resource]
by Sarah Barchas

M1997.C2 C363 2003
Candy Band sings Play me a song : new folksongs for children [electronic resource]

M1997.C455 S564
Sing a rainbow and other children's songs [electronic resource]
Ginni Clemmens

M1997.D2 D385 2004
Songs of animals and imagination [electronic resource]
as sung by Hank Davis! ; all selections written by Hank Davis

M1997.D86 D877 1970
Ghetto reality [electronic resource]
performed by Nancy Dupree

M1997.G35 G355 1981
Feelin' good [electronic resource]
[words and music by] Jill Gallina

M1997.G53 T66 2008
Tom Glazer sings honk-hiss-tweet-gggggggggg and other children's favorites [electronic resource]

M1997.G8 G884 2003
Woody Guthrie's children's songs [electronic resource]

M1997.G88 G884 2009
Go waggaloo [electronic resource]
Sarah Lee Guthrie & family

M1997.G98 B355 1951
Songs to grow on [electronic resource]
performed by Charity Bailey, et al

M1997.G98 S664 1991
Songs to grow on for mother and child [electronic resource]

M1997.G98 T443 1997
The Asch recordings. Vol. 1, This land is your land [electronic resource]
Woody Guthrie

M1997.H56 W464 2006
Whoever shall have some good peanuts : and other folk songs for children [electronic resource]
sung by Sam Hinton

M1997.H65 N877 1963
Nursery rhymes, games, and folksongs [electronic resource]
Cisco Houston

M1997.J45 J363 1990
Jambo and other call-and-response songs and chants [electronic resource]
by Ella Jenkins

M1997.J46 J465 1999
Ella Jenkins and a union of friends pulling together [electronic resource]

M1997.J46 J465 2003
Sharing cultures with Ella Jenkins : and children from the LaSalle Language Academy of Chicago [electronic resource]

M1997.J47 J465 1978
This is your year : children['s] songs [electronic resource]
by Ella Jenkins

M1997.K46 K463 1974
Getting it together and other nursery songs [electronic resource]
Edgar Kendricks

M1997.L3 M555 2001
More songs to grow on [electronic resource]

M1997.M58 Y68 2006
You are my little bird [electronic resource]
Elizabeth Mitchell

M1997.S43 S444 2000
American folk, game & activity songs for children [electronic resource]

M1997.S448 S444 1991
Abiyoyo and other story songs for children [electronic resource]
Pete Seeger

M1997.S448 S664 2001
Song and play time [electronic resource]
Pete Seeger

M1997.S452 S444 1990
Folk songs for young people [electronic resource]
Pete Seeger

M1997.S454 S444 1962
Animal folk songs for children [electronic resource]
Peggy Seeger

M1997.S56 S568 2001
Gosh, what a wonderful world! [electronic resource]
words and music by Gil Slote

M1997.S826 A798 1958
101 nursey rhymes : As I have heard tell ... [electronic resource]
recited and sung by Vivienne Stenson

M20 .E275 1977
Early piano ragtime [electronic resource]
compiled and annotated by David A. Jasen

M20 .M875 1963
Music played on the virginal [electronic resource]

M2000 .R34 G5 2009
Il Giudizio Universale [sound recording]
Pietro Raimondi

M2010 .M46 O2 2006
Missa O pulchritudo [sound recording]
Menotti. Messe solennelle / Vierne

M2010.B27 B376 2001
Gregorian chant [electronic resource]

M2013.M33 M22 2013
Mass : mixed choir & organ /
James MacMillan

M2017.6 H555 1953
Songs from the Bible [electronic resource]
music by Oded Bourla ; sung by Aviva and Hillel

M2017.6 M875 2001
Music of the Spanish & Portuguese synagogue [electronic resource]

M2018.G64 G653 1957
Favorite gospel songs [electronic resource]

Magnificat [electronic resource]
Bach, Kuhnau

M2020.B34 B33 2001x
Bach cantatas : Sir John Eliot Gardiner conducts cantatas BWV 179, 199 & 113 and takes his Monteverdi Choir on an historic Bach pilgrimage [electronic resource]

M2022 .C475 1993
Christmas vespers [electronic resource]

M2055.C2 P394 1963
Cantos de las posadas : and other Christmas songs [electronic resource]
compiled and recorded by Elena Paz and Carlos García Travesi

M2062 .M353 1980
Nineteenth century American sacred music : from fuging tune to oratorio [electronic resource]

M2065 .C475 1957
Christmas songs from many lands [electronic resource]

M2065.P35 C475 1900
Christmas in Poland [electronic resource]

M2082 .E275 1965
Early American psalmody : the Bay Psalm Book, Cambridge, 1640. Mission music in California : music of the Southwest [electronic resource]

M2085.S34 S756 1961
A Russian Christmas [electronic resource]
St. John's Russian Orthodox Choir ; Lawrence Havriliak, director

Ragtime piano originals [electronic resource]

Ragtime piano interpretations [electronic resource]

Piano music of the Middle East [electronic resource]

George Hicks, ragtime : tickled pink [electronic resource]

M21 .M875 1961
Music for the harpsichord and virginal [electronic resource]

M2110 .H966 1951
Hymns and carols, early American [electronic resource]

Christmas carols [electronic resource]

M2114.5 E545 1999
English village carols [electronic resource]

M2114.5.W65 W654 1956
German Christmas songs [electronic resource]
sung by Ernst Wolff, accompanying himself at the piano

M2116 .T446
The New England harmony : a collection of early American choral music [electronic resource]

M2117 .P74 1962
Precious memories [electronic resource]
Jean Ritchie

M2131.S4 M875 1976
Music of the Shakers : [performed in traditional style] [electronic resource]

M2132.K3 G677 1976
Gospel songs from Kenya : Kikamba hymns [electronic resource]
with D. Nzomo

M2136 .F376 1970
Fasola : fifty-three shape note folk hymns [electronic resource]

M2136 .O434 1951
Old harp singing [electronic resource]

M2139.R9 T447 1964
The Russian Cathedral Choir of Paris [electronic resource]

M2143 .R455 1967
Religious music of Asia : the Near East, India, East Asia [electronic resource]

M2145.H55 Y643 1964
Yoga music of India. Vol. 1 [electronic resource]

M2153.2 C384 1961
Gregorian chants [electronic resource]

M2158 .R877 1972
Russian & Ukrainian liturgical chants from the 16th-17th century [electronic resource]

M2159.1 B854 1995
Slavonic orthodox liturgy [electronic resource]

M2159.8 C678 1960
Coptic music [electronic resource]

M217.C37 O5
Old time fiddle tunes [electronic resource]
played by Jean Carignan ; with Marcel Roy, piano ; Danny MacDougal, 2nd violin ; Pete Seeger, banjo

M218.S77 S773 1964
Violin works [electronic resource]

Cantorials [electronic resource]

M2186 .B339 1959
Babylonian biblical chants : victory songs of Israel [electronic resource]

M2186.K87 K874 1951
Cantorials [electronic resource]
sung by Cantor David Kusevitsky

M2187 .C368 1961
Cantorials for the High Holidays (Roshashona and Yom Kippur) [electronic resource]

M2187 .C433 1982
Chad gadya : Passover chant [electronic resource]

M2187.J4 B786
Niloh service : concluding service for Yom Kipur [electronic resource]

M2188 .I853 1960
Islamic liturgy : song & dance at a meeting of dervishes [electronic resource]
recorded by John Levy ; annotated by Martin Lings

M2188 .S8
Sufi ceremony : Rifa' ceremony of the eleventh day of Rabi-L-Achien, honouring Abdul Hadir Beker [electronic resource]

M219 .B563 1964
Violin works of Ernest Bloch [electronic resource]

M219 I95 1964
The sonatas for violin and piano [electronic resource]

M2198 .C53 2005
Classic southern gospel from Smithsonian Folkways [electronic resource]

M2198 .C537 2008
Classic African American gospel from Smithsonian Folkways [electronic resource]

M2198 .G63
Gospel songs [electronic resource]

M2198 .P735 1999
Praise the Lord! : gospel music in Washington, D.C [electronic resource]

M2198.B76 T666 1980
Tommy Brown two generations of gospel music [electronic resource]

M2198.J3 J335 1992
I sing because I'm happy : interview [electronic resource]
with songs recorded, annotated, and compiled by Jules Schwerin

M2198.M55 M555
The Georgia pals : Joe Miller & Lawrence Humphries at the old country church [electronic resource]

M2198.P37 O584 2007
On the right road now [electronic resource]
the Paschall Brothers

M22 .G688 1992
American piano music played by Amiram Rigai [electronic resource]
Louis Moreau Gottschalk

M22 .J646 1973
The original James P. Johnson [electronic resource]

M22 .L363 1960
A study in classic ragtime [electronic resource]

M22.B368 B374 1978
Piano syncopations [electronic resource]
Roy Bargy ; compiled and annotated by David A. Jasen

M22.C66 C664 1976
Zez Confrey : creator of the novelty rag. [electronic resource]
compiled and annotated by David A. Jasen

M22.C87 C694 1993
Piano music [electronic resource]
Henry Cowell

M22.M38 M394 1976
The syncopated impressions of Billy Mayerl [electronic resource]
Billy Mayerl

M220.C68 C694 2003
Complete works for violin & piano [electronic resource]
Henry Cowell

Sonatas for violin and piano [electronic resource]
Johann Sebastian Bach ; directed by Benedict Mirow ; a production of EuroArts Music International

M23.C63 T443 1962
The Clementi piano [electronic resource]

M25.S355 S393 1980
Extended piano : music for piano and tape [electronic resource]
by Elliott Schwartz

M263 .R45 2014
Remembering Radegundis

M284 .C375
The poppy leaf : English concertina tunes [electronic resource]
Richard Carlin

M287 .R28 C6 2014
Con spirito di Kuhmo : for violin and cello /
Einojuhani Rautavaara

M287 .S64 T5 2010
Time comes full circle : for violin and cello /
by Stuart Saunders Smith

M292 .Z855 1965
Two flamenco guitars [electronic resource]
Domenico Zullo and Emilio Prados

M298.S62 Q55 2013
Quilt : duet for vibraphone and orchestra bells /
by Stuart Saunders Smith

M3 .B8844 Bd.9 Pt.4 1999
IX. Symphonie d-Moll : Finale (unvollendet) : Rekonstruktion der Autograph-Partitur nach den erhaltenen Quellen /
Anton Bruckner ; vorgelegt von John A. Phillips

M3 .B8844 Bd.9, 2000
IX. Symphonie d-Moll : (1. Satz-Scherzo & Trio-Adagio) /
[Anton Bruckner] ; vorgelegt von Benjamin Gunnar Cohrs

Voicings : tape for soprano/piano [electronic resource]
by Doris Hays

M3.1 .B45 G7 2005z
Grande symphonie funèbre et triomphale : La mort de Cléopâtre; Overtures ; Les Troyens : orchestral music [sound recording]
Hector Berlioz

M3.1 .S77 S6 1989
Snöfrid : Interlude from Sången ; Midvinter ; Lodolezzi sjunger suite / [sound recording] ;
Wilhelm Stenhammar

M3.1.M9 C66 2006x
A Mozart celebration : from Stephansdom [electronic resource]
a coproduction of ORF, EuroArts, NHK, in cooperation with EBU ; directed by Claus Viller

M3.1.R49 S35 2011x
Sanctuary : for percussion quartet & live electronics [electronic resource]

M3.B8844 Bd.9 2000 K.B.
IX. Symphonie D-Moll : (1. Satz -- Scherzo & Trio -- Adagio) : Kritischer Bericht /
vorgelegt von Benjamin Gunnar Cohrs

M3000 .V653 1950
Voice of the storm [electronic resource]

M312.C37 E65 2013
Epigrams : for violin, violoncello and piano /
Elliott Carter

Crystals [electronic resource]
by Craig Kupka

Music for voices, instruments, and tape [electronic resource]

M40 .F338 1979
Facundo Gonzales, New Mexican violinista [electronic resource]

M40 .W66 1997
Wood that sings : Indian fiddle music of the Americas [electronic resource]
presented by the National Museum of the American Indian

M452 .F68 op.97 2014
Lento quieto from Quartetto geniale : ( Intimate melodies from the beyond ) (1935) /
John Herbert Foulds ; edited and engraved by Lucian Beschiu

M452 .I947 1967
Second string quartet [electronic resource]
Charles Ives

M452 .M28 no.4 2013
String quartet no. 4, 2012
Colin Matthews

M452.T385 I46 2014
Ikon of joy/sorrow : a meditation on Ode to joy : for string quartet (1999) /
John Tavener

M5 .A375 1970
African musical instruments [electronic resource]

M5.A1 B747 2003
The Violin [electronic resource]

M5200 .A447 1957
American folk songs [electronic resource]

M5200 .A447 1957
American folk songs for Christmas [electronic resource]

M55.T87 A354 1981
A different view [electronic resource]

M557.M9 M875 1965
Music for brass quintet [electronic resource]

M557.M9 M875 2003
Music of the Renaissance and Baroque for brass quintet [electronic resource]

M59 .K686 1967
Koto : music of the one-string ichigenkin [electronic resource]

M60 .T443 1975
The Ancient shepherd pipes [electronic resource]

M685 .T443 1956
The drums of Trinidad [electronic resource]

M7.P33 O71 1999
Organ works : [on] three great American organs [sound recording]
by John Knowles Paine

M985 .L476 1982
Travelon gamelon : music for bicycles [electronic resource]
with Richard Lerman

M985.G65 G653 1983
The seasons, Vermont : for magnetic tape collage & instrumental ensemble [electronic resource]
by Malcolm Goldstein

ML1 .Y437 1962
2,000 years of music [electronic resource]
compiled by and released in memory of Curt Sachs

ML156.4.M22 D454 1973
Javier de Léon's Fiesta Mexicana : a panorama of Mexico, old and new [electronic resource]

ML162 .M875 2002
Music of the Orient [electronic resource]
Dr. E.M. von Hornbostel

ML1977.L3 W564 1986
Down at the union hall [electronic resource]

ML1977.L3 W564 1991
Blue collar bluegrass [electronic resource]
with Kenny Winfree

ML332 .T444 1900
The Feenjon Group : an evening at the Cafe Feenjon [electronic resource]
the Feenjon Group

ML3545 .C436 1975
The end of an old song [electronic resource]
Dillard Chandler ; recorded by John Cohen

ML3545 .I766 2001
Walkin' in the parlor [electronic resource]
Iron Mountain String Band

ML3545 .M336 2001
Uncle Dave Macon [electronic resource]

ML3545 .N495 1973
Remembrance of things to come [electronic resource]

ML3545 .T577 2001
Tipple, loom & rail [electronic resource]
played and sung by Mike Seeger

ML3551.L432 L433 1999
Lead Belly sings for children [electronic resource]

ML3556 .J364 1978
Afro-American music : a demonstration recording [electronic resource]
by Dr. Willis James

ML3561.W45 L48 2013
We shall overcome : the story of a song /
written by Debbie Levy ; illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton

ML3799.2 .G73 2014
Music endangerment : how language maintenance can help /
Catherine Grant

ML3850 .H8
Rhythms of the world [electronic resource]
conceived and narrated by Langston Hughes with documentary sounds

ML3854 .B66 2014
Absolute music : the history of an idea /
Mark Evan Bonds

ML3858 .O54 2014
Opera in the media age : essays on art, technology and popular culture /
edited by Paul Fryer

ML3916 .S78 2014
Heroin and music in New York city : when I'm in your arms /
by Barry Spunt

ML3920 .B85 2014
Music therapy : an art beyond words /
Leslie Bunt and Brynjulf Stige

ML3921.8.P67 C68 2014
The counter-narratives of radical theology and popular music : songs of fear and trembling /
edited by Mike Grimshaw

ML410.B853 M52
Benjamin Britten, 1913-1976 : a pictorial biography /
compiled by Donald Mitchell ; with the assistance of John Evans

ML410.E41 E43 1990
Elgar studies
edited by Raymond Monk

ML410.G978 G884 1961
Bound for glory : songs and stories of Woody Guthrie [electronic resource]

ML410.M9 G74 2005
Great piano concertos. Vol. III : nos. 6, 19 & 20 [electronic resource]
Mozart ; directed by János Darvas ; producer, Bernd Hellthaler ; produced by DEWE-Hellthaler OHG, Berlin ; a coproduction with SDR Stuttgart [and others]

ML410.M9 M69 2005
Great piano concertos. Vol. II, Nos. 1, 4, 23 & 24 [electronic resource]
produced by Bernd Hellthaler ; directed by János Darvas

ML410.M9 M69 2005
Great piano concertos. Vol. I [electronic resource]
Mozart ; [produced by DEWE-Hellthaler OHG, Berlin ; a coproduction with SDR Stuttgart [and others] ; directed by János Darvas ; produced by Bernd Hellthaler

ML410.P293 L4 1982
João Pernambuco : arte de um povo /
José de Souza Leal, Artur Luiz Barbosa

ML410.W1 W14 1911a
Mein Leben, : von Richard Wagner

ML410.W1 W14 1911a
Mein Leben, : von Richard Wagner

ML429.E535 C72 2014
Newfoundland rhapsody : Frederick R. Emerson and the musical culture of the Island /
Glenn David Colton

ML429.G95 G447 1993
Woody's story [electronic resource]
told by Will Geer ; sung by Dick Wingfield

ML455 .N454 1959
The symphony orchestra and its instruments [electronic resource]
by Vaclav Nelhybel and Alexander Semmler

Pre-Columbian instruments [electronic resource]
compiled by Lillian Mendelssohn, with Pablo Castellanos

ML50.M939 C6 2014
The Metropolitan Opera presents Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Così fan tutte
music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ; libretto by Lorenzo Da Ponte

ML855 .S8 1985
Violin technique and performance practice in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries
Robin Stowell

Homer and Elsie Hardy collection,

MT1 .G825 2014
Computational thinking in sound : teaching the art and science of music and technology /
Gena R. Greher, Jesse M. Heines

András Schiff at the Royal Academy of Music, London : the last three piano sonatas, opp. 109, 110, 111 [electronic resource]

MT17 M835 2003 .M674
More learning as we play : songs, rhythms & beginning rhythm band activities [electronic resource]
sung by Gwenn Ennis

MT202.D6 D357 2003
Traditional Cajun accordion instruction [electronic resource]
Gerard Dole

MT220 .A532 2007
András Schiff at the International Musicians' Seminar, Prussia Cove Schubert, Moments musicaux nos. 1, 3 & 4 [electronic resource]

MT220 .J63 2009
Joanna MacGregor at The Royal Academy of Music : Olivier Messiaen, Vingt regards sur l'Enfant-Jésus : piano masterclass [electronic resource]

MT220 .S74 2008
Stephen Hough at the Royal Academy of Music, London : piano masterclass [electronic resource]

MT220 .S7472 2009
Stephen Kovacevich at the Verbier Festival Academy : Ludwig van Beethoven, Piano sonatas no. 21 & 31 [electronic resource]

MT239 .G74 2013
Playing for singers : the Mike Greensill method : a practical guide to the art of vocal accompaniment for the jazz or cabaret piano player : including tips on arranging, chart writing and rehearsal techniques

MT239 .M467 1959
Memphis Slim and the real boogie-woogie [electronic resource]

MT260 .A53 2009
Ana Chumachenko at the Verbier Festival Academy : violin masterclass [electronic resource]

MT260 .Z35 2008
Zakhar Bron at the Verbier Festival Academy : Johann Sebastian Bach, Chaconne from Partita no. 2 for solo violin : violin masterclass [electronic resource]

MT262 .B354 2000
Traditional Cajun fiddle [electronic resource]
instruction by Dewey Balfa & Tracy Schwarz

MT279.5.S25 S393
Learn to fiddle country style : with Tracy Schwarz [electronic resource]

MT279.5.S35 S393
Tracy Schwarz's Fiddler's companion [electronic resource]

MT300 .F73 2007
Frans Helmerson at the Verbier Festival Academy : Anton Dvořák, Cello concerto in B minor : cello masterclass [electronic resource]

MT300 .S74 2007
Steven Isserlis at the International Musicians' Seminar, Prussia Cove : Sergei Rachmaninov, Sonata for cello and piano in G minor op. 19 : cello masterclass [electronic resource]

MT32 .C37
A sensory-motor approach to music learning

MT335 .R583 1963
The Appalachian dulcimer : an instructional record [electronic resource]

MT351 .K853 1965
The recorder : an instruction guide record [electronic resource]
by Johanna E. Kulbach and Arthur Nitka

MT386 .O73 1981
Orchestral studies for the E♭ clarinet
[compiled by] Peter Hadcock

MT40 .N454 1961
Twelve-tone composition : [A narrative presentation with musical examples] [electronic resource]

MT462 .K36 2013
The trombone player's survival guide : how to get out and stay out of pain using movement alignment technique /
Allan R. Kaplan, Norwood Yamini

MT50.N4 N454 2001
Traditional harmony [electronic resource]
prepared by Vaclav Nelhybel

MT55 .N454 1962
Modal counterpoint in the style of the 16th century [electronic resource]

MT55.N4 N454 1964
Tonal counterpoint in the style of the XVIIIth century [electronic resource]

MT58 .N454 1962
Forms in instrumental music [electronic resource]

MT580 .S444 1962
The 12-string guitar as played by Leadbelly : an instruction record [electronic resource]
by Peter Seeger

MT582.S54 S558 1964
Beginning the folk guitar : an instruction record [electronic resource]

The folksinger's guitar guide : an instruction record [electronic resource]

MT588 .S558 1966
The flat-picker's guitar guide : an advanced instruction record [electronic resource]
by Jerry Silverman

MT588.S5 S558 1964
The art of the folk-blues guitar [electronic resource]
by Jerry Silverman

MT59.N4 N454 1964
The fugue [electronic resource]

MT6 .S686
Sound, rhythm, rhyme and mime for children [electronic resource]
with Bilal Adburahman and Group

MT6.S246 I6 1989
Invitation to Indian music
Sakuntala Narasimhan

MT6.S56 S544
Invitation to music [electronic resource]

MT654.A7 R684 1979
Dulcimer instruction album [electronic resource]

MT654.M38 Q637
The mama-likembi instruction record [electronic resource]
with Nadi Qamar

MT662.L68 L684 1958
Bongo drum instructions : a rhythm primer [electronic resource]
recorded and conceived by Bill Loughborough

MT682.G56 G568 1965
Blues harp : an instruction method for playing the blues harmonica [electronic resource]
Tony Little Sun Glover I

MT70 .N454 2003
Music arrangement [electronic resource]
Vaclav Nelhybel

MT720.G67 K436 1973
42 lessons for tabla [electronic resource]
Ustad Keramatullah Khan ; compiled by Robert S. Gottlieb

MT733.4 .B363 2013
Bands of America 2013 Grand National Championships. Semi-finals [videorecording]
presented by Yamaha ; produced by Mr. Video, Inc

MT892 .W654 1956
Vox humana : Alfred Wolfsohn's experiments in extension of human vocal range [electronic resource]

MT92.B1 N48 1985
Bach and the baroque : a performing guide to baroque music with special emphasis on the music of J.S. Bach /
by Anthony Newman

MT935 .C475 2003
You can sing it yourself [electronic resource]

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