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Items Acquired in April 2015 for the University Libraries

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N5370 .B25 2014
The infinite image : art, time and the aesthetic dimension in antiquity /
Zainab Bahrani

N5370 .F76 2015
From ancient to modern : archaeology and aesthetics /
edited by Jennifer Y. Chi and Pedro Azara ; including contributions by Jennifer Y. Chi, Pedro Azara, Marc Marín, William B. Hafford, Richard L. Zettler, Holly Pittman, Naomi F. Miller, Kim Benzel, Jack D.M. Green, Jean M. Evans, and Clemens Reichel

N582.L79 R44 2015
Regen Projects 25
foreword by George Baker ; essays by Ann Goldstein, Michael Maltzan ; afterword by Shaun Caley Regen

N6494.A2 A38 2015
Adventures of the black square : abstract art and society 1915-2015 /
edited by Iwona Blazwick with Sophie McKinlay, Magnus af Petersens and Candy Stobbs

A companion to American art
Edited by John Davis, Jennifer A. Greenhill, and Jason D. LaFountain

N6512.5.I56 H68 2014
The art of the Sister Chapel : exemplary women, visionary creators, and feminist collaboration /
Andrew D. Hottle

N6512.5.M63 V43 2015
The living line : modern art and the economy of energy /
Robin Veder

N6537.A86 A4 2015
Charles Atlas
contributions by Charles Atlas, with the assistance of Johanna Fateman ; Stuart Comer, Douglas Crimp, Douglas Dunn, Lia Gangitano

N6537.I62 L49 2015
500 Capp Street : David Ireland's house /
Constance M. Lewallen

N6537.K645 A4 2014
Jeff Koons : a retrospective /
Scott Rothkopf

N6537.R5717 D36 2015
Dan Rizzie
Introduction by Jane Livingston ; Interview by Terrie Sultan ; Essay by Mark Smith ; Edited by Terrie Sultan

N6537.S57 L63 2014
John Sloan : drawing on illustration /
Michael Lobel

N6537.W86 A4 2014
Andrew Wyeth : looking out, looking in /
Nancy K. Anderson, Charles Brock

N6639.B47 A4 2013
Antonio Berni : Juanito and Ramona /
by Mari Carmen Ramírez and Marcelo E. Pacheco ; with essays by Guillermo David, Andrea Giunta, Héctor Olea, Marcelo E. Pacheco, Mari Carmen Ramírez and Michael Wellen ; edited by Héctor Olea and Mari Carmen Ramírez

N68 .A431x
Analogous and digital
Otl Aicher ; with an introduction by Wilhelm Vossenkuhl ; [English translation by Michael Robinson]

N6810.V54 H34 2014
Hagenbund : a European network of modernism, 1900 to 1938 /
edited by Agnes Husslein-Arco, Matthias Boeckl and Harald Krejci ; [translation, Russell Stockman, Jeremy Gaines, Joanne Domin]

N6888.B36 A4 2014c
Georg Baselitz : back then, in between, and today /
edited by Ulrich Wilmes ; with essays by Georg Baselitz, Eric Darragon, Okwui Enwezor, Michael Semff, Katy Siegel, and Ulrich Wilmes

N6888.K43 A8313 2014
Anselm Kiefer
Daniel Arasse

N6888.K55 E93 2013
The EY exhibition : Paul Klee : making visible /
edited by Matthew Gale

N6921.V5 P28 2015
Art of Renaissance Venice 1400-1600
Loren Partridge

N6922 .L65 2015
Still lives : death, desire, and the portrait of the old master /
Maria H. Loh

N7113.M54 A4 2014
Miró : the experience of seeing : late works, 1963-1981 /
Carmen Fernández Aparicio, Belén Gálan Martín, Charles Palermo, Pere Portabella, Jesús Carillo

N7167 .R63 2015
Istanbul exchanges : Ottomans, orientalists, and nineteenth-century visual culture /
Mary Roberts

N72.E8 E845 2015
edited by Walead Beshty

N72.M6 W55 2015
The Parisian avant-garde in the age of cinema, 1900-1923
Jennifer Wild

N72.P6 G375 2015
Politically unbecoming : postsocialist art against democracy /
Anthony Gardner

Arts, research, innovation and society
Gerald Bast, Elias G. Caryannis, David F.J. Campbell, ediors

N7260 .A7
Ars orientalis : the arts of Islam and the East

N7280 .B63 2014
Text and image in medieval Persian art
Sheila S. Blair

N7312 .B83x 2015
Buddhist art of Myanmar
edited by Sylvia Fraser-Lu and Donald M. Stadtner

Odyssey of culture : Wenda Gu and his art /
Zhou Yan

N7350 .C44x 2015
Cherry blossoms

Spirits in transcultural skies : auspicious and protective spirits in artefacts and architecture between East and West /
Niels Gutschow, Katharina Weiler, editors

N8239.S66 P37 2015
Past futures : science fiction, space travel, and postwar art of the Americas /
Sarah J. Montross ; with contributions by Rodrigo Alonso, Miguel Ángel Fernández Delgado, Rory O'Dea

Historic preservation : caring for our expanding legacy /
Michael A. Tomlan ; with contributions by David Listokin

NA2543.W37 A73 2014
Architecture and armed conflict : the politics of destruction /
edited by J.M. Mancini and Keith Bresnahan

Advanced customization in architectural design and construction
Roberto Naboni, Ingrid Paoletti

Architecture and mathematics from antiquity to the future. Volume I, Antiquity to the 1500s
Kim Williams, Michael J. Ostwald, editors

Architecture and mathematics from antiquity to the future. Volume II, The 1500s to the future
Kim Williams, Michael J. Ostwald, editors

The handbook of interior design
edited by Jo Ann Asher Thompson and Nancy H. Blossom

NA3760 .T35 2014
Mosaics of faith : Floors of Pagans, Jews, Samaritans, Christians, and Muslims in the Holy Land /
Rina Talgam

Advanced connection systems for architectural glazing
Roham Afghani Khoraskani

Fundamentals of sustainable neighbourhoods
Avi Friedman

NB553.R7 L513813 2014
Antoinette Le Normand-Romain

ND1101 .N6 2015
No boundaries : Aboriginal Australian contemporary abstract painting from the Debra and Dennis Scholl Collection /
Paddy Bedford, Jananggoo Butcher Cherel, Prince of Wales (Midpul), Tommy Mitchell, Ngarra, Billy Joongoora Thomas, Boxer Milner Tjampitjin, Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri, Tjumpo Tjapanangka ; edited by Henry F. Skerritt ; with contributions by John Carty, Edwina Circuitt, William L. Fox, Stephen Gilchrist, Jens Hoffmann, Darren Jorgensen, Emily McDaniel, Ian McLean, Fred R. Myers, Una Rey, Luke Scholes, Henry F. Skerritt, Quentin Spraque

ND1349.3 .M37 2014
Mapping spaces : networks of knowledge in 17th century landscape painting /
edited by Ulrike Gehring and Peter Weibel

Jizi and his art in contemporary China : unification /
David Adam Brubaker, Chunchen Wang

ND210.5.I4 A39 2014
American impressionism : a new vision, 1880-1900 /
edited by Katherine M. Bourguignon ; essays by Richard Brettell, Frances Fowle and Katherine M. Bourguignon

ND237.B2763 A4 2015
Jean-Michel Basquiat : now's the time /
edited by Dieter Buchhart

ND237.W45 A4 2013
American adversaries : West and Copley in a transatlantic world /
Emily Ballew Neff with Kaylin H. Weber ; with contributions by Janet Catherine Berlo, James Clifton, Leo Costello, Christopher Lloyd, Donna Pierce, and Martin Postle

ND237.Y45 A4 2015
Dustin Yellin : heavy water

ND553.C33 A4 2014b
The world is an apple : the still lifes of Paul Cézanne /
edited by Benedict Leca ; foreword by Philippe Cézanne ; essays by Benedict Leca, Paul Smith, Richard Shiff, and Nina Athanassoglou-Kallmyer

ND623.C26 C543 2014
Caravaggio : reflections and refractions /
edited by Lorenzo Pericolo and David M. Stone

ND699.K3 R67 2014
The noisy paint box : the colors and sounds of Kandinsky's abstract art /
by Barb Rosenstock ; illustrated by Mary GrandPre

NE492.M64 M33 2015
Machine age modernism : prints from the Daniel Cowin collection /
Jay A. Clarke and Jonathan Black

NE694.M8 A4 2013
Edvard Munch : works on paper /
edited by Magne Bruteig and Ute Kuhlemann Falck

NK1390 .A3613 2015eb
The world as design
Otl Aicher ; with an introduction by Wolfgang Jean Stock

NK1452.A1 M33 2014
Made in Italy : rethinking a century of Italian design /
edited by Grace Lees-Maffei and Kjetil Fallan

NK1484.A1 G73 2014
Japanese design : art, aesthetics & culture /
Patricia J. Graham

Style and creativity in design
Chiu-Shui Chan

NK1520 .A45 2014
User experience design : creating designs users really love /
Gavin Allanwood, Peter Beare

NK460.T45 C62 2013
Crafting a continuum : rethinking contemporary craft /
edited by Peter Held and Heather Sealy Lineberry ; catalogue coordinator, Elizabeth Kozlowki

NK8243 .D63 2014
Iron, ornament and architecture in Victorian Britain : myth and modernity, excess and enchantment /
Paul Dobraszczyk

NK8812 .N49 2014
A stitch in time : the needlework of aging women in antebellum America /
Aimee E. Newell

NX456 .S875 2015
edited by Edward A. Shanken

NX456.5.D3 K36 2015
Mamas of Dada : women of the European avant-garde /
Paula K. Kamenish

NX456.5.S8 P37 2015
Futures of surrealism : myth, science fiction, and fantastic art in France, 1936-1969 /
Gavin Parkinson

NX460.5.E95 S64 2015
Speculation, now : essays and artwork /
edited by Vyjayanthi Venuturupalli Rao ; with Prem Krishnamurthy & Carin Kuoni

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