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Items Acquired in November 2014 for the University Libraries

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N3350 .A61425 2014
The Hermitage : 250 masterworks /
foreword by Mikhail Piotrovsky ; in association with the Hermitage Museum

N5247.L45 G65 2014
Painting and patronage at the court of Elizabeth 1 : Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, and his world of Elizabethan art /
Elizabeth Goldring

N5640 .K139 1947eb
The Aegean and the Orient in the second millennium B.C [electronic resource]
Helen J. Kantor

N5760 .L613 1972eb
Art forms and civic life in the late Roman Empire [electronic resource]
by H.P. L'Orange

N6260 .C6 1980"@"N6260
Content and context of visual arts in the Islamic world : papers from a colloquium in memory of Richard Ettinghausen, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, 2-4 April 1980, planned and organized by Carol Manson Bier [electronic resource]
edited by Priscilla P. Soucek

N6407 .M64 1976eb
Caravaggio and his copyists [electronic resource]
by Alfred Moir

Nick Cave : epitome /
with contributions by Andrew Bolton, Elvira Dyangani Ose, Nato Thompson and Nick Cave

N6497 .B38 2014
XXL : when artists think big /
Éléa Baucheron, Diane Routex ; translation from French, Susan Haynes-Huber

N6497 .D69 2014
Art and politics now
Anthony Downey

N6512 .A6425 2014
A family affair : modern and contemporary American art from the Anderson Collection at Stanford University /
contributors, Gwen Allen, David Cateforis, Evelyn C. Hankins, Molly S. Hutton, Branden W. Joseph, Carolyn Kastner, Alexander Nemerov, Karen M. Rapp, John Seed, Rachel Teagle

N6512.5.N35 B73 2014
Interplay : neo-geo neoconceptual art of the 1980s /
Amy L. Brandt

N6535.N5 A87 2014
Urban theater : New York art in the 1980s /
organized by Michael Auping ; with essays by Michael Auping, Andrea Karnes, and Alison Hearst

N6537.A95 A97 2004eb
They'll have to catch me first : an artist's coming of age in the Third Reich [electronic resource]
Irene Awret ; foreword by Walter Lacqueur

N6537.C56 F56x 2014
Chuck Close : work /
Christopher Finch

N6537.K645 A35 2014
Jeff Koons : conversations with Norman Rosenthal /
[Norman Rosenthal, Jeff Koons]

N6537.R48 A4 2014
Jason Rhoades : four roads /
Ingrid Schaffner ; with contributions by Martha Buskirk, Chris Kraus, and Paul Schimmel

N6538.M4 M56 2014
Creating Aztlán : Chicano art, indigenous sovereignty, and lowriding across Turtle Island /
Dylan A.T. Miner

N6713 .W48 1949"@"N6713
Colonial architecture and sculpture in Peru [electronic resource]
Harold E. Wethey

N6756 .W55 2014
Turquerie : an eighteenth-century European fantasy /
Haydn Williams

N6763 .N35 2003eb
Naked before God : uncovering the body in Anglo-Saxon England [electronic resource]
edited by Benjamin C. Withers and Jonathan Wilcox

N6853.G5 A4 2014
Giacometti : without end /
curated by Véronique Wiesinger ; organized in collabortaion with the Fondation Alberto e Annett Giacometti, Paris ; editor, Véronique Wiesinger

N6853.P5 S584 2015
The psychological roots of modernism : Picasso and Jung /
William A. Sikes

N6888.B38 A4 2013
Winfried Baumann : urban nomads /
[Herausgeber, Institut für moderne Kunst Nürnberg ; Autoren, Ludwig Fels ... ; Übersetzung, Lucinda Rennison]

N6888.G75 A65 1989eb
The Isenheim altarpiece : God's medicine and the painter's vision [electronic resource]
Andrée Hayum

N6915 .K54 2014
The traveling artist in the Italian Renaissance : geography, mobility, and style /
David Young Kim

N6923.L55 P6 1974
Leonardo and central Italian art, 1515-1550 [electronic resource]
Kathleen Weil Garris Posner

N6953.R4 V47 2014
Rembrandt's themes : life into art /
Richard Verdi

N6988.5.A83 H37 2009eb
Fast forward : the aesthetics and ideology of speed in Russian avant-garde culture, 1910-1930 [electronic resource]
Tim Harte

N7113.L6 F73 2014
Antonio López García's everyday urban worlds : a philosophy of painting /
Benjamin Fraser

N72.S3 S65 2004eb
The body of the artisan : art and experience in the scientific revolution [electronic resource]
Pamela H. Smith

N72.S6 W58 2006eb
Creative reckonings : the politics of art and culture in contemporary Egypt [electronic resource]
Jessica Winegar

N7327.15 .H47 2004"@"N7327.2
Homebound : women visual artists in nineteenth century Philippines [electronic resource]
Eloisa May P. Hernandez

N7345 .W84 2014
Contemporary Chinese art : a history, 1970s>2000s /
Wu Hung

N7575 .F56x 2014
50 portraits you should know
Brad Finger

N7592 .J4 1947eb
The state portrait : its origin and evolution [electronic resource]
Marianna Jenkins

N7625.5 .S4 1986eb
The ages of man : medieval interpretations of the life cycle [electronic resource]
Elizabeth Sears

N7665 .F57 2014
The magic of birds
Celia Fisher

N7740 .G64 1979
Robert Goldwater

N7760 .M26 2007eb
Too beautiful to picture : Zeuxis, myth, and mimesis [electronic resource]
Elizabeth C. Mansfield

N7850 .A66 1998eb
Approaches to early-medieval art [electronic resource]
edited by Lawrence Nees

N7852.5 .M34 1994"@"N7852.5
Art and eloquence in Byzantium [electronic resource]
Henry Maguire

N8070 .L43 1957eb
The iconography of the Immaculate Conception in the Middle Ages and early Renaissance [electronic resource]
by Mirella Levi D'Ancona

N8217.E28 .M85 2014
The Multispecies Salon
Eben Kirksey, editor

N8600 .A746
Artist's & graphic designer's market : where & how to sell your illustration, fine art, graphic design & cartoons

NA1053.L46 B4 1969eb
Antoine Le Pautre : a French architect of the era of Louis XIV [electronic resource]
Robert W. Berger

NA1068.5.N37 (INTERNET)
Hitler's state architecture : the impact of classical antiquity [electronic resource]
Alex Scobie

NA1068.5.N37 L36 1985"@"NA1068.5.N37
Architecture and politics in Germany, 1918-1945 [electronic resource]
by Barbara Miller Lane

NA1122 .P6 1967"@"NA1122
Eighteenth-century architecture in Piedmont : the open structures of Juvarra, Alfieri & Vittone [electronic resource]
by Richard Pommer

NA1123.B5 K5 1974eb
Circle and oval in the Square of Saint Peter's : Bernini's art of planning [electronic resource]
Timothy K. Kitao

NA1123.B5 L3 1968eb
Bernini and the crossing of Saint Peter's [electronic resource]
Irving Lavin

NA1368 .B69 2001"@"NA1368
Modernism and nation building : Turkish architectural culture in the early republic [electronic resource]
Sibel Bozdoğan

NA226.S27 B54 1986"@"NA226.S27
Sarvistan : a study in early Iranian architecture [electronic resource]
Lionel Bier

NA2543.S35 A73 1999eb
The architecture of science [electronic resource]
edited by Peter Galison and Emily Thompson

NA2584 .C3713 2001eb
Architecture in the age of printing : orality, writing, typography, and printed images in the history of architectural theory [electronic resource]
Mario Carpo ; translated by Sarah Benson

NA278.P6 M2 1943eb
The political meeting places of the Greeks [electronic resource]
by William A. McDonald

NA2920 .H57 1978eb
Netherlandish scrolled gables of the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries [electronic resource]
Henry-Russell Hitchcock

NA3780 .M34 1987eb
Earth and ocean : the terrestrial world in early Byzantine art [electronic resource]
Henry Maguire

NA5247.M6 T6 1991"@"NA5247.M66
The Church of Notre-Dame in Montreal : an architectural history [electronic resource]
Franklin Toker

NA5253 .M23 1965"@"NA5253
The open-air churches of sixteenth-century Mexico : atrios, posas, open chapels, and other studies [electronic resource]
John McAndrew

NA5621.F515 S2 1969eb
The Bigallo : the oratory and residence of the Compagnia del Bigallo e della Misericordia in Florence [electronic resource]
Howard Saalman

NA5621.F52 T7 1971"@"NA5621.F7
The Campanile of Florence Cathedral, Giotto's tower [electronic resource]
Marvin Trachtenberg

NA5621.S37 S3 1966eb
The Church of Santa Trinita in Florence [electronic resource]
by Howard Saalman

NA5683 .C7
Mediaeval Russian churches [electronic resource]
edited by Kenneth John Conant

NA5955.M27 G47 1999"@"NA5955.M27
Beholding the sacred mysteries : programs of the Byzantine sanctuary [electronic resource]
Sharon E.J. Gerstel

NA7241 .W37 1999eb
A history of domestic space : privacy and the Canadian home [electronic resource]
Peter Ward

NA730.A22 G35 1987"@"NA730.A2
The Alabama catalog : Historic American Buildings Survey : a guide to the early architecture of the state [electronic resource]
Robert Gamble

NA730.M4 C85 1979"@"NA730.M4
The framed houses of Massachusetts Bay, 1625-1725 [electronic resource]
Abbott Lowell Cummings

NA735.N54 D6 1967"@"NA735.N54
The architectural heritage of Newport, Rhode Island : 1640-1915 [electronic resource]
by Antoinette F. Downing and Vincent J. Scully, Jr

NA737.H558 B78 1997eb
The architects and the city : Holabird & Roche of Chicago, 1880-1918 [electronic resource]
Robert Bruegmann

NA7451 .S35 2005"@"NA7451
House and home in modern Japan : architecture, domestic space, and bourgeois culture, 1880-1930 [electronic resource]
Jordan Sand

NA7555.N4 S75 1998eb
Housing design and society in Amsterdam : reconfiguring urban order and identity, 1900-1920 [electronic resource]
Nancy Stieber

NA7736.V5 B44 1985eb
Versailles : the château of Louis XIV [electronic resource]
Robert W. Berger

NA956 .P413 1983eb
Architecture and the crisis of modern science [electronic resource]
Alberto Pérez-Gómez

NB1280 .F64 1986"@"NB1280
The Nazareth capitals and the Crusader Shrine of the Annunciation [electronic resource]
by Jaroslav Folda

NB1287.A85 C34 1974"@"NK9749.A3
The Romanesque wooden doors of Auvergne [electronic resource]
Walter Cahn

NB165.A85 R9 1967eb
Panel reliefs of Marcus Aurelius [electronic resource]
by Inez Scott Ryberg

NB1800 .P3 1992eb
Tomb sculpture : four lectures on its changing aspects from ancient Egypt to Bernini [electronic resource]
by Erwin Panofsky ; foreword by Martin Warnke ; edited by H.W. Janson

NB1810 .L2 1945eb
The sarcophagi of Ravenna [electronic resource]
Marion Lawrence

NB1912.L34 B65 1992"@"NB1912.L34
Forms of the goddess Lajjā Gaurī in Indian art [electronic resource]
Carol Radcliffe Bolon

NB551.R4 H5 1965eb
The portal of the saints of Reims Cathedral : a study in mediaeval iconography [electronic resource]
by William M. Hinkle

NB553.M39 M39 2014
Matisse's sculpture : the pinup and the primitive /
Ellen McBreen

NB565 .S65 1994
German sculpture of the later Renaissance, c. 1520-1580 : art in an age of uncertainty [electronic resource]
Jeffrey Chipps Smith

NB623.N515 S38 1978eb
Niccolò di Giovanni Fiorentiono and Venetian sculpture of the early Renaissance [electronic resource]
Anne Markham Schulz

NB623.P5 A64 1994eb
Nicola Pisano's Arca di San Domenico and its legacy [electronic resource]
Anita Fiderer Moskowitz

NB85 .F36 1972eb
The classical monument : reflections on the connection between morality and art in Greek and Roman sculpture [electronic resource]
Philipp Fehl

NB86 .B85 1970eb
A collection of sculpture in classical and early Christian Antioch [electronic resource]
Dericksen M. Brinkerhoff

NB933.B7 S63 1969eb
Brancusi's birds [electronic resource]
Athena T. Spear

NB94 .B76 1973eb
Anticlassicism in Greek sculpture of the fourth century B.C [electronic resource]
Blanche R. Brown

NC1766.U52 D53155 2007eb
The animated man : a life of Walt Disney [electronic resource]
Michael Barrier

ND1045 .A53 1994eb
Painters and politics in the People's Republic of China, 1949-1979 [electronic resource]
Julia F. Andrews

ND1049.F45 B37 2002eb
An artistic exile : a life of Feng Zikai (1898-1975) [electronic resource]
Geremie R. Barmé

ND1084.A4 B7 1957eb
Ptolemaic paintings and mosaics and the Alexandrian style [electronic resource]
by Blanche R. Brown

ND1130.D63 R6 1968eb
Dolce's Aretino and Venetian art theory of the Cinquecento [electronic resource]
by Mark W. Roskill

ND1366.94 .Y49 2014
Searching for modernity : Western influence and true-view landscape in Korean painting of the late Chosŏn period /
Yi Sŏng-mi

ND196.2 .B44 2014
100 painters of tomorrow
Kurt Beers

ND210 .B87 2004eb
Painting the dark side : art and the Gothic imagination in nineteenth-century America [electronic resource]
Sarah Burns

ND2575 .L4 1953eb
Roman wall paintings from Boscoreale in the Metropolitan Museum of Art [electronic resource]
by Phyllis Williams Lehmann ; with an appendix by Herbert Bloch

ND259.R5 R83 2013
Diego Rivera : an artist for the people /
Susan Goldman Rubin

ND2646.M34 P47 1993eb
The paradise garden murals of Malinalco : utopia and empire in sixteenth-century Mexico [electronic resource]
Jeanette Favrot Peterson

ND2757.R6 T76 1986eb
The Via Latina catacomb : imitation and discontinuity in fourth-century Roman painting [electronic resource]
William Tronzo

ND2819.J6 F69 2004eb
Quṣayr ʻAmra : art and the Umayyad elite in late antique Syria [electronic resource]
Garth Fowden

Greek and Syrian miniatures in Jerusalem [electronic resource]
with an introduction and a description of each of the seventy-one miniatures reproduced [by] William Henry Paine Hatch

ND2930 .N44 1980eb
The iconography of preface and miniature in the Byzantine Gospel book [electronic resource]
Robert S. Nelson

ND314.O44 S85 2014
From San Juan to Paris and back : Francisco Oller and Caribbean art in the era of impressionism /
Edward J. Sullivan

ND3159 .K57 1991eb
Five illuminated manuscripts of Giangaleazzo Visconti [electronic resource]
Edith W. Kirsch

The Psalter and Hours of Yolande of Soissons [electronic resource]
Karen Gould

ND3359.N48 A44 1992"@"ND3359.N48
The New York Cruciform Lectionary [electronic resource]
Jeffrey C. Anderson

The Gundohinus Gospels [electronic resource]
Lawrence Nees

The Parma Ildefonsus : a Romanesque illuminated manuscript from Cluny, and related works [electronic resource]
by Meyer Schapiro

ND3399.B62 B84 1996eb
Boccaccio's Des cleres et nobles femmes : systems of signification in an illuminated manuscript [electronic resource]
Brigitte Buettner

ND3399.W6 H65 1996"@"ND3399.W6
Illuminating the epic : the Kassel Willehalm Codex and the landgraves of Hesse in the early fourteenth century [electronic resource]
Joan A. Holladay

ND497.F75 D39 2014
A painter's progress : a portrait of Lucian Freud /
David Dawson

ND497.L718 W44 2014
Cultures crossed : John Frederick Lewis and the art of orientalism /
Emily M. Weeks

ND497.O345 A4 2014
Chris Ofili : night and day /
edited by Massimiliano Gioni ; with contributions by Glenn Ligon [and five others] ; exhibition organized by Massimiliano Gioni with Gary Carrion-Murayari and Margot Norton

ND547.5.N37 H66 2014
Neo-Impressionism and the dream of realities : painting, poetry, music /
Cornelia Homburg ; with contributions by Paul Smith and Laura D. Corey, Simon Kelly, Noelle C. Paulson, Christopher Riopelle

ND553.D3 B68 1994eb
Degas and the business of art : a cotton office in New Orleans [electronic resource]
Marilyn R. Brown

ND553.D33 S65 1967eb
The murals of Eugene Delacroix at Saint-Sulpice [electronic resource]
Jack J. Spector

ND623.R2 D3 1985eb
Raphael's Bible : a study of the Vatican Logge [electronic resource]
Bernice F. Davidson

Andrea del Sarto : text and illustrations [electronic resource]
S.J. Freedberg

ND635 .P3 1966eb
Early Netherlandish painting : its origins and character [electronic resource]
by Erwin Panofsky

NE1321.85.S58 S58 2014
Shunga : stages of desire /
text by Shawn Eichman and Stephen Salel ; foreword by Stephen Jost

NK1483.A1 P69 2006eb
Pattern and person : ornament, society, and self in classical China [electronic resource]
Martin J. Powers

NK2052.U73 K57 2008eb
Architecture and memory : the Renaissance studioli of Federico de Montefeltro [electronic resource]
Robert Kirkbride

NK2117.L5 O7 1989
Original designs for living rooms and work spaces
consulting editors, John McGowan and Roger DuBern ; project photography by Hugh Johnson ; [illustrator, Paul Bryant]

NK2715 .J57 1989eb
Craftsman of the Cumberlands : tradition & creativity [electronic resource]
Michael Owen Jones

NK3055.B8 B76 1996"@"NK3055.B8
Tapestries for the courts of Federico II, Ercole, and Ferrante Gonzaga, 1522-63 [electronic resource]
Clifford M. Brown and Guy Delmarcel with the collaboration of Anna Maria Lorenzoni

NK3850 .J6 1953eb
The Farwell collection [electronic resource]
by Franklin P. Johnson

NK4649 .C29 1961eb
Apulian red-figured vase-painters of the plain style [electronic resource]
by Alexander Cambitoglou and A.D. Trendall

NK4870 .E4 1944eb
The flabellum of Tournus [electronic resource]
by Lorenz E.A. Eitner

NK5349.A3 L675 1991"@"NK5349.A3
Rainbow like an emerald : stained glass in Lorraine in the thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries [electronic resource]
Meredith Parsons Lillich

NK685.M628 F45 2014
Communities of style : portable luxury arts, identity, and collective memory in the Iron Age Levant /
Marian H. Feldman

NK7907 .A53 2014
Ancient bronzes through a modern lens : introductory essays on the study of ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern bronzes, in honor of David Gordon Mitten /
edited by Susanne Ebbinghaus ; contributions by Lisa Anderson, Francesca G. Bewer, Ruth Bielfeldt, Susanne Ebbinghaus, Katherine Eremin, Seán Hemingway, Henry Lie, Carol C. Mattusch, Josef Riederer, and Adrian Stähli

NK805 .S49 2014
A shared legacy : folk art in America /
introduction by Richard Miller ; with contributions by Avis Berman, Cynthia G. Falk, Lisa Minardi, and Ralph Sessions

NK942.M8 A4 2014
Anarchy & beauty : William Morris and his legacy, 1860-1960 /
Fiona MacCarthy

NX180.N37 P48 2014
Artists under Hitler : collaboration and survival in Nazi Germany /
Jonathan Petropoulos

NX180.S3 W55 2013
The art of tinkering : meet 150+ makers working at the intersection of art, science & technology /
Karen Wilkinson & Mike Petrich

NX212 .P45 1999eb
Performance and authenticity in the arts [electronic resource]
edited by Salim Kemal and Ivan Gaskell

NX449 .T85 1991eb
The twilight of Byzantium : aspects of cultural and religious history in the late Byzantine empire : papers from the colloquium held at Princeton University 8-9 May 1989 [electronic resource]
edited by Slobodan Ćurčić and Doula Mouriki

NX454 .S54 2000
Desire and excess : the nineteenth-century culture of art [electronic resource]
Jonah Siegel

NX456 .P83 2006eb
Poetry of the revolution : Marx, manifestos, and the avant-gardes [electronic resource]
Martin Puchner

NX458 .M84 2015
Responding to loss : Heideggerian reflections on literature, architecture, and film /
Robert Mugerauer

NX552.Z9 B4634 1985eb
Gianlorenzo Bernini : new aspects of his art and thought : a commemorative volume [electronic resource]
edited by Irving Lavin

NX680.3.C48 B43 1973eb
Viṣṇu's flaming wheel : the iconography of the Sudarśana-cakra [electronic resource]
W. E. Begley

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