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Items Acquired in March 2014 for the University Libraries

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P120.W66 B83 2013
Rhetorics of motherhood
Lindal Buchanan ; with a foreword by Amber Kinser

P142 .R56 2013
Historical linguistics : toward a twenty-first century reintegration /
Don Ringe and Joseph F. Eska

P306 .L4213 2012
The Hermes complex : philosophical reflections on translation /
Charles Le Blanc ; translated by Barbara Folkart

P325.5.C6 G74 2013
Five words : critical semantics in the age of Shakespeare and Cervantes /
Roland Greene

P53 .N426 2014
Language education and applied linguistics : bridging the two fields /
Howard Nicholas and Donna Starks

P96.C35 B85 2013
Gods like us : on movie stardom and modern fame /
Ty Burr

P96.S66 H35 2013
Sonic modernity : representing sound in literature, culture and the arts /
Sam Halliday

P96.T422 I87 2013
Postal culture : writing and reading letters in post-unification Italy /
Gabriella Romani

PA227 .C56 2014
A brief history of ancient Greek
Stephen Colvin

PA3015.E46 S26 2014
Envy and jealousy in classical Athens : a socio-psychological approach /
Ed Sanders

PA4004 .H56 2011
The master of signs : signs and the interpretation of signs in Herodotus' Histories /
Alexander Hollmann

PA4494.C9 S26 2012
Loving humanity, learning, and being honored : the foundations of leadership in Xenophon's Education of Cyrus /
by Norman B. Sandridge

PA6556 .C66 2012
A companion to Persius and Juvenal
edited by Susanna Braund and Josiah Osgood

PA8310.G4 T654 2013
Geoffrey of Monmouth and the translation of female kingship
Fiona Tolhurst

PB1333 .O97 2012
The Oxford handbook of modern Irish poetry
edited by Fran Brearton and Alan Gillis

PE1408 .R568 2014
The road to somewhere : a creative writing companion /
edited by Robert Graham, Helen Newall, Heather Leach, Julie Armstrong, John Singleton

PE1431 .G73 2014
They say / I say : the Moves that Matter in Academic Writing /
Gerald Graff, Cathy Birkenstein

A dictionary of varieties of English
Raymond Hickey

PG3410 .F67 2013
Transnational Tolstoy : between the West and the world /
John Burt Foster, Jr

PG3479.6.R28 A2 2014
Endarkenment : selected poems /
Arkadii Dragomoshchenko ; edited by Eugene Ostashevsky ; translated by Lyn Hejinian, Genya Turovskaya, Eugene Ostashevsky, Bela Shayevich, Jacob Edmond, and Elena Balashova ; foreword by Lyn Hejinian

PG7158.G669 T713 2014
Trans-Atlantyk : an alternate translation /
Witold Gombrowicz ; Translated by Danuta Borchardt

PJ7519.W66 G425 2012
WOMEN'S WRITING AND MUSLIM SOCIETIES: THE SEARCH FOR DIALOGUE, 1920-PR"@"Women's writing and Muslim societies : the search for dialogue, 1920-present /
Sharif Gemie

PJ7538 .E43 2013
Trials of Arab modernity : literary affects and the new political /
Tarek El-Ariss

PJ7914.L586 A2 2014
Fullblood Arabian
Osama Alomar ; translated from the Arabic by C. J. Collins, with the author ; preface by Lydia Davis

PJ8190.82.E5 S44 2013
Seeking Palestine : new Palestinian writing on exile and home /
edited by Penny Johnson and Raja Shehadeh

PL2278 .W39 2013
Reverie and reality : poetry on travel by late imperial Chinese women /
Yanning Wang

PL2443 .F67 2013
Chinese Literature and the Child : Children and Childhood in Late-Twentieth-Century Chinese Fiction /
Kate Foster

PL2757.L5 A2 2014
From the old country : stories and sketches of China and Taiwan /
Zhong Lihe ; edited and translated by T. M. McClellan ; foreword by Zhong Tiejun

PL747.82.S3 T35 2014
Apocalypse in contemporary Japanese science fiction
by Motoko Tanaka

PL768.J6 B865 2013
The Bunraku puppet theatre of Japan : honor, vengeance, and love in four plays of the 18th and 19th centuries /
translated and annotated by Stanleigh H. Jones

PL816.H5 Z616 2014
Refining Nature in Modern Japanese Literature : the Life and Art of Shiga Naoya /
Nanyan Guo

PN1009.A1 T49 2013
Textual transformations in children's literature : adaptations, translations, reconsiderations /
edited by Benjamin Lefebvre

PN1042 .L665 2013
The virtues of poetry
James Longenbach

PN1065 .R4 2013
Re-imagining nature : environmental humanities and ecosemiotics /
edited by Alfred Kentigern Siewers

PN1083.A5 M64 2014
Zoopoetics : animals and the making of poetry /
Aaron M. Moe

PN1111 .B37 2013
Reading poetry
Peter Barry

PN1590.A54 A55 2013
Animal acts : performing species today /
edited by Una Chaudhuri and Holly Hughes

PN1590.W64 M59 2014
Pretty/funny : women comedians and body politics /
by Linda Mizejewski

PN1643 .R44 2013
Refugee performance : practical encounters /
edited by Michael Balfour

PN1650.W65 .C66 2013
Contemporary women playwrights : into the twenty-first century /
edited by Penny Farfan and Lesley Ferris

PN171.P83 A45 2014
Affective disorder and the writing life : the melancholic muse /
edited by Stephanie Stone Horton

PN1929.P65 W43 2013
The cultural set up of comedy : affective politics in the United States post 9/11 /
Julie Webber

PN1992.8.L58 B37 2013
Live to your local cinema : the remarkable rise of livecasting /
Martin Barker

PN1992.8.R43 F36 2013
Tragedy in the age of Oprah : essays on five great plays /
Louis Fantasia

PN1993.5.B6 H45 2012
Remaking Brazil : contested national identities in contemporary Brazilian cinema /
Tatiana Signorelli Heise

PN1993.5.C4 O94 2013
The Oxford handbook of Chinese cinemas
edited by Carlos Rojas and Eileen Cheng-Yin-Chow

PN1993.5.E8 P65 2014
Hollywood exiles in Europe : the blacklist and Cold War film culture /
Rebecca Prime

PN1993.5.E82 C57 2013
Cinemas in transition in Central and Eastern Europe after 1989
edited by Catherine Portuges and Peter Hames ; [introduction, Peter Hames and Catherine Portuges]

PN1993.5.E85 F76 2013
Frontiers of screen history : imagining European borders in cinema, 1945-2010 /
edited by Raita Merivirta, Kimmo Ahonen, Heta Mulari, Rami Mähká

PN1993.5.G7 H37 2013
British film culture in the 1970s : the boundaries of pleasure /
Sue Harper and Justin Smith with Dave Allen ... [et al.]

PN1993.5.I846 N34 2011
A social history of Iranian cinema
Hamid Naficy

PN1993.5.I88 I735 2014
The Italian cinema book
edited by Peter Bondanella

PN1993.5.M4 T46 2013
Revolution and rebellion in Mexican film
Niamh Thornton

PN1993.5.R8 S67 2013
Sound, speech, music in Soviet and post-Soviet cinema
edited by Lilya Kaganovsky and Masha Salazkina

PN1993.5.S7 F339 2013
A history of Spanish film : cinema and society, 1910-2010 /
Sally Faulkner

PN1993.5.U6 B76 2012
The Hollywood family film : a history, from Shirley Temple to Harry Potter /
Noel Brown

PN1993.5.U6 G457 2014
Continental strangers : German exile cinema, 1933-1951 /
Gerd Gemünden

PN1993.5.U6 M6695 2014
Movies and American society
edited by Steven J. Ross

PN1995 .N3395 2014
An invention without a future : essays on cinema /
James Naremore

PN1995.62 .M33 2013
The Catholic Church and Hollywood : censorship and morality in 1930s cinema /
Alexander McGregor

PN1995.9 .F8 H67 2014
Robert Horton

PN1995.9..E46 S58 2014
Feeling film : affect and authenticity in popular cinema /
Greg Singh

PN1995.9.A255 D38 2013
Indian accents : brown voice and racial performance in American television and film /
Shilpa S. Davé

PN1995.9.B57 S36 2013
The B word : bisexuality in contemporary film and television /
Maria San Filippo

PN1995.9.C55 B345 2013
Buffoon men : classic Hollywood comedians and queered masculinity /
Scott Balcerzak

PN1995.9.C66 F74 2013
Versions of Hollywood crime cinema : studies in Ford, Wilder, Coppola, Scorsese and others /
Carl Freedman

PN1995.9.D6 K475 2012
Killer images : documentary film, memory and the performance of violence /
edited by Joram Ten Brink & Joshua Oppenheimer

PN1995.9.D6 T63 2012
Creating the witness : documenting genocide on film, video, and the Internet /
Leshu Torchin

PN1995.9.H514 M585 2012
Hitler--films from Germany : history, cinema and politics since 1945 /
edited by Karolin Machtans and Martin A. Ruehl

PN1995.9.H55 P47 2013
Spanish queer cinema
Chris Perriam

PN1995.9.I48 H43 2012
Native recognition : indigenous cinema and the Western /
Joanna Hearne

PN1995.9.I48 S44 2013
Seeing red : Hollywood's pixeled skins : American Indians and film /
edited by LeAnne Howe, Harvey Markowitz, and Denise K. Cummings

PN1995.9.L39 L37 2013
The last laugh : strange humors of cinema /
edited by Murray Pomerance

PN1995.9.L6 S38 2012
Screening the dark side of love : from Euro-horror to American cinema /
edited by Karen A. Ritzenhoff and Karen Randell

PN1995.9.M52 W66 2014
The medieval filmscape : reflections of fear and desire in a cinematic mirror /
William F. Woods

PN1995.9.N34 .D38 2013
Falling down
Jude Davies

PN1995.9.O77 R45 2014
The shadow self in film : projecting the unconscious other /
Gershon Reiter

PN1995.9.P7 B345 2013
Independent film producing : how to produce a low-budget feature film /
Paul Battista

PN1995.9.P7 G65 2012
Mike Goodridge

PN1995.9.R4 K56 2014
Luminous : the spiritual life on film /
Mike King ; foreword by Linus Roache

PN1995.9.S26 C43 2013
Projecting tomorrow : science fiction and popular cinema /
James Chapman & Nicholas J. Cull

PN1995.9.S45 C86 2014
Wicked cinema : sex and religion on screen /
Daniel S. Cutrara

PN1995.9.V44 E269 2014
The alienated war veteran in film and literature
Emmett Early

PN1995.9.V46 G37 2013
Game on, Hollywood! : essays on the intersection of video games and cinema /
edited by Gretchen Papazian and Joseph Michael Sommers

PN1996 .R68 2014
From Chariots of fire to The king's speech : writing biopics and docudramas /
Alan Rosenthal

PN1997.2 .E468 2011
Emotifs anonymes [videorecording]
un film de Jean-Pierre Améris ; scénario et dialogues, Jean-Pierre Améris et Philippe Blasband ; d'après une idée originale de Jean-Pierre Améris ; produit par Philippe Godeau et Nathalie Gastaldo ; une coproduction franco-belge Pan-Européenne [and others]

PN1997.2 .S288 2012
Les saveurs du palais
Wild Bunch ; un film de Christian Vincent ; scénario de Christian Vincent & Etienne Comar ; une coproduction Armada films [and others]

PN1997.5 .S56 2003
Shrek [videorecording]
DreamWorks Pictures presents a PDI/DreamWorks production ; written by Ted Elliott & Terry Rossio, and Joe Stillman and Roger S.H. Schulman ; co-producers, Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio ; produced by Aron Warner, John H. Williams, Jeffrey Katzenberg ; directed by Andrew Adamson, Vicky Jenson

PN1997.B1953 M87 2013
Bad boy bubby
Gabrielle Murray

PN1997.C75 B34 2014
John Paizs's Crime wave
Jonathan Ball

PN1997.F3478 D44 2014
Faster, pussycat! Kill! Kill!
Dean DeFino

PN1998.3.B86 C66 2013
A companion to Luis Bunuel
edited by Rob Stone and Julian Daniel Gutiérrez-Albilla

PN1998.3.F45 P33 2014
Inspiring Fellini : literary collaborations behind the scenes /
Federico Pacchioni

PN1998.3.L44 M35 2014
Spike Lee
by Todd McGowan

PN1998.3.P48 S83 2013
A portrait of the artist as a political dissident : the life and work of Aleksandar Petrović /
Vlastimir Sudar

PN1998.3.W44 A5 2014
Peter Weir : interviews /
edited by John C. Tibbetts

PN1998.A3 B469 2012
Ingmar Bergman
Robin Wood ; edited by Barry Keith Grant

PN2053 .I525 2013
The Cambridge introduction to Theatre directing
Christopher Innes, Maria Shevtsova

PN2055 .F58 2013
Act like it's your business : branding and marketing strategies for actors /
Jonathan Flom

PN2071.I5 F48 2014
Long form improvisation and American comedy : the Harold /
Matt Fotis

PN2071.M6 S66 2012
Movement training for actors
Jackie Snow

PN2091.S8 H255 2013
The prop building guidebook : for theatre, film, and tv /
Eric Hart

PN2185 .P53 2013
Naturalism in theatre : its development and legacy /
Kenneth Pickering and Jayne Thompson

PN2287.E37 P48 2014
The philosophy of Clint Eastwood
edited by Richard T. McClelland and Brian B. Clayton

PN2960.A67 D66 2012
Doomed by hope : essays on Arab theatre /
edited by Eyad Houssami, Masrah Ensemble ; foreword by Elias Khoury

PN3355 .D246 2013
The return of the omniscient narrator authorship and authority in twenty-first century fiction
Paul Dawson

PN3433.8 .A35 2014
Wizards, aliens, and starships : physics and math in fantasy and science fiction /
Charles L. Adler

PN3435 .G53 2013
The fantastic and European Gothic : history, literature and the French Revolution /
Matthew Gibson

PN3435 .G68 2013
Gothic kinship
edited by Agnes Andeweg and Sue Zlosnik

PN45 .W69 2014
World literature in theory
edited by David Damrosch

PN56.B62 G37 2013
Haptic modernism : touch and the tactile in modernist writing /
Abbie Garrington

PN56.I64 P74 2013
Digital modernism : making it new in new media /
Jessica Pressman

PN56.L22 P47 2013
No Country : working-class writing in the age of globalization /
Sonali Perera

PN6120.A52 .J67b 2012
Bengal tiger at the Baghdad zoo
by Rajiv Joseph

PN6120.A52 B452do 2013
Don't go gentle
by Stephen Belber

PN6120.A52 M54c 1982
The crucible
by Arthur Miller

PN6231.P6 S335 2014
Seriously funny : Mexican political jokes as social resistance /
Samuel Schmidt ; translated by Adam Schmidt

PN6714 .R74 2014
Gothic in Comics and Graphic Novels : a Critical Approach /
Julia Round

PN6725 .B56 2013
Black comics : politics of race and representation /
edited by Sheena C. Howard and Ronald L. Jackson II

PN6725 .H69 2012
Marvel Comics : the untold story /
Sean Howe

PN6790.S65 S68 2014
Southeast Asian cartoon art : history, trends and problems /
edited by John A. Lent

PN751 .H36 2013
Realpoetik : european romanticism and literary politics /
Paul Hamilton

PN849.C3 .D47 2013
Desire between women in Caribbean literature
Keja L. Valens

PN849.C3 K35 2014
The Haitian revolution in the literary imagination : radical horizons, conservative constraints /
Philip Kaisary

PQ2631.R63 Z46325 2013
Proust, pastiche, and the postmodern, or Why style matters
James Austin

PQ2672.E25 Z46 2013
The African
J.M.G. Le Clézio ; translated from the French by C. Dickson

PQ3989.3.D575 D47 2009
Les derniers de la rue Ponty
Sérigne M. Gueye

PQ3989.3.D575 R46 2012
René : roman /

PQ4075 .G375 2013
Hollow men : writing, objects, and public image in Renaissance Italy /
Susan Gaylard

PQ4103 .E47 2012
The sword and the pen : women, politics, and poetry in sixteenth-century Siena /
Konrad Eisenbichler

PQ4209 .C69 2013
Lyric poetry by women of the Italian Renaissance
Virginia Cox

PQ7081 .G684 2014
Figurative inquisitions : conversion, torture, and truth in the Luso-Hispanic Atlantic /
Erin Graff Zivin

PQ7297.N7 Z7813 2014
Pillar of salt : an autobiography, with 19 erotic sonnets /
Salvador Novo ; introduction by Carlos Monsiváis ; translated by Marguerite Feitlowitz

PQ7298.432.I428 S5313 2014
Quesadillas : a novel /
Juan Pablo Villalobos ; translated from the Spanish by Rosalind Harvey ; introduction by Neel Mukherjee

PQ7390.P32 H6613 2014
The man who loved dogs
Leonardo Padura ; translated from the Spanish by Anna Kushner

PQ7489.2.D8 Z77 2014
Quince Duncan : writing Afro-Costa Rican and Caribbean identity /
Dorothy E. Mosby

PQ7499.2.R38 S4813 2014
Rodrigo Rey Rosa ; translated by Chris Andrews

PQ7797.B635 Z6735 2012
Borges, between history and eternity
Hernán Díaz

PQ8098.1.L54 D4713 2014
Ripper : a novel /
Isabel Allende ; translated from the Spanish by Ollie Brock and Frank Wynne

PR115 .B47 2013
Roomscape : women writers in the British Museum from George Eliot to Virginia Woolf /
Susan David Bernstein

PR1368 .W75 2013
Writing otherwise : experiments in cultural criticism /
edited by Jackie Stacey, Janet Wolff

PR1901 .S88
Studies in the age of Chaucer

PR2364 .W55 2013
Spenser's international style
David Scott Wilson-Okamura

PR2411.S33 C43713 2013
Cardenio between Cervantes and Shakespeare : the story of a lost play /
Roger Chartier ; translated by Janet Lloyd

PR2969 .S55 2013
Shakespeare and the Victorians
Stuart Sillars

PR2992.C4 K66 2013
Shakespeare's Boys : a Cultural History /
Katie Knowles, University of Liverpool, UK

PR3024 .S55 2014
Shakespeare and immigration
edited by Ruben Espinosa and David Ruiter

PR3091 .P74 2013
Reviewing Shakespeare : journalism and performance from the eighteenth century to the present /
Paul Prescott

PR313 .C648 2013
A companion to fifteenth-century English poetry
edited by Julia Boffey and A.S.G. Edwards

PR3562 .Q56 2014
Inside paradise lost : reading the designs of Milton's epic /
David Quint

PR3579 .M55
Milton studies

PR3605.N2 Z67 2013
The literary invention of Margaret Cavendish
Lara Dodds

PR3664 .P37 2012
Pamela in her exalted condition
Samuel Richardson ; edited by Albert J. Rivero

PR3722 .G64 2008 v.9
Journal to Stella : Letters to Esther Johnson and Rebecca Dingley, 1710-1713 /
Jonathan Swift; edited by Abigail Williams

PR4038.I52 R34 2014
Jane Austen's erotic advice
Sarah Raff

PR4038.L3 T54 2014
In search of Jane Austen : the language of the letters /
Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade

PR428.R46 C66 2014
Confessions of faith in early modern England
Brooke Conti

1611 : authority, gender and the word in early modern England /
Helen Wilcox

PR431 .W55 2014
1611 : authority, gender and the word in early modern England /
Helen Wilcox

PR4879.L7 C3 2013
by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, a critical edition edited and with an introduction by Kathleen Costello-Sullivan

PR545.R4 J64 2014
Made flesh : sacrament and poetics in post-Reformation England /
Kimberly Johnson

PR590 .C696 2014
Literature and the growth of British nationalism : the influence of romantic poetry and bardic criticism /
Francesco Crocco

PR6015.I4735 B76 2013
Broken hierarchies : Poems 1952-2012 /
Geoffrey Hill ; edited by Kenneth Haynes

PR6019.O9 A6 2014
Poems and a Play
by James Joyce

PR6019.O9 F596 2013
Impossible Joyce : Finnegans wakes /
Patrick O'Neill

PR603 .T48 2014
Reading postwar British and Irish poetry
Michael Thurston and Nigel Alderman

PR6039.H618 Z8155 2013
Chameleon poet : R.S. Thomas and the literary tradition /
S.J. Perry

PR6051.C64 T48 2014
Three brothers : a novel /
Peter Ackroyd

PR6053.A73 Z76 2013
Decadent daughters and monstrous mothers : Angela Carter and European Gothic /
Rebecca Munford

PR6058.E2 Z63 1995
Critical essays on Seamus Heaney
edited by Robert F. Garratt

PR6062.I89 Z46 2014
Dancing fish and ammonites : a memoir /
Penelope Lively

PR6062.O29 Z63 2013
The Edinburgh companion to Liz Lochhead
edited by Anne Varty

PR6068.U757 Z7656 2014
The Science Fiction Dimensions of Salman Rushdie
Yael Maurer

PR6070.H38 S77 2014
Strange bodies
Marcel Theroux

PR6105.X78 U55 2013
The universe versus Alex Woods
Gavin Extence

PR6120.A487 G65 2013
Golden boy : a novel /
Abigail Tarttelin

PR651 .E55 2014
Studying Shakespeare's Contemporaries
Lars Engle and Eric Rasmussen

PR698.P68 S65 2013
Prologues and epilogues of Restoration theater : gender and comedy, performance and print /
Diana Solomon

PR830.D4 B76 2014
The figure of the detective : a literary history and analysis /
Charles Brownson

PR830.S6 V36 2014
Reform acts : Chartism, social agency, and the Victorian novel, 1832-1867 /
Chris R. Vanden Bossche

PR8803 .H37 2014
Reading the contemporary Irish novel, 1987-2007
Liam Harte

PR888.L47 B75 2013
Epistolary encounters in neo-victorian fiction : diaries and letters /
Kym Brindle

PR9180 .S55 2012
Shifting the ground of Canadian literary studies
Smaro Kamboureli and Robert Zacharias, editors

PR9205.4 .C36 2014
The Queer Caribbean Speaks : Interviews with Writers, Artists, and Activists /
Kofi Omoniyi Sylvanus Campbell

PR9272.9.W3 A6 2014
The Poetry of Derek Walcott 1948-2013
Derek Walcott ; selected by the poet Glyn Maxwell

PR9272.9.W3 O33 2014
O starry starry night : a play /
Derek Walcott

PR9320.9.D34 C48 2014
Children of paradise : a novel /
Fred D'Aguiar

PR9369.3.G6 Z5713 2012
Nadine Gordimer : weaving together fiction, women and politics /
Denise Brahimi ; translated from the French by Vanessa Everson and Cara Shapiro

PR9379.9.A9 A6 2014
The Promise of Hope : New and Selected Poems, 1964-2013 /
Kofi Awoonor ; Edited and with an introduction by Kofi Anyidoho ; Foreword by Kwame Dawes

PR9381.9.G226 M33 2014
Madman at Kilifi
Clifton Gachagua ; foreword by Kwame Dawes

PR9390.9.M3 Z86 2013
Reading Marechera
edited by Grant Hamilton

PR9608.2.A96 C66 2013
A companion to Australian aboriginal literature
edited by Belinda Wheeler

PS121 .B517 2014
American literature : a history /
Hans Bertens and Theo D'Haen

PS153.G38 A25 2013
1960s Gay Pulp Fiction : the Misplaced Heritage /
edited by Drewey Wayne Gunn, Jaime Harker

PS153.N5 H2226 2013
The ebony column : classics, civilization, and the African American reclamation of the West /
Eric Ashley Hairston

PS153.N5 H55 2014
Visualizing Blackness and the creation of the African American literary tradition
Lena Hill, University of Iowa

PS153.N5 H64 2014
Legal fictions : constituting race, composing literature /
Karla FC Holloway

PS1638 .E88 2013
Estimating Emerson : an anthology of criticism from Carlyle to Cavell /
edited by David LaRocca

PS169.E25 L36 2014
Living oil : petroleum culture in the American century /
Stephanie LeMenager

PS169.S425 H36 2014
The life and undeath of autonomy in American literature
Geoff Hamilton

PS173.N4 A44 2012
The properties of violence : claims to ownership in representations of lynching /
Sandy Alexandre

PS1744.G57 G5 1979
by Charlotte Perkins Gilman ; with an introduction by Ann J. Lane

PS228.B6 C65 2013
Mania : the story of the outraged and outrageous lives that launched a cultural revolution /
Ronald K.L. Collins & David M. Skover

PS261 .S76 2013
Storytelling, history, and the postmodern South
edited by Jason Phillips

PS2638 .P66 2012
Poe and the remapping of antebellum print culture
edited by J. Gerald Kennedy and Jerome McGann

PS267.N49 N34 2014
Race and culture in New Orleans stories : Kate Chopin, Grace King, Alice Dunbar-Nelson, and George Washington Cable /
James Nagel

PS2843 .K55 2014
William Gilmore Simms's selected reviews on literature & civilization
edited by James Everett Kibler, Jr., and David Moltke-Hansen, with Ehren Foley

PS2893 .E34 2012
E. D. E. N. Southworth : recovering a nineteenth-century popular novelist /
edited by Melissa J. Homestead, Pamela T. Washington

PS305 .R43 2014
Reading the difficulties : dialogues with contemporary American innovative poetry /
edited by Thomas Fink and Judith Halden-Sullivan

PS3053 .A3 2013
The correspondence of Henry D. Thoreau
edited by Robert N. Hudspeth

PS310.N3 B36 2014
Show me your environment : essays on poetry, poets, and poems /
David Baker

PS3501.N4 Z549 2014
Sacred land : Sherwood Anderson, Midwestern modernism, and the sacramental vision of nature /
Mark Buechsel

PS3503.R167 I44 2012
The illustrated man
Ray Bradbury

PS3511.A86 S7 2014
The sound and the fury : an authoritative text, backgrounds and contexts, criticism /
William Faulkner ; edited by Michael Gorra, Smith College

PS3511.E46 Z75 2013
Edna Ferber's America
Eliza McGraw

PS3511.E557 B53 2014
Blasts, Cries, Laughter
Lawrence Ferlinghetti

PS3515.E37 Z59414 2014
Hemingway, the Red Cross, and the Great War
Steven Florczyk

PS3515.O656 Z86 2013
Recovering Five generations hence : the life and writing of Lillian Jones Horace /
edited by Karen Kossie-Chernyshev

PS3543.A653 Z95 2014
The Tastemaker : Carl Van Vechten and the Birth of Modern America /
Edward White

PS3551.L397 Z833 2013
Thought woman : the life and ideas of Paula Gunn Allen : a film [videorecording]
by Ellen Marie Hinchcliffe

PS3551.N3584 A6 2014
The Night Guard at the Wilberforce Hotel : Poems /
by Daniel Anderson

PS3551.N464 H57 2014
His day is done : a Nelson Mandela tribute /
Maya Angelou

PS3552.A7424 L49 2013
Max Barry

PS3552.E542 Z87 2014
Gregory Benford
George Slusser

PS3553.A7812 A6 2014
Darkened Rooms of Summer : New and Selected Poems /
Jared Carter ; Introduction by Ted Kooser

PS3553.H357 A6 2014
A kind of dream : stories /
Kelly Cherry

PS3553.L389 N33 2013
The Nacirema Society requests the honor of your presence at a celebration of their first one hundred years
by Pearl Cleage

PS3554.I319 M55 2000
Milk in my coffee
Eric Jerome Dickey

PS3554.I415 B43 2014
Beauty : a novel /
Frederick Dillen

PS3557.I94 A6 2014
In defense of nothing : selected poems, 1987-2011 /
Peter Gizzi

PS3557.R247 M68 2014
Mount Terminus
David Grand

PS3557.R37547 A55 2014
All that might be done
Samuel Green

PS3558.O3447 M87 2014
The Museum of Extraordinary Things : a novel /
Alice Hoffman

PS3562.E89765 S63 2014
Small Disasters Seen in Sunlight : Poems /
Julia B. Levine

PS3562.O4886 M37 2013
Margaret : a screenplay /
Kenneth Lonergan

PS3563.O6225 B37 2014
Bark : stories /
Lorrie Moore

PS3563.O7778 F54 2013
by Charles Morey ; freely adapted from Le Mariage de Figaro by Beaumarchais

PS3565.A8 C37 2014
Carthage : [a novel] /
Joyce Carol Oates

PS3565.F383 D47 2014
Dept. of speculation
Jenny Offill

PS3567.U336 S75 2014
Still life with bread crumbs : a novel /
Anna Quindlen

PS3568.O486 V46 2014
Venera : Poems /
Jay Rogoff

PS3569.C247 A6 2014
The Cabinetmaker's Window : Poems /
Steve Scafidi

PS3569.H574 A6 2014
Otherwise unseeable
Betsy Sholl

PS3569.H7395 E53 2014
The end of the book : a novel /
Porter Shreve

PS3569.I295 W48 2013
What the heart knows : chants, charms & blessings /
by Newbery honor winner, Joyce Sidman ; illustrated by Caldecott honor winner, Pamela Zagarenski

PS3569.T9 Z6247 2014
Rereading William Styron
Gavin Cologne-Brookes

PS3570.O696 A6 2014
Edwin Torres

PS3570.R63 L58 2005
Little Stevie Wonder
by Quincy Troupe ; illustrated by Lisa Cohen

PS3572.I19 B58 2014
Blue ravens : historical novel /
Gerald Vizenor

PS3572.O5 Z7536 2013
Kurt Vonnegut
editor, Robert T. Tally Jr., Texas State University

PS3573.A42688 Z73 2013
The theatre of Naomi Wallace : embodied dialogues /
edited by Scott T. Cummings and Erica Stevens Abbitt

PS3573.O564 I58 2013
The Interestings
Meg Wolitzer

PS3602.A596 S55 2014
Silence once begun
Jesse Ball

PS3603.A86525 T54 2014
This dark road to mercy
Wiley Cash

PS3603.H77 C489 2013
The lives of Tao
Wesley Chu

PS3606.O845 N43 2007
Necessary stranger
Graham Foust

PS3607.I27 W43 2013
What rhymes with America
Melissa James Gordon

PS3611.R3767 A6 2014
You will never see any God : stories /
Ervin D. Krause ; edited and with an introduction by Timothy Schaffert

PS3612.A5487 A6 2014
Particle and wave
Benjamin Landry

PS3612.O516 S54 2013
Sherlock Holmes and the case of the Christmas carol
by John Longenbaugh

PS3613.C385747 B58 2013
Shane McCrae

PS3613.E338 Y37 2013
Yaqui Delgado wants to kick your ass
Meg Medina

PS3613.E487 A66 2014
All our names
Dinaw Mengestu

PS3613.I53228 S43 2013
The Sea of Tranquility : a novel /
Katja Millay

PS3614.G84 P56 2014
Pioneer girl : [a novel] /
Bich Minh Nguyen

PS3614.O9255 A6 2014
One more thing : stories and other stories /
B.J. Novak

PS3615.H37 C37 2012
Maryanne O'Hara

PS3618.O775 D39 2014
The day of Shelly's death : the poetry and ethnography of Grief /
Renato Rosaldo

PS3619.I5465 A6 2014
I Watched You Disappear : Poems /
Anya Krugovoy Silver

PS3620.O9596 S25 2014
Saint monkey : a novel /
Jacinda Townsend

PS3623.A8673 R43 2014
The Red Bird All-Indian traveling band
Frances Washburn

PS3623.I542 B73 2014
Bread and butter : a novel /
Michelle Wildgen

PS374.I49 .B92 2014
The black Indian in American literature
Keely Byars-Nichols

PS374.N4 M67 2014
Close kin and distant relatives : the paradox of respectability in Black women's literature /
Susana M. Morris

PS374.S76 A46 2013
American sports fiction
editors, Mike Cocchiarale, Scott D. Emmert

PS508.S48 D33 2014
Dear sister : letters from survivors of sexual violence /
edited by Lisa Factora-Borchers ; foreword by Aishah Shahidah Simmons

PS558.S6 S68 2013
The South Carolina roots of African American thought : a reader /
edited by Susanna Ashton and Rhondda Robinson Thomas

PS589 .W48 2014
The Widows' Handbook : Poetic Reflections on Grief and Survival /
edited by Jacqueline Lapidus and Lise Menn ; foreword by Ruth Bader Ginsburg

PT155 .S4313 2013
A place in the country : on Gottfried Keller, Johann Peter Hebel, Robert Walser, and others /
W.G. Sebald ; translated from the German and with an introduction and notes by Jo Catling

PT167 .M36 2013
With or without : reading postwar German women poets /
Charlotte Ann Melin

PT2193 .B76 2014
Goethe's allegories of identity
Jane K. Brown

PT2621.A26 Z886313 2013
Kafka, the years of insight
Reiner Stach ; translated by Shelley Frisch

PT2668.A5 I4613 2014
Storm still
Peter Handke ; translated by Martin Chalmers

PT669.5 .C76 2013
Religion in Contemporary German Drama : Botho Strauss, George Tabori, Werner Fritsch, and Lukas Bärfuss /
Sinéad Crowe

PT7235 .R48 2012
Revisiting the poetic Edda : essays on Old Norse heroic legend /
edited by Paul Acker and Carolyne Larrington ; [with a foreword by Tom Shippey]

PT747.D4 S74 2014
German Feminist Queer Crime Fiction : Politics, Justice and Desire /
Faye Stewart

PZ7.5.E54 Lig 2013
The lightning dreamer : Cuba's greatest abolitionist /
Margarita Engle

PZ7.7.H35 Cal 2010
Calamity Jack
Shannon Hale, Dean Hale ; and [illustrated by] Nathan Hale

PZ7.A51874 Han 1989
Handtalk zoo
George Ancona & Mary Beth

PZ7.B327 Won 1987
The wonderful Wizard of Oz
by L. Frank Baum ; with pictures by W.W. Denslow

PZ7.B3664 Big 2013
Big snow
Jonathan Bean

PZ7.B52878 Dol 2013
Doll bones
Holly Black ; with illustrations by Eliza Wheeler

PZ7.B9458 Wi 1932
Wing for wing
by Thomson Burtis ; [illustrated by J. Clemens Gretta]

PZ7.C3812 Han 1987
Handtalk birthday : a number & story book in sign language /
Remy Charlip, Mary Beth, George Ancona

PZ7.C6675 Ki 2013
The kingdom of little wounds
Susann Cokal

PZ7.C6837 Ye 2013
Year of the jungle
by Suzanne Collins ; illustrated by James Proimos

PZ7.C78485 Max 2013
Max and the tag-along moon
Floyd Cooper

PZ7.D29743 Br 2000
Brian's bird
written by Patricia A. Davis ; illustrated by Layne Johnson

PZ7.D5455 Flo 2013
Flora & Ulysses : the illuminated adventures /
Kate DiCamillo ; illustrated by K.G. Campbell

PZ7.E6962 Sam 2002
Sammy wakes his dad
by Chip Emmons ; illustrated by Shirley Venit Anger

PZ7.G751667 Si 2013
The silver button
Bob Graham

PZ7.G88429 Wor 2013
Words with wings
Nikki Grimes

PZ7.H389 Pei 2013
Penny and her marble
Kevin Henkes

PZ7.H389 Ye 2013
The year of Billy Miller
Kevin Henkes

PZ7.H572 Gs 1993
Gramma's walk
Anna Grossnickle Hines

PZ7.I217 Flo 2013
Flora and the flamingo
Molly Idle

PZ7.K1166 Thi 2013
The thing about luck
Cynthia Kadohata ; illustrated by Julia Kuo

PZ7.L46365 Be 2000
Ben has something to say : a story about stuttering /
written by Laurie Lears ; illustrated by Karen Ritz

PZ7.L46365 Wai 1999
Waiting for Mr. Goose
written by Laurie Lears ; illustrated by Karen Ritz

PZ7.L5629 Sh 2003
Julius Lester ; illustrated by John Clapp

PZ7.M43542 Mis 2013
Mister Orange
Truus Matti ; translated from the Dutch by Laura Watkinson

PZ7.M8625 Bat 2013
The bathing costume, or, The worst vacation of my life
by Charlotte Moundlic ; illustrated by Olivier Tallec ; [translated by Claudia Zoe Bedrick]

PZ7.M992 Dap 2013
Darius & Twig
Walter Dean Myers

PZ7.N4727 Ea 1930
Eagles of the sk : or, With Jack Ralston along the air lanes,
by Ambrose Newcomb ..

PZ7.N964 Icg 2011
If you give a dog a donut
written by Laura Numeroff ; illustrated by Felicia Bond

PZ7.P3725 Li 2013
The living
Matt de la Peña

PZ7.P97325 Way 1999
Way to go, Alex!
written by Robin Pulver ; illustrated by Elizabeth Wolf

PZ7.R33785 Ve 1996
Veronica's first year
by Jean Sasso Rheingrover ; illustrations by Kay Life

PZ7.R41612 Rs 2000
Russ and the almost perfect day
Janet Elizabeth Rickert ; photographs by Pete McGahan

PZ7.R61883 Sar 2000
Sarah's sleepover
by Bobbie Rodriguez ; illustrated by Mark Graham

PZ7.S4484 Mi 2013
Midwinter blood
Marcus Sedgwick

PZ7.S4726 Ju 1998
Just kids : visiting a class for children with special needs/
Ellen B. Senisi

PZ7.S849875 Se 2004
Sea crow
story by Shannon Stewart ; illustrations by Liz Milkau

PZ7.S95314 Bal 2013
word and pictures by Mary Sullivan

PZ7.T479 One 2013
One came home
Amy Timberlake

PZ7.T66414 Pan 2013
Pancho Rabbit and the coyote : a migrant's tale /
Duncan Tonatiuh

PZ7.V28393 Nav 2013
Navigating Early
Clare Vanderpool

PZ7.V4734 Pap 2013
Vince Vawter

PZ7.W4358 Ro 2013
Rose under fire
Elizabeth Wein

PZ7.W6367 Mr 2013
Mr. Wuffles!
David Wiesner

PZ7.W65535 Big 2013
A big guy took my ball!
[text and illustrations by Mo Willems]

PZ7.W6713 Paam 2013
P.S. Be eleven
by Rita Williams-Garcia

PZ7.Y537 De 2002
Dear Santa, please come to the 19th floor
Yin, Chris Soentpiet

PZ7.Z638 Ed 2001
Eddie enough!
written by Debbie Zimmett ; illustrated by Charlotte Murray Fremaux

PZ73 .H627 1999
No fair to tigers
by Eric Hoffman ; illustrated by Janice Lee Porter ; translated by Carmen Sosa Masso = No es justo para los tigres / por Eric Hoffman ; ilustrado por Janice Lee Porter ; traducido por Carmen Sosa Masso

PZ8.3.B8157 Col 2013
My cold plum lemon pie bluesy mood
by Tameka Fryer Brown ; illustrated by Shane W. Evans

PZ8.3.P55868312 Thr 2010
Three little kittens
Jerry Pinkney

PZ8.3.S759 Whc 2013
When no one is watching
written by Eileen Spinelli ; illustrated by David Johnson

PZ8.W455 Li 1990
The little lame prince
Rosemary Wells

PZ8.W754 El 1990
Elfwyn's saga : story and pictures /
by David Wisniewski ; [photography of cut-paper illustrations by Lee Salsbery]

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