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Items Acquired in August 2015 for the University Libraries

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What is language development? : rationalist, empiricist, and pragmatist approaches to the acquisition of syntax [electronic resource]
James Russell

Attention and vision in language processing
Ramesh Kumar Mishra, Narayanan Srinivasan, Falk Huettig, editors

Gendered Words : Sentiments and Expression in Changing Rural China /
Fei-Wen Liu

Yearbook of corpus linguistics and pragmatics 2015 : current approaches to discourse and translation studies /
Jesús Romero-Trillo, editor

P211 .B385 2015
Palimpsest : a history of the written word /
Matthew Battles

P245 .R47 2006eb
The representation and processing of compound words [electronic resource]
edited by Gary Libben and Gonia Jarema

P281 .S953 2005eb
The syntax of aspect : deriving thematic and aspectual interpretation [electronic resource]
edited by Nomi Erteschik-Shir and Tova Rapoport

Texts, textual acts and the history of science
Karine Chemla, Jacques Virbel, editors

P35 .K73 1998
Language and culture
Claire Kramsch

Explicit and implicit prosody in sentence processing : studies in honor of Janet Dean Fodor /
Lyn Frazier, Edward Gibson, editors

P381 .U53 2004
The unaccusativity puzzle : explorations of the syntax-lexicon interface [electronic resource]
edited by Artemis Alexiadou, Elena Anagnostopoulou and Martin Everaert

P40.5.L33 H37 2007eb
When languages die : the extinction of the world's languages and the erosion of human knowledge [electronic resource]
K. David Harrison

P53.4115 .H83 2015
What is good writing?
Geoffery J. Huck

Bayesian natural language semantics and pragmatics
Henk Zeevat, Hans-Christian Schmitz, editors

P95.55 .M35 2015
The norms of assertion : truth, lies, and warrant /
Rachel McKinnon, College of Charleston, USA

P96.T42 D67 2015
The instruction of imagination : language as a social communication technology /
Daniel Dor

PA3038 .P458 2015
Epideictic rhetoric : questioning the stakes of ancient praise /
Laurent Pernot

PA3095 .M48 2015
The gods rich in praise : early Greek and Mesopotamian religious poetry /
Christopher Metcalf

PA3201 .H35 2006eb
The theatrical cast of Athens : interactions between ancient Greek drama and society [electronic resource]
Edith Hall

PA3978 .W64 2015
Euripides and the politics of form
Victoria Wohl

PA6055 .V65 2002
The poetics of Latin didactic : Lucretius, Vergil, Ovid, Manilius [electronic resource]
Katharina Volk

PA6217 .C29 2007
The Protean ass : the Metamorphoses of Apuleius from antiquity to the Renaissance [electronic resource]
Robert H.F. Carver

PA6296.D7 F36 2004eb
The Roman world of Cicero's De oratore [electronic resource]
Elaine Fantham

PA6585 .G86 2015
Laughing awry : Plautus and tragicomedy /
Erik Gunderson

PA6640 .P55 2015
Pliny the Book-maker : betting on posterity in the Epistles /
edited by Ilaria Marchesi

PA6825 .C66513 2007eb
The poetry of Pathos : studies in Virgilian epic [electronic resource]
Gian Biagio Conte ; edited by S.J. Harrison

PC145 .M58 2005eb
The verbal complex in romance : a case study in grammatical interfaces [electronic resource]
Paola Monachesi

PD2313 .F33 2004eb
The syntax of Old Norse : with a survey of the inflectional morphology and a complete bibliography [electronic resource]
Jan Terje Faarlund

The praxis of English language teaching and learning (PELT) : beyond the binaries: researching critically in EFL classrooms /
edited by Mark Vicars, Shirley Steinberg, Tarquam McKenna, and Marcelle Cacciattolo

PE1404 .G63 2014
Planning your essay
Janet Godwin

Corpus-based studies of translational Chinese in English-Chinese translation
Richard Xiao, Xianyao Hu

PE3208 .W35 2015
Canadian English : sociolinguistic perspective /
James A. Walker

PG3026.U5 .K65 2015
Uncensored : Samizdat novels and the quest for autonomy in Soviet dissidence /
Ann Komaromi

PG3447.Z5 Z923 2015
Vasily Zhukovsky's romanticism and the emotional history of Russia
Ilya Vinitsky

PG3456.V5 V3 2015
The cherry orchard : a comedy in four acts /
Anton Chekhov ; translated from the Russian by Richard Nelson, Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky

PG3482.8.U73 A2 2015
Apollo in the grass : selected poems /
Aleksandr Kushner ; translated from the Russian by Carol Ueland and Robert Carnevale

PG3489.2.L58 Z87 2015
Ludmila Ulitskaya and the art of tolerance
Elizabeth A. Skomp and Benjamin M. Sutcliffe

PK2200.Y89 A6413 2015
Mirages of the mind
Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi ; translated from the Urdu by Matt Reeck and Aftab Ahmad

PL1241 .X7815 2006eb
Typological change in Chinese syntax [electronic resource]
Xu Dan

PL5071 .L36 2015
Language and superdiversity : Indonesians knowledging at home and abroad /
edited by Zane Goebel

PL5139.I77 P82 1980
The prince of Mount Tahan
Ishak Haji Muhammad ; translated from the Malay by Harry Aveling

PL679 .N294 1995
Random House Japanese-English English-Japanese dictionary
Seigo Nakao

PL725.2.K67 K96 2015
Intimate empire : collaboration and colonial modernity in Korea and Japan /
Nayoung Aimee Kwon

PL788.4.G4 E5 2015
The tale of Genji
Murasaki Shikibu ; translated by Dennis Washburn

PL8010 .C76 2015
Africa's narrative geographies : charting the intersections of geocriticism and postcolonial studies /
Dustin Crowley

PL856.U673 A2 2015
Wind ; : Pinball : two novels /
Haruki Murakami ; translated from the Japanese by Ted Goossen

The philosophy of poetry
[edited by] John Gibson

PN1590.H36 H37 2015
Theatres of learning disability : good, bad, or plain ugly? /
Matt Hargrave

PN171.A33 C58 2015
Citizens of the world : adapting in the eighteenth century /
edited by Kevin L. Cope and Samara Anne Cahill

PN1993.5.A35 R49 2015
Colonial cinema in Africa : origins, images, audiences /
Glenn Reynolds

PN1993.5.A65 T48 2015
Ten Arab filmmakers : political dissent and social critique /
edited by Josef Gugler

PN1993.5.G7 M25 2015
Twenty British films : a guided tour /
Brian McFarlane

PN1993.5.I8 A464 2015
Studying Indian cinema
Omar Ahmed

PN1993.5.U6 J225 2015
Studios before the system : architecture, technology, and the emergence of cinematic space /
Brian R. Jacobson

PN1993.5.U6 S35 2015
Keepers : the greatest films-and personal favorites-of a moviegoing lifetime /
Richard Schickel

PN1993.7 .B37 2015
Using film as a source
Sian Barber

PN1995 .C632 2015
Postmodernism and film : rethinking Hollywood's aesthetics /
Catherine Constable

PN1995 .F395 2015
Discovering short films : the history and style of live-action fiction shorts /
Cynthia Felando

PN1995.9.B53 L56 2015
Hollywood biblical epics : Camp Spectacle and Queer Style from the silent era to the modern day /
Richard Lindsay

PN1995.9.F54 S563 2015
American neo-noir : the movie never ends /
Alain Silver and James Ursini ; foreword by Walter Hil

PN1995.9.H55 L48 2015
Gay directors, gay films? : Pedro Almodóvar, Terence Davies, Todd Haynes, Gus Van Sant, John Waters /
Emanuel Levy

PN1995.9.H6 G38 2015
Our old monsters : witches, werewolves and vampires from medieval theology to horror cinema /
Brenda S. Gardenour Walter

Dark humor in films of the 1960s
Wheeler Winston Dixon

PN1995.9.N4 F36 2015
Black Hollywood : from butlers to superheroes, the changing role of African American men in the movies /
Kimberly Fain

PN1995.9.N4 F54 2015
Uplift cinema : the emergence of African American film and the possibility of black modernity /
Allyson Nadia Field

PN1995.9.N4 M57 2015
Black magic woman and narrative film : race, sex and Afro-religiosity /
Montré Aza Missouri, Howard University, USA

PN1995.9.O76 P37 2015
Orphans of the East : postwar Eastern European cinema and the revolutionary subject /
Constantin Parvulescu

PN1995.9.P6 K275 2015
The politics and poetics of cinematic realism
Hermann Kappelhoff

Hollyweird science : from quantum quirks to the multiverse /
Kevin R. Grazier, Stephen Cass ; with a foreword by Eureka Co-creator Jaime Paglia

PN1995.9.S26 N64 2015
Gender in science fiction films, 1964-1979 : a critical study /
Bonnie Noonan

PN1995.9.W4 P66 2015
The post-2000 film western : contexts, transnationality, hybridity /
edited by Marek Paryz, University of Warsaw, Poland and John R. Leo, University of Rhode Island, USA

PN1997.2 .T563 2015
une coproduction Les films du Worso, Dune Vision, Arches Films, Arte France Cinéma, Orange Studio ; réalisation, Abderrahmane Sissako ; scénario, Abderrahmane Sissako, Kessen Tall ; produit par Sylvie Pialat ; producteur, Abderrahmane Sisako

PN1997.A343 H37 2015
An American in paris
Sue Harris

PN1997.B596 B853 2015
Blade runner
edited by Amy Coplan and David Davies

PN1998.3.E57 N48 2015
The many lives of Cy Endfield : film noir, the blacklist, and Zulu /
Brian Neve

PN2044.G6 T46 2007eb
Theatre censorship : from Walpole to Wilson [electronic resource]
David Thomas, David Carlton, Anne Etienne

PN2049 .C635 2015
Remapping performance : common ground, uncommon partners /
Jan Cohen-Cruz

PN2053 .L33 2015
Directing young people in theatre : a guide to staging plays with young casts /
Samantha Lane

PN2062 .E54 2015
Method acting and its discontents : on American psycho-drama /
Shonni Enelow

PN2080 .B415 2014
Best contemporary monologues for men 18-35
edited by Lawrence Harbison

PN2080 .M413 2015
Men's comedic monologues that are actually funny
edited by Alisha Gaddis

PN2266.3 .C36 2015
On the performance front : US theatre and internationalism /
Charlotte M. Canning

PN241 .W35 2015
Born translated : the contemporary novel in an age of world literature /
Rebecca L. Walkowitz

PN2654.2 .G6413 2015
Aesthetics of absence : texts on theatre /
Heiner Goebbels ; edited by Jane Collins ; consultant editor Nicholas Till ; translated by David Rosener and Christina M. Lagao

PN2990.4 .S55 2015
Trickster theatre : the poetics of freedom in urban Africa /
Jesse Weaver Shipley

Playing in a house of mirrors : applied theatre as reflective practice /
edited by Elinor Vettraino and Warren Linds

PN3435 .N53 2015
Women and domestic space in contemporary gothic narratives : the house as subject /
Andrew Hock Soon Ng

PN56.F34 W55 2015
The evolution of modern fantasy : from antiquarianism to the Ballantine adult fantasy series /
by Jamie Williamson

PN56.F46 G73 2015
Women's irony : rewriting feminist rhetorical histories /
Tarez Samra Graban

PN56.M54 F75 2015
Planetary modernisms : provocations on modernity across time /
Susan Stanford Friedman

PN56.T45 O37 2015
Fictions of the war on terror : difference and the transnational 9/11 novel /
Daniel O'Gorman

PN56.T7 N49 2015
New directions in travel writing studies
edited by Julia Kuehn, Associate Professor of English, University of Hong Kong, Paul Smethurst, Associate Professor of English, University of Hong Kong

PN6101 .C57 2015
City Lights pocket poets anthology
edited by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

PN6111 .B47 2015

PN6120.A52 A33s 2015
Sans merci
Johnna Adams

PN6120.A52 A768d 2015
The Doyle and Debbie show : a musical /
by Bruce Arntson

PN6120.A52 C378g 2015
The Gospel according to Thomas Jefferson, Charles Dickens and Count Leo Tolstoy : discord /
by Scott Carter

PN6120.A52 M49p 2015
The patron saint of sea monsters
by Marlane Meyer

PN6120.A52 R68b 2015
By the water
by Sharyn Rothstein

PN6120.A76 I57 2015
Inside/outside : six plays from Palestine and the diaspora /
edited by Naomi Wallace and Ismail Khalidi ; introduction by Nathalie Handal

PN6714 .C43 2015
Comics, the Holocaust and Hiroshima
Jane L. Chapman, Dan Ellin and Adam Sherif

PN6725 .B57 2015
The blacker the ink : constructions of black identity in comics and sequential art /
edited by Frances Gateward and John Jennings

PN721 .F67 2015
Forms of association : making publics in early modern Europe /
edited by Paul Yachnin and Marlene Eberhart

PN778 .V4813 2015
A brief history of portable literature
Enrique Vila-Matas ; translated from the Spanish by Anne McLean and Thomas Bunstead

PN849.E9 R33 2015
Theater of war and exile : twelve playwrights, directors and performers from Eastern Europe and Israel /
Domnica Radulescu ; foreword by Maya E. Roth

PQ1476.G4 A3 2015
Oton de Granson : poems /
edited and translated by Peter Nicholson and Joan Grenier-Winther

PQ2250 .V56 2015
Flaubert postsecular : modernity crossed out /
Barbara Vinken ; translated by Aarnoud Rommens with Susan L. Solomon

PQ245 .G66 2015
How do I know thee? : theatrical and narrative cognition in seventeenth-century France /
Richard E. Goodkin

PQ2469.C5 E55 2015
Five weeks in a balloon : a journey of discovery by three Englishmen in Africa /
Jules Verne ; translated with introduction and notes by Frederick Paul Walter ; edited by Arthur B. Evans

PQ2663.L385 A2 2015
The planetary garden and other writings
Gilles Clément ; translated by Sandra Morris ; foreword by Gilles A. Tiberghien

PQ2664.E5117 M37 2015
On the defensive : reading the ethical in Nazi camp testimonies /
Sharon Marquart

PQ2672.A5155 A2 2015
Cruel tales from the thirteenth floor
Luc Lang ; translated by Donald Nicholson-Smith

PQ2673.O3 P4313 2015
Pedigree : a memoir /
Patrick Modiano ; translated from the French by Mark Polizzotti

PQ2678.O694 S6613 2015
A Paris affair
Tatiana de Rosnay ; translated from the French by Sam Taylor

PQ2680.R656 M4613 2015
Memory at bay
Évelyne Trouillot ; translated by Paul Curtis Daw ; afterword by Jason Herbeck

PQ3940 .M863 2015
Tropical apocalypse : Haiti and the Caribbean end times /
Martin Munro

PQ3949.B43 S7413 2015
Stella : a novel of the Hatian Revolution/
Émeric Bergeaud ; edited and translated by Lesley S. Curtis and Christen Mucher

PQ3979.C6 Z86 2015
Charles Corm : an intellectual biography of a twentieth-century Lebanese "young Phoenician" /
Franck Salameh

Poetry and radical politics in fin de siècle France : from anarchism to Action française /
Patrick McGuinness

PQ439 .M37 2015
Poetry and radical politics in fin de siècle France : from anarchism to Action française /
Patrick McGuinness

PQ6041 .S69 2015
Subject, structure, and imagination in the Spanish discourse on modernity
C. Christopher Soufas, Jr

A history of the Spanish novel
J.A. Garrido Ardila

PQ6672.I37 K3713 2015
The illogic of Kassel
Enrique Vila-Matas ; translated from the Spanish by Anne McLean and Anna Milsom

PQ7082.N7 A835 2015
Magical realism and the history of the emotions in Latin America
Jerónimo Arellano

PQ7798.12.O687 A2 2015
Lost cities go to paradise = : las ciudades perdidas van al paraíso /
Alicia Borinsky ; translated by Regina Galasso ; illustrations by Alicia Borinsky

PQ8498.18.E67 A2 2015
The school of solitude
Luis Hernández ; translated and with a foreword by Anthony L. Geist

PR2065 .K65 2015
The king of Tars
edited by John H. Chandler

PR2976 .M77 2015
The reformation of emotions in the age of Shakespeare
Steven Mullaney

PR3553 .T45 2015
The poetry of John Milton
Gordon Teskey

PR408.H65 O38 2015
Dead letters sent : queer literary transmission /
Kevin Ohi

PR409.A38 R67 2015
Designing fictions : literature confronts advertising /
Michael L. Ross

PR4484 .T56 2015
A modern Coleridge : cultivation, addiction, habits /
Andrea Timár

PR451 .W35 2006eb
Writers, readers, and reputations : literary life in Britain, 1870-1918 [electronic resource]
Philip Waller

PR4582 .D53 2015
Dickens and Massachusetts : the lasting legacy of the Commonwealth visits /
edited by Diana C. Archibald and Joel J. Brattin

PR478.W65 J64 2015
Mourning and mysticism in First World War literature and beyond : grappling with ghosts /
George M. Johnson, Professor and Chair, Thompson Rivers University, Canada

PR6003.E282 Z62483 2015
Deleuze and Beckett
edited by S. E. Wilmer, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland and Audrone Žukauskaite, Lithuanian Culture Research Institute

PR6005.O4 Z667 2015
Joseph Conrad and H. G. Wells : the fin-de-siècle literary scene /
Linda Dryden, Professor of English, Edinburgh Napier University, UK

PR6007.I776 S7 1990
The story of a modern woman
by Ella Hepworth Dixon ; introduction by Kate Flint

PR6019.O9 U7756 2015
Ulysses explained : how Homer, Dante, and Shakespeare inform Joyce's modernist vision /
David Weir

C. S. Lewis and his circle : essays and memoirs from the Oxford C.S. Lewis Society /
edited by Roger White, Judith Wolfe and Brendan N. Wolfe

PR6023.E926 Z5963 2015
C.S. Lewis and his circle : essays and memoirs from the Oxford C.S. Lewis Society /
edited by Roger White, Judith Wolfe and Brendan N. Wolfe

PR6045.A78 A65 1966
The aerodrome : a love story /
by Rex Warner ; with an introduction by Angus Wilson

PR6056.O85 Z663 2015
Filming John Fowles : critical essays on motion picture and television adaptations /
edited by James Aubrey

PR6063.I77 M3 1974
Man Friday : a play : music by Mike Westbrook ; Mind your head : a return trip with songs : music by Andy Roberts /
Adrian Mitchell

PR6068.O93 Z8275 2015
Playing Harry Potter : essays and interviews on fandom and performance /
edited by Lisa S. Brenner

PR6068.O93 Z8874 2015
Harry Potter and the classical world : Greek and Roman allusions in J.K. Rowling's modern epic /
Richard A. Spencer

PR6108.A49 W65 2015
The wolf border : a novel /
Sarah Hall

PR6110.A785 D43 2015
Death and Mr. Pickwick
Stephen Jarvis

PR6120.A74 W39 2015
The way things were
Aatish Taseer

PR731 .P415 2015
Victorian writers and the stage : the plays of Dickens, Browning, Collins and Tennyson /
Richard Pearson, Lecturer, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland

PR8411 .G73 2015eb
Simple forms : essays on medieval English popular literature /
Douglas Gray

PR8722.A55 A55 2015
Animals in Irish literature and culture
edited by Kathryn Kirkpatrick and Borbála Faragó

The theatre of nation : Irish drama and cultural nationalism, 1890-1916 [electronic resource]
Ben Levitas

PR890.P6 B43 2015
Contemporary British fiction and the cultural politics of disenfranchisement : freedom and the city /
Alexander Beaumont

PR9199.3.L285 C5 1980
Clouds of glory
Betty Lambert

PR9199.3.U7 N54 2015
The night stages : a novel /
Jane Urquhart

PR9199.4.L36 M68 2015
The mountain story
Lori Lansens

PR9340.5 .P37 2015
Being apart : theoretical and existential resistance in Africana literature /
LaRose T. Parris

PR9381.9.B57 L3513 1996
White teeth
Okot p'Bitek

PR9381.9.M778 M77 2015
Mrs. Shaw : a novel /
Mukoma wa Ngugi

PR9390.9.M3 H6 1978
The house of hunger : a novella & short stories /
by Dambudzo Marechera

PR9484.6 .H9 1998
Hybridity and postcolonialism : twentieth-century Indian literature /
Monika Fludernik (ed.)

PR9619.3.O48 W4 1965
We are going; : poems,
by Kath Walker

PR9639.3.G7 D74 1986
The dream sleepers
Patricia Grace

PS153.H56 H35 2015
Intersections of harm : narratives of Latina deviance and defiance /
Laura Halperin

PS153.H56 L38 2015
Latino/a literature in the classroom : twenty-first-century approaches to teaching /
edited by Frederick Luis Aldama

PS153.N5 D53 2015
Spoofing the modern : satire in the Harlem Renaissance /
Darryl Dickson-Carr

PS153.N5 M23 2015
Black atlas : geography and flow in nineteenth-century African American literature /
Judith Irwin Madera

PS169.T74 B75 2015
American road narratives : reimagining mobility in literature and film /
Ann Brigham

Something dreadful and grand" : American literature and the Irish-Jewish unconscious /
Stephen Watt

PS173.I75 W38 2015
Something dreadful and grand" : American literature and the Irish-Jewish unconscious /
Stephen Watt

PS217.W64 C66 2008eb
Working women, literary ladies : the industrial revolution and female aspiration [electronic resource]
Sylvia Jenkins Cook

PS231.B66 S73 2015
Metamedia : American book fictions and literary print culture after digitization /
Alexander Starre

PS2843 .M47 2015
Pirates and Devils : William Gilmore Simms's unfinished postbellum novels /
edited by Nicholas G. Meriwether and David W. Newton

PS310.M57 S74 2015
The poetics of information overload : from Gertrude Stein to conceptual writing /
Paul Stephens

PS3503.O9357 Z48 2015
Kay Boyle : a twentieth-century life in letters /
Kay Boyle ; edited and with an introduction by Sandra Spanier

PS3507.A6659 Z86 2015
Joy : poet, seeker, and the woman who captivated C. S. Lewis /
Abigail Santamaria

PS3509.L43 Z48 2011
The letters of T. S. Eliot
edited by Valerie Eliot and Hugh Haughton ; general editor, John Haffenden

PS3511.E557 Z48 2015
I greet you at the beginning of a great career : the selected correspondence of Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Allen Ginsberg, 1955-1997 /
edited by Bill Morgan

PS3515.E37 Z553 2015
The influence of the European culture on Hemingway's fiction
Silvia Ammary

PS3519.E27 Z639 2015
Robinson Jeffers : poet and prophet /
James Karman

PS3521.U638 Z469 2015
The pawnbroker's daughter : a memoir /
Maxine Kumin

PS3525.I486 A73 2015
The Archer files : the complete short stories of Lew Archer, private investigator /
Ross Macdonald ; edited by Tom Nolan

PS3531.E24 Z88 2015
James Larkin Pearson : a biography of North Carolina's longest serving poet laureate /
Gregory S. Taylor

PS3545.H117 Z86 2015
Crowded by beauty : the life and Zen of poet Philip Whalen /
David Schneider

PS3552.A339 H37 2015
Harriet Wolf's seventh book of wonders : a novel /
Julianna Baggott

PS3552.A4116 A6 2015
Scavenger loop : poems /
David Baker

All those strangers : the art and lives of James Baldwin /
Douglas Field

PS3552.A45 Z653 2015
All those strangers : the art and lives of James Baldwin /
Douglas Field

PS3552.U397 Z68 2015
Lois McMaster Bujold
Edward James

PS3552.U4 A6 2015
The bell tolls for no one : stories /
by Charles Bukowski ; edited with an introduction by David Stephen Calonne

PS3552.U4 Z48 2015
On writing
Charles Bukowski ; edited by Abel Debritto

On the shores of Titan's farthest sea : a scientific novel /
Michael Carroll

PS3553.O42434 B66 2015
Book of numbers : a novel /
Joshua Cohen

PS3557.A28 Z88 2015
Nobody grew but the business : on the life and work of William Gaddis /
Joseph Tabbi

PS3558.O3447 M37 2015
The marriage of opposites : a novel based on the life of Rachel Pizzarro /
Alice Hoffman

PS3561.I483 F56 2015b
Finders keepers : a novel /
Stephen King

PS3562.E353 G6 2015
Go set a watchman : a novel /
Harper Lee

PS3562.E55 A6 2015
Charlie Martz and other stories : the unpublished stories /
Elmore Leonard

PS3562.E8544 Z75 2015
Understanding Jonathan Lethem
Matthew Luter

PS3563.A323 A6 2015
Selected works : a memoir in plays /
Terrence McNally

PS3563.E52 A6 2015
Heresies : poems /
Orlando Ricardo Menes

PS3564.O795 O54 2015
One more river to cross : a verbatim fugue /
adapted by Lynn Nottage

PS3566.A736 F38 2015
Father comes home from the wars. Parts 1, 2 & 3
Suzan-Lori Parks

PS3569.H394 Z6685 2015
Sam Shepard and the aesthetics of performance
by Emma Creedon

PS3569.T465258 N49 2015
The new neighbor
Leah Stewart

PS3569.U46 H69 2015
How to write a novel : a novel /
Melanie Sumner

PS3573.A42113 S86 2015
The sunken cathedral : a novel /
Kate Walbert

PS3573.E44 Z63 2015
Companion to James Welch's The heartsong of Charging Elk
edited by Arnold Krupat

PS3601.L863 A6 2015
In the country : stories /
Mia Alvar

PS3602.A596 C865 2015
A cure for suicide
Jesse Ball

PS3602.E2558 A6 2015
Count the waves : poems /
Sandra Beasley

PS3602.E76385 A6 2015
Ampersand revisited
Simeon Berry

PS3603.H35595 A6 2015
When are you coming home? : stories /
Bryn Chancellor

PS3603.R83 M35 2015
Make your home among strangers
Jennine Capó Crucet

PS3604.R56583 A6 2015
Next door to the dead : poems /
Kathleen Driskell

PS3605.M67 T56 2012 (Unwin(e)d Book Club)
The time cellar
by Marc Emory

PS3607.A885 A77 2015
All involved
Ryan Gattis

PS3607.R3286 W67 2014 (Unwin(e)d Book Club)
The word exchange : a novel /
Alena Graedon

PS3608.A54735 S64 2015
Louisa Hall

PS3608.A7735 A6 2015
Love and other wounds : stories /
Jordan Harper

PS3610.O3566 R33 2015
Rasheeda speaking
by Joel Drake Johnson

PS3612.O5243 A6 2015
Crossing over : poems /
Priscilla Long

PS3613.A36 A6 2015
Music for wartime : stories /
Rebecca Makkai

PS3613.A7543 Y68 2015
You don't have to live like this : a novel /
Benjamin Markovits

PS3613.C426 O86 2015 (Unwin(e)d Book Club)
Our town : a novel /
Kevin Jack McEnroe

PS3613.I854 V57 2015
Viral : stories /
Emily Mitchell

PS3616.H467 A6 2015
Rowan Ricardo Phillips

PS3620.H383 S45 2015
Self-portrait with spurs and sulfur : poems /
Casey Thayer

PS3623.I5433 B58 2015
Blue Avenue
Michael Wiley

PS374.L6 J36 2015
An imperialist love story : desert romances and the War on Terror /
Amira Jarmakani

PS648.S5 N37 2015
New American stories
edited by Ben Marcus

PT1695 .W55 2015
Der Wunderer
herausgegeben von Florian Kragl

PT2668.I323 I2513 2015
Wolfgang Hilbig ; translated by Isabel Fargo Cole

PT2671.R225 I5713 2015
Imperium : a fiction of the South Seas /
Christian Kracht ; translated from the German by Daniel Bowles

PT405 .G4565 2015
German pop literature : a companion /
edited by Margaret McCarthy

PT405 .R84 2015
Archaeologies of modernity : avant-garde Bildung /
Rainer Rumold

PT535 .T67 2014
Poetry as a way of life : aesthetics and askesis in the German eighteenth century /
Gabriel Trop

PZ7.L995252 Bou 2014
The Boulder brothers : meet Mo and Jo /
[Sarah Lynn ; illustrations Pierre Collet-Derby]

PZ7.S47953 Sav 2014
Saving Kabul Corner
N.H. Senzai

PZ7.W6474 Re 2014
Deborah Wiles

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