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Building and using comparable corpora [electronic resource]
Serge Sharoff ... [et al.], editors

PA2041 .T445 1955
The Latin language [electronic resource]

PA2087 .R534 1959
Essentials of Latin : an introductory course [electronic resource]
conceived & narrated by John F.C. Richards

PA2087 .R534 1960
Essentials of Latin [Volume V] : basic constructions and review. [electronic resource]
Conceived and narrated by John F.C. Richards

PA3001 .A44 2014
Classical literature : a very short introduction /
William Allan

PA3015.W65 K36 2014
Voices at work : women, performance, and labor in ancient Greece /
Andromache Karanika

PA3433 .A535 1961
Ancient Greek poetry (tragedy, comedy, lyric, elegiac, and iambic poetry) [electronic resource]

PA3877 .A85 1991ev
Excerpts from Aristophanes' The Birds [electronic resource]
Insight Media

PA4018.A65 H664 1961
Greek epic poetry [electronic resource]

PA4025.Z8 H664 1992
The death of Patroclus : from Homer's Iliad chapter 16 [electronic resource]
an English version by Christopher Logue

PA4229.L8 L664 1958
Daphnis and Chloe [electronic resource]

PA4413.O72 S674 1960
Oedipus rex [electronic resource]

PA4414.A7 S674 1958
Antigone [electronic resource]

PA6116 .R433 1962
Readings in Church Latin [electronic resource]
read by Mario A. Pei

PA6121.A1 R663 1961
Roman love poetry : (selections from Catullus, Tibullus, Sulpicia, Propertius, and Ovid) [electronic resource]

PA6236 .C347 1960
Caesar : readings, in Latin and English [electronic resource]
by Moses Hadas

PA6278.A3 C534 1956
Cicero : commentary and readings in Latin and English [electronic resource]
by Moses Hadas

PA6393 .H673 1959
The odes of Horace : eighteen odes [electronic resource]

PA6519.A6 S44 1960
Selections from Metamorphoses and The art of love [electronic resource]

PA6802.A1 V574 1955
The story of Virgil's Aeneid : introduction and readings in Latin and English by Moses Hadas [electronic resource]

PA6802.A1 V574 1960
Selections from Virgil : Aeneid, books 1, 2, 4, and 6 [electronic resource]

PC2112.7.B4 B338 1959
Speak and read French [electronic resource]
written and spoken by Armand and Louise Bégué

PC2112.7.B4 B338 2003
Speak and read French [electronic resource]
prepared and narrated by Armand and Louise Bégué

PC2591 D2005
Dictionnaire des synonymes et nuances
[sous la direction de Dominique Le Fur]

PC4073 .N49 2014
New directions in Hispanic linguistics
edited by Rafael Orozco

PC4112.7 H555 2003
Who goes first? : ¿Quien va primero? : Children's counting-out rhymes in English and Spanish [electronic resource]
with Kay Hill and Bertha G. Cordova

PE1066 .G653
Instructional record for changing regional speech patterns [electronic resource]

PE1075 .T443 1959
The changing English language ; Changing literary style [electronic resource]
compiled, edited and recited by Charles W. Dunn

PE1091 .H687 1956
Sounds of spoken English : a condensed course in the correction of frequent mistakes in enunciation [electronic resource]

PE1128.P4 P456 1964
Getting along in English [electronic resource]
conceived and produced by Dr. & Mrs. Mario Pei

PE1137 .B876 1961
Mend your speech [electronic resource]

PE1137.L37 D665 1975
Dominando el ingles : mastering English pronunciation ; a guide for Spanish-speaking people [electronic resource]
by Abraham H. Lass ... [et al.]

PE1408 .S374 1962
Reading comprehension [electronic resource]
Morris Schreiber

PE1408.S35 S374 1962
How to write an effective composition [electronic resource]

PE1422 .S69 2014
Teenage talk : from general characteristics to the use of pragmatic markers in a contrastive perspective /
Anna-Brita Stenström

PE1449 .S374 1959
The anatomy of language [for college entrance preparation and general cultural improvement] [electronic resource]

PE1702.A2 A434 1954
Albert Ramsbottom, Sam Small and Uthers : English dialect readings [electronic resource]

PE3101.P4 J64 2013
Speaking Pittsburghese : the story of a dialect /
Barbara Johnstone

PG2112.7.P4 P456 1962
Getting along in Russian [electronic resource]
prepared and edited by Mario Pei [and Fedor I. Nikanov]

PG2127.H5 S755 1963
Graded readings in Russian history, from the book [electronic resource]

PG2131 .N553
The Russian alphabet guide [electronic resource]
by F.I. Nikanov

PG3200 .R877 1961
Russian poetry and prose [electronic resource]

PG3227 .M634 1962
Modern Soviet poetry and humor [electronic resource]

PG3332 .G646
The overcoat [electronic resource]
by Nikolai Gogol ; edited and translated by Elizabeth Kresky ; produced by A. Lobanov ; directed by A. Ilyina

PG3333.R4 N45 2014
The inspector : a comedy in five acts /
Nikolai Gogol ; translated from the Russian by Richard Nelson, Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky

PG3410 .K374 2014
Give War and Peace a chance : Tolstoyan wisdom for troubled times /
Andrew D. Kaufman

PG3455 .C445 1960
Anton Chekhov read in Russian [electronic resource]

PG3476.E96 Y488 1966
The poetry of Yevtushenko [electronic resource]

PG3476.N3 Z8639 2014
The Tender Friendship and the Charm of Perfect Accord : Nabokov and His Father /
Gavriel Shapiro

PG3948.S5 S548 2003
Readings from the works of Taras Shevchenko [electronic resource]

PJ4545 .G378 1955
The Hebrew language [electronic resource]
commentary and readings by Theodor H. Gaster

PJ5129.K78 K878 1961
Marc Chagall [electronic resource]

PJ5129.R2 S565 1959
Sholem Aleichem read in Yiddish [electronic resource]

PJ5129.S86 S889 1960
The poetry of Abraham Sutzkever : the Vilno poet, reading in Yiddish [electronic resource]
edited and annotated by Ruth Wisse

PJ7846.I392 L3913 2014
The Iraqi nights = : Layālī al-ʻIrāqīyah /
Dunya Mikhail ; translated from the Arabic by Kareem James Abu-Zeid

PK3633.B5 T853 1951
Readings from the Ramayana. Bhagavad gita [electronic resource]

PK6456.A1 A4 1956
The Persian epic Shah-nameh : the book of kings [electronic resource]

PL1125.E6 C436 1955
Mandarin primer [electronic resource]
by Yuen Ren Chao

PL1291 .C45 2013
Chinese lexical semantics : 14th Workshop, CLSW 2013, Zhengzhou, China, May 10-12, 2013, Revised selected papers /
Pengyuan Liu, Qi Su (eds.)

PL2321 .L62 1963
Chinese poems of the Tang and Sung dynasties [electronic resource]
Selected by Lo Kung-Yuan and Ralph Knight

PL2658.E3 T557 2013
The third shore : Chinese & English-language poets in mutual translation /
edited by Yang Lian & W.N. Herbert = Da hai de di san an : Zhong Ying shi ren hu yi shi xuan / zhu bian Yang Lian, Weilian Hebote

PL2966.U825 F82513 2014
The man with the compound eyes
Wu Ming-Yi ; translated from the Chinese by Darryl Sterk

PL765 .N643 2007
Noh and Kyogen plays live [electronic resource]
[recorded by Jacob Feuerring ; notes by Ayako Uchiyama]

PL8191 .A563 1964
Ga--the language of Ghana (vol. 2) [electronic resource]
by Ivan Annin

PM8008 .P456 1961
One language for the world [electronic resource]

PN1009.A1 N4
The Newbery & Caldecott awards : a complete listing of medal and honor books

PN1031 .S374 1960
Understanding and appreciation of poetry [electronic resource]
Morris Schreiber

PN1347 .R684 1968
A reading of primitive and archaic poetry : origins and meanings, death and defeat [electronic resource]

PN1661 .C66
Arthur Miller and Israel Horovitz discuss theater [electronic resource]

PN1661 E47 2007
The art of dramatic writing : its basis in the creative interpretation of human motives /
by Lajos Egri ; with an introduction by Gilbert Miller

PN1861 .K95 2014
Railway travel in modern theatre : transforming the space and time of the stage /
Kyle Gillette

PN1922 .N55 2014
Comedy, seriously : a philosophical study /
Dmitri Nikulin, New School

PN1978.U6 P87 2001ev
Puppetry : worlds of imagination [electronic resource]
produced by Speckled Koi Productions with the cooperation of Packawallop Productions ; director, Joshua Malkin ; writers, Michael R. Malkin, Joshua Malkin

PN1992.55.S83 O78 2013
Star Trek : the art of Juan Ortiz /
[Juan Ortiz]

PN1993.5.U6 A68 2014
Movies as history : scenes of America, 1930-1970 /
Marie L. Aquila

PN1993.5.U6 S73 2014
Citizen Hollywood : how the collaboration between LA and DC revolutionized American politics /
Timothy Stanley

PN1995.9.D6 N3778 2014
New documentaries in Latin America
edited by Vinicius Navarro and Juan Carlos Rodríguez

PN1995.9.E78 M88 2014
Film & everyday eco-disasters
Robin L. Murray and Joseph K. Heumann

PN1995.9.F54 B76 2014
Class, crime and international film noir : globalizing America's dark art /
Dennis Broe, Professor of Media Arts, Long Island University, USA

PN1995.9.H6 H455 2014
Found footage horror films : fear and the appearance of reality /
Alexandra Heller-Nicholas

PN1995.9.N4 N36 2014
Shaping the future of African American film : color-coded economics and the story behind the numbers /
Monica White Ndounou

PN1997 .A464 2002
L'aile ou la cuisse [videorecording]
Christian Fechner présente ; un film de Claude Zidi

PN1997 .D68
Double solitaire [electronic resource]
a presentation of KCET Los Angeles ; produced by Martin Manulis ; directed by Paul Bogart

PN1997 .L528 1994
Ein Lied geht um die Welt : My song goes 'round the world [electronic resource]
screenplay, Ernst Neubach ; produced and directed by Richard Oswald

PN1997 .S8678 2003
Sur un arbre perché [videorecording]
un film de Serge Korber ; scénario original de Pierre Roustang ; dialogue de Jean Halain ; Raymond Danon présente ; réalisateur, Serge Korber ; adaptation, Jean Halain et Serge Korber ; une co-production Lira films - Société nouvelle de cinématographie - Comacico, Paris

PN1997.85 .A45 1983ev
Alice in Wonderland [electronic resource]

PN1997.H39 S33 2003
Scarecrow [electronic resource]
a presentation of KCET/Hollywood Television Theatre ; written by Percy MacKaye ; directed by Boris Sagal ; produced by Lewis Freedman

PN1998.3.G63 C88 2014
A companion to Jean-Luc Godard
edited by Tom Conley and T. Jefferson Kline

PN1998.3.L86 S53 1997x VCT
Sidney Lumet : from theater to film [electronic resource]
directed by Nick Havinga

PN2037 .F4813 2014
The Routledge introduction to theatre and performance studies
Erika Fischer-Lichte ; edited by Ramona Thomasius and Minou Arjomand ; translated by Minou Arjomand

PN2037 .Y875 1960
Dear audience [electronic resource]
Blanche Yurka

PN2049 .W55 2014
Theatricality, dark tourism and ethical spectatorship : absent others /
Emma Willis

PN2053 .G8x
Lecture on Directing a play [electronic resource]
Tyrone Guthrie

PN2071.G4 Y377 1998ev
Yass Hakoshima : mime performance and demonstration [electronic resource]
directed and produced by John Musilli

PN2071.M6 B635 2007
The Body speaks : exercises of the Theater Laboratory of Wroclaw [electronic resource]
demonstrated by Ryszard Cieslak and students

PN2091.F53 I66 2014
The theatrical firearms handbook
Kevin Inouye

PN2091.S6 B335 1964
Background music for home movies [electronic resource]

PN2091.S6 S544 1964
The sounds of the office [electronic resource]

PN2091.S6 S544 1964
The sounds of the junk yard [electronic resource]

PN2091.S6 S686 1958
Sound effects [electronic resource]

PN2193 .E86T54 2003
Theatre Laboratoire Vicinal [electronic resource]

PN2270.A35 B53 1987ev
Black theater : interviews [electronic resource]

PN2270.A35 G376 1973
Black drama [electronic resource]

PN2277.C572 C547 2014
America's first regional theatre : the Cleveland Play House and its search for a home /
by Jeffrey Ullom

PN2277.W4742 S94 2014
The O'Neill : the transformation of modern American theater /
Jeffrey Sweet ; photographs edited by Preston Whiteway ; forewords by Michael Douglas and Meryl Streep

PN2287.A433 O34 2014
Stella : mother of modern acting /
Sheana Ochoa

PN2297.S7 L633 2003
Local color : the making of the Sty of the blind pig by Phillip Hayes Dean : a St. Louis Black Repertory Theater production [electronic resource]
Solstics productions ; directed by Oleg Passer and Amanda Aschinger

PN2596.L6 G46 2014
Performing the temple of liberty : slavery, theater, and popular culture in London and Philadelphia, 1760-1850 /
Jenna M. Gibbs

PN3335 .S374 1963
Understanding and appreciation of the novel [electronic resource]

PN3335 .S374 2003
Understanding and appreciation of the short story [electronic resource]
by Morris Schreiber

PN3451.A14 A447 1960
American essays [electronic resource]

PN3451.J3 J335 1960
The Lottery : [and] The Daemon lover, from the book The Lottery [electronic resource]

PN3459.A16 J495
Jewish classical literature [electronic resource]

PN3459.T3 A16
Readings from Tacitus [electronic resource]

PN4500 .S37 2003
Understanding and appreciation of the essay [electronic resource]
by Morris Schreiber

PN4731 .W35 2013
Reinventing professionalism : journalism and news in global perspective /
Silvio Waisbord

State aid for newspapers : theories, cases, actions /
Paul Murschetz, editor

PN4797 .M48 2013
Chasing newsroom diversity : from Jim Crow to affirmative action /
Gwyneth Mellinger

PN4874.S794 S956 1962
Seventy-fifth birthday anniversary album [electronic resource]

PN53 .U84 2014
Epic arts in Renaissance France
Phillip John Usher

PN56.E27 M66 2014
The ecstatic poetic tradition : a critical study from the ancients through Rumi, Wordsworth, Whitman, Dickinson and Tagore /
D.J. Moores

PN56.E77 B87 2014
Finite transcendence : existential exile and the myth of home /
Steven A. Burr

PN56.H66 W55 2014
Hospitality and the Transatlantic Imagination, 1815-1835
Cynthia Schoolar Williams

PN56.H83 W45 2014
The humanist comedy
Alexander Welsh

PN56.P555 P66 2014
The postcolonial cultural industry : icons, markets, mythologies /
Sandra Ponzanesi

PN56.P93 C66 2014
Contemporary trauma narratives : liminality and the ethics of form /
[edited by] Susana Onega and Jean-Michel Ganteau

PN56.S54 M67 2014
Shipwrecked : disaster and transformation in Homer, Shakespeare, Defoe, and the modern world /
James V. Morrison

PN6071.N3 E265 1978
Ecology won [electronic resource]

PN6071.Y68 S374 1964
Decision for youth : integrating the study of memorable selections from literature [electronic resource]
Morris Schreiber

PN6120.95.F3 S76 2014
Stories of fatherhood
edited by Diana Secker Tesdell

PN6120.A52 C549s 1984
Stray dog story : an adventure in ten scenes /
by Robert Chesley ; with illustrations by Kimble Mead ; and an introduction by Nicholas Deutsch

PN6120.A52 G733o 2013
The Outgoing Tide
by Bruce Graham

PN6120.A52 S936n 2013
The Norwegians
by C. Denby Swanson

PN6120.T4 F43 1999ev
Feasting with panthers : a play about Oscar Wilde [electronic resource]
created with the Trinity Square Repertory Company ; a production of WNET/13, New York ; produced by Ken Campbell ; directed by Adrian Hall and Rick Hauser

PN6328 .S393 1970
Tony Schwartz records the sound of children [electronic resource]

PN6710 .C377 1959
Interview with Al Capp, cartoonist [electronic resource]

PN6712 .T33 2014
The quest for Jewish belief and identity in the graphic novel
Stephen E. Tabachnick

PN6727.Y36 B68 2013
Boxers & Saints
Gene Luen Yang ; color by Lark Pien

PN6727.Y36 B68 2013
Boxers & Saints
Gene Luen Yang ; color by Lark Pien

PN682.L68 E76 2008
The erotics of consolation : desire and distance in the late Middle Ages /
edited by Catherine E. Léglu and Stephen J. Milner

PN688.P45 P456 2003
Medieval romance poetry [electronic resource]
Mario Pei

PN849.C3 S55 2014
Bodies and Bones : Feminist Rehearsal and Imagining Caribbean Belonging /
Tanya L. Shields

PQ1165 .P646 1954
Poemontages : 100 years of French poetry [electronic resource]
[narrated by Jacques Henry Levesque in French with musical montages edited by Frederic Ramsey Jr.]

PQ1165 .S593 1962
Six centuries of recited French, Ruteboeuf (XIIIth c.) to Voltaire (XVIIIth c.) [electronic resource]

PQ1181 .T434 1961
19th century French poetry [electronic resource]

PQ1184 .L466 1964
L'Honneur des poetes : four French resistance writers [electronic resource]

PQ1184 .T434 1965
20th century French poetry [electronic resource]

PQ1275 .F746 1960
French short stories [electronic resource]

PQ1310 .T4
Chansons de geste [et] Romans courtois

PQ139 .L3
Etudes littéraires

PQ1462.A5 P3
Aucassin et Nicolette et autres contes du jongleur

PQ1463.G44 A62
Le Bateleur de Notre-Dame
d̓apres Gautier de Coincy ; H. Marmier

PQ1517 .L334 2001
La chanson de Roland [electronic resource]
presented by the Proscenium Studio Montreal under the direction of Madame Lucie de Vienne

PQ1729 .B78
Bossuet: Oraison funèbre d'Anne de Gonzague

PQ1808.A3 B48 2014
Selected fables
Jean de La Fontaine ; translated with an introduction and notes by Christopher Betts ; with illustrations by Gustave Doré

PQ1898 .R335 2000
Phedre : in French and English [electronic resource]
by Jean Racine

PQ2220.D38 Z6
Gustave Drouineau [par] Eugène Fromentin et Émile Beltrémieux

PQ2220.D723 C59
Lautréamont ou les Violences du Narcisse

PQ2246.N6 J44 1966
November. : A new ed. of an early novel by the author.
Translated by Frank Jellinek. Edited, and with an introd. by Francis Steegmuller

PQ2254 .C574 1923
edited by C.J.M. Adie and P.C.H. de Satgé

PQ2254.R6 A2
The romance of the Queen Pédauque
Anatole France ; with illustrations by Alexander King

PQ2257.G2 E613 1975
Monsieur Lecoq
Emile Gaboriau ; edited with an introd. by E.F. Bleiler

PQ2258 .M3 1966
Mademoiselle de Maupin
Théophile Gautier ; introd. Geneviéve van den Bogaert

PQ2260.G36 F55
Les filles du feu : suivi de Aurélia /
Gérard de Nerval ; présenté par Kléber Haedens

PQ2260.G36 M637
Nouveaux documents sur les Monténégrins de Gérard de Nerval. : Un scénario des Monténégrins. Les Monténégrins en Belgique

PQ2285.F5 H846 1961
Le gibet : excerpts from La fin du Satan [electronic resource]

PQ2605.E55 C463 1967
Prose du transsibérien et de la petite Jeanne de France [electronic resource]
par/by Blaise Cendrars

PQ2605.O28 C654 1963
Colette's music hall : (L'Envers du music-hall) [electronic resource]

PQ2613.A655 B476 1964
Priáeres dans l'arche [electronic resource]

PQ2635.O7 C913 1987ev
Cyrano De Bergerac [electronic resource]

PQ290 .F75 2014
The French Colonial Imagination : Writing the Indian Uprisings, 1857-1858, from Second Empire to Third Republic /
Nicola Frith

PQ3914 .V659 1958
Voix de 8 poètes du Canada [electronic resource]

PQ3986.M3 F746 1977
French African poems [electronic resource]

PQ3989.D37 D363 1967
Poèsie de la negritude : Leon Damas reads selected poems from Pigments, Graffiti, Black label, and Nevralgies [electronic resource]

PQ4305 .D368 1956
La divina commedia : the inferno [electronic resource]

PQ4315.2 D368 1954
The Inferno ; The Immortal Drama of a Journey Through Hell [electronic resource]
(Phonodisc) Translated by John Ciardi for Mentor Ed. of the New American Library

PQ6073 .G373 1961
Poems of Federico García Lorca [electronic resource]

PQ6149 .V46 2014
Transatlantic correspondence : modernity, epistolarity, and literature in Spain and Spanish America, 1898-1992 /
José Luis Venegas

PQ6187 .C383 1958
Catalina Levinton : recital poetico [electronic resource]

PQ6257 .M537
Microcuentos : a selection of brief Spanish short stories from the Middle Ages to the present [electronic resource]

PQ6257 .S636 1961
Spanish short stories [electronic resource]

PQ6271.A2 E5 2014
The Abencerraje ; : and Ozmín and Daraja : two sixteenth-century novellas from Spain /
edited and translated by Barbara Fuchs, Larissa Brewer-García, and Aaron J. Ilika

PQ6323 .C478 1958
Don Quixote [electronic resource]
by Miguel de Cervantes

PQ6333 .D667 1958
Don Quijote de la Mancha : Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra [electronic resource]
performed by Jorge Juan Rodriguez

PQ6400.J8 S26 2003
San Juan de la Cruz, poesias : [poems of St John of the Cross] [electronic resource]

PQ7081 .M4413 2014
Viral voyages : tracing AIDS in Latin America /
Lina Meruane ; translated by Andrea Rosenberg

PQ7081 .S58 2014
Cosmopolitan desires : global modernity and world literature in Latin America /
Mariano Siskind

PQ7081 .T785 2014
TransLatin Joyce : global transmissions in Ibero-American literature /
edited by Brian L. Price, César A. Salgado, and John Pedro Schwartz

PQ7297.A1 P2 1997ev
Los pastores : the Shepherd's play [electronic resource]
NLCC ; produced by Loren Stephens

PQ7389.G95 N53 2001
Nicolás Guillén poet laureate of revolutionary Cuba [electronic resource]

PQ7421 .A27 2014
Dream nation : Puerto Rican culture and the fictions of independence /
María Acosta Cruz

Sandino's nation : Ernesto Cardenal and Sergio Ramírez writing Nicaragua, 1940-2012 /
Stephen Henighan

PQ7797.H3 H476 1962
El gaucho Martin Fierro : selected readings [electronic resource]

PQ9150 .M634 2003
Modern Portuguese poetry [electronic resource]

PQ9658 .N864 1966
Modern Brazilian poetry [electronic resource]
Mário de Andrade ... [et al.] ; selected and edited by Raymond Sayers and [Cassiano] Nunes

PR111 .K78 2014
British Women Writers and the Short Story, 1850-1930 : Reclaiming Social Space /
Kate Krueger, Assistant Professor of English, Arkansas State University, USA

PR1173 .C841 1825eb
Songs of a stranger. [electronic resource]

PR1221 .E545 1962
English romantic poetry [electronic resource]

PR1225 .A584 1960
Anthology of 20th century English poetry [electronic resource]

PR1309.L64 L595 2014
London stories
edited by Jerry White

PR1502 .L975 1964
Lyrics from the Old English [electronic resource]
a reading by Burton Raffel and Robert P. Creed

PR1505 .D866 1958
Early English poetry [electronic resource]
compiled, edited & recited by Charles W. Dunn

PR1867 .C438 1962
Readings from Canterbury tales [electronic resource]

PR2303 .K47 2014
John Lyly and early modern authorship
Andy Kesson

PR2808 .S535
Shakespeare's Julius Caeser [sic] [electronic resource]

PR2819 .A23 1974ev
King Lear [electronic resource]
Image Entertainment ; produced by Virginia Kassel ; directed by Edwin Sherin

PR2821.A3 S535 2003
Jay Robinson as Richard III [electronic resource]

PR2827.A2 A453 1964
A midsummer night's dream [electronic resource]

PR2829 .S535 2003
Othello, the Moor of Venice [electronic resource]

PR2832 .S535 1966
The taming of the shrew [electronic resource]

PR2845.A2 S535 1964
Claire Luce reads Venus & Adonis [electronic resource]
by William Shakespeare

PR2878.C55 S535 2003
Shakespeare's Cleopatra : a study in moods [electronic resource]

PR2878.H3 M34 1995ev
The making of a monologue : Robert Wilson's Hamlet [electronic resource]
produced, directed & written by Marion Kessel ; co-director, Anne-Christine Rommen ; executive producers, Michael Caddell & Tracey Conwell ; Caddell & Conwell Foundation for the Arts

PR2890 .S374 1964
Understanding and appreciation of Shakespeare : audio units in literature [electronic resource]

PR2991 .S535 1964
Woman : a concert reading [electronic resource]
William Shakespeare

PR3991.A1 M6
The Mohawks : a satirical poem with notes [electronic resource]

PR4004.A118 A17
Poems, &c. &c. [electronic resource]
by the late Mrs. Mary Alcock

PR4149.B5 R3
Rambles in Waltham forest : a stranger's contribution to the triennial sale for the benefit of the Wanstead Lying-in charity .. [electronic resource]

PR4161 .B776m
The maniac, a tale ; or, A view of Bethlem Hospital : and The merits of women, a poem from the French ; with poetical pieces on various subjects, original and translated [electronic resource]

PR428.C48 P47 2014
Imitatio Christi : the Poetics of Piety in Early Modern England /
Nandra Perry

PR428.C48 S36 2014
Typology and Iconography in Donne, Herbert, and Milton : Fashioning the Self after Jeremiah /
Reuben Sánchez

PR428.R46 B65 2014
Becoming Christian : race, reformation, and early modern English romance /
Dennis Austin Britton

PR4303 .D85
Poems and letters [electronic resource]
Robert Burns

PR468.A79 H46 2014
The starry sky within : astronomy and the reach of the mind in Victorian literature /
Anna Henchman

PR468.C64 B59 2014
The Victorian colonial romance with the Antipodes
Helen Lucy Blythe

PR478 P64S5 2004
Literature, politics and culture in postwar Britain
Alan Sinfield

PR4878 .L85 1808
Poems [electronic resource]
by Mary Leadbeater, (late Shackleton) to which is prefixed her translation of the thirteenth book of the Æneid ; with the Latin original, written in the fifteenth century, by Maffæus

PR4889.L3 K4 1813
Kenilworth and Farley Castle : with other poems [electronic resource]
by J.S. Anna Liddiard

PR5059.M3 L3 1807
The lay of an Irish harp : or, Metrical fragments. [electronic resource];
By Miss Owenson

PR5112.N235 O7
Original poems, and a play [electronic resource]
By Charlotte Nooth

PR5291 .S53e
Ellauna: a legend of the thirteenth century [electronic resource]
by Mary

PR5671.T7 C3
Laura's dream : or, The moonlanders [electronic resource]

PR5671.T7 C3
Ellen : a ballad, founded on a recent fact [electronic resource]

PR5671.T7 C3
Campaspe [electronic resource]

PR5818 .L2 1985ev
Lady Windermere's fan [electronic resource]
BBC Video ; producer, Louis Marks, director, Tony Smith ; writer, Oscar Wilde

PR5818 .W553 1963
The happy prince : and The devoted friend [electronic resource]

PR585.S33 T35 2014
Fairy tales, natural history and Victorian culture
Laurence Talairach-Vielmas, Professor of English, University of Toulouse, France

PR595.A34 S528 2014
The ghost behind the masks : the Victorian poets and Shakespeare /
W. David Shaw

PR6003.E282 K7 1988
Krapp's last tape [electronic resource]
a play by Samuel Beckett ; directed by Alan Schneider ; produced by Mark Wright and H.B. Lutz

PR6003.R4 B766 1965
The poems of Rupbert Brooke [electronic resource]
arranged and read by Richard Waring

PR6005.O38 C658 1965
Padraic Colum reading from his Irish tales and poems [electronic resource]

PR6017.S5 Z48 2014
The Animals : Love Letters Between Christopher Isherwood and Don Bachardy /
edited and with an introduction by Katherine Bucknell

PR6025.A77 M374 1977
John Masefield reads his poetry [electronic resource]

PR6037.E72 S478 2003
Jean Shepherd reads poems of Robert Service [electronic resource]

A Companion to J. R. R. Tolkien
edited by Stuart D. Lee

PR6045.O72 Z8996 2014
Literary aesthetics of trauma : Virginia Woolf and Jeanette Winterson /
Reina van der Wiel

PR6058.O4467 Z66 2014
Alan Hollinghurst and the vitality of influence
Allan Johnson

PR6064.I2 F6 1975ev
Forget-me-not Lane [electronic resource]
[written by] Peter Nichols ; a presentation of Thirteen/WNET New York ; produced by Jac Venza & Lindsay Law ; directed by Arvin Brown & John J. Desmond

PR6068.I287 N48 2014
Never love a gambler
Keith Ridgway

PR6069.T134 L68 2014
Lost for words : a novel /
Edward St. Aubyn

PR6102.E14 .G653 2013eb
Zero tolerance and other plays : disrupting xenophobia, racism and homophobia in school /
by Tara Goldstein

PR6106.O95 I5 2014
In the wolf's mouth
Adam Foulds

PR6115.D6573 C56 2014
Closed doors : a novel /
Lisa O'Donnell

PR6115.D6573 D433 2013
The death of bees : a novel /
Lisa O'Donnell

PR658.P65 W55 2014
Making make-believe real : politics as theater in Shakespeare's time /
Garry Wills

PR751 .H76 2014
Melodramatic Imperial Writing : From the Sepoy Rebellion to Cecil Rhodes /
Neil Hultgren

PR9084 .A25 2014
Cosmopolitanism and place : spatial forms in contemporary Anglophone literature /
Emily Johansen

PR9195.7 S598 1958
Six Toronto poets [electronic resource]

PR9198.3.Q4 S368 1957
Six Montreal poets [electronic resource]

PR9199.3.F474 F474
Radio programme No. two : : Rawhide [electronic resource]
Max Ferguson

PR9199.4.B69 O74 2014
The orenda
Joseph Boyden

PR9655.8 .S76 2003
Stories and poems of New Guinea [electronic resource]

Small plates : short fiction /
Katherine Hall Page

PS1303 .T835 1961
Readings from the stories and from Huckleberry Finn [electronic resource]
Mark Twain [pseud.]

PS1449.C85 R443 1961
Stephen Crane : a selection from The red badge of courage , the poetry, and the story - The Veteran [electronic resource]
performed by Jared Reed

PS1449.C85 Z866 2014
Stephen Crane : a life of fire /
Paul Sorrentino

PS15.R719 R648 1962
Words for the wind : poems of Theodore Roethke [electronic resource]

PS153.P83 N49 2014
In visible movement : Nuyorican poetry from the Sixties to slam /
Urayoán Noel

PS1541.Z5 D535 1962
The letters of Emily Dickinson : a reminiscence by Thomas Wentworth Higginson from The Atlantic monthly, October, 1891 [electronic resource]

PS1603 C67 .E447 1962
Ralph Waldo Emerson : a selection from the essays, the poetry, and the journals [electronic resource]

PS1642.P5 G45 2013
Emerson and universal mind
Richard G. Geldard

PS169.W4 L44 2014
Quest West : American intellectual and cultural transformations /
Richard Lehan

PS1827.A2 H378 1960
The luck of Roaring Camp : the outcasts of Poker Flat [electronic resource]

PS193 .B87 2014
Intimacy and Family in Early American Writing
Erica Burleigh

PS2067 .I785 2001
The legend of Sleepy Hollow [electronic resource]
by Washington Irving

PS217.T7 K64 2014
Miles of stare : transcendentalism and the problem of literary vision in nineteenth-century America /
Michelle Kohler

PS2263.A2 L664 1958
Evangeline [electronic resource]

PS2267 .L664 1956
The song of Hiawatha [electronic resource]
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

PS2384 .M458 1965
Moby Dick : Selections [electronic resource]

PS2618 .P644 1967
The pit and the pendulum [electronic resource]
Edgar Allen Poe

PS2642.A66 C36 2014
Poe and the visual arts
Barbara Cantalupo

PS277 .W74 2014
Myth and environment in recent Southwestern literature : healing narratives /
Theda Wrede

PS310.N4 A584 1955
Anthology of Negro poets in the U.S.A : 200 years [electronic resource]
read by Arna Bontemps

PS3141 .D87 2014
Elizabeth Stuart Phelps : selected tales, essays, and poems /
edited by Elizabeth Duquette and Cheryl Tevlin ; introduction by Elizabeth Duquette

PS3201 .W458 1957
Selection from Walt Whitman's Leaves of grass [electronic resource]

PS3501.B17 A234 1961
Poetry in the round : a poetry workshop [electronic resource]
Narration and poems by George Abbe

PS3503.E23 B443 1977
Report to the stockholders : poems. [electronic resource]
by John Beecher

PS3503.E233 B443 2003
To live and die in Dixie [electronic resource]
read by the poet John Beecher

PS3503.R833 B769 1992
16 poems of Sterling A. Brown [electronic resource]

PS3503.R833 B769 1995
The poetry of Sterling A. Brown : read by the author [electronic resource]

PS3505.A364 D42167 2012
Médico de homens e de almas
Taylor Caldwell ; tradução de Aydano Arruda

PS3505.I27 A7 1956
As if : poems new and selected [electronic resource]
by John Ciardi

PS3511.R237 F736 1975
Robert Francis reads his poems [electronic resource]

PS3511.R94 F767 1961
Derry down Derry, a narrative reading by Lesley Frost of poems by Robert Frost [electronic resource]

PS3513.I4653 G554 1967
The wick and the tallow [electronic resource]
Henry Gilfond

PS3515.A515 T615 1996
To be young, gifted and black [electronic resource]
Camera Three

PS3515.A9877 S49 2014
Sexes : the marriage dialogues /
Samuel Hazo

PS3515.U274 H844 1955
The dream keeper and other poems [electronic resource]
read by Langston Hughes

PS3515.U274 H844 1964
Jericho-Jim Crow [electronic resource]

PS3515.U274 H844 1995
The voice of Langston Hughes [electronic resource]

PS3515.U274 H868 1958
Tambourines to glory : gospel songs by Langston Hughes & Jobe Huntley [electronic resource]

PS3515.U274B4 H844 1991
The best of Simple [electronic resource]
Langston Hughes

PS3519.E27 J444 1963
The roan stallion [electronic resource]

PS3519.E27 J444 1964
Tower beyond tragedy [electronic resource]

PS3519.O2625 G61
God's trombones [electronic resource]

PS3521.R29 K736 1957
Serenade [electronic resource]
by Aaron Kramer reading his own and other poems by poets of New York

PS3525.I5156 D43 2002
Death of a salesman [electronic resource]
by Arthur Miller ; produced by David Susskind and Daniel Melnick ; directed by Alex Segal ; a CBS Television Network production

PS3525.I5156 Z43 2004ev
Arthur Miller [electronic resource]

PS3525.I5454 M555 1964
An interview with Henry Miller [electronic resource]

PS3527.I865 Z46
Anaïs Nin : her diary [electronic resource]
Creative Arts Television Archive

PS3529.D46 A93 2002
Awake and sing [electronic resource]
KCET ; produced & staged by Norman Lloyd ; screenplay, Clifford Odets ; directors, Norman Lloyd, Robert Hopkins

PS3529.L655 O476 1975
Charles Olson reads from Maximus poems IV, V, VI [electronic resource]

PS3529.N5 B4 2001ev
Beyond the horizon [electronic resource]
by Eugene O'Neill ; directed by Michael Kahn and Rick Hauser

PS3529.N5 I3 2001 (DVD)
Eugene O'Neill's The iceman cometh [electronic resource]

PS3531.A5855 B44 1980ev
Big blonde [electronic resource]
written for television by Ellen M. Violett ; directed by Kirk Browning

PS3531.A764 P383 1959
Kenneth Patchen reads with jazz in Canada [electronic resource]

PS3531.A764 P383 1959
Selected poems of Kenneth Patchen [electronic resource]

PS3531.A764 P383 1961
Kenneth Patchen reads his love poems [electronic resource]

PS3535.O758 T447 1963
The poems of Norman Rosten [electronic resource]

PS3537.A426 Z565 2014
J.D. Salinger : the escape artist /
Thomas Beller

PS3537.A826 . O5 2003dvd
Two by Saroyan [electronic resource]
NTA Productions

PS3537.C79 Z86 2014
Delmore Schwartz : a critical reassessment /
Alex Runchman

PS3537.T323 S745 1963
The making of Americans ; Lectures in America [electronic resource]
by Gertrude Stein

PS3537.T323 S745 1965
Mother Goose of Montparnasse : selections from the writings of Gertrude Stein [electronic resource]

PS3537.T323 T4 2014
Tender buttons
Gertrude Stein ; edited, with a note on the text, by Seth Perlow ; afterword by Juliana Spahr

PS3537.T3234 B85
Burning bright [electronic resource]
National Telefilm Associates presents ; directed by Curt Conway ; producers, Lewis Freedman and Henry Weinstein

PS3543.A557 V363 1967
Mark Van Doren reads from his collected and new poems [electronic resource]

PS3545 .A517
The poetry of Margaret Walker [electronic resource]

PS3545.A412 M367 2003
Margaret Walker Alexander reads Langston Hughes, P.L. Dunbar, J.W. Johnson [electronic resource]

PS3545.I5365 A6 2000ev
Dragon country [electronic resource]
by Tennessee Williams ; directed and produced by Glenn Jordan ; New York Television Theater

PS3551.K3 D49 1986ev
Dead end kids : a story of nuclear power [electronic resource]

PS3551.P67 A6 2014
Cosmos : a poem /
James Applewhite

PS3552 .A7438
Two short stories of the depression [electronic resource]

PS3552 .A7438
More stories of the depression [electronic resource]

PS3552.A7438 B377 1991
Three tales of the psyche [electronic resource]
written by Bernard Barshay

PS3552.I74 A425 2014
Above the East China Sea : a novel /
by Sarah Bird

PS3552.O46 A6 2013b
100 : (monologues) /
Eric Bogosian

PS3553.A8135 G58 2014
Give it to me : a novel /
by Ana Castillo

PS3553.H327 C437 2003
Of those who died : a poem of the spring of 1945 [electronic resource]
by Samuel Charters

PS3553.U75 Z69 2014
The Clive Cussler adventures : a critical review /
Steven Philip Jones ; foreword by Mike Grell

PS3554.U569 D877 1979
Letter to young sisters : and other poems [electronic resource]
by Nancy Dupree

PS3556.A F335 1973
Soul ain't soul is [electronic resource]

PS3556.A24 F335 1972
Boss soul : readings [electronic resource]
by poet Sarah Webster Fabio

PS3556.A24 F335 1976
Jujus/Alchemy of the blues : Sarah Webster Fabio, poet reading poems of Sarah Webster Fabio [electronic resource]

PS3556.A24 F335 1977
Together/to the tune of Coltrane's Equinox [electronic resource]

PS3556.I34 Z87 2014
Leslie Fiedler : critic, provocateur, pop culture guru /
Prem Kumari Srivastava

PS3557.I55 G568 1976
Legacies : the poetry of Nikki Giovanni read by Nikki Giovanni [electronic resource]

PS3557.I55 G568 1978
Cotton candy on a rainy day [electronic resource]

It's story telling time [electronic resource]
told by Linda Goss, travelling storyteller, with Aishe ... [et al.]

PS3557.O4 G653 2003
The wood burns red : and other poems [electronic resource]
by Roberta Goldstein

PS3557.U846 A6 2014
Problems with People : Stories /
David Guterson

PS3561.A47 D683 2001
When I was a boy in Brooklyn : an autobiography [electronic resource]
by Israel Kaplan

PS3562.O75 Z655 1998
A litany for survival : the life and work of Audre Lorde [videorecording]
a film by Ada Gay Griffin & Michelle Parkerson

PS3563.O8749 Z65 2014
Toni Morrison's fiction
Jan Furman

PS3563.O8844 Z86 2014
Howard Frank Mosher and the classics : echoes in the Vermont writer's works /
James Robert Saunders

PS3563.U7255 A6 2013
Stray poems
Alejandro Murguía

PS3566 .I424
Loose joints [electronic resource]

PS3566.R68 L68 2014
Lovers at the Chameleon Club, Paris 1932 : a novel /
Francine Prose

PS3568.I2 C4 1987ev
Ceremony of innocence [electronic resource]
directed by Arthur A. Seidelman and Ken Rockefeller

PS3568.I37964 U534 1980
Underground streets [electronic resource]
works and original music by Norman Riley

PS3568.O233 A3 2014
Tibetan peach pie : a true account of an imaginative life /
Tom Robbins

PS3569 .A468
A sun woman for all seasons reads her poetry [electronic resource]

PS3569.E1788 H45 2013
Help for the haunted
John Searles

PS3569.T83 S783 1961
All the homespun days : a narrative poem with documentary recordings [electronic resource]
written and read by Norman Studer

PS3602.A5842 U53 2014
Uncle Vanya
Anton Chekhov ; a new version by Annie Baker ; based on a literal translation by Margarita Shalina

PS3605.N56 A6 2014
Chase us
Sean Ennis

PS3607.A4116 A6 2014
American innovations
Rivka Galchen

PS3608.E477 P67 2014
The possibilities
Kaui Hart Hemmings

PS3611.E44325 A65 2014
Accalia and the Swamp Monster
Kelli Scott Kelley

PS3613.A13 A613 2014
The year she left us : a novel /
Kathryn Ma

PS3613.O397 A6 2014
Haiti glass
Lenelle Moise

PS3622.A5947 F67 2013
Forest has a song : poems /
by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater ; illustrations by Robbin Gourley

PS3626.E445 L63 2014
The lobster kings : a novel /
Alexi Zentner

PS374.S82 K63 2014
American unexceptionalism : the everyman and the suburban novel after 9/11 /
Kathy Knapp

PS507 .S374 1962
Windows for youth [electronic resource]
Morris Schreiber

PS591.N4 B668 1966
Anthology of Negro poetry [electronic resource]

PS591.N4 D877 1977
Sweet thunder : My people is ; poems [electronic resource]

PS591.N4 F445 1976
Feelings of love not yet expressed : an album of poetry by the Neo Black Women in poetry [electronic resource]
with Amirh Bahati, China Clark, Jo-Anne McKnight

PS591.N8 P644 2013
Poems from the heart of nursing : selected poems from the American Journal of Nursing /
edited by Teresa Stone

PS614 .A234 1961
Anthology of contemporary American poetry [electronic resource]

PS614 .L694 2001
New jazz poets : Broadside [electronic resource]

PS614 .P648 2003
Poets read their contemporary poetry, Before Columbus Foundation [electronic resource]

PS614.C53 P646 2003
Poems for peace : a benefit reading for the New York Workshop in Nonviolence [electronic resource]

PS648.D4 B377 1966
Four American murder mysteries [electronic resource]
written by Bernard Barshay ; read by Henry Hamilton

PT1185 .G47
The German ballad : the classical age [electronic resource]

PT2316.A4 H456 1963
The poems of Heinrich Heine [electronic resource]
read in English by Claire Luce [from the] translations by Louis Untermeyer

PT2603.R397 A436 2003
A man's a man by Bertolt Brecht [electronic resource]

PT2603.R397 B743 1965
Bertolt Brecht's The exception and the rule [electronic resource]
adapted by Eric Bentley ; music by Stefan Wolpe

PT2603.R397 M32 2002
Scenes and songs from Mann ist Mann by Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956) : in English, in the Eric Bentley translation A man is a man [electronic resource]
produced by Clair Roskam

PT2647.E77 W474 1963
Jacobowsky und der Oberst : Jacobowsky and the colonel [electronic resource]

PT2668.O3 S8 2006 Online Resource
The deputy [electronic resource]
by Rolf Hochhuth and Hannah Arendt

PT668 .G446 2006
German theater of protest : 1918-1938, the art of expressionism [electronic resource]
produced by Lewis Freedman ; written by Warren Wallace ; directed by Clay Yurdin

PT8859 .A33 2003
The master builder [electronic resource]
an NTA presentation in association with Talent Associates ; written by Henrik Ibsen ; directed by John Stix and Richard A. Lukin ; produced by Lewis Freedman

Original poems, calculated to improve the mind of youth and allure it to virture [electronic resource]
by Adelaide

PZ7.B452295 Str 2013
Strike three, you're dead
Josh Berk

PZ7.B934 Se 2008
Frances Hodgson Burnett's The secret garden
illustrated by Inga Moore

PZ7.D3388 Day 2013
The day the crayons quit
by Drew Daywalt ; pictures by Oliver Jeffers

PZ7.E7388 See 2013
Seeing red
Kathryn Erskine

PZ7.F314 Be 2013
Better Nate than ever
Tim Federle

PZ7.F841223 Oph 2014
Ophelia and the marvelous boy
Karen Foxlee

PZ7.K12668 Gad 2013
Gadget Girl : the art of being invisible /
Suzanne Kamata

PZ7.K6232 Dhm 2011
Diary of a wimpy kid : cabin fever /
by Jeff Kinney

PZ7.K7707 Mor 2013
Mortal fire
Elizabeth Knox

PZ7.L978825 My 2013
My father's arms are a boat
Stein Erik Lunde ; [illustrated by] Øyvind Torseter ; translated from the Norwegian by Kari Dickson

PZ7.M4782526 De 2013
Dear Santasaurus
[Stacy McAnulty ; illustrated by Jef Kaminsky]

PZ7.M4787937 Far 2013
Far far away
Tom McNeal

PZ7.M478843 Cri 2013
Terra Elan McVoy

PZ7.N5413 Map 2014
Lori Nichols

PZ7.P64268 Ket 2013
Ketchup clouds : a novel /
by Annabel Pitcher

PZ7.P8 P873 1959
The downtown story [electronic resource]

PZ7.P8 P873 2001
The new house : How Honey helped [electronic resource]
conceived, written, narrated and sung by Helen Gene Purdy

PZ7.P8 P873 2001
The laundry story : and the bakery story [electronic resource]
conceived, written, narrated and sung by Helen Gene Purdy with Leonard Purdey

PZ7.R88827 Roo 2013
Katherine Rundell ; with illustrations by Terry Fan

PZ7.S15225 Un 2001
Under the blood-red sun
Graham Salisbury

PZ7.S633136 Cou 2013
Counting by 7s
Holly Goldberg Sloan

PZ7.S7242 Je 2006
Gary Soto

PZ7.S8643 Ra 2013
Razia's ray of hope : one girl's dream of an education /
written by Elizabeth Suneby ; illustrated by Suana Verelst

PZ7.S9109 Cur 2013
Curse of the Dream Witch
Allan Stratton

PZ7.S92475 Sc 2013
The screaming staircase
Jonathan Stroud

PZ7.W52733 Bro 2013
by A.B. Westrick

PZ74.3 .D7 2013
Maria had a little llama
Angela Dominguez = María tenía una llamita / Angela Dominguez

PZ74.3 P376 1960
Paso a paso : poesía y prosa para niños. Step by step ; poetry and prose for children [electronic resource]

Folk tales from West Africa [electronic resource]
by Harold Courlander and George Herzog

PZ8.1 C687 1951
Folk tales from Indonesia : from Kantchil's lime pit [electronic resource]
by Harold Courlander

PZ8.1.C8 C687 1956
Uncle Bouqui of Haiti [electronic resource]

PZ8.3 S557 1959
Skip rope games [electronic resource]

PZ8.3.J4 E453 1990
Ella Jenkins' nursery rhymes : rhyming & remembering for young children & for older girls & boys with special language needs [electronic resource]

PZ8.3.M41852 Dre 2013
Dream animals : a bedtime journey /
Emily Winfield Martin

PZ8.S34525 Rum 2013
Rump : the true story of Rumpelstiltskin /
Liesl Shurtliff

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