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Items Acquired in June 2015 for the University Libraries

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Linguistic content : new essays on the history of philosophy of language /
edited by Margaret Cameron, Robert J. Stainton

P106 .B468 2014
More than nature needs : language, mind, and evolution /
Derek Bickerton

P119.32.R64 A54 2015
Roman social imaginaries : language and thought in contexts of empire /
Clifford Ando

Understanding and measuring morphological complexity
Matthew Baerman, Dunstan Brown, and Greville G. Corbett

Control and restructuring
Thomas Grano

Passions and persuasion in Aristotle's Rhetoric
Jamie Dow

P301.5.P67 E54 2015
The politics of resentment : a genealogy /
Jeremy Engels

The concise encyclopedia of communication
edited by Wolfgang Donsbach

P91.5.U5 T87 2015
Communication centers : a theory-based guide to training and management /
Kathleen J. Turner and Theodore F. Sheckels ; with contributed chapters by Kyle Anne Barnett Love, Marlene M. Preston, and Linda Bartlett Hobgood

Prezi cookbook : over 100 simple but incredible recipes to create dynamic, engaging, and beautiful presentations using Prezi /
Charlotte Olsson, Christina Hoyer

P94 .H658 2015
Mass moralizing : marketing and moral storytelling /
Phil Hopkins

P94.6 .H358 2012
The handbook of intercultural discourse and communication [electronic resource]
edited by Christina Bratt Paulston, Scott F. Kiesling, and Elizabeth S. Rangel

P95.45 .A38 2015
Advances in membership categorisation analysis
edited by Richard Fitzgerald and William Housley

P95.45 .J44 2015
Talking about troubles in conversation
Gail Jefferson ; Edited by Paul Drew, John Heritage, Gene H. Lerner, and Anita Pomerantz

The handbook of global media and communication policy
edited by Robin Mansell and Marc Raboy

International handbook of semiotics
Peter Pericles Trifonas, editor

The gods rich in praise : early Greek and Mesopotamian religious poetry /
Christopher Metcalf

Tragedy and the idea of modernity
Joshua Billings and Miriam Leonard

PA3201 .W349 2015
The Greek Sense of Theatre : Tragedy and Comedy reviewed /
J. Michael Walton

PA3611.A37 2015
Theocritus, Moschus, Bion
edited and translated by Neil Hopkinson

PA3893.R4 D69 2015
Passions and persuasion in Aristotle's Rhetoric
Jamie Dow

PA3944.B3 D55 2015
Clio's other sons : Berossus and Manetho, with an afterword on Demetrius /
John Dillery

Hesiod's works and days : how to teach self-sufficiency /
Lilah Grace Canevaro

PA4408.E5 R39 2014
Sappho : a new translation of the complete works /
Diane J. Rayor, André Lardinois

PA6029.M66 L69 2015
Monsters and monstrosity in Augustan poetry
Dunstan Lowe

PA6059.E6 S37 2015
Dream, fantasy, and visual art in Roman elegy
Emma Scioli

PA6163 .O95 2013
The Oxford anthology of Roman literature
edited by Peter E. Knox and J.C. McKeown

Laughing awry : Plautus and tragicomedy /
Erik Gunderson

PA6706.D5 V36 2014
The world of Tacitus' Dialogus de Oratoribus : aesthetics and empire in ancient Rome /
Christopher van den Berg

Long-term effects of learning English : experiences from Japanese primary schools /
Shigeo Uematsu

PE1098 .O88 2015

TEFL lesson plans for dummies
by Michelle Maxom

PE1128.A2 I5866 2015
International perspectives on ELT classroom interaction
edited by Christopher J. Jenks, University of South Dakota, US and Paul Seedhouse, Newcastle University, UK

PE1404 .S735 2015
Making the Common Core writing standards accessible through universal design for learning
Sally A. Spencer ; with contributions by Nancy Aguinaga

PE1961 .F69 2015
The new Cockney : new ethnicities and adolescent speech in the traditional East End of London /
Susan Fox, University of Bern, Switzerland

PG3093 .S66 2015
The imperative of reliability : Russian prose on the eve of the novel, 1820s-1850s /
Victoria Somoff

PG3948.L47 Z84 2015
The all-encompassing eye of Ukraine : Ivan Nechui-Levytsʹkyiʹs realist prose /
Maxim Tarnawsky

PG5039.18 A9 Z75 2015
Reading Václav Havel
David S. Danaher

PG7445.E5 L66 2015
Loose Screws : nine new plays from Poland /
edited and introduced by Dominika Laster ; Translated by Bill Johnston [and 5 others]

PJ5012.K53 O44 2015
Imagining the kibbutz : visions of utopia in literature and film /
Ranen Omer-Sherman

PJ5054.H6319 M3713 2015
Yoel Hoffmann ; translated by Peter Cole

PJ5128 .E27 2014
Early Yiddish epic
edited and translated by Jerold C. Frakes

The return of Vaman : a scientific novel /
Janyant V. Narlikar

PK2905 .D55 2013
Commerce with the universe : Africa, India, and the Afrasian imagination /
Gaurav Desai

PK5416 .C43 2014
In stereotype : South Asia in the global literary imaginary /
Mrinalini Chakravorty

PL2687.L86 A2 2015
The drunken man's talk : tales from medieval China /
compiled by Luo Ye ; translated and introduced by Alister D. Inglis

PL2705.I17 A2 2014
Real life in China at the height of empire : revealed by the ghosts of Ji Xiaolan /
edited and translated by David E. Pollard

PL3508.5 .T76 2014
Troubling borders : an anthology of art and literature by Southeast Asian women in the diaspora /
edited by Isabelle Thuy Pelaud, Lan Duong, Mariam B. Lam, and Kathy L. Nguyen

PL4378.9.V86 Z99 2014
Vietnamese colonial republican : the political vision of Vũ Trọng Phụng /
Peter Zinoman

PL5071 .L36 2015
Language and superdiversity : Indonesians knowledging at home and abroad /
edited by Zane Goebel

PL789.S8 Z4713 2014
The Sarashina Diary : a Woman's Life in Eleventh-Century Japan /
Sugawara no Takasue no Musume ; translated, with an introduction, by Sonja Arntzen and Ito Moriyuki

PL8010 .R48 2015
Rethinking African cultural productions
edited by Frieda Ekotto and Kenneth W. Harrow

PL8703.5 .G37 2013
The Swahili novel : challenging the idea of 'minor literature' /
Xavier Garnier

The handbook of Korean linguistics
edited by Lucien Brown, Jaehoon Yeon

PM7834.C37 B65 2014
Creole renegades : rhetoric of betrayal and guilt in the Caribbean diaspora /
Bénédicte Boisseron

Comparative rhetoric : the art of traversing rhetorical times, places, and spaces /
edited by LuMing Mao

PN1009.A1 C694 2014
The critical merits of young adult literature : coming of age /
edited by Crag Hill

PN1031 .N57 2015
On voice in poetry : the work of animation /
David Nowell Smith, Lecturer in Literature, University of East Anglia, UK

PN1031 .V365 2015
The ocean, the bird, and the scholar : essays on poets and poetry /
Helen Vendler

PN1041 .S36 2013
The Model of Poesy
William Scott ; edited with an introduction and commentary by Gavin Alexander

PN1042 .A87 2015
The craft of poetry : dialogues on minimal interpretation /
Derek Attridge and Henry Staten

PN1136 .B25 2015
Vise and shadow : essays on the lyric imagination, poetry, art, and culture /
Peter Balakian

PN1356 .C845 2015
Theory of the lyric
Jonathan Culler

PN145 .F37 2014
The far edges of the fourth genre : an anthology of explorations in creative nonfiction /
edited by Sean Prentiss and Joe Wilkins

PN145 .G74 2014
Authorship in the Long Eighteenth Century
Dustin Griffin

PN146 .L54 2015eb
A guide to publishing for academics : inside the publish or perish phenomenon /
edited by Jay Liebowitz

PN1584 .J66 2015
Theatrical jazz : performance, Àṣẹ, and the power of the present moment /
Omi Osun Joni L. Jones

PN1590.A54 P47 2015
Performing animality : animals in performance practices /
edited by Lourdes Orozco, University of Leeds, UK and Jennifer Parker-Starbuck, University of Roehampton, UK

PN1590.A9 K44 2015
The illuminated theatre : studies on the suffering of images /
Joe Kelleher

PN1590.A9 T475 2015
Theatre as voyeurism : the pleasures of watching /
edited by George Rodosthenous, University of Leeds, UK

PN1590.B53 D66 2015
Some of these days : black stars, jazz aesthetics, and modernist culture /
James Donald

PN1590.B53 D66 2015
Some of these days : black stars, jazz aesthetics, and modernist culture /
James Donald

Build your author platform the new rules : a literary agent's guide to growing your audience in 14 steps /
Carole Jelen and Michael McCallister

PN171.A33 D73 2015
Drawn from the classics : essays on graphic adaptations of literary works /
edited by Stephen E. Tabachnick and Esther Bendit Saltzman

PN1851 .H65 2014
Art, vision, and nineteenth-century realist drama : acts of seeing /
Amy Holzapfel

PN1972 .R68 2014
The Routledge companion to puppetry and material performance
edited by Dassia N. Posner, Claudia Orenstein, and John Bell

PN1992.935 .N49 2014
Video revolutions : on the history of a medium /
Michael Z. Newman

PN1993.4 B65 2015
Film programming : curating for cinemas, festivals, archives /
Peter Bosma

Quicklook at movies
Brian Robb

PN1993.5.C6 M354 2015
Sounding the modern woman : the songstress in Chinese cinema /
Jean Ma

PN1993.5.C8 G28 2015
Cuban cinema after the Cold War : a critical analysis of selected films /
Enrique García

PN1993.5.G3 B385 2013
Berlin School glossary : an ABC of the New Wave in German cinema /
edited by Roger F. Cook, Lutz Koepnick, Kristin Kopp and Brad Prager

PN1993.5.G3 G3573 2013
Generic histories of German cinema : genre and its deviations /
edited by Jaimey Fisher

PN1993.5.G3 S64 2014
Last features : East German cinema's lost generation /
Reinhild Steingröver

PN1993.5.I88 I815 2013
Italian silent cinema : a reader /
edited by Giorgio Bertellini

PN1993.5.K6 C545 2015
Movie migrations : transnational genre flows and South Korean cinema /
Hye Seung Chung and David Scott Diffrient

PN1993.5.K63 F57 2015
A Kim Jong-Il production : the extraordinary true story of a kidnapped filmmaker, his star actress, and a young dictator's rise to power /
Paul Fischer

PN1993.5.M53 H86 2014
Humor in Middle Eastern cinema
edited by Gayatri Devi and Najat Rahman

PN1993.5.P6 V55 2013
Portuguese film, 1930-1960, : the staging of the new state regime /
Patricia Vieira; translated by Ashley Caja

PN1993.5.U6 B34 2015
A hidden history of film style : cinematographers, directors, and the collaborative process /
Christopher Beach

PN1993.5.U65 C626 2015
The studios after the studios : neoclassical Hollywood (1970-2010) /
J.D. Connor

PN1993.5.U65 G555 2014
Hollywood and the Americanization of Britain : from the 1920s to the present /
Mark Glancy

Film studies for dummies
by James Cateridge

PN1994 .E53 2015
Film theory : an introduction through the senses /
Thomas Elsaesser and Malte Hagener

PN1995.9.A3 T37 2015
The Hollywood action and adventure film
Yvonne Tasker

PN1995.9.C513 V55 2015
Documenting cityscapes : urban change in contemporary non-fiction film /
Iván Villarmea Álvarez

PN1995.9.C55 L83 2014
Lubitsch can't wait : a theoretical examination /
edited by Ivana Novak, Jela Krečič, and Mladen Dolar

PN1995.9.D6 S4925 2015
Documentary films in India : critical aesthetics at work /
Aparna Sharma

PN1995.9.D78 R38 2015
Narco cinema : sex, drugs, and banda music in Mexico's b-filmography /
Ryan Rashotte

PN1995.9.E96 M34 2015
Documents of Utopia : the politics of experimental documentary /
Paolo Magagnoli

PN1995.9.H34 D54 2013
Different bodies : essays on disability in film and television /
edited by Marja Evelyn Mogk

PN1995.9.H46 M66 2013
Hip hop on film : performance culture, urban space, and genre transformation in the 1980s /
Kimberley Monteyne

PN1995.9.H5 A545 2013
The ancient world in silent cinema
edited by Pantelis Michelakis and Maria Wyke

PN1995.9.H5 F58 2015
Film, history and memory
edited by Jennie M. Carlsten and Fearghal McGarry

PN1995.9.H6 B23 2015
Classic horror films and the literature that inspired them
Ron Backer

PN1995.9.H6 D78 2015
The spark of fear : technology, society and the horror film /
Brian N. Duchaney

PN1995.9.H6 G78 2015
Educational institutions in horror film : a history of mad professors, student bodies, and final exams /
Andrew L. Grunzke

PN1995.9.H6 R625 2014
Making and remaking horror in the 1970s and 2000s : why don't they do it like they used to? /
David Roche

PN1995.9.H6 R633 2015
The horror of it all : one moviegoer's love affair with masked maniacs, frightened virgins, and the living dead /
Adam Rockoff

PN1995.9.H6 T73 2014
Transnational horror across visual media : fragmented bodies /
edited by Dana Och and Kirsten Strayer

PN1995.9.I457 I53 2015
Independent filmmaking around the globe
edited by Doris Baltruschat and Mary P. Erickson

PN1995.9.M97 O58 2015
Japanese mythology in film : a semiotic approach to reading Japanese film and anime /
Yoshiko Okuyama

PN1995.9.N4 M68 2015
Movies in the age of Obama : the era of post racial and neo-racist cinema /
edited by David Garrett Izzo

PN1995.9.P6 C47 2015
Projecting politics : political messages in American films /
Elizabeth Haas, Terry Christensen, and Peter J. Haas

PN1995.9.S6 C54 2014
Cinema, state socialism and society in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, 1917-1989 : re-visions /
edited by Sanja Bahun and John Haynes

PN1995.9.S74 C66 2014
Look closer : suburban narratives and American values in film and television /
David R. Coon

PN1995.9.V3 D73 2014
Dracula's daughters : the female vampire on film /
edited by Douglas Brode and Leah Deyneka

PN1995.9.V5 B33 2015
Fascination of film violence
Henry Bacon

PN1995.9.W3 D635 2014
Women in war films : from helpless heroine to G.I. Jane /
Ralph Donald, Karen MacDonald

PN1995.9.W45 H85 2014
The white savior film : content, critics, and consumption /
Matthew W. Hughey

PN1995.9.W6 S63 2014
Smart chicks on screen : representing women's intellect in film and television /
edited by Laura Mattoon D'Amore

PN1997.2 .S45 2015
Paramount Pictures, Pathé and Harpo Films present ; a Plan B/Cloud Eight Films/Harpo Films production ; in association with Ingenious Media ; produced by Christian Colson, Oprah Winfrey, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner ; written by Paul Webb ; directed by Ava DuVernay

PN1997.2.G44 B47 2015
Daniela Berghahn

PN1997.85 .F36 2015
The fantastic made visible : essays on the adaptation of science fiction and fantasy from page to screen /
Edited by Matthew Wilhelm Kapell and Ace G. Pilkington

PN1997.M254335 H36 2015
The making of The Magnificent Seven : behind the scenes of the pivotal western /
Brian Hannan

PN1997.O755 K37 2015
Orson Welles's last movie : the making of The other side of the wind /
Josh Karp

PN1997.T4278 S33 2015
Behind the scenes of They were expendable : a pictorial history /
Lou Sabini with photographs by Nicholas Scutti ; forewords by Scott Eyman and Karen Everson

PN1998.2 .Z68 2015
The five Sedgwicks : pioneer entertainers of Vaudeville, film and television /
Michael Zmuda

PN1998.3.B47 O88 2014
The demons of modernity : Ingmar Bergman and the European cinema /
John Orr

PN1998.3.D395 D84 2013
Queer enchantments : gender, sexuality, and class in the fairy-tale cinema of Jacques Demy /
Anne E. Duggan

PN1998.3.H58 C45 2014
Children in the films of Alfred Hitchcock
edited by Debbie Olson

PN1998.3.L445 D48 2015
Devised and directed by Mike Leigh
edited by Bryan Cardinale-Powell and Marc DiPaolo

PN1998.3.M665 M525 2015
Michael Moore and the rhetoric of documentary
edited by Thomas W. Benson and Brian J. Snee

PN1998.3.S65 K36 2014
Darkness in the bliss-out : a reconsideration of the films of Steven Spielberg /
James Kendrick

PN1998.3.T583 S87 2015
The supernatural cinema of Guillermo del Toro : critical essays /
edited by John W. Morehead ; foreword by Doug Jones

PN1998.3.W4 S73 2015
Lois Weber in early Hollywood
Shelley Stamp

PN2039 R43 2013
Theatre in the expanded field : seven approaches to performance /
Alan Read ; line drawings, Beryl Robinson

PN2051 .B295 2014
The theatrical public sphere
Christopher B. Balme

PN2053 .C585 2011
Working together in theatre : collaboration and leadership /
Robert Cohen

PN2061 .B2925 2015
An actor's companion : tools for the working actor /
Seth Barrish ; with a foreword by Anne Hathaway

PN2061 .P27 2015
Essential acting : a practical handbook for actors, teachers and director /
Brigid Panet ; with Fiona McHardy

PN2061 .S625 2010
The philosophical actor : a practical meditation for practicing theatre artists /
Donna Soto-Morettini

PN2075 .C77 2014
Physical expression on stage and screen : using the Alexander technique to create unforgettable performances /
Bill Connington

PN2081.A7 E47 2013
Stephen Joseph : theatre pioneer and provocateur /
Paul Elsam

PN2091.S6 H66 2015
Theatre and aural attention : stretching ourselves /
George Home-Cook

PN2115 .T46 2015
Theatre/performance historiography : time, space, matter /
edited by Rosemarie K. Bank and Michal Kobialka

PN228.M4 D65 2015
Missing link : the evolution of metaphor and the metaphor of evolution /
Jeffery Donaldson

PN2285 .D455 2014
The comic offense from Vaudeville to contemporary comedy : Larry David, Tina Fey, Stephen Colbert, and Dave Chappelle /
Rick DesRochers

PN2287.A457 L56 2011
Ira Aldridge
Bernth Lindfors

PN2287.R88 J66 2015
The lives of Robert Ryan
J. R. Jones

PN2287.Z5 B75 2015
Ziegfeld and his Follies : a biography of Broadway's greatest producer /
Cynthia Brideson and Sara Brideson

PN2590.A93 H63 2014
Passionate playgoing in early modern England
Allison P. Hobgood

PN2593 .O96 2014
The Oxford handbook of the Georgian theatre, 1737-1832
edited by Julia Swindells and David Francis Taylor

PN2598.J54 R63 2013
Keith Johnstone : a critical biography /
Theresa Robbins Dudeck

PN3433.6 .M37 2015
Modernism and science fiction
Paul March-Russell, Lecturer in Liberal Arts and Specialist Associate Lecturer in Comparative Literature, University of Kent, UK

Crime fiction : a very short introduction /
Richard Bradford

PN45 .A83 2015
The work of literature
Derek Attridge

PN45 .F5913 2015
Language, madness, and desire : on literature /
Michel Foucault ; edited by Philippe Artières, Jean-François Bert, Mathieu Potte-Bonneville, and Judith Revel ; translated by Robert Bononno

PN45 .R84 2014
Four cold chapters on the possibility of literature : leading mostly to Borges and Oulipo /
Pablo Martin Ruiz

Attacks on the press : journalism on the world's front lines /
Committee to Protect Journalists

PN49 .L77 2014
Beginning with the word : modern literature and the question of belief /
Roger Lundin

PN49 .N53 2015
The pagan writes back : when world religion meets world literature /
Zhange Ni

PN51 .M57 2015
Multiple normalities : making sense of ways of living /
Barbara A. Misztal

PN56.D84 L45 2015
Touché : the duel in literature /
John Leigh

PN56.M54 A48 2015
Putting modernism together : literature, music, and painting 1872-1927 /
Daniel Albright

PN56.M54 L38 2013
The phantom of the ego : modernism and the mimetic unconscious /
Nidesh Lawtoo

PN56.S667 P57 2015
The planetary turn : relationality and geoaesthetics in the twenty-first century /
edited by Amy J. Elias and Christian Moraru

PN6120.A52 S54641t 1981
True west
by Sam Shepard

PN6727.H486 L63 2008
Locke & key
written by Joe Hill ; art by Gabriel Rodriguez ; colors by Jay Fotos ; letters by Robbie Riobbins

PN6727.K37 G57 2014
Glory : the complete saga /
written by Joe Keatinge ; illustrated by Ross Campbell ; colors by Ms. Shatia Hamilton, Joseph Bergin III & Owen Gieni with Charis Solis ; letters by Douglas E. Sherwood

PN682.C2 S37 2015
Consolation in medieval narrative : Augustinian authority and open form /
Chad D. Schrock

PN842 .W33 2015
Double diaspora in Sephardic literature : Jewish cultural production before and after 1492 /
David A. Wacks

PN849.O26 B73 2015
The South Seas : a reception history from Daniel Defoe to Dorothy Lamour /
Sean Brawley and Chris Dixon

PN98.C6 T35 2014
Fredric Jameson : the project of dialectical criticism /
Robert T. Tally Jr

PN98.E36 H85 2015
Postcolonial ecocriticism : literature, animals, environment /
Graham Huggan and Helen Tiffin

PN98.E36 L56 2015
Explorations in ecocriticism : advocacy, bioregionalism, and visual design /
Paul Lindholdt

PN98.R38 K35 2015
The protean Virgil : material form and the reception of the classics /
Craig Kallendorf

PQ1483.G5 K45 2014
Machaut and the medieval apprenticeship tradition : truth, fiction and poetic craft /
Douglas Kelly

PQ1537 A2 S27 2015
The romance of Tristran by Beroul and Beroul II : a diplomatic edition and a critical edition /
[edited] by Barbara N. Sargent-Baur

PQ1643 .G79 2014
Unsettling Montaigne : poetics, ethics and affect in the Essais and other writings /
Elizabeth Guild

PQ201 .J66 2014
An introduction to the chansons de geste
Catherine M. Jones ; foreword by R. Barton Palmer and Tison Pugh

PQ2021.H4 E5 2014
The Greek girl's story
Abbé Prévost ; foreword by Jean Sgard ; translated and with an introduction by Alan J. Singerman

PQ2043 .R66 2015
Romanticism, Rousseau, Switzerland : new prospects /
edited by Angela Esterhammer, Professor of English, University of Toronto, Canada, Diane Piccitto, Lecturer, Plymouth University, UK and Patrick Vincent, Professor of English, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland

PQ239 .S73 2014
The dynamics of gender in early modern France : women writ, women writing /
Domna C. Stanton, The Graduate Center, City University of New York, USA

PQ2469.I4 E5 2015
The self-propelled island
Jules Verne ; translated by Marie-Thérèse Noiset ; introduction by Volker Dehs ; with editorial assistance by Robert Sandarg

PQ2469.Z5 T36 2015
Hollywood presents Jules Verne : the father of science fiction on screen / Brian Taves

PQ2613.U187 Z46 2014
Diary of the dark years, 1940-1944 : collaboration, resistance, and daily life in occupied Paris /
Jean Guéhenno ; translated and annotated by David Ball

PQ2631.R63 D813 2013
Swann's Way
Marcel Proust ; edited and annotated by William C. Carter

PQ2631.R63 Z7225 2013
Marcel Proust in context
edited by Adam Watt

PQ2663.I9 Z4613 2014
Twists and turns in the heart's antarctic
Hélène Cixous ; translated by Beverley Bie Brahic

PQ2671.R547 Z73 2013
Kristeva's Fiction
edited by Benigno Trigo

PQ2679.E244 Z46 2015
Arabic as a secret song
Leïla Sebbar ; translated by Skyler Artes ; afterword by Mildred Mortimer

PQ2683.A23 N6513 2015
The nomads, my brothers, go out to drink from the big dipper
Abdourahman A. Waberi ; translated by Nancy Naomi Carlson

PQ317 .T36 2015
State power, stigmatization, and youth resistance culture in the French banlieues : uncanny citizenship /
Hervé Tchumkam

PQ3937.L7 B76 2013
Louisiana Creole literature : a historical study /
Catharine Savage Brosman

PQ3946.5.E5 P64 2015
Poetry of Haitian independence
edited by Doris Y. Kadish and Deborah Jenson ; translations by Norman R. Shapiro ; foreword by Edwidge Danticat

PQ3949.2.M33 S3513 2015
Savage seasons
Kettly Mars ; translated by Jeanine Herman ; afterword by Madison Smartt Bell

PQ3949.C44 T713 2015
The tragedy of King Christophe : a play /
Aimé Césaire ; translated and with an introduction by Paul Breslin and Rachel Ney

PQ4053.A7 A78 2014
The Arthur of the Italians : the Arthurian legend in medieval Italian literature and culture /
edited by Gloria Allaire and F. Regina Psaki

PQ4213.A8 P66 2014
Poets of the Italian diaspora : a bilingual anthology /
edited by Luigi Bonaffini and Joseph Perricone

PQ4294 .B63 2013
Boccaccio : a critical guide to the complete works /
edited by Victoria Kirkham, Michael Sherberg, and Janet Levarie Smarr

PQ4390 .M544 2014
Reading Dante
Giuseppe Mazzotta

PQ4432.L3 S74 2013
Dante and the limits of the law
Justin Steinberg

PQ4835.A48 A2 2014
The selected poetry of Pier Paolo Pasolini
edited and translated by Stephen Sartarelli ; with a foreword by James Ivory

PQ4835.A48 Z57 2015
Fictions of youth : Pier Paolo Pasolini, adolescence, fascisms /
Simona Bondavalli

PQ6041 .G25 2015
Creative cognition and the cultural panorama of twentieth-century Spain
Candelas Gala

PQ6113 .A44 2015
The adulteress on the Spanish stage : gender and modernity in 19th century romantic drama /
Tracie Amend

PQ629 .H83 2015
Remembering French Algeria : Pieds-Noir, identity, and exile /
Amy L. Hubbell

PQ7211 .F74 2015
The heart in the glass jar : love letters, bodies, and the law in Mexico /
William E. French

PQ7382 .D67 2014
Dialogic aspects in the Cuban novel of the 1990s
Ángela Dorado-Otero

PQ7797.B635 Z63546 2013
The Cambridge Companion to Jorge Luis Borges
edited by Edwin Williamson

PQ7798.18.E48 P54 2015
Please talk to me : selected stories /
Liliana Heker ; edited and with an introduction by Alberto Manguel ; translated by Alberto Manguel and Miranda France

PQ8172 .W95 2013
Colombia's forgotten frontier : a literary geography of the Putumayo /
Lesley Wylie

PQ8497.V35 A2 2015
Selected writings of César Vallejo
edited [and translated] by Joseph Mulligan

PQ8498.32.A65 Z6927 2014
A companion to Mario Vargas Llosa
Sabine Köllmann

PQ9519 .M68 2013
Literary and cultural relations between Brazil and Mexico : deep undercurrents /
Paulo Moreira

PR111 .C36 2015
The Cambridge companion to women's writing in the Romantic period
edited by Devoney Looser

PR1143 .H27 2015
Forget me not : the rise of the British literary annual, 1823-1835 /
Katherine D. Harris

PR1309.F26 V49 2015
Victorian fairy tales
edited with an introduction and notes by Michael Newton

PR149.P66 T73 2015
Transitions in middlebrow writing, 1880-1930
edited by Kate Macdonald and Christoph Singer

PR1585 .D38 2014
The dating of Beowulf : a reassessment /
edited by Leonard Neidorf

PR1896 .Q56 2013
Olde Clerkis Speche : Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde and the implications of authorial recital /
William A. Quinn

PR2674 .S73 2014
Marlowe's Ovid : the Elegies in the Marlowe Canon /
M. L. Stapleton, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne, USA

PR275.E66 S49 2014
Sexual culture in the literature of medieval Britain
edited by Amanda Hopkins, Robert Allen Rouse and Cory James Rushton

PR2976 .S33893 2015
Shakespearean echoes
edited by Adam Hansen and Kevin J. Wetmore Jr

PR3105 .C48 2013
Chicago Shakespeare Theater : suiting the action to the word /
Edited by Regina Buccola and Peter Kanelos

PR3317.Z5 H65 2013
Utopian negotiation : Aphra Behn & Margaret Cavendish /
Oddvar Holmesland

PR3327 .A6 2014
Thomas Browne
edited by Kevin Killeen

PR3327 .A88 2015
In search of Sir Thomas Browne : the life and afterlife of the seventeenth century's most inquiring mind /
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Hegel and the English Romantic tradition
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30 great myths about the Romantics
Duncan Wu

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George Eliot's feminism : the right to rebellion" /
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A case for teaching literature in the secondary school : why reading fiction matters in an age of scientific objectivity and standardization /
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Loss and gain : the story of a convert /
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'I hope I don't intrude' : privacy and its dilemmas in nineteenth-century Britain /
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Racial ambiguity in Asian American culture
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A companion to the Harlem Renaissance
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Hot music, ragmentation, and the bluing of American literature
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Emerson's English traits and the natural history of metaphor
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Alcohol in the writings of Herman Melville : the ever-devilish god of grog" /
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Hart Crane's queer modernist aesthetic
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Collected essays and other prose
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The letters of Ernest Hemingway
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Honorée Fanonne Jeffers

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Blue Fasa
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Walter Mosley

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Jim Shepard

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Charles Simic

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Sophie Bush

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The Politics of The Hunger Games
Jamey Heit

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Fish in the dark : a play /
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Lisa Gornick

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Women in public
Elaine Kahn

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Language arts
Stephanie Kallos

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Elizabeth Little

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The new nurse educator : mastering academe /
[edited by] Deborah Dolan Hunt

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Intimacy Idiot
Isaac Oliver

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Shane Seely

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Love alone
by Deborah Salem Smith

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Valley fever
Katherine Taylor

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Vendela Vida

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Nell Zink

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Justice and revenge in contemporary American crime fiction
Stuart Sim

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Winfried Siemerling

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Aging and Old-Age Style in Günter Grass, Ruth Klüger, Christa Wolf, and Martin Walser : the mannerism of a late period /
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Heimat, space, narrative : toward a transnational approach to flight and expulsion /
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Paul Bryers

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Tiger girl : a novel /
by May-Lee Chai

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Ting Ting
Kristie Hammond

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Gaijin : American prisoner of war : a graphic novel /
by Matt Faulkner

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The shadow hero
story by Gene Luen Yang ; art by Sonny Liew ; lettering by Janice Chiang

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The doubt factory
Paolo Bacigalupi

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The war that saved my life [sound recording]
Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

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Nearly gone
Elle Cosimano

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Emily's blue period
Cathleen Daly ; illustrations by Lisa Brown

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The whispering town
Jennifer Elvgren ; illustrated by Fabio Santomauro

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Space case : a Moon Base Alpha novel /
Stuart Gibbs

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Fake ID
L.R. Giles

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The watcher
Joan Hiatt Harlow

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The story of Owen
E.K. Johnston

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You are (not) small
by Anna Kang ; illustrated by Christopher Weyant

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The art of secrets
James Klise

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A snicker of magic
by Natalie Lloyd

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Greenglass House
by Kate Milford ; with illustrations by Jaime Zollars

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The boundless [sound recording]
Kenneth Oppel

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Last stop on Market Street
words by Matt de la Peña ; pictures Christian Robinson

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Nick and Tesla's super-cyborg gadget glove : a mystery with a blinking, beeping, voice-recording gadget glove you can build yourself /
by "Science Bob" Pflugfelder and Steve Hockensmith ; illustrations by Scott Garrett

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Kid sheriff and the terrible Toads
written by Bob Shea ; illustrated by Lane Smith

PZ7.W4663 My 2014
Mystery on Museum Mile
Marcia Wells ; illustrated by Marcos Calo

PZ8.3.R583 Sm 2014
The smallest girl in the smallest grade
written by Justin Roberts ; illustrated by Christian Robinson

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