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P107 .B37 2008eb
Always on : language in an online and mobile world [electronic resource]
Naomi S. Baron

P115.5.M38 B55 2002
Bilingualism in ancient society : language contact and the written text [electronic resource]
edited by J.N. Adams, Mark Janse and Simon Swain

P116 .S63 2014
The social origins of language
edited by Daniel Dor, Chris Knight and Jerome Lewis

P118 .A174 2006eb
Action meets word : how children learn verbs [electronic resource]
edited by Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, Roberta Michnick Golinkoff

P118 .B424 2000eb
Becoming a word learner : a debate on lexical acquisition [electronic resource]
Roberta Michnick Golinkoff ... [et al.]

P120.S48 Q43 2014
Queer excursions : retheorizing binaries in language, gender, and sexuality /
edited by Lal Zimman, Jenny L. Davis, and Joshua Raclaw

P128.F73 B935 2007eb
Frequency of use and the organization of language [electronic resource]
Joan Bybee

P128.W67 L83 2014eb
Living words : meaning underdetermination and the dynamic lexicon /
Peter Ludlow

P130.5 .M96 2002
Contact linguistics : bilingual encounters and grammatical outcomes [electronic resource]
Carol Myers-Scotton

P151 .V47 2007
Constructions of intersubjectivity : discourse, syntax, and cognition [electronic resource]
Arie Verhagen

P158 .G66 2006eb
Gradience in grammar : generative perspectives [electronic resource]
edited by Gisbert Fanselow ... [et al.]

P158.3 .L64 2014
Phrase structure and argument structure : a case study of the syntax-semantics interface /
Terje Lohndal

P165 .L345 2008eb
Cognitive grammar : a basic introduction [electronic resource]
Ronald W. Langacker

P207 .H39 2004eb
Efficiency and complexity in grammars [electronic resource]
John A. Hawkins

P281 .F88 2014
Future times, future tenses
edited by Philippe de Brabanter, Mikhail Kissine, and Saghie Sharifzadeh

P299.C64 P48 2014
Constructions and environments : copular, passive, and related constructions in Old and Middle English /
Peter Petré

P299.C64 P87 2003eb
Copulas : universals in the categorization of the lexicon [electronic resource]
Regina Pustet

P299.G73 G723 2005eb
Grammaticalization and parametric variation [electronic resource]
edited by Montserrat Batllori ... [et al.]

P299.H66 L44 2014eb
The pragmatics of politeness
Geoffrey Leech

P302 .V36 2008eb
Discourse and practice : new tools for critical discourse analysis [electronic resource]
Theo van Leeuwen

P35 ßєb .E876 2002
Ethnosyntax : explorations in grammar and culture [electronic resource]
edited by N.J. Enfield

P37.5.S65 F86 2005eb
Functional features in language and space : insights from perception, categorization, and development [electronic resource]
edited by Laura Carlson and Emile van der Zee

P40.5.L382 P163 2007eb
Consequences of contact : language ideologies and sociocultural transformations in Pacific societies [electronic resource]
edited by Miki Makihara, Bambi B. Schieffelin

P53.412 .E97 2015
Exploring the Role of Strategic Intervention in Form-focused Instruction
Olga Trendak, Editor

P81.I8 .D533 2014eb
Diachrony and dialects : grammatical change in the dialects of Italy /
edited by Paola Beninca, Adam Ledgeway, Nigel Vincent

PA26.F68 C58 2007eb
Classical constructions : papers in memory of Don Fowler, classicist and epicurean [electronic resource]
edited by S.J. Heyworth ; with P.G. Fowler and S.J. Harrison

PA3015.R4 H39 2014eb
Rationalizing myth in antiquity
Greta Hawes

PA3022.E6 E75 2006eb
Epic interactions : perspectives on Homer, Virgil, and the epic tradition : presented to Jasper Griffin by former pupils [electronic resource]
edited by M.J. Clarke, B.G.F. Currie, and R.O.A.M. Lyne

PA3123 .N57 2003
Greek epigram in the Roman Empire : Martial's forgotten rivals [electronic resource]
Gideon Nisbet

PA3160 .S53 2014eb
Satyric play : the evolution of Greek comedy and Satyr drama /
Carl A. Shaw

PA3943.Z5 F43 2007eb
Bacchylides : politics, performance, poetic tradition [electronic resource]
David Fearn

PA3972.E97 S76 2003
Eupolis, poet of old comedy [electronic resource]
Ian C. Storey

PA4037 .T7893 2012
From listeners to viewers : space in the Iliad /
Christos Tsagalis

Writing and reading Byzantine secular poetry, 1025-1081
Floris Bernard

PA6029.E87 C67 2015
Sexing the world : grammatical gender and biological sex in ancient Rome /
Anthony Corbeill

PA6030.W7 A76 2006eb
Cretan women : Pasiphae, Ariadne, and Phaedra in Latin poetry [electronic resource]
Rebecca Armstrong

PA6069 .L45 2005eb
Comedy and the rise of Rome [electronic resource]
Matthew Leigh

PA625 .P55 2015
Praecepta tonica
Iohannes Alexandrinus ; edidit Georgios A. Xenis

PA6296 .D15 2014
A commentary on Cicero, De divinatione I
Celia E. Schultz

PA6320 .L48 2008eb
Cicero as evidence : a historian's companion [electronic resource]
Andrew Lintott

PA6495 .S54 2014
The language of atoms : performativity and politics in Lucretius' De rerum natura /
W.H. Shearin

PA6519 .E6 2014
Ovid : Epistulae ex Ponto Book I /
edited by Garth Tissol, Associate Professor of Classics Emory University

PA6702 .S84 2014
Suetonius the biographer : studies in Roman lives /
edited by Tristan Power and Roy K. Gibson

PB348 .E3 1961
An English-French-German-Spanish word frequency dictionary, : a correlation of the first six thousand words in four single-language frequency lists

English for academic purposes in neoliberal universities : a critical grounded theory /
Gregory Hadley

PE1074.7 .M53 2014
Micro-syntactic variation in North American English
edited by Raffaella Zanuttini and Laurence R. Horn

PE1128.A2 I588 2014
International perspectives on teaching English to young learners
edited by Sarah Rich, University of Exeter, UK

PE131 .C65 2014
The grammar of names in Anglo-Saxon England : the linguistics and culture of the Old English Onomasticon /
Fran Colman

PE1404 .J36 2015
Reimagining process : online writing archives and the future of writing studies /
Kyle Jensen

PE1445.M4 K68 2014
Where metaphors come from : reconsidering context in metaphor /
Zoltan Kövecses

PE1611 .C57 2004
A history of cant and slang dictionaries
Julie Coleman

PE1617.R64 H85 2004eb
A history of Roget's thesaurus : origins, development, and design [electronic resource]
Werner Hüllen

PE2751 .E54 2004
English in Europe [electronic resource]
edited by Manfred Görlach

PE525 .M33 2003eb
English in the Middle Ages [electronic resource]
Tim William Machan

PG3421.M4 N45 2014
A month in the country : a comedy in five acts /
Ivan Turgenev ; translated from the Russian by Richard Nelson, Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky

PG7092.P37 F55 2014
Taking liberties : gender, transgressive patriotism, and Polish drama, 1786-1989 /
Halina Filipowicz

PJ312 .W47 2015
The West in Asia and Asia in the West : essays on transnational interactions /
edited by Elisabetta Marino and Tanfer Emin Tunc

PJ7805.Y3 A25 1991
The mountain of green tea
Yahya Taher Abdullah ; selected and translated from the Arabic by Denys Johnson-Davies

PL2303 .H5833 2015
Internet literature in China
Michel Hockx

PL2303 .W275 2015
The lyrical in epic time : modern Chinese intellectuals and artists through the 1949 crisis /
David Der-wei Wang

PL2886.O1684 W32713 2015
Frog : a novel /
Mo Yan ; translated from the original Chinese edition by Howard Goldblatt

PL2924.S47 Q5813 2015
Memories of Mount Qilai : the education of a young poet /
Yang Mu ; translated by John Balcom and Yingtsih Balcom

PN1035 .F73 2015
Transferential poetics, from Poe to Warhol
Adam Frank

PN1072 .M38 2015
The necropastoral : poetry, media, occults /
Joyelle McSweeney

PN1969.C65 T46 2015
Working to laugh : assembling difference in American stand-up comedy venues /
James M. Thomas

PN1993.5.C9 L68 2014
Army film and the avant garde : cinema and experiment in the Czechoslovak military /
Alice Lovejoy

PN1993.5.K6 Y75 2015
Two lenses on the Korean ethos : key cultural concepts and their appearance in cinema /
Keumsil Kim Yoon and Bruce Williams

PN1995 .B47 2015
Besides the screen : moving images through distribution, promotion and curation /
edited by Virginia Crisp, Coventry University, UK, Gabriel Menotti Gonring, Federal University of Espírito Santo, Brazil

PN1995 .S5354 2015
Small cinemas in global markets : genres, identities, narratives /
[edited by] Lenuta Giukin, Janina Flakowska, and David Desser ; afterword by Dina Iordanova

PN1995.63.V57 O58 2015
Race, gender, and film censorship in Virginia, 1922-1965
Melissa Ooten

PN1995.8 .T46 2015
Amateur cinema : the rise of North American movie making, 1923-1960 /
Charles Tepperman

PN1995.9.B598 T87 2015
Plastic reality : special effects, technology, and the emergence of 1970s blockbuster aesthetics /
Julie A. Turnock

PN1995.9.C34 H87 1998
The Back Stage guide to casting directors
Hettie Lynne Hurtes

PN1995.9.E38 S74 2015
Closed circuits : screening narrative surveillance /
Garrett Stewart

PN1995.9.E96 C33 2014
Off-screen cinema : Isidore Isou and the Lettrist avant-garde /
Kaira M. Cabañas

PN1995.9.G57 H34 2015
Shirley Temple and the performance of girlhood
Kristen Hatch

PN1995.9.H6 R43 2014
Recovering 1940s horror cinema : traces of a lost decade /
edited by Mario DeGiglio-Bellemare, Charlie Ellbé, and Kristopher Woofter

PN1995.9.R4 S35 2014
Religion and Spanish Film : Luis Buñuel, the Franco Era, and Contemporary Directors /
Elizabeth Scarlett

PN1995.9.S557 G68 2015
Cinema, slavery, and Brazilian nationalism
Richard A. Gordon

PN1997 .M56 1994
Minbo no onna : Anti-extortion woman / [videorecording] =
Itami Films ; produced by Yasushi Tamaoki ; written and directed by Juzo Itami

PN1997.2 .D437 2015
Dear white people
Lionsgate Roadside Attractions and Code Red present in association with Homegrown Pictures ; a Duly Noted, Inc. production ; produced by Angel Lopez, Ann Le, Lena Waithe ; producer, Julia Lebedev, Effie T. Brown ; written, produced, and directed by Justin Simien

PN1997.I65 P35 2015
Tim Palmer

PN1998.3.A48 A79 2014
Kathryn Reed Altman and Giulia D'Agnolo Vallan ; introduction by Martin Scorsese

PN1998.3.B64 A3 2015
Peter Bogdanovich : interviews /
edited by Peter Tonguette

PN1998.3.H477 A5 2014
Werner Herzog : a guide for the perplexed /
conversations with Paul Cronin

PN1998.3.L438 D55 2015
The cinema of Ang Lee : the other side of the screen /
Whitney Crothers Dilley

PN2061 .C538 1991
On the technique of acting
by Michael Chekhov ; edited and with an introduction by Mel Gordon ; preface and afterword by Mala Powers

PN2061 .K545 2010eb
The science of acting [electronic resource]
Sam Kogan ; edited by Helen Kogan

PN2061 .M295 2015
Theater for beginners
Richard Maxwell

PN2067 .M33 2015
Costume : readings in theatre practice /
Ali Maclaurin and Aoife Monks

PN2080 .B42 2014
Best contemporary monologues for women 18-35
edited by Lawrence Harbison

PN2080 .I5225 2014
In performance : contemporary monologues for men and women late twenties to thirties /
[edited by] J V Mercanti

PN2091.S8 M263 2015
The art of theatrical design : elements of visual compositions, methods, and practice /
Kaoime E. Malloy

PN2287.F45 W48 2015
W. C. Fields from burlesque and vaudeville to Broadway : becoming a comedian /
Arthur Frank Wertheim

PN2596.L7 R5155 2015
Royal Court : international /
Elaine Aston and Mark O'Thomas

PN3352.W66 A94 2015
Notions of the feminine : literary essays from Dostoevsky to Lacan /
Mark Axelrod, Professor of Comparative Literature, Chapman University, United States

PN3435 .L45 2015
The tropes of fantasy fiction
Gabrielle Lissauer

PN3443 .F57 2014
Technology and identity in young adult fiction : the posthuman subject /
Victoria Flanagan

PN3499 .W45 2015
Genealogical fictions : cultural periphery and historical change in the modern novel /
Jobst Welge

PN55 .W53 2014
Literature and science
Martin Willis

PN56.C684 C76 2014
Crossings in text and textile
Katherine Joslin and Daneen Wardrop, editors

PN6071.F6 F66 2014
The food lovers' anthology

PN6728.A72 B38 2015
Twelve-cent Archie
Bart Beaty

PN6728.W6 B47 2015
Wonder Woman : Bondage and Feminism in the Marston/Peter Comics, 1941-1948 /
Noah Berlatsky

PN75.S25 G46 2015
The geocritical legacies of Edward W. Said : spatiality, critical humanism, and comparative literature /
edited by Robert T. Tally Jr

PN865 .D66 2015
Introducing comparative literature : new trends and applications /
César Domínguez, Haun Saussy and Darío Villanueva

PN98.E36 N49 2014
New international voices in ecocriticism
[edited by] Serpil Oppermann

PQ2349 .A1 1903
The works of Guy de Maupassan : short stories /
Guy de Maupassant

PQ2601.R65 A19 1968
Théâtre ... [par] Arrabal

PQ298 .D85 2015
Flaubert, Zola, and the incorporation of disciplinary knowledge
Larry Duffy

PQ4385.G7 H384 2014eb
Dante's British public : readers and texts, from the fourteenth century to the present /
Nick Havely

PQ6066 .F47 2015
Anxieties of interiority and dissection in early modern Spain
Enrique Fernandez

PQ7081.5 .Q56 2015
Identity in Latin American and Latina literature : the struggle to self-define in a global era where space, capitalism, and power rule /
Kathryn Quinn-Sanchez

PQ7082.N7 H69 2015
Beyond Bolano : the global Latin American novel /
Hector Hoyos

PQ7622.M46 R65 2014
Spaces of madness : insane asylums in Argentine narrative /
Eunice Rojas

PR120.B55 M63 2015
Modern and contemporary Black British drama
[edited by] Mary Brewer, Lynette Goddard and Deirdre Osborne

PR2937 .J33 2014eb
Determining the Shakespeare canon : Arden of Faversham and A Lover's Complaint /
MacDonald P. Jackson

PR3069.L3 I67 2014
Interlinguicity, internationality, and Shakespeare
edited by Michael Saenger

PR3091 .B37 2009
Playing Shakespeare
John Barton ; with a foreword by Trevor Nunn

PR3091 .F37 2014
Shakespeare's Staged Spaces and Audience Perception
Darlene Farabee

PR3091 .W388 2015
Shakespeare's authentic performance texts : the case for staging from the first folio /
Graham Watts

PR321 .J64 2014eb
Romance and the Gentry in Late Medieval England
by Michael Johnston

PR3592.P64 N48 2015
Lyric apocalypse : Milton, Marvell, and the nature of events /
Ryan Netzley

PR3593 .H36 2014eb
Milton and the people
Paul Hammond

Hannah More : the first Victorian [electronic resource]
Anne Stott

PR3605.M6 Z83 2014
Fierce convictions : the extraordinary life of Hannah More : poet, reformer, abolitionist /
Karen Swallow Prior

PR3694 .H8 2015
The Expedition of Humphry Clinker : an authoritative text, backgrounds and contexts, criticism /
Tobias Smollet ; edited by Evan Gottlieb, Oregon State University

PR4038.C58 E54 2015
Austen, actresses, and accessories : much ado about muffs /
Laura Engel

PR4200 .F15 1915
The complete poetical works of Robert Browning. : New ed., with additional poems first published in 1914

PR428.W63 C73 2014eb
Mediatrix : women, politics, and literary production in early modern England [electronic resource]
Julie Crawford

PR447 .B744 2015
Staging Romantic Chameleons and Imposters
William D. Brewer

PR448.I4 B49 2015
Beyond Sense and Sensibility : Moral Formation and the Literary Imagination from Johnson to Wordsworth /
Peggy Thompson

PR478.M6 C379 2014
Granular modernism
Beci Carver

PR4973.Z5 E87 2014
Essays on James Clarence Mangan : the man in the cloak /
edited by] Sinead Sturgeon, Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland

PR508.M9 O36 2014eb
English poetry and Old Norse myth : a history /
Heather O'Donoghue

PR509.E7 T78 2008eb
Epic : Britain's heroic muse, 1790-1910 [electronic resource]
Herbert F. Tucker

PR541 .W675 2014eb
The work of form : poetics and materiality in early modern culture /
edited by Ben Burton and Elizabeth Scott-Baumann

PR6005.O4 Z7914 2014
A political genealogy of Joseph Conrad
Richard Ruppel

PR6017.S5 Z628 2014
The American Isherwood
James J. Berg and Chris Freeman, editors ; foreword by Stephen McCauley

PR6023 .E926 2015
The collected poems of C. S. Lewis : a critical edition /
edited by Don W. King

PR6023.A93 L2 1928b
Lady Chatterley's lover
D.H. Lawrence

PR6023.A93 W6 1950
Women in love

PR6039.H52 Z6675 2014
The poetry of personality : the poetic diction of Dylan Thomas /
William Greenway

PR6051.L44 N49 2014
The new adventures of Don Quixote
by Tariq Ali ; with photographs by Arko Datto

PR6053.H786 Z78 2015
Caryl Churchill
Mary Luckhurst

PR6058.E2 A6 2014
Selected poems, 1988-2013
Seamus Heaney

PR6058.U37 .Z6945 2015
Ted Hughes
edited by Terry Gifford

PR610 .M34 2014
Poets & the Peacock dinner : the literary history of a meal /
Lucy McDiarmid

PR658.P65 M55 2014
Violence and grace : exceptional life between Shakespeare and modernity /
Nichole E. Miller

PR851 .N36 2015
Misfit forms : paths not taken by the British novel /
Lorri G. Nandrea

PR8789 .I68 2015
Irish theatre in transition : from the late nineteenth to the early twenty-first century /
Donald E. Morse [editor]

PR8803.2 L96 2014
Cyber Ireland : text, image, culture /
Claire Lynch, Brunel University, UK

PR888.C53 D84 2014
Contemporary British literature and urban space : after Thatcher /
Kim Duff

PR8891.N67 F33 2015
The literature of Northern Ireland : spectral borderlands /
Maureen E. Ruprecht Fadem

PR9080.5 .C6 2007eb (Online)
Classics in post-colonial worlds [electronic resource]
edited by Lorna Hardwick and Carol Gillespie

PR9199.3.G64 Z65 2014
The science fiction of Phyllis Gotlieb : a critical reading /
Dominick Grace

PR9199.3.H822 E 2015
The evening chorus
Helen Humphreys

PR9199.3.I83 T45 2014
Tell : a novel /
Frances Itani

PR9205.4 .M35 2015
Violence in Caribbean literature : stories of stones and blood /
Véronique Maisier

PR9488 .C66 2014
Contemporary women's writing in India
edited by Varun Gulati and Mythili Anoop

PR990 .M63 2014
Modern children's literature : an introduction /
edited by Catherine Butler and Kimberley Reynolds

PS153.A73 A36 2007
Contemporary Arab American women writers : hyphenated identities and border crossings /
Amal Talaat Abdelrazek

PS153.A73 N35 2014
Arab American drama, film and performance : a critical study, 1908 to the present /
Michael Malek Najjar

PS153.N5 L473 2015
Playing in the white : black writers, white subjects /
Stephanie Li

PS1541.Z5 G885 2015
A kiss from Thermopylae : Emily Dickinson and law /
James R. Guthrie

PS228.O43 H37 2014
Writers and age : essays on and interviews with five authors /
Esther Harriott

PS271 .D66 2014eb
Territories of Empire : U.S. Writing from the Louisiana Purchase to Mexican Independence /
Andy Doolen

PS310.P6 M37 2009
American experimental poetry and democratic thought [electronic resource]
Alan Marshall

PS3503.A61565 Y4 1990
Years of grace
by Margaret Ayer Barnes

PS3511.A86 Z78424 2014
Faulkner, writer of dis-ability
Taylor Hagood

PS3515.U274 Z48 2015
The selected letters of Langston Hughes
edited by Arnold Rampersad and David Roessel with Christa Fratantoro

PS3537.C5253 A6 2014
The collected stories of Gladys Schmitt
edited by Lois Josephs Fowler and Cynthia Lamb ; with an introduction by Peggy Knapp

PS3545.I5365 G53 1976
The glass menagerie
by Tennessee Williams

PS3551.L22 A58 2015
Canto hondo = : Deep song /
Francisco X. Alarcón

PS3552.A854 A6 2015
There's something I want you to do : stories /
Charles Baxter

PS3552.E544685 E97 2014
The Explorers Club
by Nell Benjamin

PS3554.I659 C74 2014
Creating Claire
Joe DiPietro

PS3558.A67 B54 2015
The big seven : a Faux mystery /
Jim Harrison

PS3561.E68 C65 2014
by Lyle Kessler

PS3563.A653 C66 2014
Coney Island Christmas
by Donald Margulies ; based on the story The loudest voice by Grace Paley

PS3563.A7239 S5935 2015
Mastering The game of thrones : essays on George R.R. Martin's A song of ice and fire /
edited by Jes Battis and Susan Johnston

PS3563.O8867 A6 2014
The little edges
Fred Moten

PS3565.A8 S33 2015
The sacrifice : a novel /
Joyce Carol Oates

PS3565.N316 W47 2015
West of sunset : a novel /
Stewart O'Nan

PS3566.E354 A6 2015
The martini shot : a novella and stories /
George Pelecanos

PS3566.R84 A6 2015
Couldn't prove, had to promise : poems /
by Wyatt Prunty

PS3568.O855 .Z693 2014eb
Philip Roth : fiction and power /
Patrick Hayes

PS3569.I4712 T66 2014
Too much sun
by Nicky Silver

PS3570.Y45 S68 2015
A spool of blue thread : a novel /
Anne Tyler

PS3602.A2314 A6 2015
Water and what we know : following the roots of a northern life /
Karen Babine

PS3602.A838 S54 2014
She weeps each time you're born
Quan Barry

PS3608.A5464 N48 2014
The nether : a play /
Jennifer Haley

PS3608.E3823 A6 2015
Single, carefree, mellow : stories /
Katherine Heiny

PS3608.O93 D75 2015
Driving the king : a novel /
Ravi Howard

PS3610.U537 F57 2014
The first bad man : a novel /
by Miranda July

PS3612.A565 A6 2015
Sweet nothing : stories /
Richard Lange

PS3621.R33 H37 2014
The happy sad
by Ken Urban

PS3621.R3358 A93 2014
The awake
by Ken Urban

PS3621.R3358 C67 2014
The correspondent
by Ken Urban

PS3621.R3358 P75 2014
The private lives of Eskimos
by Ken Urban

PS366.M55 C53 2015
American literary minimalism
Robert C. Clark

PS374.H67 J38 2015
The literary haunted house : Lovecraft, Matheson, King and the horror in between /
Rebecca Janicker

PS374.N4 H47 2014eb
Speaking in tongues and dancing diaspora : Black women writing and performing /
Mae G. Henderson

PS374.T434 S53 2014
Tactics of the human : experimental technics in American fiction /
Laura Shackelford

PS379 .G73 2015
The age of the crisis of man : thought and fiction in America, 1933-1973 /
Mark Greif

PS571.O3 E94 2015
Every river on Earth : writing from Appalachian Ohio /
edited by Neil Carpathios ; foreword by Donald Ray Pollock

PS628.W6 S58 2015
Slut : a play and guidebook for combating sexism and sexual violence /
edited by Katie Cappiello and Meg McInerney ; introduction by Jennifer Baumgardner ; afterword with Carol Gilligan

PS858.W8 Z34 2015
A Woman's Dilemma : Mercy Otis Warren and the American Revolution /
Rosemarie Zagarri

PS866.W5 Z76 2014
Phillis Wheatley's Miltonic poetics
Paula Loscocco

PT149.J4 M84 2014
The inability to love : Jews, gender, and America in recent German literature /
Agnes C. Mueller

PT2603.E455 Z6732 2015
Benjamin's passages : dreaming, awakening /
Alexander Gelley

PT2621.A26 Z8236 2015
Kafka's architectures : doors, rooms, stairs and windows of an intricate literary edifice /
Ayad B. Rahmani

PT2666.A84 D8613 2015
The dark ship
Sherko Fatah ; translated by Martin Chalmers

PT2676.A665 K3513 2014
The cold centre
Inka Parei

PT3826.S4 V58 2014
Vienna tales
stories selected and translated by Deborah Holmes ; edited by Helen Constantine

PT7269.N5 M55 2014eb
'Why is your axe bloody?' : a reading of Njals Saga /
William Ian Miller

PZ7.S47 Mom 2006 c.2
art by Maurice Sendak ; scenario by Arthur Yorinks ; paper engineering by Matthew Reinhart

3640 Colonel Glenn Highway, Dayton, Ohio 45435. Phone: (937) 775-2525