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P105 .B6 1966eb
Introduction to handbook of American Indian languages [electronic resource]
Franz Boas ; Indian linguistic families of America north of Mexico [by] J.W. Powell ; preface by Preston Holder

P106 .C52 2006eb
Language and mind [electronic resource]
Noam Chomsky

P106 .C5824 1996eb
Using language [electronic resource]
Herbert H. Clark

P115.2 .Y55 2007eb
The bilingual child : early development and language contact [electronic resource]
Virginia Yip, Stephen Matthews

P116 .T47 1995eb
Music and the origins of language : theories from the French Enlightenment [electronic resource]
Downing A. Thomas

P118 .B623 2000eb
How children learn the meanings of words [electronic resource]
Paul Bloom

P118 .C565 1995eb
The lexicon in acquisition [electronic resource]
Eve V. Clark

P118 .P55 1996eb
Language learnability and language development [electronic resource]
Steven Pinker ; with new commentary by the author

P130.5 T46 1991eb
Language contact, creolization, and genetic linguistics [electronic resource]
Sarah Grey Thomason and Terrence Kaufman

P143 .N53 1992eb
Linguistic diversity in space and time [electronic resource]
Johanna Nichols

P211 .S69 1983
The implications of literacy : written language and models of interpretation in the eleventh and twelfth centuries [electronic resource]
Brian Stock

P23 1961 .C6 1966eb
Universals of language : report of a conference held at Dobbs Ferry, New York April 13-15, 1961 [electronic resource]
edited by Joseph H. Greenberg

P241 .A7 1976eb
Word formation in generative grammar [electronic resource]
Mark Aronoff

P241 .M3 1991eb
Morphology [electronic resource]
P.H. Matthews

P27 .W53 1956eb
Language, thought, and reality : selected writings of Benjamin Lee Whorf [electronic resource]
edited and with an introduction by John B. Carroll ; foreword by Stuart Chase

P281 .L48 1995eb
Unaccusativity : at the syntax-lexical semantics interface [electronic resource]
Beth Levin and Malka Rappaport Hovav

P284 .C56 1999eb
Adverbs and functional heads : a cross-linguistic perspective [electronic resource]
Guglielmo Cinque

P291 .C39 1969eb
Aspects of the theory of syntax [electronic resource]
Noam Chomsky

P291 .H25 1995eb
Historical syntax in cross-linguistic perspective [electronic resource]
Alice C. Harris, Lyle Campbell

P291 .S67 2000eb
The syntactic process [electronic resource]
Mark Steedman

P306 .T265 2011eb
Disarming words : empire and the seductions of translation in Egypt [electronic resource]
Shaden M. Tageldin

P325 .L96 1977eb
Semantics [electronic resource]
John Lyons

P35.5.L5 S3
The psychology of literacy [electronic resource]
Sylvia Scribner, Michael Cole

P41 .K4 1989eb
Language and historical representation : getting the story crooked [electronic resource]
Hans Kellner

P53 .C43 1988
Second language classrooms : research on teaching and learning [electronic resource]
Craig Chaudron

P53.27 .H95 2003eb
Second language writing [electronic resource]
Ken Hyland

P53.4 .M356 2006eb
Assessing young language learners [electronic resource]
Penny McKay

P572 .A555 2007eb
The horse, the wheel, and language : how Bronze-Age riders from the Eurasian steppes shaped the modern world [electronic resource]
David W. Anthony

P81.U5 M38 1993eb
Grammatical theory in the United States from Bloomfield to Chomsky [electronic resource]
P.H. Matthews

P85.A38 Z45 1985eb
Alan of Lille's grammar of sex : the meaning of grammar to a twelfth-century intellectual [electronic resource]
Jan Ziolkowski

P85.L68 L67 2006eb
Lotman and cultural studies : encounters and extensions [electronic resource]
edited by Andreas Schönle

P94.65.U6 J46 2006"@"P94.65.U6
Convergence culture : where old and new media collide [electronic resource]
Henry Jenkins

P945.A3 B43 2011eb
The Ahhiyawa texts [electronic resource]
by Gary Beckman, Trevor Bryce, Eric Cline

P95.8 .H349 2004eb
Comparing media systems : three models of media and politics [electronic resource]
Daniel C. Hallin, Paolo Mancini

P96.A83 J46 2006eb
Fans, bloggers, and gamers : exploring participatory culture [electronic resource]
Henry Jenkins

PA2080.2 .O5513 2014
Latin : a linguistic introduction /
Renato Oniga ; edited and translated by Norma Schifano

PA2285 .M37 2014
Syntactical mechanics : a new approach to English, Latin, and Greek /
Bruce A. McMenomy

PA257 .P765 2003beb
Progymnasmata : Greek textbooks of prose composition and rhetoric [electronic resource]
translated with introductions and notes by George A. Kennedy

PA273 .H27 1982eb
The literate revolution in Greece and its cultural consequences [electronic resource]
Eric A. Havelock

PA3015.P67 C66 2014
Combat trauma and the ancient Greeks
edited by Peter Meineck and David Konstan

PA3021 .S76 2004eb
Birth of the symbol : ancient readers at the limits of their texts [electronic resource]
Peter T. Struck

PA3043 .C6 1983eb
Biography in late antiquity : a quest for the holy man [electronic resource]
Patricia Cox

PA3043 .G74 2000eb
Greek biography and panegyric in late antiquity [electronic resource]
edited by Tomas Hägg and Philip Rousseau ; with the assistance of Christian Høgel

PA3086 .K56 2010eb
Homer between history and fiction in imperial Greek literature [electronic resource]
by Lawrence Kim

PA3136 .B55 2014
Genealogy of the tragic : Greek tragedy and German philosophy /
Joshua Billings

PA3257 .K87 2011eb
Aesopic conversations : popular tradition, cultural dialogue, and the invention of Greek prose [electronic resource]
Leslie Kurke

PA3341 .T8 1968
Greek papyri : an introduction [electronic resource]
E.G. Turner

PA3469.C48 C48 2002beb
The chreia and ancient rhetoric : classroom exercises [electronic resource]
translated and edited by Ronald F. Hock and Edward N. O'Neil

PA3469.C48 C49 2012eb
The Chreia and ancient rhetoric : commentaries on Aphthonius's Progymnasmata [electronic resource]
[translated and edited by] Ronald F. Hock

PA3946.C3 E5 1969"@"PA3946.C3
The romance of Alexander the Great [electronic resource]
translated from the Armenian version with an introduction by Albert Mugrdich Wolohojian

PA3968.D62 Z78 1988eb
Dioscorus of Aphrodito : his work and his world [electronic resource]
Leslie S.B. MacCoull

PA3998.H8 E5 2005beb
Invention and method : two rhetorical treatises from the Hermogenic corpus [electronic resource]
the Greek text, edited by Hugo Rabe ; translated with introductions and notes by George A. Kennedy

PA401 .L5313 2008eb
Libanius's Progymnasmata : model exercises in Greek prose composition and rhetoric [electronic resource]
translated with an introduction and notes by Craig A. Gibson

PA4013 .H5 2007eb
Man and the word : the orations of Himerius [electronic resource]
translated, annotated, and introduced by Robert J. Penella

PA4035 .H4 2005eb
Heraclitus : Homeric problems [electronic resource]
edited and translated by Donald A. Russell and David Konstan

PA4037.A2 W6813 1985
Prolegomena to Homer, 1795 [electronic resource]
F.A. Wolf ; translated with introduction and notes by Anthony Grafton, Glenn W. Most, and James E.G. Zetzel

PA4167 .P47 1990"@"PA4167
Man in the middle voice : name and narration in the Odyssey [electronic resource]
John Peradotto

PA4224 .E37 2011eb
Sculpting idolatry in Flavian Rome : (an)iconic rhetoric in the writings of Flavius Josephus [electronic resource]
Jason von Ehrenkrook

PA4272 .A45 2002eb
On heroes [electronic resource]
Flavius Philostratus ; translated with an introduction and notes by Jennifer K. Berenson Maclean and Ellen Bradshaw Aitken ; with a preliminary essay by Casey Dué and Gregory Nagy

PA4272.A45 P5 2004eb
Philostratus's Heroikos : religion and cultural identity in the third century C.E. [electronic resource]
edited by Ellen Bradshaw Aitken, Jennifer K. Berenson Maclean

PA4272.A5 P513 2001eb
Heroikos [electronic resource]
Flavius Philostratus ; translated with an introduction and notes by Jennifer K. Berenson Maclean and Ellen Bradshaw Aitken ; with a prologue by Gregory Nagy and an epilogue by Helmut Koester

Proclus the Successor on poetics and the Homeric poems : essays 5 and 6 of his Commentary on the Republic of Plato [electronic resource]
text, translation, notes, and introduction by Robert Lamberton

PA4414.O5 M85 2014
Oedipus at Colonus
Sophocles ; a verse translation by David Mulroy, with introduction and notes

PA4417 .K48 1994eb
A Study of Sophoclean drama : with a new preface and enlarged bibliographical note /
G.M. Kirkwood

PA4441.S9 C36 1993eb
Barbarians and politics at the Court of Arcadius [electronic resource]
Alan Cameron, Jacqueline Long, with a contribution by Lee Sherry

PA4461 .C58 1984
Thucydides [electronic resource]
W. Robert Connor

PA53 .K17 1988eb
Guardians of language : the grammarian and society in late antiquity [electronic resource]
Robert A. Kaster

PA55 .K33 1988
Greek in the Carolingian Age : the St. Gall manuscripts [electronic resource]
Bernice M. Kaczynski

The fortunes of Apuleius and the Golden Ass : a study in transmission and reception [electronic resource]
Julia Haig Gaisser

PA6231.C8 D8 1976eb
Boethian fictions : narratives in the medieval French versions of the Consolatio philosophiae [electronic resource]
Richard A. Dwyer

PA6233 .Z8 1928
A concordance of Boethius [electronic resource]
the five theological tractates and the Consolation of philosophy, compiled by Lane Cooper ..

PA6271.C4 I513 1969"@"PA6271.C4
An introduction to divine and human readings [electronic resource]
by Cassiodorus Senator ; translated with an introduction and notes by Leslie Webber Jones

PA6411 .H596 2008
The Horace's Villa Project, 1997-2003 [electronic resource]
edited by Bernard D. Frischer, Jane Crawford, Monica de Simone

PA6448 .U34 2014
The invisible satirist : Juvenal and second-century Rome /
James Uden

PA6497.L7 E5 1961"@"PA6497.L7
Luxorius : a Latin poet among the Vandals : together with a text of the poems and an English translation [electronic resource]
by Morris Rosenblum

PA6498.E6 D3 1969"@"PA6498.E6
The Saturnalia [electronic resource]
translated with an introduction and notes by Percival Vaughan Davies

PA6498.E6 S8 1952"@"PA6498.E6
Commentary on the dream of Scipio [electronic resource]
[by] Macrobius ; translated with an introduction and notes by William Harris Stahl

PA6511.M3 M3 1971"@"PA6511.M3
Martianus Capella and the seven liberal arts [electronic resource] / by W. H. Stahl, with a study of the allegory and the verbal disciplines, by

PA6519.M9 J64 2008eb
Ovid before exile : art and punishment in the Metamorphoses [electronic resource]
Patricia J. Johnson

PA6519.M9 P385 2009eb
The image of the poet in Ovid's Metamorphoses [electronic resource]
Barbara Pavlock

PA6554.P45 Z89 1999eb
Paulinus of Nola : life, letters, and poems [electronic resource]
Dennis E. Trout

PA6585 .M38 2000eb
Slaves, masters, and the art of authority in Plautine comedy [electronic resource]
Kathleen McCarthy

The letters of Pliny : a historical and social commentary [electronic resource]
by A.N. Sherwin-White

Sedulius, the Paschal song and hymns [electronic resource]
translated with an introduction and notes by Carl P.E. Springer

PA6704.S7 A4 2011eb
The letters of Symmachus. Book 1 [electronic resource]
translation by Michele Renee Salzman and Michael Roberts ; general introduction and commentary by Michele Renee Salzman

PA6804.B7 P38 1987eb
Pastoral and ideology : Virgil to Valéry [electronic resource]
Annabel Patterson

PA78.B97 W54 1996eb
Scholars of Byzantium [electronic resource]
N.G. Wilson

PA8045.E5 W46 1994eb
Macaronic sermons : bilingualism and preaching in late-medieval England [electronic resource]
Siegfried Wenzel

PA8112 .C6 1975eb
Analecta Dublinensia : three medieval Latin texts in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin [electronic resource]
edited by Marvin L. Colker

PA8260 .I55 2006eb
Innovation and tradition in the writings of the Venerable Bede [electronic resource]
edited by Scott DeGregorio

PA8477.B76 Z513 1991"@"PA8477.B76
Two Renaissance book hunters : the letters of Poggius Bracciolini to Nicolaus de Niccolis [electronic resource]
translated from the Latin and annotated by Phyllis Walter Goodhart Gordan

PA8540.J67 A9 1985
Wilhelm Jordaens's Avellana : a fourteenth-century virtue-vice debate [electronic resource]
edited with an introduction by Lawrence J. Johnson

PC2369 .K3 1975eb
French syntax : the transformational cycle [electronic resource]
Richard S. Kayne

PC4876 .S45 2014
The Afro-Bolivian Spanish determiner phrase : a microparametric account /
Sandro Sessarego

PE1010 .E5 1960eb
Edwardians and late Victorians [electronic resource]
edited with a foreword by Richard Ellmann

PE1010 .E54 1950eb
English Institute essays, 1949 [electronic resource]
edited by Alan S. Downer

PE1133 .C4 1991eb
The sound pattern of English [electronic resource]
Noam Chomsky, Morris Halle

PE1405.U6 R384 2005
Rhetorical listening : identification, gender, whiteness [electronic resource]
Krista Ratcliffe

PE1421 .P56 2014
The sense of style : the thinking person's guide to writing in the 21st century /
Steven Pinker

PE1449 .R439 2003
English vocabulary in use : pre-intermediate & intermediate /
Stuart Redman

PE3231 .L4 1962eb
The presence of Walt Whitman : selected papers from the English Institute [electronic resource]
edited with a foreword by R.W.B. Lewis

A theory of Middle English alliterative meter : with critical applications [electronic resource]
Robert William Sapora, Jr

PF3629 .O9 1994
The Oxford-Duden pictorial German-English dictionary
edited by the Dudenredaktion and the German Section of the Oxford University Press Dictionary Department

PF3999.A32 H4 2002eb
Hêliand : text and commentary [electronic resource]
edited by James E. Cathey

PF4000 .P47 2010eb
Perspectives on the Old Saxon Heliand : introductory and critical essays, with an edition of the Leipzig fragment [electronic resource]
edited by Valentine A. Pakis

PG2997 .S88 2009eb
The prose of life : Russian women writers from Khrushchev to Putin [electronic resource]
Benjamin M. Sutcliffe

PG2998.J4 H4813 2008eb
In a maelstrom : the history of Russian-Jewish prose (1860-1940) [electronic resource]
by Zsuzsa Hetényi

PG3020.5.D43 M38 2005eb
Erotic utopia : the decadent imagination in Russia's fin-de-siècle [electronic resource]
Olga Matich

PG3020.5.M47 M48 2000eb
Metamorphoses in Russian modernism [electronic resource]
edited by Peter I. Barta

PG3026.S3 R945 2009eb
Stalin in Russian satire, 1917-1991 [electronic resource]
Karen L. Ryan

PG3098.3 .V354 2014
The woman in the window : commerce, consensual fantasy, and the quest for masculine virtue in the Russian novel /
Russell Scott Valentino

PG3098.H5 U54 2007eb
Plotting history : the Russian historical novel in the Imperial Age [electronic resource]
Dan Ungurianu

PG3312.Z5 K513 2007eb
Derzhavin : a biography [electronic resource]
Vladislav Khodasevich ; translated and with an introduction by Angela Brintlinger

PG3328 .F7 1976eb
Dostoevsky [electronic resource] :"@"[electronic resource]
Joseph Frank

PG3328 .F73 1986eb
Dostoevsky : the stir of liberation, 1860-1865 [electronic resource]
Joseph Frank

PG3328.Z6 B313 1984eb
Problems of Dostoevsky's poetics [electronic resource]
Mikhail Bakhtin ; edited and translated by Caryl Emerson ; introduction by Wayne C. Booth

PG3343.B64 D86 2006eb
The uncensored Boris Godunov : the case for Pushkin's original Comedy, with annotated text and translation [electronic resource]
Chester Dunning ; with Caryl Emerson ... [et al.]

PG3350 .B44 1998eb
Realizing metaphors : Alexander Pushkin and the life of the poet [electronic resource]
David M. Bethea

PG3366 .A6 2014
Anna Karenina
Leo Tolstoy ; translated from the Russian by Marian Schwartz ; edited with an introduction by Gary Saul Morson

PG3366.V6 K7
War and peace
by Leo Tolstoy ; edited for the modern reader in a translation revised by Princess Alexandra Kropotkin ; illustrated by J. Franklin Whitman

PG3453.A8 S393 2009eb
Erotic nihilism in late imperial Russia : the case of Mikhail Artsybashev's Sanin [electronic resource]
Otto Boele

PG3467.I8 Z573 2006eb
The Russian Prospero : the creative universe of Viacheslav Ivanov [electronic resource]
Robert Bird

PG3470.V68 Z9 2005"@"PG3470.V68
Maximilian Voloshin and the Russian literary circle : culture and survival in revolutionary times [electronic resource]
Barbara Walker

PG3476.A98 Z77 1997"@"PG3476.A98
How life writes the book : real socialism and socialist realism in Stalin's Russia [electronic resource]
Thomas Lahusen

PG3476.P27 D613 1958
Doctor Zhivago
Boris Pasternak ; translated from the Russian by Max Hayward and Manya Harari

PG5006.3.G46 T48 2007eb
The Bohemian body : gender and sexuality in modern Czech culture [electronic resource]
Alfred Thomas

PH3281.M33 Z5413 1996eb
Memoir of Hungary, 1944-1948 [electronic resource]
Sándor Márai ; translated with an introd. and notes by Albert Tezla

PJ1945 .H95 1995eb
Hymns, prayers, and songs : an anthology of ancient Egyptian lyric poetry [electronic resource]
translated by John L. Foster ; edited by Susan Tower Hollis

PJ3721.N8 M347 2010eb
Nuzi texts and their uses as historical evidence [electronic resource]
by Maynard Paul Maidman ; edited by Ann K. Guinan

PJ3882 .L46 1993eb
Letters from early Mesopotamia [electronic resource]
[translated] by Piotr Michalowski ; edited by Erica Reiner

PJ3941 .C64 2013eb
Wisdom from the late Bronze Age
by Yoram Cohen ; edited by Andrew R. George

PJ4083 .V36 2003eb
Epics of Sumerian kings : the matter of Aratta [electronic resource]
by Herman Vanstiphout ; edited by Jerrold S. Cooper

PJ4150.Z95 E5 1997eb
Ugaritic narrative poetry [electronic resource]
translated by Mark S. Smith ... [et al.] ; edited by Simon B. Parker

PJ5029 .B74 2003eb
Inextricably bonded : Israeli Arab and Jewish writers re-visioning culture [electronic resource]
Rachel Feldhay Brenner

PJ5050.J6 S413 1960"@"PJ5050.J6
The book of delight [electronic resource]
translated by Moses Hadas ; with an introduction by Merriam Sherwood

PJ5054.R389 Z63 2003eb
Asher Reich : portrait of a Hebrew poet [electronic resource]
Yair Mazor ; illustrations by Michael Kovner

PJ5055.22.A94 G5813 2014
The hilltop : a novel /
Assaf Gavron ; translated from the Hebrew by Steven Cohen

PJ5120.7.T73 G38 2003eb
Journeys beyond the pale : Yiddish travel writing in the modern world [electronic resource]
Leah Garrett

PJ5128 .S39 2005eb
Imagining lives : autobiographical fiction of Yiddish writers [electronic resource]
Jan Schwarz

PJ5129.R585 B613 1985eb
The tree of life : a trilogy of life in the Lodz Ghetto [electronic resource]
Chava Rosenfarb ; translated from the Yiddish by the author in collaboration with Goldie Morgentaler

PJ5129.S49 Z695 2003eb
Isaac Bashevis Singer : a life [electronic resource]
[with a new introduction by] Janet Hadda

PJ5191.E3 P76 2005eb
Proletpen : America's rebel Yiddish poets [electronic resource]
edited by Amelia Glaser and David Weintraub ; translated by Amelia Glaser ; with illustrations by Dana Craft ; special editorial assistance from Yankl Salant

PJ5208.A2 A54 1994eb
Ancient Aramaic and Hebrew letters [electronic resource]
[compiled] by James M. Lindenberger ; edited by Kent Harold Richards

PJ6640 .W43 1994
A dictionary of modern written Arabic : (Arabic-English) /
Hans Wehr ; edited by J. Milton Cowan

PJ7519.W66 M34 1991eb
Woman's body, woman's word : gender and discourse in Arabo-Islamic writing [electronic resource]
Fedwa Malti-Douglas

PJ7808.Z26 A6513 1989"@"PJ7808.Z22
Year of the elephant : a Moroccan woman's journey toward independence, and other stories [electronic resource]
by Leila Abouzeid ; translation from the Arabic by Barbara Parmenter ; introduction by Elizabeth Warnock Fernea

PJ8082 .A23 1990"@"PJ8082
Sexuality and war : literary masks of the Middle East [electronic resource]
Evelyne Accad

PK2650.5 .M57 2010eb
The social space of language : vernacular culture in British colonial Punjab [electronic resource]
Farina Mir

PK5420 .S53 2012eb
Flesh and fish blood : postcolonialism, translation, and the vernacular [electronic resource]
S. Shankar

PK6413.5.W65 M5 1992eb
Veils and words : the emerging voices of Iranian women writers [electronic resource]
Farzaneh Milani

PL1075 .N67 1988eb
Chinese [electronic resource]
Jerry Norman

PL2261 .L415 2007eb
Revolution of the heart : a genealogy of love in China, 1900-1950 [electronic resource]
Haiyan Lee

PL2263 .L513 1959"@"PL2806
The literary mind and the carving of dragons : a study of thought and pattern in Chinese literature [electronic resource]
by Liu Hsieh ; translated with an introduction and notes by Vincent Yu-chung Shih

PL2265 .W28 1992eb
The story of stone : intertextuality, ancient Chinese stone lore, and the stone symbolism in Dream of the red chamber, Water margin, and the journey to the west [electronic resource]
Jing Wang

PL2277 .M355 2007eb
The talented women of the Zhang family [electronic resource]
Susan Mann

Manifest in words, written on paper : producing and circulating poetry in Tang Dynasty China [electronic resource]
Christopher M.B. Nugent

PL2419.H57 K56 2014
Visions of dystopia in China's new historical novels
Jeffrey C. Kinkley

PL2436 .P53 1987eb
The four masterworks of the Ming novel : Si da qishu / [electronic resource] =
Andrew H. Plaks

PL2471 .R47 1971eb
Confucian analects, The great learning, and The doctrine of the mean [electronic resource]
translated, with critical and exegetical notes, prolegomena, copious indexes, and dictionary of all characters by James Legge

PL2471.Z6 M27 2003eb
Transmitters and creators : Chinese commentators and commentaries on the analects [electronic resource]
John Makeham

PL2478 .D49 2014
I ching = : Yijing : the book of change /
translated with an introduction and commentary by John Minford

PL2698.L52 Z65 1988
The invention of Li Yu [electronic resource]
Patrick Hanan

Empire of texts in motion : Chinese, Korean, and Taiwanese transculturations of Japanese literature [electronic resource]
Karen Laura Thornber

PL772 .C65 2014
The Columbia anthology of Japanese essays : zuihitsu from the tenth to the twenty-first century /
edited and translated by Steven D. Carter

PL782.E3 M255 1969"@"PL782.E3
The Manyōshū : the Nippon Gakujutsu Shinkōkai translation of One thousand poems [electronic resource]
with a foreword by Donald Keene

PL782.E5 K4 1970"@"PL782.E5
Twenty plays of the Nō theatre [electronic resource]
edited by Donald Keene, with the assistance of Royall Tyler ; illustrated with drawings by Fukami Tanrō and from the Hōshō texts

PL790.K35 T95 1990"@"PL790.K35
The miracles of the Kasuga deity [electronic resource]
Royall Tyler

PL791.6 .T713 1998"@"PL791.6.T7
Essays in idleness : the Tsurezuregusa of Kenkō [electronic resource]
translated by Donald Keene

PL793.4 .A6 1990"@"PL793.4
Major plays of Chikamatsu [electronic resource]
translated by Donald Keene

PL834.A527 Z825 1990"@"PL834.A527
Changing song : the Marxist manifestos of Nakano Shigeharu [electronic resource]
Miriam Silverberg

American Indian languages : the historical linguistics of Native America [electronic resource]
Lyle Campbell

PM1737 .G63 1988eb
Native writings in Massachusett [electronic resource]
Ives Goddard and Kathleen J. Bragdon

PN1009.A1 R89 2014
British children's poetry in the romantic era : verse, riddle and rhyme /
Donelle Ruwe

PN1126 .W48 1978eb
Roots of lyric : primitive poetry and modern poetics [electronic resource]
by Andrew Welsh

PN137 .T35 2013eb
Taking liberties with the author : selected essays from the English Institute [electronic resource]
series editor Meredith L. McGill

PN1590.A9 B88 2000eb
The making of American audiences : from stage to television, 1750-1990 [electronic resource]
Richard Butsch

PN1590.G39 S33 2014
Murder most queer : the homicidal homosexual in the American theater /
Jordan Schildcrout

PN1590.P76 B35 2013
Performing arts and therapeutic implications
Tanvi Bajaj, Swasti Shrimali Vohra

PN161 .L5
Literary market place : LMP

PN1621 .G28 1967eb
Ideas in the drama : selected papers from the English Institute [electronic resource]
edited with a foreword by John Gassner

PN166 .G4613 1997eb
Palimpsests : literature in the second degree [electronic resource]
Gérard Genette ; translated by Channa Newman & Claude Doubinsky ; foreword by Gerald Prince

PN1701 .C43 2015
Drama 3-5 : a practical guide to teaching drama to children in the early years foundation stage /
Debbie Chalmers

PN171.F6 G74 1990"@"PN171.F6
Forgers and critics : creativity and duplicity in Western scholarship [electronic resource]
Anthony Grafton

PN1872 .S35 2014
Theatre & history
Rebecca Schneider

PN1879.H65 S58 1988eb
The darkness we carry : the drama of the Holocaust [electronic resource]
Robert Skloot

PN1968.U5 S68 1989
The voice of the city : vaudeville and popular culture in New York [electronic resource]
Robert W. Snyder

PN1978.I53 S43 1996eb
Shadows of empire : colonial discourse and Javanese tales [electronic resource]
Laurie J. Sears

PN1991.3.U6 L68 2005eb
Radio's intimate public : network broadcasting and mass-mediated democracy [electronic resource]
Jason Loviglio

PN1992.3.C3 C644 1990eb
Culture, communication, and national identity : the case of Canadian television [electronic resource]
Richard Collins

PN1992.5 .L68 2007eb
The television will be revolutionized [electronic resource]
Amanda D. Lotz

Small screen, big picture : television and lived religion [electronic resource]
Diane Winston, editor

PN1992.6 .K55 2006eb
Beyond the multiplex : cinema, new technologies, and the home [electronic resource]
Barbara Klinger

PN1992.6 .M377 2001eb
Ambient television : visual culture and public space [electronic resource]
Anna McCarthy

PN1992.63 .K5 1993eb
Playing with power in movies, television, and video games : from Muppet Babies to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [electronic resource]
Marsha Kinder

PN1992.75 .A49 1994eb
HollywoodTV : the studio system in the fifties [electronic resource]
by Christopher Anderson

PN1992.8.A32 G73 2010
Show sold separately : promos, spoilers, and other media paratexts [elektronische middelen]
Jonathan Gray

PN1992.8.A34 Z66 1999eb
Color by Fox : the Fox network and the revolution in Black television [electronic resource]
Kristal Brent Zook

PN1992.8.C46 H46 1998eb
Saturday morning censors : television regulation before the V-chip [electronic resource]
Heather Hendershot

PN1992.8.H64 B43 2006eb
Gay TV and straight America [electronic resource]
Ron Becker

PN1992.8.M52 J64 2008eb
Heartland TV : prime time television and the struggle for U.S. identity [electronic resource]
Victoria E. Johnson

PN1992.8.R43 K73 2010eb
Reality television and Arab politics : contention in public life [electronic resource]
Marwan M. Kraidy

PN1992.8.R43 R45 2009eb
Reality TV : remaking television culture [electronic resource]
edited by Susan Murray and Laurie Ouellette

PN1992.8.S67 K33 2005eb
Citizen spy : television, espionage, and Cold War culture [electronic resource]
Michael Kackman

PN1992.8.T3 G35 1999eb
Freaks talk back : tabloid talk shows and sexual nonconformity [electronic resource]
Joshua Gamson

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Goin' crazy with Sam Peckinpah and all our friends
Max Evans with Robert Nott

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Women's comedic monologues that are actually funny
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A trade like any other : female singers and dancers in Egypt [electronic resource]
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Digital storytelling, applied theatre, & youth : performing possibility /
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Why theatre matters : urban youth, engagement, and a pedagogy of the real /
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Associated Press stylebook 2014
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The anniversary Marj

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Hayden White

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Representing the modern animal in culture
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Monstrous imagination [electronic resource]
Marie-Hélène Huet

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Modernism and mobility : the passport and cosmopolitan experience /
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Slavery and the culture of taste [electronic resource]
Simon Gikandi

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The golden age.
Selected & introduced by Norris Houghton

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Black sheep
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Vernon early
by Horton Foote

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The tutors
by Erica Lipez

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by Adam Rapp

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The theatre of the Holocaust ... [electronic resource]
edited and with an introduction by Robert Skloot

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The limits of interpretation [electronic resource]
Umberto Eco

A new history of French literature [electronic resource]
edited by Denis Hollier ; with R. Howard Bloch [and 7 others]

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Vietnam and the colonial condition of French literature
Leslie Barnes

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Marcel Hénaff ; translated by Xavier Callahan

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The hunchback of Notre Dame
by Victor Hugo

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Louis-Ferdinand Céline ; translated from the French by Ralph Manheim ; afterword by William T. Vollmann

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Peter Sis

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Christian Bobin ; translated by Alison Anderson

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Openwork : poetry and prose /
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Gregson Davis

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Hans Baron

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The poet as philosopher : Petrarch and the formation of Renaissance consciousness [electronic resource]
Charles Trinkaus

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Derek Flitter

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Gender and modernity in Spanish literature : 1789-1920 /
Elizabeth Smith Rousselle

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Dena Goodman

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Lector ludens : the representation of games and play in Cervantes /
Michael Scham

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Figures of ill repute : representing prostitution in nineteenth-century France [electronic resource]
Charles Bernheimer

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Memory and identity in the narratives of Soledad Puértolas : constructing the past and the self /
Tamara L. Townsend

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A critical companion to Jorge Semprún : Buchenwald, before and after /
edited by Ofelia Ferrán and Gina Herrmann

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Ilan Stavans : eight conversations [electronic resource]
Neal Sokol

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Gerard Aching

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Carlos J. Alonso

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Journalism and the development of Spanish American narrative [electronic resource]
Aníbal González

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Myth and archive : a theory of Latin American narrative [electronic resource]
Roberto González Echevarría

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Sylvia Molloy

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Selected works
Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz ; translated by Edith Grossman ; introduction by Julia Alvarez

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The baroque narrative of Carlos de Sigüenza y Góngora : a new world paradise [electronic resource]
Kathleen Ross

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The underdogs :
Mariano Azuela ; translated by Ilan Stavans and Anna More ; edited by Ilan Stavans

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René Prieto

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Ignacio López-Calvo ; foreword by Eugenio Chang-Rodríguez

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Severino J. Albuquerque

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What Galileo saw : imagining the scientific revolution /
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Linguistic means of determining the dates of Old English literary texts [electronic resource]
Ashley Crandell Amos

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Chaucer's (anti-) eroticisms and the queer Middle Ages
Tison Pugh

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Death and liffe [electronic resource]
edited by Joseph M.P. Donatelli

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Piers Plowman : a modern verse translation /
William Langland ; translated by Peter Sutton

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John Guillory

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Stephen Greenblatt

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Shakespeare's 'whores' : erotics, politics and poetics /
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Manuel Schonhorn

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Tom Keymer

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Swift's politics : a study in disaffection [electronic resource]
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Blake and the Methodists
Michael Farrell

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Romantic Englishness : local, national, and global selves, 1780-1850 /
David Higgins, Associate Professor in English Literature, University of Leeds, UK

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Kali Israel

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Hellenism and homosexuality in Victorian Oxford [electronic resource]
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The Return of the native
Thomas Hardy

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Donne, Milton, and the end of humanist rhetoric [electronic resource]
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Protestant poetics and the seventeenth-century religious lyric [electronic resource]
Barbara Kiefer Lewalski

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From Scotland to Silverado : comprising The amateur immigrant: from the Clyde to Sandy Hook and Across the plains; The Silverado squatters; & four essays on California [electronic resource]
Robert Louis Stevenson ; edited by James D. Hart

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edited by Richard Ambrosini and Richard Dury

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Personal effects : essays on memoir, teaching, and culture in the work of Louise DeSalvo /
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Woolf studies annual

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edited by Rosemary Ross Johnston

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The assassination of Margaret Thatcher : stories /
Hilary Mantel

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The Murder Man
Tony Parsons

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Ruth Rendell

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Robin Robertson

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Will Self

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Ravishment of Reason : Governance and the Heroic Idioms of the Late Stuart Stage, 1660-1690 /
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Ridiculous critics : Augustan mockery of critical judgment /
edited by Philip Smallwood and Min Wild

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Feminist views on the English stage : women playwrights, 1990-2000 [electronic resource]
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Contemporary Black and Asian women playwrights in Britain [electronic resource]
Gabriele Griffin

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Travel writing and the transnational author
Sam Knowles

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Place matters : gendered geography in Victorian women's travel books about Southeast Asia [electronic resource]
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Family and the law in eighteenth-century fiction : the public conscience in the private sphere [electronic resource]
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Late-Victorian crime fiction in the shadows of Sherlock
Clare Clarke

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David MacFarlane

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Sheri-Marie Harrison

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V.S. Naipaul [electronic resource]
Fawzia Mustafa

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Derek Walcott [electronic resource]
Edward Baugh

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Arguments of Augustan wit [electronic resource]
John Sitter

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Ngugi wa Thiong'o [electronic resource]
Simon Gikandi

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Biodun Jeyifo

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Island of a thousand mirrors
Nayomi Munaweera

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Literature and society [electronic resource]
edited, with a preface, by Edward W. Said

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Ten nights in a bar-room, and what I saw there [electronic resource]
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The adventures of Tom Sawyer ; The adventures of Huckleberry Finn ; The prince and the pauper
Mark Twain

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A family sketch and other private writings
by Mark Twain, Livy Clemens, Susy Clemens ; edited by Benjamin Griffin of the Mark Twain Project

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Mark Twain's America : a celebration in words and images /
Harry L. Katz and the Library of Congress

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Mark Twain's audience : a critical analysis of reader responses to the writings of Mark Twain /
Robert McParland

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Thinking outside the book
Augusta Rohrbach

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American women's ghost stories in the Gilded Age
Dara Downey, University College Dublin, Ireland

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Homecoming queers : desire and difference in Chicana Latina cultural production [electronic resource]
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Neal Dolan

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American Sea Literature : Seascapes, Beach Narratives, and Underwater Explorations /
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PS2253 1940
by Henry W. Longfellow

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Raymond Malewitz

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Alternative masculinities for a changing world
edited by Àngels Carabí and Josep M. Armengol

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The presidents we imagine : two centuries of White House fictions on the page, on the stage, onscreen, and online [electronic resource]
Jeff Smith

Margaret Fuller : an American romantic life [electronic resource]
Charles Capper

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Mark Elliott

Modernism's mythic pose : gender, genre, solo performance [electronic resource]
Carrie J. Preston

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Leaves of grass : a textual variorum of the printed poems [electronic resource]
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Walt Whitman ; edited by Edward F. Grier

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Prose works 1892 [electronic resource]
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Daybooks and notebooks [electronic resource]
Walt Whitman ; edited by William White

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The correspondence [electronic resource]
edited by Edwin Haviland Miller

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Lyric shame : the lyric subject of contemporary American poetry /
Gillian White

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Expressionism and modernism in the American theatre : bodies, voices, words [electronic resource]
Julia A. Walker

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Congressional theatre : dramatizing McCarthyism on stage, film, and television [electronic resource]
Brenda Murphy

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Staging the slums, slumming the stage : class, poverty, ethnicity, and sexuality in American theatre, 1890-1916 /
J. Chris Westgate

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The heart is strange : new selected poems /
John Berryman ; edited with an introduction by Daniel Swift

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Representing Kenneth Burke [electronic resource]
edited by Hayden White and Margaret Brose

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Raymond Chandler speaking [electronic resource]
edited by Dorothy Gardiner and Kathrine Sorley Walker ; introduction by Paul Skenazy

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T. S. Eliot's Christmas poems : an essay in writing-as-reading and other impossible unions /
G. Douglas Atkins, Professor Emeritus of English, University of Kansas, USA

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The road not taken : a selection of Robert Frost's poems /
with an introduction and commentary by Louis Untermeyer ; illustrations by John O'Hara Cosgrave II

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Interviews with Robert Frost
edited by Edward Connery Lathem

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The collected poems of James Laughlin, 1935-1997
edited with an Introduction and Notes by Peter Glassgold

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The final victim of the blacklist : John Howard Lawson, dean of the Hollywood Ten [electronic resource]
Gerald Horne

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Author under sail : the imagination of Jack London, 1893-1902 /
Jay Williams

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Arthur Miller : his life and work [electronic resource]
Martin Gottfried

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Eugene O'Neill : a life in four acts /
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A very dangerous citizen : Abraham Lincoln Polonsky and the Hollywood left [electronic resource]
Paul Buhle and Dave Wagner

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Short novels of John Steinbeck : Tortilla Flat, The red pony, Of mice and men, The moon is down, Cannery Row, The pearl.
With an introd. by Joseph Henry Jackson

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The grapes of wrath
John Steinbeck

On extended wings : Wallace Stevens' longer poems [electronic resource]
Helen Hennessy Vendler

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Autobiography in black and brown : ethnic identity in Richard Wright and Richard Rodriguez /
Michael Nieto Garcia

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James Baldwin and the Queer Imagination
Matt Brim

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James Baldwin's understanding of God : overwhelming desire and joy /
Josiah Ulysses Young III

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The prince of Los Cocuyos : a Miami childhood /
Richard Blanco

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Bathing the Lion
Jonathan Carroll

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Treat us like dogs and we will become wolves
a novel by Carolyn Chute

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Shadow of a cloud but no cloud
Killarney Clary

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Aimless love : new and selected poems /
Billy Collins

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Race, Ralph Ellison and American Cold War intellectual culture
Richard Purcell

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The Trace : a novel /
Forrest Gander

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Broken cup : poems /
Margaret Gibson

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Faithful and virtuous night
Louise Glück

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Study in perfect : essays /
by Sarah Gorham

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Brain fever : poems /
Kimiko Hahn

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A map of betrayal
Ha Jin

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Thinking about the longstanding problems of virtue and happiness : essays, a play, two poems, and a prayer /
Tony Kushner

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Mermaids in paradise : a novel /
Lydia Millet

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The forgers
Bradford Morrow

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Lovely, dark, deep : stories /
Joyce Carol Oates

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Ultimatum from paradise : poems /
Jacqueline Osherow

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Full measure : a novel /
T. Jefferson Parker

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Pynchon's California
edited by Scott McClintock and John Miller

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Marilynne Robinson

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De Potter's Grand tour : a novel /
Joanna Scott

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Demigods on speedway
Aurelie Sheehan

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Once in the West
Christian Wiman

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To forget Venice
Peg Boyers

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Zero to three : poems /
by F. Douglas Brown

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Man v. nature : stories /
Diane Cook

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White tiger on Snow Mountain
David Gordon

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The Cow-hunter : a novel /
Charles Hudson

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Story/Time : the life of an idea /
Bill T. Jones

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Neil LaBute : stage and cinema [electronic resource]
by Christopher Bigsby

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10:04 : a novel /
Ben Lerner

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If in later years : poems /
Ronald E. Moore

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Bewildered : stories /
Carla Panciera

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100 essays I don't have time to write : on umbrellas and sword fights, parades and dogs, fire alarms, children, and theater /
Sarah Ruhl

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What ridiculous things we could ask of each other : poems /
by Jeffrey Schultz

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Serial memoir : archiving American lives /
Nicole Stamant

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Cannibal fictions : American explorations of colonialism, race, gender and sexuality [electronic resource]
Jeff Berglund

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Epistemology of the closet [electronic resource]
Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick

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The body of property : antebellum American fiction and the phenomenology of possession /
Chad Luck

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Insistence of the material : literature in the age of biopolitics /
Christopher Breu

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Changing the subject : writing women across the African diaspora /
K. Merinda Simmons

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Hollywood quarterly : film culture in postwar America, 1945-1957 [electronic resource]
edited by Eric Smoodin and Ann Martin

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The Wister trace : assaying classic western fiction /
Loren D. Estleman

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Thinking en español : interviews with critics of Chicana/o literature /
Jesús Rosales ; foreword by Rolando Hinojosa-Smith

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Home girls : a black feminist anthology [electronic resource]
edited by Barbara Smith

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Never can say goodbye : writers on their unshakable love for New York /
edited by Sari Botton

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Coming to terms : American plays & the Vietnam War /
introduction by James Reston, Jr

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The trials of Phillis Wheatley : America's first Black poet and her encounters with the founding fathers [electronic resource]
Henry Louis Gates, Jr

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Seventeen modern German stories
edited by R. Hinton Thomas

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The ship of fools [electronic resource]
translated into rhyming couplets with an introduction and commentary by Edwin H. Zeydel ; with reproductions of the original woodcuts

The book of emperors : a translation of the Middle High German Kaiserchronik [electronic resource]
edited and translated by Henry A. Myers

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Lanzelet [electronic resource]
Ulrich von Zatzikhoven ; translated by Thomas Kerth ; with additional notes by Kenneth G.T. Webster and Roger Sherman Loomis

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The nightwatches of Bonaventura
translated by Gerald Gillespie

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Radio Benjamin
edited by Lecia Rosenthal ; tanslated by Jonathan Lutes with Lisa Harries Schumann and Diana K. Reese

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Berlin Alexanderplatz : radio, film, and the death of Weimar culture [electronic resource]
Peter Jelavich

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The air raid on Halberstadt on 8 April 1945
Alexander Kluge ; translated by Martin Chalmers

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The blue soda siphon
Urs Widmer ; translated by Donal Mclaughlin

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The Redentin Easter play [electronic resource]
translated from the Low German of the fifteenth century with introduction and notes by A.E. Zucker

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Broader horizons : a study of Johannes Witte de Hese's Itinerarius and medieval travel narratives [electronic resource]
Scott D. Westrem

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Peasant life in Old German epics : Meier Helmbrecht and Der arme Heinrich [electronic resource]
translated from the Middle High German of the thirteenth century by Clair Hayden Bell

Modern drama and German classicism : renaissance from Lessing to Brecht [electronic resource]
Benjamin Bennett

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The St. Nicholas anthology [electronic resource]
edited by Henry Steele Commager ; with an introduction by May Lamberton Becker

PZ7.B5319 Bab 2014
The baby tree
Sophie Blackall

PZ7.C716365 Dr 2014
Raúl Colón

PZ7.D2843 Pr 2014
The promise
Nicola Davies ; illustrated by Laura Carlin

PZ7.K12763 He 2014
Here is the baby
written by Polly Kanevsky ; illustrated by Taeeun Yoo

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