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Items Acquired in September 2014 for the University Libraries

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P120.I6 F46 2014
Nicely said : writing for the web with style and purpose [electronic resource]
Nicole Fenton and Kate Kiefer Lee

P204 .G73 2014eb
The grammar of knowledge : a cross-linguistic typology /
edited by Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald, R.M.W. Dixon

Prosodic typology II : the phonology of intonation and phrasing /
Sun-Ah Jun

P279 .C76 2014
Cross-linguistic studies of imposters and pronominal agreement
edited by Chris Collins

P291 .H395 2014eb
Cross-linguistic variation and efficiency
Prof. John A. Hawkins

P308 .W355 2014
SDL Trados Studio : a pratical guide : learn how to translate more efficiently with SDL Trados Studio 2014 [electronic resource]
Andy Walker ; foreword by Daniela Ford

P325 .A27 2014eb
Weak Island semantics
Márta Abrusán

P325 .R26 2013eb
Unruly words : a study of vague language /
Diana Raffman

Sievers' law and the history of semivowel syllabicity in Indo-European and Ancient Greek
by P.J. Barber

P93.53.M534 M53 2014
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. Basic

P93.53.M534 M53 2014
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. Advanced

P93.53.M534 M53 2014
Microsoft PowerPoint 2007. Basic

P93.53.M534 M53 2014
Microsoft PowerPoint 2007. Advanced

P93.53.M534 M53 2014
Microsoft PowerPoint 2008. Basic

P93.53.M534 M53 2014
Microsoft PowerPoint 2008. Advanced

P93.53.P74 G76 2014
Prezi hotshot : create amazing Prezi presentations through 10 exciting Prezi projects [electronic resource]
Hedwyg van Groenendaal

P96.A86 F75 2014eb
Writing for visual media [electronic resource]
Anthony Friedmann

Comparable corpora and computer-assisted translation
Estelle Maryline Delpech

P99 .H275 2012
This means this, this means that : a user's guide to semiotics [electronic resource]
Sean Hall

P99.4.P72 F56 2014
Confusion of Tongues : a theory of normative language /
Stephen Finlay

Sir Thomas Elyot as lexicographer
Gabriele Stein

PA3010 .D46 2013eb
Classical world literatures : Sino-Japanese and Greco-Roman comparisons /
Wiebke Denecke

PA3015.E46 S26 2014eb
Envy and jealousy in classical Athens : a socio-psychological approach /
Ed Sanders

Crafting Characters : Heroes and Heroines in the Ancient Greek Novel [electronic resource]
Koen de Temerman

PA3521 .G488 2013
The Getty hexameters : poetry, magic, and mystery in ancient Selinous /
edited by Christopher A. Faraone and Dirk Obbink

PA3975 .B2 2014
a new translation by Robin Robertson

PA3975.I8 C37 2014
Iphigenia among the Taurians
Euripides ; translated by Anne Carson ; with an introduction by Glenn W. Most and Mark Griffith

PA4004 .P75 2014eb
Herodotus and Hellenistic culture : literary studies in the reception of the Histories /
Jessica Priestley

Poetic autonomy in Ancient Rome
Luke Roman

PA6047 .C48 2014eb
The war with God : theomachy in Roman imperial poetry /
Pramit Chaudhuri

PA6051 .P45 2014
The space that remains : reading Latin poetry in late antiquity /
Aaron Pelttari

PA6351 .H35 2014
Cicero's use of judicial theater
Jon Hall

PA6382 .G653 2013eb
Shaggy crowns : Ennius' Annales and Virgil's Aeneid /
Nora Goldschmidt

PC1077 .P65 2014
Word order in Old Italian
Cecilia Poletto

PC4112 .D47 2014
Desarrolle sus Habilidades de Lectura Básica

PE1112 .D47 2014
Desarrolle sus habilidades de gramática básica

PE1112 .G73 2014
Grammar skills tutorial

PE1112 .S773 2014eb
The blue book of grammar and punctuation : an easy-to-use guide with clear rules, real-world examples, and reproducible quizzes /
Jane Straus, Lester Kaufman, authors ; edited with new material by Tom Stern

PE1112.3 .B85 2014
Build your basic grammar skills

PE1112.3 .P484 2014
Grammar and style [electronic resource]
by Mark Peters, Phd

PE1114 .G731 2014
Grammar skills. Practice 1

PE1114 .G731 2014
Grammar practice. 1

PE1114 .G732 2014
Grammar skills. Practice 2

PE1114 .G732 2014
Grammar practice. 2

PE1114 .P73 2014
Práctica 1 de sinónimos y antónimos con instrucciones en español

PE1114 .P73 2014
Práctica 2 de sinónimos y antónimos con instrucciones en español

PE1114 .P73 2014
Práctica 3 de sinónimos y antónimos con instrucciones en español

PE1114 .P733 2014
Práctica 1 de analogías verbales con instrucciones en español

PE1114 .P733 2014
Práctica 2 de analogías verbales con instrucciones en español

PE1114 .P733 2014
Práctica 3 de analogías verbales con instrucciones en español

PE1128.A2 F744 2002
Closing the achievement gap : how to reach limited-formal-schooling and long-term English learners /
Yvonne S. Freeman [and] David E. Freeman with Sandra Mercuri

PE1143 .S551 2014
Skills check. Spelling 1

PE1143 .S552 2014
Skills check. Spelling 2

PE1375 .W75 2014
Writing practice : sentence structures

PE1403 .W75 2014
Writing skills tutorial

PE1404 .E87 2014
Essay writing practice : informative

PE1404 .E87 2014
Essay writing practice : narrative

PE1404 .E87 2014
Essay writing practice : persuasive

PE1404 .S44 1990
The Shape of this century : readings from the disciplines /
Diana Wyllie Rigden, Susan S. Waugh

PE1404 .W75 2014
Writing practice : organization and focus

PE1404 .W75 2014
Writing practice : mechanics and conventions

PE1408 .L3184 2010
A practical writing guide for academic librarians : keeping it short and sweet [electronic resource]
Anne Langley and Jonathan D. Wallace

PE1413 .B85 2014
Build your basic writing skills

PE1413 .W75 2014
Writing skills. Level 1, practice 1

PE1413 .W75 2014
Writing skills. Level 1, practice 2

PE1413 .W75 2014
Writing skills. Level 1, practice 3

PE1413 .W75 2014
Writing skills. Level 1, practice 4

PE1413 .W75 2014
Writing skills. Level 2, practice 1

PE1413 .W75 2014
Writing skills. Level 2, practice 2

PE1413 .W75 2014
Writing skills. Level 2, practice 3

PE1413 .W75 2014
Writing skills. Level 2, practice 4

PE1413 .W75 2014
Writing skills. Level 3, practice 1

PE1413 .W75 2014
Writing skills. Level 3, practice 2

PE1413 .W75 2014
Writing skills. Level 3, practice 3

PE1413 .W75 2014
Writing skills. Level 3, practice 4

PE1441 .A331 2014
ACCUPLACER sentence skills practice test. 1

PE1441 .A332 2014
ACCUPLACER sentence skills practice test. 2

PE1449 .B85 2014
Build your basic vocabulary and spelling skills

PE1449 .S551 2014
Skills check. Vocabulary 1

PE1449 .S552 2014
Skills check. Vocabulary 2

PE1449 .S96 2014
Synonym & antonym practice. 1

PE1449 .S96 2014
Synonym & antonym practice. 2

PE1449 .S96 2014
Synonym & antonym practice. 3

PE1449 .V63 2014
Vocabulary and spelling skills practice. 1

PE1449 .V63 2014
Vocabulary and spelling skills practice. 2

PE1449 .V63 2014
Vocabulary & spelling practice. 1

PE1449 .V63 2014
Vocabulary & spelling practice. 2

PE1449 .W67 2014
Word analogy practice. 1

PE1449 .W67 2014
Word analogy practice. 2

PE1449 .W67 2014
Word analogy practice. 3

PE1460 .M67 2014
The right word : correcting commonly confused, misspelled, and misused words [electronic resource]
Elizabeth Morrison

PE1483 .M32 2004eb
Everyday letters for busy people : hundreds of samples you can adapt at a moment's notice : invitations and resignations, complaints and condolences, e-mail and snail mail, and more [electronic resource]
Debra Hart May and Regina McAloney

English Lexicogenesis [electronic resource]
D. Gary Miller

PE1574 .D875 2014eb
Borrowed words : a history of loanwords in English /
Philip Durkin

PE1721 .P38 2014
British pronoun use, prescription, and processing : linguistic and social influences affecting they and he /
Laura Louise Paterson

PG1419.1.L335 S9413 2014
David Albahari ; translated by Ellen Elias-Bursać

PG3476.N3 Z624 2014
Nabokov's eros and the poetics of desire
Maurice Couturier ; foreword by David Lodge

PG3488.O4 O313 1963
One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich
[translated from the Russian by Ralph Parker] ; with an introd. by Marvin L. Kalb ; foreword by Alexander Tvardovsky

PG5039.16.U38 M913 2014
Of mice and Mooshaber
Ladislav Fuks ; [translation, Mark Corner ; illustrations, Jiří Grus]

PJ1487 .M36 2013
Imagining the past : historical fiction in New Kingdom Egypt [electronic resource]
Colleen Manassa

PK1730.3.A65 L3513 1997
Shame : a novel /
Taslima Nasrin ; [translated from the Bengali by Kankabati Datta]

PK5416 .J35 2014
Liking progress, loving change : a literary history of the Progressive Writers' Movement in Urdu /
Rakhshanda Jalil

PL2812.I4 Z754 2014
The avant-garde and the popular in modern China : Tian Han and the intersection of performance and politics /
Liang Luo

PL3031.T3 C65 2014
The Columbia sourcebook of literary Taiwan
edited by Sung-sheng Yvonne Chang, Michelle Yeh, Ming-ju Fan

PL8010 .J335 2014eb
Africa in stereo : modernism, music, and pan-African solidarity /
Tsitsi Ella Jaji

PL856.U673 S5513 2014
Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his years of pilgrimage : a novel /
Haruki Murakami ; translated from the Japanese by Philip Gabriel

PL856.U673 Z864 2014
The forbidden worlds of Haruki Murakami
Matthew Carl Strecher

PN1035 .P64 2014
Poetry and dialogism : hearing over /
edited by Mara Scanlon, University of Mary Washington, USA and Chad Engbers, Calvin College, USA

PN167 .B73 2011
Plagiarism education and prevention : a subject-driven case-based approach [electronic resource]
Cara Bradley

Inspired creative writing : 52 brilliant ideas from the master wordsmiths [electronic resource]
Alexander Gordon Smith

PN1922 .P43 2014
Slapstick and comic performance : comedy and pain /
Louise Peacock

PN1968.U5 D38 2014
The new humor in the progressive era : Americanization and the vaudeville comedian /
Rick DesRochers

PN1990.9.A54 R44 2013eb
Broadcast Announcing Worktext : A Media Performance Guide [electronic resource]
Alan Stephenson, David Reese, Mary Beadle

PN1992.6 .C53 2014
Channeling cultures : television studies from India /
edited by Biswarup Sen, Abhijit Roy

PN1992.7 .C585 2014eb
Write to tv : out of your head and onto the screen /
Martie Cook

PN1992.8.G7 H37 2013
Broadcast graphics on the spot : time-saving techniques using Photoshop and After Effects for broadcast and post production [electronic resource]
by Richard Harrington, Glen Stephens, Chris Vadnais

PN1992.94 .B37 2005eb
The wedding video handbook : how to succeed in the wedding video business [electronic resource]
Kirk Barber

PN1993.5.A1 R68 2014
Decades never start on time : a Richard Roud anthology /
edited by Michael Temple and Karen Smolens

PN1993.5.U6 L445 2006
The producer's business handbook [electronic resource]
John J. Lee, Jr. and Rob Holt

PN1993.7 .H635 2015
Out of order : storytelling techniques for video and cinema editors [electronic resource]
Ross Hockrow

PN1995 .K86 2014
Meta-narrative in the movies : tell me a story /
Joseph Kupfer, Professor of Philosophy, Iowa State University, USA

PN1995.25 F45 2014
Real objects in unreal situations : modern art in fiction films /
Susan Felleman

PN1995.9.A73 I4774 2006
The impressionists [videorecording]
BBC ; Koch Entertainment LP ; written by Sarah Woods, Colin Swash ; produced and directed by Tim Dunn, Mary Downes

PN1995.9.A74 O48 1999
Art direction for film and video [electronic resource]
Robert L. Olson

PN1995.9.B55 A53 1998
Andrei Rublev [videorecording]
produced by Mosfilm Studios ; [directed by Andrei Tarkovsky]

PN1995.9.D37 C66 2014
Deathwatch : American film, technology, and the end of life /
C. Scott Combs

PN1995.9.D6 C86 2014
The art of the documentary : fifteen conversations with leading directors, cinematographers, editors, and producers [electronic resource]
Megan Cunningham

PN1995.9.H47 B475 2014
Latino image makers in Hollywood : performers, filmmakers and films since the 1960s /
Frank Javier Garcia Berumen

A companion to the horror film
edited by Harry M. Benshoff

PN1995.9.M86 G37 2014
The migration of musical film : from ethnic margins to American mainstream /
Desirée J. Garcia

PN1995.9.O64 F54 2014
Sounding American : Hollywood, opera, and jazz /
Jennifer Fleeger

PN1995.9.P7 D353 2006
The director's idea : the path to great directing [electronic resource]
Ken Dancyger

PN1995.9.P7 R26 2013eb
Directing : film techniques and aesthetics [electronic resource]
Michael Rabiger, Mick Hurbis-Cherrier ; illustrated by Gustavo Mercado

PN1995.9.S695 M47 2014
The politics of big fantasy : the ideologies of Star Wars, The Matrix and The Avengers /
John C. McDowell

PN1995.9.W3 H48 2014
Heroism and gender in war films
edited by Karen A. Ritzenhoff and Jakub Kazecki

PN1997 .B2697 2011
Basquiat [videorecording]
Miramax Films and Jon Kilik present a Peter Brant, Joseph Allen production ; a film by Julian Schnabel ; story developed by Michael Thomas Holman ; produced by Jon Kilik, Sigurjon Sighvatsson, Randy Ostrow ; written and directed by Julian Schnabel

PN1997 .C37 2008
Caravaggio [videorecording]
the British Film Institute presents, in association with Nicholas Ward-Jackson, a film by Derek Jarman ; produced by Sarah Radclyffe ; directed by Derek Jarman ; screenplay by Derek Jarman ; executive producer, Colin MacCabe ; a B.F.I. production in association with Channel Four Television

PN1997 .I27 2001
I shot Andy Warhol [videorecording]
an Orion Pictures release ; Playhouse International Pictures presents in association with the Samuel Goldwyn Company and BBC Arena ; written by Mary Harron and Daniel Minahan ; produced by Tom Kalin and Christine Vachon ; directed by Mary Harron

PN1997 .J44 2006
Jesus of Montreal [videorecording]
Max Films Productions, Gérard Mital Productions en association avec L'Office National du Film du Canada présentent ; producteurs: Roger Frappier et Pierre Gendron ; scénario et réalisation: Denys Arcand

PN1997 .L3798 2012
The last temptation of Christ [videorecording]
[Universal City Studios, Inc. and Cineplex Odeon Films ; screenplay by Paul Schrader ; produced by Barbara DeFina ; directed by Martin Scorsese]

PN1997 .V55 1987
La vie est belle : Life is rosy / [videorecording - DVD] =
Lamy Films (Bruxelles), Stephan Films (Paris), Sol'oeil Films (Kinshasa)

PN1997 .V563 2005
Vincent & Theo [videorecording]
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer ; Hemdale Film Corporation ; John Daly and Derek Gibson present for Hemdale Film Corporation ; Belbo Films in association with Arena Films presents ; written by Julian Mitchell ; executive producer, David Conroy ; produced by Ludi Boeken ; directed by Robert Altman

PN1997.2 .G46 2010
Georgia O'Keeffe [videorecording]
City Entertainment ; Sony Pictures Television ; produced by Anthony Mark ; written by Michael Cristofer ; directed by Bob Balaban

PN1997.2 .K5568 2008
Klimt [videorecording]

PN1997.2 .R46 2013
Samuel Goldwyn Films ; Fidélité présente ; en association avec Wild Bunch et Mars Films ; en coproduction avec France 2 Cinéma ; avec la participation de Orange Cinéma Séries ; avec la participation de France Télévisions ; un film de Gilles Bourdos ; produit par Olivier Delbosc, Marc Missonnier ; scénario, Jérôme Tonnerre, Gilles Bourdos ; collaboration scénario, Michel Spinosa ; production exécutive, Christine de Jekel

PN1997.2 .S473 2010
Séraphine [videorecording]
TS productions presents, in coproduction with France 3 Cinéma, Climax Films, RTBF ; a film by Martin Provost ; producer, Miléna Poylo & Gilles Sacuto ; screenplay, Martin Provost et Marc Abdelnour

PN1997.2 .W39 2012
The way [videorecording]

PN1997.B596 C88 2014
Postmodern metanarratives : Blade runner and literature in the age of image /
Décio Torres Cruz, Universidade Federal da Bahia, Brazil

PN1997.K672 R46
Rembrandt [videorecording]
a London Film production

PN1997.N5673 S85 2014
Bonnie Sherr Klein's Not a love story
Rebecca Sullivan

PN1998.3.A46 S65 2014
Desire unlimited : the cinema of Pedro Almodóvar /
Paul Julian Smith

PN1998.3.D3815 K68 2014
Terence Davies
Michael Koresky

PN2041.S45 .K66 2014
How theatre means
Ric Knowles

PN2049 .D55 2014
New World drama : the performative commons in the Atlantic world, 1649-1849 /
Elizabeth Maddock Dillon

PN2049 .N53 2014
Applied drama : the gift of theatre /
Helen Nicholson

PN2053 .D446 2006
Changing direction : a practical approach to directing actors in film and theatre [electronic resource]
Lenore DeKoven

Irreverent acting [electronic resource]
Eric Morris

PN2071.A92 E85 2014
Auditions : the complete guide /
Richard Evans CDG

PN2080 .M5365 2014
Monologues for Latino/a actors : a resource guide to contemporary Latino/a playwrights for actors and teachers /
edited by Micha Espinosa ; with a foreword by José Rivera ; author profiles by Jason Davids Scott

PN2085 .F39 2013eb
Stage manager : the professional experience /
Larry Fazio

PN2091.E4 M37 2014
The assistant lighting designer's toolkit
Anne E. McMills

PN2091.F53 I66 2014eb
The theatrical firearms handbook
Kevin Inouye

PN2101 .W54 2012
Living theatre : history of the theatre /
Edwin Wilson, Alvin Goldfarb

PN2270.A35 J55 2014
The captive stage : performance and the proslavery imagination of the antebellum North /
Douglas A. Jones, Jr

PN2658.S64 S54 2014
Hanna Schygulla
Ulrike Sieglohr

PN3000.M85 I87 2014
In step with the times : mapiko masquerades of Mozambique /
Paolo Israel

PN3171 .M354 2013
The English teacher's drama handbook : from theory to practice /
Nicholas McGuinn

PN3435 .Q47 2014
A quest of her own : essays on the female hero in modern fantasy /
edited by Lori M. Campbell

PN3437 .B68 2014
Magic tales and fairy tale magic : from ancient Egypt to the Italian Renaissance /
Ruth B. Bottigheimer, Research Professor, Stony Brook University, USA

PN3437 .G68 2014
The gothic fairy tale in young adult literature : essays on stories from Grimm to Gaiman /
edited by Joseph Abbruscato and Tanya Jones

PN3448.D4 C5587 2014
Detective Fiction and the Ghost Story : the Haunted Text /
Michael Cook

PN3448.L67 K36 2014
Making meaning in popular romance fiction : an epistemology /
Jayashree Kamblé

PN3503 .P35 2014
The international novel
Annabel Patterson

PN4192.B87 H66 2014eb
Your perfect presentation : speak in front of any audience anytime anywhere and never be nervous again /
Bill Hoogterp

PN45 .A89 2014
No Symbols Where None Intended : Literary Essays from Laclos to Beckett /
Mark Axelrod, Professor of Comparative Literature, Chapman University, USA

PN45 .V37 2014
Reconstruction in literary studies : an informalist approach /
by Bryan Vescio

News search, blogs and feeds : a toolkit [electronic resource]
Lars Vage and Lars Iselid

Scholarly communication in library and information services : the impacts of open access journals and e-journals on a changing scenario [electronic resource]
Bhaskar Mukherjee

PN494 .P86 2014
Prison narratives from Boethius to Zana
edited by Philip Edward Phillips

Digital modernism : making it new in new media /
Jessica Pressman

PN56.L33 A49 2014
American Guy : Masculinity in American Law and Literature /
edited by Saul Levmore and Martha C. Nussbaum

PN56.M54 S55 2014
In a strange room : modernism's corpses and mortal obligation /
David Sherman

PN56.P5 D4 2014
Pandemic influenza in fiction : a critical study /
Charles De Paolo

PN6071.A84 M43 2014
Medieval Arthurian epic and romance : eight new translations /
edited by William W. Kibler and R. Barton Palmer

PN6110.S9 P66 2014
Poems dead and undead
edited by Tony Barnstone, Michelle Mitchell-Foust

PN6710 .M35 2013
Draw out the story : ten secrets to creating your own comics /
by Brian McLachlan

PN6714 .G738 2014
Graphic details : Jewish women's confessional comics in essays and interviews /
edited by Sarah Lightman

PN6735 .G73 2014"@"PN6735 .G73 2014
Comics unmasked : art and anarchy in the UK /
Paul Gravett, John Harris Dunning

PN6790.B44 T574 2007
Étudier Tintin au Tibet
Didier Quella-Guyot

PN98.E36 E39 2015
Ecocriticism : the essential reader /
edited by Ken Hiltner

PQ2625.I2 A2 2014
Thousand times broken : three books /
Henri Michaux ; translated from the French by Gillian Conoley

PQ6073.M6 H54 2014
Modernism and its merchandise : the Spanish avant-garde and material culture, 1920-1930 /
Juli Highfill

PQ7082.N7 P67 2014
New trends in contemporary Latin American narrative : post-national literatures and the canon /
edited by Timothy R. Robbins and José Eduardo González

PR113 .C85 2014
British women's life writing, 1760-1840 : friendship, community, and collaboration /
Amy Culley, Lecturer in English, University of Lincoln, UK

PR179.J4 K735 2014
Between earth and heaven : liminality and the ascension of Christ in Anglo-Saxon literature /
Johanna Kramer

PR2807 .J62 2014
The first two quartos of Hamlet : a new view of the origins and relationship of the texts /
Margrethe Jolly

PR2819 .P35 2014
Poor Tom : living King Lear /
Simon Palfrey

PR2953.M54 S37 2014
Shakespeare's medieval craft : remnants of the mysteries on the London stage /
Kurt A. Schreyer

PR2955.O86 S73 2014
Violence, trauma, and virtus in Shakespeare's Roman poems and plays : transforming Ovid /
Lisa S. Starks-Estes

PR3011 .K37 2014eb
Will to believe : Shakespeare and religion /
David Scott Kastan

PR3039 .S36 2014eb
Shakespeare's nature : from cultivation to culture /
Charlotte Scott

PR328 .D59 2014
The glory of Arthur : the legendary king in epic poems of Layamon, Spenser and Blake /
Jeffrey John Dixon

PR4038.L3 T54 2014eb
In Search of Jane Austen : the Language of the Letters /
Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade

PR438.P65 S34 2014
Literature and politics in the 1620s : 'whisper'd counsells' /
Paul Salzman, Professor, La Trobe University, Australia

PR4453.C6 Z745 2014eb
Clare's lyric : John Clare and three modern poets /
Stephanie Kuduk Weiner

PR447 .G74 2014eb
The majesty of the people : popular sovereignty and the role of the writer in the 1790s

PR468.A79 H46 2014
The starry sky within : astronomy and the reach of the mind in Victorian literature /
Anna Henchman

PR468.N3 S38 2014
Chaos and Cosmos : Literary Roots of Modern Ecology in the British Nineteenth Century /
Heidi C. M. Scott

PR4757.T4 I74 2014
Thomas Hardy, time and narrative : a narratological approach to his novels /
Ken Ireland

PR478.M6 E28 2014
Modernism and cosmology : absurd lights /
Katherine Ebury, University of Sheffield, UK

PR5907 .Y37 2014
Yeats and afterwords : Christ, culture, and crisis /
edited by Marjorie Howes and Joseph Valente

PR6015.I4735 .S64 2014eb
Visionary philology : Geoffrey Hill and the study of words /
Dr Matthew Sperling

PR6053.O26 E97 2014
Expo 58
Jonathan Coe

PR6058.E483 B46 2008
The believers
Zoë Heller

PR6060.O3 Z56 2014
B. S. Johnson and post-war literature : possibilities of the avant garde /
edited by Julia Jordan, Lecturer, UCL, UK and Martin Ryle, Reader, University of Sussex, UK

PR6063.C335 Z69 2014
Literary geographies : narrative space in Let the great world spin /
Sheila Hones

PR6063.C4 C48 2014
The children act : a novel /
Ian McEwan

PR6063.I785 B66 2014
The bone clocks : a novel /
David Mitchell

PR6065.N435 D64 2014
The dog
Joseph O'Neill

PR6066.R34 S58 2014
A slip of the keyboard : collected nonfiction /
Terry Pratchett

PR6066.U44 P455 2014
Philip Pullman : his dark materials /
edited by Catherine Butler & Tommy Halsdorf

PR6119.M586 S43 2009
The secret speech
Tom Rob Smith

PR830.D4 P336 2014
After Sherlock Holmes : the evolution of British and American detective stories, 1891-1914 /
LeRoy Lad Panek

PR8711 .W45 2014
The Cold of May Day Monday : An Approach to Irish Literary History /
Robert Anthony Welch

PR8771 .M33 2014
Northern Irish poetry and theology
Gail McConnell

PR878.C53 M35 2014eb
Reading Constellations : Urban Modernity in Victorian Fiction /
Patricia McKee

PR881 .M68 2014
Fin-de-siècle fictions, 1890s/1990s : apocalypse, technoscience, empire /
Aris Mousoutzanis

PR888.R5 N48 2014
Fiction beyond secularism
Justin Neuman

PR9198.2.P8 M33 2014
In the Interval of the Wave : Prince Edward Island Women's Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century Life Writing /
Mary McDonald-Rissanen

PR9199.3.A8 S86 2014
Stone mattress : nine tales /
Margaret Atwood

PR9199.3.M494 S84 1992
Such a long journey
Rohinton Mistry

PR9199.4.F7375 A6 2014
Hemingway on a Bike
Eric Freeze

PR9199.4.L455 W56 2014
The winter count
Dilys Leman

PR9450.9.G86 I26 2014
I am China : a novel /
Xiaolu Guo

PR9619.3.F525 N37 2014
The narrow road to the deep north
Richard Flanagan

PR9619.3.M83 A6 2014
New selected poems
Les Murray

PR9619.4.N86 B43 2009
A beautiful place to die : a novel /
Malla Nunn

PS153.A73 F34 2014
Contemporary Arab-American literature : transnational reconfigurations of citizenship and belonging /
Carol Fadda-Conrey

PS153.I52 M44 2014
Creative alliances : the transnational designs of indigenous women's poetry /
Molly McGlennen

PS169.E25 L36 2014eb
Living oil : petroleum culture in the American century /
Stephanie LeMenager

PS173.N4 F76 2014
From Uncle Tom's Cabin to The Help : Critical Perspectives on White-Authored Narratives of Black Life /
edited by Claire Oberon Garcia, Vershawn Ashanti Young, Charise Pimentel

PS201 .U57 2014
Unsettled states : nineteenth-century American literary studies /
edited by Dana Luciano and Ivy G. Wilson

PS208 .G39 2014eb
Episodic poetics : politics and literary form after the Constitution /
Matthew Garrett

PS217.A87 S28 2014
The difficult art of giving : patronage, philanthropy, and the American literary market /
Francesca Sawaya

PS243 .H88 2014
Inventing Eden : primitivism, millennialism, and the making of New England /
Zachary McLeod Hutchins

PS2631 .C65 2014
Edgar Allan Poe : the fever called living /
Paul Collins

PS271 .D66 2014
Territories of empire : U.S. writing from the Louisiana Purchase to Mexican independence /
Andy Doolen

PS2993 .C65 2014
Bayard Taylor : determined dreamer of America's rise, 1825-1878 /
Liam Corley

PS3231 .M19 2014
Rebel Souls : Walt Whitman and America's First Bohemians /
Justin Martin

PS3242.N2 G47 2014
A place for humility : Whitman, Dickinson, and the natural world /
by Christine Gerhardt

PS3503.R167 Z67 2014
Ray Bradbury unbound
Jonathan R. Eller

PS3509.L43 Z5995 2014
T. S. Eliot : the poet as Christian /
G. Douglas Atkins

PS3511.I9 G83196 2014
So we read on : how The Great Gatsby came to be and why it endures /
Maureen Corrigan

PS3525.I972 G677 2014
A study of Scarletts : Scarlett O'Hara and her literary daughters /
Margaret Donovan Bauer

PS3545.I5365 Z7326 2014
Tennessee Williams : mad pilgrimage of the flesh /
John Lahr

PS3552.A846 B45 2014
Before, during, after : a novel /
Richard Bausch

PS3553.A5823 L68 2014
The lotus and the storm : a novel /
Lan Cao

PS3553.H298 A6 2014
Familiars : poems /
Fred Chappell

PS3553.O225 L66 2009
Long lost
Harlan Coben

PS3555.A685 M7 2014
Mr. Tall : a novella and stories /
Tony Earley

PS3558.I64 G33 2014
Gabriel : a poem /
Edward Hirsch

PS3558.O537 I83 2014
An Italian wife
Ann Hood

PS3558.U445 S53 2014
Skandalon : poems /
T.R. Hummer

PS3560.E88 M97 2014
The mystery of the invisible hand : a Henry Spearman mystery /
Marshall Jevons

PS3561.I483 Z884 2014
Stephen King's modern macabre : essays on the later works /
edited by Patrick McAleer and Michael A. Perry

PS3561.O6 W49 2014
The wheeling year : a poet's field book /
Ted Kooser

PS3562.A75246 A6 2014
What I found out about her : stories of dreaming Americans /
Peter LaSalle

PS3562.U75 S59 2014
The sky is shooting blue arrows : poems /
Glenna Luschei ; edited by Noel Woodward

PS3563.E348 L83 2014
Lucky bones
Peter Meinke

PS3563.E7412 A6 2014
The fame lunches : on wounded icons, money, sex, the Brontes, and the importance of handbags /
Daphne Merkin

PS3563.O828 A6 2014
Spans : new and selected poems /
Elizabeth Seydel Morgan

PS3563.O88186 F58 2014
Florence Gordon
Brian Morton

PS3565.L43 A6 2014
A selected history of her heart : poems /
Carole Simmons Oles

PS3566.Y55 Z654 2014
After the nation : postnational satire in the works of Carlos Fuentes and Thomas Pynchon /
Pedro García-Caro ; foreword by Jean Franco

PS3568.A698 Z73 2014
Understanding Ron Rash
John Lang

PS3568.U812 Z58 2014
Understanding Richard Russo
Kathleen Drowne

PS3569.C5548 D34 2014
Dear Committee Members
Julie Schumacher

PS3569.O6547 Z87913 2014
Susan Sontag : a biography /
Daniel Schreiber ; translated from the German by David Dollenmayer

PS3575.A83 Z65 2014
Dismembering the American dream : the life and fiction of Richard Yates /
Kate Charlton-Jones ; foreword by DeWitt Henry ; afterword by Monica Yates

PS3601.L3343 A6 2014
Millennial teeth
poems by Dan Albergotti

PS3606.A253 A6 2014
Determinant : poems /
by Alex Fabrizio

PS3606.R423 A6 2014
Designed for flight : poems /
Gregory Fraser

PS3607.A976 N69 2014
Now we will be happy
Amina Gautier

PS3607.R6777 R63 2014
The road back to Sweetgrass : a novel /
Linda LeGarde Grover

PS3608.I279 A6 2014
Driving with the dead : poems /
Jane Hicks ; foreword by George Ella Lyon

PS3608.U58 N48 2014
Laird Hunt

PS3610.O25 A6 2014
In reach
Pamela Carter Joern

PS3612.A543 M66 2014
The Moor's account : a novel /
Laila Lalami

PS3612.O497 S747 2007
How to own a shadow [electronic resource]
Johnny Long, Timothy (Thor) Mullen, Ryan Russell

PS3616.O88 S53 2014
The sheltering : a novel /
Mark Powell

PS3618.O3549 A44 2014
The Americans
David Roderick

PS3619.C4675 A6 2014
I left my wings on a chair : poems /
by Karen Schubert

PS3619.I5477 S86 2014
Jen Silverman ; foreword by Marsha Norman

PS3619.M58928 S76 2014
The story of land and sea : a novel /
Katy Simpson Smith

PS3620.A9466 F55 2014
Flings : stories /
Justin Taylor

PS3620.A967 N83 2014
Nude descending an empire
Sam Taylor

PS3620.H63513 W4 2014
We are not ourselves
Matthew Thomas

PS3621.M75 S76 2014
The story hour : a novel /
Thrity Umrigar

PS3622.I49395 R45 2014
R. A. Villanueva

PS3623.A86328 A6 2014
Tough day for the army : stories /
John Warner

PS374.N4 H47 2014
Speaking in tongues and dancing diaspora : Black women writing and performing /
Mae G. Henderson

PS374.R47 S76 2014
The altar at home : sentimental literature and nineteenth-century American religion /
Claudia Stokes

PS379 .P56 2014
American boarding school fiction, 1928-1981 : a critical study /
Alexander H. Pitofsky

PS508.I5 D38 2014
Dawnland voices : an anthology of indigenous writing from New England /
edited by Siobhan Senier ; Jaime Battiste, Juana Perley, Donald Soctomah, Carol Dana, Lisa Brooks, Cheryl Stedtler, Joan Tavares Avant, Dawn Dove, Stephanie M. Fielding, Trudie Lamb Richmond, Ruth Garby Torres

PS92 .K57 2014
A short literary history of the United States
Mario Klarer

PT148.S77 H93 2014
Lost in time : locating the stranger in German modernity /
June J. Hwang

PT2671.E32 F2513 2014
Daniel Kehlmann ; translated from the German by Carol Brown Janeway

PT2673.E6827 N3313 2008
Night train to Lisbon
Pascal Mercier ; translated from the German by Barbara Harshav

PT361 .S2713 2014
Romanticism : a German affair /
R̈üdiger Safranski ; translated from the German by Robert E. Goodwin

PT772 .B286 2014
Bodily desire, desired bodies : gender and desire in early twentieth-century German and Austrian novels and paintings /
Esther K. Bauer

PZ7.R79613 Fan 2013
Rainbow Rowell

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