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Items Acquired in August 2014 for the University Libraries

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P116 .B68 2013
The nature and origin of language [electronic resource]
Denis Bouchard

P118 .E96 2013eb
Exploring the interactional instinct
edited by Anna Dina L. Joaquin and John H. Schumann

P118 .P53 2013eb
Language, cognition, and human nature : selected articles /
Steven Pinker

P126 .B68 2013
The boundaries of pure morphology : diachronic and synchronic perspectives /
edited by Silvio Cruschina, Martin Maiden, John Charles Smith

P153 .H56 2013eb
The philosophy of universal grammar
Prof Wolfram Hinzen, Michelle Sheehan

P245 .B67 2013
Structuring sense. Vol. 3, Taking form
Hagit Borer

P291 .C85 2013eb
Explaining syntax : representations, structures, and computation /
Peter W. Culicover

P291 .L623 2013eb
edited by Enoch Oladé Aboh, Maria Teresa Guasti, and Ian Roberts

P295 .S968 2013eb
Syntax and its limits
edited by Raffaella Folli, Christina Sevdali, Robert Truswell

P295 .T446 2013eb
Theoretical approaches to disharmonic word order
edited by Theresa Biberauer and Michelle Sheehan

P325 .G63 2014
Words and meanings : lexical semantics across domains, languages, and cultures /
by Cliff Goddard, Anna Wierzbicka

P326 .S67 2013
Lexical relatedness [electronic resource]
Andrew Spencer

P37.5.S65 R477 2013
Representing space in cognition : interrelations of behaviour, language, and formal models /
edited by Thora Tenbrink, Jan M. Wiener, Christophe Claramunt

P40 .S48 2013eb
From Whorf to Montague : explorations in the theory of language /
Pieter A. M. Seuren

P53.85 .L37 2014
Language teachers and teaching : global perspectives, local initiatives /
edited by Selim Ben Said and Lawrence Jun Zhang

P95.45 .B76 2013
Laurence Goldstein

P95.54 .E56 2013eb
Relationship thinking : agency, enchrony, and human sociality /
N.J. Enfield

P99.4.P72 K46 2013eb
Intercultural pragmatics
Istvan Kecskes

PA3014.P65 C56 2013
Classics in the modern world : a democratic turn ? /
edited by Lorna Hardwick and Stephen Harrison

PA3061 .A98 2013eb
The author's voice in classical and late antiquity
edited by Anna Marmodoro and Jonathan Hill

PA3123 .N57 2013eb
Greek epigram in reception : J. A. Symonds, Oscar Wilde, and the invention of desire, 1805-1929 /
Gideon Nisbet

PA3133 .G683 1993
Greek tragedy
edited by Ian McAuslan and Peter Walcot

PA3203 .C49 2013
Choruses, ancient and modern
edited by Joshua Billings, Felix Budelmann, and Fiona Macintosh

PA3421.G8 M33 2013
Wounded heroes : vulnerability as a virtue in ancient Greek literature and philosophy /
Marina Berzins McCoy

PA3537 .B35 2013eb
Piecing together the fragments : translating classical verse, creating contemporary poetry /
Josephine Balmer

PA3873.A7 G44 2013
Aratus and the astronomical tradition [electronic resource]
Emma Gee

PA4009 .T5 1978
Essential Hesiod : Theogony 1-232, 453-733 ; Works and days 1-307 /
with introd. and notes by C.J. Rowe

PA4025.A5 P69 2014
The odyssey
Homer ; translation, introduction, and notes by Barry B. Powell ; foreword by Ian Morris

PA4461 .F73 2013
Kinship in Thucydides. Intercommunal ties and historical narrative
Maria Fragoulaki

PA6007 .S3 1966
Geschichte der römischen Literatur bis zum Gesetzgebungswerk des Kaisers Justinian.

PA6021 .H87 2013
Greek to Latin. Frameworks and contexts for intertextuality
G.O. Hutchinson

PA6217 .T55 2014
Apuleius' Metamorphoses : a study in Roman fiction /
Stefan Tilg

PB2175 .H36 2013eb
The phonology of Welsh
S. J. Hannahs

PC3941.X5 P6
Les platges

PC4975 .A4 1976
Léxico del marginalismo del siglo de oro
José Luis Alonso Hernández

PD5131 .R53 2014
The phonology of Swedish
Tomas Riad

PE1074.75 .W54 2013eb
Imprisoned in English : the hazards of English as a default language /
Anna Wierzbicka

PE1075 .T73 2013
Constructionalization and constructional changes
Elizabeth Closs Traugott, Graeme Trousdale

PE1122 .B34 1964
Prose for effective composition

PE1128 .C474 2015
Challenges for language education and policy : making space for people /
edited by Bernard Spolsky, Ofra Inbar-Lourie, and Michal Tannenbaum

PE1128.A2 G43 1984
General English syllabus design : curriculum and syllabus design for the general English classroom /
edited by C.J. Brumfit

PE1128.A2 I445 1982
Improving techniques in teaching English for the job
Ross Macdonald ... [et al.] ; prepared by InterAmerica Research Associates

PE1128.A2 M26 2002
Materials evaluation and design for language teaching
Ian McGrath

PE1130.A8 M69
English without teacher and dictionary
by Joseph R. Mouthany

PE1413 .R45
Patterns in English; : a unified program for composition
[by] Nadine Ricks [and] Marilyn Marsh

PE1417 .P37
Patterns in popular culture : a sourcebook for writers /
Harold Schechter, Jonna Gormely Semeiks

Modernism keywords
Melba Cuddy-Keane, Adam Hammond and Alexandra Peat

PE25 .A45 1970
Academy papers; : addresses on language problems by members of the American Academy of Arts and Letters.
Paul Elmer More [and others]

PE3101.P4 J64 2013
Speaking Pittsburghese : the story of a dialect [electronic resource]
Barbara Johnstone

PG2680 .W28 1992
A first Russian vocabulary
Patrick Waddington

PG3026.E98 W45 2014
Voiceless vanguard : the infantilist aesthetic of the Russian avant-garde /
Sara Pankenier Weld

PG3337.G6 O213 1957
The same old story. : [Translated from the Russian by Ivy Litvinova]

PG3366 .K7 2014
The Kreutzer sonata variations : Lev Tolstoy's Novella and counterstories by Sofiya Tolstaya and Lev Lvovich Tolstoy /
translated and edited by Michael R. Katz ; with a foreword by Ekaterina Tolstaya and an afterword by Andrey Tolstoy

PG3479.4.I8 P7413 2014
The symmetry teacher
Andrei Bitov ; translated from the Russian by Polly Gannon

PG3488.O4 K67 1983
Krasnoe koleso : povestvovanʹe v otmerennykh srokakh /
Aleksandr Solzheni︠t︡syn

PG3489.R5 O23713 1990
Yuri Trifonov ; translated [from the Russian] and introduced by Michael Frayn

PJ1959 .P813 1986
The maxims of Ptahhotpe
introd. by Evan Blythin ; translated by R.O. Faulkner, with supplementary readings and bibliography

PJ5055.34.A98 H5813 2006
Love burns
Edna Mazya ; translated from the Hebrew by Dalya Bilu

PJ7741.B3 A6 1977
Selections from the poetry of Baššār
edited, with translation and commentary and an introductory sketch of Arabic structures by A.F.L. Beeston

PK2903 .R39 1991
Sahitya, a theory for Indian critical practice
Krishna Rayan

PL2275.R47 I34 2014
The resurrected skeleton : from Zhuangzi to Lu Xun /
Wilt L. Idema

PL2303 .I58 2014
Tales of futures past : anticipation and the ends of literature in contemporary China /
Paola Iovene

PL2478 .C57 2014
The Analects : the Simon Leys Translation, Interpretations /
Confucius ; edited by Michael Nylan, University of California at Berkeley

PL2658.E1 C5 1990
A Treasury of Chinese literature
edited by Raymond Van Over

PL2869.O128 Z55768 2014
Transcultural aesthetics in the plays of Gao Xingjian
Todd J. Coulter

PL787 .R9413 1990
The dance of the dust on the rafters : selections from Ryojin-hisho /
translated by Yasuhiko Moriguchi and David Jenkins

PL8014.S6 S77 2014
Strategies of representation in auto/biography : reconstructing and remembering /
edited by Muchativugwa Hove, North-West University, South Africa, and Kgomotso Masemola, University of South Africa

PN151 .B65 1990
Professors as writers : a self-help guide to productive writing /
Robert Boice

PN1590.A9 H55 2014
Performing proximity : curious intimacies /
Leslie Hill and Helen Paris

PN171.D37 D54 2014
Digital critical editions
edited by Daniel Apollon, Claire Bélisle, and Philippe Régnier

PN1922 .S78 2014
Andrew Stott

PN1969.C65 K74 2014
All joking aside : American humor and its discontents /
Rebecca Krefting

Films on demand : digital educational video [electronic resource]

PN1993.5.A35 P73 2014
Contemporary cinema of Africa and the diaspora
Anjali Prabhu

PN1993.5.C4 C44219 2014
China's iGeneration : cinema and moving image culture for the twenty-first century /
edited by Matthew D. Johnson, Keith B. Wagner, Kiki Tianqi Yu, and Luke Vulpiani

PN1993.5.C4 W29 2014
Revolutionary cycles in Chinese cinema, 1951-1979
Zhuoyi Wang

PN1995 .S558 2013eb
The social science of cinema
edited by James C. Kaufman, Dean Keith Simonton

PN1995 .T795 2013eb
The age of new waves : art cinema and the staging of globalization [electronic resource]
James Tweedie

PN1995.9.D57 H69 2014
Hollywood vault : film libraries before home video /
Eric Hoyt

PN1995.9.D6 .H84 2014
Green documentary : environmental documentary in the twenty-first century /
Helen Hughes

PN1995.9.I573 T83 2014
Interfacing with the Internet in popular cinema
Aaron Tucker

PN1995.9.L6 U53 2014eb
Understanding love : philosophy, film, and fiction /
edited by Susan Wolf and Christopher Grau

PN1995.9.M86 H47 2014
The cinematic voyage of The Pirate : Kelly, Garland, and Minnelli at work /
Earl J. Hess, Pratibha A. Dabholkar

PN1995.9.W6 A525 2013
Ancient Greek Women in Film [electronic resource]
Konstantinos P. Nikoloutsos, editor

PN1997 .J694 2002
The Joy Luck Club [videorecording]
Hollywood Pictures presents ; an Oliver Stone production in association with Ronald Bass, Amy Tan, Wayne Wang ; a film by Wayne Wang ; screenplay by Amy Tan & Ronald Bass ; produced by Wayne Wang, Amy Tan, Ronald Bass, Patrick Markey ; directed by Wayne Wang

PN1997.2 .A36 2009
Adoration [videorecording]
a Sony Pictures Classics release, Serendipity Point Films and ARP Selection present an Ego Film Arts Production in association with the Film Farm, a film by Atom Egoyan ; produced by Simone Urdl, Jennifer Weiss ; written, produced and directed by Atom Egoyan

PN1997.2 .B54 2013
Bless me, Ultima
Monkey Hill Films, Gran Via Productions and Tenaja Productions in association with Monarch Pictures present ; written for the screen and directed by Carl Franklin ; produced by Mark Johnson ; produced by Sarah DiLeo ; produced by Jesse B'Franklin ; executive producer, Christy Walton ; executive producer, Kevin Reidy ; a Carl Franklin film

PN1997.2 .F78 2013
Fruitvale Station [videorecording]
The Weinstein Company ; produced by Nina Yang Bongiovi & Forest Whitaker ; written and directed by Ryan Coogler

PN1997.2 .H354 2012
Half of a yellow sun
Shareman Media and BFI present ; a Slate Films production ; screenplay by Biyi Bandele ; produced by Andrea Calderwood ; directed by Biyi Bandele

PN1997.2 .P465 2014
The perfect 46 [videorecording]

PN1997.3 .P37713 2014
Saint Paul : a screenplay /
Pier Paolo Pasolini ; translated and introduced by Elizabeth A. Castelli ; foreword by Alain Badiou ; afterword by Ward Blanton

PN1998.2 .H425 2014
Watching them be : star presence on the screen from Garbo to Balthazar /
James Harvey

PN1998.3.D745 W66 2014
Germaine Dulac : a cinema of sensations /
Tami Williams

PN2051 .R53 2013
Passionate amateurs : theatre, communism, and love /
Nicholas Ridout

PN2071.G4 I4513 2014
Towards a theory of mime
Alexander Iliev ; translated by Milena Dabova ; edited by Michael M. Chemers

PN2080 .K68 2014
Book of sides : original, short scenes for actors and directors /
Dave Kost

PN2085 .H64 2014
Illustrated theatre production guide
John Holloway

PN212 .R52 1983
Temps et récit
Paul Ricœur

PN2270.H57 G68 2014
Performance, identity, and immigration law : a theatre of undocumentedness /
Gad Guterman

PN2622.A8 H37 2014
Inventing the spectator : subjectivity and the theatrical experience in early modern France /
Joseph Harris

PN2748.C38 A3 2014
On training and performance : traces of an Odin Teatret actress /
Roberta Carreri ; translated and edited by Frank Camilleri

PN2960.I75 S53 2014
The dangerous lives of public performers : dancing, sex, and entertainment in the Islamic world /
Anthony Shay

PN3448.D4 M958 2014
Mysteries unlocked : essays in honor of Douglas G. Greene /
edited by Curtis Evans

PN45.5 .L3 2014
The logic of wish and fear : new perspectives on genres of Western fiction /
Ben La Farge

PN53 .U84 2014
Epic arts in Renaissance France
Phillip John Usher

PN55 .M66 2014
Darwin and literature
Leonard Moss

PN56.F34 B56 2014
Nature and the numinous in mythopoeic fantasy literature
Chris Brawley

PN57.G85 G67 1991
The reclamation of a queen : Guinevere in modern fantasy /
Barbara Ann Gordon-Wise

PN6728.X2 A38 2014
The ages of the X-Men : essays on the children of the atom in changing times /
edited by Joseph J. Darowski

PN710 .H36 2013eb
Realpoetik : European romanticism and literary politics /
Paul Hamilton

PN721 .S54 2013
Aging gracefully in the Renaissance : stories of later life from Petrarch to Montaigne /
by Cynthia Skenazi

PN75.J36 W44 2014
Periodizing Jameson : dialectics, the university, and the desire for narrative /
Phillip E. Wegner

PN751 .B74 2008
European romanticism : a brief history with documents /
Warren Breckman

PN81 .T43 1988
The theory of criticism from Plato to the present : a reader /
edited and introduced by Raman Selden

PN849.C3 M347 2014
Coloniality of diasporas : rethinking intra-colonial migrations in a Pan-Caribbean context /
Yolanda Martínez-San Miguel

PQ1642.E5 H36 2013
Montaigne's English journey : reading the essays in Shakespeare's day /
William M. Hamlin

PQ2043 .G66 2013eb
Rousseau's hand : the crafting of a writer /
Angelica Goodden

PQ2631.R63 Z6113 2014
Proust's Latin Americans
Rubén Gallo

PQ2712.A36 N6813 2014
We are the birds of the coming storm
Lola Lafon ; translated by David and Nicole Ball.

PQ3980.5 .P37 2014
Cultural representations of massacre : reinterpretations of the mutiny of Senegal /
by Sabrina Parent

PQ6085 .S55 2014
Mapping the landscape, remapping the text : Spanish Poetry from Antonio Machado's Campos de Castilla to the First Avant-Garde (1909-1925) /
by Renee M. Silverman

PQ8098.12.O38 Z55 2014
Roberto Bolaño's fiction : an expanding universe /
Chris Andrews

PR113 .G84 2013
Unbounded attachment : sentiment and politics in the age of the French Revolution /
Harriet Guest

PR2015 .W37 2014
The myth of Piers Plowman : constructing a medieval literary archive
Lawrence Warner

PR2045 .A77 2014
Mapping Malory : regional identities and national geographies in Le morte Darthur /
Dorsey Armstrong and Kenneth Hodges

PR2065 .L5 2013
Lybeaus Desconus
edited by Eve Salisbury and James Weldon

PR2206 .C6
The essays or counsels, civil and moral of Francis Bacon, lord Verulam, viscount St. Albans; : ed. with introduction and notes by George Herbert Clarke ..

PR275.W36 F35 2014
Wales and the medieval colonial imagination : the matters of Britain in the twelfth century /
Michael A. Faletra

PR2821 .S39 2013eb
Shakespeare and the remains of Richard III
Philip Schwyzer

PR4038.I52 R34 2014eb
Jane Austen's erotic advice
Sarah Raff

PR4579 .D49
Dickens studies annual

PR478.R33 F47 2013eb
Freewomen and supermen : Edwardian radicals and literary modernism /
Anne Fernihough

PR478M6 B43 2013eb
Russia in Britain, 1880-1940 : from melodrama to modernism [electronic resource]
edited by Rebecca Beasley and Philip Ross Bullock

PR4857 .S39 2013
Kipling's art of fiction 1884-1901
David Sergeant

PR5398 .J66 2014
A life with Mary Shelley
Barbara Johnson ; with a foreword by Cathy Caruth ; introduction by Mary Wilson Carpenter ; and essays by Judith Butler and Shoshana Felman

PR590 .S72 2013
The artistry of exile : romantic and Victorian writers in Italy /
by Jane Stabler

PR6025.U675 Z68 2014
Reading Saki : the fiction of H.H. Munro /
Brian Gibson

PR6029.B55 Z83 2014
Patrick O'Brian's bodies at sea : sex, drugs and the physical form in the Aubrey-Maturin novels /
Michael Leigh Sinowitz

PR6039.H618 Z64 2013eb
Chameleon poet : R.S. Thomas and the literary tradition /
S.J. Perry

PR6052.I7728 Z63 2014
Maeve Binchy : the biography /
Piers Dudgeon

PR6108.A737 T54 2014
Tigerman : a novel /
Nick Harkaway

PR878.C45 P78 2013
Prudes on the prowl : fiction and obscenity in England, 1850 to the present day /
edited by David Bradshaw and Rachel Potter

PR9189.6 H86 2014
Disunified aesthetics : situated textuality, performativity, collaboration /
Lynette Hunter

PR9205.05 .R33 2014
Locating the Destitute : Space and Identity in Caribbean Fiction /
Stanka Radović

PR9340.5 .C35 2014
Different shades of green : African literature, environmental justice, and political ecology /
Byron Caminero-Santangelo

PS1351.C4 Z86 2014
Rose Elizabeth Cleveland : First Lady and literary scholar /
Sirpa Salenius

PS1638 .D69 2014
Emerson's Proteges : Mentoring and Marketing Transcendentalism's Future /
David Dowling

PS169.G47 G53 2013
Antipodean America : Australasia and the constitution of U.S. literature /
Paul Giles

PS195.R32 T73 2014
Transformable race : surprising metamorphoses in the literature of early America /
Katy L. Chiles

PS217.C35 B37 2014
Literary executions : capital punishment and American culture, 1820-1925 /
John Cyril Barton

PS217.F35 J33 2013eb
American blood : the ends of the family in American literature, 1850-1900 /
Holly Jackson

PS2246.L8 K55 2014
The killers : a narrative of real life in Philadelphia /
George Lippard ; edited by Matt Cohen and Edlie L. Wong

PS228.B6 S28 1984
Scenes along the road : photographs of the desolation angels, 1944-1960 /
compiled by Ann Charters ; with three poems and comments by Allen Ginsberg

PS338.I58 S37 2014
Class divisions on the Broadway stage : the staging and taming of the I.W.W. /
Michael Schwartz

PS3505.A58 Z88 2014
Robert Cantwell and the literary left : a northwest writer reworks American fiction /
T.V. Reed

PS3515.E37 Z584626 2014
Hemingway and Pound : a most unlikely friendship /
John Cohassey

PS3539.O478 Z636 2014
Jean Toomer : race, repression, and revolution /
Barbara Foley

PS3551.D65 T6 2014
To look at the sea is to become what one is : an Etel Adnan reader /
[Etel Adnan] ; edited by Thom Donovan & Brandon Shimoda

PS3552.L6378 L83 2014
Lucky us : a novel /
Amy Bloom

PS3553.O5788 M78 2014
The Mountaintop School for Dogs and other second chances
Ellen Cooney

PS3555.N652 G55 2014
Gnit : a fairly rough translation of Henrik Ibsen's Peer Gynt /
Will Eno

PS3556.A3625 A6 2014
The blue Buick : new and selected poems /
B.H. Fairchild

PS3557.O669 L63 2014
The liar's wife
Mary Gordon

PS3558.I356 Z63 2014
George V. Higgins : the life and writings /
Erwin H. Ford II ; foreword by Peter Wolfe

PS3563.O8749 Z87 2013eb
Toni Morrison and the classical tradition : transforming American culture /
Tessa Roynon

PS3569.H387 M37 2014
A Master Builder
by Henrik Ibsen ; translated and adapted by Wallace Shawn

PS3572.A473 Z66 2014
A Joyous Revolt : Toni Cade Bambara, Writer and Activist /
Linda Janet Holmes

PS3572.O395 A6 2014
Last stories and other stories
William T. Vollmann

PS3602.L3252424 L54 2014
Life drawing : a novel /
Robin Black

PS3603.A78 B33 2014
Back channel
Stephen L. Carter

PS3606.O7495 G63 2014
God is an astronaut : a novel /
Alyson Foster

PS3607.A355 W54 2014
When the world was young : a novel /
Elizabeth Gaffney

PS3612.I949 A6 2014
The Dog : stories /
Jack Livings

PS3613.A3473 L48 2014
Let me see it : stories /
James Magruder

PS3613.A36 H85 2014
The hundred-year house
Rebecca Makkai

PS3613.E425 A6 2014
Accepting the Disaster
Joshua Mehigan

PS3619.I565 M924 2014
My god is this a man
Laura Sims

PS374.E95 H83 2014
Literature after postmodernism : reconstructive fantasies /
Irmtraud Huber

PS374.H5 C74 2014
Experiencing America's Story through Fiction : Historical Novels for Grades 7-12 /
Hilary Susan Crew

PS374.S445 K44 2014
The 9/11 novel : trauma, politics and identity /
Arin Keeble

PS374.Y57 F46 2014
Female Rebellion in Young Adult Dystopian Fiction
edited by Sara K. Day, Miranda A. Green-Barteet, and Amy L. Montz

PS379 .L44 2013eb
Fictions of fact and value : the erasure of logical positivism in American literature, 1945-1975 /
Michael LeMahieu

PS551 .P62 2014
Poems of the American South
edited by David Biespiel

PT2026.F2 G77 2014
Faust : a tragedy : parts one & two, fully revised /
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ; translated from the German by Martin Greenberg ; introduction by W. Daniel Wilson

PT2295 .A7 1968
Agnes Bernauer : ein Deutsches trauerspiel in fünf aufzügen /
Friedrich Habbel ; mit einem nachwort

PT2398 .E2 1973
Emilia Galotti : ein Trauerspiel in fünf Aufzügen /
Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

PT2468 .D6 1966
Don Carlos, Infant von Spanien : ein dramatisches Gedicht /
Friedrich Schiller

PT2613.R338 K3 1973
Katz und Maus : Eine Novelle /
Gunter Grass

PT915 .A52
Deutsche Heldsagen
Gerhard Aick ; mit vielen Zeichnungen von Willy Widmann

PZ7.S64257 Gr 2014
Grasshopper jungle : a history /
by Andrew Smith

PZ7.T16123 Ru 2014
Rules of summer
Shaun Tan

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