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Items Acquired in April 2015 for the University Libraries

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Language attitudes and identities in multilingual China : a linguistic ethnography /
Sihua Liang

The handbook of language emergence
edited by Brian MacWhinney and William O'Grady

P118 .M3144 2008
How children learn to learn language [electronic resource]
Lorraine McCune

P118 .N558 2006
Language and the learning curve : a new theory of syntactic development [electronic resource]
Anat Ninio

The ecosystem of the foreign language learner : selected issues /
Ewa Piechurska-Kuciel, Magdalena Szyszka, editors

Measuring Grammatical Complexity

P130.5 .L43 2014
Relabeling in language genesis
Claire Lefebvre

P140 .L257 2003eb
Language evolution [electronic resource]
edited by Morten H. Christiansen, Simon Kirby

P204 .L5453 2008eb
Linguistic universals and language change [electronic resource]
edited by Jeff Good

Prosody and language in contact : L2 acquisition, attrition and languages in multilingual situations /
Elisabeth Delais-Roussarie, Mathieu Avanzi, Sophie Herment, editors

The interplay of morphology and phonology
Sharon Inkelas

Semantics of complex words
Laurie Bauer, Lívia Körtvélyessy, Pavol Štekauer, editors

P291 .F813 2014
Functional structure from top to toe : the cartography of syntactic structures.
Peter Svenonius

P291 .K6 2014eb
Edges in syntax : scrambling and cyclic linearization /
Heejeong Ko

Narrative, Philosophy and Life
Allen Speight, editor

Style in translation : a corpus-based perspective /
Libo Huang

Speech prosody in speech synthesis : modeling and generation of prosody for high quality and flexible speech synthesis /
Keikichi Hirose, Jianhua Tao, editors

P33 .H3613 2015
Minima philologica
Werner Hamacher ; translated by Catharine Diehl and Jason Groves

The visual language of technique. Volume 2, Heritage and expectations in education
Luigi Cocchiarella, editor

The visual language of technique. Volume 1, History and epistemology
Luigi Cocchiarella, editor

The visual language of technique. Volume 3, Heritage and expectations in education
Luigi Cocchiarella, editor

P51 .N49 2015eb
New media and perennial problems in foreign language learning and teaching
Liliana Piasecka, Małgorzata Adams-Tukiendorf, Przemysław Wilk, editors

The concise encyclopedia of communication
edited by Wolfgang Donsbach

P93.53.M534 M53 2014
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. What's new

P93.53.M534 M53 2014
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. Basic

P93.53.M534 M53 2014
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. Intermediate

P93.53.M534 M53 2014
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. Advanced

Whistled languages : a worldwide inquiry on human whistled speech /
Julien Meyer ; with a chapter in collaboration with René-Guy Busnel

P96.T42 H366 2015
The handbook of the psychology of communication technology
edited by S. Shyam Sundar

Text genres and registers : the computation of linguistic features /
Alex Chengyu Fang, Jing Cao

Linguistically motivated statistical machine translation : models and algorithms /
Deyi Xiong, Min Zhang

PA3092 .H47 2007eb
Hesperos : studies in ancient Greek poetry presented to M.L. West on his seventieth birthday [electronic resource]
edited by P.J. Finglass, C. Collard, N.J. Richardson

PA3265 .C655 2015
Exhortations to philosophy : the protreptics of Plato, Isocrates, and Aristotle /
James Henderson Collins II

PA4037 .H7775 2007eb
Homer in the twentieth century : between world literature and the western canon [electronic resource]
edited by Barbara Graziosi and Emily Greenwood

PA4177.C64 M56 2007eb
Homeric voices : discourse, memory, gender [electronic resource]
Elizabeth Minchin

PA4385 .S63 2014
Plutarch and his Roman readers
Philip A. Stadter

PA4417 .V36 2015
Late Sophocles : the hero's evolution in Electra, Philoctetes, and Oedipus at Colonus /
Thomas Van Nortwick

PA5610.K39 V5613 2014
Zorba the Greek : the saint's life of Zorba /
by Nikos Kazantzakis ; newly translated by Peter Bien

PA6083 .R44 2002
Layers of loyality in Latin panegyric, AD 289-307 [electronic resource]
Roger Rees

PA6285 .D84 2005
Making a new man : Ciceronian self-fashioning in the rhetorical works [electronic resource]
John Dugan

PA6495 .S54 2014
The language of atoms : performativity and politics in Lucretius' De rerum natura /
W.H. Shearin

PA6556 .B35 2015
Persius : a study in food, philosophy, and the figural /
Shadi Bartsch

PA6700.A32 W37 2014
Suetonius : life of Augustus = vita divi Augusti /
translated with introduction and historical commentary by D. Wardle

PA8053 .G72 2006eb
Latin epics of the New Testament : Juvencus, Sedulius, Arator [electronic resource]
Roger P.H. Green

PA8250.A3 Z66 2014eb
The Archpoet and Medieval culture
Peter Godman

PB1399.O28 C7413 2015
The dirty dust : crè na cille /
Máirtín Ó Cadhain ; Translated from Irish by Alan Titley

PC1869.B6 T67 2014
A comparative grammar of Borgomanerese
Christina Tortora

Icelandic morphosyntax and argument structure
Jim Wood

PE1128 .P435 2001
Longman complete course for the TOEFL test : preparation for the computer and paper tests /
Deborah Phillips

PE1128.A2 M856 2015
Multilingual learners and academic literacies : sociocultural contexts of literacy development in adolescents /
edited by Daniella Molle, Edynn Sato, Timothy Boals, Carol A. Hedgspeth

Making new words : morphological derivation in English /
R.M.W. Dixon

Absolute clauses in English from the systemic functional perspective : a corpus-based study /
Qingshun He, Bingjun Yang

PE1404 .A923 2015
First-year university writing : a corpus-based study with implications for pedagogy /
Laura Aull

PE1404 .P747 2015
Prepárese para el examen GED de razonamiento a través de las artes del lenguaje

PE587 .M587 2015eb
Middle English verbs of emotion and impersonal constructions : verb meaning and syntax in diachrony /
Ayumi Miura

Language identification using spectral and prosodic features
K. Sreenivasa Rao, V. Ramu Reddy, Sudhamay Maity

PF3074.73 .S74 2002
Language and German disunity : a sociolinguistic history of East and West in Germany, 1945-2000 [electronic resource]
Patrick Stevenson

PF5609 .B745 2014eb
The history of low german negation
Anne Breitbarth

PG1224.7 .G74 2008
Language and identity in the Balkans : Serbo-Croat and its disintegration [electronic resource]
Robert D. Greenberg

Arabic indefinites, interrogatives, and negators : a linguistic history of Western dialects /
David Wilmsen

Space and quantification in languages of China
Dan Xu, Jingqi Fu, editors

The history of modern Chinese grammar studies
Peter Peverelli

PL1241 .C4858 2014
Chinese syntax in a cross-linguistic perspective
edited by Y.-H. Audrey Li, Andrew Simpson, and W.-T. Dylan Tsai

Perception and production of Mandarin tones by native speakers and L2 learners
Bei Yang

Degrees of affinity : studies in comparative literature and translation /
Zuoliang Wang

PL2464.Z7 .R436 2014eb
Teaching the I Ching (Book of changes)
Geoffrey Redmond and Tze-Ki Hon

PN1031 .R47 2015
Essay : a critical memoir /
Donald Revell

PN1031 .Y47 2015
Spatial engagement with poetry
Heather H. Yeung

PN1590.T43 S63 2015
What a body can do : technique as knowledge, practice as research /
Ben Spatz

PN1992.77.G5558 G54 2015
Glee and new directions for social change
edited by Brian C. Johnson, Daniel K. Faill

PN1993.42.A47 D68 2015
Curating Africa in the age of film festivals : film festivals, time, resistance /
Lindiwe Dovey

PN1993.5.N55 T85 2015
Nollywood stars : media and migration in West Africa and the diaspora /
Noah A. Tsika

PN1995 .C35 2013
The architecture of the screen : essays in cinematographic space /
Graham Cairns

PN1995 .G335 2015
The end of cinema? : a medium in crisis in the digital age /
André Gaudreault and Philippe Marion ; translated by Timothy Barnard

PN1995.7 .W36 2015
Understanding sound tracks through film theory
Elsie Walker

PN1995.9.C45 C463 2015
The child in post-apocalyptic cinema
edited by Debbie Olson

PN1995.9.C45 M77 2015
Monstrous children and childish monsters : essays on cinema's holy terrors /
edited by Markus P.J. Bohlmann and Sean Moreland ; forewords by Steven Bruhm and James R. Kincaid ; afterwords by Kathryn Bond Stockton and Harry M. Benshoff

PN1995.9.C55 F86 2015
Cinema, gender, and everyday space : comedy, Italian style /
Natalie Fullwood

A companion to contemporary documentary film
edited by Alexandra Juhasz and Alisa Lebow

PN1995.9.E38 Z56 2015
Surveillance cinema
Catherine Zimmer

PN1995.9.H6 K44 2015
Torture porn in the wake of 9/11 : horror, exploitation, and the cinema of sensation /
Aaron Michael Kerner

PN1995.9.I42 C69 2015
Empire films and the crisis of colonialism, 1946-1959
Jon Cowans

PN1995.9.R4 H64 2015
The Holy Grail on film : essays on the cinematic quest /
edited by Kevin J. Harty

PN1995.9.S45 F68 2015
Sex and film : the erotic in British, American and world cinema /
Barry Forshaw

PN1995.9.S6 D94 2004
Heavenly bodies : film stars and society /
Richard Dyer

PN1995.9.W4 A67 2015
The sagebrush trail : western movies and twentieth-century America /
Richard Aquila

PN1997.2.G736 S45 2015
The Wes Anderson collection : the Grand Budapest Hotel /
by Matt Zoller Seitz ; with an introduction by Anne Washburn

PN1997.85 .B76 2009
Teaching literary theory using film adaptations
Kathleen L. Brown ; foreword by Peter Lev

PN1998.3.H58 W64 2015
Alfred Hitchcock : the man who knew too much /
Michael Wood

PN1998.3.M577 C384 2015
Hayao Miyazaki's world picture
Dani Cavallaro

PN1998.3.M684 R47 2015
The cinema of Errol Morris
David Resha

PN1998.3.R633 C86 2015
Critical approaches to the films of Robert Rodriguez
edited by Frederick Luis Aldama ; afterword by Alvaro Rodriguez

PN1998.3.S593 A5 2015
Steven Soderbergh : interviews, revised and updated /
edited by Anthony Kaufman

PN1998.3.W454 W48 2015
Wild Bill Wellman : Hollywood rebel /
William Wellman, Jr

PN2053 .S295 2015
Transatlantic broadway : the infrastructural politics of global performance /
Marlis Schweitzer

PN2061 .T525 2015
Why acting matters
David Thomson

PN2471 .B75 2015
Brazilian theater, 1970-2010 : essays on history, politics and artistic experimentation /
edited by Eva Paulino Bueno and Robson Corrêa de Camargo

PN2595.13.W65 D85 2015
Shaw and the Actresses Franchise League : staging equality /
Ellen Ecker Dolgin

PN2672.W65 K47 2015
The rise of the diva on the sixteenth-century commedia dell'arte stage
Rosalind Kerr

PN3355 .S78 1991
Making shapely fiction
Jerome Stern

PN3448.E36 T84 2015
Anthropocene fictions : the novel in a time of climate change /
Adam Trexler

PN3495 .K374 2014eb
Eighteenth-century fiction and the reinvention of wonder
Sarah Tindal Kareem

PN494 .G74 2015
Great books written in prison : essays on classic works from Plato to Martin Luther King, Jr. /
edited by J. Ward Regan

PN5117 .P68 2003
News and the British world : the emergence of an imperial press system, 1876-1922 [electronic resource]
Simon J. Potter

PN56.C55 H79 2015
Miniature metropolis : literature in an age of photography and film /
Andreas Huyssen

PN56.G48 M67 2015
Literature's sensuous geographies : postcolonial matters of place /
Sten Pultz Moslund

PN56.M54 F74 2015
Modernist mythopoeia : the twilight of the gods /
Scott Freer

PN56.M95 L38 2006eb
Laughing with Medusa : classical myth and feminist thought [electronic resource]
edited by Vanda Zajko and Miriam Leonard

PN56.O69 H37 2015
The poetics of otherness : war, trauma, and literature /
Jonathan Hart

Romanticism : keywords /
Frederick Burwick

PN6120.2 .F63 2015
Flash fiction international : very short stories from around the world /
edited by James Thomas, Robert Shapard, Christopher Merrill

PQ2063.S3 A285 1987
The 120 days of Sodom and other writings
the Marquis de Sade ; compiled and translated by Austryn Wainhouse & Richard Seaver ; with introductions by Simone de Beauvoir & Pierre Klossowski

PQ2431.Z5 G66 2008eb
Madame de Staël : the dangerous exile [electronic resource]
Angelica Goodden

PQ2631.E25 Z758 2014
Passion of Charles Peguy : literature, modernity, and the crisis of historicism /
Glenn H. Roe

Representing avarice in Late Renaissance France
Jonathan Patterson

PQ6064 .N635 2014eb
A tale blazed through heaven : imitation and invention in the golden age of Spain /
Oliver J. Noble-Wood

PQ6134.T73 H37 2015
Race, caste, and indigeneity in medieval Spanish travel literature
Michael Harney

PQ8098.12.O38 Z79 2015
Roberto Bolaño, a less distant star : critical essays /
edited by Ignacio López-Calvo

PR120.B55 G63 2015
Contemporary Black British playwrights : margins to mainstream /
Lynette Goddard

PR1215 .E53 2015
Eighteenth-century poetry : an annotated anthology /
edited by David Fairer and Christine Gerrard

PR129.G8 R64 2002eb
In Byron's shadow : modern Greece in the English & American imagination [electronic resource]
David Roessel

PR151.P57 B87 2015
British pirates in print and performance
Frederick Burwick and Manushag N. Powell

PR2248 .S658 2014eb
John Donne and the Conway papers : patronage and manuscript circulation in the early seventeenth century /
Daniel Starza Smith

PR2991 .P16 2015
Women of will : following the feminine in Shakespeare's plays /
Tina Packer

PR3017 .P95 2015
The storm at sea : political aesthetics in the time of Shakespeare /
Christopher Pye

PR3533 .B86 2015
The fortunes of Francis Barber : the true story of the Jamaican slave who became Samuel Johnson's heir /
Michael Bundock

PR3729.T4 A6 2015
John Thelwall : selected poetry and poetics /
edited by Judith Thompson

PR421 .M28 2014
Ink, stink bait, revenge, and Queen Elizabeth : a Yorkshire yeoman's household book /
Steven W. May and Arthur F. Marotti

PR421 .M67 2014eb
Feeling pleasures : the sense of touch in Renaissance England /
Joe Moshenska

PR441 .H68 2014
Representations of the gypsy in the Romantic period
Sarah Houghton-Walker

PR448.A77 E79 2015
Textual vision : Augustan design and the invention of eighteenth-century British culture /
Timothy Erwin

30 great myths about the Romantics
Duncan Wu

PR468.R65 J33 2015
Those who write for immortality : romantic reputations and the dream of lasting fame /
H. J. Jackson

PR478.M6 C37 2014eb
Granular modernism
Beci Carver

PR478.M6 O63 2015eb
Making history new : modernism and historical narrative /
Seamus O'Malley

PR555.A52 M46 2015
The animal claim : sensibility and the creaturely voice /
Tobias Menely

PR5612.A2 H37
The history of Henry Esmond, Esq.
W.M. Thackeray

PR5824 .B85 2015
Oscar Wilde's Chatterton : literary history, romanticism, and the art of forgery /
Joseph Bristow and Rebecca N. Mitchell

PR6003.R4 Z693 2015
Fatal glamour : the life of Rupert Brooke /
Paul Delany

PR6039.O32 Z8137 2015
Tolkien's Intellectual Landscape
E.L. Risden

A room of one's own
Virginia Woolf ; edited by David Bradshaw and Stuart N. Clarke

PR6052.A485 Z56 2015
The culture series of Iain M. Banks : a critical introduction /
Simone Caroti

PR6052.R916 A6 2014
The whole & rain-domed universe
Colette Bryce

PR6054.E397 A6 2015
Book seventeen : poems /
Greg Delanty

PR6057.A319 Z785 2015
Neil Gaiman in the 21st century : essays on the novels, children's stories, online writings, comics and other works /
edited by Tara Prescott

PR6064.A35 W66 2015
The woman who read too much : a novel /
Bahiyyih Nakhjavani

PR6065.H18 I44 2015
The illuminations
Andrew O'Hagan

PR6066.R34 M58 2003
Monstrous regiment : a novel of discworld /
Terry Pratchett

PR6102.R37 S66 2014 (Unwin(e)d Book Club)
A Song for Issy Bradley : a novel /
Carys Bray

PR6102.R37 S66 2014 (Unwin(e)d Book Club)
A Song for Issy Bradley : a novel /
Carys Bray

PR6103.O85 A65 2015
Academy street
Mary Costello

PR6110.O98 L68 2015
The love song of Miss Queenie Hennessy : a novel /
Rachel Joyce

PR651 .C85 2014eb
Shakespeare's Princes of Wales : English identity and the Welsh connection /
Marisa R. Cull

PR658.G46 M35 2015
Geoparsing early modern English drama
Monica Matei-Chesnoiu

PR830.C513 E45 2015
Talking animals in children's fiction : a critical study /
Catherine L. Elick

PR830.L65 B43 2015
Nightwalking : a nocturnal history of London, Chaucer to Dickens /
Matthew Beaumont

PR8722.W36 W66 2015
Culture, Northern Ireland, and the Second World War
Guy Woodward

PR8803 .F67 2008
Irish Novels 1890-1940 : New Bearings in Culture and Fiction [electronic resource]

PR888.D4 W35 2015
Guilty but insane : mind and law in golden age detective fiction /
Samantha Walton

PR9199.3.M34845 C87 2015
Alberto Manguel

PR9205.4 .M33 2015
Market aesthetics : the purchase of the past in Caribbean diasporic fiction /
Elena Machado Sáez

PR9387.9.O2756 F57 2015@PS
The fishermen : a novel /
Chigozie Obioma

PR9540.4 .K36 2015
Rethinking identities in contemporary Pakistani fiction : beyond 9/11 /
Aroosa Kanwal, International Islamic University, Pakistan

PS153.A84 S96 2015
Visions of whiteness in selected works of Asian American literature
Klara Szmańko

PS153.N5 L473 2015eb
Playing in the white : black writers, white subjects /
Stephanie Li

PS153.N5 M2655 2015
Imagine the sound : experimental African American literature after civil rights /
Carter Mathes

PS169.S425 N35 2015
Salvage work : U.S. and Caribbean literatures amid the debris of legal personhood /
Angela Naimou

PS193 .H64 2015
Against self-reliance : the arts of dependence in the early United States /
William Huntting Howell

PS221.O87 H43 2015
A heart beating hard
Lauren Foss Goodman

PS228.R32 R33 2015
The racial imaginary : writers on race in the life of the mind /
eds. Claudia Rankine, Beth Loffreda, and Max King Cap

PS228.W37 H88 2015
The war that used up words : American writers and the first World War /
Hazel Hutchison

PS266.N8 A43 2015
Amazing place : what North Carolina means to writers /
edited by Marianne Gingher

PS2853 .R64 2015
A southern writer and the Civil War : the Confederate imagination of William Gilmore Simms /
Jeffery J. Rogers

PS303 .G73 2015
A history of American poetry
Richard Gray

PS3346 .S33 2015
Owen Wister and the West
Gary Scharnhorst

PS3503.E4488 A6 2015
There is simply too much to think about : collected nonfiction /
Saul Bellow ; edited by Benjamin Taylor

PS3503.I785 .T653 2015
On Elizabeth Bishop
Colm Tóibín

PS3503.U646 Z68 2015
American mythmaker : Walter Noble Burns and the legends of Billy the Kid, Wyatt Earp, and Joaquín Murrieta /
Mark J. Dworkin

PS3511.A86 Z965276 2015
Yoknapatawpha blues : Faulkner's fiction and southern roots music /
Tim A. Ryan

PS3511.R94 Z794 2015
Robert Frost's poetry of rural life
George Monteiro

PS3523.A972 A6 2015
Hermit's guide to home economics
Robert Lax ; edited, with an afterword, by Paul J. Spaeth

PS3525.E6645 Z674 2015
James Merrill : life and art /
Langdon Hammer

PS3551.B2 Z66 2015
All the wild that remains : Edward Abbey, Wallace Stegner, and the American West /
David Gessner

PS3552.E373 K55 2015
Killer, come hither
Louis Begley

PS3552.O5943 A6 2015
For the lost cathedral : poems /
Bruce Bond

PS3553.O4725 A6 2015
Nothing to declare
Henri Cole

PS3554.O798 A6 2015
Deep lane : poems /
Mark Doty

PS3557.A44 A6 2015
The air's accomplices : poems /
Brendan Galvin

PS3557.I139167 P37 2015
Paris red : a novel /
Maureen Gibbon

PS3558.A46252 R46 2015
The republics
Nathalie Handal

PS3560.O5395 A6 2015
The faster redder road : the best unamerican stories of Stephen Graham Jones /
edited by Theodore C. Van Alst Jr

PS3561.W48 A6 2015
Study for necessity : poems /
by JoEllen Kwiatek

PS3563.A39 A6 2015
From now on : new and selected poems, 1970-2015 /
Clarence Major

PS3563.A653 C68 2015
The country house
Donald Margulies

PS3563.O594 S78 2004
The stupidest angel : a heartwarming tale of Christmas terror /
Christopher Moore

PS3563.O87445 J39 2015
The Jazz Palace : a novel /
Mary Morris

PS3566.A315 C45 2015
The children's crusade : a novel /
Ann Packer

PS3566.E25 K53 2014
A kid like Jake
by Daniel Pearle

PS3566.E55 F76 2014
From White Plains
by Michael Perlman in collaboration with Craig Wesley Divino, Karl Gregory, Jimmy King, and Aaron Rossini

PS3566.I4 A6 2015
Made in Detroit : poems /
Marge Piercy

PS3569.H4349 J69 2015
Joy, PA : a novel /
Steven Sherrill

PS3571.R74 A6 2015b
The water museum : stories /
Luis Alberto Urrea

Blackeyed : plays and monologues /
by Mary E. Weems

PS3573.O524 P6 1977
The poem you asked for
Marianne Wolfe ; [cover drawing by Elizabeth Pickard-Ginsberg ; typography, design & layout by Morty Sklar.]

PS3602.L3485 A6 2015
Mr. West
Sarah Blake

PS3604.A74 A2 2015
Honest engine : poems /
Kyle Dargan

PS3604.E73 F85 2015
Full metal jhacket
Matthew Derby

PS3606.E726 L67 2015
The lost boys symphony : a novel /
Mark Andrew Ferguson

PS3607.R387 A6 2015
Gutshot : stories /
Amelia Gray

PS3608.U353 S54 2014
Sleeper hold
Jibade-Khalil Huffman

PS3610.O38339 W45 2015
Welcome to Braggsville
T. Geronimo Johnson

PS3610.O385 A6 2015
Devin Johnston

PS3611.U7386 A6 2015
The strange case of Rachel K
Rachel Kushner

PS3612.A5497 F55 2014
Filming O'Keeffe
by Eric Lane

PS3612.E2198 L69 2015
Low-fat love
Patricia Leavy

PS3612.I538 A6 2015
Incarnate Grace : poems /
by Moira Linehan

PS3613.A7773 M35 2015
The male clock : a futuristic novel about a fertility crisis, gender politics, and identity /
William Marsiglio and Kendra Siler-Marsiglio

PS3613.O666 A6 2015
Meet me halfway : Milwaukee stories /
Jennifer Morales

PS3616.I565 A6 2015
Little anodynes : poems /
Jon Pineda ; foreword by Oliver de la Paz

PS3619.E77 A6 2015
The diener : poems /
Martha Serpas

PS3619.H328 A89 2015
The architect's apprentice
Elif Shafak

PS3619.M5955 Z46 2015
Ordinary light : a memoir /
Tracy K. Smith

PS3620.O58747 L37 2015
The last flight of Poxl West
Daniel Torday

PS3622.I536 A66 2015
Adeline : a novel of Virginia Woolf /
Norah Vincent

PS366.A35 C88 2015
New media in Black women's autobiography : intrepid embodiment and narrative innovation /
Tracy Curtis

PS374.M54 L3 2015eb
Scandals and abstraction : financial fiction of the long 1980s /
Leigh Claire La Berge

PS501 PS3604.A16 .S85 vol. 78
Laura D̕a

PT2671.E32 F2513 2014 (Unwin(e)d Book Club)
Daniel Kehlmann ; translated from the German by Carol Brown Janeway

PZ7.5.A44 Cr 2014
The crossover
by Kwame Alexander

PZ7.7.D37 Hi 2014
Hidden : a child's story of the Holocaust /
written by Loïc Dauvillier ; illustrated by Marc Lizano ; color by Greg Salsedo ; translated by Alexis Siege

PZ7.7.K68 Gm 2015
The Glorkian warrior eats adventure pie
James Kochalka

PZ7.B7965 Bun 2015
The bunker diary
Kevin Brooks

PZ7.F67634 Ca 2014
The carnival at Bray : a novel /
by Jessie Ann Foley

PZ7.N47988 He 2015
Heather has two mommies
Lesléa Newman ; illustrated by Laura Cornell

PZ7.S23817 Adv 2014
The adventures of Beekle : the unimaginary friend /
Dan Santat

PZ7.W65535 Wai 2014
Waiting is not easy!
by Mo Willems

PZ7.W868 Br 2014
Brown girl dreaming
Jacqueline Woodson

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