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P302 .R64 2014
Designing critical literacy education through critical discourse analysis : pedagogical and research tools for teacher researchers [electronic resource]
Rebecca Rogers, Melissa Mosley Wetzel

Machine translation : 10th China Workshop, CWMT 2014, Macau, China, November 4-6, 2014. Proceedings /
edited by Xiaodong Shi, Yidong Chen

P37.5.C64 E34 2012
Effective communication and soft skills : strategies for success [electronic resource]
consultant editors Nitin Bhatnagar, Mamta Bhatnagar

P37.5.C64 R36 2011
Advanced communication skills laboratory manual [electronic resource]
D. Sudha Rani

P51 .R66 2013eb
Routledge encyclopedia of language teaching and learning [electronic resource]
edited by Michael Byram and Adelheid Hu

P91.3 .C73 2015
Understanding communication research methods : a theoretical and practical approach /
Stephen M. Croucher and Daniel Cronn-Mills

Visual Signal Quality Assessment : Quality of Experience (QoE) /
Chenwei Deng, Lin Ma, Weisi Lin, King Ngi Ngan, Editors

P93.53.M534 B375 2013
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013. Part 1 [electronic resource]
Tim Barnosky

P93.53.M534 B375 2013
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013. Part 2 [electronic resource]
Tim Barnosky

P96.M4 W45 2014
Radical information literacy : reclaiming the political heart of the IL movement /
Andrew Whitworth

PA3015.D64 F7313 2014
Shameless : the canine and the feminine in the ancient Greece : with a new preface and appendix /
Cristiana Franco ; translated by Matthew Fox

PA3133 .C75 2014
Rhetoric & Power : the drama of classical Greece /
Nathan Crick

PA4037 .N523 2014
Why Homer matters
Adam Nicolson

PA6495 .P35 2014
Reading Lucretius in the Renaissance
Ada Palmer

PA6522 .A3 2014b
Ovid's erotic poems : Amores and Ars amatoria /
translated by Len Krisak ; introduction by Sarah Ruden

The handbook to the reception of Ovid
edited by John F. Miller and Carole E. Newlands

PB1215 .W65 2014
An Irish-speaking island : state, religion, community, and the linguistic landscape in Ireland, 1770-1870 /
Nicholas M. Wolf

PE1001 .E645 2012
English for nurses [electronic resource]
edited by Nitin Bhatnagar

PE1404 .M37 2009
Creative writing : a beginner's manual [electronic resource]
Anjana Neira Dev, Anuradha Marwah, Swati Pal

PE1478 .W68 2014
Writing about quantitative research in applied linguistics
Lindy Woodrow

PE3711 .G745 2015
The vulgar tongue : Green's history of slang /
Jonathon Green

PE64.N34 A3 2004eb
Reading Lolita in Tehran : a memoir in books [electronic resource]
Azar Nafisi

PG3366 .A6 2014
Anna Karenina
Leo Tolstoy ; translated with an introduction and notes by Rosamund Bartlett

PL2303 .L377 2014
The stranger and the Chinese moral imagination
Haiyan Lee

PL5192 .L44 2014
Voice and v : lessons from Acehnese /
Julie Anne Legate

Zizek and performance
edited by Broderick Chow and Alex Mangold. Houndmills, Basingstroke, Hampshire :

PN1643 .C69 2014
Theatre & migration
Emma Cox

PN1650.T56 W55 2014
Theatre & time
David Wiles

PN1993.5.K6 P37 2014
Unexpected alliances : independent filmmakers, the state, and the film industry in postauthoritarian South Korea /
Young-a Park

PN1993.5.U6 B758 2014
Showbiz politics : Hollywood in American political life /
Kathryn Cramer Brownell

PN1993.5.U6 M38 2003
Memory and popular film
edited by Paul Grainge

PN1994 .D87 2014
The essential Raymond Durgnat
edited by Henry K. Miller

PN1995.3 .G385 2014
Literature and film, dispositioned : thought, location, world /
Alice Gavin, University of Sussex, UK

PN1995.9.A8 Z33 2014
Flicker : your brain on movies /
Jeffrey M. Zacks

PN1995.9.C55 L37 2014
French comedy on screen : a cinematic history /
Remi Fournier Lanzoni

PN1995.9.D6 A947 2014
Avant-doc : intersections of documentary and avant-garde cinema : an oral panorama /
Scott MacDonald

PN1995.9.D6 R33 2015
Directing the documentary
Michael Rabiger

PN1995.9.E96 O88 2014
Flesh cinema : the corporeal turn in American avant-garde film /
Ara Osterweil

PN1995.9.H53 M53 2014
Filming the end of the holocaust : allied documentaries, nuremberg and the liberation of the concentration camps /
John J. Michalczyk

PN1995.9.H6 L25 2008
Cheap scares! : low budget horror filmmakers share their secrets /
Gregory Lamberson

PN1995.9.L48 S55 2014
Chinese lesbian cinema : mirror rubbing, lala, and les /
Liang Shi

PN1995.9.M46 G88 2014
Masculinity in the golden age of Swedish cinema : a cultural analysis of 1920s films /
Tommy Gustafsson

PN1995.9.N36 N39 2012
Nazisploitation! : the Nazi image in low-brow cinema and culture /
edited by Daniel H. Magilow, Elizabeth Bridges, and Kristin T. Vander Lugt

PN1995.9.P7 I78 2006
Producing and directing the short film and video [electronic resource]
David K. Irving and Peter W. Rea

PN1995.9.R27 H46 2014
Revisionist rape-revenge : redefining a film genre /
Claire Henry

PN1995.9.S26 P34 2014
Neuroscience in science fiction films
Sharon Packer, M.D

PN1996 .F43 2005
Screenplay : the foundations of screenwriting /
Syd Field

PN1998.3.B377 H68 2014
Saul Bass : anatomy of film design /
Jan-Christopher Horak

PN1998.3.C664 W56 2014
Larry Cohen : the radical allegories of an independent filmmaker /
Tony Williams

PN1998.3.C67 M36 2014
Francis Ford Coppola
Jeff Menne

PN1998.3.J3 M33 2014
Derek Jarman Super 8
James Mackay

PN1998.3.L839 A3 2014
Baz Luhrmann : interviews /
edited by Tom Ryan

PN1998.3.T63 M36 2014
Harry Alan Towers : the transnational career of a cinematic contrarian /
Dave Mann

PN203 .A68 2014
The event of style in literature
Mario Aquilina

PN2039 .E57 2014
Encounters in performance philosophy
edited by Laura Cull and Alice Lagaay

PN2061 .C573 2005
The power of the actor : the Chubbuck technique /
Ivana Chubbuck

PN2091.E4 A45 2015
Vectorworks for entertainment design : using Vectorworks to design and document scenery, lighting, and sound /
by Kevin Lee Allen

PN2101 .C37 2014
Theatre : a very short introduction /
Marvin Carlson

PN2287.W454 E55 2014
American titan : searching for John Wayne /
Marc Eliot

PN3352.S74 M47 2014
The narrative turn in fiction and theory : the crisis and return of storytelling from Robbe-Grillet to Tournier /
Hanna Meretoja

PN3435 .G63 2014
The Gothic and the everyday : living Gothic /
edited by Lorna Piatti-Farnell, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand and Maria Beville, Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick, Ireland

PN3441 .D35 2014
The postcolonial historical novel : realism, allegory, and the representation of contested pasts /
by Hamish Dalley, Learning Adviser, Australian National University, Australia

PN3448.D4 K575 2014
Secrets of crime fiction classics : detecting the delights of 21 enduring stories /
Stephen Knight

Reading the European Novel to 1900 : a Critical Study of Major Fiction from Cervantes' Don Quixote to Zola's Germinal /
Daniel R. Schwarz

PN4177 .K44 2011eb
Think speak win : discover the art of debate [electronic resource]
Gaurav Keerthi ; with a foreword by Vivian Balakrishnan

PN4390 .C27 2014
Dear world : contemporary uses of the diary /
Kylie Cardell

PN4700 .H3785 1982
Understanding news [electronic resource]
John Hartley

PN4889 .W5
Willing's press guide

PN49 .B116 2014
The age of the poets : and other writings on twentieth-century poetry and prose /
Alain Badiou ; edited and translated by Bruno Bosteels ; with an introduction by Emily Apter and Bruno Bosteels

PN56.3.V4 S38 2014
Killing the moonlight : modernism in Venice /
Jennifer Scappettone

PN56.F34 F3555 2015
The fantastic in Holocaust literature and film : critical perspectives /
edited by Judith B. Kerman and John Edgar Browning ; foreword by Jane Yolen

PN603 .L44 2014
Romanticism, origins, and the history of heredity
Christine Lehleiter

PN6120.A52 R70d 2006
Dog sees God : confessions of a teenage blockhead /
by Bert V. Royal

PN6519.A6 K583 1989
The A-Z of African proverbs
[compiled] by Jan Knappert

PN6710 .C6675 2014
Comics through time : a history of icons, idols, and ideas /
M. Keith Booker, editor

PN6728.A9 A38 2014
The ages of The Avengers : essays on the Earth's mightiest heroes in changing times /
edited by Joseph J. Darowski

PN6728.W6 A74 2014
The ages of Wonder Woman : essays on the amazon princess in changing times /
edited by Joseph J. Darowski

PN6728.W6 L48 2014
The secret history of Wonder Woman
Jill Lepore

PN812 .Z4713 2014
An early self : Jewish belonging in Romance literature, 1499-1627 /
Susanne Zepp ; translated by Insa Kummer

PN849.A85 P75 2014
The object of the Atlantic : concrete aesthetics in Cuba, Brazil, and Spain, 1868-1968 /
Rachel Price

PN849.C3 G58 2014
Cannibal writes : eating others in Caribbean and Indian Ocean women's writings /
Njeri Githire

PN98.P64 C75 2014
Criticism after critique : aesthetics, literature, and the political /
edited by Jeffrey R. Di Leo

PQ2601.R677 Z7426 2014
Antonin Artaud : the scum of the soul /
Ros Murray

PQ2639.Z3 Z68 2014
TaTa Dada : the real life and celestial adventures of Tristan Tzara /
Marius Hentea

PQ3948.5.H22 H3413 2014
Haiti my country
poems by Haitian schoolchildren ; illustrated by Rogé ; translated by Solange Messier

PQ3949.2.D25 A9413 2014
The other side of the sea
Louis-Philippe Dalembert ; translated by Robert H. McCormick Jr. ; foreword by Edwidge Danticat

PQ3988.5.A5 K65 2014
Violent beginnings : literary representations of postcolonial Algeria /
Lucie Knight-Santos

PQ4406 .F6 1966
Symbolism of The divine comedy

PQ6348.A3 R86 2014
Heroic forms : Cervantes and the literature of war /
Stephen Rupp

PQ6633.O34 A713 2014
Alliance and condemnation = : Alianza y condena /
Claudio Rodríguez ; translated and with an introduction by Philip W. Silver

PQ6657.I68 T5413 2014
Father and son : a lifetime /
Marcos Giralt Torrente ; translated from the Spanish by Natasha Wimmer

PQ7157 .C66 2014
Colonial itineraries of contemporary Mexico : literary and cultural inquiries /
edited by Oswaldo Estrada and Anna M. Nogar

PQ8498.32.A65 Z943 2014
Mario Vargas Llosa : a life of writing /
by Raymond Leslie Williams

London : a literary anthology /
selected by Richard Fairman

PR149.N27 N38 2008
Narrative beginnings : theories and practices /
edited by Brian Richardson

PR1905 .S77 2014
Chaucer's tale : 1386 and the road to Canterbury /
Paul Strohm

PR275.D43 A67 2015
Learning to die in London, 1380-1540
Amy Appleford

PR2807 .L385 2015
Hamlet after Q1 : an uncanny history of the Shakespearean text /
Zachary Lesser

PR2880.A1 S573 2014
Shakespeare and the ethics of appropriation
edited by Alexa Huang and Elizabeth Rivlin

PR3091 .P37 2014
Shakespeare and the imprints of performance
J. Gavin Paul

PR4169 .B756 2014
The Bronte Sisters in Other Wor(l)ds
edited by Shouhua Qi and Jacqueline Padgett

PR418.S64 C74 2014
Losing touch with nature : literature and the new science in sixteenth-century England /
Mary Thomas Crane

PR448.E46 W66 2014
Passion and language in eighteenth-century literature : the aesthetic sublime in the work of Eliza Haywood, Aaron Hill, and Martha Fowke /
Earla Wilputte

PR4644 .C3 2015
Castle Rackrent : authoritative text backgrounds and contexts criticism /
Maria Edgeworth ; edited by Ryan Twomey, MacQuarie University

PR468.C5 C63 2014
The peripheral child in nineteenth century literature and its criticism
Neil Cocks, University of Reading, UK

PR478.M6 O63 2015
Making history new : modernism and historical narrative /
Seamus O'Malley

PR6039.O32 Z78755 2015
J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert E. Howard and the birth of modern fantasy
Deke Parsons

PR6045.A34 G7 1917
The green mirror : a quiet story /
by Hugh Walpole

PR6052.O35 A6 2014
A woman without a country : poems /
Eavan Boland

PR6053.O434 I17 2014
I saw water : an occult novel and other selected writings /
Ithell Colquhoun ; edited, with an introduction and notes, by Richard Shillitoe and Mark S. Morrisson

PR6054.O95 D46 2008
The deportees and other stories
Roddy Doyle

PR6056.I86 Z74 2014
Penelope Fitzgerald : a life /
Hermione Lee

PR6059.S5 Z897 2014
Kazuo Ishiguro and memory
by Yugin Teo

PR739.D48 L33 2014
The villainous stage : crime plays on Broadway and in the West End /
Marvin Lachman

PR890.L65 P47 2014
Contemporary fictions of multiculturalism : diversity and the millennial London novel /
Michael Perfect

PR9084 M39 2014
Extravagant postcolonialism : modernism and modernity in Anglophone fiction, 1958-1988 /
Brian May

PR9130.9.G8 Z93 2015
The Judge Dee novels of R.H. van Gulik : the case of the Chinese detective and the American reader /
J.K. Van Dover

PR9199.3.M8 A6 2014
Family furnishings : selected stories, 1995-2014 /
Alice Munro ; foreword by Jane Smiley

PR9210 .V53 2014
The Post-Columbus Syndrome : Identities, Cultural Nationalism, and Commemorations in the Caribbean /
Fabienne Viala

PR9363.9 .C74 2014
Creating books for the young in the New South Africa : essays on authors and illustrators of children's and young adult literature /
edited by Barbara A. Lehman, Jay Heale, Anne Hill, Thomas van der Walt and Magdel Vorster ; foreword by Elwyn Jenkins ; afterword by Beverley Naidoo

PR9369.3.H4 T6 2007
To stir the heart
Bessie Head and Ngugi wa Thiong'o ; with an introduction by Tuzyline Jita Allan

PR9372 .D64 2014
Anglophone-Cameroon literature : an introduction /
Emmanuel Fru Doh

PR9415 .H86 2014
Human rights and the arts in global Asia : an anthology /
edited by Theodore W. Goossen and Anindo Hazra

PS151 .L34 2014
Confronting visuality in multi-ethnic women's writing
Angela Laflen

PS153.A84 Z25 2014
Cities of Others : reimagining urban spaces in Asian American literature /
Xiaojing Zhou

PS153.M56 P38 2014
Emergent U.S. literatures : from multiculturalism to cosmopolitanism in the late twentieth century /
Cyrus R.K. Patell

PS153.N5 R45 2014
Freedom time : the poetics and politics of black experimental writing /
Anthony Reed

PS1541.Z5 G55 2014
Religion around Emily Dickinson
W. Clark Gilpin

PS169.H65 R64 2015
Lost causes : narrative, etiology, and queer theory /
Valerie Rohy

PS217.T67 L46 2014
Boxcar politics : the hobo in U.S. culture and literature, 1869-1956 /
John Lennon

PS255.N5 M56 2014
Walking New York : reflections of American writers from Walt Whitman to Teju Cole /
Stephen Miller

PS3242.L5 S36 2014
Containing multitudes : Walt Whitman and the British literary tradition /
Gary Schmidgall

PS3505.H3224 Z46 2014
The world of Raymond Chandler : in his own words /
edited by Barry Day

PS3507.I68 A6 2014
The Poetry deal
Diane Di Prima

PS3515.A3152 A6 2014
Essays after eighty
Donald Hall

PS3521.E735 Z632913 2014
At the end of the road : Jack Kerouac in Mexico /
Jorge García-Robles ; translated by Daniel C. Schechter

PS3525.A4152 Z48 2014
The selected letters of Norman Mailer
edited, and with an introduction by, J. Michael Lennon

PS3537.T323 Z7163 2014
Gertrude Stein and the reinvention of rhetoric
Sharon J. Kirsch

PS3537.T323 Z77 2014
Primary Stein : returning to the writing of Gertrude Stein /
edited by Janet Boyd and Sharon Kirsch

PS3545.I342 Z73 2015
Laura Ingalls Wilder : American writer on the prairie /
Sallie Ketcham

PS3553.U745 R44 2014
The red list : a poem /
Stephen Cushman

PS3554.A85 A6 2014
The empire of the dead : stories /
by Tracy Daugherty

PS3556.O713 L48 2014
Let me be Frank with you
Richard Ford

PS3560.O3745 L38 2014
The laughing monsters
Denis Johnson

PS3561.I483 R48 2014
Revival : a novel /
Stephen King

PS3566.A4554 F54 1996
Fight Club
by Chuck Palahniuk

PS3569.H284 W66 2013
The woman who lost her soul
Bob Shacochis

PS3569.I44 A7955 2014
Howling for justice : new perspectives on Leslie Marmon Silko's Almanac of the dead /
edited by Rebecca Tillett

PS3569.O7374 C6 2005
The coldest winter ever : a novel /
Sister Souljah

PS3569.T3888 A6 2015
Divine nothingness : poems /
Gerald Stern

PS3570.O54 C66 2014
A confederacy of dunces
John Kennedy Toole ; with a foreword by Walker Percy

PS3572.O294 Z53 2014
Paula Vogel
Joanna Mansbridge

PS3573.A425635 A6 2014
The David Foster Wallace Reader
David Foster Wallace

PS3602.A89 L54 1014
The life of the world to come : a novel /
Joseph Bathanti

PS3603.O4365 A6 2014
Deep code
John Coletti

PS3604.A93 A6 2014
The unspeakable : and other subjects of discussion /
Meghan Daum

PS3608.E79 B45 2014
Amy Herzog

PS3608.U5943 U55 2014
Ugly girls
Lindsay Hunter

PS3611.I77 A6 2014
Rocket and lightship : essays on literature and ideas /
Adam Kirsch

PS3612.I52 F38 2014
Faulty predictions : stories /
by Karin Lin-Greenberg

PS3613.O779355 M34 2014
Ottessa Moshfegh

PS3615.R496 A6 2014
New York 1, Tel Aviv 0 : stories /
Shelly Oria

PS3623.R597 W37 2013
Wash : a novel /
Margaret Wrinkle

PS374.C36 C53 2014
Fictions Inc. : the corporation in postmodern fiction, film, and popular culture /
Ralph Clare

PS374.C454 G75 2014
Audacious kids : the classic American children's story /
Jerry Griswold

PS374.H5 W55 2014
The powers of the false : reading, writing, thinking beyond truth and fiction /
Doro Wiese

PT2601.D614 U5713 2014
The wall : a novel /
H.G. Adler ; translated from the German by Peter Filkins

PT2605.E4 M4735 2014
Western art and Jewish presence in the work of Paul Celan : roots and ramifications of the Meridian speech /
Esther Cameron

PT2665.R59 A6413 2014
The end of days
Jenny Erpenbeck ; translated by German by Susan Bernofsky

PZ7.7.K565 Tw 2010
Twilight : the graphic novel /
Stephenie Meyer ; art and adaptation by Young Kim

PZ7.D72225 Wh 2014
Where's Mommy?
by Beverly Donofrio ; illustrated by Barbara McClintock

PZ7.I83833 Tim 2014
Time for bed, Fred!
Yasmeen Ismail

PZ7.N62 Iac 2005
I can't stop! : a story about Tourette Syndrome /
by Holly L. Niner ; illustrated by Meryl Treatner

PZ7.U55 Bor 2013
The boring book
Vasanti Unka

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