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Items Acquired in August 2014 for the University Libraries

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Q143.R53 S93 2014
The remarkable life and career of Ellen Swallow Richards : pioneer in science and technology /
Pamela Curtis Swallow

Q172.5.M87 P47 2014
Music and the making of modern science
Peter Pesic

Willful ignorance : the mismeasure of uncertainty /
Herbert I. Weisberg, Correlation Research, Inc., Needham, MA

Q335 .M374 2010
Markov decision processes in artificial intelligence : MDPs, beyond MDPs and applications [electronic resource]
edited by Olivier Sigaud, Olivier Buffet

QA14.G73 O948 2013eb
Oxford figures : eight centuries of the mathematical sciences /
edited by John Fauvel, Raymond Flood and Robin Wilson

QA151 .K38 2014
Taming the unknown : a history of algebra from antiquity to the early twentieth century /
Victor J. Katz and Karen Hunger Parshall

QA164 .S638 2014
Joel Spencer with Laura Florescu

QA182 .H65 2014
Mathematics across the Iron Curtain : a history of the algebraic theory of semigroups /
Christopher Hollings

QA214 .T384 2014
Stochastic numerical methods : an introduction for students and scientists [electronic resource]
Raúl Toral, and Pere Colet

QA273.A35 D38 2014
Data analysis and approximate models : model choice, location-scale, analysis of variance, nonparametic regression and image analysis /
Laurie Davies

Making sense of data I : a practical guide to exploratory data analysis and data mining /
Glenn J. Myatt, Wayne P. Johnson

QA276.45.R3 E94 2014
A handbook of statistical analyses using R / Torsten Hothorn, Brian S. Everitt

QA276.6 .C43 2014
Modern survey sampling
Arijit Chaudhuri

Applied regression modeling [electronic resource]
Iain Pardoe

Bayesian networks for probabilistic inference and decision analysis in forensic science
Franco Taroni, Alex Biedermann, Silvia Bozza, Paolo Garbolino, Colin Aitken

QA280 .D475 2014
Basic data analysis for time series with R
DeWayne R. Derryberry, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Idaho State University, Boise, ID

QA3 .L28 no. 1860
Mathematical neuroscience [electronic resource]
Alla Borisyuk ... [et al.]

QA565 .I54 2014
The influence of Solomon Lefschetz in geometry and topology : 50 years of mathematics at CINVESTAV/
Ludmil Katzarkov, Ernesto Lupercio, Francisco J. Turrubiates, editors

QA691 .S45 2014
The octogonal PETs
Richard Evan Schwartz

Design and construction of nuclear power plants [electronic resource]
Rüdiger Meiswinkel, Julian Meyer, Jürgen Schnell

QA76.58 .P3756 1993

Smart SOA platforms in cloud computing architectures
Ernesto Esposito, Codé Diop

Interactive displays : natural human-interface technologies [electronic resource]
edited by Achintya K. Bhowmik

QA76.9.C64 D524 2014
The Digital Youth Network : cultivating digital media citizenship in urban communities /
Brigid Barron, Kimberley Gomez, Nichole Pinkard, and Caitlin K. Martin ; with contributions by Kimberly Austin, Tene Gray, Amber Levinson, Jolie Matthews, Véronique Mertl, Kimberly A. Richards, Maryanna Rogers, Daniel Stringer, and Jolene Zywica

QA76.9.C64 D544 2014
Digital skills : unlocking the information society /
by Jan A.G.M. van Dijk and Alexander J. A. M. van Deursen

QA76.9.C659 K34 2014
Connected code : why children need to learn programming /
Yasmin B. Kafai and Quinn Burke

QA76.9.D343 L38 2014
Discovering knowledge in data : an introduction to data mining /
Daniel T. Larose, Chantal D. Larose

QA76.9.D5 G487 2014
Distributed systems : an algorithmic approach /
Sukumar Ghosh

Formal methods applied to industrial complex systems
edited by Jean-Louis Boulanger

QA9.7 .K56 2014eb
Simplicity theory
Byunghan Kim

QA912 .R49 2013eb
Relativistic hydrodynamics
Luciano Rezzolla, Olindo Zanotti

QB36.G2 P53 2014
Galileo's Visions : piercing the spheres of the heavens by eye and mind [electronic resource]
Marco Piccolino and Nicholas J. Wade

Finite element analysis of structures through unified formulation
Erasmo Carrera, Maria Cinefra, Marco Petrolo, Enrico Zappino

Reconciliation of geometry and perception in radiation physics [electronic resource]
Benoit Beckers, Pierre Beckers

QC611.92 .K757 2013
Superconducting state : mechanisms and properties /
Vladimir Z. Kresin, Hans Morawitz, Stuart A. Wolf

QC884 .P37 2014
Earth's early atmosphere and surface environment
edited by George H. Shaw (Geology Department, Union College, Schenectady, New York 12308, USA)

QD117.S64 S64 2014
Spectrophotometry : accurate measurement of optical properties of materials /
edited by Thomas A. Germer, National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA, Joanne C. Zwinkels, National Research Council, Canada, Benjamin K. Tsai, National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA

QD26 .T63 2013
Verse and transmutation : a corpus of Middle English alchemical poetry (critical editions and studies) /
by Anke Timmermann

Compendium of organic synthetic methods. Volume 13 : Michael B. Smith

QD262 .C53
Compendium of organic synthetic methods

N-heterocyclic carbenes : effective tools for organometallic synthesis /
edited by Steven P. Nolan

QD341.H9 W65 2013eb
Graphene : a new paradigm in condensed matter and device physics /
E.L. Wolf

QD411.8.T73 C73 2014
The organometallic chemistry of the transition metals
Robert H. Crabtree

QD415 .R48 2014
Organic chemistry concepts and applications for medicinal chemistry
Joseph E. Rice

QD476.2 .W34 2014
Modern biophysical chemistry : detection and analysis of biomolecules [electronic resource]
Peter Jomo Walla

QD516 .M685 2014
Experimental combustion : an introduction /
D.P. Mishra

Developments in electrochemistry : science inspired by Martin Fleischmann /
editors, Derek Pletcher, Zhong-Qun Tian, David E. Williams

QE511.4 .B3 2014
Plates : theories and applications [electronic resource]
K. Bhaskar, T.K. Varadan

QH212.T7 S64 2013
High-resolution electron microscopy
John C.H. Spence

QH332 .F878 2014
Future of bioethics : international dialogues /
edited by Akira Akabayashi

Concepts and case studies in chemical biology [electronic resource]
edited by Herbert Waldmann and Petra Janning

QH371.3.M37 T87 2008eb
Evolution and ecology [electronic resource]
Avner Friedman (ed.) ; with contributions by C. Cosner ... [et al.]

QH45 .H82 2014
Views of nature
Alexander von Humboldt ; translated by Mark W. Person ; edited by Stephen T. Jackson and Laura Dassow Walls

QH452.7 .Q36 2014
Quantitative genetics in the wild
edited by Anne Charmantier, Dany Garant, Loeske E.B. Kruuk

QH506 .M6628 2014
Molecular biology : principles of genome function /
Nancy L. Craig [and five others] ; with end of chapter questions by Deborah Zies and Claire Burns

QH541.15.B56 C633 2014
Concepts and values in biodiversity
edited by Dirk Lanzerath and Minou Friele

QH541.15.E19 U74 2014
Users guide to ecohydraulic modelling and experimentation : experience of the ecohydraulic research team (PISCES) of the HYDRALAB network /
editors, L.E. Frostick, R.E. Thomas, M.F. Johnson, S.P. Rice, S.J. McLelland

QH541.2 .K374 2014
How to do ecology : a concise handbook /
Richard Karban, Mikaela Huntzinger, Ian S. Pearse

QH541.5.S3 J64 2014
From an antagonistic to a synergistic predator prey perspective : bifurcations in marine ecosystems /
Tore Johannessen, Institute of Marine Research, Norway; University of Cape Town, South Africa ; contributors, Ingrid Berthinussen, Anders Fernö, Tore Johannessen, Jens-Otto Krakstad

QH545.F5 P47 2014
Ecology of wildfire residuals in boreal forests
Ajith H. Perera and Lisa J. Buse

QH581.2 O75 2014
The origin and evolution of eukaryotes : a subject collection from Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in biology /
edited by Patrick J. Keeling, Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, University of British Columbia, Eugene V. Koonin, National Center for Biotechnology Information, National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health

QH75 .N38 2014eb
Nature in the balance : the economics of biodiversity /
[edited by] Dieter Helm, Cameron Hepburn

QL49 .J445 2013
The animal book : a collection of the fastest, fiercest, toughest, cleverest, shyest--and most surprising--animals on earth /
Steve Jenkins

QL666.C584 B56 2014
Biology and conservation of North American tortoises
edited by David C. Rostal, Earl D. McCoy, and Henry R. Mushinsky

QL737.C4 H67 2014
War of the whales : a true story /
Joshua Horwitz

QL85 .M55 2014eb
The animal in Ottoman Egypt
Alan Mikhail

QL88.15.N69 J66 2014
Empire of extinction : Russians and the North Pacific's strange beasts of the sea, 1741-1867 /
Ryan Tucker Jones

QL951 .C8
Current topics in developmental biology

Netter's correlative imaging. Neuroanatomy : volume editors, Thomas C. Lee, Srinivasan Mukundan, Jr. ; illustrations by Frank H. Netter, contributing illustrators, Tiffany Slaybaugh DaVanzo, Carlos Machado

QP360.5 .H65 2013eb
The predictive mind
by Jakob Hohwy

QP360.5 .R66 2014eb
The roots of cognitive neuroscience : behavioral neurology and neuropsychology /
edited by Anjan Chatterjee, H. Branch Coslett

QP376 .E545 2013eb
How to build a brain : a neural architecture for biological cognition /
Chris Eliasmith

QP376 .H53 2014
The myth of mirror neurons : the real neuroscience of communication and cognition /
Gregory Hickok, PhD

QP388 .M66 2014
Intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring for deep brain stimulation : principles, practice, and cases /
Erwin B. Montgomery Jr

QP401 .R642 2014
Emotion and decision making explained
by Edmund T. Rolls

QP517.C45 K73 2014eb
Biochemistry of Signal Transduction and Regulation [electronic resource]

QP535.C2 T87 2005
Mathematical modeling of calcium dynamics and signal transduction [electronic resource]
James Sneyd, ed. ; with contributions by R. Bertram ... [et al.]

QP551 .P695
Progress in molecular biology and translational science

QP623.5.S63 M536 2014
MicroRNAs in toxicology and medicine
editor, Saura C. Sahu

[edited by] Vincenzo Di Marzo

QR175 .B3365 2014
Bacterial pathogenesis : a subject collection from Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in medicine /
edited by Pascale Cossart, Pasteur Institute, Stanley Maloy, San Diego State University

QR186.7 .H37 2014
Antibodies : a laboratory manual /
edited by Edward A. Greenfield, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

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