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Items Acquired in April 2015 for the University Libraries

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Science and technology governance and ethics : a global perspective from Europe, India and China /
Miltos Ladikas, Sachin Chaturvedi, Yandong Zhao, Dirk Stemerding, editors

Q125 .B728 2015
Scientists at war : the ethics of Cold War weapons research /
Sarah Bridger

Q127.G4 S44 2014@PR468.S34 S43 2014
Visions of science : books and readers at the dawn of the Victorian age /
James A. Secord

Q130 .R37 2015
Daughters of alchemy : women and scientific culture in early modern Italy /
Meredith K. Ray

Synchronization of integral and fractional order chaotic systems : a differential algebraic and differential geometric approach with selected applications in real-time /
Rafael Martínez-Guerra, Claudia A. Pérez-Pinacho, Gian Carlo Gómez-Cortés

Q172.5.C74 R68 2015eb
Flight from wonder : an investigation of scientific creativity /
Albert Rothenberg, M.D

Q174.8 .B78 2015
Making 20th century science : how theories became knowledge /
Stephen G. Brush ; with Ariel Segal

Objectivity in science : new perspectives from science and technology studies /
Flavia Padovani, Alan Richardson, Jonathan Y. Tsou, editors

Lessons from Fukushima : Japanese case studies on science, technology and society /
Yuko Fujigaki, editor

Q179.97 .O74 2014
Opening science : the evolving guide on how the internet is changing research, collaboration and scholarly publishing /
Sönke Bartling, Sascha Friesike, editors

Q180.55.M4 R68 2015
Rigorous data analysis : beyond "Anything goes" /
Wolff-Michael Roth

Q180.55.S7 K73 2016
How many subjects? : statistical power analysis in research /
Helena Chmura Kraemer, Stanford University, Christine Blasey, Palo Alto University

Encyclopedia of science education
Richard Gunstone, editor

Science investigation : student views about learning, motivation and assessment /
Azra Moeed

Adapted primary literature : the use of authentic scientific texts in secondary schools /
Anat Yarden, Stephen P. Norris, Linda M. Phillips

Q181 .K578 2015eb
Scientific literacy for participation : a systemic functional approach to analysis of school science discourses /
Erik Knain, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Ås, Norway

Q181.3 .D37 2015eb
Darwin-inspired learning
edited by Carolyn J. Boulter, University of London, Institute of Education, UK ; Michael J. Reiss, University of London, Institute of Education, UK and Dawn L. Sanders, Department of Pedagogical, Curricular and Professional Studies, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Q182 .G43 2015eb
GED test. Science : : flash review

Q182 .P747 2015
Prepárese para el examen GED de ciencia

Fundamentals of complex networks : models, structures, and dynamics /
Guanrong Chen, Xiaofan Wang, Xiang Li

Decision making and knowledge decision support systems : VIII International Conference of RACEF, Barcelona, Spain, November 2013 and International Conference MS 2013, Chania Crete, Greece, November 2013 /
edited by Anna Maria Gil-Lafuente, Constantin Zopounidis

Systems thinking approach for social problems : proceedings of 37th National Systems Conference, December 2013 /
Vivek Vijay, Sandeep Kumar Yadav, Bibhas Adhikari, Harinipriya Seshadri, Deepak Kumar Fulwani, editors

Q310 .H35 2014
Beautiful data : a history of vision and reason since 1945 /
Orit Halpern

Shape understanding system : machine understanding and human understanding /
Zbigniew Les, Magdalena Les

Grammar-based feature generation for time-series prediction
Anthony Mihirana De Silva, Philip H. W. Leong

Q325.6 .G388 2015eb
Design of experiments for reinforcement learning
Christopher Gatti

Pattern recognition applications and methods : International Conference, ICPRAM 2013, Barcelona, Spain, February 15-18, 2013, Revised selected papers /
Ana Fred, Maria De Marsico, editors

Artificial intelligence and evolutionary algorithms in engineering systems : Proceedings of ICAEES 2014.
L Padma Suresh, Subhransu Sekhar Dash, Bijaya Ketan Panigrahi, editors

Nature of computation and communication : International Conference, ICTCC 2014, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, November 24-25, 2014, Revised selected papers /
Phan Cong Vinh, Emil Vassev, Mike Hinchey (eds.)

Intelligent systems in science and information 2014 : extended and selected results from the Science and Information Conference 2014 /
Kohei Arai, Supriya Kapoor, Rahul Bhatia, editors

Quantum interaction : 8th International Conference, QI 2014, Filzbach, Switzerland, June 30-July 3, 2014. Revised selected papers /
Harald Atmanspacher, Claudia Bergomi, Thomas Filk, Kirsty Kitto (eds.)

Intelligence in the era of big data : 4th International Conference on Soft Computing, Intelligent Systems, and Information Technology, ICSIIT 2015, Bali, Indonesia, March 11-14, 2015. Proceedings /
Rolly Intan, Chi-Hung Chi, Henry N. Palit, Leo W. Santoso (eds.)

Intelligent information and database systems : 7th Asian Conference, ACIIDS 2015, Bali, Indonesia, March 23-25, 2015, Proceedings.
Ngoc Thanh Nguyen, Bogdan Trawiński, Raymond Kosala (eds.)

Intelligent information and database systems : 7th Asian Conference, ACIIDS 2015, Bali, Indonesia, March 23-25, 2015, Proceedings.
Ngoc Thanh Nguyen, Bogdan Trawiński, Raymond Kosala (eds.)

Practical Approaches to Causal Relationship Exploration [Elektronische Daten]
by Jiuyong Li, Lin Liu, Thuc Duy Le

Programming Languages and Systems : 24th European Symposium on Programming, ESOP 2015, Held as Part of the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software, ETAPS 2015, London, UK, April 11-18, 2015, Proceedings [Elektronische Daten]
edited by Jan Vitek

Advances in knowledge representation, logic programming, and abstract argumentation : essays dedicated to Gerhard Brewka on the occasion of his 60th birthday /
Thomas Eiter, Hannes Strass, Mirosław Truszczyński, Stefan Woltran (eds.)

Smart modeling and simulation for complex systems : practice and theory /
Quan Bai, Fenghui Ren, Minjie Zhang, Takayuki Ito, Xijin Tang, editors

New trends in intelligent information and database systems
Dariusz Barbucha, Ngoc Thanh Nguyen, John Batubara, editors

Recent advances in swarm intelligence and evolutionary computation
Xin-She Yang, editor

Multi-objective swarm intelligence : theoretical advances and applications /
Satchidananda Dehuri, Alok Kumar Jagadev, Mrutyunjaya Panda, editors

Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Networking and Parallel/Distributed Computing [electronic resource]
edited by Roger Lee

Visibility-based Optimal Path and Motion Planning [electronic resource]
by Paul Keng-Chieh Wang

Advanced Research in Data Privacy [electronic resource]
edited by Guillermo Navarro-Arribas, Vicenç Torra

Advanced Models of Neural Networks : Nonlinear Dynamics and Stochasticity in Biological Neurons [electronic resource]
by Gerasimos G. Rigatos

Index and Query Methods in Road Networks [electronic resource]
by Jun Feng, Toyohide Watanabe

Intelligent Distributed Computing VIII [electronic resource]
edited by David Camacho, Lars Braubach, Salvatore Venticinque, Costin Badica

Intelligent Methods for Cyber Warfare [electronic resource]
edited by Ronald R. Yager, Marek Z. Reformat, Naif Alajlan

Computational intelligence techniques for comparative genomics : dedicated to Prof. Allam Appa Rao on the occasion of his 65th birthday /
Naresh Babu Muppalaneni, Vinit Kumar Gunjan, editors

Smart information systems : computational intelligence for real-life applications /
Frank Hopfgartner, editor

Complex system modelling and control through intelligent soft computations [electronic resource]
Quanmin Zhu, Ahmad Taher Azar, editors

Adaptation and hybridization in computational intelligence
Iztok Fister, Iztok Fister Jr., editors

Artificial life and computational intelligence : first Australasian Conference, ACALCI 2015, Newcastle, NSW, Australia, February 5-7, 2015. Proceedings /
Stephan K. Chalup, Alan D. Blair, Marcus Randall (eds.)

Chaos modeling and control systems design [electronic resource]
edited by Ahmad Taher Azar, Sundarapandian Vaidyanathan

Recent advances in computational optimization : results of the Workshop on Computational Optimization WCO 2013 [electronic resource]
edited by Stefka Fidanova

Computational intelligence and efficiency in engineering systems
Grzegorz Borowik, Zenon Chaczko, Witold Jacak, Tadeusz Łuba, editors

Q342 .C66 2015
Computational creativity research : towards creative machines /
Tarek R. Besold, Marco Schorlemmer, Alan Smaill, editors

Doubt-free uncertainty in measurement : an introduction for engineers and students /
Colin Ratcliffe, Bridget Ratcliffe

Propagation of interval and probabilistic uncertainty in cyberinfrastructure-related data processing and data fusion
Christian Servin, Vladik Kreinovich

Boolean representations of simplicial complexes and matroids
John Rhodes, Pedro V. Silva

Imagine math 3 : between culture and mathematics /
Michele Emmer, editor

Approaches to qualitative research in mathematics education : examples of methodology and methods /
edited by Angelika Bikner-Ahsbahs, Christine Knipping, Norma C. Presmeg

QA11.2 .P877 2015
Pursuing excellence in mathematics education : essays in honor of Jeremy Kilpatrick /
Edward Silver, Christine Keitel-Kreidt, editors

The proceedings of the 12th International Congress on Mathematical Education : intellectual and attitudinal challenges /
Sung Je Cho, editor

Thomas Jefferson and his decimals 1775-1810 : neglected years in the history of U.S. school mathematics /
M.A. (Ken) Clements, Nerida F. Ellerton ; foreword by Douglas L. Wilson

Mathematics teaching and learning : South Korean elementary teachers' mathematical knowledge for teaching /
Rina Kim, Lillie R. Albert

QA139 .A75 2015
Arithmetic with polynomials and rational expressions. Practice set 1

QA139 .A752 2015
Arithmetic with polynomials and rational expressions. Practice set 2

QA139 .Q36 2015
Quantities. Practice 1

QA139 .Q362 2015
Quantities. Practice 2

Mathematics and transition to school : international perspectives /
Bob Perry, Amy MacDonald, Ann Gervasoni, editors

An invitation to general algebra and universal constructions
George M. Bergman

Topics in algebra and analysis : preparing for the Mathematical Olympiad /
Radmila Bulajich Manfrino, José Antonio Gómez Ortega, Rogelio Valdez Delgado

Introduction to the representation theory of algebras
Michael Barot

QA157 .H544 2015
High school Álgebratutorial

QA157 .L56 2015
Linear, quadratic, and exponential models. Practice 1

QA157 .L562 2015
Linear, quadratic, and exponential models. Practice 2

QA157 .S44 2015
Seeing structure in expressions. Practice 1

QA157 .S442 2015
Seeing structure in expressions. Practice 2

How to count : an introduction to combinatorics and its applications /
Robert A. Beeler

The Harary index of a graph
Kexiang Xu, Kinkar Ch. Das, Nenad Trinajstić

Set operads in combinatorics and computer science
Miguel A. Méndez

QA184.5 .V43 2015
Vector & matrix quantities. Practice 1

QA20.C65 .P747 2015
Prepárese para el examen GED de razonamiento matemático

QA20.C65 A16 2015
6th grade math tutorial

QA20.C65 A18 2015
8th grade math tutorial

QA20.C65 M533 2015
Middle school math for parents course

Tensor algebra and tensor analysis for engineers : with applications to continuum mechanics /
Mikhail Itskov

QA211 .C74 2015
Creating equations. Practice 1

QA211 .C742 2015
Creating equations. Practice 2

The unattainable attempt to avoid the casus irreducibilis for cubic equations : Gerolamo Cardano's De Regula Aliza /
Sara Confalonieri

Sparse approximation with bases
Vladimir Temlyakov ; editor for this volume: Sergey Tikhonov

The whole truth about whole numbers : an elementary introduction to number theory /
Sylvia Forman, Agnes M. Rash

Problems and proofs in numbers and algebra
Richard S. Millman, Peter J. Shiue, Eric Brendan Kahn

QA241 .H55 2015
High school number and quantity course

QA241 .R435 2015
The real number system. Practice 1

QA241 .R4352 2015
The real number system. Practice 2

Jacobi forms, finite quadratic modules and Weil representations over number fields [electronic resource]
Hatice Boylan

Arithmetic of finite fields : 5th International Workshop, WAIFI 2014, Gebze, Turkey, September 27-28, 2014. Revised selected papers /
Çetin Kaya Koç, Sihem Mesnager, Erkay Savaş (eds.)

Frontiers of higher order fuzzy sets
Alireza Sadeghian, Hooman Tahayori, editors

Fuzzy algebraic hyperstructures : an introduction /
Bijan Davvaz, Irina Cristea

QA255 .C66 2015
The complex number system. Practice 1

QA255 .C662 2015
The complex number system. Practice 2

Language and automata theory and applications : 9th International Conference, LATA 2015, Nice, France, March 2-6, 2015, Proceedings /
Adrian-Horia Dediu, Enrico Formenti, Carlos Martín-Vide, Bianca Truthe (eds.)

Dynamics of complex autonomous Boolean networks
David P. Rosin

QA273.15 .O384 2014
Probabilities : the Little Numbers That Rule Our Lives [electronic resource]

Exponentiated distributions
Essam K. AL-Hussaini, Mohammad Ahsanullah

Stochastic optimization methods : applications in engineering and operations research /
Kurt Marti

Stochastic models, statistics and their applications : Wrocław, Poland, February 2015 /
Ansgar Steland, Ewaryst Rafajłowicz, Krzysztof Szajowski, editors

Stochastic parameterizing manifolds and non-markovian reduced equations : stochastic manifolds for nonlinear SPDEs II /
Mickaël D. Chekroun, Honghu Liu, Shouhong Wang

Protein homology detection through alignment of Markov random fields : using MRFalign /
Jinbo Xu, Sheng Wang, Jianzhu Ma

QA274.7 .L69 2015
Optimization of stochastic discrete systems and control on complex networks : computational networks /
Dmitrii Lozovanu, Stefan Pickl

Lévy matters IV : estimation for discretely observed Lévy processes /
Denis Belomestny, Fabienne Comte, Valentine Genon-Catalot, Hiroki Masuda, Markus Reiß

Bayesian analysis of failure time data using P-Splines
Matthias Kaeding

Excel 2013 for business statistics : a guide to solving practical business problems /
Thomas J. Quirk

QA276 .K253 2016
The tao of statistics : a path to understanding (with no math) /
Dana K. Keller, Halcyon Research, Inc. ; illustrated by Helen Cardiff

Study guide for statistics for business and financial economics : a supplement to the textbook by Cheng-Few Lee, John C. Lee and Alice C. Lee [electronic resource]
Ronald L. Moy, Li-Shiya Chen, Lie Jane Kao

QA276.2 .I68 2015
Interpreting categorical and quantitative data. Practice 1

QA276.2 .I682 2015
Interpreting categorical and quantitative data. Practice 2

QA276.2 .S65 1999
Schaum's outline of theory and problems of statistics
Murray R. Spiegel

R for marketing research and analytics
Chris Chapman, Elea McDonnell Feit

An introduction to R for quantitative economics : graphing, simulating and computing /
Vikram Dayal

Multivariate density estimation : theory, practice, and visualization /
David W. Scott

Modelling and analysis of compositional data
Vera Pawlowsky-Glahn, Juan J. Egozcue, Raimon Tolosana-Delgado

Applied multivariate statistical analysis
Wolfgang Karl Härdle, Léopold Simar

Model-based recursive partitioning with adjustment for measurement error : applied to the Cox's Proportional Hazards and Weibull Model /
Hanna Birke

Interdisciplinary bayesian statistics : EBEB 2014 /
edited by Adriano Polpo, Francisco Louzada, Laura L. R. Rifo, Julio M. Stern, Marcelo Lauretto

Bayesian networks in educational assessment
Russell G. Almond, Robert J. Mislevy, Linda S. Steinberg, Duanli Yan, David M. Williamson

Time series modeling for analysis and control : advanced autopilot and monitoring systems /
Kohei Ohtsu, Hui Peng, Genshiro Kitagawa

Essays on Gödel's reception of Leibniz, Husserl, and Brouwer
Mark van Atten

QA295 .R43 2015
Reasoning with equations and inequalities. Practice set 1

QA295 .R432 2015
Reasoning with equations and inequalities. Practice set 2

Numerical methods and applications : 8th International Conference, NMA 2014, Borovets, Bulgaria, August 20-24, 2014, Revised selected papers /
Ivan Dimov, Stefka Fidanova, Ivan Lirkov (eds.)

Analytic methods in interdisciplinary applications
Vladimir V. Mityushev, Michael Ruzhansky, editors

Mathematical analysis II
Claudio Canuto, Anita Tabacco

From calculus to analysis
Steen Pedersen

Operator-related function theory and time-frequency analysis : The Abel Symposium 2012 /
Karlheinz Gröchenig, Yurii Lyubarskii, Kristian Seip, editors

Advanced methods in the fractional calculus of variations
Agnieszka B. Malinowska, Tatiana Odzijewicz, Delfim F.M. Torres

QA314 .C664 2015eb
Advances in modelling and control of non-integer order systems : 6th Conference on Non-Integer Order Calculus and its Applications Opole, Poland /
Krzysztof J. Latawiec, Marian Lukaniszyn, Rafal Stanisławski

Advances in variational and hemivariational inequalities : theory, numerical analysis, and applications /
Weimin Han, Stanisław Migórski, Mircea Sofonea, editors

Spectral methods in chemistry and physics : applications to kinetic theory and quantum mechanics /
Bernard Shizgal

Stochastic integration in Banach spaces : theory and applications /
Vidyadhar Mandrekar, Barbara Rüdiger

Semigroups of operators --Theory and applications : B̨edlewo, Poland, October 2013 /
Jacek Banasiak, Adam Bobrowski, Mirosław Lachowicz, editors

QA329.42 .M55 2014
Hörmander spaces, interpolation, and elliptic problems
Vladimir A. Mikhailets, Aleksandr A. Murach ; translated by Peter V. Malyshev

Fixed point theory in modular function spaces
Mohamed A. Khamsi, Wojciech M. Kozlowski

QA331 .H544 2015
High school functions tutorial

QA331 .I58 2015
Interpreting functions. 1

QA331 .I582 2015
Interpreting functions. 2

Convex optimization in normed spaces : theory, methods and examples /
Juan Peypouquet

QA331.5 .M67 2014
An easy path to convex analysis and applications
Boris S. Mordukhovich, Nguyen Mau Nam

Colloquium De Giorgi 2013 and 2014
edited by Umberto Zannier

Approaching the Kannan-Lovász-Simonovits and variance conjectures
David Alonso-Gutiérrez, Jesús Bastero

Inverse problems and applications
Larisa Beilina, editor

The mathematical theory of time-harmonic Maxwell's equations : expansion-, integral-, and variational methods [electronic resource]
Andreas Kirsch, Frank Hettlich

Regularization and Bayesian methods for inverse problems in signal and image processing
edited by Jean-François Giovannelli, Jérôme Idier

Surveys in differential-algebraic equations II
Achim Ilchmann, Timo Reis, editors

An introduction to viscosity solutions for fully nonlinear PDE with applications to calculus of variations in L∞
Nikos Katzourakis

Applied partial differential equations
J. David Logan

Numerical methods for nonlinear partial differential equations
Sören Bartels

Current trends in analysis and its applications : proceedings of the 9th ISAAC Congress, Krakow 2013 /
Vladimir V. Mityushev, Michael V. Ruzhansky, editors

Polynomial chaos methods for hyperbolic partial differential equations : numerical techniques for fluid dynamics problems in the presence of uncertainties /
Mass Per Pettersson, Gianluca Iaccarino, Jan Nordström

Evolution PDEs with nonstandard growth conditions : existence, uniqueness, localization, blow-up /
Stanislav Antontsev, Sergey Shmarev

QA377 .M45 2015
Meshfree methods for partial differential equations VII
Michael Griebel, Marc Alexander Schweitzer, editors

Global existence and uniqueness of nonlinear evolutionary fluid equations
Yuming Qin, Xin Liu, Taige Wang

Analysis, modelling, optimization, and numerical techniques : ICAMI, San Andres Island, Colombia, November 2013 /
Gerard Olivar Tost, Olga Vasilieva, editors

Theory of transformation groups I : General properties of continuous transformation groups ; a contemporary approach and translation /
Sophus Lie ; with the collaboration of Friedrich Engel ; editor and translator, Joël Merker

Handbook of mathematics
I.N. Bronshtein, K.A. Semendyayev, Gerhard Musiol, Heiner Mühlig

Isogeometric methods for numerical simulation
Gernot Beer, Stéphane Bordas, editors

Control problems of discrete-time dynamical systems
Yasumichi Hasegawa

Advanced discrete-time control : designs and applications /
Khalid Abidi, Jian-Xin Xu

Filtering and control for classes of two-dimensional systems
Ligang Wu, Zidong Wang

Stochastic control theory : dynamic programming principle /
Makiko Nisio

Numerical PDE-constrained optimization
Juan Carlos De los Reyes

Existence and regularity results for some shape optimization problems
Bozhidar Velichkov

Evolutionary multi-criterion optimization : 8th International Conference, EMO 2015, Guimarães, Portugal, March 29-April 1, 2015. Proceedings.
edited by António Gaspar-Cunha, Carlos Henggeler Antunes, Carlos Coello Coello

Evolutionary multi-criterion optimization : 8th International Conference, EMO 2015, Guimarães, Portugal, March 29-April 1, 2015. Proceedings.
António Gaspar-Cunha, Carlos Henggeler Antunes, Carlos Coello Coello (eds.)

Selected applications of convex optimization
Li Li

Harmonic analysis on exponential solvable lie groups
Hidenori Fujiwara, Jean Ludwig

Analysis on h-harmonics and Dunkl transforms
Feng Dai, Yuan Xu ; editor for this volume: Sergey Tikhonov

Wavelet transforms and their applications
Lokenath Debnath, Firdous Ahmad Shah

Nonlinear dynamics new directions : models and applications /
Hernán González-Aguilar, Edgardo Ugalde, editors

Frequency domain analysis and design of nonlinear systems based on Volterra series expansion : a parametric characteristic approach /
Xingjian Jing, Ziqiang Lang

Nonlinear dynamics new directions : theoretical aspects /
Hernán González-Aguilar, Edgardo Ugalde, editors

QA427 N648 2013eb
Nonlinear maps and their applications : selected contributions from the NOMA 2013 International Workshop /
Ricardo López-Ruiz, Danièle Fournier-Prunaret, Yoshifumi Nishio, Clara Grácio, editors

QA43 .G43 2015eb
GED test. Mathematical reasoning : : flash review

Optimal control of stochastic difference Volterra equations : an introduction /
Leonid Shaikhet

Tensor categories and endomorphisms of Von Neumann algebras : with applications to quantum field theory /
Marcel Bischoff, Yasuyuki Kawahigashi, Roberto Longo, Karl-Henning Rehren

An introduction to tensors and group theory for physicists
Nadir Jeevanjee

Mathematizing space : the objects of geometry from antiquity to the early modern age /
Vincenzo De Risi, editor

QA459 .E97 2015
Expressing geometric properties with equations. Practice 1

QA459 .E972 2015
Expressing geometric properties with equations. Practice 2

QA459 .H544 2015
High school geometry tutorial

QA464 .M63 2015
Modeling with geometry. Practice 1

QA464 .M632 2015
Modeling with geometry. Practice 2

QA465 .G46 2015
Geometric measurement and dimension. Practice 1

QA465 .G462 2015
Geometric measurement and dimension. Practice 2

QA484 .G46 2015
Geometry with circles. Practice 1

QA484 .G462 2015
Geometry with circles. Practice 2

QA529 .S56 2015
Similarity, right triangles and trigonometry. Practice 1

QA529 .S562 2015
Similarity, right triangles and trigonometry. Practice 2

Berkovich spaces and applications
Antoine Ducros, Charles Favre, Johannes Nicaise, editors

Encyclopedia of analytical surfaces
S.N. Krivoshapko, V.N. Ivanov

Topological and statistical methods for complex data : tackling large-scale, high-dimensional, and multivariate data spaces : with 120 figures, 101 in color /
Janine Bennett, Fabien Vivodtzev, Valerio Pascucci, editors

Birational geometry of foliations
Marco Brunella

Elementary symplectic topology and mechanics
Franco Cardin

Mathematical models with singularities : a zoo of singular creatures /
Pedro J. Torres

Multiple time scale dynamics
Christian Kuehn

QA614.8 .M532 2008eb
Stability of dynamical systems : on the role of monotonic and non-monotonic Lyapunov functions /
Anthony N. Michel, Ling Hou, Derong Liu

Index analysis : approach theory at work /
R. Lowen

Geometry and analysis on manifolds : in memory of professor Shoshichi Kobayashi /
Takushiro Ochiai, Toshiki Mabuchi, Yoshiaki Maeda, Junjiro Noguchi, Alan Weinstein, editors

QA641 .L5
Schaum's outline of theory and problems of differential geometry. [Including 500 solved problems, completely solved in detail]

An invitation to web geometry
Jorge Vitório Pereira, Luc Pirio

Introduction to global variational geometry
Demeter Krupka

Emerging ICT for bridging the future : proceedings of the 49th Annual Convention of the Computer Society of India (CSI).
Suresh Chandra Satapathy, A. Govardhan, K. Srujan, J.K. Mandal, editors

New trends in networking, computing, e-learning, systems sciences, and engineering
Khaled Elleithy, Tarek Sobh, editors

Emerging ICT for bridging the future : proceedings of the 49th Annual Convention of the Computer Society of India (CSI).
Suresh Chandra Satapathy, A. Govardhan, K. Srujan, J.K. Mandal, editors

Exploring services science : 6th International Conference, IESS 2015, Porto, Portugal, February 4-6, 2015, Proceedings /
Henriqueta Nóvoa, Monica Drăgoicea (eds.)

SOFSEM 2015 : theory and practice of computer science : 41st International Conference on Current Trends in Theory and Practice of Computer Science, Pec pod Sněžkou, Czech Republic, January 24-29, 2015, Proceedings /
Giuseppe F. Italiano, Tiziana Margaria-Steffen, Jaroslav Pokorný, Jean-Jacques Quisquater, Roger Wattenhofer (eds.)

Some current advanced researches on information and computer science in Vietnam : post-proceedings of The First NAFOSTED Conference on Information and Computer Science /
Quang A. Dang, Xuan Hoai Nguyen, Hoai Bac Le, Viet Ha Nguyen, Vo Nguyen Quoc Bao, editors

Intelligent computing and applications : proceedings of the International Conference on ICA, 22--24 December 2014 /
Durbadal Mandal, Rajib Kar, Swagatam Das, Bijaya Ketan Panigrahi, editors

Applied Reconfigurable Computing : 11th International Symposium, ARC 2015, Bochum, Germany, April 13-17, 2015, Proceedings [Elektronische Daten]
edited by Kentaro Sano, Dimitrios Soudris, Michael Hübner, Pedro C. Diniz

Advances in architectural geometry 2014
Philippe Block, Jan Knippers, Niloy J. Mitra, Wenping Wang, editors

QA76 .A3
Advances in computers

Multiprocessor scheduling for real-time systems
Sanjoy Baruah, Marko Bertogna, Giorgio Buttazzo

Transactional memory : foundations, algorithms, tools, and applications : COST Action Euro-TM IC1001 /
Rachid Guerraoui, Paolo Romano (eds.)

Performance characterization and benchmarking : traditional to big data : 6th TPC Technology Conference, TPCTC 2014, Hangzhou, China, September 1-5, 2014. Revised selected papers /
Raghunath Nambiar, Meikel Poess (eds.)

MultiMedia modeling : 21st International Conference, MMM 2015, Sydney, NSW, Australia, January 5-7, 2015, Proceedings.
Xiangjian He, Suhuai Luo, Dacheng Tao, Changsheng Xu, Jie Yang, Muhammad Abul Hasan (eds.)

Multimedia Data Mining and Analytics : Disruptive Innovation [Elektronische Daten]
edited by Aaron K. Baughman, Jiang Gao, Jia-Yu Pan, Valery A. Petrushin

Job scheduling strategies for parallel processing : 18th International Workshop, JSSPP 2014, Phoenix, AZ, USA, May 23, 2014. Revised selected papers /
Walfredo Cirne, Narayan Desai (eds.)

Advances in service-oriented and cloud computing : workshops of ESOCC 2014, Manchester, UK, September 2-4, 2014, Revised selected papers /
Guadalupe Ortiz, Cuong Tran (eds.)

Cloud computing : 5th International Conference, CloudComp 2014, Guilin, China, October 19-21, 2014, Revised selected papers /
Victor C.M. Leung, Roy Xiaorong Lai, Min Chen, Jiafu Wan (eds.)

Cloud portability and interoperability : issues and current trends /
Beniamino Di Martino, Giuseppina Cretella, Antonio Esposito

Semantic technology : 4th Joint International Conference, JIST 2014, Chiang Mai, Thailand, November 9-11, 2014. Revised selected papers /
Thepchai Supnithi, Takahira Yamaguchi, Jeff Z. Pan, Vilas Wuwongse, Marut Buranarach (eds.)

Ubiquitous computing in the workplace : what ethical issues? an interdisciplinary perspective /
Katharina Kinder-Kurlanda, Céline Ehrwein Nihan, editors

Ubiquitous computing application and wireless sensor : UCAWSN-14 /
James J. (Jong Hyuk) Park, Yi Pan, Han-Chieh Chao, Gangman Yi, editors

Human centered computing : first International Conference, HCC 2014, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, November 27-29, 2014, Revised selected papers /
Qiaohong Zu, Bo Hu, Ning Gu, Sopheap Seng (eds.)

Interoperability and open-source solutions for the internet of things : International Workshop, FP7 OpenIoT Project, held in conjunction with SoftCOM 2014, Split, Croatia, September 18, 2014, Invited papers /
Ivana Podnar Žarko, Krešimir Pripužić, Martin Serrano (eds.)

Unifying theories of programming : 5th International Symposium, UTP 2014, Singapore, May 13, 2014, Revised selected papers /
David Naumann (ed.)

Evolutionary computation in combinatorial optimization : 15th European Conference, EvoCOP 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark, April 8-10, 2015, Proceedings /
Gabriela Ochoa, Francisco Chicano (eds)

Evolutionary and biologically inspired music, sound, art and design : 4th International Conference, EvoMUSART 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark, April 8-10, 2015, Proceedings /
Colin Johnson, Adrian Carballal, João Correia (eds.)

Trends in functional programming : 15th International Symposium, TFP 2014, Soesterberg, The Netherlands, May 26-28, 2014. Revised selected papers /
Jurriaan Hage, Jay McCarthy (eds.)

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Beginning Scala
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Kathi Kellenberger with Clayton Groom

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Pro design patterns in Swift
Adam Freeman

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Dave Smith

Pro Android games
Massimo Nardone, Vladimir Silva

Custom SharePoint Solutions with HTML and JavaScript : for SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online /
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Stripes by example
by Brent Watson

Migrating to Swift from web development
Sean Liao, Mark Punak

More iPhone development with Swift : exploring the iOS SDK /
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Fernando Iafrate,

Computer science and its applications : ubiquitous information technologies /
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Big data in complex systems : challenges and opportunities /
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Mathematicians on creativity
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Discrete mechanics
Jean-Paul Caltagirone

Method of Dimensionality Reduction in Contact Mechanics and Friction [electronic resource]
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Proof patterns
Mark Joshi

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Fuzzy classification of online customers
Nicolas Werro

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Fluid mechanics of viscoplasticity
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Fractional thermoelasticity
Yuriy Povstenko

Questions about elastic waves
Jüri Engelbrecht

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Stars, myths and rituals in Etruscan Rome
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Galileo's reading
Crystal Hall

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Solar Prominences [electronic resource]
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Basics of plasma astrophysics
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The Invisible Universe : The Story of Radio Astronomy /
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Physics of magnetic flux tubes
Margarita Ryutova

The twin sister planets Venus and Earth : why are they so different? /
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Battlefield acoustics
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Recent trends in physics of material science and technology
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Sleeping beauties in theoretical physics : 26 surprising insights /
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Acoustic modeling for emotion recognition
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Nonlinear acoustic waves in micro-inhomogeneous solids
Veniamin E. Nazarov and Andrey V. Radostin

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Manuale di Ottica
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Inside Interesting Integrals : A Collection of Sneaky Tricks, Sly Substitutions, and Numerous Other Stupendously Clever, Awesomely Wicked, and Devilishly Seductive Maneuvers for Computing Nearly 200 Perplexing Definite Integrals From Physics, Engineering, and Mathematics (Plus 60 Chall [electronic resource]
by Paul J. Nahin

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edited by Paul Seidel

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Ece Uykur

Iron-based superconductivity
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Magnetohydrodynamic stability of tokamaks
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Song Gao, editor ; with contributions by M. Affronte [and more]

Multiforms, dyadics, and electromagnetic media
Ismo V. Lindell

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Igor N. Toptygin

Insight into magnetorheological shock absorbers
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Carlos Merino, editor

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The road to discovery : detector alignment, electron identification, particle misidentification, WW physics, and the discovery of the Higgs Boson /
John Alison

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Nuclear structure with coherent states
Apolodor Aristotel Raduta

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Nuclear structure from a simple perspective [electronic resource]
R.F. Casten

Search for the Higgs boson in the vector boson fusion channel at the ATLAS detector
Eric Ouellette

Double Chooz and reactor neutrino oscillation : [omega]13 improvement and first effective [delta]m̂2/31 measurement /
Thiago Junqueira de Castro Bezerra

Neutrino oscillations : a practical guide to basics and applications /
Fumihiko Suekano

Neutron applications in materials for energy
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Zhenpeng Su

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Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) in the permo-carboniferous : from icehouse to greenhouse /
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Adapting African Agriculture to Climate Change : Transforming Rural Livelihoods [electronic resource]
edited by Walter Leal Filho, Anthony O. Esilaba, Karuturi P.C. Rao, Gummadi Sridhar

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The thinking person's guide to climate change
Robert Henson

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Don't even think about it : why our brains are wired to ignore climate change /
George Marshall

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Waking the frog : solutions for our climate change paralysis /
Tom Rand

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Rain formation in warm clouds : general systems theory /
A. M. Selvam

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Joshua D. Vande Hey

The technical avalanche protection handbook
edited by Florian Rudolf-Miklau, Siegfried Sauermoser, Arthur I. Mears

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Solutions in lidar profiling of the atmosphere
Vladimir A Kovalev

European trend atlas of extreme temperature and precipitation records
Delian Chen [and five others]

High-impact weather events over the SAARC region
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Modelling electroanalytical experiments by the integral equation method
Lesław K. Bieniasz

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Horst Kisch

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Essentials of inorganic chemistry : for students of pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences and medicinal chemistry /
Katja A. Strohfeldt

Halogen bonding I : impact on materials chemistry and life sciences /
Pierangelo Metrangolo, Giuseppe Resnati, editors ; with contributions by C.B. Aakeröy ... [and more]

Computational methods in lanthanide and actinide chemistry
Michael Dolg

Lanthanides and Actinides in Molecular Magnetism
edited by Richard A. Layfield and Muralee Murugesu

Helium : the disappearing element /
Wheeler M. "Bo" Sears, Jr

Defects at oxide surfaces
Jacques Jupille, Geoff Thornton, editors

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Jean-Luc Montchamp, editor ; with contributions by I. Abdellah [and more]

Phosphorus chemistry. I, Asymmetric synthesis and bioactive compounds
Jean-Luc Montchamp, editor ; with contributions by N. Bakalara [and more

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Radium and the secret of life
Luis A. Campos

Fire-resistant geopolymers : role of fibres and fillers to enhance thermal properties /
Les Vickers, Arie van Riessen, William D.A. Rickard

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Making Marie Curie : intellectual property and celebrity culture in an age of information /
Eva Hemmungs Wirtén

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Writing reaction mechanisms in organic chemistry

Progress in the chemistry of organic natural products. 100
authors: U. Wagner...[and 8 more]

Specific intermolecular interactions of element-organic compounds
Alexei K. Baev

Zinc catalysis : applications in organic synthesis /
edited by Stephan Enthaler and Xiao-Feng Wu

Multicomponent reactions in organic synthesis [electronic resource]
edited by Jieping Zhu, Qian Wang, Meixiang Wang

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Chemistry of organo-hybrids : synthesis and characterization of functional nano-objects /
edited by Bernadette Charleux, Christophe Copéret, Emmanuel Lacóte

Functionalized redox systems : synthetic reactions and design of [pi]- and bio-conjugates /
Toshikazu Hirao, editor

Porous carbons -- hyperbranched polymers -- polymer solvation
Timothy E. Long, Brigitte Voit, Oguz Okay, editors ; with contributions by S. Banerjee [and more]

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Catalytic arylation methods : from the academic lab to industrial processes /
Anthony J. Burke and Carolina Silva Marques

Aromatic hydroxyketones : preparation & physical properties : aromatic hydroxyketones from butanone (C4) to dotriacontanone (C32) /
Robert Martin, Jean-Pierre Buisson

Organic-inorganic hybrid nanomaterials [electronic resource]
Susheel Kalia, Yuvaraj Haldorai, editors ; with contributions by A.C.S. Alcântara...[et al.]

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Synergy in supramolecular chemistry
edited by Tatsuya Nabeshima

Thermal degradation of polymer blends, composites and nanocomposites
P.M. Visakh, Yoshihiko Arao, editors

Flows in polymers, reinforced polymers and composites : a multi-scale approach /
Christophe Binetruy, Francisco Chinesta, Roland Keunings

Bioinspired and biomimetic polymer systems for drug and gene delivery
edited by Zhongwei Gu

Chemistry education : best practices, opportunities and trends /
edited by Javier García-Martínez and Elena Serrano-Torregrosa ; with a foreword by Peter Atkins

Affective dimensions in chemistry education
Murat Kahveci, MaryKay Orgill, editors

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Biosynthesis of heterocycles : from isolation to gene cluster /
Patrizia Diana, Girolamo Cirrincione

John A. Joule, editor ; with contributions by E. Bungaard [and more]

Organometallics and related molecules for energy conversion
Wai-Yeung Wong, editor

Lanthanide metal-organic frameworks
Peng Cheng, editor ; with contributions by M. Bosch [and more]

Synthesis and application of organoboron compounds
Elena Fernández, Andrew Whiting, editors ; with contributions by V.K. Aggarwal [and more]

Biological materials of marine origin : vertebrates /
Hermann Ehrlich

Hydrogen molecular biology and medicine
Xuejun Sun, Shigeo Ohta, Atsunori Nakao, editors

Chemistry of plant natural products : stereochemistry, conformation, synthesis, biology, and medicine /
Sunil Kumar Talapatra, Bani Talapatra ; with a foreword by Professor K.C. Nicolaou

Biotechnological applications of biodiversity
Joydeep Mukherjee, editor ; with contributions by Karen Amaya [and more]

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Argument-driven inquiry in chemistry : lab investigations for grades 9-12 /
Victor Sampson ... [and 7 others]

Proceedings of the 240 Conference : science's great challenges /
edited by Aaron R. Dinner

Hydrogen bonded supramolecular structures
Zhan-Ting Li, Li-Zhu Wu, editors

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Molecules and models : the molecular structures of main group element compounds [electronic resource]
Arne Haaland

QD461 .S9255 2014
Structure from diffraction methods
edited by Duncan W. Bruce, University of York, UK, Dermot O'Hare, University of Oxford, UK, Richard I. Walton, University of Warwick, UK

New synthetic routes to polyoxometalate containing ionic liquids : an investigation of their properties /
Sven Herrmann ; foreword by Prof Dr. Carsten Steb

Structure elucidation in organic chemistry : the search for the right tools /
edited by María-Magdalena Cid and Jorge Bravo

Molecular modeling and multiscaling issues for electronic material applications. Volume 2
Artur Wymysłowski, Nancy Iwamoto, Matthew Yuen, Haibo Fan, editors

Computer-based structure elucidation from spectral data : the art of solving problems /
Mikhail E. Elyashberg, Antony J. Williams

Deterministic kinetics in chemistry and systems biology : the dynamics of complex reaction networks /
Gábor Lente

Isoconversional kinetics of thermally stimulated processes
Sergey Vyazovkin

How to solve organic reaction mechanisms : a stepwise approach /
Mark G. Moloney

Cooperative catalysis : designing efficient catalysts for synthesis /
edited by René Peters

QD505 .H652 2015eb
Homogeneous gold catalysis
LeGrande M. Slaughter, editor ; with contributions by A. Aponick ... [and more]

QD505 .T495 2015
Principles and practice of heterogeneous catalysis
J.M. Thomas and W.J. Thomas

Propellants and explosives : thermochemical aspects of combustion /
Naminosuke Kubota

Smart wormlike micelles : design, characteristics and applications /
Yujun Feng, Zonglin Chu, Cécile A. Dreiss

Hydrogen production : by electrolysis /
edited by Agata Godula-Jopek ; with a foreword by Detlef Stolten

In-situ thermoelectrochemistry : working with heated electrodes /
Peter Gründler

Electrochemical water oxidation at iron(III) oxide electrodes : controlled nanostructuring as key for enhanced water oxidation efficiency /
Sandra Haschke ; foreword by prof. Dr. Julien Bachmann

Electrochemistry of immobilized particles and droplets : experiments with three-phase electrodes /
Fritz Scholz [and more]

QD63.5 .S24 2014eb
Safe science : promoting a culture of safety in academic chemical research /
Committee on Establishing and Promoting a Culture of Safety in Academic Laboratory Research ; Board on Chemical Sciences and Technology, Division on Earth and Life Studies ; Board on Human-Systems Integration, Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education ; National Research Council of the National Academies

Green extraction of natural products : theory and practice /
edited by Farid Chemat and Jochen Strube

Photocatalytic semiconductors : synthesis, characterization, and environmental applications /
Aracely Hernández-Ramírez, Iliana Medina-Ramírez, editors

Hydrogen bonded supramolecular materials
Zhan-Ting Li, Li-Zhu Wu, editors

Supramolecular assemblies of cucurbit[n]urils with metal ions : coordination, structures and properties /
Xin-Long Ni, Xin Xiao, Hang Cong, Zhu Tao

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Molecular aggregation : structure analysis and molecular simulation of crystals and liquids [electronic resource]
Angelo Gavezzotti

Probing crystal plasticity at the nanoscales : synchrotron x-ray microdiffraction /
Arief Suriadi Budiman

Dipolar correlation spectroscopy : higher-order correlation terms in three-spin double electron-electron resonance (DEER) /
Bettina Basel

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Mapping the spectrum : techniques of visual representation in research and teaching [electronic resource]
Klaus Hentschel

Correlation force spectroscopy for single molecule measurements
Milad Radiom

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Modern NMR techniques for synthetic chemistry
edited by Julie Fisher

Total-reflection X-ray fluorescence analysis and related methods
Reinhold Klockenkamper, Alex von Bohlen

Towards an interdisciplinary approach in earth system science : advances of a Helmholtz Graduate Research School /
Gerrit Lohmann, Helge Meggers, Vikram Unnithan, Dieter Wolf-Gladrow, Justus Notholt, Astrid Bracher, editors

Geology of the Nepal Himalaya : regional perspective of the classic collided orogen /
Megh Raj Dhital

MATLAB® recipes for earth sciences
Martin H. Trauth

Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical-Chemical Processes in Fractured Porous Media: Modelling and Benchmarking : Closed-Form Solutions [electronic resource]
edited by Olaf Kolditz, Hua Shao, Wenqing Wang, Sebastian Bauer

Basic steps in geostatistics : the variogram and kriging /
Margaret A. Oliver, Richard Webster

Geology and resource potential of the Congo Basin
Maarten de Wit, Francois Guillocheau, Michiel de Wit, editors

Proceedings of the 11th International Congress for Applied Mineralogy (ICAM)
Faqin Dong, editor

Environmental contaminants : using natural archives to track sources and long-term trends of pollution /
Jules M. Blais, Michael R. Rosen, John P. Smol, editors

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Granites : petrology, structure, geological setting, and metallogeny /
Anne Nédélec and Jean-Luc Bouchez ; translated and updated with the participation of Peter Bowden

Application of geochemical tracers to fluvial sediment
by Jerry R. Miller, Gail Mackin, Suzanne M. Orbock Miller

Nuclear geophysics : applications in hydrology, hydrogeology, engineering geology, agriculture and environmental science /
V.I. Ferronsky

Ages, geochemistry and metamorphism of the neoarchean basement in Shandong province : implications for evolution of the North China Craton /
Meiling Wu

Environmental and resources geochemistry of earth system : mass transfer mechanism, geochemical cycle and the influence of human activity /
Naotatsu Shikazono

Geological storage of CO2 : long term security aspects /
Axel Liebscher, Ute Münch, editors

Volcanic lakes
edited by Dmitri Rouwet, Franco Tassi, Jean Vandemeulebrouck

Active volcanoes of Chiapas (Mexico) : El Chichón and Tacan /
edited by Teresa Scolamacchia, Jose Luis Macías

Hawaiian volcanoes : from source to surface /
Rebecca Carey, Valerie Cayol, Michael Poland, Dominique Weis, editors

Seismic ground response analysis
Nozomu Yoshida

Multiscale Seismic Tomography
Dapeng Zhao

Studies of historical earthquakes in Southern Poland : Outer Western Carpathian Earthquake of December 3, 1786, and first macroseismic maps in 1858-1901 /
Barbara Guterch, Jan Kozák, editors

The coral reef era : from discovery to decline : a history of scientific scientific investigation from 1600 to the anthropocene epoch /
James Bowen

Modern technologies for landslide monitoring and prediction
Marco Scaioni, editor

QE599.2 .M68 2015eb
Mountain hazards and disaster risk reduction
Rajib Shaw, Hari Krishna Nibanupudi, editors

Neogene micropaleontology and stratigraphy of Argentina : the Chaco-Paranense Basin and the Península de Valdés /
Hugo Marengo

QE720.2.U6 G38 2015eb
Late Pleistocene and Holocene environmental change on the Olympic Peninsula, Washington
Daniel G. Gavin, Linda B. Brubaker

Far-field optical nanoscopy
volume editors: Philip Tinnefeld, Christian Eggeling, Stefan W. Hell ; with contributions by: G.P. Acuna [and more]

Scanning probe microscopy : atomic force microscopy and scanning tunneling microscopy /
Bert Voigtländer

QH212.T7 S68 2009eb
High-resolution electron microscopy [electronic resource]
John C.H. Spence

Conservation agriculture
Muhammad Farooq, Kadambot H.M. Siddique, editors

QH31.C35 C87 2015
The curious Mister Catesby : a "truly ingenious" naturalist explores new worlds /
edited for the Catesby Commemorative Trust by E. Charles Nelson and David J. Elliott ; foreword by Jane O. Waring

Jakob von Uexküll : the discovery of the umwelt between biosemiotics and theoretical biology /
Carlo Brentari

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Forensic biology
Richard Li

QH315 .J46 2015
Tools for critical thinking in biology
Stephen H. Jenkins

Branching processes in biology
Marek Kimmel, David E. Axelrod

Mathematical approaches to biological systems : networks, oscillations, and collective motions /
Toru Ohira, Tohru Uzawa, editors

Analysis and enumeration : algorithms for biological graphs /
Andrea Marino

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Excel 2013 for biological and life sciences statistics : a guide to solving practical problems /
Thomas J. Quirk, Meghan Quirk, Howard F. Horton

Practical protein pioinformatics
Florencio Pazos, Mónica Chagoyen

Bioinformatics and biomedical engineering : third International Conference, IWBBIO 2015, Granada, Spain, April 15-17, 2015. Proceedings.
Francisco Ortuño, Ignacio Rojas (eds.)

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edited by Teresa M. Przytycka

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edited by Francisco Ortuño, Ignacio Rojas

Chemical evolution : the biological system of the elements /
Bernd Markert, Stefan Fränzle, Simone Wünschmann

Ethics, law and governance of biobanking : national, European and international approaches /
Deborah Mascalzoni, editor

Current perspectives on sexual selection : what's left after Darwin? /
Thierry Hoquet, editor

Handbook of evolutionary thinking in the sciences
edited by Thomas Heams, Philippe Huneman, Guillaume Lecointre, Marc Silberstein

Macroevolution : explanation, interpretation and evidence /
Emanuele Serrelli, Nathalie Gontier, editors

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The next species : the future of evolution in the aftermath of man /
Michael Tennesen

Code biology : a new science of life /
Marcello Barbieri

Genetics of the mouse
Jean Louis Guénet, Fernando Benavides, Jean-Jacques Panthier, Zavier Montagutelli

Encyclopedia of metagenomics : environmental metagenomics /
Sarah K. Highlander, Francisco Rodriguez-Valera, Bryan A. White, editors

Encyclopedia of metagenomics : genes, genomes and metagenomes ; basics, methods, databases and tools /
Karen E. Nelson, editor

Biomarker validation : technological, clinical and commercial aspects /
edited by Harald Seitz and Sarah Schumacher

An operator semigroup in mathematical genetics
Adam Bobrowski, Marek Kimmel

QH438.4.M3 P76 2014
Probabilistic graphical models for genetics, genomics, and postgenomics
edited by Christine Sinoquet and Raphael Mourad

Integrative organismal biology
Lynn B Martin, Cameron K Ghalambor, H. Arthur Woods

Targeted genome editing using site-specific nucleases : ZFNs, TALENs, and the CRISPR/Cas9 system /
Takashi Yamamoto, editor

Genome mapping and genomics in human and non-human primates
Ravinnath Duggirala, Laura Almasy, Sarah Williams-Blangero, Solomon F.D. Paul, Chittaranjan Kole, editors

Analysis of deterministic cyclic gene regulatory network models with delays
Mehmet Eren Ahsen, Hitay Özbay, Silviu-Iulian Niculescu

QH450 .M68 2015
The developing genome : an introduction to behavioral epigenetics /
David S. Moore

Development and reproduction in humans and animal model species
Werner A. Mueller, Monika Hassel, Maura Grealy

Morphomechanics of development
Lev V. Beloussov ; with a contribution by Andrei Lipchinsky

Evolutionary transitions to multicellular life : principles and mechanisms /
Iñaki Ruiz-Trillo, Aurora M. Nedelcu, editors

Tissue and organ regeneration in adults : extension of the paradigm to several organs /
Ioannis V. Yannas

Complex fluids in biological systems : experiment, theory, and computation /
Saverio E. Spagnolie, editor

Respiratory Infections [electronic resource]
edited by Mieczyslaw Pokorski

Photobiology : the science of light and life /
Lars Olof Björn, editor

Biodiversity and Earth history
Jens Boenigk, Sabina Wodniok, Edvard Glücksman

Landscape bionomics : biological-integrated landscape /
Vittorio Ingegnoli

Landscape analysis and planning : geographical perspectives /
M. Luc, U. Somorowska, J.B. Szmańda, editors

Intelligent environmental sensing
Henry Leung, Subhas Chandra Mukhopadhyay, editors

Subseafloor biosphere linked to hydrothermal systems : TAIGA concept /
Jun-ichiro Ishibashi, Kyoko Okino, Michinari Sunamura, editors

Warm-temperate deciduous forests around the Northern hemisphere
Elgene O. Box, Kazue Fujiwara, editors

Loricate Ciliate Tintinnids in a Tropical Mangrove Wetland : Diversity, Distribution and Impact of Climate Change [electronic resource]
by Santosh Kumar Sarkar

QH541.5.M3 S36 2014
Coastal wetlands of the world : geology, ecology, distribution and applications /
David B. Scott, Jennifer Frail-Gauthier and Petra J. Mudie, Department of Earth Sciences, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Ecological processes at marine fronts : oases in the ocean /
Eduardo Marcelo Acha, Alberto Piola, Oscar Iribarne, Hermes Mianzan

Aquatic ecosystem : biodiversity, ecology and conservation /
Mamta Rawat, Sumit Dookia, Chankasan Sivaperuman, editors

Animal cell culture
Mohamed Al-Rubeai, editor

Stem cell nanoengineering
edited by Hossein Baharvand and Nasser Aghdami

Cell polarity. 2, Role in development and disease
Klaus Ebnet, editor

Cell polarity. 1, Biological role and basic mechanisms
Klaus Ebnet, editor

Innovative approaches to cell biomechanics : from cell migration to on-chip manipulation /
Kennedy Omondi Okeyo, Hiromi Miyoshi, Taiji Adachi

QH650 .C435 2015eb
Biochemical roles of eukaryotic cell surface macromolecules
Abhijit Chakrabarti

QH70.A1 N35 2014
Natural history dioramas : history, construction and educational role /
Sue Dale Tunnicliffe, Annette Scheersoi, editors

Wetlands and water framework directive : protection, management and climate change /
Stefan Ignar, Mateusz Grygoruk, editors

Landscapes and landforms of Brazil
Bianca Carvalho Vieira, André Augusto Rogues Salgado, Leonardo José Cordeiro Santos, editors

QH84.5 .C67 2009
The ecology of tropical East Asia [electronic resource]
Richard T. Corlett

Marine productivity : perturbations and resilience of Socio-ecosystems -- Proceedings of the 15th French-Japanese Oceanography Symposium /
Hubert-Jean Ceccaldi, Yves Hénocque, Yasuyuki Koike, Teruhisa Komatsu, Georges Stora, Marie-Hélène Tusseau-Vuillemin, editors

Relevance and sustainability of wild plant collection in NW South America : insights from the plant families Arecaceae and Krameriaceae /
Grischa Brokamp ; foreword by Prof. Dr. Maximilian Weigand and Prof. Dr. Hartmut H. Hilger

The vascular flora of the national park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise (Central Italy) : an annotated checklist /
Fabio Conti, Fabrizio Bartolucci

Responses of fruit trees to global climate change
Fernando Ramírez, Jose Kallarackal

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Daffodils in American gardens, 1733-1940
Sara L. Van Beck

QK570.25 .B45 2015
Freshwater algae : identification, enumeration and use as bioindicators /
Edward G. Bellinger and David C. Sigee

Recent advances in lichenology : modern methods and approaches in lichen systematics and culture techniques.
Dalip Kumar Upreti, Pradeep K. Divakar, Vertika Shukla, Rajesh Bajpai, editors

The Mycota. 7,@Part B : Systematics and evolution. : a comprehensive treatise on fungi as experimental systems for basic and applied research /
edited by K. Esser ; volume editors, D.J. McLaughlin and J.W. Spatafora

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Leaf Defence
Edward E. Farmer

QK661 .H36 2015
The triumph of seeds : how grains, nuts, kernels, pulses, and pips, conquered the plant kingdom and shaped human history /
Thor Hanson

Plant behaviour and intelligence
Anthony Trewavas

Beneficial plant-bacterial interactions
Bernard R. Glick

Combined stresses in plants : physiological, molecular, and biochemical aspects /
Ramamurthy Mahalingam, editor

Plant metabolomics : methods and applications /
Xiaoquan Qi, Xiaoya Chen, Yulan Wang, editors

Dissipative exciton dynamics in light-harvesting complexes
Marco Schröter

Edible medicinal and non medicinal plants. Volume 9, Modified stems, roots, bulbs
T. K. Lim

QK980 .E85 2015
Plant life : a brief history /
Frederick B. Essig

Phenomics : how next-generation phenotyping is revolutionizing plant breeding /
Roberto Fritsche-Neto, Aluízio Borém, editors

PlantOmics : the omics of plant science /
Debmalya Barh, Muhammad Sarwar Khan, Eric Davies, editors

Plant genes, genomes, and genetics [electronic resource]
Erich Grotewold, Joseph Chappell, Elizabeth Kellogg

QL458.42.L6 V48 2015
The brown recluse spider
Richard S. Vetter

QL496.12 .Q55 2014
The braconid and ichneumonid parasitoid wasps : biology, systematics, evolution and ecology [electronic resource]
Donald L.J. Quicke

QL523.C6 B67 2015
Infested : how the bed bug infiltrated our bedrooms and took over the world /
Brooke Borel

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Flatfishes : biology and exploitation /
edited by Robin N. Gibson, Richard D.M. Nash, Audrey J. Geffen, Henk W. van der Veer

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Lampreys : biology, conservation and control.
Margaret F. Docker, editor

Extremophile fishes : ecology, evolution, and physiology of teleosts in extreme environments /
Rüdiger Riesch, Michael Tobler, Martin Plath, editors

QL639.1 .F5735 2015
Fish pheromones and related cues
edited by Peter W. Sorensen, Brian D. Wisenden

Sound communication in fishes
Friedrich Ladich, editor

Snakes of Italy : herpetological treatise on the biology and iconography of Italian ophidians /
Gabriele Achille ; with contributions by Franco Andreone [and more]

QL677 .F36 2014
A conspiracy of ravens : a compendium of collective nouns for birds /
compiled by Samuel Fanous ; with illustrations by Thomas Bewick ; foreword by Bill Oddie

QL681 .B57
The birds of North America online [electronic resource]

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Project Puffin : the improbable quest to bring a beloved seabird back to Egg Rock /
Stephen W. Kress & Derrick Z. Jackson

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The narrow edge : a tiny bird, an ancient crab, & an epic journey /
Deborah Cramer

Ivorybill hunters : the search for proof in a flooded wilderness [electronic resource]
Geoffrey E. Hill

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Otters : ecology, behaviour, and conservation [electronic resource]
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Elephant don : the politics of a pachyderm posse /
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edited by Lars-Anders Hansson and Susanne Åkesson

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Surgical atlas of cardiac anatomy
Xiaodong Zhu, editor

Complex structure and dynamics of the heart
Philip Bittihn

Teaching anatomy : a practical guide /
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Minimally invasive foregut surgery for malignancy : principles and practice /
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Human brain anatomy in computerized images [electronic resource]
Hanna Damasio

The clinical anatomy of the cranial nerves : the nerves of on old Olympus towering top /
edited by Joel A. Vilensky, Wendy Robertson, Carlos A. Suárez-Quian

Cognitive pearls in general surgery
Vijay K. Maker ; Edgar D. Guzman-Arrieta, co-author

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Functional atlas of the human fascial system
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Congenital anomalies of the upper extremity : etiology and management. /
Donald R. Laub Jr

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The cardiovascular adrenergic system
Anastasios Lymperopoulos, editor

Patent foramen ovale
Zahid Amin ... [and others] (eds.)

Autonomic innervation of the heart : role of molecular imaging /
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Cardiac cytoarchitecture : how to maintain a working heart /
Elisabeth Ehler, editor

Essays on the history of respiratory physiology
John B. West

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Nutrition for developing countries [electronic resource]
Felicity Savage King and Ann Burgess

Lichen secondary metabolites : bioactive properties and pharmaceutical potential /
Branislav Ranković, editor

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Body metabolism and exercise
edited by Mieczyslaw Pokorski

Energetics of muscular exercise
Guido Ferretti

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Eccentric exercise : physiology and application in sport and rehabilitation /
Hans Hoppeler

Flight of mammals : from terrestrial limbs to wings /
Aleksandra A. Panyutina, Leonid P. Korzun, Alexander N. Kuznetsov

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Minds behind the brain : a history of the pioneers and their discoveries [electronic resource]
Stanley Finger

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Molecular biology of the neuron [electronic resource]
[edited by R.W. Davies and B.J. Morris]

Brain crosstalk in puberty and adolescence
Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, Jean-Claude Carel, Yves Christen, editors

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Hormones and brain plasticity [electronic resource]
Luis Miguel Garcia-Segura

Encyclopedia of computational neuroscience
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Ethical issues in behavioral neuroscience
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Advances in cognitive neurodynamics (IV) : proceedings of the International Conference on Cognitive Neurodynamics, 2013 /
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Neuroeconomics : a guide to the new science of making choices [electronic resource]
Peter Politser

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Neuroergonomics : the brain at work [electronic resource]
edited by Raja Parasuraman and Matthew Rizzo

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Giuliano Gentili, Mario Di Napoli

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Neuroglia [electronic resource]
edited by Helmut Kettenmann, Bruce R. Ransom

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Neural stem cell assays
edited by Navjot Kaur, Mohan C. Vemuri

Neural stem cells in development, adulthood and disease
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Molecular and cellular approaches to neural development [electronic resource]
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Neurotransmitter interactions and cognitive function
Mieczyslaw Pokorski, editor

Presynaptic terminals
Sumiko Mochida, editor

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Observed brain dynamics [electronic resource]
Partha P. Mitra, Hemant Bokil

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Neuroglycobiology [electronic resource]
edited by Minoru Fukuda, Urs Rutishauser, Ronald L. Schnaar

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David J. Price and David J. Willshaw

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Hippocampal place fields : relevance to learning and memory [electronic resource]
edited by Sheri J.Y. Mizumori

Brain asymmetry and neural systems : foundations in clinical neuroscience and neuropsychology /
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Matter of mind : a neurologist's view of brain-behavior relationships [electronic resource]
Kenneth M. Heilman

Physiology question-based learning : cardio, respiratory and renal systems /
Hwee Ming Cheng

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The Wiley handbook on the cognitive neuroscience of memory
edited by Donna Rose Addis, Morgan Barense, and Audrey Duarte

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How flavor works : the science of taste and aroma /
Nak-Eon Choi, Jung H. Han

Effects of peripheral vision on eye movements : a virtual reality study on gaze allocation in naturalistic tasks /
Elena Hitzel ; with a foreword by Prof. Karl R. Gegenfurtner, Ph.D

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Audio-visual integration in smooth pursuit eye movements
Christian Wolf

Normal and defective colour vision [electronic resource]
J.D. Mollon, J. Pokorny, K. Knoblauch

Human factors of stereoscopic 3d displays
Robert Earl Patterson

Bioactive compounds from extremophiles : genomic studies, biosynthetic gene clusters, and new dereplication methods /
Lesley-Ann Giddings, David J. Newman

Analyzing biomolecular interactions by mass spectrometry
edited by Jeroen Kool, Wilfried M.A. Niessen

Mass spectrometry : developmental approaches to answer biological questions /
Gwenael Pottiez

Bioorganometallic chemistry : applications in drug discovery, biocatalysis, and imaging /
edited by Gérard Jaouen and Michèle Salmain

T-type calcium channels in basic and clinical science
Stephen W. Schaffer, Ming Li, editors

Protein folding : examining the challenges from synthesis to folded form /
Alka Dwevedi

The BRICHOS domain : its proproteins and functions /
Jenny Presto, Jan Johansson

Total synthesis of thielocin B1 as a protein-protein interaction inhibitor of PAC3 homodimer
Kosuke Ohsawa

Kinesins and cancer
Frank Kozielski, editor

Predicting transcription factor complexes : a novel approach to data integration in systems biology /
Thorsten Will

Ubiquitin chains : degradation and beyond /
Arnab De

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Leptin : regulation and clinical applications /
Sam Dagogo-Jack, editor ; contributors Denis G. Baskin [and forty one others]

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Recent advances in prolactin research
Maria Diakonova, editor

Sustaining life on planet Earth : metalloenzymes mastering dioxygen and other chewy gases /
Peter M.H. Kroneck, Martha E. Sosa Torres, guest editors

Protein kinase CK2 cellular function in normal and disease states
Khalil Ahmed, Olaf-Georg Issinger, Ryszard Szyszka, editors

Receptor tyrosine kinases : structure, functions and role in human disease /
Deric L. Wheeler, Yosef Yarden, editors

In silico engineering of disulphide bonds to produce stable cellulase
Bahram Barati, Iraj Sadegh Amiri

Photoinduced phenomena in nucleic acids. II, DNA fragments and phenomenological aspects
Mario Barbatti, Antonio Carlos Borin, Susanne Ullrich, editors ; with contributions by A.J.A. Aquino [and more]

Photoinduced phenomena in nucleic acids. I, Nucleobases in the gas phase and in solvents
Mario Barbatti, Antonio Carlos Borin, Susanne Ullrich, editors ; with contributions by M. Barbatti [and more

High-resolution profiling of protein-RNA interactions
Mathias Munschauer

Aptamers selected by Cell-SELEX for theranostics
Weihong Tan, Xiaohong Fang, editors

Clinical toxinology in Asia Pacific and Africa
P. Gopalakrishnakone, editor-in-chief ; Abul Faiz [and 4 more], editors

Cytochrome P450 : structure, mechanism, and biochemistry /
Paul R. Ortiz de Montellano, editor

Sugar chains : decoding the functions of glycans /
Tadashi Suzuki, Kazuaki Ohtsubo, Naoyuki Taniguchi, editors

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Hyaluronic acid : preparation, properties, application in biology and medicine /
Mikhail A. Selyanin, Petr Ya. Boykov, and Vladimir N. Khabarov ; translated from the Russian version by scientific editor Felix Polyak

The neurobiology and genetics of nicotine and tobacco
David J. K. Balfour, Marcus R. Munafò, editors

Polyamines : a universal molecular nexus for growth, survival, and specialized metabolism /
Tomonobu Kusano, Hideyuki Suzuki, editors

Microbiome community ecology : fundamentals and applications /
Muhammad Saleem ; with contributions by M. Brian Traw and Zahida H. Pervaiz

Environmental microbiology : fundamentals and applications.
Jean-Claude Bertrand [and others], editors

Fungal biomolecules : sources, applications, and recent developments /
editors, Dr. Vijai Kumar Gupta, Prof. Robert L. Mach, Prof. S. Sreenivasaprasad

Bioactive compounds from terrestrial extremophiles
Lesley-Ann Giddings, David J. Newman

Bioactive compounds from marine extremophiles
Lesley-Ann Giddings, David J. Newman

Respiratory Virology and Immunogenicity [electronic resource]
edited by Mieczyslaw Pokorski

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Autophagy, infection, and the immune response
edited by William T. Jackson and Michele Swanson

Single cell sequencing and systems immunology
Xiangdong Wang, editor ; honor editors, Xiaoming Chen, Zhihong Sun, Jinglin Xia

Chemokines : Chemokines and Their Receptors in Drug Discovery /
Nuska Tschammer, editor

IgE antibodies : generation and function /
Juan J. Lafaille, Maria A. Curotto de Lafaille, editors

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Vaccine analysis : strategies, principles, and control /
Brian K. Nunnally, Vincent E. Turula, Robert D. Sitrin, editors

Principles of plant-microbe interactions : microbes for sustainable agriculture /
Ben Lugtenberg, editor

Plant-growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) and medicinal plants
Dilfuza Egamberdieva, Smriti Shrivastava, Ajit Varma, editors

Applied microbiology
Sanjai Saxena

QR46.5 .M36 2015
Extremophilic cyanobacteria for novel drug development
Sikha Mandal, Jnanendra Rath

QR74.8 .D37 2015
Microbial biotechnology -- a laboratory manual for bacterial systems
Surajit Das, Hirak Ranjan Dash

Detection and typing strategies for pathogenic escherichia coli
Lucia Rivas, Glen E. Mellor, Kari Gobius, Narelle Fegan

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