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Items Acquired in December 2014 for the University Libraries

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Q127.G4 S73 2015
Huxley's church and Maxwell's demon : from theistic science to naturalistic science /
Matthew Stanley

Q143.S17 W55 2014
Galileo's idol : Gianfrancesco Sagredo and the politics of knowledge /
Nick Wilding

Q157.H79 R833 2015
A best-selling Hebrew book of the modern era : The book of the Covenant of Pinḥas Hurwitz and its remarkable legacy /
David B. Ruderman

Q172.5.C74 R68 2015
Flight from wonder : an investigation of scientific creativity /
Albert Rothenberg, M.D

Q175 .M466 2009
An introduction to the history and philosophy of science [electronic resource]
R.V.G. Menon

Q175 .S4144 2012
Interpretive research design : concepts and processes /
Peregrine Schwartz-Shea and Dvora Yanow

Q175 .S4144 2012eb
Interpretive research design : concepts and processes [electronic resource]
Peregrine Schwartz-Shea and Dvora Yanow

Q175.5 .T941 2012eb
The economics of science Volume 1, Illustrations and philosophical preliminaries : a critical realist overview. [electronic resource]
David Tyfield

Incentives and performance : governance of research organizations /
Isabell M. Welpe, Jutta Wollersheim, Stefanie Ringelhan, Margit Osterloh, editors

Q180.A1 I36 2014
IBM ProtecTIER implementation and best practices guide [electronic resource]
Karen Orlando ... [et al.]

Principles of Systems Science
George E. Mobus, Michael C. Kalton

Q325.5 .D866 2014
Practical machine learning : a new look at anomaly detection [electronic resource]
Ted Dunning, Ellen Friedman

Q325.5 .D866 2014
Practical machine learning : innovations in recommendation [electronic resource]
Ted Dunning, Ellen Friedman

Q325.5 .K575 2015
Thoughtful machine learning : a test-driven approach /
Matthew Kirk ; Mike Loukides and Ann Spencer, editors ; Melanie Yarbrough, production editor ; Rachel Monaghan, copyeditor ; Ellie Volkhausen, cover designer

Q325.5 .M37 2014
Mastering machine learning with scikit-learn : apply effective learning algorithms to real-world problems using scikit-learn [electronic resource]
Gavin Hackeling

Artificial intelligence and evolutionary algorithms in engineering systems : Proceedings of ICAEES 2014.
L. Padma Suresh, Subhransu Sekhar Dash, Bijaya Ketan Panigrahi, editors

Research and development in intelligent systems XXXI : incorporating applications and innovations in intelligent systems XXII /
Max Bramer, Miltos Petridis, editors

Modeling decisions for artificial intelligence : 11th International Conference, MDAI 2014, Tokyo, Japan, October 29-31, 2014. Proceedings /
Vicenç Torra, Yasuo Narukawa, Yasunori Endo (eds.)

Q342 .C675 2014
Computational trust models and machine learning
editors, Xin Liu, Anwitaman Datta, Ee-Peng Lim

Q73 .S35 2010
Science and modern India : an institutional history, c. 1784-1947 [electronic resource]
edited by Uma Das Gupta

QA 76.9.B38 G34 2014
New ways of running batch applications on z/OS. Volume 4 [electronic resource]
Denis Gaebler, Alex Louwe Kooijmans, Elsie Ramos

From beliefs to dynamic affect systems in mathematics education : exploring a mosaic of relationships and interactions /
Birgit Pepin, Bettina Roesken-Winter, editors

Shifts in the field of mathematics education : Stephen Lerman and the turn to the social /
Peter Gates, Robyn Jorgensen (Zevenbergen), editors

QA113 .G57 2001
1, 2, 3 for you and me
written by Meg Girnis ; photography by Shirley Leamon Green

QA166 .L34 2015
Ramsey theory on the integers
Bruce M. Landman, Aaron Robertson

QA171.5 .L388 2014eb
Lattice theory. Volume 1 Special topics and applications. : George Grätzer, Friedrich Wehrung, editors

Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications : Using MATLAB [electronic resource]

Clifford algebras : geometric modelling and chain geometries with application in kinematics /
Daniel Klawitter ; foreword by Prof. Dr. Gunter Weiss

Mathematical Writing
Franco Vivaldi

Rough sets and current trends in soft computing : 9th International Conference, RSCTC 2014, Granada and Madrid, Spain, July 9-13, 2014. Proceedings /
Chris Cornelis...[and more] (eds.)

QA267.3 .P377 2014
The definitive ANTLR 4 reference [electronic resource]
Terence Parr

QA268 .S24 2013
Information theory : coding and cryptography [electronic resource]
Arijit Saha, Nilotpal Manna, Surajit Mandal

QA274.23 .U57 2014eb
An introduction to sparse stochastic processes
Michael Unser and Pouya D. Tafti, École Polytechnique Fédérale, Lausanne

QA274.25 .L67 2014eb
An introduction to computational stochastic PDEs
Gabriel J. Lord, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Catherine E. Powell, University of Manchester, Tony Shardlow, University of Bath

Basics of modern mathematical statistics
Vladimir Spokoiny, Thorsten Dickhaus

QA276.4 .C378 2014
Practical data analysis with JMP [electronic resource]
Robert H. Carver

QA276.45.R3 .B533 2014
R object-oriented programming : a practical guide to help you learn and understand the programming techniques necessary to exploit the full power R [electronic resource]
Kelly Black

QA276.45.R3 .L444 2014
R Graph essentials : use R's powerful graphing capabilities to design and create professional-level graphics [electronic resource]
David Alexander Lillis

QA276.45.R3 A34 2014
R Graphs cookbook : over 70 recipes for building and customizing publication-quality visualizations of powerful and stunning R graphs [electronic resource]
Jaynal Abedin, Hrishi V. Mittal

QA276.45.R3 W53 2015
Advanced R [electronic resource]
Hadley Wickham

Optimization in engineering sciences : approximate and metaheuristic methods /
Dan Stefanoiu

QA279.4 .M555 2015
Modeling techniques in predictive analytics with Python and R : a guide to data science [electronic resource]
Thomas W. Miller

QA297 .D38 2011
MATLAB primer
Timothy A. Davis

QA297 .H86 2006
A guide to MATLAB : for beginners and experienced users /
Brian R. Hunt, Ronald L. Lipsman, Jonathan M. Rosenberg, with Kevin R. Coombes, John E. Osborn, and Garrett J. Stuck

QA3 .L28 no.1957
Large random matrices : lectures on macroscopic asymptotics : École d'été de probabilités de Saint-Flour XXXVI--2006 [electronic resource]
Alice Guionnet

Analisi matematica I
Claudio Canuto, Anita Tabacco

More calculus of a single variable
Peter R. Mercer

QA320 .K25 2014
Foundations of free noncommutative function theory
Dmitry S. Kaliuzhnyi-Verbovetskyi, Victor Vinnikov

QA329.2 .A35 2006eb
Positive operators [electronic resource]
by Charalambos D. Aliprantis and Owen Burkinshaw

A short course in ordinary differential equations
Qingkai Kong

QA387 .M65 2014eb
Monoidal topology : a categorical approach to order, metric and topology /
edited by Dirk Hofmann, Universidade de Aveiro, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Gavin J. Seal, Walter Tholen, York University, Toronto

QA39.3 .C48 2014
Good Math : a geek's guide to the beauty of numbers, logic, and computation [electronic resource]
Mark C. Chu-Carroll

Extraction of Quantifiable Information from Complex Systems
Stephan Dahlke, Wolfgang Dahmen, Michael Griebel, Wolfgang Hackbusch, Klaus Ritter, Reinhold Schneider, Christoph Schwab, Harry Yserentant, Editors

QA402.3 .P36 2014
Distributed systems with persistent memory : control and moment problems /
Luciano Pandolfi

QA402.5 .N34 2014
Nonlinear parameter optimization using R tools
John C. Nash

Modern Fourier analysis
Loukas Grafakos

QA404.5 .D86 2014
Orthogonal Polynomials of Several Variables [electronic resource]

QA551 .V58 2013
Analytical geometry : 2D and 3D [electronic resource]
P.R. Vittal

Developing Information Systems : Practical guidance for IT professionals [electronic resource]

QA76 .A38 2014
Advanced in computers. Volume 94 [electronic resource]
Ali Hurson, [editor]

QA76 .L636 2015
CCIE security v4.0 quick reference [electronic resource]
Lancy Lobo, Umesh Lakshman

QA76.16 .R453 2014
Relating system quality and software architecture [electronic resource]
[edited by} Ivan Mistrik... [et al.]

QA76.25 .G663 2015
Becoming a better programmer [electronic resource]
Pete Goodliffe

QA76.3 .L343 2014eb
CompTIA Security+ certification practice exams : (Exam SY0-401) [electronic resource]
Daniel Lachance and Glen E. Clarke

The architecture of computer hardware, systems software, & networking : an information technology approach /
Irv Englander, Bentley University

Facebook nation : total information awareness /
Newton Lee

QA76.575 .D469 2014
E-learning with Camtasia Ctudio : a step-by-step guide to producing high-quality, professional E-learning videos for effective screencasting and training [electronic resource]
David B. Demyan

QA76.575 .M86 2014
Multimedia database retrieval : technology and applications /
Paisarn Muneesawang, Ning Zhang, Ling Guan

QA76.575 .V38 2014
Multimedia : making it work [electronic resource]
Tay Vaughan

QA76.58 .R54 2014
Learning MCollective : parallel server management in Puppet and Chef [electronic resource]
Jo Rhett

60 recipes for Apache CloudStack [electronic resource]
Sébastien Goasguen

QA76.585 .I47 2014
Implementing VMware Horizon View on IBM Flex System [electronic resource]
Ilya Krutov ... [et al.]

QA76.585 .O24 2015
Java EE applications on Oracle Java Cloud : develop, deploy, monitor, and manage your Java cloud applications [electronic resource]
Harshad Oak

QA76.585 .P35 2014eb
VMware vCloud Director essentials : build VMware vCloud-based cloud datacenters from scratch /
Lipika Pal ; cover image by Duraid Fatouhi

QA76.585 .R633 2013
iCloud for developers : automatically sync your iOS data, everywhere, all the time [electronic resource]
by Cesare Rocchi

QA76.585 .S36 2015
CSA guide to cloud computing : implementing cloud privacy and security [electronic resource]
Raj Samani, Brian Honan, Jim Reavis ; Vladimir Jirasek, technical editor

QA76.585 .T466 2014
Exam Ref 70-246 monitoring and operating a private cloud [electronic resource]
Orin Thomas

QA76.585 .T53 2015
Optimized cloud resource management and scheduling : theories and practice [electronic resource]
Wenhong Tian, Yong Zhao

QA76.585 .W38 2014
IBM system x3850 X6 and x3950 X6 planning and implementation guide [electronic resource]
David Watts, Rani Doughty, Ilya Solovyev

QA76.585 I26 2014
IBM SmartCloud Storage Access V1.2 implementation guide [electronic resource]
Larry Coyne ... [et al.]

QA76.59 .I36 2014
IBM MobileFirst strategy software approach [electronic resource]
Tony Duong ... [et al.]

QA76.59 .M47 2014
Mobile and web messaging [electronic resource]
Jeff Mesnil

QA76.59 .R63 2014eb
There's not an app for that : mobile user experience design for life /
Simon Robinson, Gary Marsden, Matt Jones

QA76.59 .S35 2014eb
JavaScript mobile application development : create neat cross-platform mobile apps using Apache Cordova and jQuery Mobile [electronic resource]
Hazem Saleh

QA76.592 .W43 2014
Wearable sensors : fundamentals, implementation and applications [electronic resource]
edited by Edward Sazonov, Michael R. Neuman

Learn Unity 3D programming with UnityScript : Unity's JavaScript for beginners /
Janine Suvak

QA76.6 .D5176 2008eb
Programming 32-bit microcontrollers in C : exploring the PIC32 [electronic resource]
Lucio Di Jasio

QA76.6 .G75 2014
Practical programming : an introduction to computer science using Python 3 [electronic resource]
Paul Gries, Jennifer Campbell, Jason Montojo

QA76.6 .K688 2011
The art of computer programming. Volume 4A, combinatorial algorithms part 1 [electronic resource]
Donald E. Knuth

QA76.62 .B48 2014
Functional programming patterns in Scala and Clojure : write lean programs for the JVM [electronic resource]
Michael Bevilacqua-Linn ; edited by John Osborn and Fahmida Y. Rashid

QA76.62 .J66 2014
Mastering Clojure macros : write cleaner, faster, smarter code [electronic resource]
Colin Jones

QA76.62 .S8 2014
Introducing Elixir [electronic resource]
Simon St. Laurent, J. David Eisenberg

QA76.625 .M644 2014
Seven web frameworks in seven weeks : adventures in better web apps [electronic resource]
by Jack Moffit, Fred Daoud

Practical data science cookbook : 89 hands-on recipes to help you complete real-world data science projects in R and Python [electronic resource]
Tony Ojeda, Sean Patrick Murphy, Benjamin Bengfort, Abhijit Dasgupta

QA76.64 .G55 2014
Easy Active Record for Rails developers : master Rails Active Record and have a blast doing it! [electronic resource]
W. Jason Gilmore

QA76.642 .B883 2014
Seven concurrency models in seven weeks : when threads unravel [electronic resource]
by Paul Butcher

Swift quick syntax reference
Matthew Campbell

QA76.7 .E57 2010
Études for Elixir : companion exercises for introducting Elixir [electronic resource]
J. David Eisenberg

QA76.73 .R83 2014
Crafting Rails 4 applications : expert practices for everyday Rails development [electronic resource]
by José Valim

QA76.73.C15 .K633 2015
Programming in C [electronic resource]
Stephen G. Kochan

QA76.73.C15 K546 2015
21st century C : C tips from the new school [electronic resource]
Ben Klemens

QA76.73.C153 .D384 2015eb
C programming for the absolute beginner
Keith Davenport, Michael Vine

QA76.73.C153 .W555 2014
C++ 2013 for C# developers [electronic resource]
Dean C. Wills

QA76.73.C153 K36 2013
Programming in C++ [electronic resource]
Ashok Namdev Kamthane

QA76.73.C153 L36 2014
Modern C++ programming with test-driven development : code better, sleep better [electronic resource
by Jeff Langr

QA76.73.C153 L586 2014
C++ multithreading cookbook : over 60 recipes to help you create ultra-fast multithreaded applications using C++ with rules, guidelines, and best practices [electronic resource]
Milos̆ Ljumović

QA76.73.C153 M494 2015
Effective modern C++ : 42 specific ways to improve your use of C++11 and C++14 [electronic resource]
Scott Meyers

QA76.73.E75 A76 2014
Programming Erlang : software for a concurrent world [electronic resource]
by Joe Armstrong

QA76.73.E75 E57 2013
Études for Erlang : companion exercises for introducing Erlang [electronic resource]
J. David Eisenberg

JavaScript promises essentials : build fully functional web applications using promises, the new standard in JavaScript [electronic resource]
Rami Sarieddine

Pro Spring
Chris Schaefer, Clarence Ho, Rob Harrop

Beginning Java 8 APIs, extensions and libraries : Swing, JavaFX, JavaScript, JDBC and network programming APIs /
Kishori Sharan

QA76.73.J38 .M365 2015
Iron-clad Java : building secure web applications [electronic resource]
Jim Manico, August Detlefsen

QA76.73.J38 .M448 2014eb
RESTful java patterns and best practices : learn best practices to efficiently build scalable, reliable, and maintainable high performance RESTful services /
Bhakti Mehta

QA76.73.J38 .S437 2014
Begining Java 8 language features : Lambda Expressions, inner classes, threads, I/O, collections, and streams [electronic resource]
Kishori Sharan

QA76.73.J38 A45 2014
OCM Java EE 6 enterprise architect exam guide : (exams 1Z0-807, 1Z0-865 & 1Z0-866) [electronic resource]
Paul R. Allen and Joseph J. Bambara

QA76.73.J38 A634 2015
JavaFX : rich client programming on the NetBeans platform [electronic resource]
Gail Anderson, Paul Anderson

QA76.73.J38 C69 2015
Java EE 7 : the big picture [electronic resource]
Dr. Danny Coward

QA76.73.J38 E23 2014
Mastering JavaFX 8 Controls [electronic resource]
Hendrik Ebbers

QA76.73.J38 M35 2011eb
Yii project blueprints : from conception to production, learn how to develop real-world applications with the Yii framework [electronic resource]
Charles R. Portwood II

QA76.73.J38 M384 2014
Maven build customization : discover the real power of Maven 3 to manage your Java projects more effectively than ever [electronic resource]
Lorenzo Anardu ... [et al.]

QA76.73.J38 N34 2015
Mastering lambdas : Java programming in a multicore world [electronic resource]
Maurice Naftalin

QA76.73.J38 R35 2013
Java programming [electronic resource]
K. Rajkumar

QA76.73.J38 S837 2014
Programming Groovy 2 : dynamic productivity for the Java developer [electronic resource]
by Venkat Subramaniam

QA76.73.J38 S837 2014
Functional programming in Java : harnessing the power of Java 8 Lambda expressions [electronic resource]
by Venkat Subramaniam

QA76.73.J38 U76 2015
Java 8 in action : lambdas, streams, and functional-style programming [electronic resource]
Raoul-Gabriel Urma, Mario Fusco, and Alan Mycroft

Pro JavaScript development : coding, capabilities, and tooling /
by Den Odell

Pro TypeScript : application-scale JavaScript development /
Steve Fenton

QA76.73.J39 .C765 2014
If Hemingway wrote Javascript [electronic resource]
Angus Croll

QA76.73.J39 .G68 2014eb
Learning jqPlot : learn how to create your very own rich and intuitive JavaScript data visualizations using jqPlot /
Scott Gottreu ; cover image by Manu Gangadhar

QA76.73.J39 .G766 2014
Learning Javascript data structures and algorithms : understand and implement classic data structures and algorithms using Javascript [electronic resource]
Loianne Groner

QA76.73.J39 B736 2014
AngularJS essentials : design and construct reusable, maintainable, and modular web applications with AngularJS [electronic resource]
Rodrigo Branas

QA76.73.J39 F76 2013 : a manager's guide [electronic resource]
Aaron Frost

QA76.73.J39 K455 2014
Learning Angular.js animations : enhance user experience with awesome animations in AngularJS using CSS and JavaScript [electronic resource]
Richard Keller

QA76.73.J39 K76 2014eb
Web development with MongoDB and Node.js : build an interactive and full-featured web application from scratch using Node.js and MongoDB [electronic resource]
Jason Krol

QA76.73.J39 L385 2014
AngularJS services : design, build, and test services to create a solid foundation for your AngularJS applications [electronic resource]
Jim Lavin

QA76.73.J39 M34 2014
JavaScript & jQuery
David Sawyer McFarland

QA76.73.J39 R858 2014
AngularJS web application development blueprints : a pratical guide to developing powerful web applications with AngularJS [electronic resource]
Vinci Rufus

QA76.73.J39 S434 2014
Highcharts essentials : create interactive data visualization charts with the Highcharts JavaScript library [electronic resource]
Bilal Shalhid

QA76.73.J39 S87 2014
3D game programming for kids : create interactive worlds with JavaScript [electronic resource]
Chris Strom

QA76.73.J39 W55 2014
Node.js the right way : practical, server-side JavaScript that scales [electronic resource]
Jim R. Wilson

Visual Studio condensed
Patrick Desjardins

QA76.73.P224 .S347 2014
Web application development with Yii 2 and PHP : fast-track your web application development using the new generation Yii PHP framework [electronic resource]
Mark Safronov, Jeffrey Winesett

QA76.73.P224 G669 2014
CakePHP 2 application cookbook : over 60 useful recipes for rapid application development with the CakePHP framework [electronic resource]
Jorge González, James Watts

QA76.73.P224 H367 2014
PHP for absolute beginners [electronic resource]
Thomas Blom Hansen, Jason Lengstorf

Beginning Python visualization : crafting visual transformation scripts /
Shai Vaingast

Testing Python : applying unit testing, TDD, BDD, and acceptance testing /
David Sale

QA76.73.P98 .A336 2014eb
Learning Python data visualization : master how to build dynamic HTML5-ready SVG charts using Python and the pygal library /
Chad Adams

QA76.73.P98 .P475 2014
Python 3 text processing with NLTK 3 cookbook : over 80 practical recipes on natural language processing techniques using Python's NLTK 3.0 [electronic resource]
Jacob Perkins

QA76.73.P98 G67 2014
High performance Python [electronic resource]
Micha Gorelick, Ian Ozsvald

QA76.73.P98 I37 2014
Python data analysis : learn how to apply powerful data analysis techniques with popular open source Python modules [electronic resource]
Ivan Idris

QA76.73.P98 L833 2014
Introducing Python [electronic resource]
Bill Lubanovic

QA76.73.P98 R677 2014
IPython interactive computing and visualization cookbook : over 100 hands-on recipes to sharpen your skills in high-performance numerical computing and data science with Python [electronic resource]
Cyrille Rossant

QA76.73.P98 T455 2014
Beginning programming [electronic resource]
by Matt Telles

QA76.73.R83 C67 2014
Build awesome command-line applications in Ruby 2 : control your computer, simplify your life [electronic resource]
by David Bryant Copeland

QA76.73.R83 J66 2015
Effective Ruby : 48 specific ways to write better Ruby [electronic resource]
Peter J. Jones

QA76.73.R83 P47 2014
Metaprogramming Ruby 2 : program like the Ruby pros [electronic resource]
Paolo Perrotta ; edited by Lynn Beighley

Programming MapReduce with Scalding : a practical guide to designing, testing, and implementing complex MapReduce applications in Scala [electronic resource]
Antonios Chalkiopoulos

Beginning T-SQL
Kathi Kellenberger, Scott Shaw

QA76.75 .A343 2014
Mockito essentials : a practical guide to get you up and running with unit testing using Mockito [electronic resource]
Sujoy Acharya

QA76.75 .H463 2014
Explore it! : reduce risk and increase confidence with exploratory testing [electronic resource]
Elisabeth Hendrickson

QA76.758 .S55 2014
Git version control cookbook [electronic resource]
Aske Olsson, Rasmus Voss

QA76.76.063 P68 2015
MCSA 70-687 cert guide : configuring Microsoft Windows 8.1 [electronic resource]
Don Poulton, Randy Bellet, Harry Holt

Expert ASP.NET Web API 2 for MVC developers
Adam Freeman

QA76.76.A63 .R39 2014
Leveraging the IBM BPM coach framework in your organization [electronic resource]
John Reynolds ... [et al.]

QA76.76.A63 K883 2014
ASP.NET web API 2 : building a REST service from start to finish [electronic resource]
Jamie Kurtz, Brian Wortman

QA76.76.A63 W653 2014
ASP.NET web API 2 recipes : a problem-solution approach [electronic resource]
Filip Wojcieszyn

QA76.76.A63 Z48 2014
Exposing and managing enterprise services with IBM API management [electronic resource]
Wei-Dong Zhu ... [et al.]

Play framework essentials : an intuitive guide to creating easy-to-build scalable web applications using the Play framework [electronic resource]
Julien Richard-Foy

MEAN web development : master real-time web application development using a mean combination of MongoDB, Express, Angular JS, and Node.js [electronic resource]
Amos Q. Haviv

Practical Node.js : building real-world scalable web apps /
Azat Mardan

IPhone for seniors for dummies [electronic resource]
by Nancy C. Muir

Beginning application lifecycle management
Joachim Rossberg

QA76.76.A65 .A35 2014eb
Android SQLite essentials : develop android applications with one of the most widely used database engines, SQLite /
Sunny Kumar Aditya, Vikash Kumar Karn ; cover image by Pratyush Mohanta

QA76.76.A65 .B855 2014
Building 360-degree information applications [electronic reosurce]
Whei-Jen Chen ... [et al.]

QA76.76.A65 .J335 2014eb
Android apps for absolute beginners
Wallace Jackson ; cover designer, Anna Ishchenko

QA76.76.A65 .L67 2014eb
Getting started with LLVM core libraries : get to grips with LLVM essentials and use the core libraries to build advanced tools /
Bruno Cardoso Lopes, Rafael Auler ; cover image by Aniket Sawant

QA76.76.A65 .M343 2014
Learning continuous integration with TeamCity : master the principles and practices behind continuous integration by setting it up for different technology stacks using TeamCity [electronic resource]
Manoj Mahalingam S

QA76.76.A65 .S474 2014eb
AngularJS : up and running /
Shyam Seshadri and Brad Green

QA76.76.A65 .S534 2014eb
Maven for Eclipse : a fast-paced guide that helps you create a continuous delivery solution by integrating Maven with an Eclipse environment /
Sanjay Shah ; cover image by Asher Wishkerman

QA76.76.A65 .S658 2014
Learning Xamarin Studio : learn how to build high-performance native applications using the power of Xamarin Studio [electronic resource]
William Smith

QA76.76.A65 A558 2015
Advanced Android application development [electronic resource]
Joseph Annuzzi, Jr., Lauren Darcey, Shane Conder

QA76.76.A65 A63 2014
Tizen cookbook : over 100 hands-on recipes to develop, deploy, and debug applications using the exciting Tizen platform [electronic resource]
Leon Anavi

QA76.76.A65 A733 2014
Apache Karaf cookbook : over 60 recipes to help you get the most out of Apache Karaf deployments [electronic resource]
Achim Nierbeck... [et al.]

QA76.76.A65 B455 2015
Introducing GitHub : a non-technical guide [electronic resource]
Peter Bell & Brent Beer

QA76.76.A65 B67 2015
Oracle mobile application framework developer guide : build multiplatform enterprise mobile apps [electronic resource]
Luc Bors

QA76.76.A65 G85 2014
OpenShift cookbook : over 100 hands-on recipes that will help you create, deploy, manage, and scale OpenShift applications [electronic resource]
Shekhar Gulati

QA76.76.A65 L385 2014
LiveCloud mobile development cookbook : 90 practical recipes for creating cross-platform mobile applications with the power of LiveCode [electronic resource]
Edward Lavieri

QA76.76.A65 N36 2014
TypeScript essentials : develop large scale responsive web applications with TypeScript [electronic resource]
Christopher Nance

QA76.76.A65 P635 2014
Responsive & fast : implementing high-performance responsive design [electronic resource]
Guy Podjarny

QA76.76.A65 R55 2014
Developing Android on Android : automate your device with scripts and tasks [electronic resource]
Mike Riley

QA76.76.A65 S38 2014
Rapid Android development : build rich, sensor-based applications with processing [electronic resource]
Daniel Sauter

QA76.76.A65 S45 2014
Learning OpenShift : leverage the power of cloud computing using OpenShift Online to design, build, and deploy scalable applications [electronic resource]
Grant Shipley

QA76.76.A65 W543 2013
Essential Windows Phone 8 [electronic resource]
Shawn Wildermuth

QA76.76.A65 Z393 2014
Testing and securing Android Studio applications : debug and secure your Android applications with Android Studio [electronic resource]
Belén Cruz Zapata, Antonio Hernández Niñirola

QA76.76.C65 S86 2013
Compiler construction [electronic resource]
K.V.N. Sunitha

QA76.76.C672 .E346 2014
jMonkeyEngine 3.0 cookbook : over 80 practical recipes to expand and enrich your jMonkeyEngine skill set with a close focus on game development [electronic resource]
Rickard Edén

QA76.76.C672 .J33 2014eb
Mastering unity 2D game development : become an expert in Unity3D's new 2D system, and then join in the adventure to build a full RPG game framework! /
Simon Jackson ; cover image by Simon Jackson

QA76.76.C672 .M37 2014
Libgdx cross-platform game development cookbook [electronic resource]
David Saltares Márquez, Alberto Cejas Sánchez

QA76.76.C672 .N45 2015
Photoshop for games : creating art for console, mobile, and social media games [electronic resource]
Shawn Nelson

QA76.76.C672 .P474 2014eb
Learning Unity 2D game development by example : create your own line of successful 2D games with Unity! /
Venita Pereira ; cover image by Kerrie Woollhouse

QA76.76.C672 .S545 2014eb
Learning Cocos2d-x game development : learn cross-platform game development with Cocos2d-x /
Siddharth Shekar

QA76.76.C672 .V375 2014
Learning AndEngine : design and create Android games with the simple but powerful tool AndEngine [electronic resource]
Martin Varga

QA76.76.C672 P46 2014
Build iOS games with Sprite Kit : unleash your imagination in two dimensions [electronic resource]
Jonathan Penn and Josh Smith

QA76.76.C672 R33 2008eb
AI game programming wisdom 4
edited by Steve Rabin

QA76.76.C69 B386 2014
Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 compliance management cookbook : over 40 practical recipes that will help you plan, build, implement, and enhance IT compliance policies using Microsoft Security Compliance Manager and Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 [electronic resource]
Andreas Baumgarten, Susan Roesner, Ronnie Isherwood

QA76.76.C69 H63 2014
Ansible : up & running : automating configuration management and deployment the easy way [electronic resource]
Lorin Hochstein

QA76.76.C69 M49 2015
System center 2012 R2 configuration manager : supplement to system center 2012 configuration manager (SCCM) unleashed [electronic resource]
Kerrie Meyler ... [et al.]

QA76.76.C69 N45 2011eb
Chef essentials : discover how to deploy software, manage hosts, and scale your infrastructure with Chef [electronic resource]
John Ewart

QA76.76.C69 P74 2014
Git : distributed version control: fundamentals and workflows [electronic resource]
René Preißel & Bjørn Stachmann

QA76.76.C69 T395 2015
Learning Chef [electronic resource]
Mischa Taylor, Seth Vargo

Delphi cookbook : 50 hands-on recipes to master the power of Delphi for cross-platform and mobile development on Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS [electronic resource]
Daniele Teti

Software and System Development using Virtual Platforms : Full-System Simulation with Wind River Simics [electronic resource]

QA76.76.D47 .B54 2014eb
Mastering eclipse plug-in development : build modular applications on eclipse by defining custom extension points and using OSGi services /
Dr. Alex Blewitt ; cover image by Asher Wishkerman

QA76.76.D47 .J46 2015
Improving software development productivity : effective leadership and quantitative methods in software management [electronic resource]
Randall W. Jensen, Ph. D

QA76.76.D47 H35 2014
Adaptive code via C# : Agile coding with design patterns and SOLID principles [electronic resource]
Gary McLean Hall

QA76.76.D47 H46 2015
12 more essential skills for software architects [electronic resource]
Dave Hendricksen

QA76.76.D47 K88 2014
Remote pairing : collaborative tools for distributed development [electronic resource]
by Joe Kutner ; edited by Brian P. Hogan

QA76.76.D47 M63 2014
Modernizing IBM i applications from the database up to the user interface and everything in between [electronic resource]
Nadir K. Amra ... [et al.]

QA76.76.D47 S35 2015
NetBeans IDE 8 cookbook : over 75 practical recipes to maximize your productivity with NetBeans [electronic resource]
David Salter, Rhawi Dantas

QA76.76.D47 S63 2015
BDD in action : behavior-driven development for the whole software lifecycle [electronic resource]
John Ferguson Smart

QA76.76.D47 T864 2013
The dream team nightmare : boost team productivity using agile techniques [electronic resource]
by Portia Tung

Open-source robotics and process control cookbook : designing and building robust, dependable real-time systems [electronic resource]
by Lewin A.R.W. Edwards

Knowledge engineering and knowledge management : 19th International Conference, EKAW 2014, Linköping, Sweden, November 24-28, 2014. Proceedings /
Krzysztof Janowicz, Stefan Schlobach, Patrick Lambrix, Eero Hyvönen (eds.)

QA76.76.H94 .H765 2014
HTML5 : digital classroom [electronic resource]

QA76.76.H94 D45 2014
Exam ref 70-480 : programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 [electronic resource]
Rick Delorme

QA76.76.H94 H64 2014
HTML5 and CSS3 : level up with today's web technologies [electronic resource]
Brian P. Hogan

PRIMA 2014 : Principles and practice of multi-agent systems : 17th International Conference, Gold Coast, QLD Australia, December 1-5, 2014. Proceedings /
Hoa Khanh Dam, Jeremy Pitt, Yang Xu, Guido Governatori, Takayuki Ito (eds.)

QA76.76.M52 .W387 2014
Writing high-performance .NET code [electronic resources]
Ben Watson

QA76.76.M52 M53 2014
Microsoft .NET : architecting applications for the enterprise [electronic resource]
Dino Esposito, Andrea Saltarello

QA76.76.M54 I26 2014
IBM MQ V8 features and enhancements [electronic resource]
Rufus Credle ... [et al.]

Getting gtarted with Red Hat enterprise virtualization : leverage powerful Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization solutions to build your own IaaS cloud [electronic resource]
Pradeep Subramanian

QA76.76.O63 .A337 2008
ABCs of z/OS system programming. Volume 6 [electronic resource]
Paul Rogers ... [et al.]

QA76.76.O63 .D385 2014eb
BeagleBone for secret agents : browse anonymously, communicate secretly, and create custom security solutions with open source software, the BeagleBone Black, and cryptographic hardware /
Josh Datko ; foreword by Nathan Seidle ; cover image by Pratyush Mohanta

QA76.76.O63 .G853 2014
Guide to IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX version 7.1.3 [electronic resource]
Dino Quintero

QA76.76.O63 .M358 2014
The design and implementation of the FreeBSD operating system [electronic resource]
Marshall Kirk McKusick, George V. Neville-Neil, Robert N.M. Watson

QA76.76.O63 .S564 2014
ABCs of IBM z/OS system programming. Volume 1 [electronic resource]
Karan Singh, Paul Rogers

QA76.76.O63 .V693 2014
VMware Horizon 6 desktop virtualiztion solutions : plan, design, and secure your virtual desktop enviroments with VMware Horizon 6 view [electronic resource]
Ryan Cartwright... [et al.]

QA76.76.O63 B67 2014
Oracle Solaris 11 advanced administration cookbook : over 50 advanced recipes to help you configure and administer Oracle Solaris systems [electronic resource]
Alexandre Borges

QA76.76.O63 H6857 2007eb
How to cheat at Microsoft Vista administration [electronic resource]
Jan Kanclirz Jr., technical editor ; [contributors] Pawan K. Bhardwaj ... [et al.]

QA76.76.O63 I36 2014
IBM z/OS version 2 release 1 technical updates [electronic resource]
Karan Singh... [et al.]

QA76.76.O63 I36 2014
IBM z/OS V2.1 DFSMS technical update [electronic resource]
Mary Lovelace... [et al.]

QA76.76.O63 M49 2015
System Center 2012 service manager unleashed [electronic resource]
Kerrie Meyler ... [et al.] ; with Anders Bengtsson ... [et al.]

QA76.76.O63 M57 2013
Android security : attacks and defenses [electronic resource]
Abhishek Dubey, Anmol Misra

QA76.76.O63 P73 2014
Practical migration from x86 to Linux on IBM system Z [electronic resource]
Lydia Parziale ... [et al.]

QA76.76.O63 R39 2015
Unix and Linux : visual quickstart guide [electronic resource]
Deborah Ray and Eric Ray

QA76.76.O63 S363 2014
Using Microsoft Windows 8.1 [electronic resource]
Gail Sandler, Jason Nufryk

QA76.76.S63 T37 2014
AngularJS [electronic resource]
Philipp Tarasiewicz & Robin Böhm

QA76.76.S95 C64 2014
The complete guide to CICS transaction gateway. volume 1, Configuration and administration [electronic resource]
Rufus Credle ... [et al.]

QA76.76.T48 .K683 2014eb
Selenium design patterns and best practices : build a powerful, stable, and automated test suite using Selenium WebDriver /
Dima Kovalenko ; foreword by Jim Evans ; cover image by Jeremy Segal

QA76.76.T48 B53 2014
Advanced software testing. Volume 2, Guide to the ISTQB advanced certification as an advanced tes manager [electronic resource]
Rex Black

QA76.76.T48 D44 2014
Cucumber recipes : automate anything with BDD tools and techniques [electronic resource]
Ian Dees, Matt Wynne, and Aslak Hellesøy

QA76.76.T48 G74 2015
More agile testing : learning journeys for the whole team [electronic resource]
Janet Gregory, Lisa Crispin

QA76.76.T48 M38 2013
Foundations of software testing : fundamental algorithms and techniques [electronic resource]
Aditya P. Mathur

QA76.76.W56 .H844 2015
Windows performance analysis field guide [electronic resource]
Clint Huffman

QA76.77 .I26 2014
IBM i and IBM Storewize family : a practical guide to usage scenarios [electronic resource]
Sabine Jordan, Mario Kisslinger, Rodrigo Jungi Suzuki

QA76.77 .S555 2014
Operating system concepts essentials [electronic resource]
Abraham Silberschatz, Peter Baer Galvin, Greg Gagne

QA76.77 I26 2014
IBM system storage N series clustered data ONTAP [electronic resource]
Roland Tretau ... [et al.]

QA76.774.A53 .A537 2014eb
Android application development for the Intel platform
Ryan Cohen, lead project, editor, Tao Wang, lead contributing author

QA76.774.A53 E546 2015
Android security internals : an in-depth guide to Android's security architecture [electronic resource]
Nikolay Elenkov

QA76.774.I67 N343 2015
iOS 8 swift programming cookbook [electronic resource]
Vandad Nahavandipoor

QA76.774.I67 P46 2014
Test iOS apps with UI Automation : bug hunting made easy [electronic resource]
Jonathan Penn

QA76.774.I67 P683 2014
Pro iOS continuous integration [electronic resource]
Romain Pouclet

QA76.774.I67 Z37 2014
Core data : data storage and management for iOS, OS X and iCloud [electronic resource]
Marcus S. Zarra

QA76.774.M55 P685 2015
MCSA 70-410 cert guide : installing and configuring windows server 2012 R2 [electronic resource]
Don Poulton, David Camardella

QA76.774.M64 S65 2014eb
How to do everything. Pages, keynote & numbers for OS X and iOS : Dwight Spivey

QA76.794.L46 V476 2014
SELinux cookbook : over 70 recipes to develop fully functional policies to confine your applications and users using SELinux [electronic resource]
Sven Vermeulen

QA76.8 .I26 2014
IBM zEnterprise System technical introduction [electronic resource]
Ivan Doboš ... [et al.]

QA76.8.I .O434 2014
zPDT guide and reference System Z personal development tool [electronic resource]
Bill Ogden

QA76.8.M3 D749 2015
Managing Apple devices : deploying and maintaining iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks devices [electronic resource]
Arek Dreyer, Kevin M. White

QA76.8.M3 E657 2014
Read me first : a take control crash course [electronic resource]
by Tonya Engst

Mastering the Raspberry Pi
Warren W. Gay

QA76.8.R15 .R534 2014
Getting started with Raspberry Pi : getting to know the inexpensive ARM-powered Linux computer [electronic resource]
Matt Richardson & Shawn Wallace

QA76.8.R15 .S365 2014
Raspberry Pi : a quick-start guide [electronic resource]
by Maik Schmidt

QA76.8.S248 .T964 2015
My Samsung Galaxy S5 for seniors [electronic resource]
Elna Tymes

QA76.8.S248 H37 2014
Teach yourself visually Samsung Galaxy S5 : the fast and easy way to learn [electronic resource]
by Guy Hart-Davis

QA76.8.S25 B88 2015
My Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 [electronic resource]
Eric Butow, Lonzell Watson

Neural information processing : 21st International Conference, ICONIP 2014, Kuching, Malaysia, November 3-6, 2014. Proceedings.
Chu Kiong Loo, Keem Siah Yap, Kok Wai Wong, Andrew Teoh Beng Jin, Kaizhu Huang (eds.)

Neural information processing : 21st International Conference, ICONIP 2014, Kuching, Malaysia, November 3-6, 2014. Proceedings.
Chu Kiong Loo, Keem Siah Yap, Kok Wai Wong, Andrew Teoh, Kaizhu Huang (eds.)

QA76.88 H566 2014
High performance parallel I/O
editors, Prabhat, Quincey Koziol

Platform embedded security technology revealed : safeguarding the future of computing with Intel Embedded Security and Management Engine /
Xiaoyu Ruan

Linux Malware Incident Response: A Practitioner's Guide to Forensic Collection and Examination of Volatile Data: An Excerpt from Malware Forensic Field Guide for Linux Systems [electronic resource]
Cameron Malin, Eoghan Casey, James Aquilina

Online security for the business traveler
Deborah Gonzalez, Law2sm, LLC

The InfoSec handbook : an introduction to information security /
Umesh Hodeghatta Rao, Umesha Nayak

QA76.9.A25 .D86 2014
CompTIA security+ (exam SY0-401)
Dawn Dunkerley, T.J. Samuelle

QA76.9.A25 .L888 2014
Incident response & computer forensics [electronic resource]
Jason T. Luttgens, Matthew Pepe

QA76.9.A25 .N653 2014
The audacity to spy : how government, business, and hackers rob us of privacy [electronic resource]
Catherine Nolan, Ashley M. Wilson

QA76.9.A25 .P5965 2015eb
Hacking and penetration testing with low power devices
Philip Polstra ; technical editor, Vivek Ramachandran ; designer, Mark Rogers

QA76.9.A25 .R367 2014
Core software security : security at the source [electronic resource]
James Ransome, Anmol Misra ; contruibuting author (chapter 9) Brook Schoenfield ; foreword by Howard Schmidt

QA76.9.A25 B33 2014
10 don'ts on our digital devices : the non-techie's survival guide to cyber security and privacy /
Daniel G. Bachrach, Eric J. Rzeszut

QA76.9.A25 C574 2014eb
CompTIA security+ certification study guide (exam SY0-401)
Glen E. Clarke

QA76.9.A25 H883 2014
Kali Linux network scanning cookbook : over 90 hands-on recipes explaining how to leverage custom scripts and integrated tools in Kali Linux to effectively master network scanning [electronic resource]
Justin Hutchens

QA76.9.A25 K49 2014
Key management deployment guide : using the IBM Enterprise key management foundation [electronic resource]
Mike Andreasen ... [et al.]

QA76.9.A25 K57 2014
Take control of FileVault (1.0) [electronic resource]
Joe Kissell

QA76.9.A25 M85 2015
Hardware security : design, threats, and safeguards /
Debdeep Mukhopadhyay, Rajat Subhra Chakraborty

QA76.9.A25 W355 2014
CEH Certified Ethical Hacker practice exams [electronic resource]
Matt Walker

QA76.9.A25 W55 2014
Password & internet addresses journal for dummies [electronic resource]
by Ryan C. Williams with Michael J. Arata, Jr. ... [et al.]

Algorithmic aspects of analysis, prediction, and control in science and engineering : an approach based on symmetry and similarity /
Jaime Nava, Vladik Kreinovich

QA76.9.A73 I26 2014
IBM platform computing solutions reference architectures and best practices [electronic resource]
Dino Quintero ... [et al.]

QA76.9.A73 I36 2014
IBM DS8870 architecture and implementation [electronic resource]
Bertrand Dufrasne... [et al.]

QA76.9.B32 .I26 2014
IBM Tivoli storage manager as a data protection solution [electronic resource]
Mary Lovelace ... [et al.]

QA76.9.B32 .I36 2014
IBM System Storage N series software guide [electronic resource]
Roland Tretau ... [et al.]

QA76.9.B32 .T748 2013
IBM system storage N series reference architecture for virtualized enviroments [electronic resource]
Roland Tretau, Jacky Ben-Bassat, Craig Thompson

QA76.9.C55 .O88 2014eb
Pro Couchbase server
David Ostrovsky, Yaniv Rodenski

QA76.9.C55 D468 2014
Citrix XenApp 7.x performance essentials : tune and optimize the performance of your farms with new improved XenApp architecture [electronic resource]
Luca Dentella

QA76.9.C55 I26 2014
IBM PowerVM enhancements : what is new in 2013 [electronic resource]
Guillermo Corti ... [et al.]

QA76.9.C55 I36 2014
IBM PowerKVM configuration and use [electronic resource]
Thadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo ... [et al.]

QA76.9.C55 I36 2014
IBM power systems hardware management console : version 8 release 8.1.0 enhancements [electronic resource]
Steve Biggs ... [et al.]

QA76.9.C643 N85 2015eb
The essentials of computer organization and architecture, fourth edition [electronic resource]
Linda Null, Julia Lobur

QA76.9.C65 .R384 2014
GameMaker : Studio For Dummies [electronic resource]

QA76.9.C65 S46 2013
System simulation and modeling [electronic resource]
Sankar Sengupta

QA76.9.D26 .V36 2014
Learning Neo4j : run blazingly fast queries on complex graph datasets with the power of the Neo4j graph database [electronic resource]
Rik Van Bruggen

QA76.9.D26 .V937 2014eb
DynamoDB applied design patterns : apply efficient DynamoDB design patterns for high performance of applications /
Uchit Vyas, Prabhakaran Kuppusamy

QA76.9.D26 D474 2014
Mastering DynamoDB : master the intricacies of the NoSQL database DynamoDB to take advantage of its fast performance and seamless scalability [electronic resource]
Tanmay Deshpande

On the move to meaningful internet systems : OTM 2014 Workshops : Confederated International Workshops: OTM Academy, OTM Industry Case Studies Program, C&TC, EI2N, INBAST, ISDE, META4eS, MSC and OnToContent 2014, Amantea, Italy, October 27-31, 2014. Proceedings /
Robert Meersman...[and more] (eds.)

Mastering MariaDB : debug, secure, and back up your data for optimum server performance with Maria DB [electronic resource]
Federico Razzoli

Oracle BPM Suite 12c modeling patterns : design and implement highly accurate business process management solutions with Oracle BPM patterns [electronic resource]
Vivek Acharya

Microsoft Azure development cookbook : over 70 advanced recipes for developing scalable services with the Microsoft Azure platform [electronic resource]
Roberto Freato, Neil Mackenzie

SQL Server query performance tuning
Grant Fritchey

QA76.9.D3 .J367 2015eb
Data science at the command line : facing the future with time-tested tools /
Jeroen Janssens ; Mike Loukides, Ann Spencer, and Marie Beaugureau, editors ; Matthew Hacker, production editor ; Kiel Van Horn, copyeditor

QA76.9.D3 .M346 2014
Creating universes with SAP BusinessObjects : create and maintain powerful SAP BusinessObject Universes with the SAP Information Design Tool [electronic resource]
Taha M. Mahmoud

QA76.9.D3 .M387 2014eb
MariaDB high performance : familiarize yourself with the MariaDB system and build high-performance applications /
Pierre Mavro

QA76.9.D3 .P676 2014
Applied SOA patterns on the Oracle : Fuse together your pragmetic Oracle experience with abstract SOA patterns with this pratical guide [electronic resource]
Sergey Popov

QA76.9.D3 A73 2014
Architecting and deploying DB2 with BLU acceleration [electronic resource]
Whei-Jen Chen ... [et al.]

QA76.9.D3 B334 2014
In-memory computing with SAP HANA on IBM eX5 and X6 systems [electronic resource]
Martin Bachmaier, Ilya Krutov

QA76.9.D3 D38 2014
Time and relational theory : temporal databases in the relational model and SQL [electronic resource]
C.J. Date, Hugh Darwen, Nikos A. Lorentozos

QA76.9.D3 F35 2014
Bitemporal data : theory and practice /
Tom Johnston

QA76.9.D3 I26 2014
Architecting and deploying IBM DB2 with BLU acceleration in your analytical environment [electronic resource]
Whei-Jen Chen ... [et al.]

QA76.9.D3 I67 2014
IMS version 13 technical overview [electronic resource]
Paolo Bruni... [et al.]

QA76.9.D314 D47 2014
Deployment guide for Infosphere Guardium [electronic resource]
Whei-Jen Chen ... [et al.]

QA76.9.D32 .D395 2015
Sams Teach Yourself NoSQL with MongoDB in 24 hours [electronic resource]
Brad Dayley

QA76.9.D32 I26 2014
IBM information governance solutions [electronic resource]
Chuck Ballard ... [et al.]

QA76.9.D32 S56 2014
Learning big data with Amazon Elastic MapReduce : easily learn, build, and execute real-world Big Data solutions using Hadoop and AWS EMR [electronic resource]
Amarkant Singh, Vijay Rayapati

QA76.9.D3385 .K747 2015
I [heart symbol] logs : event data, stream processing, and data integration [electronic resource]
Jay Kreps

QA76.9.D343 .M384 2014
Modern Enterprise Business Intelligence and Data Management : A Roadmap for IT Directors, Managers, and Architects [electronic resource]

QA76.9.D343 .R53 2015eb
Guerrilla analytics : a practical approach to working with data /
Enda Ridge ; designer, Mark Rogers

QA76.9.D343 I26 2014
IBM Watson Content Analytics : discovering actionable insight from your content [electronic resource]
Wei-Dong (Jackie) Zhu ... [et al.]

QA76.9.D343 R45 2014
Reliability and performance with IBM DB2 analytics accelerator version 4.1 [electronic resource]
Paolo Bruni ... [et al.]

QA76.9.D343 R877 2015
Getting started with Impala [electronic resource]
John Russell

QA76.9.D343 S394 2015
Profiting from the data economy : understanding the roles of consumers, innovators, and regulators in a data-driven world [electronic resource]
David A. Schweidel

QA76.9.D343 S68 2015
Master competitive analytics with Oracle Endeca information discovery [electronic resource]
Helen Sun and William Smith

QA76.9.D343 T54 2014
Predictive analytics using Oracle Data Miner : develop & use data mining models in Oracle Data Miner, SQL & PL/SQL [electronic resource]
Brendan Tierney

QA76.9.D35 D35 2014
Combinatorial maps : efficient data structures for computer graphics and image processing /
Guillaume Damiand, Pascal Lienhardt

QA76.9.D37 .C456 2014eb
Redis applied design patterns : use Redis' features to enhance your software development through a wide range of practical design patterns /
Arun Chinnachamy

Pro Apache Hadoop
Sameer Wadkar, Madhu Siddalingaiah

QA76.9.D5 .H45 2014eb
Mastering NServiceBus and persistence : design and build various enterprise solutions using NServiceBus while utilizing persistence enterprise objects /
Rich Helton ; cover image by Zarko Piljak

QA76.9.F5 H65 2015
Hadoop in practice
Alex Holmes

QA76.9.I52 C378 2014
Mastering D3.js : bring your data to life by creating and deploying complex data visualizations with D3.js [electronic resource]
Pablo Navarro Castillo

QA76.9.I52 K56 2014
Visual storytelling with D3 : an introduction to data visualization in JavaScript [electronic resource]
Ritchie S. King

QA76.9.M35 O36 2014
Analysis of boolean functions
Ryan O'Donnell, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

QA76.9.S63 R69 2013
Introduction to soft computing : neuro-fuzzy and genetic algorithms [electronic resource]
Samir Roy, Udit Chakraborty

Getting Started with tmux : maximize your productivity by accessing several terminal sessions from a single window using tmux [electronic resource]
Victor Quinn

QA76.9.U83 .A38 2014eb
Advances in computers. Volume 95 : edited by Atif Memon ; Series editors, Ali Hurson and Atif Memon

QA76.9.U83 .G85 2014eb
GUI design for Android apps
Ryan Cohen, lead project editor, Tao Wang, lead contributing author

QA76.9.U83 C87 2014
Customizing and extending IBM Content Navigator [electronic resource]
Wei-Dong Zhu ... [et al.]

QA76.9.U83 N83 2011eb
Designing search : UX strategies for ecommerce success [electronic resource]
Greg Nudelman

QA76.9.V5 .M365 2015
Virtualizing Oracle databases on vSphere [electronic resource]
Kannan Mani, Don Sullivan

QA76.9.V5 .N53 2014
NIC virtualization in IBM flex system fabric solutions [electronic resource]
Ilya Krutov ... [et al.]

QA76.9.V5 C446 2014
Proxmox high availability : introduce, design, and implement high availability clusters using Proxmox [electronic resource]
Simon M.C. Cheng

QA76.9.V5 C69 2014
IBM virtualization engine TS7700 with R3.1 [electronic resource]
Larry Coyne ... [et al.]

QA76.9.V5 K78 2014
Implementing systems management of IBM PureFlex system [electronic resource]
Ilya Krutov, Carl Gola, Jeff Schoby

QA76.9.V5 R33 2014
Implementing the IBM Storwize v7000 v7.2 [electronic resource]
Sangam Racherla ... [et al.]

QA76.9.V5 V66 2014
VMware Horizon View essentials : successfully design, install, and configure an end-to-end VDI infrastructure with VMware Horizon View [electronic resource]
Peter von Oven

QA76.9.V5 W38 2014
IBM PureFlex system and IBM Flex system products and technology [electronic resource]
David Watts, Alexander Grechnev, Dave Ridley

MATLAB matrix algebra
César Pérez López

Mathematica data visualization : create and prototype interactive data visualizations using Mathematica [electronic resource]
Nazmus Saquib

QA76.9V5 V468 2014
VMware Horizon view 6 desktop virtualization cookbook : over 100 hands-on recipes demonstrating the core as well as latest features of your VMware Horizon View infrastructure [electronic resource]
Jason Ventresco

QA861 .F4 2008eb
Rigid body dynamics algorithms [electronic resource]
Roy Featherstone

QA9.58 .D398 2013
Design and analysis of algorithms [electronic resource]
Parag H. Dave, Himanshu B. Dave

QA93 .W444 2014
Basic math and pre-algebra [electronic resource]
by Carolyn Wheater

Living among giants : exploring and settling the outer solar system /
written and illustrated by Michael Carroll

QB461 .R36 2014
Learning unity physics : learn to implement physics in interactive development using the powerful components of Unity3D [electronic resource]
K. Aava Rani

QC173.4.S94 L86 2015
Solid surfaces, interfaces and thin films
Hans Lüth

QC173.55 .P87 2013
General theory of relativity [electronic resource]
S.P. Puri

QC173.65 .P87 2013
Special theory of relativity [electronic resource]
S.P. Puri

QC174.12 .T93 2013
Principles of quantum mechanics [electronic resource]
Ishwar Singh Tyagi

Metallic nanostructures : from controlled synthesis to applications /
Yujie Xiong, Xianmao Lu, editors

Size effects in nanostructures : basics and applications /
Victor Kuncser, Lucica Miu, editors

QC20.7.S8 K68 2013
Probability, statistics and random processes [electronic resource]
P. Kousalya

QC21.3 .N35 2013
Engineering physics [electronic resource]
Dr. S. Mani Naidu

QC311 .K863 2013
Thermodynamics [electronic resource]
Prasanna Kumar

QC311.15 .S32 2000
An introduction to thermal physics
Daniel V. Schroeder

Visible and invisible : the wonders of light phenomena /
Olmes Bisi

Meteorological Measurements and Instrumentation [electronic resource]

Atoms, molecules and optical physics. 2, Molecules and photons - spectroscopy and collisions : Ingolf V. Hertel, Claus-Peter Schulz

Nonrelativistic quantum x-ray physics [electronic resource]
Stefan P. Hau-Riege

QC776 .L45 2001
Nuclear physics : principles and applications /
J.S. Lilley

QC794.6.S75 B48 2014
Introduction to elementary particle physics [electronic resource]
Alessandro Bettini

Study on climate change in Southwestern China
Zongxing Li

It's raining frogs and fishes : four seasons of natural phenomena and oddities of the sky /
Jerry Dennis ; drawings by Glenn Wolff

Climate change : identification and projections /
Philippe de Larminat

Drinking water minerals and mineral balance : importance, health significance, safety precautions /
Ingegerd Rosborg, editor

QD151.3 .S564 2012
Basic concept of inorganic chemistry [electronic resource]
D.N. Singh

QD262 .M784 2015
Multicatalyst system in asymmetric catalysis
[edited by] Jian Zhou

Polymer blends handbook
Leszek A. Utracki, Charles A. Wilkie, editors

QD431 .P76 2014
Protein Modelling

Flows and chemical reactions under electromagnetic field
Roger Prud'homme

The DV-X[alpha] molecular-orbital calculation method
Tomohiko Ishii, Hisanobu Wakita, Kazuyoshi Ogasawara, Yang-Soo Kim, editors

Flows and chemical reactions in heterogeneous mixtures
Roger Prud'homme

QD923 .N366 2014eb
Nanoscience with liquid crystals : from self-organized nanostructures to applications /
Quan Li, editor

X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy of Semiconductors
Claudia S. Schnohr, Mark C. Ridgway, Editors

QE372.2 .V61 2014
Minerals : a very short introduction /
David J. Vaughan

QE527.6 .V65 2015
Volcanic hazards, risks and disasters
volume editor, Paolo Papale

QE599.A2 L363 2014
Landslide hazards, risks, and disasters
volume editor, Tim Davies

QE696 .L776 2014
Reconstructing quaternary environments
John Lowe and Mike Walker

Estuarine morphodynamics of the Sunderbans
Gautam Kumar Das

QH212.U48 Z87 2015
High-Resolution Extreme Ultraviolet Microscopy : Imaging of Artificial and Biological Specimens with Laser-Driven Ultrafast XUV Sources

QH315 .V63 2015
Translational systems biology : concepts and practice for the future of biomedical research /
Yoram Vodovotz, Gary An

QH323.5 .M375 2013
Biostatistics : an introduction [electronic resource]
P. Mariappan

Formal methods in macro-biology : first International Conference, FMMB 2014, Nouméa, New Caledonia, September 22-24, 2014. Proceedings /
François Fages, Carla Piazza (eds.)

QH351 .S43 2015
Adolf Seilacher and Alan D. Gishlick

QH366.2 .A7313 2014
The tree of life : evolution and classification of living organisms /
edited by Pablo Vargas, Real Jardin Botánico, Madrid, Spain; Rafael Zardoya, Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, Madrid, Spain ; translated by Anne Louise

QH441.2 .B73 2014
Advances in bioinformatics and computational biology : 9th Brazilian Symposium on Bioinformatics, BSB 2014, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, October 28-30, 2014 : proceedings /
Sérgio Campos (ed.)

Molecular genetics of dysregulated pH homeostasis
Jen-Tsan Ashley Chi, editor

QH447 .H37 2015
Ancestors in our genome : the new science of human evolution /
Eugene E. Harris

QH506 .B534 2014
A bioinformatics guide for molecular biologists
Sarah Aerni, Marina Sirota, Biomedical Informatics Program, Stanford University School of Medicine

QH517 .G75 2015eb
Bioimpedance and bioelectricity basics
Sverre Grimnes, Ørjan G. Martinsen

QH541.15.M64 S87 2014
The surveillance imperative : the rise of the geosciences during the Cold War /
edited by Simone Turchetti & Peder Roberts

The land-sea interactions
edited by André Monaco and Patric Prouzet

QH582.4 .H37 2014
In search of cell history : the evolution of life's building blocks /
Franklin M. Harold

Cell and molecular biology and imaging of stem cells
editor, Heide Schatten

QK110 .F55 1993
Flora of North America : north of Mexico /
edited by Flora of North America Editorial Committee

QK46 .M36 2014
The philosopher's plant : an intellectual herbarium /
Michael Marder ; drawings by Mathilde Roussel

QL463 .G85 2014
The insects : an outline of entomology /
P.J. Gullan and P.S. Cranston ; with illustrations by Karina H. McInnes

QL940 .E45 2014
Animal weapons : the evolution of battle /
Douglas J. Emlen ; illustrated by David J. Tuss

QP121 .L86 2015
The lung : development, aging and the environment

QP26.P35 T627 2015
Ivan Pavlov : a Russian life in science /
Daniel P. Todes

QP306 .L355 2014
The vocal athlete
Wendy D. LeBorgne, PhD, CCC-SLP, Marci Daniels Rosenberg, BM, MS, CCC-SLP

QP360 .G377 2015
The biological mind : a philosophical introduction /
Justin Garson

QP426 .H637 2015
Psychodynamic neurology : dreams, consciousness, and virtual reality /
Allan Hobson

QP475 .S38 2010
Visual perception : a clinical orientation /
Steven H. Schwartz

Intracellular calcium
by Anthony K. Campbell

Heat shock proteins and whole body adaptation to extreme environments
Michael B. Evgen'ev, David G. Garbuz, Olga G. Zatsepina

QP751 .C55 2015
Clinical lipidology : a companion to Braunwald's heart disease /
[edited by] Christie M. Ballantyne

Methods in membrane lipids [electronic resource]
edited by Dylan M. Owen

Extracellular Matrix
Edited by Jennie B. Leach, Elizabeth M. Powell

QR182.2.M36 M386 2014
Mathematical models of tumor-immune system dynamics
Amina Eladdadi, Peter Kim, Dann Mallet, editors

Mast cells : methods and protocols [electronic resource]
edited by Michael R. Hughes and Kelly M. McNagny

QR201.B34 S24 2011
Bacterial pathogenesis : a molecular approach /
Brenda A. Wilson ... [et al.]

QR201.B34 S24 2011
Alien phenomenology, or, What it's like to be a thing
Ian Bogost

The prokaryotes : Other major lineages of bacteria and the archaea [electronic resource]
edited by Eugene Rosenberg, Edward F. DeLong, Stephen Lory, Erko Stackebrandt, Fabiano Thompson

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