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Q127.G7 S364 2002
Science and mathematics in ancient Greek culture [electronic resource]
edited by C.J. Tuplin and T.E. Rihll

The unknown as an engine for science : an essay on the definite and the indefinite /
Hans J. Pirner

Romanian studies in philosophy of science
Ilie Pârvu, Gabriel Sandu, Iulian D. Toader, editors

Q175 .S934 2015
Conceptual change and the philosophy of science : alternative interpretations of the a priori /
by David J. Stump

Hybrid artificial intelligent systems : 10th International Conference, HAIS 2015, Bilbao, Spain, June 22-24, 2015, Proceedings /
Enrique Onieva, Igor Santos, Eneko Osaba, Héctor Quintián, Emilio Corchado (eds.)

Computer Vision in Control Systems-1 : Mathematical Theory [electronic resource]
edited by Margarita N. Favorskaya, Lakhmi C. Jain

Advanced computational methods for knowledge engineering : proceedings of 3rd International Conference on Computer Science, Applied Mathematics and Applications - ICCSAMA 2015 /
Hoai An Le Thi, Ngoc Thanh Nguyen, Tien Van Do, editors

Computer Vision in Control Systems-2 : Innovations in Practice [electronic resource]
edited by Margarita N. Favorskaya, Lakhmi C. Jain

Modelling, Computation and Optimization in Information Systems and Management Sciences : Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Modelling, Computation and Optimization in Information Systems and Management Sciences - MCO 2015 - Part I [electronic resource]
edited by Hoai An Le Thi, Tao Pham Dinh, Ngoc Thanh Nguyen

Springer handbook of computational intelligence
Janusz Kacprzyk, Witold Pedrycz (eds.)

Q360 .K56 2015
The cybernetics moment, or, why we call our age the information age
Ronald R. Kline

Educational paths to mathematics : a C.I.E.A.E.M. sourcebook /
Uwe Gellert, Joaquim Giménez Rodríguez, Corinne Hahn, Sonia Kafoussi, editors

QA152.3 .F86 2011
Fundamentals of mathematics : math awareness program: Introductory and intermediate algebra

QA154.2 .A892 2008
College Algebra and Trigonometry
Richard N. Aufmann, Vernon C. Barker, Richard D. Nation

QA154.2 .C643 2001b
College algebra : graphs & models /
Marvin L. Bittinger [and others]

QA154.2 .L425 2000
Intermediate algebra : functions and authentic applications /
Jay Lehmann

The quadratic reciprocity law : a collection of classical proofs /
Oswald Baumgart ; edited and translated by Franz Lemmermeyer

Accuracy and fuzziness : a life in science and politics : a festschrift book to Enric Trillas Ruiz /
Rudolf Seising, Luis Argüelles Méndez, editors

Generalized rough sets : hybrid structure and applications /
Anjan Mukherjee

An introduction to continuous-time stochastic processes : theory, models, and applications to finance, biology, and medicine /
Vincenzo Capasso, David Bakstein

Growth curve and structural equation modeling : topics from the Indian Statistical Institute /
Ratan Dasgupta, editor

QA29.W3 A42 2005eb
The correspondence of John Wallis. Volume II. 1660-September 1668 [electronic resource]
editors, Philip Beeley, Christoph J. Scriba ; with the assistance of Uwe Mayer

Real analysis via sequences and series
Charles H.C. Little, Kee L. Teo, Bruce van Brunt

The mathematics of networks of linear systems
Paul A. Fuhrmann, Uwe Helmke

Zhang functions and various models
Yunong Zhang, Dongsheng Guo

Asymptotic methods in mechanics of solids
Svetlana M. Bauer, Sergei B. Filippov, Andrei L. Smirnov, Petr E. Tovstik, Remi Vaillancourt

QA372 .B63 2015eb
Asymptotic integration of differential and difference equations
Sigrun Bodine, Donald A. Lutz

Partial differential equations in action : complements and exercises /
Sandro Salsa, Gianmaria Verzini

QA39.3 .C64 2012
David Cohen, Theodore B. Lee and David Sklar

QA402 .C35 2007eb
Scale-free networks : complex webs in nature and technology [electronic resource]
Guido Caldarelli

Energy flow theory of nonlinear dynamical systems with applications
Jing Tang Xing

Research in shape modeling : Los Angeles, July 2013 /
Kathryn Leonard, Sibel Tari, editors

Local homotopy theory
John F. Jardine

Smart learning objects for smart education in computer science : theory, methodology and robot-based implementation /
Vytautas Štuikys

Pro Java 8 programming
Brett Spell

Advanced information systems engineering : 27th International Conference, CAiSE 2015, Stockholm, Sweden, June 8-12, 2015, Proceedings /
Jelena Zdravkovic, Marite Kirikova, Paul Johannesson (eds.)

Pro REST API Development with Node.js
Fernando Doglio

Serious games : first joint International Conference, JCSG 2015, Huddersfield, UK, June 3-4, 2015, Proceedings /
Stefan Göbel, Minhua Ma, Jannicke Baalsrud Hauge, Manuel Fradinho Oliveira, Josef Wiemeyer, Viktor Wendel (eds.)

Trends in practical applications of agents, multi-agent systems and sustainability : the PAAMS collection /
Javier Bajo [and nine others], editors

Cyber security : analytics, technology and automation /
Martti Lehto, Pekka Neittaanmäki, editors

Databases theory and applications : 26th Australasian Database Conference, ADC 2015, Melbourne, VIC, Australia, June 4-7, 2015. Proceedings /
Mohamed A. Sharaf, Muhammad Aamir Cheema, Jianzhong Qi (eds.)

Practical approaches to causal relationship exploration
Jiuyong Li, Lin Liu, Thuc Duy Le

Distributed computing and artificial intelligence, 12th International Conference
Sigeru Omatu [and six others], editors

Crowdsourcing : cloud-based software development /
Wei Li, Michael N. Huhns, Wei-Tek Tsai, Wenjun Wu, editors

Patterns of HCI design and HCI design of patterns : bridging HCI design and model-driven software engineering /
Ahmed Seffah ; with contributions by Peter Forbrig ... [and 9 others]

Formal concept analysis : 13th International Conference, ICFCA 2015, Nerja, Spain, June 23-26, 2015, Proceedings /
Jaume Baixeries, Christian Sacarea, Manuel Ojeda-Aciego (eds.)

10th International Conference on Soft Computing Models in Industrial and Environmental Applications
Álvaro Herrero, Javier Sedano, Bruno Baruque, Héctor Quintián, Emilio Corchado, editors

Elementary mechanics using Python : a modern course combining analytical and numerical techniques /
Anders Malthe-Sørenssen

Towards the future of fuzzy logic
Rudolf Seising, Enric Trillas, Janusz Kacprzyk, editors

QB461 .G57 2006eb
Revolutionaries of the cosmos : the astro-physicists [electronic resource]
I.S. Glass

Development of a sub-glacial radio telescope for the detection of GZK neutrinos
Thomas Meures

QB817.5 .M47 2003x
Stellar magnetism [electronic resource]
Leon Mestel

Problems of condensed matter physics : quantum coherence phenomena in electron-hole and coupled matter-light systems [electronic resource]
edited by Alexei L. Ivanov, Sergei G. Tikhodeev

Relatività Generale e Teoria della Gravitazione [electronic resource]
by Maurizio Gasperini

QC173.96 .W56 2011eb
Quantum dynamics and information [electronic resource]
editors, Robert Olkiewicz ... [et al.]

Quantum waveguides
Pavel Exner, Hynek Kovařík

Lectures on the mathematics of quantum mechanics. I
Gianfausto Dell'Antonio

The functional analysis of quantum information theory : a collection of notes based on lectures by Gilles Pisier, K. R. Parthasarathy, Vern Paulsen and Andreas Winter /
Ved Prakash Gupta, Prabha Mandayam, V.S. Sunder

Path integrals in quantum mechanics [electronic resource]
Jean Justin-Zinn

QC174.45 .W46 2004eb
Quantum field theory of many-body systems : from the origin of sound to an origin of light and electrons [electronic resource]
Xiao-Gang Wen

QC174.45 .Z56 2002
Quantum field theory and critical phenomena [electronic resource]
Jean Zinn-Justin

Non-equilibrium dynamics of one-dimensional bose gases
Tim Langen

QC175.16.P5 Z56 2007eb
Phase transitions and renormalization group [electronic resource]
Jean Zinn-Justin

Theory of Liquids and Other Disordered Media : A Short Introduction [electronic resource]
by Walter Schirmacher

QC176.8.S68 N58 2001
Statistical physics of spin glasses and information processing : an introduction [electronic resource]
Hidetoshi Nishimori

Development of an ultrafast low-energy electron diffraction setup
Max Gulde

QC178 .K557 2007eb
Quantum gravity [electronic resource]
Claus Kiefer

Exploring the early universe with gravitational waves
Laura Bianca Bethke

QC20.7.S8 L39 2006eb
Random processes in physics and finance [electronic resource]
Melvin Lax, Wei Cai, Min Xu

Testing quantum contextuality : the problem of compatibility /
Jochen Szangolies

QC441 .C64 2012
Polarized light for scientists and engineers
Edward Collett, Beth Schaefer

QC47.G73 O947 2005
Physics in Oxford, 1839-1939 : laboratories, learning, and college life [electronic resource]
edited by Robert Fox, Graeme Gooday

QC596.5 .L56 2001
Principles and applications of ferroelectrics and related materials [electronic resource]
by M.E. Lines and A.M. Glass

QC612.H3 Q39 2003
Quantum Hall systems : braid groups, composite fermions, and fractional charge [electronic resource]
Lucjan Jacak ... [et al.]

QC753.2 .S56 2008eb
Simple models of magnetism [electronic resource]
Ralph Skomski

QC754.2.M34 S84 2007eb
Relaxation processes in micromagnetics [electronic resource]
Harry Suhl

QC793.3.Q35 D57 2003
Quantum chromodynamics : high energy experiments and theory [electronic resource]
Günther Dissertori, Ian G. Knowles, Michael Schmelling

QC793.5.N4628 H46 2000
Quasielastic neutron scattering and solid state diffusion [electronic resource]
Rolf Hempelmann

The Mental Aftermath : the Mentality of German Physicists 1945-1949 [electronic resource]

Study on Climate Change in Southwestern China [electronic resource]
by Zongxing Li

Physics of Ice [electronic resource]

Geometric structure of chemistry-relevant graphs : zigzags and central circuits /
Michel-Marie Deza, Mathieu Dutour Sikirić, Mikhail Ivanovitch Shtogrin

QD461 .B837 2006eb
The chemical bond in inorganic chemistry : the bond valence model [electronic resource]
I. David Brown

Electro-chemo-mechanics of anodic porous alumina nano-honeycombs : self-ordered growth and actuation /
Chuan Cheng

Photofunctional layered materials
Dongpeng Yan, Min Wei, editors ; with contributions by R. Tian [and more]

QD945 .S88 2002eb
Structure determination from powder diffraction data [electronic resource]
edited by W.I.F. David ... [et al.]

QD951 .B57 2002eb
Polymorphism in molecular crystals [electronic resource]
Joel Bernstein

Ages, Geochemistry and Metamorphism of Neoarchean Basement in Shandong Province : Implications for the Evolution of the North China Craton [electronic resource]
by Meiling Wu

Surface models for geosciences
Kateřina Růžičková, Tomáš Inspektor, editors

QE523.S27 F6813 1998
Santorini and its eruptions
Ferdinand A. Fouqué ; translated and annotated by Alexander R. McBirney

Stochastic population dynamics in ecology and conservation [electronic resource]
Russell Lande, Steinar Engen, Bernt-Erik Sæther

QH375 .B45 2008eb
Selection : the mechanism of evolution [electronic resource]
Graham Bell

DNA replication : damage from environmental carcinogens /
Huidong Zhang

QH506 .D395 2003eb
The microbial models of molecular biology : from genes to genomes [electronic resource]
Rowland H. Davis

QH541.5.C6 H65 2015
Urban animals : crowding in zoocities /
Tora Holmberg

QH541.5.D4 W36 2009eb
The biology of deserts [electronic resource]
David Ward

QH541.5.E8 M32 2004eb
The estuarine ecosystem : ecology, threats, and management [electronic resource]
Donald S. McLusky, Michael Elliott

QH541.5.P6 F64 2008eb
The biology of polar regions [electronic resource]
David N. Thomas ... [et al.]

Lung stem cells in the epithelium and vasculature
Amy Firth, Jason X.-J. Yuan, editors

QH84.8 .B35 2005eb
The biology of soil : a community and ecosystem approach [electronic resource]
Richard D. Bardgett

Flowering plants. Monocots : : poaceae /
Elizabeth A. Kellogg

Plant physiology
Maria Duca

Elucidation of abiotic stress signaling in plants : functional genomics perspectives.
Girdhar K. Pandey, editor

Elucidation of abiotic stress signaling in plants : functional genomics perspectives.
Girdhar K. Pandey, editor

Stress responses in plants : mechanisms of toxicity and tolerance /
Bhumi Nath Tripathi, Maria Müller, editors

QK938.P42 R93 2006eb
The biology of peatlands [electronic resource]
Håkan Rydin and John K. Jeglum ; with contributions from Aljosja Hooijer ... [et al.]

Social recognition in invertebrates : the knowns and the unknowns /
Laura Aquiloni, Elena Tricarico, editors

Cryptic female choice in arthropods : patterns, mechanisms and prospects /
Alfredo V. Peretti, Anita Aisenberg, editors

QL467 . S54513 2015
The fly trap
Fredrik Sjoberg ; translated from the Swedish by Thomas Teal

QL568.V5 H775 2007eb
The evolution of social wasps [electronic resource]
James H. Hunt

QL737.C25 K58 2007eb
The natural history of weasels and stoats : ecology, behavior, and management [electronic resource]
Carolyn M. King and Roger A Powell ; with illustrations by Consie Powell

QL737.R666 W52 2005eb
The behavior of the laboratory rat : a handbook with tests [electronic resource]
edited by Ian Q. Whishaw, Bryan Kolb

QP 82.2. .S8 S86 V.4
Selye's Guide to stress research

QP303 .L33 2008eb
Synergy [electronic resource]
Mark L. Latash

QP353.3 .H56eb vol. 6
The history of neuroscience in autobiography. Volume 6 [electronic resource]
edited by Larry R. Squire

QP356.47 .L56 2002eb
The link between religion and health : psychoneuroimmunology and the faith factor [electronic resource]
edited by Harold G. Koenig, Harvey Jay Cohen

QP360 .G56 2015
The neuropsychology of the unconscious : integrating brain and mind in psychotherapy /
Efrat Ginot ; foreword by Allan N. Schore

QP363.3 .R47 2006
Reprogramming the cerebral cortex plasticity following central and peripheral lesions [electronic resource]
edited by Stephen G. Lomber, Jos J. Eggermont

QP364.5 .A96 1995
The axon : structure, function, and pathophysiology [electronic resource]
edited by Stephen G. Waxman, Jeffery D. Kocsis, Peter K. Stys

QP369.5 .K47 2006eb
The motoneurone and its muscle fibres [electronic resource]
Daniel Kernell

QP376 .B88 2006eb
Rhythms of the brain [electronic resource]
György Buzsáki

Principles of frontal lobe function [electronic resource]
edited by Donald T. Stuss, Robert T. Knight

QP382.F7 O73 2006eb
The orbitofrontal cortex [electronic resource]
edited by David H. Zald and Scott L. Rauch

QP383 .G78 2009eb
The intelligent movement machine : an ethological perspective on the primate motor system [electronic resource]
Michael S.A. Graziano

QP383.25 .H57 2007eb
The hippocampus book [electronic resource]
Per Andersen ... [et al.], editors

QP406 .E334 2002eb
The cognitive neuroscience of memory : an introduction [electronic resource]
Howard Eichenbaum

Sleep, neuronal plasticity and brain function
Peter Meerlo, Ruth M. Benca, Ted Abel, editors

QP425 .S54 2003eb
Sleep and brain plasticity [electronic resource]
edited by P. Maquet, C. Smith and R. Stickgold

QP451.4 .N495 2005eb
The neurobiology of pain : (molecular and cellular neurobiology) [electronic resource]
edited by Stephen P. Hunt, Martin Koltzenburg

The moving tablet of the eye : the origins of modern eye movement research [electronic resource]
Nicholas J. Wade and Benjamin W. Tatler

The mystery of the moon illusion : exploring size perception [electronic resource]
Helen E. Ross, Cornelis Plug

Histone recognition
Ming-Ming Zhou, editor

MicroRNA detection and pathological functions
Xueji Zhang, Haifeng Dong, Yaping Tian

QP625.N89 L43 2007
Perl for exploring DNA [electronic resource]
Mark LeBlanc and Betsey Dyer

QP81.5 .S484 2008eb
Sex differences in the brain : from genes to behavior [electronic resource]
edited by Jill B. Becker ... [et al.]

QP82.2.G7 N48 2015
High G flight : physiological effects and countermeasures /
by David G. Newman

Scents and sensibility
Spencer Quinn

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