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R118 .B65 2009
Breaking bad news [electronic resource]
Tavistock Publications in association with University of Manchester, Department of Psychiatry ; production, Paul Morby

R118.4.U6 M43
Medical and health information directory [electronic resource]

R118.6 .G85 2014
Guide to reference in medicine and health
Christa Modschiedler and Denise Beaubien Bennett, editors

R118.6 .I54 2014
Introduction to reference sources in the health sciences
compiled and edited by Jeffrey T. Huber, Susan Swogger

R123 .W53 2006
Unlocking medical terminology
Bruce Wingerd

R724 .I58 2005
Fletcher's introduction to clinical ethics
edited by John C. Fletcher, Edward M. Spencer, Paul A. Lombardo ; with a foreword by James F. Childress

R724 .P36 2015
Medical ethics : accounts of ground-breaking cases /
Gregory E. Pence

R725.55 .K64 2013
Spirituality in patient care : why, how, when, and what /
Harold G. Koenig

R726.5 .A23 2009
Abnormal illness behaviour [electronic resource]
University of Manchester, Department of Psychiatry

R726.8 .P344 2014
Palliative nursing : an essential resource for hospice and palliative nurses /
ANA, American Nursing Association, with HPNA, Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association

R726.8 .S65 2013
Changing the way we die : compassionate end-of-life care and the hospice movement /
Fran Smith and Sheila Himmel ; foreword by Joan Halifax, Ph.D

Understanding medical professionalism
Wendy Levinson, Frederic W. Hafferty, Catherine R. Lucey, Shiphra Ginsburg

R727.4 .H35 2009
Handling difficult questions [electronic resource]
Tavistock Publications in association with University of Manchester Department of Psychiatry ; written and presented by Peter Maguire

R808 .S24
Creative writing [electronic resource]

R835 .S686 1955
Sounds of medicine : operation and stethoscope sounds [electronic resource]

R853.B54 B5655 2014
Biomarkers in toxicology
edited by Ramesh C. Gupta, DVM, MVSc, PhD, DABT, FACT, FACN, FATS

R853.C55 U53 2013
Understanding clinical research
editors, Renato D. Lopes, Robert A. Harrington

Bioceramics with clinical applications
edited by Maria Vallet-Regí

R857.N34 .A36 2014eb
Advanced healthcare materials
edited by Ashutosh Tiwari ; cover design by Russell Richardson

R857.N34 N352 2013
Nanomaterials for biomedicine [electronic resource]
Ramanathan Nagarajan, editor ; sponsored by the ACS Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry

R857.P6 T35 2013
Tailored polymer architectures for pharmaceutical and biomedical applications
Carmen Scholz, editor, University of Alabama in Huntsville, Huntsville, Alabama, Jörg Kressler, editor, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Halle, Germany ; sponsored by the ACS Division of Polymer Chemistry, Inc

R895 .K44 2014
Khan's the physics of radiation therapy
Faiz M. Khan, John P. Gibbons

RA1151 .S45 2010eb
Self-assessment in forensic psychiatry [electronic resource]
edited by Robert I. Simon, Robert E. Hales

Mycotoxins in foodstuffs
Martin Wiedenbörner

Handbook of nanotoxicology, nanomedicine and stem cell use in toxicology
editors, Saura C. Sahu, Daniel A. Casciano

RA399.A1 C57 2012
Practice-based learning & improvement : a clinical improvement action guide /
edited by Mark E. Splaine ... [et al.]

RA399.A1 R68 2014
Health care quality management : tools and applications /
Thomas K. Ross

Shifting paradigms in public health : from holism to individualism [electronic resource]
Vijay Kumar Yadavendu

RA425 .R55 2015
Public health 101 : healthy people--healthy populations /
Richard Riegelman, Brenda Kirkwood

The handbook of global health policy
edited by Garrett W. Brown, Gavin Yamey, and Sarah Wamala

RA564.85 .C36 1997
The first step : a report on the status of women's health in Kentucky [electronic resource]
prepared for the Kentucky Commission on Women by Lindsay Campbell, with Connie Hastings Drisko, and Natalie Davis

RA564.85 .W6542 1996
Women and health : a status report [electronic resource]
Florida Commission on the Status of Women, Health Care Committee

RA576 .O33 2013
Occurrence, fate and impact of atmospheric pollutants on environmental and human health
Laura L. McConnell, editor, USDA-ARS, Beltsville, Maryland, United States, Jordi Dachs, editor Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research Barcelona, Spain, Cathleen J. Hapeman, editor, USDA-ARS Beltsville, Maryland, United States ; sponsored by the ACS Division of Agrochemicals

RA643.8 .B388 2013
The battle of amfAR
A Telling Pictures production ; a Rob Epstein/Jeffrey Friedman film

RA644.A25 R457 1987
Report of the public hearing on AIDS : its impact on women, children, and families : summary of testimony, Friday, June 12, 1987, 2 World Trade Center, Room 5890, New York, New York [electronic resource]
the New York State Division for Women ... [et al.]

RA778 .U56
Health, a workshop guide [electronic resource]

RA781 .H353 2014
ACSM's behavioral aspects of physical activity and exercise
Editor, Claudio R. Nigg, PhD, Director: Health Behavior Change Research Workgroup, Department of Public Health Sciences, John A. Burns School of Medicine, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, Hawaii

RA785 .B75 2008
Stress management : understanding and treatment [electronic resource]
Microtraining Associates, Inc. ; a Cultural Solutions production ; Edna Brinkley

RA785 .K65 2003
Rainbows of love : introduction for meditation and relaxation [electronic resource]
by Ernestine Knippschild

RA785 .R453 1962
Relaxation record [electronic resource]

RA786 .S954 2006
Sleep : Relaxation [electronic resource]
John P. Sykes

RA790.55 .E77 2014
Essentials of global mental health
edited by Samuel O. Okpaku

RA790.55 .P27 2010ev
Partnering with community : commitment, engagement, and open relationships [electronic resource]
Microtraining and Multicultural Development

RA971 .A66513 2013
Healthcare Management : Managed Care Organisations and Instruments /
by Volker Eric Amelung

RA971 .P38 2013
Patient flow : reducing delay in healthcare delivery /
Randolph W. Hall, editor

Mitochondria as targets for phytochemicals in cancer prevention and therapy [electronic resource]
Dhyan Chandra, editor

RB170 .D37 2014
Antioxidants in food, vitamins and supplements : prevention and treatment of disease /
Amitava Dasgupta, PhD, DABCC, Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of Texas Medical School at Huston, Kimberly Klein, MD, Assistant Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of Texas Medical School at Houston

RB170 .O943 2011
Oxidative stress : diagnostics, prevention, and therapy [electronic resource]
Silvana Andreescu, Maria Hepel, editor[s] ; sponsored by the ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry

RB170 .T76 2013
Tropical and subtropical fruits : flavors, color, and health benefits [electronic resource]
Bhimanagouda S. Patil, Guddadarangavvanahally K. Jayaprakasha, Coralia Osorio Roa, editor ; sponsored by the ACS Division of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Inc

The role of the study director in nonclinical studies : pharmaceuticals, chemicals, medical devices, and pesticides /
edited by William J. Brock, Brock Scientific Consulting, Montgomery Village, Maryland, USA ; associate editors, Barbara J. Mounho, ToxStrategies, Inc., Bend, Oregon, USA, Lijie Fu, SNBL, Beijing, China

Clinical judgment USMLE Step 3 review
George P. Lee

Prevention and management of violence : guidance for mental healthcare professionals /
edited by Masum Khwaja & Dominic Beer

RC119 .K193 2005
Parasitic diseases
Dickson D. Despommier ... [et al.] ; 36 life cycles by John Karapelou ; photographs by Dickson D. Despommier ; foreword by James Jensen

Clinical problems in oncology : a practical guide to management /
edited by Sing Yu Moorcraft, Daniel L.Y. Lee, David Cunningham

RC262.5 .P73 2014
Practical management of complex cancer pain
edited by Manohar Sharma ... [et al.]

Clinical guide to antineoplastic therapy : a chemotherapy handbook /
edited by Mary Magee Gullatte

A practical guide to designing phase II trials in oncology
[edited by] Sarah R. Brown, Walter M. Gregory, Christopher Twelves, Julia Brown

RC280 .B8
The understanding and self-examination of breast cancer [electronic resource]

RC280.M37 S33 2013eb
Handbook of cutaneous melanoma : a guide to diagnosis and treatment /
Dirk Schadendorf ; co-authors, Corinna Kochs, Elisabeth Livingstone

Ovarian neoplasm imaging
Luca Saba, U. Rajendra Acharya, Stefano Guerriero, Jasjit S. Suri, editors

Skin lymphoma : the illustrated guide [electronic resource]
Lorenzo Cerroni

RC311 .C655 2014
Clinical tuberculosis
edited by Peter D.O. Davies, Stephen B. Gordon, Geraint Davies

RC332 .H3 v.122 2014
Multiple sclerosis and related disorders
series editors, Michael J. Aminoff, François Boller, and Dick F. Swaab ; volume editor, Douglas S. Goodin

RC341 .W56 2014
Neuroscience for counsellors : practical applications for counsellors, therapists and mental health practitioners /
Rachal Zara Wilson

Adams and Victor's principles of neurology
Allan H. Ropper, Martin A. Samuels, Joshua P. Klein

Neurorehabilitation of the upper limb across the lifespan : managing hypertonicity for optimal function /
Dr. Jodie Copley, Dr. Kathy Kuipers

RC387.5 .C648 2014
Social and communication disorders following traumatic brain injury
edited by Skye McDonald, Leanne Togher, and Chris Code

RC387.5 .H43 1995
Head trauma and related body tissue trama [electronic resource]

RC387.5 .M66 2003
The neuroanatomy of closed head and brain injury in children and adults [electronic resource]
presented by Josephine C. Moore

RC387.5 .S745 2014
Living with brain injury : narrative, community, and women's renegotiation of identity /
J. Eric Stewart

RC387.5 .T46 2011
Textbook of traumatic brain injury
edited by Jonathan M. Silver, M.D., Thomas W. McAllister, M.D., Stuart C. Yudofsky, M.D

RC387.5 .W547 2014
Life after brain injury : survivors' stories /
Barbara A. Wilson, Jill Winegardner, and Fiona Ashworth

RC391 .F75 2014
Normal pressure hydrocephalus : pathophysiology, diagnosis, treatment /
Michael J. Fritsch, Uwe Kehler, Ullrich Meier ; with the collaboration of Johannes Lemcke, Christoph Miethke

RC394.M46 P54 2014
Improving memory through creativity : a professional's guide to culturally-sensitive cognitive training with older adults /
Amanda Pike

RC406.H45 A53 2001
Analyzing functional activities as a basis for treatment in adult hemiplegia [electronic resource]
presented by: Isabelle M. Bohman, M.S., P.T

RC406.H45 B64 1998
Preparation for better function of the upper extremity in adult hemiplegia [electronic resource]
presented by Isabelle M. Bohman, M.S., P.T

RC406.H45 B74 2002
Preparation for improving functional gait in adult hemiplegia [electronic resource]
presented by: Isabelle M. Bohman, M.S., P.T

RC422.R43 .P49 2012
The physicians and therapists approach to comprehensive evaluation and management of RSD/CRPS [electronic resource]

RC437.2 .K63 2015
Therapeutic communication : developing professional skills /
Herschel Knapp, University of Southern California

RC438.6.M67 J33 2003
Jacob Levy Moreno : his life and his muses [electronic resource]
Daimon ; screenplay, camera, direction, Marco J.D. Maida

Psychiatric and mental health nursing demystified
Jim Keogh

RC451.4.A5 A518 2009
The American Psychiatric Publishing textbook of geriatric psychiatry
edited by Dan G. Blazer, M.D., Ph.D., David C. Steffens, M.D., M.H.S

RC451.4.A5 A518 2009 Suppl
Self-assessment in geriatric psychiatry [electronic resource]
by Robert E. Hales ... [et al.]

RC451.4.G39 G37 2001
Sexual orientations in perspective [electronic resource]
Linda Garnets

RC451.4.M45 B74 2014
Breaking barriers in counseling men : insights and innovations /
edited by Aaron Rochlen and Fredric E. Rabinowitz

RC451.4.M45 E34 2006
Effective psychotherapy with men [electronic resource]
Ronald F. Levant

RC451.4.P68 T44 2005ev
TCs in prison : a research perspective [electronic resource]
with Harry Wexler ; produced by Amity Foundation

RC451.4.P68 T44 2005ev
The therapeutic community [electronic resource]
directed by Rod Mullen

RC451.4.S7 C672 2014
College student mental health counseling : a developmental approach /
Suzanne Degges-White, PhD, LPC, LMHC, NCC ; Christine Borzumato-Gainey, PhD, LPC

RC451.4.S7 I37 2014
Mental health issues and the university student
Doris Iarovici

RC451.5.A75 S84 1994
Guidelines for counseling Asian American clients [electronic resource]
Derald Wing Sue

RC451.5.I5 D53 2010ev
Dialogue understanding of healing, an indigenous healer and western psychology : a case study [electronic resource]
Microtraining and Multicultural Development ; the 27th annual Teachers College Winter Roundtable on Cultural Psychology and Education

RC451.5.I5 H43 2009
The healing road [electronic resource]
Instituto Familiar de la Raza, Inc. ; executive producer, director, author, Robert Ryan ; rEYEn Productions

RC451.5.N4 A15 2009 E-Video
25 years after Roots of soul : counseling persons of black African ancestry [electronic resource]
Pedagogy Productions ; Microtraining and Multicultural Development ; Teachers College, Columbia University

RC451.5.N4 C85 2005ev
Cultural competency in the treatment of African-American couples [electronic resource]

The American Psychiatric Publishing textbook of psychiatry
edited by Robert E. Hales, M.D., M.B.A., Stuart C. Yudofsky, M.D., Laura Weiss Roberts, M.D., M.A

RC454 .A419 2008
The American Psychiatric Publishing textbook of psychiatry
edited by Robert E. Hales, Stuart C. Yudofsky, Glen O. Gabbard ; with foreword by Alan F. Schatzberg

RC454 .A427 2014
Introductory textbook of psychiatry
Donald W. Black, Nancy C. Andreasen

RC454 .E785 2014
Essential psychopathology casebook
Mark D. Kilgus, William S. Rea, editors

RC455.2 .D76
Previous editions of DSM [electronic resource]

RC455.2.C4 D536 2013
Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders : DSM-5

RC455.2.E8 L44 2008
Legal and ethical issues for mental health professionals [electronic resource]
directed by Greg Sommers ; written by Stephen Feldman ; produced by Stephen R. Feldman, Kathy Knowlton, Greg Sommers

RC455.4.E8 C782 2014
Cultural sociology of mental illness : an A-to-Z guide /
Andrew Scull, editor, University of California, San Diego

RC455.4.L67 L443 2006x
The legacy of unresolved loss : a family systems approach, instructor's version [electronic resource]
Newbridge Professional Programs ; Monica McGoldrick

RC457 .H35 2008eb
Self-assessment in psychiatry [electronic resource]
by Robert E. Hales, James A. Bourgeois, Narriman C. Shahrokh

RC459 .B43 2009
Becoming a therapist : inside the learning curve [electronic resource]
by Mike Lewis and Eric Sween

RC465 .C372 2014
DSM-5 clinical cases
edited by John W. Barnhill, M.D

RC473.D54 F553 2014
DSM-5 handbook of differential diagnosis
Michael B. First, M.D

RC475.5.E975 L494 1995
Working with the body in analytic therapy [electronic resource]
Alexander Lowen ; produced by the Milton H. Erickson Foundation

The schema therapy clinician's guide : a complete resource for building and delivering individual, group and integrated schema mode treatment programs /
Joan M. Farrell, Neele Reiss, and Idea A. Shaw ; illustrations by Britta Finkelmeier

RC480 .A528 2006
American Psychiatric Association practice guidelines for the treatment of psychiatric disorders. Compendium 2006 [electronic resource]

RC480 .B28 2009
Basic therapeutic skills [electronic resource]
Tavistock publications in association with University of Manchester, Department of Psychiatry

RC480 .E34 2013
Therapy breakthrough : why some psychotherapies work better than others /
Michael R. Edelstein, Richard K. Kujoth, David Ramsay Steele

RC480 .F5565 2013
Therapy talk : conversation analysis in practice /
Pamela E. Fitzgerald (School of Psychological Sciences, University of Manchester, UK)

RC480 .F654 2013
Elements of the helping process : a guide for clinicians /
Raymond Fox

RC480 .G54 2006
The gift of therapy : a conversation with Irvin Yalom, M.D. [electronic resource]
directed and produced by Ben Yalom

RC480 .T4415 2009
Textbook of psychotherapeutic treatments
edited by Glen O. Gabbard, M.D

RC480 .T69 2007
Gabbard's treatments of psychiatric disorders
Glen O. Gabbard, MD, editor-in-chief

RC480 .T69 2014
Gabbard's treatments of psychiatric disorders
Glen O. Gabbard, editor-in-chief

RC480.5 .L86 2014
Learning solution-focused therapy : an illustrated guide /
by Anne Bodmer Lutz

RC480.5 .M3345 2014
Awakening clinical intuition : an experiential workbook for psychotherapists /
Terry Marks-Tarlow ; foreword by Allan N. Schore

RC480.5 .M69 2014
Principles of counseling and psychotherapy : learning the essential domains and nonlinear thinking of master practitioners /
Gerald J. Mozdzierz, Paul R. Peluso, and Joseph Lisiecki

RC480.5 .O33 2013
Hope in counselling and psychotherapy
Denis O'Hara

RC480.5 .P785 2014
Psychotherapy theories and techniques : a reader /
edited by Gary R. VandenBos, Edward Meidenbauer, and Julia Frank-McNeil

RC480.5 .S642 2014
How master therapists work : effecting change from the first through the last session and beyond /
Len Sperry and Jon Carlson

RC480.5 .V54 2003
Life passage in the face of death [electronic resource]
Milton Viederman ; producer Sharon Posner

RC480.55 .E33 2005
Down every year : a demonstration of depth oriented brief therapy (coherence therapy) [electronic resource]
Bruce Ecker

RC480.55 .I77 2009
Irreconcilable differences : a solution-focused approach to marital therapy [electronic resource]
W.W. Norton & Company ; Brief Family Therapy Center ;

RC480.55 .W38 2013
A practical casebook of time-limited psychoanalytic work : a modern Kleinian approach /
Robert Waska

RC480.6 .K57 2014
Decision making in behavioral emergencies : acquiring skill in evaluating and managing high-risk patients /
Phillip M. Kleespies

RC480.7 .M67 2014
The first interview
James Morrison

RC480.75 .W53 2009
What works in psychotherapy [electronic resource]
produced and directed by Victor Yalom, Randall C. Wyatt ;

RC480.8 .D37 2013
Language and connection in psychotherapy : words matter /
Mary Davis, MD

RC480.C35 C356 1963
The first encounter : the therapy of the mind [electronic resource]

RC481 .P4672 2005ev
Person-centered expressive arts therapy [electronic resource]

RC483 .S45 2009
Self-assessment in psychopharmacology [electronic resource]
by Robert E. Hales ... [et al.]

RC483.5.O64 R47 2013
Research and development of opioid-related ligands [electronic resource]
Mei-Chuan Ko, Stephen M. Husbands, editors

RC488.5 .A255 2009
Addressing economic inequality in marriage : a new therapeutic approach [electronic resource]
Microtraining Associates ; written by Betty Carter, Stephen Lerner ; produced by Stephen Lerner ; Guilford Publications, Inc

RC488.5 .C66 2013
Solution-building in couples therapy
Elliott Connie

RC488.5 .C74 2013
Creating connection : a relational-cultural approach with couples /
edited by Judith V. Jordan and Jon Carlson

RC488.5 .E467 2001ev
Emotionally focused couples therapy [electronic resource]
Susan Johnson ; a production of Communications Services at Governors State University

RC488.5 .F73 2014
Integrative family and systems treatment (I-FAST) : a strengths-based common factors approach /
J. Scott Fraser, Ph.D., ABPP [and 4 others]

RC488.5 .H3372 2014
The transparent brain in couple and family therapy : mindful integrations with neuroscience /
Suzanne Midori Hanna

RC488.5 .I46 2009ev
Imago couples therapy [electronic resource] ; Governors State University ; Allyn & Bacon

RC488.5 .I57 1998
Internal family systems therapy [electronic resource]
[presented by] Allyn & Bacon ; produced by Governors State University

RC488.5 .T66 2006
Tools & techniques for family therapy [electronic resource]
Family Tree Productions ; [presented by] John Edwards ; produced & directed by Tab Ballis

RC4889.R3 R43 2010ev
REBT for anger management [electronic resource]
with Janet Wolfe

RC489.A32 M57 2014
Mindfulness & acceptance in multicultural competency : a contextual approach to sociocultural diversity in theory & practice /
edited by Akihiko Masuda, PhD

RC489.A7 U85 2013
Using art therapy with diverse populations : crossing cultures and abilities /
edited by Paula Howie, Sangeeta Prasad and Jennie Kristel ; foreword by Mercedes B. ter Maat and Gaelynn Bordonaro

RC489.B4 C68 2000
Couples therapy for addictions [electronic resource]
with Barbara S. McCrady ; an Allyn & Bacon presentation ; produced by Governors State University

RC489.B4 E96 2013
How and why people change : foundations of psychological therapy /
Ian M. Evans

RC489.B5 B56 2000
Bioenergetics [electronic resource]
Alexander Lowen ; produced by the Milton H. Erickson Foundation Inc

RC489.B53 F57 2014
Neurofeedback in the treatment of developmental trauma : calming the fear-driven brain /
Sebern F. Fisher ; foreword by Bessel van der Kolk, MD

RC489.C63 C55 2009
CBT, cognitive behavioural therapy for adolescents with mood disorders [electronic resource]
produced by the University of Manchester, School of Psychiatry & Behavioural Sciences ; written by Richard Harrington, Val Harrington, Chrissie Verduyn, Alison Wood ; edited and produced by Nick Jordan

RC489.C63 D48 2004ev
Developmental counseling and therapy assessment & Adlerian early recollections [electronic resource]
producers, Thomas J. Sweeney, Jane E. Myers

RC489.E93 A33 2013
A concise introduction to existential counselling
Martin Adams

RC489.E93 E934 1997ev
Existential-humanistic psychotherapy [electronic resource]

RC489.F45 C63 1997ev
Cognitive-behavioral feminist therapy [electronic resource]
produced by Governors State University

RC489.G4 C54 2014
Gestalt counselling in action
Petrūska Clarkson ; updated by Simon Cavicchia

RC489.G4 P7 2006
Psychotherapy with the unmotivated patient [electronic resource]
a WhiteBirch production for Newbridge Communications, Inc. ; with Erv Polster ; additional commentary by Miriam Polster ; script by Joshua Holland ; produced & directed by John Holland

RC489.I55 A23 2013
The heat of the moment in treatment : mindful management of difficult clients /
Mitch Abblett

RC489.M55 D86 2014
Teaching clients to use mindfulness skills : a practical guide /
Christine Dunkley and Maggie Stanton

RC489.O25 O26 2009ev
Object relations therapy [videorecording]
Jill Savege Scharff, M.D

RC489.P7 H43 2009
Healing childhood abuse through psychodrama [electronic resource]
with Tian Dayton

RC489.P7 J44 2013
Enhancing compassion in end-of-life care through drama : the silent treatment /
Ewan Jeffrey and David Jeffrey ; foreword by Steve Field

RC489.P7 T73 2009ev
Trauma and the body : a psychodramatic approach [electronic resource]
with Tian Dayton

RC489.P7 Z4 2007
Zerka on psychodrama [electronic resource]
[Zerka T. Moreno] ; interviewer, Adam M. Barcroft

RC489.P7 Z47 2007
Psychodrama in action [electronic resource]
directed by Edward Schreiber ; produced by Victor Yalom, Randall Wyatt

RC489.P7 Z475 2007
Psychodrama, sociometry, and beyond [electronic resource]
directed by Edward Schreiber ; produced by Victor Yalom, Randall Wyatt

RC489.R3 C678 2009ev
Coping with the suicide of a loved one : an REBT approach [electronic resource]
produced by the Albert Ellis Institute ; Raymond DiGiuseppe, series editor

RC489.R3 M9 2010
My kids don't appreciate me : REBT with a single mother [electronic resource]

RC489.R3 R376 2009ev
Rational emotive behavior therapy for addictions [electronic resource]
produced by the Albert Ellis Institute

RC489.R37 R48 2009
Reality therapy with Dr. Robert Wubbolding [electronic resource]
Allyn and Bacon ; Governors State University ;

RC489.R46 H36 2014
Handbook of psychotherapy and religious diversity
edited by P. Scott Richards and Allen E. Bergin

RC489.S43 C35 2013
Lousy sex
Gerald N. Callahan

RC489.S43 U87 2013
The use of self in therapy
edited by Michéle Baldwin

RC489.S65 S66 2014
Solution-focused brief therapy : a multicultural approach /
Johnny S. Kim, PhD, University of Denver, [editor]

RC489.S74 E89 2009
Exploring narradrama [electronic resource]
produced by Pam Dunne ; directed by Pam Dunne, Reese Barragar ;

RC489.T7 T68 2008
Transactional analysis [electronic resource]
a production of Communications Services, Governors State University ; with Mary Goulding

RC489.T73 T7273 2013
Transference and countertransference today
edited by Robert Oelsner

Self-assessment in psychosomatic medicine
James A. Bourgeois, O.D., M.D.,Robert E. Hales, M.D., M.B.A.,Narriman C. Shahrokh

RC499.A8 S745 1959
Sounds of self-hypnosis through relaxation [electronic resource]

RC512 .A27 2013
Acceptance and commitment therapy and mindfulness for psychosis
Edited by Eric M.J. Morris, Louise C. Johns, and Joseph E. Oliver

RC512 .G33 2013
CBT for those at risk of a first episode psychosis : evidence-based psychotherapy for people with an 'at risk mental state' /
Mark van der Gaag, Dorien Nieman and David van den Berg

RC512 .I45 2014
Insanity and divinity : studies in psychosis and spirituality /
edited by John Gale, Michael Robson, and Georgia Rapsomatioti

RC514 .C463 2013
Schizophrenia : a brother finds answers in biological science /
Ronald Chase

RC514 .D45 2009
The diagnosis of schizophrenia [electronic resource]
produced by D. Goldberg ; University of Manchester

RC514 .S592 2013
Social cognition in schizophrenia : from evidence to treatment /
edited by David L. Roberts, David L. Penn

RC521 .A377 2014
Alzheimer's disease and other dementias : a practical guide /
by Marc E. Agronin

Traite sur le maladie d'Alzheimer
sous la direction de Bruno Vellas, Phillippe Robert ; avec la collaboration de la Federation nationale des Centres Memoire de Ressources et de Recherche

Evidence-based CBT for anxiety and depression in children and adolescents : a competencies-based approach /
edited by Elizabeth S. Sburlati, Heidi j. Lyneham, Carolyn A. Schniering, and Ronald M. Rapee

RC533 .O74 2013
Power, powerlessness and addiction
Jim Orford

RC537 .C69 2009
Counselling depression in primary care [electronic resource]
University of Manchester, Department of Psychiatry

RC537 .D43 2009
Depression in general medical settings [electronic resource]
World Health Organization ; Tavistock Publications ; University of Manchester, Department of Psychiatry

RC537 .G43 2013
On depression : drugs, diagnosis, and despair in the modern world /
Nassir Ghaemi

Ferri's practical guide : fast facts for patient care /
Fred F. Ferri

RC552.A5 O75 2013
How to disappear completely : on modern anorexia /
Kelsey Osgood

RC552.E18 C87 2013
Current findings on males with eating disorders
[compiled by] Leigh Cohn & Raymond Lemberg

RC552.E18 G54 2014
Therapy for eating disorders : theory, research & practice /
Sara Gilbert

RC552.P67 M67 2014
Treating PTSD with cognitive-behavioral therapies : interventions that work /
Candice M. Monson and Philippe Shnaider

RC552.P67 O84 2009ev
Overcoming trauma : altruism born of suffering [electronic resource]
Microtraining Associates presents

RC552.P67 P795 2008
PTSD & veterans : a conversation with Dr. Frank Ochberg [electronic resource]

RC552.P67 R43 2001
Recovering from traumatic events : the healing process, survivor version [electronic resource]
Frank Ochberg ; executive producers, Joyce Boaz and Angelea Panos ; directed by Joyce Boaz

RC552.P67 S87 2006
Surviving trauma and tragedy : lessons for future physicians [electronic resource]
produced by the Michigan Victim Alliance in cooperation with Michigan State University ; producer/director, Paul Schneider

RC552.P67 W44 2006ev
When helping hurts : sustaining trauma workers [electronic resource]
produced and distributed by Gift from Within ; produced by Charles Passerman, Bob Poirier ; directed by Joyce Boaz ; editors, Tom Pierce, Bob Poirier

RC552.T7 E67 2013
The trauma of everyday life
Mark Epstein, MD

RC553.A88 A788 2014
Asperger syndrome : assessing and treating high-functioning autism spectrum disorders /
edited by James C. McPartland, Ami Klin, Fred R. Volkmar ; foreword by Maria Asperger Felder

RC553.A88 W378 2013
Rethinking autism : variation and complexity /
Lynn Waterhouse

RC554 .A247 2014
The American Psychiatric Publishing textbook of personality disorders
edited by John M. Oldham, Andrew E. Skodol, Donna S. Bender

RC555 .B556 2013
Bad boys, bad men : confronting antisocial personality disorder (sociopathy) /
Donald W. Black

RC555 .G54 2014
Psychopathy : an introduction to biological findings and their implications /
Andrea L. Glenn and Adrian Raine

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Counselling skills for working with trauma : healing from child sexual abuse, sexual violence and domestic abuse /
Christiane Sanderson

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The American Psychiatric Publishing textbook of substance abuse treatment
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Addiction and self-control : perspectives from philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience /
edited by Neil Levy

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Encounter groups for addictions [electronic resource]
presented by Rod Mullen ; produced by Amity Foundation

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Integrating therapy with 12-step programs [electronic resource]
with Joan Ellen Zweben ; an Allyn & Bacon presentation ; produced by Governors State University

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Addictions : a comprehensive guidebook /
edited by Barbara S. McCrady, Elizabeth E. Epstein

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Integrating 12-steps and psychotherapy : helping clients find sobriety and recovery /
Kevin A. Osten, Adler School of Professional Psychology, Robert Switzer, Chicago School of Professional Psychology

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Self-assessment in substance abuse treatment [electronic resource]
by Robert E. Hales ... [et al.]

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Mindfulness-based sobriety : a clinician's treatment guide for addiction recovery using relapse prevention therapy, acceptance & commitment therapy & motivational interviewing /
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Addiction treatment : a strengths perspective /
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The quick-reference guide to addictions and recovery counseling : 40 topics, spiritual insights, and easy-to-use action steps /
Dr. Tim Clinton and Dr. Eric Scalise

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edited by Petros Levounis, Abigail J. Herron

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The clinic and elsewhere : addiction, adolescents, and the afterlife of therapy /
Todd Meyers

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Integrated treatment for co-occurring disorders : treating people, not behaviors /
Jack Klott

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Caffeinated : how our daily habit helps, hurts, and hooks us /
Murray Carpenter

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Suicide prevention
Robert D. Goldney, Emeritus Professor, Discipline of Psychiatry, University of Adelaide, Australia

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Understanding and preventing suicide [electronic resource]
produced by the Glendon Association ; produced by Lisa Firestone, Joyce Catlett, and Geoff Parr

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The Dostoevsky effect : problem gambling and the origins of addiction /
Lorne Tepperman ... [et al.]

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with Robert Firestone

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In my hands [electronic resource]
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Essentials of clinical immunology
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Textbook of hemophilia
edited by Christine A. Lee, Erik E. Berntorp, W. Keith Hoots

The Washington manual cardiology subspecialty consult
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Abord clinique du patient coronarien
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ABC of medically unexplained symptoms
edited by Christopher Burton

The toxicant induction of irritant asthma, rhinitis, and related conditions
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Clinical examination : a systematic guide to physical diagnosis /
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Curbside consultation in endoscopy : 49 clinical questions /
editors, Joseph Leung, Simon K. Lo

Critical care ultrasound manual
Anthony McLean and Stephen Huang

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Core concepts in colonoscopy
[edited by] Douglas Adler

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Feeding and swallowing treatment [electronic resource]
presented by: Rona Alexander, Ph.D, CCC-SLP; Robert Beecher, M.S., CCC-SLP; Linda Kliebhan, P.T.; Chris Cayo, OTR; W. Hobart Davies. Ph.D

Le manuel de reanimation, soins intensifs et medecine d'urgence
J.-L. Vincent

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Rheumatology nursing : scope and standards of practice /
American Nurses Association, Rheumatology Nurses Society

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Beyond weight bearing : getting the hands to work more efficiently [electronic resource]
presented by Lezlie Adler, M.A., OTR

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Exercise for frail elders
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edited by James D. Luketich ; associate editors, Rodney J. Landreneau, Arjun Pennathur ; illustrations by BodyScientific International, Anne Rains

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Operative orthopedics of the upper extremity
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Controversies in stereotactic radiosurgery : best evidence recommendations /
[edited by] Jason P. Sheehan, MD, PhD, FACS, alumni professor and vice Chair, Department of Neurological Surgery, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, Peter Gerszten, MD, MPH, FACS, Peter E. Sheptak, professor of Neurological Surgery and Radiation Oncology, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

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[edited by] Jack L. Cronenwett, K. Wayne Johnston

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Rutherford's vascular surgery
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Parathyroid surgery : fundamental and advanced concepts /
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Biomechanics of the musculoskeletal system : modeling of data uncertainty and knowledge /
by Tien Tua Dao, Marie-Christine Ho Ba Tho

The Massachusetts eye and ear infirmary illustrated manual of ophthalmology
by Peter K. Kaiser, Neil J. Friedman, Roberto Pineda II

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Integrating physical handling and vision intervention in CVA & TBI [electronic resource]
presented by: Isabelle M. Bohman, M.S., P.T.; Raquel M. Benabib, M.S., COVT

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Medical management of glaucoma
Keith Barton, Roger A. Hitchings ; editor Donald L. Budenz

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Speech after the removal of the larynx [electronic resource]

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Glass' office gynecology
[edited by] Michèle G. Curtis, Silvia T. Linares, Leah Antoniewicz

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editor, Michael R. Foley ; assistant editors, Thomas H. Strong, Jr., Thomas J. Garite

Chestnut's obstetric anesthesia : principles and practice /
[edited by] David H. Chestnut [and 5 others] ; Naveen Nathan, graphic editor

How to become mother-friendly : policies and procedures for hospitals, birth centers, and home birth services /
[edited by] Barbara A. Hotelling, Helen A. Gordon

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Children with disabilities
edited by Mark L. Batshaw, Nancy J. Roizen, Gaetano R. Lotrecchiano

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Children with emotional disorders and developmental disabilities : assessment and treatment /
edited by Marian Sigman

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Treating oral-motor problems in children [electronic resource]
by Merry M. Meek

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Curbside consultation in pediatric obesity : 49 clinical questions /
editor, Jeannie S. Huang

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Family-centered care for the newborn : the delivery room and beyond /
Terry Griffin, MS, APN, NNP-BC, Joanna Celenza, MA, MBA

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Transformative nursing in the NICU : trauma-informed age-appropriate care /
Mary E. Coughlin

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Neonatal and pediatric respiratory care : a patient case method /
[edited by] Julianne S. Perretta

Nelson essentials of pediatrics

RJ45 .N418 2015
Nelson essentials of pediatrics
[edited by] Karen J. Marcdante, Robert M. Kliegman

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Feeding & swallowing issues in premature infants [electronic resource]
presented by Monica Wojcik, M.S., CCC-SLP; Rona Alexander, Ph.D, CCC-SLP; Robert Beecher, M.S., CCC-SLP

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The neuroanatomy of learning disabilities [electronic resource]
presented by Josephine C. Moore

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Identifying specific treatment objectives through physical handling assessment [electronic resource]
by Christine A. Nelson

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Language sampling with adolescents : implications for intervention /
Marilyn A. Nippold

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The treatment of the baby with myelomeningocele to enhance lower extremity function [electronic resource]
by Barbara J. Bour

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Dulcan's textbook of child and adolescent psychiatry
edited by Mina K. Dulcan, M.D

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Self-Assessment in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry [electronic resource]
by Shen Hong, Robert E. Hales, and Narriman C. Shahrokh

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Counselling children : a practical introduction /
Kathryn Geldard, David Geldard and Rebecca Yin Foo

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Object relations child therapy [electronic resource]
featuring David Scharff M.D

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Being taken in : the framing relationship /
Sarah Sutton

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Helping parents, youth, and teachers understand medications for behavioral and emotional problems : a resource book of medication information handouts /
edited by Mina K. Dulcan, M.D. ; contributors, Thomas Cummins, M.D. [and ten others]

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Person-centred therapy with children and young people
David Smyth

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Leading groups with adolescents [electronic resource]

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Adlerian parent consultation [electronic resource]
with Jon Carlson ; a presentation of Allyn and Bacon ; ; a production of Communications Services, Governors State University

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Narrative therapy [electronic resource]
a Microtraining Associates production

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CBT & anxiety [electronic resource]
written by Kate Bonsor [and others] ; produced and edited by Nick Jordan ; University of Manchester, School of Psychiatry & Behavioural Sciences

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Children and youth with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) : recent advances and innovations in assessment, education, and intervention /
edited by James K. Luiselli

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Depression and suicidal behaviour in adolescents [electronic resource]
written by Richard Harrington, Val Harrington, John Miller, Alison Wood, Adrine Woodham ; edited and produced by Nick Jordan ; University of Manchester, School of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences

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Defiant teens : a clinician's manual for assessment and family intervention /
Russell A. Barkley and Arthur L. Robin

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PTSD in children : move in the rhythm of the child [electronic resource]
produced and distributed by Gift From Within ; written, produced and Charles Passerman & Matthew Goldberg

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The challenge of counseling teens : techniques for engaging and connecting with reluctant youth [electronic resource]
by John Sommars-Flanagan and Rita Sommars-Flanagan

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Mental health for the whole child : moving young clients from disease & disorder to balance & wellness /
Scott M. Shannon, M.D. with Noah Gallagher Shannon

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The management of Rett Syndrome [electronic resource]
by Sarojini Budden

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Youth and violence : a conversation with professional psychologists, community advocates and youths [electronic resource]
Microtraining Associates

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Introduction to neurodevelopmental treatment [electronic resource]
presented by Francine Martin Stern, P.T

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Clinical application of the motokinesthetic approach [electronic resource]
by Merry M. Meek

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Getting started with the severely involved baby [electronic resource]
by Christine A. Nelson

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Using the therapy ball to treat the pediatric patient [electronic resource]
by Barbara Hypes

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ADEA official guide to dental schools

Dermatology essentials
edited by Jean L. Bolognia, Julie V. Schaffer, Karynne O. Duncan and Christine J. Ko

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Visions : music for orchestra, 2 pianos, and computer generated tape [electronic resource]
by David Cope

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Zoning [electronic resource]
Mary Lou Williams

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Jean Ritchie and Doc Watson at Folk City [electronic resource]

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Dancing bow and singing strings [electronic resource]
Tracy Schwarz

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Folk visions & voices : traditional music & song in Northern Georgia [electronic resource]

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Country songs, old and new [electronic resource]
the Country Gentlemen

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Eskimo songs from Alaska [electronic resource]
recorded on St. Lawrence Island by Miriam C. Stryker ; edited by Charles Hofmann

Abrégé de physiologie à l'usage des acupuncteurs et des réflexothérapeutes
sous la direction de Yves Rouxeville

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A history of a cGMP medical event investigation [electronic resource]
Michael A. Brown

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The American Psychiatric Publishing textbook of psychopharmacology
edited by Alan F. Schatzberg, M.D., Charles B. Nemeroff, M.D., Ph.D

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What your patients need to know about psychiatric medications
Robert H. Chew, Pharm.D., Robert E. Hales, M.D., M.B.A., Stuart C. Yudofsky, M.D

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Manual of clinical psychopharmacology
Alan F. Schatzberg, MD, Jonathan O. Cole, MD, Charles DeBattista, DMH, MD

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Small wonders : peptides for disease control [electronic resource]
Kanniah Rajasekaran ... [et al.], editor[s]

Delineating organs at risk in radiation therapy
Giampiero Ausili Cefaro, Domenico Genovesi, Carlos A. Perez ; foreword by Vincenzo Valentini

RS141.2 .P5 Suppl.
USP, NF. Supplement

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Emerging trends in dietary components for preventing and combating disease [electronic resource]
Bhimanagouda S. Patl, editor ... [et al.] ; sponsored by the ACS Division of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

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African natural plant products. Volume II, Discoveries and challenges in chemistry, health, and nutrition [edited by] H. Rodolfo Juliani, James E. Simon, Chi-Tang Ho

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Glycobiology and drug design [electronic resource]
Anatole A. Klyosov, editor ; sponsored by the ACS Division of Carbohydrate Chemistry

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A handbook for DNA-encoded chemistry : theory and applications for exploring chemical space and drug discovery /
edited by Robert A. Goodnow, Jr

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Library design, search methods, and applications of fragment-based drug design [electronic resource]
Rachelle J. Bienstock, editor ; sponsored by the ACS Division of Chemical Information and ACS Division of Computers in Chemistry

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On the cancer frontier : one man, one disease, and a medical revolution /
Paul A. Marks, MD and James Sterngold

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USP dictionary of USAN and international drug names

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AACN essentials of critical care nursing
[edited by] Suzanne M. Burns

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AACN essentials of progressive care nursing
[edited by] Suzanne M. Burns

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Do you know how you grow? : inside [electronic resource]
music, words and lyrics, Isabel S. Abrams and Roxana Alsberg

RT131 .A473 1966
Do you know how you grow? : outside [electronic resource]
music, words and lyrics, Isabel S. Abrams and Roxana Alsberg

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Global health nursing : building and sustaining partnerships /
Michele J. Upvall, Jeanne M. Leffers, editors

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Correlations and clinical scenarios. Internal medicine : Conrad Fischer

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Introduction to quality and safety education for nurses : core competencies /
[edited by] Patricia Kelly, Beth Vottero, Carolyn Christie-McAuliffe

Clinical analytics and data management for the DNP
Martha L. Sylvia, Mary F. Terhaar

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Foundations of clinical nurse specialist practice
Janet S. Fulton, Brenda L. Lyon, Kelly A. Goudreau, editors

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Practical leadership in nursing and health care : a multi-professional approach /
edited by Suzanne Henwood, PhD, MSc, HDCR, PGCE

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