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R119 .G67 2014
Medical writing : a prescription for clarity : a self-help guide to clearer medical English /
Dr. Neville W. Goodman and the late Dr. Martin B. Edwards ; with contributions from Elise Langdon-Neuner ; and with cartoons by Dr. Andy Black

R133 .P277 1985eb
Patients and practitioners : lay perceptions of medicine in pre-industrial society [electronic resource]
edited by Roy Porter

R141 .S55 1981eb
Taddeo Alderotti and his pupils : two generations of Italian medical learning [electronic resource]
Nancy G. Siraisi

R151 .C37 1986eb
Medicine and American growth, 1800-1860 [electronic resource]
James H. Cassedy

R465 .F54 2008eb
Pestilence and headcolds : encountering illness in colonial Mexico [electronic resource]
by Sherry Fields

R489.G79 C66 1994"@"R489.G79
Trials of an ordinary doctor : Joannes Groenevelt in seventeenth-century London [electronic resource]
Harold J. Cook

R558.T67 L36 1974"@"R558.T67X
Pedro de la Torre : doctor to conquerors [electronic resource]
John Tate Lanning

A flourishing Yin : gender in China's medical history, 960-1665 [electronic resource]
Charlotte Furth

R692 .M645 1999
Restoring the balance : women physicians and the profession of medicine, 1850-1995 [electronic resource]
Ellen S. More

R723 .K87 1999"@"R723
The expressiveness of the body and the divergence of Greek and Chinese medicine [electronic resource]
Shigehisa Kuriyama

R724 .D35 1985eb
Just health care [electronic resource]
Norman Daniels

R725.5 .D63 2013
Doctors of the dark side [videorecording]
a DODS production ; produced and directed by Martha Davis ; written by Mark Jonathan Harris

R727.3 .M385 2014
Leadership for great customer service : satisfied employees, satisfied patients /
Thom A. Mayer & Robert J. Cates

R745 .L843 1999eb
Time to heal : American medical education from the turn of the century to the era of managed care [electronic resource]
Kenneth M. Ludmerer

R784 .A7 1967"@"R784
Medicine at the Paris hospital, 1794-1848 [electronic resource]
by Erwin H. Ackerknecht

R852 .C37 2014
Career options for biomedical scientists
edited by Kaaren Janssen, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, Richard Sever, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press

Statistical thinking for non-statisticians in drug regulation
Richard Kay

1st Global Conference on Biomedical Engineering & 9th Asian-Pacific Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering : October 9-12, 2014, Tainan, Taiwan /
edited by Fong-Chin Su, Shyh-Hau Wang, Ming-Long Yeh

Biomaterials [electronic resource]
edited by Véronique Migonney

R857.M3 .B573 2014
Biomaterials science : processing, properties and applications IV [electronic resource]
edited by Susmitya Bose, Amit Bandyopadhyay Roger Narayan

R857.M3 D48 2014
Deterioration and protection of sustainable biomaterials
Tor P. Schultz, editor, Silvaware, Inc., Starkville, Mississippi, Barry Goodell, editor, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech), Blacksburg, Virginia, Darrel D. Nicholas, editor, Mississippi State University Mississippi State, Mississippi ; sponsored by the ACS Division of Cellulose and Renewable Materials

R857.M3 M49 2014
Biological materials science : biological materials, bioinspired materials, and biomaterials /
Marc André Meyers, Po-Yu Chen

R857.M3 M63 2015
Mobile point-of-care monitors and diagnostic device design
edited by Walter Karlen, Krzysztof Iniewski

Predictive toxicology : from vision to reality [electronic resource]
edited by Friedlieb Pfannkuch and Laura Suter-Dick

RA394 .D27 2008eb
Just health : meeting health needs fairly [electronic resource]
Norman Daniels

RA395.A3 S77 1982"@"RA395.A3
The social transformation of American medicine [electronic resource]
Paul Starr

RA395.S65 S72 2008eb
The body Soviet : propaganda, hygiene, and the revolutionary state [electronic resource]
Tricia Starks

RA399.L29 L36 1985eb
The royal protomedicato : the regulation of the medical professions in the Spanish empire [electronic resource]
by John Tate Lanning ; edited by John Jay TePaske

RA407.3 .C37 1984"@"RA407.3
American medicine and statistical thinking, 1800-1860 [electronic resource]
James H. Cassedy

RA410.7 .C52 2014
Unequal time : gender, class, and family in employment schedules /
Dan Clawson and Naomi Gerstel

RA418.3.G3 L54 1996"@"RA418.3.G3
Health & healing in eighteenth-century Germany [electronic resource]
Mary Lindemann

RA418.3.K3 M53 2003"@"RA418.3.K3
Curative powers : medicine and empire in Stalin's Central Asia [electronic resource]
Paula A. Michaels

RA425 .G653 2015
Introduction to public health : promises and practices /
Raymond L. Goldsteen, Karen Goldsteen, Terry L. Dwelle

Health program management : from development through evaluation /
Beaufort B. Longest, Jr

RA427 .E954 2011
Evidence-based public health
Ross C. Brownson ... [et al.]

RA427 .L44 2015
Economics for healthcare managers
Robert H. Lee

RA445 .T86 2012
Public health : what it is and how it works /
Bernard J. Turnock

RA565 .D385 2004eb
When smoke ran like water : tales of environmental deception and the battle against pollution [electronic resource]
Devra Davis

RA569 .F69 2014
Downwind : a people's history of the nuclear West /
Sarah Alisabeth Fox

RA591.5 .B58 2014
Microbiology of drinking water production and distribution
Gabriel Bitton

RA591.5 .B58 2014
Microbiology of drinking water production and distribution
Gabriel Bitton

Introduction to the US food system : public health, environment, and equity /
Roni Neff, editor

RA644.C3 B685 2003eb
Stories in the time of cholera : racial profiling during a medical nightmare [electronic resource]
Charles L. Briggs with Clara Mantini-Briggs

RA644.L3 G38 2004eb
Carville : remembering leprosy in America [electronic resource]
Marcia Gaudet

RA645.N87 W95 2001eb
Starving on a full stomach : hunger and the triumph of cultural racism in modern South Africa [electronic resource]
Diana Wylie

RA776.5 .R59 2004eb
Hygienic modernity : meanings of health and disease in treaty-port China [electronic resource]
Ruth Rogaski

RA792 .V354 2002"@"RA792
The health of the country : how American settlers understood themselves and their land [electronic resource]
by Conevery Bolton Valenčius

RA807.C2 N37 2006eb
Inescapable ecologies : a history of environment, disease, and knowledge [electronic resource]
Linda Nash

RA981.A2 S74 1989"@"RA981.A2
In sickness and in wealth : American hospitals in the twentieth century [electronic resource]
Rosemary Stevens

RB113 .P668 2015
Essentials of pathophysiology : concepts of altered health states /
Carol Mattson Porth ; consultant, Kathryn J. Gaspard

Preventing hospital infections : real-world problems, realistic solutions /
Sanjay Saint, Sarah L. Krein ; with Robert W. Stock

RC112 .P38 2015
Pathology of infectious diseases
edited by Gary W. Procop, Bobbi S. Pritt

RC131.A3 R6 1987eb
The cholera years : the United States in 1832, 1849, and 1866 [electronic resource]
Charles E. Rosenberg ; with a new afterword

RC150.1 .C76 2003eb
America's forgotten pandemic : the influenza of 1918 [electronic resource]
Alfred W. Crosby

RC172 .M8 1956eb
The bubonic plague and England : an essay in the history of preventive medicine [electronic resource]
Charles F. Mullet

RC183.7.J3 J36 2007eb
The vaccinators : smallpox, medical knowledge, and the opening of Japan [electronic resource]
Ann Jannetta

RC268.4 .G46 2014
Genetics for health professionals in cancer care : from principles to practice /
edited by Chris Jacobs, Patricia Webb, Lorraine Robinson

RC270.3.R35 N83 2015
Nuclear oncology
[edited by] Cumali Aktolun, Stanley J. Goldsmith

RC270.8 .T635 2015eb
Cancer and its management
Jeffrey Tobias, Daniel Hochhauser

The breast cancer wars : hope, fear, and the pursuit of a cure in twentieth-century America [electronic resource]
Barron H. Lerner

RC280.P7 E58 2015
Biopsy interpretation of the prostate
Jonathan I. Epstein, George J. Netto

RC339.A8 G3776 1988"@"RC451.A8
Medicine and madness : a social history of insanity in New South Wales, 1880-1940 [electronic resource]
Stephen Garton

RC348 .I43 2014
Imaging acute neurologic disease : a symptom-based approach /
edited by Massimo Filippi, Jack H. Simon

RC350.N49 N446 2015
Neurocritical care monitoring
editors, Chad M. Miller, Associate Professor of Neuology and Neuosurgery, Wexner Medical Center, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, Michel T. Torbey, Professor of Neurology and rosurgery, Director, Division of Cerebrovascular Dieseases and Neurocritical Care, Wexner Medical Center, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

RC372.3 .W66 2014
Women with epilepsy : a practical management handbook /
edited by Esther Bui, Autumn Klein

RC388.5 .T42 2014
Textbook of stroke medicine
edited by Michael Brainin, Wolf-Dieter Heiss ; editorial assistant, Suzanne Tabernig

RC437.5 .L89 1994eb
The psychiatric persuasion : knowledge, gender, and power in modern America [electronic resource]
Elizabeth Lunbeck

RC443 .G75 1983eb
Mental illness and American society, 1875-1940 [electronic resource]
Gerald N. Grob

Mind-forg'd manacles : a history of madness in England from the Restoration to the Regency [electronic resource]
Roy Porter

RC450.I73 F56 1981
Insanity and the insane in post-famine Ireland [electronic resource]
Mark Finnane

Sims' symptoms in the mind : an introduction to descriptive psychopathology /
Femi Oyebode

RC455.4.E58 T39 2015
Assessing, diagnosing, and treating serious mental disorders : a bioecological approach /
Edward H. Taylor

RC469 .E218 2014
Early intervention in psychiatry : EI of nearly everything for better mental health /
edited by Peter Byrne, Alan Rosen

RC480.6 .H45 2015
Helping kids in crisis : managing psychiatric emergencies in children and adolescents /
edited by Fadi Haddad, Ruth S. Gerson

RC488.5 .G525 2015
Play in family therapy
Eliana Gil

RC489.B53 Z82 2015
Z score neurofeedback : clinical applications / ed. by Robert W. Thatcher, Joel F. Lubar

RC489.M655 M68 1998
Motivational interviewing : preparing people for change [videorecording]
presenters, William R. Miller, Stephen Rollnick ; directed by Theresa B. Moyers

RC489.M655 M68 1998
Motivational interviewing : preparing people for change [videorecording]
presenters, William R. Miller, Stephen Rollnick ; directed by Theresa B. Moyers

RC489.S676 S65 2015
Spiritually oriented psychotherapy for trauma
edited by Donald F. Walker, Christine A. Courtois, and Jamie D. Aten

RC504 .M675 2014
Specialty competencies in professional psychology
Dolores O. Morris, Rafael Art. Javier, William G. Herron

RC547 .M384 2015
Modulation of sleep by obesity, diabetes, age, and diet
edited by Ronald Ross Watson, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, USA

RC548 .E35 2015
Overcoming insomnia : a cognitive-behavioral therapy approach : therapist guide /
Jack D. Edinger, Colleen E. Carney

Psychology of trauma 101
Lesia M. Ruglass, Kathleen Kendall-Tackett

RC552.P67 B323 2015
Concurrent treatment of PTSD and substance use disorders using prolonged exposure (COPE) : therapist guide /
Sudie E. Back [and seven others]

RC552.P67 B336 2014
Post traumatic success : positive psychology and solution-focused strategies to help clients survive and thrive /
Fredrike Bannink

RC552.P67 P73 2015
A practical guide to PTSD treatment : pharmacological and psychotherapeutic approaches /
edited by Nancy C. Bernardy and Matthew J. Friedman

RC553.D35 A24 2015
Aberrant beliefs and reasoning
edited by Niall Galbraith

RC558 .B39 1981eb
Homosexuality and American psychiatry : the politics of diagnosis [electronic resource]
Ronald Bayer

20 Years of Computational Neuroscience [electronic resource]

RC642 .H355 2005eb
36th Hemophilia Symposium : Hamburg 2005 [electronic resource]
editors, I. Scharrer, W. Schramm ; scientific board, I. Scharrer, W. Schramm ; chairmen, G. Auerswald [and others]

RC661.E94 D535 2014
Diabetes and physical activity
volume editors, Julia H. Goedecke, Cape Town, Edward O. Ojuka, Cape Town

RC666.5 .F94 1996"@"RC666.5
American cardiology : the history of a specialty and its college [electronic resource]
W. Bruce Fye

RC78.7.D53 F54 2014
Anatomy in diagnostic imaging
Peter Fleckenstein, Jørgen Tranum-Jensen ; co-author, Peter Sand Myschetzky

RC78.7.N83 B87 2015
Magnetic resonance imaging : physical and biological principles /
Stewart Carlyle Bushong, Geoffrey Clarke

Male lower urinary tract symptoms and benign prostatic hyperplasia
edited by Steven A. Kaplan, Kevin T. McVary

RC902 .C645 2015
Comprehensive clinical nephrology
[edited by] Richard J. Johnson, John Feehally, Jürgen Floege

RC925.7 .C44 2015
Musculoskeletal MRI structured evaluation : how to practically fill the reporting checklist /
editors, Avneesh Chhabra, Theodoros Soldatos

RC925.7 .D515 2015
Diagnostic ultrasound : musculoskeletal /
[edited by] James F. Griffith

RC954 .M55 2015
Nursing for wellness in older adults
Carol A. Miller

RC961 .C87 1989eb
Death by migration : Europe's encounter with the tropical world in the nineteenth century [electronic resource]
Philip D. Curtin

RD101 .F739 2015
Rockwood and Green's fractures in adults
editors Charles M. Court-Brown, James D. Heckman, Margaret M. McQueen, William M. Ricci, Paul Tornetta III; associate editor, Michael D. McKee

RD101 .F74 2015
Rockwood and Wilkins' fractures in children
editors, John M. (Jack) Flynn, David L. Skaggs, Peter M. Waters

Handbook of pediatric anesthesia
editors, Philipp J. Houck, Manon Haché, Lena S. Sun

RD139 .H36 2015
Handbook of critical incidents and essential topics in pediatric anesthesiology
edited by David A. Young, Olutoyin A. Olutoye

RD27.35.M88 A68 2014
Dr. Mütter's marvels : a true tale of intrigue and innovation at the dawn of modern medicine /
by Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz

RG133.5 .R384 2014
Relatedness in assisted reproduction : families, origins and identities /
edited by Tabitha Freeman, Susanna Graham, Fatemeh Ebtehaj and Martin Richards

RG137.45 .S35 2004eb
Plants and empire : colonial bioprospecting in the Atlantic world [electronic resource]
Londa Schiebinger

RG51 .G74 2008eb
Making women's medicine masculine : the rise of male authority in pre-modern gynaecology [electronic resource]
Monica H. Green

RG518.C6 W8 2010eb
Reproducing women : medicine, metaphor, and childbirth in late imperial China [electronic resource]
Yi-Li Wu

RG530.3.I42 I583 2003eb
Birth on the threshold : childbirth and modernity in South India [electronic resource]
Cecilia Van Hollen

RG551 .C66 2013eb
Coming to life : philosophies of pregnancy, childbirth, and mothering [electronic resource]
edited by Sarah LaChance Adams and Caroline R. Lundquist

Drugs in pregnancy and lactation : a reference guide to fetal and neonatal risk /
Gerald G. Briggs, Roger K. Freeman

RG734 .A26 2014
Abortion care
edited by Sam Rowlands

RJ134 .G47 2015
Why love matters : how affection shapes a baby's brain /
Sue Gerhardt

Beyond the NICU : comprehensive care of the high-risk infant /
edited by William F. Malcolm

RJ380 .M28 2014
Moral laboratories : family peril and the struggle for a good life /
Cheryl Mattingly

RJ505.P6 G74 2014
The handbook of Jungian play therapy with children and adolescents
Eric J. Green ; with a foreword by John Allan

RJ505.P6 K47 2014
The interpersonal neurobiology of play : brain-building interventions for emotional well-being /
Theresa A. Kestly

RJ505.P6 V36 1999
Introduction to filial play therapy [videorecording]

RJ506.A9 A92392 2014
Autism spectrum disorders in adolescents and adults : evidence-based and promising interventions /
edited by Matt Tincani, Andy Bondy

RJ506.P66 C74 2015
Creative interventions with traumatized children
edited by Cathy A. Malchiodi ; foreword by Bruce D. Perry

RJ506.S55 D88 2008
When children don't sleep well : interventions for pediatric sleep disorders : therapist guide /
V. Mark Durand

RK521 .O784 2015eb
Orthodontically driven corticotomy : tissue engineering to enhance orthodontic and multidisciplinary treatment /
edited by Dr. Federico Brugnami, Dr. Alfonso Caiazzo

Cone beam computed tomography in orthodontics : indications, insights, and innovations /
[edited by] Sunil Kapila

RL321 .P767 2015eb
Psoriasis : diagnosis and management /
edited by Wolfram Sterry, Robert Sabat, Sandra Philipp ; contributors Frank Bachmann [and eighteen others]

RM214 .T66 1998eb
The gospel of germs : men, women, and the microbe in American life [electronic resource]
Nancy Tomes

Drug Discovery for the Treatment of Addiction : Medicinal Chemistry Strategies [electronic resource]

RM47.U6 W37 1986"@"RM47.U6
The therapeutic perspective : medical practice, knowledge, and identity in America, 1820-1885 [electronic resource]
John Harley Warner

RT51 .T39 2015
Taylor's clinical nursing skills : a nursing process approach /
Pamela Lynn

RT73 .D57 2015
DNP capstone projects : exemplars of excellence in practice /
Barbara A. Anderson, Joyce M. Knestrick, Rebeca Barroso, editors

RT81.5 .M235 2015
Understanding research for evidence-based practice
Cherie R. Rebar, Carolyn J. Gersch

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