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Items Acquired in September 2014 for the University Libraries

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T10.5 .P54 2014eb
Supercommunicator : explaining the complicated in a digital age /
Frank J. Pietrucha

T10.7 .I58 2014
Integrating information into the engineering design process
edited by Michael Fosmire and David Radcliffe

T11 .B78 2009
Handbook of technical writing
Gerald J. Alred, Charles T. Brusaw, Walter E. Oliu

T11 .L27 2012
Technical writing : a practical guide for engineers and scientists [electronic resource]
Phillip A. Laplante

T11 .V358 2008eb
Reporting results : a practical guide for engineers and scientists [electronic resource]
David C. Van Aken, William F. Hosford

Technology and rural change in Eastern India 1830-1980
Smritikumar Sarkar

Nano- and microtechnology from A-Z : from nanosystems to colloids and interfaces /
Laurier L. Schramm

T174.7 .H855 2014
Nanotechnology enviromental health and safety : risks, regulation, and management [electronic resource]
edited by Matthew S. Hull, Diana M. Bowman

T174.7 .L43 2014eb
Fundamental principles of engineering nanometrology
Richard Leach

T174.7 .N36 2013
Nanotechnology in eco-efficient construction [electronic resource]
edited by F. Pacheco-Torgal [and others]

T185 .C8 1941
Through engineering eyes : science selections from literature /
Allan R. Cullimore ; Re-edited by Frank A. Grammer and James H. Pitman

T211 .G678 2014
Consider a spherical patent : IP and patenting in technology business [electronic resource]
Joseph E. Gortych

Instant Prezi for education how-to : a fast-paced, practical guide to creating impressive presentations for your students and colleagues [electronic resource]
Domi Sinclair

Lumion 3D cookbook : revolutionize your Lumion skills with over 100 recipes to create stunning architectural visualizations [electronic resource]
Ciro Cardoso

3D modeling of buildings : outstanding sites /
Raphaële Héno, Laure Chandelier

T385 .A36 2014
Adobe Illustrator CS6. Basic

T385 .A36 2014
Adobe Illustrator CS6. Advanced

T385 .B355 2012
Graphics shaders : theory and practice [electronic resource]
Mike Bailey, Steve Cunningham

T385 .B674 2014
Computer graphics : from pixels to programmable graphics hardware [electronic resource]
Alexey Boreskov, Evgeniy Shikin

T385 .C6695 2012eb
OpenGL insights [electronic resource]
edited by Patrick Cozzi, Christophe Riccio

T385 .D875 2012
3D math primer for graphics and game development [electronic resource]
Fletcher Dunn, Ian Parberry

T385 .D89 2006
Advanced global illumination [electronic resource]
Philip Dutré, Kavita Bala, Philippe Bekaert

T385 .F6634 2003b
Real-time shader programming : covering DirectX 9.0 [electronic resource]
Ron Fosner

T385 .G34 2014
Practical Maya programming with Python : unleash the power of Python in Maya and unlock your creativity [electronic resource]
Robert Galanakis

T385 .G392 2010
Programming with Quartz : 2D and PDF graphics in Mac Os X [electronic resource]
David Gelphman, Bunny Laden

T385 .G567 2014
OpenGL ES 3.0 programming guide [electronic resource]
Dan Ginsburg, Budirijanto Purnomo ; with earlier contributions from Dave Shreiner, Aaftab Munshi

T385 .G664 2013
Design and implementation of 3D graphics systems [electronic resource]
Jonas Gomes, Luiz Velho, Mario Costa Sousa

T385 .G6885 2011
GPU Pro2 : advanced rendering techniques [electronic resource]
edited by Wolfgang Engel

T385 .G6887 2013eb
GPU Pro 4 : advanced rendering techniques [electronic resource]
edited by Wolfgang Engel

T385 .G8873 2014eb
GPU pro 5 : advanced rendering techniques /
edited by Wolfgang Engel

T385 .H3315 2002eb
Handbook of computer aided geometric design [electronic resource]
edited by Gerald Farin, Josef Hoschek, Myung-Soo Kim

T385 .I44 2014
Illustrator CS5. Basic

T385 .I44 2014
Illustrator CS5. Advanced

T385 .M53 2014
Microsoft Visio 2010. Basic

T385 .M53 2014
Microsoft Visio 2010. Intermediate

T385 .M53 2014
Microsoft Visio 2010. Advanced

T385 .M53 2014
Microsoft Visio 2007

T385 .P234 2014
Programming 3D applications with HTML5 and WebGL [electronic resource]
Tony Parisi

T385 .P37155 2007eb
Visualizing information with Microsoft Office Visio 2007 : smart diagrams for business users [electronic resource]
David J. Parker

T385 .S7965 2003eb
A field guide to digital color [electronic resource]
Maureen C. Stone

T385 .V37 2014
Real-time 3D rendering with DirectX and HLSL : a practical guide to graphics programming [electronic resource]
Paul Varcholik

T385 .W36 2013
Bring it home with CorelDRAW : a guide to in-house graphic design [electronic resource]
Roger Wambolt

T385 .Z567 2012
Practical rendering and computation with Direct3D 11 [electronic resource]
Jason Zink, Matt Pettineo, Jack Hoxley

T386.Z33 J65 2014
Getting Started in ZBrush : An Introduction to Digital Sculpting and Illustration [electronic resource]

T50 .N385 2012eb
Measuring shape [electronic resource]
F. Brent Neal, John C. Russ

Applied mathematics for science and engineering
Larry A. Glasgow, Department of Chemical Engineering, Kansas State University

T57.62 .M97 2012
Modelling and simulation of integrated systems in engineering : issues of methodology, quality, testing and application [electronic resource]
David J. Murray-Smith

T57.8 .L58 2014
Nonlinear control of dynamic networks
Tengfei Liu, Zhong-Ping Jiang, David J. Hill

T58.5 .B66 2014eb
Professional Issues in Information Technology : Second edition [electronic resource]

T58.5 .G75 2014
Service Offerings and Agreements : A guide for ITIL® exam candidates [electronic resource]
Richard Griffiths

T58.5 .L33 2014
Configuration management : expert guidance for IT service managers and practioners [electronic resource]
Shirley Lacy and David Norfolk

T58.5 .R35 2015
Introduction to information systems [electronic resource]
R. Kelly Rainer Jr., Brad Prince, Casey Cegielski

T58.5 .S26 2014
Operational Support and Analysis : A guide for ITIL® exam candidates [electronic resource]

T58.5 .T47 2011
Technology and knowledge flow : the power of networks [electronic resource]
edited by Guglielmo Trentin

T58.6 .B47 2014
Alfresco CMIS : everything you need to know to start coding integrations with a content management server such as Alfresco in a standard way [electronic resource]
Martin Bergljung

T58.6 .L447 2012eb
Managing complexity of information systems : the value of simplicity [electronic resource]
Pirmin Lemberger, Médéric Morel

T58.64 .B749 2014
Business relationship manager : careers in IT service management [electronic resource]
Ernest Brewster

T58.64 .H688 2012
IT release management : a hands-on guide [electronic resource]
Dave Howard

T58.64 .I54 2013
IT service management best practices [electronic resource] : using IBM SmartCloud control desk
Bo Batty ... [et al.]

T59.5 U64 2014
Mastering Puppet : pull the strings of Puppet to configure enterprise-grade environments for performance optimization [electronic resource]
Thomas Uphill

T65 .C345 2013
Cambridge handbook of engineering education research [electronic resource]
edited by Aditya Johri, Barbara M. Olds

T65 .N35 2012
Enhancing learning and teaching through student feedback in engineering [electronic resource]
edited by Chenicheri Sid Nair, Arun Patil and Patricie Mertova

TA1367.5 .M68 2014
Motion deblurring : algorithms and systems [electronic resource]
edited by A.N. Rajagopalan, Rama Chellappa

TA1505 .L315 2012eb
Laser growth and processing of photonic devices [electronic resource]
edited by Nikolaos A. Vainos

TA1530 .C67 2014
Computational nanotechnology using finite difference time domain [electronic resource]
edited by Sarhan M. Musa

TA1530 .O68 2014
Optics of aperiodic structures : fundamentals and device applications /
edited by Luca Dal Negro

TA1630 .S65 2013eb
Computer design of diffractive optics [electronic resource]
edited by V. A. Soifer

Computer vision metrics : survey, taxonomy, and analysis /
Scott Krig

TA1634 .I49 2012eb
Image processing and analysis with graphs : theory and practice [electronic resource]
edited by Olivier Lézoray, Leo Grady

TA1637 .A255 2014
Image encryption : a communication perspective /
Fathi E. Abd El-Samie, Hossam Eldin H. Ahmed, Ibrahim F. Elashry, Mai H. Shahieen, Osama S. Faragallah, El-Sayed M. El-Rabaie, Saleh A. Alshebeili

TA1637 .E94 2010
Adobe Photoshop CS5 for photographers : a professional image editor's guide to the creative use of Photoshop for the Macintosh and PC [electronic resource]
Martin Evening

TA1637 .H36 2005eb
Handbook of image and video processing [electronic resource]
[edited by] Al Bovik

TA1637 .T493 2006
Digital image processing : with application to digital cinema [electronic resource]
by K.S. Thyagarajan

Mathematical foundations of image processing and analysis. 2
Jean-Charles Pinoli

Lasers and electro-optics [electronic resource]
Christopher C. Davis

TA1675 .L334 2014
Laser and photonic systems : design and integration [electronic resource]
edited by Shimon Y. Nof, Andrew M. Weiner, Gary J. Cheng

TA168 .B28 2006eb
Applied optimization : formulation and algorithms for engineering systems [electronic resource]
Ross Baldick

TA168 .M795 2011
Systems architecting : a business perspective [electronic resource]
Gerrit Muller

TA168 .S97 2010
Systems of systems [electronic resource]
edited by Dominique Luzeaux, Jean-René Ruault

TA168.5 .D36 2014eb
Practical reverse engineering : x86, x64, ARM, Windows Kernel, reversing tools, and obfuscation /
Bruce Dang, Alexandre Gazet, Elias Bachaalany ; with contributions from Sébastien Josse

TA169 .K37 2014
Reliability engineering [electronic resource]
Kailash C. Kapur, Michael Pecht

TA174 .A386 2012eb
Advanced engineering design : an integrated approach [electronic resource]
Efrén Moreno.Benavides

TA174 .D96 2014
Engineering design : a project-based introduction [electronic resource]
Clive L. Dym, Patrick Little and Elizabeth J. Orwin

TA174 .J64 2014
Sustainability in engineering design : an undergraduate text [electronic resource]
Anthony Johnson, Andrew Gibson

TA174 .K455 2014
3D modeling and printing with TINKERCAD : create and print your own 3D models [electronic resource]
James Floyd Kelly

TA1800 .F534 2001
Fiber Saver (2029) implementation guide [electronic resource]
Bill White ... [et al.]

TA1800 .G64 2013
Fiber optic reference guide : a practical guide to communications technology [electronic resource]
by David R. Goff ; edited by Kimberly Hansen ; assistant editor, Michelle K. Stull

Risk analysis in engineering and economics
Bilal M. Ayyub

TA330 .T87 2014
Advanced engineering mathematics
Larry Turyn

TA345 .K58 2013eb
Numerical methods in engineering with Python 3 [electronic resource]
Jaan Kiusalaas

TA345.5.P37 P37 2014
Parallel science and engineering applications : the Charm++ approach [electronic resource]
edited by Laxmikant V. Kale, Abhinav Bhatele

The boundary element method for plate analysis [electronic resource]
by John T. Katsikadelis

TA347.D5 Y455 2014
Multi-label dimensionality reduction [electronic resource]
by Jieping Ye, Shuiwang Ji, Liang Sun

TA350 .A735 2006
Mechanics of solids and materials [electronic resource]
Robert J. Asaro, Vlado A. Lubarda

TA352 .R363 2006
Dynamics of particles and rigid bodies : a systematic approach [electronic resource]
Anil V. Rao

TA357.5.G47 M37 2014
Adhesive particle flow : a discrete-element approach [electronic resource]
Jeffery S. Marshall, Shuiqing Li

TA357.5.M43 .L367 2014
Fluid flow measurement : a practical guide to accurate flow measurement [electronic resource]
Paul J. Lanasa and E. Loy Upp

TA357.5.M84 .Y365 2014
Numerical simulation of multiphase reactors with continous liquid phase [electronic resource]
Chao Yang, Zai-Sha Mao

TA357.5.M84 Y36 2014
Numerical simulation of multiphase reactors with continuous liquid phase
Chao Yang and Zai-Sha Mao

TA403 .I384 2014
Materials science and engineering of carbon : fundamentals [electronic resource]
Michio Inagaki, Feiyu Kang

TA403.6 .T69 2012
Toxicity of building materials [electronic resource]
edited by F. Pacheco-Torgal, S. Jalali and A. Fucic

TA405 .M49 2009
Mechanical behavior of materials [electronic resource]
Marc André Meyers, Krishan Kumar Chawla

Sensor technologies for civil infrastructures. Volume 1, Sensing hardware and data collection methods for performance assessment [electronic resource]
edited by Ming L. Wang, Jerome P. Lynch, Hoon Sohn

Friction stir superplasticity for unitized structures
Zongyi Ma, Rajiv S., Mishra

TA418.7 .M378 2012
Materials and surface engineering : research and development [electronic resource]
edited by J. Paulo Davim

TA418.9.C6 B47 2013
Introduction to the network approximation method for materials modeling [electronic resource]
Leonid Berlyand, Alexander G. Kolpakov, Alexei Novikov

TA418.9.C6 G3913 2015
Composite materials : design and applications /
Daniel Gay

TA418.9.C6 H85 1996eb
An introduction to composite materials [electronic resource]
D. Hull and T.W. Clyne

TA418.9.C6 K5875 2003
Mechanics of composite structures [electronic resource]
László P. Kollár, George S. Springer

TA418.9.C6 R63 2012
Failure mechanisms in polymer matrix composites : criteria, testing and industrial applications [electronic resource]
edited by Paul Robinson, Emile Greenhalgh and Silvestre Pinho

TA418.9.F5 I58 2011eb
Interface engineering of natural fibre composites for maximum performance [electronic resource]
edited by Nikolas E. Zafeiropoulos

TA418.9.F5 K6 2014
Introduction to nanofiber materials [electronic resource]
Frank K. Ko, Yuqin Wan

Nanotechnologies for synthetic super non-wetting surfaces [electronic resource]
Vincent Senez, Vincent Thomy, Renaud Dufour

Molecular plasmonics [electronic resource]
Wolfgang Fritzsche and Marc Lamy de la Chapelle

TA418.9.N35 K486 2012
Nanosensors : physical, chemical, and biological [electronic resource]
Vinod Kumar Khanna

TA418.9.N35 P645 2011eb
Polymer-carbon nanotube composites : preparation, properties and applications [electronic resource]
edited by Tony McNally and Petra Pötschke

TA418.9.T45 E54 2010eb
Electromigration in thin films and electronic devices : materials and reliability [electronic resource]
edited by Choong-Un Kim

TA418.9.T45 I57 2011
In-situ characterization of thin film growth [electronic resource]
edited by Gertjan Koster and Guus Rijnders

TA439 .C535 2014
Transport properties of concrete : measurement and applications [electronic resource]
Peter A. Claisse

TA440 .O26 2015
Improving concrete quality
Karthikeyan H. Obla

The effect of temperature and other factors on plastics and elastomers
Laurence W. McKeen

TA455.P55 D484 2013
Developments in fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites for civil engineering [electronic resource]
[edited by] Nasim Uddin

TA455.P58 .F565 2014
High performance polymers [electronic resource]
Johannes Karl Fink

TA455.P58 A38 2012
Advances in polymer nanocomposites [electronic resource]
[edited by] Fengge Gao

TA455.P58 N35 2014
Photopolymers : photoresist materials, processes, and applications /
Kenichiro Nakamura

TA462 .B27 2014
Cathodic corrosion protection systems : a guide for oil and gas industries [electronic resource]
Alireza Bahadori

TA484 .S87 2010
Surface engineering of light alloys : aluminum, magnesium and titanium alloys [electronic resource]
Hanshan Dong, [editor]

TA50 .M39413 2007eb
Fundamentals of instrumentation and measurement [electronic resource]
edited by Dominique Placko

TA633 .S558 2013
Structural engineering for architects : a handbook [electronic resource]
Pete Silver, William McLean, Peter Evans

TA645 .A34 2014
Structural dynamic analysis with generalized damping models : analysis /
Sondipon Adhikari

TA660.F7 .W384 2014eb
Sensor technologies for civil infrastructures. Volume 2, Applications in structural health monitoring
edited by M.L. Wang, J.P. Lynch and H. Sohn

Save the Planet : 52 Brilliant Ideas for Rescuing Our World [electronic resource]

Methods of measuring environmental parameters
Yuriy Posudin, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine

TD353 .N34 2014
Nanotechnology applications for clean water : solutions for improving water quality [electronic resource]
edited by Anita Street...[et al.] ; foreword by George Gray

TD388.A1 W38 2014
Water : culture, politics, and management [electronic resource]
India International Centre ; introduction by Kapila Vatsyayan

Marine coastal and water pollutions : oil spill studies /
edited by Frédéric Muttin

TD430 .R39 2014
Low cost emergency water purification technologies : integrated water security series [electronic resource]
Chittaranjan Ray, Ravi Jain

Developments and innovation in carbon dioxide (Co2) capture and storage technology. Volume 2 : Carbon dioxide (Co2) storage and utilisation / [electronic resource] ;
Edited by M.Mercedes Maroto-Valer

TD890 .H49 2011eb
Indoor air quality : the latest sampling and analytical methods [electronic resource]
Kathleen Hess-Kosa

Advanced composites in bridge construction and repair [electronic resource]
edited by Yail. J. Kim

TH1421 .M63 2012
Modern earth buildings : materials, engineering, construction and applications [electronic resource]
edited by Matthew R. Hall, Rick Lindsay and Meror Krayenhoff

TH4860 .F754 2013
Innovative houses : concepts for sustainable living [electronic resource]
Avi Friedman

Sustainable masonry : stability and behavior of structures /
Thierry Ciblac, Jean-Claude Morel

TH7414 .P436 2014
Solar energy, photovoltaics, and domestic hot water : a technical and economic guide for project planners, builders, and property owners [electronic resource]
Russell H. Plante

TH880 .M384 2010
Materials for energy efficiency and thermal comfort in buildings [electronic resource]
[edited by] Matthew R. Hall

TH9119 .B43 2008eb
Becoming a firefighter

TH9157 .F57 2014
Firefighter practice test. 2

TH9157 .F57 2014
Firefighter practice test. 1

TH9445.C47 N65 2011
Handbook of fire and explosion protection engineering principles : for oil, gas, chemical and related facilities [electronic resource]
Dennis P. Nolan

Hydrodynamic bearings [electronic resource]
Dominique Bonneau, Aurelian Fatu, Dominique Souchet

Mixed lubrication in hydrodynamic bearings [electronic resource]
Dominique Bonneau, Aurelian Fatu, Dominique Souchet

Thermo-hydrodynamic lubrication in hydrodynamic bearings [electronic resource]
Dominique Bonneau, Aurelian Fatu, Dominique Souchet

Internal combustion engine bearings lubrication in hydrodynamic bearings [electronic resource]
Dominique Bonneau, Aurelian Fatu, Dominique Souchet

TJ1075 .T75 2011eb
Tribology for engineers : a practical guide [electronic resource]
edited by J. Paulo Davim

Developments in lubricant technology
S.P. Srivastava

TJ1185 .M2246 2013
Machining and machine-tools : research and development [electronic resource]
edited by J. Paulo Davim.

TJ1185 .M623 2011
Modern machining technology : a practical guide [electronic resource]
Guest editor J. Paulo Davim

TJ1185 .N242 2013
Controller design for industrial robots and machine tools : applications to manufacturing processes [electronic resource]
Fusaomi Nagata, Keigo Watanabe

Handbook of friction-vibration interactions [electronic resource]
edited by Gang Chen

TJ163.12 .M4224 2011eb
Mechatronics [electronic resource]
edited by J. Paulo Davim

TJ163.12 .M4285 2012
Mechatronics and manufacturing engineering : research and development [electronic resource]
edited by J. Paulo Davim

TJ163.2 .H353 2013eb v.2
Handbook of energy. Volume II, Chronologies, top ten lists, and word clouds
Cutler J. Cleveland, Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Christopher Morris, Morris Books, Escondido, California, USA [editors]

TJ163.3 .H36 2013
Handbook of process integration : minimisation of energy and water use, waste and emissions /
edited by Jiří Klemeš

TJ164 .A383 2010
Advanced power plant materials, design and technology [electronic resource]
edited by D. Roddy

TJ164 .P655 2011eb
Power plant life management and performance improvement [electronic resource]
e dited by John E. Oakey

TJ177 .S56 2010eb
Vibration of mechanical systems [electronic resource]
Alok Sinha

Beginning LEGO Mindstorms EV3
Mark Rollins

TJ211 .K355 2014
Practical robot design : game playing robots [electronic resource]
Jagannathan Kanniah, M. Fikret Ercan, Carlos A. Acosta Calderon

TJ211 .V355 2014
The Lego Mindstorms EV3 discovery book : a beginner's guide to building and programming robots [electronic resource]
Laurens Valk

TJ211.15 .S25 2015
Robot building for teens [electronic resource]
Behnam Salemi

TJ214.5 .H54 2011
High-speed precision motion control [electronic resource]
edited by Takashi Yamaguchi, Mitsuo Hirata, Chee Khiang Pang

TJ216 .C62 2010eb
Co-design approaches for dependable networked control systems [electronic resource]
edited by Christophe Aubrun, Daniel Simon, Ye-Qiong Song

TJ216 .L865 2012
Classical feedback control : with MATLAB and Simulink [electronic resource]
Boris J. Lurie and Paul J. Enright

Disturbance observer-based control : methods and applications /
Shihua Li, Jun Yang, Wen-Hua Chen, Xisong Chen

Internet of things with the Arduino Yún : projects to help you build a world of smarter things [electronic resource]
Marco Schwartz

TJ223.P76 .S65 2013
PIC projects and applications using C : a project-based approach [electronic resource]
by David W Smith

TJ223.P76 I268 2014
PIC microcontroller projects in C : basic to advanced [electronic resource]
Dogan Ibrahim

TJ223.P76 I59 2012
PIC projects for non-programmers [electronic resource]
John Iovine

TJ223.P76 S39 2014
Arduino home automation projects : automate your home using the powerful Arduino platform [electronic resource]
Marco Schwartz

TJ223.P76 W55 2014
Make : basic Arduino projects : 26 experiments with microcontrollers and electronics [electronic resource]
Don Wilcher

Advances in wind turbine blade design and materials [electronic resource]
edited by Povl Brǫndsted, Rogier P.L. Nijssen

Renewable energy system design
Ziyad Salameh

TJ808 .F858 2012
Functional materials for sustainable energy applications [electronic resource]
edited by John Kilner ... [et al.]

TJ808 .J66 2014
Renewable energy integration : practical management of variability, uncertainty and flexibility in power grids [electronic resource]
Lawrence E. Jones, [editor]

TJ808 .L86 2010
Renewable energy systems : the choice and modeling of 100% renewable solutions [electronic resource]
Henrik Lund

TJ808 .L86 2014
Renewable energy systems : a smart energy systems approach to the choice and modeling of 100% renewable solutions [electronic resource]
Henrik Lund

TJ820 .E44 2013
Electrical drives for direct drive renewable energy systems [electronic resource]
edited by Markus Mueller and Henk Polinder

TK1001 .B744 2014
Power generation technologies [electronic resource]
by Paul Breeze

TK1001 .D384 2014
Advanced power generation systems [electronic resource]
by Ibrahim Dincer and Calin Zamfirescu

TK1001 .E424 2012
Electric power systems : advanced forecasting techniques and optimal generation scheduling [electronic resource]
edited by João P.S. Catalão

TK1005 .B48 2011eb
Intelligent automatic generation control [electronic resource]
Hassan Bevrani, Takashi Hiyama

TK1005 .D374 2012
Power system analysis : short-circuit load flow and harmonics [electronic resource]
J.C. Das

TK1005 .G688 2014
Green power : perspectives on sustainable electricity generation [electronic resource]
edited by João Neiva de Figueiredo, Mauro F. Guillén

Power system small signal stability analysis and control [electronic resource]
Debasish Mondal, Abhijit Chakrabarti, Aparajita Sengupta

TK1041 .S63 2011
Small and micro combined heat and power (CHP) systems : advanced design, performance, materials and applications [electronic resource]
edited by Robert Beith

TK1051 .C635 2014
Coal power plant materials and life assessment : developments and applications [electronic resource]
edited by Ahmed Shibli

TK1076 .C655 2012
Combined cycle systems for near-zero emission power generation [electronic resource]
edited by Ashok D. Rao

TK1087 .B345 2013
Introduction to photovoltaic system design [electronic resource]
John Balfour, Michael Shaw, Nicole Bremer Nash

TK1191 .B354 2012
Electrical calculations and guidelines for generating stations and industrial plants [electronic resource]
Thomas E. Baker

TK152 .C218 2014
Electricity for the entertainment electrician & technician [electronic resource]
Richard Cadena

TK152 .E57 2014
Electric safety : practice and standards [electronic resource]
Mohamed El-Sharkawi

TK153 .K8 2000eb
High voltage engineering : fundamentals [electronic resource]
E. Kuffel, W.S. Zaengl, J. Kuffel

Offshore wind : a comprehensive guide to successful offshore wind farm installation [electronic resource]
Kurt Thomsen

TK1541 .A43 2012eb
Wind energy systems : solutions for power quality and stabilization [electronic resource]
Mohd. Hasan Ali

TK169 .D67 2014
Ten essential skills for electrical engineers
Barry L. Dorr

TK2211 .T8613 2014
Engineering electrodynamics : electric machine, transformer, and power equipment design [electronic resource]
Janusz Turowski, Marek Turowski

TK2435 .L43 2010eb
Rotating electrical machines [electronic resource]
René Le Doeuff, Mohamed El Hadi Zaïm

TK2537 .B65 2013eb
Linear electric machines, drives, and MAGLEVs handbook [electronic resource]
Ion Boldea

TK2821 .E34 2014
Electrical contacts : principles and applications [electronic resource]
edited by Paul G. Slade

TK2861 .B533 2014
Protective relaying : principles and applications [electronic resource]
J. Lewis Blackburn, Thomas J. Domin

TK2945.L58 L555 2012
Lithium-ion batteries : advanced materials and technologies [electronic resource]
edited by Xianxia Yuan, Hansan Liu, and Jiujun Zhang

TK3001 .E64 2013eb
Electricity transmission, distribution and storage systems
by Ziad Melhem

TK3001 .G58 2014
Electric power distribution engineering [electronic resource]
Turan Gönen

TK3001 .K423 2012
Distribution system modeling and analysis [electronic resource]
William H. Kersting

TK3001 .S467 2014
Electric power distribution handbook [electronic resource]
T.A. Short

TK3105 .S542 2014
Smart grids : clouds, communications, open source, and automation [electronic resource]
editied by David Bakken ; managing editor Krzysztof Iniewski

TK3144 .R495 2014
High voltage engineering [electronic resource]
Farouk A.M. Rizk, Giao N. Trinh

TK3351 .E458 2012
Electrical power cable engineering [electronic resource]
edited by William Thue

TK4058 .M5783 2014
Advanced electric drives : analysis, control, and modeling using MATLAB/Simulink /
Ned Mohan

TK454.15.D57 D37 2012
DC power supplies power management and surge protection for power electronic systems [electronic resource]
Nihal Kularatna. [editor]

TK454.4.E5 S34 2012eb
Numerical analysis in electromagnetics : the TLM method [electronic resource]
Pierre Saguet

TK5101 .B184 2005
Quantum computing for communications : an engineering approach [electronic reasource]
Sándor Imre and Ferenc Balázs

TK5102.5 .D67 2014eb
RabbitMQ essentials : hop straight into developing your own messaging applications by learning how to utilize RabbitMQ /
David Dossot

TK5102.5 .M296 2011
Mathematical foundations for signal processing, communications, and networking [electronic resource]
edited by Erchin Serpedin, Thomas Chen, Dinesh Rajan

TK5102.85 .C36 2011eb
Mobile device security for dummies [electronic resource]
by Rich Campagna, Sibbu Iyer and Ashwin Krishnan ; foreword by Mark Bauhaus

TK5102.85 .I57 2014
Intrusion detection in wireless ad-hoc networks [electronic resource]
edited by Nabendu Chaki, Rituparna Chaki

TK5102.85 .L83 2006eb
PGP & GPG : email for the practical paranoid [electronic resource]
by Michael W. Lucas

Introduction to audio analysis : a MATLAB® approach [electronic resource]
Theodoros Giannakopoulos, Aggelos Pikrakis

Digital signal and image processing using MATLAB. Volume 1, Fundamentals
Gérard Blanchet, Maurice Charbit

TK5102.9 .A447 2014
Signals and systems : a MATLAB integrated approach [electronic resource]
Oktay Alkin

TK5102.9 .B465 2010eb
Discrete stochastic processes and optimal filtering [electronic resource]
Jean-Claude Bertein, Roger Ceschi

TK5102.9 .B76 2009
Digital signal processing [electronic resource]
James D. Broesch

TK5102.9 .C436 2014
Chaotic signals in digital communications [electronic resource]
Marcio Eisencraft, Romis Attux, Ricardo Suyama, [editors]

TK5102.9 .L38 2014
Essentials of digital signal processing [electronic resource]
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The essential guide to digital signal processing [electronic resource]
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Introduction to digital signal processing : essential electronics [electronic resource]
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Detection and estimation for communication and radar systems [electronic resource]
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Wireless optical communications [electronic resource]
Olivier Bouchet ; series editor Pierre-Noël Favennec

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Stochastic modeling and analysis of telecom networks [electronic resource]
Laurent Decreusefond, Pascal Moyal ; series editor Nikolaos Limnios

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Wireless communications [electronic resource]
Andrea Goldsmith

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Green mobile devices and networks : energy optimization and scavenging techniques [electronic resource]
Hrishikesh Venkataraman and Gabriel-Miro Muntean, editors

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Handbook of MEMS for wireless and mobile applications [electronic resource]
Deepak Uttamchandani, [editor]

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An introduction to wireless technology [electronic resource]
Derek E. Jones

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Real-time communication with WebRTC [electronic resource]
Salvatore Loreto, Simon Pietro Romano

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Mobile opportunistic networks : architectures, protocols and applications [electronic resource]
edited by Mieso K. Denko

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Analytical modeling of heterogeneous cellular networks : geometry, coverage, and capacity /
Sayandev Mukherjee, DoCoMo Innovations Inc, Palo Alto, California

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Near Field Communications handbook [electronic resource]
edited by Syed A. Ahson and Mohammed Ilyas

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Mobile networks architecture [electronic resource]
André Perez

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Physical layer security in wireless communications [electronic resource]
edited by Xiangyun Zhou, Lingyang Song, Yan Zhang

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Mobile wireless communications [electronic resource]
Mischa Schwartz

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Fundamentals of wireless communication [electronic resource]
David Tse and Pramod Viswanath

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Getting started with Bluetooth low energy [electronic resource]
Kevin Townsend ... [et al.]

WCDMA design handbook
Andrew Richardson

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Radio engineering : from software to cognitive radio [electronic resource]
edited by Jacques Palicot

TK5103.4836 .C49 2014
Large MIMO systems [electronic resource]
A. Chockalingam, B. Sundar Rajan

TK5103.4836 .H36 2013eb
Introduction to MIMO communications
by Jerry R. Hampton

TK5103.4836 .S43 2014
Printed mimo antenna engineering
Mohammad S. Sharawi

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Digital asset management : content architectures, project management, and creating order out of media chaos /
Elizabeth Ferguson Keathley

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TV white space spectrum technologies : regulations, standards, and applications [electronic resource]
edited by Rashid A. Saeed and Stephen J. Shellhammer

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Security for multihop wireless networks [electronic resource]
[edited by], Shafiullah Khan and Jaime Lloret Mauri

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Network technology for digital audio [electronic resource]
Andy Bailey

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Digital communication systems [electronic resource]
Simon Haykin

Foundations of Data Exchange [electronic resource]
Marcelo Arenas ... [et al.]

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Telecommunication networks [electronic resource]
Eugenio Iannone

TK5105.386 .I26 2014
IBM InfoSphere streams : accelerating deployments with analytic accelerators [electronic resource]
Chuck Ballard ... [et al.]

TK5105.5 .C666
Connecting networks companion guide [electronic resource]
Cissco networking academy

TK5105.5 .E64 2014
Enhanced networking on IBM z/VSE [electronic resource]
Joerg Schmidbauer

TK5105.5 .H663 2014
Using TRILL, FabricPath, and VXLAN [electronic resource]
Sanjay K. Hooda, Shyam Kapadia, Padmanabhan Krishnan

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Design of modern communication networks : methods and applications [electronic resource]
Christofer Larsson

TK5105.5 .M53 2014
Microsoft system center : building a virtualized network solution [electronic resource]
Nigel Cain ... [et al.]

TK5105.5 .N489 2014
Networking bibliography [electronic resource]
Safari Content Team

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IP, Ethernet, and MPLS networks : resource and fault management [electronic resource]
Andŕe Perez

TK5105.5 .U85 2014
Using one-on-one communications

TK5105.5 .W38 2013
IBM PureFlex System and IBM Flex System products and technology [electronic resource]
David Watts, Randall Davis, Dave Ridley

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The art of network architecture [electronic resource]
Russ White, Denise Donohue

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CCNA routing and switching practice and study guide : exercises, activities, and scenarios to prepare for the ICND2 (200-101) certification exam [electronic resource]
Allan Johnson

TK5105.543 .L36 2014
CCNA routing and switching review guide [electronic resource]
Todd Lammle

TK5105.543 .R869 2014
Routing and switching essentials companion guide [electronic resource]
Cisco Networking Academy

TK5105.546 .S9713 2010eb
Communicating embedded systems : network applications [electronic resource]
edited by Francine Krief

TK5105.548 .S335 2014
Scaling networks : companion guide [electronic resource]
Cisco Networking Academy

TK5105.5485 .K63 2014
Learning Nagios 4 : learn how to set up Nagios 4 in order to monitor your systems efficiently [electronic resource]
Wojciech Kocjan

TK5105.55 .G37 2011eb
Communicating systems with UML 2 : modeling and analysis of network protocols [electronic resource]
David Garduno Barrera, Michel Diaz

TK5105.55 .R47 2014
Responsive mobile user experience using MQTT and IBM MessageSight [electronic resource]
Whei-Jen Chen ... [et al.]

TK5105.55 .R688 2014
Routing protocols companion guide [electronic resource]

TK5105.55 .S948 2014
Switched networks companion guide [electronic resource]
Cisco Networking Academy

Versatile Routing and Services with BGP : Understanding and Implementing BGP in SR-OS [electronic resource]

TK5105.58 .O734 2014
OSA-express implementation guide [electronic resource]
Mike Ebbers... [et al.]

TK5105.5828 .S63 2013
SOA policy, service gateway, and SLA management [electronic resource]
Robert Barron ... [et al.]

TK5105.5833 .G67 2014
Software defined networks : a comprehensive approach [electronic resource]
Paul Göransson, Chuck Black ; foreward by Matt Davy

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TCP/IP analysis and troubleshooting toolkit [electronic resource]
Kevin Burns

TK5105.585 .E334 2014
IBM HiperSockets implementation guide [electronic resource]
Mike Ebbers, Micky Reichenberg, Alexandra Winter

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IPv6 essentials [electronic resource]
Silvia Hagen

TK5105.585 .L537 2009eb
IPv6 socket API extensions : programmer's guide [electronic resource]
Qing Li, Tatuya Jinmei, Keiichi Shima

TK5105.585 .O56 2014
Learning Karaf Cellar [electronic resource]
Jean-Baptiste Onofré

Building virtual pentesting labs for advanced penetration testing : build intricate virtual architecture to practice any penetration testing technique virtually [electronic resource]
Kevin Cardwell

TK5105.59 .C373 2014
Computer forensics with FTK : enhance your computer forensics knowledge through illustrations, tips, tricks, and practical real-world scenarios [electronic resource]
Fernando Carbone

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Check Point VPN-1/FireWall-1 on AIX : a cookbook for stand-alone and high availability solutions [electronic resource]
Axel Buecker ... [et al.]

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Network security through data analysis : building situational awareness [electronic resource]
Michael Collins

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Developer's guide to web application security [electronic resource]
Michael Cross

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Information security governance simplified : from the boardroom to the keyboard [electronic resource]
Todd Fitzgerald

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Cisco ASA : all-in-one next-generation firewall, IPS, and VPN services [electronic resource]
Jazib Frahim, Omar Santos, Andrew Ossipov

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Security program and policies : principles and practices [electronic resource]
Sari Stern Greene

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Hack proofing your network [electronic resource]
David R. Mirza Ahmad [and others] ; Ryan Russell, technical editor

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Handbook of information security Volume 2, Information warfare ; social, legal, and international issues ; and security foundations [electronic resource]
Hossein Bidgoli, editor-in-chief

TK5105.59 .H353 2006eb
Handbook of information security. Volume 3, Threats, vulnerabilities, prevention, detection, and management [electronic resource]
Hossein Bidgoli, editor-in-chief

TK5105.59 .I368 2014
IBM Tivoli storage productivity center for replication for System z [electronic resource]
Mary Lovelace ... [et al.]

TK5105.59 .M343 2014
Penetration testing with the Bash shell : make the most of the Bash shell and Kali Linux's command-line-based security assessment tools [electronic resource]
Keith Makan

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Managing trust in cyberspace [electronic resource]
edited by Sabu M. Thampi, Bharat Bhargava, Pradeep K. Atrey

TK5105.59 .M69 2014eb
Cybersecurity : managing systems, conducting testing, and investigating intrusions [electronic resource]
Thomas J. Mowbray ; technical editor, Rob Shimonski

TK5105.59 .O95 2013
Security risks in social media technologies : safe practices in public service applications [electronic resource]
Alan Oxley

TK5105.59 .S268 2014eb
Applied Network Security Monitoring : Collection, Detection, and Analysis [electronic resource]

TK5105.59 .S5233 2014eb
Anti-hacker tool kit

TK5105.59 .S66 2014
Targeted cyber attacks : multi-staged attacks driven by exploits and malware [electronic resource]
Aditya K. Sood, Richard Enbody ; technical editor Peter Loshin

TK5105.5956 .E936 2010
Deploying IP and MPLS QOS for multiservice networks : theory and practice [electronic resource]
John Evans, Clarence Filsfils

TK5105.5956 .S23 2013eb
Scalable computing and communications : theory and practice [electronic resource]
edited by Samee U. Khan, Albert Y. Zomaya, Lizhe Wang

Getting started with XenDesktop 7.x : deliver desktops and applications to your end users, anywhere, anytime, with XenDesktop 7.x [electronic resource]
Craig Thomas Ellrod

TK5105.597 .E57 2014
RESTful Java web services security : secure your RESTful applications against common vulnerabilities [electronic resource]
René Enríquez, Andrés Salazar C

TK5105.597 .I675 2014
Implementing Citrix XenDesktop on IBM Flex System [electronic resource]
Ilya Krutov ... [et al.]

TK5105.73 .F744 1996
NaviQuest demonstration and hands-on usage guide [electronic resource]
Dale Freeman

TK5105.73 .M683 2014
Microsoft exchange server 2013 high availability : design a highly available Exchange 2013 messaging enviroment using real-world examples [electronic resource]
Nuno Mota

TK5105.73 .O67 2014
Secure Messaging on the Internet
Rolf Oppliger

TK5105.75 .R46 2011
Home Area Networks and IPTV [electronic resource]

TK5105.77 .O67 2015
Opportunistic mobile social networks
edited by Jie Wu and Yunsheng Wang

Take Control of Your Apple Wi-Fi Network : covers 802.11ac and 802.11n /
by Glenn Fleishman

TK5105.78 .F37 2008eb
ZigBee wireless networks and transceivers [electronic resource]
Shahin Farahani

TK5105.78 .S27 2014
Improving the performance of wireless LANs : a practical guide [electronic resource]
Nurul Sarkar

TK5105.78 .Z543 2014
ZigBee® network protocols and applications [electronic resource]
edited by Chonggang Wang, Tao Jiang, Qian Zhang

TK5105.8.C57 .L366 2014
Todd Lammle's CCNA/CCENT IOS Commands survival guide [electronic resource]
Todd Lammle

TK5105.8.E83 M36 2013
Power over ethernet interoperability [electronic resource]
Sanjaya Maniktala

TK5105.8.E83 S68 2014
Ethernet : the definitive guide [electronic resource]
Charles E. Spurgeon, Joann Zimmerman

TK5105.86 .I26 2012
IBM System Storage DS8000 architecture and implementation [electronic resource]
Axel Westphal ... [et al.]

TK5105.86 .I265 2013eb
IBM SAN and SVC stretched cluster and VMware solution implementation [electronic resource]
Angelo Bernasconi ... [et al.]

TK5105.86 .I675 2012
Implementing the IBM storwize V7000 V6.3 [electronic resource]
Jon Tate... [et al.]

TK5105.86 .I675 2013
Implementing the IBM Storwize V3700 [electronic resource]
Jon Tate ... [et al.]

TK5105.86 .S76 2014
Storage and network convergence using FCoE and iSCSI [electronic resource]
Sangam Racherla ... [et al.]

TK5105.86 .S97 2014
System z end-to-end extended distance guide [electronic resource]
Frank Kyne ... [et al.]

TK5105.87 .M37 1999
Designing wide area networks and internetworks : a practical guide [electronic resource]
J. Scott Marcus

Chinese cybersecurity and cyberdefense [electronic resource]
edited by Daniel Ventre

TK5105.875.I57 .U53 2014
Using web tools

TK5105.875.I57 S87 2014
Surfing the Internet

TK5105.875.I57 W43 2014
What is the Internet?

TK5105.875.I6 .O366 2014
SharePoint 2013 field guide : advice from the consulting trenches unleashed [electronic resource]
Errin O'Connor

TK5105.875.I6 M537 2014
Microsoft SharePoint 2013 administration inside out [electronic resource]
Randy Williams ... [et al.]

TK5105.878 .E43 2014
Email etiquette

TK5105.884 .G73 2014
Solr in action [electronic resource]
Trey Grainger, Timothy Potter ; foreword by Yonik Seeley

TK5105.884 .M64 2014
Apache Solr high performance : boost the performance of Solr instances and troubleshoot real-time problems [electronic resource]
Surendra Mohan

TK5105.884 .V55 2014
Scaling Apache Solr : optimize your searches using high-performance enterprise search repositories with Apache Solr [electronic resource]
Hrishikesh Vijay Karambelkar

TK5105.885.G66 .B769 2013
Google Drive & Docs in 30 minutes : the unofficial guide to Google's free online office and storage suite [electronic resource]
by Ian Lamont

TK5105.885.G66 F477 2014
Google Apps Script [electronic resource]
James Ferreira

TK5105.885.G66 G865 2014
My Google Apps [electronic resource]
Sherry Kinkoph Gunter, Patrice-Anne Rutledge

TK5105.8865 .I65 2012
IP telephony interconnection reference : challenges, models, and engineering [electronic resource]
Mohamed Boucadair ... [et al.]

TK5105.8865 .P67 2011
How to cheat at VoIP security [electronic resource]
Thomas Porter, Michael Gough

TK5105.887 .A554 2014
Take control of podcasting on the MAC [electronic resource]
by Andy Affleck

Mastering grunt : master this powerful build automation tool to streamline your application development [electronic resource]
Daniel Li

UX five-second rules : guidelines for user experience design's simplest testing technique [electronic resource]
Paul Doncaster

Pro single page application development : using Backbone.js and ASP.NET /
Gil Fink, Ido Flatow

JavaServer Faces 2.0 : essential guides for developers /
Deepak Vohra

TK5105.888 .B435 2014
The principles of beautiful web design [electronic resource]
by Jason Beaird & James George

TK5105.888 .C63 2014
Bootstrap site blueprints : design mobile-first responsive websites with Bootstrap 3 [electronic resource]
David Cochran, Ian Whitley

TK5105.888 .C665 2014
Data push apps with HTML5 SSE [electronic resource]
Darren Cook

TK5105.888 .E334 2015
Professional web design : techniques and templates [electronic resource]
Clint Eccher

TK5105.888 .E684 2014
Enterprise web development [electronic resource]
Yakov Fain ... [et al.]

TK5105.888 .F754 2014
PhantomJS cookbook : over 70 recipes to help boost the productivity of your applications using real-world testing with PhantomJS [electronic resource]
Rob Friesel

TK5105.888 .J637 2014eb
Less web development essentials : use CSS preprocessing to streamline the development and maintenance of your web applications /
Bass Jobsen ; cover image by Faiz J. Fattohi

TK5105.888 .K375 2015
Developing mobile websites with HTML5 [electronic resource]
David Karlins

TK5105.888 .K376 2014
Webmin administrator's cookbook : over 100 recipes to leverage the features of Webmin and master the art of administering your web or database servers [electronic resource]
Michał Karzyński

TK5105.888 .L43 2014
Grails in action [electronic resource]
by Peter Ledbrook, Glen Smith

TK5105.888 .M544 2014
Bridging UX and web development : better results through team integration [electronic resource]
Jack Moffett

TK5105.888 .N496 2014
Learning PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS & HTML5 [electronic resource]
Robin Nixon

TK5105.888 .N57 2014
Extending Bootstrap : understand Bootstrap and unlock its secrets to build a truly customized project! [electronic resource]
Christoffer Niska

TK5105.888 .O8 2011eb
Web design with HTML and CSS : digital classroom [electronic resource]
Jeremy Osborn, Jennifer Smith, and the AGI Training Team

TK5105.888 .P483 2014
Learning responsive web design : a beginner's guide [electronic resource]
Clarissa Peterson

TK5105.888 .P67 2014
Learning AngularJS for .NET Developers : build single-page web applications using frameworks that help you work efficiently and deliver great results [electronic resource]
Alex Pop

TK5105.888 .P985 2014
Learning web application development [electronic resource]
Semmy Purewal

TK5105.888 .R346 2014
Jump start Bootstrap : get up to speed with Bootstrap in a weekend [electronic resource]
by Syed Fazle Rahman

TK5105.888 .S47 2013
Server time protocol implementation guide [electronic resource]
Octavian Lascu ... [et al.]

TK5105.888 .S757 2014
Building a web application with PHP and MariaDB : a reference guide : build fast, secure, and interactive web applications using this comprehensive guide [electronic resource]
Sai Srinivas Sriparasa

TK5105.888 .S765 2014
WildFly: new features : get acquainted with the exciting new features that WildFly has to offer [electronic resource]
Filippe Costa Spolti

TK5105.888 .U634 2001
Understanding IBM e-server pSeries performance and sizing [electronic resource]
Nigel Trickett ... [et al.]

TK5105.888 .W3624 2014eb
Social media design for dummies [electronic resource]

TK5105.88813 .B436 2010eb
SOA and Web services interface design : principles, techniques, and standards [electronic resource]
James Bean

Towards a semantic web : connecting knowledge in academic research [electronic resource]
Bill Cope, Mary Kalantzis, Liam Magee

TK5105.88815 .T594 2014
Secure data provenance and inference control with semantic web
Bhavani Thuraisingham [and three others]

TK5105.88817 .J33 2010
Web 2.0 knowledge technologies and the enterprise : smarter, lighter and cheaper [electronic resource]
Paul Jackson

TK5105.8884 .L876 2014eb
Blogging for dummies
Amy Lupold Bair, Susannah Gardner

TK5105.8884 .W48 2014
Bloggers boot camp : learning how to build, write, and run a successful blog /
Charlie White and John Biggs

TK5105.8885.A355 W663 2014
Adobe Muse CC 2014 release classroom in a book : the official training workbook from Adobe [electronic resource]
B̄ē Črtomir Just [cover image], Brian Wood [author]

TK5105.8885.A52 K86 2014
Developing responsive web applications with AJAX and jQuery : design and develop your very own responsive web applications using Java, jQuery, and AJAX [electronic resource]
Sandeep Kumar Patel

Getting started with Django : develop simple web applications with the powerful Django framework [electronic resource]
Samuel Dauzon

TK5105.8885.D78 C75 2014
Responsive theming for Drupal [electronic resource]
Mike Crittenden

TK5105.8885.J86 .T876 2015
Joomla! 3 boot camp : 30-minute lessons to Joomla! 3 mastery [electronic resource]
Robin Turner, Herb Boeckenhaupt

TK5105.8885.J86 S48 2014
Using Joomla [electronic resource]
Ron Severdia, Jennifer Gress

TK5105.8885.J86 T54 2014
Joomla! 3 beginner's guide [electronic resource]
Eric Tiggeler

TK5105.8885.M543 M53 2014
Microsoft SharePoint 2007. Basic

TK5105.8885.M543 M53 2014
Microsoft Sharepoint 2007. Intermediate

TK5105.8885.M543 M53 2014
Microsoft Sharepoint 2007. Advanced

TK5105.8885.M543 S53 2014
SharePoint Designer 2010. Basic

TK5105.8885.M543 S53 2014
SharePoint Designer 2010. Advanced

TK5105.8885.M57 G37 2014
ReSharper essentials : make your Microsoft Visual studio work smarter with ReSharper [electronic resource]
Łukasz Gąsior

TK5105.8885.M57 M378 2014
Visual Studio 2013 cookbook : over 50 simple but incredibly effective recipes to get you up and running with the powerful features of Visual Studio 2013 [electronic resource]
Jeff Martin, Richard Banks

TK5105.8885.M57 S335 2014
Python tools for Visual Studio : leverage the power of the Visual Studio IDE to develop better and more efficient Python projects [electronic resource]
Matino Sabia, Cathy Wang

TK5105.8885.O75 A537 2014
Oracle weblogic server 12c administration handbook [electronic resource]
Sam R. Alapati

TK5105.8885.W43 I26 2013
IBM WebSphere MQ V7.1 and V7.5 features and enhancements [electronic resource]
Cezar Aranha ... [et al.]

TK5105.8885.W43 I359 2001
IBM WebSphere Commerce Suite V4.1 for OS/390 : first steps [electronic resource]
Amrehn, Erich ... [et al.]

TK5105.8885.W43 M634 2014
Modern Web development with IBM WebSphere [electronic resource]
Kyle Brown ... [et al.]

TK5105.8885.W43 W368 2001
WCS v5.1 performance tuning [electronic resource]
Daesung Chung ... [et al.]

WordPress for dummies [electronic resource]
by Lisa Sabin-Wilson ; foreword by Matt Mullenweg

TK5105.8885.W66 A855 2014
WordPress SEO success : search engine optimization for your WordPress website or blog [electronic resource]
Jacob Aull

TK5105.8885.W66 H87 2014
WordPress [electronic resource]
Tris Hussey

TK5105.8885.W66 M36 2014
WordPress : the missing manual [electronic resource]
Matthew MacDonald

TK5981 .C384 2014eb
Academic press library in signal processing. Volume 5, image and video compression and multimedia [electronic resource]
David R. Bull ... [et al.], editors

TK5982 .U487 2012
Ultrasonic transducers : materials and design for sensors, actuators and medical applications [electronic resource]
edited by K. Nakamura

TK6383 .S44 2014
Wiretapping and electronic surveillance in America, 1862-1920
Kerry Segrave

TK6553 .K27 2012eb
Microwave propagation and remote sensing : atmospheric influences with models and applications [electronic resource]
Pranab Kumar Karmakar

TK6557.5 .S28 2013
Audio production worktext : concepts, techniques, and equipment [electronic resource]
Samuel J. Sauls, Craig A. Stark

TK6560 .R885 1999
The electronics of radio [electronic resource]
David B. Rutledge ; illustrations by Dale Yee

TK6561 .P59 2014
A broadcast engineering tutorial for non-engineers
Skip Pizzi, Graham A. Jones

TK6565.D5 P48 2014
GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou for mobile devices : from instant to precise positioning [electronic resource]
Ivan G. Petrovski

Galaxy S5 : the missing manual /
Preston Gralla

TK6570.M6 .B66 2014eb
Learning objective-C by developing iPhone games : leverage Xcode and objective-C to develop iPhone games /
Amy M. Booker, Joseph D. Walters ; cover image by Joseph D. Walters

TK6570.N43 I364 2014
Beginning NFC : near field communication with Arduino, Android, and PhoneGap [electronic resource]
Tom Igoe, Don Coleman & Brian Jepson

TK6575 .C43 2014eb
Small and short range radar systems
Gregory L. Charvat

TK6585 .S27 2014
Highly integrated low-power radars
Sergio Saponara [and four others]

TK6592.T48 C66 2014
Compressive sensing for urban radar
edited by Moeness Amin

TK6630 .H36 2013eb
Samsung SmartTV application development
Handstudio Co., Ltd ; Forewords by Hyogun Lee, R&D Office Leader, Senior Vice President of Visual Display Division, Samsung Electronics & Joonhee Ahn, Handstudio CEO

TK6680.3 .B33 2015
Background modeling and foreground detection for video surveillance
edited by Thierry Bouwmans, Fatih Porikli, Benjamin Höferlin, Antoine Vacavant

TK6680.3 .C37 2014
Digital video surveillance and security [electronic resource]
Anthony C. Caputo

TK6680.5 .B69 2014
Final Cut Pro X 10.1 : professional post-production [electronic resource]
Brendan Boykin

TK6680.5 .W64 2014
Final Cut Pro X beyond the basics : advanced techniques for editors /
Tom Wolsky

3D video : from capture to diffusion /
edited by Laurent Lucas, Céline Loscos, Yannick Remion

TK6680.8.A66 C568 2014
Take control of Apple TV : watch movies & TV listen to music display photos give presentations play games [electronic resource]
by Josh Centers

TK6681 .L644 2014
Vintage game consoles : an inside look at Apple, Atari, Commodore, Nintendo, and the greatest gaming platforms of all time [electronic resource]
Bill Loguidice and Matt Barton

TK6681 .L668 2014
My Xbox one [electronic resource]
Bill Loguidice, Christina T. Loguidice

TK7816 .M53 2002
Electronics the easy way
Rex Miller, Mark R. Miller

TK7819 .D545 2014
Digital maker bibliography [electronic resource]
Safari Content Team

TK7867 .S24 2014
Principles of analog electronics [electronic resource]
Giovanni Saggio

TK7868.S9 O68 2010eb
Optical switches : materials and design [electronic resource]
edited by Baojun Li and Soo Jin Chua

TK7870 .P53 2014
Make: more electronics : enhance your electronics skills with hands-on experience [electronic resource]
Charles Platt

TK7870.15 .C546 2012
Semiconductor packaging : materials interaction and reliability [electronic resource]
Andrea Chen, Randy Hsiao-Yu Lo

TK7871 .A38 2011
Advanced adhesives in electronics : materials, properties and applications [electronic resource]
edited by M.O. Alam and C. Bailey

TK7871.15.F5 P75 2012
Printed films : materials science and applications in sensors, electronics and photonics [electronic resource]
edited by Maria Prudenziati and Jacob Hormadaly

TK7871.15.M48 .T88 2012
Tutorials in metamaterials [electronic resource]
edited by Mikhail A. Noginov, Viktor A. Podolskiy

TK7871.15.P6 P576 2012
Polymer electronics [electronic resource]
edited by Hsin-Fei Meng

TK7871.15.S55 .S555 2014
Silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology : manufacture and applications [electronic resource]
edited by Oleg Kononchuk, Bich-Yen Nguyen

TK7871.58.A9 J664 2014
Building valve amplifiers [electronic resource]
Morgan Jones

TK7871.6 .C626 2011eb
Compact antennas for wireless communications and terminals : theory and design [electronic resource]
edited by Jean-Marc Laheurte

TK7871.6 .F85 2013
Modern small antennas [electronic resource]
Kyohei Fujimoto, Hisashi Morishita

TK7871.6 .N65 2011eb
Non-standard antennas [electronic resource]
edited by François Le Chevalier, Dominique Lesselier [and] Robert Staraj

ESD : analog circuits and design /
Steven H Voldman

TK7871.85 .D37523 2005eb
Quantum transport : atom to transistor [electronic resource]
Supriyo Datta

TK7871.85 .N36 2012eb
Nano-semiconductors : devices and technology [electronic resource]
edited by Krzysztof Iniewski

TK7871.85 .S471 2013
Semiconductor gas sensors [electronic resource]
Raivo Jaaniso, Ooi Kiang Tan, [editors]

TK7871.89.L53 .T384 2014
OLED microdisplays : technology and applications [electronic resource]
edited by François Templier

TK7871.95 .O37 2012eb
Floating body cell : a novel capacitor-less DRAM cell [electronic resource]
Takashi Ohsawa, Takeshi Hamamoto

TK7871.96.B55 Y83 1999
SiGe, GaAs, and InP heterojunction bipolar transistors [electronic resource]
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Addressing techniques of liquid crystal displays
Temkar N. Ruckmongathan

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Nano-lithography [electronic resource]
edited by Stefan Landis

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Oscillator circuits [electronic resource]
Rudolf F. Graf

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Structural health monitoring with piezoelectric wafer active sensors [electronic resource]
Victor Giurgiutiu

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edited by Bob Dobkin, Jim Williams

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Designing circuit boards with EAGLE : make high-quality PCBs at low cost [electronic resource]
Matthew Scarpino

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High-frequency integrated circuits [electronic resource]
Sorin Voinigescu

Plasmonic nanoelectronics and sensing / Er-ping Li and Hong-son Chu

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edited by Vincent Consonni, Guy Feuillet

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edited by Vincent Consonni, Guy Feuillet

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Metallic spintronic devices
edited by Xiaobin Wang

Vertical 3D memory technologies
Betty Prince

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High-speed devices and circuits with THz applications
edited by Jung Han Choi, Fraunhofer Institute, Berlin, Germany ; Krzysztof Iniewski, managing editor, CMOS Emerging Technologies Research Inc., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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The Foley grail : the art of performing sound for film, games, and animation /
Vanessa Theme Ament ; illustrator, David Stone

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The Foley grail : the art of performing sound for film, games, and animation [electronic resource]
Vanessa Theme Ament

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Digital sound processing for music and multimedia [electronic resource]
Ross Kirk, Andy Hunt

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Tools for signal compression [electronic resource]
Nicolas Moreau

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Producing great sound for film and video : expert tips from preproduction to final mix /
Jay Rose

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Sound and recording : applications and theory [electronic resource]
Francis Rumsey and Tim McCormick

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Mixing and mastering in the box : the guide to making great mixes and final masters on your computer /
Steve Savage

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Mixing secrets for the small studio [electronic resource]
Mike Senior

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Broadcast sound technology
Michael Talbot-Smith

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The audio expert : everything you need to know about audio [electronic resource]
Ethan Winer

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Recording music on location : capturing the live performance /
Bruce Bartlett and Jenny Bartlett

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The Focal easy guide to Adobe Encore DVD 2.0 [electronic resource]
Jeff Bellune

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Displays : fundamentals & applications [electronic resource]
Rolf R. Hainich, Oliver Bimber

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Plan, activity, and intent recognition : theory and pratice [electronic resource]
Gita Sukthankar ... [et al.]

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Handbook of optical and laser scanning [electronic resource]
edited by Gerald F. Marshall and Glenn E. Stutz

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Twilio cookbook : over 60 easy-to-follow recipes ranging from walking you through key features of Twilio's API to building advanced telephony apps [electronic resource]
Roger Stringer

Scheduling of large-scale virtualized infrastructures : toward cooperative management [electronic resource]
Flavien Quesnel

Architectures for computer vision : from algorithm to chip with Verilog /
Hong Jeong

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VHDL 101 : everything you need to know to get started [electronic resource]
William Kafig

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Maintenance and security

TK7887.5 .I367 2014
IBM system Z connectivity handbook [electronic resource]
Ivan Dobos̆ ... [et al.]

TK7887.7 .P75 2014

Unboxing Android USB : a hands-on approach with real World examples /
Rajaram Regupathy

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Communication architectures for systems-on-chip [electronic resource]
edited by José L. Ayala

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Energy-aware memory management for embedded multimedia systems : a computer-aided design approach [electronic resource]
edited by Florin Balasa, Dhiraj K. Pradhan

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Model-based testing for embedded systems [electronic resource]
edited by Justyna Zander, Ina Schieferdecker, and Pieter J. Mosterman

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Advances in non-volatile memory and storage technology [electronic resource]
Yoshio Nishi

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Data protection for photographers : a guide to storing and protecting your valuable digital assets /
by Patrick H. Corrigan

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Implementing IBM FlashSystem 840 [electronic resource]
Karen Orlando ... [et al.]

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IBM versatile storage server [electronic resource]
Dave McAuley ... [et al.]

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Implementing the Storwize V3500 [electronic resource]
Jon Tate ... [et al.]

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Handbook of organic materials for optical and (opto)electronic devices : properties and applications /
edited by Oksana Ostroverkhova

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Optoelectronics circuits manual [electronic resource]
R.M. Marston

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Applied optics fundamentals and device applications : nano, MOEMS, and biotechnology [electronic resource]
Mark A. Mentzer

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Thin-film organic photonics : molecular layer deposition and applications [electronic resource]
Tetsuzo Yoshimura

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Essential principles of image sensors
Takao Kuroda

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Solar module packaging : polymeric requirements and selection [electronic resource]
Michelle Poliskie

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Nuclear safety [electronic resource]
Gianni Petrangeli

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Modern astrodynamics [electronic resource]
edited by Pini Gurfil

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Automotive electricity : electric drives [electronic resource]
edited by Joseph Beretta

TL230.3 .C35 2014
CDL air brakes endorsement practice

TL230.3 .C353 2014
CDL combination vehicles practice

TL230.3 .C3532 2014
CDL doubles and triples endorsement practice

TL230.3 .C354 2014
CDL general knowledge practice. 1

TL230.3 .C354 2014
CDL general knowledge practice. 2

TL230.3 .C3542 2014
CDL hazardous materials endorsement practice

TL230.3 .C3547 2014
CDL passenger transport endorsement practice

TL230.3 .C3548 2014
CDL tank vehicles endorsement practice

TL236.3 .C73 2013eb
Do-it-yourself high performance car mods : rule the streets /
Matt Cramer

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Flying into yesterday : my search for the Curtis-Wright aeronautical engineering cadettes /
Jean-Vi Lenthe

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Innovation in aeronautics [electronic resource]
edited by Trevor M. Young and Mike Hirst

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Elementary flight dynamics with an introduction to bifurcation and continuation methods [electronic resource]
Nandan K. Sinha, N. Ananthkrishnan

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Unmanned aerial vehicles : embedded control [electronic resource]
edited by Rogelio Lozano

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Avionics navigation systems [electronic resource]
Myron Kayton and Walter R. Fried [editors]

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Introduction to aerospace materials
Adrain P. Mouritz

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Flight dynamics and system identification for modern feedback control : avian-inspired robots [electronic resource]
Jared A. Grauer and James E. Hubbard, Jr

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General aviation security : aircraft, hangars, fixed-base operations, flight schools, and airports [electronic resource]
Daniel J. Benny

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ATC : air traffic scenarios practice

TL725.3.T7 A833 2014
ATC : analogies practice

TL725.3.T7 A834 2014
ATC : angles practice

TL725.3.T7 A835 2014
ATC : letter factory practice

TL725.3.T7 A836 2014
ATC : applied math practice

TL725.3.T7 A837 2014
ATC : dial reading practice

TL776 .N67 2014
Build your own quadcopter : power up your designs with the Parallax Elev-8 [electronic resource]
Donald Norris

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Radiophysical and geomagnetic effects of rocket burn and launch in the near-the-earth environment [electronic resource]
Leonid F. Chernogor, Nathan Blaunstein

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Industrial coal gasification technologies covering baseline and high-ash coal [electronic resource]
Martin Gräbner

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High-entropy alloys [electronic resource]
B.S. Murty, J.W. Yeh, S. Ranganathan

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High acid crudes [electronic resource]
James G. Speight

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Applied petroleum reservoir engineering [electronic resource]
Ronald E. Terry, J. Brandon Rogers

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Thermal insulation handbook for the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries [electronic resource]
Alireza Bahadori

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Natural gas hydrates : a guide for engineers [electronic resource]
John Carroll

Environmental impact of polymers [electronic resource]
edited by Thierry Hamaide, Rémi Deterre, Jean-François Feller

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Chemical engineering design and analysis : an introduction [electronic resource]
T. Michael Duncan and Jeffrey A. Reimer

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Advances in biorefineries : biomass and waste supply chain exploitation /
edited by Keith Waldron

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Fluid mechanics for chemical engineering [electronic resource]
Mathieu Mory

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Fluid mechanics for chemical engineers : with microfluidics and CFD [electronic resource]
James O. Wilkes ; with contributions by Stacy G. Birmingham ... [et al.]

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Emulsions, foams, suspensions, and aerosols : microscience and applications /
Laurier L. Schramm

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Forensic polymer engineering : why polymer products fail in service [electronic resource]
Peter Rhys Lewis, Colin Gagg

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Semiconductor device-based sensors for gas, chemical, and bio applications [electronic resource]
edited by Fan Ren & Stephen J. Pearton

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Multisensor systems for chemical analysis : materials and sensors [electronic resource]
edited by Larisa Lvova ... [et al.]

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Advanced membrane science and technology for sustainable energy and environmental applications [electronic resource]
edited by Angelo Basile and Suzana Pereira Nunes

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Characterization of biomaterials [electronic resource]
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Bioprocess engineering : an introductory engineering and life science approach [electronic resource]
Kim Gail Clarke

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Nanotechnology in the food, beverage and nutraceutical industries [electronic resource]
edited by Qingrong Huang

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Combustion of pulverised coal in a mixture of oxygen and recycled flue gas [electronic resource]
Dobrin Toporov

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Bioenergy : realizing the potential [electronic resource]
edited by Semida Silveira

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Biomass combustion science, technology and engineering
edited by Lasse Rosendahl

Advances in hydrogen production, storage and distribution
edited by Angelo Basile and Adolfo Iulianelli

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Modelling drying processes : a reaction engineering approach [electronic resource]
Xiao Dong Chen, Aditya Putranto

Hypobaric storage in food industry : advances in application and theory /
Stanley P. Burg

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Computer vision technology in the food and beverage industries [electronic resource]
[edited by] Da-Wen Sun

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Adapting High Hydrostatic Pressure (HPP) for Food Processing Operations [electronic resource]

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Case studies in novel food processing technologies : innovations in processing, packaging and predictive modelling [electronic resource]
edited by Christopher J. Doona, Kenneth Kustin and Florence E. Feeherry

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Robotics and automation in the food industry : current and future technologies /
edited by Darwin G. Caldwell

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Emerging food packaging technologies : Principles and practice [electronic resource]
Guest editor Kit L. Yam, D.S. Lee

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Trends in packaging of food, beverages and other fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) : markets, materials and technologies [electronic resource]
Neil Farmer

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Waste to energy conversion technology
edited by Naomi B. Klinghoffer and Marco J. Castaldi

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Blogging for photographers : showcase your creativity & build your audience /
Jolie O'Dell

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Photographic possibilities : the expressive use of ideas, materials, and processes [electronic resource]
Robert Hirsch and John Valentino

TR146 .C377 2014eb
Read this if you want to take great photographs
Henry Carroll

TR154 .H377 2015
More best business practices for photographers [electronic resource]
John Harrington

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Composition : from snapshots to great shots [electronic resource]
Laurie Excell

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David Busch's Nikon D5300 : guide to digital SLR photography [electronic resource]
David D. Busch

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David Busch's mastering digital SLR photography
David D. Busch

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David Busch's Olympus OM-D E-M1 guide to digital photography [electronic resource]
David D. Busch, Dan Simmon

Canon EOS 70D : the guide to understanding and using your camera [electronic resource]
James Johnson

Canon EOS 70D for dummies
Julie Adair King

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David Busch's Canon EOS Rebel T5/1200D : guide to digital SLR photography /
David D. Busch

TR263.C3 B87 2015
David Busch's Canon Powershot G16 : guide to digital photography [electronic resource]
David D. Busch

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Canon EOS 70D digital field guide
Charlotte K. Lowrie

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Fujifilm X100S : from snapshots to great shots [electronic resource]
Kevin Mullins

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Panasonic Lumix GX7 and GM1 : from snapshots to great shots [electronic resource]
Rob Knight

David Busch's Nikon D3300 guide to digital slr photography
David D. Busch

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David Busch's compact field guide for the Nikon Coolpix P7800
David D. Busch

TR263.N5 B87 2015
David Busch's compact field guide for the Nikon D610 [electronic resource]
David D. Busch

TR263.N5 B87 2015eb
David Busch's compact field guide for the Nikon D5300
David D. Busch

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Nikon D5300 : from snapshots to great shots [electronic resource]
Rob Sylvan

TR263.N5 S958 2014
Nikon D610 [electronic resource]
Rob Sylvan

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Nikon D3300 : from snapshots to great shots [electronic resource]
Rob Sylvan

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Nikon D5300 digital field guide [electronic resource]
J. Dennis Thomas

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David Busch's Sony [alpha] SLT-A58 : guide to digital photography [electronic resource]
David D. Busch

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David Busch's compact field guide for the Sony [alpha] SLT-A77/A65 [electronic resource]
David D. Busch

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David Busch's Sony [alpha] A3000/ILCE-3000 : guide to digital photography [electronic resource]
David D. Busch

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The Sony a7 and a7R : the unofficial quintessential guide [electronic resource]
by Brian Matsumoto, Carol F. Roullard

TR263.S66 S65 2014
Sony A7/A7R : from snapshots to great shots [electronic resource]
Brian Smith

Photoshop Elements 12 all-in-one for dummies [electronic resource]
by Barbara Obermeier and Ted Padova

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David Bush's mastering mirrorless interchangeable lens photography [electronic resource]
David D. Busch

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The iPad for photographers : master the newest tool in your camera bag [electronic resource]
Jeff Carlson

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Getting started with digital imaging : tips, tools, and techniques for photographers [electronic resource]
Joe Farace

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The digital photography book. Part 5, : the step-by-step secrets for how to make your photos look like the pro's Photo recipes. [electronic resource]
Scott Kelby

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iPad and iPhone digital photography tips and tricks [electronic resource]
Jason R. Rich

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Color correction look book : creative grading techniques for film and video [electronic resource]
Alexis Van Hurkman

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Adobe Photoshop CC classroom in a book (2014 relaease) : the official training workbook from Adobe [electronic resource]
Andrew Faulkner & Brie Gyncild, Bē Kylli Sparre

TR267.5.A3 A36 2014
Adobe Photoshop CS5. Basic

TR267.5.A3 A36 2014
Adobe Photoshop CS5. Advanced

TR267.5.A3 A36 2014
Adobe Photoshop CS6. Basic

TR267.5.A3 A36 2014
Adobe Photoshop CS6. Advanced

TR267.5.A3 B374 2014
Photoshop down & dirty tricks for designers. Volume II [electronic resource]
Corey Barker

TR267.5.A3 G35 2014eb
Photoshop CC essential skills : a guide to creative image editing /
Mark Galer, Philip Andrews

TR267.5.A3 M344 2014
Adobe master class : advanced compositing in Photoshop [electronic resource]
inspiring artwork and tutorials by Bret Malley

TR267.5.A33 W675 2014
Photoshop Elements 12 [electronic resource]
Mike Wooldridge, Brianna Stuart

TR267.5.A355 K334 2014
Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for photographers : classroom in a book : the official training workbook from Adobe [electronic resource]
Jan Kabili

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My iPhoto [electronic resource]
Michael Grothaus

TR267.5.I64 P648 2014
iPhoto : the missing manual [electronic resource]
David Pogue, Lesa Snider

TR267.5.I64 S367 2014
Apple Pro training series : iPhoto [electronic resource]
Dion Scoppettuolo

TR267.5.P35 M36 2014eb
PaintShop Pro X6 for photographers
Ken McMahon

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Photography beyond technique : essays from F295 by contemporary photographers on the informed use of alternative and historical photographic processes [electronic resource]
edited by Tom Persinger

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Exploring color photography : from film to pixels [electronic resource]
Robert Hirsch ; with contributing writer Greg Erf

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Fearless photographer : portraits [electronic resource]
Charlotte Richardson

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Potrait photography : from snapshots to great shots [electronic resource]
Erik Valind

TR577 .V35 2014
Picture perfect posing : practicing the art of posing for photographers and models [electronic resource]
Roberto Valenzuela

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Stoppees' guide to photography & light : what digital photographers, illustrators, and creative professionals must know [electronic resource]
Brian & Janet Stoppee

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Beyond the zone system [electronic resource]
Phil Davis

TR591 .R48 2014
Exposure : from snapshots to great shots [electronic resource]
Jeff Revell

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The HDR book : unlocking the pros' hottest post-processing techniques [electronic resource]
Rafael RC Concepcion

The flash photography field guide : shaping the light to suit your photographs /
Adam Duckworth.

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Photography [electronic resource]
by John Ingledew ; with new text by Lorentz Gullachsen

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Road to seeing [electronic resource]
Dan Winters

TR659.8 .H54 2014
The World Atlas of Street Photography
Jackie Higgins ; foreword by Max Kozloff

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Mastering the model shoot : everything a photographer needs to know before, during, and after the shoot [electronic resource]
Frank Doorhof

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The essential underwater photography manual : a guide to creative techniques and key equipment /
Denise Nielsen Tackett and Larry Tackett

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David Samuelson's hands-on manual for cinematographers [electronic resource]
David Samuelson

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The grip book [electronic resource]
by Michael G. Uva

TR850 .U93 2010
The grip book [electronic resource]
Michael G. Uva

TR858 .A837 2014
Lighting fast animation in Element3D : master the intricacies of Element 3D, the fast-rendering Adobe After Effects plugin [electronic resource]
Ty Audronis

TR858 .G363 2014
Nuke 101 : professional compositing and visual effects [electronic resource]
Ron Ganbar

TR858 .P48 2013
The After effects illusionist [electronic resource]
Chad Perkins

The digital filmmaking handbook
Sonja Schenk, Ben Long

TR860 .C375 2015
iPad and iPhone video : film, edit, and share the Apple way [electronic resource]
Jeff Carlson

TR860 .K45 2007eb
Color and mastering for digital cinema [electronic resource]
Glenn Kennel

TR860 .L363 2014
Cinema Raw : Shooting and Color Grading with the Ikonoskop, Digital Bolex, and Blackmagic Cinema Cameras [electronic resource]

TR860 .S78 2014eb
Digital cinematography : fundamentals, tools, techniques, and workflows /
David Stump, ASC

TR860 .W544 2009
High definition cinematography [electronic resource]
by Paul Wheeler

TR862 .L363 2013
DSLR cinema : crafting the film look with large sensor video cameras [electronic resource]
Kurt Lancaster

TR891 .B769 2008
Motion picture and video lighting [electronic resource]
Blain Brown

TR891 .F47 1992eb
Basic lighting worktext for film and video
Richard K. Ferncase

TR896 .G768 2014
My iMovie [electronic resource]
Craig James Johnston, Cheryl Brumbaugh-Duncan

TR896 .P644 2014
iMovie : the missing manual [electronic resource]
David Pogue, Aaron Miller

TR896 .S369 2015
Apple pro training series : iMovie [electronic resource]
Dion Scoppettuolo

TR897.5 .M38 2011
Force : animal drawing ; animal locomotion and design concepts for animators [electronic resource]
Mike Mattesi

TR897.5 .W43 2005eb
Animation : the mechanics of motion [electronic resource]
Chris Webster

TR897.7 .A935 2013eb
Autodesk 3ds Max 8 essentials

TR897.7 .A937 2006
Autodesk 3Ds Max 8 MAXScript essentials [electronic resource]

TR897.7 .E355 2013
Illustrator foundations : the art of vector graphics and design in Illustrator [electronic resource]
Rafiq Elmansy

TR897.7 .G54 2010
Layout and composition for animation [electronic resource]
Ed Ghertner

TR897.7 .H47 2013
Blender production : creating short animations from start to finish [electronic resource]
Roland Hess

TR897.7 .K36 2013eb
Instant Cinema 4D starter : get started with Cinema 4D and create your first animated scene [electronic resource]
Aaron Kaminar

TR897.7 .K62 2007
Cinema 4D 10 workshop [electronic resource]
Arndt von Koenigsmarck

TR897.7 .L368 2014eb
Creating visual effects in Maya : fire, water, debris, and destruction /
by Lee Lanier

TR897.7 .L43 2007eb
Learning Autodesk 3ds Max 2008 foundation [electronic resource]

TR897.7 .M53 2006
Animating with Flash 8 : creative animation techniques [electronic resource]
Alex Michael

TR897.7 .P38 2008eb
Character modeling with Maya and ZBrush : professional polygonal modeling techniques [electronic resource]
Jason Patnode

TR897.7 .P3857 2004eb
The Focal easy guide to Maya 5 : for new users and professionals [electronic resource]
Jason Patnode

TR897.7 .T768 2014
Learning Anime Studio : bring life to your imagination with the power of Anime Studio [electronic resource]
Chad Troftgruben

TR897.7 .W38 2012
Getting started in 3D with Maya : create a project from start to finish-model, texture, rig, animate, and render in Maya [electronic resource]
Adam Watkins

TR897.7 .W55 2006eb
Animation from pencils to pixels : classical techniques for digital animators [electronic resource]
Tony White

TR897.7 .W746 2013
Production volume rendering : design and implementation [electronic resource]
Magnus Wrenninge

TR897.7 C48 2014
Adobe Flash Professional CC : the official training workbook from Adobe [electronic resource]
Russell Chun

TR897.72.F53 G36 2014
How to Cheat in Adobe Flash CC : The Art of Design and Animation [electronic resource]

TR897.72.M39 R685 2014eb
Finish your film! : tips and tricks for making an animated short in Maya [electronic resource]
Kenny Roy

TR897.72.M39 R695 2014
How to cheat in Maya 2014 : tools and techniques for character animation [electronic resource]
Kenny Roy

TR899 .B36 2014eb
3D postproduction : stereoscopic workflows and techniques /
Rick Baumgartner

TR899 .H844 2014
Avid uncut : workflows, tips, and techniques from Hollywood pros [electronic resource]
authored by Steve Hullfish

TR899 .R663 2011
The healthy edit : creative editing techniques for perfecting your movie [electronic resource]
John Rosenberg ; illustrated by Michael Rosenberg

TR899.A35 G74 2014
Adobe Premiere Pro Studio techniques [electronic resource]
Jeff I. Greenberg ; with Tim Kolb, Christine Steele, and Luisa Winters

TS1449 .P76 2013
Process control in textile manufacturing [electronic resource]
edited by Abhijit Majumdar ... [et al.]

TS1449 .S56 2012
Simulation in textile technology : theory and applications [electronic resource]
edited by D. Veit

TS1475 .B68 2012
Digital textile design [electronic resource]
Melanie Bowles and Ceri Isaac

TS1475 .N4 2013
Innovative jacquard textile design using digital technologies [electronic resource]
Frankie Ng and Jiu Zhou

TS1548.5 .Y37 2014
Fundamentals and applications of micro and nanofibers [electronic resource]
Alexander L. Yarin, Behnam Pourdeyhimi, Seeram Ramakrishna

TS155 .G52 2005
The quantum leap : next generation : the manufacturing strategy for business [electronic resource]
based on the original work by John R. Costanza as updated by Dean Gilliam & Steve Taylor-Jones ; foreword by Carol Ptak

TS155 .G978 2014
Production and operations management systems
Sushil Gupta, Martin Starr

TS155.6 .B794 2014
CAD and rapid prototyping for product design [electronic resource]
Douglas Bryden

Data visualization for dummies
by Mico Yuk, Stephanie Diamond

TS156.8 .L355 2014
Activiti 5.x business process management : a practical guide to designing and developing BPMN-based business processes [electronic resource]
Zakir Laliwala, Irshad Mansuri

TS156.8 .M328 2012eb
Cybersecurity for industrial control systems : SCADA, DCS, PLC, HMI, and SIS [electronic resource]
Tyson Macaulay and Bryan Singer

TS161 .A364 2014
SAP materials management handbook [electronic resource]
Ashfaque Ahmed

TS171.4 .M49 2014
The art of product design : changing how things get made /
Hardi Meybaum

3D printing with SketchUp : real-world case studies to help you design models in SketchUp for 3D printing on anything ranging from the smallest desktop machines to the largest industrial 3D printers /
Marcus Ritland

TS171.8 .B544 2014
3D printing with AutoDesk 123D : create and print 3D objects with 123D, Autocad, and Inventor [electronic resource]
John Biehler, Bill Fane

TS171.8 .H35 2012eb
Prototyping and modelmaking for product design [electronic resource]
Bjarki Hallgrimsson

TS171.8 .S349 2014
Prototyping essentials with Axure : a comprehensive strategy and planning guide for the production and world-class UX artifacts such as annotated wireframes, immersive prototypes, and detailed documentation [electronic resource]
Ezra Schwartz, Elizabeth Srail ; foreword by Victor Hsu

3D printing with RepRap cookbook : over 80 fast-paced recipes to help you create and print 3D models /
Richard Salinas

TS1765 .Q946 2013
Textile visionaries : innovation and sustainability in textile design [electronic resource]
Bradley Quinn

TS1767 .F86 2011eb
Functional textiles for improved performance, protection and health [electronic resource]
edited by N. Pan and G. Sun

TS183 .F676 2014
Formal methods in manufacturing [electronic resource]
edited by Javier Campos, Carla Seatzu, Xiaolan Xie

TS183 .L44 2012
Making it : manufacturing techniques for product design [electronic resource]
[Chris Lefteri]

TS183.8 .I455 2012eb
Remanufacturing modeling and analysis [electronic resource]
Mehmet Ali Ilgın, Surendra M. Gupta

TS192 .P46 2012
Equipment management in the post-maintenance era : a new alternative to total productive maintenance (TPM) [electronic resource]
Kern Peng

TS195 .P33 2012
Packaging technology : fundamentals, materials and processes [electronic resource]
edited by Anne Emblem and Henry Emblem

TS228.95 .H363 2013
Handbook of laser welding technologies [electronic resource]
Seiji Katayama, [editor]

TS2301.T7 S383 2014
The art of LEGO design : creative ways to build amazing models [electronic resource]
Jordan Schwartz

TT507 .A855 2012
How to create your final collection : a fashion student's handbook [electronic resource]
Mark Atkinson

TT507 .C317 2013
The fashion design reference + specification book : everything fashion designers need to know every day [electronic resource]
Jay Calderin

TT507 .F582 2012
Fashion & sustainability : design for change [electronic resource]
Kate Fletcher & Lynda Grose

TT507 .I47 2003
The costume technician's handbook
Rosemary Ingham, Liz Covey

TT507 .R674 2014eb
Style bible : what to wear to work [electronic resource]
Lauren A. Rothman

TT507 .S385 2012
Color forecasting for fashion [electronic resource]
Kate Scully, Debra Johnston Cobb

TT507 .V65 2014
The language of fashion design : 26 principles every fashion designer should know [electronic resource]
Laura Volpintesta

TT520 .S76 2012
Pattern cutting for clothing using CAD : how to use Lectra Modaris pattern cutting software [electronic resource]
M. Stott

TT649.8 .M55 2012
Drawing fashion accessories [electronic resource]
Steven Thomas Miller

TT958 .C67 2014
Cosmetology practice exam. 1

TT958 .C67 2014
Cosmetology practice exam. 2

TX543 .R88 2010eb
The image processing handbook [electronic resource]
John C. Russ

TX911.3.E93 C85 2014
Culinary arts practice exam

TX911.3.V62 B45 2010eb
Becoming a culinary arts professional

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