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Items Acquired in October 2015 for the University Libraries

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U101 .M1613 2001
The art of war : a revised edition of the Ellis Farneworth translation /
Niccolò Machiavelli ; with an introduction by Neal Wood

War and individual rights : the foundations of just war theory /
Kai Draper

U22 .F76 2015eb
Frontline : combat and cohesion in the twenty-first century /
edited by Anthony King

UG1233 .M66 1986
McDonnell Douglas (Hughes) AH-64 Apache
by Lyle Monson and Kenneth Peoples

UG1240 .P79
Przegl̦ad konstrukcji lotniczych

UG1240 .T3 1983
Military prototypes of the 1950s
Michael J.H. Taylor

UG1242.B H4 1991
He 111 over all fronts

UG1242.B6 .S773 1984
Strategic bombers 1945-1985
[compiled by] Michael J.H. Taylor

UG1242.B6 D67 1985
V bombers
Bob Downey

UG1242.B6 F75 1988
Douglas B-66 Destroyer
by René Francillon and Mick Roth

UG1242.B6 G54 2010
Lockheed Vega Pv-1 and PV-2 Harpoon
by Steve Ginter

UG1242.B6 J63
Thundering peacemaker : the B-36 story in words and pictures /
by Frederick A. Johnsen

UG1242.B6 L6 1986
Rockwell International B-1A/B
by Don Logan & Jay Miller

UG1242.B6 W37 1971
North American B-25A/J Mitchell in USAAF-USMC-RAF-Free French-NEIAF-Kon. Marine & foreign service
compiled by Richard Ward ; illustrated by Richard Ward and Michael Roffe ; text by Ernest R. McDowell

UG1242.F5 A365 1986
Fast jets : a pilot's eye view /
Chris Allan

UG1242.F5 A554 1987
Fast jets 2
Chris Allan

UG1242.F5 D51 1987
Saab J35 Draken
by Robert f. Dorr, Rene Francillon and Jay Miller

UG1242.F5 F56 1986
Dassault Mirage F1
by René Francillon

UG1242.F5 F6 1986
Lockheed F-94 Starfire
by René Francillon & Kevin Keaveney

UG1242.F5 F7
McDonnell Douglas F-15A/B
by René Francillon

UG1242.F5 F76 1985
McDonnell F-4D
by René Francillon

UG1242.F5 G868 1986
Mikoyan MiG-21
Bill Gunston

UG1242.F5 H377 1983
[compiled by] Michael J. Gething

UG1242.F5 J27
Republic F-84F Thunderstreak : and RF-84F Thunderflash in European air forces /
by Paul A. Jackson

UG1242.F5 J33 1977
British Aircraft Corporation Lightning, marks 1-6
by Paul A. Jackson

UG1242.F5 K38 1984
McDonnell F-101B/F
by Kevin Keaveney

UG1242.F5 L62
The Lockheed C/N F-104 G/J Starfighter : dedicated to the Tigers of the 31st Sqn BAF /
text and research: Hans Wilms

UG1242.F5 M585 1984
McDonnell RF-4 variants
by Jay Miller

UG1242.F5 M5886 1988
McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet
by Jay Miller

UG1242.F5 P43 2000
Phantom : a tribute to the F-4 Phantom combat fighter /
[editor, Alan Warnes]

UG1242.F5 P44 1990
Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt
Willy Peeters

UG1242.F5 S46 2002
The AirForces Monthly book of the F-16 Fighting Falcon
Tim Senior

UG1242.F5 S75
McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle
by James Perry Stevenson

UG1242.F5 T462 2009
Evolution of the P-61 Black Widow
written by Warren Thompson ; cover art by Don Greer ; line illustrations by Matheu Spraggins

UG1242.F5 T467 2013
General Dynamics F-111 : a comprehensive guide /
by Anthony M. Thornborough

UG1242.R4 M5 1983
Lockheed SR-71 (A-12/YF-12/D-21)
by Jay Miller

UG1242.R4 S566 1985
US spyplanes
Erik Simonsen

UG1242.T7 H57
Junkers 290
[by Thomas H. Hitchcock]

UG1243 .E744 1983
American warplanes : World War Two - Korea /
Jeffrey L. Ethell

UG1243 .E744 1983
American warplanes : World War Two - Korea /
Jeffrey L. Ethell

UG1245.G7 G484 1984
RAF air power today
Michael J. Gething & Lindsay T. Peacock

UG1315.G4 K39
Buzz bomb
[by Anthony L. Kay]

UG635.E85 G86 1985
Air superiority
Bill Gunston

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