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Items Acquired in September 2014 for the University Libraries

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Z1019 .S325 2015
Books under fire : a hit list of banned and challenged children's books /
Pat R. Scales

Z103.4.U6 A44 2014
American cryptology : two centuries of tradition [electronic resource]
National Security Agency, History and Publications Staff

Z1033.E43 C67 2013
Social reading : platforms, applications, clouds and tags /
José Antonio Cordón-García, Julio Alonso-Arévalo, Raquel Gómez-Diaz and Daniel Linder

Z1035.1 .G885 2014
Guide to reference : essential general reference and library science sources /
Jo Bell Whitlatch and Susan E. Searing, editors

Z2009 .I56 2012
Finding official British information : official publishing in the digital age [electronic resource]
Jane Inman ; with contributions by Howard Picton

Z246 .F393 2012
0123456789 : numbers in graphic design [electronic resource]
Roger Fawcett-Tang

Z246 .F69 2014
Drawing Type : An Introduction to Illustrating Letterforms [electronic resource]

Z246 .M37 2012
How to use type [electronic resource]
Lindsey Marshall & Lester Meachem

Z246 .S225 2014eb
Design elements : understanding the rules and knowing when to break them /
Timothy Samara ; cover and text design Timothy Samara

Z246 .S635 2013eb
48th Publication Design Annual
Society of Publication Designers

Z246.5.M34 A64 2014eb
Designing the editorial experience : a primer for print, Web, and mobile /
Sue Apfelbaum and Juliette Cezzar

Z250 .H336 2011
Lettering : a reference manual of techniques [electronic resource]
Andrew Haslam ; with photographs by Daniel Alexander

Z250 .J337 2011
The 3D type book [electronic resource]
Agathe Jacquillat and Tomi Vollauschek at FL 33

Z252.5.L48 M484 2014
Adventures in letterpress [electronic resource]
Brandon Mise

Z253.53 M384 2014
Real world print production with Adobe Creative Cloud : industrial-strength production techniques [electronic resource]
Claudia McCue

Z253.532.A34 A686 2015
Adobe InDesign CC classroom in a book (2014 release) : the official training workbook from Adobe [electronic resource]
Kelly Kordes Anton and John Cruise, Bē Shakoor Bukhuth

Z253.532.A34 F74 2014
InDesign type : professional typography with Adobe InDesign [electronic resource]
Nigel French

Z253.532.M53 M53 2014
Microsoft Publisher 2007

Z278 .D38 2011
The professionals' guide to publishing : a practical introduction to working in the publishing industry [electronic resource]
Gill Davies and Richard Balkwill

Z286.E43 C439 2013
Apple iBooks how-to : learn how to read and write books for iBookstore, by fully utilizing Apple iBooks and iBooks Author [electronic resource]
Zeeshan Chawdhary

Z286.E43 M86 2014eb
Kindle Fire HDX for dummies
by Nancy Muir

Z286.S37 .C674 2014
The future of the academic journal [electronic resource]
Bill Cope, Angus Phillips, [editors]

Z286.S37 A23 2012
Academic and professional publishing [electronic resource]
edited by Robert Campbell, Ed Pentz and Ian Borthwick

Z286.S4 S25 2010
Scientific publishing : from vanity to strategy [electronic resource]
Hans E. Roosendaal ... [et al.]

Z291.5 .I5
International literary market place

Z326 C69 2014eb
Revolutions from Grub Street : a history of magazine publishing in Britain /
Howard Cox and Simon Mowatt

Z473 .C47 2014
Making noise, making news : suffrage print culture and U.S. modernism /
Mary Chapman

Z52.5.M52 M53 2014
Microsoft Office Word 2013. Basic

Z52.5.M52 M53 2014
Microsoft Office Word 2013. Intermediate

Z52.5.M52 M53 2014
Microsoft Office Word 2013. Advanced

Z52.5.M52 M53 2014
Microsoft Office Word 2013. What's new

Z52.5.M52 M53 2014
Microsoft Word 2007. Basic

Z52.5.M52 M53 2014
Microsoft Word 2007. Intermediate

Z52.5.M52 M53 2014
Microsoft Word 2007. Advanced

Z52.5.M52 M53 2014
Microsoft Word 2008. Basic

Z52.5.M52 M53 2014
Microsoft Word 2008. Advanced

Z52.5.M52 M53 2014
Microsoft Word 2010. Course 1, Basic

Z52.5.M52 M53 2014
Microsoft Word 2010. Course 2, Intermediate

Z52.5.M52 M53 2014
Microsoft Word 2010. Course 3, Advanced

Gatekeepers of knowledge : A consideration of the library, the book and the scholar in the Western world [electronic resource]
Margaret Zeegers, Deirdre Barron

Z666.7 .L83 2013eb
The metadata manual : a practical workbook /
Rebecca L. Lubas, Amy S. Jackson and Ingrid Schneider

Z666.73.L56 L756 2014
Linked data : structured data on the web [electronic resource]
David Wood ... [et al.]

Z667 .U53 2012
Understanding information retrieval systems : management, types, and standards [electronic resource]
edited by Marcia J. Bates

Z668 .C66 2012
Instructional strategies and techniques for information professionals [electronic resource]
Nicole A. Cooke and Jeffrey J. Teichmann

Z668 .M938 2013
Exploring education for digital librarians : meaning, modes and models [electronic resource]
Susan Myburgh, Anna Maria Tammaro

Teaching Librarian : Web 2.0, Technology, And Legal Aspects [electronic resource]

Z669.7 .D468 2011
Qualitative research and the modern library [electronic resource]
Valeda Dent Goodman

Z674.7 .D46 2014
The network reshapes the library : Lorcan Dempsey on libraries, services and networks /
by Lorcan Dempsey ; edited by Kenneth J. Varnum

Z674.75.I58 W445 2010
Web 2.0 and libraries : impacts, technologies and trends [electronic resource]
edited by Dave Parkes and Geoff Walton

Google this! : putting Google and other social media sites to work for your library [electronic resource]
Terry Ballard

Do you web 2.0? : Public libraries and social networking [electronic resource]
Linda Berube

Z674.75.S63 S93 2012
Managing social media in libraries : finding collaboration, coordination and focus [electronic resource]
Troy A. Swanson

Z674.75.S63 T58 2013eb
Local community in the era of social media technologies : a global approach /
Hui-Lan H. Titangos

Building Communities : Social Networking For Academic Libraries [electronic resource]

Z675.A2 B37 2010
Facelifts for special libraries : a practical guide to revitalising diverse physical and digital spaces [electronic resource]
Dawn Bassett, Brooke Ballantyne Scott, Jenny Fry

Z675.A2 S464 2011
Special libraries as knowledge management centres [electronic resource]
Eva Semertzaki

Z675.H86 D836 2010
A practical guide to electronic resources in the humanities [electronic resource]
Ana Dubnjakovic and Patrick Tomlin

Z675.L2 A99 2013eb
Law firm librarianship : issues, practice, and directions /
John Azzolini

Z675.R45 F74 2012
Global resource sharing [electronic resource]
Linda Frederiksen, Margaret Bean, Heidi Nance

Convergence of libraries and technology organizations : New information support models [electronic resource]
Christopher D. Barth

Diversity programming and outreach for academic libraries [electronic resource]
Kathleen A. Hanna, Mindy M. Cooper, Robin A. Crumrin

Z675.U5 A48 2011
Libraries for users : services in academic libraries [electronic resource]
Luisa Alvite, Leticia Barrionuevo

Z675.U5 G57 2013
Private philanthropic trends in academic libraries
Luis J. Gonzalez

Z675.U5 H36 2013eb
Academic libraries in the U.S. and China : comparative studies of instruction, government documents, and outreach [electronic resource]
edited by Hanrond Wang and Bethany Latham ; with contributions by Charlcie Pettway Vann ... [et al.]

Z675.U5 M134 2011
Becoming confident teachers : a guide for academic librarians [electronic resource]
Claire McGuinness

Z675.U5 M563 2011
E-books in academic libraries [electronic resource]
Ksenija Minčić-Obradović

Z675.U5 M67 2013eb
Achieving transformational change in academic libraries
Stephen Mossop

Z675.U5 P472 2014
The personal librarian : enhancing the student experience /
Richard J. Moniz Jr. and Jean Moats, editors ; Joe Eshleman, Valerie Freeman, Jo Henry, and David Jewel, contributors

Z675.U5 T66 2010
Transforming research libraries for the global knowledge society [electronic resource]
edited by Barbara I. Dewey

Z675.U5 W675 2013eb
Workplace culture in academic libraries : the early 21st century /
edited by Kelly Blessinger and Paul Hrycaj

Z675.U5 Z37 2011eb
Academic branch libraries in changing times
Nevenka Zdravkovska

Managing intellectual capital in libraries : beyond the balance sheet [electronic resource]
Petros Kostagiolas

Public libraries and their national policies : international case studies [electronic resource]
John Helling

Imagine your library's future : Scenario planning for libraries and information organisations [electronic resource]
Steve O'Connor, Peter Sidorko

Practical and effective management of libraries : Integrating case studies, general management theory and self-understanding [electronic resource]
Richard J. Moniz

Leadership In Academic And Public Libraries : A Time Of Change [electronic resource]

Z678 .A43 2012
Management of information organizations [electronic resource]
Waseem Afzal

Z678 .A455 2013eb
The patron-driven library : a practical guide for managing collections and services in the digital age /
Dee Ann Allison

Z678 .C377 2011
Project management in libraries, archives and museums : working with government and other external partners [electronic resource]
Julie Carpenter

Z678 .N4413 2012
Strategic business development for information centres and libraries [electronic resource]
Margareta Nelke

Z678 .S74 2013eb
How libraries make tough choices in difficult times : purposeful abandonment /
David Stern

Managing your library and its quality : the ISO 9001 way [electronic resource]
Nuria Balague and Jarmo Saarti

Z678.85 .N97 2012
An evaluation of the benefits and value of libraries [electronic resource]
Viveca Nyström, Linnéa Sjögren

Z678.9 .C475 2012
Library technology and user services : planning, integration, and usability engineering [electronic resource]
Anthony S. Chow and Timothy Bucknall

Z678.9 .H64 2012eb
Data clean-up and management : a practical guide for librarians /
Margaret Hogarth with contributions from Kenneth Furuta

Z678.93.O65 E54 2010
Practical open source software for libraries [electronic resource]
Nicole C. Engard

Z679.55 .S73 2012
Universal design : a practical guide to creating and recreating interiors of academic libraries for teaching, learning and research [electronic resource]
Gail M. Staines

Z679.7 .H355 2014
Library as safe haven : disaster planning, response, and recovery : a how-to-do-it manual for librarians /
Deborah D. Halsted, Shari Clifton, Daniel T. Wilson

The art of people management in libraries : Tips for managing your most vital resource [electronic resource]
James McKinlay, Vicki Williamson

Z682.35.T55 H564 2010
Productivity for librarians : how to get more done in less time [electronic resource]
Samantha S. Hines

The information and knowledge professional's career handbook : Define and create your success [electronic resource]
Ulla De Stricker, Jill Hurst-Wahl

Z682.35.V62 .G767 2012eb
Building your library career with Web 2.0
Julia Gross

Z682.35.V62 C887 2011
Recovery, reframing, and renewal : surviving an information science career crisis in a time of change [electronic resource]
Oliver Cutshaw

Z682.35.V62 M53 2011
Mid-career library and information professionals : a leadership primer [electronic resource]
edited by Dawn Lowe-Wincentsen, Linda Crook

Z682.4.C63 C73 2012
New directions for academic liaison librarians [electronic resource]
Alice Crawford

An overview of the changing role of the systems librarian : Systemic shifts [electronic resource]
Guest editor Edward Iglesias

Leadership in libraries : a focus on ethnic-minority librarians [electronic resource]
Maha Kumaran

Z683.5.U6 .H36 2014
Researching prospective donors : get more funding for your library /
Susan Summerfield Hammerman

Z687 .H53 2013
Making a collection count : a holistic approach to library collection management [electronic resource]
Holly Hibner and Mary Kelly

Z688.5 .P36 2010
RFID for libraries : a practical guide [electronic resource]
M. Paul Pandian

Z692.C65 E448 2012eb
Electronic resource management : practical perspectives in a new technical services model /
Anne C. Elguindi and Kari Schmidt

Managing image collections : a practical guide [electronic resource]
Margot Note

New approaches to e-reserve : linking, sharing and streaming [electronic resource]
Ophelia Cheung, Dana Thomas and Susan Patrick

Cataloguing outside the box : A practical guide to cataloguing special collections materials [electronic resource]
Patricia K. Falk, Stefanie Dennis Hunker

Ontologies, taxonomies and thesauri in systems science and systematics [electronic resource]
Emilia Curras

Z695.9 .K49 2012eb
Indexing : from thesauri to the Semantic Web /
Pierre de Keyser

Z695.9 .K65 2010
Abstracts and abstracting : a genre and set of skills for the twenty-first century [electronic resource]
Tibor Koltay

Library classification trends in the 21st century [electronic resource]
Rajendra Kumbhar, A. Alonso

Z696.D7 S28 2013
The theory and practice of the Dewey Decimal Classification system [electronic resource]
M.P. Satija

Bibliographic information organization in the semantic web [electronic resource]
Mirna Willer and Gordon Dunsire

Engaging students with archival and digital resources [electronic resource]
Justine Cotton, David Sharron

Numeric data services and sources for the general reference librarian [electronic resource]
Lynda M. Kellam with contribution from Katharin Peter

From lending to learning : The development and extension of public libraries [electronic resource]
Ronan O'Beirne

Z711 .G366 2010
Customer care : a training manual for library staff [electronic resource]
Pat Gannon-Leary and Michael D. McCarthy

Z711.25.C65 F53 2012e
Engaging first-year students in meaningful library research : a practical guide for teaching faculty /
Molly R. Flaspohler

Z711.45 .R93 2013eb
Optimizing academic library services in the digital milieu : digital devices and their emerging trends /
Brendan Ryan

Libraries and identity : the role of institutional self-image and identity in the emergence of new types of libraries [electronic resource]
Joacim Hansson

Understanding librarians : communication is the issue [electronic resource]
Barbara Hull with contributions from Marion Churkovich, Christine Oughtred, and Denise Turner

Libraries and society : role, responsibility and future in an age of change [electronic resource]
edited by David Baker, Wendy Evans

Z716.6 .J45 2011
A librarian's guide on how to publish [electronic resource]
Srecko Jelusic, Ivanka Stricevic

Z718.5 .I58 2014
Intellectual freedom for teens : a practical guide for young adults and school librarians /
edited by Kristin Fletcher-Spear and Kelly Tyler

Z718.7 .C79 2012
Meeting the needs of student users in academic libraries : reaching across the great divide [electronic resource]
Michele J. Crump and LeiLani S. Freund ; with contributions from Steven Carrico ... [et al.]

Libraries and archives : a comparative study [electronic resource]
Tomas Lidman

Z731 .E95 2013eb
Excellence in the stacks : strategies, practices and reflections of award-winning libraries /
edited by Jacob Hill and Susan Swords Steffen

Chinese Librarianship In The Digital Era [electronic resource]

Information literacy : Infiltrating the agenda, challenging minds [electronic resource]
Geoff Walton, Alison Pope

Pursuing information literacy : roles and relationships [electronic resource]
Emmett Lombard

Information Literacy And Lifelong Learning : Policy Issues, The Workplace, Health And Public Libraries [electronic resource]

Information literacy instruction : Selecting an effective model [electronic resource]
John Walsh

Information retrieval in digital environments [electronic resource]
Jérôme Dinet

ZA3075 .A53 2012eb
Ways of experiencing information literacy : making the case for a relational approach /
Susie Andretta

ZA3075 .B348 2013eb
Information literacy and cultural heritage : developing a model for lifelong learning /
Kim Baker

ZA3075 .H46 2010
From fear to flow : personality and information interaction [electronic resource]
Jannica Heinström

ZA3075 .L59 2010
Information literacy landscapes : information literacy in education, workplace and everyday contexts [electronic resource]
Annemaree Lloyd

ZA3075 .M47 2012
Designing effective library tutorials : a guide for accommodating multiple learning styles [electronic resource]
Lori S. Mestre

ZA3075 .P733 2010eb
Practising information literacy : bringing theories of learning, practice and information literacy together /
edited by Annemaree Lloyd, Sanna Talja

ZA3075 .S379 2013
SAS 9.4 output delivery system : user's guide [electronic resource]

ZA3075 .W35 2010eb
Information literacy in the digital age : an evidence-based approach /
Teresa S. Welsh, Melissa S. Wright

ZA4045 .H88 2012
Information services and digital literacy : in search of the boundaries of knowing [electronic resource]
Isto Huvila

A handbook of digital library economics : operations, collections and services [electronic resource]
written and edited by David Baker and Wendy Evans

ZA4080 .C56 2010eb
Building a digital repository program with limited resources
Abby Clobridge

ZA4080 .S56 2013eb
New content in digital repositories : the changing research landscape /
Natasha Simons and Joanna Richardson

ZA4080 .T74 2013
Trends, discovery, and people in the digital age [electronic resource]
edited by David Baker and Wendy Evans

ZA4230 .I57 2014
The Internet as a search tool

ZA4230 .W43 2014
Web browsing

ZA4234.G64 S454 2010
Google and the digital divide : the bias of online knowledge [electronic resource]
Elad Segev

ZA4235 .C436 2015
Modern analytics methodologies : driving business value with analytics [electronic resource]
Michele Chambers, Thomas W. Dinsmore

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