Items Acquired in November 2014 for the University Libraries

A companion to Livy
edited by Bernard Mineo
Call Number: DG207.L583 C66 2015

A concordance of Boethius [electronic resource]
the five theological tractates and the Consolation of philosophy, compiled by Lane Cooper ..
Call Number: PA6233 .Z8 1928

A history of ancient Greece in fifty lives
David Stuttard
Call Number: DF77 .S78 2014

A Study of Sophoclean drama : with a new preface and enlarged bibliographical note /
G.M. Kirkwood
Call Number: PA4417 .K48 1994eb

Aesopic conversations : popular tradition, cultural dialogue, and the invention of Greek prose [electronic resource]
Leslie Kurke
Call Number: PA3257 .K87 2011eb

Alexander's gate, Gog and Magog, and the inclosed nations [electronic resource]
Andrew Runni Anderson
Call Number: DF234.2 .A5 1932eb

Alien wisdom : the limits of Hellenization [electronic resource]
Arnaldo Momigliano
Call Number: DF78 .M6

An introduction to divine and human readings [electronic resource]
by Cassiodorus Senator ; translated with an introduction and notes by Leslie Webber Jones
Call Number: PA6271.C4 I513 1969"@"PA6271.C4

Analecta Dublinensia : three medieval Latin texts in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin [electronic resource]
edited by Marvin L. Colker
Call Number: PA8112 .C6 1975eb

Apex omnium : religion in the Res gestae of Ammianus [electronic resource]
R.L. Rike
Call Number: DG206.A4 R55 1987eb

Artifacts from ancient Rome
James B. Tschen-Emmons
Call Number: DG77 .T75 2014

Barbarians and politics at the Court of Arcadius [electronic resource]
Alan Cameron, Jacqueline Long, with a contribution by Lee Sherry
Call Number: PA4441.S9 C36 1993eb

Basic writings of Mo Tzu, Hsün Tzu, and Han Fei Tzu [electronic resource]
translated by Burton Watson
Call Number: B125 .B3 1967"@"B125

Biography in late antiquity : a quest for the holy man [electronic resource]
Patricia Cox
Call Number: PA3043 .C6 1983eb

Birth of the symbol : ancient readers at the limits of their texts [electronic resource]
Peter T. Struck
Call Number: PA3021 .S76 2004eb

Boethian fictions : narratives in the medieval French versions of the Consolatio philosophiae [electronic resource]
Richard A. Dwyer
Call Number: PA6231.C8 D8 1976eb

Centaurs and amazons : women and the pre-history of the great chain of being [electronic resource]
Page duBois
Call Number: DF93 .D8 1991eb

Combat trauma and the ancient Greeks
edited by Peter Meineck and David Konstan
Call Number: PA3015.P67 C66 2014

Commentary on the dream of Scipio [electronic resource]
[by] Macrobius ; translated with an introduction and notes by William Harris Stahl
Call Number: PA6498.E6 S8 1952"@"PA6498.E6

photographies de George de Miré ; texte et notices de Pierre de la Coste-Messelière ; avant-propos de Charles Picard
Call Number: DF261.D35 F68

Dioscorus of Aphrodito : his work and his world [electronic resource]
Leslie S.B. MacCoull
Call Number: PA3968.D62 Z78 1988eb

Epicurus and his gods : Épicure et ses dieux ; [electronic resource] =
Translated by C. W. Chilton
Call Number: B573 (INTERNET)

Ethnic Identity in Greek antiquity [electronic resource]
Jonathan M. Hall
Call Number: DF135 .H33 1997eb

From popular sovereignty to the sovereignty of law : law, society, and politics in fifth-century Athens [electronic resource]
Martin Ostwald
Call Number: DF87 .O88 1986eb

Genealogy of the tragic : Greek tragedy and German philosophy /
Joshua Billings
Call Number: PA3136 .B55 2014

Greece in the bronze age [electronic resource]
Emily Vermeule
Call Number: DF220 .V4 1972eb

Greek biography and panegyric in late antiquity [electronic resource]
edited by Tomas Hägg and Philip Rousseau ; with the assistance of Christian Høgel
Call Number: PA3043 .G74 2000eb

Greek in the Carolingian Age : the St. Gall manuscripts [electronic resource]
Bernice M. Kaczynski
Call Number: PA55 .K33 1988

Greek papyri : an introduction [electronic resource]
E.G. Turner
Call Number: PA3341 .T8 1968

Greek sophists in the Roman Empire [electronic resource]
G.W. Bowersock
Call Number: B288 .B68 1969

Guardians of language : the grammarian and society in late antiquity [electronic resource]
Robert A. Kaster
Call Number: PA53 .K17 1988eb

Hellenic civilization [electronic resource]
edited by G. W. Botsford and E. G. Sihler ; with contributions from William L. Westerman ... [et al.]
Call Number: DF77 .B74 1915"@"DF77

Heraclitus : Homeric problems [electronic resource]
edited and translated by Donald A. Russell and David Konstan
Call Number: PA4035 .H4 2005eb

Heroikos [electronic resource]
Flavius Philostratus ; translated with an introduction and notes by Jennifer K. Berenson Maclean and Ellen Bradshaw Aitken ; with a prologue by Gregory Nagy and an epilogue by Helmut Koester
Call Number: PA4272.A5 P513 2001eb

Hierocles the Stoic : elements of ethics, fragments and excerpts [electronic resource]
by Ilaria Ramelli ; translated by David Konstan
Call Number: B577.H42 E57 2009eb

Historical introduction to the study of Roman law [electronic resource]
by the late H.F. Jolowicz and Barry Nicholas
Call Number: DG88 .J7 1972eb

Homer between history and fiction in imperial Greek literature [electronic resource]
by Lawrence Kim
Call Number: PA3086 .K56 2010eb

Imperial Ideology and Provincial Loyalty in the Roman Empire. [electronic resource]
Call Number: DG59.A2A64 2000 DG59.A2A64 2000eb

Innovation and tradition in the writings of the Venerable Bede [electronic resource]
edited by Scott DeGregorio
Call Number: PA8260 .I55 2006eb

Instructions for practical living, and other Neo-Confucian writings [electronic resource]
by Wang Yang-Ming ; translated, with notes, by Wing-tsit Chan
Call Number: B128.W36 E5 1963"@"B128.W34

Invention and method : two rhetorical treatises from the Hermogenic corpus [electronic resource]
the Greek text, edited by Hugo Rabe ; translated with introductions and notes by George A. Kennedy
Call Number: PA3998.H8 E5 2005beb

Ionian trade and colonization [electronic resource]
by Carl Roebuck
Call Number: DF261.I6 R6 1959eb

Latin : a linguistic introduction /
Renato Oniga ; edited and translated by Norma Schifano
Call Number: PA2080.2 .O5513 2014

Libanius's Progymnasmata : model exercises in Greek prose composition and rhetoric [electronic resource]
translated with an introduction and notes by Craig A. Gibson
Call Number: PA401 .L5313 2008eb

Luxorius : a Latin poet among the Vandals : together with a text of the poems and an English translation [electronic resource]
by Morris Rosenblum
Call Number: PA6497.L7 E5 1961"@"PA6497.L7

Macaronic sermons : bilingualism and preaching in late-medieval England [electronic resource]
Siegfried Wenzel
Call Number: PA8045.E5 W46 1994eb

Man and the word : the orations of Himerius [electronic resource]
translated, annotated, and introduced by Robert J. Penella
Call Number: PA4013 .H5 2007eb

Man in the middle voice : name and narration in the Odyssey [electronic resource]
John Peradotto
Call Number: PA4167 .P47 1990"@"PA4167

Martianus Capella and the seven liberal arts [electronic resource] / by W. H. Stahl, with a study of the allegory and the verbal disciplines, by
Call Number: PA6511.M3 M3 1971"@"PA6511.M3

Oedipus at Colonus
Sophocles ; a verse translation by David Mulroy, with introduction and notes
Call Number: PA4414.O5 M85 2014

On heroes [electronic resource]
Flavius Philostratus ; translated with an introduction and notes by Jennifer K. Berenson Maclean and Ellen Bradshaw Aitken ; with a preliminary essay by Casey Dué and Gregory Nagy
Call Number: PA4272 .A45 2002eb

Ovid before exile : art and punishment in the Metamorphoses [electronic resource]
Patricia J. Johnson
Call Number: PA6519.M9 J64 2008eb

Pastoral and ideology : Virgil to Valéry [electronic resource]
Annabel Patterson
Call Number: PA6804.B7 P38 1987eb

Paulinus of Nola : life, letters, and poems [electronic resource]
Dennis E. Trout
Call Number: PA6554.P45 Z89 1999eb

Personal patronage under the early Empire [electronic resource]
Richard P. Saller
Call Number: DG83.3 .S24 1982

Philostratus's Heroikos : religion and cultural identity in the third century C.E. [electronic resource]
edited by Ellen Bradshaw Aitken, Jennifer K. Berenson Maclean
Call Number: PA4272.A45 P5 2004eb

Plato's Parmenides and its heritage [electronic resource]
edited by John D. Turner and Kevin Corrigan
Call Number: B378 .S46 2010eb

Proclus the Successor on poetics and the Homeric poems : essays 5 and 6 of his Commentary on the Republic of Plato [electronic resource]
text, translation, notes, and introduction by Robert Lamberton
Call Number: PA4400

Progymnasmata : Greek textbooks of prose composition and rhetoric [electronic resource]
translated with introductions and notes by George A. Kennedy
Call Number: PA257 .P765 2003beb

Prolegomena to Homer, 1795 [electronic resource]
F.A. Wolf ; translated with introduction and notes by Anthony Grafton, Glenn W. Most, and James E.G. Zetzel
Call Number: PA4037.A2 W6813 1985

Reflections on things at hand : the neo-Confucian anthology [electronic resource]
compiled by Chu Hsi and Lü Tsu-ch'ien ; translated, with notes, by Wing-tsit Chan
Call Number: B125 .C4813 1967"@"B125

Ritual and deference : extending Chinese philosophy in a comparative context [electronic resource]
Robert Cummings Neville
Call Number: B126 .N45 2008eb

Roman Ostia [electronic resource]
by Russell Meiggs
Call Number: DG70.O8 M4 1973

Rome and religion : a cross-disciplinary dialogue on the imperial cult [electronic resource]
edited by Jeffrey Brodd and Jonathan L. Reed
Call Number: BL805 .R66 2011eb

Scholars of Byzantium [electronic resource]
N.G. Wilson
Call Number: PA78.B97 W54 1996eb

Scipio Aemilianus [electronic resource]
by A.E. Astin
Call Number: DG253 .S4 1967

Sculpting idolatry in Flavian Rome : (an)iconic rhetoric in the writings of Flavius Josephus [electronic resource]
Jason von Ehrenkrook
Call Number: PA4224 .E37 2011eb

Sedulius, the Paschal song and hymns [electronic resource]
translated with an introduction and notes by Carl P.E. Springer
Call Number: PA6658.S6

Slaves, masters, and the art of authority in Plautine comedy [electronic resource]
Kathleen McCarthy
Call Number: PA6585 .M38 2000eb

Syntactical mechanics : a new approach to English, Latin, and Greek /
Bruce A. McMenomy
Call Number: PA2285 .M37 2014

The birth of hedonism : the Cyrenaic philosophers and pleasure as a way of life /
Kurt Lampe
Call Number: B279 .L36 2015

The chreia and ancient rhetoric : classroom exercises [electronic resource]
translated and edited by Ronald F. Hock and Edward N. O'Neil
Call Number: PA3469.C48 C48 2002beb

The Chreia and ancient rhetoric : commentaries on Aphthonius's Progymnasmata [electronic resource]
[translated and edited by] Ronald F. Hock
Call Number: PA3469.C48 C49 2012eb

The economy and society of Pompeii [electronic resource]
by Willem Jongman
Call Number: DG70.P7 J6 1988eb

The fortunes of Apuleius and the Golden Ass : a study in transmission and reception [electronic resource]
Julia Haig Gaisser
Call Number: PA6217

The Horace's Villa Project, 1997-2003 [electronic resource]
edited by Bernard D. Frischer, Jane Crawford, Monica de Simone
Call Number: PA6411 .H596 2008

The image of the poet in Ovid's Metamorphoses [electronic resource]
Barbara Pavlock
Call Number: PA6519.M9 P385 2009eb

The invisible satirist : Juvenal and second-century Rome /
James Uden
Call Number: PA6448 .U34 2014

The letters of Pliny : a historical and social commentary [electronic resource]
by A.N. Sherwin-White
Call Number: PA6640.S5

The letters of Symmachus. Book 1 [electronic resource]
translation by Michele Renee Salzman and Michael Roberts ; general introduction and commentary by Michele Renee Salzman
Call Number: PA6704.S7 A4 2011eb

The life of Roman republicanism
Joy Connolly
Call Number: DG231 .C65 2015

The literate revolution in Greece and its cultural consequences [electronic resource]
Eric A. Havelock
Call Number: PA273 .H27 1982eb

The magistrates of the Roman Republic [electronic resource]
by T. Robert S. Broughton, with the collaboration of Marcia L. Patterson
Call Number: DG83.5.A1 B73 1951eb

The making of late antiquity [electronic resource]
Peter Brown
Call Number: DG312 .B76

The matter of the gods : religion and the Roman Empire [electronic resource]
Clifford Ando
Call Number: BL803 .A53 2008eb

The orientalizing revolution : Near Eastern influence on Greek culture in the early archaic age [electronic resource]
Walter Burkert ; translated by Margaret E. Pinder and Walter Burkert
Call Number: DF78 .B8513 1992

The romance of Alexander the Great [electronic resource]
translated from the Armenian version with an introduction by Albert Mugrdich Wolohojian
Call Number: PA3946.C3 E5 1969"@"PA3946.C3

The Saturnalia [electronic resource]
translated with an introduction and notes by Percival Vaughan Davies
Call Number: PA6498.E6 D3 1969"@"PA6498.E6

The Syrian princesses : the women who ruled Rome, AD 193-235 [electronic resource]
Godfrey Turton
Call Number: DG274.3 .T87 2008"@"DG274.3

The two eyes of the Earth : art and ritual of kingship between Rome and Sasanian Iran [electronic resource]
Matthew P. Canepa
Call Number: DG215.I7 C36 2009eb

Thucydides [electronic resource]
W. Robert Connor
Call Number: PA4461 .C58 1984

Two Renaissance book hunters : the letters of Poggius Bracciolini to Nicolaus de Niccolis [electronic resource]
translated from the Latin and annotated by Phyllis Walter Goodhart Gordan
Call Number: PA8477.B76 Z513 1991"@"PA8477.B76

Wilhelm Jordaens's Avellana : a fourteenth-century virtue-vice debate [electronic resource]
edited with an introduction by Lawrence J. Johnson
Call Number: PA8540.J67 A9 1985

Yoga in modern India : the body between science and philosophy [electronic resource]
Joseph S. Alter
Call Number: B132.Y6 A483 2004eb

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