Computer Science

Items Acquired in September 2015 for the University Libraries

Abusing the Internet of things : blackouts, freakouts, and stakeouts /
Nitesh Dhanjani
Call Number: QA76.9.A25

Accumulo : application development, table design, and best practices /
Aaron Cordova, Billie Rinaldi, and Michael Wall
Call Number: QA76.76.A65

Advanced SQL, 1999 : understanding object-relational and other advanced features /
Jim Melton
Call Number: QA76.73.S67

Advances in computers. 98 [edited by] Ali R. Hurson
Call Number: QA76

Advances in computers. Volume 96, Dataflow processing
edited by Ali R. Hurson, Veljko Milutinovic
Call Number: QA76.9.D338

Advances in statistical multisource-multitarget information fusion
Ronald P.S. Mahler
Call Number: QA76.76.E95 M343 2014

Algorithms in C
Robert Sedgewick
Call Number: QA76.73.C15

Android 5 programming by example : turn your ideas into elegant and powerful mobile applications using the latest Android Studio for the Android Lollipop platform /
Kyle Mew
Call Number: QA76.76.A65

Android application programming with OpenCV 3 : build Android apps to capture, manipulate, and track objects in 2D and 3D /
Joseph Howse
Call Number: QA76.76.A65

Android game programming by example : harness the power of the Android SDK by building three immersive and captivating games /
John Horton
Call Number: QA76.76.C672

Android programming : the Big Nerd Ranch guide /
Bill Phillips [and three others]
Call Number: QA76.76.A65

Android wearable programming : expand on your Android development capabilities by building applications for Android wear /
Steven F. Daniel
Call Number: QA76.592

AngularJS in action
Lukas Ruebbelke with Brian Ford
Call Number: QA76.76.A54

AngularJS, JavaScript, and jQuery all in one in 24 hours
Brad Dayley, Brendan Dayley
Call Number: QA76.76.A54

Apache Mahout essentials : implement top-notch machine learning algorithms for classification, clustering, and recommendations with Apache Mahout /
Jayani Withanawasam
Call Number: Q325.5

Apple watch : a take control crash course /
Jeff Carlson
Call Number: QA76.592

Applied cryptography : protocols, algorithms, and source code in C /
Bruce Schneier
Call Number: QA76.9.A25

ARCHIVED : pooled JVM in CICS transaction server V3 /
Chris Rayns [and eight others]
Call Number: QA76.6

Artificial superintelligence : a futuristic approach /
Roman V. Yampolskiy
Call Number: Q335

Banana Pi cookbook : over 25 recipes to build projects and applications for multiple platforms with Banana Pi /
Ryad El-Dajani
Call Number: QA76.5

Basic visual formatting in CSS : layout fundamentals in CSS /
Eric A. Meyer
Call Number: QA76.76.H94

Beginning app development with Parse and PhoneGap
Wilkins Fernandez, Stephan Alber
Call Number: QA76.76.A65

Beginning HTML5 media : make the most of the new video and audio standards for the Web /
Silvia Pfeiffer, Tom Green
Call Number: QA76.76.H94

Beginning Python games development : with Pygame /
Harrison Kinsley, Will McGugan
Call Number: QA76.73.P98

Beginning software engineering
Rod Stephens
Call Number: QA76.758

Blueprints Visual Scripting for Unreal Engine : build professional 3D games with Unreal Engine 4's Visual Scripting system /
Brenden Sewell
Call Number: QA76.76.C672

Bud advocacy : a BBST workbook /
Cem Kaner, Rebecca L. Fiedler
Call Number: QA76.9.D43

Building great software engineering teams : recruiting, hiring, and managing your team from startup to success /
Josh Tyler
Call Number: QA76.758

Building levels in Unity : create exciting 3D game worlds with Unity /
Volodymyr Gerasimov
Call Number: QA76.76.C672

Building web applications with Flask : use Python and Flask to build amazing web applications, just the way you want them! /
Italo Maia
Call Number: QA76.76.A65

Building web applications with Python and Neo4j : develop exciting and real-world Python-based web applications with Neo4j using frameworks such as Flask, Py2neo, and Django /
Sumit Gupta
Call Number: QA76.76.A65

C♯ for Java programmers
Brian Bagnall [and four others]
Call Number: QA76.73.C154

Cisco security specialist's guide to PIX firewall
Vitaly Osipav [and four others] ; foreward by Ralph Troupe
Call Number: QA76.3

Cloud storage security : a practical guide /
Aaron Wheeler, Michael Winburn
Call Number: QA76.585

CompTIA network+ N10-006 : quick reference /
Anthony Sequeira
Call Number: TK7887

Computer busses : design and application /
W. Buchanan
Call Number: TK7895.B87

Computer science in industrial application
editor, Yanglv Ling
Call Number: QA75.5

Create 2D mobile games with Corona SDK : for iOS and Android /
David Mekersa
Call Number: QA76.76.C672

Creative Greenfoot : build engaging interactive applications, games, and simulations using Java and Greenfoot /
Michael Haungs
Call Number: QA76.64

CWNA Certified Wireless Network Administrator official study guide. Exam CWNA-106
David A. Westcott, David D. Coleman
Call Number: QA76.3

Data science & big data analytics : discovering, analyzig, visualizing, and presenting data /
EMC Education Services
Call Number: QA76.9.D343 D382 2015

Deploying and managing Active Directory with Windows PowerShell : tools for cloud-based and hybrid environments /
Charlie Russel
Call Number: QA76.76.W56

Deploying Node.js : learn how to build, test, deploy, monitor, and maintain your Node.js applications at scale /
Sandro Pasquali
Call Number: QA76.73.J39

Designing and operating a data reservoir
Mandy Chessell [and four others]
Call Number: QA76.9.A73

Designing gamified systems : meaningful play in interactive entertainment, marketing and education /
Sari Gilbert
Call Number: QA76.76.C672

Designing social interfaces : principles, patterns, and practices for improving the user experience /
Christian Crumlish, Erin Malone
Call Number: QA76.9.U83

Developing a hapi edge : a rich Node.js framework for apps and services /
Van Nguyen [and three others]
Call Number: QA76.76.A65

Discovering computer science : interdisciplinary problems, principles, and Python programming /
Jessen Havill
Call Number: QA76

Docker cookbook : 80 hands-on recipes to efficiently work with the Docker 1.6 environment on Linux /
Neependra Khare
Call Number: QA76.76.O63

Docker in the trenches : successful production deployment /
Joe Johnston [and four others]
Call Number: QA76.76.O62

Effective computation in physics
Anthony Scopatz and Kathryn D. Huff
Call Number: QA76.76.D47

Elixir in action
Saša Jurić
Call Number: QA76.7

Embedded programming with Android : bringing up an Android system from scratch /
Roger Ye
Call Number: QA76.6

Embedded systems : hardware, design, and implementation /
by Krzysztof Iniewski
Call Number: TK7895.E42

Essential Java for scientists and engineers
Brian D. Hahn, Katherine M. Malan
Call Number: QA76.73.J38

Fundamentals of wearable computers and augmented reality
edited by Woodrow Barfield
Call Number: QA76.592 .F86 2016

Fuzzy modeling and genetic algorithms for data mining and exploration
Earl Cox
Call Number: QA76.9.D343

Game development with Swift : embrace the mobile gaming revolution and bring your iPhone game ideas to life with Swift /
Stephen Haney
Call Number: QA76.76.C672

Getting started with Hazelcast : get acquainted with the highly scalable data grid, Hazelcast, and learn how to bring its powerful in-memory features into your application /
Mat Johns
Call Number: QA76

Getting started with MariaDB : explore the powerful features of MariaDB with practical examples /
Daniel Bartholomew
Call Number: QA76.9.D3

Getting started with Meteor.js JavaScript framework : learn to develop powerful web applications in minutes with Meteor /
Isaac Strack
Call Number: QA76.73.J39

Gradle dependency management : learn how to use Gradle's powerful dependency management through extensive code samples, and discover how to define, customize, and deploy dependencies /
Hubert Klein Ikkink
Call Number: QA76.76.V47

Gradle for Andorid : automate the build process for your Android projects with Gradle /
Kevin Pilgrims
Call Number: QA76.76.V47

Graph databases : new opportunities for connected data /
Ian Robinson, Jim Webber & Emil Eifrem
Call Number: QA76.9.D3

Groovy in action
Dierk Koenig and Paul King ; with Guillaume Laforge [and four others] ; foreword by James Gosling
Call Number: QA76.73.G23

Grunt Cookbook : Over 80 hands-on recipes for streamlining development, management, and deployment with Grunt /
Jurie-Jan Botha
Call Number: QA76.76.A65

Hadoop application architectures : designing real world big data applications /
Mark Grover ... [and three others]
Call Number: QA76.9.D5

Hadoop backup and recovery solutions : learn the best strategies for data recovery from Hadoop backup clusters and troubleshoot problems /
Gaurav Barot, Amij Patel, Chintan Mehta
Call Number: QA76.9.D5

Hadoop security
Ben Spivey & Joey Echeverria
Call Number: QA76.9.D5

Head First : Android Development /
Dawn Griffiths, David Griffiths
Call Number: QA76.76.A65

Hello, Android : introducing Google's mobile development platform /
Ed Burnette ; edited by Susannah Davidson Pfalzer
Call Number: QA76.774.A53

Heterogeneous computing with OpenCL 2.0
David Kaeli ... [and three others]
Call Number: QA76.642

How to cheat in Unity 5 : tips and tricks for game development /
Alan Thorn
Call Number: QA76.76.C672

HTML5 game development by example : make the most of HTML5 techniques to create exciting games from scratch /
Call Number: QA76.76.C672

Hudl for dummies
by Rosemary Hattersley
Call Number: QA76.893

IBM Cognos Dynamic Cubes
Dmitriy Beryoza [and fourteen others]
Call Number: QA76.9.D37

IBM DS8870 architecture and implementation (release 7.5)
Bertrand Dufrasne [and five others]
Call Number: QA76.9.A73

IBM GDPS family of products : an introduction to concepts and capabilities /
David Clitherow [and three others]
Call Number: QA76

IBM platform computing solutions for high performance and technical computing workloads
Dino Quintero [and six others]
Call Number: QA76.585

IBM software defined environment
Dino Quintero [and seven others]
Call Number: QA76.9.A73

IBM software defined infrastructure for big data analytics workloads
Dino Quintero [and six others]
Call Number: QA76.9.C55

IBM Spectrum Accelerate, deployment, usage, and maintenance
Bertrand Dufrasne ... [and six others]
Call Number: TK7895.M4

IBM TS7700 virtualization engine with R3.2
Larry Coyne [and six others]
Call Number: QA76.9.V5

IBM Websphere application server liberty profile guide for developers
Miho Hachitani [and three others]
Call Number: QA76.625

Implementing an IBM Infosphere BigInsights Cluster using Linux on Power
Dino Quintero [and ten others]
Call Number: QA76.9.D32

Implementing IBM FlashSystem 840
Karen Orlando [and four others]
Call Number: TK7895.M4

Implementing Splunk : a comprehensive guide to help you transform big data into valuable business insights with Splunk 6.2 /
Vincent Bumgarner, James D. Miller
Call Number: QA76.9.D32

Intel Galileo blueprints : discover the true potential of the Intel Galileo board for building exciting projects in various domains such as home automation and robotics /
Marco Schwartz
Call Number: QA76.76.A63

Intermediate C programming
Yung-Hsiang Lu
Call Number: QA76.73.C15

Internet of things with Intel Galileo : employ the Intel Galileo board to design a world of smarter technology for your home /
Miguel de Sousa
Call Number: QA76.525

Introducing and implementing IBM FlashSystem V9000
Karen Orlando [and six others]
Call Number: QA76.9.D3

Introduction to JavaScript object notation : a to-the-point guide to JSON /
Lindsay Bassett
Call Number: QA76.73.J39

Introduction to programming in Python : an interdisciplinary approach /
Robert Sedgewick, Kevin Wayne, Robert Dondero
Call Number: QA76.73.P98

Introduction to quantum physics and information processing
Radhika Vathsan
Call Number: QA76.889

iOS core animation : advanced techniques /
Nick Lockwood
Call Number: QA76.774.I67

Java for Android
Budi Kurniawan
Call Number: QA76.76.A65

Java programming 24-hour trainer
Yakov Fain
Call Number: QA76.73.J38 .F356 2015eb

JavaFX essentials : create amazing Java GUI applications with this hands-on, fast-paced guide /
Mohamed Taman
Call Number: QA76.73.J38

JavaScript at scale : build enduring JavaScript applications with scaling insights from the front-line of JavaScript development /
Adam Boduch
Call Number: QA76.73.J39

JavaScript domain-driven design : speed up your application development by leveraging the patterns of domain-driven design /
Philipp Fehre
Call Number: QA76.73.J39

JavaScript JSON cookbook : over 80 recipes to make the most of JSON in your desktop, server, web, and mobile applications /
Ray Rischpater
Call Number: QA76.73.J39

Jenkins essentials : continuous integration--setting up the stage for a DevOps culture /
Mitesh Soni
Call Number: QA76.76.Q35

JIRA Agile essentials : bring the power of Agile to Atlassian JIRA and run your projects efficiently with Scrum and Kanban /
Patrick Li
Call Number: QA76.76.D47

Kali Linux wireless penetration testing essentials : plan and execute penetration tests on wireless networks with the Kali Linux distribution /
Marco Alamanni
Call Number: QA76.9.A25

Kivy--interactive applications and games in Python : create responsive cross-platform UI/UX applications and games in Python and using the open source Kivy library /
Roberto Ulloa
Call Number: QA76.73.P98

Learn C the hard way : practical exercises on the computational subjects you keep avoiding (like C) /
Zed A. Shaw
Call Number: QA76.73.C15

Learn WatchKit for iOS
Kim Topley
Call Number: QA76.76.A65

Learning .NET high-performance programming : learn everything you need to know about performance-oriented programming for the .NET Framework /
Antonio Esposito
Call Number: QA76.76.M52

Learning Apache Kafka : start from scratch and learn how to administer Apache Kafka effectively for messaging /
Nishant Garg
Call Number: QA76.76.D47

Learning AWS : design, build, and deploy responsive applications using AWS cloud components /
Aurobindo Sarkar, Amit Shah
Call Number: QA76.9.F5

Learning Banana Pi : unleash the power of Banana Pi and use it for home automation, games, and various practical applications /
Daniel Blair
Call Number: QA76.6

Learning BeagleBone Python programming : unleash the potential of BeagleBone using Python /
Alexander Hiam
Call Number: QA76.73.P98

Learning data mining with Python : harness the power of Python to analyze data and create insightful predictive models /
Robert Layton
Call Number: QA76.73.P98

Learning Docker : optimize the power of Docker to run your applications quickly and easily /
Pethuru Raj, Vinod Singh, Jeeva S. Chelladhurai
Call Number: QA76.76.A65

Learning embedded Linux using the Yocto project : develop powerful embedded Linux systems with the Yocto project components /
Alexandru Vaduva
Call Number: QA76.774.L46

Learning F# functional data structures and algorithms : get started with F# and explore fuctional programming paradigm with data structures and algorithms /
Foreward by Jon Flanders, Seth Juarez, Hammad Rajjoub ; Adnan Masood
Call Number: QA76.73.F163

Learning Ionic : build real-time and hybrid mobile applications with Ionic /
Arvind Ravulavaru ; foreword by Mike Hartington
Call Number: QA76.76.A65

Learning Laravel's Eloquent : develop amazing data-based applications with Eloquent, the Laravel framework ORM /
Francesco Malatesta
Call Number: QA76.76.A65

Learning object-oriented programming : explore and crack the OOP code in Python, JavaScript, and C# /
Gastón C. Hillar
Call Number: QA76.64

Learning Python network programming : utilize Python 3 to get network applications up and running quickly and easily /
Dr. M. O. Faruque Sarker, Sam Washington
Call Number: QA76.73.P98

Learning reactive programming with Java 8 : learn how to use RxJava and its reactive observables to build fast, concurrent, and powerful applications through detailed examples /
Nickolay Tsvetinov
Call Number: QA76.73.J38

Learning Redis : design efficient web and business solutions with Redis /
Vinoo Das
Call Number: QA76.9.D26

Learning RHEL networking : gain Linux administration skills by learning new networking concepts in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 /
Andrew Mallet
Call Number: QA76.76.O63

Learning SAP BusinessObjects dashboards : create professional, stunning, and interactive visual dashboards for both desktop and mobile devices /
Taha M. Mahmoud
Call Number: QA76.9.D3

Learning Swift : build a solid foundation in Swift to develop smart and robust iOS and OS X applications /
Andrew J. Wagner
Call Number: QA76.73.S95

Learning Unreal Engine Android game development : tap into the power of Unreal Engine 4 and create exciting games for the Android platform /
Nitish Misra
Call Number: QA76.76.C672

Learning VMware vCloud Air : leverage VMware's latest public cloud offering to build an efficient hybrid cloud infrastructure for your business /
Yohan Rohinton Wadia
Call Number: QA76.9.V5

Learning Watchkit programming : a hands-on guide to creating Apple Watch applications /
Wei-Meng Lee
Call Number: QA76.76

Linux command line and shell scripting bible
Richard Blum, Christine Bresnahan
Call Number: QA76.76.O63

Lua game development cookbook : over 70 recipes that will help you master the elements and best practices required to build a modern game engine using Lua /
Mário Kas̆uba
Call Number: QA76.73.L82

Machine learning in Python : essential techniques for predictive analysis /
Michael Bowles
Call Number: Q325.5

Macs for dummies
by Edward C. Baig
Call Number: QA76.8.M3

Magento PHP developer's guide : get up and running with the highly customizable and powerful e-commerce solution, Magento /
Allan MacGregor
Call Number: QA76.73.P224

Mastering Android game development : master game development with the Android SDK to develop highly interactive and amazing games /
Raul Portales
Call Number: QA76.76.C672

Mastering Apache Camel : an advanced guide to Enterprise Integration using Apache Camel /
Jean-Baptiste Onofré
Call Number: QA76.76.A65

Mastering AWS development : develop and migrate your enterprise application to the Amazon Web Services platform /
Uchit Vyas
Call Number: QA76.76.A65

Mastering Chef : build, deploy, and manage your IT infrastructure to deliver a successful automated system with Chef in any environment /
Mayank Joshi
Call Number: QA76.76.C69

Mastering Gradle : master the technique of developing, migrating, and building automation using Gradle /
Mainak Mitra
Call Number: QA76.76.V47

Mastering JavaScript promises : discover and explore the world of promises, one of JavaScript's most powerful concepts /
Muzzamil Hussain
Call Number: QA76.73.J39

Mastering jQuery mobile : design and develop cutting-edge mobile web applications using jQuery mobile to work across a number of platforms /
Chip Lambert, Shreerang Patwardhan
Call Number: QA76.73.J39

Mastering Laravel : develop robust modern web-based software applications and RESTful APIs with Laravel, one of the hottests PHP frameworks /
Christopher John Pecoraro
Call Number: QA76.76.A63

Mastering matplotlib : a practical guide that takes you beyond the basics of matplotlib and gives solutions to plot complex data /
Duncan M. McGreggor
Call Number: QA76.73.P98

Mastering OpenCV Android application programming : master the art of implementing computer vision algorithms on Android platforms to build robust and efficient applications /
Salil Kapur, Nisarg Thakkar
Call Number: QA76.774.A53

Mastering OpenStack : design, deploy, and manage a scalable OpenStack infrastructure /
Omar Khedher
Call Number: QA76.585

Mastering pandas : master the features and capabilities of pandas, a data analysis toolkit for Python /
Femi Anthony
Call Number: QA76.73.P98

Mastering predictive analytics with R : master the craft of predictive modeling by developing strategy, intuition, and a solid foundation in essential concepts /
Rui Miguel Forte
Call Number: QA276.45.R3

Mastering ServiceNow : conquer ServiceNow by getting to grips with the power behind the platform /
Martin Woods
Call Number: QA76.76.A65

Mastering Swift : master Apple's new Swift programming language by following the best practices to write efficient and powerful code /
Jon Hoffman
Call Number: QA76.73.S95

Mastering VMware vSphere 6
Nick Marshall, Grant Orchard, Josh Atwell ; foreword by Scott Lowe
Call Number: QA76.9.V5

Mastering VMware vSphere storage : monitor and optimize the storage capabilities of your vSphere environment /
Victor Wu, Eagle Huang
Call Number: QA76.9.V5

Microsoft Azure machine learning : explore predictive analytics using step-by-step tutorials and build models to make prediction in a jiffy with a few mouse clicks /
Sumit Mund
Call Number: Q325.5

Microsoft Exchange Server PowerShell cookbook : over 120 recipes to help you manage and administrate Exchange Server 2013 server pack 1 with PowerShell 5 /
Jonas Andersson, Mike Pfeiffer
Call Number: QA76.9.C55

Microsoft SQL server 2012 T-SQL
Tom Coffing, Debra Aaron
Call Number: QA76.9.D3

Microsoft Surface for dummies
by Andy Rathbone
Call Number: QA76.893

MongoDB data modeling : focus on data usage and better design schemas with the help of MongoDB /
Wilson da Rocha França
Call Number: QA76.9.D32

Multilevel modeling of secure systems in QoP-ML
Bogdan Ksįeżopolski
Call Number: QA76.9.A25

Multimedia ontology : representation and applications /
Santanu Chaudhury, Anupama Mallik, Hiranmay Ghosh
Call Number: QA76.575

My Android phone
Craig James Johnston
Call Number: QA76.774.A53

My Apple watch
Craig James Johnston
Call Number: QA76.592

My Google Chromebook
Michael Miller
Call Number: QA76.8.C46

My Samsung Galaxy S6
Craig James Johnston, Eric Butow
Call Number: QA76.8.S25

My Samsung Galaxy S6 for seniors
Michael Miller
Call Number: QA76.8.S25

My Windows 10
Katherine Murray
Call Number: QA76.76.O63

NLTK essentials : build cool NLP and machine learning applications using NLTK and other Python libraries /
Nitin Herdeniya
Call Number: QA76.9.N38

Numerical algorithms : methods for computer vision, machine learning, and graphics /
Justin Solomon
Call Number: QA76.9.A43

NumPy : beginner's guide : build efficient, high-speed programs using the high-performance NumPy mathematical library /
Ivan Idris
Call Number: QA76.73.P98

Object-role modeling fundamentals : a practical guide to data modeling with ORM /
Terry Halpin
Call Number: QA76.9.D3

Open source software : implementation and management /
Paul Kavanagh
Call Number: QA76.76.S46

OpenCV 3.0 computer vision with Java : create multiplatform computer vision desktop and web applications using the combination of OpenCV and Java /
Daniel Lélis Baggio
Call Number: QA76.73.J38

OpenStack cloud secuirty : build a secure OpenStack cloud to withstand all common attacks /
Fabio Alessandro Locati
Call Number: QA76.585

Oracle Exadata expert's handbook
Tariq Farooq ... [and five others]
Call Number: QA76.9.D3

Oracle GoldenGate 12c implementer's guide : leverage the power of real-time data access for designing, building, and tuning your GoldenGate Enterprise /
John P. Jefferies
Call Number: QA76.76.M54

Oracle virtualization & Linux administration quickstart : Oracle database & enterprise manager 12c adminstration
Call Number: QA76.9.T48

Paradigms of artificial intelligence programming : case studies in Common Lisp /
Peter Norvig
Call Number: QA76.6

Physical computation : a mechanistic account /
Gualtiero Piccinini
Call Number: QA76.167

Play framework cookbook : over 60 hands-on recipes to create dynamic and reactive web-based applications with Play 2 /
Alexander Reelsen, Giancarlo Inductivo
Call Number: QA76.76.O63

PostgreSQL replication : leverage the power of PostgreSQL replication to make your databases more robust, secure, scalable, and fast /
Hans-Jürgen Schönig
Call Number: QA76.9.D3

Practical C++ financial programming
Carlos Oliveira
Call Number: QA76.73.C153

Practical jQuery
Mukund Chaudhary, Ankur Kumar
Call Number: QA76.73.J39

Predictive analytics using Rattle and Qlik sense : create comprehensive solutions for predictive analysis using Rattle and share them with Qlik Sense /
Ferran Garcia Pagans
Call Number: QA76.9.D343

Pro Android 5
Dave MacLean, Satya Komatineni, Grant Allen
Call Number: QA76.774.A53

Pro Bash programming : scripting the GNU/Linux shell /
Chris F. A. Johnson, Jayant Varma
Call Number: QA76.76.O63

Pro JavaScript techniques
John Resig, Russ Ferguson, John Paxton
Call Number: QA76.73.J39

Pro Vagrant
Włodzimierz Gajda
Call Number: QA76.9.V5

Professional AngularJS
Valeri Karpov, Diego Netto
Call Number: QA76.76.A54

Programming Google app engine with Python
Dan Sanderson
Call Number: QA76.76.A65

Python essentials : modernize existing Python code and plan code migrations to Python using this definitive guide /
Steven F. Lott
Call Number: QA76.73.P98

Python geospatial analysis essentials : process, analyze, and display geospatial data using Python libraries and related tools /
Erik Westra
Call Number: QA76.73.P98

Python geospatial development essentials : utilize Python with open source libraries to build a lightweight, portable, and customizable GIS desktop application /
Karim Bahgat
Call Number: QA76.73.P98

Python requests essentials : learn how to integrate your applications seamlessly with web services using Python requests /
Rakesh Vidya Chandra, Bala Subrahmanyam Varanasi
Call Number: QA76.73.P98

Python web penetration testing cookbook : over 60 indispensable Python recipes to ensure you always have the right code on hand for web application testing /
Cameron Buchanan ... [and four others]
Call Number: QA76.73.P98

R in action : data analysis and graphics with R /
Robert I. Kabacoff
Call Number: QA276.45.R3

Raspberry Pi projects for dummies
by Mike Cook, Jonathan Evans, and Brock Craft
Call Number: QA76.8.R15

Raspberry Pi robotics essentials : harness the power of Raspberry Pi with Six Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) to create an amazing walking robot /
Richard Grimmett
Call Number: QA76.8.R15

Reactive messaging patterns with Actor model : application and integration patterns in Scala and Akka /
Vaughn Vernon
Call Number: QA76.73.S28

Reliable JavaScript
Lawrence D. Spencer, Seth H. Richards
Call Number: QA76.73.J39

Salt cookbook : over 80 hands-on recipes to efficiently configure and manage your infrastructure with Salt /
Anirban Saha
Call Number: QA76.76.C69

Salt essentials
Craig Sebenik and Thomas Hatch
Call Number: QA76.76.C69

Sams teach yourself Android application development in 24 hours
Carmen Delessio, Lauren Darcey, Shane Conder
Call Number: QA76.774.A53

Sams teach yourself JavaScript in 24 hours
Phil Ballard
Call Number: QA76.73.J39

Sentiment analysis : mining opinions, sentiments, and emotions /
Bing Liu
Call Number: QA76.9.N38

Small area estimation
J.N.K. Rao and Isabel Molina
Call Number: QA276.6 .R344 2015

Software development metrics
Dave Nicolette
Call Number: QA76.76.D47

Software testing : an ISTQB-BCS certified tester foundation guide /
Brian Hambling, editor [and four others]
Call Number: QA76.76.T48

Spark cookbook : over 60 recipes on Spark, covering Spark Core, Spark SQL, Spark Streaming, MLib, and GraphX libraries /
Rishi Yadav
Call Number: QA76.9.D343

Spring REST
Balaji Varanasi, Sudha Belida
Call Number: QA76.754

Successful user experience : strategies and roadmaps /
Elizabeth Rosenzweig
Call Number: QA76.9.H85

Swift by example : create funky, impressive applications using Swift /
Giordano Scalzo
Call Number: QA76.7

Swift recipes : a problem-solution approach /
T. Michael Rogers
Call Number: QA76.7

Tabletop game design for video game designers
Ethan Ham
Call Number: QA76.76.C672

Technological innovation for cloud-based engineering systems : 6th IFIP WG 5.5/SOCOLNET Doctoral Conference on Computing, Electrical and Industrial Systems, DoCEIS 2015, Costa de Caparica, Portugal, April 13-15, 2015, Proceedings /
edited by Luis M. Camarinha-Matos, Thais A. Baldissera, Giovanni Di Orio, Francisco Marques
Call Number: QA76.585

Test-driven development with Django : develop powerful, fully-featured Django applications by writing tests first /
Kevin Harvey
Call Number: QA76.76.D47

The Apple Watch book : master the most personal computer in your life /
Scott McNulty
Call Number: QA76.592

The definitive guide to ARM Cortex-M0 and Cortex-M0+ processors
Joseph Yiu
Call Number: TK7895.E42

The indie game developer handbook
Richard Hill-Whittall
Call Number: QA76.76.C672

The network security test lab : a step-by-step guide /
Michael Gregg
Call Number: QA76.9.A25

Toad for Oracle unleased
Bert Scalzo, Dan Hotka
Call Number: QA76.76.A65

Transactional information systems : theory, algorithms, and the practice of concurrency control and recovery /
Gerhard Weikum, Gottfried Vossen
Call Number: QA76.545

Troubleshooting CentOS : a practical guide to troubleshooting the CentOS 7 community-based enterprise server /
Jonathan Hobson
Call Number: QA76.76.O63

Understanding Oracle APEX 5 application development
Edward Sciore
Call Number: QA76.76.A65

Unity animation essentials : bring your characters to life with the latest features of Unity and Mecanim /
Alan Thorn
Call Number: QA76.76.C672

Unity in action : multiplatform game development in C# with Unity 5 /
Joseph Hocking
Call Number: QA76.76.C672

Upgrading and repairing PCs
Scott M. Mueller
Call Number: TK7887

Using Yocto Project with BeagleBone Black : unleash the power of the Beaglebone Black embedded platform with Yacto Project /
Foreward by Khula Azmi ; H.M. Irfan Sadiq
Call Number: QA76.8.B38

Virtualizing Hadoop : how to install, deploy, and optimize Hadoop in a virtualized architecture /
George Trujillo, Jr. [and four others]
Call Number: QA76.9.D5

Visual Basic 2015 unleashed
Alessandro Del Sole
Call Number: QA76.73.M53

VMware vSphere design essentials : unleash the performance, availability, and workload efficiency of your virtual data center using this fast-paced guide /
Puthiyavan Udayakumar
Call Number: QA76.9.V5

Web scraping with Python : collecting data from the modern web /
Ryan Mitchell
Call Number: QA76.73.P98

Windows file system troubleshooting
Mike Halsey and Andrew Bettany
Call Number: QA76.76.W56

Your wish is my command : programming by example /
edited by Henry Lieberman
Call Number: QA76.6

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