General Works

Items Acquired in November 2014 for the University Libraries

A bibliography of John Brown [electronic resource]
by Donald D. Eddy
Call Number: Z8123.9 .E3 1971eb

A catalogue of incipits of mediaeval scientific writings in Latin [electronic resource]
by Lynn Thorndike and Pearl Kibre
Call Number: Z6605.L3 T4 1963eb

A checklist of New London, Connecticut, imprints, 1709-1800 [electronic resource]
compiled by Hazel A. Johnson
Call Number: Z1266.N43 J64 1978eb

A Chesterfield bibliography to 1800 [electronic resource]
Sidney L. Gulick
Call Number: Z8166.4 .G9 1979eb

A directory of London stationers and book artisans, 1300-1500 [electronic resource]
by C. Paul Christianson
Call Number: Z8.G72 L63 1990eb

A guide to historical literature [electronic resource]
edited by George Matthew Dutcher ... [et al.]
Call Number: Z6201 .G94 1931"@"Z6201

A register of artists, engravers, booksellers, bookbinders, printers & publishers in New York City, 1821-42 [electronic resource]
compiled by Sidney F. & Elizabeth Stege Huttner
Call Number: Z478.6.N5 H87 1993eb

A survey of the manuscripts of Tours [electronic resource]
Call Number: Z115.F7 S93 no.1

An early London printing house at work : studies in the Bowyer ledgers : with a supplement to the Bowyer ornament stock (1973), an appendix on the Bowyer-Emonson partnership, and Bowyer's Paper stock ledger, by Herbert Davis [electronic resource]
Keith Maslen
Call Number: Z232.B79 M39 1993eb

Arator : the codices [electronic resource]
edited by Arthur Patch McKinlay
Call Number: Z6616.A7 M3

Bibliography of English translations from medieval sources, 1943-1967 [electronic resource]
by Mary Anne Heyward Ferguson
Call Number: Z6517 .F47 1974"@"Z6517

Bibliotheca Americana : a dictionary of books relating to America, from its discovery to the present time [electronic resource]
begun by Joseph Sabin, continued by Wilberforce Eames and completed by R.W.G. Vail for the Bibliographical Society of America
Call Number: Z1201 .S2 1868eb

Book destruction from the medieval to the contemporary
edited by Gill Partington and Adam Smyth
Call Number: Z659 .B66 2014

Bookwomen : creating an empire in children's book publishing, 1919-1939 [electronic resource]
Jacalyn Eddy
Call Number: Z480.C48 E33 2006eb

Canadian history : a reader's guide [electronic resource]
Call Number: Z1382 .C217 1994 F1026

Catalogus translationum et commentariorum : Mediaeval and Renaissance Latin translations and commentaries : annotated lists and guides [electronic resource]
editor-in-chief: Paul Oskar Kristeller
Call Number: Z7016 .K7 1960"@"Z7016

Census of medieval and renaissance manuscripts in the United States and Canada [electronic resource]
by Seymour de Ricci ; with the assistance of W.J. Wilson
Call Number: Z6620.U5 R49 1935eb

Check-list of works of British authors printed abroad, in languages other than English, to 1641 [electronic resource]
by M.A. Shaaber
Call Number: Z1012 .S49 1975eb

Flemish and related panel-stamped bindings : evidence and principles [electronic resource]
Staffan Fogelmark
Call Number: Z269.3.S73 F64 1990eb

Incipits of Latin works on the virtues and vices, 1100-1500 A.D : including a section of incipits of works on the Pater noster [electronic resource]
Morton W. Bloomfield [and 3 others]
Call Number: Z6611.T3 I52 BV4630

Incunabula in American libraries : a supplement to the third census of fifteenth-century books recorded in North American collections (1964) [electronic resource]
compiled and edited by Frederick Richmond Goff
Call Number: Z240 .G6 1973 Suppl

Interdisciplinary approaches to Canadian society : a guide to the literature [electronic resource]
edited by Alan F.J. Artibise
Call Number: Z7165.C2 I57 1990eb

Lupus of Ferrieres as scribe and text critic : a study of his autograph copy of Cicero's De oratore [electronic resource]
by Charles Henry Beeson ; with a facsimile of the manuscript
Call Number: Z115Z

Mediaeval Greek bookhands : examples selected from Greek manuscripts in Oxford libraries [electronic resource]
by Nigel Wilson
Call Number: Z113.8 .W45 1973

Mediaeval Slavic manuscripts : a bibliography of printed catalogues [electronic resource]
by David Djaparidzé, foreword by Pierre Pascal
Call Number: Z6601.A1 D52

Old English literature in its manuscript context [electronic resource]
edited by Joyce Tally Lionarons
Call Number: Z8 .G7 2004eb

Publishing and cultural politics in revolutionary Paris, 1789-1810 [electronic resource]
Carla Hesse
Call Number: Z310.6.P37 H47 1991eb

Seventeenth-century Barberini documents and inventories of art [electronic resource]
Marilyn Aronberg Lavin
Call Number: Z6611.A7 V37 1975eb

Supplement to the census of medieval and renaissance manuscripts in the United States and Canada [electronic resource]
originated by C.U. Faye ; continued and edited by W.H. Bond
Call Number: Z6620.U5 R49 1961eb Suppl

Surreptitious printing in England, 1550-1640 [electronic resource]
Denis B. Woodfield
Call Number: Z242.I3 W6 1973eb

The American Historical Association's guide to historical literature : board of editors, George Frederick Howe ... [et al.] ; assisted by section editors, a central editor and others [electronic resource]
Call Number: Z6201 .A55 1961"@"Z6201

The beginning of the world of books, 1450 to 1470 : a chronological survey of the texts chosen for printing during the first twenty years of the printing art, with a synopsis of the Gutenberg documents [electronic resource]
Margaret Bingham Stillwell
Call Number: Z240 .S816 1972eb

The cost books of Ticknor and Fields and their predecessors, 1832-1858 [electronic resource]
edited with an introduction and notes by Warren S. Tryon & William Charvat
Call Number: Z473 .T5 1949eb

The didascalicon of Hugh of St. Victor : a medieval guide to the arts [electronic resource]
translated from the Latin with an introduction and notes by Jerome Taylor
Call Number: AE2 .H8313 1991"@"AE2

The Enlightenment & the book : Scottish authors & their publishers in eighteenth-century Britain, Ireland, & America [electronic resource]
Richard B. Sher
Call Number: Z326 .S54 2006eb

The Fihrist of al-Nadīm : a tenth-century survey of Muslim culture [electronic resource]
Bayard Dodge, editor and translator
Call Number: Z7052 .I213 1970"@"Z7052

The logic of writing and the organization of society [electronic resource]
Jack Goody
Call Number: Z40 .G66 1986eb

The Santander regime in Gran Colombia [electronic resource]
by David Bushnell
Call Number: AS36 .D3 1954eb"@"F2275

The sources for the early history of Ireland: ecclesiastical : an introduction and guide [electronic resource]
by James F. Kenney
Call Number: Z2041 .K362 1966"@"Z2041

The Türkenkalender (1454) attributed to Gutenberg and the Strasbourg lunation tracts [electronic resource]
Eckehard Simon
Call Number: Z241.M25 S55 1988

The two cultures [electronic resource]
C.P. Snow ; with introducation by Stefan Collini
Call Number: AZ361 .S56 2008"@"AZ361

The two cultures [electronic resource]
C.P. Snow ; with introducation by Stefan Collini
Call Number: AZ361 (INTERNET)

Women in print : essays on the print culture of American women from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries [electronic resource]
edited by James P. Danky and Wayne A. Wiegand ; foreword by Elizabeth Long
Call Number: Z473 .W68 2006eb

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