International Studies

Items Acquired in November 2014 for the University Libraries

I saw a nightmare-- : doing violence to memory : the Soweto uprising, June 16, 1976 [electronic resource]
by Helena Pohlandt-McCormick
Call Number: DT1959 .P64 2010eb

New negroes from Africa : slave trade abolition and free African settlement in the nineteenth-century Caribbean [electronic resource]
Rosanne Marion Adderley
Call Number: F1660.B55 A63 2006eb

1968, forty years after [electronic resource]
edited by Leszek W. Głuchowski and Antony Polonsky
Call Number: DS135.P6 P64 v. 21eb

A biography of no place : from ethnic borderland to Soviet heartland [electronic resource]
Kate Brown
Call Number: DK500.F67 B76 2004eb

A carnival of revolution : Central Europe 1989 [electronic resource]
Padraic Kenney
Call Number: DJK51 .K465 2002eb

A companion to Livy
edited by Bernard Mineo
Call Number: DG207.L583 C66 2015

A constructed peace : the making of the European settlement, 1945-1963 [electronic resource]
Marc Trachtenberg
Call Number: D1058 .T718 1999eb

A European anabasis : western European volunteers in the German army and SS, 1940-1945 [electronic resource]
by Kenneth William Estes
Call Number: D757 .E88 2008"@"D757

A farewell to alms : a brief economic history of the world [electronic resource]
Gregory Clark
Call Number: HC21 .C63 2007eb

A history of ancient Greece in fifty lives
David Stuttard
Call Number: DF77 .S78 2014

A history of deeds done beyond the sea [electronic resource]
by William, archbishop of Tyre ; translated and annotated by Emily Atwater Babcock and A. C. Krey
Call Number: D152 .G813 1943"@"D152

A hundred horizons : the Indian Ocean in the age of global empire [electronic resource]
Sugata Bose
Call Number: DS340

A Jamaican plantation : the history of Worthy Park, 1670-1970 [electronic resource]
Michael Craton and James Walvin
Call Number: F1895.W65 C7 1970eb

A laboratory of transnational history : Ukraine and recent Ukrainian historiography [electronic resource]
edited by Georgiy Kasianov and Philipp Ther
Call Number: DK508.46 .L33 2009eb

A mosaic of victims : non-Jews persecuted and murdered by the Nazis [electronic resource]
edited by Michael Berenbaum
Call Number: D804.G4 M63 1990eb

A patterned past : form and thought in early Chinese historiography [electronic resource]
David Schaberg
Call Number: DS747.15 .S32 2001eb

A prophet from amongst you : the life of Yigael Yadin : soldier, scholar, and mythmaker of modern Israel [electronic resource]
Neil Asher Silberman
Call Number: DS126.6.Y3 S55 1993eb

A rescuer's story : Pastor Pierre-Charles Toureille in Vichy France [electronic resource]
Tela Zasloff
Call Number: D804.66.T68 Z38 2003eb

A shared world : Christians and Muslims in the early modern Mediterranean [electronic resource]
Molly Greene
Call Number: DF901.C83 G74 2000eb

A translucent mirror : history and identity in Qing imperial ideology [electronic resource]
Pamela Kyle Crossley
Call Number: DS754.17 .C76 2002eb

A twentieth-century prophet : Oscár Jászi, 1875-1957 [electronic resource]
Gyorgy Litvan
Call Number: DB955.6.J37 L5813 2006eb

A whole empire walking : refugees in Russia during World War I [electronic resource]
Peter Gatrell
Call Number: D638.R9 G38 2005"@"D638.R9

ACLS humanities e-book [electronic resource]
Call Number: D16.117 .H574

Africa and Africans in the making of the Atlantic world, 1400-1800 [electronic resource]
John Thornton
Call Number: DT31 .T53 1998eb

African women & the law : historical perspectives [electronic resource]
edited by Margaret Jean Hay and Marcia Wright
Call Number: DT1 (INTERNET)

Edward Jablonski
Call Number: D785 .J3 1979

Alexander's gate, Gog and Magog, and the inclosed nations [electronic resource]
Andrew Runni Anderson
Call Number: DF234.2 .A5 1932eb

Alien wisdom : the limits of Hellenization [electronic resource]
Arnaldo Momigliano
Call Number: DF78 .M6

Ambivalent conquests : Maya and Spaniard in Yucatan, 1517-1570 [electronic resource]
Inga Clendinnen
Call Number: F1376 .C55 2003eb

An Arab-Syrian gentleman and warrior in the period of the Crusades : memoirs of Usāmah ibn-Munqidh (Kitāb al-Iʻtibār) [electronic resource]
translated from the original manuscript by Philip K. Hitti ; with a new foreword by Richard W. Bulliet
Call Number: DS97 .U8313 2000"@"DS97.3

An English girl's first impressions of Burmah [electronic resource]
by Beth Elllis
Call Number: DS527.6 .E44 1899

Ancient China and its enemies : the rise of nomadic power in East Asian history [electronic resource]
Nicola Di Cosmo
Call Number: DS741.3 .D5 2004eb

Ancient Ghana and Mali [electronic resource]
Nehemia Levtzion
Call Number: DT532.15 .L48 1980eb

Andean kinship and marriage [electronic resource]
edited by Ralph Bolton and Enrique Mayer
Call Number: F3429.3.K55 S95 1972"@"F3429.3.K55

Antecedents to modern Rwanda : the Nyiginya Kingdom [electronic resource]
Jan Vansina ; translated by the author
Call Number: DT450.34 .V3813 2004eb

Apex omnium : religion in the Res gestae of Ammianus [electronic resource]
R.L. Rike
Call Number: DG206.A4 R55 1987eb

Apocalypse in Rome : Cola di Rienzo and the politics of the New Age [electronic resource]
Ronald G. Musto
Call Number: DG811.6 .M87 2003eb

Arrows in the dark : David Ben-Gurion, the Yishuv leadership, and rescue attempts during the Holocaust [electronic resource]
Tuvia Friling ; translated by Ora Cummings
Call Number: D804.6 .F7513 2005eb

Artifacts from ancient Rome
James B. Tschen-Emmons
Call Number: DG77 .T75 2014

Asia in the making of Europe [electronic resource]
Donald F. Lach
Call Number: DS33.1 .L3 1965eb

Asian borderlands : the transformation of Qing China's Yunnan frontier [electronic resource]
C. Patterson Giersch
Call Number: DS793.Y8 G54 2006eb

Assuming the burden : Europe and the American commitment to war in Vietnam [electronic resource]
Mark Atwood Lawrence
Call Number: DS550 .L385 2005eb

Authority and tradition in ancient historiography [electronic resource]
John Marincola
Call Number: D56 .M37 2003eb

Awakening China : politics, culture, and class in the Nationalist Revolution [electronic resource]
John Fitzgerald
Call Number: DS776.6 .F58 1996eb

Balkan babel : the disintegration of Yugoslavia from the death of Tito to the fall of Milošević [electronic resource]
Sabrina P. Ramet
Call Number: DR1307 .R36 2002"@"DR1307

Barbarians and bishops : army, church, and state in the age of Arcadius and Chrysostom [electronic resource]
J.H.W.G. Liebeschuetz
Call Number: DF543 .L33 1990"@"DF543

Before France and Germany : the creation and transformation of the Merovingian world [electronic resource]
Patrick J. Geary
Call Number: DC65

Behind the Intifada : labor and women's movements in the occupied territories [electronic resource]
Joost R. Hiltermann
Call Number: DS110.W47 H55 1991"@"DS110.W47

Behold the Black Caiman : a chronicle of Ayoreo life /
Lucas Bessire
Call Number: F2679.2.M6 B488 2014

Being Israeli : the dynamics of multiple citizenship [electronic resource]
Gershon Shafir, Yoav Peled
Call Number: JQ1830.A91 S53 2002eb

Belonging : the meaning and future of Canadian citizenship [electronic resource]
edited by William Kaplan
Call Number: JL187 .B45 1993eb

Belongings : property, family, and identity in colonial South Africa : an exploration of frontiers, 1725-c. 1830 [electronic resource]
Laura J. Mitchell
Call Number: DT2400.C43 M57

Between winds and clouds : the making of Yunnan (second century BCE to twentieth century CE) [electronic resource]
Bin Yang
Call Number: DS793.Y8

Beyond Quebec : taking stock of Canada [electronic resource]
edited by Kenneth McRoberts
Call Number: F1034.2 .B486 1995eb

Beyond the pale : the Jewish encounter with late imperial Russia [electronic resource]
Benjamin Nathans
Call Number: DS135.R9 N38 2002eb

Beyond the pale : essays on the history of colonial South Africa [electronic resource]
Robert Ross
Call Number: DT2039 .R67 1993eb

Biographical texts from Ramessid Egypt [electronic resource]
by Elizabeth Frood ; edited by John Baines
Call Number: DT87 .F76 2007beb

Bitter waters : life and work in Stalin's Russia : a memoir [electronic resource]
by Gennady Andreev-Khomiakov ; translated with an introduction by Ann E. Healy
Call Number: DK268.A54 A3 1997"@"DK268.A54

Black banners from the East [electronic resource]
by Moshe Sharon
Call Number: DS38.5 .S49 1983eb

Blacks in colonial Veracruz : race, ethnicity, and regional development [electronic resource]
Patrick J. Carroll
Call Number: F1392.B55 C37 2001"@"F1371

Blood road : the mystery of Shen Dingyi in revolutionary China [electronic resource]
R. Keith Schoppa
Call Number: DS777.15.S53 S36 1995eb

Bones of contention : the living archive of Vasil Levski and the making of Bulgaria's national hero [electronic resource]
Maria Todorova
Call Number: DR83.2.L4 T63 2009eb

Britain and the onset of modernization in Brazil 1850-1914 [electronic resource]
by Richard Graham
Call Number: F2510 .G7 1968eb

Brothers and strangers : the east European Jew in German and German Jewish consciousness, 1800-1923 [electronic resource]
Steven E. Aschheim
Call Number: DS135.G33 A76 1982eb

Bureaucrat and intellectual in the Ottoman Empire : the historian Mustafa Âli (1541-1600) [electronic resource]
Cornell H. Fleischer
Call Number: DR438.9.A45 F44 1986

Byzantium and the Crusader States, 1096-1204 [electronic resource]
by Ralph-Johannes Lilie ; translated by J.C. Morris and Jean E. Ridings
Call Number: DF547.L37 L5413 1993"@"DF547.L37

Byzantium in the seventh century : the transformation of a culture [electronic resource]
J.F. Haldon
Call Number: DF571 .H35 1997eb

Byzantium's Balkan frontier : a political study of the Northern Balkans, 900-1204 [electronic resource]
Paul Stephenson
Call Number: DR39 .S76 2008"@"DR39

Byzantium's Balkan frontier : a political study of the Northern Balkans, 900-1204 [electronic resource]
Paul Stephenson
Call Number: DR39 (INTERNET)

Camden [electronic resource]
Alan Atkinson
Call Number: DU180 (INTERNET)

Canada : an American nation? : essays on continentalism, identity and the Canadian frame of mind [electronic resource]
Allan Smith
Call Number: F1021.2 .S6 1994eb

Cannibal encounters : Europeans and Island Caribs, 1492-1763 [electronic resource]
Philip P. Boucher
Call Number: F1505.2.C3 B68 1992"@"F1505.2.C3

Carrying a secret in my heart : children of the victims of the reprisals after the Hungarian Revolution in 1956 : an oral history [electronic resource]
by Zsuzsanna Kőrösi and Adrienne Molnár
Call Number: DB957.3 .K6813 2003eb

Cavour and Garibaldi, 1860 : a study in political conflict [electronic resource]
by D. Mack Smith
Call Number: DG554 .M3 1985eb

Centaurs and amazons : women and the pre-history of the great chain of being [electronic resource]
Page duBois
Call Number: DF93 .D8 1991eb

Chase's ... calendar of events
Call Number: D11.5 .C48

Cherishing men from afar : Qing guest ritual and the Macartney Embassy of 1793 [electronic resource]
James L. Hevia
Call Number: DS740.5.G5 H48 1995eb

China from empire to nation-state
Wang Hui ; translated by Michael Gibbs Hill
Call Number: DS721 .W337 13513 2014

China's foreign relations, 1917-1931 [electronic resource]
by Robert T. Pollard
Call Number: DS775 .P77 2008"@"DS775

China's foreign relations, 1917-1931 [electronic resource]
by Robert T. Pollard
Call Number: DS775 (INTERNET)

Civil war in Siberia : the anti-Bolshevik government of Admiral Kolchak, 1918-1920 [electronic resource]
Jonathan D. Smele
Call Number: DK265.8.S5 S59 1996eb

Code of the quipu : a study in media, mathematics, and culture [electronic resource]
Marcia Ascher and Robert Ascher
Call Number: F3429.3.Q6 A82 1981eb

Cold peace : Stalin and the Soviet ruling circle, 1945-1953 [electronic resource]
Yoram Gorlizki and Oleg Khlevniuk
Call Number: DK268.4

Collected memories : Holocaust history and postwar testimony [electronic resource]
Christopher R. Browning
Call Number: D804.348 .B77 2003eb

Colonial lists/Indian power Archive : identity politics in nineteenth century Telugu-speaking India. [electronic resource]
[compiled by Michael Katten]
Call Number: DS432.T4 K38 2009eb

Colonial modernity in Korea [electronic resource]
Gi-Wook Shin and Michael Robinson, editors
Call Number: DS916.54 .C65 1999eb

Colonialism and its forms of knowledge : the British in India [electronic resource]
Bernard S. Cohn
Call Number: DS436 .C65 1996

Colonialism and postcolonial development : Spanish America in comparative perspective [electronic resource]
James Mahoney
Call Number: F1410 .M274 2010

Communist Party membership in the U.S.S.R., 1917-1967 [electronic resource]
T.H. Rigby
Call Number: JN6598.K7 R5 1968eb

Community and public culture : the Marwaris in Calcutta, 1897-1997 [electronic resource]
by Anne Hardgrove
Call Number: DS432.M28 .H37 2007"@"DS432.M28

Conceptualizing global history [electronic resource]
edited by Bruce Mazlish and Ralph Buultjens
Call Number: D16.9 .C634 1993eb

Constructing the image of the Mexican Revolution : cinema and the archive [electronic resource]
Zuzana M. Pick
Call Number: F1234 .P55 2010eb

Contending visions of the Middle East : the history and politics of Orientalism [electronic resource]
Zachary Lockman
Call Number: DS61.8 .L63 2010eb

Contracting colonialism : translation and Christian conversion in Tagalog society under early Spanish rule [electronic resource]
Vicente L. Rafael
Call Number: DS666.T2 R3 1988"@"DS666.T2

Conversos, Inquisition, and the expulsion of the Jews from Spain [electronic resource]
Norman Roth
Call Number: DS135.S7 R675 2002eb

Cousins and strangers : Spanish immigrants in Buenos Aires, 1850-1930 [electronic resource]
Jose C. Moya
Call Number: F3001.9.S7 M6 1998eb

Creating historical memory : English-Canadian women and the work of history [electronic resource]
edited by Beverly Boutilier and Alison Prentice
Call Number: F1024 .C73 1997eb

Cuba, 1753-1815 : crown, military, and society [electronic resource]
Allan J. Kuethe
Call Number: F1779 .K84 1986eb

Cultural history and postmodernity : disciplinary readings and challenges [electronic resource]
Mark Poster
Call Number: D13 .P585 1997eb

Cultural politics in Greater Romania : regionalism, nation building & ethnic struggle, 1918-1930 [electronic resource]
Irina Livezeanu
Call Number: DR264 .L58 2000"@"DR264

Culture wars in Brazil : the first Vargas Regime, 1930-1945 [electronic resource]
Daryle Williams
Call Number: F2538 .W55 2001eb

Customary aids and royal finance in Capetian France : the marriage aid of Philip the Fair [electronic resource]
Elizabeth A.R. Brown
Call Number: DC92 .B76 1992eb

De expugnatione Lyxbonensi : The conquest of Lisbon / [electronic resource] =
edited from the unique manuscript in Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, with a translation into English by Charles Wendell David
Call Number: D162 .D4 1936"@"D162

De profectione Ludovici VII in Orientem : The journey of Louis VII to the East / [electronic resource] =
Odo of Deuil ; edited, with an English translation, by Virginia Gingerich Berry
Call Number: D162.1 .O3 1948"@"D162.1

Deeds of John and Manuel Comnenus [electronic resource]
by John Kinnamos ; translated by Charles M. Brand
Call Number: DF606 .C5613 1976"@"DF606

Degrees of freedom : Canada and the United States in a changing world [electronic resource]
edited by Keith Banting, George Hoberg, and Richard Simeon
Call Number: F1034.2 .D43 1997eb

photographies de George de Miré ; texte et notices de Pierre de la Coste-Messelière ; avant-propos de Charles Picard
Call Number: DF261.D35 F68

Democracy from scratch : opposition and regime in the new Russian Revolution [electronic resource]
M. Steven Fish
Call Number: JN6598.A1 F57 1995eb

Democratization and revolution in the USSR, 1985-1991 [electronic resource]
Jerry F. Hough
Call Number: JN6500 .H68 1997"@"JN6500

Dialogue and history : constructing South India, 1795-1895 [electronic resource]
Eugene F. Irschick
Call Number: DS484.7 .I77 1994eb

Diaspora conversions : Black Carib religion and the recovery of Africa [electronic resource]
Paul Christopher Johnson
Call Number: F1505.2.C3 J64 2007eb

Diaspora lobbies and the US government : convergence and divergence in making foreign policy /
edited by Josh DeWind and Renata Segura
Call Number: JZ1480 .D53 2014

Dictatorship and demand : the politics of consumerism in East Germany [electronic resource]
Mark Landsman
Call Number: HC290.795.C6 L36 2005eb

Discovering the Olmecs : an unconventional history /
by David C. Grove
Call Number: F1219.8.O56 G76 2014

Early antiquity [electronic resource]
I.M. Diakonoff, volume editor ; Philip L. Kohl, project editor ; translated by Alexander Kirjanov
Call Number: D57 .I8813 1991eb

Early medieval Jewish policy in Western Europe [electronic resource]
by Bernard S. Bachrach
Call Number: DS124 .B23 1977

East Central Europe between the two World Wars [electronic resource]
by Joseph Rothschild
Call Number: DR48 .R64 1977"@"DR47

Economic and social survey of Asia and the Pacific
Call Number: JX1977.A335 E25

Economic development from the state and local perspective : case studies and public policy debates /
David J. Robinson
Call Number: HC106.83 .R635 2014

Elections and political order in Russia : the implications of the 1993 elections to the Federal Assembly [electronic resource]
edited by Peter Lentini
Call Number: JN6592 .E543 1995eb

Embassies and illusions : Dutch and Portuguese envoys to Kʻang-hsi, 1666-1687 [electronic resource]
John E. Wills, Jr
Call Number: DJ149.C5 W55 1984eb

Emergence of a bureaucracy : the Florentine patricians, 1530-1790 [electronic resource]
R. Burr Litchfield
Call Number: DG738 .L57 1986

Emissaries from the Holy Land : the Sephardic diaspora and the practice of pan-Judaism in the eighteenth century /
Matthias B. Lehmann
Call Number: DS134 .L44 2014

Empire and information : intelligence gathering and social communication in India, 1780-1870 [electronic resource]
C.A. Bayly
Call Number: JQ229.I6 B39 1999eb

Empire to commonwealth : consequences of monotheism in late antiquity [electronic resource]
Garth Fowden
Call Number: DF531 .F69 1993eb

Empires of Islam in Renaissance historical thought [electronic resource]
Margaret Meserve
Call Number: DR438.8 .M43 2008eb

Empires of the Silk Road : a history of Central Eurasia from the Bronze Age to the present [electronic resource]
Christopher I. Beckwith
Call Number: DS329.4 .B43 2011eb

Ending the French Revolution : violence, justice, and repression from the terror to Napoleon [electronic resource]
Howard G. Brown
Call Number: DC192 .B76 2006eb

Engineering revolution : the paradox of democracy promotion in Serbia /
Marlene Spoerri
Call Number: DR2051 .S66 2015

England, Russia and the Straits question, 1844-1856 [electronic resource]
by Vernon John Puryear
Call Number: DK215 .P8 1931eb

Enrico Dandolo & the rise of Venice [electronic resource]
Thomas F. Madden
Call Number: DG677.64 .M33 2007eb

Enrique IV and the crisis of fifteenth-century Castile, 1425-1480 [electronic resource]
William D. Phillips, Jr
Call Number: DP143 .P43 1978

Entertaining tsarist Russia : tales, songs, plays, movies, jokes, ads, and images from Russian urban life, 1779-1917 [electronic resource]
edited by James von Geldern and Louise McReynolds
Call Number: DK32 .E6 1998"@"DK32

Ethnic Identity in Greek antiquity [electronic resource]
Jonathan M. Hall
Call Number: DF135 .H33 1997eb

Ethnicity in the mainstream : three studies of English Canadian culture in Ontario [electronic resource]
Pauline Greenhill
Call Number: F1059.7.E53 G74 1994eb

Event, metaphor, memory : Chauri Chaura, 1922-1992 [electronic resource]
Shahid Amin
Call Number: DS486.C464 A45 1995eb

Everyday life in early Soviet Russia : taking the Revolution inside [electronic resource]
edited by Christina Kiaer and Eric Naiman
Call Number: DK268.3 .E92 2006eb

Experiencing Russia's civil war : politics, society, and revolutionary culture in Saratov, 1917-1922 [electronic resource]
Donald J. Raleigh
Call Number: DK265.8.S37 R338 2002eb

Failed statebuilding : intervention and the dynamics of peace formation /
Oliver P. Richmond
Call Number: D888.W47 R42 2014

Failure of empire : Valens and the Roman state in the fourth century A.D. [electronic resource]
Noel Lenski
Call Number: DF559 .L46 2002eb

Feudal monarchy in the Latin kingdom of Jerusalem, 1100 to 1291 [electronic resource]
John L. La Monte
Call Number: D182

Fields of wheat, hills of blood : passages to nationhood in Greek Macedonia, 1870-1990 [electronic resource]
Anastasia N. Karakasidou
Call Number: DF901.A75 K37 1997eb

Final days : the inside story of the collapse of the Soviet Union [electronic resource]
Andrei S. Grachev ; with a foreword by Archie Brown ; translated by Margo Milne
Call Number: DK290.3.G67 G7313 1995eb

Florence ducal capital, 1530-1630 [electronic resource]
R. Burr Litchfield
Call Number: DG738 .L58 2008

Focusing on aspects and experiences of religion [electronic resource]
edited by Antony Polonsky
Call Number: DS135.P6 P64 v. 11eb

Focusing on Galicia : Jews, Poles, and Ukrainians, 1772-1918 [electronic resource]
edited by Israel Bartal and Antony Polonsky
Call Number: DS135.P6 P64 v. 12eb

Focusing on Jewish popular culture in Poland and its afterlife [electronic resource]
edited by Michael C. Steinlauf and Antony Polonsky
Call Number: DS135.P6 P64 v. 16eb

Focusing on Jewish religious life, 1500-1900 [electronic resource]
edited by Antony Polonsky
Call Number: DS135.P6 P64 v. 15eb

Focusing on Jews in the Polish borderlands [electronic resource]
edited by Antony Polonsky
Call Number: DS135.P6 P64 v. 14eb

Focusing on the Holocaust and its aftermath [electronic resource]
edited by Antony Polonsky
Call Number: DS135.P6 P64 v. 13eb

Forest brothers : the account of an anti-Soviet Lithuanian freedom fighter, 1944-1948 [electronic resource]
by Juozas Lukša ; translated and with an introduction by Laima Vincė
Call Number: D802.L5 D2513 2009eb

Foundations of modern historical scholarship : language, law, and history in the French Renaissance [electronic resource]
Donald R. Kelley
Call Number: D13.2 .K43 1970eb

France votes : the election of Francois Hollande /
Irwin Wall
Call Number: JN2959 .W45 2014

Fratricide in the Holy Land : a psychoanalytic view of the Arab-Israeli conflict [electronic resource]
Avner Falk
Call Number: DS119.7 .F318 2004eb

French salons : high society and political sociability from the Old Regime to the Revolution of 1848 [electronic resource]
Steven Kale
Call Number: DC33.5 .K35 2006eb

From darkness to light : class, consciousness, and salvation in revolutionary Russia [electronic resource]
Igal Halfin
Call Number: DK266.A33 H35 2000"@"DK266.A33

From Dessalines to Duvalier : race, colour, and national independence in Haiti [electronic resource]
David Nicholls
Call Number: F1921 .N58 1996eb

From popular sovereignty to the sovereignty of law : law, society, and politics in fifth-century Athens [electronic resource]
Martin Ostwald
Call Number: DF87 .O88 1986eb

From prosperity to austerity : a socio-cultural critique of the Celtic Tiger and its aftermath /
edited by Eamon Maher and Eugene O'Brien
Call Number: HC260.5 .F76 2014

From Saladin to the Mongols : the Ayyubids of Damascus, 1193-1260 [electronic resource]
R. Stephen Humphreys
Call Number: DS97.3 .H85 1977

From shtetl to socialism : studies from Polin [electronic resource]
edited by Antony Polonsky
Call Number: DS135.P6 F78 2011eb

Fulgencio Batista : from revolutionary to strongman [electronic resource]
Frank Argote-Freyre
Call Number: F1787.5.B27 A74 2007"@"F1787.5.B27

Futures past : on the semantics of historical time [electronic resource]
Reinhart Koselleck ; translated by Keith Tribe
Call Number: D16.8 .K62813 1985eb

Gender in crisis : women and the Palestinian resistance movement [electronic resource]
by Julie M. Peteet
Call Number: DS80.55.P34 P47 1991eb

Geopolitics in the Danube region : Hungarian reconciliation efforts, 1848-1998 [electronic resource]
edited by Ignác Romsics and Béla K. Király
Call Number: DB926 .M44 1999eb

German liberalism in the nineteenth century [electronic resource]
James J. Sheehan
Call Number: DD204 .S53

German rule in Russia, 1941-1945 : a study of occupation policies [electronic resource]
by Alexander Dallin
Call Number: D802.S75 D34 1981

Germany and its gypsies : a post-Auschwitz ordeal [electronic resource]
Gilad Margalit
Call Number: DX229 .M3713 2002eb

Ghosts of war in Vietnam [electronic resource]
Heonik Kwon
Call Number: DS557.7 .K96 2008eb

Global connections : the world in the early medieval age, 600-900 [electronic resource]
Wilfred J. Bisson
Call Number: D121 .B57 2003eb

Global rules : America, Britain and a disordered world /
James E. Cronin
Call Number: D840 .C76 2014

Globalization and nationalism : the cases of Georgia and the Basque country [electronic resource]
Natalie Sabanadze
Call Number: JZ1318 .S228 2010eb

Gorbachev and Yeltsin as leaders [electronic resource]
George W. Breslauer
Call Number: DK288 .B74 2002eb

Governance and politics of the Netherlands
Rudy B. Andeweg and Galen A. Irwin
Call Number: JN5801 .A53 2014

Government and politics in Hungary [electronic resource]
András Körösényi
Call Number: JN2067 .K6813 1999eb

Government, industry and rearmament in Russia, 1900-1914 : the last argument of tsarism [electronic resource]
Peter Gatrell
Call Number: HC334.5 .G37 1994eb

Greece in the bronze age [electronic resource]
Emily Vermeule
Call Number: DF220 .V4 1972eb

Haitian revolutionary studies [electronic resource]
David Patrick Geggus
Call Number: F1923 .G34 2002"@"F1923

Hanging without a rope : narrative experience in colonial and postcolonial Karoland [electronic resource]
Mary Margaret Steedly
Call Number: DS632.K3 S74 1993"@"DS632.K3

Hara Kei in the politics of compromise, 1905-1915 [electronic resource]
Tetsuo Najita
Call Number: DS884.H35 N34 1967"@"DS884.H28

Harlem hellfighters
J. Patrick Lewis & Gary Kelley
Call Number: D570.33 369th .L49 2014

Harvest of despair : life and death in Ukraine under Nazi rule [electronic resource]
Karel C. Berkhoff
Call Number: DK508.833 .B47 2004"@"DK508.833

Hausa women in the twentieth century [electronic resource]
edited by Catherine Coles and Beverly Mack
Call Number: DT515.45.H38 H38 1991eb

Havel : a life /
Michael Zantovsky
Call Number: DB2241.H38 Z36 2014

Hellenic civilization [electronic resource]
edited by G. W. Botsford and E. G. Sihler ; with contributions from William L. Westerman ... [et al.]
Call Number: DF77 .B74 1915"@"DF77

Heroes and villains : creating national history in contemporary Ukraine [electronic resource]
David R. Marples
Call Number: DK508.833 .M367 2007eb

Hidden : a sister and brother in Nazi Poland [electronic resource]
Fay Walker and Leo Rosen ; with Caren S. Neile
Call Number: DS135.P63 A175 2002eb

Historical evidence and argument [electronic resource]
David Henige
Call Number: D16 .H45 2005eb

Historical introduction to the study of Roman law [electronic resource]
by the late H.F. Jolowicz and Barry Nicholas
Call Number: DG88 .J7 1972eb

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Matthew J. Smith
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Method for the easy comprehension of history [electronic resource]
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edited by Anna Sheftel and Stacey Zembrzycki ; foreword by Steven High ; afterword by Alessandro Portelli
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Power, politics and religion in Timurid Iran [electronic resource]
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Christine Léon de Mariz, Claude Ménard, and Bernard Abeillé
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Reinventing Canada [electronic resource]
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