Items Acquired in April 2015 for the University Libraries

A history of western public law : between nation and state /
Bruno Aguilera-Barchet ; with the collaboration of M.I. Fajardo, Ph.D. Librarian, University of Granada
Call Number: K3150

A practical guide to disruption and productivity loss on construction and engineering projects
Roger Gibson
Call Number: KD1641

Art collections, private and public : a comparative legal study /
Elina Moustaira
Call Number: K3778

Asian data privacy laws : trade and human rights perspectives /
Graham Greenleaf
Call Number: KNC580

Balancing copyright law in the digital age : comparative perspectives /
Roberto Caso, Federica Giovanella, editors
Call Number: K1420.5

Behind a veil of ignorance? : power and uncertainty in constitutional design /
Louis M. Imbeau, Steve Jacob, editors
Call Number: K3165

Betty A. Reardon: A Pioneer in Education for Peace and Human Rights [electronic resource]
by Betty A. Reardon, Dale T. Snauwaert
Call Number: K3236-3268.5

Chinese merger control law : an assessment of its competition-policy orientation after the first years of application /
Tingting Weinreich-Zhao
Call Number: KNQ1148

Civil liability for accidents at sea
Sarah Fiona Gahlen
Call Number: KZA1145

Collective rights and digital content : the legal framework for competition, transparency and multi-territorial licensing of the new European directive on collective rights management /
Cláudio Lucena
Call Number: KJE2655

Competition on the internet [electronic resource]
edited by Gintarė Surblytė
Call Number: K1401-1578.25

Compulsory licensing : practical experiences and ways forward /
Reto M. Hilty, Kung-Chung Liu, editors
Call Number: K1528

Constitutionalism, legitimacy, and power : nineteenth-century experiences /
edited by Kelly L. Grotke and Markus J. Prutsch
Call Number: KJC4431 .C66 2014

Contracts of adhesion between law and economics : rethinking the unconscionability doctrine /
Elena D'Agostino
Call Number: KF808

Core labour standards and international trade : lessons from the regional context /
Kofi Addo
Call Number: K1705

Critical international law : postrealism, postcolonialism, and translationalism /
edited by Prabhakar Singh and Benoît Mayer
Call Number: KZ1268

Defensive killing : an essay on war and self-defence /
Helen Frowe
Call Number: K5087.S4 .F769 2014eb

Deference in international courts and tribunals : standard of review and margin of appreciation /
edited by Lukasz Gruszczynski and Wouter Werner
Call Number: KZ1285

Dueling discourses : the construction of reality in closing arguments /
Laura Felton Rosulek
Call Number: KF8924 .F45 2015eb

Economic Analysis of Liability Rules
Satish Kumar Jain
Call Number: K579.L5

Economic, social, and cultural rights in armed conflict
Gilles Giacca
Call Number: KZ6515

Empire by treaty : negotiating European expansion, 1600-1900 /
edited by Saliha Belmessous
Call Number: K3375 .E47 2014eb

Energy law : an introduction /
Raphael J. Heffron
Call Number: K3981

Energy law in Brazil : oil, gas and biofuels /
Yanko Marcius de Alencar Xavier, editor
Call Number: KHD4134

Environment in the balance : the green movement and the Supreme Court /
Jonathan Z. Cannon
Call Number: KF3775 .C365 2015

Environmental diplomacy : Negotiating More Effective Global Agreements /
Lawrence E. Susskind, Saleem H. Ali, and Zakri Abdul Hamid
Call Number: K3585 .S867 2014

EU sports law and breakaway leagues in Football
Katarina Pijetlovic
Call Number: KJE6063

European perspectives on behavioural law and economics
Klaus Mathis, editor
Call Number: K487.E3

Family bonds : free Blacks and re-enslavement law in Antebellum Virginia /
Ted Maris-Wolf
Call Number: KFV2801.6.S55 M37 2015

Forests in international law : is there really a need for an international forest convention? /
Anja Eikermann
Call Number: K3881

Foundational texts in modern criminal law
edited by Markus D. Dubber
Call Number: K5015.4

How policy shapes politics : rights, courts, litigation, and the struggle over injury compensation /
Jeb Barnes, Thomas F. Burke
Call Number: KF1250 .B37 2015eb

Human rights and non-discrimination in the 'war on terror' [electronic resource]
Daniel Moeckli
Call Number: KZ6795.T47 M64 2008

Human rights and the end of empire : Britain and the genesis of the European Convention [electronic resource]
A.W. Brian Simpson
Call Number: KD4080 .S56 2004

Human rights and the WTO : the case of patents and access to medicines [electronic resource]
by Holger Hestermeyer
Call Number: K3240 .H475 2008

Human rights in criminal proceedings [electronic resource]
Stefan Trechsel ; with the assistance of Sarah J. Summers
Call Number: KJE9485 .T74 2005

Human rights in European criminal law : new developments in European legislation and case law after the Lisbon Treaty /
Stefano Ruggeri, editor
Call Number: KJE7975

Human rights in international criminal proceedings [electronic resource]
Salvatore Zappalà
Call Number: KZ6310 .Z37 2003

Human rights in international investment law and arbitration [electronic resource]
edited by P.M. Dupuy, F. Francioni, and E.U. Petersmann
Call Number: K3830 .H86 2009

Human rights transformed : positive rights and positive duties [electronic resource]
Sandra Fredman
Call Number: K3240 .F735 2008

Human rights, intervention and the use of force [electronic resource]
edited by Philip Alston and Euan Macdonald
Call Number: K3240 .H8576 2008

I take you : a novel /
Eliza Kennedy
Call Number: KENNE

In defense of legal positivism : law without trimmings [electronic resource]
Matthew H. Kramer
Call Number: K331 .K726 2007

Independence of mind [electronic resource]
Timothy Macklem
Call Number: K3240 .M33 2008

Innovation for the 21st century : harnessing the power of intellectual property and antitrust law [electronic resource]
Michael A. Carrier
Call Number: KF3116 .C37 2009

Insanity : murder, madness, and the law [electronic resource]
Charles Patrick Ewing
Call Number: KF9242 .E95 2008eb

Insolvency within multinational enterprise groups [electronic resource]
Irit Mevorach
Call Number: K1322 .M484 2009

Intellectual property : omnipresent, distracting, irrelevant? [electronic resource]
William Cornish
Call Number: K1401 .C676 2004

Intellectual property and free trade agreements in the Asia-Pacific Region
Christoph Antons, Reto Hilty, editors
Call Number: K1401

Intellectual property, trade & development : strategies to optimize economic development in a TRIPS-plus era /
edited by Daniel J. Gervais, professor of law and director of the intellectual property program at Vanderbilt University Law School
Call Number: K1401 .I5775 2014

International crimes and the ad hoc tribunals [electronic resource]
Guénaël Mettraux
Call Number: K5301 .M48 2006

International development law : rule of law, human rights, and global finance [electronic resource]
Rumu Sarkar
Call Number: K3820 .S223 2009

International human rights and Islamic law [electronic resource]
Mashood A. Baderin
Call Number: K3171 .B33 2005

International investment law for the 21st century : essays in honour of Christoph Schreuer [electronic resource]
edited by Christina Binder ... [et al.]
Call Number: K3830 .I5954 2009

International judicial institutions : the architecture of international justice at home and abroad /
Richard J. Goldstone and Adam M. Smith
Call Number: KZ7230 .G65 2015

International justice and the International Criminal Court : between sovereignty and the rule of law [electronic resource]
Bruce Broomhall
Call Number: KZ6310 .B766 2004

International law and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction [electronic resource]
Daniel H. Joyner
Call Number: KZ5675 .J69 2009

International mass claims processes : legal and practical perspectives [electronic resource]
Howard M. Holtzmann and Edda Kristjánsdóttir, editors ; prepared under the auspices of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, Steering Committee on International Mass Claims
Call Number: KZ4080 .I576 2007

International norms and cycles of change [electronic resource]
Wayne Sandholtz & Kendall Stiles
Call Number: KZ1261 .S26 2009

International organizations as law-makers [electronic resource]
José E. Alvarez
Call Number: KZ4850 .A45 2006

International territorial administration : how trusteeship and the civilizing mission never went away [electronic resource]
Ralph Wilde
Call Number: KZ4065 .W55 2008

International trade agreements before domestic courts : lessons from the EU and Brazilian experiences /
Maria Angela Jardim de Santa Cruz Oliveira
Call Number: KJE6791

International trade in services and domestic regulations : necessity, transparency, and regulatory diversity [electronic resource]
Panagiotis Delimatsis
Call Number: K3973 .D45 2007

Internationalized criminal courts and tribunals : Sierra Leone, East Timor, Kosovo, and Cambodia [electronic resource]
edited by Cesare P.R. Romano, André Nollkaemper, and Jann K. Kleffner
Call Number: KZ6310 .I584 2004

Interpreting constitutions : a comparative study [electronic resource]
edited by Jeffrey Goldsworthy
Call Number: K3165 .I58 2006

Introduction to Middle Eastern law [electronic resource]
Chibli Mallat
Call Number: KMC79 .M35 2007

Investing into North African solar power : a legal framework for risk management and prospects for arbitration /
Robert Gömmel
Call Number: KQC747

Investment treaty arbitration as public international law : procedural aspects and implications /
Eric De Brabandere
Call Number: K3830 .B73 2014

Investor protection in Europe : corporate law making, the MiFID and beyond [electronic resource]
edited by Guido Ferrarini and Eddy Wymeersch
Call Number: KJC6433 .I58 2006

Japanese law [electronic resource]
Hiroshi Oda
Call Number: KNX68 .O32 2009

Judicial activism in common law supreme courts [electronic resource]
edited by Brice Dickson
Call Number: K3367 .J825 2007

Judicial deliberations : a comparative analysis of judicial transparency and legitimacy /
Mitchel de S.-O.-L'E. Lasser
Call Number: K7624 .L37 2009eb

Judicial review of national security
David Scharia
Call Number: KMK1950 .S33 2014

Judicial transformations : the rights revolution in the courts of Europe [electronic resource]
Mitchel de S.-O.-l'E. Lasser
Call Number: KJE5461

Jurisdiction and the ambit of the criminal law [electronic resource]
Michael Hirst
Call Number: K5036 .H577 2003

Jurisdiction in international law [electronic resource]
Cedric Ryngaert
Call Number: KZ4107 .R96 2008

Jurists uprooted : German-speaking émigré lawyers in twentieth-century Britain [electronic resource]
edited by Jack Beatson and Reinhard Zimmermann
Call Number: K170 .J87 2004

Justice and punishment : the rationale of coercion [electronic resource]
Matt Matravers
Call Number: K5103 .M38 2000eb

Justice, legality, and the rule of law : lessons from the Pitcairn prosecutions [electronic resource]
edited by Dawn Oliver
Call Number: KWL46.7 .J87 2009

Jīmūtavāhana's dayabhaga : the Hindu law of inheritance in Bengal [electronic resource]
edited and translated with an introduction and notes by Ludo Rocher
Call Number: KNS770 .J5613 2002eb

Killing in self-defence [electronic resource]
Fiona Leverick
Call Number: K5171 .L49 2006

Labour constitution : the enduring idea of labour law /
Ruth Dukes
Call Number: K1705

Land rights and expropriation in Ethiopia
Daniel W. Ambaye
Call Number: KRP641

Law and anthropology [electronic resource]
edited by Michael Freeman and David Napier
Call Number: K487.A57 L383 2009

Law and bioethics [electronic resource]
edited by Michael Freeman
Call Number: K3601 .L38 2008

Law and competition in twentieth century Europe : protecting Prometheus [electronic resource]
David J. Gerber
Call Number: KJC6456 .G47 2001

Law and philosophy [electronic resource]
edited by Michael Freeman and Ross Harrison
Call Number: K235 .L335 2007

Law and the limits of reason [electronic resource]
Adrian Vermeule
Call Number: K212 .V47 2009

Law as last resort : prosecution decision-making in a regulatory agency [electronic resource]
Keith Hawkins
Call Number: KD8348 .H39 2002

Law in an era of "smart" technology [electronic resource]
by Susan W. Brenner
Call Number: K487.T4 B74 2007

Law in public health practice [electronic resource]
editors, Richard A. Goodman ... [et al.]
Call Number: KF3775 .L384 2007

Law in the age of pluralism [electronic resource]
by Andrei Marmor
Call Number: K230.M356 L39 2007

Law, language and translation : from concepts to conflicts /
Rosanna Masiola, Renato Tomei
Call Number: K487.L36

Law, psychology, and morality : the role of loss aversion /
Eyal Zamir
Call Number: K487.E3 Z39 2015

Lawyers in the dock : learning from attorney disciplinary proceedings [electronic resource]
Richard L. Abel
Call Number: KFN5076.5.A2 A73 2008

Legal aspects of carbon trading : Kyoto, Copenhagen, and beyond [electronic resource]
edited by David Freestone and Charlotte Streck
Call Number: K3593.5.C37 L44 2009

Legal fictions in theory and practice
Maksymilian Del Mar, William Twining, editors
Call Number: K274

Legal republicanism : national and international perspectives [electronic resource]
edited by Samantha Besson and José Luis Martí
Call Number: K3184.A6

Legal rights [electronic resource]
Pavlos Eleftheriadis
Call Number: K230.E48 A35 2008

Lying, cheating, and stealing : a moral theory of white-collar crime [electronic resource]
Stuart P. Green
Call Number: K5018 .G694 2006

Mapping the law : essays in memory of Peter Birks [electronic resource]
edited by Andrew Burrows and Lord Rodger of Earlsferry
Call Number: KD632.B577 M37 2006

Mapping the legal boundaries of belonging : religion and multiculturalism from Israel to Canada /
edited by René Provost
Call Number: K3280 .M37 2014

Markets, morals and the law [electronic resource]
Jules Coleman
Call Number: K231 .C65 2005

Meaning in law : a theory of speech [electronic resource]
Charles W. Collier
Call Number: K3253 .C65 2009

Measuring judicial activism [electronic resource]
Stefanie A. Lindquist, Frank B. Cross
Call Number: KF8742 .L56 2009

Medieval law and the foundations of the state [electronic resource]
Alan Harding
Call Number: KJ147 .H37 2002eb

Methods of interpretation : how the Supreme Court reads the Constitution [electronic resource]
Lackland H. Bloom, Jr
Call Number: KF8742 .B585 2009

Minority rights in Asia : a comparative legal analysis [electronic resource]
Joshua Castellino and Elvira Domínguez Redondo
Call Number: KM558 .C37 2006

Naturalizing jurisprudence : essays on American legal realism and naturalism in legal philosophy [electronic resource]
Brian Leiter
Call Number: K341 .L45 2007

New institutions for human rights protection [electronic resource]
edited by Kevin Boyle
Call Number: K3240 .N495 2009

New perspectives on the divide between national and international law [electronic resource]
edited by Janne Nijman and André Nollkaemper
Call Number: K302 .N49 2007

New technologies and human rights [electronic resource]
edited by Thérèse Murphy
Call Number: K3611.G46 N49 2009

Normativity in legal sociology : methodological reflections on law and regulation in late modernity /
Reza Banakar
Call Number: K370

Nuclear waste governance : an international comparison /
Achim Brunnengräber, Maria Rosaria Di Nucci, Ana María Isidoro Losada, Lutz Mez, Miranda A. Schreurs (eds.)
Call Number: K3664

Offences and defences : selected essays in the philosophy of criminal law [electronic resource]
John Gardner
Call Number: K5018 .G37 2007

Older people in law and society [electronic resource]
Jonathan Herring
Call Number: KD665.A43 H47 2009

On common laws [electronic resource]
H. Patrick Glenn
Call Number: K559 .G547 2005

On the law of peace : peace agreements and the lex pacificatoria [electronic resource]
Christine Bell
Call Number: KZ6745 .B45 2008

One Supreme Court : supremacy, inferiority, and the judicial power of the United States [electronic resource]
James E. Pfander
Call Number: KF5130 .P43 2009

OPCW : the legal texts /
Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons ; compiled and edited by the Office of the Legal Advisor
Call Number: KZ5826

Oral arguments before the Supreme Court : an empirical approach [electronic resource]
Lawrence S. Wrightsman
Call Number: KF8748 .W752 2008eb

Organisation of banking regulation
Alexander Wellerdt
Call Number: K1066

Patients with passports : medical tourism, law and ethics /
I. Glenn Cohen
Call Number: K3607 .C64 2014

Philosophical explorations of justice and taxation : national and global issues /
Helmut P. Gaisbauer, Gottfried Schweiger, Clemens Sedmak, editors
Call Number: K4460

Pluralism in international criminal law
edited by Elies van Sliedregt ad Sergey Vasiliev
Call Number: KZ7360

Protecting the rights of people with autism in the fields of education and employment : international, European and national perspectives /
Valentina Della Fina, Rachele Cera, editors
Call Number: K1771

Reforming European data protection law
Serge Gutwirth, Ronald Leenes, Paul de Hert, editors
Call Number: KJE6071

Research on selected China's legal issues of e business
Yimeei Guo, editor
Call Number: KNQ869.4 .R474 2015eb

Risk regulation in non-animal food imports : the European Union approach /
Francesco Montanari, Veronika Jezsó, Carlo Donati
Call Number: KJC6750

Sovereignty referendums in international and constitutional law
İlker Gökhan Şen
Call Number: KZ4041

Terms and conditions may apply [videorecording]
a film by Cullen Hoback ; Ro*Co Films Educational ; [presented by] Hyrax Films ; a Digital Immigrants production ; produced by Cullen Hoback, Nitin Khanna, John Ramos ; written and directed by Cullen Hoback
Call Number: KF1263.C65 T47 2013

Terms and conditions may apply [electronic resource]
Hyrax Films presents a Digital Immigrants production ; produced by Cullen Hoback, Nitin Khanna, John Ramos ; written and directed by Cullen Hoback
Call Number: KF1263.C65 T47 2013

The case of state liability : 20 years after Francovich /
Michael Haba ; with a foreword by Dr. Markus Frischhut
Call Number: KJE5786

The criminalization of European Cartel enforcement : theoretical, legal, and practical challenges /
Dr Peter Whelan, LLB (Ling Fran), LLM, PG Cert, PhD (Cantab) Attorney-at-Law (New York)
Call Number: KJE6533 .W44 2014

The First Amendment and the business corporation
Ronald J. Colombo
Call Number: KF1416 .C65 2015

The illegal business of human trafficking
Maria João Guia, editor
Call Number: K5297

The influence of human rights on international law
Norman Weiß, Jean-Marc Thouvenin, editors
Call Number: KZ1266

The International Criminal Court : an introduction /
Andrew Novak
Call Number: KZ7312

The International Criminal Court and the end of impunity in Kenya
Lionel Nichols
Call Number: KZ7312

The law of the land : a grand tour of our constitutional republic /
Akhil Reed Amar
Call Number: KF4530 .A43 2015

The political economy of anti-dumping protection : a strategic analysis /
Patricia Wruuck
Call Number: K4635

The post-election violence in Kenya : domestic and international legal responses /
Sosteness Francis Materu
Call Number: KSK4855

The road to the rule of law in modern China
Quanxi Gao, We Zhang, Feilong Tian
Call Number: KNQ2020

The shipping industry, ocean governance and environmental law in the paradigm shift : in search of a pragmatic balance for the Arctic /
Tafsir Johansson, Patrick Donner
Call Number: K1150

The sociology of shari'a : case studies from around the world /
Adam Possamai, James T. Richardson, Bryan S. Turner, editors
Call Number: KBP173.25

The war on terror and the laws of war : a military perspective /
Geoffrey S. Corn [and six others] ; foreword by Major General Charles J. Dunlap, Jr., United States Air Force
Call Number: KZ6795.T47 W37 2014

To the edge : legality, legitimacy, and the responses to the 2008 financial crisis /
Philip A. Wallach
Call Number: KF974 .W35 2015

Toward a new federal law on arbitration
Thomas E. Carbonneau, Orlando Distinquished Professor of Law, Penn State University
Call Number: KF9085 .C375 2014

Treatises on solvency II
Meinrad Dreher
Call Number: KJC2468

Trust and legitimacy in criminal justice : European perspectives /
Gorazd Meško, Justice Tankebe, editors
Call Number: KJE9430

Universal jurisdiction : the Sierra Leone profile /
Justice Bankole Thompson
Call Number: KTJ379.5

Who freed the slaves? : the fight over the Thirteenth Amendment /
Leonard L. Richards
Call Number: KF4545.S5 R53 2015

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