Items Acquired in July 2015 for the University Libraries

Conflicts of rights of conflict in the European Union : a theory of supranational adjudication [electronic resource]
Aida Torres Perez
Call Number: KJE5132

International maritime labour law
Laura Carballo Piñeiro
Call Number: K1196

Judicial activism : an interdisciplinary approach to the American and European experiences /
Luís Pereira Coutinho, Massimo La Torre, Steven D. Smith, editors
Call Number: K2146

Labor law in China : progress and challenges /
Zengyi Xie
Call Number: KNQ1270

Peace agreements and human rights [electronic resource]
Christine Bell
Call Number: K3240 .B455 2003

Peremptory Norms in International Law. [electronic resource]
By Alexander Orakhelashvili
Call Number: KZ1261

Philosophical foundations of the law of unjust enrichment [electronic resource]
edited by Robert Chambers, Charles Mitchell, and James Penner
Call Number: K920 .P47 2009

Philosophy of private law [electronic resource]
William Lucy
Call Number: K600 .L83 2007

Positive law and objective values [electronic resource]
Andrei Marmor
Call Number: K331 .M375 2001

Poverty and fundamental rights : the justification and enforcement of socio-economic rights [electronic resource]
David Bilchitz
Call Number: K3240 .B548 2008

Power & rights in US constitutional law [electronic resource]
Thomas Lundmark
Call Number: KF4550.Z9 L86 2008

Practical reason in law and morality [electronic resource]
Neil MacCormick
Call Number: K247.6 .M23 2008

Practitioner's guide to legal issues in organizations
Chester Hanvey, Kayo Sady, editors
Call Number: K1005

Privacy : the lost right [electronic resource]
Jon L. Mills
Call Number: KF1262 .M55 2008

Private property and abuse of rights in Victorian England : the story of Edward Pickles and the Bradford water supply [electronic resource]
Michael Taggart
Call Number: KD674 .T34 2002

Private security, public order : the outsourcing of public services and its limits [electronic resource]
edited by Simon Chesterman and Angelina Fisher
Call Number: K3465 .C44 2009

Privilege or punish : criminal justice and the challenge of family ties [electronic resource]
Dan Markel, Jennifer M. Collins, Ethan J. Leib
Call Number: K5001 .M37 2009

Problems in health care law : challenges for the 21st century /
edited by John E. Steiner
Call Number: KF3825 .M53 2014

Prohibiting plunder : how norms change [electronic resource]
Wayne Sandholtz
Call Number: K3791 .S26 2007

Property and civil society in South-Western Germany, 1820-1914 [electronic resource]
Jonathan Sperber
Call Number: KK1315 .S64 2005eb

Property and justice [electronic resource]
J.W. Harris
Call Number: K720 .H37 2003

Proportionality principles in American law : controlling excessive government actions [electronic resource]
E. Thomas Sullivan, Richard S. Frase
Call Number: KF399 .S85 2009

Proportionate sentencing : exploring the principles [electronic resource]
Andrew Von Hirsch and Andrew Ashworth
Call Number: KD8406 .V663 2005

Prosecuting domestic violence : a philosophical analysis [electronic resource]
Michelle Madden Dempsey
Call Number: KF9322 .D46 2009

Prosecuting serious human rights violations [electronic resource]
Anja Seibert-Fohr
Call Number: K5301 .S45 2009

Protecting civilians : the obligations of peacekeepers [electronic resource]
Siobhán Wills
Call Number: KZ6515 .W55 2009

Protecting human rights : instruments and institutions [electronic resource]
edited by Tom Campbell, Jeffrey Goldsworthy and Adrienne Stone
Call Number: K3240 .P765 2003

Proving the unprovable : the role of law, science, and speculation in adjudicating culpability and dangerousness [electronic resource]
Christopher Slobogin
Call Number: KF9674 .S59 2007eb

Public employment services and European law [electronic resource]
Mark Freedland ... [et al.]
Call Number: KJC3195 .P83 2007

Punishment and freedom : a liberal theory of penal justice [electronic resource]
Alan Brudner
Call Number: K5103 .B78 2009

Punishment and responsibility : essays in the philosophy of law [electronic resource]
by H.L.A. Hart ; with an introduction by John Gardner
Call Number: KD7882.A75 H37 2008

Punishment, responsibility, and justice : a relational critique [electronic resource]
Alan Norrie
Call Number: K5018 .N67 2000

Questioning sovereignty : law, state, and nation in the European Commonwealth [electronic resource]
Neil MacCormick
Call Number: KJE960 .M33 1999

Racism and equality in the European Union [electronic resource]
Mark Bell
Call Number: KJE5142 .B47 2008eb

Rape and the legal process [electronic resource]
Jennifer Temkin
Call Number: KD7976.R3 T46 2002

Recognition of governments in international law : with particular reference to governments in exile [electronic resource]
Stefan Talmon
Call Number: KZ4041 .T35 2004

Regulating commercial gambling : past, present, and future [electronic resource]
David Miers
Call Number: KD3527 .M54 2004

Regulating contracts [electronic resource.]
Call Number: K840 .C653 2002

Regulating energy and natural resources [electronic resource]
edited by Barry Barton ... [et al.]
Call Number: K3981 .R44 2006

Regulating flexible work [electronic resource]
Deirdre McCann
Call Number: KD3136 .M33 2008

Regulating jurisdictional relations between national and international courts [electronic resource]
Yuval Shany
Call Number: K7625 .S516 2007

Religious freedom in the liberal state [electronic resource]
Rex Ahdar and Ian Leigh
Call Number: K3280 .A36 2005

Remedies in international human rights law [electronic resource]
Dinah Shelton
Call Number: K3240 .S53 2006

Reputation and defamation [electronic resource]
Lawrence McNamara
Call Number: K930 .M36 2007

Rethinking the reasonable person : an egalitarian reconstruction of the objective standard [electronic resource]
Mayo Moran
Call Number: K938 .M67 2003

Rhetoric and the rule of law : a theory of legal reasoning [electronic resource]
Neil MacCormick
Call Number: K213 .M284 2005

Rights, culture, and the law : themes from the legal and political philosophy of Joseph Raz [electronic resource]
edited by Lukas H. Meyer, Stanley L. Paulson, and Thomas W. Pogge
Call Number: K368 .R54 2003

Rights, regulation, and the technological revolution [electronic resource]
Roger Brownsword
Call Number: K487.T4 B75 2008

Risks and wrongs [electronic resource]
Jules Coleman
Call Number: K230.C64 R57 2002

Roman law, contemporary law, European law : the civilian tradition today [electronic resource]
Reinhard Zimmermann
Call Number: KJC431 .Z56 2001

Salt water neighbors : international ocean law relations between the United States and Canada [electronic resource]
Ted L. McDorman
Call Number: KZA1450 .M33 2009

Same sex relationships : from 'odious crime' to 'gay marriage' [electronic resource]
Stephen Cretney
Call Number: KD771 .C74 2006

Sceptical essays on human rights [electronic resource]
edited by Tom Campbell, K.D. Ewing, and Adam Tomkins
Call Number: KD4080 .S29 2001

Socially responsible investment law : regulating the unseen polluters [electronic resource]
Benjamin J. Richardson
Call Number: K1112 .R53 2008

Some landmarks of twentieth century contract law [electronic resource]
Sir Guenter Treitel
Call Number: KD1554 .T74 2002

Sumptuary law in Italy, 1200-1500 [electronic resource]
Catherine Kovesi Killerby
Call Number: KKH3036.7.S85 K55 2002

Targeted killing in international law [electronic resource]
Nils Melzer
Call Number: KZ6362

The advocate general and EC law [electronic resource]
Noreen Burrows and Rosa Greaves
Call Number: KJE5472.5 .B87 2007

The coherence of EU law : the search for unity in divergent concepts [electronic resource]
edited by Sacha Prechal and Bert van Roermund
Call Number: KJE969 .C64 2008

The collective responsibility of states to protect refugees [electronic resource]
Agnès Hurwitz
Call Number: KZ6530 .H87 2009

The competing jurisdictions of international courts and tribunals [electronic resource]
Yuval Shany
Call Number: KZ6250 .S52 2004

The concept of international obligations erga omnes [electronic resource]
Maurizio Ragazzi
Call Number: KZ1256 .R34 1997

The constitution of independence : the development of constitutional theory in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand [electronic resource]
Peter C. Oliver
Call Number: K3165 .O43 2005

The constitutionalization of the World Trade Organization : legitimacy, democracy, and community in the international trading system [electronic resource]
Deborah Z. Cass
Call Number: K4610

The courts and standards-based education reform [electronic resource]
Benjamin Michael Superfine
Call Number: KF4150 .S87 2008

The criminal justice system and health care [electronic resource]
edited by Charles A. Erin and Suzanne Ost
Call Number: K4365 .C75 2007

The decolonization of international law : state succession and the law of treaties [electronic resource]
Matthew Craven
Call Number: KZ4024 .C73 2007

The development agenda : global intellectual property and developing countries [electronic resource]
edited by Neil Weinstock Netanel
Call Number: K1401 .D475 2009

The division of wrongs : a historical comparative study [electronic resource]
Eric Descheemaeker
Call Number: K923 .D47 2009

The economics of lawmaking [electronic resource]
Francesco Parisi, Vincy Fon
Call Number: K3316 .P37 2009

The effect of treaties on foreign direct investment : bilateral investment treaties, double taxation treaties and investment flows [electronic resource]
edited by Karl P. Sauvant and Lisa E. Sachs
Call Number: K4528 .E34 2009

The emerging principles of international competition law [electronic resource]
Chris Noonan
Call Number: K3850 .N66 2008

The enforcement of EC environmental law [electronic resource]
Paul Wenneras
Call Number: KJE6242 .W46 2007

The EU, the WTO and the NAFTA : towards a common law of international trade [electronic resource]
edited by J.H.H. Weiler
Call Number: K3943 .E9 2000eb

The European employment strategy : labour market regulation and new governance [electronic resource]
Diamond Ashiagbor
Call Number: KJE3195 .A97 2005

The evolution of resource property rights [electronic resource]
Anthony Scott
Call Number: K3870 .S38 2008eb

The fair and equitable treatment standard in the international law of foreign investment [electronic resource]
Ioana Tudor
Call Number: K3830 .T83 2008

The Fourth Amendment : origins and original meaning, 602-1791 [electronic resource]
William J. Cuddihy
Call Number: KF9630 .C83 2009

The free movement of capital and foreign direct investment : the scope of protection in EU law [electronic resource]
Steffen Hindelang
Call Number: KJE5175 .H56 2009

The German law of unjustified enrichment and restitution : a comparative introduction [electronic resource]
Gerhard Dannemann
Call Number: KK1907 .D36 2009

The governance of close corporations and partnerships : US and European perspectives [electronic resource]
edited by Joseph A. McCahery, Theo Raaijmakers and Erik P.M. Vermeulen
Call Number: K1301 .G68 2004

The human rights of non-citizens [electronic resource]
David Weissbrodt
Call Number: K3240 .W452 2008

The idea of property in law [electronic resource]
James Penner
Call Number: K720 .P46 2003

The idea of public law [electronic resource]
Martin Loughlin
Call Number: K3150 .L678 2004

The impact of behavioral sciences on criminal law [electronic resource]
edited by Nita A. Farahany
Call Number: K5028.5 .I47 2009

The impact of human rights law on general international law [electronic resource]
edited by Menno T. Kamminga and Martin Scheinin
Call Number: K3240 .I48 2009

The interpretation of acts and rules in public international law [electronic resource]
Alexander Orakhelashvili
Call Number: KZ1285 .O73 2008

The Judicial House of Lords 1876-2009 [electronic resource]
edited by Louis Blom-Cooper, Brice Dickson and Gavin Drewry
Call Number: KD7632 .J83 2009

The justice of Islam : comparative perspectives on Islamic law and society [electronic resource]
Lawrence Rosen
Call Number: KBP1572 .R67 2000

The language of law school : learning to "think like a lawyer" [electronic resource]
Elizabeth Mertz
Call Number: KF279 .M47 2007eb

The law of American state constitutions [electronic resource]
Robert F. Williams
Call Number: KF4530 .W538 2009

The law of command responsibility [electronic resource]
Guénaël Mettraux
Call Number: K5301 .M485 2009

The law of the sea : progress and prospects [electronic resource]
edited by David Freestone, Richard Barnes and David M. Ong
Call Number: KZA1145 .L385 2006

The law's two bodies : some evidential problems in English legal history [electronic resource]
J.H. Baker
Call Number: KD671 .B354 2001

The legacy of H.L.A. Hart : legal, political, and moral philosophy [electronic resource]
edited by Matthew H. Kramer [and others]
Call Number: K235 .L434 2008

The limits of consent : a socio-ethical approach to human subject research in medicine [electronic resource]
edited by Oonagh Corrigan ... [et al.]
Call Number: K3611.I5 L558 2009

The lost history of the Ninth Amendment [electronic resource]
Kurt T. Lash
Call Number: KF4558 9th .L37 2009

The mechanics and regulation of market abuse : a legal and economic analysis [electronic resource]
Emilios Avgouleas
Call Number: K1115.I57 A94 2005

The modern law of estoppel [electronic resource]
Elizabeth Cooke
Call Number: KD703.E7 C66 2000

The most fundamental legal right : habeas corpus in the Commonwealth [electronic resource]
David Clark and Gerard McCoy
Call Number: KU3702 .C59 2000

The new corporate governance in theory and practice [electronic resource]
Stephen Bainbridge
Call Number: KF1422 .B32 2008

The new separation of powers : a theory for the modern state [electronic resource]
Eoin Carolan
Call Number: KDK1227 .C37 2009

The origins of adversary criminal trial [electronic resource]
John H. Langbein
Call Number: KD8220 .L36 2005

The origins of the ownership society : how the defined contribution paradigm changed America [electronic resource]
Edward A. Zelinsky
Call Number: KF3649 .Z45 2007

The Oslo Accords : international law and the Israeli-Palestinian peace agreements [electronic resource]
Geoffrey R. Watson
Call Number: KMM707 .W38 2000eb

The Paradox of Constitutionalism. [electronic resource]
Edited by Martin Loughlin, Neil Walker
Call Number: K3289

The personal employment contract [electronic resource]
Mark R. Freedland
Call Number: KD3096 .F74 2006

The woman who stole my life
Marian Keyes
Call Number: KEYES

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