Items Acquired in February 2015 for the University Libraries

A critical appraisal of Karl Olivecrona's legal philosophy
Torben Spaak
Call Number: K230.O45

A history of water rights at common law [electronic resource]
Joshua Getzler
Call Number: KD923 .G48 2004

A jurisprudence of power : Victorian Empire and the rule of law [electronic resource]
R.W. Kostal
Call Number: KD3995 .K67 2005

A Law of Blood-ties - The 'Right' to Access Genetic Ancestry
by Alice Diver
Call Number: K3236-3268.5

A legal geography of Yugoslavia's disintegration [electronic resource]
Ana S. Trbovich
Call Number: KKZ2390 .T73 2008

A life of H.L.A. Hart : the nightmare and the noble dream [electronic resource]
Nicola Lacey
Call Number: K230.H3652 L33 2006

A modern history of German criminal law
Thomas Vormbaum, Michael Bohlander, editor ; translated by Margaret Hiley
Call Number: KK7962

A short history of copyright : the genie of information /
Benedict Atkinson, Brian Fitzgerald
Call Number: K1420.5

Aboriginal societies and the common law : a history of sovereignty, status, and self-determination [electronic resource]
P.G. McHugh
Call Number: K3247 .M34 2004

Abuse of process and judicial stays of criminal proceedings [electronic resource]
Andrew L.-T. Choo
Call Number: KD8362 .C46 2008

Anita : speaking truth to power /
Chanlim Films ; American Film Foundation ; in association with Impact Partners and Artemis Rising Foundtion ; a film by Freida Mock ; director, writer, producer, Freida Mock
Call Number: KF374.H55 A55 2014

Anti-bribery laws in common law jurisdictions
Stuart H. Deming
Call Number: K5216.A41997 D46 2014eb

Between authority and interpretation : on the theory of law and practical reason [electronic resource]
Joseph Raz
Call Number: K231 .R39 2009

Bills of rights and decolonization : the emergence of domestic human rights instruments in Britain's overseas territories [electronic resource]
Charles O.H. Parkinson
Call Number: K3240 .P367 2007

Buying social justice : equality, government procurement, and legal change [electronic resource]
Christopher McCrudden
Call Number: K884 .M33 2007

Causation and responsibility : an essay in law, morals, and metaphysics [electronic resource]
Michael S. Moore
Call Number: K579.C34 M66 2009eb

Cicero the advocate [electronic resource]
edited by Jonathan Powell and Jeremy Paterson
Call Number: KJA810 .C53 2004eb

Civil procedure and EU law : a policy area uncovered [electronic resource]
Eva Storskrubb
Call Number: KJE3802 .S76 2008

Commitment and compliance : the role of non-binding norms in the international legal system [electronic resource]
edited by Dinah Shelton
Call Number: KZ1301.2 .C66 2007

Common law marriage : a legal institution for cohabitation [electronic resource]
Göran Lind
Call Number: KF516 .L56 2008

Complementarity in the Rome Statute and national criminal jurisdictions [electronic resource]
Jann K. Kleffner
Call Number: KZ6311 .K59 2008

Compliance with decisions of the International Court of Justice [electronic resource]
Constanze Schulte
Call Number: KZ6275 .S38 2004

Confronting global terrorism and American neo-conservatism : the framework of a liberal grand strategy [electronic resource]
Tom Farer
Call Number: K5256 .F37 2008

Constitutional dilemmas : conflicts of fundamental legal rights in Europe and the USA [electronic resource]
Lorenzo Zucca
Call Number: K3240 .Z83 2008

Constitutional fictions : a unified theory of constitutional facts [electronic resource]
David L. Faigman
Call Number: KF4552 .F35 2008

Constitutional goods [electronic resource]
Alan Brudner
Call Number: K3165 .B785 2007

Constitutional interpretation : the basic questions [electronic resource]
Sotirios A. Barber and James E. Fleming
Call Number: KF4552 .B366 2007

Constitutional justice : a liberal theory of the rule of law [electronic resource]
T.R.S. Allan
Call Number: K3171 .A95 2003

Constitutional law and national pluralism [electronic resource]
Stephen Tierney
Call Number: K3165 .T54 2006

Constitutional limits on coercive interrogation [electronic resource]
Amos N. Guiora
Call Number: KF9625 .G85 2008

Constitutional principles of EU external relations [electronic resource]
Geert de Baere
Call Number: KJE5105 .B34 2008

Contested statehood : Kosovo's struggle for independence [electronic resource]
Marc Weller
Call Number: KZ4264 .W45 2009

Continuity and change in EU law : essays in honour of Sir Francis Jacobs [electronic resource]
edited by Anthony Arnull, Piet Eeeckhout, Takis Tridimas
Call Number: KJE958 .C66 2008

Copyright's paradox [electronic resource]
Neil Weinstock Netanel
Call Number: KF2994 .N46 2008eb

Corporate accountability in international environmental law [electronic resource]
Elisa Morgera
Call Number: K3585 .M67 2009

Corporate governance of non-listed companies [electronic resource]
Joseph A. McCahery and Erik P.M. Vermeulen
Call Number: K1301 .M37 2008

Corporate insolvency law : theory and application [electronic resource]
Rizwaan Jameel Mokal
Call Number: KD2139 .M65 2005

Corporate ownership and control : British business transformed [electronic resource]
Brian R. Cheffins
Call Number: KD2088 .C485 2008

Creon's ghost : law, justice, and the humanities [electronic resource]
Joseph P. Tomain
Call Number: K230.T66 A33 2009

Criminal law theory : doctrines of the general part [electronic resource]
edited by Stephen Shute and A.P. Simester
Call Number: K5018 .C755 2002

Criminal responsibility [electronic resource]
Victor Tadros
Call Number: K5064 .T33 2007

Cyberthreats : the emerging fault lines of the nation state [electronic resource]
Susan W. Brenner
Call Number: K5250 .B74 2009

Defining crimes : essays on the special part of the criminal law [electronic resource]
edited by R.A. Duff and Stuart P. Green
Call Number: KD7950 .D44 2005

Defining terrorism in international law [electronic resource]
Ben Saul
Call Number: K5256 .S28 2008

Delayed prosecution for childhood sexual abuse [electronic resource]
Penney Lewis
Call Number: KF9323 .L49 2006

Delegation of governmental power to private parties : a comparative perspective [electronic resource]
Catherine M. Donnelly
Call Number: K3173 .D66 2007

Democracy goes to war : British military deployments under international law [electronic resource]
Nigel D. White
Call Number: KD6012 .W48 2009

Derivative actions and corporate governance : theory and operation [electronic resource]
Arad Reisberg
Call Number: KD2100 .R45 2007

Developing countries in the WTO legal system [electronic resource]
edited by Chantal Thomas and Joel P. Trachtman
Call Number: K4610 .D48 2009

Developments in EU external relations law [electronic resource]
edited by Marise Cremona
Call Number: KJE5057 .D48 2008

Diplomatic protection [electronic resource]
Chittharanjan F. Amerasinghe
Call Number: KZ1427 .A44 2008

Distributive principles of criminal law : who should be punished, how much? [electronic resource]
Paul H. Robinson
Call Number: K5103 .R628 2008

Economic, social and cultural rights in action [electronic resource]
edited by Mashood A. Baderin, Robert McCorquodale
Call Number: K3240 .E26 2007

Elements of contract interpretation [electronic resource]
Steven J. Burton
Call Number: KF801 .B874 2009

Environmental assessment : the regulation of decision making [electronic resource]
Jane Holder
Call Number: KD3372 ßєb .H65 2004

Environmental principles : from political slogans to legal rules [electronic resource]
Nicolas de Sadeleer
Call Number: K3585 .S23 2002

Environmental protection : European law and governance [electronic resource]
edited by Joanne Scott
Call Number: KJE6242 .E588 2009

Equality and legitimacy [electronic resource
Wojciech Sadurski
Call Number: K370 .S228 2008

Equality and liberty in the golden age of state constitutional law [electronic resource]
Jeffrey M. Shaman
Call Number: KF4749 .S52 2008

Establishing the supremacy of European law [electronic resource] : the making of an international rule of law in Europe
Karen J. Alter
Call Number: KJE5037 ßєb .A45 2003

EU intervention in domestic labour law [electronic resource]
Phil Syrpis
Call Number: KJE2855 .S97 2007

European perspectives on the common European sales law
Javier Plaza Penadés, Luz M. Martínez Velencoso, editors
Call Number: KJE2096

European tort law [electronic resource]
Cees Van Dam
Call Number: KJC1640 .D36 2007

Excusing crime [electronic resource]
Jeremy Horder
Call Number: KD7896 .H67 2007

Executive power of the European Union : law, practices, and the living constitution [electronic resource]
Deirdre Curtin
Call Number: KJE5329 .C87 2009

Expert evidence and criminal justice [electronic resource]
Mike Redmayne
Call Number: K2283 .R43 2001

Exploring law's empire : the jurisprudence of Ronald Dworkin [electronic resource]
editor, Scott Hershovitz
Call Number: K230.D92 E97 2008

Extreme speech and democracy [electronic resource]
editors, Ivan Hare, James Weinstein
Call Number: K3254 .E97 2009

Family law and personal life [electronic resource]
John Eekelaar
Call Number: K670 .E334 2007

Family law in America [electronic resource]
Sanford N. Katz
Call Number: KF505 .K38 2003

Family law in the twentieth century : a history [electronic resource]
Stephen Cretney
Call Number: KD750 .C693 2005

Federal judges revealed [electronic resource]
William Domnarski
Call Number: KF372 .D66 2009

Fighting over words : language and civil law cases [electronic resource]
Roger W. Shuy
Call Number: K213 .S58 2008eb

Forum non conveniens : history, global practice, and future under the Hague Convention on Choice of Court Agreements [electronic resource]
Ronald A. Brand, Scott R. Jablonski
Call Number: K7625 .B73 2007

Foundations of evidence law [electronic resource]
Alex Stein
Call Number: K2261 .S845 2005

Frameworks for modeling cognition and decisions in institutional environments : a data-driven approach /
Joan-Josep Vallbé
Call Number: KKT1785

Frederick Pollock and the English juristic tradition [electronic resource]
Neil Duxbury
Call Number: KD631.P65 D89 2004

Freedom of speech [electronic resource]
Eric Barendt
Call Number: K3254 .B37 2005

Friends of the Supreme Court : interest groups and judicial decision making [electronic resource]
Paul M. Collins, Jr
Call Number: KF8742 .C62 2008

From dual to cooperative federalism : the changing structure of European law [electronic resource]
Robert Schütze
Call Number: KJE5075

From mercenaries to market : the rise and regulation of private military companies [electronic resource]
edited by Simon Chesterman and Chia Lehnardt
Call Number: K3465 .F76 2007

Genocide on trial : the war crimes trials and the formation of Holocaust history and memory [electronic resource]
Donald Bloxham
Call Number: KZ1176.5 .B598 2001eb

Getting the government America deserves : how ethics reform can make a difference [electronic resource]
Richard W. Painter
Call Number: KF4568 .P35 2009

Gifts [electronic resource] : a study in comparative law
Richard Hyland
Call Number: K898 .H95 2009

Global responsibility for human rights : world poverty and the development of international law [electronic resource]
Margot E. Salomon
Call Number: K3240 .S255 2007

Governing the Nile River basin : the search for a new legal regime /
Mwangi S. Kimenyi and John Mukum Mbaku
Call Number: K3499.N5 K45 2015

Governments, labour, and the law in mid-Victorian Britain : the trade union legislation of the 1870s [electronic resource]
Mark Curthoys
Call Number: KD3050 .C87 2004eb

Hans Kelsen's pure theory of law : legality and legitimacy [electronic resource]
Lars Vinx
Call Number: K339 .V558 2007

Intellectual property rights : legal and economic challenges for development /
edited by Mario Cimoli, Giovanni Dosi, Keith E. Maskus, Ruth L. Okediji, Jerome H. Reichman, and Joseph E. Stiglitz
Call Number: K1401 .I5598 2014

International arbitration and global governance : contending theories and evidence /
edited by Walter Mattli and Thomas Dietz
Call Number: K2400 .I573 2014

International transactions in goods : global sales in comparative context /
Martin Davies, David V. Snyder
Call Number: K1030 .D39 2014

Law and global health. Volume 16, Current legal issues : edited by Michael Freeman, Sarah Hawkes and Belinda Bennett ; Obijiofor Aginam [and fifty four others], contributors
Call Number: K3570 .L39 2014eb

Revoking citizenship : expatriation in America from the Colonial era to the War on Terror /
Ben Herzog ; with a foreword by Edoardo Román
Call Number: KF4715 .H47 2015

Self-determination and secession in international law
edited by Christian Walter, Antje von Ungern-Sternberg, and Kavus Abushov
Call Number: KZ1269 .S45 2014

Social rights and international development : global legal standards for the post-2015 development agenda /
Markus Kaltenborn
Call Number: K1700

The constitutionalization of international law [electronic resource]
by Jan Klabbers, Anne Peters and Geir Ulfstein
Call Number: KZ4850 .K578 2009

The foundations of international investment law : bringing theory into practice /
edited by Zachary Douglas, Joost Pauwelyn and Jorge E. Viñuales
Call Number: K3830

The Great Council of Malines in the 18th century : an aging court in a changing world? /
An Verscuren
Call Number: KKM1572

The International Court of Justice and the judicial function
Gleider I Hernández
Call Number: KZ6275 .H47 2014

The war on terror and the laws of war : a military perspective /
Geoffrey S. Corn [and six others] ; foreword by Major General Charles J. Dunlap, Jr., United States Air Force
Call Number: KZ6795.T47 W37 2014

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