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Items Acquired in April 2015 for the University Libraries

6th grade math tutorial
Call Number: QA20.C65 A16 2015

8th grade math tutorial
Call Number: QA20.C65 A18 2015

Advanced discrete-time control : designs and applications /
Khalid Abidi, Jian-Xin Xu
Call Number: QA402

Advanced methods in the fractional calculus of variations
Agnieszka B. Malinowska, Tatiana Odzijewicz, Delfim F.M. Torres
Call Number: QA314

Advances in modelling and control of non-integer order systems : 6th Conference on Non-Integer Order Calculus and its Applications Opole, Poland /
Krzysztof J. Latawiec, Marian Lukaniszyn, Rafal Stanisławski
Call Number: QA314 .C664 2015eb

Advances in variational and hemivariational inequalities : theory, numerical analysis, and applications /
Weimin Han, Stanisław Migórski, Mircea Sofonea, editors
Call Number: QA316

All positive action starts with criticism : Hans Freudenthal and the didactics of mathematics /
Sacha la Bastide-van Gemert
Call Number: QA8.7

An easy path to convex analysis and applications
Boris S. Mordukhovich, Nguyen Mau Nam
Call Number: QA331.5 .M67 2014

An introduction to R for quantitative economics : graphing, simulating and computing /
Vikram Dayal
Call Number: QA276.45.R3

An introduction to tensors and group theory for physicists
Nadir Jeevanjee
Call Number: QA433

An introduction to viscosity solutions for fully nonlinear PDE with applications to calculus of variations in L∞
Nikos Katzourakis
Call Number: QA377

An invitation to general algebra and universal constructions
George M. Bergman
Call Number: QA150

An invitation to web geometry
Jorge Vitório Pereira, Luc Pirio
Call Number: QA648.5

Analysis on h-harmonics and Dunkl transforms
Feng Dai, Yuan Xu ; editor for this volume: Sergey Tikhonov
Call Number: QA403

Analysis, modelling, optimization, and numerical techniques : ICAMI, San Andres Island, Colombia, November 2013 /
Gerard Olivar Tost, Olga Vasilieva, editors
Call Number: QA377.3

Analytic methods in interdisciplinary applications
Vladimir V. Mityushev, Michael Ruzhansky, editors
Call Number: QA300

Applied multivariate statistical analysis
Wolfgang Karl Härdle, Léopold Simar
Call Number: QA278

Applied partial differential equations
J. David Logan
Call Number: QA377

Approaches to qualitative research in mathematics education : examples of methodology and methods /
edited by Angelika Bikner-Ahsbahs, Christine Knipping, Norma C. Presmeg
Call Number: QA11.2

Approaching the Kannan-Lovász-Simonovits and variance conjectures
David Alonso-Gutiérrez, Jesús Bastero
Call Number: QA360

Arithmetic of finite fields : 5th International Workshop, WAIFI 2014, Gebze, Turkey, September 27-28, 2014. Revised selected papers /
Çetin Kaya Koç, Sihem Mesnager, Erkay Savaş (eds.)
Call Number: QA247

Arithmetic with polynomials and rational expressions. Practice set 1
Call Number: QA139 .A75 2015

Arithmetic with polynomials and rational expressions. Practice set 2
Call Number: QA139 .A752 2015

Bayesian analysis of failure time data using P-Splines
Matthias Kaeding
Call Number: QA276

Bayesian networks in educational assessment
Russell G. Almond, Robert J. Mislevy, Linda S. Steinberg, Duanli Yan, David M. Williamson
Call Number: QA279.5

Berkovich spaces and applications
Antoine Ducros, Charles Favre, Johannes Nicaise, editors
Call Number: QA551

Birational geometry of foliations
Marco Brunella
Call Number: QA613.62

Boolean representations of simplicial complexes and matroids
John Rhodes, Pedro V. Silva
Call Number: QA10.3

Colloquium De Giorgi 2013 and 2014
edited by Umberto Zannier
Call Number: QA341

Control problems of discrete-time dynamical systems
Yasumichi Hasegawa
Call Number: QA402

Convex optimization in normed spaces : theory, methods and examples /
Juan Peypouquet
Call Number: QA331.5

Creating equations. Practice 1
Call Number: QA211 .C74 2015

Creating equations. Practice 2
Call Number: QA211 .C742 2015

Current trends in analysis and its applications : proceedings of the 9th ISAAC Congress, Krakow 2013 /
Vladimir V. Mityushev, Michael V. Ruzhansky, editors
Call Number: QA377

Discrete mechanics
Jean-Paul Caltagirone
Call Number: QA808

Dynamics of complex autonomous Boolean networks
David P. Rosin
Call Number: QA267.7

Elementary symplectic topology and mechanics
Franco Cardin
Call Number: QA613.659

Encyclopedia of analytical surfaces
S.N. Krivoshapko, V.N. Ivanov
Call Number: QA571

Enric Trillas : a passion for fuzzy sets : a collection of recent works on fuzzy logic /
Luis Magdalena, Jose Luis Verdegay, Francesc Esteva, editors
Call Number: QA9.64

Essays on Gödel's reception of Leibniz, Husserl, and Brouwer
Mark van Atten
Call Number: QA29.G58

Evolution PDEs with nonstandard growth conditions : existence, uniqueness, localization, blow-up /
Stanislav Antontsev, Sergey Shmarev
Call Number: QA377

Evolutionary multi-criterion optimization : 8th International Conference, EMO 2015, Guimarães, Portugal, March 29-April 1, 2015. Proceedings.
edited by António Gaspar-Cunha, Carlos Henggeler Antunes, Carlos Coello Coello
Call Number: QA402.5

Evolutionary multi-criterion optimization : 8th International Conference, EMO 2015, Guimarães, Portugal, March 29-April 1, 2015. Proceedings.
António Gaspar-Cunha, Carlos Henggeler Antunes, Carlos Coello Coello (eds.)
Call Number: QA402.5

Excel 2013 for business statistics : a guide to solving practical business problems /
Thomas J. Quirk
Call Number: QA276

Existence and regularity results for some shape optimization problems
Bozhidar Velichkov
Call Number: QA402.5

Exponentiated distributions
Essam K. AL-Hussaini, Mohammad Ahsanullah
Call Number: QA273.6

Expressing geometric properties with equations. Practice 1
Call Number: QA459 .E97 2015

Expressing geometric properties with equations. Practice 2
Call Number: QA459 .E972 2015

Filtering and control for classes of two-dimensional systems
Ligang Wu, Zidong Wang
Call Number: QA402.3

Fixed point theory in modular function spaces
Mohamed A. Khamsi, Wojciech M. Kozlowski
Call Number: QA329.9

Fluid dynamics : an introduction /
by Michel Rieutord
Call Number: QA911

Fluid mechanics of viscoplasticity
Raja R. Huilgol
Call Number: QA931

Fractional thermoelasticity
Yuriy Povstenko
Call Number: QA933

Frequency domain analysis and design of nonlinear systems based on Volterra series expansion : a parametric characteristic approach /
Xingjian Jing, Ziqiang Lang
Call Number: QA427

From calculus to analysis
Steen Pedersen
Call Number: QA300

From logic to practice : Italian studies in the philosophy of mathematics /
Gabriele Lolli, Marco Panza, Giorgio Venturi, editors
Call Number: QA8.4 .F76 2015eb

Frontiers of higher order fuzzy sets
Alireza Sadeghian, Hooman Tahayori, editors
Call Number: QA248.5

Fuzzy algebraic hyperstructures : an introduction /
Bijan Davvaz, Irina Cristea
Call Number: QA248.5

Fuzzy classification of online customers
Nicolas Werro
Call Number: QA9.64

Fuzzy logic : an introductory course for engineering students /
Enric Trillas, Luka Eciolaza
Call Number: QA9.64

GED test. Mathematical reasoning : : flash review
Call Number: QA43 .G43 2015eb

Geometric measurement and dimension. Practice 1
Call Number: QA465 .G46 2015

Geometric measurement and dimension. Practice 2
Call Number: QA465 .G462 2015

Geometrical foundations of continuum mechanics : an application to first- and second-order elasticity and elasto-plasticity /
Paul Steinmann
Call Number: QA808.2

Geometry and analysis on manifolds : in memory of professor Shoshichi Kobayashi /
Takushiro Ochiai, Toshiki Mabuchi, Yoshiaki Maeda, Junjiro Noguchi, Alan Weinstein, editors
Call Number: QA641

Geometry with circles. Practice 1
Call Number: QA484 .G46 2015

Geometry with circles. Practice 2
Call Number: QA484 .G462 2015

Global existence and uniqueness of nonlinear evolutionary fluid equations
Yuming Qin, Xin Liu, Taige Wang
Call Number: QA377.3

Handbook of mathematics
I.N. Bronshtein, K.A. Semendyayev, Gerhard Musiol, Heiner Mühlig
Call Number: QA40

Harmonic analysis on exponential solvable lie groups
Hidenori Fujiwara, Jean Ludwig
Call Number: QA403

Hörmander spaces, interpolation, and elliptic problems
Vladimir A. Mikhailets, Aleksandr A. Murach ; translated by Peter V. Malyshev
Call Number: QA329.42 .M55 2014

High school Álgebratutorial
Call Number: QA157 .H544 2015

High school functions tutorial
Call Number: QA331 .H544 2015

High school geometry tutorial
Call Number: QA459 .H544 2015

High school number and quantity course
Call Number: QA241 .H55 2015

How to count : an introduction to combinatorics and its applications /
Robert A. Beeler
Call Number: QA164

Imagine math 3 : between culture and mathematics /
Michele Emmer, editor
Call Number: QA10.7

Index analysis : approach theory at work /
R. Lowen
Call Number: QA614.92

Interdisciplinary bayesian statistics : EBEB 2014 /
edited by Adriano Polpo, Francisco Louzada, Laura L. R. Rifo, Julio M. Stern, Marcelo Lauretto
Call Number: QA279.5

Interpreting categorical and quantitative data. Practice 1
Call Number: QA276.2 .I68 2015

Interpreting categorical and quantitative data. Practice 2
Call Number: QA276.2 .I682 2015

Interpreting functions. 1
Call Number: QA331 .I58 2015

Interpreting functions. 2
Call Number: QA331 .I582 2015

Introduction to global variational geometry
Demeter Krupka
Call Number: QA670

Introduction to the representation theory of algebras
Michael Barot
Call Number: QA155

Inverse problems and applications
Larisa Beilina, editor
Call Number: QA370

Isochronous systems [electronic resource]
Francesco Calogero
Call Number: QA845 .C35 2008eb

Isogeometric methods for numerical simulation
Gernot Beer, Stéphane Bordas, editors
Call Number: QA401

Jacobi forms, finite quadratic modules and Weil representations over number fields [electronic resource]
Hatice Boylan
Call Number: QA241-247.5

Language and automata theory and applications : 9th International Conference, LATA 2015, Nice, France, March 2-6, 2015, Proceedings /
Adrian-Horia Dediu, Enrico Formenti, Carlos Martín-Vide, Bianca Truthe (eds.)
Call Number: QA267

Lévy matters IV : estimation for discretely observed Lévy processes /
Denis Belomestny, Fabienne Comte, Valentine Genon-Catalot, Hiroki Masuda, Markus Reiß
Call Number: QA274.73

Linear, quadratic, and exponential models. Practice 1
Call Number: QA157 .L56 2015

Linear, quadratic, and exponential models. Practice 2
Call Number: QA157 .L562 2015

Logic and its applications : 6th Indian Conference, ICLA 2015, Mumbai, India, January 8-10, 2015. Proceedings /
edited by Mohua Banerjee, Shankara Narayanan Krishna
Call Number: QA9.A1

Mathematical analysis II
Claudio Canuto, Anita Tabacco
Call Number: QA300

Mathematical models with singularities : a zoo of singular creatures /
Pedro J. Torres
Call Number: QA614.58

Mathematicians on creativity
edited by Peter Borwein, Peter Liljedahl, Helen Zhai
Call Number: QA8.4 .M386 2014

Mathematics and transition to school : international perspectives /
Bob Perry, Amy MacDonald, Ann Gervasoni, editors
Call Number: QA141

Mathematics teaching and learning : South Korean elementary teachers' mathematical knowledge for teaching /
Rina Kim, Lillie R. Albert
Call Number: QA135.6

Mathematizing space : the objects of geometry from antiquity to the early modern age /
Vincenzo De Risi, editor
Call Number: QA443.5

Mechanistic images in geometric form : Heinrich Hertz's Principles of mechanics [electronic resource]
Jesper Lützen
Call Number: QA805 .L85 2005

Meshfree methods for partial differential equations VII
Michael Griebel, Marc Alexander Schweitzer, editors
Call Number: QA377 .M45 2015

Method of Dimensionality Reduction in Contact Mechanics and Friction [electronic resource]
by Valentin L. Popov, Markus Heß
Call Number: QA808.2

Middle school math for parents course
Call Number: QA20.C65 M533 2015

Model-based recursive partitioning with adjustment for measurement error : applied to the Cox's Proportional Hazards and Weibull Model /
Hanna Birke
Call Number: QA278.2

Modeling with geometry. Practice 1
Call Number: QA464 .M63 2015

Modeling with geometry. Practice 2
Call Number: QA464 .M632 2015

Modelling and analysis of compositional data
Vera Pawlowsky-Glahn, Juan J. Egozcue, Raimon Tolosana-Delgado
Call Number: QA278

Multiple time scale dynamics
Christian Kuehn
Call Number: QA614.8

Multivariate density estimation : theory, practice, and visualization /
David W. Scott
Call Number: QA276.8

Nonlinear dynamics new directions : models and applications /
Hernán González-Aguilar, Edgardo Ugalde, editors
Call Number: QA427

Nonlinear dynamics new directions : theoretical aspects /
Hernán González-Aguilar, Edgardo Ugalde, editors
Call Number: QA427

Nonlinear maps and their applications : selected contributions from the NOMA 2013 International Workshop /
Ricardo López-Ruiz, Danièle Fournier-Prunaret, Yoshifumi Nishio, Clara Grácio, editors
Call Number: QA427 N648 2013eb

Numerical methods and applications : 8th International Conference, NMA 2014, Borovets, Bulgaria, August 20-24, 2014, Revised selected papers /
Ivan Dimov, Stefka Fidanova, Ivan Lirkov (eds.)
Call Number: QA297

Numerical methods for nonlinear partial differential equations
Sören Bartels
Call Number: QA377

Numerical PDE-constrained optimization
Juan Carlos De los Reyes
Call Number: QA402.5

Operator-related function theory and time-frequency analysis : The Abel Symposium 2012 /
Karlheinz Gröchenig, Yurii Lyubarskii, Kristian Seip, editors
Call Number: QA313

Optimal control of stochastic difference Volterra equations : an introduction /
Leonid Shaikhet
Call Number: QA431

Optimization of stochastic discrete systems and control on complex networks : computational networks /
Dmitrii Lozovanu, Stefan Pickl
Call Number: QA274.7 .L69 2015

Polynomial chaos methods for hyperbolic partial differential equations : numerical techniques for fluid dynamics problems in the presence of uncertainties /
Mass Per Pettersson, Gianluca Iaccarino, Jan Nordström
Call Number: QA377

Prepárese para el examen GED de razonamiento matemático
Call Number: QA20.C65 .P747 2015

Probabilities : the Little Numbers That Rule Our Lives [electronic resource]
Call Number: QA273.15 .O384 2014

Problems and proofs in numbers and algebra
Richard S. Millman, Peter J. Shiue, Eric Brendan Kahn
Call Number: QA241

Proof patterns
Mark Joshi
Call Number: QA9.54

Protein homology detection through alignment of Markov random fields : using MRFalign /
Jinbo Xu, Sheng Wang, Jianzhu Ma
Call Number: QA274.45

Pursuing excellence in mathematics education : essays in honor of Jeremy Kilpatrick /
Edward Silver, Christine Keitel-Kreidt, editors
Call Number: QA11.2 .P877 2015

Quantities. Practice 1
Call Number: QA139 .Q36 2015

Quantities. Practice 2
Call Number: QA139 .Q362 2015

Questions about elastic waves
Jüri Engelbrecht
Call Number: QA935

R for marketing research and analytics
Chris Chapman, Elea McDonnell Feit
Call Number: QA276.45.R3

Reasoning with equations and inequalities. Practice set 1
Call Number: QA295 .R43 2015

Reasoning with equations and inequalities. Practice set 2
Call Number: QA295 .R432 2015

Regularization and Bayesian methods for inverse problems in signal and image processing
edited by Jean-François Giovannelli, Jérôme Idier
Call Number: QA371

Schaum's outline of theory and problems of differential geometry. [Including 500 solved problems, completely solved in detail]
Call Number: QA641 .L5

Schaum's outline of theory and problems of statistics
Murray R. Spiegel
Call Number: QA276.2 .S65 1999

Seeing structure in expressions. Practice 1
Call Number: QA157 .S44 2015

Seeing structure in expressions. Practice 2
Call Number: QA157 .S442 2015

Selected applications of convex optimization
Li Li
Call Number: QA402.5

Semigroups of operators --Theory and applications : B̨edlewo, Poland, October 2013 /
Jacek Banasiak, Adam Bobrowski, Mirosław Lachowicz, editors
Call Number: QA329

Set operads in combinatorics and computer science
Miguel A. Méndez
Call Number: QA169

Similarity, right triangles and trigonometry. Practice 1
Call Number: QA529 .S56 2015

Similarity, right triangles and trigonometry. Practice 2
Call Number: QA529 .S562 2015

Sparse approximation with bases
Vladimir Temlyakov ; editor for this volume: Sergey Tikhonov
Call Number: QA221

Spectral methods in chemistry and physics : applications to kinetic theory and quantum mechanics /
Bernard Shizgal
Call Number: QA320

Stability of dynamical systems : on the role of monotonic and non-monotonic Lyapunov functions /
Anthony N. Michel, Ling Hou, Derong Liu
Call Number: QA614.8 .M532 2008eb

Stochastic control theory : dynamic programming principle /
Makiko Nisio
Call Number: QA402.37

Stochastic integration in Banach spaces : theory and applications /
Vidyadhar Mandrekar, Barbara Rüdiger
Call Number: QA322.2

Stochastic models, statistics and their applications : Wrocław, Poland, February 2015 /
Ansgar Steland, Ewaryst Rafajłowicz, Krzysztof Szajowski, editors
Call Number: QA274.2

Stochastic optimization methods : applications in engineering and operations research /
Kurt Marti
Call Number: QA274

Stochastic parameterizing manifolds and non-markovian reduced equations : stochastic manifolds for nonlinear SPDEs II /
Mickaël D. Chekroun, Honghu Liu, Shouhong Wang
Call Number: QA274.25

Study guide for statistics for business and financial economics : a supplement to the textbook by Cheng-Few Lee, John C. Lee and Alice C. Lee [electronic resource]
Ronald L. Moy, Li-Shiya Chen, Lie Jane Kao
Call Number: QA276.2

Surveys in differential-algebraic equations II
Achim Ilchmann, Timo Reis, editors
Call Number: QA372.5

Tensor algebra and tensor analysis for engineers : with applications to continuum mechanics /
Mikhail Itskov
Call Number: QA200

Tensor categories and endomorphisms of Von Neumann algebras : with applications to quantum field theory /
Marcel Bischoff, Yasuyuki Kawahigashi, Roberto Longo, Karl-Henning Rehren
Call Number: QA433

The complex number system. Practice 1
Call Number: QA255 .C66 2015

The complex number system. Practice 2
Call Number: QA255 .C662 2015

The Harary index of a graph
Kexiang Xu, Kinkar Ch. Das, Nenad Trinajstić
Call Number: QA166

The mathematical theory of time-harmonic Maxwell's equations : expansion-, integral-, and variational methods [electronic resource]
Andreas Kirsch, Frank Hettlich
Call Number: QA370-380

The proceedings of the 12th International Congress on Mathematical Education : intellectual and attitudinal challenges /
Sung Je Cho, editor
Call Number: QA11.A1

The real number system. Practice 1
Call Number: QA241 .R435 2015

The real number system. Practice 2
Call Number: QA241 .R4352 2015

The tao of statistics : a path to understanding (with no math) /
Dana K. Keller, Halcyon Research, Inc. ; illustrated by Helen Cardiff
Call Number: QA276 .K253 2016

The unattainable attempt to avoid the casus irreducibilis for cubic equations : Gerolamo Cardano's De Regula Aliza /
Sara Confalonieri
Call Number: QA215

The whole truth about whole numbers : an elementary introduction to number theory /
Sylvia Forman, Agnes M. Rash
Call Number: QA241

Theory of transformation groups I : General properties of continuous transformation groups ; a contemporary approach and translation /
Sophus Lie ; with the collaboration of Friedrich Engel ; editor and translator, Joël Merker
Call Number: QA387

Thomas Jefferson and his decimals 1775-1810 : neglected years in the history of U.S. school mathematics /
M.A. (Ken) Clements, Nerida F. Ellerton ; foreword by Douglas L. Wilson
Call Number: QA13

Time series modeling for analysis and control : advanced autopilot and monitoring systems /
Kohei Ohtsu, Hui Peng, Genshiro Kitagawa
Call Number: QA280

Topics in algebra and analysis : preparing for the Mathematical Olympiad /
Radmila Bulajich Manfrino, José Antonio Gómez Ortega, Rogelio Valdez Delgado
Call Number: QA152.3

Topological and statistical methods for complex data : tackling large-scale, high-dimensional, and multivariate data spaces : with 120 figures, 101 in color /
Janine Bennett, Fabien Vivodtzev, Valerio Pascucci, editors
Call Number: QA611

Vector & matrix quantities. Practice 1
Call Number: QA184.5 .V43 2015

Vortex rings and jets : recent developments in near-field dynamics /
Daniel T.H. New, Simon C.M. Yu, editors
Call Number: QA845

Wavelet transforms and their applications
Lokenath Debnath, Firdous Ahmad Shah
Call Number: QA403.3

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