Mathematics & Statistics

Items Acquired in February 2015 for the University Libraries

A Chronicle of Permutation Statistical Methods : 1920-2000, and Beyond [electronic resource]
Call Number: QA278.8

A course in point set topology
John B. Conway
Call Number: QA603

A course on integration theory : including more than 150 exercises with detailed answers /
by Nicolas Lerner
Call Number: QA312

A course on rough paths : with an introduction to regularity structures /
Peter K. Friz, Martin Hairer
Call Number: QA274.23

A Cp-theory problem book : special features of function spaces /
Vladimir V. Tkachuk
Call Number: QA323

A differential approach to geometry
Francis Borceux
Call Number: QA641

A first course in ordinary differential equations : analytical and numerical methods /
Martin Hermann, Masoud Saravi
Call Number: QA372

A history of the work concept : from physics to economics /
Agamenon R. E. Oliveira
Call Number: QA802

A mathematical odyssey : journey from the real to the complex /
Steven G. Krantz, Harold R. Parks
Call Number: QA93

A mathematical prelude to the philosophy of mathematics
Stephen Pollard
Call Number: QA8.4

A probability path
Sidney I. Resnick
Call Number: QA273

A readable introduction to real mathematics
Daniel Rosenthal, David Rosenthal, Peter Rosenthal
Call Number: QA93

A short course in computational geometry and topology
Herbert Edelsbrunner
Call Number: QA445

A textbook on ordinary differential equations
Shair Ahmad, Antonio Ambrosetti
Call Number: QA372 .A363 2013eb

Abstract algebra : structure and application /
David R. Finston, Patrick J. Morandi
Call Number: QA162

ABZ 2014 : the landing gear case study : Case study track, held at the 4th International Conference on Abstract State Machines, Alloy, B, TLA, VDM, and Z, Toulouse, France, June 2-6, 2014. Proceedings /
Frédéric Boniol, Virginie Wiels, Yamine Ait Ameur, Klaus-Dieter Schewe (eds.)
Call Number: QA267

Accelerating MATLAB® performance : 1001 tips to speed up MATLAB programs /
Yair Altman
Call Number: QA297 .A543 2015

Accuracy verification methods : theory and algorithms /
Olli Mali, Pekka Neittaanmäki, Sergey Repin
Call Number: QA297

Advanced calculus : a differential forms approach /
Harold M. Edwards
Call Number: QA303 .E24 2014

Advanced h control : towards nonsmooth theory and applications /
Yury V. Orlov, Luis T. Aguilar
Call Number: QA402.3

Applied statistics and probability for engineers
Douglas C. Montgomery, Arizona State University, George C. Runger, Arizona State University
Call Number: QA276.12 .M645 2014

Brownian motion : fluctuations, dynamics, and applications [electronic resource]
Robert M. Mazo
Call Number: QA274.75 .M39 2009eb

Fluid dynamics. Part 1, Classical fluid dynamics
by Anatoly I. Ruban, Jitesh S.B. Gajjar
Call Number: QA911

Mathematics without apologies : portrait of a problematic vocation /
Michael Harris
Call Number: QA36 .H37 2015

Matlab matrix algebra
César Pérez López
Call Number: QA297 .P46 2014

Set-valued optimization : an introduction with applications /
Akhtar A. Khan, Christiane Tammer, Constantin Zălinescu
Call Number: QA1

The Essentials of advanced calculus
staff of Research and Education Association, M. Fogiel, director
Call Number: QA303 .E77 1989

The essentials of calculus
staff of Research and Education Association ; M. Fogiel, director
Call Number: QA303.3 .E87 1991

The Mathematical Philosophy of Bertrand Russell: Orgins and Development
Call Number: QA9.R727 1991

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