Modern Languages

Items Acquired in April 2015 for the University Libraries

30 great myths about the Romantics
Duncan Wu
Call Number: PR457

A companion to contemporary documentary film
edited by Alexandra Juhasz and Alisa Lebow
Call Number: PN1995.9.D6

A comparative grammar of Borgomanerese
Christina Tortora
Call Number: PC1869.B6 T67 2014

A heart beating hard
Lauren Foss Goodman
Call Number: PS221.O87 H43 2015

A history of American poetry
Richard Gray
Call Number: PS303 .G73 2015

A kid like Jake
by Daniel Pearle
Call Number: PS3566.E25 K53 2014

A room of one's own
Virginia Woolf ; edited by David Bradshaw and Stuart N. Clarke
Call Number: PR6045.O72

A Song for Issy Bradley : a novel /
Carys Bray
Call Number: PR6102.R37 S66 2014 (Unwin(e)d Book Club)

A Song for Issy Bradley : a novel /
Carys Bray
Call Number: PR6102.R37 S66 2014 (Unwin(e)d Book Club)

A southern writer and the Civil War : the Confederate imagination of William Gilmore Simms /
Jeffery J. Rogers
Call Number: PS2853 .R64 2015

A tale blazed through heaven : imitation and invention in the golden age of Spain /
Oliver J. Noble-Wood
Call Number: PQ6064 .N635 2014eb

Absolute clauses in English from the systemic functional perspective : a corpus-based study /
Qingshun He, Bingjun Yang
Call Number: PE1385

Academy street
Mary Costello
Call Number: PR6103.O85 A65 2015

Adeline : a novel of Virginia Woolf /
Norah Vincent
Call Number: PS3622.I536 A66 2015

Against self-reliance : the arts of dependence in the early United States /
William Huntting Howell
Call Number: PS193 .H64 2015

Alfred Hitchcock : the man who knew too much /
Michael Wood
Call Number: PN1998.3.H58 W64 2015

All the wild that remains : Edward Abbey, Wallace Stegner, and the American West /
David Gessner
Call Number: PS3551.B2 Z66 2015

Amazing place : what North Carolina means to writers /
edited by Marianne Gingher
Call Number: PS266.N8 A43 2015

American mythmaker : Walter Noble Burns and the legends of Billy the Kid, Wyatt Earp, and Joaquín Murrieta /
Mark J. Dworkin
Call Number: PS3503.U646 Z68 2015

Anthropocene fictions : the novel in a time of climate change /
Adam Trexler
Call Number: PN3448.E36 T84 2015

Arabic indefinites, interrogatives, and negators : a linguistic history of Western dialects /
David Wilmsen
Call Number: PJ6713

Blackeyed : plays and monologues /
by Mary E. Weems
Call Number: PS3573.E355

Book seventeen : poems /
Greg Delanty
Call Number: PR6054.E397 A6 2015

Brazilian theater, 1970-2010 : essays on history, politics and artistic experimentation /
edited by Eva Paulino Bueno and Robson Corrêa de Camargo
Call Number: PN2471 .B75 2015

British pirates in print and performance
Frederick Burwick and Manushag N. Powell
Call Number: PR151.P57 B87 2015

Brown girl dreaming
Jacqueline Woodson
Call Number: PZ7.W868 Br 2014

Chinese syntax in a cross-linguistic perspective
edited by Y.-H. Audrey Li, Andrew Simpson, and W.-T. Dylan Tsai
Call Number: PL1241 .C4858 2014

Cinema, gender, and everyday space : comedy, Italian style /
Natalie Fullwood
Call Number: PN1995.9.C55 F86 2015

Contemporary Black British playwrights : margins to mainstream /
Lynette Goddard
Call Number: PR120.B55 G63 2015

Critical approaches to the films of Robert Rodriguez
edited by Frederick Luis Aldama ; afterword by Alvaro Rodriguez
Call Number: PN1998.3.R633 C86 2015

Culture, Northern Ireland, and the Second World War
Guy Woodward
Call Number: PR8722.W36 W66 2015

Curating Africa in the age of film festivals : film festivals, time, resistance /
Lindiwe Dovey
Call Number: PN1993.42.A47 D68 2015

Alberto Manguel
Call Number: PR9199.3.M34845 C87 2015

Deep lane : poems /
Mark Doty
Call Number: PS3554.O798 A6 2015

Degrees of affinity : studies in comparative literature and translation /
Zuoliang Wang
Call Number: PL2274.2.E85

Edges in syntax : scrambling and cyclic linearization /
Heejeong Ko
Call Number: P291 .K6 2014eb

Eighteenth-century fiction and the reinvention of wonder
Sarah Tindal Kareem
Call Number: PN3495 .K374 2014eb

Eighteenth-century poetry : an annotated anthology /
edited by David Fairer and Christine Gerrard
Call Number: PR1215 .E53 2015

Empire films and the crisis of colonialism, 1946-1959
Jon Cowans
Call Number: PN1995.9.I42 C69 2015

Essay : a critical memoir /
Donald Revell
Call Number: PN1031 .R47 2015

Exhortations to philosophy : the protreptics of Plato, Isocrates, and Aristotle /
James Henderson Collins II
Call Number: PA3265 .C655 2015

Daniel Kehlmann ; translated from the German by Carol Brown Janeway
Call Number: PT2671.E32 F2513 2014 (Unwin(e)d Book Club)

Devin Johnston
Call Number: PS3610.O385 A6 2015

Fatal glamour : the life of Rupert Brooke /
Paul Delany
Call Number: PR6003.R4 Z693 2015

Feeling pleasures : the sense of touch in Renaissance England /
Joe Moshenska
Call Number: PR421 .M67 2014eb

Filming O'Keeffe
by Eric Lane
Call Number: PS3612.A5497 F55 2014

First-year university writing : a corpus-based study with implications for pedagogy /
Laura Aull
Call Number: PE1404 .A923 2015

Flash fiction international : very short stories from around the world /
edited by James Thomas, Robert Shapard, Christopher Merrill
Call Number: PN6120.2 .F63 2015

For the lost cathedral : poems /
Bruce Bond
Call Number: PS3552.O5943 A6 2015

From now on : new and selected poems, 1970-2015 /
Clarence Major
Call Number: PS3563.A39 A6 2015

From White Plains
by Michael Perlman in collaboration with Craig Wesley Divino, Karl Gregory, Jimmy King, and Aaron Rossini
Call Number: PS3566.E55 F76 2014

Full metal jhacket
Matthew Derby
Call Number: PS3604.E73 F85 2015

Functional structure from top to toe : the cartography of syntactic structures.
Peter Svenonius
Call Number: P291 .F813 2014

Geoparsing early modern English drama
Monica Matei-Chesnoiu
Call Number: PR658.G46 M35 2015

Glee and new directions for social change
edited by Brian C. Johnson, Daniel K. Faill
Call Number: PN1992.77.G5558 G54 2015

Granular modernism
Beci Carver
Call Number: PR478.M6 C37 2014eb

Great books written in prison : essays on classic works from Plato to Martin Luther King, Jr. /
edited by J. Ward Regan
Call Number: PN494 .G74 2015

Guilty but insane : mind and law in golden age detective fiction /
Samantha Walton
Call Number: PR888.D4 W35 2015

Gutshot : stories /
Amelia Gray
Call Number: PS3607.R387 A6 2015

Hayao Miyazaki's world picture
Dani Cavallaro
Call Number: PN1998.3.M577 C384 2015

Heather has two mommies
Lesléa Newman ; illustrated by Laura Cornell
Call Number: PZ7.N47988 He 2015

Heavenly bodies : film stars and society /
Richard Dyer
Call Number: PN1995.9.S6 D94 2004

Hermit's guide to home economics
Robert Lax ; edited, with an afterword, by Paul J. Spaeth
Call Number: PS3523.A972 A6 2015

Hesperos : studies in ancient Greek poetry presented to M.L. West on his seventieth birthday [electronic resource]
edited by P.J. Finglass, C. Collard, N.J. Richardson
Call Number: PA3092 .H47 2007eb

Hidden : a child's story of the Holocaust /
written by Loïc Dauvillier ; illustrated by Marc Lizano ; color by Greg Salsedo ; translated by Alexis Siege
Call Number: PZ7.7.D37 Hi 2014

Homer in the twentieth century : between world literature and the western canon [electronic resource]
edited by Barbara Graziosi and Emily Greenwood
Call Number: PA4037 .H7775 2007eb

Homeric voices : discourse, memory, gender [electronic resource]
Elizabeth Minchin
Call Number: PA4177.C64 M56 2007eb

Honest engine : poems /
Kyle Dargan
Call Number: PS3604.A74 A2 2015

How children learn to learn language [electronic resource]
Lorraine McCune
Call Number: P118 .M3144 2008

Icelandic morphosyntax and argument structure
Jim Wood
Call Number: PD2421

Imagine the sound : experimental African American literature after civil rights /
Carter Mathes
Call Number: PS153.N5 M2655 2015

In Byron's shadow : modern Greece in the English & American imagination [electronic resource]
David Roessel
Call Number: PR129.G8 R64 2002eb

Incarnate Grace : poems /
by Moira Linehan
Call Number: PS3612.I538 A6 2015

Ink, stink bait, revenge, and Queen Elizabeth : a Yorkshire yeoman's household book /
Steven W. May and Arthur F. Marotti
Call Number: PR421 .M28 2014

Irish Novels 1890-1940 : New Bearings in Culture and Fiction [electronic resource]
Call Number: PR8803 .F67 2008

James Merrill : life and art /
Langdon Hammer
Call Number: PS3525.E6645 Z674 2015

John Donne and the Conway papers : patronage and manuscript circulation in the early seventeenth century /
Daniel Starza Smith
Call Number: PR2248 .S658 2014eb

John Thelwall : selected poetry and poetics /
edited by Judith Thompson
Call Number: PR3729.T4 A6 2015

Joy, PA : a novel /
Steven Sherrill
Call Number: PS3569.H4349 J69 2015

Killer, come hither
Louis Begley
Call Number: PS3552.E373 K55 2015

Language and German disunity : a sociolinguistic history of East and West in Germany, 1945-2000 [electronic resource]
Patrick Stevenson
Call Number: PF3074.73 .S74 2002

Language and identity in the Balkans : Serbo-Croat and its disintegration [electronic resource]
Robert D. Greenberg
Call Number: PG1224.7 .G74 2008

Language and the learning curve : a new theory of syntactic development [electronic resource]
Anat Ninio
Call Number: P118 .N558 2006

Language attitudes and identities in multilingual China : a linguistic ethnography /
Sihua Liang
Call Number: P115.5.C6

Language evolution [electronic resource]
edited by Morten H. Christiansen, Simon Kirby
Call Number: P140 .L257 2003eb

Language identification using spectral and prosodic features
K. Sreenivasa Rao, V. Ramu Reddy, Sudhamay Maity
Call Number: PF1529

Late Sophocles : the hero's evolution in Electra, Philoctetes, and Oedipus at Colonus /
Thomas Van Nortwick
Call Number: PA4417 .V36 2015

Latin epics of the New Testament : Juvencus, Sedulius, Arator [electronic resource]
Roger P.H. Green
Call Number: PA8053 .G72 2006eb

Laughing with Medusa : classical myth and feminist thought [electronic resource]
edited by Vanda Zajko and Miriam Leonard
Call Number: PN56.M95 L38 2006eb

Layers of loyality in Latin panegyric, AD 289-307 [electronic resource]
Roger Rees
Call Number: PA6083 .R44 2002

Linguistic universals and language change [electronic resource]
edited by Jeff Good
Call Number: P204 .L5453 2008eb

Linguistically motivated statistical machine translation : models and algorithms /
Deyi Xiong, Min Zhang
Call Number: P98

Literature's sensuous geographies : postcolonial matters of place /
Sten Pultz Moslund
Call Number: PN56.G48 M67 2015

Little anodynes : poems /
Jon Pineda ; foreword by Oliver de la Paz
Call Number: PS3616.I565 A6 2015

Longman complete course for the TOEFL test : preparation for the computer and paper tests /
Deborah Phillips
Call Number: PE1128 .P435 2001

Low-fat love
Patricia Leavy
Call Number: PS3612.E2198 L69 2015

Madame de Staël : the dangerous exile [electronic resource]
Angelica Goodden
Call Number: PQ2431.Z5 G66 2008eb

Made in Detroit : poems /
Marge Piercy
Call Number: PS3566.I4 A6 2015

Making a new man : Ciceronian self-fashioning in the rhetorical works [electronic resource]
John Dugan
Call Number: PA6285 .D84 2005

Making history new : modernism and historical narrative /
Seamus O'Malley
Call Number: PR478.M6 O63 2015eb

Making new words : morphological derivation in English /
R.M.W. Dixon
Call Number: PE1175

Making shapely fiction
Jerome Stern
Call Number: PN3355 .S78 1991

Market aesthetics : the purchase of the past in Caribbean diasporic fiction /
Elena Machado Sáez
Call Number: PR9205.4 .M33 2015

Measuring Grammatical Complexity
Call Number: P128.C664

Meet me halfway : Milwaukee stories /
Jennifer Morales
Call Number: PS3613.O666 A6 2015

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. Advanced
Call Number: P93.53.M534 M53 2014

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. Basic
Call Number: P93.53.M534 M53 2014

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. Intermediate
Call Number: P93.53.M534 M53 2014

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. What's new
Call Number: P93.53.M534 M53 2014

Middle English verbs of emotion and impersonal constructions : verb meaning and syntax in diachrony /
Ayumi Miura
Call Number: PE587 .M587 2015eb

Miniature metropolis : literature in an age of photography and film /
Andreas Huyssen
Call Number: PN56.C55 H79 2015

Minima philologica
Werner Hamacher ; translated by Catharine Diehl and Jason Groves
Call Number: P33 .H3613 2015

Modernist mythopoeia : the twilight of the gods /
Scott Freer
Call Number: PN56.M54 F74 2015

Monstrous children and childish monsters : essays on cinema's holy terrors /
edited by Markus P.J. Bohlmann and Sean Moreland ; forewords by Steven Bruhm and James R. Kincaid ; afterwords by Kathryn Bond Stockton and Harry M. Benshoff
Call Number: PN1995.9.C45 M77 2015

Monstrous regiment : a novel of discworld /
Terry Pratchett
Call Number: PR6066.R34 M58 2003

Mr. West
Sarah Blake
Call Number: PS3602.L3485 A6 2015

Multilingual learners and academic literacies : sociocultural contexts of literacy development in adolescents /
edited by Daniella Molle, Edynn Sato, Timothy Boals, Carol A. Hedgspeth
Call Number: PE1128.A2 M856 2015

Narrative, Philosophy and Life
Allen Speight, editor
Call Number: P302

Neil Gaiman in the 21st century : essays on the novels, children's stories, online writings, comics and other works /
edited by Tara Prescott
Call Number: PR6057.A319 Z785 2015

New media and perennial problems in foreign language learning and teaching
Liliana Piasecka, Małgorzata Adams-Tukiendorf, Przemysław Wilk, editors
Call Number: P51 .N49 2015eb

New media in Black women's autobiography : intrepid embodiment and narrative innovation /
Tracy Curtis
Call Number: PS366.A35 C88 2015

News and the British world : the emergence of an imperial press system, 1876-1922 [electronic resource]
Simon J. Potter
Call Number: PN5117 .P68 2003

Nightwalking : a nocturnal history of London, Chaucer to Dickens /
Matthew Beaumont
Call Number: PR830.L65 B43 2015

Nollywood stars : media and migration in West Africa and the diaspora /
Noah A. Tsika
Call Number: PN1993.5.N55 T85 2015

Nothing to declare
Henri Cole
Call Number: PS3553.O4725 A6 2015

On Elizabeth Bishop
Colm Tóibín
Call Number: PS3503.I785 .T653 2015

Ordinary light : a memoir /
Tracy K. Smith
Call Number: PS3619.M5955 Z46 2015

Oscar Wilde's Chatterton : literary history, romanticism, and the art of forgery /
Joseph Bristow and Rebecca N. Mitchell
Call Number: PR5824 .B85 2015

Owen Wister and the West
Gary Scharnhorst
Call Number: PS3346 .S33 2015

Paris red : a novel /
Maureen Gibbon
Call Number: PS3557.I139167 P37 2015

Passion of Charles Peguy : literature, modernity, and the crisis of historicism /
Glenn H. Roe
Call Number: PQ2631.E25 Z758 2014

Perception and production of Mandarin tones by native speakers and L2 learners
Bei Yang
Call Number: PL1891

Persius : a study in food, philosophy, and the figural /
Shadi Bartsch
Call Number: PA6556 .B35 2015

Playing in the white : black writers, white subjects /
Stephanie Li
Call Number: PS153.N5 L473 2015eb

Plutarch and his Roman readers
Philip A. Stadter
Call Number: PA4385 .S63 2014

Prepárese para el examen GED de razonamiento a través de las artes del lenguaje
Call Number: PE1404 .P747 2015

Prosody and language in contact : L2 acquisition, attrition and languages in multilingual situations /
Elisabeth Delais-Roussarie, Mathieu Avanzi, Sophie Herment, editors
Call Number: P224

Race, caste, and indigeneity in medieval Spanish travel literature
Michael Harney
Call Number: PQ6134.T73 H37 2015

Relabeling in language genesis
Claire Lefebvre
Call Number: P130.5 .L43 2014

Representations of the gypsy in the Romantic period
Sarah Houghton-Walker
Call Number: PR441 .H68 2014

Representing avarice in Late Renaissance France
Jonathan Patterson
Call Number: PQ51

Rethinking identities in contemporary Pakistani fiction : beyond 9/11 /
Aroosa Kanwal, International Islamic University, Pakistan
Call Number: PR9540.4 .K36 2015

Robert Frost's poetry of rural life
George Monteiro
Call Number: PS3511.R94 Z794 2015

Roberto Bolaño, a less distant star : critical essays /
edited by Ignacio López-Calvo
Call Number: PQ8098.12.O38 Z79 2015

Romanticism : keywords /
Frederick Burwick
Call Number: PN603

Salvage work : U.S. and Caribbean literatures amid the debris of legal personhood /
Angela Naimou
Call Number: PS169.S425 N35 2015

Scandals and abstraction : financial fiction of the long 1980s /
Leigh Claire La Berge
Call Number: PS374.M54 L3 2015eb

Semantics of complex words
Laurie Bauer, Lívia Körtvélyessy, Pavol Štekauer, editors
Call Number: P245

Sex and film : the erotic in British, American and world cinema /
Barry Forshaw
Call Number: PN1995.9.S45 F68 2015

Shakespeare's Princes of Wales : English identity and the Welsh connection /
Marisa R. Cull
Call Number: PR651 .C85 2014eb

Shaw and the Actresses Franchise League : staging equality /
Ellen Ecker Dolgin
Call Number: PN2595.13.W65 D85 2015

Sleeper hold
Jibade-Khalil Huffman
Call Number: PS3608.U353 S54 2014

Space and quantification in languages of China
Dan Xu, Jingqi Fu, editors
Call Number: PL1103

Spatial engagement with poetry
Heather H. Yeung
Call Number: PN1031 .Y47 2015

Speech prosody in speech synthesis : modeling and generation of prosody for high quality and flexible speech synthesis /
Keikichi Hirose, Jianhua Tao, editors
Call Number: P325.5.S55

Steven Soderbergh : interviews, revised and updated /
edited by Anthony Kaufman
Call Number: PN1998.3.S593 A5 2015

Study for necessity : poems /
by JoEllen Kwiatek
Call Number: PS3561.W48 A6 2015

Style in translation : a corpus-based perspective /
Libo Huang
Call Number: P306.2

Suetonius : life of Augustus = vita divi Augusti /
translated with introduction and historical commentary by D. Wardle
Call Number: PA6700.A32 W37 2014

Surveillance cinema
Catherine Zimmer
Call Number: PN1995.9.E38 Z56 2015

Talking animals in children's fiction : a critical study /
Catherine L. Elick
Call Number: PR830.C513 E45 2015

Teaching literary theory using film adaptations
Kathleen L. Brown ; foreword by Peter Lev
Call Number: PN1997.85 .B76 2009

Teaching the I Ching (Book of changes)
Geoffrey Redmond and Tze-Ki Hon
Call Number: PL2464.Z7 .R436 2014eb

Text genres and registers : the computation of linguistic features /
Alex Chengyu Fang, Jing Cao
Call Number: P98

Textual vision : Augustan design and the invention of eighteenth-century British culture /
Timothy Erwin
Call Number: PR448.A77 E79 2015

The 120 days of Sodom and other writings
the Marquis de Sade ; compiled and translated by Austryn Wainhouse & Richard Seaver ; with introductions by Simone de Beauvoir & Pierre Klossowski
Call Number: PQ2063.S3 A285 1987

The adventures of Beekle : the unimaginary friend /
Dan Santat
Call Number: PZ7.S23817 Adv 2014

The air's accomplices : poems /
Brendan Galvin
Call Number: PS3557.A44 A6 2015

The animal claim : sensibility and the creaturely voice /
Tobias Menely
Call Number: PR555.A52 M46 2015

The architect's apprentice
Elif Shafak
Call Number: PS3619.H328 A89 2015

The architecture of the screen : essays in cinematographic space /
Graham Cairns
Call Number: PN1995 .C35 2013

The Archpoet and Medieval culture
Peter Godman
Call Number: PA8250.A3 Z66 2014eb

The bunker diary
Kevin Brooks
Call Number: PZ7.B7965 Bun 2015

The carnival at Bray : a novel /
by Jessie Ann Foley
Call Number: PZ7.F67634 Ca 2014

The child in post-apocalyptic cinema
edited by Debbie Olson
Call Number: PN1995.9.C45 C463 2015

The children's crusade : a novel /
Ann Packer
Call Number: PS3566.A315 C45 2015

The cinema of Errol Morris
David Resha
Call Number: PN1998.3.M684 R47 2015

The concise encyclopedia of communication
edited by Wolfgang Donsbach
Call Number: P87.5

The country house
Donald Margulies
Call Number: PS3563.A653 C68 2015

The crossover
by Kwame Alexander
Call Number: PZ7.5.A44 Cr 2014

The culture series of Iain M. Banks : a critical introduction /
Simone Caroti
Call Number: PR6052.A485 Z56 2015

The diener : poems /
Martha Serpas
Call Number: PS3619.E77 A6 2015

The dirty dust : crè na cille /
Máirtín Ó Cadhain ; Translated from Irish by Alan Titley
Call Number: PB1399.O28 C7413 2015

The ecosystem of the foreign language learner : selected issues /
Ewa Piechurska-Kuciel, Magdalena Szyszka, editors
Call Number: P118.2

The end of cinema? : a medium in crisis in the digital age /
André Gaudreault and Philippe Marion ; translated by Timothy Barnard
Call Number: PN1995 .G335 2015

The faster redder road : the best unamerican stories of Stephen Graham Jones /
edited by Theodore C. Van Alst Jr
Call Number: PS3560.O5395 A6 2015

The fishermen : a novel /
Chigozie Obioma
Call Number: PR9387.9.O2756 F57 2015@PS

The fortunes of Francis Barber : the true story of the Jamaican slave who became Samuel Johnson's heir /
Michael Bundock
Call Number: PR3533 .B86 2015

The Glorkian warrior eats adventure pie
James Kochalka
Call Number: PZ7.7.K68 Gm 2015

The handbook of language emergence
edited by Brian MacWhinney and William O'Grady
Call Number: P116

The handbook of the psychology of communication technology
edited by S. Shyam Sundar
Call Number: P96.T42 H366 2015

The history of Henry Esmond, Esq.
W.M. Thackeray
Call Number: PR5612.A2 H37

The history of low german negation
Anne Breitbarth
Call Number: PF5609 .B745 2014eb

The history of modern Chinese grammar studies
Peter Peverelli
Call Number: PL1107

The Holy Grail on film : essays on the cinematic quest /
edited by Kevin J. Harty
Call Number: PN1995.9.R4 H64 2015

The illuminations
Andrew O'Hagan
Call Number: PR6065.H18 I44 2015

The interplay of morphology and phonology
Sharon Inkelas
Call Number: P241

The Jazz Palace : a novel /
Mary Morris
Call Number: PS3563.O87445 J39 2015

The language of atoms : performativity and politics in Lucretius' De rerum natura /
W.H. Shearin
Call Number: PA6495 .S54 2014

The last flight of Poxl West
Daniel Torday
Call Number: PS3620.O58747 L37 2015

The lost boys symphony : a novel /
Mark Andrew Ferguson
Call Number: PS3606.E726 L67 2015

The love song of Miss Queenie Hennessy : a novel /
Rachel Joyce
Call Number: PR6110.O98 L68 2015

The male clock : a futuristic novel about a fertility crisis, gender politics, and identity /
William Marsiglio and Kendra Siler-Marsiglio
Call Number: PS3613.A7773 M35 2015

The poem you asked for
Marianne Wolfe ; [cover drawing by Elizabeth Pickard-Ginsberg ; typography, design & layout by Morty Sklar.]
Call Number: PS3573.O524 P6 1977

The poetics of otherness : war, trauma, and literature /
Jonathan Hart
Call Number: PN56.O69 H37 2015

The racial imaginary : writers on race in the life of the mind /
eds. Claudia Rankine, Beth Loffreda, and Max King Cap
Call Number: PS228.R32 R33 2015

The republics
Nathalie Handal
Call Number: PS3558.A46252 R46 2015

The rise of the diva on the sixteenth-century commedia dell'arte stage
Rosalind Kerr
Call Number: PN2672.W65 K47 2015

The sagebrush trail : western movies and twentieth-century America /
Richard Aquila
Call Number: PN1995.9.W4 A67 2015

The storm at sea : political aesthetics in the time of Shakespeare /
Christopher Pye
Call Number: PR3017 .P95 2015

The strange case of Rachel K
Rachel Kushner
Call Number: PS3611.U7386 A6 2015

The stupidest angel : a heartwarming tale of Christmas terror /
Christopher Moore
Call Number: PS3563.O594 S78 2004

The visual language of technique. Volume 1, History and epistemology
Luigi Cocchiarella, editor
Call Number: P40.8

The visual language of technique. Volume 2, Heritage and expectations in education
Luigi Cocchiarella, editor
Call Number: P40.8

The visual language of technique. Volume 3, Heritage and expectations in education
Luigi Cocchiarella, editor
Call Number: P40.8

The war that used up words : American writers and the first World War /
Hazel Hutchison
Call Number: PS228.W37 H88 2015

The water museum : stories /
Luis Alberto Urrea
Call Number: PS3571.R74 A6 2015b

The Wes Anderson collection : the Grand Budapest Hotel /
by Matt Zoller Seitz ; with an introduction by Anne Washburn
Call Number: PN1997.2.G736 S45 2015

The whole & rain-domed universe
Colette Bryce
Call Number: PR6052.R916 A6 2014

The woman who read too much : a novel /
Bahiyyih Nakhjavani
Call Number: PR6064.A35 W66 2015

There is simply too much to think about : collected nonfiction /
Saul Bellow ; edited by Benjamin Taylor
Call Number: PS3503.E4488 A6 2015

Those who write for immortality : romantic reputations and the dream of lasting fame /
H. J. Jackson
Call Number: PR468.R65 J33 2015

Tolkien's Intellectual Landscape
E.L. Risden
Call Number: PR6039.O32 Z8137 2015

Torture porn in the wake of 9/11 : horror, exploitation, and the cinema of sensation /
Aaron Michael Kerner
Call Number: PN1995.9.H6 K44 2015

Transatlantic broadway : the infrastructural politics of global performance /
Marlis Schweitzer
Call Number: PN2053 .S295 2015

Laura D̕a
Call Number: PS501 PS3604.A16 .S85 vol. 78

Understanding sound tracks through film theory
Elsie Walker
Call Number: PN1995.7 .W36 2015

Visions of whiteness in selected works of Asian American literature
Klara Szmańko
Call Number: PS153.A84 S96 2015

Waiting is not easy!
by Mo Willems
Call Number: PZ7.W65535 Wai 2014

Welcome to Braggsville
T. Geronimo Johnson
Call Number: PS3610.O38339 W45 2015

What a body can do : technique as knowledge, practice as research /
Ben Spatz
Call Number: PN1590.T43 S63 2015

Whistled languages : a worldwide inquiry on human whistled speech /
Julien Meyer ; with a chapter in collaboration with René-Guy Busnel
Call Number: P95.6

Why acting matters
David Thomson
Call Number: PN2061 .T525 2015

Wild Bill Wellman : Hollywood rebel /
William Wellman, Jr
Call Number: PN1998.3.W454 W48 2015

Women of will : following the feminine in Shakespeare's plays /
Tina Packer
Call Number: PR2991 .P16 2015

Yoknapatawpha blues : Faulkner's fiction and southern roots music /
Tim A. Ryan
Call Number: PS3511.A86 Z965276 2015

Zorba the Greek : the saint's life of Zorba /
by Nikos Kazantzakis ; newly translated by Peter Bien
Call Number: PA5610.K39 V5613 2014

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