Items Acquired in June 2015 for the University Libraries

Aesthetic revolutions and twentieth-century avant-garde movements
Ales̆ Erjavec, editor
Call Number: BH301.A94 A37 2015

Alkibiades' love : essays in philosophy /
Jan Zwicky
Call Number: B21 .Z85 2015

Aristotle's categories in the Early Roman Empire
Michael J. Griffin
Call Number: B491.C26 G75 2015

Big ideas for little kids : teaching philosophy through children's literature /
Thomas E. Wartenberg
Call Number: B52 .W378 2014

Bread from stones : the Middle East and the making of modern humanitarianism /
Keith David Watenpaugh
Call Number: BJ1475.3 .W38 2015

Creaturely cosmologies : why metaphysics matters for animal and planetary liberation /
Brianne Donaldson
Call Number: BD111 .D65 2015

Debating procreation : is it wrong to reproduce? /
David Benatar and David Wasserman
Call Number: BJ1335

Debating procreation : is it wrong to reproduce? /
David Benatar, David Wasserman
Call Number: BJ1335 .B46 2015

Dummett on analytical philosophy
edited by Bernhard Weiss, University of Cape Town, South Africa
Call Number: B1626.D854 D86 2015

Dying in the twenty-first century : towards a new ethical framework for the art of dying well /
edited by Lydia S. Dugdale
Call Number: BJ1409.5 .D95 2015

Families of virtue : Confucian and Western views on childhood development /
Erin M. Cline
Call Number: BJ1289.3 .C55 2015

Fate, time, and language : an essay on free will : David Foster Wallace /
edited by Steven M. Cahn and Maureen Eckert ; introduction by James Ryerson ; epilogue by Jay Garfield
Call Number: BJ1461.T293 F38 2011

Francis Bacon : the double-edged life of the philosopher and statesman /
Robert P. Ellis
Call Number: B1197 .E45 2015

From field to fork : food ethics for everyone /
Paul B. Thompson
Call Number: BJ52.5 .T54 2015

Greek Buddha : Pyrrho's encounter with early Buddhism in Central Asia /
Christopher I. Beckwith
Call Number: B613 .B43 2015

Happiness and goodness : philosophical reflections on living well /
Steven M. Cahn, Christine Vitrano
Call Number: BD431 .C224 2015

Heidegger's confessions : The remains of Saint Augustine in being and time and beyond /
Ryan Coyne
Call Number: B3279.H49 C696 2015

Human kindness and the smell of warm croissants : an introduction to ethics /
Ruwen Ogien ; translated by Martin Thom
Call Number: BJ1063 .O3413 2015

Identity and personhood : confusions and clarifications across disciplines /
Laurance J. Splitter
Call Number: BD236

In defense of selfishness : why the code of self-sacrifice is unjust and destructive /
Peter Schwartz
Call Number: BJ1474 .S38 2015

Interdependence : biology and beyond /
Kriti Sharma
Call Number: B808.67 .S53 2015

Invisible hands : self-organization and the eighteenth century /
Jonathan Sheehan & Dror Wahrman
Call Number: B802 .S47 2015

Keep it fake : inventing an authentic life /
Eric G. Wilson
Call Number: BJ1533.S55 W55 2015

Levels of argument : a comparative study of Plato's Republic and Aristotle's Nicomachean ethics /
Dominic Scott
Call Number: B395 .S26 2015

Logica, or Summa Lamberti
Lambert of Auxerre ; translated with Notes and Introduction by Thomas S. Maloney
Call Number: BC78.L3 L3613 2015

Man or citizen : anger, forgiveness, and authenticity in Rousseau /
Karen Pagani
Call Number: B2137 .P34 2015

Nature in Indian philosophy and cultural traditions
Meera Baindur
Call Number: B5133.N38

Orientation and judgment in hermeneutics
Rudolf A. Makkreel
Call Number: BD241 .M2465 2015

Outside color : perceptual science and the puzzle of color in philosophy /
M. Chirimuuta
Call Number: B105.C455 C45 2015

Philosophy in colonial India
Sharad Deshpande, editor
Call Number: B5132.I96

Plato's animals : gadflies, horses, swans, and other philosophical beasts /
edited by Jeremy Bell and Michael Naas
Call Number: B398.A64 P53 2015

Plato's Parmenides reconsidered
Mehmet Tabak
Call Number: B378 .T33 2015

Trenton Merricks
Call Number: BC181 .M47 2015

Reason in the world : Hegel's metaphysics and its philosophical appeal /
James Kreines
Call Number: B2949.M4 K74 2015

Reason in the world : Hegel's metaphysics and its philosophical appeal /
James Kreines
Call Number: B2949.M4 K74 2015eb

Reason, value, and respect : Kantian themes from the philosophy of Thomas E. Hill, Jr. /
edited by Mark Timmons and Robert N. Johnson
Call Number: B2798 .R316 2015

Reckoning with the imagination : Wittgenstein and the aesthetics of literary experience /
Charles Altieri
Call Number: B3376.W564 A695 2015

Relating Hegel's Science of Logic to contemporary philosophy
Luis Guzmán
Call Number: B2948 .G885 2015

Repeating Žižek
Agon Hamza, ed
Call Number: B4870.Z594 R474 2015

Retrieving realism
Hubert Dreyfus, Charles Taylor
Call Number: BD161 .D74 2015

Sensorama : a phenomenalist analysis of spacetime and its contents /
Michael Pelczar
Call Number: BD632 .P45 2015

Stone : an ecology of the inhuman /
Jeffrey Jerome Cohen
Call Number: BD581 .C64 2015

String quartet with bass
Tobias Picker
Call Number: b38216504

Talking to our selves : reflection, ignorance, and agency /
John M. Doris
Call Number: BJ45 .D69 2015

The age of figurative theo-humanism : the beauty of God and man in German aesthetics of painting and sculpture (1754-1828) /
Franco Cirulli
Call Number: BH221.G3

The art of conversation : change your life with confident communication /
Judy Apps
Call Number: BJ2121

The book of beginnings
Franc̦ois Jullien ; translated by Jody Gladding
Call Number: B105.T54 J8513 2015

The boundary stones of thought : an essay in the philosophy of logic /
Ian Rumfitt
Call Number: BC59 .R86 2015

The conceptual mind : new directions in the study of concepts /
edited by Eric Margolis and Stephen Laurence
Call Number: BD418.3 .C64 2015

The ethics of detachment in Santayana's philosophy
Michael Brodrick, Miami University, USA
Call Number: B945.S24 B76 2015

The myth of the intuitive : experimental philosophy and philosophical method /
Max Deutsch
Call Number: B53 .D484 2015

The physicist & the philosopher : Einstein, Bergson, and the debate that changed our understanding of time /
Jimena Canales
Call Number: BD638 .C326 2015

The politics of the human
Anne Phillips
Call Number: BD450 .P472344 2015eb

The practices of the Enlightenment : aesthetics, authorship, and the public /
Dorothea E. von Mücke
Call Number: B802 .M79 2015

The sense of things : toward a phenomenological realism /
Angela Ales Bello
Call Number: B829

The transcendental turn
edited by Sebastian Gardner and Matthew Grist
Call Number: B823 .T698 2015

The transcendental turn
edited by Sebastian Gardner and Matthew Grist
Call Number: B823 .T698 2015

The varieties of consciousness
Uriah Kriegel
Call Number: B808.9 .K755 2015

The varieties of consciousness
Uriah Kriegel
Call Number: B808.9 .K755 2015

The Vienna Circle : studies in the origins, development, and influence of logical empiricism /
Friedrich Stadler
Call Number: B824.6

The virtue ethics of Hume and Nietzsche
Christine Swanton
Call Number: B1499.E8 S93 2015

Time, memory, institution : Merleau-Ponty's new ontology of self /
edited by David Morris and Kym Maclaren
Call Number: B2430.M3764 T56 2015

Towards a relational ontology : philosophy's other possibility /
Andrew Benjamin
Call Number: BD311 .B456 2015

Tragic modernities
Miriam Leonard
Call Number: BH301.T7 L46 2015

Universal salvation in late antiquity : Porphyry of Tyre and the pagan-Christian debate /
Michael Bland Simmons
Call Number: B697.Z7 S56 2015

Weighing and reasoning : themes from the philosophy of John Broome /
Iwao Hirose and Andrew Reisner
Call Number: BJ319

Weighing and reasoning : themes from the philosophy of John Broome /
edited by Iwao Hirose and Andrew Reisner
Call Number: BJ319 .W45 2015

Why greatness cannot be planned : the myth of the objective /
Kenneth O. Stanley, Joel Lehman
Call Number: B105.G63

Wittgenstein and meaning in life : in search of the human voice /
Reza Hosseini, Rhodes University, South Africa
Call Number: B3376.W564 H695 2015

Women in philosophical counseling : the anima of thought in action /
edited by Luisa de Paula and Peter Raabe
Call Number: BJ1595.5 .W66 2015

Yoga all-in-one for dummies
by Larry Payne [and six others]
Call Number: B132.Y6

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