Items Acquired in September 2015 for the University Libraries

Action, knowledge, and will
John Hyman
Call Number: B105.A35

American philosophy before pragmatism
Russell Goodman
Call Number: B851

Badiou and Hegel : infinity, dialectics, subjectivity /
edited by Jim Vernon and Antonio Calcagno
Call Number: B2430.B274 B325 2015

Care ethics and political theory
edited by Daniel Engster and Maurice Hamington
Call Number: BJ1475

Cognitive phenomenology
Elijah Chudnoff
Call Number: B829.5 .C48 2015

Doing aesthetics with Arendt : how to see things /
Cecilia Sjöholm
Call Number: B945.A694 S56 2015

Ecstasy, catastrophe : Heidegger from Being and time and the Black notebooks /
David Farrell Krell
Call Number: B3279.H49 K7393 2015

Elbow room : the varieties of free will worth wanting /
Daniel C. Dennett
Call Number: B945.D393 S94 2015

Ethical loneliness : the injustice of not being heard /
Jill Stauffer
Call Number: B105.L65 S73 2015

Ethics in an age of savage inequalities
James J. Winchester
Call Number: BJ1012 .W564 2015

Evil in Africa : encounters with the everyday /
edited by William C. Olsen and Walter E. A. van Beek ; foreword by David Parkin
Call Number: BJ1406 .E96 2015

Kenneth Baynes
Call Number: B3258.H324 B365 2015

Hans-Georg Gadamer
Karl Simms
Call Number: B3248.G34 S49 2015

Martin Heidegger ; translated by Joseph Arel and Niels Feuerhahn
Call Number: B3279.H48 N4413 2015

Hope without optimism
Terry Eagleton
Call Number: BD216 .E24 2015

Ideas, evidence, and method : Hume's skepticism and naturalism concerning knowledge and causation /
Graciela De Pierris
Call Number: B1499.S4

Kierkegaard as psychologist
Vincent A. McCarthy
Call Number: B4378.P79 M33 2015

Kierkegaard's dancing tax collector : faith, finitude, and silence /
Sheridan Hough
Call Number: B4377

Marx, the body, and human nature
John G. Fox, College of Arts, Victoria University, Australia
Call Number: B105.B64 F69 2015

Memory : a history /
edited by Dmitri Nikulin
Call Number: BD181.7 .M485 2015

Mindware : tools for smart thinking /
Richard E. Nisbett
Call Number: BC177 .N57 2015

Narrative naturalism : an alternative framework for philosophy of mind /
Jessica Wahman
Call Number: B828.2 .W34 2015

Negative certainties
Jean-Luc Marion ; translated by Stephen E. Lewis
Call Number: B2430.M283 C4713 2015

New Treatise on the Uniqueness of Consciousness
Xiong Shili ; an annotated translation by John Makeham
Call Number: BD168.C5 H7513 2015

Oxford studies in medieval philosophy. Volume 3
Robert Pasnau
Call Number: B721

Oxford studies in metaethics. Volume 10
edited by Russ Shafer-Landau
Call Number: BJ1012 .O89 vol. 10

Rational belief : structure, grounds, and intellectual virtue /
Robert Audi
Call Number: BD215

Recovering integrity : moral thought in American pragmatism /
Stuart Rosenbaum
Call Number: BJ1533.I58 R67 2015

Redemptive hope : from the age of enlightenment to the age of Obama /
Akiba Lerner
Call Number: BD216 .L47 2015

Representation and reality in Wittgenstein's Tractatus
José L. Zalabardo
Call Number: B3376.W563

Self and soul : a defense of ideals /
Mark Edmundson
Call Number: BJ1521 .E36 2015

Self-knowledge and self-deception
Hugo Strandberg, Åbo Akademi University, Finland
Call Number: BD438.5 .S77 2015

Socrates and Diotima : sexuality, religion, and the nature of divinity /
Andrea Nye
Call Number: BD436 .N94 2015

The Consolation of Boethius as poetic liturgy
Stephen Blackwood
Call Number: B659.D473

The cosmos of duty : Henry Sidgwick's Methods of ethics /
Roger Crisp
Call Number: B1649.S43.M48

The ethics of subjectivity : perspectives since the dawn of modernity /
edited by Elvis Imafidon, Ambrose Alli University, Nigeria
Call Number: BD222 .E89 2015

The failures of ethics : confronting the Holocaust, genocide, and other mass atrocities /
John K. Roth
Call Number: BJ1500

The fate of ideas : seductions, betrayals, appraisals /
Robert Boyers
Call Number: B29 .B69 2015

The fourfold : reading the late Heidegger /
Andrew J. Mitchell
Call Number: B3279.H49 M4988 2015

The hidden God : pragmatism and posthumanism in American thought /
Ryan White
Call Number: B851 .W47 2015

The intelligent mind : on the genesis and constitution of discursive thought /
Richard Dien Winfield, University of Georgia, USA
Call Number: B105.T54 W56 2015

The phenomenal and the representational
Jeff Speaks
Call Number: B829.5

The philosophy of Mary Astell : an early modern theory of virtue /
Jacqueline Broad
Call Number: B1302.5

The physiology of sexist and racist oppression
Shannon Sullivan
Call Number: B105.B64 .S855 2015eb

The politics of objectivity : an essay on the foundations of political conflict /
Peter J. Steinberger
Call Number: BD220 .S74 2015

The Renaissance extended mind
Miranda Anderson
Call Number: BD418.3 .A57 2015

The robust demands of the good : ethics with attachment, virtue, and respect /
Philip Pettit
Call Number: BJ1500.M67

The unity of oneness and plurality in Plato's Theaetetus
Daniel Bloom
Call Number: B386 .B56 2015

Thinking through animals : identity, difference, indistinction /
Matthew Calarco
Call Number: B105.A55 C34 2015

Thresholds of listening : sound, technics, space /
edited by Sander van Maas
Call Number: B105.L54 T47 2015

Virtual worlds as philosophical tools : how to philosophize with a digital hammer /
Stefano Gualeni, University of Malta
Call Number: BD331 .G765 2015

What the body commands : the imperative theory of pain /
Colin Klein
Call Number: BD214 .K54 2015

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