Items Acquired in April 2015 for the University Libraries

A companion to David Lewis
edited by Barry Loewer and Jonathan Schaffer
Call Number: B945.L4554

A significant life : human meaning in a silent universe /
Todd May
Call Number: BD450 .M335 2015

Aesthetics as phenomenology : the appearance of things /
Günter Figal ; translated by Jerome Veith
Call Number: BH39 .F47813 2015

Beauty : the fortunes of an ancient Greek idea /
David Konstan
Call Number: BH91

Boswell's enlightenment
Robert Zaretsky
Call Number: B1302.E65 Z37 2015

Breath of proximity : intersubjectivity, ethics and peace /
Lenart Škof
Call Number: B824.18

British ethical theorists from Sidgwick to Ewing
Thomas Hurka
Call Number: BJ602 .H87 2014

Chance and temporal asymmetry
edited by Alastair Wilson
Call Number: BC141 .C43 2014eb

Cicero : the philosophy of a Roman sceptic /
Raphael Woolf
Call Number: B553 .W66 2015

Complicated presence : Heidegger and the postmetaphysical unity of being /
Jussi Backman
Call Number: B3279.H49 B2434 2015

Confucianism, Buddhism, Daoism, Christianity and Chinese culture
Yijie Tang
Call Number: B5231

Cosmoipolitan justice : the axial age, multiple modernities, and the postsecular turn /
Jonathan Bowman
Call Number: B105.J87

Cultivating virtue : perspectives from philosophy, theology, and psychology /
edited by Nancy E. Snow
Call Number: BJ1521 .C87 2014eb

Dag Prawitz on proofs and meaning
Heinrich Wansing, editor
Call Number: BC71

Does perception have content?
edited by Berit Brogaard
Call Number: B828.45 .D64 2014eb

Durkheim and national identity in Ireland : applying the sociology of knowledge and religion /
James Dingley
Call Number: BD175 .D56 2015

Eco-aesthetics : art, literature and architecture in a period of climate change /
Malcolm Miles
Call Number: BH301.E58 M55 2014

Emotion and value
edited by Sabine Roeser, Cain Todd
Call Number: B105.E46 E47 2014eb

Empty representations : reference and non-existence /
edited by Manuel García-Carpintero and Genoveva Martí
Call Number: B105.R4

Ethics and emerging technologies
edited by Ronald L. Sandler, Northeastern University, Boston, USA
Call Number: BJ59 .E857 2014

Ethics in ancient Israel
John Barton
Call Number: BJ1281

Existentialism and romantic love
Skye Cleary, Columbia University, New York, USA
Call Number: BD436 .C49 2015

Fear and anxiety in virtual reality : investigations of cue and context conditioning in virtual environment /
Hannah Genheimer
Call Number: BD331

Foucault and the history of our present
edited by Sophie Fuggle, Yari Lanci and Martina Tazzioli
Call Number: B2430.F724 F5854 2014

God, value, and nature
Fiona Ellis
Call Number: B828.2 .E45 2014eb

Gratitude : an intellectual history /
Peter J. Leithart
Call Number: BJ1533.G8 L45 2014

J.M. Fritzman
Call Number: B2948 .F75 2014

Heidegger in the twenty-first century
Tziovanis Georgakis, Paul J. Ennis, editors
Call Number: B829.5

Heidegger on being uncanny
Katherine Withy
Call Number: B3279.H49 W534 2015

Hierocles of Alexandria [electronic resource]
Hermann S. Schibli
Call Number: BJ214.H8 S35 2002eb

If [electronic resource]
Jonathan St.B.T. Evans, David E. Over
Call Number: BC199.C56

In praise of blame [electronic resource]
George Sher
Call Number: BJ1535.F3 S54 2005eb

Kant and the foundations of morality
/ Halla Kim
Call Number: B2799.E8 K56 2015

Kantian conceptual geography
Nathaniel Jason Goldberg
Call Number: B2798 .G596 2015eb

Knowledge and its limits [electronic resource]
Timothy Williamson
Call Number: BD201 .W55 2000eb

Life, death, & meaning : key philosophical readings on the big questions /
edited by David Benatar
Call Number: BD431 .L418 2010

Maieusis : essays in ancient philosophy in honour of Myles Burnyeat [electronic resource]
edited by Dominic Scott
Call Number: B111 .M25 2007eb

Making time for the past : local history and the polis [electronic resource]
Katherine Clarke
Call Number: BD638 .C53 2008eb

Modality and explanatory reasoning
Boris Kment
Call Number: BD218.5 .K54 2014eb

Moral aggregation
Iwao Hirose
Call Number: BJ37 .H57 2015eb

Moral failure : on the impossible demands of morality /
Lisa Tessman
Call Number: BJ1031 .T474 2014eb

Moral psychology and human agency : philosophical essays on the science of ethics /
Justin D'Arms and Daniel Jacobson
Call Number: BJ1471

Nietzsche versus Paul
Abed Azzam
Call Number: B3318.C35 A99 2015

On virtue ethics [electronic resource]
Rosalind Hursthouse
Call Number: BJ1521 .H88 1999eb

Ontology made easy
Amie L. Thomasson
Call Number: BD311 .T45 2014eb

Order in multiplicity : homonymy in the philosophy of Aristotle [electronic resource]
Christopher Shields
Call Number: B491.M45 S55 1999eb

Parmenides' grand deduction : a logical reconstruction of the way of truth /
Michael V. Wedin
Call Number: B29 .W435 2014eb

Pesky essays on the logic of philosophy
Kenneth G. Lucey
Call Number: BC108

Phenomenology in a new key : between analysis and history : essays in honor of Richard Cobb-Stevens /
Nicolas de Warren, Jeffrey Bloechl, editors
Call Number: B829.5

Philosophers of our times
edited by Ted Honderich
Call Number: B790-5739

Plastic materialities : politics, legality, and metamorphosis in the work of Catherine Malabou /
Brenna Bhandar and Jonathan Goldberg-Hiller, eds
Call Number: BD418.3 .P53 2015

Politics in Socrates' Alcibiades : a philosophical account of Plato's dialogue Alcibiades Major /
Andre Archie
Call Number: B391.A53

Rationality and epistemic sophistication
by Franz-Peter Griesmaier
Call Number: BD161 .G743 2015

Robust ethics : the metaphysics and epistemology of godless normative realism /
Erik J. Wielenberg
Call Number: BJ1458.3

Roman law and the origins of the civil law tradition
George Mousourakis
Call Number: B65

Romanticism and pragmatism : Richard Rorty and the idea of a poeticized culture /
Ulf Schulenberg, Visiting Chair of American Studies, University of Siegen, Germany
Call Number: B945.R524 S36 2015

Ryle on mind and language
David Dolby, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Call Number: B1649.R964 R95 2014

Rāzī : master of Quranic interpretation and theological reasoning /
Tariq Jaffer
Call Number: B753.R44 J34 2014eb

Santayana the philosopher : philosophy as a form of life /
Daniel Moreno ; translated by Charles Padrón
Call Number: B945.S24 M6713 2015

Science and the end of ethics
Stephen G. Morris
Call Number: BJ57 .M685 2015

Self-knowledge for humans
Quassim Cassam
Call Number: BD438.5

Surface : matters of aesthetics, materiality, and media /
Giuliana Bruno
Call Number: BH39 .B794 2014

Surrounding free will : philosophy, psychology, neuroscience /
edited by Alfred R. Mele
Call Number: BJ1461 .S87 2015

Textures of the anthropocene : grain, vapor, ray /
edited by Katrin Klingan, Ashkan Sepahvand, Christoph Rosol, and Bernd M. Scherer
Call Number: BD450 .T484 2015

The core of care ethics
Stephanie Collins, Lecturer in Political Theory, School of Social Sciences, University of Manchester, UK
Call Number: BJ1475 .C63 2015

The enlightenment : history of an idea /
Vincenzo Ferrone ; with a new afterword by the author ; translated by Elisabetta Tarantino
Call Number: B802 .F4713 2015

The ethics of everyday life : moral theology, social anthropology, and the imagination of the human /
Michael Banner
Call Number: BJ1251 .B36 2014eb

The humanitarian challenge : 20 years European Network on Humanitarian Action (NOHA) /
Pat Gibbons, Hans-Joachim Heintze, editors
Call Number: BJ1475.3

The most good you can do : how effective altruism is changing ideas about living ethically /
Peter Singer
Call Number: BJ1474 .S56 2015

The non-identity problem and the ethics of future people
David Boonin
Call Number: BD236 .B666 2014eb

The origin of time : Heidegger and Bergson /
Heath Massey
Call Number: BD638 .M364 2015

The pedagogic mission : an engagement with ancient Greek philosophical practices /
Elly Pirocacos
Call Number: B177 .P57 2015

The phenomenological critique of mathematisation and the question of responsibility : formalisation and the life-world /
L'ubica Ŭcnik, Ivan Chvatík, Anita Williams, editors
Call Number: BD258

The phenomenon of mental disorder : perspectives of Heidegger's thought in psychopathology /
Petr Kouba
Call Number: B3279.H49

The powers of pure reason : Kant and the idea of cosmic philosophy /
Alfredo Ferrarin
Call Number: B2779 .F47 2015

The presence of Duns Scotus in the thought of Edith Stein : the question of individuality /
Francesco Alfieri ; translated by George Metcalf
Call Number: B3332.S674

The structure of perceptual experience
edited by James Stazicker
Call Number: B828.45

The Tagore-Gandhi debate on matters of truth and untruth
Bindu Puri
Call Number: BJ1428.I5

The variety of values : essays on morality, meaning, and love /
Susan Wolf
Call Number: BJ324.V35

The virtue ethics of Hume and Nietzsche
Christine Swanton
Call Number: B1499.E8

Time, language, and ontology : the world from the B-theoretic perspective /
M. Joshua Mozersky
Call Number: B790-5739

Un-willing : an inquiry into the rise of will's power and an attempt to undo it /
Eva Brann
Call Number: BJ1461 .B686 2014

Vanishing into things : knowledge in Chinese tradition /
Barry Allen
Call Number: BD168.C5 A45 2015

Vladimir Jankélévitch : the time of forgiveness /
Aaron T. Looney
Call Number: B2430.J34 L65 2015

Wittgenstein : opening investigations /
Michael Luntley
Call Number: B3376.W563

Zhang Zai's philosophy of qi : a practical understanding /
Jung-Yeup Kim
Call Number: B128.C314 K56 2015

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