Items Acquired in August 2014 for the University Libraries

A luxury of the understanding : on the value of true belief /
Allan Hazlett
Call Number: BD215 .H39 2013eb

Ad Infinitum : new essays on epistemological Infinitism /
edited by John Turri and Peter D. Klein
Call Number: BD161 .A4 2014

Aristotle on perceiving objects
Anna Marmodoro
Call Number: B491.P38 M37 2014

Autonomy, oppression, and gender
edited by Andrea Veltman and Mark Piper
Call Number: B808.67 .A985 2014

Being realistic about reasons [electronic resource]
T.M. Scanlon
Call Number: BC177 .S336 2014eb

Between perception and action
Bence Nanay
Call Number: BD418.3 .N35 2013

Causality and mind : essays on early modern philosophy /
Prof Nicholas Jolley
Call Number: B801 .J65 2013eb

Emotional insight : the epistemic role of emotional experience /
Michael S. Brady
Call Number: B815 .B733 2013

Empathy and morality
edited by Heidi L. Maibom
Call Number: BJ1475 .E47 2014

Epistemic norms : new essays on action, belief, and assertion /
edited by Clayton Littlejohn and John Turri
Call Number: BD161 .E59 2014

Ethics as a work of charity : Thomas Aquinas and pagan virtue /
David Decosimo
Call Number: B765.T54 D375 2014

Formal causes : definition, explanation, and primacy in Socratic and Aristotelian thought /
Michael T. Ferejohn
Call Number: B485 .F47 2013

From morality to the end of reason : an essay on rights, reasons, and responsibility /
by Ingmar Persson
Call Number: BJ1500.D68 P47 2013

Human interests, or, Ethics for physicalists
Joseph Mendola
Call Number: BJ1500.C63 M36 2014

Ibn Sina's Remarks and admonitions : physics and metaphysics : an analysis and annotated translation /
Shams C. Inati
Call Number: B751.I62 E5 2014

In praise of desire
Nomy Arpaly, Timothy Schroeder
Call Number: B105.D44 A77 2014eb

Interspecies ethics
Cynthia Willett
Call Number: B105.A55 W56 2014

Elijah Chudnoff
Call Number: BD161 .C483 2013

Kant's anatomy of the intelligent mind
Wayne Waxman
Call Number: B2798 .W44 2014

Kant's critique of Spinoza
Omri Boehm
Call Number: B2798 .B648 2014

Late German idealism : Trendelenburg and Lotze /
Frederick C. Beiser
Call Number: B2745 .B45 2013eb

Listening, thinking, being : toward an ethics of attunement /
Lisbeth Lipari
Call Number: B105.L54 L57 2014

Meaning in life : an analytic study /
Thaddeus Metz
Call Number: BD431 .M48 2013

Necessary beings : an essay on ontology, modality, and the relations between them /
Bob Hale
Call Number: BD218.5 .H35 2013eb

Nonexistent [electronic resource]
Anthony Everett
Call Number: BD219 .E84 2013eb

Oxford studies in medieval philosophy. Volume 1
edited by Robert Pasnau
Call Number: B721 .O94 2013eb

Oxford studies in metaphysics. Volume 8
edited by Karen Bennett and Dean W. Zimmerman
Call Number: BD111 .O94 2014eb

Oxford studies in normative ethics. Volume 3
edited by Mark Timmons
Call Number: BJ1458.3 .O94 2013eb

Plato's rivalry with medicine : a struggle and its dissolution /
Susan B. Levin
Call Number: B398.M38 L48 2014

Politics of deconstruction : a new introduction to Jacques Derrida /
Susanne Lüdemann ; translated by Erik Butler
Call Number: B2430.D484 L83613 2014

Remembering places : a phenomenological study of the relationship between memory and place /
Janet Donohoe
Call Number: BD181.7 .D66 2014

Rethinking Jewish philosophy : beyond particularism and universalism /
Aaron W. Hughes
Call Number: B154 .H84 2014eb

Showing, sensing, and seeming : distinctively sensory representations and their contents /
Dominic Gregory
Call Number: B105.S45 G74 2013eb

The aesthetic brain : how we evolved to desire beauty and enjoy art /
Anjan Chatterjee
Call Number: BH301.P78 C45 2013eb

The aim of belief
edited by Timothy Chan
Call Number: BD215 .A55 2013eb

The far reaches : phenomenology, ethics, and social renewal in central Europe /
Michael Gubser
Call Number: BJ324.P46 G83 2014

The inessential indexical : on the philosophical insignificance of perspective and the first person /
Herman Cappelen and Josh Dever
Call Number: BD348 .C37 2013eb

The lewd, the rude, and the nasty : a study of thick and thin concepts [electronic resource]
Pekka Väyrynen
Call Number: BJ1012 .V39 2013

The metaphysics and ethics of death : new essays /
edited by James Stacey Taylor
Call Number: BD444 .M4287 2013eb

The nature of philosophical problems : their causes and implications /
John Kekes
Call Number: B53 .K45 2014

The nature of time [electronic resource]
Ulrich Meyer
Call Number: BD638 .M49 2013

The objects of thought
Tim Crane
Call Number: BD111 .C73 2013eb

The philosophy of praxis : Marx, Lukács, and the Frankfurt School /
Andrew Feenberg
Call Number: B4815.L84 F43 2014

The two selves : their metaphysical commitments and functional independence /
Stanley B. Klein
Call Number: BD450 .K587 2013eb

The virtues of abandon : an anti-individualist history of the French Enlightenment /
Charly Coleman
Call Number: B1925.S45 C65 2014

Theology after postmodernity : divining the void -- a Lacanian reading of Thomas Aquinas /
Tina Beattie
Call Number: B765.T54 B43 2013eb

Thinking and killing : philosophical discourse in the shadow of the Third Reich /
by Alon Segev
Call Number: B3181 .S53 2013

Thinking through the Wissenschaftslehre : themes from Fichte's early philosophy [electronic resource]
Daniel Breazeale
Call Number: B2848 .B74 2013

Wittgenstein : comparisons and context
P.M.S. Hacker
Call Number: B3376.W564 D435 2013

Women in philosophy : what needs to change? /
edited by Katrina Hutchison and Fiona Jenkins
Call Number: B105.W6 W63 2013eb

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