Items Acquired in February 2015 for the University Libraries

Academic skepticism in seventeenth-century French philosophy : the Charronian legacy, 1601-1662 /
José R. Maia Neto
Call Number: B1815 .M353 2014eb

Active perception in the history of philosophy : from Plato to modern philosophy /
Jose Filipe Silva, Mikko Yrjonsuuri
Call Number: B72

Actual consciousness
Ted Honderich
Call Number: B808.9 .H66 2014

Ad Infinitum : new essays on epistemological infinitism /
edited by John Turri and Peter D. Klein
Call Number: BD161 .A32 2014

Adaptive logics for defeasible reasoning
Christian Straßer
Call Number: BC199.D38

Against authenticity : why you shouldn't be yourself /
Simon Feldman
Call Number: BD450 .F3885 2015

American pragmatism : a religious genealogy [electronic resource]
M. Gail Hamner
Call Number: B832 .H36 2003eb

Aristotle on perceiving objects
Anna Marmodoro
Call Number: B491.P38 M37 2014

Autonomy, oppression, and gender
edited by Andrea Veltman and Mark Piper
Call Number: B808.67 .A985 2014

British ethical theorists from Sidgwick to Ewing
Thomas Hurka
Call Number: BJ602 .H87 2014

Care, uncertainty and intergenerational ethics
Christopher Groves
Call Number: BJ1031 .G76 2014

Cogito? : Descartes and thinking the world [electronic resource]
Joseph Almog
Call Number: B1875 .A487 2008eb

Robert Stalnaker
Call Number: B831.5 .S74 2014

Contextuality in practical reason [electronic resource]
A.W. Price
Call Number: BJ1031 .P67 2008eb

Cultures of optimism : the institutional promotion of hope /
Oliver Bennett
Call Number: BJ1477 .B46 2015

Descartes and the first Cartesians
Roger Ariew
Call Number: B1875 .A66 2014

Disjunctivism : perception, action, knowledge [electronic resource]
edited by Adrian Haddock and Fiona Macpherson
Call Number: B828.45

Donald Davidson's Truth-Theoretic Semantics [electronic resource]
Call Number: B945.D384 L475 2007

Emotion and value
edited by Sabine Roeser, Cain Todd
Call Number: B105.E46 E47 2014

Empty ideas : a critique of analytic philosophy /
Peter Unger
Call Number: BD331 .U49 2014

Engaging Buddhism : why it matters to philosophy /
Jay L. Garfield
Call Number: B162 .G37 2015

Epistemology : new essays [electronic resource]
edited by Quentin Smith
Call Number: BD161 .E627 2008

Essays in collective epistemology
edited by Jennifer Lackey
Call Number: BD175 .E85 2014

Evil : a philosophical investigation /
Luke Russell
Call Number: BJ1401 .R87 2014

Gilles Deleuze and metaphysics
edited by Alain Beaulieu, Edward Kazarian, and Julia Sushytska
Call Number: B2430.D454 G535 2014

God, Value, and Nature
Fiona Ellis
Call Number: B828.2 .E45 2014

by Don Garrett
Call Number: B1498 .G37 2015

Intentionality, cognition, and mental representation in medieval philosophy
edited by Gyula Klima
Call Number: B721 .I55 2015

edited by Anthony Robert Booth and Darrell P. Rowbottom
Call Number: BD181 .I58 2014

Kant and colonialism : historical and critical perspectives /
edited by Katrin Flikschuh and Lea Ypi
Call Number: B2798 .K36 2014

Kant, Fichte, and the legacy of transcendental idealism
edited by Halla Kim and Steven Hoeltzel
Call Number: B2799.I42 K36 2015

Kantian conceptual geography
Nathaniel Jason Goldberg
Call Number: B2798 .G596 2015

Knowledge and presuppositions
Michael Blome-Tillmann
Call Number: B820.3 .B56 2014

Life and death decisions : the quest for morality and justice in human societies /
Sheldon Ekland-Olson
Call Number: BD431 .E427 2015

Living without why : Meister Eckhart's critique of the medieval concept of will /
John M. Connolly
Call Number: B765.E34 C67 2014

Love : A Very Short Introduction /
Ronald de Sousa
Call Number: BD436 .D39 2015

Manipulation : theory and practice /
edited by Christian Coons, Michael Weber
Call Number: BJ1458.5 .M36 2014

Metaphysics : the fundamentals /
Robert C. Koons and Timothy H. Pickavance
Call Number: BD111 .K665 2015

Moral psychology and human agency : philosophical essays on the science of ethics /
edited by Justin D'Arms and Daniel Jacobson
Call Number: BJ1031 .M67 2014

Nobody owns the moon : the ethics of space exploitation /
Tony Milligan
Call Number: BJ60 .M55 2015

On romantic love : simple truths about a complex emotion /
Berit Brogaard
Call Number: BD436 .B755 2015

Oxford studies in experimental philosophy
edited by Joshua Knobe, Tania Lombrozo, Shaun Nichols
Call Number: B52 .O94 2014

Plato's rivalry with medicine : a struggle and its dissolution /
Susan B. Levin
Call Number: B398.M38 .L48 2014eb

Refiguring theological hermeneutics : Hermes, trickster, fool /
Marion Grau
Call Number: BD241 .G665 2014

Riddles of existence : a guided tour of metaphysics /
Earl Conee and Theodore Sider
Call Number: BD111 .C6263 2014

Self and other : exploring subjectivity, empathy, and shame /
Dan Zahavi
Call Number: B790-5739

Self-knowledge for humans
Quassim Cassam
Call Number: BD438.5 .C48 2014

Sometimes always true : undogmatic pluralism in politics, metaphysics, and epistemology /
Jeremy Barris
Call Number: BD394 .B26 2015

Speech and morality : on the metaethical implications of speaking /
Terence Cuneo
Call Number: BJ1031 .C84 2014eb

Subjectivity, gender and the struggle for recognition
Paddy McQueen
Call Number: B105.R23 M38 2015

Tao and trinity : notes on self-reference and the unity of opposites in philosophy /
Scott Austin
Call Number: B105.T74 A87 2014

The devil wins : a history of lying from the Garden of Eden to the Enlightenment /
Dallas G. Denery II
Call Number: BJ1421 .D46 2014

The expansion of autonomy : Hegel's pluralistic philosophy of action /
Christopher Yeomans
Call Number: B2948 .Y46 2015

The fall and hypertime
Hud Hudson
Call Number: BD111 .H83 2014eb

The genesis of Neo-Kantianism, 1796-1880
Frederick C. Beiser
Call Number: B3192 .B45 2014

The impossible : an essay on hyperintensionality /
Mark Jago
Call Number: BD418.3 .J34 2014

The innocent eye : why vision is not a cognitive process /
Nico Orlandi
Call Number: B105.V54 O75 2014

The logical must : Wittgenstein on logic /
Penelope Maddy
Call Number: B3376.W564 M155 2014

The logical structure of kinds
Eric Funkhouser
Call Number: BD111 .F86 2014eb

The moral culture of the Scottish Enlightenment, 1690-1805
Thomas Ahnert
Call Number: B1302.E65 A36 2015

The non-identity problem and the ethics of future people
David Boonin
Call Number: BJ1031 .B66 2014

The singular politics of derrida and baudrillard
Mihail Evans
Call Number: B2421 .E93 2014

The stubborn system of moral responsibility
Bruce N. Waller
Call Number: BJ1451 .W29 2014

The virtues of happiness : a theory of the good life /
Paul Bloomfield
Call Number: BJ1481 .B63 2014

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