Items Acquired in September 2014 for the University Libraries

A sentimentalist theory of the mind
Michael Slote
Call Number: BD418.3 .S58 2014

Actual consciousness
Ted Honderich
Call Number: B105.C477 H66 2014

After Hegel : German philosophy, 1840-1900 /
Frederick C. Beiser
Call Number: B3181 .B45 2014

Aristotle's ethics : writings from the complete works /
revised, edited, and with an introduction by Jonathan Barnes and Anthony Kenny
Call Number: B407 .B37 2014

Wayne Wu
Call Number: B808.9 .W8 2014

Buddhist moral philosophy : an introduction /
Christopher W. Gowans
Call Number: BJ1289 .G69 2015

Character and moral psychology [electronic resource]
Christian B. Miller
Call Number: BJ1531 .M56 2014

Courage in the Democratic Polis : Ideology and Critique in Classical Athens [electronic resource]
Call Number: BJ1533.C8 B27 2014

Dictionary of untranslatables : a philosophical lexicon [electronic resource]
edited by Barbara Cassin
Call Number: B51 .V63 2014

Ecological ethics and living subjectivity in Hegel's Logic : the middle voice of autopoietic life /
Wendell Kisner
Call Number: B2942.Z7 K57 2014

Essays on Spinoza's ethical theory
edited by Matthew J. Kisner and Andrew Youpa
Call Number: B3998 .E87 2014eb

Essential vulnerabilities : Plato and Levinas on relations to the Other /
Deborah Achtenberg
Call Number: B395 .A27 2014

Evaluating emotions
Eva-Maria Düringer, University of Tübingen, Germany
Call Number: B815 .D87 2014

Everything in its right place : Spinoza and life by the light of nature /
Joseph Almog
Call Number: B3998 .A425 2014

Franz Rosenzweig's conversions : world denial and world redemption /
Benjamin Pollock
Call Number: B3327.R64 P665 2014

Free will, agency, and meaning in life [electronic resource]
Derk Pereboom
Call Number: BJ1461 .P47 2014

Free will, agency, and selfhood in Indian philosophy
edited by Matthew R. Dasti and Edwin F. Bryant
Call Number: B131 .F76 2014eb

From individual to collective intentionality : new essays /
Sara Rachel Chant, Frank Hindriks, and Gerhard Preyer
Call Number: B105.I56 F76 2014

Fundamentals of applied probability and random processes [electronic resource]
Oliver C. Ibe
Call Number: BC141 .I34 2014

Hume's epistemology in the treatise : a veritistic interpretation /
Frederick F. Schmitt
Call Number: B1498 .S36 2014eb

Impassioned belief
Michael Ridge
Call Number: BJ1136 .R53 2014eb

Incapacity : Wittgenstein, anxiety, and performance behavior /
Spencer Golub
Call Number: B3376.W564 G655 2014

Inner experience
Georges Bataille ; translated and with an introduction by Stuart Kendall
Call Number: B828 .B313 2014

Jewish philosophical politics in Germany, 1789/1848
Sven-Erik Rose
Call Number: B5800 .R674 2014

Kant and rational psychology
Corey W. Dyck
Call Number: B2779 .D93 2014

Kant and the Meaning of Religion
Terry F. Godlove
Call Number: B2792 .G63 2014

Living without why : Meister Eckhart's critique of the medieval concept of will /
John M. Connolly
Call Number: B765.E34 C67 2014

Manipulation : theory and practice /
edited by Christian Coons, Michael Weber
Call Number: BJ1458.5 .M36 2014

Meaning, mind, and knowledge
Christopher S. Hill
Call Number: BD171 .H55 2014

Meddling : on the virtue of leaving others alone /
John Lachs
Call Number: BJ1533.R42 L33 2014

Mereology and location
edited by Shieva Kleinschmidt
Call Number: BD396 .M474 2014eb

Peter van Inwagen, University of Notre Dame
Call Number: BD111 .V38 2015

Mind, causation, and world, 1997
edited by James E. Tomberlin
Call Number: BD541 .M56 1997

Moral error theory : history, critique, defence /
Jonas Olson
Call Number: BJ1031 .O57 2014

Moral reason
Julia Markovits
Call Number: BC177 .M375 2014eb

New essays on Leibniz's theodicy
edited by Larry M. Jorgensen and Samuel Newlands ; contributors Robert Merrihew Adams [and nine others]
Call Number: B2598 .N49 2014eb

New thinking about propositions
Jeffrey C. King, Scott Soames, Jeff Speaks
Call Number: BC181 .K564 2014eb

Newton and empiricism
edited by Zvi Biener and Eric Schliesser
Call Number: B1299.N34 N47 2014

Nietzsche on art and life
edited by Daniel Came
Call Number: B3318.A4 N537 2014

Nothingness in Asian philosophy
edited by Jeeloo Liu, Douglas L. Berger
Call Number: B123 .N68 2014

Omissions : agency, metaphysics, and responsibility /
Randolph Clarke
Call Number: B105.A35 C53 2014

On loyalty and loyalties : the contours of a problematic virtue /
John Kleinig
Call Number: BJ1533.L8 K54 2014

Philosophy between the lines : the lost history of esoteric writing /
Arthur M. Melzer
Call Number: B52.66 .M45 2014

Philosophy goes to the movies : an introduction to philosophy /
Christopher Falzon
Call Number: BD21 .F34 2015

Platonic dialogue and the education of the reader
A. K. Cotton
Call Number: B395 .C688 2014eb

Scepticism and perceptual justification
edited by Dylan Dodd and Elia Zardini
Call Number: B837 .S347 2014

Shadow philosophy : Plato's cave and cinema /
Nathan Andersen
Call Number: B398.C34 A53 2014

Spiritual Automaton: Spinoza's Science of the Mind [electronic resource]
Call Number: BD418.3

Staying alive : personal identity, practical concerns, and the unity of a life /
Marya Schechtman
Call Number: BD236 .S34 2014

Strategies of argument : essays in ancient ethics, epistemology, and logic /
edited by Mi-Kyoung Lee
Call Number: B108 .S77 2014

Structure of the world : metaphysics and representation [electronic resource]
Steven French
Call Number: B841.4

The death of God and the meaning of life
Julian Young
Call Number: BD431 .Y59 2014

The fall and hyptertime
Hud Hudson
Call Number: BD111 .H83 2014

The free development of each : studies on freedom, right, and ethics in classical German philosophy /
Allen W. Wood
Call Number: B2523 .W663 2014eb

The innocent eye : why vision is not a cognitive process /
Nico Orlandi
Call Number: B105.V54 O75 2014

The mirror of the world : subjects, consciousness, and self-consciousness /
Christopher Peacocke
Call Number: BD438.5

The morality of defensive war
edited by Cécile Fabre, Seth Lazar ; contributors Yitzhak Benbaji [and nine others]
Call Number: B105.W3 .M673 2014eb

The Neoplatonic Socrates
edited by Danielle A. Layne and Harold Tarrant
Call Number: B317 .N46 2014

The new barbarism and the modern West : recognizing an ethic of difference /
Toivo Koivukoski
Call Number: BD460.O74 K65 2014

The notion of authority : (a brief presentation) /
Alexandre Kojève ; edited and introduced by François Terré ; translated by Hager Weslati
Call Number: BD209 .K6513 2014

The paradox of generosity : giving we receive, grasping we lose /
by Christian Smith and Hilary Davidson
Call Number: BJ1533.G4 S53 2014

The relevance of romanticism : essays on German romantic philosophy /
Dalia Nassar
Call Number: B2748.R64 R45 2014

Virtue and the moral life : theological and philosophical perspectives /
edited by William Werpehowski and Kathryn Getek Soltis
Call Number: BJ1521 .V5635 2014

William James and the Transatlantic Conversation: Pragmatism [electronic resource]
Call Number: B945.J24

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