Items Acquired in January 2015 for the University Libraries

501 challenging logic and reasoning problems
Call Number: BC108 .A15 2006eb

A philosophy of sacred nature : prospects for ecstatic naturalism /
edited by Leon Niemoczynski and Nam T. Nguyen
Call Number: BD581 .P467 2015

A theory of the absolute
Benedikt Paul Göcke
Call Number: BD416 .G63 2014

A tremendous thing : friendship from the Iliad to the Internet /
Gregory Jusdanis
Call Number: BJ1533.F8 J87 2014

A world for us : the case for phenomenalistic idealism [electronic resource]
John Foster
Call Number: B823 .F675 2008eb

Agricultural and food controversies : what everyone needs to know /
F. Bailey Norwood, Pascal A. Oltenacu, Michelle S. Calvo-Lorenzo, and Sarah Lancaster
Call Number: BJ52.5 .N67 2014

Aquinas on friendship [electronic resource]
Daniel Schwartz
Call Number: BJ1533.F8

Aquinas's philosophy of religion
Paul O'Grady, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Call Number: B765.T54 O37 2014

Aristotle on knowledge of nature and modern skepticism
Nathan R. Colaner
Call Number: B491.K6 C57 2015

Castoriadis and critical theory : crisis, critique and radical alternatives /
Christos Memos, Department of Sociology, University of Abertay, Dundee, UK
Call Number: B2430.C3584 M46 2014

Cultivating virtue : perspectives from philosophy, theology, and psychology /
edited by Nancy E. Snow
Call Number: BJ1521 .C87 2015

Emotion and imagination
Adam Morton
Call Number: B815 .M67 2013

Enactive cognition at the edge of sense-making : making sense of non-sense /
edited by] Massimiliano Cappuccio, United Arab Emirates University, Emirate of Abu Dhabi and Tom Froese, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico
Call Number: B105.S45 E53 2014

Epistemic entitlement : the right to believe /
Hannes Ole Matthiessen
Call Number: BD161 .M37 2014

Ernst Cassirer and the Autonomy of Language
Gregory S. Moss
Call Number: B3216.C34 M67 2015

Ethics of everyday life : moral theology, social anthropology, and the imagination of the human /
Michael Banner
Call Number: BJ1251 .B36 2014

Expressions of judgment : an essay on Kant's aesthetics /
Eli Friedlander
Call Number: B2784 .F75 2014

Fallen leaves : last words on life, love, war, and God /
Will Durant
Call Number: B934 .D87 2014

Figuring out figurative art : contemporary philosophers on contemporary paintings /
edited by Damien Freeman and Derek Matravers
Call Number: BH39 .F54 2015

Frege on thinking and its epistemic significance
Pieranna Garavaso and Nicla Vassallo
Call Number: B3245.F24 G37 2014

From empiricism to expressivism : Brandom reads Sellars /
Robert B. Brandom
Call Number: B945.S444 B73 2015

G. W. F. Hegel : key concepts /
edited by Michael Baur
Call Number: B2948 .G23 2015

Greek models of mind and self
A.A. Long
Call Number: B105.M53 L66 2015

Immanuel Kant's Groundwork for the metaphysics of morals : a commentary /
Dieter Schönecker and Allen W. Wood
Call Number: B2766.Z7 S27 2014

Jacques Derrida : key concepts /
edited by Claire Colebrook
Call Number: B2430.D484 J33 2015

John Maynard Keynes and the economy of trust : the relevance of the Keynesian social thought in a global society /
Donatella Padua
Call Number: BJ1500.T78 P33 2014

Kierkegaard and Kant on radical evil and the highest good : virtue, happiness, and the kingdom of God /
Roe Fremstedal, Associate Professor, University of Tromsoe, Norway
Call Number: B4377 .F66 2014

Language lost and found : on Iris Murdoch and the limits of philosophical discourse /
Niklas Forsberg
Call Number: B1647.M8484 F67 2013

Lecture on ethics
Ludwig Wittgenstein ; edited with commentary by Edoardo Zamuner, Ermelinda Valentina Di Lascio, and D.K. Levy
Call Number: B3376.W562 E5 2014

Martin Heidegger on technology, ecology, and the arts
Anthony Lack (Associate Professor and Program Director for the Humanities and Social Sciences, Jefferson College of Health Sciences, Roanoke, Virginia, USA)
Call Number: B3279.H49 L245 2014

Meanings of life in contemporary Ireland : webs of significance /
Tom Inglis
Call Number: BD431 .I465 2014

Minds without meanings : an essay on the content of concepts /
Jerry A. Fodor and Zenon W. Pylyshyn
Call Number: BD181 .F63 2015

Moral failure : on the impossible demands of morality /
Lisa Tessman
Call Number: BJ1031 .T474 2015

Naturalizing Badiou : mathematical ontology and structural realism /
Fabio Gironi, Independent Scholar, Italy
Call Number: B2430.B274 G57 2014

New anti-Kant
edited and translated by Sandra Lapointe, McMaster University, Canada, and Clinton Tolley, University of California, San Diego, USA
Call Number: B2779 .P74813 2014

Nothingness and desire : an East-West philosophical antiphony /
James W. Heisig
Call Number: B799 .H38 2013

On resistance : a philosophy of defiance /
Howard Caygill
Call Number: B105.R47 C39 2013

Ontology made easy
Amie L. Thomasson
Call Number: BD311 .T45 2015

Persons, animals, ourselves
Paul F. Snowdon
Call Number: BD450 .S66 2014

Philosophy of action
Lilian O'Brien, University College Cork, Ireland
Call Number: B105.A35 O27 2014

Philosophy's artful conversation
D.N. Rodowick
Call Number: B842 .R58 2015

Recovering Christian realism : just war theory as a political ethic /
H. David Baer
Call Number: B105.W3 B34 2015

Representations of internarrative identity
edited by Lori Way
Call Number: BD438.5 .R47 2015

Rāzī : master of Qur'anic interpretation and theological reasoning /
Tariq Jaffer
Call Number: B753.R44 J34 2015

Schopenhauer and Adorno on bodily suffering : a comparative analysis /
Mathijs Peters
Call Number: B105.S79 P48 2014

Space, geometry, and Kant's transcendental deduction of the categories
Thomas C. Vinci
Call Number: B2779 .V56 2014

Speech matters : on lying, morality, and the law /
Seana Valentine Shiffrin
Call Number: BJ1421 .S554 2014

Subjects and simulations : between Baudrillard and Lacoue-Labarthe /
edited by Anne O'Byrne and Hugh J. Silverman
Call Number: B2421 .S83 2014

Surrounding free will : philosophy, psychology, neuroscience /
edited by Alfred R. Mele
Call Number: BJ1461 .S87 2015

The art of stillness : adventures in going nowhere /
Pico Iyer ; photography by Eydis Einarsdóttir
Call Number: BJ1496 .I84 2014

The climate change debate : an epistemic and ethical enquiry /
David Coady and Richard Corry
Call Number: BD215 .C55 2013

The Font of life (Fons vitae)
by Solomon ibn Gabirol (Avicebron) ; translated from the Latin with an introduction by John A. Laumakis
Call Number: B759.A53 Y3213 2014

The impossible : an essay on hyperintensionality /
Mark Jago
Call Number: BD418.3 .J34 2014

The limits of matter : chemistry, mining, and Enlightenment /
Hjalmar Fors
Call Number: BD646 .F67 2015

The other Renaissance : Italian humanism between Hegel and Heidegger /
Rocco Rubini
Call Number: B3601 .R83 2014

The skepticism of Michel de Montaigne
Manuel Bermúdez Vázquez
Call Number: B837

The sublime in modern philosophy : aesthetics, ethics, and nature /
Emily Brady, University of Edinburgh
Call Number: BH301.S7 B73 2013

To make the hands impure : art, ethical adventure, the difficult and the holy /
Adam Zachary Newton
Call Number: B5800 .N395 2014

Treatise on consequences
John Buridan ; translated and with an introduction by Stephen Read ; editorial introduction by Hubert Hubien
Call Number: BC60 .B8713 2015

Two metaphysical naturalisms : Aristotle and Justus Buchler /
Victorino Tejera ; edited by Atila Bayat
Call Number: B485 .T455 2015

Varieties of logic
Stewart Shapiro
Call Number: BC177 .S53 2014

Waking, dreaming, being : self and consciousness in neuroscience, meditation, and philosophy /
Evan Thompson ; foreword by Stephen Batchelor
Call Number: B808.9 T456 2015

Who lives, who dies, who decides? : abortion, neonatal care, assisted dying, and capital punishment /
Sheldon Ekland-Olson
Call Number: BD435 .E46 2015

Wittgenstein and natural religion
Gordon Graham
Call Number: B3376.W564 G69 2014

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