Items Acquired in August 2015 for the University Libraries

A journey through philosophy in 101 anecdotes
Nicholas Rescher
Call Number: B68 .R475 2015

Action, knowledge, and will
John Hyman
Call Number: B105.A35 H96 2015

Against facts
Arianna Betti
Call Number: B105.F3 B48 2015

Alexius Meinong, the shepherd of non-being
Dale Jacquette
Call Number: BD111

Autonomy Platonism and the indispensability argument
Russell Marcus
Call Number: BC135 .M3155 2015

Beauty, ugliness and the free play of imagination : an approach to Kant's aesthetics /
Mojca Küplen
Call Number: B2799.A4

British philosophy in the seventeenth century
Sarah Hutton
Call Number: B1131 .H88 2015

China's transition to modernity : the new classical vision of Dai Zhen /
Minghui Hu
Call Number: B5234.T324 H83 2015

Death's values and obligations : a pragmatic framework /
Dennis R. Cooley
Call Number: BD444

Deleuze and the non/human
edited by Jonathan Roffe, University of Melbourne, Australia and Hannah Stark, University of Tasmania, Australia
Call Number: B2430.D454 D4575 2015

Descartes' philosophical revolution : a reassessment /
Hanoch Ben-Yami, Central European University, Budapest
Call Number: B1875 .B378 2015

Extended rationality : a hinge epistemology /
Annalisa Coliva, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy
Call Number: BD212 .C65 2015

Feminist analyses of applied ethics
Jane Duran
Call Number: BJ1395 .D87 2015

Ficino in Spain
Susan Byrne
Call Number: B785.F434 B97 2015

For Badiou : idealism without idealism /
Frank Ruda ; preface by Slavoj Žižek
Call Number: B2430.B274 R83 2015

Foundations of logical consequence
Colin R. Caret and Ole T. Hjortland
Call Number: BC108

Foundations of logical consequence
edited by Colin R. Caret, Ole T. Hjortland
Call Number: BC199.C57 F68 2015

Freedom and enforcement in action : a study in formal action theory /
Janusz Czelakowski
Call Number: BC199.A28

From field to fork : food ethics for everyone /
Paul B. Thompson
Call Number: BJ52.5 .T54 2015eb

Gadamer and the transmission of history
Jerome Veith
Call Number: B3248.G34 V45 2015

Gersonides : a portrait of a fourteenth-century philosopher-scientist /
Ruth Glasner
Call Number: B759.L44

Ideas, evidence, and method : Hume's skepticism and naturalism concerning knowledge and causation /
Graciela De Pierris
Call Number: B1489 .D415 2015

Investigations into the phenomenology and the ontology of the work of art : what are artworks and how do we experience them? /
Peer F. Bundgaard, Frederik Stjernfelt, editors
Call Number: B829.5

Kant's transcendental deduction of the categories : unity, representation, and apperception /
Lawrence J. Kaye
Call Number: B2779 .K39 2015

Leibniz's metaphysics and adoption of substantial forms : between continuity and transformation [electronic resource]
Adrian Nita, editor
Call Number: BD111

Linking game-theoretical approaches with constructive type theory : dialogical strategies, CTT demonstrations and the axiom of choice /
Nicolas Clerbout, Shahid Rahman
Call Number: B809.13

Locke's touchy subjects : materialism and immortality /
Nicholas Jolley
Call Number: B1298

Logic and the limits of philosophy in Kant and Hegel
Clayton Bohnet, Forhdam University, USA
Call Number: B2799.L8 B64 2015

Modality, semantics and interpretations : the second Asian Workshop on Philosophical Logic /
Shier Ju, Hu Liu, Hiroakira Ono, editors
Call Number: BC5

Modest nonconceptualism : epistemology, phenomenology, and content /
Eva Schmidt
Call Number: BD161.A67

Mortal imitations of divine life : the nature of the soul in Aristotle's De anima /
Eli Diamond
Call Number: B415 .D53 2015

Negative ecstasies : Georges Bataille and the study of religion /
edited by Jeremy Biles and Kent L. Brintnall
Call Number: B2430.B33954 N44 2015

On moral certainty, justification and practice : a Wittgensteinian perspective /
Julia Hermann, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
Call Number: B3376.W564 H37 2015

Patterns of rationality : recurring inferences in science, social cognition and religious thinking /
Tommaso Bertolotti
Call Number: B833 .B47 2015eb

Albert Atkin
Call Number: B945.P44 A85 2016

Platonic conversations
Mary Margaret McCabe
Call Number: B395

Propositional content
Peter Hanks
Call Number: BC181

Propositional content
Peter Hanks
Call Number: BC181 .H36 2015

Quantifiers, quantifiers, and quantifiers : themes in logic, metaphysics, and language /
Alessandro Torza, editor
Call Number: BC57

Reason, value, and respect : Kantian themes from the philosophy of Thomas E. Hill, Jr /
[edited by] Mark Timmons and Robert N. Johnson
Call Number: B945

Striking beauty : a philosophical look at the Asian martial arts /
Barry Allen
Call Number: B105.B64 A45 2015

Taking life : three theories on the ethics of killing /
Torbjörn Tännsjö
Call Number: BJ1469 .T36 2015

Talking to our selves : reflection, ignorance, and agency /
John M. Doris
Call Number: BJ45

The boundary stones of thought : an essay in the philosophy of logic /
Ian Rumfitt
Call Number: BC59

The cosmos of duty : Henry Sidgwick's Methods of ethics /
Roger Crisp
Call Number: BJ1008.S53 C75 2015

The goddess pose : the audacious life of Indra Devi, the woman who helped bring yoga to the West /
Michelle Goldberg
Call Number: B132.Y6 D4754 2015

The highest good in Aristotle and Kant
edited by Joachim Aufderheide and Ralf M. Bader
Call Number: B491.E7 H54 2015

The highest good in Aristotle and Kant
Joachim Aufderheide and Ralf M. Bader
Call Number: BJ1012

The nature of moral responsibility : new essays /
edited by Randolph Clarke, Michael McKenna, and Angela M. Smith
Call Number: BJ1451 .N385 2015

The realm of reason [electronic resource]
Christopher Peacocke
Call Number: BD181 .P425 2004eb

The rhetorical invention of man : a history of distinguishing humans from other animals /
Greg Goodale
Call Number: BD450 .G657 2015

The riddle of Hume's Treatise : skepticism, naturalism, and irreligion [electronic resource]
Paul Russell
Call Number: B1489

The robust demands of the good : ethics with attachment, virtue, and respect /
Philip Pettit
Call Number: BJ71 .P48 2015

The science of subjectivity
Joseph Neisser, Grinnell College, USA
Call Number: BD222 .N45 2015

Thinking about knowing [electronic resource]
Jay F. Rosenberg
Call Number: BD161 .R65 2002eb

Thinking about oneself : from nonconceptual content to the concept of a self /
Kristina Musholt
Call Number: BD450 .M885 2015

Tropes : properties, objects, and mental causation [electronic resource]
Douglas Ehring
Call Number: BD460.T76 E47 2011eb

Truly understood [electronic resource]
Christopher Peacocke
Call Number: BD181.5

Truth in virtue of meaning : a defence of the analytic/synthetic distinction [electronic resource]
Gillian Russell
Call Number: BD171

Unifying the philosophy of truth
Theodora Achourioti, Henri Galinon, José Martínez Fernández, Kentaro Fujimoto, editors
Call Number: BD171

Universal salvation in late antiquity : Porphyry of Tyre and the pagan-christian debate /
Michael Bland Simmons
Call Number: B697.Z7 .S56 2015eb

Wittgenstein : opening investigations /
Michael Luntley
Call Number: B3376.W563 P532547 2015

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