Items Acquired in November 2014 for the University Libraries

(Mis)readings of Marx in continental philosophy
edited by Jernel Habjan and Jessica Whyte
Call Number: B809.8 .M567 2014

A passion for the possible : thinking with Paul Ricoeur [electronic resource]
edited by Brian Treanor and Henry Isaac Venema
Call Number: B2430.R554 P36 2010eb

Absolute recoil : towards a new foundation of dialectical materialism /
Slavoj Žižek
Call Number: B809.8 .Z585 2014

After Fukushima : the equivalence of catastrophes /
Jean-Luc Nancy ; translated by Charlotte Mandell
Call Number: B2430.N363 E6413 2015

Apparitions--of Derrida's other [electronic resource]
Kas Saghafi
Call Number: B2430.D484 S24 2010eb

Aquinas's ontology of the material world : change, hylomorphism, and material objects /
Jeffrey E. Brower
Call Number: B765.T54 B76 2014

Aspects of alterity : Levinas, Marcel, and the contemporary debate [electronic resource]
Brian Treanor
Call Number: BD213 .T74 2006eb

Basic writings of Mo Tzu, Hsün Tzu, and Han Fei Tzu [electronic resource]
translated by Burton Watson
Call Number: B125 .B3 1967"@"B125

Becoming Mead : the social process of academic knowledge /
Daniel R. Huebner
Call Number: B945.M464 H94 2014

Being Jewish/reading Heidegger : an ontological encounter [electronic resource]
Allen Scult
Call Number: B3279.H49 S375 2004eb

Carnets Jean Paul Sartre : Reisende ohne Fahrschein Jahrbücher der Sartre-Gesellschaft e.V. (2012) [electronic resource]
Peter Knopp, Vincent von Wroblewsky (Hrsg.)
Call Number: B2430.S34 C37 2012eb

Castoriadis's ontology : being and creation [electronic resource]
Suzi Adams
Call Number: B2430.C3584 A64 2011eb

Charles S. Peirce on norms & ideals [electronic resource]
by Vincent G. Potter ; with a new introduction by Stanley M. Harrison
Call Number: B945.P44 P6 1997eb

Circulating being : from embodiment to incorporation : essays on late existentialism [electronic resource]
Thomas W. Busch
Call Number: B819 .B87 1999eb

Commanding right and forbidding wrong in Islamic thought [electronic resource]
Michael Cook
Call Number: BJ1291 .C66 2000eb

Comradely greetings : the prison letters of Nadya and Slavoj /
Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Slavoj Žižek ; translated by Ian Dreiblatt ; introduced by Michel Eltchaninoff
Call Number: B4870.T656 A4 2014

Conversations on Peirce : reals and ideals [electronic resource]
Douglas R. Anderson and Carl R. Hausman
Call Number: B945.P44 A725 2012eb

Conversion in American philosophy : exploring the practice of transformation [electronic resource]
Roger A. Ward
Call Number: B851 .W37 2004eb

Convulsing bodies : religion and resistance in Foucault /
Mark D. Jordan
Call Number: B2430.F724 J67 2014

Counter-institutions : Jacques Derrida and the question of the university [electronic resource]
Simon Morgan Wortham
Call Number: B2430.D484 W68 2006eb

Crossover queries : dwelling with negatives, embodying philosophy's others [electronic resource]
Edith Wyschogrod
Call Number: B804 .W97 2006eb

Death : a philosophical inquiry /
Paul Fairfield
Call Number: BD444 .F285 2015

Debates in continental philosophy : conversations with contemporary thinkers [electronic resource]
Richard Kearney
Call Number: B804 .K43 2004eb

Derrida from now on [electronic resource]
Michael Naas
Call Number: B2430.D484 N32 2008eb

Derrida vis-à-vis Lacan : interweaving deconstruction and psychoanalysis [electronic resource]
Andrea Hurst
Call Number: B2430.D484 H87 2008eb

Dewey's metaphysics [electronic resource]
Raymond D. Boisvert
Call Number: B945.D44 B65 1988eb

Difficulties of ethical life [electronic resource]
edited by Shannon Sullivan and Dennis J. Schmidt
Call Number: BJ37 .D54 2008eb

Disgraceful matters : the politics of chastity in eighteenth-century China [electronic resource]
Janet M. Theiss
Call Number: BJ1533.C4 (INTERNET)

Doctrine and experience : essays in American philosophy [electronic resource]
edited by Vincent G. Potter
Call Number: B851 .D64 1988eb

Doing philosophy personally : thinking about metaphysics, theism, and antiblack racism [electronic resource]
Dwayne A. Tunstall
Call Number: B819 .T86 2013eb

Efficient causation : a history /
edited by Tad M. Schmaltz
Call Number: BD531.5 .E34 2014

Elemental philosophy : earth, air, fire, and water as environmental ideas [electronic resource]
David Macauley
Call Number: BD581 .M25 2010eb

Emmanuel Lévinas : the problem of ethical metaphysics [electronic resource]
Edith Wyschogrod
Call Number: B2430.L484 W97 2000eb

Epicurus and his gods : Épicure et ses dieux ; [electronic resource] =
Translated by C. W. Chilton
Call Number: B573 (INTERNET)

Ethics of Maimonides [electronic resource]
Hermann Cohen ; translated with commentary by Almut Sh. Bruckstein ; foreword by Robert Gibbs
Call Number: BJ1287.M64 C613 2004eb

Experience as philosophy : on the work of John J. McDermott [electronic resource]
edited by James Campbell and Richard E. Hart
Call Number: B945.M4544 E97 2006eb

Faith in life : John Dewey's early philosophy [electronic resource]
Donald J. Morse
Call Number: B945.D44 M68 2011eb

Feeling in theory : emotion after the death of the subject [electronic resource]
Rei Terada
Call Number: B815 .T47 2001"@"B815

Fielding Derrida : philosophy, literary criticism, history, and the work of deconstruction [electronic resource]
Joshua Kates
Call Number: B2430.D484 K385 2008eb

Frontiers of consciousness : interdisciplinary studies in American philosophy and poetry [electronic resource]
by Stanley J. Scott
Call Number: B935 .S36 1991eb

Futurity in phenomenology : promise and method in Husserl, Levinas, and Derrida [electronic resource]
Neal DeRoo
Call Number: B829.5 .D434 2013eb

Giorgio Agamben : beyond the threshold of deconstruction /
Kevin Attell
Call Number: B3611.A44 A88 2014

Givenness and God : questions of Jean-Luc Marion [electronic resource]
edited by Ian Leask and Eoin Cassidy
Call Number: B2430.M284 G58 2005eb

Greek sophists in the Roman Empire [electronic resource]
G.W. Bowersock
Call Number: B288 .B68 1969

Heidegger : through phenomenology to thought [electronic resource]
by William J. Richardson ; preface by Martin Heidegger
Call Number: B3279.H49 R47 2003eb

Heidegger's philosophy of science [electronic resource]
Trish Glazebrook
Call Number: B3279.H49 G57 2000eb

Heidegger's technologies : postphenomenological perspectives [electronic resource]
Don Ihde
Call Number: B3279.H49 I36 2010eb

Heidegger's way of being
Richard Capobianco
Call Number: B3279.H49 C37 2014

Heidegger, Hölderlin, and the subject of poetic language : toward a new poetics of dasein [electronic resource]
Jennifer Anna Gosetti-Ferencei
Call Number: B3279.H49 G593 2004eb

Hierocles the Stoic : elements of ethics, fragments and excerpts [electronic resource]
by Ilaria Ramelli ; translated by David Konstan
Call Number: B577.H42 E57 2009eb

How are we to confront death? : an introduction to philosophy [electronic resource]
Françoise Dastur ; translated by Robert Vallier ; foreword by David Farrell Krell
Call Number: BD444 .D32813 2012eb

How to deal with adversity
Christopher Hamilton
Call Number: B105.S79 H36 2014

Inferentialism : why rules matter /
Jaroslav Peregrin, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague
Call Number: B105.M4 P465 2014

Instructions for practical living, and other Neo-Confucian writings [electronic resource]
by Wang Yang-Ming ; translated, with notes, by Wing-tsit Chan
Call Number: B128.W36 E5 1963"@"B128.W34

Interpreting excess : Jean-Luc Marion, saturated phenomena, and hermeneutics [electronic resource]
Shane Mackinlay
Call Number: B2430.M284 M33 2010eb

Is there a sabbath for thought? : between religion and philosophy [electronic resource]
William Desmond
Call Number: B56 .D47 2005eb

Jefferson, nationalism, and the enlightenment [electronic resource]
Henry Steele Commager
Call Number: B885.Z7 C65 1975eb

Jewish messianism and the history of philosophy [electronic resource]
Martin Kavka
Call Number: B5802.N65

John Dewey between pragmatism and constructivism [electronic resource]
edited by Larry A. Hickman, Stefan Neubert, Kersten Reich
Call Number: B945.D44 J56 2009eb

John Dewey's philosophy of spirit : with the 1897 lecture on Hegel [electronic resource]
John R. Shook and James A. Good
Call Number: B945.D44 S54 2010eb

Journeys to selfhood : Hegel & Kierkegaard [electronic resource]
Mark C. Taylor
Call Number: B4378.S4 T38 2000eb

Kant on emotion and value
edited by Alix Cohen, University of Edinburgh, UK
Call Number: B3317 .K266 2014

Kant on mind, action, and ethics
Julian Wuerth
Call Number: B2798 .W84 2014

Karl Popper, the formative years, 1902-1945 : politics and philosophy in interwar Vienna [electronic resource]
Malachi Haim Hacohen
Call Number: B1649.P64 H33 2000eb

Knowing other-wise : philosophy at the threshold of spirituality [electronic resource]
edited by James H. Olthuis
Call Number: B831.2 .K66 1997eb

Landscape, natural beauty and the arts [electronic resource]
edited by Salim Kemal and Ivan Gaskell
Call Number: BH301.L3 L26 1995eb

Laruelle : against the digital /
Alexander R. Galloway
Call Number: B2433.L374 G36 2014

Lectures on the history of philosophy [electronic resource]
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel ; translated by E.S. Haldane ; introduction to the Bison Book Edition by Frederick C. Beiser
Call Number: B2936.E5 H3 1995eb

Leibniz's principle of identity of indiscernibles
Gonzalo Rodríguez-Pereyra
Call Number: B2599.I34 R64 2014

Levinas and Asian thought
edited by Leah Kalmanson, Frank Garrett & Sarah A. Mattice
Call Number: B2430.L484 L466 2013

Libertarian free will : contemporary debates /
edited by David Palmer
Call Number: BJ1461 .L53 2014

Loyalty to loyalty : Josiah Royce and the genuine moral life [electronic resource]
Mathew A. Foust
Call Number: B945.R64 F68 2012eb

Martin Heidegger and the problem of historical meaning [electronic resource]
Jeffrey Andrew Barash
Call Number: B3279.H49 B273 2003eb

Memory, history, forgetting [electronic resource]
Paul Ricoeur ; translated by Kathleen Blamey and David Pellauer
Call Number: B2430.R553 M4613 2004eb

Mindfulness and letting be : on engaged thinking and acting /
Fred Dallmayr
Call Number: B804 .D275 2014

Miracle and machine : Jacques Derrida and the two sources of religion, science, and the media [electronic resource]
Michael Naas
Call Number: B2430.D484 N325 2012eb

Monism : science, philosophy, religion, and the history of a worldview /
edited by Todd H. Weir
Call Number: B827 .M66 2012

Moral aggregation
Iwao Hirose
Call Number: BJ37 .H57 2015"@"BJ37 .H57 2014

Nature and spirit : an essay in ecstatic naturalism [electronic resource]
by Robert S. Corrington
Call Number: B828.2 .C65 1992eb

Nietzsche's animal philosophy : culture, politics, and the animality of the human being [electronic resource]
Vanessa Lemm
Call Number: B3317 .L433 2009eb

On becoming God : late medieval mysticism and the modern Western self [electronic resource]
Ben Morgan
Call Number: BD450 .M598 2013eb

On the anarchy of poetry and philosophy : a guide for the unruly [electronic resource]
Gerald L. Bruns
Call Number: BH39 .B795 2006eb

On the way to Heidegger's Contributions to philosophy [electronic resource]
Parvis Emad
Call Number: B3279.H48 B44534 2007eb

Peirce's philosophical perspectives [electronic resource]
by Vincent G. Potter ; edited by Vincent M. Colapietro
Call Number: B945.P44 P63 1996eb

Phenomenologies of the stranger : between hostility and hospitality [electronic resource]
edited by Richard Kearney and Kascha Semonovitch
Call Number: BJ2021 .P48 2011eb

Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe : representation and the loss of the subject [electronic resource]
John Martis
Call Number: B2430.L14664 M37 2005eb

Philodemus, On death [electronic resource]
translated with an introduction and notes by W. Benjamin Henry
Call Number: BD444 .P48 2009eb

Philosophers of process [electronic resource]
edited by Douglas Browning and William T. Myers
Call Number: BD372 .P54 1998eb

Philosophy Americana : making philosophy at home in American culture [electronic resource]
Douglas R. Anderson
Call Number: B936 .A53 2006eb

Philosophy in experience : American philosophy in transition [electronic resource]
edited by Richard E. Hart and Douglas R. Anderson
Call Number: B935 .P48 1997eb

Plato's Parmenides and its heritage [electronic resource]
edited by John D. Turner and Kevin Corrigan
Call Number: B378 .S46 2010eb

Pragmatism as post-postmodernism : lessons from John Dewey [electronic resource]
Larry A. Hickman
Call Number: B832 .H53 2007eb

Pragmatism in the Americas [electronic resource]
edited by Gregory Fernando Pappas
Call Number: B1008.P73 P73 2011eb

Re-treating religion : deconstructing Christianity with Jean-Luc Nancy [electronic resource]
edited by Alena Alexandrova ... [et al.] ; with a preamble and concluding dialogue by Jean-Luc Nancy
Call Number: B2430.N363 D4337 2012eb

Reconstructing individualism : a pragmatic tradition from Emerson to Ellison [electronic resource]
James M. Albrecht
Call Number: B832 .A345 2012eb

Reflections on things at hand : the neo-Confucian anthology [electronic resource]
compiled by Chu Hsi and Lü Tsu-ch'ien ; translated, with notes, by Wing-tsit Chan
Call Number: B125 .C4813 1967"@"B125

Representative practices : Peirce, pragmatism, and feminist epistemology [electronic resource]
Kory Spencer Sorrell
Call Number: B945.P44 S67 2004eb

Ritual and deference : extending Chinese philosophy in a comparative context [electronic resource]
Robert Cummings Neville
Call Number: B126 .N45 2008eb

Scheler's ethical personalism : its logic, development, and promise [electronic resource]
Peter H. Spader
Call Number: B3329.S484 S73 2002eb

Self-consciousness and the critique of the subject : Hegel, Heidegger, and the poststructuralists /
Simon Lumsden
Call Number: BD450 .L795 2014

Speech and morality : on the metaethical implications of speaking /
Terence Cuneo
Call Number: BJ1031 .C859 2014

Spinoza's modernity : Mendelssohn, Lessing, and Heine [electronic resource]
Willi Goetschel
Call Number: B3998 .G63 2004eb

Stanley Cavell and the education of grownups [electronic resource]
edited by Naoko Saito and Paul Standish
Call Number: B945.C274 S74 2012eb

Stealing a gift : Kierkegaard's pseudonyms and the Bible [electronic resource]
Jolita Pons
Call Number: B4378.B52 P66 2004eb

Studies in the way of words [electronic resource]
Paul Grice
Call Number: B1641.G483

Styles of piety : practicing philosophy after the death of God [electronic resource]
edited by S. Clark Buckner and Matthew Statler
Call Number: B56 .S89 2005eb

Surviving death [electronic resource]
Mark Johnston
Call Number: BD444 .J5546 2010eb

The agon of interpretations : towards a critical intercultural hermeneutics /
edited by Ming Xie
Call Number: BD241 .A36 2014

The animal that therefore I am [electronic resource]
Jacques Derrida ; edited by Marie-Louise Mallet ; translated by David Wills
Call Number: B2430.D483 A5513 2008eb

The birth of hedonism : the Cyrenaic philosophers and pleasure as a way of life /
Kurt Lampe
Call Number: B279 .L36 2015

The drama of possibility : experience as philosophy of culture [electronic resource]
John J. McDermott ; edited by Douglas R. Anderson
Call Number: B945.M4541 A53 2007eb

The early Heidegger's philosophy of life : facticity, being, and language [electronic resource]
Scott M. Campbell
Call Number: B3279.H49 C255 2012eb

The elements of moral science [electronic resource]
by Francis Wayland ; edited by Joseph L. Blau
Call Number: BJ1251 .W35 1963eb

The enigma of gift and sacrifice [electronic resource]
co-edited by Edith Wyschogrod, Jean-Joseph Goux, and Eric Boynton
Call Number: BJ1533.G4 E55 2002eb

The exorbitant : Emmanuel Levinas between Jews and Christians [electronic resource]
edited by Kevin Hart and Michael A. Signer
Call Number: B2430.L484 E96 2010eb

The face of the Other and the trace of God : essays on the philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas [electronic resource]
edited by Jeffrey Bloechl
Call Number: B2430.L484 F32 2000eb

The faces of honor : sex, shame, and violence in Colonial Latin America [electronic resource]
edited by Lyman L. Johnson and Sonya Lipsett-Rivera
Call Number: BJ1533.H8 F33 1998"@"BJ1533.H8

The formation of the historical world in the human sciences [electronic resource]
Wilhelm Dilthey ; edited, with an introduction, by Rudolf A. Makkreel and Frithjof Rodi
Call Number: B3216.D81 D58 2002"@"B3216.D81

The gleam of light : moral perfectionism and education in Dewey and Emerson [electronic resource]
Naoko Saito
Call Number: B945.D44 S23 2005eb

The great chain of being : a study of the history of an idea [electronic resource]
by Arthur O. Lovejoy
Call Number: B105.C5

The implications of immanence : toward a new concept of life [electronic resource]
Leonard Lawlor
Call Number: BD431 .L335 2006eb

The intrigue of ethics : a reading of the idea of discourse in the thought of Emmanuel Lévinas [electronic resource]
Jeffrey Dudiak
Call Number: B2430.L484 D83 2001eb

The metamorphosis of finitude : an essay on birth and resurrection [electronic resource]
Emmanuel Falque ; translated by George Hughes
Call Number: BD443 .F3513 2012eb

The metaphysics of modernity : what makes societies thrive /
Ulrich Steinvorth
Call Number: B831.2 .S73 2013

The normative thought of Charles S. Peirce [electronic resource]
edited by Cornelis de Waal and Krzysztof Piotr Skowroński
Call Number: B945.P44 N67 2012eb

The other Adam Smith
Mike Hill and Warren Montag
Call Number: B1545.Z7 H55 2014

The point of view of the universe : Sidgwick and contemporary ethics /
Katarzyna de Lazari-Radek and Peter Singer
Call Number: BJ604.S5 L39 2014

The politics of Exodus : Søren Kierkegaard's ethics of responsibility [electronic resource]
Mark Dooley
Call Number: B4378.E8 D66 2001eb

The realistic empiricism of Mach, James and Russell : neutral monism reconceived /
Erik C. Banks (Wright State University)
Call Number: B816 .B36 2014

The rhetoric of Berkeley's philosophy [electronic resource]
Peter Walmsley
Call Number: B1348 .W28 1990eb

The thoughtful heart : the metaphysics of John Henry Newman : with a fully annotated reader's text of Newman's Discursive enquiries on metaphysical subjects /
William F. Myers
Call Number: B1649.N473 P4835 2013

The tone of our times : sound, sense, economy, and ecology /
Frances Dyson
Call Number: B105.S59 D97 2014

The universe of things : on speculative realism /
Steven Shaviro
Call Number: B1674.W354 S435 2014

The virtual window : from Alberti to Microsoft [electronic resource]
Anne Friedberg
Call Number: B105.I47 F75 2009eb

The world of freedom : Heidegger, Foucault, and the politics of historical ontology /
Robert Nichols
Call Number: B3279.H49 N525 2014

Time, narrative, and history [electronic resource]
David Carr
Call Number: BD638 .C33 1991"@"BD638

Toward a philosophical theory of everything : contributions to the structural-systematic philosophy /
Alan White
Call Number: BD21 .W455 2014

Truth and scientific knowledge in the thought of Henry of Ghent [electronic resource]
Steven P. Marrone
Call Number: B765.H474 M37 1985eb

Twilight of the idols ; : and, The Anti-Christ /
Friedrich Nietzsche ; translated by R.J. Hollingdale ; introduction by Michael Tanner
Call Number: B3312.E5 H64 2003

When private talk goes public : gossip in American history /
edited by Kathleen A. Feeley and Jennifer Frost
Call Number: BJ1535.G6 W44 2014

William James on the courage to believe [electronic resource]
Robert J. O'Connell
Call Number: B945.J23 W536 1997eb

Yes, but not quite : encountering Josiah Royce's ethico-religious insight [electronic resource]
Dwayne A. Tunstall
Call Number: B945.R64 T86 2009eb

Yoga in modern India : the body between science and philosophy [electronic resource]
Joseph S. Alter
Call Number: B132.Y6 A483 2004eb

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