Physics & Astronomy

Items Acquired in September 2014 for the University Libraries

200 puzzling physics problems
P. Gnädig, G. Honyek, K.F. Riley
Call Number: QC32 .G52 2001eb

An introduction to quantum optics : photon and biphoton physics [electronic resource]
Yanhua Shih
Call Number: QC446.2 .S555 2011

Astrophotography [electronic resource]
Thierry Legault
Call Number: QB121 .L443 2014

Bayesian probability theory : applications in the physical sciences [electronic resource]
Wolfgang von der Linden, Volker Dose, Udo von Toussaint
Call Number: QC174.85.P76 L56 2014

Chaos, dynamics, and fractals : an algorithmic approach to deterministic chaos /
Joseph L. McCauley
Call Number: QC174.17.C45 M33 1993eb

Coastal disasters and climate change in Vietnam : engineering and planning perspectives [electronic resource]
[edited by] Nguyen Danh Thao, Hiroshi Takagi, Miguel Esteban
Call Number: QC902.9 .T436 2014

Commonly asked questions in physics [electronic resource]
Andrew Rex
Call Number: QC21.3 .R493 2014

Compound semiconductor radiation detectors [electronic resource]
Alan Owens
Call Number: QC481.5 .O94 2012eb

Computational methods for electromagnetic and optical systems [electronic resource]
John M. Jarem, Partha P. Banerjee
Call Number: QC760 .J47 2011

Discrete or continuous? : the quest for fundamental length in modern physics [electronic resource]
Amit Hagar
Call Number: QC173.59.S65 H34 2014

Electrical technology. Volume I, Electrical fundamentals [electronic resource]
S.P. Bali
Call Number: QC517 .B35 2013

Electromagnetic theory for electromagnetic compatibility engineers [electronic resource]
Tze-Chuen Toh
Call Number: QC670 .T648 2014

Examples and problems in mathematical statistics
Shelemyahu Zacks
Call Number: QC32

Ferroelectric dielectrics integrated on silicon [electronic resource]
edited by Emmanuel Defaÿ
Call Number: QC596.5 .F44 2011eb

Fragmentation processes : topics in atomic and molecular physics [electronic resource]
edited by Colm T. Whelan
Call Number: QC174.17.P7 F73 2013

Fundamentals of attosecond optics [electronic resource]
Zenghu Chang
Call Number: QC446.2 .C43 2011

Gaseous electronics : tables, atoms, and molecules [electronic resource]
Gorur Govinda Raju
Call Number: QC718.5.T7 R35 2012

Gauge/string Duality, hot QCD and heavy ion collisions [electronic resource]
Jorge Casalderrey-Solana, Hong Liu, David Mateos, Krishna Rajagopal, Urs Achim Wiedemann
Call Number: QC794.6.C6 C37 2014eb

Graphene optoelectronics : synthesis, characterization, properties, and applications [electronic resource]
edited by A. Rashid bin Mohd Yusoff
Call Number: QC611

Handbook of luminescent semiconductor materials [electronic resource]
edited by Leah Bergman, Jeanne L. McHale
Call Number: QC476.6 .H36 2012eb

Handbook of magnetic measurements [electronic resource]
S. Tumanski
Call Number: QC761 .T86 2011

Handbook of terahertz technology for imaging, sensing and communications [electronic resource]
edited by Daryoosh Saeedkia
Call Number: QC454.T47 H36 2013x

Heat transfer physics [electronic resource]
Massoud Kaviany
Call Number: QC787.N8

High temperature superconductors (HTS) for energy applications [electronic resource]
edited by Ziad Melhem
Call Number: QC611.98.H54 H54 2012eb

High-temperature superconductors [electronic resource]
[edited by] X.G. Qiu
Call Number: QC611.98.H54 H545 2011

In search of the ultimate building blocks [electronic resource]
Gerard 't Hooft
Call Number: QC794.6.S75 H66 1997eb

Information and the nature of reality : from physics to metaphysics [electronic resource]
edited by Paul Davies, Niels Henrik Gregersen
Call Number: QC28 .I54 2014

Introduction to holography [electronic resource]
Vincent Toal
Call Number: QC449 .T63 2012

Introduction to nanoscience
by S. M. Lindsay
Call Number: QC176.8.N35 L56 2010

Laser beam propagation in nonlinear optical media
Shekhar Guha and Leonel P. Gonzalez, Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH, USA
Call Number: QC389 .G84 2014

Laser modeling : a numerical approach with algebra and calculus [electronic resource]
Mark Steven Csele
Call Number: QC688 .C755 2014

Magnetic microwires : a magneto-optical study /
Alexander Chizhik, Julian Gonzalez
Call Number: QC675 .C45 2013

Magnetoelectricity in composites [electronic resource]
editors, Mirza I. Bichurin, Dwight Viehland
Call Number: QC761.5 .M346 2012

Mass transport in solids and fluids [electronic resource]
David S. Wilkinson
Call Number: QC318.M3 W55 2000

Measurements using optic and RF waves [electronic resource]
edited Frédérique de Fornel, Pierre-Noël Favennec
Call Number: QC661 .M467 2010

Methods of mathematical physics [electronic resource]
by Sir Harold Jeffreys and Bertha Swirles (Lady Jeffreys)
Call Number: QC20 .J44 1972

Molded optics : design and manufacture [electronic resource]
Michael Schaub ... [et al.]
Call Number: QC372.2.D4 M65 2011eb

Nuclear fuel cycle science and engineering [electronic resource]
edited by Ian Crossland
Call Number: QC790 .N83 2012

Physics I workbook for dummies
Steven Holzner
Call Number: QC21.3

Polarimetric Doppler weather radar : principles and applications [electronic resource]
V.N. Bringi, V. Chandrasekar
Call Number: QC973.5 .B75 2001eb

Principles of colour appearance and measurement. Volume 1, Object appearance, colour perception and instrumental measurment [electronic resource]
Asim Kumar Roy Choudhurry
Call Number: QC495 .C46 2014

Quantum field theory
Lewis H. Ryder
Call Number: QC793 .R93 1996eb

Quantum fields in curved space [electronic resource]
N.D. Birrell and P.C.W. Davies
Call Number: QC174.45 .B54 1982

Quantum information processing with diamond : principles and applications [electronic resource]
edited by Steven Prawer and Igor Aharonovich
Call Number: QC174.12 .P384 2014

Scaling [electronic resource]
Grigory Isaakovich Barenblatt
Call Number: QC174.85.S34 B36 2003eb

Self-organized criticality : emergent complex behavior in physical and biological systems [electronic resource]
Henrik Jeldtoft Jensen
Call Number: QC173.4.C74 J46 1998

Solid state physics
Call Number: QC173 .S477

The Bethe Wavefunction [electronic resource]
Michel Gaudin ; translated by Jean Sébastien Caux
Call Number: QC174.26.W3

The Large Hadron Collider : the extraordinary story of the Higgs boson and other stuff that will blow your mind /
Don Lincoln
Call Number: QC793.5.B62 L557 2014

The life of Isaac Newton [electronic resource]
Richard S. Westfall
Call Number: QC16.N7 W378 1994

The logic of quantum mechanics [electronic resource]
Enrico G. Beltrametti and Gianni Cassinelli ; foreword by Peter A. Carruthers
Call Number: QC174.12 .B45 1981

The physics of low-dimensional semiconductors : an introduction [electronic resource]
John H. Davies
Call Number: QC611.8.L68 D39 1998eb

Thermodynamics of surfaces and interfaces : concepts in inorganic materials /
Gerald H. Meier, University of Pittsburgh
Call Number: QC173.4.S94 M45 2014eb

Thin film growth : physics, materials science and applications [electronic resource]
edited by Zexian Cao
Call Number: QC176.83 .T477 2011

Waves and mean flows [electronic resource]
Oliver Bühler
Call Number: QC880.4.A8

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