Physics & Astronomy

Items Acquired in July 2015 for the University Libraries

Development of a sub-glacial radio telescope for the detection of GZK neutrinos
Thomas Meures
Call Number: QB479.2

Development of an ultrafast low-energy electron diffraction setup
Max Gulde
Call Number: QC176.8.S8

Exploring the early universe with gravitational waves
Laura Bianca Bethke
Call Number: QC179

Lectures on the mathematics of quantum mechanics. I
Gianfausto Dell'Antonio
Call Number: QC174.17.M35

Non-equilibrium dynamics of one-dimensional bose gases
Tim Langen
Call Number: QC174.86.N65

Path integrals in quantum mechanics [electronic resource]
Jean Justin-Zinn
Call Number: QC174.17.P27

Phase transitions and renormalization group [electronic resource]
Jean Zinn-Justin
Call Number: QC175.16.P5 Z56 2007eb

Physics in Oxford, 1839-1939 : laboratories, learning, and college life [electronic resource]
edited by Robert Fox, Graeme Gooday
Call Number: QC47.G73 O947 2005

Physics of Ice [electronic resource]
Call Number: QC921.6.C6

Polarized light for scientists and engineers
Edward Collett, Beth Schaefer
Call Number: QC441 .C64 2012

Principles and applications of ferroelectrics and related materials [electronic resource]
by M.E. Lines and A.M. Glass
Call Number: QC596.5 .L56 2001

Problems of condensed matter physics : quantum coherence phenomena in electron-hole and coupled matter-light systems [electronic resource]
edited by Alexei L. Ivanov, Sergei G. Tikhodeev
Call Number: QC173.454

Quantum chromodynamics : high energy experiments and theory [electronic resource]
Günther Dissertori, Ian G. Knowles, Michael Schmelling
Call Number: QC793.3.Q35 D57 2003

Quantum dynamics and information [electronic resource]
editors, Robert Olkiewicz ... [et al.]
Call Number: QC173.96 .W56 2011eb

Quantum field theory and critical phenomena [electronic resource]
Jean Zinn-Justin
Call Number: QC174.45 .Z56 2002

Quantum field theory of many-body systems : from the origin of sound to an origin of light and electrons [electronic resource]
Xiao-Gang Wen
Call Number: QC174.45 .W46 2004eb

Quantum gravity [electronic resource]
Claus Kiefer
Call Number: QC178 .K557 2007eb

Quantum Hall systems : braid groups, composite fermions, and fractional charge [electronic resource]
Lucjan Jacak ... [et al.]
Call Number: QC612.H3 Q39 2003

Quantum waveguides
Pavel Exner, Hynek Kovařík
Call Number: QC174.12

Quasielastic neutron scattering and solid state diffusion [electronic resource]
Rolf Hempelmann
Call Number: QC793.5.N4628 H46 2000

Random processes in physics and finance [electronic resource]
Melvin Lax, Wei Cai, Min Xu
Call Number: QC20.7.S8 L39 2006eb

Relatività Generale e Teoria della Gravitazione [electronic resource]
by Maurizio Gasperini
Call Number: QC173.5-173.65

Relaxation processes in micromagnetics [electronic resource]
Harry Suhl
Call Number: QC754.2.M34 S84 2007eb

Revolutionaries of the cosmos : the astro-physicists [electronic resource]
I.S. Glass
Call Number: QB461 .G57 2006eb

Simple models of magnetism [electronic resource]
Ralph Skomski
Call Number: QC753.2 .S56 2008eb

Statistical physics of spin glasses and information processing : an introduction [electronic resource]
Hidetoshi Nishimori
Call Number: QC176.8.S68 N58 2001

Stellar magnetism [electronic resource]
Leon Mestel
Call Number: QB817.5 .M47 2003x

Study on Climate Change in Southwestern China [electronic resource]
by Zongxing Li
Call Number: QC902.8-903.2

Testing quantum contextuality : the problem of compatibility /
Jochen Szangolies
Call Number: QC24.5

The functional analysis of quantum information theory : a collection of notes based on lectures by Gilles Pisier, K. R. Parthasarathy, Vern Paulsen and Andreas Winter /
Ved Prakash Gupta, Prabha Mandayam, V.S. Sunder
Call Number: QC174.17.M35

The Mental Aftermath : the Mentality of German Physicists 1945-1949 [electronic resource]
Call Number: QC9.G3

Theory of Liquids and Other Disordered Media : A Short Introduction [electronic resource]
by Walter Schirmacher
Call Number: QC176.8.A44

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