Physics & Astronomy

Items Acquired in November 2014 for the University Libraries

35 seasons of U.S. Antarctic meteorites (1976-2010) : a pictorial guide to the collection /
Kevin Righter, Catherine Corrigan, Ralph Harvey, Tim McCoy, editors
Call Number: QB755

Fogs, clouds, and aviation,
by W.J. Humphreys ..
Call Number: QC915 .H83

Frankenstein's children : electricity, exhibition, and experiment in early-nineteenth-century London [electronic resource]
Iwan Rhys Morus
Call Number: QC527.5 .M67 1998eb

Franklin and Newton : an inquiry into speculative Newtonian experimental science and Franklin's work in electricity as an example thereof [electronic resource]
by I. Bernard Cohen
Call Number: QC7 .C64 1956eb

Leviathan and the air-pump : Hobbes, Boyle, and the experimental life : including a translation of Thomas Hobbes, Dialogus physicus de natura aeris, by Simon Schaffer [electronic resource]
Steven Shapin & Simon Schaffer
Call Number: QC166 .S47 1985eb

Lise Meitner : a life in physics [electronic resource]
Ruth Lewin Sime
Call Number: QC774.M4 S56 1997eb

Macro-to microscale heat transfer : the lagging behavior /
Da Yu Tzou
Call Number: QC320

Michael Faraday : a biography [electronic resource]
by L. Pearce Williams
Call Number: QC16.F2 W5 1965eb

Quantum mechanics and the philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead [electronic resource]
by Michael Epperson
Call Number: QC174.13 .E66 2004eb

Radioactivity in America : growth and decay of a science [electronic resource]
Lawrence Badash
Call Number: QC794.98 .B33 1979eb

Serving the Reich : the struggle for the soul of physics under Hitler /
Philip Ball
Call Number: QC773.3.G3 B35 2014

Starry night enthusiast [kit]
Call Number: QB61 .M67 2004

The concepts and theories of modern physics [electronic resource]
by J.B. Stallo ; edited by Percy W. Bridgman
Call Number: QC73 .S78 1960eb

The Copernican revolution : planetary astronomy in the development of western thought [electronic resource]
Thomas S. Kuhn
Call Number: QB41

The creation of color in eighteenth-century Europe [electronic resource]
by Sarah Lowengard
Call Number: QC494.7 .L69 2008"@"QP473

The Little Ice Age : how climate made history 1300-1850 [electronic resource]
Brian Fagan
Call Number: QC989.A1 F34 2002eb

The long summer : how climate changed civilization [electronic resource]
Brian Fagan
Call Number: QC981.8.C5 F34 2005eb

The physical treatises of Pascal : the equilibrium of liquids and the weight of the mass of the air [electronic resource]
translated by I.H.B. and A.G.H. Spiers ; with introduction and notes by Frederick Barry
Call Number: QC143 .P2813 1937"@"QC143

The sun in the Church : cathedrals as solar observatories [electronic resource]
J.L. Heilbron
Call Number: QB29 .H33 1999

Three Copernican treatises : the Commentariolus of Copernicus, the Letter against Werner, the Narratio prima of Rheticus [electronic resource]
translated with introduction and notes by Edward Rosen
Call Number: QB41 .C7813 1971"@"QB41

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