Physics & Astronomy

Items Acquired in February 2015 for the University Libraries

50 years of brown dwarfs : from prediction to discovery to forefront of research /
Viki Joergens, editor
Call Number: QB843.B77

8th Congress on Electronic Structure: Principles and Applications (ESPA 2012) : a conference selection from theoretical chemistry accounts /
edited by Juan J. Novoa, Manuel F. Ruiz-Lopez ; with contributions from Manuel Alcamí ... [and more]
Call Number: QC176.8.E4

A brief history of string theory : from dual models to M-theory /
Dean Rickles
Call Number: QC794.6.S85

A buyer's and user's guide to astronomical telescopes and binoculars
James Mullaney
Call Number: QB88 .M856 2014

A comet of the enlightenment : Anders Johan Lexell's life and discoveries /
Johan C.-E. Stén
Call Number: QB36.L49

A course in lens design
Chris Velzel
Call Number: QC385.2.D47

A measure theoretical approach to quantum stochastic processes
Wilhelm von Waldenfels
Call Number: QC174.17.M4

A qualitative approach to inverse scattering theory
Fioralba Cakoni, David Colton
Call Number: QC20.7.S3

A simple introduction to the mixed finite element method : theory and applications /
Gabriel N. Gatica
Call Number: QC20.7.F56 G38 2014eb

A trajectory description of quantum processes. II, Applications : : a Bohmian perspective /
Ángel S. Sanz, Salvador Miret-Artés
Call Number: QC174.12 .S26 2012eb

Accelerated cosmic expansion : proceedings of the Fourth International Meeting on Gravitation and Cosmology /
edited by Claudia Moreno González, José Edgar Madriz Aguilar, Luz Marina Reyes Barrera
Call Number: QB981 .A33 2014eb

Accelerated lattice Boltzmann Model for colloidal suspensions : rheology and interface morphology /
Hassan Farhat, Joon Sang Lee, Sasidhar Kondaraju
Call Number: QC176.8.L3

Accelerator physics at the Tevatron Collider
Valery Lebedev, Vladimir Shiltsev, editors
Call Number: QC787.P3

Accurate calibration of raman systems : at the Karlsruhe tritium neutrino experiment /
Magnus Schlösser
Call Number: QC454.R36

Achievements, history and challenges in geophysics : 60th anniversary of the Institute of Geophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences /
Robert Bialik, Mariusz Majdański, Mateusz Moskalik, editors
Call Number: QC806

Adapting to climate change : lessons from natural hazards planning /
Bruce C. Glavovic, Gavin P. Smith, editors
Call Number: QC902.8 .A337 2014eb

Adsorption, aggregation and structure formation in systems of charged particles : from colloidal to supracolloidal assembly /
Bhuvnesh Bharti
Call Number: QC793.29

An introduction to nonlinear finite element analysis [electronic resource]
J.N. Reddy
Call Number: QC20.7.F56 R43 2004eb

An introduction to particle accelerators [electronic resource]
E.J.N. Wilson
Call Number: QC787.P3 W57 2001

Climbing the mountain : the scientific biography of Julian Schwinger [electronic resource]
Kimball A. Milton and Jagdish Mehra
Call Number: QC16.S29 M45 2000

Conceptions of cosmos : from myths to the accelerating universe : a history of cosmology [electronic resource]
Helge S. Kragh
Call Number: QB981 .K729 2007eb

Deep inelastic scattering [electronic resource]
Robin Devenish and Amanda Cooper-Sarkar
Call Number: QC794.6.S3 .D49 2004

Electron-phonon interaction in low-dimensional structures [electronic resource]
edited by Lawrence Challis
Call Number: QC793.5.E628 E44 2003

Experimental techniques for low-temperature measurements : cryostat design, material properties, and superconductor critical-current testing [electronic resource]
Jack W. Ekin
Call Number: QC278 .E45 2006

Exploring the quantum : atoms, cavities and photons [electronic resource]
Serge Haroche, Jean-Michel Raimond
Call Number: QC174.12 .H376 2006eb

Fundamentals of beam physics [electronic resource]
J.B. Rosenzweig
Call Number: QC793.3.B4 R64 2003

Fundamentals of neutrino physics and astrophysics [electronic resource]
Carlo Giunti, Chung W. Kim
Call Number: QB464.2 .G55 2007eb

Half life : the divided life of Bruno Pontecorvo, physicist or spy /
Frank Close
Call Number: QC774.P66 C56 2014

Neoclassical physics
Mark A. Cunningham
Call Number: QC21.3 .C86 2015

The Essentials of physics
staff of Research and Education Association ; M. Fogiel, director
Call Number: QC6 .E87 1991

Weather Bureau topics
Call Number: QC875.U6 U96

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