Political Science

Items Acquired in June 2014 for the University Libraries

A handbook for the personnel campaign : what, why, how, who, when, where [electronic resource]
compiled for the national personnel campaign committee by Julia Ricketts King
Call Number: JK2281 .A336 1935

A handy digest of election laws [electronic resource]
by Gladys C. Blakey
Call Number: JK1961 .B55

A history of the national woman's rights movement, for twenty years : with the proceedings of the decade meeting held at Apollo hall, October 20, 1870 from 1850 to 1870 [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK1896 .D3 1871a

A survey of sexual harassment in Maryland state government [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK3860.5.W6 M37 1980

A time to attack : the looming Iranian nuclear threat /
Matthew Kroenig
Call Number: JZ5665 .K77 2014

Achievements in increasing citizen participation in government : the National league of women voters [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK1881 .N385 1938

Address in favor of universal suffrage, for the election of delegates to the Constitutional convention. Before the Judiciary committees of the Legislature of New York, in the Assembly chamber, January 23, 1867, in behalf of the American equal rights association. [electronic resource]
by Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Call Number: JK1885

African world histories : Africanizing democracies, 1980-present /
Alicia Decker, Purdue University ; Andrea Arrington, University of Arkansas
Call Number: JQ1879.A15 D385 2015

After Occupy : economic democracy for the 21st century /
Tom Malleson
Call Number: JC423 .M296 2014

Agenda setting, policies, and political systems : a comparative approach /
edited by Christoffer Green-Pedersen and Stefaan Walgrave
Call Number: JN5 .A64 2014

American public opinion, advocacy, and policy in Congress : what the public wants and what it gets /
Paul Burstein, University of Washington
Call Number: JK1764 .B88 2014

Among the pillars of society : address of the president, Miss Belle Sherwin at the meeting of the General council of the National League of women voters, Washington, D.C. April 14, 1931 [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK1881

An analysis of wage discrimination in New Jersey state service [electronic resource]
State of New Jersey, Commission on Sex Discrimination in the Statutes
Call Number: JK3557 .N5 1983

Analyzing intelligence : national security practitioners' perspectives /
Roger Z. George and James B. Bruce, editors ; in Cooperation with the Center for Security Studies, with support from the George T. Kalaris Fund for Intelligence Studies, Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University
Call Number: JK468.I6 A843 2014

Anarchy unbound : why self-governance works better than you think /
Peter T. Leeson
Call Number: HX833 .L4135 2014

Anti-suffrage essays [electronic resource]
by Massachusetts women ; with an introduction by Ernest Bernbaum
Call Number: JK1903 .A585 1916

Artists of the possible : governing networks and American policy change since 1945 /
Matt Grossmann
Call Number: JK275 .G77 2014

Bertolt Brecht before the Committee on Un-American Activities : House of Representatives, 80th Congress, 1st Session, Oct. 20-30, 1947, an historical encounter [electronic resource]
presented by Eric Bentley
Call Number: HX632.U5 U558 1963

Burdens of political responsibility : narrative and the cultivation of responsiveness /
Jade Larissa Schiff, Oberlin College
Call Number: JA79 .S31684 2014

Changing the Constitution : a study of the amending process [electronic resource]
by Dorothy Kenyon : address delivered at the seventh annual convention of the National League of Women Voters, St. Louis, April 17, 1926
Call Number: JK168 .K4

China's political development : Chinese and American perspectives /
Kenneth Lieberthal, Cheng Li, Yu Keping, editors
Call Number: JQ1510 .C489568 2014

Citizen satisfaction : improving government performance, efficiency, and citizen trust /
Forrest V. Morgeson III
Call Number: JK421 .M57 2014

Comparative politics
edited by Daniele Caramani
Call Number: JA86 .C526 2014

Competitive elections and democracy in America : the good, the bad, and the ugly /
Heather K. Evans
Call Number: JK1976 .E83 2014

Confessions of a presidential speechwriter
Craig R. Smith
Call Number: JA85.2.U6 S654 2014

Debating the presidency : conflicting perspectives on the American executive /
Richard J. Ellis, Michael Nelson, editors
Call Number: JK516 .D43 2015

Democratic theorists in conversation : turns in contemporary thought
Call Number: JC423 .G33 2014

Democratization and ethnic minorities : conflict or compromise? /
edited by Jacques Bertrand and Oded Haklai
Call Number: JC423 .D47832 2014

Discrimination in state employment [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK2960.5.W6 N48 1972

Elizabeth Cady Stanton as revealed in her letters, diary and reminiscences [electronic resource]
ed. by Theodore Stanton and Harriot Stanton Blatch, illustrated from photographs ..
Call Number: JK1899.S7 A4

Equal suffrage : the results of an investigation league in Colorado made for the Collegiate equal suffrage league of New York state [electronic resource]
by Helen L. Sumner, Ph. D
Call Number: JK1911.C6 W6

Eugene V. Debs : trade unionist, socialist, revolutionary, 1855-1926. [electronic resource]
An historical narrative written and produced by Bernard Sanders
Call Number: HX84.D3 S263 1979

Fixing Illinois : politics and policy in the prairie state /
James D. Nowlan and J. Thomas Johnson
Call Number: JK5716 .N69 2014

Growing democracy in Japan : the parliamentary cabinet system since 1868 /
Brian Woodall
Call Number: JQ1642 .W66 2014

Guide to appointive boards and commissions in Vermont : a joint project of the Governor's Commission on the Status of Women and the Office of the Secretary of State [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK3049.C7 G85 1986

Hail to the chief : an inquiry into power of the president [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK516 .H355

History of woman suffrage [electronic resource]
edited by Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, and Matilda Joslyn Gage ..
Call Number: JK1896 .S8

How did suffragists lobby to obtain Congressional approval of a woman suffrage amendment to the U.S. Constitution, 1917-1920? [electronic resource]
by Kathryn Kish Sklar and Kathleen Hoerger
Call Number: JK1896

How did the views of Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Du Bois toward woman suffrage change, 1900-1915? [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK1896

How did the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom campaign against chemical warfare, 1915-1930? [electronic resource]
by Allison Sobek
Call Number: JZ5578

How did women peace activists respond to the Red Scare attacks during the 1920s? [electronic resource]
by Kathryn Kish Sklar and Helen Baker
Call Number: HX546

How numbers rule the world : the use and abuse of statistics in global politics /
Lorenzo Fioramonti
Call Number: JA71.7 .F53 2014

How welfare states shape the democratic public : policy feedback, participation, voting and attitudes /
edited by Steffan Kumlin, Isabelle Stadelmann-Steffen
Call Number: JC479 H69 2014

Human rights : a documentary on the United Nations Declaration of human rights [electronic resource]
[featuring] an interview with Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt
Call Number: JC571.R68 R667 1958

Imagine : living in a socialist USA /
edited by Frances Goldin, Debby Smith, and Michael Steven Smith
Call Number: HX89 .I43 2014

Innovative state : how new technologies can transform government /
Aneesh Chopra ; with Ethan Skolnick
Call Number: JK468.A8 C49 2014

Interview with James A. Farley : on American politics [electronic resource]
conceived & produced by Howard Langer
Call Number: JK2276 .F375 1959

Landmark legislation 1774-2012 : major U.S. acts and treaties /
Stephen W. Stathis
Call Number: JK1021 .S733 2014

Massachusetts in the woman suffrage movement. : a general, political [electronic resource]
legal and legislative history from 1774, to 1881
Call Number: JK1911.M4 R8

Mediatization of politics : understanding the transformation of western democracies /
edited by Frank Esser, University of Zurich, Switzerland, Jesper Strömbäck, Mid Sweden University, Sweden
Call Number: JA85 .M443 2014

Minnesota women : state government employment [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK6160.5.W6 M63 1977

Modern geopolitics and security : strategies for unwinnable conflicts /
Amos N. Guiora
Call Number: JC319 .G85 2014

Nobel voices for disarmament : 1901- 2001 [electronic resource]
[created, written and produced by David Tarnow]
Call Number: JZ5588 .N634 2007

Official congressional directory
by W. H. Michael
Call Number: JK1011

Old diplomacy revisited : a study in the modern history of diplomatic transformations /
Kenneth Weisbrode
Call Number: JZ1305 .W35 2014

Open source intelligence in the twenty-first century : new approaches and opportunities /
edited by Christopher Hobbs, Matthew Moran and Daniel Salisbury, Centre for Science and Security Studies, King's College London, UK
Call Number: JF1525.I6 O46 2014

Optimism in politics : reflections on contemporary history /
Walter Laqueur
Call Number: JA71 .L264 2014

Pacifism vs. patriotism in women's organizations in the 1920s : how was the debate shaped by the expansion of the American military [electronic resource]
by Anissa Harper LoCasto and Kathryn Kish Sklar
Call Number: JZ5584.U6

Parties, politics, and people [electronic resource]
four lectures to the league of women voters of Cleveland
Call Number: JK2265 .M7 1923

Pay equity in North Carolina state government : a report to the governor and the General Assembly [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK4157 .N66 1984

Political behavior of the American electorate
William H. Flanigan, University of Minnesota, Elizabeth A. Theiss-Morse University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nancy H. Zingale, University of St. Thomas, Michael W. Wagner, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Call Number: JK1967 .F38 2015

Political communication cultures in Europe : attitudes of political actors and journalists in nine countries /
edited by Barbara Pfetsch, Freie Universtitat Berlin, Germany
Call Number: JA85.2.E845 P65 2014

Political handbook of the world
Call Number: JF37 .P6

Political ideas in the romantic age : their rise and influence on modern thought /
Isaiah Berlin ; edited by Henry Hardy ; introduction by Joshua L. Cherniss ; foreword by William A. Galston
Call Number: JA71 .B4643 2014

Political ideologies : an introduction /
edited by Vincent Geoghegan and Rick Wilford
Call Number: JA74 .P63 2014

Presidential leadership : politics and policy making /
George C. Edwards III, Stephen J. Wayne
Call Number: JK516 .E39 2014

Proceedings of the Ohio Women's Convention, held at Salem, April 19th and 20th, 1850 : with an address by J. Elizabeth Jones [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK1885 1848d no. 5

Proceedings of the seventh National Woman's Rights Convention, held in New York City, at the Broadway Tabernacle, on Tuesday and Wednesday, Nov. 25th and 26th, 1856 [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK1885 1856

Proceedings of the Woman's Rights Conventions : held at Seneca Falls & Rochester, N.Y., July & August, 1848 [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK1885 1848

Ratification of the Equal rights amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America : report of the Joint Privileges and Elections Committees of the General Assembly to the Governor and the General Assembly of Virginia [electronic resource]
Call Number: J87 .V9 1974b, no. 25 KFV2811.7

Reasoning with who we are : democratic theory for a not so liberal era /
Mark Redhead
Call Number: JC423 .R3247 2014

Redeeming The prince : the meaning of Machiavelli's masterpiece /
Maurizio Viroli
Call Number: JC143.M3946 V47 2014

Report of the debates and proceedings of the convention for the revision of the constitution of the state of New York [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK3425.1846 .A15

Report of the Woman's rights meeting, at Mercantile hall, May 27, 1859 ... [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK1911.M4 B7

Report relative to the Equal rights constitutional amendment [electronic resource]
Call Number: J87 .M4 1972f, no. 1537 KFM2491.W6

Revolt on the right : explaining support for the radical right in Britain /
Robert Ford and Matthew J. Goodwin
Call Number: JN1129.U45 F67 2014

Search and struggle for equality and independence [electronic resource]
Rebecca Hourwich Reyher ; an interview conducted by Amelia R. Fry [and Fern Ingersoll] ; with an introd. by Nancy Hallinan
Call Number: JK1899.R49 A37

Searching for the spirit of American democracy : Max Weber's analysis of a unique political culture, past, present, and future /
Stephen Kalberg
Call Number: JK1726 .K34 2014

Secessionist movements and ethnic conflict : debate-framing and rhetoric in independence campaigns /
Beata Huszka
Call Number: JC327 .H89 2014

Second verse, same as the first : the 2012 presidential election in the South /
edited by Scott E. Buchanan and Branwell DuBose Kapeluck
Call Number: JK526 2012 .S43 2014

Sovereignty and the responsibility to protect : a new history /
Luke Glanville
Call Number: JC327 .G55 2014

Speaking with the people's voice : how presidents invoke public opinion /
Jeffrey P. Mehltretter Drury
Call Number: JA85.2.U6 D78 2014

Status of women : second report to the Governor, the General Assembly, and the citizens of Virginia [electronic resource]
Call Number: J87 .V9 1973c, no. 4 HQ1438.V5

Strategic decision-making in presidential nominations : when and why party elites decide to support a candidate /
Kenny J. Whitby
Call Number: JK522 .W45 2014

Talk show campaigns : presidential candidates on daytime and late night television /
Michael Parkin
Call Number: JK524 .P35 2014

Ten years of growth [electronic resource]
address of the president, Miss Belle Sherwin, to the tenth anniversary convention of the National league of women voters, Louisville, Kentucky, April 28May 3, 1930. Supplemented by a chronology and by charts
Call Number: JK1881

The aesthetic turn in political thought
edited by Nikolas Kompridis
Call Number: JA71 .A47145 2014

The art of intelligence : simulations, exercises, and games /
edited by William J. Lahneman and Rubén Arcos
Call Number: JK468.I6 A87 2014

The awkward age in civil service [electronic resource]
by Betsy Knapp
Call Number: JK691 .K5

The bias of temperament in American politics
William P. Kreml
Call Number: JA74.5 .K717 2014

The civic imagination : making a difference in American political life /
Gianpaolo Baiocchi, Elizabeth A. Bennett, Alissa Cordner, Peter Taylor Klein, and Stephanie Savell
Call Number: JK1764 .B35 2014

The colonial art of demonizing others : a global perspective /
Esther Lezra
Call Number: JA84.E9 L49 2014

The demilitarization of American diplomacy : two cheers for striped pants /
Laurence Pope
Call Number: JZ1480 .P65 2014

The effective presidency : lessons on leadership from John F. Kennedy to Barack Obama /
Erwin C. Hargrove
Call Number: JK516 .H255 2014

The fall of global socialism : a counter-narrative from the south /
Dayan Jayatilleka
Call Number: HX40 .J39 2014

The four inaugural addresses [electronic resource]
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Call Number: JK536 .R667

The globalization of Chinese propaganda : international power and domestic political cohesion /
Kingsley Edney
Call Number: JQ1512.Z13 P85317 2014

The good spy : the life and death of Robert Ames /
Kai Bird
Call Number: JK468.I6 B549 2014

The great silent majority : Nixon's 1969 speech on Vietnamization /
Karlyn Kohrs Campbell
Call Number: J82.E21 C35 2014

The hidden hand : a brief history of the CIA /
Richard H. Immerman
Call Number: JK468.I6 I45 2014

The House Committee on Un-American Activities : hearings in San Francisco, May 1960 [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK1430 .T444 1962

The minority party in America [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK2391.S6 T466 1961

The Municipal year book
Call Number: JS344.C5 A24

The myth of Seneca Falls : memory and the women's suffrage movement, 1848-1898 /
Lisa Tetrault
Call Number: JK1896 .T48 2014

The National League of Women Voters : principles and policies [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK1881

The PerformanceStat potential : a leadership strategy for producing results /
Robert D. Behn
Call Number: JK421 .B355 2014

The political ecology of the state : the basis and the evolution of environmental statehood /
Antonio Augusto Rossotto Ioris
Call Number: JA75.8 .I67 2014

The political theory of Judith N. Shklar : exile from exile /
by Andreas Hess
Call Number: JA71 .H47 2014

The politics of sex : public opinion, parties, and presidential elections /
Susan B. Hansen
Call Number: JK1965 .H36 2014

The proceedings of the Woman's Rights Convention held at Worcester, October 23d & 24th, 1850 [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK1881 .N357 sec. I, no. 143, #1

The proceedings of the Woman's Rights Convention, held at Akron, Ohio, May 28 and 29, 1851 [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK1885

The proceedings of the Woman's Rights Convention, held at Syracuse, September 8th, 9th, & 10th, 1852 [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK1885 1848a no. 6

The proceedings of the Woman's Rights Convention, held at Worcester, October 15th and 16th, 1851 [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK1881

The program explained [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK1881 .L499

The program explained [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK1881 .L499

The rhetorical foundations of society
Ernesto Laclau
Call Number: HX73 .L3324 2014

The rise and fall of intelligence : an international security history /
Michael Warner
Call Number: JK468.I6 W358 2014

The traffic in women's work : East European migration and the making of Europe /
Anca Parvulescu
Call Number: JV7595 .P379 2014

The White House or bust, seven steps to the Presidency : a documentary [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK528 .P555 1964

The woman voter's manual [electronic resource]
by S.E. Forman and Marjorie Shuler ; with an introduction by Carrie Chapman Catt
Call Number: JK271 .F55 1918b

The Women's Municipal League of Boston : a history of thirty-five years of civic endeavor [electronic resource]
by Dorothy Worrell
Call Number: JS601.W6 W6

Tocqueville's nightmare : the administrative state emerges in America, 1900-1940 /
Daniel R. Ernst
Call Number: JK411 .E76 2014

Transatlantic relations and modern diplomacy : an interdisciplinary examination /
edited by Sudeshna Roy, Dana Cooper, and Brian M. Murphy
Call Number: JZ1480.A54 T73 2014

Transforming violent political movements : rebels today, what tomorrow? /
Kevin Grisham
Call Number: JC328.6 .G75 2014

Transnational anti-communism and the cold war : agents, activities, and networks /
edited by Luc van Dongen, Post-Doctoral Researcher and Lecturer, University of Fribourg, Switzerland; Stéphanie Roulin, Post-Doctoral Researcher, University of Fribourg, Switzerland; and Giles Scott-Smith, Professor of Diplomatic History, Leiden University, the Netherlands
Call Number: HX44 .T73 2014

Treaties in force : a list of treaties and other international acts of the United States in force on ..
Call Number: JX235.9 .A33

Understanding the Tea Party movement
edited by Nella Van Dyke and David S. Meyer
Call Number: JK2391.T43 V36 2014

Unstoppable : the emerging left-right alliance to dismantle the corporate state /
Ralph Nader
Call Number: JK467 .N34 2014

Were women in the Oneida community liberated or oppressed by Bible communisim, 1848-1880? [electronic resource]
by Jennifer Cubic and Heather Rogan, under the direction of Kathryn Kish Sklar
Call Number: HX656.O5

What government does : how political executives manage /
Paul R. Lawrence, Ernst & Young LLP, Mark A. Abramson, Leadership Inc
Call Number: JK723.E9 .L39 2014

Why did Colorado suffragists fail to win the right to vote in 1877, but succeed in 1893? [electronic resource]
by Jennifer Frost, Leslic Chromic, Marcia Goldstein, Rebecca Hunt [and] Heidi Voehringer
Call Number: JK1911.C65

Why did the Iowa League of Women Voters oppose the Equal Rights Amendment during the 1940s and 1950s? [electronic resource]
by Maggie Campbell and Victoria Brown
Call Number: JK1881

Why we argue (and how we should) : a guide to political disagreement /
Scott F. Aikin and Robert B. Talisse
Call Number: JA85 .A35 2014

Woman suffrage in New Jersey : an address [electronic resource]
delivered by Lucy Stone
Call Number: JK1911.N5 S766 1867

Women employed in Maryland state government in 1979 [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK3860.5.W6 S66 1980

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