Political Science

Items Acquired in November 2014 for the University Libraries

(Dys-)functionalities of corruption : comparative perspectives and methodological pluralism /
Tobias Debiel, Andrea Gawrich (eds.) ; in collaboration with Holger Niemann
Call Number: JF1081

A city in the republic : antebellum New York and the origins of machine politics [electronic resource]
Amy Bridges
Call Number: JS1227 .B74 1984eb

A different democracy : American government in a thirty-one-country perspective /
Steven L. Taylor, Matthew S. Shugart, Arend Lijphart, Bernard Grofman
Call Number: JK1726 .T38 2014

African American women in the struggle for the vote, 1850-1920 [electronic resource]
Rosalyn Terborg-Penn
Call Number: JK1896 .T47 1998eb

After colonialism : imperial histories and postcolonial displacements [electronic resource]
edited by Gyan Prakash
Call Number: JV105 .A35 1995eb

American suffrage : from property to democracy, 1760-1860 [electronic resource]
by Chilton Williamson
Call Number: JK1846 .W5 1960eb

Australian liberals and the moral middle class : from Alfred Deakin to John Howard [electronic resource]
Judith Brett
Call Number: JC574.2.A8 B74 2008"@"JC574.2.A8

Australian liberals and the moral middle class : from Alfred Deakin to John Howard [electronic resource]
Judith Brett
Call Number: JC574.2.A8 (INTERNET)

Avoiding politics : how Americans produce apathy in everyday life [electronic resource]
Nina Eliasoph
Call Number: JK1764

Being Israeli : the dynamics of multiple citizenship [electronic resource]
Gershon Shafir, Yoav Peled
Call Number: JQ1830.A91 S53 2002eb

Belonging : the meaning and future of Canadian citizenship [electronic resource]
edited by William Kaplan
Call Number: JL187 .B45 1993eb

Beyond religious right and secular left rhetoric : the road to compromise /
Karin Fry
Call Number: JK1726 .F79 2014

Borough and town : a study of urban origins in England [electronic resource]
[by] Carl Stephenson, Professor of History, Cornell University
Call Number: JS3025 .S7

Building a new American state : the expansion of national administrative capacities, 1877-1920 [electronic resource]
Stephen Skowronek
Call Number: JK231 .S55 1982eb

Bureaucracy and self-government : reconsidering the role of public administration in American politics /
Brian J. Cook
Call Number: JK411 .C66 2014

Can we talk? : the rise of rude, nasty, stubborn politics /
Daniel M. Shea and Morris P. Fiorina, editors
Call Number: JK1726 .C36 2012

Commager on Tocqueville [electronic resource]
Henry Steele Commager
Call Number: JC229.T8 C63 1993eb

Communist Party membership in the U.S.S.R., 1917-1967 [electronic resource]
T.H. Rigby
Call Number: JN6598.K7 R5 1968eb

Corruption in the contemporary world : theory, practice, and hotspots /
edited by Jonathan Mendilow and Ilan Peleg
Call Number: JF1081 .C67345 2014

Counting the dead : the culture and politics of human rights activism in Colombia [electronic resource]
Winifred Tate
Call Number: JC599.C7 T38 2007eb

Critical theories of the state : Marxist, Neo-Marxist, Post-Marxist [electronic resource]
Clyde W. Barrow
Call Number: JC251 .B32 1993eb

Democracy and social peace in divided societies : exploring consociational parties /
Matthijs Bogaards
Call Number: JF2051 .B63 2014

Democracy from scratch : opposition and regime in the new Russian Revolution [electronic resource]
M. Steven Fish
Call Number: JN6598.A1 F57 1995eb

Democratization and revolution in the USSR, 1985-1991 [electronic resource]
Jerry F. Hough
Call Number: JN6500 .H68 1997"@"JN6500

Diaspora lobbies and the US government : convergence and divergence in making foreign policy /
edited by Josh DeWind and Renata Segura
Call Number: JZ1480 .D53 2014

Economic and social survey of Asia and the Pacific
Call Number: JX1977.A335 E25

Elections and political order in Russia : the implications of the 1993 elections to the Federal Assembly [electronic resource]
edited by Peter Lentini
Call Number: JN6592 .E543 1995eb

Empire and information : intelligence gathering and social communication in India, 1780-1870 [electronic resource]
C.A. Bayly
Call Number: JQ229.I6 B39 1999eb

France votes : the election of Francois Hollande /
Irwin Wall
Call Number: JN2959 .W45 2014

Freedom, loyalty, dissent [electronic resource]
by Henry Steele Commager
Call Number: JC599.U5 C58 1954eb

Globalization and nationalism : the cases of Georgia and the Basque country [electronic resource]
Natalie Sabanadze
Call Number: JZ1318 .S228 2010eb

Governance and politics of the Netherlands
Rudy B. Andeweg and Galen A. Irwin
Call Number: JN5801 .A53 2014

Government and politics in Hungary [electronic resource]
András Körösényi
Call Number: JN2067 .K6813 1999eb

Imagined communities : reflections on the origin and spread of nationalism [electronic resource]
Benedict Anderson
Call Number: JC311 .A48 2006"@"JC311

Imperial rule [electronic resource]
edited by Alexei Miller and Alfred J. Rieber
Call Number: JC359 .I67 2004eb

Incomplete democracies in the Asia-Pacific : evidence from Indonesia, Korea, the Philippines, and Thailand /
edited by Giovanna Maria Dora Dore, Jae H. Ku, Karl D. Jackson
Call Number: JQ36 .I53 2014

Interest groups in Soviet politics [electronic resource]
edited by H. Gordon Skilling and Franklyn Griffiths
Call Number: JN6515 1971 .I5 1973eb

Judicial power and Reconstruction politics [electronic resource]
Stanley I. Kutler
Call Number: JK1561 .K8 1968eb

Kalmykia in Russia's past and present national policies and administrative system [electronic resource]
Konstantin N. Maksimov
Call Number: JN6699.K335 M3513 2008eb

Legacies : the story of the immigrant second generation [electronic resource]
Alejandro Portes, Rubén G. Rumbaut
Call Number: JV6471 .P67 2001eb

Liberals in the Russian Revolution : the Constitutional Democratic Party, 1917-1921 [electronic resource]
by William G. Rosenberg
Call Number: JN6598.K95 R67 1974eb

Looking backward, 2000-1887 [electronic resource]
by Edward Bellamy ; edited by John L. Thomas
Call Number: HX811 1887 .B4 1967eb

Lost modernities : China, Vietnam, Korea, and the hazards of world history [electronic resource]
Alexander Woodside
Call Number: JQ1510 .W66 2006

Majority rule and minority rights [electronic resource]
by Henry Steele Commager
Call Number: JK1541 .C73 1943eb

Marxism and the leap to the kingdom of freedom : the rise and fall of the Communist utopia [electronic resource]
Andrzej Walicki
Call Number: HX39 .W17 1995"@"HX39

Millennial makeover : MySpace, YouTube, and the future of American politics [electronic resource]
Morley Winograd, Michael D. Hais
Call Number: JK1764 .W635 2008eb

Negotiated authorities : essays in colonial political and constitutional history [electronic resource]
Jack P. Greene
Call Number: JK54 .G74 1994eb

New men in the Roman senate, 139 B.C. - A.D. 14 [electronic resource]
T.P. Wiseman
Call Number: JC85.S4 W73 1971

New world disorder : the Leninist extinction [electronic resource]
Ken Jowitt
Call Number: JC474 .J69 1992eb

Northern men with Southern loyalties : the Democratic party and the sectional crisis /
Michael Todd Landis
Call Number: JK2316 .L36 2014

On the edge : Ukrainian-Central European-Russian security triangle [electronic resource]
edited by Margarita M. Balmaceda
Call Number: JZ1624 .O5 2000eb

Oriental despotism : a comparative study of total power [electronic resource]
by Karl A. Wittfogel
Call Number: JC414.W5 (INTERNET)

Political marketing in the United States
edited by Jennifer Lees-Marshment, Brian M. Conley and Kenneth Cosgrove
Call Number: JA85.2.U6 P64 2014

Political order and political decay : from the industrial revolution to the globalization of democracy /
Francis Fukuyama
Call Number: JC11 .F853 2014

Political protest in the Congo : the Parti solidaire africain during the independence struggle [electronic resource]
Herbert F. Weiss
Call Number: JQ3619.A5 W4 1967eb

Pragmatism, rights, and democracy [electronic resource]
Beth J. Singer
Call Number: JC571 .S6285 1999eb

Public procurement reforms in Africa : challenges in institutions and governance /
Christine Léon de Mariz, Claude Ménard, and Bernard Abeillé
Call Number: JQ1879.A13 L46 2014

Red sunset : the failure of Soviet politics [electronic resource]
Philip G. Roeder
Call Number: JN6511 .R44 1993eb

Reimagining Canada : language, culture, community and the Canadian constitution [electronic resource]
Jeremy Webber
Call Number: JL27.5 .W44 1994eb

Resistance, repression, and gender politics in occupied Palestine and Jordan [electronic resource]
Frances S. Hasso
Call Number: JQ1830.A98 J324 2005eb

Rethinking the Third World : international development and world politics /
Mark T. Berger and Heloise Weber
Call Number: JF60 .B475 2014

Stalin and the Soviet science wars [electronic resource]
Ethan Pollock
Call Number: HX541 .P63 2006eb

Stalin's successors : leadership, stability, and change in the Soviet Union [electronic resource]
Seweryn Bialer
Call Number: JN6581 .B5 1980eb

State formation in early modern England, c. 1550-1700 [electronic resource]
Michael J. Braddick
Call Number: JN191 .B73 2000eb

State-building : a comparative study of Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, and Russia [electronic resource]
Verena Fritz
Call Number: JN6531 .F75 2007eb

Subversive institutions : the design and the destruction of socialism and the state [electronic resource]
Valerie Bunce
Call Number: HX240.7.A6 B86 1999eb

Symbols of substance, court and state in Nāyaka period Tamilnadu [electronic resource]
Velcheru Narayana Rao, David Shulman, Sanjay Subrahmanyam
Call Number: JQ299.T366 N37 1992eb

Tackling wicked government problems : a practical guide for developing enterprise leaders /
Jackson Nickerson, Ronald P. Sanders, editors
Call Number: JK723.E9 T33 2014

The American political party system : continuity and change over ten presidential elections /
John S. Jackson
Call Number: JK2261 .J34 2015

The ancient constitution and the feudal law : a study of English historical thought in the seventeenth century : a reissue with a retrospect [electronic resource]
J.G.A. Pocock
Call Number: JN191 .P6 1987eb

The baba and the comrade : gender and politics in revolutionary Russia [electronic resource]
Elizabeth A. Wood
Call Number: HX546 (INTERNET)

The character of the good ruler : a study of Puritan political ideas in New England, 1630-1730 [electronic resource]
by T.H. Breen
Call Number: JK54 .B74 1970

The conscience of the revolution : communist opposition in Soviet Russia [electronic resource]
Robert Vincent Daniels
Call Number: HX312 .D32 1988eb

The cooperative commonwealth [electronic resource]
by Laurence Gronlund ; edited by Stow Persons
Call Number: HX86 .G8 1965eb

The defeat of America : presidential power and the national character [electronic resource]
Henry Steele Commager
Call Number: JK511 .C64 1974eb

The defender of peace : The Defensor pacis / [electronic resource] =
Marsilius of Padua ; translated with an introduction by Alan Gewirth
Call Number: JC121 .M3213 1967"@"JC121

The education of a Christian prince [electronic resource]
by Desiderius Erasmus ; translated with an introduction on Erasmus and on ancient and medieval political thought by Lester K. Born
Call Number: JC145 .E6513 1968"@"JC145

The end of greatness : why America can't have (and doesn't want) another great president /
Aaron David Miller
Call Number: JK516 .M477 2014

The English government at work, 1327-1336 [electronic resource]
edited by James F. Willard and William A. Morris
Call Number: JN163.W5

The formation of civil society in modern Iran : public intellectuals and the state /
Melody Mohebi
Call Number: JQ1789.A15 M64 2014

The foundations of modern political thought [electronic resource]
Quentin Skinner
Call Number: JA81 .S54 1978eb

The God who deconstructs himself : sovereignty and subjectivity between Freud, Bataille, and Derrida [electronic resource]
Nick Mansfield
Call Number: JC497.D475 M36 2010eb

The king's two bodies : a study in mediaeval political theology [electronic resource]
by Ernst H. Kantorowicz ; with a new preface by William Chester Jordan
Call Number: JC385 .K3 1997eb

The landscape of Stalinism : the art and ideology of Soviet space [electronic resource]
edited by Evgeny Dobrenko and Eric Naiman
Call Number: HX523 .L32 2003"@"HX523

The Menshevik leaders in the Russian Revolution : social realities and political strategies [electronic resource]
Ziva Galili
Call Number: HX313 .G36 1989eb

The narrative of Hosea Hudson : his life as a Negro Communist in the South [electronic resource]
[edited by] Nell Irvin Painter
Call Number: HX84.H8 P34 1979

The nature and tendency of free institutions [electronic resource]
by Frederick Grimke ; edited by John William Ward
Call Number: JC212 .G7 1968eb

The practical anarchist : writings of Josiah Warren [electronic resource]
edited and with an introduction by Crispin Sartwell
Call Number: HX843.7 .W27 2011eb

The process of government [electronic resource]
Arthur F. Bentley ; edited by Peter H. Odegard
Call Number: JA66 .B36 1967eb

The revolutionary left in Spain, 1914-1923 [electronic resource]
Gerald H. Meaker
Call Number: HX342 .M36 1974"@"HX342

The ribbon around the Pentagon : peace by piecemakers [electronic resource]
Linda Pershing
Call Number: JX1974.7 .P445 1996"@"JX1974.7

The right to vote : the contested history of democracy in the United States [electronic resource]
Alexander Keyssar
Call Number: JK1846 .K48 2000eb

The Roman citizenship [electronic resource]
by A.N. Sherwin-White
Call Number: JC85.C5 S5 1973

The roundtable talks of 1989 : the genesis of Hungarian democracy : analysis and documents [electronic resource]
edited by Andras Bozoki
Call Number: JN2067 .R68 2002eb

The royalist revolution : monarchy and the American founding /
Eric Nelson
Call Number: JA84.U5 N35 2014

The Russian Marxists & the origins of Bolshevism [electronic resource]
by Leopold H. Haimson
Call Number: HX313 .H3 1955"@"HX313

The secession of Quebec and the future of Canada [electronic resource]
Robert A. Young
Call Number: JL27 .Y68 1998eb

The Senate of Imperial Rome [electronic resource]
Richard J.A. Talbert
Call Number: JC85.S4

The Soviet prefects : the local party organs in industrial decision-making [electronic resource]
Jerry F. Hough
Call Number: JN6598.K6 H6 1969"@"JN6598.K7

The study of political commitment [electronic resource]
by John DeLamater
Call Number: JC328 .D44 1973eb

Toward a civil discourse : rhetoric and fundamentalism [electronic resource]
Sharon Crowley
Call Number: JC337 .C76 2006eb

Triumphs and tragedies of the modern Congress : case studies in legislative leadership /
Maxmillian Angerholzer III, James Kitfield, Christopher P. Lu, and Norman Ornstein, editors ; foreword by David M. Abshire
Call Number: JK1021 .T75 2014

Uncertain victory : social democracy and progressivism in European and American thought, 1870-1920 [electronic resource]
James T. Kloppenberg
Call Number: JA84.E9 K57 1986

Unmaking the bomb : a fissile material approach to nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation /
Harold A. Feiveson, Alexander Glaser, Zia Mian, and Frank N. von Hippel
Call Number: JZ5675 .F45 2014

Unmasking administrative evil
by Guy B. Adams and Danny L. Balfour
Call Number: JF1525.E8 A33 2015

Why public service matters : public managers, public policy, and democracy /
Robert F. Durant
Call Number: JK692 .D87 2014

With Stalin against Tito : Cominformist splits in Yugoslav Communism [electronic resource]
Ivo Banac
Call Number: HX365.5.A6 B36 1988"@"HX365.5.A6

Working class radicals : the Socialist Party in West Virginia, 1898-1920 [electronic resource]
Frederick A. Barkey ; with a foreword by Ken Fones-Wolf
Call Number: HX91.W4 B37 2012eb

Working congress : a guide for senators, representatives, and citizens /
edited by Robert Mann
Call Number: JK1726 .M37 2015

Youth in revolutionary Russia : enthusiasts, bohemians, delinquents [electronic resource]
Anne E. Gorsuch
Call Number: HX313 .G666 2000eb

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