Political Science

Items Acquired in September 2015 for the University Libraries

25 years of a great idea : a history of the National League of Women Voters [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK3 .L4322 no. 52

A Guide to New York State government [electronic resource]
the League of Women Voters of New York State ; Mary Jo Fairbanks, editor
Call Number: JK3431 .G85 1989

A handy digest of election laws [electronic resource]
by Gladys C. Blakey
Call Number: JK1961 .B55

A history of the national woman's rights movement, for twenty years : with the proceedings of the decade meeting held at Apollo hall, October 20, 1870 from 1850 to 1870 [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK1896 .D3 1871a

A study of the League of Women Voters of the United States [electronic resource]
Survey Research Center, University of Michigan
Call Number: JK1881 .L485

A survey of sexual harassment in Maryland state government [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK3860.5.W6 M37 1980

Administrative obstacles to voting : a report of the League of Women Voters Education Fund [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK1973 .L43

America at the ballot box : elections and political history /
edited by Gareth Davies and Julian E. Zelizer
Call Number: JK1965 .A48 2015

An analysis of wage discrimination in New Jersey state service [electronic resource]
State of New Jersey, Commission on Sex Discrimination in the Statutes
Call Number: JK3557 .N5 1983

An index to the National citizen and ballot box [electronic resource]
by Mara Ann Pinto Oess
Call Number: JK1880 .N32

Arab spring : negotiating in the shadow of the intifadat /
edited by I. William Zartman
Call Number: JQ1850.A91 A797 2015

Changing the constitution : a study of the amending process [electronic resource]
by Dorothy Kenyon; address delivered at the seventh annual convention of the National league of women voters, St. Louis, April 17, 1926
Call Number: JK168 .K4

Connecticut : the story of your state government [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK3325 1973.A7

Current controversies in political philosophy
edited by Thom Brooks
Call Number: JA71 .C877 2015

Discrimination in state employment [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK2960.5.W6 N48 1972

Elizabeth Cady Stanton as revealed in her letters, diary and reminiscences [electronic resource]
ed. by Theodore Stanton and Harriot Stanton Blatch, illustrated from photographs ..
Call Number: JK1899.S7 A4

Eqbal Ahmad : critical outsider in a turbulent age /
Stuart Schaar
Call Number: JC273.A49 S34 2015

Equal suffrage : the results of an investigation league in Colorado made for the Collegiate equal suffrage league of New York state [electronic resource]
by Helen L. Sumner, Ph.D
Call Number: JK1911.C6 W6

Everyday peace? : politics, citizenship and Muslim lives in India /
Philippa Williams
Call Number: JZ5584.I4

Fear of dying
Erica Jong
Call Number: JONG

Freedom or fascism? [electronic resource]
Call Number: JC433 .C65

Gender, race, and Sudan's exile politics : do we all belong to this country? /
Nada Mustafa Ali
Call Number: JQ3981.A91 A45 2015

Get out the vote : how to increase voter turnout /
Donald P. Green, Alan S. Gerber
Call Number: JK2281 .G74 2015

Governors, grants, and elections : fiscal federalism in the American states /
Sean Nicholson-Crotty
Call Number: JK325 .N55 2015

Guide to appointive boards and commissions in Vermont : a joint project of the Governor's Commission on the Status of Women and the Office of the Secretary of State [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK3049.C7 G85 1986

History of woman suffrage [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK1896 .S8 1881

Hong Kong's indigenous democracy : origins, evolution and contentions /
Sonny Lo
Call Number: JQ1539.5.A91 L63 2015

Impact on issues, 1976-78 : a leader's guide to national program [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK1881 .L43 1977

Key to the Keystone State, Pennsylvania [electronic resource]
League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania
Call Number: JK3616 .K48 1989

Legislating in the dark : information and power in the House of Representatives /
James M. Curry
Call Number: JK1319 .C89 2015

Massachusetts in the woman suffrage movement : a general, political [electronic resource]
legal and legislative history from 1774, to 1881
Call Number: JK1911.M4 R8

Minnesota women : state government employment [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK6160.5.W6 M63 1977

More power than we knew : the League of Women Voters in Oregon, 1920-1995 [electronic resource]
Mary Alice Moore, Donald E. Moore
Call Number: JK1883 .M66 1995

New subaltern politics : reconceptualizing hegemony and resistance in contemporary India /
[edited by] Alf Gunvald Nilsen and Srila Roy
Call Number: JQ220.M5

New York State : a citizen's handbook [electronic resource]
[Marjorie G. Stein, editor
Call Number: JK3425 1963 .L4

Outline of a new liberalism : pragmatism and the stigmatized other /
Nelson W. Keith
Call Number: JC574 .K43 2015

Oxford studies in political philosophy. Volume 1
edited by David Sobel, Peter Vallentyne, and Steven Wall
Call Number: JA71

Parties, politics, and people [electronic resource]
four lectures to the league of women voters of Cleveland
Call Number: JK2265 .M7 1923

Party discipline in the U.S. House of Representatives
Kathryn Pearson
Call Number: JK1410 .P43 2015

Pay equity in North Carolina state government : a report to the governor and the General Assembly [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK4157 .N66 1984

Perspectives on the entangled history of communism and Nazism : a comnaz analysis /
edited by Klas-Göran Karlsson, Johan Stenfeldt, and Ulf Zander
Call Number: JC480 .P475 2015

Pivotal Tuesdays : four elections that shaped the twentieth century /
Margaret O'Mara
Call Number: JK528 .O43 2015

Policy paradigms in theory and practice : discourses, ideas and anomalies in public policy dynamics /
edited by John Hogan, Michael Howlett
Call Number: JF1525.P6 P653 2015

Proceedings of the Ohio Women's Convention, held at Salem, April 19th and 20th, 1850 : with an address by J. Elizabeth Jones [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK1885 1848d no. 5

Proceedings of the seventh National Woman's Rights Convention, held in New York City, at the Broadway Tabernacle, on Tuesday and Wednesday, Nov. 25th and 26th, 1856 [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK1885 1856

Ratification of the Equal rights amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America : report of the Joint Privileges and Elections Committees of the General Assembly to the Governor and the General Assembly of Virginia [electronic resource]
Call Number: J87 .V9 1974b, no. 25 KFV2811.7

Report of the debates and proceedings of the convention for the revision of the constitution of the state of New York [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK3425.1846 .A15

Report of the Woman's rights meeting, at Mercantile hall, May 27, 1859 ... [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK1911.M4 B7

Report relative to the Equal rights constitutional amendment [electronic resource]
Call Number: J87 .M4 1972f, no. 1537 KFM2491.W6

Search and struggle for equality and independence [electronic resource]
Rebecca Hourwich Reyher ; an interview conducted by Amelia R. Fry [and Fern Ingersoll] ; with an introd. by Nancy Hallinan
Call Number: JK1899.R49 A37

Social opulence and private restraint : the consumer in British socialist thought since 1800 /
Noel Thompson
Call Number: HX241.5

Stasis and stability : exile, the polis, and political thought, c. 404-146 BC /
Benjamin Gray
Call Number: JC73

Status of women : second report to the Governor, the General Assembly, and the citizens of Virginia [electronic resource]
Call Number: J87 .V9 1973c, no. 4 HQ1438.V5

Surveillance, transparency, and democracy : public administration in the information age /
Akhlaque Haque
Call Number: JF1525.A8 H368 2015

The awkward age in civil service [electronic resource]
by Betsy Knapp
Call Number: JK691 .K5

The civic organization and the digital citizen : communicating engagement in a networked age /
Chris Wells
Call Number: JF799.5 .W45 2015

The first primary : New Hampshire's outsize role in presidential nominations /
David W. Moore and Andrew E. Smith
Call Number: JK2075.N42 M66 2015

The life and work of Susan B. Anthony : including public addresses, her own letters and many from her contemporaries during fifty years, [electronic resource]
by Ida Husted Harper. A story of the evolution of the status of woman
Call Number: JK1899.A6 H3

The limits of political belonging : an adaptionist perspective on citizenship and society /
Mark Edwards
Call Number: JF801 .E393 2015

The new intergovernmentalism : states and supranational actors in the post-Maastricht era /
Christopher Bickerton, Dermot Hodson, and Uwe Puetter
Call Number: JN30

The proceedings of the Woman's Rights Convention, held at Akron, Ohio, May 28 and 29, 1851 [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK1881 .N357 sec. I, no. 146a, #4

The proceedings of the Woman's Rights Convention, held at Syracuse, September 8th, 9th, & 10th, 1852 [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK1885 1848a no. 6

The proceedings of the Woman's Rights Convention, held at Worcester, October 15th and 16th, 1851 [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK1881 .N357 sec. I, no. 143, #2

The proceedings of the Woman's Rights Convention, held at Worcester, October 23d & 24th, 1850 [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK1881 .N357 sec. I, no. 143, #1

The program explained [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK1881 .L499

The public administration theory primer
H. George Frederickson, Kevin B. Smith, Christopher W. Larimer, Michael J. Licari
Call Number: JF1351 .F734 2016

The rhetoric of Plato's Republic : democracy and the philosophical problem of persuasion /
James L. Kastely
Call Number: JC71 .K37 2015

The road to collaborative governance in China
edited by Yijia Jing
Call Number: JQ1510 .R63 2015

The U.S. domestic intelligence enterprise : history, development, and operations /
Darren E. Tromblay
Call Number: JK468.I6 T73 2016

The U.S. intelligence community
Jeffrey T. Richelson
Call Number: JK468.I6 R53 2015

The Wiley Blackwell companion to political geography
edited by John Agnew, Virginie Mamadouh, Anna J. Secor, and Joanne Shape
Call Number: JC319

The woman voter's manual [electronic resource]
by S.E. Forman and Marjorie Shuler, with an introduction by Carrie Chapman Catt
Call Number: JK271 .F55

Tocqueville, democracy, and religion : checks and balances for democratic souls /
Alan S. Kahan
Call Number: JC229 .K34 2015eb

Transnational cooperation : an issue-based approach /
Clint Peinhardt and Todd Sandler
Call Number: JZ1318

Using technology, building democracy : digital campaigning and the construction of citizenship /
Jessica Baldwin-Philippi
Call Number: JK2281 .B353 2015eb

When movements anchor parties : electoral alignments in American history /
Daniel Schlozman
Call Number: JK2255 .S35 2015

Women employed in Maryland state government in 1979 [electronic resource]
Call Number: JK3860.5.W6 S66 1980

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