Items Acquired in June 2014 for the University Libraries

A discussion with Dr. Joe White [electronic resource]
[presented by] Thomas Parham ; executive producers, Thomas Parham, Iain Grainger ; produced by TLTC at UC Irvine ; Microtraining Associates
Call Number: BF109.W45 D58 2009

A living legend : life review interview with Patricia Arredondo [electronic resource]
Microtraining Associates ; produced by Carlos Zalaquett & Scott Seifreit
Call Number: BF636.6 .L58 2009 E-Video

Basic influencing skills [electronic resource]
Allen E. Ivey, Norma B. Gluckstern, and Mary Bradford Ivey
Call Number: BF636.6 .I8 1997

Becoming creative as a counselor : the SCAMPER model [electronic resource]
[presented by] Microtraining Associates ; written by Samuel T. Gladding ; produced and directed by Trevor J. Buser, Juleen K. Buser, Erin Binkley
Call Number: BF636.6 .B43 2007

Beyond versus : the struggle to understand the interaction of nature and nurture /
James Tabery
Call Number: BF341 .T33 2014

Building Europe on expertise : innovators, organizers, networkers /
Helmuth Trischler, museum director and professor, Deutsches Museum, Munich, Germany and Martin Kohlrausch, associate professor, KU Leuven, Belgium
Call Number: HM1261 .T75 2014

Career counseling : skills for guided discovery and career assessment [electronic resource]
Microtraining and Microtraining Development ; Anika K. Warren
Call Number: BF636.7.C76 C3743 2006

Collective emotions : perspectives from psychology, philosophy, and sociology /
edited by Christian von Scheve and Mikko Salmela
Call Number: BF531 C65 2014

Coping with adulthood : a current, selected annotated bibliography for women and men, with particular emphasis on changing roles and critical turing points [electronic resource]
compiled by Marilyn Curryer Gould
Call Number: BF724.5 .G679

Counseling around the world : an international handbook /
editors, Thomas H. Hohenshil, Norman E. Amundson, Spencer G. Niles
Call Number: BF636.6 .C674 2013

Counseling Muslims In a western context [electronic resource]
Microtraining and Multicultural Development ; directed and edited by Joshua M. Peltier
Call Number: BF636.7.C76 C68 2004 DVD

Creating human development theories : a guide for the social sciences and humanities /
R. Murray Thomas
Call Number: BF713 .T4843 2014

Crybaby : an analysis of the cry-language of babies [electronic resource]
Call Number: BF723.I6

Culturally-competent counseling and therapy [electronic resource]
sponsored and produced by the Society for the Psychological Study of Ethnic Minority Issues, Division 45 of the American Psychological Association
Call Number: BF637.C6 C85 2009ev

Cyclical psychodynamics and the contextual self : the inner world, the intimate world, and the world of culture and society /
Paul L Wachtel
Call Number: BF698 .W23 2014

Dual-process theories of the social mind
edited by Jeffrey W. Sherman, Bertram Gawronski, Yaacov Trope
Call Number: HM1033 .D83 2014

Enhancing psychic energy [electronic resource]
conducted and created by Lee R. Steiner
Call Number: BF175.5.P72 S745 1977

European-American perspectives : growing up with culture [electronic resource]
Microtraining Associates ; produced by Bruce Oldershaw
Call Number: BF636.7.C76 E97 2009

Experiential approach for developing multicultural counseling competence
Mary L. Fawcett, Kathy M. Evans
Call Number: BF636.7.C76 F38 2013

Formulation in psychology and psychotherapy : making sense of people's problems /
edited by Lucy Johnstone and Rudi Dallos
Call Number: BF38.5 .J64 2013

Hand analysis, beginner's introduction [electronic resource]
by Betsy Hoffman
Call Number: BF921 .H644 1980

Handwriting analysis [electronic resource]
Call Number: BF891 .S273 1962

Healing of the soul wound : Native American psychology and its implications for multicultural theory and practice [electronic resource]
Microtraining Associates
Call Number: BF636.7.C76 H43 2009

Historical tales and national identity : an introduction to narrative social psychology /
János László
Call Number: HM1033 .L37 2014

Infusing the psychology of curriculum and ethnocultural content : truths, half-truths, anecdotes, and the role of critical thinking [electronic resource]
Call Number: BF636.7.C76 I64 2009ev

Innovative rhythmic and tonal textures for developing creative motor skill activities [electronic resource]
by Bilal Abdurahman
Call Number: BF295.A2 I566 1976

Integrating diversity guidelines for practice competency [electronic resource]
Microtraining Associates
Call Number: HM1271 .I58 2009

Is it really me? [electronic resource]
Sister Productions, Wisdom Television ; produced by Brenda Siemer ; directed by Brenda Siemer, Emma Joan Morris
Call Number: BF724.3.B55 I8 2002

It's not just PR : public relations in society /
W. Timothy Coombs, Sherry J. Holladay
Call Number: HM1221 .C59 2014

Laughter in Ancient Rome : On Joking, Tickling, and Cracking Up /
Mary Beard
Call Number: BF575.L3 B38 2014

Mediatized worlds : culture and society in a media age /
edited by Andreas Hepp and Friedrich Krotz
Call Number: HM1206 . M435 2014

Methodological cognitivism. Vol. 2, Cognition, science, and innovation : Riccardo Viale
Call Number: BF311 .V53 2013

Mothers and sons : the crucial connection [electronic resource]
Microtraining Associates ; Ackerman Institute for Family Therapy ; executive producer, Steve Lerner ; producer, Peter Graumann
Call Number: BF723.M55 M68 2009

Multicultural competence : awareness, knowledge, and skills [electronic resource]
[presented by] Microtraining Associates
Call Number: BF637.C6 M835 2004

Multiculturalism : issues in education and counseling [electronic resource]
created & developed by Don Pope-Davis ; producer/director, Bruce Drummond ; Instructional Media Production, College of Education, University of Iowa ; Microtraining Associates
Call Number: BF636.7.C76 M86 2009

Multiculturalism in psychology education and training [electronic resource]
Call Number: BF636.7.C76 M8487 2009ev

New developments in quantitative psychology : presentations from the 77th Annual Psychometric Society Meeting /
Roger E. Millsap, L. Andries van der Ark, Daniel M. Bolt, Carol M. Woods, editors
Call Number: BF39

Person-centred counselling in action
Dave Mearns and Brian Thorne with John McLeod
Call Number: BF

Personal consultancy : a model for integrating counselling and coaching /
Nash Popovic and Debra Jinks
Call Number: BF636.6 .P67 2014

Positive psychology and psychotherapy [electronic resource]
Martin Seligman with Randall C. Wyatt
Call Number: BF204.6 .P67 2008

Possible selves and social identities : when and how they promote school performance [electronic resource]
Microtraining Associates ; Pedagogy Productions
Call Number: BF636.7.C76 P68 2009

Promoting change : helping people with alcohol problems in primary care [electronic resource]
Department of Psychiatry, the University of Manchester
Call Number: BF637.B4 P67 2009

Psychology of men and masculinity in multicultural perspective [electronic resource]
Ronald Levant [and others]
Call Number: HM1146 .P88 2005

Reading between the lines : understanding culture in qualitative results [electronic resource]
Lisa Suzuki
Call Number: BF76.5 .S89 2009

Religious pluralism and values in the public sphere
Lenn E. Goodman, Vanderbilt University
Call Number: HM1271 .G665 2014

Research methods for counseling : an introduction /
Robert J. Wright, Widener University
Call Number: BF636.6 .W75 2014

Resiliency after violent death : lessons for caregivers [electronic resource]
produced by Gift from Within and Post Office Editorial
Call Number: BF575.G7 R47 2006ev

Return of the prodigal daughter : historiography and the relationship between Gestalt psychology and Gestalt therapy /
by Paul Shane
Call Number: BF203 .S52 2002

Science and emotions after 1945 : a transatlantic perspective /
edited by Frank Biess and Daniel M. Gross
Call Number: BF531 .S38 2014

Spirituality in counseling [electronic resource]
hosted by Samuel T. Gladding and Michele Kielty Briggs ; Microtraining Associates presents ; written by Samuel T. Gladding ; produced by Audrey Muck
Call Number: BF636.68 .S657 2009

Telling your grief story : personal growth through expressions of love [electronic resource]
Microtraining Associates
Call Number: BF575.G7 T45 2009

The age of the cookie cutter has passed : contradictions in identity at the core of therapeutic intervention [electronic resource]
Microtraining Associates
Call Number: BF636.7.C76 A44 2009

The bilingual counselor's guide to Spanish : basic vocabulary and interventions for the non-Spanish speaker /
Roberto Swazo
Call Number: BF636.7.C76 S93 2013

The challenge of conflict among allies : risks and opportunities [electronic resource]
Microtraining Associates
Call Number: HM1211 .C44 2009

The conversation with pioneers : a roundtable discussion [electronic resource]
Call Number: BF636.7.C76 C66 2010

The dark side of relationship pursuit : from attraction to obsession and stalking
Call Number: HM1106 .C86 2014

The good life : wellbeing and the new science of altruism, selfishness and immorality /
Graham Music
Call Number: BF637.H4 M875 2014

The handbook of conflict resolution : theory and practice /
Peter T. Coleman, Morton Deutsch, Eric C. Marcus, editors
Call Number: HM1126 .H35 2014

The inner life of the dying person
Allan Kellehear
Call Number: BF789.D4 K45 2014

The internship, practicum, and field placement handbook : a guide for the helping professions /
Brian N. Baird
Call Number: BF636.6 B35 2014

The psychedelic experience : readings from the book The psychedelic experience : a manual based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead. [electronic resource]
Call Number: BF207 .L437 1991

The psychology of diversity : beyond prejudice and racism /
James M. Jones, John F. Dovidio and Deborah L. Vietze
Call Number: HM1271 .J656 2014

The psychology of working : expanding our vision to affirm race and culture [electronic resource]
Microtraining Associates ; David L. Blustein
Call Number: BF481 .P79 2005

The spiral of silence : new perspectives on communication and public opinion /
edited by Wolfgang Donsbach, Charles T. Salmon, and Yariv Tsfati
Call Number: HM1236 .S665 2014

The Wiley-Blackwell handbook of positive psychological interventions
edited by Acacia C. Parks, Stephen M. Schueller
Call Number: BF204.6

Three counseling approaches : one adolescent client [electronic resource]
Call Number: BF724 .T475 2009ev

Twenty five years later : how big is the circle of inclusion? [electronic resource]
Pedagogy Productions ; Microtraining Associates
Call Number: BF636.7.C76 T84 2009

Violence and civilization : studies of social violence in history and prehistory /
edited by Roderick Campbell
Call Number: HM1116 .V523 2014

What is it about a mountain top? : an activist legacy of mentoring and scholarship [electronic resource]
Thomas Parham
Call Number: BF637.M45 .W42 2010ev

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