Items Acquired in September 2014 for the University Libraries

5,742 days : a mother's journey through loss [electronic resource]
Anne-Marie Cockburn
Call Number: BF575.G7 C63 2014

Rahel Jaeggi ; translated by Frederick Neuhouser and Alan E. Smith ; edited by Frederick Neuhouser
Call Number: HM1131 .J3413 2014

Ancestral landscapes in human evolution : culture, childrearing and social wellbeing /
edited by Darcia Narvaez, Kristin Valentino, Agustin Fuentes, James J. McKenna, and Peter Gray
Call Number: BF720.P37 A53 2014eb

Anger management : 6 critical steps to a calmer life [electronic resource]
by Peter J. Favaro
Call Number: BF575.A5 F385 2006eb

Be creative : instant creativity toolbox [electronic resource]
Infinite Ideas
Call Number: BF408 .B43 2012

Be the woman you want to be : 150 secrets for becoming happier, sexier, smarter, healthier and wealthier [electronic resource]
Elisabeth Wilson
Call Number: BF637.S4 W448 2012

Be your own best life coach : take charge and live the life you always wanted [electronic resource]
Jackee Holder
Call Number: BF632.H65

Black masculinity in the Obama era : outliers of society /
William T. Hoston
Call Number: BF692.5 .H67 2014

Bounce : how to bounce back from just about anything [electronic resource]
Gill Hasson and Sue Hadfield
Call Number: BF637.S8 H195 2012

Brilliant personal development : your essential guide to an all-round successful life [electronic resource]
Max A. Eggert
Call Number: BF637.S8 E344 2013

Burnout at work : a psychological perspective /
edited by Michael P. Leiter, Arnold B. Bakker and Christina Maslach
Call Number: BF481 .B8677 2014

Collective emotions : perspectives from psychology, philosophy, and sociology /
edited by Christian von Scheve and Mikko Salmela
Call Number: BF531 .C65 2014eb

Consciousness and moral responsibility
Neil Levy
Call Number: BF311 .L489 2014eb

Counseling in the family law system : a professional counselor's guide /
Virginia B. Allen
Call Number: BF636.6 .A45 2014

Curious : the desire to know and why your future depends on it /
Ian Leslie
Call Number: BF323.C8 L447 2014

Dare, dream, do : remarkable things happen when you dare to dream [electronic resource]
Whitney Johnson
Call Number: BF637.S4 J645 2012eb

Decide : work smarter, reduce your Stress, and lead by example /
Steve McClatchy
Call Number: BF448 .M367 2014eb online

Downshift to the good life : scale it down and live it up [electronic resource]
Lynn Huggins-Cooper
Call Number: BF637.S4

Dream it, do it, live it : 9 easy steps to maknig things happen for you [electronic resource]
Richard Newton and Ciprian Adrian Rusen ; illustrations by Laura Dumitru
Call Number: BF637.S4 N49 2013eb

Driven : how human nature shapes our choices [electronic resource]
Paul R. Lawrence, Nitin Nohria ; foreword by E.O. Wilson
Call Number: BF503 .L39 2002

Emotional intelligence : harness the power of emotions; succeed in all areas of your life [electronic resource]
Gill Hasson
Call Number: BF576 .H37 2012

Emotional intelligence for rookies [electronic resource]
Call Number: BF576 .B336 2014

Emotional lexicons : continuity and change in the vocabulary of feeling 1700-2000 /
Ute Frevert, [and others]
Call Number: BF533 .E46 2014eb

Event cognition
by Gabriel A. Radvansky and Jeffrey M. Zacks
Call Number: BF311 .R243 2014

Green : the history of a color /
Michel Pastoureau ; translated by Jody Gladding
Call Number: BF789.C7 P39513 2014

How to change your life : who am I and what should I do with my life? [electronic resource]
Benjamin Bonetti
Call Number: BF441 .B6346 2013

How we learn : the surprising truth about when, where, and why it happens /
Benedict Carey
Call Number: BF318 .C366 2014

Instant happiness : take control of your life and fulfil your dreams [electronic resource]
Infinite Ideas with Elisabeth Wilson and Penny Ferguson
Call Number: BF575.H27

Is ultimate reality unlimited love? : in humble response to a request made by Sir John Marks Templeton (1912-2008) in his last days that a book be written to faithfully consolidate his thoughts on his quintessential question using a title he designated /
Stephen G. Post for/with Sir John Templeton ; with a foreword by Drs. John M. and Josephine Templeton
Call Number: BF637.H4 P67 2014"@"BF637.H4 P67 2014

Leading with spirit, presence, and authenticity
Kathryn Goldman Schuyler, John Eric Baugher, Karin Jironet, Lena Lid-Falkman, editors
Call Number: HM1261 .L434 2014

Life at the speed of passion : create a life of intention, purpose, and integrity /
by Eve Wright, Esq
Call Number: BF637.S4 W725 2014eb

Life management : mind-clearing, path-finding, change-making ways to revitalise your life [electronic resource]
The Feel Good Factory led by Elisabeth Wilson
Call Number: BF637.S4 W448 2010

Managing burnout in the workplace : a guide for information professionals [electronic resource]
McCormack Nancy and Catherine Cotter
Call Number: BF481 .M33 2013eb

Mindfulness in adolescence
Eva Oberle, Kimberly Schonert-Reichl, issue editors
Call Number: BF204.6 .M56 2014

Narrative imagination and everyday life
Molly Andrews
Call Number: BF408 .A54 2014

NLP for rookies [electronic resource]
Call Number: BF637.N46 M35 2014

Nonviolence Handbook : A Guide for Practical Action [electronic resource]
Call Number: HM1281 .N343 2014

Not knowing : the art of turning uncertainty into opportunity [electronic resource]
Stevem D'Souza, Diana Renner
Call Number: BF449 .D768 2014

Ordinary magic : resilience in development /
Ann S. Masten
Call Number: BF723.R46 M37 2014

Play matters
Miguel Sicart
Call Number: BF717 .S49 2014

Positive emotion : integrating the light sides and dark sides /
edited by June Gruber, Judith Tedlie Moskowitz
Call Number: BF511 .P67 2014eb

Prosocial development : a multidimensional approach /
edited by Laura M. Padilla-Walker and Gustavo Carlo
Call Number: HM1146 .P76 2014eb

Psychology [electronic resource]
Joni E. Johnston
Call Number: BF121 .J646 2014

Psychology in India. Volume 1, Basic psychological processes and human development [electronic resource]
Indian Council of Social Science Research ; edited by Girishwar Misra
Call Number: BF76.8 .P79 2009

Psychology in India. Volume 2, Social and organizational processes [electronic resource]
Indian Council of Social Science Research ; edited by Girishwar Misra
Call Number: BF75.8 .P79 2009

Psychology in India. Volume 3, Clinical and health psychology [electronic resource]
Indian Council of Social Science Research ; edited by Girishwar Misra
Call Number: BF76.8 .P79 2010

Psychology in India. Volume 4, Theoretical and methodological developments [electronic resource]
Indian Council of Social Science Research ; edited by Girishwar Misra
Call Number: BF76.8 .P79 2011

Rational and social agency : the philosophy of Michael Bratman /
Manuel Vargas and Gideon Yaffe
Call Number: BF337.R28

Riveted : the science of why jokes make us laugh, movies make us cry, and religion makes us feel one with the universe /
Jim Davies
Call Number: BF698.95 .D38 2014

Social constructionisms : approaches to the study of the human world /
by Titus Hjelm
Call Number: HM1093 .H44 2014

Starting over : a way of life [electronic resource]
Luis J. Echarte
Call Number: BF637.L53 E34 2012

Stressaholic : 5 steps to transform your relationship with stress /
Heidi Hanna
Call Number: BF575.S75 H36 2014eb

Supporting people through loss and grief : an introduction for counsellors and other caring practitioners /
John Wilson ; foreword by Dodie Graves
Call Number: BF575.D35 W55 2014

Test and assess your brain quotient : discover your true intelligence with tests of aptitude, logic, memory, EQ, creative and lateral thinking [electronic resource]
Philip Carter
Call Number: BF431.3 .C3725 2009eb

The baby and the couple : understanding and treating young families /
Elisabeth Fivaz-Depeursinge and Diane A. Philipp
Call Number: BF720.P37 F58 2014

The conscious mind
Zoltan L. Torey
Call Number: BF311 .T6548 2014

The elements of cognitive aging : meta-analyses of age-related differences in processing speed and their consequences /
Paul Verhaeghen
Call Number: BF724.55.C63 V47 2014

The escape of the mind
by Howard Rachlin
Call Number: BF161 .R2293 2014

The Feel Good Factory on creative thinking : mind-flexing, brain-storming, juice-flowing ways to discover your inner genius [electronic resource]
The Feel Good Factory led by Kate Santon.
Call Number: BF408 .F445 2012

The leap : the science of trust and why it matters /
Ulrich Boser
Call Number: BF575.T7 B67 2014

The other kind of smart : simple ways to boost your emotional intelligence for greater personal effectiveness and success [electronic resource]
Harvey Deutschendorf
Call Number: BF576 .D48 2009eb

The power of paradox : harness the energy of competing ideas to uncover radically innovative solutions [electronic resource]
Deborah Schroeder-Saulnier
Call Number: BF408 .S383 2014

The priority of the other : living and thinking beyond the self /
Mark Freeman
Call Number: BF321 .F817 2013eb

The procrastination cure : 7 steps to stop putting life off [electronic resource]
Jeffery Combs
Call Number: BF637.P76 C66 2012

The Proust effect : the senses as doorways to lost memories /
Cretien van Campen ; translated by Julian Ross
Call Number: BF378.I68

The rough guide to mindfulness : the essential companion to personal growth [electronic resource]
Albert Tobler, Susann Herrmann
Call Number: BF637.M4 T63 2013

The Routledge handbook of attachment : assessment /
edited by Steve Farnfield and Paul Holmes
Call Number: BF575.A86 R68 2014

The Routledge handbook of attachment : implications and interventions /
edited by Paul Holmes and Steve Farnfield
Call Number: BF575.A86 R684 2014

Transform your life : 52 brilliant ideas for becoming the person you want to be [electronic resource]
Penny Ferguson
Call Number: BF637.S4

Unleash your creativity : strategies for instant creativity [electronic resource]
Infinite Ideas
Call Number: BF408 .U643 2012

Willful subjects
Sara Ahmed
Call Number: BF611 .A294 2014

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