Items Acquired in November 2014 for the University Libraries

4 Baruch (Paraleipomena Jeremiou) [electronic resource]
translated with an introduction and commentary by Jens Herzer
Call Number: BS1830.P22 A3 2005eb

A commentary on the creed of Islam : Saʻd al-Dīn al-Tāftāzānī on the creed of Najm al-Dīn al-Nasafī [electronic resource]
translated with introduction and notes by Earl Edgar Elder
Call Number: BP161.U55 M32 1950"@"BP161.N363

A concordance to the Historia ecclesiastica of Bede [electronic resource]
by Putnam Fennell Jones
Call Number: BR746.B6 J6

A history of the churches in Australasia [electronic resource]
Ian Breward
Call Number: BR1480 .B743 2001"@"BR1480

A magic still dwells : comparative religion in the postmodern age [electronic resource]
edited by Kimberley C. Patton and Benjamin C. Ray
Call Number: BL80.2 .M278 2000eb

A reader in Latina feminist theology : religion and justice [electronic resource]
María Pilar Aquino, Daisy L. Machado, Jeanette Rodríguez, editors
Call Number: BT83.55 .R39 2002eb

A womanist pastoral theology against intimate and cultural violence
Stephanie M. Crumpton
Call Number: BR563.N4 C79 2014

Adoration : the deconstruction of Christianity II [electronic resource]
Jean-Luc Nancy ; translated by John McKeane
Call Number: BL51 .N29213 2013eb

African American Religion : a very short introduction /
Eddie S. Glaude Jr
Call Number: BR563.N4 G59 2014

Ambrose of Milan : church and court in a Christian capital [electronic resource]
Neil McLynn
Call Number: BR1720.A5 M37 1994eb

An empire divided : religion, republicanism, and the making of French colonialism, 1880-1914 [electronic resource]
J.P. Daughton
Call Number: BV2210 .D38 2006eb

An enchanted modern : gender and public piety in Shi'i Lebanon [electronic resource]
Lara Deeb
Call Number: BP192.7.L4 D44 2006"@"BP192.7.L4

Ancestors, virgins, & friars : Christianity as a local religion in late Imperial China [electronic resource]
Eugenio Menegon
Call Number: BR1285

Authentic fakes : religion and American popular culture [electronic resource]
David Chidester
Call Number: BL65.C8 C455 2005eb

Basil of Caesarea [electronic resource]
Philip Rousseau
Call Number: BR1720.B3 R68 1998eb

Between chora and the good : metaphor's metaphysical neighborhood [electronic resource]
Charles P. Bigger
Call Number: BT78 .B49 2005eb

Black Atlantic religion : tradition, transnationalism, and matriarchy in the Afro-Brazilian Candomblé [electronic resource]
J. Lorand Matory
Call Number: BL2592.C35 M38 2005eb

Blood expiation in Hittite and biblical ritual : origins, context, and meaning [electronic resource]
Yitzhaq Feder
Call Number: BS1199.B54 F43 2011eb

Bonifacius : an essay upon the good [electronic resource]
by Cotton Mather ; edited with an introduction by David Levin
Call Number: BV4500 .M3 1966"@"BV4500

Born again bodies : flesh and spirit in American Christianity [electronic resource]
R. Marie Griffith
Call Number: BT741.3 .G75 2004eb

Bwiti : an ethnography of the religious imagination in Africa [electronic resource]
James W. Fernandez ; drawings by Renate Lellep Fernandez
Call Number: BL2480.F3 F47 1982eb

Byzantine theology : historical trends and doctrinal themes [electronic resource]
John Meyendorff
Call Number: BX320.2 .M47 1983"@"BX320.2

Catholic women's movements in liberal and fascist Italy
Helena Dawes
Call Number: BX2347.8.W6 D39 2014

Catholicism today : an introduction to the contemporary Catholic Church /
Evyatar Marienberg
Call Number: BX1754 .M295 2015

Changing roles of women within the Christian church in Canada [electronic resource]
edited by Elizabeth Gillan Muir and Marilyn Färdig Whiteley
Call Number: BV639.W7 C53 1995eb

Children and childhood in world religions : primary sources and texts [electronic resource]
edited by Don S. Browning and Marcia J. Bunge
Call Number: BL85 .C45 2009eb

Christian communities in the Arab Middle East : the challenge of the future [electronic resource]
edited by Andrea Pacini
Call Number: BR1067.A7

Christianity and paganism, 350-750 : the conversion of Western Europe [electronic resource]
edited by J.N. Hillgarth
Call Number: BR200 .C47 1986

Christianity and the rhetoric of empire : the development of Christian discourse [electronic resource]
Averil Cameron
Call Number: BR67 .C26 1991eb

Commentary on Psalms 1-81 [electronic resource]
Theodore of Mopsuestia ; translated with an Introduction and notes by Robert. C. Hill
Call Number: BS1430.53 .T4813 2006eb

Concerning heretics : whether they are to be persecuted and how they are to be treated : a collection of the opinions of learned men both ancient and modern [electronic resource]
an anonymous work attributed to Sebastian Castellio ; now first done into English, together with excerpts from other works of Sebastian Castellio and David Joris on religious liberty by Roland H. Bainton
Call Number: BT1313 .C28 1935"@"BT1313

Constructs of prophecy in the former and latter prophets and other texts [electronic resource]
edited by Lester L. Grabbe, Martti Nissinen
Call Number: BS1198 .C66 2011eb

Controversies in contemporary religion : education, law, politics, society, and spirituality /
Paul Hedges, editor
Call Number: BL87 .C68 2014

Coptic christology in practice : incarnation and divine participation in late antique and medieval Egypt [electronic resource]
Stephen J. Davis
Call Number: BX134.E3 D37 2008eb

Cults, religion, and violence [electronic resource]
edited by David G. Bromley, J. Gordon Melton
Call Number: BL65.V55 C85 2002eb

Daughter Zion : her portrait, her response [electronic resource]
edited by Mark J. Boda, Carol J. Dempsey, and LeAnn Snow Flesher
Call Number: BS1199.J38 D38 2012eb

Deeper shades of purple : womanism in religion and society [electronic resource]
edited by Stacey M. Floyd-Thomas
Call Number: BT83.9 .D44 2006eb

Diaspora of the gods : modern Hindu temples in an urban middle-class world [electronic resource]
Joanne Punzo Wahorne
Call Number: BL1243.76.M32 W34 2004eb

Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels [electronic resource]
edited by Joel B. Green, Jeannine K. Brown & Nicholas Perrin
Call Number: BS2555.52 .D53 2013eb

Diodore of Tarsus : commentary on Psalms 1-51 [electronic resource]
translated with an introduction and notes by Robert C. Hill
Call Number: BR65.D393 D5613 2005

Disability and Christian theology : embodied limits and constructive possibilities [electronic resource]
Deborah Beth Creamer
Call Number: BT741.3 .C74 2009eb

Divided by faith : religious conflict and the practice of toleration in early modern Europe [electronic resource]
Benjamin J. Kaplan
Call Number: BR145.3 .K37 2007eb

Donors, devotees, and daughters of God : temple women in medieval Tamilnadu [electronic resource]
Leslie C. Orr
Call Number: BL1237.58.D48 O77 2000eb

Doubly chosen : Jewish identity, the Soviet intelligentsia, and the Russian Orthodox Church [electronic resource]
Judith Deutsch Kornblatt
Call Number: BR158 .K67 2004eb

Early Chinese mysticism : philosophy and soteriology in the Taoist tradition [electronic resource]
Livia Kohn
Call Number: BL1923 .K64 1992eb

Ecotheology and the practice of hope [electronic resource]
Anne Marie Dalton and Henry C. Simmons
Call Number: BT695.5 .D35 2010eb

Editing the Bible : assessing the task past and present [electronic resource]
edited by John S. Kloppenborg and Judith H. Newman
Call Number: BS500 .E35 2012eb

Encountering the sacred : the debate on Christian pilgrimage in late antiquity [electronic resource]
Brouria Bitton-Ashkelony
Call Number: BV896.P19 B58 2005eb

Escogidas plantas : nuns and beatas in Mexico City, 1531-1601 [electronic resource]
by Jacqueline Holler
Call Number: BX4220.M4 H655 2008"@"BX4420.M4

Ethnographic theology : an inquiry into the production of theological knowledge /
by Natalie Wigg-Stevenson
Call Number: BR115.C8 W53 2014

Evangelical Christians in the Muslim sahel [electronic resource]
Barbara M. Cooper
Call Number: BV3625.N48 C66 2006eb

Faithful generations : race and new Asian American churches [electronic resource]
Russell Jeung ; foreword by Robert N. Bellah
Call Number: BL2525 .J48 2005eb

Fields of blood : religion and the history of violence /
Karen Armstrong
Call Number: BL65.V55 A76 2014

Financial relations of the papacy with England [electronic resource]
by William E. Lunt
Call Number: BR747 .L8 1939eb

First converts : rich pagan women and the rhetoric of mission in early Judaism and Christianity [electronic resource]
Shelly Matthews
Call Number: BM729.P7 M34 2001"@"BM729.P7

Flight of the gods : philosophical perspectives on negative theology [electronic resource]
edited by Ilse N. Bulhof and Laurens ten Kate
Call Number: BT83.5 .O5713 2000eb

For the soul of the people : Prostestant [sic] protest against Hitler [electronic resource]
Victoria Barnett
Call Number: BX4844.55.A4 B37 1992

Formation and intertextuality in Isaiah 24-27
edited by J. Todd Hibbard and Hyun Chul Paul Kim
Call Number: BS1515.52 .F67 2013eb

Foucault's heterotopia in Christian catacombs : constructing spaces and symbols in ancient Rome /
Eric C. Smith
Call Number: BR133.I83 R68 2014

Four steeples over the city streets : religion and society in New York's early republic congregations /
Kyle T. Bulthuis
Call Number: BR560.N4 B85 2014

Frontiers of heresy : the Spanish Inquisition from the Basque lands to Sicily [electronic resource]
William Monter
Call Number: BX1735 .M66 2002eb

Gazing through a prism darkly : reflections on Merold Westphal's hermeneutical epistemology [electronic resource]
edited by B. Keith Putt
Call Number: BT50 .G38 2009eb

Getting saved in America : Taiwanese immigration and religious experience [electronic resource]
Carolyn Chen
Call Number: BR563.C45 C44 2008eb

Global Pentecostalism : the new face of Christian social engagement [electronic resource]
Donald E. Miller, Tetsunao Yamamori
Call Number: BR1644 . M55 2007eb

God interrupted : heresy and the European imagination between the world wars [electronic resource]
Benjamin Lazier
Call Number: BM610 .L3935 2008eb

God's caress : the psychology of Puritan religious experience [electronic resource]
Charles Lloyd Cohen
Call Number: BX9354.2 .C64 1986

God's planet
Owen Gingerich
Call Number: BL240.3 .G558 2014

God, history, and historians : an anthology of modern Christian views of history [electronic resource]
edited by C.T. McIntire
Call Number: BR115.H5 G63

Godparents and kinship in early medieval Europe [electronic resource]
Joseph H. Lynch
Call Number: BV1478 .L96 1986eb

Gregory the Great : perfection in imperfection [electronic resource]
Carole Straw
Call Number: BX1076 .S67 1988eb

Guests of God : pilgrimage and politics in the Islamic world [electronic resource]
Robert R. Bianchi
Call Number: BP187.3 .B53 2004eb

Hans Urs von Balthasar and the dramatic structure of truth : a philosophical investigation [electronic resource]
by D.C. Schindler
Call Number: BX4705.B163 S34 2004eb

Hasidism on the margin : reconciliation, antinomianism, and messianism in Izbica/Radzin Hasidism [electronic resource]
Shaul Magid
Call Number: BM198 .M24 2003eb

Hazlitt the Dissenter : religion, philosophy, and politics, 1766-1816 /
Stephen Burley
Call Number: BX9869.H387 B87 2014

Heaven below : early pentecostals and American culture [electronic resource]
Grant Wacker
Call Number: BR1644.5.U6 W33 2003eb

Heirs to forgotten kingdoms : journeys into the disappearing religions of the Middle East /
Gerard Russell
Call Number: BL1060 .R87 2014

Heresies of the high middle ages [electronic resource]
selected sources translated and annotated by Walter L. Wakefield and Austin P. Evans
Call Number: BT1315.2 .W3 1991"@"BT1315.2

Heresy and the politics of community : the Jews of the Fatimid caliphate [electronic resource]
Marina Rustow
Call Number: BM185

Hindu theology in early modern South Asia : the rise of devotionalism and the politics of genealogy /
Kiyokazu Okita
Call Number: BL1153.2 .O35 2014

History of the archbishops of Hamburg-Bremen [electronic resource]
Adam of Bremen ; translated with an introduction and notes by Francis J. Tschan
Call Number: BR854 .A313 1959"@"BR854

Hittite myths [electronic resource]
[translated by] Harry A. Hoffner, Jr. ; edited by Gary M. Beckman
Call Number: BL2370.H5 H57 1998eb

Hittite prayers [electronic resource]
by Itamar Singer ; edited by Harry A. Hoffner, Jr
Call Number: BL2370.H5 .S54 2002beb

Holy bishops in late antiquity : the nature of Christian leadership in an age of transition [electronic resource]
Claudia Rapp
Call Number: BR166 .R36 2005eb

Holy feast and holy fast : the religious significance of food to medieval women [electronic resource]
Caroline Walker Bynum
Call Number: BR253 .B96 1987eb

Holy women of the Syrian Orient [electronic resource]
introduced and translated by Sebastian P. Brock and Susan Ashbrook Harvey
Call Number: BR1713 .H625 2008"@"BR1713

Homilies on the Song of songs [electronic resource]
Gregory of Nyssa ; translated with an introduction and notes by Richard A. Norris Jr
Call Number: BR65.G75 C6513 2012

Honored by the glory of Islam : conversion and conquest in Ottoman Europe [electronic resource]
Marc David Baer
Call Number: BP170.5 .B34 2008

Humanism and the church fathers : Ambrogio Traversari (1386-1439) and Christian antiquity in the Italian Renaissance [electronic resource]
Charles L. Stinger
Call Number: BX4705.T737 S85 1977

Imaginary friends : representing Quakers in American culture, 1650-1950 [electronic resource]
James Emmett Ryan
Call Number: BX7635 .R93 2009eb

Imagining karma : ethical transformation in Amerindian, Buddhist, and Greek rebirth [electronic resource]
Gananath Obeyesekere
Call Number: BQ4485 .O24 2002eb

Interpreting exile : displacement and deportation in biblical and modern contexts [electronic resource]
edited by Brad Kelle, Frank R. Ames, and Jacob L. Wright ; foreword by Rainer Albertz
Call Number: BS1199.B3 I58 2011eb

Introduction to Islamic theology and law [electronic resource]
by Ignaz Goldziher ; translated by Andras and Ruth Hamori ; with an introduction and additional notes by Bernard Lewis
Call Number: BP161 .G6613 1981eb

Is nothing sacred? : the non-realist philosophy of religion : selected essays [electronic resource]
Don Cupitt
Call Number: BT40 .C79 2002eb

Is Samuel among the Deuteronomists? : current views on the place of Samuel in a Deuteronomistic history /
edited by Cynthia Edenburg and Juha Pakkala
Call Number: BS580.S2 I82 2013eb

Israelite prophecy and the Deuteronomistic history : portrait, reality, and the formation of a history /
edited by Mignon R. Jacobs and Raymond F. Person, Jr
Call Number: BM645.P67 I87 2013eb

Jesuit on the roof of the world : Ippolito Desideri's mission to eighteenth-century Tibet [electronic resource]
Trent Pomplun
Call Number: BV3427.D38

John Chrysostom, Homilies on Paul's letter to the Philippians [electronic resource]
John Chrysostom ; introduced, translated and annotated by Pauline Allen
Call Number: BR65.C45

John Cotton on the churches of New England [electronic resource]
edited by Larzer Ziff
Call Number: BX7230 .C63 1968eb

John Hus at the Council of Constance [electronic resource]
translated from the Latin and the Czech with notes and introduction by Matthew Spinka
Call Number: BX4917 .P413 1965"@"BX4917

John, Qumran, and the Dead Sea scrolls : sixty years of discovery and debate [electronic resource]
edited by Mary L. Coloe and Tom Thatcher
Call Number: BS2615.52 .J655 2011eb

Jonathan Edwards and the Psalms : a redemptive-historical vision of scripture /
David P. Barshinger
Call Number: BX7260.E3 B37 2014

Norman Solomon
Call Number: BM45 .S666 2014

Kūkai : major works [electronic resource]
translated, with an account of his life and a study of his thought, by Yoshito S. Hakeda
Call Number: BQ8999 .K8313 1972"@"BQ8999.K853

Latin monasticism in Norman Sicily [electronic resource]
Lynn Townsend White, Jr
Call Number: BX2623.S5 W45 1934

Lectures on revivals of religion [electronic resource]
by Charles Grandison Finney ; edited by William G. McLoughlin
Call Number: BV3770 .F5 1960eb

Levites and priests in biblical history and tradition [electronic resource]
edited by Mark Leuchter and Jeremy M. Hutton
Call Number: BS1199.P7 L48 2011eb

Love and liberation : autobiographical writings of the Tibetan Buddhist visionary Sera Khandro /
Sarah H. Jacoby
Call Number: BQ942.D427 J33 2014

Love between women : early Christian responses to female homoeroticism [electronic resource]
Bernadette J. Brooten
Call Number: BS2665.6.L47 B76 1996eb

Martin Luther
Michael A. Mullett
Call Number: BR325 .M936 2014

Masters of the sacred page : manuscripts of theology in the Latin West to 1274 [electronic resource]
Lesley Smith
Call Number: BR253 .S65 2001"@"BR253

Meals in early Judaism : social formation at the table /
edited by Susan Marks and Hal Taussig
Call Number: BM509.D56 M43 2014

Medieval handbooks of penance : a translation of the principal libri poenitentiales and selections from related documents [electronic resource]
by John T. McNeill and Helena M. Gamer
Call Number: BX2260 .M16 1990"@"BX2262

Memory, Jesus, and the Synoptic Gospels [electronic resource]
by Robert K. McIver
Call Number: BS2555.52 .M35 2011eb

Moral agents and their deserts : the character of Mutazilite ethics [electronic resource]
Sophia Vasalou
Call Number: BP195.M6 V37 2008eb

Mothers and children : Jewish family life in medieval Europe /
Elisheva Baumgarten
Call Number: BM726 .B3813 2004eb

Mystical science and practical religion : Muslim, Hindu, and Sikh discourse on science and technology /
Richard Cimino
Call Number: BL240.3 .C48 2014

New religions and the theological imagination in America [electronic resource]
Mary Farrell Bednarowski
Call Number: BL2525 .B44 1989eb

Newman on Vatican II
Ian Ker
Call Number: BX4705.N5 K47 2014

On religion : speeches to its cultured despisers [electronic resource]
Friedrich Schleiermacher ; translated and edited by Richard Crouter
Call Number: BL48 .S313 1996eb

On royal and papal power : a translation, with introduction, of the De potestate regia et papali of John of Paris [electronic resource]
[by] Arthur P. Monahan
Call Number: BX1810 .J413 1974"@"BX1810

On sacred grounds : culture, society, politics, and the formation of the cult of Confucius [electronic resource]
Thomas A. Wilson, editor
Call Number: BL1858 .O5 2002

On the government of God : a treatise wherein are shown by argument and by examples drawn from the abandoned society of the times the ways of God toward His creatures [electronic resource]
indited by Salvian, Presbyter of Marseilles and master of bishops, as a warning and counsel ; this fifth century polemic done into English by Eva M. Sanford
Call Number: BR65 .S18 1930"@"BR65

Ordination anointings in the western church before 1000 A. D. [electronic resource]
Gerald Ellard
Call Number: BX2240

Outside the fold : conversion, modernity, and belief [electronic resource]
Gauri Viswanathan
Call Number: BL639 .V57 1998eb

Overcoming onto-theology : toward a postmodern Christian faith [electronic resource]
Merold Westphal
Call Number: BR100 .W47 2001eb

Pachomius : the making of a community in fourth-century Egypt [electronic resource]
Philip Rousseau
Call Number: BR1720.P23 R68 1999eb

Pagan theology : paganism as a world religion [electronic resource]
Michael York
Call Number: BL85 .Y67 2003eb

Papal revenues in the Middle Ages [electronic resource]
by William E. Lunt
Call Number: BX1950 .L96 1934"@"BX1950

Partners of Zaynab : a gendered perspective of Shia Muslim faith /
Diane D'Souza
Call Number: BP194.2 .D755 2014

Passionate enlightenment : women in Tantric Buddhism [electronic resource]
Miranda Shaw
Call Number: BQ8915 .S53 1994"@"BQ8915

Paul and scripture : extending the conversation [electronic resource]
edited by Christopher D. Stanley
Call Number: BS2651 .P295 2012eb

Paul the martyr : the cult of the apostle in the Latin west [electronic resource]
by David L. Eastman
Call Number: BS2506.3 .E27 2011eb

Pentateuch, Hexateuch, or Enneateuch? : identifying literary works in Genesis through Kings [electronic resource]
edited by Thomas B. Dozeman, Thomas Römer, Konrad Schmid
Call Number: BS1225.52 .P465 2011eb

Philostorgius : church history [electronic resource]
translated with an introduction and notes by Philip R. Amidon
Call Number: BR65.P473 E2313 2007eb

Places of redemption : theology for a worldly church [electronic resource]
Mary McClintock Fulkerson
Call Number: BV601.8 .F85 2007eb

Political Islam, world politics and Europe : from jihadist to institutional Islamism /
Bassam Tibi
Call Number: BP173.7 .T563 2014

Possessing spirits and healing selves : embodiment and transformation in an Afro-Brazilian religion /
Rebecca Seligman
Call Number: BL2592.C35 S44 2014

Postmodern apologetics? : arguments for God in contemporary philosophy [electronic resource]
Christina M. Gschwandtner
Call Number: BT40 .G73 2013eb

Power and sainthood : the case of Birgitta of Sweden /
Päivi Salmesvuori
Call Number: BX4700.B6 S245 2014

Pragmatic pluralism and the problem of God [electronic resource]
Sami Pihlstrom
Call Number: BL51 .P5533 2013eb

Progressive evangelicals and the pursuit of social justice
Brantley W. Gasaway
Call Number: BR517 .G37 2014

Prophetic sons and daughters : female preaching and popular religion in industrial England [electronic resource]
Deborah M. Valenze
Call Number: BR759 .V34 1985"@"BR759

Prophets male and female : gender and prophecy in the Hebrew Bible, the Eastern Mediterranean, and the ancient Near East [electronic resource]
edited by Jonathan Stökl and Corrine L. Carvalho
Call Number: BS1198 .P758 2013

Proving woman : female spirituality and inquisitional culture in the later Middle Ages [electronic resource]
Dyan Elliott
Call Number: BR163 .E55 2004"@"BR163

Pseudo-Gregory of Nyssa : testimonies against the Jews [electronic resource]
translated with an introduction and notes by Martin C. Albl
Call Number: BR65.G74 E53 2004beb

Psychological perspectives on religion and religiosity
Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi
Call Number: BL53 .B373 2015

Qurʼan and woman : rereading the sacred text from a woman's perspective [electronic resource]
Amina Wadud
Call Number: BP134.W6

Race : a theological account [electronic resource]
J. Kameron Carter
Call Number: BT734 .C37 2008eb

Rastafari : roots and ideology [electronic resource]
Barry Chevannes
Call Number: BL2532.R37 C47 1994eb

Reading Akkadian prayers and hymns : an introduction [electronic resource]
edited by Alan Lenzi
Call Number: BL1620 .R43 2011eb

Reason, grace, and sentiment : a study of the language of religion and ethics in England, 1660-1780 [electronic resource]
Isabel Rivers
Call Number: BR756 .R58 1991eb

Red priests : renovationism, Russian Orthodoxy, and revolution, 1905-1946 [electronic resource]
Edward E. Roslof
Call Number: BX492 .R66 2002"@"BX492

Redeeming laughter : the comic dimension of human experience /
Peter L. Berger
Call Number: BR115.C63 B47 2014

Religion and healing in America [electronic resource]
edited by Linda L. Barnes and Susan S. Sered
Call Number: BL65.M4 R436 2005eb

Religion and politics in contemporary Iran : clergy-state relations in the Pahlavī period [electronic resource]
Shahrough Akhavi
Call Number: BP63.I68 A36 1980

Religion and society in the 21st century
edited by Joachim Küpper, Klaus W. Hempfer, Erika Fischer-Lichte
Call Number: BL85 .R353 2014

Religion and spirituality for diverse women : foundations of strength and resilience /
Thema Bryant-Davis, Asuncion Miteria Austria, Debra M. Kawahara, and Diane J. Willis, editors
Call Number: BL458 .R44 2014

Religion explained : the evolutionary origins of religious thought [electronic resource]
Pascal Boyer
Call Number: BL48 .B6438 2001eb

Religion in modern Europe : a memory mutates [electronic resource]
Grace Davie
Call Number: BL695

Religions, reasons and gods : essays in cross-cultural philosophy of religion [electronic resource]
John Clayton ; prepared for publication by Anne M. Blackburn and Thomas D. Carroll
Call Number: BL51 .C559 2006eb

Religious experience [electronic resource]
Wayne Proudfoot
Call Number: BL53 .P93 1985eb

Religious experience reconsidered : a building block approach to the study of religion and other special things [electronic resource]
Ann Taves
Call Number: BL53 .T39 2009eb

Rethinking God as gift : Marion, Derrida, and the limits of phenomenology [electronic resource]
Robyn Horner
Call Number: BT55 .H67 2001eb

Rethinking philosophy of religion : approaches from continental philosophy [electronic resource]
edited by Philip Goodchild
Call Number: BL51 .R385 2002eb

Ritual and cult at Ugarit [electronic resource]
by Dennis Pardee ; edited by Theodore J. Lewis
Call Number: BL1640 .P37 2002eb

Ritual and metaphor : sacrifice in the Bible [electronic resource]
[edited by] Christian A. Eberhart
Call Number: BS1199.S2 R58 2011eb

Rome and religion : a cross-disciplinary dialogue on the imperial cult [electronic resource]
edited by Jeffrey Brodd and Jonathan L. Reed
Call Number: BL805 .R66 2011eb

Russian Baptists and spiritual revolution, 1905-1929 [electronic resource]
Heather J. Coleman
Call Number: BX6310.R8 C65 2005"@"BX6310.R8

Saint Francis and the sultan : the curious history of a Christian-Muslim encounter [electronic resource]
John Tolan
Call Number: BX4700.F6 T56 2009eb

Saintly influence : Edith Wyschogrod and the possibilities of philosophy of religion [electronic resource]
edited by Eric Boynton and Martin Kavka
Call Number: BL51 .S3493 2009eb

Saints & society : the two worlds of western Christendom, 1000-1700 [electronic resource]
Donald Weinstein, Rudolph M. Bell
Call Number: BX4659.E85 W44 1982

Saints in exile : the Holiness-Pentecostal experience in African American religion and culture [electronic resource]
Cheryl J. Sanders
Call Number: BX7990.H615 S26 1996eb

Salvation and suicide : Jim Jones, the Peoples Temple, and Jonestown [electronic resource]
David Chidester
Call Number: BP605.P46 C48 2003eb

Saving God : religion after idolatry [electronic resource]
Mark Johnston
Call Number: BL51 .J75 2009eb

Scenting salvation : ancient Christianity and the olfactory imagination [electronic resource]
Susan Ashbrook Harvey
Call Number: BT741.3 .H37 2006eb

Scripture of the lotus blossom of the fine dharma [electronic resource]
translated from the Chinese of Kumārajīva by Leon Hurvitz
Call Number: BQ2052.E5 H87 1982"@"BQ2052.E5

Sensible ecstasy : mysticism, sexual difference, and the demands of history [electronic resource]
Amy Hollywood
Call Number: BV5083 .H55 2002eb

Sensual encounters : monastic women and spirituality in medieval Germany [electronic resource]
Erika Lauren Lindgren
Call Number: BX4337.Z5 E8523

Serbian orthodox fundamentals : the quest for an eternal identity [electronic resource]
Christos Mylonas
Call Number: BX713 .M95 2003eb

Shaping a monastic identity : liturgy & history at the Imperial Abbey of Farfa, 1000-1125 [electronic resource]
Susan Boynton
Call Number: BX2624.F3

Social theory and the study of Israelite religion : essays in retrospect and prospect [electronic resource]
edited by Saul M. Olyan
Call Number: BM165 .S63 2012b

Spiritual marriage : sexual abstinence in medieval wedlock [electronic resource]
Dyan Elliott
Call Number: BV835 .E424 1993"@"BV835

Spirituality and administration : the role of the bishop in twelfth-century Auxerre [electronic resource]
Constance Brittain Bouchard
Call Number: BX4682 .B63

Storming the heavens : the Soviet League of the Militant Godless [electronic resource]
Daniel Peris
Call Number: BL2765.R8 P47 1998"@"BL2765.R8

Studies in religious fundamentalism [electronic resource]
edited by Lionel Caplan
Call Number: BL238 .S78 1987eb

Subtle bodies : representing angels in Byzantium [electronic resource]
Glenn Peers
Call Number: BR238 .P42 2001eb

Symeon the holy fool : Leontius's Life and the late antique city [electronic resource]
Derek Krueger
Call Number: BR1720.S518 K78 1996eb

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