Items Acquired in August 2014 for the University Libraries

A critical introduction to religion in the Americas : bridging the liberation theology and religious studies divide /
Michelle A. Gonzalez
Call Number: BT83.57 .G655 2014

A prophet like Moses : prophecy, law, and Israelite religion /
Jeffrey Stackert
Call Number: BM645.P67 S73 2014

Answering the call : popular Islamic activism in Sadat's Egypt /
By Abdullah Al-Arian
Call Number: BP10.J383 A427 2014

Ascetic pneumatology from John Cassian to Gregory the Great
Thomas L Humphries, Jr
Call Number: BT121.3 .H86 2013

Balthasar on the spiritual senses : perceiving splendour /
Mark McInroy
Call Number: BX4705.B163 M39 2014

Buddhist nuns and gendered practice : in search of the female renunciant [electronic resource]
Nirmala S. Salgado
Call Number: BQ6150 .S25 2013eb

Buddhists : understanding Buddhism through the lives of believers /
edited by Todd Lewis
Call Number: BQ840 .B83 2014

Challenges to moral and religious belief : disagreement and evolution /
edited by Michael Bergmann and Patrick Kain
Call Number: BL51 .C43 2014

Christian responses to Islam in Nigeria : a contextual study of ambivalent encounters /
Akintunde E. Akinade
Call Number: BP64.N5 A45 2014

Christianity : the basics /
Bruce Chilton
Call Number: BT60 .C49 2015

Christians and the color line : race and religion after Divided by faith /
edited by J. Russell Hawkins and Phillip Luke Sinitiere
Call Number: BT734.2 .C47 2013eb

Conflict & conversion : Catholicism in southeast Asia, 1500-1700 /
Tara Alberts
Call Number: BX3746.A1 A63 2013eb

Contemplation and classical Christianity : a study in Augustine /
John Peter Kenney
Call Number: BR1720.A9 K46 2013eb

Corporate holiness : pulpit preaching and the Church of England Missionary Societies, 1760-1870 /
Dr Bob Tennant
Call Number: BX5883 .T46 2013eb

Dissent and the Bible in Britain, c.1650-1950
edited by Scott Mandelbrote and Michael Ledger-Lomas
Call Number: BX5203.5 .D57 2013eb

Early Islam and the birth of capitalism
Benedikt Koehler
Call Number: BP173.75 .K645 2014

Evangelicalism and fundamentalism in the United Kingdom during the twentieth century
edited by David Bebbington and David Ceri Jones
Call Number: BR1642.G7 E93 2013eb

Exodus and liberation : deliverance politics from John Calvin to Martin Luther King Jr /
John Coffey
Call Number: BT810.3 C64 2014eb

Explaining the cosmos : creation and cultural interaction in late-antique Gaza /
Michael W. Champion
Call Number: BS680.C69 C43 2014eb

Faith on the avenue : religion on a city street /
Katie Day ; photography by Edd Conboy
Call Number: BV637 .D39 2014eb

Families and faith : how religion is passed down across generations /
Vern L. Bengtson, with Norella Putney and Susan C. Harris
Call Number: BV1475.3 .B46 2013eb

Finnish women making religion : between ancestors and angels /
edited by Terhi Utriainen and Päivi Salmesvuori
Call Number: BL458 .F56 2014

Gurus of modern yoga
edited by Mark Singleton, Ellen Goldberg
Call Number: BL1171 .G87 2013eb

In defence of war [electronic resource]
Nigel Biggar
Call Number: BT736.2 .B54 2013eb

Jonathan Edwards and the church
Rhys S. Bezzant
Call Number: BX7260.E3 B49 2013eb

Like Cats and Dogs : Contesting the Mu Koan in Zen Buddhism /
Steven Heine
Call Number: BQ9289.5 .H436 2013eb

Listening to the Bible : the art of faithful Biblical interpretation /
Christopher Bryan ; with an appendix on liturgical reading by David Landon
Call Number: BS476 .B79 2013eb

Martyrdom and terrorism : pre-modern to contemporary perspectives /
edited by Dominic Janes, Alex Houen
Call Number: BL626.5 .M36 2014

Messianic thought outside theology
edited by Anna Glazova and Paul North
Call Number: BL475 .B444 2014

Metaphysics and the tri-personal God [electronic resource]
William Hasker
Call Number: BT111.3 .H38 2013eb

Mormon Christianity : what other Christians can learn from the Latter-day Saints [electronic resource]
Stephen H. Webb
Call Number: BX8635.3 .W43 2013eb

Muslim childhood : religious nurture in a European context /
Jonathan Scourfield, Sophie Gilliat-Ray, Asma Khan, and Sameh Otri
Call Number: BP188.18.F35 S3 2013

Native evangelism in central Mexico
by Hugo G. Nutini and Jean F. Nutini
Call Number: BR1642.M6 N88 2014

New heavens and a new earth : the Jewish reception of Copernican thought [electronic resource]
Jeremy Brown
Call Number: BM538.A76 B76 2013

Orthodox Christianity and nationalism in nineteenth-century southeastern Europe
edited by Lucian N. Leustean
Call Number: BX750.B3 O774 2014

Plantation church : how African American religion was born in Caribbean slavery /
Noel Leo Erskine
Call Number: BR563.N4 E77 2014eb

Profiling Jewish literature in antiquity : an inventory, from Second Temple texts to the Talmuds [electronic resource]
by Alexander Samely ; edited by Philip Alexander, Rocco Bernasconi, Robert Hayward
Call Number: BM496.6 .S37 2013

Refuge in Crestone : a sanctuary for interreligious dialogue /
Aaron Thomas Raverty, OSB
Call Number: BL60 .R317 2014

Religion and the sciences of origins : historical and contemporary discussions /
Kelly James Clark
Call Number: BL263 .C53 2014

Roots of Haiti's Vodou-Christian faith : African and Catholic origins /
R. Murray Thomas
Call Number: BL2530.H3 T49 2014

Rough country : how Texas became America's most powerful Bible-belt state /
Robert Wuthnow
Call Number: BR555.T4 W88 2014

Royal priesthood in the English Reformation
Malcolm B. Yarnell III
Call Number: BT767.3 .Y37 2013

Sacrifice and modern thought
edited by Julia Meszaros and Johannes Zachhuber
Call Number: BL570 .S23 2013eb

Sacrifice in the post-Kantian tradition : perspectivism, intersubjectivity, and recognition /
Paolo Diego Bubbio
Call Number: BL570 .B828 2014

Sister churches : American congregations and their partners abroad /
Janel Kragt Bakker
Call Number: BR500.A1 B35 2013eb

Spells, images, and maṇḍalas : tracing the evolution of esoteric Buddhist rituals /
Koichi Shinohara
Call Number: BQ8920 .S56 2014

Storm of words : science, religion, and evolution in the Civil War era /
Monte Harrell Hampton
Call Number: BX8962 .H36 2014

The craft of ritual studies
Ronald L. Grimes
Call Number: BL600 .R743 2013eb

The devil and philosophy : the nature of his game /
edited by Robert Arp
Call Number: BL480 .D47 2014

The father's will : Christ's crucifixion and the goodness of God /
Nicholas E Lombardo
Call Number: BT453 .L66 2013eb

The forerunner of all things : Buddhaghosa on mind, intention, and agency /
Maria Heim
Call Number: BQ4435 .H45 2013eb

The individual in the religions of the Ancient Mediterranean
jörg Rüpke
Call Number: BL687 .I64 2013

The Mormon image in the American mind : fifty years of public perception /
J.B. Haws
Call Number: BX8611 .H39 2013eb

The nay science : a history of German Indology /
Vishwa Adluri and Joydeep Bagchee
Call Number: BL1108.7.G3 A37 2014

The new evangelical social engagement
edited by Brian Steensland and Philip Goff
Call Number: BR1640 .N474 2013eb

The Old Testament in Eastern Orthodox tradition
Eugen J. Pentiuc
Call Number: BS465 .P467 2014eb

The rebirth of Latin American Christianity
Todd Hartch
Call Number: BR600 .H37 2014eb

The secular spectacle : performing religion in a southern town /
Chad E. Seales
Call Number: BL2527.S55 S43 2013eb

The soteriology of James Ussher : the act and object of saving faith /
by Richard Snoddy
Call Number: BT751.3 .S66 2014

The spiritual city : theology, spirituality, and the urban /
Philip Sheldrake
Call Number: BR115.C45 S54 2014

The truth within : a history of inwardness in Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism /
Gavin Flood
Call Number: BL624 .F58 2013

Theology of transformation : faith, freedom, and the Christian act /
Oliver Davies
Call Number: BT75.3 .D365 2013

Tree of salvation : Yggdrasil and the cross in the north /
G. Ronald Murphy, SJ
Call Number: BL870.Y44 M87 2013eb

Turning to tradition : converts and the making of an American Orthodox church /
D. Oliver Herbel
Call Number: BX739.A1 H47 2013eb

Union with Christ in the New Testament
Dr. Grant Macaskill
Call Number: BL473 .M33 2013eb

What is an American Muslim? : embracing faith and citizenship /
Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im
Call Number: BP67.U6 N35 2014

Where Islam and Judaism join together : a perspective on reconciliation /
Shai Har-El
Call Number: BP173.J8 H36 2014

Women in early Indian Buddhism : comparative textual studies /
[edited by] Alice Collett
Call Number: BQ4570.W6 W64 2013eb

You can't put god in a box : thoughtful spirituality in a rational age /
Kelly Besecke
Call Number: BL51 .B544 2014eb

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