Items Acquired in September 2014 for the University Libraries

After the monkey trial : evangelical scientists and a new creationism /
Christopher M. Rios
Call Number: BS659 .R57 2014

al-Furqān al-ḥaqq = : The true furqan /
[edited by Anis Shorrosh]
Call Number: BT1170 .F87 1999

American gurus : from American transcendentalism to New Age religion /
Arthur Versluis
Call Number: BL2525 .V465 2014eb

Approaches to Greek myth
edited by Lowell Edmunds
Call Number: BL790 .A66 2014

Are you not a man of God? : devotion, betrayal, and social criticism in Jewish tradition /
Tova Hartman and Charlie Buckholtz
Call Number: BS1182.3 .H36 2014

Becoming holy in early Canada
Timothy G. Pearson
Call Number: BX4659.C2 P42 2014

Being christian in late antiquity : a festschrift for Gillian Clark /
edited by Carol Harrison, Caroline Humfress, Isabella Sandwell
Call Number: BR162.3 .B45 2014eb

Belief without borders : inside the minds of the spiritual but not religious /
Linda A. Mercadante
Call Number: BL624 .M45 2014

Bishop Richard Fox of Winchester : architect of the Tudor Age /
Clayton J. Drees
Call Number: BR1725.F54985 D74 2014

Buddhist responses to globalization
edited by Leah Kalmanson and James Mark Shields
Call Number: BQ4570.G56 B83 2014

Changing faith : the dynamics and consequences of Americans' shifting religious identities /
Darren E. Sherkat
Call Number: BL2525 .S535 2014

Confucianism : a very short introduction /
Daniel K. Gardner
Call Number: BL1853 .G37 2014

David : the divided heart /
David Wolpe
Call Number: BS580.D3 W65 2014

Deborah's daughters : gender politics and biblical interpretation /
Joy A. Schroeder
Call Number: BS580.D4 S37 2014eb

Deuteronomy and the Judaean diaspora
Prof. Ernest Nicholson
Call Number: BS1275.2 .N534 2014eb

Dissent on the margins : how Soviet Jehovah's Witnesses defied communism and lived to preach about it /
Emily B. Baran
Call Number: BX8525.8.R9 B28 2014

Emerging adults' religiousness and spirituality : meaning-making in an age of transition /
Carolyn McNamara Barry and Mona M. Abo-Zena
Call Number: BL625.47 .E44 2014

Evolution, religion, and cognitive science : critical and constructive essays /
edited by Fraser Watts and Léon Turner
Call Number: BL239

Faith and the founders of the American republic
Mark David Hall and Daniel L. Dreisbach
Call Number: BL2525 .F325 2014

Faith and wisdom in science
Tom McLeish
Call Number: BS1415.52 .M35 2014

Faith as an option : possible futures for Christianity /
Hans Joas ; translated by Alex Skinner
Call Number: BL2747 J5813 2014

Feminist edges of the Qur'an
Aysha A. Hidayatullah
Call Number: BP130.2 .H53 2014eb

From mother to son : the selected letters of Marie de l'Incarnation to Claude Martin /
translated and with introduction and notes by Mary Dunn
Call Number: BX4705.M36 A4 2014

From yoga to Kabbalah : religious exoticism and the logics of bricolage /
Véronique Altglas
Call Number: BM526 .A48 2014

Georges Florovsky and the Russian religious renaissance
Paul L Gavrilyuk
Call Number: BX510 .G38 2014eb

Help! I want to change my life : become the person you want to be [electronic resource]
Infinite Ideas
Call Number: BV4598.2 .H45 2011

Immigrant faith : patterns of immigrant religion in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe /
Phillip Connor
Call Number: BL625.9.I55 C66 2014

John Calvin as sixteenth-century prophet
Jon Balserak
Call Number: BX9418 .B35 2014eb

Joseph of Arimathea : a study in reception history /
William John Lyons
Call Number: BS2458.J6 L9 2014eb

Journey of two Psalms : the reception of Psalms 1 and 2 in Jewish and Christian tradition [electronic resource]
Susan Gillingham
Call Number: BS1430.52 .G55 2013

Kantian transpositions : Derrida and the philosophy of religion /
Eddis N. Miller
Call Number: BL51 .M6265 2014

La Conquistadora : the Virgin Mary at War and Peace in the Old and the New Worlds /
Amy G. Remensnyder
Call Number: BT603 .R45 2014eb

Latino Pentecostals in America : faith and politics in action /
Gastón Espinosa
Call Number: BR1644.5.U6 E87 2014

Living karma : the religious practices of Ouyi Zhixu /
Beverley Foulks McGuire
Call Number: BQ4435 .M43 2014

Mindful America : the mutual transformation of Buddhist meditation and American culture /
Jeff Wilson
Call Number: BQ732 .W55 2014

Mine eyes have seen the glory : a journey into the evangelical subculture in America /
Randall Balmer
Call Number: BR1642.U5 B35 2014

Misreading America : scriptures and difference /
edited by Vincent L. Wimbush with the assistance of Lalruatkima and Melissa Renee Reid
Call Number: BL65.E75 M574 2013

Never wholly other : a Muslima theology of religious pluralism /
Jerusha Tanner Lamptey
Call Number: BP130.2 .L36 2014

New generations of Catholic sisters : the challenge of diversity /
Mary Johnson, Patricia Wittberg, and Mary L. Gautier
Call Number: BX4220.U6 J64 2014

Obeying the truth : discretion in the spiritual writings of Saint Catherine of Siena /
Grazia Mangano Ragazzi
Call Number: BX4700.C4 M3213 2013eb

On Hinduism [electronic resource]
Call Number: BL1210 .D66 2014

One word that will change your life [electronic resource]
Jon Gordon, Dan Britton, Jimmy Page
Call Number: BV4598.2

Oxford studies in philosophy of religion. Volume 5
edited by Jonathan L. Kvanvig
Call Number: BL51 .O946 2014eb

Places in motion : the fluid identities of temples, images, and pilgrims /
Jacob N. Kinnard
Call Number: BL580 .K56 2014

Producing spoilers : peacemaking and the production of enmity in a secular age /
Joyce Dalsheim
Call Number: BL65.P4 D35 2014

Profane : sacrilegious expression in a multicultural age /
edited by Christopher S. Grenda, Chris Beneke, and David Nash ; foreword by Martin E. Marty
Call Number: BL65.B54 P76 2014

Pursuing social holiness : the band meeting in Wesley's thought and popular Methodist practice /
Kevin M. Watson
Call Number: BX8349.H64 W38 2013eb

Real sadhus sing to God : gender, asceticism, and vernacular religion in Rajasthan /
Antoinette Elizabeth DeNapoli
Call Number: BL1241.53 .D46 2014

Reinventing philosophy of religion : an opinionated introduction /
Graham Oppy
Call Number: BL51 .O66 2014

Religious radicalization and securitization in Canada and beyond
edited by Paul Bramadat and Lorne Dawson
Call Number: BL65.P7 .R45 2014

Remembering Paul : ancient and modern contests over the image of the Apostle /
Benjamin L. White
Call Number: BS2506.3 .W45 2014

Research and writing in the seminary : practical strategies and tools /
Diane Capitani and Melanie Baffes
Call Number: BR118 .C235 2014

Righteous rhetoric : sex, speech, and the politics of concerned women for America /
Leslie Dorrough Smith
Call Number: BR517

Ritual textuality : pattern and motion in performance /
Matt Tomlinson
Call Number: BL600

Seeing Krishna in America : the Hindu bhakti tradition of Vallabhacharya in India and its movement to the West /
E. Allen Richardson
Call Number: BL1289.53 .R53 2014

Shadows of doubt : language and truth in post-reformation Catholic culture /
Stefania Tutino
Call Number: BX1330 .T88 2014eb

Textual warfare and the making of Methodism
Brett C. McInelly
Call Number: BX8276 .M35 2014

The aesthetics and ethics of faith : a dialogue between liberationist and pragmatic thought /
Christopher D. Tirres
Call Number: BT83.57 .T525 2014eb

The age of evangelicalism : America's born-again years /
Steven P. Miller
Call Number: BR526 .M555 2014

The Apostles' Creed for today
Justo L. González
Call Number: BT993.3 .G87 2007

The clause-typing system of plains cree : indexicality, anaphoricity, and contrast /
Dr. Clare Cook
Call Number: BS345 .C665 2014eb

The fantasy of reunion : Anglicans, Catholics, and ecumenism, 1833-1882 /
Mark D. Chapman
Call Number: BX5004.2 .C43 2014eb

The first Islamic reviver : Abu Hamid al-Ghazali and his Revival of the religious sciences /
Kenneth Garden
Call Number: BP80.G3 G37 2014eb

The Hindus : an alternative history /
Wendy Doniger
Call Number: BL1151.3 .D66 2009

The house of service : the Gulen movement and Islam's third way /
David Tittensor
Call Number: BP173.25 .T58 2014

The new Oxford annotated Bible : New Revised Standard Version : with the Apocrypha : an ecumenical study Bible /
Michael D. Coogan, editor ; Marc Z. Brettler, Carol A. Newsom, and Pheme Perkins, associate editors
Call Number: BS191.5.A1 2010 O94 2010

The pathos of the cross : the passion of Christ in theology and the arts - the Baroque era /
Richard Viladesau
Call Number: BR115.A8 V54 2014

The politics of evangelical identity : local churches and partisan divides in the United States and Canada /
Lydia Bean
Call Number: BR1642.U5 B43 2014

The sacred project of American sociology
Christian Smith
Call Number: BL60 .S565 2014

The shared parish : Latinos, Anglos, and the future of U.S. Catholicism /
Brett C. Hoover
Call Number: BX1407.H55 H66 2014

The social life of Tibetan biography : textuality, community, and authority in the lineage of Tokden Shakya Shri /
Amy Holmes-Tagchungdarpa
Call Number: BQ984.A497 H65 2014

The Tsar's foreign faiths : toleration and the fate of religious freedom in imperial Russia /
Paul W. Werth
Call Number: BL980.R8 W47 2014

The urban pulpit : New York City and the fate of liberal evangelicalism /
Matthew Bowman
Call Number: BR560.N4 B69 2014

The vatican and catholic activism in Mexico and Chile : the politics of transnational catholicism, 1920-1940 /
Stephen J. C. Andes
Call Number: BX1428.2 .A534 2014eb

Theology after the birth of God : Atheist conceptions in cognition and culture /
F. LeRon Shults
Call Number: BL51 .S5246 2014

Theology and economic ethics : Martin Luther and Arthur Rich in dialogue /
Sean Doherty
Call Number: BR115.E3 D64 2014eb

Theology and the kinesthetic imagination : Jonathan Edwards and the making of modernity /
Kathryn Reklis
Call Number: BR520

Through the eye of a needle : wealth, the fall of Rome, and the making of Christianity in the West, 350-550 AD [electronic resource]
Peter Brown
Call Number: BR162.3 .B77 2012eb

Transforming consciousness : yogacara thought in modern China /
John Makeham
Call Number: BQ7500.C6 T73 2014

Virtually sacred : myth and meaning in World of Warcraft and Second Life /
Robert M. Geraci
Call Number: BL65.V57 G47 2014

What is veiling?
Sahar Amer
Call Number: BP190.5.H44 A535 2014

William J. Seymour and the origins of global Pentecostalism : a biography and documentary history /
Gastón Espinosa ; with a foreword by Harvey Cox
Call Number: BX8762.Z8 S49 2014

Wittgenstein within the philosophy of religion
Thomas D. Carroll, Xing Wei College, People's Republic of China
Call Number: BL51 .C365 2014

Young Catholic America : emerging adults in, out of, and gone from the church /
Christian Smith, Kyle Longest, Jonathan Hill, and Kari Christoffersen
Call Number: BX2347.8.Y64 Y685 2014eb

Zen living [electronic resource]
by Domyo Sater Burk
Call Number: BQ9288 .B875 2014

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