Items Acquired in November 2014 for the University Libraries

A tender age : cultural anxieties over the child in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries [electronic resource]
by William F. MacLehose
Call Number: HQ767.87 .M33 2007"@"HQ792.E8

Time-Out in the Land of Apu : childhoods, Bildungsmoratorium and the middle classes of urban West Bengal /
Hia Sen ; foreword by Hermann Schwengel
Call Number: HQ792.I4 S46 2014

100 years of American folklore studies : a conceptual history [electronic resource]
edited by William M. Clements ; with production editors David Stanley, Marta Weigle
Call Number: GR1 .A15 1988"@"GR1

1988-1994 supplement to The centennial index [electronic resource]
Michael Taft
Call Number: GR1 .J8 Suppl. 1994"@"GR1

A history of stepfamilies in early America
Lisa Wilson
Call Number: HQ535 .W55 2014

A life under Russian serfdom : the memoirs of Savva Dmitrievich Purlevskii, 1800-1868 [electronic resource]
translated and edited by Boris B. Gorshkov
Call Number: HT807 .P87 2005eb

A tale of two plantations : slave life and labor in Jamaica and Virginia /
Richard S. Dunn
Call Number: HT1099.M48 D86 2014

A wish of distinction : colonial gentility and femininity [electronic resource]
Penny Russell
Call Number: HQ1824.V5 R87 1994eb

Abortion before birth control : the politics of reproduction in postwar Japan [electronic resource]
Tiana Norgren
Call Number: HQ767.5.J3 N67 2001"@"HQ767.5.J3

African womanhood in colonial Kenya, 1900-50 [electronic resource]
Tabitha Kanogo
Call Number: HQ1796.5 .K36 2005"@"HQ1796.5

African women : a modern history [electronic resource]
Catherine Coquery-Vidrovitch ; translated by Beth Gillian Raps
Call Number: HQ1787 .C6613 1997"@"HQ1787

Against all odds : the feminist movement in Mexico to 1940 [electronic resource]
Anna Macías
Call Number: HQ1462 .M32 1982"@"HQ1462

Amazons of the Huk rebellion : gender, sex, and revolution in the Philippines [electronic resource]
Vina A. Lanzona
Call Number: HQ1757 .L36 2009eb

Amelioration and empire : progress and slavery in the plantation Americas /
Christa Dierksheide
Call Number: HT1048 .D54 2014

American folklore scholarship : a dialogue of dissent [electronic resource]
Rosemary Lévy Zumwalt
Call Number: GR48 .Z86 1988"@"GR48

American manhood : transformations in masculinity from the Revolution to the modern era [electronic resource]
E. Anthony Rotundo
Call Number: HQ1090.3 .R69 1993"@"HQ1090.3

Among women : from the homosocial to the homoerotic in the ancient world [electronic resource]
edited by Nancy Sorkin Rabinowitz and Lisa Auanger
Call Number: HQ75.5 (INTERNET)

Arab women : old boundaries, new frontiers [electronic resource]
edited by Judith E. Tucker
Call Number: HQ1784 .A725 1993"@"HQ1784

Arms and the woman : just warriors and Greek feminist identity [electronic resource]
Margaret Poulos
Call Number: HQ1725.5

Attitudes and facilitation in the attainment of status [electronic resource]
by Ruth M. Gasson, Archibald O. Haller, William H. Sewell
Call Number: HT609 .G25 1972eb

Babes in tomorrowland : Walt Disney and the making of the American child, 1930-1960 [electronic resource]
Nicholas Sammond
Call Number: HQ792.U5 S26 2005"@"HQ792.U5X

Becoming modern : young women and the reconstruction of womanhood in the 1920s [electronic resource]
Birgitte Søland
Call Number: HQ1672 .S65 2000"@"HQ1672

Beloved children : history of aristocratic childhood in Hungary in the early modern age [electronic resource]
edited by Katalin Péter
Call Number: HQ792.H8 G94513 2001eb

Bicycle citizens : the political world of the Japanese housewife [electronic resource]
Robin M. LeBlanc ; with a foreword by Saskia Sassen
Call Number: HQ1236.5.J3 L43 2008"@"HQ1236.5.J3

Binding memories : women as makers and tellers of history in Magude, Mozambique [electronic resource]
by Heidi Gengenbach
Call Number: HQ1799.Z8 G46 2010eb

Birth control in America : the career of Margaret Sanger [electronic resource]
David M. Kennedy
Call Number: HQ764.S3 K45 1970

Bondmen & rebels : a study of master-slave relations in Antigua, with implications for colonial British America [electronic resource]
David Barry Gaspar
Call Number: HT1105.A6 G37 1985"@"HT1105.A6

Broken silence : voices of Japanese feminism [electronic resource]
[edited by] Sandra Buckley
Call Number: HQ1762 (INTERNET)

Catharine Beecher : a study in American domesticity [electronic resource]
Kathryn Kish Sklar
Call Number: HQ1413.B4 S54 1976"@"HQ1413.B4

Celebrating women : gender, festival culture, and Bolshevik ideology, 1910-1939 [electronic resource]
Choi Chatterjee
Call Number: HQ1662 .C465 2002"@"HQ1662

Charity, challenge, and change : religious dimensions of the mid-nineteenth century women's movement in Germany [electronic resource]
Catherine M. Prelinger
Call Number: HQ1626 .P74 1987"@"HQ1626

Children and young people's participation and its transformative potential : learning from across countries /
Edited by E. Kay M. Tisdall (University of Edinburgh, UK), Andressa M. Gadda (University of Strathclyde, UK) and Udi Mandel Butler (The International Center for Research and Policy on Childhood, Brazil)
Call Number: HM711 .C45 2014

Children and youth during the Gilded Age and Progressive Era
edited by James Marten
Call Number: HQ792.U5 C423 2014

Chilean rural society from the Spanish conquest to 1930 [electronic resource]
Arnold J. Bauer
Call Number: HN293 .B38 1975"@"HN293

Chinese femininities, Chinese masculinities : a reader [electronic resource]
edited by Susan Brownell and Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom ; foreword by Thomas Laqueur
Call Number: HQ1075.5.C6 (INTERNET)

Cinderella goes to market : citizenship, gender, and women's movements in East Central Europe [electronic resource]
Barbara Einhorn
Call Number: HQ1590.7 .E56 1993"@"HQ1590.7

Cities that shaped the ancient world
edited by John Julius Norwich
Call Number: HT114 .C58 2014

City of quartz : excavating the future in Los Angeles [electronic resource]
Mike Davis ; photographs by Robert Morrow
Call Number: HN80.L7 D38 2006"@"HN80.L7

Class counts : comparative studies in class analysis [electronic resource]
Erik Olin Wright
Call Number: HT609 .W698 1997

Classical landscape with figures : the ancient Greek city and its countryside [electronic resource]
Robin Osborne
Call Number: HT114 .O83 1987

Concubines and bondservants : a social history [electronic resource]
Maria Jaschok
Call Number: HQ281 (INTERNET)

Confronting suburbanization : urban decentralization in postsocialist Central and Eastern Europe /
edited by Kiril Stanilov and Luděk Sýkora
Call Number: HT352.E85 C66 2014

Conquerors and slaves [electronic resource]
by Keith Hopkins
Call Number: HT863 .H66 1978"@"HT863

Contested terrain : reflections with Afghan women leaders /
Sally L. Kitch
Call Number: HQ1735.6 .K56 2014

Courtyards, markets, city streets : urban women in Africa [electronic resource]
edited by Kathleen Sheldon
Call Number: HQ1787 .C68 1996"@"HQ1787

Creativity and tradition in folklore : new directions [electronic resource]
edited by Simon J. Bronner
Call Number: GR71 .C74 1992"@"GR71

Critical articulations of race, gender, and sexual orientation
edited by Sheena C. Howard
Call Number: HQ76.25 .C75 2014

Cultivation and culture : labor and the shaping of slave life in the Americas [electronic resource]
edited by Ira Berlin and Philip D. Morgan
Call Number: HT901 .C85 1993eb

Democracy and social ethics [electronic resource]
by Jane Addams ; edited by Anne Firor Scott
Call Number: HN64 .A22 1964eb

Deviance, selves and others [electronic resource]
Michael Schwartz and Sheldon Stryker
Call Number: HM291 .S375 1970eb

Disappearance of the dowry : women, families, and social change in São Paulo, Brazil (1600-1900) [electronic resource]
Muriel Nazzari
Call Number: HQ1017 .N39 1991"@"HQ1017

Disconnected : youth, new media, and the ethics gap /
Carrie James
Call Number: HQ799.9.I58 J36 2014

Downtown America : a history of the place and the people who made it [electronic resource]
Alison Isenberg
Call Number: HT123 .I74 2004eb

Elusive equality : gender, citizenship, and the limits of democracy in Czechoslovakia, 1918-1950 [electronic resource]
Melissa Feinberg
Call Number: HQ1610.3 .F44 2006"@"HQ1610.3

Embodying honor : fertility, foreignness, and regeneration in eastern Sudan [electronic resource]
Amal Hassan Fadlalla
Call Number: HQ766.5.S76 F33 2007eb

Emotions and social relations
Ian Burkitt
Call Number: HM1033 .B87 2014

Encounters with aging : mythologies of menopause in Japan and North America [electronic resource]
Margaret Lock
Call Number: HQ1059.5.J3 (INTERNET)

Enemies and familiars : slavery and mastery in fifteenth-century Valencia [electronic resource]
Debra Blumenthal
Call Number: HT1219.V3 B58 2009

Eugenics and modernization in interwar Romania [electronic resource]
Maria Bucur
Call Number: HQ755.5.R6 B8 2002"@"HQ755.5.R6

European feminisms, 1700-1950 : a political history [electronic resource]
Karen Offen
Call Number: HQ1586 .O33 2000"@"HQ1586

Exit, voice, and loyalty : responses to decline in firms, organizations, and states [electronic resource]
Albert O. Hirschman
Call Number: HM131 (INTERNET)

Family planning in Japanese society : traditional birth control in a modern urban culture [electronic resource]
Samuel Coleman ; with a new foreword by Patricia G. Steinhoff
Call Number: HQ763.6.J3 C64 1991"@"HQ766.5.J3

Feminism and motherhood in Germany, 1800-1914 [electronic resource]
Ann Taylor Allen
Call Number: HQ759 .A42 1991"@"HQ759

Feminism and nationalism in the Third World [electronic resource]
Kumari Jayawardena
Call Number: HQ1870.9 .J39 1994"@"HQ1870.9

Feminists, Islam, and nation : gender and the making of modern Egypt [electronic resource]
Margot Badran
Call Number: HQ1793 .B33 1995"@"HQ1793

François Poulain de la Barre and the invention of modern equality
Siep Stuurman
Call Number: HM821 .S78 2004

Frauen in altsumerischer Zeit [electronic resource]
by Julia M. Asher-Greve
Call Number: HQ1137.I72 A74 1985

Garden cities and colonial planning : transnationality and urban ideas in Africa and Palestine /
edited by Liora Bigon and Yossi Katz
Call Number: HT164.A35 G37 2014

Gay L.A : a history of sexual outlaws, power politics, and lipstick lesbians [electronic resource]
Lillian Faderman, Stuart Timmons
Call Number: HQ76.3.L7 F33 2006eb

Gay New York : gender, urban culture, and the making of the gay male world, 1890-1940 [electronic resource]
George Chauncey
Call Number: HQ76.2.U52 N53 1994"@"HQ76.2.U52

Gender & power in rural Greece [electronic resource]
edited by Jill Dubisch
Call Number: HQ1075.5.G8 G46 1986eb

Gender and difference in the Middle Ages [electronic resource]
Sharon Farmer and Carol Braun Pasternack, editors
Call Number: HQ1143 .G44 2003eb

Gender and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict : the politics of women's resistance [electronic resource]
Simona Sharoni
Call Number: HQ1728.5.Z8 W4773 1995eb

Global women leaders : studies in feminist political rhetoric /
edited by Michele Lockhart and Kathleen Mollick
Call Number: HQ1236 .G56 2014

Great myths of aging
Joan T. Erber and Lenore T. Szuchman
Call Number: HQ1061 .E734 2014

Groove tube : sixties television and the youth rebellion [electronic resource]
Aniko Bodroghkozy
Call Number: HQ799.2.T4 B63 2001eb

Homeward bound : American families in the Cold War era [electronic resource]
Elaine Tyler May
Call Number: HQ535 .M387 1988"@"HQ535

How sex changed : a history of transsexuality in the United States [electronic resource]
Joanne Meyerowitz
Call Number: HQ77.95.E85 M48 2004eb

Huck's raft : a history of American childhood [electronic resource]
Steven Mintz
Call Number: HQ792.U5 M57 2004eb

Improving survey methods : lessons from recent research /
edited by Uwe Engel, Ben Jann, Peter Lynn, Annette Scherpenzeel, and Patrick Sturgis
Call Number: HM538 .I47 2015

In Amma's healing room : gender and vernacular Islam in South India [electronic resource]
Joyce Burkhalter Flueckiger
Call Number: HQ1744.M93 F58 2006eb

Inequality and the 1%
Danny Dorling
Call Number: HM821 .D6697 2014

Interorganizational activation in urban communities : deductions from the concept of system [electronic resource]
by Herman Turk
Call Number: HT110 .T87 1973eb

Interpreting Islam, modernity, and women's rights in Pakistan
Anita M. Weiss
Call Number: HQ1745.5 .W447 2014

Islam and gender : the religious debate in contemporary Iran [electronic resource]
Ziba Mir-Hosseini
Call Number: HQ1735.2 .M55 1999"@"HQ1735.2

Law of desire : temporary marriage in Shi'i Iran [electronic resource]
Shahla Haeri
Call Number: HQ666.4 .H34 1989eb

Lesbian rule : cultural criticism and the value of desire [electronic resource]
Amy Villarejo
Call Number: HQ75.5 .V55 2003"@"HQ75.5

Lester Ward and the welfare state [electronic resource]
edited by Henry Steele Commager
Call Number: HM51 .W295 1967eb

Life and death in the garden : sex, drugs, cops, and robbers in wartime China /
Kathryn Meyer
Call Number: HQ250.H37 M49 2014

Liquid life : abortion and Buddhism in Japan [electronic resource]
William R. LaFleur
Call Number: HQ767.38.B83 L34 1994"@"HQ767.38.B83

Love and toil : motherhood in outcast London, 1870-1918 [electronic resource]
Ellen Ross
Call Number: HQ759 .R66 1993eb

Love in the time of Victoria : sexuality, class, and gender in nineteenth-century London [electronic resource]
Françoise Barret-Ducrocq ; translated by John Howe
Call Number: HQ18.G7 B3713 1991"@"HQ18.G7

Madam Belle : sex, money, and influence in a Southern brothel /
Maryjean Wall
Call Number: HQ146.L6 W35 2014

Magnetic Los Angeles : planning the twentieth-century metropolis [electronic resource]
Greg Hise
Call Number: HT394.L67 H57 1999"@"HT394.L67

Make room for TV : television and the family ideal in postwar America [electronic resource]
Lynn Spigel
Call Number: HQ520 .S75 1992eb

Making agreements in medieval Catalonia : power, order, and the written word, 1000-1200 [electronic resource]
Adam J. Kosto
Call Number: HN590.C36 K67 2001eb

Making chastity sexy : the rhetoric of evangelical abstinence campaigns [electronic resource]
Christine J. Gardner
Call Number: HQ63 .G35 2011eb

Making peace : the reconstruction of gender in interwar Britain [electronic resource]
Susan Kingsley Kent
Call Number: HQ1075.5.G7 K46 1993"@"HQ1075.5.G7

Managing gender : the state, the new middle class, and women workers 1830-1930 [electronic resource]
Desley Deacon
Call Number: HN850.Z9 S642 1989eb

Manhattan projects : the rise and fall of urban renewal in cold war New York [electronic resource]
Samuel Zipp
Call Number: HT177.N5 Z57 2010eb

Manhood in the age of Aquarius : masculinity in two countercultural communities, 1965-83 [electronic resource]
by Tim Hodgdon
Call Number: HQ1090.3 .H625 2009eb

Manliness & civilization : a cultural history of gender and race in the United States, 1880-1917 [electronic resource]
Gail Bederman
Call Number: HQ1075.5.U6 B43 1995eb

Manufacturing tales : sex and money in contemporary legends [electronic resource]
Gary Alan Fine
Call Number: GR462 .F56 1992"@"GR462

Marriage and inequality in Chinese society [electronic resource]
edited by Rubie S. Watson, Patricia Buckley Ebrey
Call Number: HQ734 (INTERNET)

Max Weber and The Protestant Ethic : Twin Histories /
Peter Ghosh
Call Number: HM479.W42 G46 2014

Medieval households [electronic resource]
David Herlihy
Call Number: HQ611 .H46 1985eb

Medieval misogyny and the invention of Western romantic love [electronic resource]
R. Howard Bloch
Call Number: HQ1143 .B56 1991eb

Meeting the transitional needs of young adult learners
C. Amelia Davis, Joann S. Olson, editors
Call Number: HQ799.5 .M448 2014

Modern Hungarian society in the making : the unfinished experience [electronic resource]
András Gerő ; translated by James Patterson and Enikő Koncz
Call Number: HN420.5.Z9 S619513 1995eb

Modernity at large : cultural dimensions of globalization [electronic resource]
Arjun Appadurai
Call Number: HM1211 .A644 1996eb

Molding Japanese minds : the state in everyday life [electronic resource]
Sheldon Garon
Call Number: HN723 .G39 1997"@"HN723

Moroccan women, activists, and gender politics : an institutional analysis /
Eve Sandberg and Kenza Aqertit
Call Number: HQ1791 .S35 2014

On my honour : Guides and Scouts in interwar Britain [electronic resource]
Tammy M. Proctor
Call Number: HS3270. G7 P76 2002"@"HS3270. G7

On the future of history : the postmodernist challenge and its aftermath [electronic resource]
Ernst Breisach
Call Number: HM449 .B74 2003eb

Other modernities : gendered yearnings in China after socialism [electronic resource]
Lisa Rofel
Call Number: HQ1770.H36 (INTERNET)

Palestinian women of Gaza and the West Bank [electronic resource]
edited by Suha Sabbagh
Call Number: HQ1728.8 .P35 1998"@"HQ1728.8

Parents and children in history : the psychology of family life in early modern France [electronic resource]
by David Hunt
Call Number: HQ792.F7 H8 1970eb

Parité! : sexual equality and the crisis of French universalism [electronic resource]
Joan Wallach Scott
Call Number: HQ1236.5.F8 S36 2005eb

Parlor and kitchen : housing and domestic culture in Budapest, 1870-1940 [electronic resource]
by Gábor Gyáni
Call Number: HT145.H8 G9313 2002eb

Philosophy, ethics, and public policy : an introduction /
Andrew I. Cohen
Call Number: H97 .C624 2015

Plantation slavery in Barbados : an archaeological and historical investigation [electronic resource]
Jerome S. Handler and Frederick W. Lange ; with the assistance of Robert V. Riordan
Call Number: HT1105.B3 H34 1978"@"HT1105.B3

Policing prostitution in nineteenth-century Paris [electronic resource]
Jill Harsin
Call Number: HQ196.P3 H37 1985"@"HQ196.P3

Policing sexuality : the Mann Act and the making of the FBI /
Jessica R. Pliley
Call Number: HQ125.U6 P62 2014

Politics of piety : the Islamic revival and the feminist subject [electronic resource]
Saba Mahmood
Call Number: HQ1785 .M34 2005"@"HQ1785

Popular opinion in Stalin's Russia : terror, propaganda, and dissent, 1934-1941 [electronic resource]
Sarah Davies
Call Number: HN530.Z9 P835 1997eb

Port cities and global legacies : urban identity, waterfront work, and radicalism /
Alice Mah
Call Number: HT119 .M33 2014

Price of honor : Muslim women lift the veil of silence on the Islamic world [electronic resource]
by Jan Goodwin
Call Number: HQ1170 .G66 1994eb

Private life under socialism : love, intimacy, and family change in a Chinese village, 1949-1999 [electronic resource]
Yunxiang Yan
Call Number: HQ684.Z9 X539 2003eb

Pro : reclaiming abortion rights /
Katha Pollitt
Call Number: HQ767.5.U5 P65 2014

Prostitutes and courtesans in the ancient world [electronic resource]
edited by Christopher A. Faraone and Laura K. McClure
Call Number: HQ113 .P76 2006eb

Prostitution and Victorian society : women, class, and the state [electronic resource]
Judith R. Walkowitz
Call Number: HQ185.A5 W34 1980

Putting folklore to use [electronic resource]
Michael Owen Jones, editor
Call Number: GR105 .P88 1994eb

Queering migrations towards, from, and beyond Asia
edited by Hugo Cordóva Quero, Joseph N. Goh, and Michael Sepidoza Campos
Call Number: HQ76.3.A78 Q44 2014

Readings in gender in Africa [electronic resource]
edited by Andrea Cornwall
Call Number: HQ1787 .R33 2005"@"HQ1075.5.A35

Recognizing women's leadership : strategies and best practices for employing excellence /
Tiffani Lennon ; foreword by Geena Davis
Call Number: HQ1233 .L46 2014

Reforming sex : the German movement for birth control and abortion reform, 1920-1950 [electronic resource]
Atina Grossmann
Call Number: HQ744.5.G4

Relating indigenous and settler identities : beyond domination /
Avril Bell
Call Number: HM671 .B45 2014

Relentless reformer : Josephine Roche and progressivism in twentieth-century America /
Robyn Muncy
Call Number: HQ1438.C6 M863 2015

Renovating Russia : the human sciences and the fate of liberal modernity, 1880-1930 [electronic resource]
Daniel Beer
Call Number: H53.R9 B44 2008eb

Respectable lives : social standing in rural New Zealand [electronic resource]
Elvin Hatch
Call Number: HN930.5.C36 H38 2008"@"HN930.5.C36

Respectable lives : social standing in rural New Zealand [electronic resource]
Elvin Hatch
Call Number: HN930.5.C36 (INTERNET)

Restoring women's history through historic preservation [electronic resource]
edited by Gail Lee Dubrow & Jennifer B. Goodman
Call Number: HQ1410 .R47 2003"@"HQ1410

Rethinking American women's activism
Annelise Orleck
Call Number: HQ1410 .O75 2014

Revolutionizing expectations : women's organizations, feminism, and American politics, 1965-1980 /
Melissa Estes Blair
Call Number: HQ1236.5.U6 B562 2014

Rhetoric and ritual in colonial India : the shaping of a public culture in Surat City, 1852-1928 [electronic resource]
Douglas E. Haynes
Call Number: HN690.S97 H38 1991eb

Rise and demise : comparing world-systems [electronic resource]
Christopher Chase-Dunn and Thomas D. Hall
Call Number: HM101 .C464 1997eb

Searching for the invisible man : slaves and plantation life in Jamaica [electronic resource]
Michael Craton, with the assistance of Garry Greenland
Call Number: HT1096 .C7

Secularism, gender, and the state in the Middle East : the Egyptian women's movement [electronic resource]
Nadje Al-Ali
Call Number: HQ1793 .A73 2000eb

Sex after fascism : memory and morality in twentieth-century Germany [electronic resource]
Dagmar Herzog
Call Number: HQ18.G3 H47 2007"@"HQ18.G3

Sex and the posthuman condition
Michael Hauskeller
Call Number: HQ16 .H35 2014

Sexual revolution in Bolshevik Russia [electronic resource]
Gregory Carleton
Call Number: HQ18.S65 C37 2005"@"HQ18.S65

Sexuality and globalization : an introduction to a phenomenology of sexualities /
Laurent Bibard ; translated by Christopher Edwards
Call Number: HQ16 .B5313 2014

Side dishes : Latina American women, sex, and cultural production [electronic resource]
Melissa A. Fitch
Call Number: HQ1460.5 .F58 2009eb

Sinews of empire : a short history of British slavery [electronic resource]
by Michael Craton
Call Number: HT1161 .C64 1974eb

Slave emancipation in Cuba : the transition to free labor, 1860-1899 [electronic resource]
Rebecca J. Scott
Call Number: HT1078 .S4 2000eb

Slave life in Rio de Janeiro, 1808-1850 [electronic resource]
Mary C. Karasch
Call Number: HT1129.R5 K37 1987eb

Slave women in Caribbean society, 1650-1838 [electronic resource]
Barbara Bush
Call Number: HT1071 (INTERNET)

Social causes of violence : crafting a science agenda [electronic resource]
Felice J. Levine and Katherine J. Rosich
Call Number: HM281 .L635 1996eb

Social change in a peripheral society : the creation of a Balkan colony [electronic resource]
Daniel Chirot
Call Number: HN658.W35 .C54 1976eb

Social change in the modern era [electronic resource]
Daniel Chirot ; under the general editorship of Robert K. Merton
Call Number: HN13 .C57 1986eb

Soviet dissent : contemporary movements for national, religious, and human rights [electronic resource]
by Ludmilla Alexeyeva ; translated by Carol Pearce and John Glad
Call Number: HN527 .A4713 1985eb

Sowing the body : psychoanalysis and ancient representations of women [electronic resource]
Page duBois
Call Number: HQ1127 .D83 1988eb

Speaking with vampires : rumor and history in colonial Africa [electronic resource]
Luise White
Call Number: GR355.6 .W48 2008"@"GR355.6

Speaking with vampires : rumor and history in colonial Africa [electronic resource]
Luise White
Call Number: GR355.6 (INTERNET)

States and social revolutions : a comparative analysis of France, Russia, and China [electronic resource]
Theda Skocpol
Call Number: HM283 .S56 1979eb

Status and sacredness : a general theory of status relations and an analysis of Indian culture [electronic resource]
Murray Milner, Jr
Call Number: HM136 .M52 1994eb

Storytelling on the northern Irish border : characters and community [electronic resource]
Ray Cashman
Call Number: GR148.A45 C37 2008eb

Storytracking : texts, stories, & histories in central Australia [electronic resource]
Sam D. Gill
Call Number: GR366.A87 .G55 1998eb

Strategies of slaves & women : life-stories from East/Central Africa [electronic resource]
by Marcia Wright
Call Number: HT1326 .W75 1993"@"HT1326

Studying medieval women : sex, gender, feminism [electronic resource]
edited by Nancy F. Partner
Call Number: HQ1143 .S783 1993"@"HQ1143

Taming Manhattan : environmental battles in the antebellum city /
Catherine McNeur
Call Number: HN80.N5 M36 2014

Tear off the masks! : identity and imposture in twentieth-century Russia [electronic resource]
by Sheila Fitzpatrick
Call Number: HN523 .F58 2005eb

Testing the chains : resistance to slavery in the British West Indies [electronic resource]
by Michael Craton
Call Number: HT1091 .C72 1982eb

The 60s communes : hippies and beyond [electronic resource]
Timothy Miller
Call Number: HQ971 .M55 1999eb

The birth of city planning in the United States, 1840-1917 [electronic resource]
Jon A. Peterson
Call Number: HT167 .P47 2003"@"HT167

The centennial index : one hundred years of the Journal of American folklore [electronic resource]
edited and compiled by Bruce Jackson, Michael Taft, and Harvey S. Axlerod ; with contributions from Ronald L. Baker ... [et al.]
Call Number: GR1 .J8 Suppl 1988"@"GR1

The changing role of women in Bengal, 1849-1905 [electronic resource]
by Meredith Borthwick
Call Number: HQ1744.B4 B67 1984"@"HQ1744.B4

The civilian elite of Cairo in the later Middle Ages [electronic resource]
Carl F. Petry
Call Number: HN786.C3 P48 1981

The colonial harem [electronic resource]
Malek Alloula ; translation by Myrna Godzich and Wlad Godzich ; introduction by Barbara Harlow
Call Number: HQ1791.5 .A7613 1986eb

The comforts of home : prostitution in colonial Nairobi [electronic resource]
Luise White
Call Number: HQ260.5.N35 W45 1990eb

The conservation of culture : folklorists and the public sector [electronic resource]
edited by Burt Feintuch
Call Number: GR105 .C68 1988eb

The courtesan's arts : cross-cultural perspectives [electronic resource]
edited by Martha Feldman and Bonnie Gordon
Call Number: HQ111 .C68 2006eb

The creation of feminist consciousness : from the Middle Ages to eighteen-seventy [electronic resource]
Gerda Lerner
Call Number: HQ1121 (INTERNET)

The creation of patriarchy [electronic resource]
Gerda Lerner
Call Number: HQ1121 (INTERNET)

The creative destruction of Manhattan, 1900-1940 [electronic resource]
Max Page
Call Number: HT168.N5 P34 1999eb

The crisis of imprisonment : protest, politics, and the making of the American penal state, 1776-1941 [electronic resource]
Rebecca M. McLennan
Call Number: HN59 .M222 2008eb

The Diligent : a voyage through the worlds of the slave trade [electronic resource]
Robert Harms
Call Number: HT1177 .H37 2002eb

The era of reform, 1830-1860 [electronic resource]
Henry Steele Commager
Call Number: HN64 .C73 1960eb

The family in Bahia, Brazil, 1870-1945 [electronic resource]
Dain Borges
Call Number: HQ594.15.B34 (INTERNET)

The family, sex and marriage in England 1500-1800 [electronic resource]
Lawrence Stone
Call Number: HQ615 .S76 1977

The Filipino woman : her social, economic, and political status, 1565-1933 [electronic resource]
by Encarnacion Alzona ; foreword by Alexander G. Ruthven
Call Number: HQ1757 .A49 1934eb

The gay archipelago : sexuality and nation in Indonesia [electronic resource]
Tom Boellstorff
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