Women's Studies

Items Acquired in November 2014 for the University Libraries

A wish of distinction : colonial gentility and femininity [electronic resource]
Penny Russell
Call Number: HQ1824.V5 R87 1994eb

African womanhood in colonial Kenya, 1900-50 [electronic resource]
Tabitha Kanogo
Call Number: HQ1796.5 .K36 2005"@"HQ1796.5

African women : a modern history [electronic resource]
Catherine Coquery-Vidrovitch ; translated by Beth Gillian Raps
Call Number: HQ1787 .C6613 1997"@"HQ1787

Against all odds : the feminist movement in Mexico to 1940 [electronic resource]
Anna Macías
Call Number: HQ1462 .M32 1982"@"HQ1462

Amazons of the Huk rebellion : gender, sex, and revolution in the Philippines [electronic resource]
Vina A. Lanzona
Call Number: HQ1757 .L36 2009eb

Arab women : old boundaries, new frontiers [electronic resource]
edited by Judith E. Tucker
Call Number: HQ1784 .A725 1993"@"HQ1784

Arms and the woman : just warriors and Greek feminist identity [electronic resource]
Margaret Poulos
Call Number: HQ1725.5

Becoming modern : young women and the reconstruction of womanhood in the 1920s [electronic resource]
Birgitte Søland
Call Number: HQ1672 .S65 2000"@"HQ1672

Bicycle citizens : the political world of the Japanese housewife [electronic resource]
Robin M. LeBlanc ; with a foreword by Saskia Sassen
Call Number: HQ1236.5.J3 L43 2008"@"HQ1236.5.J3

Binding memories : women as makers and tellers of history in Magude, Mozambique [electronic resource]
by Heidi Gengenbach
Call Number: HQ1799.Z8 G46 2010eb

Broken silence : voices of Japanese feminism [electronic resource]
[edited by] Sandra Buckley
Call Number: HQ1762 (INTERNET)

Catharine Beecher : a study in American domesticity [electronic resource]
Kathryn Kish Sklar
Call Number: HQ1413.B4 S54 1976"@"HQ1413.B4

Celebrating women : gender, festival culture, and Bolshevik ideology, 1910-1939 [electronic resource]
Choi Chatterjee
Call Number: HQ1662 .C465 2002"@"HQ1662

Charity, challenge, and change : religious dimensions of the mid-nineteenth century women's movement in Germany [electronic resource]
Catherine M. Prelinger
Call Number: HQ1626 .P74 1987"@"HQ1626

Cinderella goes to market : citizenship, gender, and women's movements in East Central Europe [electronic resource]
Barbara Einhorn
Call Number: HQ1590.7 .E56 1993"@"HQ1590.7

Contested terrain : reflections with Afghan women leaders /
Sally L. Kitch
Call Number: HQ1735.6 .K56 2014

Courtyards, markets, city streets : urban women in Africa [electronic resource]
edited by Kathleen Sheldon
Call Number: HQ1787 .C68 1996"@"HQ1787

Elusive equality : gender, citizenship, and the limits of democracy in Czechoslovakia, 1918-1950 [electronic resource]
Melissa Feinberg
Call Number: HQ1610.3 .F44 2006"@"HQ1610.3

European feminisms, 1700-1950 : a political history [electronic resource]
Karen Offen
Call Number: HQ1586 .O33 2000"@"HQ1586

Feminism and nationalism in the Third World [electronic resource]
Kumari Jayawardena
Call Number: HQ1870.9 .J39 1994"@"HQ1870.9

Feminists, Islam, and nation : gender and the making of modern Egypt [electronic resource]
Margot Badran
Call Number: HQ1793 .B33 1995"@"HQ1793

Frauen in altsumerischer Zeit [electronic resource]
by Julia M. Asher-Greve
Call Number: HQ1137.I72 A74 1985

Gender and difference in the Middle Ages [electronic resource]
Sharon Farmer and Carol Braun Pasternack, editors
Call Number: HQ1143 .G44 2003eb

Gender and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict : the politics of women's resistance [electronic resource]
Simona Sharoni
Call Number: HQ1728.5.Z8 W4773 1995eb

Global women leaders : studies in feminist political rhetoric /
edited by Michele Lockhart and Kathleen Mollick
Call Number: HQ1236 .G56 2014

In Amma's healing room : gender and vernacular Islam in South India [electronic resource]
Joyce Burkhalter Flueckiger
Call Number: HQ1744.M93 F58 2006eb

Interpreting Islam, modernity, and women's rights in Pakistan
Anita M. Weiss
Call Number: HQ1745.5 .W447 2014

Islam and gender : the religious debate in contemporary Iran [electronic resource]
Ziba Mir-Hosseini
Call Number: HQ1735.2 .M55 1999"@"HQ1735.2

Medieval misogyny and the invention of Western romantic love [electronic resource]
R. Howard Bloch
Call Number: HQ1143 .B56 1991eb

Moroccan women, activists, and gender politics : an institutional analysis /
Eve Sandberg and Kenza Aqertit
Call Number: HQ1791 .S35 2014

Other modernities : gendered yearnings in China after socialism [electronic resource]
Lisa Rofel
Call Number: HQ1770.H36 (INTERNET)

Palestinian women of Gaza and the West Bank [electronic resource]
edited by Suha Sabbagh
Call Number: HQ1728.8 .P35 1998"@"HQ1728.8

Parité! : sexual equality and the crisis of French universalism [electronic resource]
Joan Wallach Scott
Call Number: HQ1236.5.F8 S36 2005eb

Politics of piety : the Islamic revival and the feminist subject [electronic resource]
Saba Mahmood
Call Number: HQ1785 .M34 2005"@"HQ1785

Price of honor : Muslim women lift the veil of silence on the Islamic world [electronic resource]
by Jan Goodwin
Call Number: HQ1170 .G66 1994eb

Readings in gender in Africa [electronic resource]
edited by Andrea Cornwall
Call Number: HQ1787 .R33 2005"@"HQ1075.5.A35

Recognizing women's leadership : strategies and best practices for employing excellence /
Tiffani Lennon ; foreword by Geena Davis
Call Number: HQ1233 .L46 2014

Relentless reformer : Josephine Roche and progressivism in twentieth-century America /
Robyn Muncy
Call Number: HQ1438.C6 M863 2015

Restoring women's history through historic preservation [electronic resource]
edited by Gail Lee Dubrow & Jennifer B. Goodman
Call Number: HQ1410 .R47 2003"@"HQ1410

Rethinking American women's activism
Annelise Orleck
Call Number: HQ1410 .O75 2014

Revolutionizing expectations : women's organizations, feminism, and American politics, 1965-1980 /
Melissa Estes Blair
Call Number: HQ1236.5.U6 B562 2014

Secularism, gender, and the state in the Middle East : the Egyptian women's movement [electronic resource]
Nadje Al-Ali
Call Number: HQ1793 .A73 2000eb

Side dishes : Latina American women, sex, and cultural production [electronic resource]
Melissa A. Fitch
Call Number: HQ1460.5 .F58 2009eb

Sowing the body : psychoanalysis and ancient representations of women [electronic resource]
Page duBois
Call Number: HQ1127 .D83 1988eb

Studying medieval women : sex, gender, feminism [electronic resource]
edited by Nancy F. Partner
Call Number: HQ1143 .S783 1993"@"HQ1143

The changing role of women in Bengal, 1849-1905 [electronic resource]
by Meredith Borthwick
Call Number: HQ1744.B4 B67 1984"@"HQ1744.B4

The colonial harem [electronic resource]
Malek Alloula ; translation by Myrna Godzich and Wlad Godzich ; introduction by Barbara Harlow
Call Number: HQ1791.5 .A7613 1986eb

The creation of feminist consciousness : from the Middle Ages to eighteen-seventy [electronic resource]
Gerda Lerner
Call Number: HQ1121 (INTERNET)

The creation of patriarchy [electronic resource]
Gerda Lerner
Call Number: HQ1121 (INTERNET)

The Filipino woman : her social, economic, and political status, 1565-1933 [electronic resource]
by Encarnacion Alzona ; foreword by Alexander G. Ruthven
Call Number: HQ1757 .A49 1934eb

The lady & the Virgin : image, attitude, and experience in twelfth-century France [electronic resource]
Penny Schine Gold
Call Number: HQ1147.F7 G65 1985eb

The position of women in Hindu civilization : from prehistoric times to the present day [electronic resource]
by A.S. Altekar
Call Number: HQ1742 .A57 1962"@"HQ1742

The question of women in Chinese feminism [electronic resource]
Tani Barlow
Call Number: HQ1767 (INTERNET)

The veil in Kuwait : gender, fashion, identity /
Thorsten Botz-Bornstein, Gulf University of Science and Technology, Kuwait and Noreen Abdullah-Khan, Gulf University of Science and Technology, Kuwait
Call Number: HQ1734 .A64 2014

The women of Mexico City, 1790-1857 [electronic resource]
Silvia Marina Arrom
Call Number: HQ1465.M6 A77 1985"@"HQ1465.M6

The women's liberation movement in Russia : feminism, nihilism, and bolshevism, 1860-1930 [electronic resource]
Richard Stites
Call Number: HQ1662 .S735 1991"@"HQ1662

The women's liberation movement in Scotland
Sarah Browne
Call Number: HQ1599.S35 B76 2014

The world of Burmese women [electronic resource]
Mi Mi Khaing
Call Number: HQ1735.7 .K48 1984"@"HQ1735.7

Western representations of the Muslim woman : from termagant to odalisque [electronic resource]
Mohja Kahf
Call Number: HQ1170 .K347 1999"@"HQ1170

Western women and imperialism : complicity and resistance [electronic resource]
edited by Nupur Chaudhuri and Margaret Strobel
Call Number: HQ1587 .W47 1992"@"HQ1587

Widows in white : migration and the transformation of rural Italian women, Sicily, 1880-1920 [electronic resource]
Linda Reeder
Call Number: HQ1644.S5 R44 2002eb

Wombs and alien spirits : women, men, and the Zār cult in northern Sudan [electronic resource]
Janice Boddy
Call Number: HQ1793.5 .B64 1989eb

Women and class in Africa [electronic resource]
edited by Claire Robertson and Iris Berger
Call Number: HQ1788 .W57 1986"@"HQ1788

Women and freedom in early America [electronic resource]
edited by Larry D. Eldridge
Call Number: HQ1416 .W65 1997eb

Women and gender in southern Africa to 1945 [electronic resource]
edited by Cherryl Walker
Call Number: HQ1800 .W62 1990"@"HQ1800

Women and the state in modern Indonesia [electronic resource]
Susan Blackburn
Call Number: HQ1752 .B53 2004eb

Women and urban change in San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1820-1868 [electronic resource]
Félix V. Matos Rodríguez
Call Number: HQ1522 .M38 1999eb

Women in Africa : studies in social and economic change [electronic resource]
edited by Nancy J. Hafkin and Edna G. Bay
Call Number: HQ1787 .W6 1976"@"HQ1788

Women in African colonial histories [electronic resource]
Jean Allman, Susan Geiger, and Nakanyike Musisi, editors
Call Number: HQ1787 (INTERNET)

Women in late antiquity : pagan and Christian life-styles [electronic resource]
Gillian Clark
Call Number: HQ1127 .C53 1993

Women in Muslim family law [electronic resource]
John L. Esposito
Call Number: HQ1366.5 .E8 1982eb

Women in nineteenth-century Egypt [electronic resource]
Judith E. Tucker
Call Number: HQ1793 .T83 1985

Women of the Andes : patriarchy and social change in two Peruvian towns [electronic resource]
Susan C. Bourque and Kay Barbara Warren
Call Number: HQ1572 .B68 1981eb

Women's earliest records : from ancient Egypt and western Asia [electronic resource]
edited by Barbara S. Lesko
Call Number: HQ1137.M628 (INTERNET)

Women's organizations and democracy in South Africa : contesting authority [electronic resource]
Shireen Hassim
Call Number: HQ1236.5.S6 H37 2006eb

Women, history & theory : the essays of Joan Kelly [electronic resource]
Joan Kelly
Call Number: HQ1154 .K38 1984eb

Women, the family, and divorce laws in Islamic history [electronic resource]
edited by Amira El Azhary Sonbol ; with a foreword by Elizabeth Warnock Fernea
Call Number: HQ1170 .W84 1996eb

Women, the family, and peasant revolution in China [electronic resource]
Kay Ann Johnson
Call Number: HQ1767 .J63 1985eb

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