Biological Sciences

Items Acquired in April 2015 for the University Libraries

A conspiracy of ravens : a compendium of collective nouns for birds /
compiled by Samuel Fanous ; with illustrations by Thomas Bewick ; foreword by Bill Oddie
Call Number: QL677 .F36 2014

A toxicologist's guide to clinical pathology in animals : hematology, clinical chemistry, urinalysis /
John E. Whalan
Call Number: SF769

Abiotic stress biology in horticultural plants
Yoshinori Kanayama, Alexey Kochetov, editors
Call Number: SB318

Advances in cognitive neurodynamics (IV) : proceedings of the International Conference on Cognitive Neurodynamics, 2013 /
Hans Liljenström, editor
Call Number: QP360.5 .I54 2013eb

Advances in equine upper respiratory surgery
editor, Jan Hawkins
Call Number: SF959.R47

Advances in intervertebral disc disease in dogs and cats [electronic resource]
edited by James M. Fingeroth, William B. Thomas
Call Number: SF992.M86

After preservation : saving American nature in the age of humans /
edited by Ben A. Minteer & Stephen J. Pyne
Call Number: GE310 .A38 2015

After sustainability : denial, hope, retrieval /
John Foster
Call Number: GE149 .F67 2015

An operator semigroup in mathematical genetics
Adam Bobrowski, Marek Kimmel
Call Number: QH438.4.M3

Analysis and enumeration : algorithms for biological graphs /
Andrea Marino
Call Number: QH323.5

Analysis of deterministic cyclic gene regulatory network models with delays
Mehmet Eren Ahsen, Hitay Özbay, Silviu-Iulian Niculescu
Call Number: QH450

Analyzing biomolecular interactions by mass spectrometry
edited by Jeroen Kool, Wilfried M.A. Niessen
Call Number: QP519.9.M3

Animal cell culture
Mohamed Al-Rubeai, editor
Call Number: QH585.2

Animal movement across scales
edited by Lars-Anders Hansson and Susanne Åkesson
Call Number: QL754

Animal signaling and function : an integrative approach /
edited by Duncan J. Irschick, Mark Briffa, Jeffrey Podos
Call Number: QL776 .A55 2015

Applied microbiology
Sanjai Saxena
Call Number: QR41.2

Aptamers selected by Cell-SELEX for theranostics
Weihong Tan, Xiaohong Fang, editors
Call Number: QP625.O47

Aquaculture, resource use, and the environment
Claude E. Boyd, Aaron McNevin
Call Number: SH135

Aquatic ecosystem : biodiversity, ecology and conservation /
Mamta Rawat, Sumit Dookia, Chankasan Sivaperuman, editors
Call Number: QH541.5.W3

Audio-visual integration in smooth pursuit eye movements
Christian Wolf
Call Number: QP477.5 .W65 2015

Autonomic innervation of the heart : role of molecular imaging /
Riemer H.J.A. Slart, René A. Tio, Philip H. Elsinga, Markus Schwaiger, editors
Call Number: QP113.4

Autophagy, infection, and the immune response
edited by William T. Jackson and Michele Swanson
Call Number: QR181.7 .A98 2015

Backyard poultry medicine and surgery : a guide for veterinary practitioners [electronic resource]
edited by Cheryl B. Greenacre, Teresa Y. Morishita
Call Number: SF995 .B14 2015

Bamboo : the plant and its uses /
Walter Liese, Michael Köhl, editors
Call Number: SB317.B2

Beneficial plant-bacterial interactions
Bernard R. Glick
Call Number: QK728

Bioactive compounds from extremophiles : genomic studies, biosynthetic gene clusters, and new dereplication methods /
Lesley-Ann Giddings, David J. Newman
Call Number: QP517.B44

Bioactive compounds from marine extremophiles
Lesley-Ann Giddings, David J. Newman
Call Number: QR100.9

Bioactive compounds from terrestrial extremophiles
Lesley-Ann Giddings, David J. Newman
Call Number: QR100.9

Biochemical roles of eukaryotic cell surface macromolecules
Abhijit Chakrabarti
Call Number: QH650 .C435 2015eb

Biocontrol of lepidopteran pests : use of soil microbes and their metabolites /
K. Sowjanya Sree, Ajit Varma, editors
Call Number: SB975

Biodiversity and Earth history
Jens Boenigk, Sabina Wodniok, Edvard Glücksman
Call Number: QH541.15.B56

Bioinformatics and biomedical engineering : third International Conference, IWBBIO 2015, Granada, Spain, April 15-17, 2015. Proceedings.
Francisco Ortuño, Ignacio Rojas (eds.)
Call Number: QH324.2

Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering : Third International Conference, IWBBIO 2015, Granada, Spain, April 15-17, 2015, Proceedings, Part I [Elektronische Daten]
edited by Francisco Ortuño, Ignacio Rojas
Call Number: QH324.2-324.25

Biomarker validation : technological, clinical and commercial aspects /
edited by Harald Seitz and Sarah Schumacher
Call Number: QH438.4.B55

Bioorganometallic chemistry : applications in drug discovery, biocatalysis, and imaging /
edited by Gérard Jaouen and Michèle Salmain
Call Number: QP531

Body metabolism and exercise
edited by Mieczyslaw Pokorski
Call Number: QP171 .B695 2015

Brain asymmetry and neural systems : foundations in clinical neuroscience and neuropsychology /
David W. Harrison
Call Number: QP385

Brain crosstalk in puberty and adolescence
Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, Jean-Claude Carel, Yves Christen, editors
Call Number: QP356.25

Branching processes in biology
Marek Kimmel, David E. Axelrod
Call Number: QH323.5

Carbon capture, storage and use : technical, economic, environmental and societal perspectives /
Wilhelm Kuckshinrichs, Jürgen-Friech Hake, editors
Call Number: SD387.C37

Cardiac cytoarchitecture : how to maintain a working heart /
Elisabeth Ehler, editor
Call Number: QP114.C44

Cell polarity. 1, Biological role and basic mechanisms
Klaus Ebnet, editor
Call Number: QH604.3

Cell polarity. 2, Role in development and disease
Klaus Ebnet, editor
Call Number: QH604.3

Chemical evolution : the biological system of the elements /
Bernd Markert, Stefan Fränzle, Simone Wünschmann
Call Number: QH325

Chemokines : Chemokines and Their Receptors in Drug Discovery /
Nuska Tschammer, editor
Call Number: QR185.8.C45

Climate change impact on livestock : adaptation and mitigation /
Veerasamy Sejian, John Gaughan, Lance Baumgard, Cadaba Prasad, editors
Call Number: SF140.C57

Climate resilient agriculture for ensuring food security
P. Parvatha Reddy
Call Number: S494.5.S86

Clinical toxinology in Asia Pacific and Africa
P. Gopalakrishnakone, editor-in-chief ; Abul Faiz [and 4 more], editors
Call Number: QP631

Coastal wetlands of the world : geology, ecology, distribution and applications /
David B. Scott, Jennifer Frail-Gauthier and Petra J. Mudie, Department of Earth Sciences, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Call Number: QH541.5.M3 S36 2014

Code biology : a new science of life /
Marcello Barbieri
Call Number: QH430

Cognitive pearls in general surgery
Vijay K. Maker ; Edgar D. Guzman-Arrieta, co-author
Call Number: QM531

Combined stresses in plants : physiological, molecular, and biochemical aspects /
Ramamurthy Mahalingam, editor
Call Number: QK754

Complex fluids in biological systems : experiment, theory, and computation /
Saverio E. Spagnolie, editor
Call Number: QH505

Complex structure and dynamics of the heart
Philip Bittihn
Call Number: QM181

Computational hemodynamics : theory, modelling and applications /
Jiyuan Tu, Kiao Inthavong, Kelvin Kian Loong Wong
Call Number: QP105

Congenital anomalies of the upper extremity : etiology and management. /
Donald R. Laub Jr
Call Number: QM695.E95 .L38 2015eb

Conservation agriculture
Muhammad Farooq, Kadambot H.M. Siddique, editors
Call Number: QH301

Cultural hybridity and the environment : strategies to celebrate local and Indigenous knowledge /
Kirsten Maclean
Call Number: GE170

Current perspectives on sexual selection : what's left after Darwin? /
Thierry Hoquet, editor
Call Number: QH366

Cytochrome P450 : structure, mechanism, and biochemistry /
Paul R. Ortiz de Montellano, editor
Call Number: QP671.C83

Daffodils in American gardens, 1733-1940
Sara L. Van Beck
Call Number: QK495.A484 V36 2015

Date palm genetic resources and utilization. Volume 1, Africa and the Americas
Jameel M. Al-Khayri, Shri Mohan Jain, Dennis V. Johnson, editors
Call Number: SB364

Date palm genetic resources and utilization. Volume 2, Asia and Europe :
Jameel M. Al-Khayri, Shri Mohan Jain, Dennis V. Johnson, editors
Call Number: SB364

Detection and typing strategies for pathogenic escherichia coli
Lucia Rivas, Glen E. Mellor, Kari Gobius, Narelle Fegan
Call Number: QR82.E6

Development and reproduction in humans and animal model species
Werner A. Mueller, Monika Hassel, Maura Grealy
Call Number: QH471

Dissipative exciton dynamics in light-harvesting complexes
Marco Schröter
Call Number: QK882

Drawing for landscape architects
Sabrina Wilk
Call Number: SB472.47 .W55 2014

Dynamics of cell fate decision mediated by the interplay of autophagy and apoptosis in cancer cells : mathematical modeling and experimental observations /
Iman Tavassoly
Call Number: QL963.5

Earth stewardship : linking ecology and ethics in theory and practice /
Ricardo Rozzi, F. Stuart Chapin III, J. Baird Callicott, S.T.A. Pickett, Mary E. Power, Juan J. Armesto, Roy H. May Jr., editors
Call Number: GE42

Eccentric exercise : physiology and application in sport and rehabilitation /
Hans Hoppeler
Call Number: QP301 .H68 2015

Ecological processes at marine fronts : oases in the ocean /
Eduardo Marcelo Acha, Alberto Piola, Oscar Iribarne, Hermes Mianzan
Call Number: QH541.5.S3

Edible medicinal and non medicinal plants. Volume 9, Modified stems, roots, bulbs
T. K. Lim
Call Number: QK98.5.A1

Effects of peripheral vision on eye movements : a virtual reality study on gaze allocation in naturalistic tasks /
Elena Hitzel ; with a foreword by Prof. Karl R. Gegenfurtner, Ph.D
Call Number: QP477.5

Elephant don : the politics of a pachyderm posse /
Caitlin O'Connell
Call Number: QL737.P98 O256 2015

Encyclopedia of computational neuroscience
Dieter Jaeger, Ranu Jung, editors
Call Number: QP357.5

Encyclopedia of metagenomics : environmental metagenomics /
Sarah K. Highlander, Francisco Rodriguez-Valera, Bryan A. White, editors
Call Number: QH434

Encyclopedia of metagenomics : genes, genomes and metagenomes ; basics, methods, databases and tools /
Karen E. Nelson, editor
Call Number: QH434

Energetics of muscular exercise
Guido Ferretti
Call Number: QP301

Engaging the everyday : environmental social criticism and the resonance dilemma /
John M. Meyer
Call Number: GE195 .M49 2015

Environmental indicators
Robert H. Armon, Osmo Hänninen, editors
Call Number: GE140

Environmental microbiology : fundamentals and applications.
Jean-Claude Bertrand [and others], editors
Call Number: QR100

Environmental software systems : infrastructures, services and applications : 11th IFIP WG 5.11 International Symposium, ISESS 2015, Melbourne, VIC, Australia, March 25-27, 2015. Proceedings /
edited by Ralf Denzer, Robert M. Argent, Gerald Schimak, Jiří Hřebíček
Call Number: GE45.D37

Equine fluid therapy
edited by C. Langdon Fielding DVM, DAVECC, K. Gary Magdesian DVM, DACVIM, DACVECC, DACVCP
Call Number: SF768.2.H67 E675 2015

Essays on the history of respiratory physiology
John B. West
Call Number: QP121

Ethical issues in behavioral neuroscience
Grace Lee, Judy Illes, Frauke Ohl, editors
Call Number: QP360

Ethics, law and governance of biobanking : national, European and international approaches /
Deborah Mascalzoni, editor
Call Number: QH332

European autonomy in space
Cenan Al-Ekabi, editor
Call Number: GE190.E85

Evolutionary transitions to multicellular life : principles and mechanisms /
Iñaki Ruiz-Trillo, Aurora M. Nedelcu, editors
Call Number: QH492

Excel 2013 for biological and life sciences statistics : a guide to solving practical problems /
Thomas J. Quirk, Meghan Quirk, Howard F. Horton
Call Number: QH323.5 .Q57 2015

Exotic animal hematology and cytology [electronic resource]
Terry W. Campbell
Call Number: SF997.5.E95

Extremophile fishes : ecology, evolution, and physiology of teleosts in extreme environments /
Rüdiger Riesch, Michael Tobler, Martin Plath, editors
Call Number: QL638.P73

Extremophilic cyanobacteria for novel drug development
Sikha Mandal, Jnanendra Rath
Call Number: QR46.5 .M36 2015

Family urban agriculture in Russia : lessons and prospects /
Louiza M. Boukharaeva, Marcel Marloie
Call Number: S494.5.U72

Far-field optical nanoscopy
volume editors: Philip Tinnefeld, Christian Eggeling, Stefan W. Hell ; with contributions by: G.P. Acuna [and more]
Call Number: QH212.F55

Fish pheromones and related cues
edited by Peter W. Sorensen, Brian D. Wisenden
Call Number: QL639.1 .F5735 2015

Flatfishes : biology and exploitation /
edited by Robin N. Gibson, Richard D.M. Nash, Audrey J. Geffen, Henk W. van der Veer
Call Number: QL637.9.P5 .G384 2014

Flight of mammals : from terrestrial limbs to wings /
Aleksandra A. Panyutina, Leonid P. Korzun, Alexander N. Kuznetsov
Call Number: QP310.F5

Forensic biology
Richard Li
Call Number: QH313.5.F67 L5 2015

Freshwater algae : identification, enumeration and use as bioindicators /
Edward G. Bellinger and David C. Sigee
Call Number: QK570.25 .B45 2015

From geoheritage to geoparks : case studies from Africa and beyond /
Ezzoura Errami, Margaret Brocx, Vic Semeniuk, editors
Call Number: SB481

Functional atlas of the human fascial system
Carla Stecco ; English language editor, Warren Hammer ; forewords by Andry Vleeming, Raffaele De Caro
Call Number: QM563 .S74 2015

Fungal biomolecules : sources, applications, and recent developments /
editors, Dr. Vijai Kumar Gupta, Prof. Robert L. Mach, Prof. S. Sreenivasaprasad
Call Number: QR100.8.B55

Genetics of the mouse
Jean Louis Guénet, Fernando Benavides, Jean-Jacques Panthier, Zavier Montagutelli
Call Number: QH431

Genome mapping and genomics in human and non-human primates
Ravinnath Duggirala, Laura Almasy, Sarah Williams-Blangero, Solomon F.D. Paul, Chittaranjan Kole, editors
Call Number: QH445.2

Growing stock volume estimation in temperate forested areas using a fusion approach with SAR satellites imagery : Doctoral Thesis accepted by Friedrich-Schiller University of Jena, Germany /
Nicolas Ackermann
Call Number: SD387.R4

Handbook of evolutionary thinking in the sciences
edited by Thomas Heams, Philippe Huneman, Guillaume Lecointre, Marc Silberstein
Call Number: QH366.2

Handbook of vascular biology techniques
Mark Slevin, Garry McDowell, editors
Call Number: QM178

High-resolution electron microscopy [electronic resource]
John C.H. Spence
Call Number: QH212.T7 S68 2009eb

High-resolution profiling of protein-RNA interactions
Mathias Munschauer
Call Number: QP623.8.P75

Hippocampal place fields : relevance to learning and memory [electronic resource]
edited by Sheri J.Y. Mizumori
Call Number: QP383.25 .H52 2008

Hormones and brain plasticity [electronic resource]
Luis Miguel Garcia-Segura
Call Number: QP356.4 .G37 2009eb

How flavor works : the science of taste and aroma /
Nak-Eon Choi, Jung H. Han
Call Number: QP456 .C46 2015

Howler monkeys : behavior, ecology, and conservation /
Martín M. Kowalewski, Paul A. Garber, Liliana Cortés-Ortíz, Bernardo Urbani, Dionisios Youlatos, editors
Call Number: QL737.P915

Human brain anatomy in computerized images [electronic resource]
Hanna Damasio
Call Number: QM455 .D23 2005eb

Human factors of stereoscopic 3d displays
Robert Earl Patterson
Call Number: QP491

Hyaluronic acid : preparation, properties, application in biology and medicine /
Mikhail A. Selyanin, Petr Ya. Boykov, and Vladimir N. Khabarov ; translated from the Russian version by scientific editor Felix Polyak
Call Number: QP702.H8 S4513 2015

IgE antibodies : generation and function /
Juan J. Lafaille, Maria A. Curotto de Lafaille, editors
Call Number: QR186.8.E2

In silico engineering of disulphide bonds to produce stable cellulase
Bahram Barati, Iraj Sadegh Amiri
Call Number: QP609.C37

Industrial Crops : breeding for bioenergy and bioproducts /
von Mark V. Cruz, David A. Dierig, editors
Call Number: SB123

Infested : how the bed bug infiltrated our bedrooms and took over the world /
Brooke Borel
Call Number: QL523.C6 B67 2015

Innovative approaches to cell biomechanics : from cell migration to on-chip manipulation /
Kennedy Omondi Okeyo, Hiromi Miyoshi, Taiji Adachi
Call Number: QH645.5

Integrative organismal biology
Lynn B Martin, Cameron K Ghalambor, H. Arthur Woods
Call Number: QH438.5

Intelligent environmental sensing
Henry Leung, Subhas Chandra Mukhopadhyay, editors
Call Number: QH541.15.M64

Ivorybill hunters : the search for proof in a flooded wilderness [electronic resource]
Geoffrey E. Hill
Call Number: QL696.P56

Jakob von Uexküll : the discovery of the umwelt between biosemiotics and theoretical biology /
Carlo Brentari
Call Number: QH31.U4

Kinesins and cancer
Frank Kozielski, editor
Call Number: QP552.K46

Lampreys : biology, conservation and control.
Margaret F. Docker, editor
Call Number: QL638.2 .L36 2015

Landscape analysis and planning : geographical perspectives /
M. Luc, U. Somorowska, J.B. Szmańda, editors
Call Number: QH541.15.L35

Landscape bionomics : biological-integrated landscape /
Vittorio Ingegnoli
Call Number: QH541.15.L35

Landscapes and landforms of Brazil
Bianca Carvalho Vieira, André Augusto Rogues Salgado, Leonardo José Cordeiro Santos, editors
Call Number: QH77.B7

Leaf Defence
Edward E. Farmer
Call Number: QK649 .F337 2014e

Leptin : regulation and clinical applications /
Sam Dagogo-Jack, editor ; contributors Denis G. Baskin [and forty one others]
Call Number: QP572.L48 .L478 2015eb

Lichen secondary metabolites : bioactive properties and pharmaceutical potential /
Branislav Ranković, editor
Call Number: QP171

Loricate Ciliate Tintinnids in a Tropical Mangrove Wetland : Diversity, Distribution and Impact of Climate Change [electronic resource]
by Santosh Kumar Sarkar
Call Number: QH541.5.F7

Lynton Keith Caldwell : an environmental visionary and the national environmental policy act /
Wendy Read Wertz
Call Number: GE56.C35 W47 2014

Macroevolution : explanation, interpretation and evidence /
Emanuele Serrelli, Nathalie Gontier, editors
Call Number: QH366.2

Management of natural resources in a changing environment
N. Janardhana Raju, Wolfgang Gossel, M. Sudhakar, editors
Call Number: GE300

Marine Algae Extracts : processes, products, and applications /
edited by Se-Kwon Kim and Katarzyna Chojnacka
Call Number: SH390.7

Marine productivity : perturbations and resilience of Socio-ecosystems -- Proceedings of the 15th French-Japanese Oceanography Symposium /
Hubert-Jean Ceccaldi, Yves Hénocque, Yasuyuki Koike, Teruhisa Komatsu, Georges Stora, Marie-Hélène Tusseau-Vuillemin, editors
Call Number: QH91.8.M34

Mass spectrometry : developmental approaches to answer biological questions /
Gwenael Pottiez
Call Number: QP519.9.M3

Mathematical approaches to biological systems : networks, oscillations, and collective motions /
Toru Ohira, Tohru Uzawa, editors
Call Number: QH323.5

Matter of mind : a neurologist's view of brain-behavior relationships [electronic resource]
Kenneth M. Heilman
Call Number: QP395 .H45 2002eb

Mechanisms of cortical development [electronic resource]
David J. Price and David J. Willshaw
Call Number: QP383 .P74 2000

Microbial biotechnology -- a laboratory manual for bacterial systems
Surajit Das, Hirak Ranjan Dash
Call Number: QR74.8 .D37 2015

Microbiome community ecology : fundamentals and applications /
Muhammad Saleem ; with contributions by M. Brian Traw and Zahida H. Pervaiz
Call Number: QR100

Minds behind the brain : a history of the pioneers and their discoveries [electronic resource]
Stanley Finger
Call Number: QP353 .F548 2000eb

Minimally invasive foregut surgery for malignancy : principles and practice /
Steven N. Hochwald, editor ; Moshim Kukar, associate editor
Call Number: QM331 .M56 2015eb

Modernizing nature : forestry and imperial eco-development 1800-1950 [electronic resource]
S. Ravi Rajan
Call Number: SD131 .R35 2006eb

Molecular and cellular approaches to neural development [electronic resource]
edited by W. Maxwell Cowan, Thomas M. Jessell, S. Lawrence Zipursky
Call Number: QP363.5 .M648 1997

Molecular biology of the neuron [electronic resource]
[edited by R.W. Davies and B.J. Morris]
Call Number: QP356.2 .M633 2004xeb

Morphomechanics of development
Lev V. Beloussov ; with a contribution by Andrei Lipchinsky
Call Number: QH491

Natural history dioramas : history, construction and educational role /
Sue Dale Tunnicliffe, Annette Scheersoi, editors
Call Number: QH70.A1 N35 2014

Neural stem cell assays
edited by Navjot Kaur, Mohan C. Vemuri
Call Number: QP363.3 .N48 2015

Neural stem cells in development, adulthood and disease
H. Georg Kuhn, Amelia J. Eisch, editors
Call Number: QP363.5

Neurocytology : fine structure of neurons, nerve processes, and neuroglial cells /
Ennio Pannese
Call Number: QM575

Neuroeconomics : a guide to the new science of making choices [electronic resource]
Peter Politser
Call Number: QP360.5 .P65 2008eb

Neuroergonomics : the brain at work [electronic resource]
edited by Raja Parasuraman and Matthew Rizzo
Call Number: QP360.7 .N48 2007eb

Neuroglia [electronic resource]
edited by Helmut Kettenmann, Bruce R. Ransom
Call Number: QP363.2 .N48 2005eb

Neuroglycobiology [electronic resource]
edited by Minoru Fukuda, Urs Rutishauser, Ronald L. Schnaar
Call Number: QP376 .N483 2005eb

Neurotransmitter interactions and cognitive function
Mieczyslaw Pokorski, editor
Call Number: QP364.7

New ecoinformatics tools in environmental science : applications and decision-making /
Vladimir F. Krapivin, Costas A. Varotsos, Vladimir Yu. Soldatov
Call Number: GE140

New perspectives on the history of life sciences and agriculture
Denise Phillips, Sharon Kingsland, editors
Call Number: S419

Normal and defective colour vision [electronic resource]
J.D. Mollon, J. Pokorny, K. Knoblauch
Call Number: QP483

Nutrient use efficiency : from basics to advances /
Amitava Rakshit, Harikesh Bahadur Singh, Avijit Sen, editors
Call Number: S589.7

Nutrition for developing countries [electronic resource]
Felicity Savage King and Ann Burgess
Call Number: QP141 .S335 1993

Observed brain dynamics [electronic resource]
Partha P. Mitra, Hemant Bokil
Call Number: QP376 .M5828 2008eb

Otters : ecology, behaviour, and conservation [electronic resource]
Hans Kruuk
Call Number: QL737.C25 K785 2006eb

Patent foramen ovale
Zahid Amin ... [and others] (eds.)
Call Number: QP111.4

Peste des petits ruminants virus
Muhammad Munir, editor
Call Number: SF969.P47

Phenomics : how next-generation phenotyping is revolutionizing plant breeding /
Roberto Fritsche-Neto, Aluízio Borém, editors
Call Number: QK981

Phenomics in crop plants : trends, options and limitations /
Jitendra Kumar, Aditya Pratap, Shiv Kumar, editors
Call Number: SB123

Photobiology : the science of light and life /
Lars Olof Björn, editor
Call Number: QH515

Photoinduced phenomena in nucleic acids. I, Nucleobases in the gas phase and in solvents
Mario Barbatti, Antonio Carlos Borin, Susanne Ullrich, editors ; with contributions by M. Barbatti [and more
Call Number: QP620

Photoinduced phenomena in nucleic acids. II, DNA fragments and phenomenological aspects
Mario Barbatti, Antonio Carlos Borin, Susanne Ullrich, editors ; with contributions by A.J.A. Aquino [and more]
Call Number: QP620

Physiological responses of plants to attack
Dale R. Walters
Call Number: SB732.7

Physiology question-based learning : cardio, respiratory and renal systems /
Hwee Ming Cheng
Call Number: QP40

Plant behaviour and intelligence
Anthony Trewavas
Call Number: QK711.2

Plant genes, genomes, and genetics [electronic resource]
Erich Grotewold, Joseph Chappell, Elizabeth Kellogg
Call Number: QK981.4

Plant life : a brief history /
Frederick B. Essig
Call Number: QK980 .E85 2015

Plant metabolomics : methods and applications /
Xiaoquan Qi, Xiaoya Chen, Yulan Wang, editors
Call Number: QK881

Plant-growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) and medicinal plants
Dilfuza Egamberdieva, Smriti Shrivastava, Ajit Varma, editors
Call Number: QR351

PlantOmics : the omics of plant science /
Debmalya Barh, Muhammad Sarwar Khan, Eric Davies, editors
Call Number: QK981

Polyamines : a universal molecular nexus for growth, survival, and specialized metabolism /
Tomonobu Kusano, Hideyuki Suzuki, editors
Call Number: QP801.P638

Practical protein pioinformatics
Florencio Pazos, Mónica Chagoyen
Call Number: QH324.2

Predicting transcription factor complexes : a novel approach to data integration in systems biology /
Thorsten Will
Call Number: QP552.T68

Presynaptic terminals
Sumiko Mochida, editor
Call Number: QP364.7

Principles of plant-microbe interactions : microbes for sustainable agriculture /
Ben Lugtenberg, editor
Call Number: QR351

Probabilistic graphical models for genetics, genomics, and postgenomics
edited by Christine Sinoquet and Raphael Mourad
Call Number: QH438.4.M3 P76 2014

Project Puffin : the improbable quest to bring a beloved seabird back to Egg Rock /
Stephen W. Kress & Derrick Z. Jackson
Call Number: QL696.C42 K75 2015

Protein folding : examining the challenges from synthesis to folded form /
Alka Dwevedi
Call Number: QP551

Protein kinase CK2 cellular function in normal and disease states
Khalil Ahmed, Olaf-Georg Issinger, Ryszard Szyszka, editors
Call Number: QP606.P76

Recent advances in lichenology : modern methods and approaches in lichen systematics and culture techniques.
Dalip Kumar Upreti, Pradeep K. Divakar, Vertika Shukla, Rajesh Bajpai, editors
Call Number: QK583

Recent advances in prolactin research
Maria Diakonova, editor
Call Number: QP572.P74 R43 2015

Receptor tyrosine kinases : structure, functions and role in human disease /
Deric L. Wheeler, Yosef Yarden, editors
Call Number: QP606.P78

Relevance and sustainability of wild plant collection in NW South America : insights from the plant families Arecaceae and Krameriaceae /
Grischa Brokamp ; foreword by Prof. Dr. Maximilian Weigand and Prof. Dr. Hartmut H. Hilger
Call Number: QK241

Research in Computational Molecular Biology : 19th Annual International Conference, RECOMB 2015, Warsaw, Poland, April 12-15, 2015, Proceedings [Elektronische Daten]
edited by Teresa M. Przytycka
Call Number: QH324.2-324.25

Respiratory Infections [electronic resource]
edited by Mieczyslaw Pokorski
Call Number: QH506

Respiratory Virology and Immunogenicity [electronic resource]
edited by Mieczyslaw Pokorski
Call Number: QR180-189.5

Responses of fruit trees to global climate change
Fernando Ramírez, Jose Kallarackal
Call Number: QK477

Rethinking Infrastructure Design for Multi-Use Water Services [electronic resource]
by Čedo Maksimović, Mathew Kurian, Reza Ardakanian
Call Number: GE195-199

Sampling spatial units for agricultural surveys
Roberto Benedetti, Federica Piersimoni, Paolo Postiglione
Call Number: S494.5.E8

Scanning probe microscopy : atomic force microscopy and scanning tunneling microscopy /
Bert Voigtländer
Call Number: QH212.S33

Single cell sequencing and systems immunology
Xiangdong Wang, editor ; honor editors, Xiaoming Chen, Zhihong Sun, Jinglin Xia
Call Number: QR182.2.I46

Snakes of Italy : herpetological treatise on the biology and iconography of Italian ophidians /
Gabriele Achille ; with contributions by Franco Andreone [and more]
Call Number: QL666.O6

Soil : the skin of the planet earth /
Miroslav Kutílek, Donald R. Nielsen
Call Number: S591

Sound communication in fishes
Friedrich Ladich, editor
Call Number: QL639.3

Stem cell nanoengineering
edited by Hossein Baharvand and Nasser Aghdami
Call Number: QH588.S83

Subseafloor biosphere linked to hydrothermal systems : TAIGA concept /
Jun-ichiro Ishibashi, Kyoko Okino, Michinari Sunamura, editors
Call Number: QH541.5.D35

Sugar chains : decoding the functions of glycans /
Tadashi Suzuki, Kazuaki Ohtsubo, Naoyuki Taniguchi, editors
Call Number: QP702.G577

Surgical atlas of cardiac anatomy
Xiaodong Zhu, editor
Call Number: QM181

Sustainable horticulture in semiarid dry lands
Shrikant Hiwale
Call Number: SB319.95

Sustaining life on planet Earth : metalloenzymes mastering dioxygen and other chewy gases /
Peter M.H. Kroneck, Martha E. Sosa Torres, guest editors
Call Number: QP601.7

T-type calcium channels in basic and clinical science
Stephen W. Schaffer, Ming Li, editors
Call Number: QP535.C2

Targeted genome editing using site-specific nucleases : ZFNs, TALENs, and the CRISPR/Cas9 system /
Takashi Yamamoto, editor
Call Number: QH442.3

Teaching anatomy : a practical guide /
Lap Ki Chan, Wojciech Pawlina, editors
Call Number: QM30

The birds of North America online [electronic resource]
Call Number: QL681 .B57

The braconid and ichneumonid parasitoid wasps : biology, systematics, evolution and ecology [electronic resource]
Donald L.J. Quicke
Call Number: QL496.12 .Q55 2014

The BRICHOS domain : its proproteins and functions /
Jenny Presto, Jan Johansson
Call Number: QP551

The brown recluse spider
Richard S. Vetter
Call Number: QL458.42.L6 V48 2015

The cardiovascular adrenergic system
Anastasios Lymperopoulos, editor
Call Number: QP110.A37

The clinical anatomy of the cranial nerves : the nerves of on old Olympus towering top /
edited by Joel A. Vilensky, Wendy Robertson, Carlos A. Suárez-Quian
Call Number: QM471

The curious Mister Catesby : a "truly ingenious" naturalist explores new worlds /
edited for the Catesby Commemorative Trust by E. Charles Nelson and David J. Elliott ; foreword by Jane O. Waring
Call Number: QH31.C35 C87 2015

The developing genome : an introduction to behavioral epigenetics /
David S. Moore
Call Number: QH450 .M68 2015

The ecology of tropical East Asia [electronic resource]
Richard T. Corlett
Call Number: QH84.5 .C67 2009

The future use of nordic forests : a global perspective /
Erik Westholm, Karin Beland Lindahl, Florian Kraxner, editors
Call Number: SD217.S35

The median nerve : motor conduction studies /
Giuliano Gentili, Mario Di Napoli
Call Number: QP363

The Mycota. 7,@Part B : Systematics and evolution. : a comprehensive treatise on fungi as experimental systems for basic and applied research /
edited by K. Esser ; volume editors, D.J. McLaughlin and J.W. Spatafora
Call Number: QK603

The narrow edge : a tiny bird, an ancient crab, & an epic journey /
Deborah Cramer
Call Number: QL696.C48 C48 2015

The neurobiology and genetics of nicotine and tobacco
David J. K. Balfour, Marcus R. Munafò, editors
Call Number: QP801.N48

The next species : the future of evolution in the aftermath of man /
Michael Tennesen
Call Number: QH366.2 .T465 2015

The role of colloidal systems in environmental protection
edited by Monzer Fanum.
Call Number: GE140 .R65 2014

The soils of Iceland
Olafur Arnalds
Call Number: S599.4.I2

The triumph of seeds : how grains, nuts, kernels, pulses, and pips, conquered the plant kingdom and shaped human history /
Thor Hanson
Call Number: QK661 .H36 2015

The vascular flora of the national park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise (Central Italy) : an annotated checklist /
Fabio Conti, Fabrizio Bartolucci
Call Number: QK316

The vertebrate integument. Volume 2, Structure, design and function
Theagarten Lingham-Soliar
Call Number: QL941

The Wiley handbook on the cognitive neuroscience of memory
edited by Donna Rose Addis, Morgan Barense, and Audrey Duarte
Call Number: QP406 .W55 2015

Tissue and organ regeneration in adults : extension of the paradigm to several organs /
Ioannis V. Yannas
Call Number: QH499

Tools for critical thinking in biology
Stephen H. Jenkins
Call Number: QH315 .J46 2015

Topical themes in energy and resources : a cross-disciplinary education and training program for environmental leaders /
Yasumitsu Tanaka, Michael Norton, Yu-You Li, editors
Call Number: GE105

Total synthesis of thielocin B1 as a protein-protein interaction inhibitor of PAC3 homodimer
Kosuke Ohsawa
Call Number: QP551.5

Trapping of small organisms moving randomly : principles and applications to pest monitoring and management /
James R. Miller, Christopher G. Adams, Paul A. Weston, Jeffrey H. Schenker
Call Number: SB950

Tree and forest measurement
P.W. West
Call Number: SD555

Ubiquitin chains : degradation and beyond /
Arnab De
Call Number: QP552.U24

Vaccine analysis : strategies, principles, and control /
Brian K. Nunnally, Vincent E. Turula, Robert D. Sitrin, editors
Call Number: QR189 .V33 2015

Veterinary image-guided interventions [electronic resource]
edited by Chick Weisse and Allyson Berent
Call Number: SF772.55

Veterinary mycology
Innil Samanta
Call Number: SF780.7

Warm-temperate deciduous forests around the Northern hemisphere
Elgene O. Box, Kazue Fujiwara, editors
Call Number: QH541.5.F6

Wetlands and water framework directive : protection, management and climate change /
Stefan Ignar, Mateusz Grygoruk, editors
Call Number: QH75

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