Biological Sciences

Items Acquired in February 2015 for the University Libraries

3D multiscale physiological human
Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann, Osman Ratib, Hon Fai Choi, editors
Call Number: QP34.5

8th International Conference on Practical Applications of Computational Biology & Bioinformatics (PACBB 2014)
Julio Sáez-Rodríguez, Miguel P. Rocha, Florentino Fdez-Riverola, Juan F. De Paz Santana, editors
Call Number: QH324.2

A new foundation for representation in cognitive and brain science : category theory and the hippocampus /
Jaime Gómez-Ramirez
Call Number: QP357.5

A practical guide to the eustachian tube
John L. Dornhoffer [and three others]
Call Number: QM507 .D67 2014eb

A systems theoretic approach to systems and synthetic biology
Vishwesh Kulkarni, Guy-Bart Stan, Karthik Raman, editors
Call Number: QH324.2

Adenovirus : methods and protocols /
edited by Miguel Chillon, Assumpcio Bosch
Call Number: QR396

Adhesive interactions of mussel foot proteins
Jing Yu
Call Number: QL430.6

Adult and pluripotent stem cells : potential for regenerative medicine of the cardiovascular system /
edited by Jurgen Hescheler, Erhard Hofer
Call Number: QH588.S83

Adult stem cell therapies : alternatives to plasticity /
Mariusz Z. Ratajczak, editor
Call Number: QH588.S83

Adult stem cells
edited by Kursad Turksen
Call Number: QH607

After phrenology : neural reuse and the interactive brain /
Michael L. Anderson
Call Number: QP376 .A53 2014

Aging of the genome : the dual role of DNA in life and death [electronic resource]
Jan Vijg
Call Number: QP86 .V537 2007eb

Allee effects in ecology and conservation [electronic resource]
Franck Courchamp, Luděk Berec, Joanna Gascoigne
Call Number: QH352 .C68 2008eb

An introduction to aquatic toxicology
Mikko Nikinmaa
Call Number: QH90.8.T68 M55 2014

Animal Movement Across Scales
edited by Lars-Anders Hansson and Susanne Åkesson
Call Number: QL754 .A55 2014

Animal signaling and function : an integrative approach /
edited by Duncan J. Irschick, Mark Briffa, Jeffrey Podos
Call Number: QL776 .A538 2015

Animals' influence on the landscape and ecological importance : natives, newcomers, homecomers /
Friedrich-Karl Holtmeier
Call Number: QH541.15.L35

Bats : a world of science and mystery /
M. Brock Fenton, Nancy B. Simmons
Call Number: QL737.C5 F445 2014

Biology of aggression [electronic resource]
edited by Randy J. Nelson
Call Number: QP401 .H26 2005eb

Borelli's on the movement of animals - on the natural motions resulting from gravity
[edited by] Giovanni Alfonso Borelli ; translated by Paul Maquet
Call Number: QP301 .B6713 2015eb

Brain gender [electronic resource]
Melissa Hines
Call Number: QP360 .H56 2004

Brain-computer interfaces : current trends and applications /
Aboul Ella Hassanien, Ahmad Taher Azar, editors
Call Number: QP360.7

Branched chain amino acids in clinical nutrition. Volume 1
Rajkumar Rajendram, Victor R. Preedy, Vinood B. Patel, editors
Call Number: QP561 .B73 2015eb

Broca's region [electronic resource]
edited by Yosef Grodzinsky, Katrin Amunts
Call Number: QP399 .B76 2006eb

BSE : Risk, Science and Governance [electronic resource
Call Number: SF967.S63

Building bioinformatics solutions : with Perl, R, and SQL /
Conrad Bessant, Darren Oakley, Ian Shadforth
Call Number: QH324.2 .B47 2014eb

Cajal's butterflies of the soul : science and art [electronic resource]
Javier DeFelipe
Call Number: QM451 .D34 2010eb

Cellular and molecular neurophysiology
Constance Hammond
Call Number: QP356.2 .H364 2015

Channels, carriers, and pumps : an introduction to membrane transport /
Wilfred D. Stein, Thomas Litman
Call Number: QH509 .S73 2015

Climate change and coastal ecosystems : long-term effects of climate and nutrient loading on trophic organization /
Robert J. Livingston
Call Number: QH92.3 .L58 2015

Clinical proteomics : methods and protocols /
edited by Antonia Vlahou, Manousos Makridakis
Call Number: QP519.9.M3

Cognitive neuroscience of aging : linking cognitive and cerebral aging [electronic resource]
edited by Roberto Cabeza, Lars Nyberg, and Denise Park
Call Number: QP356.25 .C64 2005eb

Computational molecular evolution [electronic resource]
Ziheng Yang
Call Number: QH371.3.M37 Y36 2006eb

Conceptual change in biology : scientific and philosophical perspectives on evolution and development /
Alan C. Love, editor
Call Number: QH492 .C66 2014

Consciousness : creeping up on the hard problem [electronic resource]
Jeffrey Gray
Call Number: QP411

Cortex and mind : unifying cognition [electronic resource]
Joaquín M. Fuster
Call Number: QP395 .F87 2005eb

Crisis of the wasteful nation : empire and conservation in Theodore Roosevelt's America /
Ian Tyrrell
Call Number: S930 .T97 2015

Cultural politics and the GMO divide : cultures of nature /
Hannes R. Stephan, lecturer in Environmental Politics and Policy, University of Stirling, UK
Call Number: QH442.6 .S74 2015

Dan Shen (Salvia miltiorrhiza) in medicine. Volume 3, Clinical research
Xijun Yan, editor
Call Number: QK495.L25

Decision-making in medieval agriculture [electronic resource]
David Stone
Call Number: S455 .S775 2005eb

Dispersal in plants : a population perspective [electronic resource]
Roger Cousens, Calvin Dytham & Richard Law
Call Number: QK911 .C68 2008eb

Diversity in the neuronal machine : order and variability in interneuronal microcircuits [electronic resource]
Ivan Soltesz
Call Number: QP363.3 .S535 2006eb

Dopamine handbook [electronic resource]
edited by Leslie L. Iversen ... [et al.]
Call Number: QP364.7 .D666 2010

Ecological and environmental physiology of amphibians [electronic resource]
Stanley S. Hillman ... [et al.]
Call Number: QL669.8

Ecological methods in forest pest management [electronic resource]
David Wainhouse
Call Number: SB975 .W35 2005eb

Electric fields of the brain : the neurophysics of EEG [electronic resource]
Paul L. Nunez, Ramesh Srinivasan
Call Number: QP376.5 .N86 2006

Emotion explained [electronic resource]
Edmund T. Rolls
Call Number: QP401 .R643 2005eb

Evolution through genetic exchange [electronic resource]
Michael L. Arnold
Call Number: QH421 .A76 2006eb

Evolutionary biomechanics : selection, phylogeny, and constraint /
Graham K. Taylor, Adrian L.R. Thomas
Call Number: QH513 .T39 2014

Excitatory amino acid transmission in health and disease [electronic resource]
Robert Balazs, Richard J. Bridges, Carl W. Cotman ; illustrated by Cheryl A. Cotman
Call Number: QP376 .B35 2005eb

Exercise physiology : theory and application to fitness and performance /
Scott K. Powers, University of Florida, Edward T. Howley, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Call Number: QP301 .P64 2015

Farm production in England, 1700-1914 [electronic resource]
M.E. Turner, J.V. Beckett, B. Afton
Call Number: S455 .T77 2001

Fiber pathways of the brain [electronic resource]
Jeremy D. Schmahmann, Deepak N. Pandya
Call Number: QP383 .S36 2006eb

Filling-in : from perceptual completion to cortical reorganization [electronic resource]
edited by Luiz Pessoa, Peter De Weerd
Call Number: QP383.15 .F55 2003eb

Flora of North America : north of Mexico /
edited by Flora of North America Editorial Committee
Call Number: QK110 .F55 1993

Folk physics for apes : the chimpanzee's theory of how the world works [electronic resource]
Daniel J. Povinelli in collaboration with James E. Reaux, Laura A. Theall, and Steve Giambrone
Call Number: QL737.P96

Food webs and the dynamics of marine reefs [electronic resource]
edited by Tim R. McClanahan, George M. Branch
Call Number: QH541.15.F66 F66 2008eb

From development to degeneration and regeneration of the nervous system [electronic resource]
edited by Charles E. Ribak ... [et al.]
Call Number: QP370 .F76 2009eb

Fundamentals of ecotoxicology : the science of pollution /
Michael C. Newman
Call Number: QH545.A1 N49 2015

Fundamentals of systems biology : from synthetic circuits to whole-cell models /
Markus W. Covert
Call Number: QH313 .C83 2015

Human chorionic gonadotropin
Lawrence A. Cole, Stephen A. Butler
Call Number: QP572.C53 H86 2015

Illuminating disease : an introduction to green fluorescent proteins /
Marc Zimmer
Call Number: QP552.G73 Z57 2015

Immunobiology of the shark
edited by Sylvia L. Smith, Department of Biological Sciences, Florida International University ; Robert B. Sim, Department of Pharmacology, University of Oxford ; Martin F. Flajnik, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, University of Maryland at Baltimore
Call Number: QL638.97 .I46 2014

Instrumental methods for the analysis and identification of bioactive molecules
Guddadarangavvanahally K. Jayprakasha, editor, Bhimanagouda S. Patil, editor, Federica Pellati, editor ; sponsored by the ACS Division of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Inc
Call Number: QP514.2

Magnetic microscopy of layered structures
Wolfgang Kuch, Rudolf Schäfer, Peter Fischer, Franz Ulrich Hillebrecht
Call Number: QH207 .K83 2015

Marks' essentials of medical biochemistry : a clinical approach /
Michael Lieberman, Alisa Peet
Call Number: QP514.2 .L54 2015

Mass spectrometry-based metabolomics : a practical guide /
edited by Sastia Prama Putri and Eiichiro Fukusaki
Call Number: QP171 .M3625 2015

Methods in comparative plant population ecology
David J. Gibson
Call Number: QK910 .G53 2015

Molecular biology of B cells
Call Number: QR185.6 .M653 2015

Molecular evolution : a statistical approach /
Ziheng Yang
Call Number: QH371.3.M37 Y36 2014

Principles of microbial diversity
James W. Brown, Department of Biological Sciences, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina
Call Number: QR73 .B76 2014

Quantitative genetics in the wild
edited by Anne Charmantier, Dany Garant, Loeske E.B. Kruuk
Call Number: QH438.4.M3 Q83 2014

Remote sensing and modeling applications to wildland fires
John J. Qu ... [and others], editors
Call Number: SD421.3 .R45 2013eb

RNA interference : challenges and therapeutic opportunities /
edited by Mouldy Sioud
Call Number: QP623

Smell and the ancient senses
edited by Mark Bradley
Call Number: QP458 .S64 2014

Soy-based chemicals and materials
Robert P. Brentin, editor, Omni Tech International
Call Number: SB205.S7

State-of-the-art and emerging technologies for therapeutic monoclonal antibody characterization. Volume 1, Monoclonal antibody therapeutics: structure, function, and regulatory space
John E. Schiel, editor, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, Maryland, Darryl L. Davis, editor, Janssen Research and Development, LLC, Spring House, Pennsylvania, Oleg V. Borisov, editor, Novavax, Inc., Gaithersburg, Maryland
Call Number: QR186.85 .S73 2014

The antibody molecule : from antitoxins to therapeutic antibodies /
by Anthony R. Rees
Call Number: QR186.7 .R44 2015

The ecology of tropical East Asia
Richard T. Corlett, Director of the Center for Integrative Conservation, Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Call Number: QH84.5 .C67 2014

The evolution of sex determination
Leo W. Beukeboom, Nicolas Perrin
Call Number: QP278.5 .B48 2014

The visual (un)conscious and its (dis)contents : a microtemporal approach /
Bruno G. Breitmeyer
Call Number: QP475 .V57 2014eb

Towards a theory of development
edited by Alessandro Minelli, Thomas Pradeu
Call Number: QH491 .T68 2014

Understanding vision : theory, models, and data /
Li Zhaoping, University College London, London, UK
Call Number: QP475 .L529 2014

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