Biological Sciences

Items Acquired in August 2015 for the University Libraries

A guide to numerical modelling in systems biology
Peter Deuflhard, Susanna Röblitz
Call Number: QH323.5

Advanced transmission electron microscopy : applications to nanomaterials /
Francis Leonard Deepak, Alvaro Mayoral, Raul Arenal, editors
Call Number: QH212.T7

Advances in the understanding of biological sciences using next generation sequencing (NGS) approaches
Gaurav Sablok, Sunil Kumar, Saneyoshi Ueno, Jimmy Kuo, Claudio Varotto, editors
Call Number: QP625.N89

Algorithms for computational biology : second International Conference, AlCoB 2015, Mexico City, Mexico, August 4-5, 2015 : proceedings /
Adrian-Horia Dediu, Francisco Hernández-Quiroz, Carlos Martín-Vide, David A. Rosenblueth (Eds.)
Call Number: QH324.2

Amniotic membrane : origin, characterization and medical applications /
Ana Catarina Mamede, Maria Filomena Bothelho, editors
Call Number: QH601

An introduction to biomechanics : solids and fluids, analysis and design /
Jay D. Humphrey, Sherry L. Delange
Call Number: QH513

An introduction to neuroendocrinology
Michael Wilkinson, Richard E. Brown
Call Number: QP356.4 .W55 2015

Antibodies for infectious diseases
edited by James E. Crowe, Jr., Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, Tennessee, Diana Boraschi, National Research Council, Napoli, Italy, and Rino Rappuoli, Novartis Vaccines, Siena, Italy
Call Number: QR186.7 .A534 2015

Apolipoprotein mimetics in the management of human disease
G.M. Anantharamaiah, Dennis Goldberg, editors
Call Number: QP99.3.A65

Aquatic ecotoxicology : advancing tools for dealing with emerging risks /
edited by Claude Amiard-Triquet, Jean-Claude Amiard, Catherine Mouneyrac
Call Number: QH90.8.T68 A68 2015

Arsenic and fluoride contamination : a Pakistan perspective /
Abida Farooqi
Call Number: GE190.P18

Beyond words : what animals think and feel /
Carl Safina
Call Number: QL785 .S14 2015

Biodiversity conservation and environmental change : using palaeoecology to manage dynamic landscapes in the Anthropocene /
Lindsey Gillson
Call Number: QH75

Biodiversity in a changing climate : linking science and management in conservation /
edited by Terry L. Root, Kimberly R. Hall, Mark P. Herzog, and Christine A. Howell
Call Number: QH105.C2 B55 2015

Biodiversity of lianas
N. Parthasarathy, editor
Call Number: QK938.F6

Biodiversity of semiarid landscape : baseline study for understanding the impact of human development on ecosystems /
Sunil Nauityal, Katari Bhaskar, Y.D. Imran Khan
Call Number: QH541.5.A74

Biology and management of invasive quagga and zebra mussels in the western United States
edited by Wai Hing Wong and Shawn L. Gerstenberger
Call Number: QL430.7.D8 B56 2015

BIOSIS citation index [electronic resource]
Call Number: QH301

Biosynthesis and molecular genetics of fungal secondary metabolites. Volume 2
Susanne Zeilinger, Juan-Francisco Martín, Carlos García-Estrada, editors
Call Number: QK601

Butterflies : a complete guide to their biology and behavior /
Dick Vane-Wright
Call Number: QL542 .V36 2015

Butterfly conservation in North America : efforts to help save our charismatic microfauna /
Jaret C. Daniels, editor
Call Number: QL542

Cerebral cortex : architecture, connections, and the dual origin concept /
Deepak N. Pandya, Benjamin Seltzer, Michael Petrides, Patsy Benny Cipolloni
Call Number: QP383 .P35 2015

Computational methods for molecular imaging
Fei Gao, Kuangyu Shi, Shuo Li, editors
Call Number: QP519.9.M64

Contact mechanics of articular cartilage layers : asymptotic models /
Ivan Argatov, Gennady Mishuris
Call Number: QP303

Dairy chemistry and biochemistry
P. F. Fox, T. Uniacke-Lowe, P. L. H. McSweeney, J. A. O'Mahony
Call Number: SF253

Dispersing primate females : life history and social strategies in male-philopatric species /
Takeshi Furuichi, Juichi Yamagiwa, Filippo Aureli, editors
Call Number: QL737.P9

Ecosystem services and river basin ecohydrology
Luis Chicharo, Felix Müller, Nicola Fohrer, editors
Call Number: QH541.15.E19

Effects of exercise on hypertension : from cells to physiological systems /
Linda S. Pescatello, editor
Call Number: QP105.2

Encyclopedia of biometrics
Stan Z. Li, Anil K. Jain, editors
Call Number: QH323.5 .E52 2015eb

Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli and other shiga toxin-producing E. coli
edited by Vanessa Sperandio, Department of Microbiology, University of Texas, Dallas, TX, and Carolyn J. Hovde, School of Food Science, Idaho INBRE Program, Moscow, ID
Call Number: QR201.E82 E58 2015

Environmental microbial biotechnology
Lala Behari Sukla, Nilotpala Pradhan, Sandeep Panda, Barada Kanta Mishra, editors
Call Number: QR100

Evolutionary biology : biodiversification from genotype to phenotype /
Pierre Pontarotti, editor
Call Number: QH359

Explaining photosynthesis : models of biochemical mechanisms, 1840-1960 /
Kärin Nickelsen
Call Number: QK882

Explanation in biology : an enquiry into the diversity of explanatory patterns in the life sciences /
Pierre-Alain Braillard, Christophe Malaterre
Call Number: QH331

Freshwater ecosystems and the carbon cycle
Jonathan J. Cole ; introduction (Otto Kinne, Matthias Seaman) ; Jonathan J. Cole : a laudatio (Colin S. Reynolds)
Call Number: QH541.5.F7 C75 2013

Gas-phase IR spectroscopy and structure of biological molecules
Anouk M. Rijs, Jos Oomens, editors ; with contributions by J. L. Alonso ... [and more]
Call Number: QP519.9.I48 G37 2015eb

Gene-environment interplay in interpersonal relationships across the lifespan
Briana N. Horwitz, Jenae M. Neiderhiser, editors
Call Number: QH457

Glucocorticoid signaling : from molecules to mice to man /
Jen-Chywan Wang, Charles Harris, editors
Call Number: QP572.G54 G58 2015eb

Green roof ecosystems
Richard K. Sutton, editor
Call Number: SB419.5

Grizzly West : a failed attempt to reintroduce grizzly bears in the mountain West /
Michael J. Dax
Call Number: QL737.C27 D337 2015

Handbook of climate change adaptation
Walter Leal Filho, editor
Call Number: QH543.2

Handbook of frontal lobe assessment
Sarah E. MacPherson, Sergio Della Sala ; with Simon R. Cox, Alessandra Girardi, Matthew H. Iveson
Call Number: QP382.F7 M33 2015

Handbook of marine microalgae : biotechnology advances /
Se-kwon Kim
Call Number: QK568.M52 H3 2015

Handbook of road ecology
edited by Rodney van der Ree, Daniel J. Smith and Clara Grilo
Call Number: QH541.5.R62 H36 2015

Heat shock protein-based therapies
Alexander A.A. Asea, Naif N. Almasoud, Sunil Krishnan, Punit Kaur, editors
Call Number: QP552.M64

High pressure bioscience
Kazuyuki Akasaka, Hitoshi Matsuki, editors
Call Number: QP517.H53

History of landscape ecology in the United States
Gary W. Barrett, Terry L. Barrett, Jianguo Wu, editors
Call Number: QH104

How snakes work : structure, function and behavior of the world's snakes /
Harvey B. Lillywhite.,
Call Number: QL666.O6 L724 2014eb

Human gross anatomy
Anthony B. Olinger
Call Number: QM23.2 .O45 2016

Impacts of the Fukushima Nuclear accident on fish and fishing grounds
edited by Kaoru Nakata, Hiroya Sugisaki
Call Number: SH177.R33

Impaired wetlands in a damaged landscape : the legacy of bitumen exploitation in Canada /
Kevin P. Timoney
Call Number: QH106

Introduction to population ecology
Larry L. Rockwood ; with Jonathan W. Witt
Call Number: QH352 .R63 2015

Kinetics of enzyme-modifier interactions : selected topics in the theory and diagnosis of inhibition and activation mechanisms /
Antonio Baici
Call Number: QP601.4

Large-scale quantum-mechanical enzymology
Greg Lever
Call Number: QH505

Learning and teaching tools for basic and clinical respiratory physiology
Kin Kheong Mah, Hwee Ming Cheng
Call Number: QP121

Life extension : lessons from drosophila /
Alexander M. Vaiserman, Alexey A. Moskalev, Elena G. Pasyukova, editors
Call Number: QP85

Lipids in protein misfolding
Olga Gursky, editor
Call Number: QP751 .L57 2015eb

Long noncoding RNAs : structures and functions /
Riki Kurokawa, editor
Call Number: QP623

Manual of clinical microbiology
editors in chief, James H. Jorgensen, Department of Pathology, University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, Texas, Michael A. Pfaller, T2 Biosystems, Lexington, Massachusetts, and Professor Emeritus, University of Iowa College of Medicine, Iowa City, Iowa ; volume editors, Karen C. Carroll, Department of Pathology, Division of Microbiology, The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland [and 4 others]
Call Number: QR46 .M425 2015

Marker-assisted plant breeding : principles and practices /
B.D. Singh, A.K. Singh
Call Number: SB123

Metal response in cupriavidus metallidurans. Volume I, From habitats to genes and proteins
edited by Max Mergeay, Rob Van Houdt
Call Number: QP552.C34 M47 2015eb

Metal response in cupriavidus metallidurans. Volume II, Insights into the structure-function relationship of proteins
Guy Vandenbussche, Max Mergeay, Rob Van Houdt
Call Number: QP552.C34

Microbial toxins and related contamination in the food industry
Pasqualina Laganà [and 7 others]
Call Number: QR115

Mitochondrial function in vivo evaluated by NADH fluorescence
Avraham Mayevsky
Call Number: QH603.M3

Molecular phylogeny, biogeography and an e-monograph of the papaya family (caricaceae) as an example of taxonomy in the electronic age
Fernanda Antunes Carvalho ; with a foreword by Prof. Dr. Susanne S. Renner
Call Number: QK495.C1997

Molluscan communities of the Florida Keys and adjacent areas : their ecology and biodiversity /
Edward J. Petuch, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, USA, Robert F. Myers, Coral Graphics/Seaclicks, Wellington, Florida, USA
Call Number: QL415.F6 P48 2014

Monitoring and modeling of global changes : a geomatics perspective /
Jonathan Li, Xiaojun Yang
Call Number: GE149

Nano/micro science and technology in biorheology : principles, methods, and applications /
Rio Kita, Toshiaki Dobashi, editors
Call Number: QH505

Neuronal tissue-nonspecific alkaline phosphatase (TNAP)
Caroline Fonta, László Négyessy
Call Number: QP609.A4

Neuropsycholinguistic perspectives on language cognition : essays in honour of Jean-Luc Nespoulous /
edited by Corine Artésano and Mélanie Jucla
Call Number: QP399 .N487 2015

Next-generation DNA sequencing informatics
edited by Stuart M. Brown
Call Number: QP625.N89 N485 2015

Nolte's the human brain : an introduction to its functional anatomy /
Todd W. Vanderah, Douglas J. Gould
Call Number: QM451

Nonparametric Bayesian inference in biostatistics
Riten Mitra, Peter Müller, editors
Call Number: QH323.5

Nuclear functions in plant transcription, signaling and development
Olga Pontes, Hailing Jin, editors
Call Number: SB112.5

Nutrient metabolism : structures, functions, and genes /
Martin Kohlmeier
Call Number: QP143.7 .K64 2015

Nutrition for brain health and cognitive performance
edited by Talitha Best, Louise Dye
Call Number: QP376 .N863 2015

Origins of biogeography : the role of biological classification in early plant and animal geography /
Malte Christian Ebach
Call Number: QH84

Plant biology and biotechnology. Volume II, Plant diversity, organization, function and improvement
Bir Bahadur, Manchikatla Venkat Rajam, Leela Sahijram, K. V. Krishnamurthy, editors
Call Number: QK981

Plant protection in tropical root and tuber crops
P. Parvatha Reddy
Call Number: SB210.T73

Plant sensing and communication
Richard Karban
Call Number: QK771 .K37 2015

Predictive methods in percutaneous absorption
Gary P. Moss, Darren R. Gullick, Simon C. Wilkinson
Call Number: QP88.5 .M67 2015eb

Principles of neurobiology
Liqun Luo
Call Number: QP355.2 .L86 2016

Protecting the wild : parks and wilderness, the foundation for conservation /
edited by George Wuerthner, Eileen Crist, and Tom Butler
Call Number: QH75 .P76 2015eb

Recent advances on the modular organization of the cortex
Manuel F. Casanova, Ioan Opris, editors
Call Number: QM455

Receptor tyrosine kinases : family and subfamilies /
Deric L. Wheeler, Yosef Yarden, editors
Call Number: QP606.P78

Referent control of action and perception : challenging conventional theories in behavioral neuroscience /
Anatol G. Feldman
Call Number: QP355.2

Resistance to immunotoxins in cancer therapy
Rama Shanker Verma, editor
Call Number: QR185.8.A58

Reticulate evolution : symbiogenesis, lateral gene transfer, hybridization and infectious heredity /
Nathalie Gontier, editor
Call Number: QH548

Rhythms in plants : dynamic responses in a dynamic environment /
Stefano Mancuso, Sergey Shabala, editors
Call Number: QK761

RNA and DNA diagnostics
Volker A. Erdmann, Stefan Jurga, Jan Barciszewski, editors
Call Number: QP623

Rumen microbiology : from evolution to revolution /
Anil Kumar Puniya, Rameshwar Singh, Devki Nandan Kamra, editors
Call Number: QR171.R85

Ruptured landscapes : landscape, identity and social change /
Helen Sooväli-Sepping, Hugo Reinert, Jonathan Miles-Watson, editors
Call Number: QH541.15.L35

Sea snails : a natural history /
Joseph Heller ; illustrator: Tuvia Kurz
Call Number: QL430.4

SH domains : structure, mechanisms and applications /
Natalya Kurochkina, editor
Call Number: QP606.P78

Sialoglyco chemistry and biology
Rita Gerardy-Schahn, Philippe Delannoy, Mark von Itzstein, editors
Call Number: QP801.S47 S56 2015eb

Silicon in agriculture : from theory to practice /
Yongchao Liang, Miroslav Nikolic, Richard Bélanger, Haijun Gong, Alin Song
Call Number: S587.5.S53

Simulation modeling of forest landscape disturbances
Ajith H. Perera, Brian R. Sturtevant, Lisa J. Buse, editor
Call Number: SD143

Stem cell aging : mechanisms, consequences, rejuvenation /
Hartmut Geiger, Heinrich Jasper, Maria Carolina Florian, editors
Call Number: QH588.S83 S74 2015eb

Streptococcal superantigens
Anshu Babbar
Call Number: QR186.6.S94

Sustainable agriculture reviews. Cereals
Eric Lichtfouse, Aakash Goyal, editor
Call Number: SB189

The battle for Yellowstone : morality and the sacred roots of environmental conflict /
Justin Farrell
Call Number: GE198.Y45 F37 2015

The big book on small heat shock proteins
Robert M. Tanguay, Lawrence E. Hightower, editors
Call Number: QP552.H43

The biology of mangroves and seagrasses
Peter J. Hogarth, Department of Biology, University of York, York, UK
Call Number: QH541.5.M27 H64 2015

The comprehensive sourcebook of bacterial protein toxins
Joseph E. Alouf, Daniel Ladant and Michel R. Popoff
Call Number: QP632.B3 S68 2015

The cytokines of the immune system : the role of cytokines in disease related to immune response /
Zlatko Dembic
Call Number: QR185.8.C95 D46 2015

The deeper genome : why there is more to the human genome than meets the eye /
John Parrington
Call Number: QH447 .P37 2015

The ecological importance of mixed-severity fires : nature's Phoenix /
edtied by Dominick A. DellaSala, Chad T. Hanson
Call Number: SD421 .E26 2015

The end of doom : environmental renewal in the twenty-first century /
Ronald Bailey
Call Number: GE140 .B3525 2015

The Gentianaceae. Volume 2, Biotechnology and Applications
Jan J. Rybczyński, Michael R. Davey, Anna Mikuła, editors
Call Number: QK495.G35

The knowledge of nature and the nature of knowledge in early modern Japan
Federico Marcon
Call Number: QH21.J3 M37 2015

The man who wasn't there : investigations into the strange new science of the self /
Anil Ananthaswamy
Call Number: QP360 .A48 2015

The prefrontal cortex
Joaquín M. Fuster
Call Number: QP383.17 .F87 2015

The principles of life [electronic resource]
Tibor Gánti with a commentary by James Griesemer and Eörs Szathmáry
Call Number: QH341

The science of marijuana [electronic resource]
Leslie L. Iversen
Call Number: QP801.C27 I94 2008eb

The science of open spaces : theory and practice for conserving large, complex systems /
Charles G. Curtin
Call Number: QH541.15.L35 C87 2015

The synaptic organization of the brain [electronic resource]
edited by Gordon M. Shepherd
Call Number: QP376 .S9 2004eb

Theories of molecular reaction dynamics : the microscopic foundation of chemical kinetics [electronic resource]
Niels Engholm Henriksen and Flemming Yssing Hansen
Call Number: QP517.M65 H46 2008eb

Three-dimensional electron microscopy of macromolecular assemblies : visualization of biological molecules in their native state [electronic resource]
Joachim Frank
Call Number: QH324.9.T45 F73 2006eb

Toward a unified ecology
Timothy F.H. Allen and Thomas W. Hoekstra
Call Number: QH540.5 .A55 2015

TRP channels as therapeutic targets : from basic science to clinical use /
edited by Arpad Szallasi
Call Number: QP552.T77 T77 2015

Understanding flowers and flowering : an integrated approach [electronic resource]
Beverley J. Glover
Call Number: QK653

Up in the garden and down in the dirt
by Kate Messner ; with art by Christopher Silas Neal
Call Number: SB457 .M47 2015

Voices in the ocean : a journey into the wild and haunting world of dolphins /
Susan Casey
Call Number: QL737.C432 C34 2015

Wood-rotting non-gilled Agaricomycetes of Himalayas
I.B. Prasher
Call Number: QK626

Wyoming grasslands
by Frank H. Goodyear, Jr., and Charles R. Preston ; with photographs by Michael P. Berman and William S. Sutton ; foreword by Dan Flores
Call Number: QH87.7 .G66 2015

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