Biological Sciences

Items Acquired in June 2015 for the University Libraries

2nd International Multidisciplinary Microscopy and Microanalysis Congress : proceedings of InterM, October 16-19, 2014 /
E.K. Polychroniadis, Ahmet Yavuz Oral, Mehmet Ozer, editors
Call Number: QH201

9th International Conference on Practical Applications of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
Ross Overbeek, Miguel P. Rocha, Florentino Fdez-Riverola, Juan F. De Paz, editors
Call Number: QH324.2

A biography of Paul Berg : the recombinant DNA controversy revisited /
Errol C Friedberg, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, USA ; foreword by Sydney Brenner
Call Number: QH447 .F75 2014

A guide to Zona Pellucida domain proteins
Eveline S. Litscher, Paul M. Wassarman
Call Number: QL965

A history of biophysics in contemporary China
Christine Yi Lai Luk
Call Number: QH505

A history of human anatomy
T.V.N. (Vid) Perdaud, M.D., PH.D., D.Sc., F.R.C.Path. (Lond.), FAAA (Professor, Department of Anatomical Sciences, School of Medicine, St. George's University, Grenada, West Indies, Professor Emeritus and Former Head Department of Human Anatomy and Cell Science, University of Manitoba, Faculties of Medicine and Dentistry, Winnipeg, Canada), Marios Loukas, M.D., PH.D. (Professor and Chair, Department of Anatomical Sciences, Dean of Research, School of Medicine, St. George's University, Grenada, West Indies), R. Shane Tubbs, M.S. P.A.C., PH.D. (Department of Pediatric Neurosurgery, Children's Hospital, Birmingham, Alabama, U.S.A., Professor, Department of Anatomical Sciences, School of Medicine, St. George's University, Grenada, West Indies)
Call Number: QM11 .P475 2014

Advances in marine and brackishwater aquaculture
Santhanam Perumal, A. R. Thirunavukkarasu, Perumal Pachiappan, editors
Call Number: SH138

Africa environment outlook. 3 : : our environment , our health /
lead author, Clever Mafuta ; lead editor, Monday S. Businge
Call Number: GE160.A35 A324 2013

Alternative respiratory pathways in higher plants
edited by Jagadis G. Kapuganti, Luis A.J. Mur, and Bhagyalakshmi Neelwarne
Call Number: QK891

An integrative approach to successional dynamics : tempo and mode of vegetation change /
Scott J. Meiners (Eastern Illinois University, USA), Steward T.A. Pickett (Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, NY, USA), Mary L. Cadenasso (University of California, Davis, USA)
Call Number: QK910 .M45 2015

Applied statistics in biomedicine and clinical trials design : selected papers from 2013 ICSA/ISBS Joint Statistical Meetings /
Zhen Chen, Aiyi Liu, Yongming Qu, Larry Tang, Naitee Ting, Yi Tsong, editors
Call Number: QH323.5

August Weismann : development, heredity, and evolution /
Frederick B. Churchill
Call Number: QH31.W45 C48 2015

Bacteria-metal interactions
Daad Saffarini, editor
Call Number: QR84

Before we are born : essentials of embryology and birth defects /
Keith L. Moore, T.V.N. (Vid) Persaud, Mark G. Torchia
Call Number: QM601 .M757 2016eb

Beneath the surface : killer whales, SeaWorld, and the truth beyond Blackfish /
John Hargrove with Howard Chua-Eoan
Call Number: QL737.C432 H3675 2015

Bioinformatics : an introduction /
Jeremy J. Ramsden
Call Number: QH324.2

Bioinformatics : the impact of accurate quantification on proteomic and genetic analysis and research /
edited by Yu Liu, PhD
Call Number: QH324.2 .B56 2014

Biological autonomy : a philosophical and theoretical enquiry /
Alvaro Moreno, Matteo Mossio
Call Number: QH331

Biomeasurement : a student's guide to biological statistics /
Dawn Hawkins
Call Number: QH323.5 .H38 2014

Biomedical engineering and cognitive neuroscience for healthcare : interdisciplinary applications /
Jinglong Wu, editor
Call Number: QP360.5 .B56 2013

Biotechnology of isoprenoids
Jens Schrader, Jörg Bohlmann, editors ; with contributions by Jorge Alonso-Gutierrez [and more]
Call Number: QP752.T47

Brain stimulation : methodologies and interventions /
edited by Irving Reti
Call Number: QP360

Brain stimulation : methodologies and interventions /
edited by Irving M. Reti
Call Number: QP360 .B73 2015

Brain structure and its origins : in development and in evolution of behavior and the mind /
Gerald E. Schneider
Call Number: QP376 .S348 2014

Cannabinoid modulation of emotion, memory, and motivation
Patrizia Campolongo, Liana Fattore, editors
Call Number: QP801.C27

Cardiovascular physiology [electronic resource]
Achilles J. Pappano, Withrow Gil Wier
Call Number: QP101 .P37 2013

Case files. Neuroscience
Eugene C. Toy, Evan Yale Snyder, Josh Neman, Rahul Jandial
Call Number: QP355.2 .C37 2015

Cell signaling during mammalian early embryo development
Henry J. Leese, Daniel R. Brison, editors
Call Number: QL739.23

Cellular and molecular immunology
Abul K. Abbas, Andrew H. Lichtman, Shiv Pillai ; illustrations by David L. Baker, Alexandra Baker
Call Number: QR185.5

Chemical reagents for protein modification
Roger L. Lundblad, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA
Call Number: QP551 .L88 2014

Circadian medicine
edited by Christopher S. Colwell
Call Number: QP84.6

Climate change impacts on high-altitude ecosystems
Münir Öztürk, Khalid Rehman Hakeem, I. Faridah-Hanum, Recep Efe, editors
Call Number: QH541.5.M65

Community seed production sustainability in rice-wheat farming
Narayan Prasad Khanal, Keshav Lall Maharjan
Call Number: SB191.R5

Comparative biology of the normal lung
edited by Richard A. Parent
Call Number: QP121 .C65 2015

Computational approaches to protein dynamics : from quantum to coarse-grained methods /
editor, Monika Fuxreiter
Call Number: QP517.P76 C66 2015

Computing for biologists : python programming and principles /
Ran Libeskind-Hadas, Department of Computer Science, Harvey Mudd College, Eliot Bush, Department of Biology, Harvey Mudd College
Call Number: QH324.2 .L53 2014

Control of breathing during exercise
Susan A. Ward
Call Number: QP123 .W37 2014

Dietary nutrients, additives, and fish health
edited by Cheng-sheng Lee [and three others]
Call Number: QL639.1

Drug therapy for infectious diseases of the dog and cat [electronic resource]
Valerie J Wiebe
Call Number: SF991

Electrochemical processes in biological systems
edited by Andrzej Lewenstam, Lo Gorton
Call Number: QP517.B54

Elephant sense and sensibility : behavior and cognition /
Michael Garstang ; photographers, Wynand du Plessis and Claudia du Plessis
Call Number: QL737.P98 G37 2015

Emerging dairy processing technologies : opportunities for the dairy industry /
edited by Nivedita Datta, Peggy Tomasula
Call Number: SF250.5

Environmental certification for organisations and products : management approaches and operational tools /
Tiberio Daddi, Fabio Iraldo and Francesco Testa
Call Number: GE300 .D34 2015

Fishes : a guide to their diversity /
Philip Alan Hastings, H.J. Walker, and Grantly R. Galland
Call Number: QL615 .H37 2014

Fossil matter in the geosphere
Jan Schwarzbauer, Branimir Jovančićević
Call Number: QH343.7

From Aristotle's teleology to Darwin's genealogy : the stamp of inutility /
Marco Solinas ; translated by James Douglas
Call Number: QH361 .S6513 2015

From reason to practice in bioethics : an anthology dedicated to the works of John Harris /
edited by John Coggon, Sarah Chan, Soren Holm and Thomasine Kushner
Call Number: QH332 .F76 2015

Fundamentals of biofilm research
Zbigniew Lewandowski, Haluk Beyenal
Call Number: QR100.8.B55 L49 2014

Gene control
David S Latchman
Call Number: QH450 .L38 2015

Gray's basic anatomy [electronic resource]
Richard L. Drake, A. Wayne Vogl, Adam W.M. Mitchell ; illustrations by Richard Tibbitts and Paul Richardson ; photographs by Ansell Horn
Call Number: QM23.2 .D73 2012eb

Gray's Clinical Photographic Dissector of the Human Body [electronic resource]
Call Number: QM34 .L68 2012

Guyton and Hall textbook of medical physiology
John E. Hall
Call Number: QP34.5

Haeckel's embryos : images, evolution, and fraud /
Nick Hopwood
Call Number: QH361 .H67 2015

Handbook of ion channels
edited by Jie Zheng, Matthew C. Trudeau
Call Number: QH603.I54 H35 2015

Handbook of larval amphibians of the United States and Canada
Ronald Altig, Roy W. McDiarmid ; foreword by Aaron M. Bauer
Call Number: QL641 .A45 2015

Handbook of olfaction and gustation
edited by Richard L. Doty
Call Number: QP455

Hawthorn : the tree that has nourished, healed, and inspired through the ages /
Bill Vaughn
Call Number: QK495.R78 V38 2015

Histology : a text and atlas : with correlated cell and molecular biology /
Michael H. Ross, PhD (deceased), Professor and Chair Emeritus, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, University of Florida College of Medicine, Gainesville, Florida, Wojciech Pawlina, MD, FAA, Professor of Anatomy and Medical Education, Fellow of the American Association of Anatomists, Chair, Department of Anatomy, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Director of Procedural Skills Laboratory, Mayo college of Medicine, Rochester, Minnesota
Call Number: QM551 .R67 2016

Horse nations : the worldwide impact of the horse on indigenous societies post-1492 /
Peter Mitchell
Call Number: SF283 .M58 2015

Human embryology and developmental biology [electronic resource]
Bruce M. Carlson
Call Number: QM601 .C37 2014eb

Human variation : a genetic perspective on diversity, race, and medicine /
edited by Aravinda Chakravarti, McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Call Number: QH455 .H87 2014

Immune system modelling and simulation
Filippo Castiglione and Franco Celada
Call Number: QR182.2.I46

Information fusion and geographic information systems (IF & GIS' 2015) : deep virtualization for mobile GIS /
Vasily Popovich; Christophe Claramunt; Manfred Schrenk; Kyrill Korolenko; Jérôme Gensel, editors
Call Number: QH541.15.G46

INS dictionary of neuropsychology and clinical neurosciences
edited by David W. Loring, Ph.D., Emory University ; major contributors and content advisors, Stephen C. Bowden, Ph.D., University of Melbourne [and nine others]
Call Number: QP360 .I55 2015

Intercellular signaling in development and disease [electronic resource]
editors-in-chief, Edward A. Dennis, Ralph A. Bradshaw
Call Number: QP517.C45 I595 2011eb

Introduction to bioinformatics
Arthur M. Lesk, The Pennsylvania State University
Call Number: QH507 .L47 2014

Investigations in yeast functional genomics and molecular biology
edited by Matthew Eckwahl, MPhil
Call Number: QK623.S23 I58 2014

Latin for bird lovers : over 3,000 bird names explored and explained /
Roger Lederer & Carol Burr
Call Number: QL677 .L44 2014

Law and agroecology : a transdisciplinary dialogue /
Massimo Monteduro, Pierangelo Buongiorno, Saverio Di Benedetto, Alessandro Isoni, editors
Call Number: S589.7

Low-cost methods for molecular characterization of mutant plants : tissue desiccation, DNA extraction and mutation discovery: protocols /
Bradley J. Till, Joanna Jankowicz-Cieslak, Owen A. Huynh, Mayada M. Beshir, Robert G. Laport, Bernhard J. Hofinger
Call Number: QK981.4

Manual of structural kinesiology
Call Number: QP303 .T58 2015

Marine mammals : evolutionary biology /
Annalisa Berta, Department of Biology, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA, USA; James L. Sumich, Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR, USA; Kit M. Kovacs, Norwegian Polar Institute, FRAM Center, Tromsø, Norway; University Centre on Svalbard (UNIS), Svalbard, Norway
Call Number: QL713.2 .B47 2015

Market-based fisheries management : private fish and captains of finance /
Jeppe Høst
Call Number: SH328

Matrix metalloproteinase biology
edited by Irit Sagi and Jean Gaffney
Call Number: QP552.M47

McMinn and Abrahams' clinical atlas of human anatomy [electronic resource]
by Peter H. Abrahams [and others]
Call Number: QM25 .M23 2013

Metabolomics and systems biology in human health and medicine
edited by Oliver A.H. Jones
Call Number: QP171 .M3826 2014

Migration ecology of marine fishes
David Hallock Secor
Call Number: QL639.5 .S43 2015

Molecular biology [electronic resource]
David P. Clark, Nanette J. Pazdernik
Call Number: QH506 .C533 2013

Molecular dynamics : with deterministic and stochastic numerical methods /
Ben Leimkuhler, Charles Matthews
Call Number: QP517.M65

Molecular neuroscience : a laboratory manual /
edited by Rusty Lansford, Department of Radiology, Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California
Call Number: QP356.2 .M655 2014

Molecular red : theory for the Anthropocene /
McKenzie Wark
Call Number: GE149 .W27 2015

Molybdenum cofactors and their role in the evolution of metabolic pathways
Luana Presta, Marco Fondi, Giovanni Emiliani, Renato Fani
Call Number: QP535.M7

Monooxygenase, peroxidase and peroxygenase properties and mechanisms of cytochrome P450
Eugene G. Hrycay, Stelvio M. Bandiera, editors
Call Number: QP671.C83

Native fishes of Ohio
Daniel L. Rice, Gary Meszaros
Call Number: QL628.O3 R53 2014

Netter's atlas of human embryology [electronic resource]
Larry R. Cochard ; illustrations by Frank H. Netter ; contributing illustrators John A. Craig, Carlos A.G. Machado
Call Number: QM602 .C63 2012eb

Netter's essential histology [electronic resource]
William K. Ovalle, Patrick C. Nahirney ; illustrations by Frank H. Netter, contributing illustrators, Joe Chovan [and others]
Call Number: QM551 .O94 2013

Neuroanatomy : an illustrated colour text /
Alan R. Crossman, David Neary ; illustrated by Ben Crossman
Call Number: QM451

Noncontact atomic force microscopy. Volume 3
Seizo Morita, Franz J. Giessible, Ernst Meyer, Roland Wiesendanger, editors
Call Number: QH212.A78 N663 2015

North Shore : a natural history of Minnesota's Superior coast /
Chel Anderson and Adelheid Fischer
Call Number: QH104.5.S85 A53 2015

Pathology of the developing mouse : a systematic approach /
edited by Brad Bolon
Call Number: QL737.R6 P38 2015

edited by Ernest S. Chang and Martin Thiel
Call Number: QL445.2 .P49 2015

Plankton : wonders of the drifting world /
Christian Sardet ; edited by Rafael D. Rosengarten and Theodore Rosengarten ; translated from the French by Christian Sardet and Dana Sardet ; prologue by Mark Ohman
Call Number: QH90.8.P5 S2713 2015@QH90.8.P5 S2713 2015

Plant physiology and development
Lincoln Taiz, Professor Emeritus, University of California, Santa Cruz, Eduardo Zeiger, Professor Emeritus, University of California, Los Angeles, Ian Max Møller, Associate Professor, Aarhus University, Denmark, Angus Murphy, Professor, University of Maryland
Call Number: QK711.2 .T35 2014

Pocket companion to Guyton and Hall textbook of medical physiology [electronic resource]
John E. Hall
Call Number: QP35 .H35 2012eb

Practical head and neck cytopathology
Ketan A. Shah
Call Number: QM535 .S44 2015

Primer to analysis of genomic Data using R
Cedric Gondro
Call Number: QH438.4.S73

Primer to The immune response
Tak W. Mak, Mary E. Saunders, Bradley D. Jett ; contributors, Wendy L. Tamminen, Maya R. Chaddah
Call Number: QR186

Principles of neural design
Peter Sterling and Simon Laughlin
Call Number: QP376

Protein ligation and total synthesis I
Lei Liu, editor ; with contributions by J. Brailsford [and more]
Call Number: QP551

Protein ligation and total synthesis II
Lei Liu, editor ; with contributions by J.W. Bode [and more]
Call Number: QP551

R programming for bioinformatics [electronic resource]
Robert Gentleman
Call Number: QH324.2 .G46 2009eb

Radical environmentalism : nature, identity and more-than-human agency /
John Cianchi
Call Number: GE195 .C53 2015

Regulation of nutrient uptake by plants : a biochemical and molecular approach /
Gyanendra Nath Mitra
Call Number: QK867

Remarkable natural material surfaces and their engineering potential
Michelle Lee, editor
Call Number: QP517.B56 R46 2014

Rewilding European landscapes
Henrique M. Pereira, Laetitia M. Navarro, editors
Call Number: QL83.4

RNA regulation : advances in molecular biology and medicine /
edited by Robert A. Meyers
Call Number: QP623 .R2748 2014

RNA regulation : advances in molecular biology and medicine /
edited by Robert A. Meyers
Call Number: QP623 .R2748 2014

Running mechanics and gait analysis
Reed Ferber, PhD, CAT(C), ATC, Running Injury Clinic, University of Calgary, Alberta, Shari Macdonald, MSc, BScPT, Running Injury Clinic, Calgary, Alberta
Call Number: QP310.R85 F47 2014

Sarrafian's anatomy of the foot and ankle : descriptive, topographical, functional /
editor, Armen S. Kelikian
Call Number: QM549 .S27 2011

Semaphorins : a diversity of emerging physiological and pathological activities /
Atsushi Kumanogoh, editor
Call Number: QP552.S32

Social neuroscience : brain, mind, and society /
edited by Russell K. Schutt, Larry J. Seidman, Matcheri S. Keshavan
Call Number: QP360 .S592 2015

Somatic genome manipulation : advances, methods, and applications /
Xiu-Qing Li, Danielle J. Donnelly, Thomas G. Jensen, editors
Call Number: QH442

Somatostatin analogues : from research to clinical practice /
edited by Alicja Hubalewska-Dydejczyk, Alberto Signore, Marion de Jong, Rudi A. Dierckx, John Buscombe, Christophe Van de Wiele
Call Number: QP572.S59

Sort your brain out : boost your performance, manage stress and achieve more /
Jack Lewis and Adrian Webster
Call Number: QP376

Starch : metabolism and structure /
Yasunori Nakamura, editor
Call Number: QK898.S67

Statistical applications for environmental analysis and risk assessment
Joseph Ofungwu
Call Number: GE145

Stellate cells in health and disease
edited by Chandrashekhar R. Gandhi, Massimo Pinzani
Call Number: QP185 .S64 2015

Stem cells : scientific facts and fiction /
edited by Christine Mummery, Anja Van De Stolpe, Bernard A.J. Roelen, Hans Clevers
Call Number: QH588.S83 S7497 2014

Storytelling apes : primatology narratives past and future /
Mary Sanders Pollock
Call Number: QL737.P9 P643 2015

Subcellular fractionation : a laboratory manual /
edited by Paul R. Pryor, Centre for Immunology and Infection, Hull York Medical School and Department of Biology, University of York
Call Number: QH581.2 .S83 2015

Surface modification of biopolymers
edited by Vijay Kumar Thakur, Amar Singh Singha
Call Number: QP801.B69

Sustainable agricultural development : challenges and approaches in Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries /
Michel Petit, Etienne Montaigne, Fatima El Hadad-Gauthier, José María García Álvarez-Coque, Konstadinos Mattas, Samir Mili, editors
Call Number: S471.M4

Technical background report for the global mercury assessment 2013
Call Number: QH545.M4 T43 2013

The biology and ecology of giant kelp forests
David R. Schiel & Michael S. Foster
Call Number: QK569.L53 S35 2015

The biostatistics of aging : from Gompertzian mortality to an index of aging-relatedness /
Gilberto Levy, Bruce Levin
Call Number: QH529

The birds of Costa Rica : a field guide /
Richard Garrigues ; illustrated by Robert Dean
Call Number: QL687.C8 G37 2014

The changing Arctic environment : the Arctic Messenger /
David P. Stone (former chair of the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP))
Call Number: GE160.A68 S76 2015eb

The courtiers' anatomists : animals and humans in Louis XIV's Paris /
Anita Guerrini
Call Number: QL51.2.F8 G84 2015

The developing human : clinically oriented embryology /
Keith L. Moore, T. V. N. Persaud, Mark G. Torchia
Call Number: QM601

The ecology of agricultural landscapes : long-term research on the path to sustainability /
edited by Stephen K. Hamilton, Julie E. Doll, and G. Philip Robertson
Call Number: S444 .E25 2015

The herbaceous layer in forests of Eastern North America
edited by Frank S. Gilliam
Call Number: QK115 .H47 2014

The human brain in photographs and diagrams [electronic resource]
John Nolte, Jay B. Angevine, Jr
Call Number: QM455 .N65 2013

The Jane effect : celebrating Jane Goodall /
edited by Dale Peterson & Marc Bekoff
Call Number: QL31.G58 J34 2015

The little Paris bookshop : a novel /
Nina George ; translated by Simon Pare
Call Number: GEORG

The Netter collection of medical illustrations. Volume 5, Urinary system : a compilation of paintings [electronic resource]
prepared by Frank H. Netter ; edited by Christopher R Kelly, Jaime Landman
Call Number: QP248

The neural code of pitch and harmony
Gerald Langner, Technische Universitat, Darmstadt, Germany ; edited by Christina Benson
Call Number: QH510.5 .L36 2015

The politics of evolution
David F. Prindle
Call Number: QH366.2 .P743 2015

The review of natural products
Call Number: QK99.A1 R47

The scientific bases of human anatomy
Charles Oxnard
Call Number: QM23.2

The social dog : behaviour and cognition /
edited by Juliane Kaminski, Psychology Department, University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth, UK; Sarah Marshall-Pescini, Dipartimento di Fisiopatologia Medico-Chirurgica e dei Trapianti, Sezione di Neuroscienze, Università degli Studi di Milano, Milan, Italy; Comparative Cognition, Messerli Research Institute, University of Veterinary Medicine, University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria; Wolf Science Centre, Ernstbrunn, Austria
Call Number: SF433 .S63 2014@SF433 .S63 2014

The soils of Antarctica
James G. Bockheim, editor
Call Number: S599.9.A6

The synapse : structure and function /
edited by Virginia Pickel and Menahem Segal
Call Number: QP364 .S96 2014

Thorp and Covich's Freshwater invertebrates
edited by James H. Thorp, D. Christopher Rogers
Call Number: QL151 .E36 2015

Transduction mechanisms in cellular signaling [electronic resource]
editors-in-chief, Edward A. Dennis, Ralph A. Bradshaw
Call Number: QP517.C45 T72 2011eb

Trees : their natural history /
Peter A. Thomas
Call Number: QK475 .T48 2014

Wolves on the hunt : the behavior of wolves hunting wild prey /
L. David Mech, Douglas W. Smith, and Daniel R. MacNulty with supplementary online video by Robert K. Landis
Call Number: QL737.C22 M39982 2015

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