Items Acquired in April 2015 for the University Libraries

2015 interpretation and application of International financial reporting standards
Asif Chaudhry [and more]
Call Number: HF5681.B2

A guide to starting your hedge fund
Erik Serrano Berntsen and John P. Thompson
Call Number: HG4530

A time series approach to option pricing : models, methods and empirical performances /
Christophe Chorro, Dominique Guégan, Florian Ielpo
Call Number: HG6024 .C46 2015eb

Access to justice in transnational B2C e-commerce : a multidimensional analysis of consumer protection mechanisms /
Sutatip Yuthayotin
Call Number: HF5548.32

Accounting for derivatives : advanced hedging under IFRS 9 /
Juan Ramirez
Call Number: HF5681.F54 R35 2015

Advances in Advertising Research. (Vol. V) : : Extending the boundaries of advertising /
Ivana Busljeta Banks, Patrick De Pelsmacker, Shintaro Okazaki (eds.)
Call Number: HF5802.5 .I58 2013

Advertising and design : interdisciplinary perspectives on a cultural field /
Beate Flath, Eva Klein (eds.)
Call Number: HF5821 .A2846 2014

Africa's information revolution : technical regimes and production networks in South Africa and Tanzania /
James T. Murphy, Pádraig Carmody
Call Number: T58.5

Agricultural finance : from crops to land, water and infrastructure /
Hélyette Geman
Call Number: HG6046 .G46 2015

Assessment center perspectives for talent management strategies
by George C. Thornton III, Deborah E. Rupp, and Brian J. Hoffman
Call Number: HF5549.5.A78 T485 2015

Automated guided vehicle systems : a primer with practical applications /
Günter Ullrich
Call Number: TS180.6

Bilevel programming problems : theory, algorithms and applications to energy networks /
Stephan Dempe, Vyacheslav Kalashnikov, Gerardo A. Pérez-Valdés, Nataliya Kalashnykova
Call Number: T57.7

Biometric and intelligent decision making support
Arturas Kaklauskas
Call Number: T58.62

BONUS algorithm for large scale stochastic nonlinear programming problems
Urmila Diwekar, Amy David
Call Number: T57.79

Boundary spanning elements and the marketing function in organizations : concepts and empirical studies /
Sunil Sahadev, Keyoor Purani, Neeru Malhotra, editors
Call Number: HF5415.13

BPM : driving innovation in a digital world /
Jan vom Brocke, Theresa Schmiedel, editors
Call Number: HF5548.2

Budget of the United States Government
Call Number: HJ2051 .A59

Capital flight from Africa : causes, effects, and policy issues /
edited by S. Ibi Ajayi and Léonce Ndikumana
Call Number: HG5822 .C37 2015eb

China's outbound foreign direct investment promotion system
Changhong Pei, Wen Zheng
Call Number: HG4538

Complexity and geographical economics : topics and tools /
Pasquale Commendatore, Saime Kayam, Ingrid Kubin, editors
Call Number: HF1025

Concurrent engineering in the 21st century : foundations, developments and challenges /
Josip Stjepandić, Nel Wognum, Wim J.C. Verhagen, editors
Call Number: TS176

Cost-of-capital in managerial finance : an examination of practices in the German real economy sector /
Dennis Schlegel
Call Number: HG4026

Creating value : the theory and practice of marketing semiotics research /
Laura R. Oswald
Call Number: HF5415.123 .O8 2015

Cultural Tourism in a Digital Era : First International Conference IACuDiT, Athens, 2014 [Elektronische Daten]
edited by Vicky Katsoni
Call Number: HF5410-5417.5

Derivative Security Pricing : Techniques, Methods and Applications [Elektronische Daten]
by Carl Chiarella, Xue-Zhong He, Christina Sklibosios Nikitopoulos
Call Number: HG1-9999

Design for experience : where technology meets design and strategy /
Jinwoo Kim
Call Number: TS171.4

Determinants of private label attitude : predicting consumers brand preferences using psychographics /
Stefanie Weiß ; with a preface by Prof. Mag. Silvia S. Kucera
Call Number: HF5415.3

Dinosaur derivatives and other trades [electronic resource]
Jeremy Josee
Call Number: HG173

Dynamics of cross-border flow-performance relationships : the case of European equity (UCITS) funds /
Simon Weiler
Call Number: HF5681.F84

eCommerce and the effects of technology on taxation : could VAT be the eTax solution? /
Anne Michèle Bardopoulos
Call Number: HJ5709

Economic sanctions under international law : unilateralism, multilateralism, legitimacy, and consequences /
Ali Z. Marossi, Marisa R. Bassett, editors
Call Number: HF1413.5

Efficiently inefficient : how smart money invests and market prices are determined /
Lasse Heje Pedersen
Call Number: HG4529 .P425 2015

Electricity derivatives
René Aïd
Call Number: HG6047.E43

Electronic commerce : a managerial and social networks perspective /
Efraim Turban, David King, Jae Kyu Lee, Ting-Peng Liang, Deborrah C. Turban
Call Number: HF5548

Emergent collaboration infrastructures : technology design for inter-organizational crisis management /
Christian Reuter ; foreword by Prof. Dr. Volkmar Pipek and Prof. Dr. Volker Wulf
Call Number: T58.5

Emotional engineering. Volume 3
Shuichi Fukuda, editor
Call Number: TS171.4 .E468 2015eb

Enhancing synergies in a collaborative environment
Pablo Cortés, Elvira Maeso-González, Alejandro Escudero-Santana, editors
Call Number: T55.45

Enterprise Governance of Information Technology : Achieving Alignment and Value, Featuring COBIT 5 [Elektronische Daten]
by Steven De Haes, Wim Van Grembergen
Call Number: HF54.5-54.56

Evolution of central banking? : De Nederlandsche Bank 1814-1852 /
Roland Uittenbogaard
Call Number: HG3116

Financial accounting and management control : the tensions and conflicts between uniformity and uniqueness /
Fredrik Nilsson, Anna-Karin Stockenstrand
Call Number: HF5636

Financial econometrics and empirical market microstructure
Anil K. Bera, Sergey Ivliev, Fabrizio Lillo, editors
Call Number: HG4521

Financial forecasting, analysis, and modelling : a framework for long-term forecasting /
Michael Samonas
Call Number: HG4012 .S26 2015

Financial institution advantage & the optimization of information processing
Sean C. Keenan
Call Number: HG173

Financial ratios for executives : how to assess company strength, fix problems, and make better decisions /
Michael Rist, Albert J. Pizzica
Call Number: HF5681.R25

Financial system stability, regulation, and financial inclusion
ADB Institute, Financial Services Agency Japan, International Monetary Fund Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, editors
Call Number: HG173

Fixed-income portfolio analytics : a practical guide to implementing, monitoring and understanding fixed-income portfolios /
David Jamieson Bolder
Call Number: HG4529.5

Foundations of Shari'ah governance of Islamic banks
Karim Ginena, Azhar Hamid
Call Number: HG3368.A6

Frontie : exploring the top ten emerging markets of tomorrow /
Gavin Serkin
Call Number: HG5993

Fundamentals of Business-to-Business Marketing : Mastering Business Markets [Elektronische Daten]
edited by Michael Kleinaltenkamp, Wulff Plinke, Ian Wilkinson, Ingmar Geiger
Call Number: HF5410-5417.5

Future information technology. II :
Jameel M. Al-Khayri, Shri Mohan Jain, Dennis V. Johnson, editors
Call Number: T58.5

Future perspectives in risk models and finance
Alain Bensoussan, Dominique Guegan, Charles S. Tapiero, editors
Call Number: HG173

Game theoretic analysis of congestion, safety and security : networks, air traffic and emergency departments /
Kjell Hausken, Jun Zhuang, editors
Call Number: T57.92

Generational diversity at work : new research perspectives /
edited by Emma Parry
Call Number: HF5549.5.C75 G46 2014

Global Business Strategy : Multinational Corporations Venturing into Emerging Markets [Elektronische Daten]
by Kazuyuki Motohashi
Call Number: HF5469.7-5481

Goals-based wealth management : an integrated and practical approach to changing the structure of wealth advisory practices /
Jean L.P. Brunel
Call Number: HG4529.5

Handbook of multi-commodity markets and products : structuring, trading and risk management /
edited by Andrea Roncoroni, Gianluca Fusai, Mark Cummins
Call Number: HG6046

Help, I'm Rich! : your compass to a value-adding private banking experience /
Kees Stoute
Call Number: HG179

How to implement market models using VBA
Francois Goossens
Call Number: HG106

How to price and trade options : identify, analyze, and execute the best trade probabilities /
Al Sherbin
Call Number: HG6024.A3

Humanism in economics and business : perspectives of the Catholic social tradition /
Domènec Melé, Martin Schlag, editors
Call Number: HF5387

ICoRD'15 -- research into design across boundaries. Volume 1, Theory, research methodology, aesthetics, human factors and education :
Amaresh Chakrabarti, editor
Call Number: TS171.A1

ICoRD'15 -- Research into design across boundaries. Volume 2, Creativity, sustainability, DfX, enabling technologies, management and applications
Amaresh Chakrabarti, editor
Call Number: TS171.A1

Impact investment : a practical guide to investment process and social impact analysis + website /
Keith Allman, Ximena Escobar de Nogales
Call Number: HG4515.13

Implementing IT processes : description of the main 17 IT processes and directions for a successful implementation /
Lionel Pilorget
Call Number: T58.64

In defense of deflation
Philipp Bagus
Call Number: HG229

India and China in the Emerging Dynamics of East Asia [electronic resource]
edited by G. V. C. Naidu, Mumin Chen, Raviprasad Narayanan
Call Number: HF1351-1647

Inflation versus price-level targeting : Bayesian estimation of a small open DSGE model for Switzerland /
Lukas Heim ; with a foreword by Prof. Dr. Luca Benati
Call Number: HG230.3

Information and knowledge management in complex systems : 16th IFIP WG 8.1 International Conference on Informatics and Semiotics in Organisations, ICISO 2015, Toulouse, France, March 19-20, 2015. Proceedings /
Kecheng Liu, Keiichi Nakata, Weizi Li, Daniel Galarreta (eds.)
Call Number: T58.5

Information science and applications
Kuinam J. Kim, editor
Call Number: T58.5

Internal control audit and compliance : documentation and testing under the new COSO framework /
Lynford Graham
Call Number: HF5668.25 .G7237 2015

International human resources management : challenges and changes /
Carolina Machado, editor
Call Number: HF5549.5.E45

Interpretation and application of UK GAAP for accounting periods commencing on or after 1 January 2015 [electronic resource]
Steven Collings
Call Number: HF5616.G7

Introduction to mathematical portfolio theory
Mark S. Joshi, Jane M. Paterson
Call Number: HG4529.5 .J67 2013

Investment appraisal : methods and models /
Uwe Götze, Deryl Northcott, Peter Schuster
Call Number: HG4515

Italy's Top Products in World Trade : The Fortis-Corradini Index [Elektronische Daten]
by Marco Fortis, Stefano Corradini, Monica Carminati
Call Number: HF5001-6182.2

Kanban change leadership : creating a culture of continuous improvement /
Klaus Leopold, Siegfried Kaltenecker
Call Number: TS157.4

Lead markets in age-based innovations : demographic change and internationally successful innovations /
Nils Levsen, with a foreword by Prof. D. Cornelius Herstatt
Call Number: HF5415.332.O43

Lean auditing : driving added value and efficiency in internal audit /
James C. Paterson
Call Number: HF5668.25 .P367 2015

Life cycle impact assessment
Michael Z. Hauschild, Mark A.J. Huijbregts, editors
Call Number: HF5415.155

Life in the financial markets : how they really work and why they matter to you /
Daniel Lacalle ; translated by Mark Lodge
Call Number: HG4523 .L33 2015

Liquidity management : a funding risk handbook /
Aldo Soprano
Call Number: HG1656.A3

Mass customization : opportunities, methods, and challenges for manufacturers /
Hans Kull
Call Number: TS183

Modular System Design and Evaluation [electronic resource]
by Mark Sh. Levin
Call Number: T55.4-60.8

Multichannel commerce : a consumer perspective on the integration of physical and electronic channels /
Manuel Trenz
Call Number: HF5415.129

New contributions in information systems and technologies. Volume 1 :
Álvaro Rocha, Ana Maria Correia, San Costanzo, Luís Paulo Reis, editors
Call Number: T58.5

New contributions in information systems and technologies. Volume 2
Álvaro Rocha, Ana Maria Correia, San Costanzo, Luís Paulo Reis, editors
Call Number: T58.5

Operational excellence : journey to creating sustainable value /
by John S. Mitchell
Call Number: TS155

People and products : consumer behavior and product design /
Allan J. Kimmel
Call Number: HF5415.32 .K56 2015

Physical asset management : with an introduction to ISO55000 /
Nicholas Anthony John Hastings
Call Number: TS181

Practical development without code : customizing Salesforce on the platform /
Philip Weinmeister
Call Number: HF5415.5 .W65 2015eb

Private equity 4.0 : reinventing value creation /
Benoit Leleux, Hans van Swaay and Esmeralda Megally
Call Number: HG4751 .L45 2015

Proceedings of the 1986 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference, April 30-May 3, 1986, Anaheim, California, USA
Naresh K. Malhotra, editor ; Jon M. Hawes, co-editor
Call Number: HF5411 .P76 2015eb

Proceedings of the 1990 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference
B.J. Dunlap, editor
Call Number: HF5411

Proceedings of the 1992 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference
Victoria L. Crittenden, editor
Call Number: HF5411

Proceedings of the 1993 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference
Michael Levy and Dhruv Grewal, editors ; Maria Romeu, proceedings coordinator
Call Number: HF5411

Proceedings of the 1994 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference
Elizabeth J. Wilson and William C. Black, editors ; Cindy Capello, proceedings coordinator
Call Number: HF5411

Proceedings of the 1995 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference : Orlando, Florida, May 17-20, 1995 /
Roger Gomes, editor ; Nancy Rochester and Debbie Holbrooks, proceedings coordinators
Call Number: HF5411

Proceedings of the 1996 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference : Phoenix, Arizona, May 29-June 1, 1996 /
Elizabeth J. Wilson and Joseph F. Hair, Jr. editors ; Susuan Sartwell, proceedings coordinator
Call Number: HF5411

Proceedings of the 1997 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference
Elizabeth J. Wilson and Joseph F. Hair, Jr., editors ; Susan Sartwell, proceedings coordinator
Call Number: HF5411

Proceedings of the 1998 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference
John B. Ford, Earl D. Honeycutt, Jr., editors ; Courtney H. Middleton, proceedings coordinator
Call Number: HF5411

Proceedings of the 1999 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference
Charles H. Noble, editor ; Manuel Muchacho, proceedings coordinator
Call Number: HF5411

Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management 2014
Ershi Qi, Jian Shen, Runliang Dou, editors
Call Number: T55.45

Proceedings of the 5th International Asia Conference on Industrial Engineering and Management Innovation (IEMI2014)
Ershi Qi, Qin Su, Jiang Shen, Feng Wu, Runlian Dou, editors
Call Number: T55.45

Proceedings of the 7th World Congress on Engineering Asset Management (WCEAM 2012) [electronic resource]
edited by Woo Bang Lee, Byeongkuen Choi, Lin Ma, Joseph Mathew
Call Number: T55.4-60.8

Profiting from weekly options : how to earn consistent income trading weekly option serials /
Robert J. Seifert
Call Number: HG6024.A3 S437 2015

Progress in automation, robotics and measuring techniques : control and automation /
Roman Szewczyk, Cezary Zieliński, Małgorzata Kaliczyńska, editors
Call Number: T59.5

Progress in automation, robotics and measuring techniques. Volume 2, Robotcs :
Roman Szewczyk, Cezary Zieliński, Małgorzata Kaliczyńska, editors
Call Number: T59.5

Progress in automation, robotics and measuring techniques. Volume 3, Measuring techniques and systems
Roman Szewczyk, Cezary Zieliński, Małgorzata Kaliczyńska, editors
Call Number: T59.5

Reconstructing the World Trade Organization for the 21st Century : An Institutional Approach /
Kent Jones
Call Number: HF1385

Recreating sustainable retirement : resilience, solvency, and tail risk /
edited by Olivia S. Mitchell, Raimond Maurer, and P. Brett Hammond
Call Number: HG179 .R339 2014eb

Rethinking place branding : comprehensive brand development for cities and regions /
Mihalis Kavaratzis, Gary Warnaby, Gregory J. Ashworth, editors
Call Number: HF5415.1255

Service orientation in holonic and multi-agent manufacturing
Theodor Borangiu, André Thomas, Damien Trentesaux, editors
Call Number: TS183

Single markets : economic integration in Europe and the United States /
Michelle P. Egan
Call Number: HF1418.5 .E43 2015

Smart money : how high-stakes financial innovation is reshaping our world-for the better /
Andrew Palmer
Call Number: HG1709 .P35 2015

Social -- local -- mobile : the future of location-based services /
Gerrit Heinemann, Christian Gaiser
Call Number: HF5548.32

Social informatics : SocInfo 2014 International Workshops, Barcelona, Spain, November 11, 2014, Revised selected papers /
Luca Maria Aiello, Daniel McFarland (eds.)
Call Number: T58.5

Social media for scientific institutions : how to attract young academics by using social media as a marketing tool /
Daniel Hurrle, Julia Postatny
Call Number: HF5415.1265

Socially responsible investment : a multi-criteria decision making approach /
Enrique Ballestero, Blanca Pérez-Gladish, Ana Garcia-Bernabeu, editors
Call Number: HG4515.13

Sovereign debt : genesis, estructuring, litigation /
Mauro Megliani
Call Number: HJ8015

Statistics of financial markets : an introduction /
Jürgen Franke, Wolfgang Karl Härdle, Christian Matthias Hafner
Call Number: HG176.5

Staying the consumption course : exploring the individual lock-in process in service relationships /
Benjamin Krischan Schulte
Call Number: HF5415.32

Symbols of power : ten coins that changed the world /
editor, Thomas Hockenhull ; authors, Robert Bracey, Barrie Cook, Amelia Dowler, Paramdip Khera, Helen Wang
Call Number: HG231 .S96 2015

The basics of financial modeling
Jack Avon
Call Number: HG106

The budget of the United States Government. Appendix
Call Number: HJ2051 .A59 Append.

The causal relationship between the S&P 500 and the VIX Index : critical analysis of financial market volatility and its predictability /
Florian Auinger
Call Number: HG4551

The community manager's playbook : how to build brand awareness and customer engagement
Lauren Perkins
Call Number: HF5415.5

The economic function of a stock exchange
Robert A. Schwartz, John Aidan Byrne, Lauren Wheatley, editors
Call Number: HG4551 .E26 2015

The future of technology education
P. John Williams, Alister Jones, Cathy Buntting, editors
Call Number: T56.4

The influence of information order effects and trait professional skepticism on auditors' belief revisions : a theoretical and empirical analysis /
Kristina Yankova ; foreword by Prof. Dr. Annette Köhler
Call Number: HF5667

The Institutional Development of Business Schools
edited by Andrew M. Pettigrew, Eric Cornuel and Ulrich Hommel
Call Number: HF1111 .I57 2014eb

The neuroscientific basis of successful design : how emotions and perceptions matter /
Marco Maiocchi, Margherita Pillan
Call Number: TS171.4

The ownership of the firm, corporate finance, and derivatives : some critical thinking /
Kuo-Ping Chang
Call Number: HG4026

The perception of quality : mapping product and service quality to consumer perceptions /
George N. Kenyon, Kabir C. Sen
Call Number: HF5415.157

The political economy of fiscal consolidation in Japan / Toshihiro Ihori, Kimiko Terai, editors
Call Number: HJ192.5

The power to dismiss : trade unions and the regulation of job security in Western Europe /
Patrick Emmenegger
Call Number: HF5549.5.D55

The property tax in China : history, pilots, and prospects /
Yilin Hou, Qiang Ren, Ping Zhang
Call Number: HJ4406 .H68 2015

The spiritual dimension of business ethics and sustainability management
László Zsolnai, editor
Call Number: HF5387

The strategy of global branding and brand equity
Alvin Lee, Jinchao Yang, Richard Mizerski and Claire Lambert
Call Number: HF5415.1255 .L44 2015

The value of debt in retirement : why everything you have been told is wrong /
Thomas J. Anderson
Call Number: HG179

Through-life engineering services : motivation, theory, and practice /
Louis Redding, Rajkumar Roy, editors
Call Number: HF5415.155

Towards a better global economy : policy implications for citizens worldwide in the twenty-first century /
Franklin Allen, Jere R. Behrman, Nancy Birdsall, Shahrokh Fardoust, Dani Rodrik, Andrew Steer, and Arvind Subramanian
Call Number: HF1359 .A5455 2014

Trust-based selling : finding and keeping customers for life /
David A. Monty
Call Number: HF5438.4

Uncertain multi-attribute decision making : methods and applications /
Zeshui Xu
Call Number: T57.95

Urban Mining Systems [electronic resource]
Takashi Nakamura, Kohmei Halada
Call Number: T55.4-60.8

Using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 : updated for Version R3 /
Andreas Luszczak
Call Number: HF5548.2

Value chain marketing : a marketing strategy to overcome immediate customer innovation resistance /
Stephanie Hintze
Call Number: HF5415.153

Vertical brand portfolio management : strategies for integrated brand management between manufacturers and retailers /
Diederich Bakker ; with a preface by Prof. Dr. Thorsten Raabe
Call Number: HF5415.15

Wiley GAAP for Governments 2015 : Interpretation and Application of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles for State and Local Governments [electronic resource]
Call Number: HJ9733

Wiley practitioner's guide to GAAS 2015 : covering all SASs, SSAEs, SSARSs, PCAOB auditing standards, and interpretations /
Joanne M. Flood
Call Number: HF5616.U5

Winning the institutional investing race : a guide for directors and executives /
Michael Bunn, Zack Campbell
Call Number: HG4521

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