Items Acquired in November 2014 for the University Libraries

100 Jahre Produktionstechnik : Werkzeugmaschinenlabor WZL der RWTH Aachen von 1906 bis 2006 [electronic resource]
Walter Eversheim, Tilo Pfeifer, Manfred Weck (Hrsg.)
Call Number: TS176 .A13 2006eb

A social history of Soviet trade : trade policy, retail practices, and consumption, 1917-1953 [electronic resource]
Julie Hessler
Call Number: HF5429.6.S63 H47 2004eb

Alien merchants in England, 1350 to 1377 : their legal and economic position [electronic resource]
[by] Alice Beardwood
Call Number: HF3505.1 .B4

American political and economic penetration of Mexico, 1877-1920 [electronic resource]
Jules Davids
Call Number: HF1456.5.M6 D38 1976

Bad paper : chasing debt from Wall Street to the underworld /
Jake Halpern
Call Number: HG179 .H247 2014

Banking in Oklahoma, 1907-2000
Michael J. Hightower ; foreword by Frank Keating
Call Number: HG2611.O5 H538 2014

Berkshire beyond Buffett : the enduring value of values /
Lawrence A. Cunningham
Call Number: HG4930 .C86 2014

Building transnational networks : civil society and the politics of trade in the Americas [electronic resource]
Marisa von Bülow
Call Number: HF1745 .V65 2010eb

Capital failure : rebuilding trust in financial services /
edited by Nicholas Morris and David Vines
Call Number: HG173 .C275 2014

Chinese medicine men : consumer culture in China and Southeast Asia [electronic resource]
Sherman Cochran
Call Number: HF5415.33.C6

Coin's financial school [electronic resource]
by William H. Harvey ; edited by Richard Hofstadter
Call Number: HG529 .H33 1963eb

Connecting histories in Afghanistan : market relations and state formation on a colonial frontier [electronic resource]
Shah Mahmoud Hanifi
Call Number: HF3770.6 .H36 2011eb

Constructive ergonomics
edited by Pierre Falzon
Call Number: T59.7 .C6645 2015

Creating a world economy : merchant capital, colonialism, and world trade, 1400-1825 [electronic resource]
Alan K. Smith
Call Number: HF479 .S65 1991eb

D&B principal international businesses
Call Number: HF54.U5 P74

Digital marketing guidebook : integrating strategy and tactics with values /
Ira Kaufman & Chris Horton
Call Number: HF5415.1265 .K386 2015

Early colonial trade and navigation between Mexico and Peru [electronic resource]
by Woodrow Borah
Call Number: HF3238.P5 B67 1954eb

Entering China's service : Robert Hart's journals, 1854-1863 [electronic resource]
edited and with narratives by Katherine F. Bruner, John K. Fairbank, Richard J. Smith
Call Number: HJ7071.A3 H36 1986eb

Enterprise and liability in Sienese banking, 1230-1350 [electronic resource]
Edward D. English
Call Number: HG3090.S52 E54 1988eb

Fiscal accounts of Catalonia under the early count-kings (1151-1213) [electronic resource]
edited with an introduction by Thomas N. Bisson
Call Number: HJ1249.C3 F55 1984

From the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean : the global trade networks of Armenian merchants from New Julfa /
Sebouh David Aslanian
Call Number: HF3770.2.Z9 J853 2011eb

Fusion economics : how pragmatism is changing the world /
Laurence J. Brahm
Call Number: HF5415.13 .B6753 2014

Genoese shipping in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries [electronic resource]
[by] Eugene H. Byrne
Call Number: HF414 .B83

History of Marshall Field & Co., 1852-1906 [electronic resource]
by Robert W. Twyman
Call Number: HF5465.U6 M387 1954

How I built an empire and gave it away
by Joseph J. Zilber with Kurt Chandler
Call Number: HG172.Z55 Z55 2013

How to build a nontraditional career path : embracing economic disruption /
Ron Elsdon
Call Number: HF5384 .E47 2014

Industry norms and key business ratios, one year
Call Number: HF5681.R25 I525

Islamic finance alternatives for emerging economies : empirical evidence from Turkey /
edited by Murat Ustaoğlu (Assistant Professor of Economics, Istanbul University, Turkey) and Ahmet İncekara (Professor of Economics, Istanbul University, Turkey)
Call Number: HG187.T9 I75 2014

Manufacturing ideology : scientific management in twentieth-century Japan [electronic resource]
William M. Tsutsui
Call Number: T55.77.J3 T78 1998eb

Maritime traders in the ancient Greek world [electronic resource]
C.M. Reed
Call Number: HF375 .R45 2003eb

Meccan trade and the rise of Islam [electronic resource]
Patricia Crone
Call Number: HF3763.Z9 M43 C7 1987eb

Medieval trade in the Mediterranean world : illustrative documents [electronic resource]
translated with introductions and notes by Robert S. Lopez and Irving W. Raymond
Call Number: HF395 .L63 1967"@"HF395

Mobile banking : evolution or revolution? /
Bernardo Nicoletti
Call Number: HG1616.M54 N53 2014

Money, banking and credit in mediaeval Bruges : Italian merchant-bankers Lombards and money changers, a study in the origins of banking [electronic resource]
by Raymond de Roover
Call Number: HG3110.B7 D4 1948eb

Money, prices, and civilization in the Mediterranean world [electronic resource]
by Carlo M. Cipolla
Call Number: HG243 .C5 1967

Ottoman seapower and Levantine diplomacy in the age of discovery [electronic resource]
Palmira Brummett
Call Number: HF3756.5.Z7 M6283 1994eb

Parliamentary taxes on personal property, 1290 to 1334 : a study in mediæval English financial administration [electronic resource]
James Field Willard, Professor of History, University of Colorado
Call Number: HJ2605 .W5 1970

Payday lending : global growth of the high-cost credit market /
Carl Packman, Independent Researcher, London, UK
Call Number: HG3755 .P23 2014

Precious metals in the later medieval and early modern worlds [electronic resource]
edited by J.F. Richards
Call Number: HG265 .P73 1983"@"HG265

Public real estate markets and investments
edited by H. Kent Baker and Peter Chinloy
Call Number: HG5095 .P83 2014

Radio active : advertising and consumer activism, 1935-1947 [electronic resource]
Kathy M. Newman
Call Number: HF6146.R3 N48 2004eb

Rapid prototyping of software for avionics systems : model-oriented approaches for complex systems certification /
Nicolas Larrieu, Antoine Varet
Call Number: TS155.6

Republic of debtors : bankruptcy in the age of American independence [electronic resource]
Bruce H. Mann
Call Number: HG3766 .M29 2002eb

Rival empires of trade in the Orient, 1600-1800 [electronic resource]
by Holden Furber
Call Number: HF481 .F96 1976eb

Robert Hart and China's early modernization : his journals, 1863-1866 [electronic resource]
edited and with narratives by Richard J. Smith, John K. Fairbank, Katherine F. Bruner
Call Number: HJ7071.A3 H373 1991eb

Shopping for pleasure : women in the making of London's West End [electronic resource]
Erika Diane Rappaport
Call Number: HF5415.33.E542 L667 2001"@"HF5415.33.E542

Silver, trade, and war : Spain and America in the making of early modern Europe [electronic resource]
Stanley J. Stein & Barbara H. Stein
Call Number: HF3685 .S74 2000eb

States of obligation : taxes and citizenship in the Russian Empire and early Soviet Republic /
Yanni Kotsonis
Call Number: HJ2801 .K68 2014

Supply chain performance and evaluation models [electronic resource]
Dominique Estampe
Call Number: HF5415.13

The Asian trade revolution of the seventeenth century : the East India companies and the decline of the caravan trade [electronic resource]
Call Number: HF495 .S82 1974eb

The Bon Marché : bourgeois culture and the department store, 1869-1920 [electronic resource]
Michael B. Miller
Call Number: HF5465.F835 A95 M5 1981eb

The East in the West [electronic resource]
Jack Goody
Call Number: HF5605 .G656 1996eb

The global world of Indian merchants, 1750-1947 : traders of Sind from Bukhara to Panama [electronic resource]
Claude Markovits
Call Number: HF3790.5.Z9 S555 2000eb

The I. G. in Peking : letters of Robert Hart, Chinese Maritime Customs, 1868-1907 [electronic resource]
edited by John King Fairbank, Katherine Frost Bruner, Elizabeth MacLeod Matheson ; with an introduction by L. K. Little
Call Number: HJ7271.A3 H37 1975eb

The impact investor : lessons in leadership and strategy for collaborative capitalism /
Cathy Clark, Jed Emerson, Ben Thornley
Call Number: HG4515.13 .C56 2015

The mathematics of financial models : solving real-world problems with quantitative methods /
Kannoo Ravindran
Call Number: HG106 .R38 2014

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