Diversity Vision Statement

The University Libraries are committed to promoting an educational, cultural, and work environment that is responsive to Wright State University's increasingly multicultural community. Accordingly, the Libraries will foster and encourage sensitivity to diversity among its patrons and staff and will continuously work to further the intellectual diversity of its collections and services.

The Libraries' Professional Development Team seeks to fulfill this mission by sponsoring programs, extending educational opportunities, and encouraging staff to be aware of multiculturalism and diversity issues.


Part of the Professional Development Team's mission is to foster and encourage sensitivity to diversity among its patrons and staff. To fulfill this goal, the team has sponsored a variety of events and programs including book and movie discussions and diversity training.


The following organizations and resources seek to promote diversity on the Wright State University campus and beyond. The University Libraries has created a guide to promote resources on multiculturalism and diversity. In addition, our librarians actively seek to include materials related to diversity in our library collection; these can be viewed in our library catalog.

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