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Items Acquired in June 2016 for the University Libraries


B105.A35 C46 2016

Action reconceptualized : human agency and its sources

David K. Chan


Francis bacon on motion and power [electronic resource]

B1155 .N49 2017

New Atlantis ; and, the great instauration

edited by Jerry Weinberger

B126 .P84 2016

The path : what Chinese philosophers can teach us about the good life

Michael Puett and Christine Gross-Loh

B126 .W362513 2016

Order in early Chinese excavated texts : natural, supernatural, and legal approaches

Zhongjiang Wang ; translated by Misha Tadd

B1298.C66 W45 2016eb

Consciousness in Locke

Shelley Weinberg


Chaturvedi Badrinath : unity of life and other essays

Tulsi Badrinath

B131 .P47 2016

An introduction to Indian philosophy

Roy W. Perrett

B1674.W354 O35 2016

Tragic beauty in Whitehead and Japanese aesthetics

Steve Odin


French philosophy, 1572-1675 [electronic resource]

B1875 .N3613 2016

Ego sum : corpus, anima, fabula

Jean-Luc Nancy ; translated and with an introduction by Marie-Eve Morin

B2430.L1464 R63 2015eb

Lacanian antiphilosophy and the problem of anxiety : an uncanny little object

Brian Robertson

B2430.L484 M674 2016

Lévinas's ethical politics

Michael L. Morgan


Givenness and revelation

by Jean-Luc Marion ; translated by Stephen E. Lewis

B2430.S32 E55 2016

What is subjectivity?

by Jean-Paul Sartre ; translated by David Broder and Trista Selous ; introduction by Michel Kail and Raoul Kirchmayr ; afterword by Fredric Jameson

B2948 .H54 2016

Transcending subjects : Augustine, Hegel, and theology

Geoffrey Holsclaw

B3209.B584 B74 2016

Postsecular Benjamin : agency and tradition

Brian Britt

B3209.B584 W339 2016

Walter Benjamin and theology

Colby Dickinson and Stéphane Symons, editors

B3279.H48 S36213 2016

Ponderings II-VI : Black notebooks 1931-1938

Martin Heidegger ; translated by Richard Rojcewicz

B3279.H49 A795 2016

Heidegger's Pauline and Lutheran roots

Duane Armitage


The Nietzschean self : moral psychology, agency, and the unconscious

Paul Katsafanas

B379 .R66 2016

Without the least tremor : the sacrifice of Socrates in Plato's Phaedo

M. Ross Romero, S.J

B387 .C3413 2016

On Plato's Timaeus

Calcidius ; edited and translated by John Magee

B395 .M33 2016


Constance Meinwald

B398.T78 H47 2016

Plato on the metaphysical foundation of meaning and truth

Blake E. Hestir

B4377 .S424 2015eb

Kierkegaard and the refusal of transcendence

Steven Shakespeare

B4870.Z594 H66 2016

Slavoj Žižek and radical politics

Sean Homer

B577.G24 G25 2013

Galen : psychological writings

edited by P.N. Singer ; translated with introductions and notes by Vivian Nutton, Daniel Davies and P.N. Singer ; with the collaboration of Piero Tassinari

B67 .T754 2015

Beyond matter : why science needs metaphysics

Roger Trigg

B77 .L3713 2016

Theory of identities

François Laruelle ; translated by Alyosha Edlebi

B802 .B76 2016

The Irish enlightenment

Michael Brown

B802 .T467 2016

Thinking about the Enlightenment : modernity and its ramifications

edited by Martin L. Davies


Aesthetics as philosophy of perception

Bence Nanay

B828.45 .M366 2016

The minor gesture

Erin Manning

B828.45 .S665 2016


Matthew Soteriou

B829.5 .S534 2016

Experiencing phenomenology : an introduction

Joel Smith

B833 .H455 2016

Rationality, representation, and race

Deborah Heikes


Essays in moral skepticism

Richard Joyce

B837 .D88 2016

Augustine and academic skepticism : a philosophical study

Blake D. Dutton

B945.P44 M38 2016

Ethical habits : a Peircean perspective

Aaron Massecar


The aesthetics of argument

Martin Warner


Smart Thinking : How to Think Conceptually, Design Solutions and Make Decisions


The facts in logical space : a tractarian ontology [electronic resource]

Jason Turner


Performance epistemology : foundations and applications [electronic resource]

Edited by Miguel Ángel Fernández Vargas


Between probability and certainty : what justifies belief [electronic resource]

Martin Smith


The epistemic life of groups : essays in the epistemology of collectives

edited by Michael S. Brady and Miranda Fricker

BD181.7 .C77713 2016

On the difficulty of living together : memory, politics, and history

Manuel Cruz ; translated by Richard Jacques

BD21 .S57 2016

The philosopher : a history in six types

Justin E.H. Smith

BD221 .C283 2016

Metaepistemology and relativism

J. Adam Carter

BD225 .H67 2016

Cognitive pluralism

Horst, Steven

BD236 .I94 2016

Identity : the necessity of a modern idea

Gerald Izenberg


Intellectual assurance : essays on traditional epistemic internalism

edited by Brett Coppenger and Michael Bergmann

BD331 .R288 2016

Reality making

edited by Mark Jago

BD411 .H84 2016

Approaching infinity

Michael Huemer

BD444 .A67313

The hour of our death

Philippe Ariès ; translated from the French by Helen Weaver

BD444 .B77 2016

Meaning and mortality in Kierkegaard and Heidegger : origins of the existential philosophy of death

Adam Buben

BD450 .C867 2016

A history of anthropology as a holistic science

by Glynn Custred

BD450 .F767 2016

Biocultural creatures : toward a new theory of the human

Samantha Frost

BD450 .K366 2016

Human predicaments and what to do about them

John Kekes


Causation and free will [electronic resource]

Carolina Sartorio

BD638 .H2765 2015

Time : a philosophical introduction

James Harrington


Structure and the metaphysics of mind : how hylomorphism solves the mind-body problem

William Jaworski

BF1078 .B779 2016eb

Big dreams : the science of dreaming and the origins of religion

Kelly Bulkeley

BF109.L28 C45 2016

The not-two : logic and God in Lacan

Lorenzo Chiesa

BF121 .H788 2016

Rethinking psychology : good science, bad science, pseudoscience

Brian M. Hughes


Witchcraft, witch-hunting, and politics in early modern England

Peter Elmer

BF1581 .H46 2016

Witchcraft and folk belief in the age of enlightenment : Scotland 1670-1740

Lizanne Henderson (University of Glasgow, UK)


Narrative psychology : identity, transformation and ethics

Julia Vassilieva


Human action control : from intentions to movements

Bernhard Hommel, Stephen B.R.E. Brown, Dieter Nattkemper

BF204.6 .I98 2016

Second wave positive psychology : embracing the dark side of life

Itai Ivtzan, Tim Lomas, Kate Hefferon, and Piers Worth

BF204.6 .M564 2016

Mindfulness in positive psychology : the science of meditation and wellbeing

edited by Itai Ivtzan andTim Lomas

BF241 .H436 2016

Visual intelligence : sharpen your perception, change your life

Amy E. Herman

BF318 .C656 2016

Neuroscience for learning and development : how to apply neuroscience and psychology for improved learning and training

Stella Collins

BF318 .F75 2016

Learning : a behavioral, cognitive, and evolutionary synthesis

Jerome Frieman, Steve Reilly

BF323.E8 I67 2016

Interpersonal and intrapersonal expectancies

edited by Sławomir Trusz and Przemysław Bąbel

BF323.L5 G65 2016

The silenced child : from labels, medications, and quick-fix solutions to listening, growth, and lifelong resilience

Claudia M. Gold

BF323.L5 G75 2016

Creative listening and the psychoanalytic process : sensibility, engagement and envisioning

Fred L. Griffin

BF327 .V64 2016

Attitudes and attitude change

Tobias Vogel and Michaela Wänke

BF371 .H777 2016

Thinking about human memory

Michael S. Humphreys, Kerry A. Chalmers

BF378.S65 C667 2016

Contextualizing human memory : an interdisciplinary approach to understanding how individuals and groups remember the past

edited by Charles B. Stone and Lucas M. Bietti

BF38 .G2725 2016

Unity and fragmentation in psychology : the philosophical and methodological roots of the discipline

Nicolò Gaj

BF38 .L6 2016

Philosophical and empirical approaches to psychology : mentalism vs. antimentalism

Giuseppe Lo Dico

BF39 .C4885 2016

Algorithms to live by : The computer science of human decisions

Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths


Knowledge through imagination

edited by Amy Kind & Peter Kung

BF412 .R87 2016

The prodigy's cousin : the family link between autism and extraordinary talent

by Joanne Ruthsatz and Kimberly Stephens

BF441 .L33 2016

Critical thinking, science, and pseudoscience : why we can't trust our brains

Caleb W. Lack, PhD, Jacques Rousseau, MA

BF442 .C64 2016

Cognitive unconscious and human rationality

edited by Laura Macchi, Maria Bagassi, and Riccardo Viale


Evolving insight [electronic resource]

Richard W Byrne

BF467 .M4885 2016

A psychohistory of metaphors : envisioning time, space, and self throughout the centuries

Brian J. McVeigh

BF482 .S33 2016

Exhaustion : a history

Anna Katharina Schaffner

BF511 .G45 2016

Emotions and the body

Beatrice de Gelder


Do emotions shape the world?

Dirk Evers, Michael Fuller, Anne Runehov, Knut-Willy Sæther, editors

BF575.A86 A794 2016

Attachment in intellectual and developmental disability : a clinician's guide to practice and research

edited by Helen K. Fletcher, Andrea Flood and Dougal Julian Hare

BF575.A86 M55 2016

Attachment in adulthood : structure, dynamics, and change

Mario Mikulincer, Phillip R. Shaver

BF575.F66 S77 2016

Your friend forever, A. Lincoln : the enduring friendship of Abraham Lincoln and Joshua Speed

Charles B. Strozier with Wayne Soini


Passed and present : keeping memories of loved ones alive

Allison Gilbert ; art by Jennifer Orkin Lewis ; foreword by Hope Edelman

BF575.G7 W3434 2016

Grief and loss across the lifespan : a biopsychosocial perspective

Judith L.M. McCoyd, Carolyn Ambler Walter

BF575.L3 S44 2016

Why don't psychotherapists laugh? : enjoyment and the consulting room

Ann Shearer

BF575.P9 K48 2016

Racist states of mind : understanding the perversion of curiosity and concern

Narendra Keval


The confidence code : the science and art of self-assurance : what women should know

Katty Kay and Claire Shipman

BF575.S45 A64 2016

American shame : stigma and the body politic

edited by Myra Mendible

BF575.S45 S526 2016

Shame : developmental, cultural, and clinical realms

edited by Salman Akhtar

BF611 .V36 2016

You may also like : taste in an age of endless choice

Tom Vanderbilt


Poststructural and narrative thinking in family therapy [electronic resource]

BF636.6 .C67 2014

Counseling strategies and interventions for professional helpers

Sherry Cormier, West Virginia University

BF636.6 .S54 2017

Counseling research : quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods

Carl J. Sheperis, Lamar University, J. Scott Young, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, M. Harry Daniels, University of Florida

BF636.65 .O55 2016

Online counselor education : a guide for students

edited by Carl J. Sheperis, Lamar University, R.J. Davis, Lamar University

BF636.7.C76 D43 2015

Decolonizing multicultural counseling through social justice

BF636.7.C76 D83 2016

Becoming a multiculturally competent counselor

Changming Duan, University of Kansas, Chris Brown, University of Missouri-Kansas City

BF636.7.H86 R68 2016

The reality game : a guide to humanistic counselling and psychotherapy

John Rowan

BF637.B85 D47 2016

Bully nation : how the American establishment creates a bullying society

Charles Derber and Yale R. Magrass

BF637.C45 A685 2016

Applied cyberpsychology : practical applications of cyberpsychological theory and research

edited by Alison Attrill and Chris Fullwood

BF637.C56 L69 2016

An introduction to consulting psychology : working with individuals, groups, and organizations

Rodney L. Lowman

BF637.C6 B283 2016

Multicultural counseling and psychotherapy : a lifespan approach

Leroy G. Baruth, M. Lee Manning


You can't lie to me : the revolutionary program to supercharge your inner lie detector and get to the truth

Janine Driver with Mariska Van Aalst


How to win any argument : without raising your voice, losing your cool, or coming to blows

by Robert Mayer

BF637.I48 L43 2016eb

Leading through conflict : into the fray

edited by Dejun Tony Kong and Donelson R. Forsyth

BF637.I48 R36 2016

The psychology of conflict : mediating in a diverse world

Paul Randolph


The leader's guide to emotional agility : how to use soft skills to get hard results

Kerrie Fleming

BF637.M4 P974 2016

The psychology of meditation : research and practice

edited by Michael A. West


Body language

Julius Fast

BF637.P36 B53 2016

The art of coaching : a handbook of tips and tools

Jenny Bird and Sarah Gornall

BF637.P36 T464 2016

Group and team coaching : the secret life of groups

Christine Thornton


How the world sees you : discover your highest value through the science of fascination

Sally Hogshead

BF637.S8 P585 2015

Power of being yourself : a game plan for success by putting passion into your life and work [electronic resource]

Joe Plumeri

BF692.2 .N68 2016

Nothing to fix : medicalisation of sexual orientation and gender identity

edited by Arvind Narrain and Vinay Chandran

BF697 .C673 2015

Identity formation, youth, and development : a simplified approach

James E. Côté and Charles G. Levine


From personality to virtue : essays on the philosophy of character [electronic resource]

edited by Alberto Masala and Jonathan Webber

BF698 .P3587 2015

Personality and well-being across the life-span [electronic resource]

edited by Marek Blatný

BF698.3 .D37 2016

The dark side of personality : science and practice in social, personality, and clinical psychology

edited by Virgil Zeigler-Hill and David K. Marcus

BF698.95 .S73 2016

Evolutionary psychology : how our biology affects what we think and do

Valerie G. Starratt

BF713 .C455 2016

The culture of child care : attachment, peers, and quality in diverse communities

[edited by] Kay E. Sanders and Alison Wishard Guerra

BF713 .K56 2016

Development from adolescence to early adulthood : a dynamic systemic approach to transitions and transformations

Marion Kloep, Leo B. Hendry, Rachel Taylor and Ian Stuart-Hamilton


Evolutionary Perspectives on Child Development and Education

BF721 .D59 2015

Twenty studies that revolutionized child psychology

Wallace E. Dixon, Jr., East Tennessee State University

BF721 .W67 2016

Childhood and adolescence : cross-cultural perspectives and applications

Uwe P. Gielen and Jaipaul L. Roopnarine, editors

BF723.A75 S36 2016

Social and emotional development : attachment relationships and the emerging self

Karen S. Rosen

BF723.P25 M55 2016

Parenting and theory of mind

Scott A. Miller

BF723.R46 J674 2016

Resilience in childhood : perspectives, promise & practice

Erica Joslyn

BF723.S63 C46 2015

Children's spatialities : embodiment, emotion and agency [electronic resource]

Abigail Hackett, Lisa Procter, Julie Seymour

BF76.5 .A67 2016

Analysing qualitative data in psychology

[edited by] Evanthia Lyons and Adrian Coyle

BF76.5 .G384 2016

How to do research : 15 labs for the social & behavioral sciences

Jane F. Gaultney, University of North Caroline, Charlotte, Hannah D. Peach, University of North Caroline, Charlotte

BF76.5 .H664 2016

The psychology research companion : from student project to working life

Jessica S. Horst

BH108 .M37 2016

Ancient aesthetics

Andrew S. Mason

BH221.I52 R43 2016

A rasa reader : classical Indian aesthetics

translated and edited by Sheldon Pollock

BH301.B53 T39 2016

Black is beautiful : a philosophy of black aesthetics

Paul C. Taylor

BJ1012 .B5353 2016

The mystery of moral authority

Russell Blackford


Reframing Catholic theological ethics [electronic resource]

Joseph A. Selling


How to be good : the possibility of moral enhancement

John Harris

BJ1401 .K56 2016

A framework for the good

Kevin Kinghorn

BJ1451 .M445 2016

Complicity and moral accountability

Gregory Mellema

BJ1458.3 .W44 2016

Weighing reasons

edited by Errol Lord and Barry Maguire


Selfless love and human flourishing in Paul Tillich and Iris Murdoch

Julia T. Meszaros

BJ1481.3 .P45 2016

Unforbidden pleasures

Adam Phillips

BJ1533.F2 A78 2016

Rightness as fairness : a moral and political theory

Marcus Arvan

BJ1533.F8 N44 2016

On friendship

Alexander Nehamas


The laws of lifetime growth : always make your future bigger than your past

Dan Sullivan, Catherine Nomura

BJ324.N3 W47 2016

How Hume and Kant reconstruct natural law : justifying strict objectivity without debating moral realism

Kenneth R. Westphal

BJ47 .B338 2016

God and cosmos : moral truth and human meaning

David Baggett and Jerry L. Walls

BL100 .O43 2016

The supernatural in Tudor and Stuart England

Darren Oldridge


Swaminarayan Hinduism : tradition, adaptation and identity [electronic resource]

edited by Raymond Brady Williams, Yogi Trivedi


Early Modern Women and the Problem of Evil


The religious roots of the Syrian conflict : the remaking of the Fertile Crescent

Mark Tomass


The penultimate curiosity : how science swims in the slipstream of ultimate questions

Roger Wagner, artist and writer and Andrew Briggs, professor of nanomaterials, University of Oxford, UK

BL2400 .C66 2015

Contemporary perspectives on religions in Africa and the African diaspora

edited by Ibigbolade S. Aderibigbe and Carolyn M. Jones Medine

BL2490 .V6325 2016

Vodou in the Haitian experience : a Black Atlantic perspective

edited by Celucien L. Joseph and Nixon S. Cleophat

BL2525 .W473 2016

Black lives and sacred humanity : toward an African American religious naturalism

Carol Wayne White

BL2747.8 .Z827 2016

The nonreligious : understanding secular people and societies

Phil Zuckerman, Luke W. Galen, Frank L. Pasquale

BL439 .C36 2016

Learning love from a tiger : religious experiences with nature

Daniel Capper

BL458 .F4538 2016

Feminism and religion : how faiths view women and their rights

Michele A. Paludi and J. Harold Ellens, editors


Alternative Concepts of God [electronic resource]

Andrei A. Buckareff and Yujin Nagasawa


Oxford studies in philosophy of religion. Volume 7

Jonathan Kvanvig

BL53 .N525 2016

The spirit of contradiction in Christianity and Buddhism

Hugh Nicholson

BL60.W43 A33 2015eb

Fundamental concepts in Max Weber's Sociology of religion

Christopher Adair-Toteff

BL600 .M363 2016

Ritual gone wrong : what we learn from ritual disruption

Kathryn T. McClymond


Religion and culture in dialogue : East and West perspectives

Jānis Tālivaldis Ozoliņš

BL65.D7 O765 2016

Altered states : Buddhism and psychedelic spirituality in America

Douglas Osto

BL65.N35 M58 2016

Spirituality and the state : managing nature and experience in America's National Parks

Kerry Mitchell

BL65.V55 J88 2016

Sacred violence in early America

Susan Juster

BL65.W2 H38 2016

Religion on the battlefield

Ron E. Hassner


Islam, religions, and pluralism in Europe

Ednan Aslan, Ranja Ebrahim, Marcia Hermansen (Eds.)

BL71.5 .D74 2016

Choosing our religion : the spiritual lives of America's Nones

Elizabeth Drescher

BL783 .L38 2016

Understanding Greek religion : a cognitive approach

Jennifer Larson

BL783 .M375 2016

Classical mythology : the basics

Richard Martin

BL783 .S78 2016

Greek mythology : a traveler's guide from Mount Olympus to Troy

David Stuttard ; drawings by Lis Watkins


Hellenistic sanctuaries : between Greece and Rome

edited by Milena Melfi & Olympia Bobou

BL803 .M33 2016

Legible religion : books, gods, and rituals in Roman culture

Duncan MacRae

BL875.F5 T65 2016

Faith and magic in early modern Finland

Raisa Maria Toivo (University of Tampere, Finland)

BM1 .J49

Jewish studies source

BM198.56.N38 I53 2016

Jewish radical ultra-orthodoxy confronts modernity, Zionism and women's equality

Motti Inbari (University of North Carolina, Pembroke) ; translated by Shaul Vardi

BM501.15 .S55 2016

Six memos from the last millennium : a novelist reads the Talmud

by Joseph Skibell

BM526 .S35 1987


Gershom Scholem

BM635.4 .H35 2016

After one-hundred-and-twenty : reflecting on death, mourning, and the afterlife in the Jewish tradition

Hillel Halkin

BM755.H37 M37 2016

Abraham Joshua Heschel and the sources of wonder

Michael Marmur

BP131.8 .S38 2016

Qur'ān and the lyric imperative

Richard Serrano

BP171.5 .A5613 2015

New thinking in Islam : the jihad for democracy, freedom and women's rights

Katajun Amirpur ; translated from the German by Eric Ormsby

BP172 .F66 2015

Muslim-Christian relations in late Ottoman Palestine : where nationalism and religion intersect

Erik Freas

BP173.25 .S34 2016

The sociology of Islam : knowledge, power and civility

Armando Salvatore

BP173.7 .H3554 2016

Islamic exceptionalism : how the struggle over Islam is reshaping the world

Shadi Hamid

BP189.43 .P54 2016

Twelve infallible men : the imams and the making of Shi'ism

Matthew Pierce

BP190.5.D54 A34 2016

The Taliban's virtual emirate : the culture and psychology of an online militant community

Neil Krishan Aggarwal

BP190.5.D56 I84 2016

Islam and international relations : contributions to theory and practice

edited by Deina Abdelkader, Nassef Manabilang Adiong and Raffaele Mauriello

BP190.5.F7 T84 2016

The fall of the Turkish model : how the Arab uprisings brought down Islamic Liberalism

by Cihan Tuğal


Saudi clerics and Shi'a Islam

Raihan Ismail

BP65.G7 B696 2016

On British Islam : religion, law, and everyday practice in shari'a councils

John R. Bowen

BP68.A1 C66 2016

Forbidden passages : Muslims and Moriscos in colonial Spanish America

Karoline P. Cook


Lives of early Buddhist nuns : biographies as history [electronic resource]

Alice Collett ; with a foreword by Jonathan S. Walters and an afterword by Martin Seeger

BQ6345.P82 B56 2016

Island of Guanyin : Mount Putuo and its gazetteers [electronic resource]

Marcus Bingenheimer

BQ8916 .T36 2016

Tantric traditions in transmission and translation

edited by David B. Gray, Ryan Richard Overbey

BQ9118.5 .Z57 2016

Emptiness and omnipresence : an essential introduction to Tiantai Buddhism

Brook A. Ziporyn

BQ9266 .S93 2015

Selected works of D.T. Suzuki

volume editor and general editor, Richard M. Jaffe

BR115.E3 L39 2016

The origins of neoliberalism : modeling the economy from Jesus to Foucault

Dotan Leshem

BR115.H6 T39 2016

Making space for queer-identifying religious youth

Yvette Taylor, University of Strathclyde, UK

BR118 .G6575 2016

Grace and friendship : theological essays in honor of Fred Lawrence, from his grateful students

edited by M. Shawn Copeland & Jeremy D. Wilkins ; with a foreword tribute to Fred and Sue by Frederick E. Crowe, S.J.

BR1608.M6 L65 2016

Miguel Pro : martyrdom, politics, and society in twentieth-century Mexico

Marisol López-Menéndez

BR1642.S64 E43 2016

The sacred mirror : evangelicalism, honor, and identity in the Deep South, 1790-1860

Robert Elder

BR1642.U6 F88 2016

The future of Evangelicalism in America

edited by Candy Gunther Brown and Mark Silk


Memory in Ancient Rome and Early Christianity [electronic resource]

[edited by] Karl Galinsky


Maximus the Confessor : Jesus Christ and the transfiguration of the world

Paul M. Blowers

BR305.3 .E37 2016

Reformations : the early modern world, 1450-1650

Carlos M.N. Eire

BR325 .M287 2016

Martin Luther : the life and lessons

Larry D. Mansch and Curtis H. Peters

BR517 .Z47 2016

Intersectionality in intentional communities : the struggle for inclusivity in multicultural U.S. Protestant congregations

by Assata Zerai

BR563.N4 B5686 2016

The Black Church studies reader

edited by Alton B. Pollard III and Carol B. Duncan


Discerning the good in the letters and sermons of Augustine

Joseph Clair

BR869.52 .D74 2016

Church and society in Hungary and in the Hungarian diaspora

Nándor Dreisziger

BS1140.3 .H43 2016

The Hebrew Bible : a critical companion

edited by John Barton

BS1421 .O43 2016

Old English psalms

edited and translated by Patrick P. O'Neill


The Song of Songs and the fashioning of identity in early Latin Christianity

Karl Shuve


The Latin New Testament : a guide to its early history, texts, and manuscripts

H.A.G. Houghton

BS2655.J4 T547 2016

Paul and the gentile problem

Matthew Thiessen

BS455 .N65 2016eb

In the beginning was the word : the Bible in American public life, 1492-1783 [electronic resource]

Mark A. Noll

BS511.3 .S365 2016

The good book of human nature : an evolutionary reading of the Bible

Carel van Schaik and Kai Michel

BS544 .S78 2016

The God of the Bible and the God of the philosophers

by Eleonore Stump

BT103 .H385 2016

God being nothing : toward a theogony

Ray L. Hart


The end of the timeless god

R.T. Mullins

BT198 .M67 2016

Incorruptible bodies : Christology, society, and authority in late antiquity

Yonatan Moss


In defense of conciliar Christology : a philosophical essay

Timothy Pawl

BT303.2 .M465 1991

A marginal Jew : rethinking the historical Jesus

John P. Meier

BT645 .S53 2016

Mary in early Christian faith and devotion

Stephen J. Shoemaker


Our Lady of the Nations : apparitions of Mary in 20th-century Catholic Europe

Chris Maunder


How the light gets in : ethical life.

Graham Ward

BT80 .J46 2016

A theology in outline : can these bones live?

Robert W. Jenson ; transcribed, edited, and introduced by Adam Eitel


The empire at the end of time : identity and reform in late medieval German prophecy

Frances Courtney Kneupper

BT82.7 .G87 1993

The struggle for a Black theology of education : pioneering efforts of Post Civil War clergy

BT83.59 .I58 2016

An insurrectionist manifesto : four new gospels for a radical politics

[edited by] Ward Blanton, Clayton Crockett, Jeffrey W. Robbins, and Noëlle Vahanian ; foreword by Peter Rollins ; preface by Creston Davis ; afterword by Catherine Keller

BV2370.A7 F43 2016eb

The Bible cause : a history of the American Bible Society

John Fea

BV3265 .N34 2016

The uprising : colonial state, Christian missionaries, and anti-slavery movement in North-East India (1908-1954) [electronic resource]

Sajal Nag

BV4627.P7 D49 2014

Vainglory : the forgotten vice

Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung


Church in an age of global migration : a moving body [electronic resource]

edited by Susanna Snyder, Joshua Ralston, and Agnes M. Brazal

BV660.3 .S65 2016

Pastors and public life : the changing face of American Protestant clergy

Corwin E. Smidt


Ritualized faith : essays on the philosophy of liturgy

Terence Cuneo

BX1330 .L44 2016eb

The Catholic enlightenment : the forgotten history of a global movement

Ulrich L. Lehner


Transforming post-Catholic Ireland : religious practice in late modernity [electronic resource]

Gladys Ganiel

BX1740.P5 S33 2015

The Lima Inquisition : the plight of crypto-Jews in seventeenth-century Peru

Ana E. Schaposchnik

BX1795.S48 T534 2016

Religious crisis and civic transformation : how conflicts over gender and sexuality changed the West German Catholic Church

Kimba Allie Tichenor

BX290 .G44 2016

Eastern orthodox christianity : the essential texts

Bryn Geffert and Theofanis G. Stavrou

BX3708 .M34 2016

American Jesuits and the world : how an embattled religious order made modern Catholicism global

John T. McGreevy

BX393 .H64 2016

Holy men of Mount Athos

edited and translated by Richard P.H. Greenfield and Alice-Mary Talbot

BX4700.C4 E45 2016

Setting the world on fire : the brief, astonishing life of St. Catherine of Siena

Shelley Emling

BX4705.D283 D66 2016

Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker : the miracle of our continuance

photographs by Vivian Cherry ; text by Dorothy Day ; edited, with an introduction and additional text by Kate Hennessy

BX4705.H7947 P48 2016

Called to be saints : John Hugo, the Catholic Worker, and a theology of radical Christianity

Benjamin T. Peters

BX4794.2.U6 B97 2016

The other Catholics : remaking America's largest religion

Julie Byrne


Protestant Communalism in the Trans-Atlantic World, 1650--1850

BX4827.A47 A4 2016

This silence must now speak : letters of Thomas J. J. Altizer, 1995-2015

Thomas J. J. Altizer ; edited by Mike Grimshaw

BX4827.A47 A4 2016eb

This silence must now speak : letters of Thomas J. J. Altizer, 1995-2015

by Thomas J. J. Altizer ; edited by Mike Grimshaw

BX4839 .A44 2016

Discovering the end of time : Irish Evangelicals in the age of Daniel O'Connell

Donald Harman Akenson


Patron Saint and Prophet : Jan Hus in the Bohemian and German reformations

Phillip N. Haberkern


Historians and the Church of England : religion and historical scholarship, 1870-1920

James Kirby

BX5207.O88 G75 2016

John Owen and English Puritanism : experiences of defeat

Crawford Gribben

BX5882 .W55 2016

Religion, art, and money : Episcopalians and American culture from the Civil War to the Great Depression

Peter W. Williams

BX6093.H65 A3 2012

Leaving Alexandria : a memoir of faith and doubt

Richard Holloway

BX8063.T33 S9613 1980

Bara Bukoba : church and community in Tanzania

by Bengt Sundkler

BX8643.J4 T87 2016

The Mormon Jesus : a biography

John G. Turner

BX8643.W66 M67 2016

Mormon feminism : essential writings

edited by Joanna Brooks, Rachel Hunt Steenblik, and Hannah Wheelwright

BX9333 .P87 2016

Puritanism and emotion in the early modern world

edited by Alec Ryrie (Professor of the History of Christianity, Durham University, UK) and Tom Schwanda (Associate Professor of Christian Formation and Ministry, Wheaton College, USA)

BX9420.I69 G67 2016

John Calvin's Institutes of the Christian religion : a biography

Bruce Gordon