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Items Acquired in September 2016 for the University Libraries


B127.M65 F73 2016

The philosophy of the Mòzĭ : the first consequentialists

Chris Fraser

B128.K8372 E54 2016

Guiguzi, China's first treatise on rhetoric : a critical translation and commentary

translated by Hui Wu ; with commentaries by Hui Wu and C. Jan Swearingen

B128.S543 S5434 2016

Fragments from an early Chinese political theorist : a philosophical analysis and translation of the Shenzi

Eirik Lang Harris

B2430.F724 L96 2016

Foucault's critical ethics

Richard A. Lynch

B2430.L484 H35 2016

Broken tablets : Levinas, Derrida and the literary afterlife of religion

Sarah Hammerschlag

B2430.S34 L67 2016

Self-deception's puzzles and processes : a return to a Sartrean view

by Jason Kido Lopez

B3279.H49 B24413 2016

Heidegger : his life & his philosophy

Alain Badiou & Barbara Cassin ; translated by Susan Spitzer ; introduction by Kenneth Reinhard

B5800 .E75 2016

Judaism and the West : from Hermann Cohen to Joseph Soloveitchik

Robert Erlewine

B693.Z7 P55 2016

Plotinus and Epicurus : matter, perception, pleasure

edited by Angela Longo and Daniela Patrizia Taormina

B72 .G68 2016

The dream of reason : a history of western philosophy from the Greeks to the Renaissance

Anthony Gottlieb

B819 .M535 2016

Coexistentialism and the unbearable intimacy of ecological emergency

Sam Mickey

B824.18 .B33 2016

Childlike peace in Merleau-Ponty and Levinas : intersubjectivity as dialectical spiral

Brock Bahler

BD222 .D74 2016

Personification and the feminine in Roman philosophy

Alex Dressler

BD241 .R425 2016

Concept audits : a philosophical method

Nicholas Rescher

BD450 .J233 2016

As wide as the world is wise : reinventing philosophical anthropology

Michael Jackson

BF109.F74 N64 2016

Freud on time and timelessness

BF109.J8 R693 2017

Remembering Dionysus : revisioning psychology and literature in C.G. Jung and James Hillman

Susan Rowland


The Wiley handbook on the cognitive neuroscience of learning

edited by Robin A. Murphy and Robert C. Honey

BF51 .R64 2016

Insanity and sanctity in Byzantium : the ambiguity of religious experience

Youval Rotman

BF511 .T73 2016

Take pride : why the deadliest sin holds the secret to human success

Jessica Tracy

BF561 .H35 2016

Handbook of emotions

edited by Lisa Feldman Barrett, Michael Lewis, Jeannette M. Haviland-Jones

BF575.L8 L34 2016

A book about love

Jonah Lehrer

BF692 .H67 2016

Experience, meaning, and identity in sexuality : a psychosocial theory of sexual stability and change

BF713 .C695 2016

The stages of life : personalities and patterns in human emotional development

Hugh Crago

BF724.3.I3 T46 2016

Adolescents' self-discovery in groups

Theresa A. Thorkildsen

BF818 .P38 2004

Character strengths and virtues : a handbook and classification

Christopher Peterson & Martin E.P. Seligman

BH221.U54 S33 2016

Beautiful deceptions : European aesthetics, the early American novel, and illusionist art

Philipp Schweighauser

BH39 .U53 2016

Experience of beauty : seven essays and a dialogue

Harry Underwood

BJ1533.H8 H68 2016

Honor in the modern world : interdisciplinary perspectives

edited by Laurie M. Johnson and Dan Demetriou

BL100 .S43 2016

The miracle myth : why belief in the Resurrection and the supernatural Is unjustified

Larry Shapiro

BL504 .O54 2016

Internet afterlife : virtual salvation in the 21st century

Kevin O'Neill

BL530 .C68 2016

Chasing immortality in world religions

Deborah M. Coulter-Harris

BL65.S8 H69 2016

Landscapes of the secular : law, religion, and American sacred space

Nicolas Howe

BL80.3 .H65 2016

A little history of religion

Richard Holloway

BR127 .C587 2016

Comparing faithfully : insights for systematic theological reflection

Michelle Voss Roberts, editor

BT903 .A46 2016

Afterlife : a history of life after death

Philip C. Almond

BX8611 .S53 2016

American universities and the birth of modern Mormonism, 1867-1940

Thomas W. Simpson