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Items Acquired in January 2016 for the University Libraries


B105.A55 B43 2016

Beastly morality : animals as ethical agents

edited by Jonathan K. Crane

B1497 .H37 2015

Hume : an intellectual biography

James A. Harris, University of St. Andrews

B1499.M5 G46 2016

The everlasting check : Hume on miracles

Alexander George

B1878.M55 H37 2015

Cartesian psychophysics and the whole nature of man : on Descartes's passions of the soul

Richard F. Hassing

B2430.N363 I9713 2016


Jean-Luc Nancy ; translated by Philip Armstrong

B2433.R663 A813 2015

At the heart of reason

Claude Romano ; translated from the French by Michael B. Smith and Claude Romano

B2899.N3 W57 2015

Schelling's practice of the wild : time, art, imagination

Jason M. Wirth

B2942.Z7 Z36 2015

Hegel's theory of intelligibility

Rocío Zambrana

B317 .L39 2015

Socrates among strangers

Joseph P. Lawrence

B317 .S43 2016

The Socratic turn : knowledge of good and evil in an age of science

Dustin Sebell

B3199.A34 A4 2015

The challenge of surrealism : the correspondence of Theodor W. Adorno and Elisabeth Lenk

edited and translated by Susan H. Gillespie ; introduction by Rita Bischof

B358 .R69 2015

Theaetetus and Sophist

Plato ; edited by Christopher Rowe

B366 .L48 2016

Profound ignorance : Plato's Charmides and the saving of wisdom

David Lawrence Levine

B395 .F768 2016

Plato and the elements of dialogue

John H. Fritz

B4870.Z594 S57 2016

Slavoj Žižek and dialectical materialism

edited by Agon Hamza and Frank Ruda

B5320 .A33 2015

Existence and consolation : reinventing ontology, gnosis, and values in African philosophy

Ada Agada

B830.5 .H64 2015

Opposition and philosophy

Piotr Hoffman

B832 .M14 2015

The philosophy of gesture : completing pragmatists' incomplete revolution

Giovanni Maddalena

B837 .P75 2016

Epistemic angst : radical skepticism and the groundlessness of our believing

Duncan Pritchard

B931.T44 A77 2016

Bird relics : grief and vitalism in Thoreau

Branka Arsić

B945.J24 W455 2015

William James, pragmatism, and American culture

Deborah Whitehead

B995.L654 M33 2015

Authenticity as self-transcendence : the enduring insights of Bernard Lonergan

Michael H. McCarthy


The upside of irrationality : the unexpected benefits of defying logic at work and at home

Dan Ariely

BD111 .B395 2015

Explorations in post-secular metaphysics

Josef Bengtson, University of Southern Denmark

BD435 .J8413 2016

The philosophy of living

François Jullien ; translated by Michael Richardson and Krzysztof Fijalkowski

BD435 .P68 2016

Renunciation : acts of abandonment by writers, philosophers, and artists

Ross Posnock

BD494 .P33 2015

Alien life and human purpose : a rhetorical examination through history

Joseph Packer


Why : a guide to finding and using causes

Samantha Kleinberg


The blue line

Ingrid Betancourt ; translated by Lakshmi Ramakrishnan Iyer in association with Rebekah Wilson

BF108.G7 L56 2016

Ruling minds : psychology in the British empire

Erik Linstrum

BF204.6 .P69 2016

Understanding happiness : a critical review of positive psychology

Mick Power

BF311 .N86 2016

New directions in consciousness studies : SoS theory and the nature of time

Chris Nunn

BF316.6 .S74 2015

Conceptualizing our interpersonal impressions : mental representations and internal objects

by Gillian Steggles ; with a foreword by R. D. Hinshelwood

BF317.5 .R48 2015

Revealing tacit knowledge : embodiment and explication

Frank Adloff, Katharina Gerund, David Kaldewey (eds.)

BF321 .H26 2015

The handbook of attention

edited by Jonathan M. Fawcett, Evan F. Risko, and Alan Kingstone


The creative fight : create your best work and live the life you imagine

Chris Orwig

BF408 .L47 2015

The storm of creativity

Kyna Leski ; foreword by John Maeda

BF431 .J596 2016

Hive mind : how your nation's IQ matters so much more than your own

Garett Jones

BF441 .D589 2016

Critical and creative thinking : a brief guide for teachers

Robert DiYanni

BF441 .K5863 2015

Innovating minds : rethinking creativity to inspire change

Wilma Koutstaal and Jonathan T. Binks


The thought leader interview : Loran Nordgren

by Ken Favaro and Amy D'Onofrio

BF449.5 .G55 2015

The wisest one in the room : how you can benefit from social psychology's most powerful insights

Thomas Gilovich and Lee Ross

BF575.A75 R87 2015

A guilted age : apologies for the past

Ashraf H. A. Rushdy

BF575.D4 A85 2016

The enigma of desire : sex, longing, and belonging in psychoanalysis

Galit Atlas

BF575.F14 F567 2016

Failure : why science is so successful

Stuart Firestein

BF575.F14 S94 2015

Black box thinking : why most people never learn from their mistakes-but some do

Matthew Syed


How to break up with anyone : letting go of friends, family, and everyone in-between [electronic resource]

Jamye Waxman

BF575.F66 Y35 2015

The social sex : a history of female friendship

Marilyn Yalom, with Theresa Donovan Brown

BF575.N35 B445 2015

Narcissism and the self : dynamics of self-preservation in social interaction, personality structure, subjective experience, and psychopathology

Ralf-Peter Behrendt

BF575.N6 R68 2016

Nostalgia : a psychological resource

by Clay Routledge North Dakota State University

BF575.P9 H36 2016

Handbook of prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination

edited by Todd D. Nelson

BF576 .C65 2015

Humans are underrated : what high achievers know that brilliant machines never will

Geoff Colvin

BF621 .W35 2015

Restorative free will : back to the biological base

Bruce N. Waller


Change your questions, change your life : 12 powerful tools for leadership, coaching, and life

Marilee Adams

BF637.C45 W26 2016

The psychology of the Internet

Patricia Wallace

BF637.F67 F67 2015

Forgiveness and health : scientific evidence and theories relating forgiveness to better health

Loren L. Toussaint, Everett L. Worthington, Jr., David R. Williams, editors

BF637.H4 D335 2016

Neuroeconomics of prosocial behavior : the compassionate egoist

Carolyn Declerck, Christophe Boone

BF637.L53 M68 2016

Exiting the extraordinary : returning to the ordinary world after war, prison, and other extraordinary experiences

Frances V. Moulder


Release your brilliance : the 4 steps to transforming your life and revealing your genius to the world

Simon T. Bailey

BF692 .H4475 2016

Hooking up : the psychology of sex and dating

Katherine M. Helm

BF692 .T63 2014

How sexual desire works : the enigmatic urge

Frederick Toates The Open University, United Kingdom

BF698.35.R47 P79 2015

Psychological resilience and wellbeing

edited by Stephen Palmer and Kristina Gyllensten

BF721 .M4237 2015

The science inside the child : the story of what happens when we're growing up

Sara Meadows

BF721 .T4554 2016

A therapist's guide to child development : the extraordinarily normal years

edited by Dee C. Ray

BF722 .C63 2016

Observing and recording the behavior of young children

Dorothy H. Cohen, Virginia Stern, Nancy Balaban, Nancy Gropper

BF723.C5 C6342 2016

Cognitive development in museum settings : relating research and practice

edited by David M. Sobel and Jennifer L. Jipson

BF723.S43 G74 2016

Adult sibling relationships

Geoffrey L. Greif and Michael E. Woolley

BF723.S43 M54 2016

Sibling issues in therapy : research and practice with children, adolescents and adults

Avidan Milevsky

BF724 .B693 2016

The body in adolescence : psychic isolation and physical symptoms

Mary T. Brady

BF724.3.B55 R53 2016

Adolescence and body image : from development to preventing dissatisfaction

Lina A. Ricciardelli and Zali Yager

BF789.D5 S43 2016

Systemic interventions for collective and national trauma : theory, practice and evaluation

Michal Shamai

BF789.S8 W476 2016

A passion for society : how we think about human suffering

Iain Wilkinson and Arthur Kleinman

BH221.U53 H37 2015

Abstractionist aesthetics : artistic form and social critique in African American culture

Phillip Brian Harper

BJ1012 .C73 2016

Inside ethics : on the demands of moral thought

Alice Crary

BJ1298 .E33 2016

Evolutionary pragmatism and ethics

Beth L. Eddy

BJ1298 .T66 2016

A natural history of human morality

Michael Tomasello

BJ1491 .O54413 2015

A hedonist manifesto : the power to exist

Michel Onfray ; translated with an introduction by Joseph McClellan


The 3 gaps : are you making a difference?

Hyrum W. Smith

BJ1589 .S39 2015

The good life and the greater good in a global context

edited by Laura Savu Walker

BJ1611.2 .G857 1986eb

How to get lucky : 13 techniques for discovering and taking advantage of life's good breaks [electronic resource]

by Max Gunther

BL1033 .K34 2015

Asia, modernity, and the pursuit of the sacred : gnostics, scholars, mystics and reformers

Joel S. Kahn

BL1138.25 .S59 2015


adapted and edited by David R. Slavitt ; introduction by Henry L. Carrigan Jr

BL2480.D53 B383 2015

West Africa's women of God : Alinesitoué and the Diola prophetic tradition

Robert M. Baum

BL2525 .S583 2016


BL2747.3 .W45 2015

Battling the gods : atheism in the ancient world

Tim Whitmarsh

BL432 .D45 2016

Pagan virtue in a Christian world : Sigismondo Malatesta and the Italian Renaissance

Anthony F. D'Elia

BL439 .S34 2015

Religious affects : animality, evolution, and power

Donovan O. Schaefer

BL473 .R45 2016

Reimagining the sacred : Richard Kearney debates God with James Wood, Catherine Keller, Charles Taylor, Julia Kristeva, Gianni Vattimo, Simon Critchley, Jean-Luc Marion, John Caputo, David Tracey, Jens Zimmermann, and Merold Westphal

edited by Richard Kearney and Jens Zimmermann

BL65.G55 V66 2015

Flourishing : why we need religion in a globalized world

Miroslav Volf

BL795.O34 B43 2016

The sea in the Greek imagination

Marie-Claire Beaulieu

BL80.3 .R465 2015

Religious diversity today : experiencing religion in the contemporary world

Jean-Guy A. Goulet, general editor

BL805 .S3413 2016

The gods, the state, and the individual : reflections on civic religion in Rome

John Scheid ; translated and with a foreword by Clifford Ando

BM526 .G38 2015

Yearnings of the soul : psychological thought in modern Kabbalah

Jonathan Garb

BM723 .G727 2015

The heart of the matter : studies in Jewish mysticism and theology

Arthur Green

BM755.M35 L54 2015

Rabbi Meir of Rothenburg and the foundation of Jewish political thought

Joseph Isaac Lifshitz

BP161.3 .A375 2016

What is Islam? : the importance of being Islamic

Shahab Ahmed

BP172 .B776 2015

Cluny and the Muslims of La Garde-Freinet : hagiography and the problem of Islam in Medieval Europe

Scott G. Bruce

BP187.3 .H2433 2015

The Hajj : pilgrimage in Islam

edited by Eric Tagliacozzo (Cornell University), Shawkat M. Toorawa (Cornell University)

BP187.3 .K266 2015

Russian hajj : empire and the pilgrimage to Mecca

Eileen Kane

BP187.62 .R59 2015

The transnational mosque : architecture and historical memory in the contemporary Middle East

Kishwar Rizvi

BP189 .C36 2015

The Cambridge companion to Sufism

edited by Lloyd Ridgeon, University of Glasgow

BP190.5.A85 Z36 2016

Islamic traditions of refuge in the crises of Iraq and Syria

Tahir Zaman

BP63.T8 C487 2016

Muslimism in Turkey and beyond : religion in the modern world

Neslihan Cevik

BP80.G93 H64 2015

Rebranding Islam : piety, prosperity, and a self-help guru

James Bourk Hoesterey

BQ4055 .B8535 2016

The Buddhist world

edited by John Powers

BR115.I7 T46 2015

For God and globe : Christian internationalism in the United States between the Great War and the Cold War

Michael G. Thompson

BR118 .D47 2015

Desire, faith, and the darkness of God : essays in honor of Denys Turner

edited by Eric Bugyis and David Newheiser

BR1644 .P463 2015

Pentecostals and charismatics in Latin America and Latino communities

edited by Néstor Medina and Sammy Alfaro

BR333.3 .M55 2015

The hidden God : Luther, philosophy, and political theology

Marius Timmann Mjaaland

BR563.N4 D757 2016

White lies : race and uncertainty in the twilight of American religion

Christopher M. Driscoll

BR757 .B68 2015

Women prophets and radical Protestantism in the British Atlantic world, 1640-1730

Elizabeth Bouldin

BR868.C67 L37 2016

The Pauline church and the Corinthian Ekklesia : Greco-Roman associations in comparative context

Richard Last

BS1315.52 .U47 2007

From famine to fullness : the Gospel according to Ruth

Dean R. Ulrich

BS1430.52 .B42513 2015

Psalms, night and day

by Paul Beauchamp ; translated by Peter Rogers, SJ

BS2506.3 .A76 2015

St. Paul : the apostle we love to hate

Karen Armstrong

BS521.4 .I5 2015

I found God in me : a womanist biblical hermeneutics reader

edited by Mitzi J. Smith

BS680.G57 R6613 2015

The invention of God

Thomas Römer ; translated by Raymond Geuss

BT695.5 .T474 2015

Sacred mountains : a Christian ethical approach to mountaintop removal

Andrew R.H. Thompson


The good goodbye : a novel

Carla Buckley

BX1532.R4 O88 2015

Bishops, authority and community in northwestern Europe, c.1050-1150

John S. Ott, Portland State University

BX3706.3 .J45 2015

The Jesuit suppression in global context : causes, events, and consequences

edited by Jeffrey D. Burson, Jonathan Wright

BX4705.B163 C37 2015

Theo-poetics : Hans Urs von Balthasar and the risk of art and being

Anne M. Carpenter ; foreword by Peter J. Casarella

BX4827.T53 P295 2015

Paul Tillich and pentecostal theology : spiritual presence and spiritual power

edited by Nimi Wariboko & Amos Yong

BX4917 .F83 2015

Jan Hus between time and eternity : reconsidering a medieval heretic

Thomas A. Fudge

BX8643.A35 M66 2015

The Mormon Church and Blacks : a documentary history

edited by Matthew L. Harris and Newell G. Bringhurst

BX9323 .P845 2016

Puritans and Catholics in the Trans-Atlantic world, 1600-1800

edited by Crawford Gribben and Scott Spurlock