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Items Acquired in December 2016 for the University Libraries


B105.C45 P45555 2016

Philosophy of childhood today : exploring the boundaries

edited by David Kennedy and Brock Bahler

B105.C477 C6485 2016

Consciousness and the great philosophers : what would they have said about our mind-body problem?

edited by Stephen Leach and James Tartaglia

B2430.F724 F6856 2016

Foucault/Derrida fifty years later : the futures of genealogy, deconstruction, and politics

edited by Olivia Custer, Penelope Deutscher, and Samir Haddad

B2521 .H67 2017

A short history of German philosophy

Vittorio Hösle ; translated by Steven Rendall


Rethinking German Idealism

edited by S.J. McGrath, Joseph Carew


Comparing Kant and Sartre

edited by Sorin Baiasu, University of Keele, UK


First German philosopher : the mysticism of Jakob B̐Μưohme as interpreted by Hegel

Cecilia Muratori ; translated from the Italian by Richard Dixon and Rapha̐Μưelle Burns


Rereading Schleiermacher : Translation, Cognition and Culture

edited by Teresa Seruya, Jos̐Μưe Miranda Justo

B3199.A34 G67 2016

Adorno and existence

Peter E. Gordon

B5315.U28 S78 2016

Ubuntu strategies : constructing spaces of belonging in contemporary South African culture

Hanneke Struit


Responsibility in an Interconnected World : International Assistance, Duty, and Action [electronic resource]

by Susan P. Murphy


Nature of Scientific Knowledge : an explanatory approach

Kevin McCain

B765.T53 S8165 2017

Teaching bodies : moral formation in the Summa of Thomas Aquinas

Mark D. Jordan

B765.T54 R43 2016

Thomas Aquinas on war and peace

Gregory M. Reichberg, Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO)


Bridging complexity and post-structuralism : insights and implications

Minka Woermann

B808.2 .S46 2016

The logic of estrangement : reason in an unreasonable form

Julius Sensat


Phenomenology and the problem of time

Michael R. Kelly

B945.L4584 P37 2016

Passion in philosophy : essays in honor of Alphonso Lingis

edited by Randolph C. Wheeler

BC177 .M3895 2016

Reasonableness and fairness : a historical theory

Christopher McMahon


Theories of Intensionality : A Critical Survey [electronic resource]


J. Michael Dunn on information based logics

Katalin Bimbó, editor


The Puzzle of Perceptual Justification : Conscious experience, Higher-order Beliefs, and Reliable Processes

by Harmen Ghijsen


Alfred Tarski and the "Concept of truth in formalized languages : a running commentary with consideration of the Polish original and the German translation [electronic resource]

Monika Gruber

BD238.T47 G5813 2016

The care of the witness : a contemporary history of testimony in crises

Michal Givoni

BD314 .A5313 2016

An ontology for social reality

Tiziana Andina ; translated by Sarah De Sanctis


Causality in a social world : moderation, meditation and spill-over

Guanglei Hong


Boundaries, extents and circulations : space and spatiality in early modern natural philosophy

Koen Vermeir, Jonathan Regier, editors

BF109.B69 E97 2017

Encounters with John Bowlby : tales of attachment

Arturo Ezquerro


Re-sizing psychology in public policy and private imagination

Mark Furlong


Emotional Prosody Processing for Non-Native English Speakers : Towards An Integrative Emotion Paradigm [electronic resource]

by Halszka Bąk


Well-Being, Positive Peer Relations and Bullying in School Settings [electronic resource]

by Phillip T. Slee, Grace Skrzypiec

BF242 .Y68 2016

Facial expression recognition : selected works of Andy Young

Andy Young

BF315 .E84 2016

Dark matter of the mind : the culturally articulated unconscious

Daniel L. Everett

BF371 .F274 2017

False and distorted memories

edited by Robert Nash and James Ost

BF378.A87 A43 2016

Memory, forgetting and the moving image

Caterina Albano

BF408 .C7468 2016eb

Creative intelligence in the 21st century : grappling with enormous problems and huge opportunities

foreword by Joseph S. Renzulli ; edited by Don Ambrose (Rider University, USA) and Robert J. Sternberg (Cornell University, USA)

BF442 .T445 2017

The thinking mind : a festschrift for Ken Manktelow

edited by Niall Galbraith, Erica Lucas and David E. Over


The psychology of time perception

John Wearden

BF469 .P67 2017

Neuropsychology of space : spatial functions of the human brain

Albert Postma, Ineke J.M. Van Der Ham

BF515 .V3213 2017


Jean-Luc Nancy with Adèle Van Reeth ; translated by Charlotte Mandell

BF575.I46 R44 2016

Reflective and impulsive determinants of human behavior

edited by Roland Deutsch, Bertram Gawronski, and Wilhelm Hofmann


Leading with emotional intelligence : effective change implementation in todays complex context [electronic resource]

Malcolm Higgs, Victor Dulewicz


Biological determinism, free will and moral responsibility : Insights from genetics and neuroscience

Chris Willmott


Family Therapy in Global Humanitarian Contexts : Voices and Issues from the Field

BF636.7.G76 S23 2016eb

The SAGE encyclopedia of marriage, family, and couples counseling

editors, Jon Carlson, Shannon B. Dermer

BF637.F67 H37 2016

Families and forgiveness : healing wounds in the intergenerational family

Terry D. Hargrave and Nicole E. Zasowski


Transformative and engaging leadership : lessons from indigenous African women

Maggie Madimbo


Experience, meaning, and identity in sexuality : a psychosocial theory of sexual stability and change

James Horley, Jan Clarke


Masculinities and the Adult Male Prison Experience

by Jennifer Anne Sloan

BF698.9.P47 D46 2016

Constructivist approaches and research methods : a practical guide to exploring personal meanings

Pam Denicolo, Trevor Long, Kim Bradley-Cole


Basic motivation and human behaviour : control, affiliation and self-expression

Velibor Bobo Kova̐Μưc

BF723.E6 M87 2017

Nurturing natures : attachment and children's emotional, sociocultural and brain development

Graham Music


Humor in infants : developmental and psychological perspectives

Gina C. Mireault, Vasudevi Reddy

BF723.P48 T44 2017

Theory of mind development in context

edited by Virginia Slaughter and Marc de Rosnay

BF723.S43 S484 2016

Sibling loss across the lifespan : research, practice, and personal stories

edited by Brenda J. Marshall and Howard R. Winokuer


Measuring country image : theory, method, and effects [electronic resource]

Alexander Buhmann

BF778 .M265 2016

The psychology of human values

Gregory R. Maio

BF789.E94 C68 2017

Everyday evils : a psychoanalytic view of evil and morality

Coline Covington

BH221.J3 R44 2017

Bachelor Japanists : Japanese aesthetics and Western masculinities

Christopher Reed

BJ1188 .G74 2016

Antonio Gramsci and the question of religion : ideology, ethics, and hegemony

Bruce Grelle


The meaning of evil

James Sias

BJ1431 .G66 2017

Tolerance and modern liberalism : from paradox to aretaic moral ideal

René González de la Vega


The normative and the natural

by Michael P. Wolf, Jeremy Randel Koons

BJ1475 .B63 2016

The science of sympathy : morality, evolution, and Victorian civilization

Rob Boddice

BJ1498 .R645 2016

Free time

Julie L. Rose

BJ1533.P97 S56 2016

Against purity : living ethically in compromised times

Alexis Shotwell

BJ59 .M67 2016

Ethical ripples of creativity and innovation

Seana Moran


Chuang Tzu : a new selected translation with an exposition of the philosophy of Kuo Hsiang

Chuang Tzu, Fung Yu-lan


Robert Grosseteste and the Pursuit of Religious and Scientific Learning in the Middle Ages [electronic resource]

edited by Jack P. Cunningham, Mark Hocknull


Chasing religion in the Caribbean : ethnographic journeys from Antigua to Trinidad [electronic resource]

Peter Marina

BL473 .C48 2016

God at the crossroads of worldviews : toward a different debate about the existence of God

Paul Seungoh Chung


Religion, authority, and the state : from constantine to the contemporary [electronic resource]

edited by Leo D. Lefebure


Religion, Faith and Crime : Theories, Identities and Issues

edited by Kim Sadique, Perry Stanislas

BL65.P4 P438 2016

Peacemakers in action : profiles in religious peacebuilding

Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding ; edited by Joyce S. Dubensky


The social equality of religion or belief : a new view of religion's place in society

edited by Alan Carling


Poverty and wealth in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

Nathan R. Kollar, Muhammad Shafiq, editors

BL71 .S77 2016

The scriptural universe of ancient Christianity

Guy G. Stroumsa

BL805 .H86 2016

Reviving Roman religion : sacred trees in the Roman world

Ailsa Hunt

BL875.F5 T65 2016eb

Faith and magic in early modern Finland

Raisa Maria Toivo, University of Tampere, Finland

BM750 .K69 2016

To stand aside or stand alone : southern Reform rabbis and the civil rights movement

P. Allen Krause ; edited by Mark K. Bauman with Stephen Krause

BP134.A38 B56 2016

The Qurʼan and the aesthetics of premodern Arabic prose

Sarah R. bin Tyeer ; foreword by Angelika Neuwirth


Absolute reality in the Qur'an [electronic resource]

Masudul Alam Choudhury

BP188.8.U6 C67 2016

Making moderate Islam : Sufism, service, and the "Ground Zero Mosque" controversy

Rosemary R. Corbett

BP190.5.R4 N87 2017

The story of reason in Islam

Sari Nusseibeh

BP63.K96 M66 2016

Practicing Islam : knowledge, experience, and social navigation in Kyrgyzstan

David W. Montgomery

BP64.S8 S27 2016

For love of the Prophet : an ethnography of Sudan's Islamic state

Noah Salomon

BP80.S357 A43 2016

Conquest and community : the afterlife of warrior saint Ghazi Miyan

Shahid Amin


Buddhism and cultural studies : a profession of faith

Edwin Ng

BQ9264.4.C62 C65 2016

Patriarchs on paper : a critical history of medieval Chan literature

Alan Cole


Making space for queer-identifying religious youth

Yvette Taylor, University of Strathclyde, UK

BR145.3 .M45 2016

Christian thought : a historical introduction

Chad Meister and J.B. Stump

BR1644.5.C37 M37 2016

Chasing religion in the Caribbean : ethnographic journeys from Antigua to Trinidad

Peter Marina

BR1720.M37 C45 2017

Melania : early Christianity through the life of one family

edited by Catherine M. Chin and Caroline T. Schroeder

BR517 .W58 2016

Religion and resistance in Appalachia : faith and the fight against mountaintop removal coal mining

Joseph D. Witt

BR535 .H379 2016

Christianity and race in the American South : a history

Paul Harvey

BR563.N4 F58 2016

The ground has shifted : the future of the Black church in post-racial America

Walter Earl Fluker

BS1305.53 .G86 2005eb


David M. Gunn

BS621 .I83 2016

Archaeology of the Bible : the greatest discoveries from Genesis to the Roman era

Jean-Pierre Isbouts


Religious resistance to neoliberalism : womanist and black feminist perspectives

Keri Day

BX1315 .G58 2016

Libellus : addressed to Leo X, Supreme Pontiff

by Blessed Paolo Giustiniani & Pietro Querini, Hermits of Camaldoli ; Latin & English edited & translated, with notes to the Latin, by Stephen M. Beall ; introduction, with notes to the English, by John J. Schmitt


A History of Exorcism in Catholic Christianity

by Francis Young

BX4456.Z8 D69 2016

Catherine Spalding, SCN : a life in letters

Mary Ellen Doyle, SCN


Saint Vincent Ferrer, his world and life : religion and society in late Medieval Euope

Philip Daileader


William Temple and church unity : the politics and practice of ecumenical theology

Edward Loane