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Items Acquired in April 2016 for the University Libraries


B105.I533 J66 2016

Ineffability and its metaphysics : the unspeakable in art, religion, and philosophy

Silvia Jonas


Fixing reference

Imogen Dickie

B105.T54 R66 2016

Thinking philosophically : an introduction to the great debates

David Roochnik

B132.L6 G65 2015eb

Lokāyata/Cārvāka : a philosophical inquiry

Pradeep P. Gokhale

B133.S5 T63 2013eb

The ethics of Sankara and Santideva : a selfless response to an illusory world [electronic resource]

by Warren Lee Todd

B2137 .W37 2015

Rousseau and the problem of human relations

John M. Warner

B2430.D484 G358 2016

Deconstruction, its force, its violence : together with "Have we done with the empire of judgment?"

Rodolphe Gasché

B2430.S34 B255 2015

The existentialist moment : the rise of Sartre as a public intellectual

Patrick Baert

B2430.W472 E55 2015

Late philosophical writings

Simone Weil ; edited and with an introduction by Eric O. Springsted ; translated by Eric O. Springsted and Lawrence E. Schmidt

B2929 .W56 2013eb

Hegel's phenomenology of spirit : a critical rethinking in seventeen lectures [electronic resource]

Richard Dien Winfield

B3248.G34 C67 2016

Gadamer and the question of understanding : between Heidegger and Derrida

Adrian Costache

B3279.H48 S36237 2016

Reading Heidegger's Black notebooks 1931-1941

Ingo Farin and Jeff Malpas, eds

B3279.H49 I358 2016

Husserl's missing technologies

Don Ihde

B3611.A43 U8613 2016

The use of bodies

Giorgio Agamben ; translated by Adam Kotsko

B398.E8 A78 2015

Our search with Socrates for moral truth

Gary Michael Atkinson

B398.R4 R54 2013eb

Plato's gods [electronic resource]

by Gerd Van Riel

B415.A5 S54 2016

De anima

Aristotle ; translated with an introduction and commentary by Christopher Shields

B485 .S4175 2016

A person as a lifetime : an Aristotelian account of persons

Stephanie M. Semler

B526 .S73 2016

Our divine double

Charles M. Stang

B65 .L47 2016

Naïve readings : reveilles political and philosophic

Ralf Lerner.

B765 .T54 B76 2015

The philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquinas : a sketch

Stephen L. Brock

B794 .V3813 2016

Of reality : the purposes of philosophy

Gianni Vattimo ; translated by Robert T. Valgenti

B808.9 .S4 2016

Theories of consciousness : an introduction and assessment

William Seager

B819 .B313 2016

At the existentialist café : freedom, being, and apricot cocktails with Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Albert Camus, Martin Heidegger, Karl Jaspers, Edmund Husserl, Maurice Merleau-Ponty and others

Sarah Bakewell

B828.25 .A45 2016

Aesthetics of negativity : Blanchot, Adorno, and autonomy

William S. Allen

B935 .P665 2013eb

Portraits of American philosophy

edited by Steven M. Cahn

B945.J24 C76 2013

The philosophy of William James : radical empiricism and radical materialism [electronic resource]

Donald A. Crosby


The last mile

David Baldacci

BD111 .K665 2015eb

Objects : nothing out of the ordinary

Daniel Z. Korman

BD175 .B675 2015

Boundary objects and beyond : working with Leigh Star

edited by Geoffrey C. Bowker, Stefan Timmermans, Adele E. Clarke, and Ellen Balka


About oneself : de se thought and communication

edited by Manuel García-Carpintero and Stephan Torre

BD638 .J37 2016eb

Images of time : mind, science, reality

George Jaroszkiewicz

BF109.J8 A4 2016

The Jung-Kirsch letters : the correspondence of C.G. Jung and James Kirsch

edited by Ann Conrad Lammers ; translated by Ursula Egli and Ann Conrad Lammers

BF121 .W36 2016

The mind club : who thinks, what feels, and why it matters

Daniel M. Wegner and Kurt Gray

BF1589 .C83 2015

Magic in Western culture : from antiquity to the Enlightenment

Brian P. Copenhaver

BF175.4.E86 P59 2016

Beast-people onscreen and in your brain : the evolution of animal-humans from prehistoric cave art to modern movies

Mark Pizzato

BF201 .S36 2016eb

Dynamic thinking : a primer on dynamic field theory

Gregor Schoner, John P. Spencer, and the DFT Research Group

BF233 .E23 2016eb

Embodied : the psychology of physical sensation

Christopher Eccleston

BF241 .S645 2015


Nick Sousanis

BF295 .M77 2015

Motor imagery : emerging practices, role in physical therapy and clinical implications

Brandon M. Garcia, editor

BF31 .H2 2003

Dictionary of psychology and psychiatry = : Wörterbuch der Psychologie und Psychiatrie

Roland Haas

BF315 .C5813 2016

Truth and the unconscious in psychoanalysis

Giuseppe Civitarese

BF378.E94 E75 2016

Peak : secrets from the new science of expertise

Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool

BF431 .D8185 2016

Smarter faster better : the secrets of being productive in life and business

Charles Duhigg

BF442 .M43 2016

The poet's voice in the making of mind

Russell Meares

BF456.R2 C565 2016

The cognitive development of reading and reading comprehension

edited by Carol McDonald Connor

BF531 .R424 2016

Critical feeling : how to use feelings strategically

Rolf Reber

BF575.G7 D735 2016

Art and mourning : the role of creativity in healing trauma and loss

Esther Dreifuss-Kattan

BF636 .N376 2016

Transnational popular psychology and the global self-help industry : the politics of contemporary social change

Daniel Nehring (Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Worcester, UK), Emmanuel Alvarado (Professor of Spanish and Hispanic Studies, Palm Beach State College, USA), Eric C. Hendriks (Postdoctoral Researcher, Peking University, China), Dylan Kerrigan (Lecturer in Anthropology and Political Sociology, The University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago)

BF683 .P78

The Psychology of learning and motivation

BF692.2 .R66 2016

What gender is, what gender does

Judith Roof

BF698 .P37144 2015

Personality traits and types : perceptions, gender differences and impact on behavior

Judy Hawkins, editor

BF720.P47 N44 2016

Learning about objects in infancy

by Amy Work Needham

BF721 .A45

Advances in child development and behavior

BF723.I646 S36 2016

Childhood friendships and peer relations : friends and enemies

Barry H. Schneider

BF724.3.L66 M35 2016

Counseling adolescents through loss, grief, and trauma

Pamela A. Malone

BH39 .A233 2016

Aesthetics of discomfort : conversations on disquieting art

Frederick Luis Aldama and Herbert Lindenberger


Idealist ethics

W.J. Mander

BJ1461 .H259 2016

Luck's mischief : obligation and blameworthiness on a thread

Ishtiyaque Haji

BJ1468.5 .R83 2016

Abolishing freedom : a plea for a contemporary use of fatalism

Frank Ruda

BJ1475 .M4285 2016eb

The caring motivation : an integrated theory

Ofra Mayseless

BJ1498 .S925 2016


Lars Svendsen

BJ1725 .F46 2016

Professional responsibility and professionalism : a sociomaterial examination

Tara Fenwick

BJ45 .S6353 2016

The social psychology of morality

edited by Joseph P. Forgas, Lee Jussim, and Paul A.M. Van Lange

BL1175.S7 M38 2016

The afterlife of Sai Baba : competing visions of a global saint

Karline McLain

BL2017.456 .S56 2015eb

Granth of guru Gobind Singh : essays, lectures, and translations

Kamalroop Singh, Gurinder Singh Mann

BL2370.S5 S4735 2013eb

Shamanism and violence : power, repression and suffering in indigenous religious conflicts [electronic resource]

edited by Diana Riboli, Davide Torri

BL2525 .G67 2013eb

Varieties of personal theology : charting the beliefs and values of American young adults [electronic resource]

by David T. Gortner

BL2610 .P68 2013eb

Religious change and indigenous peoples : global discourses and Aboriginal religions [electronic resource]

by Helena Onnudottir and Adam Possamai, University of Western Sydney, Australia, Bryan S. Turner, City University of New York and University of Western Sydney

BL2747.3 .W55 2013eb

There is no God : atheists in America [electronic resource]

David A. Williamson and George Yancey

BL2747.8 .B49 2016

Beyond the secular West

edited by Akeel Bilgrami

BL2765.G7 R39 2016

Nineteenth-century British secularism : science, religion, and literature

Michael Rectenwald

BL2775.3 .F53 2013eb

Against religion, wars, and states : the case for enlightenment atheism, just war pacifism, and liberal-democratic anarchism [electronic resource]

Andrew Fiala

BL380 .C75 2013eb

Critical reflections on indigenous religions [electronic resource]

edited by James L. Cox

BL43.N48 H84 2016

Jacob Neusner on religion : the example of Judaism

Aaron W. Hughes

BL458 .W56377 2013eb

Women and religion in the Atlantic age, 1550-1900

edited by Emily Clark and Mary Laven

BL500 .P76 2013eb

Prophecy in the new millennium : when prophecies persist [electronic resource]

edited by Sarah Harvey and Suzanne Newcombe


The great riddle : Wittgenstein and nonsense, theology and philosophy

Stephen Mulhall

BL51 .B5135 2013eb

Averroes and Hegel on philosophy and religion [electronic resource]

Catarina Belo

BL51 .C525 2013eb

Ways of meeting and the theology of religions [electronic resource]

David Cheetham

BL51 .T423 2013eb

Theological reflection and the pursuit of ideals : theology, human flourishing, and freedom [electronic resource]

edited by David Jasper and Dale Wright, with Maria Antonaccio and William Schweiker

BL53 .L47 2013

Remaking identities : God, nation, and race in world history [electronic resource]

Benjamin Lieberman

BL570 .D86 2013

Sacrifice and the body : Biblical anthropology and Christian self-understanding [electronic resource]

by John Dunnill

BL600 .G66 2016

Healing symbols in psychotherapy : a ritual approach

Erik D. Goodwyn

BL619.P5 P539 2013eb

Pilgrims and pilgrimages as peacemakers in Christianity, Judaism and Islam [electronic resource]

edited by Antón M. Pazos

BL625.4 .C65 2013eb

Ageing, ritual and social change : comparing the secular and religious in Eastern and Western Europe [electronic resource]

by Peter Coleman, Daniela Koleva, and Joanna Bornat

BL625.9.I55 G35 2013

Migration and religion in Europe : comparative perspectives on South Asian experiences [electronic resource]

edited by Ester Gallo

BL638 .M37 2013eb

The mediatization of religion : when faith rocks [electronic resource]

Luis Mauro Sa Martino


Varieties of religious establishment [electronic resource]

edited by Winnifred Fallers Sullivan and Lori G. Beaman

BL65.C57 R47 2013eb

Rescripting religion in the city : migration and religious identity in the modern metropolis [electronic resource]

edited by Jane Garnett and Alana Harris

BL65.E46 E46 2013eb

Emotions and religious dynamics

edited by Douglas J. Davies, with Nathaniel A. Warne

BL65.P4 L58 2016

Living traditions and universal conviviality : prospects and challenges for peace in multireligious communities

edited by Roland Faber, Santiago Slabodsky

BL65.P7 C664 2013

Contesting secularism : comparative perspectives [electronic resource]

edited by Anders Berg-Sørensen

BL65.S38 H46 2013eb

Relating God and the self : dynamic interplay [electronic resource]

Jan-Olav Henriksen

BL65.S4 Y57 2013eb

Religious and sexual identities : a multi-faith exploration of young adults [electronic resource]

by Andrew Kam-Tuck Yip and Sarah-Jane Page

BL65.S8 S79 2013eb

State responses to minority religions [electronic resource]

edited by David Kirkham

BL65.T47 W49 2015

America's secret jihad : the hidden history of religious terrorism in the United States

Stuart Wexler

BL723 .S64 2015

Household gods : private devotion in ancient Greece and Rome

Alexandra Sofroniew

BL783 .R88 2013eb

State pilgrims and sacred observers in ancient Greece : a study of Theōriā and Theōroi

Ian Rutherford

BL785 .K66 2016eb

The Greek gods in modern scholarship : interpretation and belief in nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Germany and Britain

Michael D. Konaris

BL80.3 .R443 2016

Religions in the modern world : traditions and transformations

edited by Linda Woodhead, Christopher Partridge, and Hiroko Kawanami

BL805 .C65 2013eb

Religious networks in the Roman empire : the spread of new ideas [electronic resource]

Anna Collar

BL805 .L35 2014eb

Pollution and religion in ancient Rome [electronic resource]

Jack J. Lennon

BL820.B2 E36 2013

Redefining Ancient Orphism : a Study in Greek Religion [electronic resource]

Radcliffe G. Edmonds III

BL85 .S75 2013eb

Discourses on religious diversity : explorations in an urban ecology [electronic resource]

Martin D. Stringer

BL98 .R385 2013eb

Religion in consumer society : brands, consumers, and markets [electronic resource]

edited by François Gauthier and Tuomas Martikainen

BL980.G7 K56 2013eb

Media portrayals of religion and the secular sacred : representation and change [electronic resource]

Kim Knott, Elizabeth Poole, Teemu Taira


New York's Yiddish theater : from the Bowery to Broadway

edited by Edna Nahshon

BM630 .L36 2016

Patterns of sin in the Hebrew Bible : metaphor, culture, and the making of a religious concept

Joseph Lam


Jews and their foodways

edited by Anat Helman


Alternative Islamic discourses and religious authority [electronic resource]

edited by Carool Kersten, Susanne Olsson

BP171.5 .I365 2015

Islam and the future of tolerance : a dialogue

Sam Harris, Maajid Nawaz

BP173.25 .T87 2013eb

The sociology of Islam : collected essays of Bryan S. Turner [electronic resource]

edited by Bryan S. Turner and Kamaludeen Mohamed Nasir

BP173.4 .S33 2013eb

Women and the transmission of religious knowledge in Islam [electronic resource]

Asma Sayeed, University of California, Los Angeles

BP173.7 .I55 2013

Charismatic leadership phenomenon in radical and militant Islamism [electronic resource]

by Haroro J. Ingram

BP173.75 .T63 2016

Everyday piety : Islam and economy in Jordan

Sarah A. Tobin

BP185 .G55 2013eb

Understanding Muslim chaplaincy [electronic resource]

Sophie Gilliat-Ray, Muhammad Mansur Ali, Stephen Pattison

BP188 .R45 2013

Law and piety in medieval Islam

Megan H. Reid

BP190.5.D73 S57 2015

Dreams & visions in the world of Islam : a history of Muslim dreaming and foreknowing

Elizabeth Sirriyeh

BP222 .A37 2015

Africana Islamic studies

edited by James L. Conyers Jr. and Abdul Pitre

BP52.5 .I93 2016

Islam and secular citizenship in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, and France

Carolina Ivanescu

BP603 .R48 2013eb

Revisionism and diversification in new religious movements [electronic resource]

edited by Eileen Barker

BP64.A37 I855 2013eb

Islam in Africa south of the Sahara : essays in gender relations and political reform [electronic resource]

edited by Pade Badru, Brigid Maa Sackey

BP65.A1 E975 2013eb

Everyday lived Islam in Europe [electronic resource]

edited by Nathal M. Dessing, Nadia Jeldtoft and Jørgen S. Nielsen, Linda Woodhead


Radicalism unveiled [electronic resource]

by Farhaan Wali

BQ1470.V487 R43 2016

Readings of the Vessantara Jātaka

edited by Steven Collins

BQ2 .P33

The Pacific world : journal of the Institute of Buddhist Studies

BQ7662.4 .D35 2016

The gathering of intentions : a history of a Tibetan Tantra

Jacob P. Dalton

BQ9266 .S93 2015

Selected works of D.T. Suzuki

volume editor James C. Dobbins, general editor Richard M. Jaffe

BQ9288 .Y3513 2015

Zen : the authentic gate

Kōun Yamada

BR100 .H6155 2016

Acute melancholia and other essays : mysticism, history, and the study of religion

Amy Hollywood

BR1642.U5 K74 2013

The evangelicals you don't know : introducing the next generation of Christians [electronic resource]

Tom Krattenmaker

BR1642.U6 S65 2013

American evangelicals today [electronic resource]

Corwin E. Smidt

BR1644.5.L29 N49 2016

New ways of being pentecostal in Latin America

edited by Martin Lindhardt

BR358.M85 L84 2016

Hometown religion : regimes of coexistence in early modern Westphalia

David M. Luebke

BR526 .T76 2016

Righting America at the Creation Museum

Susan L. Trollinger and William Vance Trollinger, Jr

BR65.A9 B593 2015

Augustine's early theology of image : a study in the development of pro-Nicene theology

Gerald Boersma

BS1171.3 .S57 2013eb

'The unconquered land' and other Old Testament essays : selected studies [electronic resource]

by Rudolf Smend ; edited by Edward Ball and Margaret Barker ; with translations by Margaret Kohl

BS2506.3 .P684 2015

When Paul met Jesus : how an idea got lost in history

Stanley E. Porter, McMaster Divinity College, Ontario


The erotic life of manuscripts : New Testament textual criticism and the biological sciences

Yii-Jan Lin

BS2618 .H36 2012

Paul, founder of churches : a study in light of the evidence for the role of "founder-figures" in the Hellenistic-Roman period

James Constantine Hanges

BS476 .B446 2013eb

Using the Bible in practical theology : historical and contemporary perspectives [electronic resource]

Zoë Bennett

BS476 .O54 2013

The one who sows bountifully" : essays in honor of Stanley K. Stowers

edited by Caroline Johnson Hodge, Saul M. Olyan, Daniel Ullucci, Emma Wasserman


Historical and biblical Israel : the history, tradition, and archives of Israel and Judah

by Reinhard G. Kratz ; translated by Paul Michael Kurtz

BT220 .H24 2013eb

Between the image and the word : theological engagements with imagination, language and literature [electronic resource]

Trevor Hart

BT40 .H435 2015eb

The theological project of modernism : faith and the conditions of mineness

Kevin W. Hector

BT470 .L385 2013eb

Hell's destruction: an exploration of Christ's descent to the dead [electronic resource]

by Catherine Ella Laufer

BT703.5 .H67 2015

Does God make the man? : media, religion, and the crisis of masculinity

Stewart M. Hoover and Curtis D. Coats

BT734.2 .J46 2010

The Christian imagination : theology and the origins of race

Willie James Jennings

BT736.2 .F336 2013

Modern just war theory : a guide to research [electronic resource]

by Michael Farrell

BV3 .E97 2013

Exploring ordinary theology : everyday Christian believing and the church [electronic resource]

edited by Jeff Astley and Leslie J. Francis

BX1070 .H69 2016

Before the Gregorian reform : the Latin Church at the turn of the first millennium

John Howe

BX129.A1 A672 2014

On this day : the Armenian Church Synaxarion (Yaysmawurk') : a parallel Armenian-English text

translated and edited by Edward G. Mathews Jr

BX1406.3 .A44 2013eb

American Catholics in transition [electronic resource]

William V. D'Antonio, Michele Dillon, and Mary L. Gautier


Catholic theology after Kierkegaard

Joshua Furnal

BX1795.H82 S33 2016

The cosmic common good : religious grounds for ecological ethics

Daniel P. Scheid

BX2045.I553 M34 2013eb

The rite of Christian initiation : adult rituals and Roman Catholic ecclesiology [electronic resource]

Peter McGrail

BX2435 .R37 2016eb

Brother-making in late-Antiquity and Byzantium : monks, laymen, and Christian ritual

Claudia Rapp

BX4705.J28 E67 2016

The talents of Jacopo da Varagine : a Genoese mind in medieval Europe

Steven A. Epstein

BX5980.D39 R69 2004

Like stars appearing : the story of the stained glass windows of St. George's Episcopal Church, Dayton, Ohio

researched and written by Anne E. Rowland

BX7260.E3 A25 2015

The other Jonathan Edwards : selected writings on society, love, and justice

edited by Gerald McDermott and Ronald Story

BX7731.3 .J64 2013eb

Quakering theology : essays on worship, tradition and Christian faith [electronic resource]

by David L. Johns

BX8635.3 .O94 2015

The Oxford handbook of Mormonism

edited by Terryl L. Givens and Philip L. Barlow

BX8680.S88 S838 2016

James Jesse Strang : the rise and fall of Michigan's Mormon king

Don Faber

BX9418 .M355 2015

John Calvin : a companion to his life and theology

Donald K. McKim