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Items Acquired in November 2016 for the University Libraries


D117 .W53 2016

Medieval Europe

Chris Wickham

D13 .I34 2016

A global history of modern historiography

Georg G. Iggers, Q. Edward Wang and Supriya Mukherjee

D157 .R86 1987

A history of the Crusades

by Steven Runciman

D157 .R86 1987

A history of the Crusades

by Steven Runciman

D157 .R86 1987

A history of the Crusades

by Steven Runciman

D160 .R46 2017

Remembering the Crusades and crusading

edited by Megan Cassidy-Welch

D17 .O6813 2016

The Old English history of the world : an Anglo-Saxon rewriting of Orosius

edited and translated by Malcolm R. Godden

D200 .H413 1962

The medieval world: Europe, 1100-1350

Friedrich Heer ; translated from the German by Janet Sondheimer

D2025.5.C6 S43 2016

Security relations between China and the European Union : from convergence to cooperation?

Emil J. Kirchner (University of Essex), Thomas Christiansen (Maastrich University), Han Dorussen (University of Essex)

D521 .T39 1966

The First World War : an illustrated history

D767.92 .T86 2016

Countdown to Pearl Harbor : the twelve days to the attack

Steve Twomey

D769.8.A6 I55 2016

The long afterlife of Nikkei wartime incarceration

Karen M. Inouye

D786 .N48 2002

The armed rovers : Beauforts & Beaufighters over the Mediterranean

Roy C. Nesbit


Mayoral collaboration under Nazi occupation in Belgium, The Netherlands and France, 1938-46

Nico Wouters

D810.S8 B729 2016

The last goodnight : a World War II story of espionage, adventure, and betrayal

Howard Blum


The culture of food in England, 1200-1500

C.M. Woolgar

DA118 .B29 2016eb

Heroic failure : the British

Stephanie Barczewski

DA125.A1 B87 2016

Race, place and the seaside : postcards from the edge

Daniel Burdsey

DA154.7 .R63 2016

Æthelred the Unready

Levi Roach

DA205 .H87 2016eb

Tales from the long twelfth century : the rise and fall of the Angevin Empire

Richard Huscroft

DA28.35.W54 O88 2015eb

Royal fever : the British monarchy in consumer culture

Cele C. Otnes and Pauline Maclaran

DA445 .R54 2016

1666 : plague, war, and hellfire

Rebecca Rideal

DA562 .G65 2016

A very queer family indeed : sex, religion, and the Bensons in Victorian Britain

Simon Goldhill

DA566.7 .C64 2016

Anti-fascism in Britain

Nigel Copsey

DA566.9.B375 B43 2017

Fascist in the family : the tragedy of John Beckett M.P.

Francis Beckett

DA566.9.W459 B44 2016

Red Ellen : the life of Ellen Wilkinson socialist, feminist, internationalist

Laura Beers

DA574.J44 C68 2017

Farming, fascism and ecology : a life of Jorian Jenks

Philip M. Coupland

DA585.B78 L69 2016

Stalin's Englishman : Guy Burgess, the Cold War, and the Cambridge spy ring

Andrew Lownie

DA587 .G75 2017

What did you do during the war? : the last throes of the British pro-Nazi Right, 1940-45

Richard Griffiths

DA684.25 .T97 2016

Vanishing streets : journeys in London

J. M. Tyree

DA990.D6 C37 2016

Packy Jim : folklore and worldview on the Irish border

Ray Cashman

DB97 .H55 2016

Imagining a greater Germany : republican nationalism and the idea of Anschluss

Erin R. Hochman


Days of glory? : imaging military recruitment and the French Revolution [electronic resource]

Valérie Mainz

DC73 .F7513 2016


Johannes Fried ; translated by Peter Lewis

DD256.6 .M37 2016

The Nazi-fascist new order for European culture

Benjamin G. Martin

DD256.7 .H58 2016eb

Hitler's geographies : the spatialities of the Third Reich

edited by Paolo Giaccaria and Claudio Minca

DF228.P4 M37 2016

Pericles : a biography in context

Thomas R. Martin, College of the Holy Cross

DF849.52 .G46 2016

An international civil war : Greece, 1943-1949

André Gerolymatos

DG124 .M35 2016

A family of gods : the worship of the imperial family in the Latin West

Gwynaeth McIntyre

DG270 .K85 2016

The triumph of empire : the Roman world from Hadrian to Constantine

Michael Kulikowski

DG276.5 .D86 2016

Power and privilege in Roman society

Richard Duncan-Jones Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge


The modern cultural myth of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire

Jonathan Theodore


Italian modernities : competing narratives of nationhood [electronic resource]

Rosario Forlenza, Bj̐Μưrn Thomassen

DG845.66.G53 L83 2012eb

Darkness before daybreak : African migrants living on the margins in southern Italy today

Hans Lucht

DK4382 .H365 2016

Two roads diverge : the transition experience of Poland and Ukraine

Christopher A. Hartwell

DK49 .N48 2017

Russia and the idea of Europe : a study in identity and international relations

Iver B. Neumann

DK508.847 .P55 2016

Black square : adventures in Post-Soviet Ukraine

Sophie Pinkham


Beyond Crimea : the new Russian empire

Agnia Grigas


Finnish military effectiveness in the Winter War, 1939-1940

Pasi Tuunainen


Global Visions of Olof Palme, Bruno Kreisky and Willy Brandt : International Peace and Security, Co-operation, and Development

B. Vivekanadan

DP194 .S767 2016

The Spanish resurgence, 1713-1748

Christopher Storrs

DP302.A7 F36 2016eb

The mercenary Mediterranean : sovereignty, religion, and violence in the medieval crown of Aragon

Hussein Fancy


Romanian counterinsurgency and its global context, 1944-1962

Andrei Miroiu

DR479.I74 K86 2016

Rethinking Turkey-Iraq relations : the dilemma of partial cooperation [electronic resource]

Mehmet Akif Kumral

DS113.8.G4 S4613 2016

German Jews in Palestine, 1920-1948 : between dream and reality

by Claudia Sonino ; translated by Juliet Haydock


Demonization in international politics : a barrier to peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Linn Normand

DS119.76 .D74 2016

Dreams deferred : a concise guide to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict & the movement to boycott Israel

[author, coauthor, and editor:] Cary Nelson

DS128.2 .K36 2016eb

The impossibility of Palestine : history, geography, and the road ahead

Mehran Kamrava

DS134.3 .B37 2016

Berlin for Jews : a twenty-first-century companion

Leonard Barkan

DS135.F83 S25 2016

The right to difference : French universalism and the Jews

Maurice Samuels


Budapest building managers and the Holocaust in Hungary [electronic resource]

Istvan Pal Adam

DS135.M8 M36 2016

Across legal lines : Jews and Muslims in modern Morocco

Jessica M. Marglin

DS145 .A5985 2016

Anti-Judaism, antisemitism, and delegitimizing Israel

edited by Robert S. Wistrich

DS318.825 .P38 2016

Democracy in Iran : why it failed and how it might succeed

Misagh Parsa


Asia Pacific countries and the US rebalancing strategy

David W.F. Huang, editor


Natural hazards and peoples in the Indian Ocean world : bordering on danger

Greg Bankoff, Joseph Christensen, editors

DS380.K38 R63 2013

Body of victim, body of warrior : refugee families and the making of Kashmiri jihadists

Cabeiri deBergh Robinson


Arab revolution in the 21st century? : lessons from Egypt and Tunisia

Nader Fergany


The precarious diasporas of Sikh and Ahmadiyya generations : violence, memory, and agency

Michael Nijhawan

DS526.7 .K56 2017

Politics in contemporary Southeast Asia : authority, democracy and political change

Damien Kingsbury

DS554.46.J37 S25 2016

Salvage : cultural resilience among the Jorai of northeast Cambodia

Krisna Uk


The Vietnam Nationalist Party (1927--1954)

Văn Khánh Nguŷẽn

DS557.A6 L8

Dateline-- Viet Nam

Jim G. Lucas

DS559.63 .E87 2014eb

Body counts : the Vietnam War and militarized refuge(es)

Ŷén Lê Espiritu

DS59.S94 S65 2016

Constantine and the captive Christians of Persia : martyrdom and religious identity in Late Antiquity

Kyle Smith

DS610.7 .C35 2016

Singapore : smart city, smart state

Kent E. Calder

DS63.123 .C43 2016

The age of jihad : Islamic State and the great war for the Middle East

Patrick Cockburn


New beginning in US-Muslim relations : President Obama and the Arab awakening

Eugenio Lilli

DS674 .M44 2016

Forced migration in the Spanish Pacific world : from Mexico to the Philippines, 1765-1811

Eva Maria Mehl (University of North Carolina Wilmington)

DS685 .C37 2016

The foundations of the modern Philippine state : imperial rule and the American constitutional tradition in the Philippine islands, 1898-1935

Leah Castañeda Anastacio (East Asian Legal Studies, Harvard Law School)

DS741.5 .M35 2017

Ancient China : a history

John S. Major and Constance A. Cook

DS747.9.Q254 L58 2012

China's terracotta warriors : the first emperor's legacy

Liu Yang ; with contributions by Edmund Capon, Albert E. Dien, Jeffrey Riegel, Eugene Wang, Yuan Zhongyi


Surviving in violent conflicts : Chinese interpreters in the second Sino-Japanese War 1931-1945 [electronic resource]

Ting Guo

DS777.549 .C47 2016

Staging Chinese Revolution : theater, film, and the afterlives of propaganda

Xiaomei Chen

DS786 .L4619213 2016

Tibet in agony : Lhasa 1959

Jianglin Li ; translated by Susan Wilf

DS832 .L49 2016

The fabric of indigeneity : Ainu identity, gender, and settler colonialism in Japan

ann-elise lewallen

DS915.35 .H84 2016eb

Rationalizing Korea : the rise of the modern state, 1894-1945

Kyung Moon Hwang

DS916 .B89 2017

The making of modern Korea

Adrian Buzo

DS922.35 .E25 2016

Park Chung Hee and modern Korea : the roots of militarism 1866-1945

Carter J. Eckert

DT1 .A372


DT107 .B366 2013

On time : technology and temporality in modern Egypt

On Barak


British strategy and intelligence in the Suez Crisis

Danny Steed


Aswan High Dam resettlement of Egyptian nubians

Thayer Scudder

DT159.927.D57 B33 2016

Negotiating belongings : stories of forced migration of Dinka women from South Sudan

Melanie Baak


Refugees, Conflict and the Search for Belonging [electronic resource]

DT39 .W53 2016eb

The Red Sea : in search of lost space

Alexis Wick

DT516.826 .B65 2012eb

I did it to save my life : love and survival in Sierra Leone

Catherine E. Bolten

DT82 .A675 2013eb

Imagined empires : a history of revolt in Egypt

Zeinab Abul-Magd