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Items Acquired in August 2016 for the University Libraries



Historical Epistemology of Space [electronic resource]

D1065.G7 G76 2016

Continental drift : Britain and Europe from the end of empire to the rise of Euroscepticism

Benjamin Grob-Fitzgibbon (United States Department of State)


The will of change : European neighborhood policy, domestic actors and institutional change in Morocco

Eva-Maria Maggi


The politics of culture in Quattrocento Europe : René of Anjou in Italy

Oren Margolis


Man-made catastrophes and risk information concealment : case studies of major disasters and human fallibility

Dmitry Chernov, Didier Sornette

D244.7 .H37 2016

Queenship and revolution in early modern Europe : Henrietta Maria and Marie Antoinette

Carolyn Harris

D308 .N37 2016eb

Napoleon's empire : European politics in global perspective

edited by Ute Planert

D639.V48 K84 2016

The international migration of German Great War veterans : emotion, transnational identity, and loyalty to the nation, 1914-1942

Erika Kuhlman

D727 .G84 2016

European elites and ideas of empire, 1917-1957

Dina Gusejnova, University of Sheffield

D810.C698 K574 2015

Unfolding the "comfort women" debates : modernity, violence, women's voices

Maki Kimura, University College London, UK

DA228.P46 M58 2016

Joan de Valence : the life and influence of a thirteenth-century noblewoman [electronic resource]

Linda E. Mitchell

DA554 .L6 1964

Queen Victoria : born to succeed

by Elizabeth Longford

DA574.D38 D83 2016

The real Peter Pan : J.M. Barrie and the boy who inspired him

Piers Dudgeon


The British role in Iranian Domestic politics (1951-1953)

Mansoureh Ebrahimi


Landscapes and landforms of the Czech Republic

Tomáš Pánek, Jan Hradecký, editors


Ruling women. Volume I, Government, virtue, and the female prince in seventeenth-century France

Derval Conroy

DC137.1 .D4413 2016


Hélène Delalex, Alexandre Maral, Nicolas Milovanovic

DC272.5 .G89 2016

The second French Republic 1848-1852 : a political reinterpretation

Christopher Guyver

DE5 .O94 2014eb

The Oxford companion to classical civilization

edited by Simon Hornblower and Antony Spawforth ; assistant editor, Esther Eidinow

DF229.T6 T525 2016

Thucydides and political order. Concepts of order and the History of the Peloponnesian War

edited by Christian R. Thauer and Christian Wendt

DF261.C65 P38 2016

The Isthmus of Corinth : crossroads of the Mediterranean world

David K. Pettegrew


Hope, joy, and affection in the classical world

edited by Ruth R. Caston, Robert A. Kaster

DF78 .D645 2016

Benefaction and rewards in the ancient Greek city : the origins of euergetism

Marc Domingo Gygax (Princeton University)


Moving Romans : migration to Rome in the principate

Laurens E. Tacoma

DG285 .E47 2016

The Emperor Nero : a guide to the ancient sources

Anthony A. Barrett, Elaine Fantham, and John C. Yardley, editors

DG445 .G3

Life in Italy at the time of the Medici

DG66 .M54 2016

The Republican Aventine and Rome's social order

Lisa Marie Mignone

DG77 .B317 2016

Rome in the East : the transformation of an empire

Warwick Ball

DK265 .S525 2015eb

The "Russian" Civil Wars, 1916-1926 : ten years that shook the world

Jonathan D. Smele

DK266.4 .B47 2016

The Soviet mind : Russian culture under communism

Isaiah Berlin ; edited by Henry Hardy with a new introduction ; foreword by Strobe Talbott ; glossary by Helen Rappaport

DK68.7.J3 K778 2016

The Eurasian triangle : Russia, the Caucasus and Japan, 1904-1945

Hiroaki Kuromiya and Georges Mamoulia

DK857.75.J3 D34 2016eb

Japan in Central Asia : strategies, initiatives, and neighboring powers

Timur Dadabaev


Mapping transition in the Pamirs : changing human-environmental landscapes

Hermann Kreutzmann, Teiji Watanabe, editors

DS119.8.G4 H47 2016

Undeclared wars with Israel : East Germany and the West German far left, 1967-1989

Jeffrey Herf, University of Maryland, College Park

DS135.F83 S4413 2016

Persecution and rescue : the politics of the "Final Solution" in France, 1940-1944

Wolfgang Seibel ; translated by Ciaran Cronin

DS151.A2 V56 2016

Zionism : the birth and transformation of an ideal

Milton Viorst

DS154.52.F395 A46 2016

The shaykh of shaykhs : Mithqal al-Fayiz and tribal leadership in modern Jordan

Yoav Alon

DS155 .M3713 2016

In the land of a thousand gods : a history of Asia Minor in the ancient world

Christian Marek, in collaboration with Peter Frei ; translated by Steven Rendall

DS318 .C655 2016

The fall of heaven : the Pahlavis and the final days of imperial Iran

Andrew Scott Cooper


Institutionalizing constitutional rights : post-Sachar Committee scenario

Abusaleh Shariff


The traditional ecological knowledge of the Solega : a linguistic perspective

Aung Si


The US pivot and Indian foreign policy : Asia's evolving balance of power

Harsh V. Pant and Yogesh Joshi


Contestations and accommodations : Mewat and Meos in Mughal India

Suraj Bhan Bhardwaj


The human toll of the Kashmir conflict : tales of grief and courage from a South Asian borderland

Shubh Mathur


After the fall : Sri Lanka in victory and war

Mohan K. Tikku


Intercultural masquerade : new orientalism, new occidentalism, old exoticism

Regis Machart, Fred Dervin, Minghui Gao, editors

DS62.4 .C53 2017

A history of the modern Middle East

William L. Cleveland, Martin Bunton

DS63.2.G7 B73 2016

The Glubb reports : Glubb Pasha and Britain's empire project in the Middle East 1920-1956

Tancred Bradshaw

DS644.1.H2565 R87 2016

Hamka's great story : a master writer's vision of Islam for modern Indonesia

James R. Rush

DS646.23 . W57 2016

Javanese culture and the meanings of locality : studies on the arts, urbanism, polity, and society

Bagoes Wiryomartono

DS73.8 .M45 2016

The campaigns of Sargon II, King of Assyria, 721-705 B.C.

Sarah C. Melville

DS799.847 .T7714 2016

Taiwan's democracy challenged : the Chen Shui-bian years

edited by Yun-han Chu, Larry Diamond, and Kharis Templeman

DS885.2 .T73 2016eb

Transnational Japan as history : empire, migration, and social movements

edited by Pedro Iacobelli, Danton Leary and Shinnosuke Takahashi

DT159.94 .R65 2016

A history of South Sudan : from slavery to independence

Oystein H. Rolandsen and M. W. Daly

DT1949.B55 S58 2016

Steve Biko : decolonial meditations of Black consciousness

Tendayi Sithole


Place names in Africa : colonial urban legacies, entangled histories

Liora Bigon, editor


Political rationale and international consequences of the war in Libya

edited by Dag Henriksen and Ann Karin Larssen

DT266.94 .P74 2016

Transitional Justice in Post-Revolutionary Tunisia (2011¡OÐC¡o2013) : How the Past Shapes the Future [electronic resource]

DT295 .C455 2015

Decolonization and the French of Algeria : bringing the settler colony home

Sung-Eun Choi (assistant professor, Bentley University, USA)

DT31 .P3175 2016

Pan-Africanism in modern times : challenges, concerns, and constraints

edited by Olayiwola Abegunrin and Sabella Ogbobode Abidde

DT38.9.C95 M84 2016

Czechoslovakia in Africa, 1945-1968

Philip Muehlenbeck

DT515.834 .A34 2016

The politicization of ethnicity as source of conflict : the Nigerian situation [electronic resource]

Ademola Adediji

DT549.63.F8 M33 2016

Muslim interpreters in colonial Senegal, 1850-1920 : mediations of knowledge and power in the lower and middle Senegal River Valley

Tamba M'bayo

DT72.C7 R84 2015

Christians in Egypt : strategies and survival

Andrea B. Rugh

DT83 .M74 2016

Mummies, magic and medicine in ancient Egypt : multidisciplinary essays for Rosalie David

edited by Campbell Price, Roger Forshaw, Andrew Chamberlain, and Paul T. Nicholson ; with Robert Morkot and Joyce Tyldesley