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Items Acquired in April 2016 for the University Libraries


D1056.2.M87 Y55 2016

How the workers became Muslims : immigration, culture, and hegemonic transformation in Europe

Ferruh Yılmaz

D117 .M46 2013

Memory and commemoration in medieval culture [electronic resource]

edited by Elma Brenner, Mary Franklin-Brown and Meredith Cohen

D148 .N655 2013eb

Norman expansion : connections, continuities and contrasts

edited by Keith J. Stringer and Andrew Jotischky

D155 .S53 2013eb

Historical dictionary of the crusades [electronic resource]

Corliss K. Slack

D16.14 .A25 2016

Oral history theory

Lynn Abrams

D16.9 .P245 2016

State of nature, stages of society : enlightenment conjectural history and modern social discourse

Frank Palmeri

D16.9 .R27 2015

Hallow this ground

Colin Rafferty

D21.3 .F73 2016

The Silk Roads : a new history of the world

Peter Frankopan


Italy 1636 : cemetery of armies Gregory Hanlon

D285.8.C4 S6613 2016

Casanova the irresistible

Philippe Sollers ; translated and with an introduction by Armine Kotin Mortimer

D606 .S48 1993

Sailor of the air : the 1917-1919 letters & diary of USN CMMA Irving Edward Sheely

edited by Lawrence D. Sheely

D606.L9 P37 2008

Terror of the autumn skies : [the true story of Frank Luke, America's rogue ace of World War I]

Blaine L. Pardoe

D639.C38 C54 2013eb

The clergy in khaki : new perspectives on British Army chaplaincy in the First World War

edited by Michael Snape and Edward Madigan

D639.P77 M55 2015

Polarity, patriotism, and dissent in Great War Canada, 1914-1919

Brock Millman

D756.5.B7 W55 1985

Churchill's few : the Battle of Britain remembered

John Willis

D773 .M48 1991

The naval air war, 1939-1945

Nathan Miller

D786 .C87 1982

The forgotten pilots : a story of the Air Transport Auxiliary, 1939-45

Lettice Curtis

D786 .G28 1960 c.2

The Hurricane story

by Paul Gallico

D786 .T86 2007

The Bader wing

John Frayn Turner

D790 .S46 1988

A missing plane

Susan Sheehan

D790.22 15th .M35 2013eb

Fifteenth Air Force against the Axis : combat missions over Europe during World War II [electronic resource]

Kevin A. Mahoney

D790.253 57th .M46

Men of the 57th

D804.3 .G4675 2015

The extermination of the European Jews

Christian Gerlach

D811 .J587 1979

Enemy in the sky : my 1940 diary

Sandy Johnstone

D811.N88 A3 2002

With the possum and the eagle : the memoir of a navigator's war over Germany and Japan

Ralph H. Nutter

DA123 .B85 2016

Building the British Atlantic world : spaces, places, and material culture, 1600-1850

edited by Daniel Maudlin & Bernard L. Herman

DA125.I68 A35 2013eb

Narrative and violence : ways of suffering amongst Iranian men in diaspora [electronic resource]

by Mammad Aidani

DA205 .H87 2016

Tales from the long twelfth century : the rise and fall of the Angevin Empire

Richard Huscroft

DA209.P4 C73 2016

William Marshal

David Crouch

DA255 .G58 2016

Henry IV

Chris Given-Wilson

DA407.H37 F37 2014eb

Major-General Thomas Harrison : millenarianism, fifth monarchism and the English Revolution 1616-1660 [electronic resource]

by David Farr

DA485 .F39 2016

Spectacular Disappearances : Celebrity and Privacy, 1696-1801

Julia H. Fawcett

DA522.C5 .A25 2013eb

The opinions of William Cobbett

edited by James Grande, John Stevenson and Richard Thomas

DA566.9.C35 J64 2013eb

Lord Robert Cecil : politician and internationalist [electronic resource]

Gaynor Johnson

DA578 .C34 2013eb

Veteran MPs and Conservative politics in the aftermath of the Great War : the memory of all that [electronic resource]

by Richard Carr

DA68.32.K6 H43 2013eb

Haig and Kitchener in twentieth-century Britain : remembrance, representation and appropriation [electronic resource]

Stephen Heathorn

DA722 .E93 2013eb

Writing a small nation's past : Wales in comparative perspective, 1850-1950

by Neil Evans and Huw Pryce

DA908 .P47 2013eb

Revisionist scholarship and modern Irish politics [electronic resource]

Robert Perry


Partitioned lives : the Irish borderlands [electronic resource]

by Catherine Nash, Brian Graham, and Bryonie Reid

DA963 .M37 2016

The IRA bombing campaign against Britain, 1939-1940

Joseph McKenna

DAW1024 .C58 1999

The city in Central Europe : culture and society from 1800 to the present

edited by Malcolm Gee, Tim Kirk and Jill Steward

DB2744 .K57 2014eb

Historical Dictionary of Slovakia

Stanislav J. Kirschbaum

DB36.3.H3 D96 2013eb

Dynastic marriages, 1612/1615 : a celebration of the Habsburg and Bourbon unions [electronic resource]

edited by Margaret M. McGowan

DD125 .W55 2016

Heart of Europe : a history of the Holy Roman Empire

Peter H. Wilson

DD240 .B348 2013eb

A concise history of Nazi Germany [electronic resource]

Joseph W. Bendersky

DD247.R58 W58 2016

The devil's diary : Alfred Rosenberg and the stolen secrets of the Third Reich

Robert K. Wittman and David Kinney

DD66 .R38 2015

Light in Germany : scenes from an unknown Enlightenment

T.J. Reed

DE85.5.F8 F74 2016

French Mediterraneans : transnational and imperial histories

edited and with an introduction by Patricia M.E. Lorcin and Todd Shepard

DJK50 .B738 2016

Philosophy and dissidence in Cold-War Europe

Aspen Brinton

DK40 .B596 2013eb

A history of Russia and its empire : from Mikhail Romanov to Vladimir Putin

Kees Boterbloem

DK508.9.K78 W549 2016eb

The Crimean Tatars : from Soviet genocide to Putin's conquest

Brian Glyn Williams

DK651.C44 G37 2016

Putin country : a journey into the real Russia

Anne Garrels


The decent proposal : a novel

Kemper Donovan

DP140.6 .P47 2016

María de Molina, Queen and Regent : life and rule in Castile-León

Paulette Lynn Pepin

DP269.47.G3 L38 2010

Condor : the Luftwaffe in Spain, 1936-39

Patrick Laureau

DP302.A7 F36 2016

The mercenary Mediterranean : sovereignty, religion, and violence in the medieval crown of Aragon

Hussein Fancy

DP538 .N49 2015eb

Emigration and the sea : an alternative history of Portugal and the Portuguese [electronic resource]

Malyn Newitt

DS132 .W39 2016

Trouble in the tribe : the American Jewish conflict over Israel

Dov Waxman


Jewish responses to persecution. Vol. III, 1941-1942 [electronic resource]

Jürgen Matthäus ; with Emil Kerenji, Jan Lambertz, and Leah Wolfson

DS135.H9 H587 2013eb

The Holocaust in Hungary : evolution of a genocide [electronic resource]

Zoltán Vági, László Csosz and Gábor Kádár ; foreword by Randolph L. Braham

DS146.E85 B3813 2015

Socialism of fools : capitalism and modern anti-Semitism

Michele Battini ; translated by Noor Mazhar and Isabella Vergnano

DS149 .G25513 2016eb

A political theory for the Jewish people

Chaim Gans

DS149.5.C94 L53 2016

Zionists in interwar Czechoslovakia : minority nationalism and the politics of belonging

Tatjana Lichtenstein

DS156.I6 M33 2013

Foundation Myths and Politics in Ancient Ionia [electronic resource]

by Naoíse Mac Sweeney

DS156.P5 R66 2013

Roman Phrygia : Culture and Society [electronic resource]

Peter Thonemann

DS266 .Z53 2016

The emergence of Iranian nationalism : race and the politics of dislocation

Reza Zia-Ebrahimi

DS335 .A33 2013eb

Regionalism and regional security in South Asia : the role of SAARC

Zahid Shahab Ahmed

DS341 .C59 2016

The South Asia papers : a critical anthology of writings by Stephen Philip Cohen

DS341 .M43 2013eb

The Cold War in South Asia : Britain, the United States and the Indian Subcontinent, 1945-1965 [electronic resource]

Paul M. McGarr

DS341 .P375 2014

Pathways to power : the domestic politics of South Asia [electronic resource]

edited by Arjun Guneratne and Anita M. Weiss

DS371.412 .D34 2013eb

Soldier repatriation : popular and political responses

Kaare Dahl Martinsen

DS371.42 M85 2014eb

Warlords, strongman governors, and the state in Afghanistan

Dipali Mukhopadhyay

DS389.22.B48 A53 2016

Benazir Bhutto : favored daughter

Brooke Allen


The impossibility of Palestine : history, geography, and the road ahead

Mehran Kamrava

DS428.2 .D38 2015

The making of Indian diplomacy : a critique of Eurocentrism

Deep K. Datta-Ray

DS432.B4 C35 2013eb

Historical dictionary of the Bengalis [electronic resource]

Kunal Chakrabarti and Shubhra Chakrabarti

DS450.H55 C658 2016@DS450.H55 C658 2016

Sensitive space : fragmented territory at the India-Bangladesh border

Jason Cons

DS480.853 .R87 2015eb

Divided we govern : coalition politics in modern India

Sanjay Ruparelia

DS485.B49 M84 2015eb

Hungry Bengal : war, famine and the end of empire

Janam Mukherjee

DS509.5.H66 C53 2016

Claiming place : on the agency of Hmong women

Chia Youyee Vang, Faith Nibbs, and Ma Vang, editors

DS556.5 .T38 2013eb

A history of the Vietnamese [electronic resource]

K.W. Taylor

DS557.8.S6 G84 2002

Secret and dangerous : night of the Son Tay POW raid

William A. Guenon, Jr

DS558.5 .C63 2005

War for the hell of it

Ed Cobleigh

DS558.8 .S76 1999

Cleared hot! : a Marine combat pilot's Vietnam diary

Bob Stoffey

DS559.62.U6 K33 2016

The war after the war : the struggle for credibility during America's exit from Vietnam

Johannes Kadura

DS559.8.P7 P39 2015eb

The Psychology of Strategy : Exploring Rationality in the Vietnam War [electronic resource]

Kenneth Payne

DS571 .S578 2013eb

Historical dictionary of Thailand [electronic resource]

Gerald W. Fry, Gayla S. Nieminen, and Harold E. Smith

DS61.9.U6 L63 2016

Field notes : the making of Middle East studies in the United States

Zachary Lockman

DS62.8 .C46 2016

Popular politics in the making of the modern Middle East

John Chalcraft

DS63.2.U5 L59 2016

Us versus them : the United States, radical Islam, and the rise of the green threat

Douglas Little

DS632.M4 B46 2013eb

Political and legal transformations of an Indonesian polity : the Nagari from colonisation to decentralisation [electronic resource]

Franz von Benda-Beckmann, Keebet von Benda-Beckmann

DS70.9 .G47 2013

Historical dictionary of Iraq [electronic resource]

Beth K. Dougherty, Edmund A. Ghareeb

DS73.4 .P67 2013eb

Bronze Age bureaucracy : writing and the practice of government in Assyria

Nicholas Postgate, Cambridge University

DS734.9.S8 D875 2016

The letter to Ren An & Sima Qian's legacy

Stephen Durrant, Wai-yee Li, Michael Nylan, Hans Van Ess

DS740.5.A34 .A34 2013eb

China's diplomacy in Eastern and Southern Africa

edited by Seifudein Adem

DS740.5.T28 M4813 2015

Fragments of an unfinished war : Taiwanese entrepreneurs and the partition of China

Françoise Mengin

DS753.6.X77 D37 2013eb

A political life in Ming China : a grand secretary and his times

John W. Dardess

DS754.12 .M4185 2016

Forgery and impersonation in imperial China : popular deceptions and the high Qing state

Mark McNicholas

DS774.5 .L48 2013eb

Historical dictionary of the Chinese Civil War [electronic resource]

Christopher R. Lew, Edwin Pak-wah Leung

DS777.75 .W82 2016

The identity of zhiqing : the lost generation

Weiyi Wu and Fan Hong

DS777.8 .S879 2013eb

Foreign relations of the PRC : the legacies and constraints of China's international politics since 1949 [electronic resource]

Robert G. Sutter

DS779.27 .Z489 2013eb

China's new diplomacy : rationale, strategies and significance [electronic resource]

Zhiqun Zhu

DS779.47 .H44 2016

Diaspora and trust : Cuba, Mexico, and the rise of China

Adrian H. Hearn

DS786 .E735 2016

Ethnic conflict and protest in Tibet and Xinjiang : unrest in China's West

edited by Ben Hillman and Gray Tuttle

DS79.765.G7 B75 2013eb

British generals in Blair's wars [electronic resource]

edited by Jonathan Bailey, Richard Iron, Hew Strachan

DS79.767.M37 K57 2014eb

Obama, the Media, and Framing the U.S. Exit from Iraq and Afghanistan

by Erika G. King

DS793.S6445 Y38 2016

The ancient highlands of southwest China : from the Bronze Age to the Han Empire

Alice Yao

DS793.T7 R65 2016

Building new China, colonizing Kokonor : resettlement to Qinghai in the 1950s

Gregory Rohlf

DS833 .H46 2014eb

Historical dictionary of Japan to 1945 [electronic resource]

Kenneth Henshall

DS849.K7 L43 2016

Japanese society and the politics of the North Korean threat

Seung Hyok Lee

DS886 .D53 2013

World War I and the triumph of a new Japan, 1919-1930 [electronic resource]

Frederick R. Dickinson

DS895.B6 C38 2016

The Bonin Islanders, 1830 to the present : narrating Japanese nationality

David Chapman

DS913.43 .H33 2016

The great East Asian war and the birth of the Korean nation

JaHyun Kim Haboush ; edited by William J. Haboush and Jisoo M. Kim with Sixiang Wang, Hwisang Cho, and Ksenia Chizhova-Kim

DS918 .W33613 2013eb

The Korean War : an international history [electronic resource]

Wada Haruki

DS94.9 .C66 2014eb

Historical dictionary of Syria [electronic resource]

David Commins and David W. Lesch

DS96.2 .A63 2013eb

Syrian identity in the Greco-Roman world [electronic resource]

Nathanael J. Andrade

DS98.6 .G58 2016

Syria burning : a short history of a catastrophe

Charles Glass ; foreword by Patrick Cockburn

DT155.3 .V64 2013eb

Historical dictionary of the Sudan [electronic resource]

Robert S. Kramer, Richard A. Lobban, Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban

DT16.5 .L57 2014

Early African entertainments abroad : from the Hottentot Venus to Africa's first Olympians

Bernth Lindfors


Birders of Africa : history of a network

Nancy J. Jacobs


Birders of Africa : history of a network

Nancy J. Jacobs

DT1768.X57 R67 2013eb

The borders of race in colonial South Africa : the Kat River Settlement, 1829-1856 [electronic resource]

Robert Ross, Leiden University, Netherlands

DT236 .L53 2015eb

The Libyan Revolution and its aftermath

Peter Cole (lead editor), Brian McQuinn (editor)

DT2554 .R67 2013eb

Historical dictionary of Lesotho [electronic resource]

Scott Rosenberg and Richard F. Weisfelder

DT322.A36 C67 2013eb

Reviving the Islamic caliphate in early modern Morocco [electronic resource]

by Stephen Cory

DT352.3 .D46 2013

The archaeology and ethnography of Central Africa [electronic resource]

James Denbow

DT381 .S55 2013eb

Historical dictionary of Ethiopia [electronic resource]

David H. Shinn, Thomas P. Ofcansky

DT387.8 .C637 2013eb

Collision of empires : Italy's invasion of Ethiopia and its international impact

edited by G. Bruce Strang

DT448.2 .A45 2013eb

Race, nation, and citizenship in post-colonial Africa : the case of Tanzania [electronic resource]

Ronald Aminzade

DT516.826 .M58 2015

Rebels in a rotten state : understanding atrocity in the Sierra Leone civil war

Kieran Mitton

DT543.5 .O88 2014eb

Historical dictionary of Guinea [electronic resource]

Mohamed Saliou Camara, Thomas E. O'Toole, and Janice E. Baker

DT61 .P43 2013

The material world of ancient Egypt [electronic resource]

William H. Peck, University of Michigan-Dearborn

DT613.5 .L62 2013eb

Historical dictionary of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau [electronic resource]

Peter Karibe Mendy, Richard A. Lobban Jr

DT92 .P79 2013eb

The Ptolemies, the sea and the Nile : studies in waterborne power [electronic resource]

edited by Kostas Buraselis, Mary Stefanou, Dorothy J. Thompson