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Items Acquired in January 2017 for the University Libraries


D1056.2.M87 M85525 2016

Muslim minority-state relations : violence, integration, and policy

edited by Robert Mason


Virtuous or Villainess? : The image of the royal mother from the early medieval to the early modern era

Carey Fleiner, Elena Woodacre, editors


Queenship, gender, and reputation in the medieval and early modern west, 1060-1600 [electronic resource]

Zita Eva Rohr, Lisa Benz, editors


The Philosophy of Historical Case Studies [electronic resource]

D226.7 .G75 2016

Game of queens : the women who made sixteenth-century Europe

Sarah Gristwood


Propaganda and Hogarth's Line of Beauty in the First World War

Georgina Williams

D767.6 .R69 2016

India and World War II : war, armed forces, and society, 1939-45

Kaushik Roy

D767.92 .S845 2016

All the gallant men : an American sailor's firsthand account of Pearl Harbor

Donald Stratton with Ken Gire

D804.3 .H387 2017

Why? : explaining the Holocaust

Peter Hayes

D810.N4 W49 2016

Writing to save a life : the Louis Till file

John Edgar Wideman


Duncan Sandys and British Nuclear Policy-Making [electronic resource]

D849 .T73 2016eb

Transcending the Cold War : summits, statecraft, and the dissolution of bipolarity in Europe, 1970--1990

edited by Kristina Spohr and David Reynolds


Diplomatic strategies of leading nations in the global south : the search for leadership

Jacqueline Braveboy-Wagner, editor

DA197 .B3423 2016

William the Conqueror

David Bates

DA260 .P74 2017

Richard III and the princes in the Tower : the possible fates of Edward V and Richard of York

Gerald Prenderghast

DA30 .B6 2017

A history of the British Isles

Jeremy Black

DA315 .B72 2017

The private lives of the Tudors : uncovering the secrets of Britain's greatest dynasty

Tracy Borman

DA405 .R429 2016

The Leveller Revolution : radical political organisation in England, 1640-1650

John Rees


British public diplomacy and soft power : diplomatic influence and the digital revolution [electronic resource]

James Pamment


The birth of a queen : essays on the Quincentenary of Mary I [electronic resource]

Sarah Duncan, Valerie Schutte, editors

DA536.C35 F47 2016

An artisan intellectual : James Carter and the rise of modern Britain, 1792-1853

Christopher Ferguson

DA68.32.K6 C364 2016

Kitchener as proconsul of Egypt 1911-1914

George H. Cassar

DA87 .R63 2016

The Royal Navy and the British Atlantic World, c. 1750--1820

edited by John McAleer & Christer Petley

DA957 .T69 2016

The road to home rule : anti-imperialism and the Irish national movement

Paul A. Townend


World opinion and the Northern Ireland peace process [electronic resource]

Frank Louis Rusciano


Family guide Central France and the Alps


Family guide Southwest France


Family guide the South of France


Family guide Western France

DC270 .T652 2016

Recollections : the French Revolution of 1848 and its aftermath

Alexis de Tocqueville ; edited by Olivier Zunz ; translated by Arthur Goldhammer

DC337 .F855 2017

The courtesan and the gigolo : the murders in the Rue Montaigne and the dark side of empire in nineteenth-century Paris

Aaron Freundschuh


Queenship in medieval France, 1300-1500

Murielle Gaude-Ferragu ; translated by Angela Krieger

DC36.7 .G3813 2016

Queenship in medieval France, 1300-1500

Murielle Gaude-Ferragu ; translated by Angela Krieger


Family guide northeast France


The Captivity of John II, 1356-60 : The Royal Image in later medieval England and France

Neil Murphy


Family guide Paris

DC91.6.B5 .G73 2016

Blanche of Castile : Queen of France

Lindy Grant

DC99 .M87 2016

The captivity of John II, 1356-60 : the royal image in later medieval England and France

Neil Murphy

DD120.J3 T73 2016

Transnational encounters between Germany and Japan : perceptions of partnership in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries

edited by Joanne Miyang Cho, Lee M. Roberts, and Christian W. Spang

DD221.5 .X83 2017

Fragile rise : grand strategy and the fate of Imperial Germany, 1871-1914

Xu Qiyu ; foreword by Graham Allison ; translated by Joshua Hill

DD881 .S66 2016eb

Stories without borders : the Berlin Wall and the making of a global iconic event

Julia Sonnevend


The girl before : a novel

JP Delaney

DF225.55 .G37 2017

Athens burning : the Persian invasion of Greece and the evacuation of Attica

Robert Garland

DF234.2 .B74713 2017

The first European : a history of Alexander in the age of empire

Pierre Briant ; translated by Nicholas Elliott

DF285 .E94 2016

The rise of Athens : the story of the world's greatest civilization

Anthony Everitt

DF605.3 .N48 2016

Anna Komnene : the life and work of a medieval historian

Leonora Neville

DG276 .G65 2016

Pax Romana : war, peace, and conquest in the Roman world

Adrian Goldsworthy


Family guide the South and the islands


Mussolini 1883-1915 : triumph and transformation of a revolutionary Socialist

Spencer M. Di Scala, Emilio Gentile, editors


Family guide Milan and Northwest Italy

DG70.C39 C343 2016


edited by Nancy Thomson de Grummond and Lisa C. Pieraccini


Family guide Florence and Central Italy


Family guide Rome and Lazio



main contributor Fabrizio Ardito

DK254.R3 S66 2016

Rasputin : faith, power, and the twilight of the Romanovs

Douglas Smith

DK266.3 .P463 2016

The man with the poison gun : a Cold War spy story

Serhii Plokhy

DK267 .B22513 2016

Scorched earth : Stalin's reign of terror

Jörg Baberowski ; translated by Steven Gilbert, Ivo Komljen, and Samantha Jeanne Taber

DK508.57.U5 .P547 2017

The Crimean nexus : Putin's war and the clash of civilizations

Constantice Pleshakov

DK508.772 R44 2016

Brothers or enemies : the Ukrainian national movement and Russia, from the 1840s to the 1870s

Johannes Remy

DK508.9.K78 R666 2017

The Kremlin strikes back : Russia and the West after Crimea's annexation

Steven Rosefielde, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

DK917 .B49 2016

The force of custom : law and the ordering of everyday life in Kyrgyzstan

Judith Beyer


Ecuadorians in Madrid : migrants' place in urban history

Araceli Masterson-Algar

DR46.A3 G56 2016

The Ottoman culture of defeat : the Balkan Wars and their aftermath

Eyal Ginio


The Shaping of Turkey in the British Imagination, 1776-1923 [electronic resource]

by David S. Katz

DR719 .M34 2016

Istanbul : city of majesty at the crossroads of the world

Thomas F. Madden

DS110.T36 K465 2017

Life after ruin : the struggles over Israel's depopulated Arab spaces

Noam Leshem


On doing fieldwork in Palestine : advice, fieldnotes, and other thoughts

Celia E. Rothenberg

DS119.7 .M585 2016

A path to peace : a brief history of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations and a way forward in the Middle East

George J. Mitchell and Alon Sachar

DS126 .J27 2016

Oriental neighbors : Middle Eastern Jews and Arabs in mandatory Palestine

Abigail Jacobson and Moshe Naor

DS126.9 .W376 2016

The war of 1948 : representations of Israeli and Palestinian memories and narratives

edited by Avraham Sela and Alon Kadish

DS134.25 .G37 2016

Mixed feelings : tropes of love in German Jewish culture

Katja Garloff

DS135.E81 E58 2017

Entangled histories : knowledge, authority, and Jewish culture in the thirteenth century

edited by Elisheva Baumgarten, Ruth Mazo Karras, and Katelyn Mesler

DS135.S8 A165 2017

Narratives from the sephardic atlantic : blood and faith

DS143 .B25 2017


Cynthia M. Baker

DS149 .A678513 2017

Zionist israel and the question of palestine : jewish statehood and the history of the middle ... east conflict

DS195.5 .M3734 2016

Mass media and the genocide of the Armenians : one hundred years of uncertain representation

[edited by] Joceline Chabot (Université de Moncton, Canada), Richard Godin (Université Laval, Canada), Stefanie Kappler (Durham University, UK), Sylvia Kasparian (Université de Moncton, Canada)

DS228.I7 K47 2016

Saudi Arabia and Iran : friends or foes?

Banafsheh Keynoush

DS247.A138 S63 2017

The small Gulf States : foreign and security policies before and after the Arab Spring

edited by Khalid S. Almezaini and Jean-Marc Rickli


Islamic State and the coming global confrontation

Hussein Solomon

DS36.85 .R63 2016

Islamic civilization in thirty lives : the first 1,000 years

Chase F. Robinson

DS37.7 .S83 2016

Subversives and mavericks in the Muslim Mediterranean : a subaltern history

edited by Odile Moreau and Stuart Schaar ; preface by Edmund Burke III


Colonization, proselytization, and identity : the Nagas and Westernization in Northeast India

Tezenlo Thong


Heading east : security, trade, and environment between India and Southeast Asia

edited by Karen Stoll Farrell and Sumit Ganguly

DS479.1.A2 H36 2016eb

The feringhees : Sir Robert and Sir William--two Europeans in India

Elizabeth Hamilton

DS485.B395 S46 2016

The Rays before Satyajit : creativity and modernity in colonial India

Chandak Sengoopta


The Himalayan Border Region : trade, identity and mobility in Kumaon, India

Christoph Bergmann


Paradigms and public sector reform : public administration of Bhutan

Lhawang Ugyel

DS525.9.C5 C54 2017

Chinese encounters in Southeast Asia : how people, money, and ideas from China are changing a region

edited by Pál Nyíri and Danielle Tan ; foreword by Wang Gungwu


CultureShock! Myanmar : : a survival guide to customs and etiquette

Saw Myat Yin

DS54.4 .S84 2016

Ethnicity and racism in Cyprus : national pride and prejudice?

Peter A..J. Stevens, Ghent University, Belgium


CultureShock!. Singapore : : a survival guide to customs and etiquette

Kelly Jackson-Nash

DS632.K6 F69 2017

Biosocial synchrony on Sumba : multispecies relationships and environmental variations in Indonesia

Cynthia T. Fowler

DS682 .A155 2016

Body parts of empire : visual abjection, Filipino images, and the American archive

Nerissa S. Balce

DS689.B2 M35 2017

American imperial pastoral : the architecture of US colonialism in the Philippines

Rebecca Tinio McKenna


'Out of School' ethnic minority young people in Hong Kong

Miron Kumar Bhowmik, Kerry J. Kennedy


The Making of China's War with Japan : Zhou Enlai and Zhang Xueliang [electronic resource]

DS740.5.J3 K615 2016

Inheritance of loss : China, Japan, and the political economy of redemption after empire

Yukiko Koga

DS754.12 .W8 2016

Luxurious networks. Salt merchants, status, and statecraft in Eighteenth-century China.

Yulian Wu

DS778.7 .P37 2017

The art of cloning : creative production during China's Cultural Revolution

Pang Laikwan

DS778.C593 I86 2016

The origins of contemporary Sino-Japanese relations : Zhou Enlai and Japan

Mayumi Itoh

DS779.46 .T78 2016

Making autocracy work : representation and responsiveness in modern China

Rory Truex

DS786 .T33 2017

In the circle of white stones : moving through seasons with nomads of eastern Tibet

Gillian G. Tan

DS79.75 .B6913 2016

A history of the Iraq crisis : France, the United States, and Iraq, 1991-2003

Frédéric Bozo ; translated by Susan Emanuel

DS799.4 .Y84 2017

Identity politics and popular culture in Taiwan : a Sajiao generation

Hsin-I Sydney Yueh

DS799.63.C6 C65 2017

Convergence or conflict in the Taiwan Strait : the illusion of peace?

J. Michael Cole

DS907.18 .H93 2017

A history of Korea : an episodic narrative

Kyung Moon Hwang

DT295.6 .A54 2016

Algeria modern : from opacity to complexity

Luis Martinez, Rasmus Alenius Boserup (editors)

DT2988 .M88 2017

The Rhodesian Air Force in Zimbabwe's war of liberation, 1966-1980

Darlington Mutanda

DT409.M63 H37 2016

The mayor of Mogadishu : a story of chaos and redemption in the ruins of Somalia

Andrew Harding

DT73.N54 B67 2016@DT73.N54 B6x 2016

The BP exhibition : sunken cities : Egypt's lost worlds

edited by Franck Goddio and Aurélia Masson-Berghoff