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Items Acquired in June 2016 for the University Libraries


D128 .N67 1971

The medieval soldier

[by] A.V.B. Norman. Line drawings by Don Pottinger

D15.A53 A3 2016

A life beyond the boundaries

Benedict Anderson

D16 .A74 2016

Using non-textual sources : a historian's guide

Catherine Armstrong


Discursive processes of intergenerational transmission of recent history : (re)making our past

Mariana Achugar

D16.9 .R54 2016

In praise of forgetting : historical memory and its ironies

David Rieff


The prospect of global history

edited by James Belich, John Darwin, Margret Frenz and Chris Wickham

D21.3 .E94 2016

Explorations in history and globalization

edited by Cátia Antunes and Karwan Fatah-Black

D443 .W43 2016

Weak states, strong societies : power and authority in the new world order

edited by Amin Saikal


Fall of the sultanate : the Great War and the end of the Ottoman Empire, 1908-1922

Ryan Gingeras

D545.A63 W35 2016

Betrayal at Little Gibraltar : a German fortress, a treacherous American general, and the battle to end World War I

William Walker

D568.4.L45 F38 2016

Lawrence of Arabia's war : the Arabs, the British and the remaking of the Middle East in WWI

Neil Faulkner

D639.P39 H37 2015

Camera Aloft : Edward Steichen in the Great War

Von Hardesty ; researcher, Gene Eisman

D753 .H56 2016

The US, the UK and Saudi Arabia in World War II : the Middle East and the origins of a special relationship

Matthew Fallon Hinds

D764 .B398 2016

German army on the eastern front, the retreat 1943-1945 : rare photographs from wartime archives

Ian Baxter

D766.7.S9 W3513 2016

Invasion Syria, 1941 : Churchill and De Gaulle's forgotten war

Henri De Wailly ; translated by William Land

D790.473 251st .D59 2016

Photo recon became fighter duty : Marine Observation Squadron 251 in World War II

Steven K. Dixon

D790.5 .R53 2016

WASP of the Ferry Command : Women Pilots, Uncommon Deeds

Sarah Byrn Rickman ; foreword by Deborah G. Douglas

D803 .N34 2016

The Nazi hunters

Andrew Nagorski

D804.17 .A43 2015eb

The Holocaust memorial museum : sacred secular space

Avril Alba, University of Sydney, Australia

D804.348 .L33 1998

History and memory after Auschwitz

Dominick LaCapra

D805.5.F67 H47 2016

The Holocaust and compensated compliance in Italy : Fossoli di Carpi, 1942-1952

Alexis Herr


Cryptologic aspects of German intelligence activities in South America during World War II

David P. Mowry

D810.S7 D45 2016

British clandestine activities in Romania during the Second World War

Dennis Deletant

D810.W7 W67 2015

Working memory : women and work in World War II

Marlene Kadar and Jeanne Perreault, editors

D842.2 .B55 2015

The Cold War : a military history

Jeremy Black

D843 .S429 2015

The end of the Cold War, 1985-1991

Robert Service

DA110 .M153 2016

The making of English popular culture

edited by John Storey

DA240 .B4613 2016

John Benet's chronicle, 1399-1462 : an English translation with new introduction

Alison Hanham (Independant Scholar, New Zealand)

DA355 .G87 2016

Elizabeth : the forgotten years

John Guy


Bad Queen Bess? : libels, secret histories, and the politics of publicity in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I

Peter Lake

DA356 .M28 2016

Elizabethan espionage : plotters and spies in the struggle between Catholicism and the crown

Patrick H. Martin

DA520 .N38 2016

Titan : the art of British power in the age of revolution and Napoleon

William R. Nester

DA550 .W55 2016

Heyday : Britain and the birth of the modern world

Ben Wilson

DA564.B3 C47 2016

Disraeli : the novel politician

David Cesarani

DA566.4 .T56 2016

The long weekend : life in the English country house, 1918-1939

Adrian Tinniswood

DA589.7 .K57 2016

The Lib-Lab Pact : a parliamentary agreement, 1977-78

Jonathan Kirkup, Cardiff University, UK


Roy Jenkins and the European Commission presidency, 1976--1980 : at the heart of Europe

N. Piers Ludlow


Rethinking the Scottish revolution : covenanted Scotland, 1637-1651

Laura A.M. Stewart

DA963 .D35 2016

Sixties Ireland : reshaping the economy, state and society, 1957-1973

Mary E. Daly, University College Dublin

DA985 .M39 2016

Life in the country house in Georgian Ireland

Patricia McCarthy


Central & Eastern European Academic Source [electronic resource]

DB36.3.H3 J83 2016

The Habsburg empire : a new history

Pieter M. Judson

DB933.2 .N46 2016

Another Hungary : the nineteenth-century provinces in eight lives

Robert Nemes

DC137 .H369 2016

The life of Louis XVI

John Hardman

DC146.S7 F58 2016

Germaine de Staël : a political portrait

Biancamaria Fontana

DC226.3 .W37 2016

War, demobilization and memory : the legacy of war in the era of Atlantic revolutions

edited by Alan Forrest, Karen Hagemann, and Michael Rowe

DC90.8 .H36 2016

Louis : the French prince who invaded England

Catherine Hanley

DD149 .F737 2016

Frederick Barbarossa : the prince and the myth

John B. Freed

DD256.7 .H58 2016

Hitler's geographies : the spatialities of the Third Reich

edited by Paolo Giaccaria and Claudio Minca

DD89 .M87 2016

Germany in the modern world : a new history

Sam A. Mustafa

DE60 .T48 2016

Possession : the curious history of private collectors from antiquity to the present

Erin L. Thompson

DE94 .O27 2016

The Mediterranean world : from the fall of Rome to the rise of Napoleon

Monique O'Connell & Eric R. Dursteler

DF229.T6 T526 2016

Thucydides and political order : lessons of governance and the History of the Peloponnesian War

edited by Christian R. Thauer and Christian Wendt

DF229.T6 T526 2016

Thucydides and political order. Lessons of governance and the History of the Peloponnesian War

[edited by] Christian R. Thauer and Christian Wendt


The treasures of Alexander the Great : how one man's wealth shaped the world

Frank L. Holt

DF571 .H354 2016

The empire that would not die : the paradox of eastern Roman survival, 640-740

John Haldon

DF77 .C66 2016

The Greeks : an illustrated history

Diane Harris Cline

DF82 .P64 2016

Athens and Sparta : constructing Greek political and social history from 478 BC

Anton Powell

DF99 .H68 2016

Houses of ill repute : the archaeology of brothels, houses, and taverns in the Greek world

edited by Allison Glazebrook and Barbara Tsakirgis


Urban craftsmen and traders in the Roman world [electronic resource]

edited by Andrew Wilson and Miko Flohr

DG231.3 .A76 2016

War and society in early Rome : from warlords to generals

Jeremy Armstrong

DG274 .R598 2016

The Play of Allusion in the Historia Augusta

David Rohrbacher

DG55.S5 D38 2016eb

Archaic and classical Greek Sicily : a social and economic history

Franco de Angelis

DG571 .M22

Mussolini's Roman Empire

Denis Mack Smith

DK209.6.H4 K445 2016

The discovery of chance : the life and thought of Alexander Herzen

Aileen M. Kelly

DK266.4 .H26 2016

One day we will live without fear : everyday lives under the Soviet police state

Mark Harrison


The great fear : Stalin's terror of the 1930s

James Harris,

DK268.S8 R83 2016

The last days of Stalin

Joshua Rubenstein

DK277 .R43 2016

Reconsidering stagnation in the Brezhnev era : ideology and exchange

edited by Dina Fainberg and Artemy Kalinovsky

DK4600.O3385 K85 2016

Belonging to the nation : inclusion and exclusion in the Polish-German borderlands, 1939-1951

John J. Kulczycki


Ukraine between the EU and Russia : the integration challenge

Rilka Dragneva and Kataryna Wolczuk

DK508.9.Z35 S44 2016

Genocide in the Carpathians : War, Social Breakdown, and Mass Violence, 1914-1945

Raz Segal

DK508.95.K53 W47 2016

Living Soviet in Ukraine from Stalin to Maidan : under the falling Red Star in Kharkiv

by Michael T. Westrate

DK510.76 .A44913 2016

Secondhand time : the last of the Soviets

Svetlana Alexievich ; translated by Bela Shayevich

DK510.763 .O88 2016

The invention of Russia : from Gorbachev's freedom to Putin's war

Arkady Ostrovsky

DK510.766.P87 C56 2016

Black wind, white snow : the rise of Russia's new nationalism

Charles Clover

DK511.B33 S74 2016

Threads of empire : loyalty and tsarist authority in Bashkiria, 1552-1917

Charles Steinwedel

DK67.5.G3 C37 2016

Russia in the German global imaginary : imperial visions & utopian desires, 1905-1941

James E. Casteel

DP17 .P55 2016

A concise history of Spain

William D. Phillips, Jr. and Carla Rahn Phillips

DR441 .H69 2016

The history of Turkey

Douglas A. Howard

DS109.8.Z56 C53 2016

The Upper Room and tomb of David : the history, art, and archaeology of the Cenacle on Mount Zion

David Christian Clausen

DS109.93 .H64 2016

Till we have built Jerusalem : architects of a new city

Adina Hoffman

DS126.5 .H376 2016

Refuting the Anti-Israel Narrative : A Case for the Historical, Legal, and Moral Legitimacy of the Jewish State

Jeremy Havardi

DS135.F89 J3313 2016

A history of the grandparents I never had

Ivan Jablonka ; translated by Jane Kuntz

DS135.H92 B83445 2016

The invisible Jewish Budapest : metropolitan culture at the fin de siècle

Mary Gluck

DS135.T8 S75 2016

Extraterritorial dreams : European citizenship, Sephardi Jews, and the Ottoman twentieth century

Sarah Abrevaya Stein

DS143 .R556 2016

Recovering Jewishness : Modern Identities Reclaimed

Frederick S. Roden

DS228.I7 K47 2016

Saudi Arabia and Iran : friends or foes?

Banafsheh Keynoush


Iran revisited : exploring the historical roots of culture, economics, and society

Ali Pirzadeh

DS288 .M67 2016

Medieval Persia 1040-1797

David Morgan

DS318.825 .P69 2016

Power and change in Iran : politics of contention and conciliation

edited by Daniel Brumberg and Farideh Farhi


Nationalism in asia : a history since 1945

DS35 .I827 2016

Years of Upheaval : Axial Changes in Islam Since 1989

Raphael Israeli

DS35.69 .S36 2016

Muslim Democracy : Politics, Religion and society in Indonesia, Turkey and the Islamic world

Edward Schneier

DS36.9.A1 M55 2016

Minorities and the modern Arab world : new perspectives

edited by Laura Robson

DS38.4.S2 M36 2016

Saladin : the sultan who vanquished the crusaders and built an Islamic empire

John Man

DS39.3 .K55 2016

Blood year : the unraveling of Western counterterrorism

David Kilcullen

DS395.5 .T77 2016

The colonel who would not repent : the Bangladesh war and its unquiet legacy

Salil Tripathi

DS41 .M5347

Middle Eastern & Central Asian studies


Engaging the world : Indian foreign policy since 1947 [electronic resource]

edited by Sumit Ganguly


The Agartala doctrine : a proactive Northeast in Indian foreign policy [electronic resource]

edited by Subir Bhaumik

DS449 .P363 2016

Indian foreign policy : an overview

Harsh V. Pant

DS465 .W746 2016eb

Hybrid knowledge in the early East India Company world

Anna Winterbottom


Madan Mohan Malaviya and the Indian freedom movement [electronic resource]

Jagannath Prasad Misra

DS530.9.R3 R63 2016

Mapping Chinese Rangoon : place and nation among the Sino-Burmese

Jayde Lin Roberts

DS54.56.R87 M45 2016

Russia-Cyprus relations : a pragmatic idealist perspective

Costas Melakopides (University of Cyprus)

DS556.9 .E55 2016

Aid under fire : nation building and the Vietnam War

Jessica Elkind

DS62.4 .G37 2016

The modern Middle East : a history

James L. Gelvin, University of California, Los Angeles

DS62.8 .S52 2016

Shifting sands : the unraveling of the old order in the Middle East

edited by Raja Shehadeh and Penny Johnson

DS63 .A18813 2016

Islamic fascism

Hamed Abdel-Samad

DS63.1 .G68 2016

Government and politics of the contemporary Middle East : continuity and change

Tareq Y. Ismael, Jacqueline S. Ismael, and Glenn E. Perry

DS63.123 .F73 2016

Fragile politics : weak states in the greater Middle East

Mehran Kamrava, editor

DS63.123 .L96 2016

The new Arab wars : uprisings and anarchy in the Middle East

Marc Lynch

DS63.2.U5 B3214 2016

America's war for the greater Middle East : a military history

Andrew J. Bacevich

DS63.2.U5 E38 2016

After the American century : the ends of U.S. culture in the Middle East

Brian T. Edwards

DS63.2.U5 M384 2016

US democracy promotion in the Middle East : the pursuit of hegemony

Dionysis Markakis

DS63.2.U5 T36 2016

The pragmatic superpower : winning the Cold War in the Middle East

Ray Takeyh and Steven Simon

DS646.15.A8 R53 2016

Constructing destruction : heritage narratives in the tsunami city

Trinidad Rico

DS689.M2 D64 2016

Feeding Manila in peace and war, 1850-1945

Daniel F. Doeppers

DS731.U4 B76 2016

Uyghur nation : reform and revolution on the Russia-China frontier

David Brophy

DS735 .C3145

The Cambridge history of China

general editors, Denis Twitchett and John K. Fairbank


China's quest : the history of the foreign relations of the People's Republic of China

John W. Garver

DS740.5.M53 T69 2016eb

Toward well-oiled relations? : China's presence in the Middle East following the Arab Spring

edited by Niv Horesh

DS740.5.V5 B35 2016

Ming China and Vietnam : Negotiating Borders in Early Modern Asia

Kathlene Baldanza, Pennsylvania State University

DS747.2 .B76 2015

The emergence of China : from Confucius to the empire

E. Bruce Brooks, A. Taeko Brooks

DS777.55 .B416 2016

China since 1949

Linda Benson

DS779.26 .H45 2016

China's crisis behavior : political survival and foreign policy after the Cold War

Kai He (Griffith Univeristy, Australia)

DS793.S62 C55 2016

Oil and water : being Han in Xinjiang

Tom Cliff

DS793.S62 J33 2016

Xinjiang and the modern Chinese state

Justin M. Jacobs

DS796.C59257 Y36 2016

The Red Guard generation and political activism in China

Guobin Yang

DS832.7.K6 S89 2016

Divided fates : the state, race, and Korean immigrants' adaptation in Japan and the United States

Kazuko Suzuki

DS87.5 .S76 2016

Spheres of intervention : US foreign policy and the collapse of Lebanon, 1967-1976

James R. Stocker

DS891.5.A23 M35 2016

The Abe restoration : contemporary Japanese politics and reformation

Craig Mark

DS907.18 .S426 2016

A concise history of Korea : from antiquity to the present

Michael J. Seth

DS911.19 .X8 2016

Reconstructing ancient Korean history : the formation of Korean-ness in the shadow of history

Stella Xu

DS916.54 .W67 2016

Imperial genus : the formation and limits of the human in modern Korea and Japan

Travis Workman


So power can be brought into play : SIGINT and the Pusan Perimeter

Jill Frahm

DS921.5.S7 (Internet)

The Korean War : the SIGINT background

David A. Hatch with Robert Louis Benson

DS98.6 .L478 2016

The Levant in turmoil : Syria, Palestine, and the transformation of Middle Eastern politics

edited by Martin Beck, Dietrich Jung, and Peter Seeberg

DS99.A6 D4 2015

Ancient Antioch : from the Seleucid Era to the Islamic conquest

Andrea U. De Giorgi


Egypt's Revolutions : Politics, Religion, and Social Movements

edited by Bernard Rougier and Stéphane Lacroix ; translated by Cynthia Schoch, with the participation of John Angell

DT38.7 .M58 2016

Jimmy Carter in Africa : race and the Cold War

Nancy Mitchell

DT433.576.K86 W36 2016

Controversial chiefs in colonial Kenya : the untold story of Senior Chief Waruhiu Wa Kung'u, 1890-1952

Evanson N. Wamagatta

DT448.25.N9 M94 1976

Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere : a bio-bibliography

H.A.K. Mwenegoha

DT450.28 .F44 2016

A history of Rwandan identity and trauma : the mythmakers' victims

Randall Fegley

DT450.44 .D68 2016

Remediation in Rwanda : grassroots legal forums

Kristin Conner Doughty

DT474.5 .K36 2016

Beyond Timbuktu : an intellectual history of Muslim West Africa

Ousmane Oumar Kane

DT61 .G687 2016

Greco-Egyptian interactions : literature, translation, and culture, 500 BCE-300 CE

edited by Ian Rutherford

DT636.53.J64 .S38 2016

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Pamela Scully

DT654 .V67 2015

Kongo in the Age of Empire, 1860-1913 : The Breakdown of a Moral Order

Jelmer Vos

DT73.A53 B34 2015

An Oasis City

Roger S. Bagnall, Nicola Aravecchia, Raffaella Cribiore, Paola Davoli, Olaf E. Kaper, Susanna McFadden

DU124.P64 E36 2016

Settler colonialism and (re)conciliation : frontier violence, affective performances, and imaginative refoundings

Penelope Edmonds