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Items Acquired in January 2017 for the University Libraries


E183 .B89 2016

Moderates : the vital center of American politics, from the founding to today

David S. Brown

E183.8.C5 P58 2016

The beautiful country and the Middle Kingdom : America and China, 1776 to the present

John Pomfret

E183.8.C9 R67 2016

U.S.-Cuba relations : charting a new path

Jonathan D. Rosen and Hanna S. Kassab

E183.8.I55 G55 2016

The Carter Administration and the fall of Iran's Pahlavi Dynasty : US-Iran relations on the brink of the 1979 Revolution

Javier Gil Guerrero

E183.8.J3 U56 2016

International relations and the origins of the Pacific War

Ko Unoki

E183.8.N6 .A24 2016

Nigeria, Africa, and the United States : challenges of governance, development, and security

Olayiwola Abegunrin

E184.A1 A648 2017

Exploring white privilege

Robert P. Amico

E184.A1 O1895 2016

Obama on our minds : the impact of Obama on the psyche of America

Lori A. Barker, [editor]

E184.A1 P659 2017

Postracial America? : an interdisciplinary study

edited by Vincent L. Stephens and Anthony Stewart


Asian/American Curricular Epistemicide : From Being Excluded to Becoming a Model Minority [electronic resource]


Miami's forgotten Cubans : race, racialization, and the Miami Afro-Cuban experience [electronic resource]


The Office of Strategic Services and Italian Americans : the untold history

Salvatore J. LaGumina

E184.I8 P287 2017

In the name of the mother : Italian Americans, African Americans, and modernity from Booker T. Washington to Bruce Springsteen

Samuele F. S. Pardini

E184.M5 B434 2017

Whiteness on the border : mapping the U.S. racial imagination in Brown and White

Lee Bebout

E185.6 .B77 2016

Competition in the promised land : black migrants in northern cities and labor markets

Leah Platt Boustan

E185.61 .B7964 2016

The American Civil Rights Movement, 1865-1950 : black agency and people of good will

Russell Brooker

E185.61 .S726 2016

North of Dixie : civil rights photography beyond the South

Mark Speltz ; with a preface by Deborah Willis

E185.615 .M3537 2016

Mourning in America : race and the politics of loss

David W. McIvor

E185.625 .K524 2016

Muslim cool : race, religion, and hip hop in the United States

Su'ad Abdul Khabeer

E185.625 .N59 2016

No tea, no shade : new writings in Black queer studies

edited by E. Patrick Johnson

E185.86 .D73 2016

When we imagine grace : black men and subject making

Simone C. Drake

E185.86 .P276 2016

The intersection of race and gender in national politics

Wanda V. Parham-Payne

E208 .A4398 2016

The American Revolution reborn

edited by Patrick Spero and Michael Zuckerman

E277 .I54 2016

The Loyalist problem in revolutionary New England

Thomas N. Ingersoll

E29.N3 L63 2016

African American contributions to the Americas' cultures : a critical edition of lectures by Alain Locke

Jacoby Adeshei Carter

E302.6.W7 M35 2016

John Witherspoon's American Revolution

Gideon Mailer

E310.7 .L37 2016

The American school of empire

Edward Larkin, University of Delaware

E312.5 .B76 2016

First in the Homes of his Countrymen : George Washington's Mount Vernon in the American Imagination

Lydia Mattice Brandt

E440.5 .P35 2017

The slaveholding crisis : fear of insurrection and the coming of the Civil War

Carl Lawrence Paulus

E449.R319 S25 2016

An abolitionist abroad : Sarah Parker Remond in cosmopolitan Europe

Sirpa Salenius

E450.G225 T39 2016

Driven toward madness : the fugitive slave Margaret Garner and tragedy on the Ohio

Nikki M. Taylor

E457.2 .L823 2016

Lincoln, Congress, and emancipation

edited by Paul Finkelman and Donald R. Kennon


The transnational significance of the American Civil War

J̈örg Nagler, Don H. Doyle, Marcus Gräser, editors

E470.2 .M38 2016

The first Republican army : the Army of Virginia and the radicalization of the Civil War

John H. Matsui

E473.2 .S67 2016

Iron dawn : the Monitor, the Merrimack, and the Civil War sea battle that changed history

Richard Snow

E513.9 .S46 2016

Our aim was man" : Andrew's sharpshooters in the American Civil War

edited by Roberta Senechal de la Roche

E533.5 8th .P54 2017

Lt. Spalding in Civil War Louisiana : a union officer's humor, privilege, and ambition

Michael D. Pierson

E540.I3 E44 2016

Albert C. Ellithorpe, the First Indian Home Guards, and the Civil War on the Trans-Mississippi Frontier

edited by M. Jane Johansson

E600 .C28 2016

Captain James Carlin : Anglo-American blockade-runner

Colin Carlin

E744 .F7685 2017

Foreign policy at the periphery : the shifting margins of US international relations since World War II

edited by Bevan Sewell and Maria Ryan

E77 .K429 2017

North America before the European invasions

Alice Beck Kehoe

E785 .S74 2016

A time of scandal : Charles R. Forbes, Warren G. Harding, and the making of the Veterans Bureau

Rosemary Stevens

E807.1 .M36 2016

The wars of the Roosevelts : the ruthless rise of America's greatest political family

William J. Mann

E807.1.R48 Q56 2016

Eleanor and Hick : the love affair that shaped a First Lady

Susan Quinn

E836 .B35 2017

Three days in January : Dwight Eisenhower's final mission

Bret Baier ; with Catherine Whitney

E840 .B785 2016

The grand chessboard : American primacy and its geostrategic imperatives

Zbigniew Brzezinski

E840.8.H655 B35 2016

New Politics in the Old South : Ernest F. Hollings in the Civil Rights Era

David T. Ballantyne

E840.8.S26 A3 2016

Our revolution : a future to believe in

Bernie Sanders


Hope, change, pragmatism : analyzing Obama's grand strategy

Jacob Shively

E907 .D37 2017

A consequential president : the legacy of Barack Obama

Michael D'Antonio

E909.O24 M43 2017

The meaning of Michelle : 16 writers on the iconic first lady and how her journey inspires our own

edited by Veronica Chambers

E99.C6 M38 2016

Naamiwan's drum : the story of a contested repatriaton of Anishinaabe artefacts

Maureen Matthews

E99.D2 L68 2017

The turtle's beating heart : one family's story of Lenape survival

Denise Low

E99.K9 H38 2016

Yakuglas' legacy : the art and times of Charlie James

Ronald W. Hawker


Does Playing Video Games Make Players More Violent? [electronic resource]


The Cyborg Subject : Reality, Consciousness, Parallax [electronic resource


S=EX² [electronic resource]

Pere Estupinyà


The politics of disaster management in China : institutions, interest groups, and social participation [electronic resource]

Gang Chen


Building Predicates : the view from Palauan [electronic resource]

Justin Nuger


Empirical Research in Statistics Education

Andreas Eichler


Biosemiotic Medicine : healing in the world of meaning [electronic resource]

Farzad Goli


Encyclopedia of Global Bioethics [electronic resource]

Henk Have


Drought Stress Tolerance in Plants, Vol 2 [electronic resource]

Mohammad Anwar Hossain ... [et. al.]


Agricultural Proteomics. Volume 2, Environmental stresses [electronic resource]

Ghasem Hosseini Salekdeh


Sleeplessness [electronic resource]

Jim Horne


Beyond Assessment of Quality of Life in Schizophrenia [electronic resource]

edited by A. George Awad, Lakshmi N.P. Voruganti


Work stress and health in a globalized economy : the model of effort-reward imbalance [electronic resource]

Johannes Siegrist, Morten Wahrendorf, editors


Ethical issues in pediatric organ transplantation [electronic resource]

Rebecca A. Greenberg, Aviva M. Goldberg, David Rodríguez-Arias, editors