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Items Acquired in June 2016 for the University Libraries


E169.1 .A546 2016

Immigration, assimilation, and the cultural construction of American national identity

Shannon Latkin Anderson

E176.1 .C23 2016

Dead presidents : an American adventure into the strange deaths and surprising afterlives of our nation's leaders

Brady Carlson

E176.1 .T775 2016

Triumphs and Tragedies of the Modern Presidency : Case Studies in Presidential Leadership

Maxmillian Angerholzer III, James Kitfield, Norman Ornstein, and Stephen Skowronek, editors

E179 .R78 2016

The Routledge history of rural America

edited by Pamela Riney-Kehrberg

E179.5 .K368 2016

Exploring the next frontier : Vietnam, NASA, Star Trek and utopia in 1960s and 70s American myth and history

Matthew Wilhelm Kapell

E181 .O94 1999

The Oxford companion to American military history

editor in chief, John Whiteclay Chambers II ; editors, Fred Anderson [and others]

E183 .W547 2016

The politicians & the egalitarians : the hidden history of American politics

Sean Wilentz

E183.7 .G79 2016

The unquiet frontier : rising rivals, vulnerable allies, and the crisis of American power

Jakub J. Grygiel, A. Wess Mitchell

E183.8.C15 R87 2016

Eisenhower and Cambodia : diplomacy, covert action, and the origins of the Second Indochina War

William J. Rust

E183.8.C5 H74 2016

A floating Chinaman : fantasy and failure across the Pacific

Hua Hsu

E183.8.R9 L395 2016

Return to Cold War

Robert Legvold

E183.8.S65 G385 2015

Soviet leaders and intelligence : assessing the American adversary during the Cold War

Raymond L. Garthoff

E183.8.V3 M55 2016

Precarious paths to freedom : the United States, Venezuela, and the Latin American Cold War

Aragorn Storm Miller

E183.8.V5 G4 2016

The irony of Vietnam : the system worked

Leslie H. Gelb, with Richard K. Betts ; foreword by Fareed Zakaria

E184.36.P64 B37 2016

The star and the stripes : a history of the foreign policies of American Jews

Michael N. Barnett

E184.37.G87 A3 2016

Memories of two generations : a Yiddish life in Russia and Texas

Alexander Z. Gurwitz ; edited by Bryan Edward Stone ; translated by Rabbi Amram Prero

E184.6 .F56 2004

Sources of the African American past : primary sources in American history

Roy E. Finkenbine

E184.7 .R47 2003

Revolutions of the mind : Cultural Studies in the African Diaspora Project, 1996-2002

edited by Dionne Bennett [and others] ; CSADP conceived by Valerie Smith and Marcyliena Morgan

E184.A1 .Z48 2016

The rise of the new second generation

Min Zhou, Carl L. Bankston III

E184.A1 A77 2015

The assault on communities of color : exploring the realities of race-based violence

Kenneth Fasching-Varner and Nicholas Daniel Hartlep (Eds) ; contributing editors, Lori Martin, Cleveland Hayes, Roland Mitchell, and Chaunda Allen-Mitchell

E184.A1 C655 2016

The cost of racism for people of color : contextualizing experiences of discrimination

edited by Alvin N. Alvarez, Christopher T. H. Liang, and Helen A. Neville

E184.A1 O338 2004

Off white : readings on power, privilege, and resistance

[edited by] Michelle Fine [and others]

E184.A1 R3147 2016

Race policy and multiracial Americans

edited by Kathleen Odell Korgen

E184.I6 B88 2016

Irish Nationalists in America : the politics of exile, 1798-1998

David Brundage

E184.M5 M394 2016

North from Mexico : the Spanish-speaking people of the United States

by Carey McWilliams ; second edition updated by Matt. S. Meier ; third edition updated by Alma M. García ; foreword by Mario T. García

E184.S15 C688 2016

Exiled home : Salvadoran transnational youth in the aftermath of violence

Susan Bibler Coutin

E184.S75 C44

Chicano database

E184.S75 L349 2016

Latinas in American politics : changing and embracing political tradition

edited by Sharon A. Navarro, Samantha L. Hernandez, and Leslie A. Navarro ; foreword by Carol Hardy-Fanta

E185.18 .D54 2016

The Politics of Black Citizenship : Free African Americans in the Mid-Atlantic Borderland, 1817-1863

Andrew K. Diemer

E185.18 .L87 2016

My brother slaves : friendship, masculinity, and resistance in the antebellum South

Sergio A. Lussana

E185.6 .L63 2016

Black natural law

Vincent W. Lloyd

E185.61 .C6148 2015

The civil rights movement in America : from Black Nationalism to the Women's Political Council

Peter B. Levy, editor

E185.61 .K358 2016

Stamped from the beginning : the definitive history of racist ideas in America

Ibram X. Kendi

E185.615 .B724 2016

Broadening the contours in the study of Black politics. Citizenship and popular culture

Michael Mitchell, David Covin, editors

E185.615 .B865 2016

The Portland Black Panthers : empowering Albina and remaking a city

Lucas N.N. Burke and Judson L. Jeffries

E185.615 .C582 2015

Civil rights and the promise of equality : photographs from the National Museum of African American History and Culture

Smithsonian, National Museum of African American History and Culture, Earl W. and Amanda Stafford Center for African American Media Arts

E185.615 .R435 2015

Reclaiming integration and the language of race in the "post-racial" era

[edited by] Curtis Ivery and Joshua Bassett

E185.615 .T75 2015

Traveling texts and the work of Afro-Japanese cultural production : two haiku and a microphone

edited by William H. Bridges IV and Nina Cornyetz

E185.615 .W3125 2016

America's Original Sin : Racism, White Privilege, and the Bridge to a New America

Jim Wallis

E185.615 .W568 2016

Hope draped in black : race, melancholy, and the agony of progress

Joseph R. Winters

E185.625 .G65 2015

America's atonement : racial pain, recovery rhetoric, and the pedagogy of healing

Aaron David Gresson III

E185.625 .Q42 2015

Question bridge : Black males in America

edited by Deborah Willis & Natasha L. Logan ; foreword by Ambassador Andrew Young ; preface by Jesse Williams ; featuring contributions by Chris Johnson, Hank Willis Thomas, Bayeté Ross Smith, Kamal Sinclair, Delroy Lindo, and Rashid Shabazz

E185.8 .M2 2015

How capitalism underdeveloped Black America : problems in race, political economy, and society

Manning Marable (1950-2011) ; foreword by Leith Mullings

E185.86 .A33436 2015

African American women : photographs from the National Museum of African American History and Culture

Smithsonian, National Museum of African American History and Culture ; Earl W. and Amanda Stafford Center for African American Media Arts

E185.86 .B6958 2016

Broadening the contours in the study of Black politics. Political development and Black women

Michael Mitchell, David Covin, editors

E185.86 .M337 2016

Taking bullets : terrorism and Black life in twenty-first century America : confronting white nationalism, supremacy, privilege, plutocracy and oligarchy : a poet's representation and challenge

Haki R. Madhubuti

E185.86 .T367 2016

From #BlackLivesMatter to Black liberation

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

E185.89.I56 A85 2016

Radical aesthetics and modern Black nationalism

GerShun Avilez

E185.93.F5 B88 2016

Beyond integration : the black freedom struggle in Escambia County, Florida, 1960-1980

J. Michael Butler

E185.93.M6 H35 2016

The freedom schools : student activists in the Mississippi civil rights movement

Jon N. Hale

E185.93.T4 A58 2015

Anti-Black violence in twentieth-century Texas

edited by Bruce A. Glasrud ; foreword by W. Marvin Dulaney

E185.97.D73 A84 2016

The battle for the souls of Black folk : W.E.B. Du Bois, Booker T. Washington, and the debate that shaped the course of civil rights

Thomas Aiello

E185.97.F39 K54 2015

She can bring us home : Dr. Dorothy Boulding Ferebee, civil rights pioneer

Diane Kiesel

E185.97.K5 B348 2016

Behind the public veil : the humanness of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Lewis V. Baldwin

E185.97.M89 V57 2016

Robert Parris Moses : a life in civil rights and leadership at the grassroots

Laura Visser-Maessen

E185.97.O23 A33 2016

Barack Obama's literary legacy : readings of Dreams from my father

edited by Richard Purcell and Henry Veggian

E185.97.T47 Q54 2016

Just another southern town : Mary Church Terrell and the struggle for racial justice in the nation's capital

Joan Quigley

E185.97.T8 R53 2016

Sojourner Truth : prophet of social justice

Isabelle Kinnard Richman

E209 .P34 2016

The common cause : creating race and nation in the American Revolution

Robert G. Parkinson

E230 .M34 2015

A respectable army" : the military origins of the republic, 1763-1789

James Kirby Martin, Mark Edward Lender

E310 .V55 2016

The early Republic : documents decoded

John R. Vile

E332.2 .H39 2016

Jefferson, Lincoln, and the unfinished work of the nation

Ronald L. Hatzenbuehler

E354 .R69 2016

The Routledge Handbook of the War of 1812

edited by Donald R. Hickey and Connie D. Clark

E446 .M35 2016

Spectacular suffering : witnessing slavery in the eighteenth-century British Atlantic

Ramesh Mallipeddi

E457.35 .B55 2016

A self-made man : the political life of Abraham Lincoln, 1809-1849

Sidney Blumenthal

E468.9 .A67 2016

Engineering victory : how technology won the Civil War

Thomas F. Army, Jr

E470.45 .S75 2016

Extreme Civil War : guerrilla warfare, environment, and race on the trans-Mississippi frontier

Matthew M. Stith

E470.5 .B45 2016

The cavalry of the Army of the Cumberland

Dennis W. Belcher ; foreword by David A. Powell

E470.8 .T66 2016

The Civil War on the Mississippi : Union sailors, gunboat captains, and the campaign to control the river

Barbara Brooks Tomblin

E471.1 .M66 2016

The Battle of Fort Sumter : the first shots of the American Civil War

Wesley Moody

E476.33 .R63 2016

The Red River Campaign and Its Toll : 69 Bloody Days in Louisiana, March-May 1864

Henry O. Robertson

E487 .P49 2016

Confederate cabinet departments and secretaries

Dennis L. Peterson

E49.2.A75 K56 2016

The minor intimacies of race : Asian publics in North America

Christine Kim

E664.H41 Z96 2016

The statesman and the storyteller : John Hay, Mark Twain, and the rise of American imperialism

Mark Zwonitzer

E743.5 .F476 2016

Spider web : the birth of American anticommunism

Nick Fischer

E744 .S569 2016

Globalization of American fear culture : the empire in the twenty-first century

Geoffrey R. Skoll

E744.5 .T66 2016

Murrow's Cold War : public diplomacy for the Kennedy administration

Gregory M. Tomlin

E757 .L95 2016

The naturalist : Theodore Roosevelt, a lifetime of exploration, and the triumph of American natural history

Darrin Lunde

E78.N65 P84 2016

The Pueblo Bonito mounds of Chaco Canyon : material culture and fauna

edited by Patricia L. Crown

E802 .R335 2016

Herbert Hoover in the White House : the ordeal of the presidency

Charles Rappleye

E807 .D336 2015

Franklin D. Roosevelt : the war years, 1939-1945

Roger Daniels

E807 .M55 2016

A president in our midst : Franklin Delano Roosevelt in Georgia

Kaye Lanning Minchew

E813 .H23 2016

Harry & Arthur : Truman, Vandenberg, and the Partnership That Created the Free World

Lawrence J. Haas

E839 .S83 2016

The long sixties : America, 1955-1973

Christopher B. Strain

E839.5 .G744 2016

Bright, infinite future : a generational memoir on the progressive rise

Mark Green

E840.2 .R45 2016

Reasserting America in the 1970s : U.S. public diplomacy and the rebuilding of America's image abroad

edited by Hallvard Notaker, Giles Scott-Smith, and David J. Snyder

E843.K45 L43 2016

Kick Kennedy : the charmed life and tragic death of the favorite Kennedy daughter

Barbara Leaming

E846 .W66 2016

Prisoners of hope : Lyndon B. Johnson, the Great Society, and the limits of liberalism

Randall B. Woods

E851 .C65 2016

American Maelstrom : the 1968 election and politics of division

Michael A. Cohen

E872 .B73 2016

Making the unipolar moment : U.S. foreign policy and the rise of the post-Cold War order

Hal Brands

E876 .W62 2015

The cultural left and the Reagan era : US protest and the Central American revolution

Nick Witham

E886.2 .C33 2016

Brother Bill : president Clinton and the politics of race and class

Daryl A. Carter

E893 .L48 2016

The Fractured Republic : Renewing America's Social Contract in the Age of Individualism

Yuval Levin

E895 .B75 2016

Anti-Americanism and the Limits of Public Diplomacy : Winning Hearts and Minds?

Stephen Brooks

E901.1.L48 M45 2016

Missing man : the American spy who vanished in Iran

Barry Meier

E907 .K38 2016

Dangerous doctrine : how Obama's grand strategy weakened America

Robert G. Kaufman

E907 .L364 2016

Alter egos : Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the twilight struggle over American power

Mark Landler

E93 .N56 2016

Engines of diplomacy : Indian trading factories and the negotiation of American empire

David Andrew Nichols

E97.6.S54 W53 2016

Native students at work : American Indian labor and Sherman Institute's Outing Program, 1900-1945

Kevin Whalen ; foreword by Matthew Sakiestewa Gilbert

E98.E85 E26 2016

American Indian identity : citizenship, membership, and blood

Se-ah-dom Edmo, Jessie Young, and Alan Parker ; foreword by Robert J. Miller

E98.R3 M27 2016

Spirits of blood, spirits of breath : the twinned cosmos of indigenous America

Barbara Alice Mann

E98.R4 B69 2016

Land too good for Indians : northern Indian removal

John P. Bowes

E98.S48 J65 2016

Indian blood : HIV and colonial trauma in San Francisco's two-spirit community

Andrew J. Jolivette

E99.I6 O58 2016

Ioway life : reservation and reform, 1837-1860

Greg Olson

E99.K5 S58 2016

Horace Poolaw, photographer of American Indian modernity

Laura E. Smith ; foreword by Linda Poolaw

E99.N3 N35 2016

Navajo math circles

produced by Zala Films and the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute as a presentation of Vision Maker Media ; a film by George Csicsery ; produced and directed by George Paul Csicsery

E99.S21 R69 2016

These mysterious people : shaping history and archaeology in a Northwest Coast community

Susan Roy

E99.Y25 L49 2016

Red bird, red power : the life and legacy of Zitkala-Ša

Tadeusz Lewandowski


But what if we're wrong? : thinking about the present as if it were the past

Chuck Klosterman