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Items Acquired in June 2016 for the University Libraries


F1029.5.D44 C35 2016

Canada and the Third World : overlapping histories

edited by Karen Dubinsky, Sean Mills, and Scott Rutherford

F1219.3.P7 M865 2016

Stand up and fight : participatory indigenismo, populism, and mobilization in Mexico, 1970-1984

María L.O. Muñoz


Caribbean search [electronic resource]

F1408.9 .K46 2016

Latin America : regions and people

Robert B. Kent

F1409.3 .B475 2016

Latin America at 200 : a new introduction

Phillip Berryman

F1416.A87 A87 2016

Australian-Latin American relations : new links in a changing global landscape

edited by Elizabeth Kath

F1418 .C81378 2016

Cooperation and hegemony in US-Latin American relations : revisiting the Western Hemisphere idea

edited by Juan Pablo Scarfi and Andrew Reid R. Tillman

F1435 .C31585 2016

Jungle of stone : the true story of two men, their extraordinary journey, and the discovery of the lost civilization of the Maya

William Carlsen

F144.N657 K73 2016

The Newark frontier : community action in the Great Society

Mark Krasovic

F157.B7 D36 2016

Drawing the line : how Mason and Dixon surveyed the most famous border in America

Edwin Danson

F1619.3.P6 K73 2016

A universal theory of pottery production : Irving Rouse, attributes, modes, and ethnography

Richard A. Krause

F1789.A1 B46 2016

Antiracism in Cuba : the unfinished revolution

Devyn Spence Benson

F1923 .H295 2016

The Haitian Revolution and the early United States : histories, textualities, geographies

edited by Elizabeth Maddock Dillon and Michael J. Drexler

F209 .S48 2015

Dixie be damned : 300 years of insurrection in the American South

Neal Shirley and Saralee Stafford

F2230.1.D65 A73 2016

The archaeology of Andean pastoralism

edited by José M. Capriles and Nicholas Tripcevich

F2269.1.P66 E25 2016

Indian and slave royalists in the Age of Revolution : reform, revolution, and royalism in the northern Andes, 1780-1825

Marcela Echeverri (Yale University)

F2329 .S257 2016

Dancing Jacobins : a Venezuelan genealogy of Latin American populism

Rafael Sánchez

F234.S8 H45 2016

From slave to statesman : the life of educator, editor, and civil rights activist Willis M. Carter of Virginia

Robert Heinrich and Deborah Harding ; foreword by Henry Louis Gates, Jr

F2651.S139 N475 2016

Afro-Paradise : Blackness, Violence, and Performance in Brazil

Christen A. Smith

F2659.N4 .F375 2016

Black bodies, black rights : the politics of quilombolismo in contemporary Brazil

Elizabeth Farfán-Santos

F2849 .G88 2016

Creating charismatic bonds in Argentina : letters to Juan and Eva Perón

Donna J. Guy

F3126 .B33 2016

Thunder shaman : making history with Mapuche spirits in Chile and Patagonia

Ana Mariella Bacigalupo

F334.S4 L69 2015

Turning 15 on the road to freedom : my story of the 1965 Selma Voting Rights March

by Lynda Blackmon Lowery ; as told to Elspeth Leacock and Susan Buckley ; illustrated by PJ Loughran

F3429.3.P34 C64 2016

Heaven, hell, and everything in between : murals of the colonial Andes

Ananda Cohen Suarez

F3430.1.C4 H95 2016

The Chankas and the priest : a tale of murder and exile in highland Peru

Sabine Hyland

F3430.1.M6 B69 2016

Sacrifice, violence, and ideology among the Moche : the rise of social complexity in ancient Peru

Steve Bourget

F475.G3 A53 2016

Abolitionizing Missouri : German immigrants and racial ideology in nineteenth-century America

Kristen Layne Anderson

F497.P9 P73

Preble's pride

F497.S54 S53


F499.D2 D384

Dayton north suburban, OH

F499.D2 D385

Dayton suburban South, OH Polk city directory

F548.9.A1 M66 2016

The South Side : a portrait of Chicago and American segregation

Natalie Y. Moore

F61 .M245

The Massachusetts historical review


Gubernatorial stability in Iowa : a stranglehold on power

Christopher W. Larimer

F73.4 .H37 2016

Unfreedom : slavery and dependence in eighteenth-century Boston

Jared Ross Hardesty