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Items Acquired in June 2016 for the University Libraries


G109.5 .M55 2016

Pinpoint : how GPS is changing technology, culture, and our minds

Greg Milner


French-Brazilian geography : the influence of French geography in Brazil

José Borzacchiello da Silva

G153.4 .P44 2016

Exploring the use and impacts of travel guidebooks

Victoria Peel and Anders Sorensen


A new vision for personal transportation : The authors argue that applying smart data and the principles of mass customization to transportation ecosystems will enable new business models, and fundamentally change the way we travel

Wolfgang Gruel, Frank Piller


Coastal geography in Northeast Brazil : analyzing maritimity in the Tropics

Eustogio Wanderley Correia Dantas

G525 .S557 2016

Site formation processes of submerged shipwrecks

edited by Matthew E. Keith


Cruise business development : safety, product design and human capital

Alexis Papathanassis, editor

G615 .G68 2016

Governing the North American Arctic : sovereignty, security, and institutions

edited by Dawn Alexandrea Berry, Nigel Bowles and Halbert Jones


Learning ArcGIS for Desktop : create, analyze, and map your spatial data with ArcGIS for Desktop

Daniela Cristiana Docan

G70.212 .H38 2016

A primer of GIS : fundamental geographic and cartographic concepts

Francis Harvey

G70.212 .M2887 2016

Mapping the nation : building smart government with GIS


Understanding Earth observation : the electromagnetic foundation of remote sensing

Domenico Solimini

G70.4 .C5313 2016

Fundamentals of satellite remote sensing : an environmental approach

Emilio Chuvieco

G70.4 .L38 2016

Practical handbook of remote sensing

Samantha Lavender, PhD, Andrew Lavender


Learning qgis - third edition; [electronic resource]


Mapbox cookbook : over 35 recipes to design and implement uniquely styled maps using the Mapbox platform

Bill Kastanakis

GA693.7.A1 A77 2016

Mapping the country of regions : the Chorographic Commission of nineteenth-century Colombia

Nancy P. Appelbaum


Thermo-hydro-mechanical-chemical processes in fractured porous media : modelling and benchmarking : Benchmarking initiatives

Olaf Kolditz, Uwe-Jens Görke, Hua Shao, Wenqing Wang, Sebastian Bauer, editors


ISFRAM 2015 : proceedings of the International Symposium on Flood Research and Management 2015

edited by Wardah Tahir, Prof Ir Dr Sahol Hamid Abu Bakar, Marfiah Ab. Wahid, Siti Rashidah Mohd Nasir, Wei Koon Lee

GB1399.2 .F56 2016

Flood forecasting : a global perspective

edited by Thomas E. Adams III, Thomas C. Pagano

GB2403.2 .B444 2016

Icebergs : their science and links to global change

Grant R. Bigg (University of Sheffield)


Landforms of the Earth : an illustrated guide

Francisco Gutiérrez, Mateo Gutiérrez


Coastal morphodynamics : integrated spatial modeling on the Deltaic Balasore Coast, India

Nilay Kanti Barman, Soumendu Chatterjee, Ashis Kumar Paul

GB54.5 .C47 2016

Elemental geosystems

Robert W. Christopherson, Ginger H. Birkeland

GB54.5 .C49 2017

Geosystems core

Christopherson, Cunha, Thomsen

GB562 .T66 2016

Tools in fluvial geomorphology

edited by G. Mathias Kondolf and Hervé Piégay


The end of desertification? : disputing environmental change in the drylands

Roy H. Behnke, Michael Mortimore, editors

GB661.2 .D56 2015

Physical hydrology

S. Lawrence Dingman


Tsunamis and earthquakes in coastal environments : significance and restoration

V. Santiago-Fandiño, H. Tanaka, M. Spiske, editors

GE149 .B37 2016

Tipping point for planet earth : how close are we to the edge?

Anthony D. Barnosky and Elizabeth A. Hadly

GE149 .D38 2016

The birth of the Anthropocene

Jeremy Davies

GE160.E18 E57 2016

Environment, modernization and development in East Asia : perspectives from environmental history

edited by Tsʻui-jung Liu, James Beattie

GE195 .N478 2016

New earth politics : essays from the Anthropocene

edited by Simon Nicholson and Sikina Jinnah

GE197 .R54 2016

Getting to green : saving nature: a bipartisan solution

Frederic C. Rich

GE42 .E8445 2016

Ethics of life : contemporary Iberian debates

Katarzyna Beilin and William Viestenz, editors


Urban morphology : an introduction to the study of the physical form of cities [electronic resource]

Vítor Oliveira

GF47 .K43 2016

Connectography : mapping the future of global civilization

Parag Khanna


Climate change and human health scenario in South and Southeast Asia

Rais Akhtar, editor


Human impact on the environment : an illustrated world atlas

Sergey Govorushko

GN21.B383 H372 2016

Upside-down gods : Gregory Bateson's world of difference

Peter Harries-Jones

GN320 .B48 2015

Between magic and rationality : on the limits of reason in the modern world

edited by Vibeke Steffen, Steffen Jöhncke and Kirsten Marie Raahauge

GN325 .A44 2015

Thinking through sociality : an anthropological interrogation of key concepts

edited by Vered Amit

GN345 .L3813 2015

The life of the senses : introduction to a modal anthropology

by François Laplantine ; translated by Jamie Furniss

GN345 .R44 2015

Regimes of ignorance : anthropological perspectives on the production and reproduction of non-knowledge

edited by Roy Dilley and Thomas G. Kirsch

GN370 .M52 2015

Migration and disruptions : toward a unifying theory of ancient and contemporary migrations

edited by Brenda J. Baker and Takeyuki Tsuda

GN370 .S66 2016

The settlement of the American continents : a multidisciplinary approach to human biogeography

ed. by C. Michael Barton, Geoffrey A. Clark, David R. Yesner and Georges A. Pearson

GN380 .I348 2016

Indigenous people and mobile technologies

edited by Laurel Evelyn Dyson, Stephen Grant, and Max Hendriks

GN380 .I57 2015

The indigenous world 2015

compilation and editing, Caecilie Mikkelsen

GN419.15 .B68 2015

Veils, nudity, and tattoos : the new feminine aesthetics

Thorsten Botz-Bornstein

GN470 .F33 2015

Talk about prayer : an ethnographic commentary

Johannes Fabian

GN471 .A54 2016

Animism in Southeast Asia

edited by Kaj Århem and Guido Sprenger, with an end comment by Tim Ingold

GN472 .I24 2016

The history and theory of fetishism

Alfonso Maurizio Iacono ; translated by Viktoria Tchernichova and Monica Boria ; with the collaboration of Elizabeth MacDonald

GN473 .R37 2015

Ritual, performance and the senses

[edited by] Michael Bull and Jon P. Mitchell

GN476 .C66 2015

Contextualizing indigenous knowledge in Africa and its diaspora

edited by Ibigbolade Aderibigbe, Alloy Ihuah and Felisters Jepchirchir Kiprono


Introduction to ethnobiology

Ulysses Paulino Albuquerque, Rômulo Romeu Nóbrega Alves, editors

GN476.76 .F67 2016

Why the porcupine is not a bird : explorations in the folk zoology of an eastern Indonesian people

Gregory Forth

GN480.35 .M35 2015

Polygyny : what it means when African American Muslim women share their husbands

Debra Majeed

GN484 .C65 2016

When norms collide : local responses to activism against female genital mutilation and early marriage

Karisa Cloward

GN484 C65 2016

When norms collide : local responses to activism against female genital mutilation and early marriage

Karisa Cloward

GN487 .B46 2016

Kinship and human evolution : making culture, becoming human

Steen Bergendorff

GN487 .C75 2015

Critical kinship studies

edited by Charlotte Kroløkke, Lene Myong, Stine Willum Adrian and Tine Tjørnhøj-Thomsen

GN560.A53 V55 2016

Praying and preying : Christianity in indigenous Amazonia

Aparecida Vilaça ; translated by David Rodgers


Ethnobotany of Mexico : interactions of people and plants in Mesoamerica

Rafael Lira, Alejandro Casas, José Blancas, editors


Human physical fitness and activity : an evolutionary and life history perspective

Ann E. Caldwell

GN635.N425 O54 2016

The heart of Helambu : ethnography and entanglement in Nepal

Tom O'Neill

GN776.2.B3 B68 2015

Cannibalism in the linear pottery culture : the human remains from Herxheim

Bruno Boulestin and Anne-Sophie Coupey

GR141 .B682 1977

British folktales

Katharine Briggs

GT1560 .H6613 2016

The stories clothes tell : voices of working-class Japan

Tatsuichi Horikiri ; edited and translated by Rieko Wagoner


Food and foodways in Italy from 1861 to the present

Emanuela Scarpellini ; translated by Noor Giovanni Mazhar


Ethnic fashion

Miguel Angel Gardetti, Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu, editors


Settings, keys, hats, and head scratching : the headline puzzle

GV1588.45 .C47 2016

Choreographies of 21st century wars

edited by Gay Morris and Jens Richard Giersdorf

GV1691 .C434 2016

Chinese dance : in the vast land and beyond

Shih-Ming Li Chang and Lynn E. Frederiksen

GV1785.W525 L63 2016

Wilde times : Patricia Wilde, George Balanchine, and the rise of New York City Ballet

Joel Lobenthal

GV436 .B33 2016

Measurement for evaluation in Kinesiology

Ted A. Baumgartner, PhD, University of Georgia, Andrew S. Jackson, PED, University of Houston, Matthew T. Mahar, EdD, East Carolina University, David A. Rowe, PhD, University of Strathclyde

GV711.5 .R33 2016

Evidence-based practice in athletic training

Scot Raab, Debbie I. Craig

GV716 .R697 2016

Routledge handbook of sports marketing

edited by Simon Chadwick, Nicolas Chanavat and Michel Desbordes

GV742.3 .M57 2016eb

Transformation of television sport : new methods, new rules

Mike Milne

GV887.3 .W66 2016

Black gods of the asphalt : religion, hip-hop, and street basketball

Onaje X.O. Woodbine

GV943.9.S94 E87 2015

The European football championship : mega-event and vanity fair

edited by Basak Alpan, Middle East Technical University, Turkey, Alexandra Schwell University of Vienna, Austria, Albrecht Sonntag ESSCA School of Management, France


Small-sided and conditioned games in soccer training : the science and practical applications

by Filipe Manuel Clemente