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Items Acquired in April 2016 for the University Libraries


G155.A1 .L535 2013eb

Lifestyle mobilities : intersections of travel, leisure and migration [electronic resource]

edited by Tara Duncan, Scott A. Cohen and Maria Thulemark

G155.A1 L4346 2013eb

Mediating the tourist experience : from brochures to virtual encounters

edited by Jo-Anne Lester and Caroline Scarles

G155.E8 R64 2013eb

Second home tourism in Europe : lifestyle issues and policy responses [electronic resource]

edited by Zoran Roca

G155.G7 M35 2013eb

The making of a cultural landscape : the English Lake District as tourist destination, 1750-2010 [electronic resource]

edited by John K. Walton, Jason Wood

G156.5.E58 N45 2013eb

An introduction to the geography of tourism [electronic resource]

Velvet Nelson

G877 .S36 2013

Science, geopolitics and culture in the Polar Region : Norden beyond borders [electronic resource]

edited by Sverker Sörlin

GA1241 .C37 2016

Cartographic Japan : a history in maps

edited by Kären Wigen, Sugimoto Fumiko, and Cary Karacas

GA201 .B69 2013eb

The cartographic state : maps, territory and the origins of sovereignty

Jordan Branch

GB618.89 .S65 2013eb

The archaeology of Australia's deserts [electronic resource]

Mike Smith, National Museum of Australia

GE140 .G73 2016

Environmental changes : the futures of nature

Céline Granjou

GE149 .C548 2013eb

Globalization and the environment [electronic resource]

Peter Christoff and Robyn Eckersley

GE170 .G688 2013eb

Governing the climate : new approaches to rationality, power and politics [electronic resources]

edited by Johannes Stripple, Harriet Bulkeley

GE196 .M37 2016

Pursuing sustainability : a guide to the science and practice

Pamela Matson, William C. Clark, and Krister Andersson

GE45.M37 M46 2016

Environmental data analysis with MatLab

William Menke, Joshua Menke

GE45.R44 .G33 2016

Program earth : environmental sensing technology and the making of a computational planet

Jennifer Gabrys

GF50 .K356 2013eb

Experimental politics and the making of worlds [electronic resource]

Anja Kanngieser

GF50 .S88 2014eb

Introduction to cultural ecology

Mark Q. Sutton and E.N. Anderson


The archaeology of Mediterranean landscapes : human-environment interaction from the Neolithic to the Roman period

Kevin Walsh, University of York

GF71 .M35 2013eb

Climate and human migration : past experiences, future challenges

Robert A. McLeman

GF75 .M685 2016

Dark ecology : for a logic of future coexistence

Timothy Morton

GN17 .C28 2013eb

Anthropology and global history : from tribes to the modern world system [electronic resource]

Robert M. Carmack

GN17.3.U5 P75 2016

Cold War anthropology : the CIA, the Pentagon, and the growth of dual use anthropology

David H. Price

GN25 .L37 2014eb

Invitation to anthropology [electronic resource]

Luke Eric Lassiter

GN281 .S685 2014eb

Southern Asia, Australia, and the search for human origins

[edited by] Robin Dennell, Martin Porr

GN33.6 .F58 2013

Ethics and anthropology : ideas and practice [electronic resource]

Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban

GN358 .B627 2013eb

The small nation solution : how the world's smallest nations can solve the world's biggest problems [electronic resource]

John H. Bodley

GN387 .N592 2013eb

Nomadic and indigenous spaces : productions and cognitions

by edited by Judith Miggelbrink, Joachim Otto Habeck, Nuccio Mazzullo and Peter Koch

GN661.M2 C76 2013eb

Ancestral encounters in highland Madagascar : material signs and traces of the dead

Zoë Crossland

GN776.2.C83 T759 2016

Trypillia mega-sites and European prehistory, 4100-3400 BCE

edited by Johannes Müller, Knut Rassmann and Mykhailo Videiko

GN776.2.Y3 M59 2013eb

The archaeology of Japan : from the earliest rice farming villages to the rise of the state

Koji Mizoguchi

GN855.R9 T87 2013eb

Animal teeth and human tools : a taphonomic odyssey in Ice age Siberia [electronic resource]

Christy G. Turner II, Nicolai D. Ovodov, Olga V. Pavlova

GR166 .Z57 2015

Grimm Legacies : the Magic Spell of the Grimms' Folk and Fairy Tales

Jack Zipes

GR305.7.B53 B35 2014

Tree matters

illustrations by Gangu Bai ; text by Gita Wolf and V. Geetha from the oral narrative of Gangu Bai


Why we eat, how we eat : contemporary encounters between foods and bodies [electronic resource]

edited by Emma-Jayne Abbots, Anna Lavis

GT2850 .A755 2013eb

Breakfast : a history [electronic resource]

Heather Arndt Anderson

GT2850 .G46 2013

Geographies of race and food : fields, bodies, markets [electronic resource]

edited Rachel Slocum, Arun Saldanha

GT2955 .L48 2013eb

The picnic : a history [electronic resource]

Walter Levy

GT3530 .W37 2013eb

Waterborne pageants and festivities in the Renaissance : essays in honour of J.R. Mulryne [electronic resource]

edited by Margaret Shewring ; Linda Briggs, assistant editor

GT737 .R54 2013eb

Clothing the poor in nineteenth-century England [electronic resource]

Vivienne Richmond

GV1044 .J36 2015

The self-propelled voyager : how the cycle revolutionized travel

Duncan R. Jamieson

GV1118 .G73 2013eb

Historical dictionary of boxing [electronic resource]

John Grasso

GV1448 .F55 2015

Players and pawns : how chess builds community and culture

Gary Alan Fine

GV1469.15 .K37 2013eb

A world of excesses : online games and excessive playing [electronic resource]

by Faltin Karlsen

GV1469.3 .B62 2015

How to talk about videogames

Ian Bogost

GV1469.3 .G74 2013eb

Virtual ascendance : how videogames took over the world [electronic resource]

Devin C. Griffiths

GV1589 .B744 2015

Creative dance and learning : making the kinesthetic link

Mary Ann Brehm, Lynne McNett ; photographs by Gene Einfrank

GV1646.I8 F65 2013eb

Step dancing in Ireland : culture and history [electronic resource]

Catherine E. Foley

GV1782 .H66 2016

Dance production : design and technology

Jeromy Hopgood

GV1785.O64 L63 2016

Alla Osipenko : beauty and resistance in Soviet ballet

Joel Lobenthal


Tappin' at the Apollo : the African American female tap dance duo Salt and Pepper

Cheryl M. Willis

GV1796.P55 M37 2015

Polka heartland : why the Midwest loves to polka

photos by Dick Blau ; words by Rick March

GV181.18 .S83 2014eb

Re-imagining heritage interpretation : enchanting the past-future [electronic resource]

Russell Staiff

GV1835.5 .C44 2008

Staging stigma : a critical examination of the American freak show

Michael M. Chemers ; foreword by Jim Ferris

GV1853.4.G72 K36 2013

The Architecture of Pleasure : British Amusement Parks 1900-1939 [electronic resource]

Josephine Kane

GV188 .R62 2016

The business of leisure : tourism, sport, events and other leisure industries

Ken Roberts

GV198.M35 L46 2016

Summer sports camps 101 : a guidebook for development and operation

Richard Leonard, PhD

GV199.42.A68 F65 2016

Walking on the wild side : long-distance hiking on the Appalachian Trail

Kristi M. Fondren

GV199.42.C6 S55 2015

Early ascents on Pikes Peak

Woody Smith

GV199.42.P3 M373 2015

Girl in the woods : a memoir

Aspen Matis

GV351 .A74 2015

The athletic experience at historically Black colleges and universities : past, present, and persistence

edited by Billy Hawkins, Joseph Cooper, Akilah Carter-Francique, J. Kenyatta Cavil

GV401 .F75 2015

Managing sport facilities

Gil Fried , University of New Haven

GV452 .C46 2016

Nonlinear pedagogy in skill acquisition : an introduction

Jia Yi Chow, Keith Davids, Chris Button and Ian Renshaw

GV558 .E87 2015

Essentials of performance analysis in sport

edited by Mike Hughes and Ian M. Franks

GV583 .D66 2015

The anatomy of competition in sports : the struggle for success in major US professional leagues

Christopher B. Doob

GV706.32 .B53 2015

Black males and intercollegiate athletics : an exploration of problems and solutions

edited by Robert A. Bennett III, Samuel R. Hodge, David L. Graham, James L. Moore III

GV706.35 .A59 2015

The politics and culture of modern sports

Sheldon Anderson

GV706.5 .D463 2015

The sociology of sports : an introduction

Tim Delaney and Tim Madigan

GV706.5 .E567 2016

Fair and foul : beyond the myths and paradoxes of sport

D. Stanley Eitzen

GV706.5 .N593 2016

Sport in a changing world

Howard L. Nixon II

GV706.5 .S6953 2016

Sport and society : a student introduction

[edited by] Barrie Houlihan, Dominic Malcolm

GV706.5 .W655 2016

Social issues in sport

Ronald B. Woods

GV709.2 .S495 2013eb

Young athletes, couch potatoes, and helicopter parents : the productivity of play [electronic resource]

Jessica Skolnikoff and Robert Engvall

GV711.5 .E88 2016

Essentials of strength training and conditioning

National Strength and Conditioning Association ; G. Gregory Haff, N. Travis Triplett, editors

GV712 .F74 2016

The 100 most important sporting events in American history

Lew Freedman

GV713 .R74 2016

Routledge handbook of theory in sport management

edited by George B. Cunningham, Janet S. Fink and Alison Doherty

GV715 .S97 2013eb

Sports fans 2.0 : how fans are using social media to get closer to the game [electronic resource]

David M. Sutera

GV716 .D42 2015

Sports marketing : a practical approach

Larry DeGaris

GV716 .D42 2015

Sports marketing : a practical approach

Larry DeGaris

GV716 .S35 2015

Sports and labor in the United States

Michael Schiavone

GV721 .W45 2015

Racism and the Olympics

Robert G. Weisbord

GV742 .S38 2016

Sports media : reporting, producing and planning

Brad Schultz and Ed Arke

GV742.3 .E75 2015

The ESPN effect : exploring the worldwide leader in sports

edited by John McGuire. Greg G. Armfield, Adam Earnheardt


They ruled the pool : the 100 greatest swimmers in history [electronic resource]

John Lohn

GV838.67.T73 S45 2015

Science of swimming faster

Scott Riewald, PhD, Scott Rodeo, MD, editors

GV863.A1 C3727 2015

The Black press and Black baseball, 1915-1955 : a devil's bargain

Brian Carroll

GV865 .A1 W4195 2013eb

Baseball's most notorious personalities : a gallery of rogues [electronic resource]

Jonathan Weeks

GV865.A35 N37 2016

God Almighty hisself : the life and legacy of Dick Allen

Mitchell Nathanson

GV875.A1 S955 2014eb

Vaudeville on the diamond : minor league baseball in today's entertainment world

David M. Sutera

GV880.2 .S83 2016

Baseball's power shift : how the players union, the fans, and the media changed American sports culture

Krister Swanson

GV884.A1 C66 2013eb

Pro basketball's all-time all-stars : across the eras [electronic resource]

Robert W. Cohen

GV889 .F87 2016

Rise and fire : the origins, science, and evolution of the jump shot - and how it transformed basketball forever

Shawn Fury

GV943 .D54 2013eb

Consuming football in late modern life [electronic resource]

Kevin Dixon

GV944.S65 A85 2013eb

Soccer in Spain : politics, literature, and film [electronic resource]

Timothy J. Ashton

GV948.85 .G73 2013eb

Historical dictionary of football [electronic resource]

John Grasso

GV950 .E26 2015

The game's not over : in defense of football

Gregg Easterbrook

GV950 .R64 2015

Tribal : college football and the secret heart of America

Diane Roberts