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Items Acquired in April 2016 for the University Libraries


HA29 .W376 2016

Optimizing the display and interpretation of data

Robert A. Warner

HA32 .W34 2017

Using IBM SPSS statistics for research methods and social science statistics

William E. Wagner, III, California State University Channel Islands

HB139 .U56 2015eb

Unobserved components and time series econometrics

edited by Siem Jan Koopman and Neil Shephard

HB1951 .N46 2013

New Mobilities Regimes in Art and Social Sciences [electronic resource]

edited by Susanne Witzgall, Gerlinde Vogl, Sven Kesselring

HB3717 2008 .L57 2013eb

Against the consensus : reflections on the great recession [electronic resource]

Justin Yifu Lin

HB3722 .P49 2013eb

Predictable and avoidable : repairing economic dislocation and preventing the recurrence of crisis

Ivo Pezzuto

HB3732 .W35 2013

Financial crises and the politics of macroeconomic adjustments [electronic resource]

Stefanie Walter, University of Heidelberg

HB3782 .E85 2013eb

The EU and the Eurozone crisis : policy challenges and strategic choices [electronic resource]

edited by Finn Laursen

HB3807.5 .T96 2013eb

The Greek crisis in the media : stereotyping in the international press [electronic resource]

George Tzogopoulos

HB501 .K46888 2016

The end of alchemy : money, banking and the future of the global economy

Mervyn King

HB501 .P415884 2013eb

Imperialism and capitalism in the twenty-first century : a system in crisis [electronic resource]

by James Petras and Henry Veltmeyer, with Raúl Delgado Wise and Humberto Márquez

HB61 .S17564 2015eb

The SAGE encyclopedia of economics and society

Frederick F. Wherry, editor, Juliet Schor, consulting editor

HB74.P8 H48 2014eb

Behavioral economics : a history

Floris Heukelom, Radboud University, Nijmegen, Netherlands

HB846.8 .R33 2013eb

The political economy of human happiness : how voters' choices determine the quality of life [electronic resource]

Benjamin Radcliff, University of Notre Dame

HB97.5 .W355 2016

The sublime perversion of capital : Marxist theory and the politics of history in modern Japan

Gavin Walker

HC106.84 .C64 2016

Concrete economics : the Hamilton approach to economic growth and policy

Stephen S. Cohen, J. Bradford DeLong

HC106.84 .H33 2016

American amnesia : how the war on government led us to forget what made America prosper

Jacob S. Hacker and Paul Pierson

HC106.84 .S53 2016

Shared prosperity in America's communities

edited by Susan M. Wachter and Lei Ding

HC107.C2 B44 2013eb

The beholden state : California's lost promise and how to recapture it [electronic resource]

edited by Brian C. Anderson ; foreword by William E. Simon, Jr

HC125 .S3266 2013eb

Hierarchical capitalism in Latin America : business, labor, and the challenges of equitable development [electronic resource]

Ben Ross Schneider, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

HC240 .B24 2013eb

EU cohesion policy and European integration : the dynamics of EU budget and regional policy reform [electronic resource]

by John Bachtler, Carlos Mendez and Fiona Wishlade

HC240 .T342 2013eb

European political economy : issues and theories

by Leila Simona Talani

HC240.25.Y8 R33 2013eb

Europe and the post-Yugoslav space [electronic resource]

edited by Branislav Radeljic

HC240.9.C3 K35 2016

Europe's infrastructure transition : economy, war, nature

Per Högselius, Arne Kaijser and Erik van der Vleuten


Corporate responses to EU emissions trading : resistance, innovation or responsibility? [electronic resource]

edited by Jon Birger Skjærseth and Per Ove Eikeland

HC241.25.T9 M32 2013eb

Discourse, identity and the question of Turkish accession to the EU : through the looking glass

Catherine MacMillan

HC290.78 .E233 2013

The East German economy, 1945-2010 : falling behind or catching up? [electronic resource]

edited by Hartmut Berghoff, German Historical Institute, Washington DC, Uta Andrea Balbier, King's College, London

HC427.95 .N67 2016

Chinese economic statecraft : commercial actors, grand strategy, and state control

William J. Norris

HC59.72.P63 B37 2013eb

Social assistance in developing countries [electronic resource]

Armando Barrientos, BWPI, University of Manchester

HC79.C3 I54 2016eb

Infrastructure finance in Europe : insights into the history of water, transport, and telecommunications

[edited by] Youssef Cassis, Giuseppe De Luca, and Massimo Florio

HC79.E5 B47 2013eb

New normal, radical shift : changing business and politics for a sustainable future [electronic resource]

Neela Bettridge and Philip Whiteley

HC79.H53 L88 2013

From Silicon Valley to Shenzhen : global production and work in the IT industry [electronic resource]

Boy Lüthje, Stefanie Hürtgen, Peter Pawlicki, and Martina Sproll

HC79.P6 .R3798 2016eb

The economics of poverty : history, measurement, and policy

Martin Ravallion

HC79.P6 R687 2016

Encountering poverty : thinking and acting in an unequal world

Ananya Roy, Genevieve Negrón-Gonzales, Kweku Opoku-Agyemang, Clare Talwalker

HC79.T4 R496 2016

Revolutionizing innovation : users, communities, and open innovation

Dietmar Harhoff and Karim R. Lakhani, editors

HC95 .D35 2016

Alien capital : Asian racialization and the logic of settler colonial capitalism

Iyko Day

HD1537.C5 D36 2013eb

The peasant in postsocialist China : history, politics, and capitalism [electronic resource]

Alexander F. Day

HD1691 .C44 2013eb

Water, peace, and war : confronting the global water crisis

Brahma Chellaney

HD30.19 .M228 2016

Liberal arts of management : a toolkit for today's leaders

James Maroosis

HD30.2 .B687 2013eb

Digital dieting : from information obesity to intellectual fitness [electronic resource]

Tara Brabazon

HD30.2 .L66 2013eb

Business leadership for IT projects [electronic resource]

by Gary Lloyd

HD30.23 .R598 2013eb

Decision sourcing : decision making for the agile social enterprise

Dale Roberts and Rooven Pakkiri

HD30.255 .L55 2013eb

Sustainable value chain management : a research anthology [electronic resource]

edited by Adam Lindgreen, Francois Maon, Joëlle Vanhamme, and Sankar Sen

HD30.28 .A516 2013eb

Short introduction to strategic management [electronic resource]

Torben Juul Andersen

HD30.28 .D35 2016

Brilliant strategy for business : how to plan, implement and evaluate strategy at any level of management

Chris Dalton

HD30.28 .O8847 2016

Digital stractics : how strategy met tactics and killed the strategic plan

Chris Outram

HD39.5 .F73 2013eb

Finance for purchasing managers : understanding the financial impact of buying decisions

Richard France

HD41 .S549 2013eb

Competitiveness in the real economy : value aggregation, economics and management in the provision of goods and services

Rui Vinhas da Silva

HD4148 .R27 2013eb

State-led privatisation and the demise of the democratic state : welfare reform and localism in an era of regulatory capitalism [electronic resource]

by Mike Raco

HD4485.G7 S76 2013eb

The business of waste : Great Britain and Germany, 1945 to the present [electronic resource]

Raymond G. Stokes, University of Glasgow, Roman Koster, Bundeswehr University, Munich, Stephen C. Sambrook, University of Glasgow

HD49 .H87 2016

Navigating an organizational crisis : when leadership matters most

Harry Hutson and Martha Johnson

HD4903 .M667 2013eb

Equality, diversity and opportunity management : costs, strategies and leadership [electronic resource]

by Tony Morden

HD4904.7 .T53 2013eb

Anti-capital : human, social and cultural : the mesmerising misnomers [electronic resource]

by Jacek Tittenbrun

HD5650 .S57 2013eb

The velvet revolution at work : the rise of employee engagement, the fall of command and control [electronic resource]

John Smythe


Uncertainty, diversity and the common good : changing norms and new leadership paradigms [electronic resource]

edited by Stefan Gröschl.

HD57.7 .E323 2013eb

International multi-unit leadership : developing local leaders in international multi-site operations

by Chris Edger

HD57.7 .H35644 2013eb

A handbook of practical wisdom : leadership, organization and integral business practice [electronic resource]

by Wendelin Küpers and David J. Pauleen

HD57.7 .M3395 2015

The managerial leadership Bible : learning the strategic, organizational, and tactical skills everyone needs today

Jeffrey Magee, PDM, CSP, CMC

HD57.7 .T887 2013eb

Design leadership : securing the strategic value of design [electronic resource]

Raymond Turner

HD5724 .V358 2013eb

Working scared (or not at all) : the lost decade, great recession, and restoring the shattered American dream [electronic resource]

Carl E. Van Horn

HD58.7 .W539 2013eb

Collaborating for results : Silo working and relationships that work [electronic resource]

by David Ian Willcock

HD58.8 .B87 2013eb

Business transformation essentials : case studies and articles [electronic resource]

edited by Axel Uhl and Lars Alexander Gollenia

HD58.8 .C4628 2013eb

Changing organizations from within : roles, risks and consultancy relationships [electronic resource]

[edited by] Susan Rosina Whittle and Robin C. Stevens

HD58.8 .K644 2014eb

Strong managers, strong owners : corporate governance and strategy [electronic resource]

Harry Korine, Pierre-Yves Gomez

HD58.8 .M2867 2014

Value stream mapping : how to visualize work and align leadership for organizational transformation

Karen Martin and Mike Osterling

HD58.8 .T433 2016

Technological challenges and management : matching human and business needs

edited by Carolina Machado, J. Paulo Davim

HD58.82 .K573 2013eb

Making sense of organizational learning : putting theory into practice

Cyril Kirwan

HD58.9 .L663 2013eb

Delivering high performance : the third generation organisation

Douglas G. Long

HD5961.83.A6 S69 2013

The liminal worker : an ethnography of work, unemployment and precariousness in contemporary Greece [electronic resource]

Manos Spyridakis

HD60 .H45 2013eb

Corporate social entrepreneurship : integrity within [electronic resource]

Christine A. Hemingway

HD60 .H86 2013eb

Human rights obligations of business : beyond the corporate responsibility to respect? [electronic resource]

edited by Surya Deva, David Bilchitz

HD6072.5 .A45 2013eb

Women and entrepreneurship : female durability, persistence and intuition at work [electronic resource]

Beatrice E. Avolio Alecchi and Mirjana Radović-Marković

HD61 .H36 2013eb

Handbook on systemic risk [electronic resource]

edited by Jean-Pierre Fouque and Joseph A. Langsam

HD61 .I93 2013eb

Heads or tails : financial disaster, risk management and survival strategy in the world of extreme risk [electronic resource]

by Evgueni Ivantsov

HD61 .L377 2013eb

It should never happen again : the failure of inquiries and commissions to enhance risk governance [electronic resource]

Mike Lauder

HD61 .S235 2013eb

Project risk analysis : techniques for forecasting funding requirements, costs and timescales [electronic resource]

Derek Salkeld

HD61 .W37 2013eb

Corporate risk and governance : an end to mismanagement, tunnel vision and quackery [electronic resource]

by Alan Waring

HD615 .R63 2013eb

Landscapes of protest in the Scottish Highlands after 1914 : the later Highland land wars

Iain J.M. Robertson

HD62.4 .B35 2013eb

The balanced company : organizing for the 21st century [electronic resource]

edited by Inger Jensen, John Damm Scheuer and Jacob Dahl Rendtorff

HD62.4 .C84 2016

Emerging market multinationals : managing operational challenges for sustained international growth

Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra, William Newburry, Seung Ho Park

HD6250.G7 C45 2013eb

Childhood and child labour in industrial England : diversity and agency, 1750-1914 [electronic resource]

edited by Nigel Goose, University of Hertfordshire, UK, Katrina Honeyman, Formerly University of Leeds, UK

HD6509.C48 L46 2015

The political spirituality of Cesar Chavez : crossing religious borders

Luis D. León

HD66 .W57 2013

Trust in virtual teams : organization, strategies and assurance for successful projects [electronic resource]

by Thomas P. Wise

HD6727 .N517 2013

Labor divided in the postwar European welfare state : the Netherlands and the United Kingdom [electronic resource]

Dennie Oude Nijhuis

HD69.P75 F543 2013eb

Project risk governance : managing uncertainty and creating organisational value

Dieter Fink

HD69.P75 K676 2012eb

Requirements management : how to ensure you achieve what you need from your projects [electronic resource]

by Mario Kossmann

HD69.P75 L627 2013

Naked Project Management : the Bare Facts [electronic resource]

Dennis Lock

HD69.P75 P536 2013eb

Communicating projects : an end-to-end guide to planning, implementing and evaluating effective communication

Ann Pilkington

HD69.P75 V5683 2013eb

ProjectThink : why good managers make poor project choices [electronic resource]

Lev Virine and Michael Trumper

HD6955 .K44 2013eb

The self as enterprise : Foucault and the spirit of 21st century capitalism [electronic resource]

Peter Kelly

HD6961 .L63 2013eb

The promise and limits of private power : promoting labor standards in a global economy [electronic resource]

Richard M. Locke

HD6971 .C57 2013eb

Human nature : a guide to managing workplace relations

Greg Clydesdale


Europeanization of Workplace Pensions : economic interests, social protection, and credible signaling [electronic resource]

Alexandra Hennessy

HD7261 .B95 2012

The fulfilling workplace : the organization's role in achieving individual and organizational health [electronic resource]

edited by Ronald J. Burke and Cary L. Cooper

HD7262 R39 2013eb

A life in error : from little slips to big disasters

by James Reason

HD7287.3 .H689 2013eb

The housing question : tensions, continuities, and contingencies in the modern city

edited by Edward Murphy and Najib B. Hourani

HD8039.A4272 U548 2013eb

Cabin pressure : African American pilots, flight attendants, and emotional labor [electronic resource]

Louwanda Evans

HD8072.5 .D73 2016

Sleeping giant : how the new working class will transform America

Tamara Draut

HD8079.M55 F87 2013eb

Contesting the postwar city : working-class and growth politics in 1940s Milwaukee [electronic resource]

Eric Fure-Slocum, St. Olaf College, Minnesota

HD8081.A65 R45 2013

Working people : a history of African American workers since emancipation [electronic resource]

Steven A. Reich

HD8376.5 .R47 2013eb

Resocialising Europe in a time of crisis [electronic resource]

edited by Nicola Countouris and Mark Freedland

HD8389 .S74 2013eb

An everyday life of the English working class : work, self and sociability in the early nineteenth century [electronic resource]

Carolyn Steedman

HD9000.5 .G665 2013eb

Food transgressions : making sense of contemporary food politics [electronic resource]

edited by Michael K. Goodman, King's College London, UK and Colin Sage, University College Cork, Ireland

HD9000.5 .O33 2013eb

The food industries of Europe in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries [electronic resource]

by Derek J. Oddy and Alain Drouard

HD9116.I415 B67 2013eb

The Asian sugar plantation in India and Indonesia : industrial production, 1770-2010 [electronic resource]

Ulbe Bosma, International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam

HD9199.A2 C59 2013eb

Coffee : a comprehensive guide to the bean, the beverage, and the industry

edited by Robert W. Thurston, Jonathan Morris, and Shawn Steiman

HD923 .Z4744 2012eb

China's disappearing countryside : towards sustainable land governance for the poor [electronic resource]

by Yongjun Zhao

HD9502.A2 F383 2013eb

Energy efficiency : the definitive guide to the cheapest, cleanest, fastest source of energy

Steven Fawkes

HD9577.G42 A66 2013eb

Governance of the petroleum sector in an emerging developing economy [electronic resource]

edited by Kwaku Appiah-Adu

HD9665.5 .A574 2013eb

Transforming big pharma : assessing the strategic alternatives [electronic resource]

John Ansell

HD9980.5 .B798 2016

The recycling myth : disruptive innovation to improve the environment

Jack Buffington

HD9993.E452 .R365 2012

Online game pioneers at work

Morgan Ramsay ; foreword by Richard Bartle

HD9999.B442 S79 2012

Organizations and the bioeconomy : the management and commodification of the life sciences

Alexander Styhre

HE305 .S24 2016@HE305 .S24 2016

Streetfight : handbook for an urban revolution

Janette Sadik-Khan and Seth Solomonow

HE9783 .L69 2013eb

The low cost carrier worldwide [electronic resource]

edited by Sven Gross and Michael Lück

HE9843.B7C36 1986

The British Airways story : struggle for take-off

Duncan Campbell-Smith

HF1111 .T47 2013eb

The business school in the twenty-first century : emergent challenges and new business models [electronic resource]

Howard Thomas, Peter Lorange, Jagdish Sheth

HF1365 .G37 2016

From silk to silicon : the story of globalization through ten extraordinary lives

Jeffrey E. Garten

HF1385 .L35 2013eb

The Geneva consensus : making trade work for all

Pascal Lamy

HF1413.5 .G58 2013eb

The success of sanctions : lessons learned from the EU experience [electronic resource]

by Francesco Giumelli

HF1532.5 .C67 2013eb

The making of a world trading power : the European Economic Community (EEC) in the GATT Kennedy Round negotiations (1963-67) [electronic resource]

by Lucia Coppolaro

HF1604.Z4 H36 2015

Handbook on China and developing countries

edited by Carla P. Freeman

HF3163.N5 M25 2013eb

The Merchants' Capital : New Orleans and the political economy of the nineteenth-century [electronic resource]

by Scott P. Marler, Assistant Professor of History, University of Memphis


China-africa relations in an era of great transformations [electronic resource]

edited by Li Xing with Abdulkadir Osman Farah


Human frailties : wrong choices on the drive to success [electronic resource]

edited by Ronald J. Burke, Suzy Fox, Cary L. Cooper

HF5387 .H37324 2013eb

Virtue in business : conversations with Aristotle [electronic resource]

Edwin M. Hartman

HF5387 .H654 2013eb

Integrity in business : developing ethical behavior across cultures and jurisdictions [electronic resource]

Frank Holder


Remaking ourselves, enterprise and society : an Indian approach to human values in management [electronic resource]

by G.P. Rao

HF5414 .C667 2013eb

The new brand spirit : how communicating sustainability builds brands, reputations and profits

by Christian Conrad and Marjorie Ellis Thompson

HF5415.1255 .H47 2013eb

Branding and product design : an integrated perspective [electronic resource]

Monika Hestad

HF5415.1255 .J678 2013eb

The "Made in Germany" champion brands : nation branding, innovation and world export leadership

Ugesh A. Joseph

HF5415.126 .A377 2013

Advanced database marketing : innovative methodologies and applications for managing customer relationships [electronic resource]

[edited] by Kristof Coussement, Koen W. De Bock, and Scott A. Neslin

HF5415.1263 .M662 2013eb

Marketing high profit product/service solutions [electronic resource]

Roger More

HF5415.13 .A336 2016

Accountable marketing : linking marketing actions to financial performance

edited by David W. Stewart and Craig T. Gugel

HF5415.32 .T74 2013eb

The irrational consumer : applying behavioural economics to your business strategy [electronic resource]

Enrico Trevisan

HF5415.55 .R38 2016

Customer-centric marketing : a pragmatic framework

Ravi, R., and Baohong Sun

HF5548.32 .M647 2013

The End of Shops : Social Buying and the Battle for the Customer [electronic resource]

Cor Molenaar

HF5549.5.E43 B37 2016eb

Bullying and behavioural conflict at work : the duality of individual rights

Lizzie Barmes, Professor of Labour Law, Queen Mary University of London

HF5549.5.S38 E34 2013eb

Deception in selection : interviewees and the psychology of deceit [electronic resource]

Max A. Eggert

HF5667.12 .O46 2013eb

Audit effectiveness : meeting the IT challenge [electronic resource]

by Kamil Omoteso

HG1496 .S56 2013

Globalization and Money : a Global South Perspective [electronic resource]

Supriya Singh

HG1623.G7 C63 2016

Raving at usurers : anti-finance and the ethics of uncertainty in England, 1690-1750

Dwight Codr

HG171 .G638 2016

Money changes everything : how finance made civilization possible

William N. Goetzmann

HG177 .W343 2016

Diversity and philanthropy : expanding the circle of giving

Lilya Wagner, EdD, CFRE ; forewords by Eugene R. Tempel, EdD, CFRE, and Bill Hallett, PhD, ACFRE

HG178.3 .S536 2016

Can microfinance work? : how to improve its ethical balance and effectiveness

Lesley Sherratt

HG256 .W44 2016

Naked money : a revealing look at what it is and why it matters

Charles Wheelan

HG3701 .D5 2016

Debt as power

Tim Di Muzio and Richard H. Robbins

HG4026 .F5277 2016

Managing uncertainty, mitigating risk : tackling the unknown in financial risk assessment and decision making

Nikan B. Firoozye and Fauziah Ariff

HG4538 .P35 2014

Trading spaces : foreign direct investment regulation, 1970-2000 [electronic resource]

Sonal S. Pandya

HG540 .R534 2016

The money problem : rethinking financial regulation

Morgan Ricks

HJ1000 .Q47 2013eb

Questioning credible commitment : perspectives on the rise of financial capitalism [electronic resource]

edited by D'Maris Coffman, Adrian Leonard, and Larry Neal

HJ2051 .A59

Budget of the United States Government

HJ2051 .A59 Append.

The budget of the United States Government. Appendix

HJ2051 .A593

Budget of the United States Government. Analytical perspectives

HJ2381 .S5185 2013eb

Tax fairness and folk justice

Steven M. Sheffrin, Executive Director and Professor of Economics, Murphy Institute, Tulane University

HJ2971 .P65 2013eb

The political economy of transnational tax reform : the Shoup mission to Japan in historical context [electronic resource]

[edited by] W. Elliot Brownlee, University of California, Santa Barbara, Eisaku Ide, Keio University, Japan, Yasunori Fukagai Yokohama National University, Japan

HJ4653.R6 S34 2016

Taxing the rich : a history of fiscal fairness in the United States and Europe

Kenneth Scheve and David Stasavage

HJ8899 .G73 2013eb

The Company states keep : International economic organizations and investor perceptions in emerging markets [electronic resource]

Julia Gray, University of Pennsylvania

HM1033 .E34 2013eb

The drama of social life : a dramaturgical handbook [electronic resource]

edited by Charles Edgley

HM1106 .P38 2013

Saving face : enfacement, shame, theology [electronic resource]

Stephen Pattison

HM1271 .K556 2014eb

Multicultural challenges and redefining identity in East Asia

edited by Nam-Kook Kim

HM1271 .N52 2013eb

Toleration in political conflict

Glen Newey

HM1271 .S3783 2014eb

Ethnic diversity and social cohesion : immigration, ethnic fractionalization and potentials for civic action [electronic resource]

Merlin Schaeffer, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung, Germany

HM479.B39 B47 2013eb

Zygmunt Bauman : why good people do bad things [electronic resource]

by Shaun Best

HM481 .T65 2013eb

Ethnomethodology at play [electronic resource]

by Peter Tolmie and Mark Rouncefield

HM585 .D63 2013

Documents of Life Revisited : Narrative and Biographical Methodology for a 21st Century Critical Humanism

edited by Liz Stanley

HM585 .J66 2013eb

A genealogy of social violence : founding murder, Rawlsian fairness, and the future of the family [electronic resource]

Clint Jones

HM585 .L57 2013eb

Liquid sociology : metaphor in Zygmunt Bauman's analysis of modernity [electronic resource]

edited by Mark Davis

HM621 .B33 2016@HM621 .B33 2016

Cultural turns : new orientations in the study of culture

Doris Bachmann-Medick ; translated by Adam Blauhut

HM681 .B37 2016eb

A world of three cultures : honor, achievement and joy

Miguel E. Basáñez ; with foreword by Ronald F. Inglehart

HM711 .K84 2013eb

Organizations : a systems theory approach [electronic resource]

by Stefan Kühl

HM728 .N49 2013eb

New public spheres : recontextualizing the intellectual

edited by Peter Thijssen, Walter Weyns, Christiane Timmerman, Sara Mels

HM736 .F85 2013eb

Creating effective groups : the art of small group communication

Randy Fujishin

HM753 .J54 2014eb

Resistance and empowerment in Black women's hair styling [electronic resource]

Elizabeth Johnson

HM753 .S6193 2013eb

Social identities between the sacred and the secular [electronic resource]

edited by Abby Day, Giselle Vincett, Christopher R. Cotter

HM786 .A49 2013eb

American pragmatism and organization : issues and controversies [electronic resource]

edited by Mihaela Kelemen and Nick Rumens

HM821 .R57 2013eb

Rising inequality in China : challenges to a harmonious society [electronic resource]

edited by Shi Li, Beijing Normal University, China, Hiroshi Sato, Hitotsubashi University, Japan, Terry Sicular, University of Western Ontario, Canada

HM851 .H69 2013eb

State Power 2.0 : Authoritarian Entrenchment and Political Engagement Worldwide

edited by Philip N. Howard and Muzammil M. Hussain

HM881 .B49 2013

Beyond NGO-ization : the development of social movements in Central and Eastern Europe

edited by Kerstin Jacobsson, ̈̈Sösertörn University, Sweden, Steven Saxonberg, Masaryk University, Czech Republic

HM881 .S69 2013eb

Spaces of contention : spatialities and social movements [electronic resource]

edited by Walter Nicholls, Byron Miller, Justin Beaumont

HM886 .G36 2013eb

Violence and nonviolence : an introduction [electronic resource]

Barry L. Gan

HM886 .P354 2014

Violence, Society and Radical Theory : Bataille, Baudrillard and Contemporary Society [electronic resource]

William Pawlett

HN219.S2 T39 2013eb

Materializing poverty : how the poor transform their lives [electronic resource]

Erin B. Taylor

HN373 .B66 2013

Imagining Europe : myth, memory, and identity [electronic resource]

Chiara Bottici, Benoit Challand

HN380.Z9 V52 2013eb

Aspects of violence in Renaissance Europe [electronic resource]

edited by Jonathan Davies

HN49.C6 T346 2013eb

Regional resilience, economy and society : globalising rural places [electronic resource]

by Christine Tamásy, University of Vechta, Germany and Javier Revilla Diez, University of Hanover, Germany

HN49.C6 T69 2013eb

Towns in a rural world [electronic resource]

[edited] by Teresa de Noronha Vaz, Eveline van Leeuwen and Peter Nijkamp

HN49.R3 K38 2015

Radical philosophy : an introduction

Chad Kautzer

HN49.R33 E984 2013eb

Extremism, counter-terrorism and policing [electronic resource]

[edited] by Imran Awan and Brian Blakemore

HN59.2 .S698 2014

Everyday surveillance : vigilance and visibility in postmodern life [electronic resource]

William G. Staples

HN64 .M834 2013eb

The American state from the Civil War to the New Deal : the twilight of constitutionalism and the triumph of progressivism [electronic resource]

Paul D. Moreno

HN733.5 .R47 2013

Restless China

edited by Perry Link, Richard P. Madsen, and Paul G. Pickowicz

HN740.Z9 C6522 2013eb

The making of a new rural order in South China I., Village, land, and lineage in Huizhou, 900-1600 [electronic resource]

Joe P. McDermott

HN79.A14 C68 2016

The small-town Midwest : resilience and hope in the twenty-first century

Julianne Couch

HN79.C23 C684 2016

America's social arsonist : Fred Ross and grassroots organizing in the twentieth century

Gabriel Thompson

HN80.C5 R35 2016

Democracy's lot : rhetoric, publics, and the places of invention

Candice Rai

HN80.D6 K56 2016

DIY Detroit : making do in a city without services

Kimberley Kinder

HN80.L7 S85 2014

Street level : Los Angeles in the twenty-first century [electronic resource]

Rob Sullivan

HN90.S6 M37 2016

Polarized America : the dance of ideology and unequal riches

Nolan McCarty, Keith T. Poole, and Howard Rosenthal

HN90.S6 P47 2014eb

The new class society : goodbye American dream? [electronic resource]

Earl Wysong, Robert Perrucci, and David Wright

HN90.S65 M35 2013eb

The meritocracy myth [electronic resource]

Stephen J. McNamee and Robert K. Miller Jr

HN960 .C76 2013eb

Prosperity's predicament : identity, reform, and resistance in rural wartime China

Isabel Brown Crook and Christina Kelley Gilmartin with Yu Xiji ; compiled and edited by Gail Hershatter and Emily Honig

HQ10 .S56 2016

Pre-marital counseling : a guide for clinicians

Angela Skurtu, MEd., LMFT

HQ1031 .A325 2016

Sanctioning matrimony : western expansion and interethnic marriage in the Arizona borderlands

Sal Acosta

HQ1064.G7 J33 2016

Exploring aging masculinities : the body, sexuality and social lives

David Jackson, Independent Researcher, UK

HQ1073 .C477 2013eb

Taming time, timing death : social technologies and ritual [electronic resource]

edited by Dorthe Refslund Christensen and Rane Willerslev

HQ1073.5.U6 S26 2013eb

Death, American style : a cultural history of dying in America [electronic resource]

Lawrence R. Samuel

HQ1075.5.B97 Q84 2013eb

Questions of gender in Byzantine society [electronic resource]

edited by Bronwen Neil and Lynda Garland

HQ1090 .E92 2013eb

Exploring masculinities : feminist legal theory reflections

edited by Martha Albertson Fineman, Michael Thomson

HQ1090 .K33 2013eb

Postcolonial masculinities : emotions, histories and ethics

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