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Items Acquired in September 2016 for the University Libraries


HA29 .M83165 2017

From numbers to words : reporting statistical results for the social sciences

Susan E. Morgan, Tom Reichert, Tyler R. Harrison

HB135 .G355 2016

Optimal transport methods in economics

Alfred Galichon

HC110.D4 L57 2016

Survival : the economic foundations of American national security

Jonathon Lipow

HC240 .B77 2016

The euro and the battle of ideas

Markus K. Brunnermeier, Harold James, and Jean-Pierre Landau

HC427.92 .A74 2016

How China escaped the poverty trap

Yuen Yuen Ang

HC427.95 .G46 2016

Ghost protocol : development and displacement in global China

Carlos Rojas and Ralph A. Litzinger, editors

HC59.7 .K564 I58 2016

International development : issues and challenges

Damien Kingsbury, John McKay, Janet Hunt, Mark McGillivray, Matthew Clarke

HC59.7 .M435 2016

The institutions curse : natural resources, politics, and development

Victor Menaldo, University of Washington

HC79.C6 W535 2017

Consumer culture and society : a primer

Wendy A. Wiedenhoft

HC79.E5 D45155 2016

Enterprising nature : economics, markets and finance in global biodiversity politics

Jessica Dempsey

HC79.E5 D45155 2016eb

Enterprising nature : economics, markets and finance in global biodiversity politics

Jessica Dempsey

HC79.I55 S63 2016

Space, Place and Global Digital Work

HD2741 .W35 2016

Barbarians in the boardroom : activist investors and the battle for control of the world's most powerful companies

Owen Walker


New Corporate Governance : Successful Board Management Tools [electronic resource]

by Martin Hilb

HD30.28 .C36 2016

Wicked strategies : how companies conquer complexity and confound competitors

John C. Camillus

HD30.28 .S783 2016

The profitability test : does your strategy make sense?

Harborne W. Stuart, Jr


The Jossey-Bass handbook of nonprofit leadership and management

David O. Renz, Robert D. Herman, Editor Emeritus

HD62.6 .J67 2016

The Jossey-Bass handbook of nonprofit leadership and management

David O. Renz, Robert D. Herman, Editor Emeritus


Seafood and aquaculture marketing handbook [electronic resource]

Carole R. Engle, Kwamena K. Quagrainie, Madan M. Dey


Optimization and business improvement studies in upstream oil and gas industry

Sanjib Chowdhury

HE336.C92 B45 2015

Bikes vs cars

WG Film presents, in co-production with SVT & Film i Skåne, with support from Swedish Film Institute, Nordisk Film & TV-Fond ; producer, Margarete Jangård, Elin Kamlert ; a film by Fredrik Gertten


Radio spectrum management : policies, regulations and techniques

Haim Mazar

HF5381 .N48 2016

Employability : Making the Most of Your Career Development

HF5549.5.C53 L36 2016

Techniques for coaching and mentoring

Natalie Lancer, David Clutterbuck and David Megginson

HG106 .G84 2016

The financial mathematics of market liquidity : from optimal execution to market making

Olivier Guéant

HG106 .P484 2016eb

Financial risk modelling and portfolio optimization with R

Bernhard Pfaff

HG1573 .V58 2016

Competition and stability in banking : the role of regulation and competition policy

Xavier Vives

HG179.5 .H576 2016

Capital without borders : wealth managers and the one percent

Brooke Harrington

HG226 .C69 2016

The market as god

Harvey Cox

HG350 .R64 2016

The curse of cash

Kenneth S. Rogoff

HG4028.V3 M37 2016eb

Corporate valuation : measuring the value of companies in turbulent times [electronic resource]

Mario Massari, Gianfranco Gianfrate, Laura Zanetti

HG4530 .E44 2016

The index revolution : why investors should join it now

Charles D. Ellis


The ETF handbook : how to value and trade exchange-traded funds

David J. Abner

HG8943 .B45

Best's insurance reports. Life/health, United States & Canada

HG8943 .B45

Best's insurance reports. Life/health, United States & Canada

HJ3801 .C86 2016

Citizens' wealth : why (and how) sovereign funds should be managed by the people for the people

Angela Cummine

HM861 .S56 2016

Scenescapes : how qualities of place shape social life

Daniel Aaron Silver and Terry Nichols Clark

HN752.5 .T44 2016

Theological reflections on the Hong Kong Umbrella Movement

Justin K.H. Tse, Jonathan Y. Tan, editors

HQ1073 .S73 2016

The consolations of mortality : making sense of death

Andrew Stark

HQ1101 .M5514


HQ113 .S76 2016

Prostitutes and matrons in the Roman world

Anise K. Strong (Western Michigan University)

HQ1190 .M3778 2016

Mattering : feminism, science, and materialism

edited by Victoria Pitts-Taylor

HQ1220.V4 N53 2016

Beauty, virtue, power, and success in Venezuela 1850-2015

Elizabeth Gackstetter Nichols

HQ1501 .G467 2016

Romance with voluptuousness : Caribbean women and thick bodies in the United States

Kamille Gentles-Peart

HQ1719 .P69 2016

Circles on the mountain : Bosnian women in the twenty-first century

Janet M. Powers and Marica Prozo

HQ1730.5.Z9 Z335 2016

Tournaments of value : sociability and hierarchy in a Yemeni town

Anne Meneley

HQ783 .S588 2016

Socializing children through language

edited by Pamela Davis-Kean, Sandra Tang

HT1107 .P28 2016

Intimate bonds : family and slavery in the French Atlantic

Jennifer L. Palmer

HT133 .R67 2016

Towns in Medieval England : Selected sources

translated and annotated by Gervase Rosser

HT147.S6 L49 2016

Cities in motion : urban life and cosmopolitanism in Southeast Asia, 1920-1940

Su Lin Lewis


Enablers for smart cities

edited by Amal El Fallah Seghrouchni, Fuyuki Ishikawa, Laurent Hérault, Hideyuki Tokuda

HT169.F72 E57 2016

The making of grand Paris : metropolitan urbanism in the twenty-first century

Theresa Enright

HT177.C4 S45 2016

Chicago's block clubs : how neighbors shape the city

Amanda I. Seligman

HT690.U6 N86 2016

When did we all become middle class?

Martin Nunlee

HV1317 .W36 2016

Outsourced children : orphanage care and adoption in globalizing China

Leslie K. Wang

HV40 .S63 2016

Social Work and the City : Urban Themes in 21st-century Social Work

HV6457 .H48 2016

Beyond the rope : the impact of lynching on black culture and memory

Karlos K. Hill (Texas Tech University)

HV6477 .R34 2016

Race, riots, and the police

by Howard Rahtz

HV8141 .P59353 2017

Police use of force : important issues facing the police and the communities they serve

Michael J. Palmiotto, editor

HV8705 .T87 2016

Prison boundary : between society and carceral space

HV9471 .J64 2017

Hard time : a fresh look at understanding and reforming the prison

Robert Johnson, Anne Marie Rocheleau, and Alison B. Martin

HV9475.N7 A48 2016

After prisons? : freedom, decarceration, and justice disinvestment

edited by William G. Martin and Joshua M. Price

HV995.X462 L46 2010

A home of their own : the story of Ohio's greatest orphanage

Edward Lentz