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Items Acquired in November 2016 for the University Libraries


H51 .E45 2017

Social science and historical perspectives : society, science, and ways of knowing

Jack David Eller


Remembering the 1980 Turkish Military Coup d'État : Memory, Violence, and Trauma [electronic resource]

by Elifcan Karacan


The adventure of relevance : an ethics of social inquiry

Martin Savransky

H61 .M492644 2016eb

Methods that matter : integrating mixed methods for more effective social science research

edited by M. Cameron Hay


Interdisciplinary reflective practice through duoethnography : examples for educators

edited by Richard D. Sawyer & Joe Norris


If the truth be told : accounts in literary forms

Ronald J. Pelias


Policy-making in a transformative state : the case of Qatar

M. Evren Tok, Lolwah R.M. Alkhater, Leslie A. Pal


Excel 2016 for social science statistics : a guide to solving practical problems

Thomas J. Quirk



Robert Harris


A compendium of Italian economists at Oxbridge : contributions to the evolution of economic thinking

Mauro Baranzini, Amalia Mirante


Antonio Serra and the economics of good government

edited by Rosario Patalano and Sophus Reinert

HB126.I43 B3727 2015eb

An economist in the real world : the art of policymaking in India

Kaushik Basu


The financial crisis : implications for research and teaching

Ted Azarmi, Wolfang Amann

HB195 .C47 2016

An economic analysis of conflicts : with an application to the Greek Civil War 1946-1949

Nicos Christodoulakis

HB2114.A3 C48 2016eb

Masculine compromise : migration, family, and gender in China

Susanne Y.P. Choi and Yinni Peng


Business cycles in the run of history

Thierry Aimar, Francis Bismans, Claude Diebolt ; in collaboration with Reynald Majetti and Zohra Rabah


Knowledge capture in financial regulation : data-, information- and knowledge-asymmetries in the US financial crisis

Eva Becker



Charles Thorpe


Creating Technology-driven Entrepreneurship [electronic resource]


Selected Papers from the Asia Conference on Economics & Business Research 2015 [electronic resource]


The destructive power of family wealth : a guide to succession planning, asset protection, taxation and wealth management

Philip Marcovici


Economic Impacts of Intellectual Property-Conditioned Government Incentives

edited by Dan Prud'homme, Hefa Song


Behavioral economics of preferences, choices, and happiness

Shinsuke Ikeda [and three others], Editors


Nudge theory in action : behavioral design in policy and markets

Sherzod Abdukadirov, editor


Minds, models and milieux : commemorating the centennial of the birth of Herbert Simon [electronic resource]

edited by Roger Frantz and Leslie Marsh

HC106.6 .S74

S&P Capital IQ industry surveys

HC106.6 .S74

S&P Capital IQ industry surveys

HC110.C6 H425 2016

Consumer equality : race and the American marketplace

Geraldine Rosa Henderson, Anne-Marie Hakstian, and Jerome D. Williams

HC110.I5 B66 2016

Two nations, indivisible : a history of inequality in America

Jamie L. Bronstein


Empirical evidence on the macroeconomic effects of EU cohesion policy

Philipp Mohl


Politics of EU-China economic relations : an uneasy partnership

John Farnell and Paul Irwin Crookes

HC240.25.G7 G683 2017

Britain and the European Union

David Gowland


Society and Economics in Europe : Disparity versus Convergence? [electronic resource]

HC255 .H35 1971

English life in the nineteenth century

Roger Hart


German economic and business history in the 19th and 20th centuries

Werner Plumpe


Financial inclusion in asia : issues and policy concerns

HC412 .V38 2016

The Russian project of Eurasian integration : geopolitical prospects

Nataliya A. Vasilyeva and Maria L. Lagutina

HC54 .O345 2016

The Nobel factor : the prize in economics, social democracy, and the market turn

Avner Offer, Gabriel Söderberg


Industrial collaboration in Nazi-occupied Europe : Norway in context

Hans Otto Frøland, Mats Ingulstad, Jonas Scherner, editors


Regenerative development and design : a framework for evolving sustainability [electronic resource]

Pamela Mang, Ben Haggard


Sustainability science : field methods and exercises

Miguel Esteban, Tomohiro Akiyama, Chiahsin Chen, Izumi Ikeda, Takashi Mino, editors


Economics of Land Degradation and Improvement : A Global Assessment for Sustainable Development

edited by Ephraim Nkonya, Alisher Mirzabaev, Joachim von Braun


Cultures of transition and sustainability : culture after capitalism

John Clammer


The great mindshift : how a new economic paradigm and sustainability transformations go hand in hand

Maja Göpel

HC79.E5 I56 2016

International norms, normative change, and the UN sustainable development goals

edited by Noha Shawki

HC79.T4 E75 2016

The innovation illusion : how so little is created by so many working so hard

Fredrik Erixon and Björn Weigel

HC79.T4 S65 2016

The great disruption : competing and surviving in the second wave of the industrial revolution

Rick Smith with Mitch Free

HC800 .A57335 2016

Africa's lions : growth traps and opportunities for six African economies

Haroon Bhorat and Finn Tarp, editors


Property entrepreneur [electronic resource] : the wealth dragon way to build a successful property business

Vincent Wong


SAP flexible real estate management : guide for implementing and optimizing SAP flexible real estate management solution

Jayant Daithankar

HD2365 .O82 2015eb

The handbook of global outsourcing and offshoring : the definitive guide to strategy and operations [electronic resource]

Ilan Oshri, Professor of Technology and Globalisation, Loughborough University, UK, Julia Kotlarsky, Professor of Technology and Global Sourcing, Aston University, UK, Leslie P. Willcocks, Professor of Management, London School of Economics, London, UK


Corporate governance in Africa : assessing implementation and ethical perspectives

Kerry E. Howell, M. Karim Sorour, editors


Mergers and acquisitions : a study of financial performance, corporate governance and motives [electronic resource]

Neelam Rani, Surendra Singh Yadav, Pramond Kumar Jain


Building a comprehensive IT security program : practical guidelines and best practices

Jeremy Wittkop


Shared services and outsourcing : a contemporary outlook : 10th Global Sourcing Workshop 2016, Val d'Isère, France, February 16-19, 2016, Revised selected papers

Julia Kotlarsky, Ilan Oshri, Leslie P. Willcocks (eds.)


Smart decisions : the art of strategic thinking for the decision-making process

Thomas N. Martin

HD30.23 .B43 2016

Advanced business analytics : essentials for developing a competitive advantage

Saumitra N. Bhaduri, David Fogarty


Strategy and Success Factors of Business Schools [electronic resource]

Anne Kathrin Adam ; with a foreword by Louis Velthuis

HD30.28 .D556 2016

Disruptive analytics : charting your strategy for next-generation business analytics

Thomas W. Dinsmore


Mobile device management : mobility evaluation in small and medium-sized enterprises

Markus Pierer


Trust, privacy, and security in digital business : 13th International Conference, TrustBus 2016, Porto, Portugal, September 7-8, 2016. Proceedings

Sokratis K. Katsikas, Costas Lambrinoudakis, Steven Furnell (eds.)


Telling fairy tales in the boardroom : how to make sure your organization lives happily ever after

Manfred F.R. Kets de Vries, Distinguished Clinical Professor of Leadership Development and Organizational Change, INSEAD, France, Singapor et Abu Dhabi


Circular economy, industrial ecology and short supply chain

Delphine Gallaud, Blandine Laperche


Organizational management : policies and practices in a global market

edited by Carolina Machado and J. Paulo Davim


Beyond Lean : a revised framework of leadership and continuous improvement

Peter Béndek


Computational logistics : 7th International Conference, ICCL 2016, Lisbon, Portugal, September 7-9, 2016, Proceedings

Ana Paias, Mario Ruthmair, Stefan Voß (eds.)


Essays on supply chain management in emerging markets

Micha Hirschinger

HD39 .B3185 2016eb

Capital projects : what every executive needs to know to avoid costly mistakes, and make major investments pay off

Paul H. Barshop


Service innovation : novel ways of creating value in actor systems

editor, Marja Toivonen

HD49 .B33 2016

Grasping the moment : sensemaking in response to "routine" emergencies and major incidents

by Chris Baber and Richard McMaster

HD49 .G36 2016eb

The disruption dilemma

Joshua Gans


Gender, Class and Occupation : working class men doing dirty work [electronic resource]

Ruth Simpson, Jason Hughes, Natasha Slutskaya


Mindfulness-based strategic awareness training : a complete program for leaders and individuals

Juan Humberto Young


Inclusive leadership : a framework for the global era

Peter A. Wuffli

HD57.7 .A788 2016

Assessing student leadership

Darby M. Roberts, Krista J. Bailey, editors


Digital creativity model and its relationship with corporate performance : emphasis on agent-based modeling approach

Kun Chang Lee

HD58.9 .N583 2017eb

Objectives and key results : driving focus, alignment, and engagement with OKRs

Paul R. Niven, Ben Lamonte


Employability and Access to Training : A Contribution to the Implementation of Corporate Responsibility in the Labor Market

Silvia Castellazzi


Exploring resources, life-balance and well-being of women who work in a global context

Roxane L. Gervais, Prudence M. Millear, editors

HD6060.5.U5 P65 2012b

The good girls revolt : how the women of Newsweek sued their bosses and changed the workplace

Lynn Povich


Pay variation in family firms

Jörg Schäfer ; foreword by Prof. Dr. Andreas Hack


Work and family in urban china : womens changing experience since mao


Female entrepreneurship in nineteenth-century England : engagement in the urban economy [electronic resource]

Jennifer Aston

HD6073.A432 T54 2013eb

Plane queer : labor, sexuality, and AIDS in the history of male flight attendants

Phil Tiemeyer


Global Risk Agility and Decision Making : Organizational Resilience in the Era of Man-Made Risk


Behavioral risk management : managing the psychology that drives decisions and influences operational risk

Hersh Shefrin


Wise family business : family identity steering brand success

Joachim Schwass, Anne-Catrin Glemser


Understanding the Caribbean enterprise : insights from MSMEs and family owned businesses [electronic resource]

by Lawrence A. Nicholson, Jonathan G. Lashley

HD6509 .C48 L46 2014

The Political Spirituality of Cesar Chavez : Crossing Religious Borders


Designing boundary objects for virtual collaboration [electronic resource]

by Marc Marheineke


Virtual workers and the global labour market

Juliet Webster, Keith Randle, editors


Collaboration and technology : 22nd International Conference, CRIWG 2016, Kanazawa, Japan, September 14-16, 2016, Proceedings

Takaya Yuizono, Hiroaki Ogata, Ulrich Hoppe, Julita Vassileva (eds.)


Disruptive analytics : charting your strategy for next-generation business analytics

by Thomas W. Dinsmore


The agile consultant : guiding clients to enterprise agility

Rick Freedman


Rent-seeking in private pensions : concentration, pricing and performance [electronic resource]


Urban public housing in Northern Nigeria : the search for indigeneity and cultural practices in design

Abubakar Danladi Isah


Development paradigms for urban housing in BRICS countries [electronic resource]

HD75 .M65 2016

A culture of growth : the origins of the modern economy

Joel Mokyr


People, Place and Power on the Nineteenth-Century Waterfront : Sailortown [electronic resource]

HD8045 .L58 2016

No more work : why full employment is a bad idea

James Livingston

HD8083.N8 R53 2016eb

On the line : slaughterhouse lives and the making of the new South

Vanesa Ribas


Governmental Forms and Economic Development: From Medieval to Modern Times

HD8390 .S795 2016eb

England's great transformation : law, labor, and the Industrial Revolution

Marc W. Steinberg


Everyday post-socialism : working-class communities in the Russian margins

Jeremy Morris

HD9000.5 .C585 2014eb

Balancing on a Planet : The Future of Food and Agriculture

David A. Cleveland

HD9005 .B688 2016eb

More than just food : food justice and community change

Garrett M. Broad


Rapid urbanisation, urban food deserts and food security in Africa

Jonathan Crush, Jane Battersby, editors


The WTO and Food Security : Implications for Developing Countries [electronic resource]


Internet Plus" Pathways to the Transformation of China's Property Sector [electronic resource]

HD9348.U5 B474

Beverage industry annual manual

HD9393.6.A2 B69 2015eb

Divided spirits : tequila, mezcal, and the politics of production

Sarah Bowen

HD9437.U63 M778 2016eb

Scratching out a living : Latinos, race, and work in the Deep South

Angela Stuesse


Germany's energy transition : a comparative perspective

Carol Hager, Christoph H. Stefes, editors


Investing on low-carbon energy systems : implications for regional economic cooperation

Venkatachalam Anbumozhi, Kaliappa Kalirajan, Fukunari Kimura, Xianbin Yao, editors

HD9502.A2 P65 2015eb

Greening the global economy

Robert Pollin


Informing choices for meeting China's energy challenges

Zheng Li, Angelo Amorelli, Pei Liu


Energy policies for sustainable development strategies : the case of Nigeria

Nnaemeka Vincent Emodi

HD9506.I54 N49 2014eb

Enacting the corporation : an American mining firm in post-authoritarian Indonesia

Marina Welker


Ironmaking and steelmaking processes : greenhouse emissions, control, and reduction [electronic resource]

Pasquale Cavaliere, editor


Advanced decision making for HVAC engineers : creating energy efficient smart buildings

Javad Khazaii


Liberalizations in network industries : economics, policy and politics [electronic resource]

Antonio Nicita, Filippo Belloc


Nuclear poliferation in South Africa : history and politics

Lucky E. Asuelime, Raquel A. Adekoye


Serviceology for designing the future : selected and edited papers of the 2nd International Conference on Serviceology

Takashi Maeno, Yuriko Sawatani, Tatsunori Hara, editors


Urban Transportation Planning in the United States : History, Policy, and Practice [electronic resource]


Understanding social engineering based scams

Markus Jakobsson, editor


TV white space : the first step towards better utilization of frequency spectrum

Ser Wah Oh, Yugang Ma, Ming-Hung Tao, Edward Peh

HE9713 .D5225 2016

Dialogues on mobile communication

edited by Adriana de Souza e Silva


Efficiency and competitiveness of international airlines

Almas Heshmati, Jungsuk Kim


Google analytics breakthrough : from zero to business impact [electronic resource]

Feras Alhlou, Shiraz Asif, and Eric Fettman


Business statistics for competitive advantage with Excel 2016 : basics, model building, simulation and cases

Cynthia Fraser


Applied statistics for economics and business

Durmuş Özdemir


Local content policies in resource-rich countries

Yelena Kalyuzhnova, Christian A. Nygaard, Yerengaip Omarov, Abdizhapar Saparbayev


Doing Business in ASEAN Markets : Leadership Challenges and Governance Solutions Across Asian Borders

edited by Peter Verhezen, Ian Williamson, Mark Crosby & Natalia Soebagjo


Dynamic approaches to global economic challenges : festschrift in honor of Karl Farmer [electronic resource]

Birgit Bednar-Friedl, Jörn Kleinert, editors


Between globalization and integration : the Europeanization of Romania

Sebastian Văduva


Asian Foreign Policy in a Changing Arctic [electronic resource]

HF3784 .P73 2016eb

Manufacturing exports from Indian states : determinants and policy imperatives

Jaya Prakash Pradhan, Keshab Das


Trade strategy in East Asia : from regionalization to regionalism

Fithra Faisal Hastiadi


Interview questions in business analytics

Bhasker Gupta


Business Ethics Education and the Pragmatic Pursuit of the Good


Integrity in the business panorama models of European best-practices

Sebastian Văduva [and six others]


Moral leadership in business : towards a business culture of integrity

Sebastian Văduva, Victor T. Alistar, Andrew R. Thomas, Călin D. Lupiţu, Daniel S. Neagoie

HF54.U5 P74

D&B principal international businesses


Excel 2016 for marketing statistics : a guide to solving practical problems [electronic resource]

Thomas J. Quirk, Eric Rhiney


Brand hate : navigating consumer negativity in the digital world [electronic resource]

S. Umit Kucuk


Targeting using augmented data in database marketing : decision factors for evaluating external sources

Bettina Hüttenrauch

HF5415.1263 .S23 2016

The marketing challenge for industrial companies : advanced concepts and practices

Claudio A. Saavedra


Chief marketing officers at work

Josh Steimle

HF5415.13 .M255 2016eb

Marketing plans : how to prepare them, how to profit from them

Malcolm McDonald, Hugh Wilson


Mind genomics : a guide to data-driven marketing strategy [electronic resource]


The intuitive customer : 7 imperatives for moving your customer experience to the next level [electronic resource]

Colin Shaw, Ryan Hamilton

HF5416.5 .S584 2016eb

Pricing done right : the pricing framework proven successful by the worlds most profitable companies

Tim J. Smith

HF5416.5 .V35 2017

Value first then price : quantifying value in business-to-business markets from the perspective of both buyers and sellers

edited by Andreas Hinterhuber and Todd C. Snelgrove

HF5430.6.L29 D38 2016eb

El mall : the spatial and class politics of shopping malls in Latin America

Arlene Dávila


Business process management : 14th International Conference, BPM 2016, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, September 18-22, 2016. Proceedings

Marcello La Rosa, Peter Loos, Oscar Pastor (eds.)


Navigating the talent shift : how to build on-demand teams that drive innovation, control costs, and get results

Lisa Hufford


The complexity of workplace humour : laughter, jokers and the dark side of humour

Barbara Plester


Sexual orientation and transgender issues in organizations : global perspectives on LGBT workforce diversity

Thomas Köllen, editor


Michael Allen's guide to e-learning : building interactive, fun, and effective learning programs for any company

Michael W. Allen


Pioneers of critical accounting : a celebration of the life of Tony Lowe [electronic resource]

Jim Haslam, Prem Sikka, editors


UK GAAP financial statement disclosures manual [electronic resource]

Steven Collings


The Relationship of Body Weight and Skepticism towards Advertising

Sabrina Brauneis\


Retail brand equity and loyalty : analysis in the context of sector-specific antecedents, perceived value, and multichannel retailing [electronic resource]

Julia Katharina Weindel


The volatility smile : an introduction for students and practitioners

Emanuel Derman, Michael B. Miller

HG106 .E98 2016eb

Extreme events in finance : a handbook of extreme value theory and its applications

edited by François Longin


Banking beyond banks and money : a guide to banking services in the twenty-first century [electronic resource]

Paolo Tasca, Tomaso Aste, Loriana Pelizzon, Nicolas Perony, editors


Liquidity Risk, Efficiency and New Bank Business Models [electronic resource]

Santiago Carbo⁺ѓ Valverde, Pedro Jesu⁺ѓs Cuadros Solas, Francisco Rodri⁺ѓguez Ferna⁺ѓndez, editors


Mutual insurance 1550-2015 : from guild welfare and friendly societies to contemporary micro-insurers [electronic resource]

Marco H.D. van Leeuwen


Credit and Trade in Later Medieval England, 1353-1532

by Richard Goddard


FinTech innovation : from robo-advisors to goal based investing and gamification [electronic resource]

Paolo Sironi


How to write a competitive R01 grant

Sudhansu K. Dey, Katie Gerhardt


Monetary analysis at Central banks

David Cobham, editor

HG230.3 .F744 2015eb

Systemic risk, crises, and macroprudential regulation

Xavier Freixas, Luc Laeven, and José-Luis Peydró

HG3015 .J63 2016

Policy debates as dynamic networks : German pension politics and privatization discourse

Philip Leifeld


The Financial Controller and CFO's Toolkit : Lean Practices to Transform Your Finance Team

David Parmenter


The end of accounting and the path forward for investors and managers

Baruch Lev, Feng Gu

HG4501 .S7949

... SBBI yearbook : stocks, bonds, bills and inflation

HG4521 .O336 2016

Something for nothing : arbitrage and ethics on Wall Street

Maureen O'Hara


Hedge fund investing : a practical approach to understanding investor motivation, manager profits, and fund performance [electronic resource]

Kevin R. Mirabile

HG4551 .G47 2016

Evolution of the exchange industry : from dealers' clubs to multinational companies

Manuela Geranio

HG4638 .B85 2016

Chart patterns : after the buy

Thomas Bulkowski


Venture capital and the inventive process : VC funds for ideas-led growth

Tamir Agmon and Stefan Sjögren

HG5095 .K738 2016

The intelligent REIT investor : how to build wealth with real estate trusts

Stephanie Krewson-Kelly and R. Brad Thomas

HG5242 .C368 2006

Caribbean Rim : Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada and St. Lucia

HG540 .R534 2016eb

The money problem : rethinking financial regulation

Morgan Ricks


Business and entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia : opportunities for partnering and investing in emerging businesses

Edward Burton

HG5774.3 .M59 2013eb

Arbitraging Japan : dreams of capitalism at the end of finance

Hirokazu Miyazaki


Africa-to-Africa internationalization : key issues and outcomes [electronic resource]

edited by Ifedapo Adeleye, Lyal White, Nathaniel Boso


Essential option strategies : understanding the market and avoiding common pitfalls

J. J. Kinahan


Derivatives essentials : an introduction to forwards, futures, options and swaps

Aron Gottesman

HG6024.A3 .D45 2016

Derivatives and the wealth of societies

edited by Benjamin Lee and Randy Martin

HG6024.A3 C635 2016

Trading binary options : strategies and tactics

Abe Cofnas


Analytics for insurance : the real business of big data

Tony Boobier


The Geneva papers : 40 years at the cutting edge of research in insurance economics

edited by Christophe Courbage


Taxing soda for public health : a Canadian perspective

Yann Le Bodo, Marie-Claude Paquette, Philippe De Wals


The Sovereign Debt Crisis, the EU and Welfare State Reform

Caroline de la Porte, Elke Heins, editors

HM1126 .C6557 2016

Conflict transformation and religion : essays on faith, power, and relationship

Ellen Ott Marshall, editor

HM1136 .S63 2016

Social exclusion : psychological approaches to understanding and reducing its impact

Paolo Riva, Jennifer Eck, editors


Socialising with diversity : relational diversity through a superdiversity lens

by Fran Meissner


Sociology in Poland : to be continued?

Marta Bucholc


Sociology in France after 1945

Philippe Masson and Cherry Schrecker


Sociology in South Africa : colonial, apartheid and democratic forms

R. Sooryamoorthy


Handbook of contemporary sociological theory

Seth Abrutyn, editor

HM585 .A237 2016eb

Processual sociology

Andrew Abbott


Gothic Forensics : Criminal Investigative Procedure in Victorian Horror & Mystery [electronic resource]

by Michael Arntfield

HM623 .H365 2016

Cultural studies 1983 : a theoretical history

Stuart Hall ; edited and with an introduction by Jennifer Daryl Slack and Lawrence Grossberg

HM646 .H34 2016

Goths, gamers, and grrrls : deviance and youth subcultures

Ross Haenfler


The sociology of generations : new directions and challenges

Jennie Bristow


Social media : the good, the bad, and the ugly : 15th IFIP WG 6.11 Conference on e-Business, e-Services, and e-Society, I3E 2016, Swansea, UK, September 13-15, 2016, Proceedings

Yogesh K. Dwivedi, Matti Mäntymäki, M.N. Ravishankar, Marijn Janssen, Marc Clement, Emma L. Slade, Nripendra P. Rana, Salah Al-Sharhan, Antonis C. Simintiras (eds.)


Micro-blogging memories : Weibo and collective remembering in contemporary China


Morphogenesis and the crisis of normativity

edited by Margaret S. Archer

HM866 .W55 2016

The Wiley handbook of the psychology of mass shootings

Laura C. Wilson

HN110.5.A8 P665 2012

Institutions Count : Their Role and Significance in Latin American Development


The crisis of multiculturalism in Latin America

David Lehmann, editor


A rights-based approach to social policy analysis

Shirley Gatenio Gabel

HN80.C43 G65 2016

Charleston and the emergence of middle-class culture in the revolutionary era

Jennifer L. Goloboy

HN90.R3 E25 2016

Bad Moon Rising : how the Weather Underground beat the FBI and lost the revolution

Arthur M. Eckstein

HQ1034.U5 P556 2016

America's war on same-sex couples and their families : and how the courts rescued them

Daniel R. Pinello


Conceptual and methodological issues on the adjustment to aging : perspectives on aging well

Sofia von Humboldt

HQ1147.E6 S28 2015

Gender in medieval culture

Michelle M. Sauer

HQ1147.E85 M67 2016

A medieval woman's companion : women's lives in the European Middle Ages

Susan Signe Morrison


Becoming feminist : narratives and memories [electronic resource]

Carly Guest

HQ1236 .D597 2016

Dissident friendships : feminism, imperialism, and transnational solidarity

edited by Elora Halim Chowdhury and Liz Philipose

HQ1236.5.U6 O5 2000

Oh dear : a history of woman suffrage in Ohio

produced and directed by Linda Thornburg ; script, Linda Thornburg

HQ1410 .D83 2016

Through women's eyes : an American history with documents

Ellen Carol DuBois, Lynn Dumenil

HQ1413.S67 S73 2016

Stanton in her own time : a biographical chronicle of her life, drawn from recollections, interviews, and memoirs by family, friends, and associates

edited by Noelle A. Baker

HQ1421 .W35 2016

Reverend Addie Wyatt : faith and the fight for labor, gender, and racial equality

Marcia Walker-McWilliams

HQ1426 .S446 2016

Getting paid while taking time : the women's movement and the development of paid family leave policies in the United States

Megan A. Sholar

HQ1610.3 .C94 2016

Czech feminisms : perspectives on gender in East Central Europe

edited by Iveta Jusová and Jiřina Šiklová

HQ1620.P2 S43 2016

Les Parisiennes : how the women of Paris lived, loved, and died under Nazi occupation

Anne Sebba


Speaking as women leaders : meetings in Middle Eastern and Western contexts

Judith Baxter and Haleema Al A'ali

HQ1728.5 .O84 2016

Negotiating Palestinian womanhood : encounters between Palestinian women and American missionaries, 1880s-1940s

Enaya Hammad Othman


Gendered politics and law in Jordan : guardianship over women

Afaf Jabiri


No one will let her live : women's struggle for well-being in a Delhi slum

Claire Snell-Rood

HQ1762 .Y6435 2016

The problem of women in early modern Japan

Marcia Yonemoto

HQ1777 .F75 2015eb

Exceptional states : Chinese immigrants and Taiwanese sovereignty

Sara L. Friedman

HQ18.L29 S497 2016eb

Sexuality and the unnatural in colonial Latin America

edited by Zeb Tortorici

HQ21 .K23 2016

Heinrich Kaan's "Psychopathia sexualis" (1844) : a classic text in the history of sexuality

edited by Benjamin Kahan ; translated by Melissa Haynes

HQ21 .W379 2017


Jeffrey Weeks


Mediterranean families in antiquity : households, extended families, and domestic space

Sabine R. Huebner and Geoffrey Nathan

HQ535 .C643 2016

The way we never were : American families and the nostalgia trap

Stephanie Coontz

HQ536 .H6324 2013eb

So how's the family? : and other essays

Arlie Russell Hochschild

HQ63 .B87 2016eb

Christians under covers : evangelicals and sexual pleasure on the Internet

Kelsy Burke

HQ63 .G35 2011eb

Making chastity sexy : the rhetoric of evangelical abstinence campaigns

Christine J. Gardner

HQ72.C3 W35 2012eb

Hound Pound Narrative : Sexual Offender Habilitation and the Anthropology of Therapeutic Intervention

James B. Waldram

HQ73.3.A35 H38 2016

Queer roots for the diaspora : ghosts in the family tree

Jarrod Hayes


Family life in an age of migration and mobility : global perspectives through the life course [electronic resource]

Majella Kilkey, Ewa Palenga-Möllenbeck, editors


The Lives of Older Lesbians : Sexuality, Identity & the Life Course [electronic resource]

by Jane Traies

HQ755.5.U5 S84 2005eb

Eugenic nation : faults and frontiers of better breeding in modern America

Alexandra Minna Stern

HQ759 .A384 2013

Ain't no trust : how bosses, boyfriends, and bureaucrats fail low-income mothers and why it matters

Judith A. Levine


Research perspectives on work and the transition to motherhood [electronic resource]

Christiane Spitzmueller, Russell A. Matthews, editors

HQ76.25 .D86 2016

Queerly remembered : rhetorics for representing the GLBTQ past

Thomas R. Dunn


The EU enlargement and gay politics : the impact of Eastern enlargement on rights, activism and prejudice

Koen Slootmaeckers, Heleen Touquet, Peter Vermeersch, editors

HQ76.8.U5 H63 2016

Lavender and red : liberation and solidarity in the gay and lesbian left

Emily K. Hobson

HQ767.15 .F87 2016

The moral case for abortion

Ann Furedi


Invisible children : reimagining international development at the grassroots

Maya Ajmera with Gregory A. Fields


Innovative approaches to supporting families of young children

Cheri J. Shapiro, Charlyn Harper Browne, editors

HQ769 .C63164 2016

Great psychologists as parents : does knowing the theory make you an expert?

by David Cohen

HQ77.8.W75 A3 2016

Darling days

iO Tillett Wright

HQ77.9 .B78 2016

Trans : gender and race in an age of unsettled identities

Rogers Brubaker

HQ789 .C69 2016

Children's rights : from philosophy to public policy

Mhairi Cowden

HQ799.2.P6 C664 2016

Contemporary youth activism : advancing social justice in the United States

Jerusha Conner and Sonia M. Rosen, editors

HT123 .U74657 2016

Urban policy in the time of Obama

James DeFilippis, editor ; afterword by Cedric Johnson

HT151 .M359 2016

The urban apparatus : mediapolitics and the city

Reinhold Martin

HT151 .U685 2017

Urban theory : new critical perspectives

edited by Mark Jayne and Kevin Ward


Urban resilience : a transformative approach

Yoshiki Ymamagata, Hiroshi Maruyama, editors


What makes a great city

Alexander Garvin


Care and design : bodies, buildings, cities

edited by Charlotte Bates, Researcher in the Sociology Department, Goldsmiths, University of London, Rob Imrie, Professor of Sociology in the Department of Sociology, Goldsmiths, University of London, Kim Kullman, Research Associate, Goldsmiths, University of London

HT169.55 .W35 2016eb

Practicing utopia : an intellectual history of the new town movement

Rosemary Wakeman


Integrated productivity in urban Africa : introducing the neo-mercantile planning theory

Donald Okeke

HT169.S652 S5878 2017

Seville : through the urban void

Miguel Torres García

HT361 .M4245 2015eb

Sharing cities : a case for truly smart and sustainable cities

Duncan McLaren and Julian Agyeman

HT384.C62 Z6855 2016eb

From village to city : social transformation in a Chinese county seat

Andrew B. Kipnis

HT388 .S63 2016

Spatial Econometric Interaction Modelling

Roberto Patuelli, Giuseppe Arbia, editors

HT394.O25 S56 2017

Flame and fortune in the American West : urban development, environmental change, and the great Oakland Hills fire

Gregory L. Simon

HT725.J3 H255 2014eb

Working skin : making leather, making a multicultural Japan

Joseph D. Hankins

HV1553 .J46 2016

Out of the horrors of war : disability politics in Word War II America

Audra Jennings

HV1568 .B56 2016

Seriously funny : disability and the paradoxical power of humor

Shawn Chandler Bingham, Sara E. Green


The regional politics of welfare in Italy, Spain and Great Britain [electronic resource]

by Davide Vampa

HV4005 .C45 2016

Childhood, youth and migration : connecting global and local perspectives

Christine Hunner-Kreisel, Sabine Bohne, editors

HV4045 .S44 2016

Dark ghettos : injustice, dissent, and reform

Tommie Shelby

HV41 .M525 2017

Discretion in the welfare state : social rights and professional judgment

Anders Molander

HV4505 .P485 2016

Homeless : narratives from the streets

Joshua D. Phillips


Philosophy and the politics of animal liberation [electronic resource]

edited by Paola Cavalieri


Animal ethics in the age of humans : blurring boundaries in human-animal relationships

Bernice Bovenkerk, Jozef Keulartz, editors

HV530 .S668 2016

Spirituality, culture, and development : implications for social work

edited by Chathapuram S. Ramanathan, Srilatha Juvva, Subhabrata Dutta, and Khadija Khaja


Ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction and adaptation in practice

Fabrice G. Renaud, Karen Sudmeier-Rieux, Marisol Estrella, Udo Nehren, editors


Advanced Sciences and Technologies for Security Applications : Disaster Forensics : Understanding Root Cause and Complex Causality [electronic resource]


Drug use trajectories among minority youth [electronic resource]

HV5825 .R45 2014eb

We sell drugs : the alchemy of US empire

Suzanna Reiss

HV5831.M46 T49 2016

The three U.S.-Mexico border wars : drugs, immigration, and homeland security

Tony Payan ; foreword by Kathleen Staudt

HV5840.A49 D78 2016

Drug policies and the politics of drugs in the Americas

Beatriz Caiuby Labate, Clancy Cavnar, Thiago Rodrigues, Editors

HV6250.4.W65 D429 2016

Violence against women in pornography

Walter S. DeKeseredy and Marilyn Corsianos

HV6322.3.C7 C58 2016eb

Para-state : an ethnography of Colombia's death squads

Aldo Civico


Kurdish diaspora online : from imagined community to managing communities

Jowan Mahmod


Islamic domestic extremism in Canada : the case of the Toronto 18

Jeremy Kowalski

HV6548.I52 K4739 2014eb

In pursuit of the good life : aspiration and suicide in globalizing South India

Jocelyn Lim Chua


Policing Sexual Offences and Sex Offenders

Terry Thomas


Sexual offending : predisposing antecedents, assessments and management

Amy Phenix, Harry M. Hoberman, editors


Cyberbullying : Approaches, Consequences and Interventions

Lucy R. Betts

HV6773.15.C97 H835 2016

How to measure anything in cybersecurity risk

Douglas W. Hubbard, Richard Seiersen


Savage frontier : making news and security on the Argentine border

Ieva Jusionyte


Economic analysis and efficiency in policing, criminal justice and crime reduction : what works?

Matthew Manning, Shane D. Johnson, Nick Tilley, Gabriel T.W. Wong, and Margarita Vorsina


Measuring Police Subcultural Perceptions : A Study of Frontline Police Officers in China [electronic resource]

by Zheng Chen

HV7936.P8 B69 2015

Race, place, and suburban policing : too close for comfort

Andrea S. Boyles

HV8073 .K688 2016eb

The social life of forensic evidence

Corinna Kruse

HV8073.3 .P66 2016

Interviewing children : the science of conversation in forensic contexts

Debra Ann Poole

HV8080.P2 W45 2016

Stop and frisk : the use and abuse of a controversial policing tactic

Michael D. White and Henry F. Fradella

HV8728 .R45 2016

23/7 : Pelican Bay Prison and the rise of long-term solitary confinement

Keramet Reiter

HV9105.C2 .C438 2012

States of delinquency : race and science in the making of California's juvenile justice system

Miroslava Chavez-Garcia


Probation : 12 essential questions

Fergus McNeill, Ioan Durnescu, René Butter, editors


Prison vocational education and policy in the United States : a critical perspective on evidence-based reform

Andrew J. Dick, William Rich, Tony Waters


The Role of Prison in Europe : Travelling in the Footsteps of John Howard [electronic resource]


The role of prison in Europe : travelling in the footsteps of John Howard

Tom Vander Beken


Was communism doomed? : human nature, psychology and the communist economy

Simon Kemp


Red revolution, green revolution : scientific farming in socialist China [electronic resource]

Sigrid Schmalzer