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Items Acquired in January 2017 for the University Libraries



Regional Conference on Science, Technology and Social Sciences (RCSTSS 2014). Business and Social Sciences

Mohd Amli Abdullah, Wan Kalthom Yahya, Nazirah Ramli, Siti Rosiah Mohamed, Badli Esham Ahmad, editors


Social cohesion in the Western world : what holds societies together: insights from the social cohesion radar

Georgi Dragolov [and 5 others]


Restoring the Classic in Sociology : Traditions, Texts and the Canon

by Alan R. How


Art of social theory

Richard Swedberg

H62 .F34 2016

Writing up quantitative research in the social and behavioral sciences

Marianne Fallon

H62 .U53 2016

Understanding relational and group experiences through the Mmogo-Method®

Vera Roos, editor


Working with the American community survey in R : a guide to using the acs package [electronic resource]

Ezra Haber Glenn

HA202 .S85

ProQuest statistical abstract of the United States

HA203 .C68

County and city extra : annual metro, city, and county data book

HA203 .W48

The who, what, and where of America : understanding the American community survey


Data envelopment analysis : a handbook of empirical studies and applications

Joe Zhu, editor

HA4631 .S83

Zhongguo tong ji nian jian

Zhongguo guo jia tong ji ju bian


The dry

Jane Harper


A Revolution in Economic Theory : The Economics of Piero Sraffa [electronic resource]

by Ajit Sinha


Frank H. Knight : prophet of freedom

David Cowan

HB126 .W43 2016eb

The Web of freedom : J.C. Kumarappa and Gandhi's struggle for economic justice

Venu Madhav Govindu and Deepak Malghan


Simulation and Gaming in the Network Society

HB145 .H67 2016eb

The short-run approach to long-run equilibrium in competitive markets : a general theory with application to peak-load pricing with storage

Anthony Horsley, Andrew J. Wrobel


Enacting dismal science : new perspectives on the performativity of economics

Ivan Boldyrev, Ekaterina Svetlova, editors


Islamic Finance and Africa's Economic Resurgence : Promoting Diverse and Localized Investment


Dynamic modeling, empirical macroeconomics, and finance : essays in honor of Willi Semmler

Lucas Bernard, Unurjargal Nyambuu


Economic cycles, crises, and the global periphery

Leonid Grinin, Andrey Korotayev, Arno Tausch ; with a foreword by William R. Thompson

HB3717 2008

After the financial crisis : shifting legal, economic and political paradigms

Pablo Iglesias-Rodriguez, Anna Triandafyllidou, Ruby Gropas, editors


Europe in crisis : a structural analysis

Leila Simona Talani, editor


A Post-Colonial Enquiry into Europe's Debt and Migration Crisis [electronic resource]


Empowering the market economy through innovation and entrepreneurship

A. Coskun Samli

HB501 .A648 2010

The relentless revolution : a history of capitalism

Joyce Appleby


Entrepreneurship in the Gulf Cooperation Council : guidelines for starting and managing businesses

Alexandrina Maria Pauceanu


Funded : the entrepreneur's guide to raising your first round

Katherine Hague


21 days to a big idea! : creating breakthrough business concepts

Bryan Mattimore

HB71 .K893 2016

Economism : bad economics and the rise of inequality

James Kwak ; foreword by Simon Johnson

HB71 .W345 2016eb

Dionysian economics : making economics a scientific social science

Benjamin Ward


Public Private Partnerships in Nigeria


Development of Circular Economy in China [electronic resource]


Studies in Political Economy : The Political Economy of Social Choices [electronic resource]


Suspicions of markets : critical attacks from Aristotle to the twenty-first century

Donald Rutherford

HC106.6 .S74

S&P Capital IQ industry surveys

HC110.E5 M377 2016

Environmental sustainability and American public administration : past, present, and future

J. Michael Martinez

HC110.W4 W55 2017

The privileges of wealth : rising inequality and the growing racial divide

Robert B. Williams


Innovation, Democracy and Efficiency : Exploring the Innovation Puzzle within the European Union's Regional Development Policies [electronic resource]

by Francesco Grillo, Raffaella Y. Nanetti


The EEC's Yugoslav policy in Cold War Europe, 1968-1980

Benedetto Zaccaria


A New Growth Model for the Greek Economy : Requirements for Long-Term Sustainability [electronic resource]

edited by Panagiotis E. Petrakis


The Pillars of the Italian Economy [electronic resource]

HC412 .A74296 2016

The Asian developmental state : reexaminations and new departures

edited by Yin-wah Chu

HC412 .J39 2016

Industrialization and challenges in Asia

Kanesu Jayanthakumaran


Sustainable development in the Jordan Valley : final report of the Regional NGO master plan

Jeroen Kool

HC427.92 .G478 2017

Unlikely partners : Chinese reformers, Western economists, and the making of global China

Julian Gewirtz


The Logic of Economic Reform in China

by Xiaojing Zhang, Xin Chang

HC427.95 .A56 2016eb

Annual report on the development of China's special economic zones (2016) : blue book of China's special economic zones

Yitao Tao, Yiming Yuan, editors

HC427.95 .B86 2016

Incentivized development in China : leaders, governance, and growth in China's counties

David J. Bulman

HC428.X56 K56 2016

Borderland capitalism : Turkestan produce, Qing silver, and the birth of an eastern market

Kwangmin Kim

HC430.6 .N37 2017

Development after statism : industrial firms and the political economy of South Asia

Adnan Naseemullah

HC430.A4 M3213 2017

The economics of air pollution in China : achieving better and cleaner growth

Ma Jun ; translated from the Chinese by Bernard Cleary ; edited in English by Damien Ma

HC430.P55 L62 2016

Carbon trading in China : environmental discourse and politics

Alex Lo

HC435.3 .E26 2016eb

Economic geography

general editor, L.S. Bhat ; theme editors, H.S. Sharma and M.H. Qureshi

HC435.3 .E3368 2015eb


HC441 .A8445 2016

ASEAN Economic Community : a model for Asia-wide regional integration?

edited by Bruno Jetin and Mia Mikic


Japan and the Great Divergence : a short guide

Penelope Francks


Keynes's general theory reconsidered in the context of the Japanese economy

Masayuki Otaki


Economic miracle market South Korea : a blueprint for economic growth in developing nations

Dieter K. Schneidewind


Aid, growth and poverty

Jonathan Glennie, Andy Sumner

HC60 .C66525 2016

China's foreign aid and investment diplomacy. Volume I, Nature, scope, and origins

John F. Copper

HC60 .C66525 2016

China's foreign aid and investment diplomacy. Volume III, Strategy beyond Asia and challenges to the United States and the international order

John F. Copper

HC79.C3 H55 2016

Licensed larceny : infrastructure, financial extraction and the Global South

Nicholas Hildyard


Sustainable mobility in metropolitan regions : insights from interdisciplinary research for practice application

Gebhard Wulfhorst, Stefan Klug, (eds.)


Resolving the climate change crisis : the ecological economics of climate change

Philip Lawn

HC79.E5 E3324 2016

Efficiency, finance, and varieties of industrial policy : guiding resources, learning, and technology for sustained growth

Akbar Noman and Joseph E. Stiglitz, editors

HC79.E5 H428 2017

Endangered economies : how the neglect of nature threatens our prosperity

Geoffrey Heal

HC79.E5 J298 2017

Prosperity without growth : foundations for the economy of tomorrow

Tim Jackson

HC79.F3 M39 2016

Famine in Somalia : competing imperatives, collective failures, 2011-12

Daniel Maxwell, Nisar Majid


Extreme Inequalities in Contemporary Capitalism

by Maurizio Franzini, Elena Granaglia, Michele Raitano

HC79.P6 M394 2017

Surviving poverty : creating sustainable ties among the poor

HC79.T4 H557 1988

Free innovation

Eric von Hippel

HC94 .N49 2016

New countries : capitalism, revolutions, and nations in the Americas, 1750-1870

John Tutino, editor


Industrial districts in history and the developing world

Tomoko Hashino, Keijiro Otsuka, editors

HD1527.C2 H47 2017

All they will call you : the telling of the plane wreck at Los Gatos Canyon

Tim Z. Hernandez


European union's common agricultural policy reforms : towards a critical realist approach [electronic resource]

HD2072 .J86 2016

Development economics : the role of agriculture in development

P. N. (Raja) Junankar


Home makeovers that sell : quick and easy ways to get the highest possible price

Sid Davis


The Shareholder Action Guide : Unleash Your Hidden Powers to Hold Corporations Accountable [electronic resource]


Global vision : how companies can overcome the pitfalls of globalization

Robert Salomon


The theory of international business : economic models and methods

Mark Casson


International fragmentation : impacts and prospects for manufacturing, marketing, economy, and growth

Anshu Saxena Arora, Sabine Racouel-Jentjens, editors


Proceedings of 2015 2nd International Conference on Industrial Economics System and Industrial Security Engineering [electronic resource]


Predictive analytics for dummies

Anasse Bari, Mohamed Chaouchi, Tommy Jung


Enterprise, Business-Process and Information Systems Modeling : 17th International Conference, BPMDS 2016, 21st International Conference, EMMSAD 2016, Held at CAiSE 2016, Ljubljana, Slovenia, June 13-14,2016, Proceedings

edited by Rainer Schmidt, Wided Guédria, Ilia Bider, Sérgio Guerreiro


Smart collaborative identifier network : a promising design of future internet

Hongke Zhang, Wei Su, Wei Quan


Introducing the oscillations based paradigm : the simulation of agents and social systems

Darius Plikynas

HD30.2 .B4647 2016

The science of managing our digital stuff

Ofer Bergman and Steve Whittaker

HD30.2 .V578 2016

Visual analytics for management : translational science and applications in practice

edited by Elliot Bendoly and Sacha Clark


Managing the reality of virtual organizations

Sandhya Shekhar


Splunk essentials : a fast-paced and practical guide to demystifying big data and transforming it into operational intelligence

Betsy Page Sigman, Erickson Delgado


Multiobjective linear and integer programming

by Carlos Henggeler Antunes, Maria João Alves, João Clímaco


Decision making and modelling in cognitive science [electronic resource]

Sisir Roy


Multiple Criteria Decision Making by Multiobjective Optimization : a Toolbox

by Ignacy Kaliszewski, Janusz Miroforidis, Dmitry Podkopaev


Spirituality and Sustainability [electronic resource]


Exploring the field of business model innovation : new theoretical perspectives

Oliver Gassmann, Karolin Frankenberger, Roman Sauer

HD30.28 .S42995 2016

If you're in a dogfight, become a cat! : strategies for long-term growth

Leonard Sherman


The smart solution book : 68 tools for brainstorming, problem solving and decision making

David Cotton

HD30.3 .O7175 2017

Organization as communication : perspectives in dialogue

edited by Steffen Blaschke and Dennis Schoeneborn

HD30.3 .S373 2017

The skilled facilitator : a comprehensive resource for consultants, facilitators, coaches, and trainers

Roger Schwarz


Enterprise knowledge portals : next-generation portal solutions for dynamic information access, better decision making, and maximum results

Heidi Collins

HD3025 .S25 2016eb

A better way of doing business? : lessons from the John Lewis Partnership

Graeme Salaman and John Storey


Supply Management : Strategic Sourcing [electronic resource]

by Sathit Parniangtong


Environmentally responsible supply chains

Atalay Atasu, editor


Growing business intelligence : an agile approach to leveraging data and analytics for maximum business value

Larry Burns

HD4464.L7 D48 2017

Water and Los Angeles : a tale of three rivers, 1900-1941

William Deverell and Tom Sitton

HD4844 .B66 2016

Trade and taboo : disreputable professions in the Roman Mediterranean

Sarah E. Bond

HD4903.5.U58 S5697 2014

After civil rights : racial realism in the new American workplace

John D. Skrentny


The gig economy : the complete guide to getting better work, taking more time off, and financing the life you want

Diane Mulcahy


Simply brilliant : powerful techniques to unlock your creativity and spark new ideas

Bernhard Schroeder


The idea generator : 15 clever thinking tools to create winning ideas quickly

Chris Thomason


Your creative mind : disrupt your thinking, abandon your comfort zone, and develop bold new strategies

Scott Cochrane


Leadership : All You Need To Know

by David Pendleton, Adrian F. Furnham

HD57.7 .P46 2016

Leadership : all you need to know

David Pendleton, Adrian Furnham


Supporting learning across working life : models, processes and practices

Stephen Billett, Darryl Dymock, Sarojni Choy, editors


Brain drain : propensity for Malaysian professionals to leave for Singapore

by Junaimah Binti Jauhar, Ahmad Bashawir Abdul Ghani, Rabiul Islam


Experiencing Long-Term Unemployment in Europe : Youth on the Edge [electronic resource]


The impact of networks on unemployment

J.M. Hurst


Innovation in science and organizational renewal : historical and sociological perspectives

edited by Thomas Heinze and Richard Münch

HD58.8 .P757 2017

Proactivity at work : making things happen in organizations

edited by Sharon K. Parker and Uta K. Bindl

HD58.82 .O54 2007eb

Understanding action learning

Judy O'Neil, Victoria J. Marsick


Operational Excellence : a Concise Guide to Basic Concepts and Their Application

by Gilad Issar, Liat Ramati Navon


Temporary work agencies in Italy : evolution and impact on the labour market

Stefano Consiglio, Luigi Moschera


How to protect (or destroy) your reputation online : the essential guide to avoid digital damage, lock down your brand, and defend your business

John P. David

HD59 .F73 2013eb

Meet the people : why businesses must engage with public opinion to manage and enhance their reputations

James Frayne


JIRA development cookbook : your one-stop resource for mastering extensions and customizations in JIRA 7+

Jobin Kuruvilla


Corporate social responsibility and discrimination : gender bias in personnel selection

Christina Keinert-Kisin


Process of social value creation : a multiple case study on social entrepreneurship in India


A new approach to automating services : companies are achieving productivity gains by using software robots to perform routine, rules-based service processes : if implemented well, such automation can result in high-performing human-robot teams, in which software robots and human employees comp

Mary C. Lacity, Leslie P. Wilcocks


Family Wealth Continuity : Building a Foundation for the Future

by David Lansky


Global Mindset and Cross-cultural Behavior : Improving Leadership Effectiveness


Brilliant graduate career handbook

Judith Done and Rachel Mulvey


The Science and Technology Labor Force : the Value of Doctorate Holders and Development of Professional Careers

HD6277 .K367 2016eb

Graduate to a great career : how smart students, new graduates and young professionals can launch brand you

Catherine Kaputa


Production politics and migrant labour regimes : guest workers in Asia and the Gulf

Charanpal Singh Bal

HD6454 .V46 2016

Honor among thieves : craftsmen, merchants, and associations in Roman and Late Roman Egypt

Philip F. Venticinque

HD6509.D39 D67 2016

Richard L. Davis and the color line in Ohio coal : a Hocking Valley Mine labor organizer, 1862-1900

Frans H. Doppen


Creating functional teams for the IoT : hardware, software, and manufacturing collaboration

Mike Barlow

HD673 .A23 2017

Real estate in Italy : markets, investment vehicles and performance

Guido Abate and Guiditta Losa


Construction extension to the PMBOK guide

Project Management Institute


Get it done on time! : a critical chain project managementtheory of constraints novel

Eric Bergland

HD69.P75 F875 2017

Further advances in project management : guided exploration in unfamiliar landscapes

edited by Darren Dalcher


How to organize yourself

John Caunt


Time management training

Lisa J. Downs


Housing economics : a historical approach

Geoffrey Meen, Kenneth Gibb, Chris Leishman, Christian Nygaard

HD75 .E95 2016

Experimental conversations : perspectives on randomized trials in development economics

Timothy N. Ogden, editor

HD8039.T72 U4425 2016

Hard work is not enough : gender and racial inequality in an urban workspace

Katrinell Davis

HD82 .B35 2015eb

Development disparities in India : an enquiry into convergence

Arpita Banerjee, Pravat Kumar Kuri

HD82 .G278 2016

Technological innovation and economic transformation : a method for contextual analysis

Heidi Gautschi and David Gautschi


The Politics of Austerity : A Recent History [electronic resource]


Who runs the economy? : the role of power in economics [electronic resource]

edited by Robert Skidelsky and Nan Craig

HD87.5 .I575 2017

Insurgencies and revolutions : reflections on John Friedmann's contributions to planning theory and practice

edited by Haripriya Rangan, Mee Kam Ng, Libby Porter and Jacquelyn Chase


Competitiveness of global agriculture : policy lessons for food security

Attila Jambor, Suresh Babu


Environmental risk mitigation : coaxing a market in the battery and energy supply and storage industry

Barbara Weiss, Michiyo Obi


The Palgrave handbook of the international political economy of energy

Thijs Van de Graaf, Benjamin K. Sovacool, Arunabha Ghosh, Florian Kern, Michael T. Klare, editors

HD9502.E852 E95 2016eb

EU leadership in energy and environmental governance : global and local challenges and responses

edited by Jakub M. Godzimirski

HD9574.C22 G65 2016

American empire and the Canadian oil sands

George A. Gonzalez

HD9578.N45 L66 2017

Petroleum development and environmental conflict in Aotearoa New Zealand : Texas of the South Pacific

Terrence M. Loomis

HD9744.A334 A95 2016

The Dassault adventure : a first century of aviation

text by Luc Berger

HD9940.A2 T784 2015

The true cost

Bullfrog Films presents ; an Untold Production ; a film by Andrew Morgan ; in association with Life is My Movie Entertainment ; producer, Michael Ross ; director, Andrew Morgan

HD9981.3 .D86

D&B directory of service companies

Dunn & Bradstreet

HF1014 .I6

Balance of payments statistics. Yearbook

International Monetary Fund

HF1106 .I56 2016

Innovative business education design for 21st century learning

Peter Daly, Kristen Reid, Patrick Buckley, Elaine Doyle, editors

HF1106 .T927 2017

Studying for your future employability : a business student's guide

Sheila Tyler

HF1111 .M55 2016

The past, present, and future of the business school

Edward W. Miles


The third option for the South China Sea : the political economy of regional conflict and cooperation

David Jay Green


Exporting : the definitive guide to selling abroad profitably

Laurel J. Delaney


Regional free trade areas and Strategic trade policies

Takao Ohkawa [and 3 others], editors


Silk and tea in the north : Scandinavian trade and the market for Asian goods in eighteenth-century Europe

Hanna Hodacs


A comparative history of commerce and industry

David E. McNabb


Me 2.0 : 4 steps to building your future

Dan Schawbel

HF5381 .H35 2017

Renew yourself : a six-step plan for more meaningful work

Catherine Hakala-Ausperk


Find your fit : a practical guide to landing a job you'll love

Sue Kaiden, editior ; foreward by Dick Bolles


All I really need to know in business I learned at Microsoft : insider strategies to help you succeed

Julie Weed


Put your intuition to work : how to supercharge your inner wisdom to think fast and make great decisions

Lynn A. Robinson


Positively resilient : 5 12 secrets to beat stress, overcome obstacles, and defeat anxiety

by Doug Hensch


Designing and developing analytics-based data products : an increasing number of companies are creating products that combine data with analytical capabilities : creating an effective development process for these data products requires following well-established steps - and adding a few new ones, too

Thomas H. Davenport, Stephan Kudyba


The practice of integrity in business [electronic resource]

Simon Robinson


Social Commerce : Marketing, Technology and Management

by Efraim Turban, Judy Strauss, Linda Lai

HF5414 .S77 2016

Hiding politics in plain sight : cause marketing, corporate influence, and breast cancer policymaking

Patricia Strach


Advances in National Brand and Private Label Marketing : Third International Conference, 2016


How to sell online : the experts' guide to making your business more successful and profitable online

Christer Holloman

HF5415.13 .A346 2015

Principles of Marketology. Volume 1, Theory

Hashem Aghazadeh

HF5415.13 .P542 2017

Market-led strategic change : transforming the process of going to market

Nigel F. Piercy

HF5415.32 .T876 2017

The aisles have eyes : how retailers track your shopping, strip your privacy, and define your power

Joseph Turow


Build better products : a modern approach to building successful user-centered products

Laura Klein

HF5438.4 .G687 2016eb

The co-creation edge : harnessing big data to transform sales and procurement for business innovation

Francis Gouillart, Bernard Quancard


The visual imperative : creating a visual culture of data discovery

Lindy Ryan


The Amazon way on IoT : 10 principles for every leader from the world's leading Internet of Things strategies

John Rossman


Magento 2 theme design : create stunning and responsive Magento 2 themes for your business

Fernando J. Miguel, Richard Carter


CentOS 7 deployment cookbook : deploy and manage today's essential services on an enterprise-class, open operating system

Timothy Boronczyk


MOS 2016 study guide for Microsoft Excel : Microsoft Office Specialist exam 77-727

Joan E. Lambert


MOS 2016 study guide for Microsoft Excel Expert : Microsoft Office Specialist exam 77-728

Paul McFedries


Psychological testing : the essential guide to using and surviving the most popular recruitment and career development tests

Stephanie Jones

HF5549 .L578 2016

Managing humans : biting and humorous tales of a software engineering manager

Michael Lopp

HF5549.2.D44 L38 2016

Talent management in emerging market firms : global strategy and local challenges

Marina Latukha


Effective Coaching [electronic resource]

HF5549.5.M3 H653 2017

Influencing organizational effectiveness : a critical take on the HR contribution

Linda Holbeche


Learning agility : the impact on recruitment and retention

Linda S. Gravett, Sheri A. Caldwell

HF5549.5.S38 A386 2017

Adverse impact analysis : understanding data, statistics, and risk

edited by Scott B. Morris and Eric M. Dunleavy


Let them choose : cafeteria learning style for adults

Jillian Douglas and Shannon McKenzie

HF5681.B2 R6

RMA annual statement studies

HF5681.B2 R6

RMA annual statement studies


Improve your communication skills

Alan Barker


A new era of corporate conversation : with workers who expect to have their voices heard, and social media tools to enable that, it is now possible -- perhaps even paramount -- to build a far more open communication environment within organizations

Catherine J. Turco

HF5718 .W35 2016eb

The relationship engine : connecting with the people who power your business

by Ed Wallace


Bank Funding, Financial Instruments and Decision-Making in the Banking Industry [electronic resource]

edited by Santiago Carbó Valverde, Pedro Jesús Cuadros Solas, Francisco Rodríguez Fernández


Restructuring and innovation in banking

Claudio Scardovi


Stability in International Finance : Applications of Price Disequilibrium Theory

by Frederick Betz


British Imperialism and the Making of Colonial Currency Systems

by Wadan Narsey

HG1710 .H275 2016

Beyond bitcoin : the economics of digital currencies

Hanna Halaburda and Miklos Sarvary


Multiply your money : the easy guide to savings and investments

Nick Louth


The sink or swim money program : a 6-step plan for teaching your teens financial responsibility

John E. Whitcomb


International handbook of financial literacy

Carmela Aprea [and six others], editors

HG1811 .B98 2016

Central banks and gold : how Tokyo, London, and New York shaped the modern world

Simon James Bytheway and Mark Metzler


Islamic finance : principles, performance and prospects

Tina Harrison, Essam B. Ibrahim (Editors)

HG2461 .S47 2017

The unbanking of America : how the new middle class survives

Lisa Servon


European bank restructuring during the global financial crises

Małgorzata Iwanicz-Drozdowska [and 7 others]

HG3368.A6 L66 2015eb

Islamic banks and financial institutions : a study of their objectives and achievements

Fayaz Lone


The economic impact of International Monetary Fund programmes : institutional quality, macroeconomic stabilization and economic growth

Omer Javed


Analytical Corporate Finance

by Angelo Corelli


Finance and the behavioral prospect : risk, exuberance, and abnormal markets

James Ming Chen


Asset management and institutional investors

Ignazio Basile, Pierpaolo Ferrari, editors ; foreword by Andrea Sironi

HG4521 .B33 2016

The new frontier investors : how pension funds, sovereign funds, and endowments are changing the business of investment management and long-term investing

Jagdeep Singh Bachher, Adam D. Dixon, Ashby H. B. Monk

HG4521 .P577 2016 v. 1eb

Bubbles and contagion in financial markets. Volume 1 : : an integrative view

E. Porras


High net worth investing : how to grow your wealth through practical asset allocation

Sam Phoen


Postmodern portfolio theory : navigating abnormal markets and investor behavior

James Ming Chen

HG4910 .K86 2017

When the levees break : re-visioning regulation of the securities markets

Karen Kunz and Jena Martin


Derivatives and hedge funds

edited by Stephen Satchell, Professor of Finance, Sydney University, Australia


The "dematerialized" insurance : distance selling and cyber risks from an international perspective

Pierpaolo Marano, Ioannis Rokas, Peter Kochenburger, editors


Handbook on loss reserving

Michael Radtke, Klaus D. Schmidt, Anja Schnaus, editors

HG8781 .W87 2016eb

Market-consistent actuarial valuation

Mario V. Wüthrich


Architects of the Euro : intellectuals in the making of European Monetary Union

edited by Kenneth Dyson and Ivo Maes


Regulating and Supervising European Financial Markets : More Risks than Achievements [electronic resource]

HM1033 .H76 2016eb

What's normal? : reconciling biology and culture

Allan V. Horwitz

HM1033 .S645 2017

Social psychology : how other people influence our thoughts and actions

Randal W. Summers, editor


The social neuroscience of intergroup relations : prejudice, can we cure it?

Sylvia Terbeck

HM1106 Her 2017

Dominance and aggression in humans and other animals : the great game of life

Henry R. Hermann


On rumors : how falsehoods spread, why we believe them, and what can be done

Cass R. Sunstein with a new afterword by the author


Intersecting cultures in music and dance education : an oceanic perspective

Linda Ashley, David Lines, editors

HM1271 .M87 2016eb

Multiculturalism, Identity and Difference : Experiences of Culture Contact [electronic resource]

HM449 .B67 2017

State of fear in a liquid world

Carlo Bordoni

HM479.R53 A3 2016eb

Seven minutes from home : an American daughter's story

Laurel Richardson


Political legitimacy beyond Weber : an analytical framework [electronic resource]

Benno Netelenbos


Traumatic memories of the Second World War and after

Peter Leese, Jason Crouthamel, editors

HM621 .M37199 2017

Dead pledges : debt, crisis, and twenty-first-century culture

Annie McClanahan


The art of civilization : a bourgeois history

Didier Maleuvre


Beg to Differ : the Logic of Disputes and Argumentation


The social life of literature in revolutionary Cuba : narrative, identity, and well-being [electronic resource]

Par Kumaraswami


The Digital City and Mediated Urban Ecologies [electronic resource]


The ministry of education film experiment : from post-war visual education to 21st century literacy

Alex Southern


Brand Machines, Sensory Media and Calculative Culture [electronic resource]


Everyday Discourses of Menstruation : Cultural and Social Perspectives [electronic resource]

by Victoria Louise Newton


Nakedness, shame, and embarrassment : a long-term sociological perspective [electronic resource]


Fat Bodies, Health and the Media

by Jayne Raisborough

HM691 .E26 2016

The economics of multitasking

edited by Charlene M. Kalenkoski and Gigi Foster


Social games and identity in the higher education workplace : playing with gender, class and emotion

Michelle Addison


Social media in the marketing context : a state of the art analysis and future directions

Cherniece J. Plume, Yogesh K. Dwivedi, Emma L. Slade


Social media processing : 5th National Conference, SMP 2016, Nanchang, China, October 29-30, 2016, Proceedings

Yuming Li, Guoxiong Xiang, Hongfei Lin, Mingwen Wang (eds.)


Social media in employee selection and recruitment : theory, practice and current challenges

Richard N. Landers, Gordon B. Schmidt, editors

HM742 .B75 2017

The power of networks : six principles that connect our lives

Christopher G. Brinton and Mung Chiang


Re-Telling Our Stories : Critical Autoethnographic Narratives [electronic resource]

edited by Gresilda A. Tilley-Lubbs, Silvia Bénard Calva


Rethinking community research : inter-relationality, communal being and commonality [electronic resource]

David Studdert, Valerie Walkerdine

HM846 .F739 2016

Thank you for being late : an optimist's guide to thriving in the age of accelerations

Thomas L. Friedman


Trust and Communication in a Digitized World [electronic resource]


Social theory and social movements : mutual inspirations

Jochen Roose, Hella Dietz, editors


Postcolonial Reconstruction : A Sociological Reading of Octavio Paz


The rise of lifestyle activism : from new left to occupy

Nikos Sotirakopoulos

HN263.5 .L37 2016

Soybeans and power : genetically modified crops, environmental politics, and social movements in Argentina

Pablo Lapegna


Understanding populist party organisation : the radical right in Western Europe

Reinhard Heinisch, Oscar Mazzoleni, editors


Revealing new truths about Spain's violent past : perpetrators confessions and victim exhumations

Paloma Aguilar, Leigh A. Payne

HN700.67.Z9 S652 2016

Class inequality in the global city : migrants, workers and cosmopolitanism in Singapore

Junjia Ye


The rise and fall of an urban sexual community : Malate (dis)placed

Dana Collins


Social Commentary on State and Society in Modern Japan [electronic resource]


Urban Villages in the New China [electronic resource]

HN80.D6 V47 2016

Detroit is no dry bones : the eternal city of the industrial age

Camilo José Vergara

HN80.S4 S73 2017

Street teaching in the Tenderloin : jumpin' down the rabbit hole

Don Stannard-Friel


Values deliberations & collective action : community empowerment in rural Senegal

Beniamino Cislaghi, Diane Gillespie, and Gerry Mackie

HN981.C73 A83 2016

Development strategies and inter-group violence : insights on conflict-sensitive development

William Ascher and Natalia Mirovitskaya

HQ10.5.U6 R36 2017

Proposing prosperity? : marriage education policy and inequality in America

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Handbook of gerontology research methods : understanding successful ageing

edited by Leigh Riby

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The lotos-eaters : aging and identity in a yacht club community

Carol A.B. Warren

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Revisiting gender inequality : perspectives from the People's Republic of China

edited by Qi Wang, Min Dongchao, and Bo Ærenlund Sørensen

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Dislocating masculinity : comparative ethnographies

edited by Andrea Cornwall and Nancy Lindisfarne

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Masculine identities and male sex work between East Java and Bali : an ethnography of youth, bodies, and violence

Matteo Carlo Alcano

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Medieval women and their objects

Jenny Adams and Nancy Mason Bradbury, editors

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Interpreting the internet : feminist and queer counterpublics in Latin America

Elisabeth Jay Friedman

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Introduction to gender studies in Eastern and Southern Africa : a reader

edited by James Etim (Winston Salem State University, USA)


Women leaders in chaotic environments : examinations of leadership using complexity theory

Şefika Şule Erçetin, editor

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Gender and power : towards equality and democratic governance

edited by Mino Vianello and Mary Hawkesworth

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Women in Mexican politics : a study of representation in a renewed federal and democratic state

Fernanda Vidal Correa

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Women officeholders and the role models who pioneered the way

Karen L. Owen


Work and family in urban China : women's changing experience since Mao

Jiping Zuo

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Finding women in the state : a socialist feminist revolution in the People's Republic of China, 1949-1964

Wang Zheng

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Women's social and legal issues in African current affairs : lifting the barriers

Victoria M. Time

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Women's movements in post-"Arab Spring" North Africa

edited by Fatima Sadiqi

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The evolution of desire : strategies of human mating

David M. Buss

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American hookup : the new culture of sex on campus

Lisa Wade


Girls of Color, Sexuality, and Sex Education [electronic resource]


Marital breakdown among British Asians : conjugality, legal pluralism and new kinship [electronic resource]

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Intersectionality and LGBT activist politics : multiple others in Croatia and Serbia

Bojan Bilić, Sanja Kajinić, editors


Mobile communication and the family : Asian experiences in technology domestication

Sun Sun Lim, editor

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Domestic Fortress : Fear and the New Home Front

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What gender is motherhood? : changing Yorùbá ideals of power, procreation, and identity in the age of modernity

Oyèrónḱẹ Oyěwùmí

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Grandparenting : contemporary perspectives

Susan Moore and Doreen Rosenthal


Queer youth, suicide and self-harm : troubled subjects, troubling norms

Elizabeth McDermott, Katrina Roen


Justice, education and the politics of childhood : challenges and perspectives

Johannes Drerup [and 3 others], editors

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Paradoxes of liberalism and parental authority

Dennis Arjo

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Being transgender : what you should know

Thomas E. Bevan, PhD ; foreword by Dallas Denny


Gender and Childhood Sexuality in Primary School [electronic resource]


The rights of the child in a changing world : 25 years after the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

Olga Cvejić Jančić, editor

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Enjoyment and submission in modern fantasy

Mihnea Panu

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Children, childhood and youth in the British world

edited by Shirleene Robinson, Simon Sleight


Sacred cows : the truth about divorce and marriage

Danielle Teller and Astro Teller


Urban Social Listenin : Potential and Pitfalls for Using Microblogging Data in Studying Cities

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World cities and nation states

Greg Clark, Tim Moonen

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Reinventing rural : new realities in an urbanizing world

edited by Alexander R. Thomas and Gregory M. Fulkerson

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Easy on, easy off : the urban pathology of America's small towns

Jack Williams

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Cities of the world : regional patterns and urban environments

edited by Stanley D. Brunn, Jessica K. Graybill, Maureen Hays-Mitchell, and Donald J. Zeigler

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A formula for eradicating racism : debunking white supremacy

Timothy McGettigan and Earl Smith

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The schematic state : race, transnationalism, and the politics of the census

Debra Thompson, Northwestern University

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The well-tempered city : what modern science, ancient civilizations, and human nature teach us about the future of urban life

Jonathan F. P. Rose

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Handbook of biophilic city planning and design

Timothy Beatley

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Governing the fragmented metropolis : planning for regional sustainability

Christina D. Rosan

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The Academy of Urbanism, David Rudlin, Rob Thompson and Sarah Jarvis ; [with poems by Ian McMillan and drawings by David Harrison]


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Low carbon urban infrastructure investment in Asian cities

edited by Joni Jupesta and Takako Wakiyama

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Learning from Bogotá : pedagogical urbanism and the reshaping of public space

Rachel Berney


AiREAS : sustainocracy for a healthy city : Phase 3: Civilian participation -- including the global health deal proposition

Jean-Paul Close, editor

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Creative urbanity : an Italian middle class in the shade of revitalization

Emanuela Guano

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The digital city and mediated urban ecologies

Kristin Scott

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A greene country towne : Philadelphia's ecology in the cultural imagination

edited by Alan C. Braddock and Laura Turner Igoe


Economics of Urban Externalities : Analysis of Squatter Settlements in Kathmandu and Quito


Postmodern Suburban Spaces : Philosophy, Ethics, and Community in Post-war American Fiction


Working, housing : urbanizing : the International Year of Global Understanding -- IYGU

Jennifer Robinson, Allen J. Scott, Peter J. Taylor

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Vertical : the city from satellites to bunkers

Stephen Graham

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China's local entrepreneurial state and new urban spaces : downtown redevelopment in Ningbo

Han Zhang


Space, planning and everyday contestations in Delhi

Surajit Chakravarty, Rohit Negi, editors


Globalization and Marginalization in Mountain Regions : Assets and Challenges in Marginal Regions

edited by Raghubir Chand, Walter Leimgruber

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Decadence, radicalism, and the early modern French nobility : the enlightened and depraved

Chad Denton

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Being middle class in China : identity, attitudes and behaviour

Ying Miao

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Democracy's slaves : a political history of ancient Greece

Paulin Ismard ; translated by Jane Marie Todd


Interrogating disability in India : theory and practice [electronic resource]

Nandini Ghosh, editor


Irish welfare state in the twenty-first century : challenges and change

edited by Mary P. Murphy & Fiona Dukelow


Becoming an international humanitarian aid worker

Chen Reis, Tania Bernath

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Humanitarian economics : war, disaster and the global aid market

Gilles Carbonnier

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A state built on sand : how opium undermined Afghanistan

David Mansfield

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Anti-drug policies in Colombia : successes, failures, and wrong turns

edited by Alejandro Gaviria and Daniel Mejia ; translated by Jimmy Weiskopf


Crime script analysis : preventing crimes against business

Harald Haelterman


Geometries of crime : how young people perceive crime and justice

Avi Brisman


Psychopathy as unified theory of crime

Matt DeLisi

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Criminology of corruption : theoretical approaches

Graham Brooks

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The geography of environmental crime : conservation, wildlife crime and environmental activism

edited by Gary R. Potter, Angus Nurse, Matthew Hall

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Reintegrating extremists : deradicalisation and desistance

Sarah V. Marsden

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Countering terrorism

Martha Crenshaw and Gary LaFree

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Bombs, bullets, and politicians : France's response to terrorism

Christophe Chowanietz

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The master plan : ISIS, Al Qaeda, and the Jihadi strategy for final victory

Brian H. Fishman

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The way of the strangers : encounters with the Islamic State

Graeme Wood

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Terrorism in Kenya and Uganda : radicalization from a political socialization perspective

Anneli Botha

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Strategic Security Public Protection : Implications of the Boko Haram Conflict for Creating Active Security & Intelligence Dna-architecture for Conflict-torn Societies

HV6483.N7 F53 2017

In the heat of the summer : the New York riots of 1964 and the war on crime

Michael W. Flamm


Social Control of Sex Offenders : a Cultural History

by D. Richard Laws


Sexual Violence : Evidence Based Policy and Prevention


Financial crimes : psychological, technological, and ethical Issues

Michel Dion, David Weisstub, Jean-Loup Richet, editors


Data thieves in action : examining the international market for stolen personal information [electronic resource]

Thomas J. Holt, Olga Smirnova, Yi-ting Chua

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Birth mothers and transnational adoption practice in South Korea : virtual mothering

Hosu Kim


The voluntary sector in prisons : encouraging personal and institutional change

Laura S. Abrams, Emma Hughes, Michelle Inderbitzin, Rosie Meek, editors


Confronting gun violence in America

Thomas Gabor


Treating child sexual abuse in family, group and clinical settings : culturally intelligent practice for Caribbean and international contexts

Adele D. Jones [and three others]


Towards a rational legislative evaluation in criminal law

Adán Nieto Martín, Marta Muñoz de Morales Romero, editors


Social network analysis in predictive policing : concepts, models and methods [electronic resource]

Mohammad A. Tayebi, Uwe Glässer

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They can't kill us all : Ferguson, Baltimore, and a new era in America's racial justice movement

Wesley Lowery

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The Rorschach in multimethod forensic assessment : conceptual foundations and practical applications

edited by Robert E. Erard and F. Barton Evans

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Ethics for police translators and interpreters

Sedat Mulayim, Miranda Lai

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Essentials of polygraph and polygraph testing

Nathan J. Gordon


Windows registry forensics : advanced digital forensic analysis of the Windows registry

Harlan Carvey


Implementing digital forensic readiness : from reactive to proactive process [electronic resource]

Jason Sachowski ; Dmitri Ivtchenko, technical editor


Practical forensic imaging : securing digital evidence with Linux tools

Bruce Nikkel


Contemporary digital forensic investigations of cloud and mobile applications

Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo, Ali Dehghantanha, [editors]


Mobile forensics - advanced investigative strategies : master powerful strategies to acquire and analyze evidence from real-life scenarios

Oleg Afonin, Vladimir Katalov ; foreword by Shafik G. Punja


Deaths after police contact : constructing accountability in the 21st century [electronic resource]

David Baker


Young people transitioning from out-of-home care : international research, policy and practice

Philip Mendes, Pamela Snow, editors


Parenthood and open adoption : an interpretative phenomenological analysis

Mandi MacDonald

HV875.64 .G55 2017

Unequal motherhoods and the adoption of Asian children : birth, foster, and adoptive mothers

Gill, Jungyun

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Southern mercy : empire and American civilization in juvenile reform, 1890-1944

Annette Louise Bickford

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The prison school : educational inequality and school discipline in the age of mass incarceration

Lizbet Simmons

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Reexamining reentry : the policies, people, and programs of the United States prisoner reintegration systems

by Rolanda J. West ; contribution by Imani West-Abdallah ; foreword by Kaia Niambi Shivers

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The house of the dead : Siberian exile under the tsars

Daniel Beer


Marx's associated mode of production : a critique of Marxism

Paresh Chattopadhyay

HX73 .A84 2016

Socialist optimism : an alternative political economy for the twenty-first century

Paul Auerbach