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Items Acquired in July 2016 for the University Libraries



Human Rights Education Through Ciné Débat : Film as a Tool to Fight Against Female Genital Mutilation in Burkina Faso [electronic resource]


The politics of evidence-based policy making

Paul Cairney

H97 .R828 2016

Public policymaking by private organizations : challenges to democratic governance

Catherine E. Rudder, A. Lee Fritschler, Yon Jung Choi

HA217 .A4

Injury facts

National Safety Council


Topics in theoretical and applied statistics

Giorgio Alleva, Andrea Giommi, editors


Multivariate time series with linear state space structure

Víctor Gómez


Crisis [electronic resource]

HB102.P64 D348 2016

Karl Polanyi : a life on the left

Gareth Dale


The Distribution of Income and Wealth : Parametric Modeling with the ℓð-Generalized Family [electronic resource]

by Fabio Clementi, Mauro Gallegati


An economic interpretation of linear programming

Quirino Paris


Decision economics, in commemoration of the birth centennial of Herbert A. Simon 1916-2016 (Nobel Prize in Economics 1978) : distributed computing and artificial Intelligence, 13th International Conference

Edgardo Bucciarelli, Marcello Silvestri, Sara Rodríguez González, editors


Capital returns : investing through the capital cycle : a money manager's reports 2002-15

edited by Edward Chancellor


Globalized finance and varieties of capitalism

Hans van Zon


Ethicmentality--ethics in capitalist economy, business, and society

Michela Betta


Contemporary entrepreneurship : multidisciplinary perspectives on innovation and growth

Dieter Bögenhold, Jean Bonnett, Marcus Dejardin, Domingo Garcia Pérez de Lema, editors

HB615 .K653 2016

Peace through entrepreneurship : investing in a startup culture for security and development

Steven R. Koltai with Matthew Muspratt


An Empirical Analysis of Population and Technological Progress [electronic resource]

by Hisakazu Kato

HC106.84 .M95 2016

The new grand strategy : restoring America's prosperity, security, and sustainability in the 21st century

Mark Mykleby, Patrick Doherty, and Joel Makower


The First Decade of Living with the Global Crisis : Economic and Social Developments in the Balkans and Eastern Europe

edited by Anastasios Karasavvoglou, Zoran Aranđelović, Srđan Marinković, Persefoni Polychronidou


Diverse development paths and structural transformation in the escape from poverty [electronic resource]

Martin Andersson

HC415.25.Z9 I517 2016

Socioeconomic inequality in Israel : a theoretical and empirical analysis

edited by Nabil Khattab, Sami Miaari, and Haya Stier

HC427.92 .W785313 2016

Whither China? : restarting the reform agenda

Wu Jinglian & Ma Guochuan ; translated by Xiaofeng Hua & Nancy Hearst

HC427.95 .L5734 2016

Liberalism and Chinese economic development : perspectives from Europe and Asia

edited by Gilles Campagnolo

HC430.T4 C4637 2016

China's innovation challenge : overcoming the middle-income trap

edited by Arie Y. Lewin, Martin Kenney, Johann Peter Murmann


Livelihood and wellbeing in the urban fringe

Nasrin Banu, Shahab Fazal

HC467.965 .M86 2016

The strategy for Korea's economic success

Hwy-Chang Moon

HC498.9.T4 N68 2016eb

Economic systems of innovation in the Arab region

Samia Mohamed Nour


Economic development and entrepreneurship in transition economies : issues, obstacles and perspectives

Jovo Ateljević, jelena Trivić, editors


The inexorable evolution of financialisation : financial crises in emerging markets

Domna M. Michailidou


Emerging economies during and after the great recession

edited by Philip Arestis and Malcolm Sawyer

HC60 .C66525 2016

China's foreign aid and investment diplomacy. History and practice in Asia, 1950-present : Volume II,

John F. Copper


Multiple helix ecosystems for sustainable competitiveness

Marta Peris-Ortiz, João J. Ferreira, Luís Farinha, Nuno O. Fernandes, editors


Sustainable consumption : design, innovation and practice

Audley Genus, editor

HC79.E5 H6475 2016

Allocating the earth : a distributional framework for protecting capabilities in environmental law and policy

Breena Holland

HC79.I5 W334 2015

Free money for all : a basic income guarantee solution for the twenty-first century

Mark Walker

HC800 .G769 2016

Growth and poverty in sub-Saharan Africa

Channing Arndt, Andy McKay, and Finn Tarp

HC915 .B37 2016eb

Policy Signals and Market Responses : A 50-Year History of Zambia's Relationship with Foreign Capital [electronic resource]

by Stuart John Barton

HC95 .N48 2016

Remaking the rust belt : the postindustrial transformation of North America

Tracy Neumann


A comparative political ecology of exurbia : planning, environmental management, and landscape change

Laura E. Taylor, Patrick T. Hurley, editors

HD1329.C27 B87 2016

The plantation machine : Atlantic capitalism in French Saint-Domingue and British Jamaica

Trevor Burnard and John Garrigus


The In-Memory Revolution : How SAP HANA Enables Business of the Future [electronic resource]

by Hasso Plattner, Bernd Leukert


The Quintessence of Supply Chain Management : What You Really Need to Know to Manage Your Processes in Procurement, Manufacturing, Warehousing and Logistics [electronic resource]

by Rolf G. Poluha

HD2955 .D39 2016

Social theory for alternative societies

Matt Dawson


Organisational memory as a function : the construction of past, present and future in organisations

Felix Langenmayer ; with a foreword by Dirk Baecker


Advances and New Trends in Environmental and Energy Informatics : Selected and Extended Contributions from the 28th International Conference on Informatics for Environmental Protection [electronic resource]

edited by Jorge Marx Gomez, Michael Sonnenschein, Ute Vogel, Andreas Winter, Barbara Rapp, Nils Giesen


Strategic reframing : the Oxford scenario planning approach

Rafael Ramírez and Angela Wilkinson


Digital stractics : how strategy met tactics and killed the strategic pan

Chris Outram

HD30.28 .K68 2016

The quintessence of strategic management : what you really need to know to survive in business

Philip Kotler, Roland Berger, Nils Bickhoff

HD30.28 .Z43 2016

Beyond competitive advantage : how to solve the puzzle of sustaining growth while creating value

Todd Zenger


Optimal search for moving targets

Lawrence D. Stone, Johannes O. Royset and Alan R. Washburn

HD31.2 .K55 2016eb

Hegel's Moral Corporation [electronic resource]

by Thomas Klikauer


Working with Christian servant leadership spiritual intelligence : the foundation of vocational success

Gary E. Roberts

HD38.2 .S895 2016

Managerial lives : leadership and identity in an imperfect world

Stefan Sveningsson, Mats Alvesson


Fundamentals and principles of artifacts science : 3M&I-Body system

Masayuki Matsui


WCOM (World Class Operations Management) : why you need more than lean

Carlo Baroncelli, Noela Ballerio, editors

HD38.5 .Y83 2016

Competitive supply chains : a value-based management perspective

Enver Yücesan, INSEAD, France

HD3861.U6 C87 2016

Contracting for services in state and local government agencies

by William Sims Curry

HD49 .N34 2016

Crisis communication, liberal democracy, and ecological sustainability : the threat of financial and energy complexes in the twenty-first century

Majia Nadesan

HD49.3 .S44 2016

Narratives of Crisis : Telling Stories of Ruin and Renewal

HD57.7 .L4488 2016

The ideal team player : how to recognize and cultivate the three essential virtues : a leadership fable

Patrick Lencioni


Labor Migration, EU Enlargement, and the Great Recession

Martin Kahanec, Klaus F. Zimmermann, editors


Organizational routines : how they are created, maintained, and changed [electronic resource]

edited by Jennifer Howard-Grenville, Claus Rerup, Ann Langley, Haridimos Tsoukas

HD58.7 .U52954 2016

Understanding the high performance workplace : the line between motivation and abuse

edited by Neal M. Ashkanasy, Rebecca J. Bennett, and Mark J. Martinko

HD60 .W46 2016

Strategic corporate social responsibility : sustainable value creation

David Chandler, University of Colorado Denver Business School


Towards a post-bertalanffy systemics [electronic resource]

Gianfranco Minati, Mario R. Abram and Eliano Pessa, editors


Black swan start-ups : understanding the rise of successful technology business in unlikely places

Sami Mahroum


PMP® examination practice questions : 400 practice questions and nswers to help you pass

Sean Whitaker.


Extending the business network approach : new territories, new technologies, new terms

edited by Peter Thilenius, Cecilia Pahlberg and Virpi Havila


Defined benefit pension schemes in the United Kingdom : asset and liability management

Philippe-N. Marcaillou

HD7255 .B43 2016

Disability servitude : from peonage to poverty

Ruthie-Marie Beckwith


Dynamics and resilience of informal areas : international perspectives

Sahar Attia, Shahdan Shabka, Zeinab Shafik, Asmaa Ibrahim, editors

HD8083.C2 .G53 2016

From mission to microchip : a history of the California labor movement

Fred B. Glass

HD8376.5 .S345 2016

EU labor market policy : ideas, thought communities, and policy change

Alexander Schellinger

HD846.Z7 L36 2016

Landscapes of the Islamic world : archaeology, history, and ethnography

edited by Stephen McPhillips and Paul D. Wordsworth

HD87 .T414 2016eb

The politics of inclusive development : policy, state capacity, and coalition building

Judith A. Teichman, prepared under the auspices of the Pacific Basin Research Center, Soka University of America


Modern Classical Economics and Reality : A Spectral Analysis of the Theory of Value and Distribution

by Theodore Mariolis, Lefteris Tsoulfidis

HD8801 .B47 2016eb

South Africa's Political Crisis : Unfinished Liberation and Fractured Class Struggles [electronic resource]

by Alexander Beresford


Energy technology roadmaps of Japan : future energy systems based on feasible technologies beyond 2030

Yukitaka Kato, Michihisa Koyama, Yasuhiro Fukushima, Takao Nakagaki, editors


The new worlds of work : varieties of work in car factories in the BRIC countries

Ulrich Jürgens and Martin Krzywdzinski ; translated by Pete Burgess

HD9862.5 .G67 2016

Global trade, smuggling, and the making of economic liberalism : Asian textiles in France 1680-1760

Felicia Gottmann

HD9975.U52 B27 2016

Freegans : diving into the wealth of food waste in America

Alex V. Barnard


Science, the state and the city : Britain's struggle to succeed in biotechnology [electronic resource]

Geoffrey Owen


Production Networks and Enterprises in East Asia : Industry and Firm-level Analysis

edited by Ganeshan Wignaraja


G20 since the global crisis

Jonathan Luckhurst


The Future of Digital Business Innovation : Trends and Practices [electronic resource]


Corporate Social Responsibility in Sub-Saharan Africa : Sustainable Development in its Embryonic Form [electronic resource]

edited by Stephen Vertigans, Samuel O. Idowu, René Schmidpeter


Marketing Challenges in a Turbulent Business Environment : Proceedings of the 2014 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) World Marketing Congress

edited by Mark D. Groza, Charles B. Ragland


Marketing challenge for industrial companies : advanced concepts and practices [electronic resource]


Islamic Marketing: Understanding the Socio-Economic, Cultural, and Politico-Legal Environment


Mobile marketing channel : online consumer behavior

Mahmud Akhter Shareef, Yogesh K. Dwivedi, Vinod Kumar


The social organization : managing human capital through social media

edited by Amelia Manuti, University of Bari, Italy, and Pasquale Davide de Palma, Das HumanKapital

HF5415.5 .E27 2016

Hello! : and every little thing that matters

Kate Edwards

HF5549.5.R3 B326 2016

The end of the job description : shifting from a job-focus to a performance-focus [electronic resource]

Tim Baker

HF5681.R25 A45

Almanac of business and industrial financial ratios


Risk-Based Approaches to Asset Allocation : Concepts and Practical Applications

by Maria Debora Braga


Determinants of Bank Involvement with SMEs : A Survey of Demand-Side and Supply-Side Factors [electronic resource]

by Victor U. Ekpu

HG1811 .H22 2016eb

Central Bank Regulation and the Financial Crisis : A Comparative Analysis [electronic resource]

by Miao Han

HG1811 .M66 2016

Monetary analysis at central banks

David Cobham, editor


Credit cooperative institutions in European countries

Simeon Karafolas, editor

HG2563 .S36 2016

How the fed moves markets : Central Bank analysis for the modern era

Eva A. Schnidman and William D. MacMillan


Trade credit and temporary employment : how companies respond to capital and labor market frictions [electronic resource]

Sebastian Nielen

HG4026 .T48 2015

A practical guide to corporate finance : breaking the financial ice

Christophe Thibierge, Associate Professor of Finance, ESCP Europe, Andrew Beresford


Assessing relative valuation in equity markets : bridging research and practice

Emanuele Rossi, Gianfranco Forte

HG4057 .A237

D & B business rankings

Dun & Bradstreet

HG4519 .S772

Standard & Poor's analysts' handbook

HG4751 .A37 2016

Venture capital and the inventive process : VC funds for ideas-led growth

Tamir Agmon, Stefan Sjögren


Equity markets in India : returns, risk and price multiples

Shveta Singh, P.K. Jain, Surendra Singh Yadav


The subtle logics of knowledge conflicts in China's foreign enterprises

Constanze Wang


Modelling in life insurance -- a management perspective

Jean-Paul Laurent, Ragnar Norberg, Frédéric Planchet, editors

HJ7537 .M33 2016

How big should our government be?

Jon Bakija, Lane Kenworthy, Peter Lindert and Jeff Madrick

HJ9298.M66 M66

Adopted budget

HJ9298.M66 M668

Montgomery County Ohio ... budget in brief

HM1116 .S368 2016

Thugs and thieves : the differential etiology of violence

Joanne Savage and Kevin H. Wozniak

HM1176 .B47 2016

Invisible influence : the hidden forces that shape behavior

Jonah Berger


Why engagement matters : cross-disciplinary perspectives and innovations on user engagement with digital media

edited by Heather O'Brien and Paul Cairns

HM1246 .C67 2016

Peer pressure, peer prevention : the role of friends in crime and conformity

Barbara J. Costello and Trina L. Hope

HM477.P67 S55 2016eb

Sociology in Portugal: A Short History [electronic resource]

by Filipe Carreira da Silva


Sex Workers and Criminalization in North America and China : Ethical and Legal Issues in Exclusionary Regimes [electronic resource]

by Susan Dewey, Tiantian Zheng, Treena Orchard


Sociological perspectives on media piracy in the Philippines and Vietnam [electronic resource]

by Vivencio O. Ballano


Handbook of advances in culture and psychology. Volume 6


Changing Female Literacy Practices in Algeria : Empirical Study on Cultural Construction of Gender and Empowerment [electronic resource]

by Anne Laaredj-Campbell

HM728 .N45 2016

The new public intellectual : politics, theory, and the public sphere

edited by Jeffrey R. Di Leo and Peter Hitchcock

HN18.3 .H366 2016

Social change and creative activism in the 21st century : the mirror effect

Silas F. Harrebye


Policies for happiness [electronic resource]

edited by Stefano Bartolini, Ennio Bilancini, Luigino Bruni, Pier Luigi Porta

HN59.2 .F46 2016

Eighties people : new lives in the American imagination

Kevin L. Ferguson


Peri-urban developments and processes in Africa with special reference to Zimbabwe

Innocent Chirisa, Elias Mazhindu, Elmond Bandauko

HN8 .M284 2016

Global powers : Michael Mann's anatomy of the twentieth century and beyond

edited by Ralph Schroeder (University of Oxford)


Transnational protest, Australia and the 1960s : global radicals

Jon Piccini

HN90.S6 I84 2016

White Trash : the 400-year untold history of class in America

Nancy Isenberg


Family Beyond Household and Kin : Life Event Histories and Entourage, a French Survey [electronic resource]

edited by Catherine Bonvalet, Éva Lelièvre

HQ1061 .P3284 2016

Old age, new science : gerontologists and their biosocial visions, 1900-1960

Hyung Wook Park

HQ1064.U5 M64 2016

Encore adulthood : boomers on the edge of risk, renewal, and purpose [electronic resource]

Phyllis Moen


Death and social policy in challenging times [electronic resource]

edited by Liam Foster, Kate Woodthorpe

HQ1155 .K46 2016

Gender inequality in our changing world : a comparative approach

Lori Kenschaft and Roger Clark, with Desirée Ciambrone

HQ1240 .P354 2016

The Palgrave handbook of gender and development : critical engagements in feminist theory and practice

edited by Wendy Harcourt

HQ1391.U5 G56 2016

The global Hillary : women's political leadership in cultural contexts

edited by Dinesh Sharma

HQ1726 .R477 2015

Rethinking representations of Asian women : changes, continuity, and everyday life

edited by Noriko Ijichi, Atsufumi Kato, Ryoko Sakurada

HQ535 .S24 2016

Marital cruelty in Antebellum America

Robin C. Sager

HQ73.3.U6 A38 2016

After marriage equality : the future of LGBT rights

edited by Carlos A. Ball


The changing dynamics of bisexual men's lives : social research perspectives

Eric Anderson, Mark McCormack


Teenage pregnancy, parenting and intergenerational relations

Sally Brown

HQ778.7.G7 R49 2016

Infant mortality and working-class child care, 1850-1899

Melanie Reynolds, Oxford Brookes University, UK

HQ789 .C69 2016

Children's Rights : From Philosophy to Public Policy

Mhairi Cowden

HQ796 .S41925 2016

Younger than that now : the politics of age in the 1960s

Holly V. Scott

HQ796 .Y58175 2016

The young are making their world : essays on the power of youth culture

edited by Yuya Kiuchi and Francisco A. Villarruel

HQ800.4.U62 N383 2016

Stepping lively in place : the not-married, free women of Civil-War-era Natchez, Mississippi

Joyce Linda Broussard

HQ801 .S626513 2016

The couple : a pluridisciplinary story

Éric Smadja

HT1105.B35 F84 2016

Dispossessed lives : enslaved women, violence, and the archive

Marisa J. Fuentes

HT1128 .C37 2016

Slave emancipation and transformations in Brazilian political citizenship

Celso Thomas Castilho

HT1163 .D86 2016

Proslavery Britain : fighting for slavery in an era of abolition

Paula E. Dumas

HT1521 .S539 2016eb

Racism and everyday life : social theory, history and 'race'? [electronic resource]

Andrew Smith

HT153 .R37 2016

The city of tomorrow : sensors, networks, hackers, and the future of urban life

Carlo Ratti and Matthew Claudel


Community wayfinding : pathways to understanding

Rebecca H. Hunter, Lynda A. Anderson, Basia L. Belza, editors


Toward an integrative theory of urban design

Hossein Bahrainy, Ameneh Bakhtiar

HT166 .L45 2015

Weather in the city : how design shapes the urban climate

Sanda Lenzholzer

HT168.D45 R45 2015

Reinventing Detroit : the politics of possibility

Michael Peter Smith and L. Owen Kirkpatrick, editors


Urban and Regional Planning Education : Learning for India [electronic resource]

edited by Ashok Kumar, Diwakar S. Meshram, Krishne Gowda


The future of the suburban city : lessons from sustaining Phoenix

Grady Gammage Jr


Environmental planning and management for oceans and coasts : methods, tools, geotechnologies

Michelle Eva Portman

HV1451 .I58 2016eb

Inclusive smart cities and digital health : 14th International Conference on Smart Homes and Health Telematics, ICOST 2016, Wuhan, China, May 25-27, 2016. Proceedings

Carl K. Chang, Lorenzo Chiari, Yu Cao, Hai Jin, Mounir Mokhtari, Hamdi Aloulou (eds.)

HV1568 .B376 2016

The minority body : a theory of disability

Elizabeth Barnes

HV1569.6 .G77 2016

The Underdogs


Social work in ireland : changes and continuities

HV40 .C69 2016

Introduction to social work : an advocacy-based profession

Lisa E. Cox, the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, Carolyn J. Tice, University of Maryland, Dennis D. Long, Xavier University

HV40 .R364 2016

Reimagining the human service relationship

edited by Jaber F. Gubrium, Tone Alm Andreassen, and Per Koren Solvang

HV4028 .S575 2016

Slum health : from the cell to the street

edited by Jason Corburn and Lee Riley

HV45 .G373 2016

Group work research

Charles D. Garvin, Richard M. Tolman, Mark J. Macgowan

HV4506.N6 M35 2016

Homelessness in New York City : policymaking from Koch to de Blasio

Thomas J. Main

HV4764 .D38 2016

The gospel of kindness : animal welfare and the making of modern America

Janet M. Davis


Offending from Childhood to Young Adulthood : Recent Results from the Pittsburgh Youth Study [electronic resource]

by Wesley G. Jennings, Rolf Loeber, Dustin A. Pardini, Alex R. Piquero, David P. Farrington

HV6441 .C645 2016

Challenging the mafia mystique : Cosa Nostra from legitimisation to denunciation

Rino Coluccello

HV7419 .V65 2016eb

The Voluntary Sector and Criminal Justice [electronic resource]

edited by Anthea Hucklesby, Mary Corcoran

HV8482.M3 B76 2016

The maximum security book club : reading literature in a men's prison

Mikita Brottman


Tackling correctional corruption

Andrew Goldsmith, Mark Halsey, Andrew Groves