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Items Acquired in January 2017 for the University Libraries


JA71 .O47 2016

Subversion in institutional change and stability : a neglected mechanism

Jan Olsson

JA71 .Z453 2016

A democratic theory of judgment

Linda M.G. Zerilli

JA71. M6747 2016

Knowledge and ideology : the epistemology of social and political critique

Michael Morris, University of South Florida

JA74.5 .S36 2016eb

Psychoanalyzing the Left and Right after Donald Trump : conservatism, liberalism, and neoliberal populisms

Robert Samuels

JA75.8 .R45 2017

Ecological politics : for survival and democracy

John Rensenbrink


Political economy of India's growth episodes


Rising powers and economic crisis in the Euro area

Ferdi De Ville, Mattias Vermeiren

JA80 R635 2016

The power of systems : how policy sciences opened up the Cold War world

Eglė Rindzevičiūtė

JA85 .E43 2016

Marketing leadership in government : communicating responsiveness, leadership and credibility

Edward Elder


The Americas in early modern political theory : states of nature and aboriginality

Stephanie B. Martens

JC179.M753 B54 2016

Montesquieu's political economy

Andrew Scott Bibby


Wandering thought of Hannah Arendt [electronic resource]

JC311 .Z83 2016

Beheading the saint : nationalism, religion, and secularism in Quebec

Geneviève Zubrzycki

JC323 .N35 2016eb

Theory of the border

Thomas Nail

JC328.3 .S685 2016

The rise of lifestyle activism : from New Left to occupy

Nikos Sotirakopoulos


Civic Engagement Pedagogy in the Community College : Theory and Practice

edited by Emily Schnee, Alison Better, Martha Clark Cummings


Royal Heirs and the Uses of Soft Power in Nineteenth-Century Europe [electronic resource]

JC599.C6 Z36 2016

Hooligan sparrow

a Little Horse Crossing the River production ; in association with AC Films, Diamond Docs ; a film by Nanfu Wang


Voting experiments

André Blais, Jean-François Laslier, Karine Van der Straeten, editors

JF1081 .C659 2016

Corruption and governmental legitimacy : a twenty-first century perspective

edited by Jonathan Mendilow and Ilan Peleg

JF1525.C74 B65 2016

The politics of crisis management : public leadership under pressure

Arjen Boin, Universiteit Leiden, Paul 't Hart, Universiteit Utrecht, Eric Stern, the Swedish National Defence College (SUNY), Bengt Sundelius, the Swedish National Defence College


The Communication Crisis in America, And How to Fix It [electronic resource]


Effective civil-military interaction in peace operations : theory and practice

Gerard Lucius, Sebastiaan Rietjens, editors

JF255 .S46 2016

Semi-presidentialism in the Caucasus and Central Asia

Robert Elgie, Sophia Moestrup, editors


Why the UK Voted for Brexit : David Cameron's Great Miscalculation

JF497.G7 G54 2016

Why the UK voted for Brexit : David Cameron's great miscalculation

Andrew Glencross

JF60 .P383 2016

Parties, movements and democracy in the developing world

edited by Nancy Bermeo, Oxford University and Deborah J. Yashar, Princeton University

JF799 .B34 2017

Popular democracy : the paradox of participation

Gianpaolo Baiocchi and Ernesto Ganuza

JF799.5 .A67 2016

Identify and sort : how digital power changed world politics

Josef Teboho Ansorge


The Palgrave international handbook of education for citizenship and social justice

Andrew Peterson, Robert Hattam, Michalinos Zembylas, James Arthur, editors


Citizenship as a human right : the fundamental right to a specific citizenship

Gonçalo Matias

JK1319 .T87 2016

Twists of fate : multiracial coalitions and minority representation in the US House of Representatives

Vanessa C. Tyson

JK2261 .S73 2016

Fractured parties : how recent elections have exposed weaknesses in American political parties

Anthony Stasi

JK2271 .G76 2016eb

Asymmetric politics : ideological Republicans and group interest Democrats

Matt Grossmann, Director, Institute for Public Policy and Social Research, Associate Professor of Political Science, Michigan State University ; David A. Hopkins, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Boston College

JK2353 1964

The Reagan manifesto : a time for choosing" and its influence

Eric D. Patterson, Jeffry H. Morrison, editors

JK421 .C6345 2017

The constitutional school of American public administration

edited by Stephanie P. Newbold and David H. Rosenbloom

JK421 .M56 2017

The bureaucrat kings : the origins and underpinnings of America's bureaucratic state

Paul D. Moreno

JK467 .C365 2017

Capital gains : business and politics in twentieth-century America

edited by Richard R. John and Kim Phillips-Fein

JK468.P64 C66 2016

The communication crisis in America, and how to fix it / Mark Lloyd, Lewis A. Friedland, editors

JK524 .S474 2017

Presidential debate negotiation from 1960 to 1988 : setting the stage for prime-time clashes

John W. Self

JK731 .D47 2017

The presidential appointee's handbook

G. Edward DeSeve

JK8490 .R64 2017

Unpopular sovereignty : Mormons and the federal management of early Utah Territory

Brent M. Rogers


Modes of politicization in the Irish civil service : ministers and the politico-administrative relationship in Ireland

Aodhán Mac Cormaic


The British coalition government, 2010--2015 : a marriage of inconvenience

Peter Dorey, Mark Garnett


Understanding EU decision-making

Edward Best


Language, hegemoney and the European union : re-examining "Unity in diversity"

Glyn Williams and Gruffudd Williams


Debating Europe in National Parliaments : Public Justification and Political Polarization

JN30 .V4656 2016

Europe's last chance : why the European states must form a more perfect union

Guy Verhofstadt


The European Commission and Europe's democratic process : why the EU's executive faces an uncertain future

Stuart A Brown


Representations of European citizenship since 1951

Stefanie Pukallus


Beyond Networks : Interlocutory Coalitions, the European and Global Legal Orders

by Gianluca Sgueo

JN40 .I85 2016eb

European identity and citizenship : between modernity and postmodernity

Sanja Ivic

JN405 .G59 2016

The imperial premiership : the role of the modern prime minister in foreign policy making, 1964-2015

Sam Goodman


Nordic administrative reforms : lessons for public management

Carsten Greve, Per Lægreid, Lise H. Rykkja, editors


The most dangerous place on earth : a novel

Lindsey Lee Johnson

JQ1510 .Y46113 2013

Ancient Chinese thought, modern Chinese power

Yan Xuetong ; edited by Daniel A. Bell and Sun Zhe ; tr. by Edmond Ryden


Fragile politics : weak states in the greater Middle East

edited by Mehran Kamrava

JQ1830.A58 R67 2016

Israel's governability crisis : quandaries, unstructured institutions, and adaptation

Maoz Rosenthal


Public procurement reform and governance in Africa

edited by S.N. Nyeck

JQ229.C6 V35 2017

When Crime Pays : Money and Muscle in Indian Politics

JQ231 .G36 2017

Ascending India and Its State Capacity : Extraction, Violence, and Legitimacy

Sumit Ganguly & William R. Thompson

JQ751.A91 W36 2017

Buddhism, politics and political thought in Myanmar

Matthew J. Walton

JS8500 .L628 2016

Local governance, economic development and institutions

edited by Georgina M. Gómez, Peter Knorringa

JV51 .G62 2016eb

Postcolonial thought and social theory

Julian Go


European cities, municipal organizations and diversity : the new politics of difference

Maria Schiller


Migration and performance in contemporary Ireland : towards a new interculturalism

Charlotte McIvor


The impact of international migration : process and contemporary trends in Kyrgyzstan

Lira Sagynbekova


The Domestic Dimension of Public Diplomacy : Evaluating Success through Civil Engagement [electronic resource]


Social emergence in international relations : institutional dynamics in East Asia

Maren Wagner

JZ1308 .C6715 2016eb

Cosmopolitanism and empire : universal rulers, local elites, and cultural integration in the ancient Near East and Mediterranean

edited by Myles Lavan, Richard E. Payne, John Weisweiler

JZ1318 .W483 2017

Law of international organisations

Nigel D. White


The culturalization of citizenship : belonging and polarization in a globalizing world

Jan Willem Duyvendak, Peter Geschiere, Evelien Tonkens, editors

JZ5538 .F33 2016eb

Cosmopolitan peace

Cécile Fabre


Identities in Civil Conflict : How Ethnicity, Religion and Ideology Jointly Affect Rebellion