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Items Acquired in June 2016 for the University Libraries


JA66 .P65

Political science complete

JA71 .O675 2015

The original position

edited by Timothy Hinton


Faces on the ballot : the personalization of electoral systems in Europe

Alan Renwick and Jean-Benoit Pilet

JA74.5 .M358 2016

Manufacturing phobias : the political production of fear in theory and practice

edited by Hisham Ramadan and Jeff Shantz

JA76 .P65

Points of view reference center

JA79 .W39 2016

The rule of reverse results : the effects of unethical policies?

Audrey Wells

JA84.E92 T74 2016

A history of modern political thought in East Central Europe. Volume 1, Negotiating modernity in the 'Long Nineteeth Century'

Balázs Trencsényi, Maciej Janowski, Monika Baár, Maria Falina, and Michal Kopeček

JA85.2.E85 B34 2016

Political parties, parliaments and legislative speechmaking

Hanna Bäck, Marc Debus

JC177.A4 N49 2016eb

New directions in Thomas Paine studies

edited by Scott Cleary and Ivy Linton Stabell

JC178.V5 G73 2016

Tom Paine's iron bridge : building a United States

Edward G. Gray

JC311 .D926 2016

Dynamics of national identity : media and societal factors of what we are

edited by Jürgen Grimm, Leonie Huddy, Peter Schmidt and Josef Seethaler

JC319 .K424 2016

Classical geopolitics : a new analytical model

Phil Kelly


Popular sovereignty in early modern constitutional thought

Daniel Lee

JC328.3 .E54 2016

This is an uprising : how nonviolent revolt is shaping the twenty-first century

Mark Engler and Paul Engler

JC328.3 .S375 2015

Civil resistance today

Kurt Schock

JC328.6 .F56 2015

Political violence in Judaism, Christianity and Islam : from holy war to modern terror

Jonathan Fine

JC329 .K54 2015

The ethics of patriotism : a debate

John Kleinig, Simon Keller, and Igor Primoratz

JC330.3 .V57 2016

How to choose a leader : Machiavelli's advice to citizens

Maurizio Viroli

JC336 .H254 2014

Political descent : Malthus, mutualism, and the politics of evolution in Victorian England

Piers J. Hale

JC359 .K475 2016

Imperial matter : ancient Persia and the archaeology of empires

Lori Khatchadourian

JC359 .S25 2015

Imperialism past and present

Emanuele Saccarelli and Latha Varadarajan

JC364 .A33 2016

Accommodating rising powers past, present, and future

edited by T.V. Paul, McGill University

JC421 .M347 2015

Waves of democracy : social movements and political change

John Markoff, University of Pittsburgh

JC423 .D381353 2015

Democracy, peace, and security

edited by Heinz Gärtner, Jan Willem Honig, and Hakan Akbulut

JC423 .D397827 2016

Democracy and civil society in a global era

edited by Scott Nicholas Romaniuk and Marguerite Marlin

JC423 .D43988 2015

Democracy in decline?

edited by Larry Diamond, Marc F. Plattner ; foreword by Condoleezza Rice

JC423 .F85 2015

Beasts and gods : how democracy changed its meaning and lost its purpose

Roslyn Fuller

JC423 .L5933 2016

Democracy and the death of shame : political equality and social disturbance

Jill Locke

JC423 .T73 2016

Transformations of populism in Europe and the Americas : history and recent tendencies

lead editor John Abromeit, co-editors Bridget María Chesterton, Gary Marotta and York Norman

JC423 .Y696 2015

The puzzle of non-western democracy

Richard Youngs

JC479 .A565 2016

A corporate welfare economy

James Angresano

JC479 .G36 2016

Can the welfare state survive?

Andrew Gamble

JC480 .T83 2016

The revolutionary totalitarian personality : Hitler, Mao, Castro and Chávez

Theodor Tudoroiu

JC571 .B337 2016

Rethinking economic policy for social justice : the radical potential of human rights

Radhika Balakrishnan, James Heintz and Diane Elson

JC571 .M455 2016

Victims' stories and the advancement of human rights

Diana Tietjens Meyers

JC573.2.U6 A45 2016

American conservatism

edited by Sanford V. Levinson, Joel Parker, and Melissa S. Williams


Renewing liberalism

James A. Sherman

JC574.2.F8 I6 2016

In search of the liberal moment : democracy, anti-totalitarianism, and intellectual politics in France since 1950

edited by Stephen W. Sawyer and Iain Stewart

JC574.2.U6 F73 2016

The limousine liberal : how an incendiary image united the right and fractured America

Steve Fraser

JC574.2.U6 K753 2016

Blue in a red state : a survival guide to life in the real America

Justin Krebs

JC574.2.U6 S35 2016

Racial Realignment : the transformation of American Liberalism, 1932-1965

Eric Schickler

JC578 .S44 2016

Politics against domination

Ian Shapiro


Freedom without violence : resisting the western political tradition

Dustin Ells Howes

JC596 .I54 2015

The individual and privacy

edited by Joseph A. Cannataci, University of Malta and University of Groningen, The Netherlands

JC596 .K376 2016

Privacy and fame : how we expose ourselves across media platforms

Yuval Karniel and Amit Lavie-Dinur

JC596 .P759 2016

Privacy, security and accountability : ethics, law and policy

edited by Adam D. Moore

JC596 .S48 2016

Privacy and capitalism in the age of social media

Sebastian Sevignani

JC596 .V56 2016

Privacy : a short history

David Vincent

JC596.2.U5 S24 2015

They know everything about you : how data-collecting corporations and snooping government agencies are destroying democracy

Robert Scheer with Sara Beladi

JC599.R9 M35 2015

Human rights in Russia : citizens and the state from Perestroika to Putin

Mary McAuley

JC599.U5 U7 2016

The US Libertarian movement

Michael Ruth, book editor

JC71.P6 C76 2016

The city-state of the soul : constituting the self in Plato's Republic

Kevin M. Crotty

JF1351 .V75 2016

Understanding public administration

Michiel S. de Vries


Social media for government services [electronic resource]

Surya Nepal, Cécile Paris, Dimitrios Georgakopoulos, editors


Legitimacy of regional integration in Europe and the Americas [electronic resource]

edited by Achim Hurrelmann, Steffen Schneider


Measuring regional authority / Liesbet Hooghe, Gary Marks, Arjan H. Schakel, Sara Niedzwiecki, Sandra Chapman Osterkatz, and Sarah Shair-Rosenfield


Deploying Foresight for Policy and Strategy Makers : Creating Opportunities Through Public Policies and Corporate Strategies in Science, Technology and Innovation [electronic resource]

edited by Leonid Gokhberg, Dirk Meissner, Alexander Sokolov

JF799 .G59 2016

Globalization and domestic politics : parties, elections, and public opinion

edited by Jack Vowles and Georgios Xezonakis

JF799 .O54 2016

Imagined sovereignties : the power of the people and other myths of the modern age

Kevin Olson, University of California, Irvine


CQ weekly [electronic resource]

JK1021 .C5526 2016

Congress and policy making in the 21st century

edited by Jeffery A. Jenkins (University of Virginia), Eric M. Patashnik (University of Virginia)

JK1021 .L66 2016

The contemporary Congress

Burdett A. Loomis, Kansas University; Wendy J. Schiller, Brown University

JK1410 .M45 2016

Leadership organizations in the House of Representatives : party participation and partisan politics

Scott R. Meinke

JK1764 .C39 2016

The political battle of the sexes : exploring the sources of gender gaps in policy preferences

Leslie A Caughell

JK1764 .H46 2017

Minorities and representation in American politics

Rebekah Herrick, Oklahoma State University

JK1846 .V7 2015

Voting rights

Noah Berlatsky, book editor

JK1967 .H38 2014

White voters in 21st century America

George Hawley

JK1976 .B38 2016

Conventional wisdom and American elections : exploding myths, exploring misconceptions

Jody C. Baumgartner and Peter L. Francia

JK1991 .D47 2015

The deregulatory moment? : a comparative perspective on changing campaign finance laws

edited by Robert G. Boatright

JK1991 .M68 2015eb

The political geography of campaign finance : fundraising and contribution patterns in presidential elections, 2004-2012

Joshua L. Mitchell, Karen Sebold, Andrew Dowdle, Scott Limbocker, and Patrick A. Stewart

JK21 .A462 2016

American political rhetoric : essential speeches and writings

Peter Augustine Lawler and Robert Martin Schaefer

JK2261 .S24 2016

The phantom of a polarized America : myths and truths of an ideological divide

Manabu Saeki

JK2261 .S425 2016

Embracing dissent : political violence and party development in the United States

Jeffrey S. Selinger

JK2265 .E67 2016

Empowering progressive third parties in the United States : defeating duopoly, advancing democracy

edited by Jonathan H. Martin

JK2295.V8 B45 2016

Slingshot : the defeat of Eric Cantor

Lauren Cohen Bell, Randolph-Macon College ; David Elliot Meyer, Randolph-Macon College, Class of 2015 ; Ronald Keith Gaddie, University of Oklahoma

JK2316 .F73 2016

Listen, liberal, or, What ever happened to the party of the people?

Thomas Frank

JK2356 .C733 2016

Future right : forging a new Republican majority

Donald Critchlow

JK2356 .O47 2016

The four faces of the Republican Party : the fight for the 2016 presidential nomination

Henry Olsen and Dante J. Scala

JK2356 .R25 2016

The religious right and the Talibanization of America

Masood Ashraf Raja

JK2391.S6 R67 2015

The Socialist Party of America : a complete history

Jack Ross

JK2391.T43 N47 2016

Poison tea : how big oil and big tobacco invented the tea party and captured the GOP

Jeff Nesbit

JK2488 .J46 2016

The context of legislating : constraints on the legislative process in the United States

Shannon Jenkins

JK275 .J64 2016

Thinking about political reform : how to fix, or not fix, American government and politics

John R. Johannes, Professor of Political Science, Villanova University

JK421 .G642 2015

The new case for bureaucracy

Charles T. Goodsell, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

JK421 .M458 2016

Above politics : bureaucratic discretion and credible commitment

Gary J. Miller, Washington University in St. Louis; Andrew B. Whitford, University of Georgia

JK468.A8 A69 2016eb

Actionable intelligence : using integrated data systems to achieve a more effective, efficient, and ethical government [electronic resource]

edited by John Fantuzzo, Dennis P. Culhane

JK468.A8 K46 2016

Next generation netroots : realignment and the rise of the Internet left

Matthew R. Kerbel and Christopher J. Bowers

JK468.I6 D62 2015

Domestic surveillance

Tamara Thompson, book editor

JK468.I6 M665 2015

The great war of our time : the CIA's fight against terrorism--from al Qa'ida to ISIS

Michael Morell with Bill Harlow

JK511 .E34 2016

Power without constraint : the post-911 presidency and national security

Chris Edelson

JK516 .B788 2016

Presidential power : theories and dilemmas

John P. Burke (University of Vermont)

JK516 .G56 2016

Presidential government

Benjamin Ginsberg

JK516 .H248 2015

In it to win : electing Madam President

Lori Cox Han

JK516 .K25 2016

Why presidents fail : and how they can succeed again

Elaine C. Kamarck

JL969.A45 C36 2016

The right in Latin America : elite power, hegemony and the struggle for the state

Barry Cannon


The Labour Party in Scotland : religion, the Union, and the Irish dimension

Graham Walker


Beyond the crisis : the governance of Europe's economic, political and legal transformation

Mark Dawson, Henrik Enderlein, and Christian Joerges


The Routledge guide to the European Union

Dick Leonard, Robert Taylor

JN30 .E9 2016

EU : beyond the crisis : a debate on sustainable integrationism

Nikolaos Papakostas, Nikolaos Pasamitros (eds.)

JN30 .E9419 2013

European Union politics

Michelle Cini, Nieves Pérez-Solórzano Borragán

JN30 .H84 2016

The new totalitarian temptation : global governance and the crisis of democracy in Europe

Todd Huizinga

JN30 .M383 2016

Why Europe matters for Britain : the case for remaining in

John McCormick

JN33.5 .L83 2016

Roy Jenkins and the European Commission presidency, 1976-1980 : at the heart of Europe

N. Piers Ludlow

JN34.7 .A43 2016

Minority rights and minority protection in Europe

Timofey Agarin and Karl Cordell


(Un)intended consequences of EU parliamentary elections

edited by Wouter van der Brug and Claes H. de Vreese

JN36 .S48 2016

Beyond networks : interlocutory coalitions, the European and global legal orders

Gianluca Sgueo ; foreword by Professor Alberto Alemanno

JN50 .S25 2016eb

Transnational Socialist networks in the 1970s : European community development aid and southern enlargement

Christian Salm, Ruhr University Bochum, Germany

JN94.A67 G67 2015

Public sector employment regimes : transformations of the state as an employer [electronic resource]

Karin Gottschall [and six others]

JQ1499.A91 K544 2016

Public reason Confucianism : democratic perfectionism and constitutionalism in East Asia

Sungmoon Kim, City University of Hong Kong

JQ1516 .T353 2016eb

Populist authoritarianism : Chinese political culture and regime sustainability

Wenfang Tang, University of Iowa

JQ1539.5.A91 W55 2016

Democratization in Hong Kong and China?

Lynn T. White III

JQ1745 .U64 2016

Thai politics : between democracy and its discontents

Daniel H. Unger, Chandra Mahakanjana

JQ1830.A58 S56 2016

Girls of liberty : the struggle for suffrage in Mandatory Palestine

Margalit Shilo ; translated by Haim Watzman

JQ1830.A91 N37 2016

Sustaining conflict : apathy and domination in Israel-Palestine

Katherine Natanel

JQ1850.A91 F72 2016

Unfinished revolutions : Yemen, Libya, and Tunisia after the Arab Spring

Ibrahim Fraihat

JQ1850.A91 K72 2016

The naked blogger of Cairo : creative insurgency in the Arab world

Marwan M. Kraidy

JQ1873.5.R43 R44 2016

Region-building in Africa : Political and Economic Challenges

edited by Daniel H. Levine and Dawn Nagar


Europe, India, and the limits of secularism [electronic resource]

Jakob De Roover ; series editor, Aakash Singh Rathore


Special category states of India [electronic resource]

Govind Bhattacharjee

JQ298.A1 D46 2016

Democratic dynasties : state, party, and family in contemporary Indian politics

edited by Kanchan Chandra

JQ3945 .S37 2016

Morocco : challenges to tradition and modernity

James N. Sater

JS593.B735 R45 2016

The failure of governance in Bell, California : big-time corruption in a small town

Thom Reilly

JV151 .T36 2015eb

Metropolitan identities and twentieth-century decolonization

Lena Tan

JV412 .N48 2016

Fragile settlements : Aboriginal peoples, law, and resistance in south-west Australia and prairie Canada

Amanda Nettelbeck, Russell Smandych, Louis A. Knafla, and Robert Foster

JV6035 .B5 2016

Beyond networks : feedback in international migration

edited by Oliver Bakewell, Godfried Engbersen, Maria Lucinda Fonseca, Cindy Horst

JV6098 .M55 2016

Migration of rich immigrants : gender, ethnicity, and class

edited by Alex Vailati and Carmen Rial


Migration, media, and global-local spaces

Esther Chin


Migration in political theory : the ethics of movement and membership

Sarah Fine and Lea Ypi

JV6255 .M55 2016

Strangers in our midst : the political philosophy of immigration

David Miller


Women and migration in rural Europe : labour markets, representations and policies

edited by Karin Wiest, Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography, Germany

JV6475 .M46 2016

Immigrant families

Cecilia Menjívar, Leisy J. Abrego, Leah C. Schmalzbauer

JV6483 .I557 2016

Immigration reform

Noël Merino, book editor


Mexicans on the move : migration and return in rural Mexico

Frances A. Rothstein

JV7409.Z6 T5534 2016

Border lives : fronterizos, transnational migrants and commuters in Tijuana

Sergio Chavez

JV8745 .G88 2015eb

Intergenerational consequences of migration : socio-economic, family and cultural patterns of stability and change in Turkey and Europe

Ayse Guveli, Harry Ganzeboom, Lucinda Platt, Bernhard Nauk, Helen Baykara-Krumme, Sebnem Eroglu, Sait Bayrakdar, Efe K. Sözeri, Niels Spierings

JZ1254 .S44 2016

The hacked world order : how nations fight, trade, maneuver, and manipulate in the digital age

Adam Segal

JZ1305 .H369 2016

Making diplomacy work : intelligent innovation for the modern world

Paul Webster Hare, Boston University

JZ1305 .H646 2016

Global diplomacy : theories, types, and models

Alison R. Holmes with J. Simon Rofe

JZ1305 .M3315 2016

History and international relations : from the ancient world to the 21st century

Howard LeRoy Malchow

JZ1307 .B48 2016

Realpolitik : a history

John Bew


Globalization and domestic politics : parties, elections, and public opinion [electronic resource]

edited by Jack Vowles and Georgios Xezonakis

JZ1320.4 .G38 2016

Global citizenship education : everyday transcendence

William Gaudelli

JZ1480 .U158 2016

US foreign policy and global standing in the 21st century : realities and perceptions

edited by Efraim Inbar and Jonathan Rynhold

JZ1548.A5 M374 2016

Aspirational power : Brazil on the long road to global influence

David R. Mares, Harold A. Trinkunas

JZ3690 .H36 2016

The geopolitics of deep oceans

John Hannigan

JZ4839 .C384 2015

Power plays : how international institutions reshape coercive diplomacy

Allison Carnegie

JZ4841 .R84 2015

Who participates in global governance : states, bureaucracies, and NGOs in the United Nations

Molly A. Ruhlman


Transmitting rights : international organizations and the diffusion of human rights practices

Brian Greenhill

JZ4850 .G74 2015

Transmitting rights : international organizations and the diffusion of human rights practices

Brian Greenhill

JZ4973.5 .B37 2015

Blinded by humanity : inside the UN's humanitarian operations

Martin Barber ; [foreword by Lord Malloch-Brown]

JZ4986 .P48 2015

The United Nations : history and core ideas

Laurence Peters

JZ4986 .W37 2015

Wartime origins and the future United Nations

edited by Dan Plesch and Thomas G. Weiss

JZ5006.7 .F73 2014

Maintaining peace and security? : the United Nations in a changing world

Trudy Fraser

JZ5006.7 .U52 2016

The UN Security Council in the twenty-first century

edited by Sebastian von Einsiedel, David M. Malone, Bruno Stagno Ugarte


Peace research abstracts

JZ5534 .P35 2016

Peace education : international perspectives

edited by Monisha Bajaj and Maria Hantzopoulos

JZ5538 .K3613 2015

On perpetual peace : a philosophical sketch

Immanuel Kant ; edited by Brian Orend ; translated by Ian Johnston

JZ5538 .R5258 2016

Peace formation and political order in conflict affected societies

Oliver P. Richmond

JZ5538 .Z37 2015

Preventing deadly conflict

I. William Zartman

JZ5544 .P43 2016

Peace in the ancient world : concepts and theories

edited by Kurt A. Raaflaub

JZ5560 .G64 2016

The puzzle of peace : the evolution of peace in the international system

by Gary Goertz, Paul F. Diehl, and Alexandru Balas

JZ5584.M628 I67 2016

Interventions in conflict : international peacemaking in the Middle East

edited by Rami G. Khouri, Karim Makdisi, and Martin Wählisch

JZ5584.N75 B75 2015

The British and peace in Northern Ireland : the process and practice of reaching agreement

edited by Graham Spencer


Analytical methods for nonproliferation

Edward C. Morse

JZ6009.A75 A77 2015

Asia's security

Robert Ayson