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Items Acquired in April 2016 for the University Libraries


JA74.5 .P47 2016

Unspoken politics : implicit attitudes and political thinking

Efrén O. Pérez

JA79 .B87 2016

Political vices

Mark E. Button

JA84.U5 S514 2016

Deforming American political thought : challenging the Jeffersonian legacy

Michael J. Shapiro

JC153.L87 F66 2013eb

Locke, science and politics [electronic resource]

Steven Forde

JC311 .H525 2016

Cultural intimacy : social poetics and the real life of states, societies, and institutions

Michael Herzfeld

JC311 .N32275 2013eb

Nationalism and war [electronic resource]

edited by John A. Hall and Siniša Malešević

JC319 .H52 2016

Space is power : the seven rules of territory

John Hickman

JC323 .S85 2013eb

Building walls and dissolving borders : the challenges of alterity, community and securitizing space [electronic resource]

edited by Max O. Stephenson Jr. and Laura Zanotti

JC328.7 .H35 2013eb

States of disorder : understanding state failure and intervention in the periphery [electronic resource]

Dan Halvorson

JC359 .E435 2013eb

Empire and international order [electronic resources]

edited by Noel Parker

JC423 .B759 2016

Digital detachment : how computer culture undermines democracy

Chet Bowers

JC423 .D3787 2013eb

Decentring the West : the idea of democracy and the struggle for hegemony [electronic resource]

edited by Viatcheslav Morozov

JC423 .K37813 2013

The Essence and Value of Democracy [electronic resource]

Hans Kelsen ; edited by Nadia Urbinati and Carlo Invernizzi Accetti ; translated by Brian Graf

JC423 .W369 2013eb

Agonistic democracy : constituent power in the era of globalisation [electronic resource]

Mark Wenman

JC491 .S79 2013

The anatomy of revolution revisited : a comparative analysis of England, France, and Russia

Bailey Stone

JC494 .P45 2013eb

Vanishing coup : the pattern of world history since 1310

Ivan Perkins

JC497 .S36 2013eb

The end of authority : how a loss of legitimacy and broken trust are endangering our future

Douglas E. Schoen

JC571 .F237 2016

Power interrupted : antiracist and feminist activism inside the United Nations

Sylvanna M. Falcón

JC571 .H84 2013eb

Human rights : the hard questions [electronic resource]

edited by Cindy Holder and David Reidy

JC571 .K487 2013eb

Human rights discourse in a global network : books beyond borders [electronic resource]

by Lena Khor Ashgate

JC573.2.E85 C35 2013eb

European and American extreme right groups and the Internet [electronic resource]

Manuela Caiani and Linda Parenti

JC599.U5 W65 2016

American character : a history of the epic struggle between individual liberty and the common good

Colin Woodard

JC71.A7 T69 2013eb

Aristotle on the nature of community

Adriel M. Trott, Wabash College

JC81.C7 A75 2013eb

Cicero on politics and the limits of reason : the republic and laws

Jed W. Atkins

JF1081 .R675 2016

Corruption and government : causes, consequences, and reform

Susan Rose-Ackerman, Bonnie J. Palifka

JF2051 .P655 2015eb

The politics of party leadership : a cross-national perspective

edited by William Cross, Jean-Benoît Pilet

JF256 .S67 2013eb

Emergencies and politics : a sober Hobbesian approach [electronic resource]

Tom Sorell

JF51 .L525 2013eb

Democratic theory and causal methodology in comparative politics [electronic resource]

Mark I. Lichbach, University of Maryland

JK1021 .D35 2013eb

Religion, politics, and polarization : how religiopolitical conflict is changing Congress and American democracy [electronic resource]

William V. D'Antonio, Steve A. Tuch, and Josiah R. Baker

JK1118 .N693 2006

Total lobbying : what lobbyists want (and how they try to get it)

Anthony J. Nownes

JK1717 .G75 2016

The virgin vote : how young Americans made democracy social, politics personal, and voting popular in the nineteenth century

Jon Grinspan

JK1764 .G66 2014

America's failing experiment : how we the people have become the problem [electronic resource]

Kirby Goidel


The Woman Suffrage Movement in America : a Reassessment [electronic resource]

Corrine M. McConnaughy

JK2271 .Y67 2016

Crossing the aisle : party switching by U.S. legislators in the postwar era

Antoine Yoshinaka

JK2281 .J623 2016

Campaigning in the twenty-first century : activism, big data, and dark money

Dennis W. Johnson

JK2281 .P73 2016

Praeger handbook of political campaigning in the United States

William L. Benoit, editor

JK2382 .A53 2013eb

The politics of prohibition : American governance and the Prohibition Party, 1869-1933 [electronic resource]

Lisa M.F. Andersen, the Julliard School, New York

JK2408 .M64 2013eb

Why states matter : an introduction to state politics [electronic resource]

Gary Moncrief and Peverill Squire

JK275 .R67 2013eb

Democracy and its elected enemies : American political capture and economic decline [electronic resource]

Steven Rosefielde, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Daniel Quinn Mills, Harvard University

JK526 2012 .A18 2014eb

The 2012 presidential campaign : a communication perspective [electronic resource]

edited by Robert E. Denton, Jr

JK526 2012 .A19 2014eb

The 2012 presidential election : forecasts, outcomes, and consequences [electronic resource]

edited by Amnon Cavari, Richard Powell, and Kenneth Mayer

JK526 2012 .C43 2013eb

After hope and change : the 2012 elections and American politics

James W. Ceaser, Andrew E. Busch, and John J. Pitney Jr

JK585 .R59 2013eb

Rivals for power : presidential-congressional relations [electronic resource]

edited by James A. Thurber

JL1298.R4 M35 2016


JN3971.A58 C66 2013eb

The German polity [electronic resource]

David P. Conradt and Eric Langenbacher


Hide away

Iris Johansen

JQ1416 .K37 2016

Democratization through migration? : political remittances and participation of Philippine return migrants

Christl Kessler and Stefan Rother

JQ1830.A98 H37554 2016

Hamas : terrorism, governance, and its future in Middle East politics

Jennifer Jefferis

JQ1850.A58 S28 2016

Anatomy of authoritarianism in the Arab republics

Joseph Sassoon

JQ298.A1 Z54 2016

Why regional parties? : clientelism, elites, and the Indian party system

Adam Ziegfeld

JQ3090 .C36 2013eb

Nigeria : dancing on the brink [electronic resource]

John Campbell

JV6271 .A35 2016eb

Adjusting to a world in motion : trends in global migration and migration policy

edited by Douglas J. Besharov and Mark H. Lopez

JV7597 .Z34 2016

The great departure : mass migration from Eastern Europe and the making of the free world

Tara Zahra

JZ1251 .B75 2013eb

Bringing sociology to international relations : world politics as differentiation theory [electronic resource]

edited by Mathias Albert, Barry Buzan, Michael Ziirn

JZ1251 .W434 2016eb

Queer international relations : sovereignty, sexuality and the will to knowledge

Cynthia Weber

JZ1253 .H83 2014eb

Foreign policy analysis : classic and contemporary theory [electronic resource]

Valerie M. Hudson

JZ1305 .K378 2013eb

Introduction to international relations : theory and practice [electronic resource]

Joyce P. Kaufman

JZ1305 .N424 2013

The New Foreign Policy : Complex Interactions, Competing Interests [electronic resource]

Laura Neack

JZ1305 .P69 2016

International pecking orders : the politics and practice of multilateral diplomacy

Vincent Pouliot

JZ1305 .V377 2013eb

Liberty abroad : J.S. Mill on international relations

Georgios Varouxakis

JZ1310 .C495 2013eb

The BRICs superpower challenge : foreign and security policy analysis

Kwang Ho Chun

JZ1318 .H3435 2013eb

Future states : from international to global political order [electronic resource]

Stephen Paul Haigh

JZ1318 .T348 2013eb

The opening up of international organizations : transnational access in global governance

Jonas Tallberg, Thomas Sommerer, Theresa Squatrito, Christer Jösson

JZ1480.A55 M58 2016

The democracy promotion paradox

Lincoln A. Mitchell

JZ1570 .E898 2013

Euro-Mediterranean relations after the Arab spring : persistence in times of change [electronic resource]

edited by Jakob Horst, Annette Junemann, Delf Rothe

JZ1570.A5 E97145 2013eb

The EU's foreign policy : what kind of power and diplomatic action? [electronic resource]

edited by Mario Telò and Frederik Ponjaert

JZ1570.A545 W43 2013eb

The politics of the Black Sea region : EU neighbourhood, conflict zone or future security community?

Carol Weaver

JZ1980 .C53 2013eb

Enduring rivalries in the Asia-Pacific [electronic resource]

Steve Chan

JZ5331 .W55 2014eb

Historical dictionary of Inter-American organizations [electronic resources]

David W. Dent, Larman C. Wilson

JZ5538 .J86 2013eb

Jus post bellum and transitional justice [electronic resource]

edited by Larry May, Elizabeth Edenberg

JZ5540 .S74 2014eb

Champions for peace : women winners of the Nobel Peace Prize

Judith Hicks Stiehm

JZ5578 .A67 2016

Windows of opportunity : how women seize peace negotiations for political change

Miriam J. Anderson

JZ5584.A35 T69 2013eb

Towards an African peace and security regime : continental embeddedness, transnational linkages, strategic relevance

edited by Ulf Engel, University of Leipzig, Germany, João Gomes Porto, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia

JZ5584.E85 J87 2013eb

Just and unjust military intervention : European thinkers from Vitoria to Mill [electronic resource]

edited by Stefano Recchia and Jennifer Welsh

JZ5665 .C54 2013eb

Arms for uncertainty : nuclear weapons in U.S. and Russian security policy

Stephen J. Cimbala

JZ5865.B56 E57 2016

Ensuring national biosecurity : Institutional Biosafety Committees

edited by Carole R. Baskin, Alan P. Zelicoff, Institute for Biosecurity, College for Public health and Social Justice, Saint Louis University, St. Louis, MO, USA

JZ6009.A75 N49 2013eb

New approaches to human security in the Asia-Pacific : China, Japan and Australia [electronic resource]

edited by William T. Tow, David Walton, Rikki Kersten

JZ6385 .D58 2016eb

A guide to intra-state wars : an examination of civil, regional, and intercommunal wars, 1816-2014

Jeffrey S. Dixon, Meredith Reid Sarkees