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Items Acquired in January 2017 for the University Libraries



Theorising learning to teach in higher education

edited by Brenda Leibowitz, Vivienne Bozalek and Peter Kahn

LA1058 .H56 2016

Palgrave Handbook of Asia pacific higher education [electronic resource]

Christopher S. Collins, Molly N.N. Lee, John N. Hawkins, Deane E. Newbauer, editors


Spotlight on China : Chinese Education in the Globalized World [electronic resource]


Chinese education models in a global age

Chuing Prudence Chou, Jonathan Spangler, editors


Higher education, meritocracy and inequality in China

Ye Liu


The impact of internationalization on Japanese higher education : is Japanese education really changing?

foreword by Roger Goodman ; edited by John Mock, Temple University, Tokyo, Japan, Hiroaki Kawamura, University of Findlay, Ohio, USA, and Naeko Naganuma, Akita International University, Akita, Japan


Reclaiming education : moving beyond the culture of reform

Ron Scapp


Higher education : handbook of theory and research.

published under the sponsorship of the Association for Institutional Research (AIR) and the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE) ; John C. Smart, editor

LA230.5.S6 M35 2016

Building a new educational state : foundations, schools, and the American South

Joan Malczewski

LA2303 .L43 2016

Leaders in the sociology of education : intellectual self-portraits

edited by Alan R. Sadovnik and Ryan W. Coughlan

LA2317.E54 E54 2016

A life of learning : Charles Homer Haskins prize lecture for 2016

Cynthia Enloe

LA2317.G55 D55 2017

The transformation of women's collegiate education : the legacy of Virginia Gildersleeve

Patrick Dilley

LA2317.H87 A3 2017

Acanemia : a memoir of life in the halls of the higher learning

Lawrence E. Hussman


Cathedrals of learning : great and ancient universities of Western Europe

Blaise Cronin


LB1024.2 .F67 2016

Forms of practitioner reflexivity : critical, conversational, and arts-based approaches

Hilary Brown, Richard D. Sawyer, Joe Norris, editors

LB1025.3 .A935 2010

To teach : the journey, in comics

William Ayers, Ryan Alexander-Tanner ; foreword by Jonathan Kozol

LB1025.3 .D67 2017

Collective efficacy : how educators' beliefs impact student learning

Jenni Donohoo

LB1025.3 .P6828 2016

Posthuman research practices in education

edited by Carol A. Taylor, Christina Hughes


Learner-centered teaching activities for environmental and sustainability studies

Loren B. Byrne, editor


Teachers' counseling competence in parent-teacher talks : modeling, intervention, behavior-based assessment

Mara Gerich

LB1028 .H313 2017

Doing case study research : a practical guide for beginning researchers

Dawson R. Hancock, Bob Algozzine

LB1028.24 .L48 2017

Lifescaping practices in school communities : implementing action research and appreciative inquiry

Rolla E. Lewis and Peg Winkelman

LB1028.24 .N53 2017

Impactful practitioner inquiry : the ripple effect on classrooms, schools, and teacher professionalism

Sue Nichols, Phil Cormack


Universities, Disruptive Technologies, and Continuity in Higher Education : The Impact of Information Revolutions [electronic resource]

LB1028.3 .W66 2016

Women's voices in the field of educational technology : our journeys

J. Ana Donaldson, editor


Teaching with Google Classroom : put Google Classroom to work while teaching your students and make your life easier

Michael Zhang

LB1028.75 .K34 2016

Connected gaming : what making video games can teach us about learning and literacy

Yasmin B. Kafai and Quinn Burke

LB1029.M35 C53 2017

Maker-centered learning : empowering young people to shape their worlds

Edward P. Clapp, Jessica Ross, Jennifer O. Ryan, Shari Tishman ; foreword by Ron Berger ; afterword by Wendy Donner

LB1029.R4 C6 2017

But what do I do? : strategies from A to W for multi-tier systems of support

Catherine Collier

LB1029.T4 H67 2017

Leading school teams : building trust to promote student learning

David M. Horton

LB1042 .S835 201

Storytelling in early childhood : enriching language, literacy and classroom culture

edited by Teresa Cremin, Rosie Flewitt, Ben Mardell and Joan Swann

LB1044 .S62 2016

The Ministry of Education film experiment : from post-war visual education to 21st century literacy

Alex Southern


Advances in web-based learning -- ICWL 2016 : 15th International Conference, Rome, Italy, October 26-29, 2016, Proceedings

Dickson K.W. Chiu, Ivana Marenzi, Umberto Nanni, Marc Spaniol, Marco Temperini (eds.)

LB1044.87 .B83 2017

Best practices in engaging online learners through active and experiential learning strategies

Stephanie Smith Budhai and Ke'Anna Brown Skipwith

LB1050.5 .S228 2017

Early intervention for reading difficulties : the interactive strategies approach

Donna M. Scanlon, Kimberly L. Anderson, Joan M. Sweeney


Interrupting the Psy-Disciplines in Education [electronic resource]

edited by Eva Bendix Petersen, Zsuzsa Millei


Behavioural genetics for education

edited by Yulia Kovas, Sergey Malykh, Darya Gaysina


Assessment for learning within and beyond the classroom : Taylor's 8th Teaching and Learning Conference 2015 Proceedings

Siew Fun Tang, Loshinikarasi Logonnathan, editors


Practitioner's guide to functional behavioral assessment : process, purpose, planning, and prevention

Stephanie M. Hadaway and Alan W. Brue

LB1137 .B87 2016

Playing fair

Joy I. Butler, EdD, The University of British Columbia


International research on education for sustainable development in early childhood

John Siraj-Blatchford, Cathy Mogharreban, Eunhye Park, editors

LB1139.23 .C5 2017

Getting boys up and running in the early years : creating stimulating places and spaces for learning

Julie Cigman

LB1162 .T68 2016

Bringing the Froebel approach to your early years practice

Helen Tovey


Ethics, aesthetics, and education : a Levinasian approach [electronic resource]

Donald S. Blumenfeld-Jones

LB1573 .M4515 2016

Teaching skills for complex text : deepening close reading in the classroom

Heidi Anne E. Mesmer ; foreword by Michael C. McKenna

LB1573.7 .R62 2017

Read, talk, write : 35 lessons that teach students to analyze fiction and nonfiction

Laura Robb ; foreword by Harvey "Smokey" Daniels

LB1575 .B34 2017

Literary conversations in the classroom : deepening understanding of nonfiction and narrative

Diane Barone and Rebecca Barone ; foreword by Diane Lapp

LB1576 .S626 2016

Assessing writing, teaching writers : putting the analytic writing continuum to work in your classroom

Mary Ann Smith & Sherry Seale Swain ; foreword by Jeffery D. Wilhelm ; afterword by Linda D. Friedrich

LB1576 .W7335 2017

Writer identity and the teaching and learning of writing

edited by Teresa Cremin and Terry Locke


Elective language study and policy in Israel : a sociolinguistic and educational study

Malka Muchnik, Marina Niznik, Anbessa Teferra, Tania Gluzman


Being and becoming scientists today : reconstructing assumptions about science and science education to reclaim a learner--scientist perspective

Susan A. Kirch, New York University, USA and Michele Amoroso, New York City Department of Education, USA

LB1585 .S885 2017

Supporting K-12 English language learners in science : putting research into teaching practice

edited by Cory A. Buxton and Martha Allexsaht-Snider

LB1590.3 .N64 2016

Teaching controversial issues : the case for critical thinking and moral commitment in the classroom

Nel Noddings, Laurie Brooks


Knowledge, Creativity and Failure [electronic resource]

LB1607.5 .Q83 2017

Aspire high : imagining tomorrow's school today

Russell J. Quaglia, Michael J. Corso, Kristine Fox, Gavin Dykes

LB1631 .C775 2017

Grammar to get things done : a practical guide for teachers anchored in real-world usage

Darren Crovitz, Michelle D. Devereaux

LB1631 .H85 2017

Academic literacies in the middle years : a framework for enhancing teacher knowledge and student achievement

Sally Humphrey

LB1707 .I69 2016

International handbook of teacher education. Volume 1

John Loughran, Mary Lynn Hamilton, editors

LB1731.4 .B87 2011

Mentoring and coaching in schools : collaborative professional learning inquiry for teachers

Suzanne Burley and Cathy Pomphrey

LB1731.4 .S873 2017

Student-centered coaching : the moves

Diane Sweeney, Leanna S. Harris

LB1775 .C723 2017

The work and lives of teachers : a global perspective

Rosetta Marantz Cohen

LB1775.2 .H53 2017

Coaching teacher-writers : practical steps to nurture professional writing

Troy Hicks, Anne Elrod Whitney, James Fredricksen, Leah Zuidema ; foreword by Patricia A. Edwards


Our International Education : Stories of Living, Teaching and Parenting Abroad

by Sherry Marx, Monica Housen, Christine Tapu

LB2285.M628 B483 2016

Higher education exchange between America and the Middle East in the twenty-first century

Teresa Brawner Bevis

LB2322.2 .C65 2016eb

The collegiate way : university education in a collegiate context

edited by H.M. Evans and T.P. Burt

LB2322.2 .L37 2016

Internationalization of higher education : an analysis through spatial, network, and mobilities theories

Marianne A. Larsen

LB2322.2 .U569 2016eb

Universities, the citizen scholar and the future of higher education

edited by James Arvanitakis, Dean of the Graduate Research School, University of Western Sydney, Australia, David J. Hornsby, Senior Lecturer in International Relations, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa


Bridges, pathways and transitions : international innovations in widening participation

edited by Mahsood Shah, Gail Whiteford


Biographies and careers throughout academic life

Jesús F. Galaz-Fontes, Akira Arimoto, Ulrich Teichler, John Brennan, editors

LB2331 .B846 2017

Changing pedagogical spaces in higher education : diversity, inequalities and misrecognition

Penny Jane Burke, Gill Crozier and Lauren Ila Misiaszek

LB2331 .S28 2016eb

Reflections on life in higher education

Rick D. Saucier, Thomas College, USA [and seven others]


Unequal partners : American foundations and higher education development in Africa

Fabrice Jaumont

LB2341 .A698 2017

Systemic structural constellations and sustainability in academia : a new method for sustainable higher education

Marlen Gabriele Arnold

LB2341 .M28955 2017

Consolidating colleges and merging universities : new strategies for higher education leaders

James Martin, James E. Samels & Associates

LB2341 .P67 2016eb

Positioning higher education institutions : from here to there

edited by Rosalind M.O. Pritchard, Attila Pausits and James Williams

LB2343.3 .H387 2017

The student athlete's guide to college success

Algerian Hart and F. Erik Brooks

LB2345.3.R37 W66 2017

Preventing sexual violence on campus : challenging traditional approaches through program innovation

edited by Sara Carrigan Wooten and Roland W. Mitchell

LB2351 .A28 2017

Access to higher education : theoretical perspectives and contemporary challenges

edited by Anna Mountford-Zimdars and Neil Harrison

LB2395.3 .S44 2016

Language at the speed of sight : how we read, why so many can't, and what can be done about it

Mark Seidenberg

LB2805 .R4555 2017

RESULTS coaching next steps : leading for growth and change

Kathryn Kee, Karen Anderson, Vicky Dearing, Frances Schuster


High-need schools : changing the dialogue

edited by Devin Thornburg and Anne M. Mungai


School effectiveness and educational management : towards a South-Eastern Europe research and public policy agenda

Niksa Alfirevic ... and others

LB2806 .S324 2017

Hard questions on global educational change : policies, practices, and the future of education

Pasi Sahlberg, Jonathan Hasak, Vanessa Rodriguez, and associates


The charter school experience : voices from the field

Michael Bitz


Measuring and enhancing the student experience

Mahsood Shah, Chenicheri Sid Nair, John T.E. Richardson


Student growth measures in policy and practice : intended and unintended consequences of high-stakes teacher evaluations

Kimberly Kappler Hewitt, Audrey Amrein-Beardsley


Diversifying the teaching force in transnational contexts : critical perspectives

edited by Clea Schmidt and Jens Schneider

LB2838 .G597 2017

Expert teachers : an international perspective

Andrew Goodwyn

LB2844.52 C66 2016

The comparative politics of education : teachers unions and education systems around the world

edited by Terry M. Moe, Stanford University, Susanne Wiborg, UCL Institute of Education

LB3013 .D358 2016

Improving behaviour management in your school : creating calm spaces for pupils to learn and flourish

Tim Dansie


Students, teachers, and leaders addressing bullying in schools [electronic resource]

edited by Christa Boske and Azadeh Osanloo

LB3066 .S55 2016

Reparation and reconciliation : the rise and fall of integrated higher education

Christi M. Smith


The translational design of schools : an evidence-based approach to aligning pedagogy and learning environments

edited by Kenn Fisher


Ahmadi, Atefe : the impact of faculty and demography in Malaysia

Atefeh Ahmadi


Student Equity in Australian Higher Education : Twenty-five years of A Fair Chance for All

LC1011 .A32 2016

Classics, the culture wars, and beyond

Eric Adler


Educating the Deliberate Professional : Preparing for future practices

edited by Franziska Trede, Celina McEwen


Europeanisation of Vocational Education and Training [electronic resource]


Perspectives in transnational higher education

edited by Emmanuel Jean Francois, Mejai B. M. Avoseh, and Wendy Griswold


Learning from difference : comparative accounts of multicultural education

Joseph Lo Bianco, Aydin Bal, editors

LC1099.3 .S589 2017

Un-standardizing curriculum : multicultural teaching in the standards-based classroom

Christine E. Sleeter, Judith Flores Carmona


Assembling and governing the higher education institution : democracy, social justice and leadership in global higher education

Lynette Shultz, Melody Viczko, editors


A girl's education : schooling and the formation of gender, identities and future visions

Judith Gill, Katharine Esson and Rosalina Yuen


Global Learning in the 21st Century [electronic resource]


Academic autoethnographies : inside teaching in higher education

edited by Daisy Pillay, Inbanathan Naicker and Kathleen Pithouse-Morgan, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

LC191.9 .D43 2016

Decolonizing the westernized university : interventions in philosophy of education from within and without

edited by Ramón Grosfoguel, Roberto Hernández, and Ernesto Rosen Velásquez

LC191.94 .S48 2005

A larger sense of purpose : higher education and society

Harold T. Shapiro

LC196 .D59 2017

Critical race theory in education : all God's children got a song

edited by Adrienne Dixson, Celia K. Rousseau Anderson, and Jamel K. Donner

LC196 .P677 2017

Power and privilege in the learning sciences : critical and sociocultural theories of learning

edited by Indigo Esmonde and Angela N. Booker

LC2717 .M45 2017

The politics of African-American education : representation, partisanship, and educational equity

Kenneth J. Meier (Texas A&M University and Cardiff University), Amanda Rutherford (Indiana University)

LC2731 .G36 2016

The lived experiences of African American women mentors : what it means to guide as community pedagogues

Wyletta Gamble-Lomax

LC2778.R4 L33 2016

Literacy as moral obligation among African Americans in the rural Southeast

Amy Johnson Lachuk

LC2779 .F673 2016

Downed by friendly fire : Black girls, White girls, and suburban schooling

Signithia Fordham


Learning, migration and intergenerational relations : the Karen and the gift of education [electronic resource]

Pia Jolliffe

LC4015 .S85 2017

Creating a culture of accessibility in the sciences

Mahadeo A. Sukhai, University of Toronto and Ontario Cancer Institute, Toronto, ON, Canada and Chelsea E. Mohler, National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS), Ottawa

LC4097.I4 S26 2016eb

Schooling for all : can we neglect the demand?

V. Santhakumar, Namita Gupta, Rama Murthy Sripada

LC41 .R47 2015

Researching private supplementary tutoring : Methodological lessons from diverse cultures

edited by Mark Bray, Ora Kwo, Boris Jokić

LC4181 .S68 2016

Fostering resilient learners : strategies for creating a trauma-sensitive classroom

Kristin Souers with Pete Hall

LC4661 .S167 2017

High expectations teaching : how we persuade students to believe and act on "smart is something you can get"

Jon Saphier ; foreword by Ronald F. Ferguson

LC5131 .N48 2016eb

New teachers in urban schools : journeys toward social equity teaching

Althier M. Lazar, Leslie M. Reich, editors


Teacher Quality, Instructional Quality and Student Outcomes : Relationships Across Countries, Cohorts and Time [electronic resource]

edited by Trude Nilsen, Jan-Eric Gustafsson


Distributed learning : pedagogy and technology in online information literacy instruction

edited by Tasha Maddison, Maha Kumaran

LC6219 .C76 2016

Cross-border higher education and quality assurance : commerce, the services directive and governing higher education

Maria João Rosa [and 3 others], editors

LC94.I4 A99 2016

The holy grail : India's quest for universal elementary education

R.V. Vaidyanatha Ayyar