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Items Acquired in December 2016 for the University Libraries



Education and the Arab Spring : resistance, reform, and democracy [electronic resource]

edited by Eid Mohamed (Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, Qatar, University of Guelph, Canada), Hannah R. Gerber (Sam Houston State University, USA) and Slimane Aboulkacem (Sam Houston State University, USA) ; foreword by Bessma Momani


Higher education in the Middle East and North Africa : exploring regional and country specific potentials

Yew Meng Lai, Abdul Razak Ahmad, Chang Da Wan, editors

LA1443 .A86 2016

Higher education and the Palestinian Arab minority in Israel

Khalid Arar and Kussai Haj-Yehia

LA2317.W36 C36 2016

Willis Duke Weatherford : race, religion, and reform in the American South

Andrew McNeill Canady


Essays in the history of Irish education : past, present and future perspectives

edited by Brendan Walsh

LA811.8 .V36 2016

Wartime schooling and education policy in the Second World War : Catholic education, memory and the government in occupied Belgium

Sarah Van Ruyskensvelde

LB1025.3 .B687 2017

88 ideas to teach more effectively : forget being the favourite!

Tim Bowman


The Foxfire Approach : Inspiration for Classrooms and Beyond

edited by Hilton Smith and J. Cynthia McDermott

LB1027.23 .B728 2016

How to personalize learning : a guide for getting started and going deeper

Barbara Bray, Kathleen McClaskey

LB1027.44 .W35 2016

Quality questioning : research-based practice to engage every learner

Jackie Acree Walsh, Beth Dankert Sattes ; foreword by John Hattie


Constructing methodology for qualitative research : researching education and social practices

edited by Bobby Harreveld, Mike Danaher, Celeste Lawson, Bruce Allen Knight, Gillian Busch

LB1028 .K35 2017

Developing metrics for equity, diversity and competition : new measures for schools and universities

Anthony Kelly

LB1028 .U38 2016

Using educational criticism and connoisseurship for qualitative research

P. Bruce Uhrmacher, Christy McConnell Moroye, and David J. Flinders

LB1028.24 .S33 2017

The action research guidebook : a process for pursuing equity and excellence in education

Richard D. Sagor, Charlene Williams


Grand challenge problems in technology-enhanced learning II : MOOCs and beyond : perspectives for research, practice, and policy making developed at the Alpine Rendez-Vous in Villard-de-Lans

Julia Eberle [and three others], editors


Learning technologies and globalization : pedagogical frameworks and applications

Nada Dabbagh [and seven others]


Digital Technology, Schools and Teachers' Workplace Learnin : Policy, Practice and Identity

LB1028.5 .A66 2017

Apps, technology and younger learners : international evidence for teaching

edited by Natalia Kucirkova and Garry Falloon


NextGeners : pedagogical considerations

Bryant Griffith

LB1044.87 .C685 2017

Going Google : powerful tools for 21st century learning

Jared Covili

LB1044.87 .D36 2016eb

The SAGE encyclopedia of online education

Steven L. Danver

LB1047 .B534 2017

Taking the first steps outside : under threes learning and developing in the natural environment

Helen Bilton, Gabriela Bento and Gisela Dias


Learning, food, and sustainability : sites for resistance and change [electronic resource]

Jennifer Sumner, editor

LB1060 .I438 2017

How we learn : learning and non-learning in school and beyond

Knud Illeris

LB1060.2 .B446 2016

Behavioural genetics for education

edited by Yulia Kovas, Sergey Malykh and Darya Gaysina

LB1062 .T47 2016eb

Threshold concepts in practice

edited by Ray Land, Jan H. F. Meyer, and Michael T. Flanagan


Unfolding Afterglow : Letters and Conversations on Teacher Renewal

by Brooke A. Hofsess


Technology, theory, and practice in interdisciplinary STEM programs : connecting STEM and non-STEM approaches

Reneta D. Lansiquot, editor


Science education, career aspirations, and minority ethnic students

Billy Wong

LB1590.3 .T28 2017

Textual analysis made easy : ready-to-use tools for teachers, grades 5-8

C. Brian Taylor

LB1590.5 .B4395 2016

Nurturing creativity in the classroom

Ronald A. Beghetto, University of Connecticut, James C. Kaufman, University of Connecticut

LB1594 .P74 2016

Pre-university engineering education

edited by Marc J. de Vries, Lena Gumaelius, and Inga-Britt Skogh



Lindy L. Johnson


Achieving Teaching Quality in Sub-Saharan Africa : Empirical Results from Cascade Training

by Sarah Lange


Mentoring Processes in Higher Education

by DeAnna M. Laverick

LB1778 .P76 2016eb

Professional practice discourse marginalia

edited by Joy Higgis and Franziska Trese, The Education For Practice Institute, Charles Sturt University, Australia

LB1805 .T43 2016

Teacher quality and teacher education quality : accreditation from a global perspective

edited by Nicholas M. Michelli, Robin Dada, Deborah Eldridge, Rana M. Tamin, and Karen Karp

LB2153.A3 F88 2016

The future of child development lab schools : applied developmental science in action

edited by Nancy E. Barbour and Brent A. McBride


Globalisation and higher education reforms

Joseph Zajda, Val Rust, editors


Experiences in liberal arts and science education from America, Europe, and Asia : a dialogue across continents

William C. Kirby, Marijk C. van der Wende, editors


Post-admission language assessment of university students

John Read, editor


Quality in higher education : developing a virtue of professional practice

Ming Cheng


International education at community colleges : themes, practices, and case studies [electronic resource]

edited by Rosalind Latiner Raby and Edward J. Valeau

LB2331.63 .T67

The top American research universities : an occasional paper from the Lombardi Program on Measuring University Performance



Global challenges, national initiatives, and institutional responses : the transformation of higher education [electronic resource]

edited by Cl̐Μưaudia Sarrico [and 5 others]

LB2341 .F865 2016

The academic Caesar : university leadership is hard

Steve Fuller

LB2342 .N49 2016

The great mistake : how we wrecked public universities and how we can fix them

Christopher Newfield

LB2342.82 .I58 2016

International marketing of higher education

Terry Wu, Vik Naidoo, editors

LB2343 .E54 2016

Enhancing student learning and development in cross-border higher education

Dennis C. Roberts, Susan R. Komives, editors


Learning standards and the assessment of quality in higher education : contested policy trajectories [electronic resource]

Jon Yorke, Lesley Vidovich

LB2369 .R63 2017

Researching across languages and cultures : a guide to doing research interculturally

Anna Robinson-Pant and Alain Wolf ; with reflective pieces from Achala Gupta, Eleni Konidari, Gina Lontoc, Joanna Nair and Pu Shi


Ed.D. programs as incubators for social justice leadership

edited by Antonio L. Ellis, College of Charleston, USA


Multi-level governance in universities : strategy, structure, control

Jetta Frost, Fabian Hattke, Markus Reihlen, editors

LB2806 .G859 2016

Renegade leadership : creating innovative schools for digital-age students

Brad Gustafson ; foreword by George Couros

LB2806 .S46 2016

The new imperatives of educational change : achievement with integrity

by Dennis Shirley

LB2820 .C74 2016

Creating engagement between schools and their communities : lessons from educational leaders

edited by Ted Purinton and Carlos Azcoitia


Assessment for learning : meeting the challenge of implementation

Dany Laveault, Linda Allal, editors

LB2831.9 .K65 2017

The power of conversation : transforming principals into great leaders

Barbara Kohm


Asia-Pacific perspectives on teacher self-efficacy

edited by Susanne Garvis and Donna Pendergast


Inequality in school discipline : research and practice to reduce disparities

edited by Russell J. Skiba, Kavitha Mediratta, M. Karega Rausch

LB3013 .G628 2017

Classroom yoga breaks : brief exercises to create calm

Louise Goldberg


Marginalisation and aggression from bullying to genocide : critical educational and psychological perspectives

Stephen James Minton

LB3013.4 .V36 2017

Student stress at the transition to middle school : an A-to-Z guide for implementing an emotional health checkup

Ann Vander Stoep and Kelly Thompson


Assessment in education : implications for leadership

Scott Shelleyann, Donald E Scott, Charles F. Webber, editors


The Fluency Construct : Curriculum-Based Measurement Concepts and Applications

edited by Kelli D. Cummings, Yaacov Petscher


Internationalization of Higher Education : the Case of Hong Kong

edited by Yin Cheong Cheng, Alan Chi Keung Cheung, Shun Wing Ng


Education for Sustainable Development in Further Education : Embedding Sustainability into Teaching, Learning and the Curriculum [electronic resource]

edited by Denise Summers, Roger Cutting


Demand-Driven Approaches in Vocational Education and Training : A Case Study of Rural Population in South India [electronic resource]


Continuing professional education in Australia : a tale of missed opportunities [electronic resource]

Barrie Brennan


Decolonizing education : towards reconstructing a theory of citizenship education for postcolonial Africa [electronic resource]

Norah Barongo-Muweke ; with a foreword by Prof. Dr. Dirk Lange


Interculturality in education : a theoretical and methodological toolbox

Fred Dervin

LC1099 .M584 2017

Diversities in education : effective ways to reach all learners

David Mitchell


Dreaming of a Place Called Home : Local and International Perspectives on Teacher Education and School Diversity

edited by Greg Wiggan

LC149.7 .B496 2016

Beyond economic interests : critical perspectives on adult literacy and numeracy in a globalised world

edited by Keiko Yasukawa and Stephen Black, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

LC151 .P75 2017

Fashioning lives : black queers and the politics of literacy


The political economy of higher education finance : the politics of tuition fees and subsidies in OECD countries,1945--2015

Julian L. Garritzmann


European policy implementation and higher education : analysing the Bologna process

Cristina Sin, Am̐Μưelia Veiga, Alberto Amaral

LC191 .P633 2016

Policy borrowing and reform in education : globalized processes and local contexts

Laura M. Portnoi


Social justice instruction : empowerment on the chalkboard

Rosemary Papa, Danielle M. Eadens, Daniel W. Eadens, editors

LC205 .N45 2016

Why afterschool matters

Ingrid A. Nelson


Feeling white : whiteness, emotionality, and education

Cheryl E. Matias ; foreword by Zeus Leonardo

LC212.2 .B88 2016eb

But I don't see color : the perils, practices, and possibilities of antiracist education

edited by Terry Husband

LC212.42 W75 2016

Written/unwritten : diversity and the hidden truths of tenure

edited by Patricia A. Matthew

LC2771 .M84 2016

African immigrants' experiences in American schools : complicating the race discourse

by Shirley Mthethwa-Sommers and Immaculée Harushimana

LC2781 .C75 2017

Critical perspectives on Black women and college success

edited by Lori D. Patton and Natasha N. Croom


International mobility and educational desire : Chinese foreign talent students in Singapore

Peidong Yang


Mathematics achievement of immigrant students

Dirk Hastedt

LC3993 .G5214 2016eb

Giftedness and talent in the 21st century : adapting to the turbulence of globalization

edited by Don Ambrose and Robert J. Sternberg ; foreword by Joseph S. Renzulli


Adult learning for self and relational growth (ALG) : an Integrative Developmental Model

Isabel Borrás


Study skills for students with dyslexia : support for specific learning differences (SpLDs)

edited by Sandra Hargreaves & Jamie Crabb


Understanding social justice in rural education

Hern̐Μưan Cuervo

LC5215 .C672 2016

Contexts, practices and challenges : critical insights from continuing professional education

Maureen Coady, editor

LC5219 .T65 2016

Transformative learning and adult higher education

Judith Beth Cohen, Jo Ann Gammel, Amy Rutstein-Riley, editors

LC5751 .G79 2016

The summer slide : what we know and can do about summer learning loss

edited by Karl Alexander, Sarah Pitcock, Matthew Boulay ; foreword by Paul Reville

LC65 .K59 2016

Class clowns : how the smartest investors lost billions in education

Jonathan A. Knee

LC67.6 .H35 2016

The uberfication of the university

Gary Hall


Ethical dimensions of Muslim education

Nuraan Davids, Yusef Waghid


Education, citizenship, and Cuban identity

Rosi Smith