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Items Acquired in April 2016 for the University Libraries


M1000 .C875 M8 2001

The music of life [sound recording]

Joseph Curiale

M1000 .D39 R6 2011

The Romantics : Elgar, Wagner, Franck [sound recording]

Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra

M1001 .A88 no.3 2000

Symphonies 3 & 6 [sound recording]

Kurt Atterberg

M1004 .D22 P.228 2015

Ouvertüre, P 228

Franz Danzi ; herausgegeben von Bert Hagels

M1004 .O58 C6 2016

Le Colporteur, ou l'enfant du bucheron : ouverture

George Onslow

M1020 .C67 P5 2004

Pied piper fantasy [sound recording]

John Corigliano

M1030.S847 N49 2010

A new carnival of Venice : 1985 : for 4 trumpets and orchestra = pour 4 trompettes et orchestre = für 4 Trompeten und Orchester

Thomas Stevens

M1039.D38 U46 2015

UFO : (1999)

Michael Daugherty ; solo percussion/piano reduction ; piano reduction by Michael Daugherty ; percussion part edited by Evelyn Glennie

M1120 .T44 H3 2005

Six concertos for two flutes with bassoon, strings, and continuo [sound recording]

Georg Philipp Telemann

M1495.R88 F44 2001

Feel the spirit [sound recording]

M1503.A37 T4 2015

The tell-tale heart : an opera in one act based on the story by Edgar Allen Poe and on his poetry

Bruce Adolphe ; libretto by the composer

M1503.C284 A56 2016

Anna Karenina : an opera in two acts based on the novel by Leo Tolstoy

music by David Carlson ; libretto by Colin Graham

M1503.D69 M35 2015

Mansfield Park : chamber opera in two acts

Jonathan Dove ; libretto by Alasdair Middleton

M1503.Z627 M3 2015

Madame White Snake : an opera in four acts

Zhou Long ; libretto by Cerise Lim Jacobs = Bai she zhuan : si mu ge ju / zuo qu, Zhou Long ; bian ju, Lin Xiaoying

M1507 .S61 v.6

The singer's musical theatre anthology. Volume 6 Soprano.

compiled and edited by Richard Walters

M1507 .S62 v.6

The singer's musical theatre anthology. Volume 6 Mezzo-soprano/Belter.

compiled and edited by Richard Walters

M1507 .S63 v.6

The singer's musical theatre anthology. Volume 6 Tenor.

compiled and edited by Richard Walters

M1507 .S64 v.6

The singer's musical theatre anthology. Volume 6 Baritone/Bass.

compiled and edited by Richard Walters

M1508.G47 A44 2015

An American in Paris : a new musical

music and lyrics by George Gershwin and Ira Gershwin ; book by Craig Lucas ; inspired by the motion picture ; musical score adapted, arranged, and supervised by Rob Fisher

M1531 .K36 L58 2008

Little Imber [sound recording]

Giya Kancheli

M1533.3.M94 V64 2015

The voices of our ancestors : chorus, brass quintet and organ

Thea Musgrave

M1620.S388 S6 2002

Songs [sound recording]

by Clara Schumann

M1650.J66 R22 1997

RBAAB : the red-blooded all-American boy

by Dick Jonas

M178 .B49 E4 2008

Emily Beynon, flute & friends [sound recording]

M178 .B75 G5 2005

Glass sky [sound recording]

Tessa Brinckman ; East West Continuo

M178 .D82 C5 2004

Chamber music with flute [sound recording]

by Pierre Max Dubois

M178 .H235 M8 2003

Music for Lord Abingdon [sound recording]

M178 .S98 C5 2006

Chamber music with flute [sound recording]

István Szigeti

M178 .V58 A7 2004

String concertos, flute concertos & piccolo concerto [sound recording]

Antonio Vivaldi

M2011 .M67 Q4 2008

Missa Queramus cum pastoribus [sound recording]


M22.G84 H4 2015

Sämtliche lyrische Stücke = : Complete lyric pieces

Edvard Grieg ; herausgegeben von Ernst-Günter Heinemann, Einar Steen-Nøkleberg = edited by Ernst-Günter Heinemann, Einar Steen-Nøkleberg ; Fingersatz by Einar Steen-Nøkleberg = fingering by Einar Steen-Nøkleberg

M240 .J66 L5 2005

Lil' lite o' mine [sound recording]

M241 .M87 2004

Música al Conservatori Reial de Lisboa = [Music in the Royal Conservatory of Lisbon] : obres per a flauta i piano de Briccialdi, Böhm, Reich

M241.J64 T8 2007

20th century Czech music for flute & piano [sound recording]

M269 .B475 F3 2016

Fantasy for alto saxophone and piano

Lauren Bernofsky

M296 .C378 op.51 2004

Duets for flute and guitar [sound recording]

M296 .S88 M8 2007

Music for flute and guitar [sound recording]

M3 .H26

Hallische Händel-Ausgabe : kritische Gesamtausgabe

herausgegeben von der Georg-Friedrich-Händel-Gesellschaft

M3.1 .F64 F5 2005

Flute loops : chamber music [sound recording]

by Cynthia Folio

M3.1 .L44 A3 2007

Acrobats : music [sound recording]

of David Leisner

M316 .B75 2007

British music for flute, oboe & piano [sound recording]

ML1015.G9 T76 2016

Kīkā kila : how the Hawaiian steel guitar changed the sound of modern music

John W. Troutman

ML1255 .M44 2014eb

The Australian Symphony from Federation to 1960

By Rhoderick McNeill

ML1300 .B73 2013eb

Brass bands of the world : militarism, colonial legacies, and local music making [electronic resource]

edited by Suzel Ana Reily Katherine Brucher

ML1311 .M19 2014eb

Opera at the bandstand : then and now

George W. Martin

ML1380 .C623 2013eb

Electronic music [electronic resource]

Nick Collins, Margaret Schedel, and Scott Wilson

ML1704 .C38 2013

Sentimental opera : questions of genre in the age of bourgeois drama [electronic resource]

Stefano Castelvecchi


Opera in the British Isles, 1875-1918

Paul Rodmell

ML1751.K7 J36 2013eb

Korean p'ansori singing tradition : development, authenticity, and performance history [electronic resource]

Yeonok Jang

ML1751.K7 U54 2013eb

Korean musical drama : pʻansori and the making of tradition in modernity [electronic resource]

by Haekyung Um

ML196 .I58 2013

The Invention of Beethoven and Rossini : Historiography, Analysis, Criticism [electronic resource]

edited by Nicholas Mathew and Benjamin Walton

ML197 .A785 2013eb

The Ashgate research companion to minimalist and postminimalist music

edited by Keith Potter, Kyle Gann and Pwyll ap Siôn

ML197 .D68 2013

After Mahler : Britten, Weill, Henze, and romantic redemption [electronic resource]

Stephen Downes

ML200.5 .S65 2015

Javaphilia : American love affairs with Javanese music and dance

Henry Spiller

ML2075 .B35 2015

The music of counterculture cinema : a critical study of 1960s and 1970s soundtracks

Mathew J. Bartkowiak and Yuya Kiuchi

ML2075 .M15 2013eb

The invisible art of film music : a comprehensive history

Laurence E. MacDonald

ML2100 .J64 2013

Opera as soundtrack [electronic resource]

Jeongwon Joe

ML240 .B64 2013eb

Revival and reconciliation : sacred music in the making of European modernity [electronic resource]

Philip V. Bohlman

ML275.5 .W55 2013

Music in Germany since 1968 [electronic resource]

Alastair Williams

ML286.2 .H47 2013eb

Musical creativity in restoration England

Rebecca Herissone

ML3001 .C512 2013eb

Christian congregational music : performance, identity, and experience [electronic resource]

edited by Monique Ingalls, Carolyn Landau and Thomas Wagner

ML340.5 .M87 2013eb

Music, modernity and locality in prewar Japan : Osaka and beyond [electronic resource]

edited by Hugh de Ferranti and Alison Tokita

ML345.T85 O36 2013eb

Alaturka : style in Turkish music (1923-1938) [electronic resource]

John Morgan O'Connell

ML3470 .B66 2013eb

Bodies of sound : studies across popular music and dance [electronic resource]

edited by Sherril Dodds and Susan C. Cook

ML3477 .C78 2013eb

Crossing traditions : American popular music in local and global contexts [electronic resource]

edited by Babacar M'Baye, Alexander Charles Oliver Hall

ML3477.1 .P54 2013eb

Please allow me to introduce myself : essays on debut albums

edited by George Plasketes

ML3492 .H57 2013

The history of live music in Britain [electronic resource]

by Simon Frith [and others]

ML350 .G63 2016

The lost paradise : Andalusi music in urban North Africa

Jonathan Glasser

ML3506 .S77 2013eb

Experiencing jazz : a listener's companion [electronic resource]

Michael Stephans

ML3531 .S65 2013

Hip-hop turntablism, creativity and collaboration [electronic resource]

by Sophy Smith

ML3534 .H64 2013eb

Philosophizing rock performace : Dylan, Hendrix, Bowie [electronic resource]

Wade Hollingshaus

ML3535.8 .A842 2013eb

Ska : the rhythm of liberation [electronic resource]

Heather Augustyn

ML3545 .E53 2013

Punk aesthetics and new folk : way down the old plank road [electronic resource]

by John Encarnacao

ML3556 .C664 2013eb

African American folksong and American cultural politics : the Lawrence Gellert story

Bruce M. Conforth

ML360.5 .K68 2013eb

Loading the silence : Australian sound art in the post-digital age [electronic resource]

Linda Ioanna Kouvaras

ML3654 .M67 2013eb

The globalization of Irish traditional song performance

Susan H. Motherway

ML3655 .M28 2013

Our ancient national airs : Scottish song collecting from the enlightenment to the romantic era [electronic resource]

by Karen McAulay

ML3758.A98 H87 2016

Music of Azerbaijan : from mugham to opera

Aida Huseynova

ML3776 .W66 2013eb

And now we're all brothers : singing in Yiddish in contemporary North America [electronic resource]

by Abigail Wood

ML3797.2.G7 G65 2013eb

Music and academia in Victorian Britain [electronic resource]

Rosemary Golding


The sociology of wind bands : amateur music between cultural domination and autonomy [electronic resource]

Vincent Dubois, Jean-Matthieu Méon and Emmanuel Pierru ; translated by Jean-Yves Bart

ML3820 .T39 2016

Teaching healthy musicianship : the music educator's guide to injury prevention and wellness

Nancy Taylor

ML3830 .H98 2013eb

Experiencing 'Flow' in Jazz Performance [electronic resource]

by Elina Hytönen-Ng

ML3830 .M966 2013

Music and familiarity : listening, musicology and performance [electronic resource]

edited by Elaine King and Helen M. Prior

ML3830 .S554 2013eb

I drum, therefore I am : being and becoming a drummer [electronic resource]

Gareth Dylan Smith

ML3830 .U23 2013eb

Ubiquitous musics : the everyday sounds that we don't always notice [electronic resource]

edited by Marta García Quiñones, Anahid Kassabian, and Elena Boschi

ML3877 .B77 2016

Digital signatures : the impact of digitization on popular music sound

Ragnhild Brøvig-Hanssen and Anne Danielsen

ML3917.N45 S36 2013

Making New Zealand's pop renaissance : state, markets, musicians

Michael Scott

ML3918.P67 A64 2013

Singer-songwriters and musical open mics [electronic resource]

by Marcus Aldredge

ML3918.R63 P65 2013eb

Political rock [electronic resource]

edited by Mark Pedelty and Kristine Weglarz, University of Minnesota

ML3920 .D37 2013eb

Music asylums : wellbeing through music in everyday life [electronic resource]

by Tia DeNora

ML394 .G28 2002

She's a rebel : the history of women in rock & roll

Gillian G. Gaar ; preface by Yoko Ono

ML410.B13 E97 2013eb

Exploring Bach's B-minor mass [electronic resource]

edited by Yo Tomita, Robin A. Leaver, and Jan Smaczny

ML410.C3263 H36 2013eb

The legacy of Cornelius Cardew [electronic resource]

Tony Harris

ML410.C734 B33 2013eb

The Hallelujah effect : philosophical reflections on music, performance practice, and technology [electronic resource]

Babette Babich

ML410.D138 E27 2013eb

Luigi Dallapiccola and musical modernism in Fascist Italy [electronic resource]

Ben Earle

ML410.F2957 N63 2013eb

Composing ambiguity : the early music of Morton Feldman [electronic resource]

Alistair Noble

ML410.G284 R63 2013eb

The Roberto Gerhard companion

edited by Monty Adkins and Michael Russ

ML410.H13 K56 2016

Handel on the stage

David Kimbell

ML410.M112 O28 2013

Hamish MacCunn (1868-1916) : a Musical Life [electronic resource]

Jennifer L. Oates

ML410.M595 H43 2013eb

Messiaen's musical techniques : the composer's view and beyond [electronic resource]

Gareth Healey

ML410.M595 M494 2013eb

Messiaen perspectives [electronic resource]

edited by Christopher Dingle, Birmingham Conservatoire, UK and Robert Fallon, Carnegie Mellon University, USA


Experiencing Mozart : a listener's companion [electronic resource]

David Schroeder

ML410.P787 A25 2014eb

Francis Poulenc, articles and interviews : notes from the heart [electronic resource]

collected, introduced and annotated by Nicolas Southon ; translated by Roger Nichols

ML410.S196 E72 2013eb

Erik Satie : Music, Art and Literature [electronic resource]

edited by Caroline Potter

ML410.S223 M87 2013eb

Music as dream : essays on Giacinto Scelsi

edited by Franco Sciannameo, Alessandra Carlotta Pellegrini

ML410.S6872 M67 2016eb

On Sondheim : an opinionated guide

Ethan Mordden

ML410.S93 P34 2013eb

Performing Salome, revealing stories [electronic resource]

edited by Clair Rowden

ML410.S932 M26 2013eb

Experiencing Stravinsky : a listener's companion [electronic resource]

by Robin Maconie

ML410.V4 R78 2013

Verdi, Opera, Women [electronic resource]

ML410.V4 S33 2013eb

The sounds of Paris in Verdi's La Traviata [electronic resource]

Emilio Sala ; translated by Delia Casadei

ML410.V4 S34 2014eb

Experiencing Verdi : a listener's companion [electronic resource]

Donald Sanders

ML410.W13 T77 2013eb

Wagner's melodies : aesthetics and materialism in German musical identity [electronic resource]

David Trippett

ML410.W13 W124 2013eb

Wagner in Russia, Poland and the Czech lands : musical, literary, and cultural perspectives

edited by Stephen Muir and Anastasia Belina-Johnson

ML417.P17 B46 2013eb

Chopin's prophet : the life of pianist Vladimir de Pachmann [electronic resource]

Edward Blickstein and Gregor Benko

ML418.M66 F43 2016

A feast of astonishments : Charlotte Moorman and the avant-garde, 1960s-1980s

edited by Lisa Graziose Corrin and Corinne Granof

ML420.A5874 T75 2013eb

Sing us a song, piano woman : female fans and the music of Tori Amos [electronic resource]

Adrienne Trier-Bieniek

ML420.C685 P56 2013

Elvis Costello and Thatcherism : a psycho-social exploration [electronic resource]

by David Pilgrim and Richard Ormrod

ML420.D98 B45 2013eb

Counting down Bob Dylan : his 100 finest songs [electronic resource]

by Jim Beviglia

ML420.D98 B77 2014eb

Bob Dylan : American troubadour [electronic resource]

Donald Brown

ML420.D98 H77 2013eb

Invisible now : Bob Dylan in the 1960s [electronic resource]

by John Hughes

ML420.J175 M33 2013eb

Michael Jackson and the blackface mask [electronic resource]

by Harriet J. Manning

ML421.G72 M25 2013eb

Grateful Dead and the art of rock improvisation [electronic resource]

David Malvinni

ML423.B52 B76 2013eb

The musical work of Nadia Boulanger : performing past and future between the wars [electronic resource]

Jeanice Brooks

ML423.G58 H45 2013eb

Heinrich Glarean's books : the intellectual world of a sixteenth-century musical humanist [electronic resource]

edited by Iain Fenlon and Inga Mai Groote

ML423.N34 A5 2013eb

Becoming an ethnomusicologist : a miscellany of influences [electronic resource]

Bruno Nettl

ML503.2 .C96 2016

Curious and modern inventions : instrumental music as discovery in Galileo's Italy

Rebecca Cypess

ML549 .I58 2013

Interpreting historical keyboard music : sources, contexts and performance [electronic resource]

edited by Andrew Woolley, John Kitchen

ML55 .P515 2013eb

Networks of music and culture in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries : a collection of essays in celebration of Peter Philips's 450th anniversary [electronic resource]

edited by David J. Smith and Rachelle Taylor

ML76.E87 .E47 2013eb

Empire of song : Europe and nation in the Eurovision Song Contest [electronic resource]

edited by Dafni Tragaki

ML76.S725 F76 2016

Stalin's music prize : Soviet culture and politics

Marina Frolova-Walker

ML82 .S43 2013eb

British women composers and instrumental chamber music in the early twentieth century [electronic resource]

by Laura Seddon


Raoul Lufbery Collection,

MT1 .C638 2013a

Collaborative learning in higher music education

edited by Helena Gaunt, Guildhall School of Music & Drama, London, UK and Heidi Westerlund, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland

MT1 .D489 2013eb

Developing the musician : contemporary perspectives on teaching and learning

edited by Mary Stakelum

MT1 .L578 2016

Culturally responsive teaching in music education : from understanding to application

Vicki R. Lind, Constance L. McKoy

MT1 .S949 2016

Growing musicians : teaching music in middle school and beyond [electronic resource]

Bridget Sweet

MT3.U5 H77 2014eb

Women music educators in the United States : a history [electronic resource]

Sondra Wieland Howe

MT64.V53 T46 2016

Composing music for games : the art, technology and business of video game scoring

Chance Thomas


Drum Kit Secrets : 52 Performance Strategies for the Advanced Drummer [electronic resource]

Matt Dean

MT68 .C658 2016

A listener's guide to free improvisation

John Corbett

MT820 .B2846 2013eb

The Essentials of Beautiful Singing : a Three-Step Kinesthetic Approach

Karen Tillotson Bauer

MT956 .E93 2016

Performing opera : a practical guide for singers and directors

Michael Ewans