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Items Acquired in September 2016 for the University Libraries


P35 .W65 2016

The kingdom of speech

Tom Wolfe

P85.C47 K55 2016

Decoding Chomsky : science and revolutionary politics

Chris Knight

PA4389 .H42

Plutarchus "De audiendis poetis" : introduction, translation, commentary

door Johannes Rudolph Heirman


Woman of god

James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

PE1106 .S57 2011

Grammar rules : writing with military precision

Craig Shrives

PE1460 .S63 2011

The bugaboo review : a lighthearted guide to exterminating confusion about words, spelling, and grammar

written and compiled by Sue Sommer

PG3245 .T76 2016

Troika : a month in the country, Rasputin's brother, Summerfolk : three Russian adaptations

by Carol Rocamora

PG3365.A63 K63 2016

Anna Karenina and others : Tolstoy's labyrinth of plots

Liza Knapp

PG3476.P27 M36 2016

Zhivago's secret journey : from typescript to book

Paolo Mancosu

PG3489.2.L58 K3913 2016

The Kukotsky enigma : a novel

Ludmila Ulitskaya ; translated from the Russian by Diane Nemec Ignashev


Stanislavsky and yoga

Sergei Tcherkasski ; translated from Russian by Vreneli Farber

PN1590.A34 L57 2016

Performing age in modern drama

PN1993.5.I8 S674 2016

House full : Indian cinema and the active audience

Lakshmi Srinivas

PN1993.5.L3 L38 2016

The Latin American road movie

Verónica Garibotto, Jorge Pérez, editors

PN1993.5.U6 M666 2016

The movie business book

edited by Jason E. Squire

PN1995 .L57 2016

Cinema without reflection : Jacques Derrida's Echopoiesis and Narcissism Adrift

Akira Mizuta Lippit

PN1995.9.C513 F55 2016

Filming the city : urban documents, design practices, and social criticism through the lens

Edited by Edward M. Clift, Mirko Guaralda, and Ari Mattes

PN1995.9.H5 G85 2016

Unspeakable histories : film and the experience of catastrophe

William Guynn

PN1995.9.H6 M875 2016

Monstrous nature : environment and horror on the big screen

Robin L. Murray and Joseph K. Heumann

PN1995.9.N4 G55 2016

Film blackness : American cinema and the idea of black film

Michael Boyce Gillespie

PN1995.9.P6 D54 2016

Cinema, democracy and perfectionism : Joshua Foa Dienstag in dialogue

edited by Joshua Foa Dienstag

PN1995.9.S45 A44 2016

Smutty little movies : the creation and regulation of adult video

Peter Alilunas

PN1995.9.S62 P37 2016

Urban film and everyday practice : bridging divisions in Johannesburg

Alexandra Parker

PN1995.9.W6 C74 2016

Mothers, comrades, and outcasts in East German women's films

Jennifer L. Creech

PN1998.3.A526 A4 2016

Bad dads : the Wes Anderson collection : art inspired by the films of Wes Anderson

by Spoke Art Gallery ; foreword by Wes Anderson ; intoduction by Matt Zoller Seitz ; preface by Ken Harman

PN1998.3.V346 C87 2016

Tonino Valerii : the films

Roberto Curti ; foreword by Christopher Frayling ; afterword by Ernesto Gastaldi

PN2053 .G53 2016

The production manager's toolkit : successful production management in theatre and performing arts

Cary Gillet, Jay Sheehan

PN2101 .D38 2016

Theatre and entertainment

Jim Davis

PN2101 .R63 2016

Theatre & the rural

Jo Robinson ; [foreword by Mike Pearson]

PN2287.D26 E68 2016

Bebe Daniels : Hollywood's good little bad girl

Charles L. Epting ; foreword by Annette D'Agostino Lloyd

PN2287.M53 C66 2016

That's me, Groucho! : the solo career of Groucho Marx

Matthew Coniam ; foreword by Frank Ferrante

PN2287.N35 D45 2016

Pola Negri : temptress of silent Hollywood

Sergio Delgado

PN2924.5.K3 M2913 2016

Kabuki : a mirror of Japan : ten plays that offer a glimpse into evolving sensibilities

Matsui Kesako, translated by David Crandall

PN2924.5.N6 P84 2016

Learning to kneel : noh, modernism, and journeys in teaching

Carrie J. Preston

PN56.G55 E8813 2016

TransArea : a literary history of globalization

Ottmar Ette ; translated by Mark W. Person

PN6111 .B47

The best American short plays 2014-2015 / edited by William W. Demastes

PN6714 .P59 2016

Arresting development : comics at the boundaries of literature

Christopher Pizzino

PN842 .S45 2016

The marriage plot : or how Jews fell in love with love, and with literature

Naomi Seidman

PN849.C3 D34 2016

American imperialism's undead : the occupation of Haiti and the rise of Caribbean anticolonialism

Raphael Dalleo

PN98.E36 E375 2016

Ecocriticism in Taiwan : identity, environment, and the arts

edited by Chia-ju Chang and Scott Slovic

PQ2605.O15 Z56513 2016

Jean Cocteau : a life

Claude Arnaud ; translated by Lauren Elkin and Charlotte Mandell

PQ2673.O3 P4713 2016

Little jewel

Patrick Modiano ; translated from the French by Penny Hueston

PQ2701.T823 B3313 2016


PQ2714.O48 I4513 2016

A cage in search of a bird

Florence Noiville ; translated by Teresa Lavender Fagan

PQ307.W3 M87 2016

The art of survival : France and the Great War picaresque

Libby Murphy

PQ3897 .C87 2016

Inter-tech(s) : colonialism and the question of technology in Francophone literature

Roxanna Nydia Curto

PQ6066 .F38 2016

Imperial tapestries : narrative form and the question of Spanish Habsburg power, 1530-1647

Julia L. Farmer

PQ6720.O764 D5813 2016

Divorce is in the air

Gonzalo Torné ; translated from the Spanish by Megan McDowell

PQ7081 .B23713 2016

Latin American neo-baroque : senses of distortion

Pablo Baler ; translated by Michael McGaha

PQ7529.S33 A64 2016

El ahogado

Tristán Solarte

PR113 .L39 2016

Beyond the cloister : Catholic Englishwomen and early modern literary culture

Jenna Lay

PR120.M55 H64 2016

Imagining Kashmir : emplotment and colonialism

Patrick Colm Hogan

PR173 .L38 2016

Latinity and identity in Anglo-Saxon literature

edited by Rebecca Stephenson and Emily V. Thornbury

PR2965 .L45 2016

The great William : writers reading Shakespeare

Theodore Leinwand

PR3071 .C35 2016

The Cambridge companion to Shakespeare's First Folio

edited by Emma Smith

PR56.I465 P66 2016

Theatre & empire

Benjamin Poore

PR6062.E33 Z46 2016

The pigeon tunnel : stories from my life

John Le Carré

PR6065.S98 A6 2016

Falling awake

Alice Oswald

PR6102.U782 M87 2016

The muse

Jessie Burton

PR6119.T525 P37 2016

Paradise Lodge : a novel

Nina Stibbe

PR739.G7 P55 2016

The grotesque in contemporary Anglophone drama

Ondřej Pilný

PR9387.9.C67 A6 2016

Known and strange things : essays

Teju Cole

PS152 .D43 2016

Unconventional politics : nineteenth-century women writers and U.S. Indian policy

Janet Dean

PS277 .B76 2016

Southwestern women writers and the vision of goodness : Mary Austin, Willa Cather, Laura Adams Armer, Peggy Pond Church and Alice Marriott

Catharine Savage Brosman

PS310.N4 H66 2016

Aphrodite's daughters : three modernist poets of the Harlem Renaissance

Maureen Honey

PS325 .B87 2016

The poem is you : sixty contemporary American poems and how to read them

Stephen Burt

PS3503.I785 Z624 2016

Elizabeth Bishop at work

Eleanor Cook

PS3505.H3224 Z676 2016

Raymond Chandler : the detections of totality

Fredric Jameson

PS3515.E37 Z643 2016

Ernest Hemingway : a new life

James M. Hutchisson

PS3535.I233 Z875 2016

Understanding Adrienne Rich

Jeannette E. Riley

PS3537.C979 S38 2016

A scarlet pansy

by Robert Scully ; edited and with an introduction by Robert J. Corber

PS3537.M653 A6 2016

A Lillian Smith reader

edited by Margaret Rose Gladney and Lisa Hodgens

PS3552.O5943 A6 2016b

Gold bee : poems

by Bruce Bond

PS3558.O537 B66 2016

The book that matters most

Ann Hood

PS3566.A7756 C66 2016

Commonwealth : a novel

Ann Patchett

PS3568.A698 R57 2016

The Risen

PS3569.H338 L54 2016

Life pig

Alan Shapiro

PS3569.I44 S5535 2016

Leslie Marmon Silko's Storyteller : new perspectives

edited by Catherine Rainwater

PS3569.T6914 Z85 2016

The gothic worlds of Peter Straub

John C. Tibbetts ; foreword by Gary K. Wolfe

PS3573.A42688 L57 2016

The liquid plain

Naomi Wallace

PS3601.L92 A6 2016


Hala Alyan

PS3607.R3495 A6 2016

The current that carries : stories

by Lisa Graley

PS3611.O5844 M57 2016

Mischling : a novel

Affinity Konar

PS3613.A243 H35 2016

Half wild : stories

Robin MacArthur

PS3614.A3844 A6 2016

Lacunae : 100 imagined ancient love poems

Daniel Nadler

PS3614.G97 S96 2015

The sympathizer

Viet Thanh Nguyen

PS3616.A759 A6 2016

Lost wax : essays

Jericho Parms

PS3616.E7433 A6 2016

With the river on our face

Emmy Pérez

PS3618.A36 A6 2016

The jungle around us : stories

by Anne Raeff

PS3619.E995 C45 2016

Celia, a slave

Barbara Seyda ; foreword by Nicholas Wright

PS3619.I5465 A6 2016

From nothing : poems

Anya Krugovoy Silver

PS3619.T354 I58 2016

The invisible life of Ivan Isaenko

Scott Stambach

PS3623.A98 L66 2016


Teddy Wayne

PS374.Y57 C37 2016

Young adult literature : from romance to realism

Michael Cart

PT125 .U58 2016

Un/translatables : new maps for Germanic literatures

edited by Bethany Wiggin and Catriona MacLeod

PT2621.A26 Z7691813 2016

Franz Kafka : subversive dreamer

Michael Löwy ; translated by Inez Hedges

PZ7.1.B3 Bo 2015

Boats for Papa

Jessixa Bagley