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Items Acquired in January 2017 for the University Libraries


P116 .K54413 2016

The tongue of Adam

Abdelfattah Kilito ; translated from the French by Robyn Creswell ; foreword by Marina Warner


Positive psychology perspectives on foreign language learning and teaching

Danuta Gabryś-Barker, Dagmara Gałajda, editors


Second language acquisition in multilingual and mixed ability Indian classrooms

Vaishna Narang, Salonee Priya, Varalakshmi Chaudhry


Researching second language learning and teaching from a psycholinguistic perspective : studies in honour of Danuta Gabryś-Barker

Dagmara Gałajda, Paweł Zakrajewski, Mirosław Pawlak, editors

P118.2 .P766 2014

Pronunciation myths : applying second language research to classroom teaching

Linda Grant with Donna M. Brinton [and eight others]


Selves, bodies and the grammar of social worlds : reimagining social change

by Jodie Clark

P121 .L3855 2016

Language files : materials for an introduction to language and linguistics

P242 .M68 2016eb

The morphome debate

edited by Ana Luís and Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero


Quantifiers and cognition : logical and computational perspectives

Jakub Szymanik

P301.5.M48 M37 2016eb

Mapping English metaphor through time [electronic resource]

edited by Wendy Anderson, Ellen Bramwell, and Carole Hough


Discourse analysis as social critique : discursive and non-discursive realities in critical social research

Benno Herzog


Derrida, the subject and the other : surviving, translating, and the impossible

Lisa Foran


Captioned media in foreign language learning and teaching : subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing as tools for language learning

Robert Vanderplank

P53 .B425 2016

Beliefs, agency and identity in foreign language learning and teaching

Paula Kalaja, University of Jyväskylä, Finland ; Ana Maria F. Barcelos, Federal University of Viçosa, Brazil ; Mari Aro, University of Jyväskylä, Finland ; Maria Ruohotie-Lyhty, University of Jyväskylä, Finland


Teaching culture in introductory foreign language textbooks

Carol A. Chapelle


Industrial approaches to media : a methodological gateway to industry studies

Matthew Freeman

P92.A4 C45 2016

China's media and soft power in Africa : promotion and perceptions

edited by Xiaoling Zhang, Herman Wasserman, and Winston Mano


MOS 2016 study guide for Microsoft PowerPoint : Microsoft Office Specialist exam 77-729

Joan E. Lambert

P94.5.A37 G36 2016

Representations of black women in the media : the damnation of black womanhood

Marquita Marie Gammage


Political media relations online as an elite phenomenon

Jan Niklas Kocks


Media Corporate Entrepreneurship : Theories and Cases [electronic resource]

PA3043 .C74 2016

Creative lives in classical antiquity : poets, artists and biography

edited by Richard Fletcher, Johanna Hanink

PA3131 .R34 2017

Greek tragedies as plays for performance

David Raeburn

PA3948.C9 W38 2017

Ctesias' Persica and its Near Eastern context

Matt Waters

PA4497 .C434 2017

The Cambridge companion to Xenophon

edited by Michael A. Flower


Never never

James Patterson and Candice Fox


Irish cultures of travel : writing on the continent, 1829-1914

Raphaël Ingelbien


English for academic research : a guide for teachers

Adrian Wallwork

PE1079 .N48 2017

Historical sociolinguistics : language change in Tudor and Stuart England

Terttu Nevalainen and Helena Raumolin-Brunberg

PE1112 .H34 2016

Improve your grammar : the essential guide to accurate writing

Mark Harrison, Vanessa Jakeman, Ken Paterson


English for academic correspondence

Adrian Wallwork

PE1128.A2 A326 1998

Adult ESL : politics, pedagogy, and participation in classroom and community programs

edited by Trudy Smoke

PE1404 .B467 2013

Teaching developmental writing : background readings

Susan Naomi Bernstein

PE1404 .D436 2016

Decolonizing rhetoric and composition studies : new Latinx keywords for theory and pedagogy

Iris D. Ruiz, Raúl Sánchez, editors


Decolonizing rhetoric and composition studies : new Latinx keywords for theory and pedagogy

Iris D. Ruiz, Raúl Sánchez, editors

PE1431 .C59 2017

Argument as dialogue across difference : engaging youth in public literacies

Jennifer Clifton

PE1611 .G55 2016

The making of the Oxford English dictionary

Peter Gilliver


Descriptions, translations and the Caribbean : from fruits to Rastafarians

Rosanna Masiola, Renato Tomei

PF3112 .D77 2016

Hammer's German grammar and usage

Martin Durrell


A guide to English--Russian and Russian--English non-literary translation

Alexandr Zaytsev

PG3347 .A15 2016

Novels, tales, journeys : the complete prose of Alexander Pushkin

Alexander Pushkin ; a new translation by Richard Pevear & Larissa Volokhonsky


Nabokov and the question of morality : aesthetics, metaphysics, and the ethics of fiction [electronic resource]

Michael Rodgers, Susan Elizabeth Sweeney, editors

PG3476.P543 A2 2017


PG3549.S64 M4813 2017

Between dog & wolf

Sasha Sokolov ; translated and annotated by Alexander Boguslawski

PG567 .O27 2016

Writing the Yugoslav wars : literature, postmodernism, and the ethics of representation

Dragana Obradović

PG7158.M553 G6713 2017

The Mountains of Parnassus = : Góry Parnasu

Czeslaw Milosz ; translated from the Polish by Stanley Bill


Multilingual literacies, identities and ideologies : exploring chain migration from pakistan to ... the uk

PJ6075 .E54 2017

History and development of the Arabic language : from pre-Islamic times to the age of conquests

Mohamed al-Sharkawi


Hinduism and Hindi theater

Diana Dimitrova

PK2098.S27 Z554 2016eb

A freethinking cultural nationalist : a life history of Rahul Sankrityayan

Alaka Atreya Chudal

PK3798.M215 S513 2017

The killing of Shishupala

Magha ; edited and translated by Paul Dundas


Teaching Chinese language in Singapore : retrospect and challenges

Kaycheng Soh, editor


Southern Min (Hokkien) as a Migrating Language : a Comparative Study of Language Shift and Maintenance Across National Borders

by Picus Sizhi Ding

PL2518 .P64 2017

The poetry of Hanshan (Cold Mountain), Shide, and Fenggan

translated by Paul Rouzer

PL835.R5 H513 2016

The book of the dead

Orikuchi Shinobu ; commentary by Andō Reiji ; translated with an introduction by Jeffrey Angles


A comparative study of Korean literature : literary migration

Sangjin Park

PN101.S33 2017

Scratch : writers, money, and the art of making a living

edited by Manjula Martin

PN1083.A72 B76 2017

The limits of fabrication : materials science, materialist poetics

Nathan Brown


Post-conflict performance, film and visual arts : cities of memory

edited by Des O'Rawe, Mark Phelan

PN1590.B53 S34 2016

Moving performances : divas, iconicity, and remembering the modern stage

Jeanne Scheper

PN164 .B66 2016

Homes and haunts : touring writers' shrines and countries

Alison Booth

PN1650.T56 R33 2016

Theatre, time and temporality : melting clocks and snapped elastics

David Ian Rabey


Creativity and universality in language

Mirko Degli Esposti, Eduardo G. Altmann, François Pachet, editors

PN171.G47 C68 2016

Ghost writing in contemporary American fiction

David Coughlan


Twenty-first century drama : what happens now

Siân Adiseshiah, Louise LePage, editors

PN1892 .B87 2016

Tragic time in drama, film, and videogame : the future in the instant

Rebecca Bushnell

PN1949.S7 B37 2017

Stripped : more stories from exotic dancers

Bernadette C. Barton

PN1969.M5 A46 2017

May Irwin : singing, shouting, and the shadow of minstrelsy

Sharon Ammen

PN1991.55 .N67 2016

Radio programming : tactics and strategy

Eric G. Norberg

PN1992.8.C46 M67 2016eb

Hand-made television : stop-frame animation for children in Britain, 1961-1974

Rachel Moseley


Glorifying the simple life : analyses of socio-psychological constructs in the context of reality TV

Eva Katharina Hammes


The poetics of Chinese cinema

by Gary Bettinson, James Udden

PN1993.5.C4 P64 2016

The poetics of Chinese cinema

Gary Bettinson, James Udden, editors


Finnish Cinema : A Transnational Enterprise [electronic resource]

PN1993.5.F5 F56 2016

Finnish cinema : a transnational enterprise

Henry Bacon, editor

PN1993.5.I88 C24625 2017

The techne of giving : cinema and the generous form of life

Timothy C. Campbell


Magical thinking, fantastic film, and the illusions of neoliberalism

Michael J. Blouin

PN1993.5.U6 .K58 2017

The extraordinary image : Orson Welles, Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, and the reimagining of cinema

Robert P. Kolker


Teaching sound film : a reader

R.J. Cardullo


The Introspective Realist Crime Film

by Luis M. García-Mainar

PN1995 .B2948 2016

Jungian film studies : the essential guide

Helena Bassil-Morozow and Luke Hockley

PN1995 .B617 2017

Film art : an introduction

David Bordwell (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Kristin Thompson (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Jeff Smith (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

PN1995 .S7795 2016

Projections of memory : romanticism, modernism, and the aesthetics of film

Richard I. Suchenski


Screen Hustles, Grifts and Stings

by Amy Sargeant


Agatha Christie on Screen [electronic resource]

PN1995.9.D6 E26 2016

Ecodocumentaries : critical essays

Rayson K. Alex, S. Susan Deborah, editors

PN1995.9.E948 .O47 2017

Possessed women, haunted states : cultural tensions in exorcism cinema

Christopher J. Olson and CarrieLynn D. Reinhard

PN1995.9.E96 K83 2016

Visions of avant-garde film : Polish cinematic experiments from expressionism to constructivism

Kamila Kuc

PN1995.9.F54 M545 2016

The red and the black : American film noir in the 1950s

Robert Miklitsch


The new Hollywood historical film, 1967-78

Tom Symmons

PN1995.9.H55 S37 2016

Queer cinema in the world

Karl Schoonover, Rosalind Galt

PN1995.9.H6 I58 2017

International horror film directors : global fear

edited by Danny Shipka and Ralph Beliveau

PN1995.9.H835 H86 2016

Humor in Latin American cinema

edited by Juan Poblete and Juana Suárez

PN1995.9.M315 M55 2016

Mars in the movies : a history

Thomas Kent Miller ; foreword by Michael Stein

PN1995.9.M56 Y83 2017

Reel inequality : Hollywood actors and racism

Nancy Wang Yuen

PN1995.9.N36 H47 2016

The Third Reich on screen, 1929-2015

Bob Herzberg

PN1995.9.P7 C93 2014eb

Beyond continuity : script supervision for the modern filmmaker

by Mary Cybulski

PN1995.9.P7 J25 2017

Film and video production in the cloud : concepts, workflows, and best practices

Jack James

PN1995.9.P7 L433 2016

Filmmakers and financing : business plans for independents

Louise Levison

PN1995.9.P7 M495 2017

The cheerful subversive's guide to independent filmmaking

Dan Mirvish


The British school film : from Tom Brown to Harry Potter : representations of secondary education in British cinema

Stephen Glynn

PN1995.9.S26 S25 2016

Escape velocity : American science fiction film, 1950-1982

Bradley Schauer

PN1995.9.S45 L37 2017

The Swedish porn scene : exhibition contexts, 8mm pornography and the sex film

Mariah Larsson

PN1995.9.S62 C34 2016

Sociology on film : postwar Hollywood's prestige commodity

Chris Cagle

PN1995.9.S695 M4883 2016

Star wars art : Ralph McQuarrie

by Brandon Alinger, Wade Lageose, and David Mandel ; produced in cooperation with the Ralph McQuarrie Archives

PN1995.9.S86 F36 2016

Arresting cinem : surveillance in hong kong film

PN1995.9.W3 W483 2016

Last stands from the Alamo to Benghazi : how Hollywood turns military defeats into moral victories

Frank J. Wetta and Martin A. Novelli

PN1997.2 .A26 2015

Darbâreye Eli = : About Elly

DreamLab Films; producers, A. Fahardi, S.M. Razavi ; written and directed by Asghar Farhadi

PN1997.2 .L86 2005

Luna de Avellaneda

Adrian Suar, Jorge Estrada Mora, Fernando Blaco, and Gerardo Herrero present ; a Juan José Campanella film ; written with Fernando Castets and Juan Pablo Domenech ; music by Ángel Illarramendi

PN1997.85 .I545 2017

Stage-play and screen-play : the intermediality of theatre and cinema

Michael Ingham

PN1997.D725 B76 2017

Reconstructing strangelove : inside Stanley Kubrick's 'Nightmare Comedy'

Mick Broderick

PN1998.3.B755 B87 2017

The invention of Robert Bresson : the auteur and his market

Colin Burnett

PN1998.3.D56 D56 2017

Sonic space in Djibril Diop Mambety's films

Vlad Dima

PN1998.3.H58 A67 2015

Hitchcock and the anxiety of authorship

Leslie H. Abramson

PN1998.3.H58 A675 2015

Alfred Hitchcock : a brief life

Peter Ackroyd

PN1998.3.L835 J66 2016

George Lucas : a life

Brian Jay Jones

PN1998.3.S65 H39 2017

Steven Spielberg : a life in films

Molly Haskell

PN1998.3.S76 S36 2016

The cinema of Oliver Stone : art, authorship and activism

Ian Scott and Henry Thompson

PN1998.3.V46 A5 2016

Paul Verhoeven : interviews

edited by Margaret Barton-Fumo


Migrating modernist performance : British theatrical travels through Russia

Claire Warden


Complicite, theatre and aesthetics : from scraps of leather [electronic resource]

Tomasz Wiśniewski


The theatre of death - the uncanny in mimesis : Tadeusz Kantor, Aby Warburg, and an iconology of the actor

Mischa Twitchin


Props and costume armor : create realistic science fiction and fantasy weapons, armor, and accessories

Shawn Thorsson

PN2071.M6 D7613 2017

PHYSICAL ACTOR TRAINING : what shall i do with the body they gave me?

PN2080 .E85 2016

Evil genius : monsters on stage

edited by Michael Bigelow Dixon

PN2085 .H64 2014eb

Illustrated theatre production guide

John Holloway

PN2085 .K57 2016

The stage manager's toolkit : templates and communication techniques to guide your theatre production from first meeting to final performance

Laurie Kincman

PN2287.D5225 S38 2017

Brian Donlevy, the good bad guy : a bio-filmography

Derek Sculthorpe

PN2593 .C77 2016

The theater of experiment : staging natural philosophy in eighteenth-century Britain

Al Coppola

PN2658.B46 E85 2016

Fritz Bennewitz in India : intercultural theatre with Brecht and Shakespeare

Joerg Esleben ; with Rolf Rohmer and David G. John

PN2884.2 D33 2016

Politicizing creative economy : activism and a hunger called theater

Dia Da Costa

PN2885.W4 G34 2017

From Boal to Jana Sanskriti : practice and principles

Sanjoy Ganguly ; edited by Ralph Yarrow

PN3331 .M2813 2017

Theory of the novel

Guido Mazzoni ; translated by Zakiya Hanafi

PN3355 .J555 2016

The way of the writer : reflections on the art and craft of storytelling

Charles Johnson

PN3355 .P393 2016

Thrill me : essays on fiction

Benjamin Percy


Fantasy Literature [electronic resource]

PN3435 .W57 2016

Contemporary women's Gothic fiction : carnival, hauntings and vampire kisses

Gina Wisker

PN3448.S73 L55 2016

Like clockwork : steampunk pasts, presents, and futures

Rachel A. Bowser and Brian Croxall editors


Contemporary world narrative fiction and the spaces of neoliberalism

Michael K. Walonen, Assistant Professor, Bethune-Cookman University, USA

PN45 .W358 2016

The writer in the well : on misreading and rewriting literature

Gary Weissman

PN4784.C75 E37 2011

The copyeditor's handbook : a guide for book publishing and corporate communications, with exercises and answer keys

Amy Einsohn


Convergent journalism : an introduction, writing and producing across media

edition by Vincent F. Filak


Reporting dangerously : journalist killings, intimidation and security

Simon Cottle, Richard Sambrook and Nick Mosdell

PN5373 .B66 2016

The news of empire : telegraphy, journalism, and the politics of reporting in colonial India, c. 1830-1900

Amelia Bonea

PN55 .L55 2016

Literature in the age of celestial discovery : from Copernicus to Flamsteed

edited by Judy A. Hayden


The Novel and Europe : imagining the continent in post-1945 fiction [electronic resource]


Adolescent girlhood and literary culture at the Fin-de-siécle : daughters of today

Beth Rodgers


Representations of Childhood in American Modernism

PN56.5.C48 M57 2017

Misfit children : an inquiry into childhood belongings

edited by Markus P.J. Bohlmann


Perceiving Power in Early Modern Europe [electronic resource]


Early modern diplomacy, theatre and soft power : the making of peace

edited by Nathalie Rivere de Carles

PN56.D55 E27 2016

Early modern diplomacy, theatre and soft power : the making of peace

edited by Nathalie Rivere de Carles

PN56.I5 M38 2016

Lasting impressions : the legacies of impressionism in contemporary culture

Jesse Matz


Critical perspectives on masculinities and relationalities : in relation to what?

Anneli Häyrén, Helena Wahlström Henriksson, editors

PN56.M44 G83 2017

Representations of forgetting in life writing and fiction

Gunnthorunn Gudmundsdottir

PN56.M54 V33 2016

Chimeras of form : modernist internationalism beyond Europe, 1914-2016

Aarthi Vadde

PN56.P93 C37 2016

A passion for specificity : confronting inner experience in literature and science

Marco Caracciolo and Russell T. Hurlburt ; with a foreword by Eric Schwitzgebel

PN56.R87 H85 2016

The poetics of ruins in Renaissance literature

Andrew Hui


Sea narratives : cultural responses to the sea, 1600-present

Charlotte Mathieson, editor

PN56.T37 C36 2017

The Cambridge companion to literature and the posthuman

edited by Bruce Clarke, Manuela Rossini

PN56.T37 H35 2016

The politics of perfection : technology and creation in literature and film

Kimberly Hurd Hale

PN56.U8 A84 2017

Utopianism in postcolonial literatures

Bill Ashcroft

PN6081 .B27 2012

Bartlett's familiar quotations : a collection of passages, phrases, and proverbs traced to their sources in ancient and modern literature

John Bartlett ; Geoffrey O'Brien, general editor

PN6099 .S547 2016

The meaning of form in contemporary innovative poetry

Robert Sheppard

PN61 .G46 2016

Thinking literature across continents

Ranjan Ghosh, J. Hillis Miller

PN6110.S38 P64 2016

Poems about sculpture

edited and introduced by Murray Dewart ; preface by Robert Pinsky

PN6120.A52 J4655a 2016


by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins

PN6120.A52 R466L 2016

Loose canon

six short plays by Brian Reno and Gabriel Vega Weissman

PN6231.P6 B386 2017

Rhetoric, humor, and the public sphere : from Socrates to Stephen Colbert

Elizabeth Benacka


Documentary comics : graphic truth-telling in a skeptical age

Nina Mickwitz


Posthuman body in superhero comics : human, superhuman, transhuman, posthuman

Scott Jeffery

PN6714 .J44 2016

The posthuman body in superhero comics : human, superhuman, transhuman, posthuman

Scott Jeffery

PN6727.H4838 Z88 2016

Krazy : George Herriman, a life in black and white

Michael Tisserand

PN6790.A9 .M37 2016


[written by] John Lewis and Andrew Aydin ; [art by] Nate Powell

PN761 .M87 2016

Landscapes of decadence : literature and place at the fin de siécle

Alex Murray

PN771 .D565 2016

Consumerism, waste, and re-use in twentieth -century fiction : legacies of the avant-garde

Rachele Dini

PN775 .F59713 2016

A test of powers : writings on criticism and literary institutions

Franco Fortini ; translated by Alberto Toscano

PN81 .T97 2015

Critical theory today : a user-friendly guide

Lois Tyson

PN811 .B87 2016

Representing Difference in the Medieval and Modern Orientalist Romance

Amy Burge


Representations of childhood in American Modernism [electronic resource]

Michelle H. Phillips


Representations of childhood in American modernism

Michelle H. Phillips


Henry James and the Philosophy of Literary Pragmatism [electronic resource]

by Gregory Phipps

PN98.E36 D57 2016

Disability and the environment in American literature : toward an ecosomatic paradigm

edited by Matthew J. C. Cella


Small admissions : a novel

Amy Poeppel


Balzac, literary sociologist

Allan H. Pasco

PQ2603.O533 A2 2016

Ursa Major : followed by 'The bare foot, the things' and 'Oh, divine'

Yves Bonnefoy ; translated by Beverley Bie Brahic ; illustrated by Sunadini Banerjee

PQ2671.R547 D813 2016

Marriage as a fine art

Julia Kristeva, Philippe Sollers ; translated by Lorna Scott Fox

PQ3897 .C65 2017

Spaces of creation : transculturality and feminine expression in Francophone literature

by Allison Connolly

PQ3988.5.G3 T66 2017

Women writers of Gabon : literature and herstory

Cheryl Toman

PQ7384.5.E5 O55 2016

Only the road = : Solo el camino : eight decades of Cuban poetry

edited and translated by Margaret Randall

PQ7672 .B65 2016

Politics and public space in contemporary Argentine poetry : the lyric and the state

Ben Bollig

PQ7798.1.I7 E4313 2016

Ema, the captive

César Aira ; translated by Chris Andrews

PQ8098.12.O38 Z644 2016

Understanding Roberto Bolaño

Ricardo Gutiérrez-Mouat

PQ8180.17.A73 Z67365 2016

Gabriel García Márquez in retrospect : a collection

edited by Gene H. Bell-Villada


Emerging Dialogues on Machado de Assis

edited by Lamonte Aidoo, Daniel F. Silva

PR1109 .N6 2006

The Norton anthology of English literature

Stephen Greenblatt, general editor ; M.H. Abrams, founding editor emeritus

PR1109 .N6 2012

The Norton anthology of English literature. Volumes A, B, C, Middle Ages.@Sixteenth century/the early seventeenth century.@Restoration and eighteenth century


Gender and representation in British 'golden age' crime fiction

Megan Hoffman


The history of British women's writing. Volume seven, 1880-1920

edited by Holly A. Laird

PR1120 .K39 2016

The Katherine Group MS Bodley 34 : religious writings for women in medieval England

edited by Emily Rebekah Huber and Elizabeth Robertson


British women writers and the reception of ancient Egypt, 1840-1910 : imperialist representations of Egyptian women

Molly Youngkin

PR129.I75 E46 2016

The Islamic lineage of American literary culture : Muslim sources from the Revolution to Reconstruction

Jeffrey Einboden

PR151.J5 L39 2016

The accommodated Jew : English antisemitism from Bede to Milton

Kathy Lavezzo

PR1924 .C455 2016

Chaucer : visual approaches

edited by Susanna Fein and David Raybin

PR1924 .M34 2016

Reading Chaucer after Auschwitz : sovereign power and bare life

William McClellan

PR201 .W45 2016

English alliterative verse : poetic tradition and literary history

Eric Weiskott

PR203 .E37 2016

Early English poetic culture and meter : the influence of G. R. Russom

edited By M. J. Toswell and Lindy Brady

PR2247.H663 M37 2016

Death be not proud : the art of holy attention

David Marno

PR2829.A2 P43 2017

Othello : authoritative text, textual sources and cultural contexts, criticism

William Shakespeare ; edited by Edward Pechter (Concordia University and University of Victoria)

PR2848 .S33 2016

Naming thy name : cross talk in Shakespeare's sonnets

Elaine Scarry


Shakespeare's cultural capital : : his economic impact from the sixteenth to the twenty-first century

edited by Dominic Shellard and Siobhan Keenan

PR2982 .L35 2016

How Shakespeare put politics on the stage : power and succession in the history plays

Peter Lake


Shakespeare in Cold War Europe : conflict, commemoration, celebration

Eric Sheen, Isabel Karremann, editors

PR3091 .T86 2016

Shakespeare and gesture in practice

Darren Tunstall

PR311 .N45 2017

Lyric tactics : poetry, genre, and practice in later medieval England

Ingrid Nelson

PR311 .N69 2016

Chaucer, Gower, and the affect of invention

Steele Nowlin

PR327 .W33 2017

Savage economy : the returns of Middle English romance

Walter Wadiak

PR3587.3 .M488 2016eb

Milton in the long restoration

edited by Blair Hoxby and Ann Baynes Coiro

PR3728.P5 J66 2017

Jonathan Swift and philosophy

edited by Janelle Pötzsch

PR4148.R4 R67 2016

The religion of empire : political theology in Blake's prophetic symbolism

G.A. Rosso


Space, gender, and memory in middle English romance : architectures of wonder in Melusine

Jan Shaw

PR421 .M29 2017

Futile pleasures : early modern literature and the limits of utility

Corey McEleney

PR428.D4 A53 2017

Light and death : figuration in Spenser, Kepler, Donne, Milton

Judith H. Anderson

PR428.H66 C67 2016

Edward II and a literature of same-sex love : the Gay King in Fiction, 1590-1640

Michael G. Cornelius


Coleridge's Ancient Mariner [electronic resource]

PR4479 .M35 2016

Coleridge's Ancient Mariner

PR448.A55 K44 2016

Animals and other people : literary forms and living beings in the long eighteenth century

Heather Keenleyside


Transatlantic literature and author love in the nineteenth century

Paul Westover, Ann Wierda Rowland, editors

PR457 .R43 2016eb

The Regency revisited

edited by Tim Fulford and Michael E. Sinatra

PR4579 .D49

Dickens studies annual

PR4612 .B44 2016

Alice in space : the sideways Victorian world of Lewis Carroll

Gillian Beer

PR4662 .K53 2016

The world of Mr Casaubon : Britain's wars of mythography, 1700-1870

Colin Kidd, University of St Andrews

PR468.N3 B49 2016

Natures in translation : romanticism and colonial natural history

Alan Bewell


Nineteenth-century radical traditions

edited by Joseph Bristow and Josephine McDonagh

PR4879.L2 Z628 2016

Edward Lear and the play of poetry

edited by James Williams and Matthew Bevis

PR5888 .C36 2016

Romantic marks and measures : Wordsworth's poetry in fields of print

Julia S. Carlson

PR595.W6 L67 2017

The political poetess : Victorian femininity, race, and the legacy of separate spheres.

Tricia Lootens


Joseph Conrad among the anarchists : nineteenth century terrorism and the secret agent

David Mulry

PR6013.R416 Z85 2016

Henry Green : class, style, and the everyday

Nick Shepley


Brave new world : contexts and legacies

Jonathan Greenberg, Nathan Waddell, editors

PR6015.U9 B6534 2016

Brave New World : contexts and legacies

Jonathan Greenberg, Nathan Waddell, editors

PR6019.O9 Z5333983 2016

Joyce & betrayal

James Alexander Fraser

PR6019.O9 Z78484 2016

Joyce's Dante : exile, memory, and community

James Robinson

PR6023.E926 Z644 2016

C.S. Lewis on politics and the natural law

Justin Buckley Dyer, University of Missouri, Micah J. Watson, Calvin College

PR6029.F3 A6 2016

The selected essays of Sean O'Faolain

edited by Brad Kent

PR6039.O32 Z55842

Tolkien, Self and Other : This Queer Creature"

Jane Chance

PR6053.H786 A6 2016

Here we go ; : and, Escaped alone : two plays

by Caryl Churchill

PR6054.A89145 T45 2016

The fortunes

Peter Ho Davies

PR6063.U367 A6 2016

Selected poems, 1968-2014

Paul Muldoon

PR6069.M59 N9 2012


Zadie Smith

PR6103.O443 T6 2016

To capture what we cannot keep

Beatrice Colin

PR678.D65 C58 2017

Separation scenes : domestic drama in early modern England

Ann C. Christensen

PR830.A39 S65 2016

Black Africans in the British imagination : English narratives of the early Atlantic world

Cassander L. Smith

PR851 .T47 2017

Fictional matter : empiricism, corpuscles, and the novel

Helen Thompson

PR8547 .S36 2016

The Scottish enlightenment and literary culture

edited by Ralph McLean, Ronnie Young, and Kenneth Simpson

PR8547 .S77 2016

Gaelic Scotland in the colonial imagination : Anglophone writing from 1600 to 1900

Silke Stroh

PR8589 .B76 2016

History as theatrical metaphor : history, myth and national identities in modern scottish drama

PR8589 .B76 2016eb

History as theatrical metaphor : history, myth and national identities in modern Scottish drama

Ian Brown

PR878.E67 R67 2017

Good form : the ethical experience of the Victorian novel

Jesse Rosenthal


The Contemporary Irish Detective Novel

edited by Elizabeth Mannion


Comparative North American studies : transnational approaches to American and Canadian literature and culture

Reingard M. Nischik

PR9199.3.M8 Z768 2016

Reading Alice Munro with Jacques Lacan

Jennifer Murray

PR9272.9.W3 A6 2016

Morning, paramin

Derek Walcott, Peter Doig

PR9450.9.Z53 L67 2016

Lotus : a novel

Lijia Zhang

PR9492.5 .M57 2016

Intimate class acts : friendship and desire in Indian and Pakistani women's fiction

Maryam Mirza

PR9499.3.R36 Z86 2016

When mirrors are windows : a view of A.K. Ramanujan's poetics

Guillermo Rodŕiguez

PR9499.3.S5652 H68 2015

Hotel Arcadia

Sunny Singh


Contemporary Diasporic South Asian Women's Fiction : Gender, Narration and Globalisation

by Ruvani Ranasinha

PR9619.4.A35 S45 2017

Selection day

PR9670.M373 J474 2017

Iep jāltok : poems from a Marshallese daughter

Kathy Jet̄nil-Kijiner

PS149 .W79 2016eb

Women's narratives of the early Americas and the formation of empire

edited by Mary McAleer Balkun and Susan C. Imbarrato

PS153.N5 H33 2017

Reaping something new : African American transformations of Victorian literature

Daniel Hack

PS153.N5 R46 2016

Archives of flesh : African America, Spain, and post-humanist critique

Robert F. Reid-Pharr

PS153.N5 S646 2016eb

Spirit in the dark : a religious history of racial aesthetics

Josef Sorett

PS1541.Z5 P584 2017

Our Emily Dickinsons : American women poets and the intimacies of difference

Vivian R. Pollak

PS195.P66 F38 2016eb

Counting bodies : population in colonial American writing

Molly Farrell

PS2116 .A5 2016

The Ambassadors

Henry James ; with an introduction by Sarah Churchwell

PS217.P64 T58 2017

The literature of Reconstruction : not in plain black and white

Brook Thomas

PS228.W65 F73 2017

Extreme domesticity : a view from the margins

Susan Fraiman

PS2736.R3 Z64 2016

Susanna Rowson : sentimental prophet of early American literature

Steven Epley

PS309.E4 C66 2016

Grief & meter : elegies for poets after Auden

Sally Connolly

PS325 .M38 2016

How long have you been with us? : essays on poetry

Khaled Mattawa

PS3503.E4488 Z59 2017

The Cambridge companion to Saul Bellow

[edited by] Victoria Aarons

PS3503.I785 Z765 2017

Elizabeth Bishop and translation

Mariana Machova.

PS3503.R82184 Z65 2017

In the great green room : the brilliant and bold life of Margaret Wise Brown

Amy Gary

PS3505.A87 A6 2016

The Pittsburgh stories of Willa Cather

selected and with an introduction by Peter Oresick

PS3509.L43 Z7958 2017

The new Cambridge companion to T.S. Eliot

edited by Jason Harding

PS3511.I9 G7 1991

The great Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald ; edited by Matthew J. Bruccoli ; textual consultant, Fredson Bowers

PS3511.I9 G7 2004

The great Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald


Carson McCullers in the Twenty-first Century [electronic resource]

PS3527.A15 Z615 2016

The feud : Vladimir Nabokov, Edmund Wilson, and the end of a beautiful friendship

Alex Beam

PS3535.A635 A6 1991

Selected poems

by John Crowe Ransom

PS3537.I663 Z472 2016

Neil Simon's memoirs : Rewrites and The play goes on

Neil Simon


The composition of sense in Gertrude Stein's landscape writing

Linda Voris


Tennessee Williams and Italy : a transcultural perspective

PS3551.N27 Z67 2016

The forked juniper : critical perspectives on Rudolfo Anaya

edited by Roberto Cantú

PS3551.O47485 W54 2016

Whatever happened to interracial love? : stories

Kathleen Collins

PS3552.E796 Z85 2016

Alfred Bester

Jad Smith

PS3553.H15 M96 2016

Moonglow : a novel

Michael Chabon

PS3553.O5198 A6 2016

A lowcountry heart : reflections on a writing life

Pat Conroy

PS3553.O633 H83 2017

Huck out west

Robert Coover

PS3554.O3 A6 2016

Doctorow : collected stories

E.L. Doctorow

PS3558 .E4962 L38 2016


by Beth Henley

PS3558.O3447 F35 2016


Alice Hoffman

PS3558.U813 A6 2016

A woman looking at men looking at women : essays on art, sex, and the mind

Siri Hustvedt

PS3560.O5395 Z85 2016

The fictions of Stephen Graham Jones : a critical companion

edited by Billy J. Stratton

PS3562.E8544 G36 2016

A gambler's anatomy : a novel

Jonathan Lethem

PS3564.E4687 B56 2009


Maggie Nelson

PS3564.E4687 Z46 2015

The argonauts

Maggie Nelson

PS3565.B75 Z96 2017

How to revise a true war story : Tim O'Brien's process of textual production

John K. Young

PS3565.L34 Z56 2017

Understanding Sharon Olds

Russell Brickey

PS3566.E15 A6 2017

The analyst : poems

Molly Peacock

PS3566.L78 A6 2017

Against sunset : poems

Stanley Plumly

PS3568.A572 A6 2014

Citizen : an American lyric

Claudia Rankine

PS3568.A572 D66 2004

Don't let me be lonely : an American lyric

Claudia Rankine

PS3568.O855 Z882 2016

Roth after eighty : Philip Roth and the American literary imagination

edited by David Gooblar, Aimee Pozorski

PS3569.O585 Z46 2014

Faraway nearby

Rebecca Solnit

PS3570.A397 A7 2016


Deborah Tall

PS3573.A425635 Z864 2017

David Foster Wallace's balancing books : fictions of value

Jeffrey Severs

PS3573.I4483 A6 2017

Falling ill

C. K. Williams

PS3573.I47843 A6 2016

Hammer is the prayer : selected poems

Christian Wiman

PS3601.C525 E55 2017

Enigma variations

André Aciman

PS3601.L3444 L66 2017

Long stories cut short : fictions from the borderlands

Frederick Luis Aldama ; foreword by Ana María Shua ; illustrations by Mapache Studios

PS3602.L885 2017

The work-shy

Blunt Research Group

PS3602.O79 A6 2016

The performance of becoming human

Daniel Borzutzky

PS3602.R6343 Z46 2016

Bandit : a daughter's memoir

Molly Brodak

PS3607.A985725 A6 2017

Difficult women

Roxane Gay

PS3607.U5459 S65 2016

Spill : scenes of black feminist fugitivity

Alexis Pauline Gumbs

PS3607.U788 A6 2016

You should pity us instead : stories

Amy Gustine

PS3608.A78348 M37 2016

Marjorie Prime

Jordan Harrison

PS3608.U59496 A6 2016

Five plays

Samuel D. Hunter

PS3610.A35427 N45 2011

Neighborhood register : poems

Marcus Jackson

PS3611.E177 B83 2016

Buck studies

Douglas Kearney

PS3612.E887 M37 2016

Mary Page Marlowe

Tracy Letts

PS3612.Y26 B56 2014

Blood makes me faint but I go for it

Natalie Lyalin

PS3613.A825 B54 2013

The big smoke

Adrian Matejka

PS3613.A8488 R43 2016

Reading America : citizenship, democracy, and Cold War literature

Kristin L. Matthews

PS3613.I5337 G57 2017

The girl in green

Derek B. Miller

PS3613.O7737 A35 2016

All Joe Knight

Kevin Morris

PS3616.E327 M53 2017

The midnight cool : a novel

Lydia Peelle

PS3618.O846735 O32 2016


PS3618.U7445 I33 2017

Idaho : a novel

Emily Ruskovich

PS3619.A435 A6 2017

Sun & urn

Christopher Salerno


The Evolution of the French courtesan novel : from de Chabrillan to Colette

Courtney Sullivan

PS366.A35 R43 2017

Reading African American autobiography : twenty-first-century contexts and criticism

edited by Eric D. Lamore

PS374.A65 H53 2016eb

The post-apocalyptic novel in the twenty-first century : modernity beyond salvage

Heather J. Hicks

PS374.G68 P35 2016

The Palgrave handbook of the Southern Gothic

Susan Castillo Street, Charles L. Crow, editors

PS374.L33 B74 2017

Hemispheric imaginations : North American fictions of Latin America

Helmbrecht Breinig

PS374.N4 L49 2016

How to read African American literature : post-Civil Rights fiction and the task of interpretation

Aida Levy-Hussen

PS374.V58 S34 2017

Enemies of all humankind : fictions of legitimate violence

Sonja Schillings

PS490 .S867 2016

Story time : essays on American children's literature.from the Betsy Beinecke Shirley Collection

Timothy Young

PS634 .P63 2016

The Routledge anthology of U.S. drama, 1898-1949

edited by Joshua E. Polster

PS8191 P93 F33 2016

Challenging addiction in Canadian literature and classrooms

Cara Fabre


Jack the Ripper in film and culture : top gat, Gladstone bag and fog

Clare Smith

PT2613.R338 V5813 2016

Of all that ends

Günter Grass ; translated by Breon Mitchell

PT2668.A5 M6713 2016

The Moravian night : a story

Peter Handke ; translated from the German by Krishna Winston

PZ7 .S62884 Li 2016

The little Kiwi's Matariki

Nikki Slade Robinson

PZ7.B635786 Whi 2016

The white cat and the monk : a retelling of the poem "Pangur Bán"

Jo Ellen Bogart ; illustrations by Sydney Smith

PZ7.O51788 Vo 2016

A voyage in the clouds : the (mostly) true story of the first international flight by balloon in 1785

Matthew Olshan ; illustrated by Sophie Blackall

PZ8.1.T6175 Pri 2016

The princess and the warrior : a tale of two volcanoes

Duncan Tonatiuh

PZ8.W913 Li 2016

Little Red

Bethan Woollvin