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Items Acquired in December 2016 for the University Libraries



Narrative skills of dual language learners : acquisition and peer-assisted support of early childhood education and care

Ulla Licandro ; with a foreword by Prof. Dr. habil. Ulrike M. Lüdtke


The Palgrave handbook of economics and language

edited by Victor Ginsburgh and Shlomo Weber


Use and status of language in Brunei Darussalam : a kingdom of unexpected linguistic diversity [electronic resource]

Noor Azam Haji-Othman, James McLellan, David Deterding, editors


Writing for Publication : Transitions and Tools that Support Scholars' Success

by Mary Renck Jalongo, Olivia N. Saracho


Analysing structure in academic writing

Tomoko Sawaki


CALL teacher education : language teachers and technology integration

Simone Torsani


Technology implementation in second language teaching and translation studies : new tools, new approaches

María Luisa Carrió-pastor, editor

P90 .T787 2016

Truth in the public sphere

edited by Jason Hannan


Metric power

David Beer


Global media and national policies : the return of the state

edited by Terry Flew, Petros Iosifidis, and Jeanette Steemers

P96.S45 D87 2016

Technosex : precarious corporealities, mediated sexualities, and the ethics of embodied technics

Meenakshi Gigi Durham


Statistical language and speech processing : 4th International Conference, SLSP 2016, Pilsen, Czech Republic, October 11-12, 2016, Proceedings

Pavel Král, Carlos Martín-Vide (eds.)

PA3265 .H35 2016

Rhetoric in tooth and claw : animals, language, sensation

Debra Hawhee


Cicero's Skepticism and His Recovery of Political Philosophy

Walter Nicgorski


English language education policy in Asia

Robert Kirkpatrick, editor

PE1128.A2 D43 2016eb

The power of identity and ideology in language learning : designer immigrants learning English in Singapore

Peter I. De Costa

PE1135 .W358 2016

Sounds fascinating : further observations on English phonetics and phonology

J.C. Wells (Emeritus Professor of Phonetics, University College London) ; illustrations by Lhinton Davidson


Present-tense narration in contemporary fiction : a narratological overview

Irmtraud Huber


The Writing Center As Cultural and Interdisciplinary Contact Zone [electronic resource]

Randall William Monty

PE2402 .S63 2016

Sociolinguistics in ireland

edited by Raymond Hickey


Post-soviet literature and the search for a Russian identity

Boris Noordenbos

PG3328.Z7 P573 2016

Nietzsche and Dostoevsky : philosophy, morality, tragedy

edited by Jeff Love and Jeffrey Metzger


The Palgrave handbook of Slavic languages, identities and borders

edited by Tomasz Kamusella, Motoki Nomachi, Catherine Gibson

PG509.S65 P35 2016

Lost in the shadow of the word : space, time, and freedom in interwar Eastern Europe

Benjamin Paloff

PJ8210 .S2565 2016

Risible rhymes : or, the book to bring a smile to the lips of devotees of proper taste and style through the decoding of a sampling of the verse of the rural rank and file

by God's humble slave, Muḥammad ibn Maḥfūẓ al-Sanhūrī, may God excuse him his sins ; edited and translated by Humphrey Davies

PL2658.E8 B9 2016

By the river : seven contemporary Chinese novellas

edited by Charles A. Laughlin, Liu Hongtao, and Jonathan Stalling


Email discourse among Chinese using English as a lingua franca

Yuan-shan Chen, Der-Gwa Victoria Rau, Gerald Rau, editors

PN151 .C45 2016

Celebrity Authorship and Afterlives in English and American Literature


Performing age in modern drama

Valerie Barnes Lipscomb


Empathy as dialogue in theatre and performance

Lindsay B. Cummings

PN181 .A38 2017

After the program era : the past, present, and future of creative writing in the university

edited by Loren Glass

PN1969.C65 S73 2017

Standing up, speaking out : stand-up comedy and the rhetoric of social change

edited by Matthew R. Meier and Casey R. Schmitt


Mediations of Disruption in Post-Conflict Cinema

edited by Adriana Martins, Alexandra Lopes, M̐Μưonica Dias


Docudrama on European television : a selective survey

Tobias Ebbrecht-Hartman, Derek Paget, editors


British youth television : transnational teens, industry, genre [electronic resource]

Faye Woods

PN1992.94 .W43 2016

What's a cellphilm? : integrating mobile phone technology into participatory visual research and activism

edited by Katie MacEntee, Casey Burkholder and Joshua Schwab-Cartas


Screening European heritage : creating and consuming history on film

Paul Cooke, Rob Stone

PN1993.5.E8 W48 2017

European art cinema

John White


Traveling in French Cinema

by Sylvie Blum-Reid

PN1993.5.I846 A89 2016

Reform cinema in Iran : film and political change in the Islamic Republic

Blake Atwood

PN1993.5.L3 L38 2016

The Latin American road movie

Verónica Garibotto, Jorge Pérez, editors

PN1993.5.U6 B6748 2016

Hollywood divided : the 1950 Screen Directors Guild meeting and the impact of the blacklist

Kevin Brianton

PN1993.5.U6 G78 2016

Screening the sixties : hollywood cinema and the politics of memory

Oliver Gruner

PN1993.5.U6 I45 2016

Dreamlands : immersive cinema and art, 1905-2016

Chrissie Iles

PN1993.7 .C57 2016eb

A pedagogy of cinema

David R. Cole (Western Sydney University, Australia) and Joff P.N. Bradley (Teikyo University, Japan) ; foreword by Michael A. Peters

PN1995 .N68 2016

Notions of genre : writings on popular film before genre theory

edited by Barry Keith Grant and Malisa Kurtz

PN1995.9.C55 G4255 2016

Movie comedians of the 1950s : defining a new era of big screen comedy

Wes D. Gehring

PN1995.9.D6 L38 2016

Latin American documentary film in the new millennium

María Guadalupe Arenillas, Michael J. Lazzara, editors

PN1995.9.F54 F555 2016

Film noir compendium : key selections from the Film noir reader series

edited by Alain Silver and James Ursini

PN1995.9.F65 L56 2016

Feasting our eyes : food films and cultural identity in the United States

Laura Lindenfeld and Fabio Parasecoli

PN1995.9.H6 J25 2016

Gender and the nuclear family in twenty-first century horror

Kimberly Jackson

PN1995.9.I457 C66 2017

A companion to American indie film

edited by Geoff King

PN1997.D6332 B43 2016

Dont look back

Keith Beattie

PN1997.K68 G75 2016

The commissar : Aleksandr Askoldov

Marat Grinberg

PN1997.R797 B48 2016

Russian ark : Alexander Sokurov

Birgit Beumers

PN1997.T528 F57 2016

Shadows of the forgotten ancestors : Sergei Paradjanov

Joshua Frost

PN1998.3.M577 R45 2016

The moral narratives of Hayao Miyazaki

Eric Reinders

PN2061 .B455 2016

Black acting methods : critical approaches

[selected by] Sharrell D. Luckett with Tia M. Shaffer

PN2086 .R68 2017

Stage management basics : a primer for performing arts stage managers

Emily Roth, Jonathan Allender-Zivic, Katy McGlaughlin

PN2091.S8 A615 2016

Theatrical design : an introduction

Kevin Lee Allen with Kathleen McDonough


Theatre history and historiography : ethics, evidence and truth

edited by Claire Cochrane and Jo Robinson

PN212 .P83 2016

Narrative theory

Kent Puckett

PN2190 .T54 2016

Theater and cultural politics for a new world : an anthology

Chinua Thelwell

PN2277.N5 M43 2016

Drop dead : performance in crisis, 1970s New York

Hillary Miller

PN2287.H413 A3 2016

Tippi : a memoir

Tippi Hedren, with Lindsay Harrison

PN2297.S73 D35 2016

Stage for action : U.S. social activist theatre in the 1940s

Chrystyna Dail

PN2581 .W37 2016

Migrating modernist performance : british theatrical travels through russia

PN2889.89.T74 A6 2016

In whose eyes : the memoir of a Vietnamese filmmaker in war and peace

by Tr̂àn Văn Th̉uy as told to Lê Thanh Dũng ; edited and adapted by Wayne Karlin ; translated by Eric Henry and Nguŷẽn Quang Dy

PN2984.2 .L49 2016

Performing Whitely in the postcolony : Afrikaners in South African theatrical and public life

Megan Lewis


Atlantic afterlives in contemporary fiction : the oceanic imaginary in literature since the information age

by Sofia Ahlberg


Cyberactivism and citizen journalism in Egypt : digital dissidence and political change

Courtney C. Radsch

PN4889 .W5

Willing's press guide

PN49 .C3557 2016

The Cambridge companion to literature and religion

[edited by] Susan M. Felch


The News of the World and the British press, 1843-2011 : journalism for the rich, journalism for the poor

Laurel Brake, Birkbeck College, University of London, UK, Chandrika Kaul, University of St Andrews, UK, Mark W. Turner, King's College London, UK

PN56.3.A45 B38 2016

America unbound : encyclopedic literature and hemispheric studies

Antonio Barrenechea

PN56.3.E85 N68 2016

The novel and Europe : imagining the continent in post-1945 fiction

Andrew Hammond, editor

PN56.A29 K89 2016

Adulterous nations : family politics and national anxiety in the European novel

Tatiana Kuzmic

PN56.E75 B27 2016

The fiction of evil

Peter Brian Barry


Globalization and the state in contemporary crime fiction : a world of crime

Andrew Pepper, David Schmid, editor

PN56.G55 G56 2016

Globalization and the state in contemporary crime fiction : a world of crime

Andrew Pepper, David Schmid, editors


The Afro-Latin experience in contemporary American literature and culture : engaging blackness [electronic resource]

Jill Toliver Richardson

PN56.I42 R53 2016

Afro-Latin experience in contemporary American literature and culture : engaging blackness

Jill Toliver Richardson


Shame and the aging woman : confronting and resisting ageism in contemporary women's writings [electronic resource]

J. Brooks Bouson


Time, literature, and cartography after the spatial turn : the chronometric imaginary

Adam Barrows

PN56.T68 M44 2017

Tragedy : the basics

Sean McEvoy

PN6120.2 .S42 2016

Sex and death : stories

edited by Sarah Hall and Peter Hobbs

PN6725 .B43 2016

The greatest comic book of all time : symbolic capital and the field of American comic books

Bart Beaty, Benjamin Woo

PN6727.R3836 P35 2015


MK Reed, Farel Dalrymple

PN843 .T67 2016

Confluence narratives : ethnicity, history, and nation-making in the Americas

Antonio Luciano de Andrade Tosta

PN94 .A295 2016

Following the textual revolution : the standardization of radical critical theories of the 1960s

Tymon Adamczewski


Ecocriticism and geocriticism : overlapping territories in environmental and spatial literary studies

edited by Robert T. Tally Jr. and Christine M. Battista


Postcolonial literary geographies : out of place

John Thieme

PN98.W64 S74 2016

The social life of criticism : gender, critical writing, and the politics of belonging

Kimberly J. Stern

PQ2627.E4 S85 2016

The Némirovsky question : the life, death, and legacy of a Jewish writer in twentieth-century France

Susan Rubin Suleiman

PQ3989.2.K386 D4713 2015

The dictator's last night

Yasmina Khadra ; translated from the French by Julian Evans

PQ6555 .T8 2016


Benito Pérez Galdós ; edited with an introduction, critical analysis, notes and vocabulary by Pablo Valdivia

PQ6663.A7218 A8513 2016

Thus bad begins

Javier Marías ; translated from the Spanish by Margaret Jull Costa

PQ7070.5 .R46 2016eb

(Re)mapping the Latina/o literary landscape

Cristina Herrera, Larissa M. Mercado-López, editors

PQ7081 .L376 2016

The Latino nineteenth century

edited by Rodrigo Lazo and Jesse Alemán

PQ7081.A1 D43 2016eb

Decolonial Approaches to Latin American Literatures and Cultures

Juan G. Ramos, Tara Daly, Editors ; postscriptum by Mabel Moraña

PQ7389.L49 Z84 2017

Writing of the formless : José Lezama Lima and the end of time

Jaime Rodríguez Matos

PQ7797.B635 Z916423 2016

Liberty, individuality, and democracy in Jorge Luis Borges

Alejandra M. Salinas

PR120.B55 C36 2016

Cambridge companion to black and asian british writing, 19452010

PR1261 .Y67 2009

The York plays : a critical edition of the York Corpus Christi play as recorded in British Library Additional MS 35290

edited by Richard Beadle

PR1261 .Y67 2009

The York plays : a critical edition of the York Corpus Christi play as recorded in British Library Additional MS 35290

edited by Richard Beadle

PR2032 .F37 2016

John Lydgate Fabula duorum mercatorum and Guy of Warwyk

edited by Pamela Farvolden

PR2831.A2 M36 2016

Romeo and Juliet : text of the play, sources, contexts, and early rewritings, criticism and later rewritings

William Shakespeare ; edited by Gordon McMullan

PR3028 .D66 2016

Shakespeare, revenge tragedy and early modern law : vindictive justice

Derek Dunne

PR3091 .T83 2017

Secrets of acting Shakespeare : the original approach

Patrick Tucker

PR4167.J5 L88 2016

Jane Eyre : an authoritative text, contexts, criticism

Charlotte Brontë ; edited by Deborah Lutz


Writing illness and identity in seventeenth-century Britain [electronic resource]

David Thorley


Coleridge and the romantic newspaper : the 'Morning Post' and the road to 'Dejection' [electronic resource]


Time, domesticity and print culture in nineteenth-century Britain

Maria Damkj̐Μưr

PR468.R33 N56 2016

Nineteenth-century radical traditions

edited by Joseph Bristow, Josephine McDonagh

PR4757.F64 D55 2016

Thomas Hardy : folklore and resistance

Jacqueline Dillon

PR6005.O4 S454 2016

Joseph Conrad among the anarchists : Nineteenth Century terrorism and the secret agent

David Mulry


Tolkiens theology of beauty : majesty, simplicity, and transcendence in Middle-earth [electronic resource]

Lisa Coutras

PR6052.I785 O77 2016

Orphans of the carnival : a novel

Carol Birch

PR6052.O35 P64 2016

A poet's Dublin

Eavan Boland ; edited by Paula Meehan and Jody Allen Randolph ; with photographs by Eavan Boland

PR6058.E2 Z886 2016

The soul exceeds its circumstances" : the later poetry of Seamus Heaney

edited by Eugene O'Brien


Will Self and contemporary British society

Graham Matthews


Sarah Waters and contemporary feminisms

Adele Jones, Claire O'Callaghan, editors

PR6115.K65 B88 2015

Butterfly fish

by Irenosen Okojie

PR9390.9.H82 M34 2016

The maestro, the magistrate & the mathematician : a novel

Tendai Huchu

PS152 .G66 2016

Gender for the warfare state : literature of women in combat

Robin Truth Goodman

PS153.N5 D316 2016

Mama's gun : black maternal figures and the politics of transgression

Marlo D. David

PS153.N5 S6465 2016

Measuring the Harlem Renaissance : the U.S. Census, African American identity, and literary form

Michael Soto


Ethnic modernism and the making of US literary multiculturalism

Leif Sorensen

PS3054 .T54 2016

Thoreau at two hundred : essays and reassessments

edited by Kristen Case and K.P. Van Anglen

PS3501.S475 A6 2016

Commotion of the birds : new poems

by John Ashbery

PS3513.E8668 A6 2016

The perversity of things : Hugo Gernsback on media, tinkering, and scientifiction

Hugo Gernsback ; edited by Grant Wythoff

PS3515.E37 Z5859 2016

Hidden Hemingway : inside the Ernest Hemingway archives of Oak Park

Robert K. Elder, Aaron Vetch, and Mark Cirino

PS3523.E94 Z65 2017

Sinclair Lewis and American democracy

Steven Michels

PS3529.N5 Z63756 2017

Eugene O'Neill remembered

edited by Brenda Murphy and George Monteiro

PS3545.I544 Z595 2016

The birth of the imagination : William Carlos Williams on form

Bruce Holsapple

PS3552.L34825 A6 2016

The old and the lost : collected stories

by Glenn Blake

PS3552.U339 A6 2016

Star journal : selected poems

Christopher Buckley

PS3552.U4 A6 2016b

Essential Bukowski : poetry

Charles Bukowski ; selected and edited by Abel Debritto

PS3552.U827 Z553 2016

Octavia E. Butler

Gerry Canavan

PS3553.A7667 A6 2016


Anne Carson

PS3558.A453 A6 2016

Entering history : poems

Mary Stewart Hammond

PS3562.A433 I45 2016

I'll take you there : a novel

Wally Lamb

PS3562.E9 A6 2016

My lost poets : a life in poetry

Philip Levine ; edited by Edward Hirsch

PS3562.E9 A6 2016b

The last shift : poems

by Philip Levine ; edited by Edward Hirsch

PS3563.A262 A6 2016

Mephistos & other poems

Michael McClure

PS3563.A3915 A6 2016

And then we became

Devorah Major

PS3568.O3125 Z76 2016

A political companion to Marilynne Robinson

edited by Shannon L. Mariotti and Joseph H. Lane Jr

PS3568.O486 A6 2016

Enamel eyes, a fantasia on Paris, 1870 : poems

Jay Rogoff

PS3569.K6564 A6 2016

Inside Job

John Skoyles

PS3569.K6564 A6 2016

Suddenly, its evening : selected poems

PS3602.A89 A6 2017

The 13th Sunday after Pentecost : poems

Joseph Bathanti

PS3602.R7226 Z83 2016

Red rising and philosophy : break the chains!

edited by Courtland Lewis and Kevin McCain.

PS3603.A7365 B44 2016

Need to Know

by Jonathan Caren

PS3604.U49 S56 2016

Showtime at the ministry of lost causes

Cheryl Dumesnil

PS3606.U635 A6 2016

The door that always opens : poems

Julie Funderburk

PS3607.R36268 A6 2016

A revised poetry of Western philosophy

Daniel Grandbois

PS3607.R4497 I58 2016

In the volcano's mouth

Miriam Bird Greenberg

PS3608.A78997 M35 2017

Maiden flight : a novel

Harry Haskell

PS3611.R686 A6 2016

The wug test : poems

Jennifer Kronovet

PS3618.A3835 I5 2015

In the light of what we know

Zia Haider Rahman

PS3619.C4538 A6 2016

Trébuchet : poems

by Danniel Schoonebeek


Collective identity and cultural resistance in contemporary Chicana/o autobiography

Juan Velasco

PS374.D4 L43 2016

Hard-boiled crime fiction & the decline of moral authority

Susanna Lee

PS374.G55 K37 2016eb

Victorian melodrama in the twenty-first century : Jane Eyre, Twilight, and the mode of excess in girl culture

by Katie Kapurch

PS374.L42 A53 2016

Bleak liberalism

Amanda Anderson

PS374.S5 C55 2016

The drama of the American short story, 1800-1865

Michael J. Collins

PS375 .T88 2016

Health and sickness in the early American novel : social affection and eighteenth-century medicine

Maureen Tuthill

PS634.2 B475 2016

The best plays from American theatre festivals, 2015

edited by John Patrick Bray

PS683.W65 W38 2016

Waveform : twentieth-first-century essays by women

edited by Marcia Aldrich

PT148.R65 M45 2017

Prophecies of language : the confusion of tongues in German Romanticism

Kristina Mendicino

PT2281.G8 A25 2016

Poetic fragments

Karoline von Günderrode ; translated and with introductory essays by Anna C. Ezekiel


Kafka's Nonhuman Form : Troubling the Boundaries of the Kafkaesque [electronic resource]

PT2682.A87 E8813 2016

Memoirs of a polar bear

Yoko Tawada ; translated from the German by Susan Bernofsky

PZ7.1.M33 Bl 2016

The blue woods

Nicole Maggi

PZ7.1.M33 In 2015

In the mouth of the wolf

Nicole Maggi

PZ7.1.M33 Wi 2014

Winter falls

Nicole Maggi

PZ7.G6939 Tr 2016

The tree in the courtyard : looking through Anne Frank's window

by Jeff Gottesfeld ; illustrated by Peter McCarty

PZ7.Y855 Cat 2016

The cat from Hunger Mountain

Ed Young