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Items Acquired in April 2016 for the University Libraries



Liberating content

Herman Cappelen and Ernie Lepore

P107 .T39 2016

The language animal : the full shape of the human linguistic capacity

Charles Taylor

P120.S48 L365 2015

Language, sexuality, and power : studies in intersectional sociolinguistics

edited by Erez Levon and Ronald Beline Mendes

P120.V37 L516 2015

Linguistic variation : confronting fact and theory

edited by Rena Torres Cacoullos, Nathalie Dion, and André Lapierre, Penn State University and University of Ottawa

P325 .E955 2015

The crucible of language : how language and mind create meaning

Vyvyan Evans

P85.C47 S64 2016

Chomsky : ideas and ideals

Neil Smith and Nicholas Allott

P96.E25 W58 2016

Who owns the world's media? : media concentration and ownership around the world

Eli M. Noam and the International Media Concentration Collaboration

P96.V48 K46 2016

Villainy in western culture : historical archetypes of danger, disorder and death

M. Gregory Kendrick

PA1058 .H65 2016

Greek : an essential grammar

David Holton, Peter Mackridge and Irene Philippaki-Warburton

PA3009 .W75 2015eb

Greece on air : engagements with Ancient Greece on BBC Radio, 1920s-1960s

Amanda Wrigley


Literary territories : cartographical thinking in late antiquity

Scott Fitzgerald Johnson

PA3061 .G34 2013

Ancestral fault in ancient Greece

Renaud Gagné

PA3521 .C53 2016eb

Classical commentaries : explorations in a scholarly genre

edited by Christina S. Kraus and Christopher Stray

PA3521 .N49 2016eb

New worlds from old texts : revisiting ancient space and place

edited by Elton Barker, Stefan Bouzarovski, Christopher Pelling, Leif Isaksen

PA3978 .L44 2016eb

Euripides and the gods

Mary Lefkowitz

PA4037.A5 S35 2016eb

Homeric epic and its reception : interpretive essays

Seth L. Schein

PA6308.C2 F7 2016

How to grow old : ancient wisdom for the second half of life

Marcus Tullius Cicero ; translated and with an introduction by Philip Freeman

PA6685 .S53 2016eb

The Senecan aesthetic : a performance history

Helen Slaney

PA6798 .V45 2011

Velleius Paterculus : making history

editor, Eleanor Cowan ; contributors, Edward Bispham [and others]

PA6804.B7 K36 2016

Virgil's eclogues and the art of fiction : a study of the poetic imagination

Raymond Kania

PE1128.A2 T358 2016

Teacher education and professional development in TESOL : global perspectives

edited by JoAnn (Jodi) Crandall and MaryAnn Christison

PE1369 .T66 2015

Ellipsis in English literature : signs of omission

Anne Toner

PE137 .M46 2015

The Cambridge Old English reader

Richard Marsden, School of English Studies, University of Nottingham

PE1404 .R469 2016

Rewriting composition : terms of exchange

Bruce Horner

PE1404 .S795 2015

Repurposing composition : feminist interventions for a neoliberal age

Shari J. Stenberg

PE1479.B87 W44 2015

The language of organizational styling

Lionel Wee

PE3102.N42 O94 2015

The Oxford handbook of African American language

edited by Sonja Lanehart

PG7099.3 .V37 2015

Coming of age under martial law : the initiation novels of Poland's last communist generation

Svetlana Vassileva-Karagyozova

PJ312 .Z525 2015

From comparison to world literature

Longxi Zhang

PJ5113 .B45 2015eb

Origins of Yiddish dialects

Alexander Beider

PJ5121.5 .W66 2015

Women writers of Yiddish literature : critical essays

edited by Rosemary Horowitz

PJ7519.N25 K5513 2014

Arabs and the art of storytelling : a strange familiarity

Abdelfattah Kilito ; Translated by Mbarek Sryfi and Eric Sellin ; with a foreword by Roger Allen

PJ7840.A289 I8513 2016


Rabee Jaber ; translated from the Arabic by Kareem James Abu-Zeid

PL1238 .C37 2015

The cartography of Chinese syntax

edited by Wei-Tien Dylan Tsai

PL2303 .C5996 2016

The Columbia companion to modern Chinese literature

edited by Kirk A. Denton

PL2436 .M39 2015

Demonic warfare : Daoism, territorial networks, and the history of a Ming novel

Mark R.E. Meulenbeld

PL2436 .S35 2016

Novel medicine : healing, literature, and popular knowledge in early modern China

Andrew Schonebaum

PL2833.5.E49 B4513 2016

Beijing comrades

by Bei Tong ; translated by Scott E. Myers ; afterword by Petrus Liu

PL2928.C63 C45 2015

The Chinese literary canon

Yu Qiuyu ; translated by Philip Hand

PL494 .V65 2015

Voices of East Asia : essential readings from antiquity to the present

edited by Margaret Helen Childs and Nancy Francesca Hope

PL845.B4 Z59 2016

Beyond nation : time, writing, and community in the work of Abe Kōbō

Richard F. Calichman

PL8841 .S26 2016

Learning Zulu : a secret history of language in South Africa

Mark Sanders

PN1042 .B473 2015

The Poetry of Disturbance : the discomforts of Post-War American poetry

David Bergman, Towson University

PN1136 .B427 2016

Pitch of poetry

Charles Bernstein

PN149.9.S69 A3 2016

All tomorrow's parties : a memoir

Rob Spillman

PN1590.H57 H48 2015

Latin numbers : playing Latino in twentieth-century U.S. popular performance

Brian Eugenio Herrera

PN1590.P64 B84 2016

Electoral guerrilla theatre : radical ridicule and social movements

L.M. Bogad

PN1590.R45 D69 2016

Reckoning with spirit in the paradigm of performance

Donnalee Dox

PN161 .G46 2016

Getting it published : a guide for scholars and anyone else serious about serious books

William Germano

PN165 .U67 2016

Upstairs at the Strand : writers in conversation at the legendary bookstore

edited by Jessica Strand & Andrea Aguilar

PN1707 .K53 2016

How to read a play : script analysis for directors

Damon Kiely

PN1949.S7 B47 2016eb

The naked result : how exotic dance became big business

Jessica Berson


Barbra Streisand : redefining beauty, femininity, and power

Neal Gabler

PN1992.55 .B37 2014

Andre Bazin's new media

André Bazin ; edited and translated by Dudley Andrew

PN1992.8.F5 M37 2013eb

The ABC movie of the week : big movies for the small screen

Michael McKenna


Telethons : spectacle, disability, and the business of charity

Paul K. Longmore

PN1993.4 .F477 2016

Film festivals : history, theory, method, practice

edited by Marijke de Valck, Brendan Kredell and Skadi Loist

PN1993.5.A35 G395 2016eb

Maghrebs in motion : North African cinema in nine movements

Suzanne Gauch

PN1993.5.C2 B76 2016

Hamilton babylon : a history of the McMaster Film Board

Stephen Broomer

PN1993.5.I8 D395 2015

Dream machine : realism and fantasy in Hindi cinema

Samir Dayal

PN1993.5.K6 C4844 2016

Tourist distractions : traveling and feeling in transnational Hallyu cinema

Youngmin Choe

PN1993.5.L3 S28 2016

Latin American cinema : a comparative history

Paul A. Schroeder Rodríguez

PN1995 .B6177 2016

The Rhapsodes : how 1940s critics changed American film culture

David Bordwell

PN1995 .M3775 2016

Film theory : the basics

Kevin McDonald

PN1995.9.A26 A26 2015


edited by Claudia Springer and Julie Levinson

PN1995.9.B67 B67 2013eb

Border visions : identity and diaspora in film [electronic resource]

edited by Jakub Kazecki, Karen A. Ritzenhoff, Cynthia J. Miller

PN1995.9.C55 G425 2016

Genre-busting dark comedies of the 1970s : twelve American films

Wes D. Gehring ; foreword by David L. Smith

PN1995.9.D6 B394 2016

Documentary storytelling : creative nonfiction on screen

Sheila Curran Bernard

PN1995.9.D6 C4345 2015

A new history of British documentary

James Chapman, University of Leicester, UK

PN1995.9.D78 M38 2013eb

Hooked in film : substance abuse on the big screen

John Markert

PN1995.9.H55 H37 2013eb

Queer males in contemporary cinema : becoming visible [electronic resource]

Kylo-Patrick R. Hart

PN1995.9.H6 S26 2015

Sex, sadism, Spain, and cinema : the Spanish horror film

Nicholas G. Schlegel

PN1995.9.I43 H67 2016

Girls will be boys : cross-dressed women, lesbians, and American cinema, 1908-1934

Laura Horak

PN1995.9.L6 S37 2013

Screening love and sex in the ancient world

edited by Monica S. Cyrino

PN1995.9.M45 Z39 2013

Refiguring melodrama in film and television : captive affects, elastic sufferings, vicarious objects

Agustín Zarzosa

PN1995.9.M46 M55 2013

Millennial masculinity : men in contemporary American cinema

edited by Timothy Shary

PN1995.9.N4 C623 2016

Trying to get over : African American directors after blaxploitation, 1977-1986

Keith Corson

PN1995.9.N4 P45 2016

Stealing the show : African American performers and audiences in 1930s Hollywood

Miriam J. Petty

PN1995.9.S26 D43 2016

Industrial society and the science fiction blockbuster : social critique in films of Lucas, Scott and Cameron

Mark T. Decker

PN1995.9.S26 T465 2016

Robot ecology and the science fiction film

by J.P. Telotte

PN1995.9.T46 B58 2015

Projecting 9/11 : race, gender, and citizenship in recent Hollywood films

Mary K. Bloodsworth-Lugo and Carmen R. Lugo-Lugo

PN1995.9.W6 W49 2015

Women's cinema, world cinema : projecting contemporary feminisms

Patricia White

PN1996 .S38 2014


edited by Andrew Horton and Julian Hoxter

PN1997.2 .T36 2011

Tapas [videorecording]

Filmax presenta ; una producción de Luisa y Matienzo y Julio Fernández para Tusitala y Castelao ; producida por Luisa Matienzo, Julio Fernández ; en coproducción con Mónica Roza, Moro Films ; guión y dirección, José Corbacho y Juan Cruz

PN1998.2 .C614 2016

Conversations with classic film stars : interviews from Hollywood's golden era

James Bawden and Ron Miller

PN1998.3 G63 W45 2013

Two bicycles : the work of Jean-Luc Godard & Anne-Marie Miéville

Jerry White

PN1998.3.A45 C66 2013

A companion to Woody Allen

edited by Peter J. Bailey and Sam B. Girgus

PN1998.3.D4 K44 2015

Brian De Palma's Split-screen : a life in film

Douglas Keesey

PN1998.3.D465 F55 2014

The films of Claire Denis : intimacy on the border

edited by Marjorie Vecchio

PN1998.3.H368 N6313 2016

Veit Harlan : the life and work of a Nazi filmmaker

Frank Noack

PN1998.3.K54 A3 2016

Krzysztof Kieślowski : interviews

edited by Renata Bernard, Steven Woodward

PN1998.3.L3925 N48 2016

John Lasseter

Richard Neupert

PN1998.3.L44 L48 2015

The Spike Lee brand : a study of documentary filmmaking

Delphine Letort ; foreword by Mark A. Reid

PN1998.3.R46 C66 2013

A companion to Jean Renoir

edited by Alastair Phillips and Ginette Vincendeau

PN1999.R3 J484 2016

Slow fade to black : the decline of RKO Radio Pictures

Richard B. Jewell

PN2051 .B64 2016

Tactical performance : the theory and practice of serious play

L.M. Bogad

PN2053 .R78 2015

The Routledge companion to dramaturgy

edited by Magda Romanska

PN2071.A92 J679 2015

Tips on auditioning : ideas for actors

Jon Jory

PN2071.A92 P38 2016

A monologue is an outrageous situation! : how to survive the 60-second audition

Herb Parker

PN2080 .I5223 2016

In performance : contemporary monologues for men and women late thirties to forties

[edited by] J.V. Mercanti

PN2189 .R37 2013

Ludics in surrealist theatre and beyond [electronic resource]

by Vassiliki Rapti

PN2287.C5 A3 2014

A comedian sees the world

Charlie Chaplin ; edited by Lisa Stein Haven

PN2287.H414 S23 2016

Van Heflin : a life in film

Derek Sculthorpe

PN2287.M698 N58 2013eb

The films of Agnes Moorehead [electronic resource]

Axel Nissen

PN2287.R74 W38 2015

The Cherokee kid : Will Rogers, tribal identity, and the making of an American icon

Amy M. Ware

PN2570 .M38 2016

Theatrical unrest : nine riots in the history of the stage, 1601-2004

Sean McEvoy

PN2589 .K44 2014

Acting companies and their plays in Shakespeare's London

Siobhan Keenan

PN2594 .B86 2015

British Drama of the Industrial Revolution

Frederick Burwick

PN2924.5.K3 S365 2015

Edo kabuki in transition : from the worlds of the samurai to the vengeful female ghost

Satoko Shimazaki

PN2924.5.R34 M39 2013

Henry Black : on stage in Meiji Japan

Ian McArthur

PN3383.N35 A53 2016

Unnatural narrative : impossible worlds in fiction and drama

Jan Alber

PN3433.6 .S377 2016

Science fiction and philosophy : from time travel to superintelligence

edited by Susan Schneider

PN3491 .C626 2016

The Complete Review guide to contemporary world fiction

[compiled by] M.A. Orthofer

PN45 .K834 2016

Literary analysis : the basics

Celena Kusch

PN4835.5 .W66 2016

Women in magazines : research, representation, production and consumption

edited by Rachel Ritchie, Sue Hawkins, Nicola Phillips and S. Jay Kleinberg

PN4888.O25 K84 2014eb

Partisan journalism : a history of media bias in the United States

Jim A. Kuypers ; [foreword by Larry Schweikart]

PN56.C45 S76 2016

Dramaturgy and dramatic character : a long view

William Storm

PN56.C55 G65 2016

The post-9/11 city in novels : literary remappings of New York and London

Karolina Golimowska

PN56.M54 H57 2015

A history of the modernist novel

edited by Gregory Castle, Arizona State University

PN56.P92 C46 2015

Psychoanalysis and literature : the stories we live

Marilyn Charles

PN56.S742 W35 2016

Of women borne : a literary ethics of suffering

Cynthia R. Wallace

PN6101 .P4955 2016

Poems that make grown women cry

edited by Anthony and Ben Holden

PN6120.92.W65 R43 2016

Reader, I married him : stories inspired by Jane Eyre

edited by Tracy Chevalier

PN671 .B97 2016eb

Otherworlds : fantasy and history in medieval literature

Aisling Byrne

PN6725 .R666 2013eb

Enter the superheroes : American values, culture, and the canon of superhero literature [electronic resource]

Alex S. Romagnoli and Gian S. Pagnucci

PN6790.L29 G73 2016

Graphic borders : Latino comic books past, present, and future

edited by Frederick Luis Aldama and Christopher González

PN682.A48 A44 2016

Alexander the Great in the Middle Ages : transcultural perspectives

[edited by] Markus Stock

PN731 .K46 2016

Petrarchism at work : contextual economies in the age of Shakespeare

William J. Kennedy

PN75.F57 O47 2016

Stanley Fish, America's enfant terrible : the authorized biography

Gary A. Olson

PN81 .S2455 2016

Better living through criticism : how to think about art, pleasure, beauty, and truth

A.O. Scott

PN849.C3 M865 2016

Performance and personhood in Caribbean literature : from Alexis to the digital age

Jeannine Murray-Román

PN98.P67 P6727 2015

Postmodern literature and race

edited by Len Platt, Goldsmith's College ; Sara Upstone, Kingston University

PQ103 .N45 2015

The Cambridge introduction to French literature

Brian Nelson

PQ1426.E5 S78 2015

Aucassin and Nicolette : a facing-page edition and translation

by Robert S. Sturges

PQ1445.P2 E5 2015

The complete story of the Grail : Chrétien de Troyes' Perceval and its continuations

translated by Nigel Bryant

PQ2040.R53 M45613 2016

On the happiness of the philosophic life : reflections on Rousseau's Rêveries in two books

Heinrich Meier ; translated by Robert Berman

PQ2419 .M38 2016eb

Vision in the novels of George Sand

Manon Mathias

PQ307.R63 W36 2016

Rootedness : the ramifications of a metaphor

Christy Wampole

PQ3989.2.D553 K3813 2016


Boubacar Boris Diop ; translated by Bhakti Shringarpure & Sara C. Hanaburgh ; foreword by Ayo A. Coly

PQ4053.L36 P34 2015

The making and unmaking of Mediterranean landscape in Italian literature : the case of Liguria

Tullio Pagano

PQ4053.P46 E55 2015

Enlightening encounters : photography in Italian literature

edited by Giorgia Alù and Nancy Pedri

PQ418 .L35 2015

Lyric in the Renaissance : from Petrarch to Montaigne

Ullrich Langer

PQ4390 .D275 2014

Dante and the Greeks

edited by Jan M. Ziolkowski

PQ4875.R8 Z523 2015

Anna Maria Ortese : celestial geographies

edited by Gian Maria Annovi and Flora Ghezzo ; with an interview with the author by Dacia Maraini

PQ6046.C64 T96 2015

Two Confessions

María Zambrano and Rosa Chacel ; translated by Noël Valis and Carol Maier

PQ6066 .B47 2013eb

Canines in Cervantes and Velázquez : an Animal Studies Reading of Early Modern Spain [electronic resource]

byJohn Beusterien

PQ7297.U78 E813 2016

Eugenia : a fictional sketch of future customs

Eduardo Urzaiz ; edited and translated by Sarah A. Buck Kachaluba and Aaron Dziubinskyj

PQ7378 .H48 2015

Mínima Cuba : Heretical Poetics and Power in Post-Soviet Cuba

Marta Hernández Salván

PQ7520 .S47 2014

Panamá : (re)cuentos de la nación en diáspora

Damaris E. Serrano G

PQ9697.M18 Z6665 2015

Machado de Assis : a literary life

K. David Jackson

PR1205 .T638 2013eb

Tottel's Songes and Sonettes in context

edited by Stephen Hamrick

PR1205 .T639 2013eb

The making and marketing of Tottel's Miscellany, 1557 : songs and sonnets in the Summer of the Martyrs' Fires

J. Christopher Warner

PR129.F8 F737 2013eb

French connections in the English renaissance [electronic resource]

edited by Catherine Gimelli Martin and Hassan Melehy

PR149.P53 R47 2013eb

Representing place in British literature and culture, 1660-1830 : from local to global [electronic resource]

edited by Evan Gottlieb and Juliet Shields

PR149.S4 P74 2015eb

The poetics of scientific investigation in seventeenth-century England

Claire Preston

PR1505 .C565 2015

A choice of Anglo-Saxon verse

edited by Richard Hamer

PR1933.F23 C43 2015

Chaucer and fame : reputation and reception

edited by Isabel Davis, Catherine Nall

PR2248 C64 2013eb

Bodies, politics, and transformations : John Donne's Metempsychosis [electronic resource]

by Siobhán Collins

PR2326.N3 Z66 2013eb

The age of Thomas Nashe : text, bodies and trespasses of authorship in early modern England

edited by Stephen Guy-Bray, Joan Pong Linton, Steve Mentz

PR2399.W7 Z75 2015

Mary Wroth and Shakespeare

edited by Paul Salzman and Marion Wynne-Davies

PR2674 .C58 2013eb

Christopher Marlowe in Context [electronic resource]

edited by Emily C. Bartels and Emma Smith

PR2677.P8 M37 2015

Tragedy and trauma in the plays of Christopher Marlowe

Mathew R. Martin, Brock University, Canada


Authority and diplomacy from Dante to Shakespeare [electronic resource]

edited by Jason Powell and William T. Rossiter

PR2833.A2 L56 2013eb

The Tempest

edited by David Lindley, University of Leeds

PR2952 .A76 2015

Shakespeare's folktale sources

Charlotte Artese

PR2955.O86 S47 2013eb

Shakespeare's erotic mythology and Ovidian Renaissance culture [electronic resource]

edited by Agnès Lafont

PR2965 .F56 2013eb

Occult knowledge, science, and gender on the Shakespearean stage [electronic resource]

Mary Floyd-Wilson

PR2976 .K85 2016

Shakespeare as a way of life : skeptical practice and the politics of weakness

James Kuzner

PR2976 .R55 2014

Women and Shakespeare in the eighteenth century

Fiona Ritchie, McGill University, Montréal

PR2976 .R86 2016

Shakespeare and the eighteenth-century novel : cultures of quotation from Samuel Richardson to Jane Austen

Kate Rumbold

PR2997.I46 D53 2013

Emulation on the Shakespearean Stage [electronic resource]

Vernon Guy Dickson

PR3007 .R37 2016

Shakespeare the renaissance humanist : moral philosophy and his plays

Anthony Raspa

PR3024 .S55 2014eb

Shakespeare and immigration

edited by Ruben Espinosa and David Ruiter

PR3069.I7 C45 2013eb

Celtic Shakespeare : the bard and the borderers [electronic resource]

edited by Willy Maley and Rory Loughnane

PR3069.L58 C73 2015

Shakespeare in London

Hannah Crawforth, Sarah Dustagheer and Jennifer Young

PR3091 .P74 2013eb

Reviewing Shakespeare : journalism and performance from the eighteenth century to the present

Paul Prescott

PR3091 .S3666 2015

Shakespeare on the university stage

edited by Andrew James Hartley

PR3396 .P75 2013eb

The poetry of Erasmus Darwin : enlightened spaces, romantic times

by Martin Priestman

PR3493 .C57 2016

Brothers of the quill : Oliver Goldsmith in Grub street

Norma Clarke


Thomas Killigrew and the Seventeenth-Century English Stage : New Perspectives [electronic resource]

edited by Philip Major

PR3592.P64 S28 2014eb

Milton, toleration, and nationhood [electronic resource]

Elizabeth Sauer, Brock University

PR3727 .J637 2013eb

Jonathan Swift and the eighteenth-century book [electronic resource]

edited by Paddy Bullard and James McLaverty

PR3757.W2 Z647 2013eb

Place-making for the imagination : Horace Walpole and Strawberry Hill

Marion Harney

PR4038.A625 S44 2013eb

Jane Austen and animals [electronic resource]

Barbara K. Seeber


Region, religion and English Renaissance literature [electronic resource]

edited by David Coleman

PR421 .M86 2013eb

Archaic style in English literature, 1590-1674

Lucy Monro

PR428.B43 P35 2013eb

The severed head and the grafted tongue : literature, translation and violence in early modern Ireland [electronic resource]

Patricia Palmer, King's College London

PR428.F66 G65 2013eb

Eating and ethics in Shakespeare's England

David B. Goldstein

PR428.L35 .C73 2013eb

Etymology and the invention of English in early modern literature

Dr Hannah Crawforth, Lecturer in Early Modern English, King's College, London

PR428.M44 A78 2013eb

The arts of remembrance in early modern England : memorial cultures of the post-Reformation [electronic resource]

edited by Andrew Gordon and Thomas Rist

PR428.M44 L95 2016

Memory and intertextuality in Renaissance literature

Raphael Lyne

PR428.P65 E45 2013eb

The Elizabethan top ten : defining print popularity in Early Modern England [electronic resource]

edited by Andy Kesson and Emma Smith

PR428.P76 P37 2013eb

Passions and subjectivity in early modern culture

edited by Brian Cummings and Freya Sierhuis

PR428.W63 M38 2013eb

Learning and literacy in female hands, 1520-1698 [electronic resource]

Elizabeth Mazzola

PR435 .M35 2012

Writings of Exile in the English Revolution and Restoration [electronic resource]

Philip Major

PR438.C55 G74 2013eb

The poetics and politics of youth in Milton's England

Blaine Greteman, University of Iowa

PR438.P48 C86 2016

Imperfect creatures : vermin, literature, and the sciences of life, 1600-1740

Lucinda Cole


Terrorism before the letter : mythography and political violence in England, Scotland, and France 1559-1642

Robert Appelbaum

PR4381 .A4 2015

Byron's letters and journals : a new selection : from Leslie A. Marchand's twelve-volume edition edited by Richard Lansdown

PR441 .R67 2013eb

Fame and failure 1720-1800 : the unfulfilled literary life [electronic resource]

Adam Rounce

PR447 .H38 2013eb

Romanticism and caricature [electronic resource]

Ian Haywood

PR447 .K55 2013eb

Forging romantic China : Sino-British cultural exchange, 1760-1840 [electronic resource]

Peter J. Kitson

PR447 .W44 2013 eb

Romantic feuds : transcending the "age of personality" [electronic resource]

Kim WheatleyThe College of William and Mary, USA

PR448.D53 N49 2013eb

Adaptations of Laurence Sterne's fiction : Sterneana, 1760-1840

M-C. Newbould

PR448.S55 I58 2013eb

Invoking slavery in the eighteenth-century British imagination [electronic resource]

edited by Srividhya Swaminathan and Adam R. Beach

PR4487.T7 M87 2013eb

Tragic Coleridge [electronic resource]

Chris Murray

PR451 .M44 2016eb

Meeting without knowing it : Kipling and Yeats at the fin de Siècle

Alexander Bubb

PR4528.O94 2013

Ouida and Victorian Popular Culture [electronic resource]

edited by Jane Jordan and Andrew King

PR4560 .H36 2015

Charles Dickens's Great Expectations : a cultural life, 1860-2012

Mary Hammond, University of Southampton, UK


Race, romanticism, and the Atlantic [electronic resource]

edited by Paul Youngquist

PR457 .R43 2016

The Regency revisited

edited by Tim Fulford and Michael E. Sinatra

PR4592.C46 D53 2015

Dickens and the imagined child

Peter Merchant, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK and Catherine Waters, University of Kent, UK


Dickens's style [electronic resource]

edited by Daniel Tyler

PR4611.A73 J37 2013eb

Lewis Carroll's Alice's adventures in wonderland and Through the looking glass : a publishing history [electronic resource]

Zoe Jaques and Eugene Giddens

PR468.K56 K48 2013eb

Transfiguring the arts and sciences : knowledge and cultural institutions in the Romantic age

Jon Klancher

PR468.O24 O24 2013

Oceania and the Victorian imagination : where all things are possible [electronic resource]

edited by Richard D. Fulton and Peter H. Hoffenberg

PR468.S6 P56 2013eb

The ritual culture of Victorian professionals : competing for ceremonial status, 1838-1877 [electronic resource]

Albert D. Pionke

PR4688 .G396 2013eb

George Eliot in context [electronic resource]

edited by Margaret Harris

PR4717 .G37 2013eb

George Gissing and the woman question : convention and dissent [electronic resource]

edited by Christine Huguet and Simon J. James

PR478.M34 P67 2013eb

Post-World War II masculinities in British and American literature and culture : towards comparative masculinity studies [electronic resource]

edited by Stefan Horlacher and Kevin Floyd

PR478.M6 I53 2013eb

Incredible modernism : literature, trust and deception

edited by John Attridge and Rod Rosenquist

PR478.P64 S65 2013eb

British writers and MI5 surveillance, 1930-1960 [electronic resource]

James Smith, Durham University

PR478.S64 G73 2015

Talking to the Gods : Occultism in the Work of W.B. Yeats, Arthur Machen, Algernon Blackwood, and Dion Fortune

Susan Johnston Graf

PR4852 .P52 2013eb

100 Poems : Old and New [electronic resource]

Rudyard Kipling ; selected and edited by Thomas Pinney

PR4972.M3 Z75 2013eb

William Maginn and the British press : a critical biography [electronic resource]

David E. Latané

PR5438 .W55 2013

Shelley and the apprehension of life [electronic resource]

Ross Wilson

PR5514 .L48 2013eb

Swinburne's Apollo : myth, faith, and Victorian spirituality

by Yisrael Levin

PR555.S33 S65 2016

Empiricist devotions : science, religion, and poetry in early eighteenth-century England

Courtney Weiss Smith

PR5687 .R44 2013

Reforming Trollope : race, gender, and Englishness in the novels of Anthony Trollope [electronic resource]

by Deborah Denenholz Morse

PR575.D42 P37 2013eb

Graveyard Poetry : Religion, Aesthetics and the Mid-Eighteenth-Century Poetic Condition [electronic resource]

by Eric Parisot

PR5824 .O83 2013eb

Oscar Wilde in context

Kerry Powell and Peter Raby

PR585.D42 S26 2013eb

Romanticism, memory, and mourning

Mark Sandy

PR5892.R4 S66 2013eb

William Wordsworth and the theology of poverty

Heidi Snow

PR590 .F85 2013eb

The late poetry of the Lake Poets : romanticism revised

Tim Fulford

PR6003.E282 Z5756 2016

Undoing time : the life and work of Samuel Beckett

Jennifer Birkett

PR6005.H66 Z554716 2016

The ageless Agatha Christie : essays on the mysteries and the legacy

edited by J.C. Bernthal

PR6005.O4 Z784948 2013eb

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All the poems of Stevie Smith

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The little red chairs : a novel

Edna O'Brien

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Salman Rushdie in the cultural marketplace

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High dive

Jonathan Lee

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Unfolding Irish landscapes : Tim Robinson, culture and environment

edited by Derek Gladwin and Christine Cusick

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The year of the runaways

Sunjeev Sahota


Staging the blazon in early modern English theatre [electronic resource]

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Performing masculinity in English university drama, 1598-1636 [electronic resource]

by Christopher Marlow

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Clowning and authorship in early modern theatre

Richard Preiss

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The dynamics of inheritance on the Shakespearean stage

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Literary bric-à-brac and the Victorians : from commodities to oddities [electronic resource]

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Romancing the self in Early Modern Englishwomen's life writing

Julie A. Eckerle

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Landscape and identity in North America's southern colonies from 1660 to 1745 [electronic resource]

by Catherine Armstrong

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Travel narrative and the ends of modernity [electronic resource]

Stacy Burton, University of Nevada

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The Victorian diary : authorship and emotional labour

Anne-Marie Millim

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Representations of China in British Children's Fiction, 1851-1911 [electronic resource]

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The short story and the First World War [electronic resource]

Ann-Marie Einhaus, Northumbria University

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Women, work and clothes in the eighteenth-century novel [electronic resource]

Chloe Wigston Smith, University of Georgia

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Moral authority, men of science, and the Victorian novel [electronic resource]

Anne DeWitt

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Victorian conversion narratives and reading communities

Emily Walker Heady

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Jesse Oak Taylor

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The 1990s : a decade of contemporary British fiction

edited by Nick Hubble, Philip Tew and Leigh Wilson

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Writing displacement : home and identity in contemporary post-colonial English fiction

Akram Al Deek

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Criminal law and the modernist novel : experience on trial [electronic resource]

Rex Ferguson, University of Birmingham

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Modernism and the aesthetics of violence [electronic resource]

Paul Sheehan

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Shell shock and the modernist imagination : the death drive in post-World War I British fiction [electronic resource]

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Canadian literature and cultural memory

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Rachel's blue

Zakes Mda

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Gabriel Okara ; edited and with an introduction by Brenda Marie Osbey

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Rosemary Marangoly George, University of California, San Diego

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Shirley Barrett

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The making of modern children's literature in Britain : publishing and criticism in the 1960s and 1970s

Lucy Pearson

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Plagiarama! : William Wells Brown and the aesthetic of attractions

Geoffrey Sanborn

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The Cambridge Companion to American Gay and Lesbian Literature

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The Fornes frame : contemporary Latina playwrights and the legacy of Maria Irene Fornes

Anne García-Romero

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Indigenous North American drama : a multivocal history

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Writing the goodlife : Mexican American literature and the environment

Priscilla Solis Ybarra

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Visualizing Blackness and the creation of the African American literary tradition

Lena Hill, University of Iowa

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West of Harlem : African American writers and the borderlands

Emily Lutenski

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Unbought and unbossed : transgressive black women, sexuality, and representation

Trimiko Melancon

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Toward a literary ecology : places and spaces in American literature [electronic resource]

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Environmental practice and early American literature [electronic resource]

Michael Ziser

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Ralph Waldo Emerson in context

edited by Wesley T. Mott, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Surveyors of customs : American literature as cultural analysis

Joel Pfister


Henry James, Impressionism, and the Public

Daniel Hannah

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Poisonous muse : the female poisoner and the framing of popular authorship in Jacksonian America

Sara L. Crosby

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Moral agents : Eight Twentieth-Century American writers

Edward Mendelson

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Street lit : representing the urban landscape [electronic resource]

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Ethnic modernism and the making of US literary multiculturalism

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The geopoetics of modernism

Rebecca Walsh

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The Vietnam War : topics in contemporary North American literature

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Falling after 9/11 : crisis in American art and literature

Aimee Pozorski

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Turns of event : Nineteenth-century American literary studies in motion

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The Cambridge companion to modern American poetry

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American poetry after modernism : the power of the word

Albert Gelpi, Stanford University

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Modern American drama in screen [electronic resources]

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Willa Cather and the nineteenth century

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Gatsby : the cultural history of the great American novel [electronic resource]

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Fifty years of Hemingway criticism

Peter L. Hays


Call of the Atlantic : Jack London's publishing odyssey overseas, 1902-1916

Joseph McAleer

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Amy Lowell anew : a biography [electronic resource]

Carl Rollyson

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Selected poems of Edna St. Vincent Millay

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Alec Marsh

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Jean Toomer ; edited by Carolyn J. Dekker

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Pioneer girl : the annotated autobiography

Laura Ingalls Wilder ; Pamela Smith Hill, editor

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The Selected Letters of Laura Ingalls Wilder

Laura Ingalls Wilder ; edited by William Anderson

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Maya Angelou : the iconic self

Mary Jane Lupton

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For a little while : new and selected stories

Rick Bass

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Kill and be killed

Louis Begley

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April Bernard

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Don't think : stories

by Richard Burgin

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The green ghost : William Burroughs and the ecological mind

Chad Weidner

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At the edge of the orchard

Tracy Chevalier

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Almost nothing to be scared of

David Clewell

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Blood, bone, and marrow : a biography of Harry Crews

Ted Geltner

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The abundance : narrative essays old and new

Annie Dillard ; foreword by Geoff Dyer

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Understanding Louise Erdrich

Seema Kurup

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Understanding William Gibson

Gerald Alva Miller Jr

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Questions in the vestibule : poems

Rachel Hadas

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Teaching Stephen King : horror, the supernatural, and new approaches to literature

Alissa Burger

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The swimmer

John Koethe

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To the left of time

Thomas Lux

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Forbidden city

Gail Mazur

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Seven boxes for the country after : poems

by Janet McAdams

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Miller's Valley : a novel

Anna Quindlen

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Poems : new and selected

Ron Rash

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The time the waters rose : and stories from the Gulf Coast

Paul Ruffin

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The cosmopolitans

Sarah Schulman

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Prodigal son

John Patrick Shanley

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The skin of meaning : collected literary essays and talks

Aaron Shurin

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Bright stranger : poems

Katherine Soniat

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Terrible virtue : a novel

Ellen Feldman

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My Seneca village

Marilyn Nelson

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The arrangement

Ashley Warlick

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Alice & Oliver : a novel

Charles Bock

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Animal purpose : poems

Michelle Y. Burke

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That kind of happy

Maggie Dietz

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Why we came to the city

Kristopher Jansma

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The primitive observatory : poems

by Gregory Kimbrell

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Ramshackle ode

Keith Leonard

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History of art : stories

Margaret Luongo

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Hir : a play

Taylor Mac

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A provisional map of the lost continent : poems

Gregory Mahrer

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Dothead : poems

Amit Majmudar

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The rope

Kanan Makiya

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The woman who married a bear : poems

Tiffany Midge

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Beasts & children

Amy Parker

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The whole by contemplation of a single bone : poems

Nancy K. Pearson

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Stork mountain

Miroslav Penkov

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An unrestored woman

Shobha Rao

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The book of Hulga

Rita Mae Reese ; illustrations by Julie Franki

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The animal after whom other animals are named : poems

Nicole Sealey

PS3619.H5435 A6 2016


Mahtem Shiferraw ; foreword by Kwame Dawes

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Family resemblances : poems

Carrie Shipers

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The other one : stories

Hasanthika Sirisena

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Innocents and others : a novel

Dana Spiotta

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Journal of ugly sites & other journals

Stacy Szymaszek

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Kingdom of the sun : stories

James Terry

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The destroyer in the glass

Noah Warren ; foreword by Carl Phillips

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The blue hour

Jennifer Whitaker

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The American idea of England, 1776-1840 : transatlantic writing [electronic resource]

Jennifer Clark

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Beyond Gatsby : how Fitzgerald, Hemingway, and writers of the 1920s shaped American culture

Robert McParland

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The post-apocalyptic novel in the twenty-first century : modernity beyond salvage

Heather J. Hicks

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Girls' series fiction and American popular culture

edited by LuElla D'Amico

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Fashion and fiction : self-transformation in twentieth-century American literature

Lauren S. Cardon

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Dreams for dead bodies : blackness, labor, and the corpus of American detective fiction

M. Michelle Robinson

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Happily ever after : the romance story in popular culture

Catherine M. Roach

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The African American experience in crime fiction : a critical study

Robert E. Crafton

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These truly are the brave : an anthology of African American writings on war and citizenship

edited by A. Ye̜misi Jimoh and Françoise N. Hamlin

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Humana festival 2015 : the complete plays

edited by Amy Wegener and Jenni Page-White ; [foreword by Les Waters]

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Women write Iran : nostalgia and human rights from the diaspora

Nima Naghibi

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On glorious wings : the best flying stories of the century

edited and introduced by Stephen Coonts

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Armed ambiguity : women warriors in German literature and culture in the age of Goethe

Julie Koser

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Literary exiles from Nazi Germany : exemplarity and the search for meaning

Johannes F. Evelein

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Roma voices in the German-speaking world

Lorely French

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Brecht in practice : theatre, theory and performance

David Barnett

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Is that Kafka? : 99 finds

Reiner Stach ; translated from the German by Kurt Beals

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How we learn where we live : Thomas Bernhard, architecture, and bildung

Fatima Naqvi

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Envisioning social justice in contemporary German culture

edited by Jill E. Twark and Axel Hildebrandt

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Ibsen's Houses : architectural metaphor and the modern uncanny

Mark B. Sandberg, University of California, Berkeley

PZ7.5.P56 Re 2014

The red pencil

by Andrea Davis Pinkney ; illustrated by Shane W. Evans

PZ7.B75 Mad 2015

Madame Eiffel : the love story of the Eiffel Tower

Alice Brière-Haquet & Csil ; translated by Noelia Hobeika

PZ7.P4255 Ou 2015

Out of darkness

Ashley Hope Pérez

PZ7.S347145 Hi 2015

The hired girl

Laura Amy Schlitz

PZ8.1.A887 My 2014

My grandfather's coat

retold by Jim Aylesworth ; illustrated by Barbara McClintock