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Items Acquired in July 2016 for the University Libraries


P106 .M66513 2016

I speak, therefore I am : seventeen snapshots of language

Andrea Moro ; Translated from the Italian by Ian Roberts


Gender, power and political speech : women and language in the 2015 UK general election

Deborah Cameron, Sylvia Shaw

P129 .D46 2016

Exploring literacies : theory, research, and practice

Helen de Silva Joyce, University of New England, Australia, and Susan Feez, University of New England, Australia


Theme and Thematic Progression in Chinese College Studentśℓℓ English Essays [electronic resource]

by Jing Wei


Are some languages better than others? [electronic resource]

R.M.W. Dixon


A theory of phonological features [electronic resource]

San Duanmu

P29 .R67 2010

The Routledge linguistics encyclopedia

edited by Kirsten Malmkjaer


Optimality-theoretic syntax, semantics, and pragmatics : from uni- to bidirectional optimization

edited by Geraldine Legendre, Michael T. Putnam, Henriëtte de Swart, and Erin Zaroukian

P291.5 .P65 2016

Deconstructing ergativity : two types of ergative languages and their features

Maria Polinsky


Between logic and the world : an integrated theory of generics

Bernhard Nickel

P306.2 .B76 2016

Mapping memory in translation [electronic resource]

Siobhan Brownlie


The senticnet sentiment lexicon : exploring semantic richness in multi-word concepts

Raoul Biagioni

P96.F38 P67 2016

Pops in pop culture : fatherhood, masculinity, and the new man [electronic resource]

edited by Elizabeth Podnieks


Media transatlantic : Developments in media and communication studies between North American and German-speaking Europe

Norm Friesen, editor

P96.H55 M46 2016

Memory in a mediated world : remembrance and reconstruction

edited by Andrea Hajek, University of Glasgow, UK ; Christine Lohmeier, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Germany and Christian Pentzold, Technische Universität Chemnitz, Germany

P96.M42 C58 2016eb

Media literacy education in China

by Chi-Kim Cheung


The morphosyntax of transitions : a case study in Latin and other languages [electronic resource]

Víctor Acedo-Matellán

PA3136 .J64 2016

Acts of Compassion in Greek tragic drama

James F. Johnson


The Alexandra of Lycophron : a literary study

Charles McNelis and Alexander Sens

PA4272 .A6 2016

Flavii Philostrati Vitas sophistarum : ad quas accedunt Polemonis Laodicensis Declamationes quae exstant duae

recognovit brevique adnotatione critica instruxit Rudolf S. Stefec

PA6047 .G533 2016

Rethinking Roman alliance : a study in poetics and society

Bill Gladhill


Horace's Epodes : contexts, intertexts, and reception

Philippa Bather and Claire Stocks


The syntax of old Romanian

edited by Gabriela Pană Dindelegan ; consultant editor, Martin Maiden


The writing center as cultural and interdisciplinary contact zone

Randall W. Monty

PE3727.S7 L36 2016

Languages and the First World War : Representation and Memory

edited by Christophe Declercq and Julian Walker

PG3328.Z6 W96 2016

The gift of active empathy : Scheler, Bakhtin, and Dostoevsky

Alina Wyman

PG3456.A13 Y33

The unknown Chekhov: stories and other writings hitherto untranslated.

PJ7538 .H3 1972

Modern Arabic literature, 1800-1970; : an introduction, with extracts in translation

[by] John A. Haywood

PJ7876.A6565 D47 2016

Describing the past

Ghassan Zaqtan ; translated by Samuel Wilder

PK6561.D5 A2 2016

Charand-o parand : revolutionary satire from Iran, 1907-1909

Ali-Akbar Dehkhodā ; translated and with an introduction and notes by Janet Afary and John R. Perry

PL2415 .H8 1980

The classic Chinese novel : a critical introduction

by C.T. Hsia


Tone and accent in Oklahoma Cherokee [electronic resource]

Hiroto Uchihara

PN1059.C6 J86 2016

Aesthetic animism : digital poetry's ontological implications

David Jhave Johnston


Beyond immersive theatre : aesthetics, politics and productive participation

Adam Alston

PN1590.A9 A47 2016

Beyond immersive theatre : aesthetics, politics and productive participation

Adam Alston

PN1650.D67 B87 2016

The drama of the double : permeable boundaries

Katherine H. Burkman


Cite them right : the essential referencing guide

Richard Pears & Graham Shields

PN183 .L35 2016

Landmark essays on historiographies of rhetorics

edited by Victor J. Vitanza


Documentary film festivals : Transformative learning, community building & solidarity

Carole Roy

PN1993.5.C4 C44233 2016

Chinese cinemas : international perspectives

edited by Felicia Chan and Andy Willis

PN1995 R845 2016

Philosophy and the patience of film in Cavell and Nancy

Daniele Rugo

PN1995.25 .H32 2016

Outsiders : American photography and film 1950s-1980s

Edited by Sophie Hackett and Jim Shedden

PN1995.7 .B43 2016

Designing sound : audiovisual aesthetics in 1970s American cinema

Jay Beck

PN1995.9.D57 H35 2016

Coming back to a theater near you : a history of Hollywood reissues, 1914-2014

Brian Hannan

PN1995.9.E96 .A93684 2009

Avant-garde. 3 : experimental cinema, 1922-1954 : from the collection of the George Eastman House and from the Raymond Rohauer collection [videorecording]

produced for video by Bret Wood

PN1995.9.E96 A9368 2007

Avant-garde. Series 2 : : experimental cinema, 1928-1954

Kino International ; producer & designer, Bret Wood

PN1995.9.H34 M37 2016

Disability in film and literature

Nicole Markotić

PN1995.9.H55 P43 2016

New queer Sinophone cinema : local histories, transnational connections

Zoran Lee Pecic

PN1995.9.N66 A24 2016

Ex-centric migrations : Europe and the Maghreb in Mediterranean cinema, literature, and music

Hakim Abderrezak

PN1995.9.P6 G73 2016

Cinéma militant : political filmmaking and May 1968

Paul Douglas Grant

PN1995.9.W4 M23 2016

The quick, the dead and the revived : the many lives of the Western film

Joseph Maddrey


Violent women in contemporary cinema

Janice Loreck, Teaching Associate, Monash University, Australia

PN1995.9.Y6 K55 2016

Baudrillard, youth, and American film : fatal theory and education

Kip Kline

PN1997.A32253 B37 2016

Alien audiences : remembering and evaluating a classic movie

Martin Barker, Kate Egan, Tom Phillips and Sarah Ralph

PN2039 .C255 2016

Shattering Hamlet's mirror : theatre and reality

Marvin Carlson


Adapting war horse : cognition, the spectator, and a sense of play

Toby Malone, Christopher J. Jackman

PN2053 .B63 2016

I wanna be a producer : how to make a killing on Broadway ... or get killed

John Breglio

PN2080 .M535 2016

Monologues for actors of color : men

edited by Roberta Uno ; assistant editor Margaret Odette

PN2080 .M536 2016

Monologues for actors of color : women

edited by Roberta Uno ; assistant editor Margaret Odette

PN2266.3 .E94 2016

Experiments in democracy : interracial and cross-cultural exchange in American theatre, 1912-1945

edited by Cheryl Black and Jonathan Shandell

PN2287.W59 S85 2016

Natalie wood

PN2596.L6 H57 2016

London's West End actresses and the origins of celebrity charity, 1880-1920

Catherine Hindson

PN2598.C37 B45 2016

Julie Christie

Melanie Bell

PN2598.H743 I87 2016

It's all allowed : the performances of Adrian Howells

edited by Deirdre Heddon and Dominic Johnson


Unwilling executioner : crime fiction and the state

Andrew Pepper

PN3504 .W35 2016

Contemporary world fiction and the spaces of neoliberalism

Michael K. Walonen

PN4783 .S57 2015

The New York times manual of style and usage

Allan M. Siegal and William G. Connolly

PN56.A64 O78 2016

Literature and animal studies

Mario Ortiz-Robles

PN56.M54 L87 2016

The death of the book : modernist novels and the time of reading

John Lurz

PN56.T7 N49 2015

New directions in travel writing studies

edited by Julia Kuehn, Associate Professor of English, University of Hong Kong, Paul Smethurst, Associate Professor of English, University of Hong Kong

PN6071.N3 P54 2016

Pleasures of nature : a literary anthology

selected by Christina Hardyment

PN6140.L7 N49 2016

Making love in the twelfth century : letters of two lovers in context

a new translation with commentary by Barbara Newman

PN6165 .F54 2001

Fierce pajamas : an anthology of humor writing from the New Yorker

edited by David Remnick and Henry Finder

PN6269.A2 G73 2016

The aphorism and other short forms

Ben Grant

PN6727.M27 Z75 2003

Mutts : the comic art of Patrick McDonnell

Patrick McDonnell ; with an essay by John Carlin


The found voice : writers' beginnings

Denis Sampson

PN81 .O95 2016

Critics, monsters, fanatics, and other literary essays

Cynthia Ozick

PN98.E36 W35 2016

Risk criticism : precautionary reading in an age of environmental uncertainty

Molly Wallace

PQ1170.E6 F684 2016

French love poems

edited by Tynan Kogane

PQ2668.O77 Z57 2016

Without God : Michel Houellebecq and materialist horror

Louis Betty

PQ3939.B3 A813 2016

Women lovers, or The third woman

Natalie Clifford Barney ; edited and translated by Chelsea Ray


Unacknowledged legislators : the poet as lawgiver in post-revolutionary France [electronic resource]

Roger Pearson

PQ4872.E8 Z698 2016

Interpreting primo levi : interdisciplinary perspectives

edited by Minna Vuohelainen and Arthur Chapman

PQ6022 .C64 2016

Cognitive approaches to early modern Spanish literature

Isabel Jaen and Julien Jacques Simon

PQ7081.A1 C347 2016

The Cambridge companion to Latina/o American literature

edited by John Morán González

PQ7082.N7 A585 2016

Ethics and literature in Chile, Argentina, and Paraguay, 1970-2000 : through the singular to specific

Carlos M. Amador

PQ7390.E786 A2 2016

Breach of trust = : Abuso de confianza

Angel Escobar ; translated by Kristin Dykstra


Secular chains : poetry and the politics of religion from Milton to Pope

Philip Connell

PR2933.B75 S53 2016

Shakespeare in ten acts

edited by Gordon McMullan and Zoë Wilcox


Shakespeare and consciousness

Paul Budra, Clifford Werier, editors

PR3069.D42 P34 2016

Shakespeare's dead

Simon Palfrey & Emma Smith

PR3069.I8 B37 2016

Shakespeare's Italy and Italy's Shakespeare : place, "race," politics

Shaul Bassi

PR3071 .P75 2016

Shakespeare and manuscript drama : canon, collaboration, and text

James Purkis


Shakespeare and space : theatrical explorations of the spatial paradigm

editors, Ina Habermann, Michelle Witen

PR3507 .A4 2016

100 poems

George Herbert ; selected and edited by Helen Wilcox

PR4034 .P7 2016

Pride and prejudice : an authoritative text, backgrounds and sources, criticism

Jane Austen ; edited by Donald Gray, Mary A. Favret

PR447 .E27 2016eb

The ecology of wonder in Romantic and Postmodern literature

Louise Economides


The juvenile tradition : young writers and prolepsis, 1750-1835

Laurie Langbauer


Common writing : essays on literary culture and public debate

Stefan Collini

PR6003.E282 Z7886 2016

Think, pig! : Beckett at the limit of the human

Jean-Michel Rabaté

PR6005.O4 Z7274 2016eb

Conrad's Popular Fictions : Secret Histories and Sensational Novels [electronic resource]

by Andrew Glazzard

PR6019.O9 Z7473 2016

The value of James Joyce

Margot Norris (University of California, Irvine)

PR6023.A93 Z6283 1993

Lawrence and the women : the intimate life of D.H. Lawrence

Elaine Feinstein

PR6045.A97 Z794 1992

Evelyn Waugh : the later years 1939-1966

Martin Stannard

PR6054.E1324 C68 2016

The course of love : a novel

Alain de Botton


Carol Ann Duffy : poet for our times

Jane Dowson

PR6113.A87 Z46 2016

The return : fathers, sons, and the land in between

Hisham Matar


Imagining spectatorship : from the mysteries to the Shakespearean stage

John J. McGavin and Greg Walker

PR829 .C18 2016



The Literary Culture of Early Modern Scotland [electronic resource]

Sebastiaan Verweij

PR914 .C85 2016

Cultures of correspondence in early modern Britain

edited by James Daybell and Andrew Gordon

PR9199.3.W7 N54 2016

Nightfall : a novel

Richard B. Wright


South-Asian fiction in English : contemporary transformations

Alex Tickell

PR990 .S77 2016

Evolution and imagination in Victorian children's literature

Jessica Straley

PS153.A84 T36 2016

Repetition and race : Asian American literature after multiculturalism

Amy C. Tang

PS1861.A2 S76 1981

The house of the seven gables

by Nathaniel Hawthorne ; edited with an introduction by Milton R. Stern

PS228.P68 P64 2016

Postmodern/postwar and after : rethinking American literature

edited by Jason Gladstone, Andrew Hoberek, Daniel Worden

PS2848 .M2 2016

Marie de berniere : the tale of the crescent city

PS3527.E35 Z55 2016

Lonesome dreamer : the life of John G. Neihardt

Timothy G. Anderson

PS3535 .I233 2016

Collected poems, 1950-2012

Adrienne Rich

PS3545.I345 D65 2016

A doll's house

by Henrik Ibsen : a new version in English for Jed Harris ; by Thornton Wilder

PS3551.D3997 A6 2016

Mortal trash : poems

Kim Addonizio

PS3551.D3997 Z46 2016

Bukowski in a sundress : confessions from a writing life

Kim Addonizio

PS3551.N354 S86 2016

The summer guest : a novel

Alison Anderson

PS3552.R687 T48 2016

A thousand miles from nowhere : a novel

John Gregory Brown

PS3553.O487 B3


Richard Condon

PS3553.O875 B7 1987

Brown sky : a novel

by David Covin

PS3554.A9356 E53 1995

The end of the story

Lydia Davis

PS3554.I259 Z55 2016

Paratexts and performance in the novels of Junot Díaz and Sandra Cisneros [electronic resource]

Ellen McCracken

PS3554.U492 F3 1987

Fatal charms and other tales of today

Dominick Dunne


The hunt for FOXP5 : a genomic mystery novel

Wallace Kaufman, David Deamer


The caloris network : a scientific novel

Nick Kanas

PS3563.O88456 C48 2016

Charcoal Joe : an Easy Rawlins mystery

Walter Mosley

PS3566.A54 A6 2016

The laughter of the sphinx

Michael Palmer

PS3566.O4795 P47 2016

A perfect life : a novel

Eileen Pollack

PS3566.R697 B37 2016

Barkskins : a novel

Annie Proulx

PS3569.H742 M26 2016

The Mandibles : a family, 2029 - 2047

Lionel Shriver

PS3572.E2 M49 2016

The Mexican flyboy

Alfredo Véa

PS3602.A5842 J64 2016


Annie Baker

PS3602.A596 H69 2016

How to set a fire and why : a novel

Jesse Ball

PS3606.E38685 A38 2016

Absalom's daughters : a novel

Suzanne Feldman

PS3607.Y37 H66 2016


Yaa Gyasi

PS3613.C55566 B33 2016

Bad country : a novel

CB McKenzie

PS3614.A39 L56 2016

Lions : a novel

Bonnie Nadzam

PS3614.O974 A6 2016

Goodnight, beautiful women : stories

Anna Noyes

PS3615.R45 J39 2016

Jazz day : the making of a famous photograph

Roxane Orgill ; illustrated by Francis Vallejo

PS3618.A4625 T43 2011

Tethering world : poems

by Jody Rambo

PS3619.T63 C58 2003

City of ghosts : a novel

by Johanna Stoberock

PS3620.I52 S25 2009

Salt : poems

by Liz Tilton

PS374.S35 S57 2016

Sisters of tomorrow : the first women of science fiction

edited by Lisa Yaszek and Patrick B. Sharp ; with a conclusion by Kathleen Ann Goonan

PS591.N4 O33 2016

Of poetry & protest : from Emmett Till to Trayvon Martin

edited and compiled by Philip Cushway and Michael Warr

PT1160.E5 G38 1986

German feminist poems from the Middle Ages to the present : a bilingual anthology

edited and with an introduction by Susan L. Cocalis

PT2503.S55 C313 1990

Camilla : a novella

by Dorothea Mendelssohn Veit Schlegel ; introduced by Hans Eichner ; translated by Edwina Lawler

PT2603.R397 .K3913 1999

The Caucasian chalk circle

Bertolt Brecht ; English version by Eric Bentley

PT2621.A26 Z9318 2016

Kafka's blues : figurations of racial blackness in the construction of an aesthetic

Mark Christian Thompson

PT2621.R135 Z94 2016

The curious humanist : Siegfried Kracauer in America

Johannes von Moltke

PZ7.1.K45 Bl 2015

Blackbird fly

Erin Entrada Kelly

PZ7.1.S515 Yo 2015

Young man with camera

by Emil Sher ; pictures by David Wyman

PZ7.1.T877 Ask 2015

Ask the dark

Henry Turner

PZ7.A382 Th 2016

Thunder Boy Jr.

by Sherman Alexie ; illustrated by Yuyi Morales

PZ7.D73735 On 2015

One day, the end : short, very short, shorter-than-ever stories

Rebecca Kai Dotlich ; illustrated by Fred Koehler

PZ7.G39235 En 2015


Lamar Giles

PZ7.G7487 Es 2013

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library

Chris Grabenstein

PZ7.M4784747 Mad 2015

A madness so discreet

Mindy McGinnis

PZ7.O475 Shr 2015

The shrunken head

Lauren Oliver & H.C. Chester

PZ7.O614 Ne 2015

The nest

Kenneth Oppel ; illustrated by Jon Klassen

PZ7.S65141 Thi 2013

This is what happy looks like

Jennifer E. Smith