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Items Acquired in June 2016 for the University Libraries



Epistemology, Knowledge and the Impact of Interaction [electronic resource]

edited by Juan Redmond, Olga Pombo Martins, Ángel Nepomuceno Fernández

P115 .G38 2012

Multilingualism, discourse, and ethnography

Sheena Gardner and Marilyn Martin-Jones

P115 .R427 2007

Receptive multilingualism : linguistic analyses, language policies, and didactic concepts

edited by Jan D. ten Thije, Ludger Zeevaert

P115.45 .P55 2016eb

Linguistic diversity and social justice : an introduction to applied sociolinguistics

Ingrid Piller


Pains and gains of ethnic multilingual learners in China : an ethnographic case study

Wang Ge


Language policy and language planning : from nationalism to globalisation

Sue Wright


Guardians of language : twenty voices through history

Florian Coulmas

P119.3 .M67 2016eb

Language politics of regional integration : cases from the Americas

Michael A. Morris


Language Policy and Economics: The Language Question in Africa


Rethinking parameters [electronic resource]

edited by Luis Eguren, Olga Fernández-Soriano, and Amaya Mendikoetxea

P299.A35 H65 2016

The syntax of yes and no

Anders Holmberg


Irregular negatives, implicatures, and idioms [electronic resource]

Wayne A. Davis

P302 .M3755 2016

Post-foundational discourse analysis : from political difference to empirical research

Tomas Marttila, University of Bamberg, Germany

P302.5 .B333 2015

Literature and the metaphoric universe in the mind

Nicolae Babuts

P35.5.N7 G86 2015

Ethnology and empire : languages, literature, and the making of the North American borderlands

Robert Lawrence Gunn


Foreign language education in America : perspectives from K-12, university, government, and international learning

edited by Steven Berbeco

P90 .P4685 2015

Philosophy of emerging media : understanding, appreciation, application [electronic resource]

edited by Juliet Floyd and James E. Katz

P92.U6 D83 2016

Informed power : communication in the early American South

Alejandra Dubcovsky

P95 .M318 2016

The matter of voice : sensual soundings

Karmen MacKendrick

P96.V5 A58 2015

Audience responses to real media violence : the knockout game

Mary Grace Antony

PA2389 .D53 2016

Learning Latin the ancient way : Latin textbooks from the ancient world

Eleanor Dickey

PA3052 .P48 2015

Divine epiphany in Greek literature and culture [electronic resource]

Georgia Petridou

PA31 .H69 2013

The Oxford companion to classical literature

edited by M.C. Howatson


Iambus and elegy : new approaches

edited by Laura Swift and Chris Carey

PA3161 .F57 2016

Comic democracies from ancient Athens to the American republic

Angus Fletcher


Verbal periphrasis in ancient Greek : have- and be- constructions

Klaas Bentein

PA3827.A8 M75 2016


Aeschylus ; a verse translation by David Mulroy, with introduction and notes

PA3879 .T43 2016

Aristophanes and the cloak of comedy : affect, aesthetics, and the canon

Mario Telò

PA6141 .T37 2016

Texts, editors, and readers : methods and problems in Latin textual criticism

Richard Tarrant

PA6156 .A82 2016

Confessions : books 9-13

Augustine ; edited and translated by Carolyn J.B. Hammond

PA6156 .C18 2016

Civil war

Caesar; edited and translated by Cynthia Damon

PA6411 .M334 2015

Horace between freedom and slavery : the first book of Epistles

Stephanie McCarter

PA6484 .L854 2016

Lucretius and modernity : Epicurean encounters across time and disciplines

edited by Jacques Lezra and Liza Blake

PA6664.Z6 K73 2016

Roman historical drama : the Octavia in antiquity and beyond

Patrick Kragelund

PA6807.A5 .H436 2016

Aeneid Book VI : a new verse translation

Seamus Heaney [translator]


The epic distilled : studies in the composition of the Aeneid

Nicholas Horsfall

PB1423 .I7 1986

Irish fairy and folk tales

edited and selected by W.B. Yeats

PB35 .B424 2016

Blended language program evaluation

Paul Gruba, Monica S. Cardenas-Claros, Ruslan Suvorov, Katherine Rick


Verb movement and clause structure in Old Romanian

Virginia Hill and Gabriela Alboiu

PE1106 .G35 2016

The Chicago guide to grammar, usage, and punctuation

Bryan A. Garner

PE1112 .H37 2016

Written English : a guide for electrical and electronic students and engineers

Steve Hart

PE1128.A2 S34 2016

Second language writing in elementary classrooms : instructional issues, content-area writing and teacher education

edited by Luciana C. de Oliveira and Tony Silva

PE1585 .L4 1960

Studies in words

C.S. Lewis

PG3065.R4 K45 2016

Unorthodox beauty : Russian modernism and its new religious aesthetic

Martha M.F. Kelly

PG3328.Z6 F75 2016

Transcendent love : Dostoevsky and the search for a global ethic

Leonard G. Friesen

PG3476.N3 Z5924 2016

Nabokov's canon : from Onegin to Ada

Marijeta Bozovic

PJ5054.Y42 N5813 2016

The extra

A.B. Yehoshua ; translated from the Hebrew by Stuart Schoffman

PJ5055.5.I77 M3513 2016

The beauty queen of Jerusalem

Sarit Yishai-Levi ; translated from the Hebrew by Anthony Berris

PJ7525.2 .H365 2016

Feminism and avant-garde aesthetics in the Levantine novel : feminism, nationalism, and the Arabic novel

Kifah Hanna

PJ7862.A3 M8313 2016

Diary of a child called Souad

Nawal El Saadawi ; introduced and translated from the Arabic by Omnia Amin

PK1718.R277 A2 2016

Ha ha ho ho : selected rhymes of Annada Shankar Ray

Annada Shankar Ray ; translated by Sukanta Chaudhuri


Universalist hopes in India and Europe : the worlds of Rabindranath Tagore and Srĕcko Kosovel [electronic resource]

Ana Jelnikar

PL1201 .B39 2013eb

Old Chinese : a new reconstruction

William H. Baxter and Laurent Sagart


Diversity in sinitic languages

Hilary M. Chappell

PL2275.P42 Y57 2016

Writing Beijing : urban spaces and cultural imaginations in contemporary Chinese literature and films

by Yiran Zheng

PL2698.L45 A2 2016

A book to burn and a book to keep (hidden) : selected writings

Li Zhi ; edited and translated by Rivi Handler-Spitz, Pauline C. Lee, and Haun Saussy

PL529 .M46

Japanese and the other Altaic languages

Roy Andrew Miller


Haruki Murakami : challenging authors

Matthew C. Strecher and Paul L. Thomas (editors.)

PL873.I93 T43 2015

The tea party in the woods

Akiko Miyakoshi

PN1031 .L47 2016

The hatred of poetry

Ben Lerner

PN1271 .B57 2016

Archaeopoetics : word, image, history

Mandy Bloomfield

PN1584 .L87 2016

Interdisciplinary performance : reformatting reality

Natasha Lushetich

PN1590.G39 B533 2016

Blacktino queer performance

edited by E. Patrick Johnson and Ramón H. Rivera-Servera

PN1590.M24 S38 2016

Performing indigenous culture on stage and screen : a harmony of frenzy

Marianne Schultz

PN1707 .W56 2016

The critics say : 57 theater reviewers in New York and beyond discuss their craft and its future

Matt Windman ; foreword by Robert Simonson

PN185 .L313 2016

La rettorica

Brunetto Latini ; edited and translated by Stefania d'Agata d'Ottavi

PN1892 .L4513 2016

Tragedy and dramatic theatre

Hans-Thies Lehmann ; translated by Erik Butler


Television production

Jim Owens

PN1992.75 .R57 2016eb

Directors tell the story : master the craft of television and film directing

Bethany Rooney and Mary Lou Belli

PN1992.8.E46 E46 2016

Emotions in contemporary TV series

Alberto N. Garcia, University of Navarra, Spain [editor]


Queer girls, temporality and screen media : not 'Just a Phase'

Whitney Monoghan


The producer's playbook : real people on camera

Amy DeLouise


Projecting Race: Postwar America

Stephen Charbonneau

PN1993.5.C4 S887 2016

China's encounter with global Hollywood : cultural policy and the film industry, 1994-2013

Wendy Su

PN1993.5.G3 P765 2016

The promise of cinema : German film theory, 1907--1933

edited by Anton Kaes, Nicholas Baer, and Michael Cowan

PN1993.5.G7 W59 2015

New British cinema from Submarine to 12 Years a Slave : the resurgence of British film-making

Jason Wood and Ian Haydn Smith

PN1993.5.N55 M55 2016

Nollywood central

Jade L. Miller

PN1993.5.S7 T75 2016

Spanish film cultures : the making and unmaking of Spanish cinema

Nuria Triana-Toribio

PN1993.5.T5 F847 2016

Ghostly desires : queer sexuality and vernacular Buddhism in contemporary Thai cinema

Arnika Fuhrmann

PN1993.5.U6 M35 2016

Movie journal : the rise of the new American cinema, 1959-1971

Jonas Mekas ; foreword by Peter Bogdanovich ; edited, with an introduction, by Gregory Smulewicz-Zucker, and a new afterword by Jonas Mekas

PN1995 .A58 2016

Multisensory film experience : a cognitive model of experiental film aesthetics

Luis Rocha Antunes

PN1995 R845 2015

Philosophy and the patience of film in Cavell and Nancy

Daniele Rugo

PN1995.9.A26 P6537 2016

Moment of action : riddles of cinematic performance

Murray Pomerance

PN1995.9.C36 M375 2016

Marvel Comics into film : essays on adaptations since the 1940s

edited by Matthew J. McEniry, Robert Moses Peaslee, and Robert G. Weiner

PN1995.9.C36 R87 2016

Cinema and its discontents : the dialectical nature of character

Zachariah Rush

PN1995.9.C45 S53 2016

The Children's Film Foundation : history and legacy

Robert Shail


Story money impact : funding media for social change

Tracey Friesen


Documentary voice & vision : a creative approach to non-fiction media production

Kelly Anderson & Martin Lucas, with Mick Hurbis-Cherrier ; illustrations by Amy Saidens

PN1995.9.D6 N5425 2016

Speaking truths with film : evidence, ethics, politics in documentary

Bill Nichols

PN1995.9.H55 D83 2016

Intersecting film, music, and queerness;victorian and contemporary perspectives [electronic resource]

PN1995.9.L53 S65 2016

Lincoln before Lincoln : early cinematic adaptations of the life of America's greatest president

Brian J. Snee

PN1995.9.M45 M38 2015eb

Global melodrama : nation, body, and history in contemporary film

Carla Marcantonio


Transgression in Anglo-American cinema : gender, sex, and the deviant body

edited by Joel Gwynne

PN1995.9.S668 P38 2016

When movies were theater : architecture, exhibition, and the evolution of American film

William Paul

PN1995.9.V55 K45 2016

Abstinence cinema : virginity and the rhetoric of sexual purity in contemporary film

Casey Ryan Kelly

PN1995.9.W6 D615 2015

Doing women's film history : reframing cinemas, past and future

edited by Christine Gledhill and Julia Knight

PN1995.9.W6 L68 2016

Violent women in contemporary cinema

Janice Loreck, Teaching Associate, Monash University, Australia

PN1997.A3225 B37 2016

Alien audiences : remembering and evaluating a classic movie

Martin Barker, Kate Egan, Tom Phillips and Sarah Ralph

PN1997.S63338 L55 2016

Roy Andersson's Songs from the second floor : contemplating the art of existence

Ursula Lindqvist

PN1998.2 .B96 2016

Behind the scenes with Hollywood producers : interviews with 14 top film creators

Duane Byrge ; foreword by Robert Osborne

PN1998.2.W664 W59 2016

WKW : the cinema of Wong Kar Wai

Wong Kar Wai, John Powers

PN1998.3.A45 B35 2016

The reluctant film art of Woody Allen

Peter J. Bailey

PN1998.3.B3748 W38 2016eb

Roland Barthes' cinema

Philip Watts ; manuscript edited from the author's unfinished chapters by Dudley Andrew, Yves Citton, Vincent Debaene, Sam Di Iorio

PN1998.3.C6437 P67 2015

Postcolonialism, diaspora, and alternative histories : the cinema of Evans Chan

edited by Tony Williams

PN1998.3.H38 H684 2016

Howard Hawks : new perspectives

edited by Ian Brookes

PN1998.3.K74 K87 2016

Kurt Kren : structural films

edited by Nicky Hamlyn, Simon Payne, A.L. Rees

PN1998.3.M3388 T477 2015

Terrence Malick : rehearsing the unexpected

edited by Carlo Hintermann and Daniele Villa ; in collaboration with Luciano Barcaroli and Gerardo Panichi

PN1998.3.R64 B3413 2016

Éric Rohmer : a biography

Antoine de Baecque and Noël Herpe ; translated by Steven Rendall and Lisa Neal


Martin Scorsese in ten scenes

Tim Grierson

PN1998.3.S65 C47 2016

Children in the films of Steven Spielberg

edited by Adrian Schober and Debbie Olson

PN2018 .T465 2015

Theatre and youth

editor, David S. Thompson

PN2020 .B55 2015

101 greatest plays : from antiquity to the present

Michael Billington

PN2061 .P46 2015

Let me play the lion too : how to be an actor Michael Pennington


A monologue is an outrageous situation! : how to survive the 60-second audition

Herb Parker

PN2071.I5 F76 2016

Improvisation in drama, theatre and performance : history, practice, theory

Anthony Frost and Ralph Yarrow

PN2287.N57 L44 2016

Mabel Normand : the life and career of a Hollywood madcap

Timothy Dean Lefler

PN2287.P18 S36 2016

Al Pacino : in films and on stage

William Schoell

PN2287.P57 P65 2014

Poitier revisited : reconsidering a Black icon in the Obama age

edited by Ian Gregory Strachan and Mia Mask


The masters of the revels and Elizabeth I's court theatre

W.R. Streitberger

PN2608.C372 N37 2016

Locating the audience : how people found value in National Theatre Wales

Kirsty Sedgman

PN2658.O77 O77 2016

The theatre of Thomas Ostermeier

Thomas Ostermeier & Peter Boenisch

PN2924.5.N6 Y53 2016

China reinterpreted : staging the Other in Muromachi noh theater

Leo Shingchi Yip

PN3160.A34 P47 2016

The Penelope Project : an arts-based odyssey to change elder care

edited by Anne Basting, Maureen Towey, and Ellie Rose

PN3331 .P35 2016

Life and work : writers, readers, and the conversations between them

Tim Parks

PN3352.P7 F79 2016

Speaking pictures : neuropsychoanalysis and authorship in film and literature

Alistair Fox

PN3355 .C583 2016

How to write like Tolstoy : a journey into the minds of our greatest writers

Richard Cohen

PN3355 .S345 2016

The art of fiction

James Salter

PN3448.D4 P755 2016

Private investigator

edited by Alistair Rolls & Rachel Franks

PN3448.W3 F5 1976

The First World War in fiction : a collection of critical essays

edited by Holger Klein

PN3503 .A345 2016

Atlantic afterlives in contemporary fiction : the oceanic imaginary in literature since the information age

by Sofia Ahlberg

PN3503 .M365 2015

Materiality and the modern cosmopolitan novel [electronic resource]

Alan McCluskey


Scared speechless : 9 ways to overcome your fears and captivate your audience

by Steve Rohr and Dr. Shirley Impellizzeri


Fictional characters, real problems : the search for ethical content in literature

edited by Garry L. Hagberg

PN511 .M28 2016

Gatekeepers : the emergence of world literature and the 1960s

William Marling

PN56.A64 C74 2016

Creatural fictions : human-animal relationships in twentieth- and twenty-first-century literature

edited by David Herman

PN56.B54 C85 2016

Culture on two wheels : the bicycle in literature and film

edited and with an introduction by Jeremy Withers and Daniel P. Shea ; foreword by Zack Furness

PN56.E7 N87 2015

Understanding pornographic fiction : sex, violence, and self-deception

Charles Nussbaum

PN56.H55 S39 2015

Gendered testimonies of the Holocaust : writing life

Petra M. Schweitzer

PN56.L45 C36 2015

The Cambridge companion to lesbian literature

edited by Jodie Medd, Carleton University

PN56.M27 U34 2016

Never better! : the modern Jewish picaresque

Miriam Udel

PN56.M54 R37 2016

History of a shiver : the sublime impudence of modernism

Jed Rasula


Time in fiction

Craig Bourne and Emily Caddick Bourne

PN57.M65 Z56 2016

Uses and abuses of Moses : literary representations since the Enlightenment

Theodore Ziolkowski

PN6014 .T68 2016

Trafika Europe : essential new European literature

edited by Andrew Singer

PN603 .C37 2016

Romanticism : a literary and cultural history

Carmen Casaliggi and Porscha Fermanis

PN6110.B28 I38 2016

If bees are few : a hive of bee poems

James P. Lenfestey, editor ; foreword by Bill McKibben ; afterword by Marla Spivak

PN6120.A52 A79575h 2016

Hand to God

by Robert Askins

PN6120.A52 B436n 2016


by Douglas Carter Beane

PN6120.A52 D925r 2016

The Road to Damascus

by Tom Dulack

PN6120.A52 G423u 2015

Uncanny valley

by Thomas Gibbons

PN6120.A52 H34426o 2015

Our lady of Kibeho

by Katori Hall

PN6120.A52 H3549se 2016

Sense and sensibility

by Kate Hamill ; based on the novel by Jane Austen

PN6120.A52 J66345do 2016

Doublewide, Texas

by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, Jamie Wooten

PN6120.A52 M281m 2014

Mothers and sons

by Terrence McNally

PN6120.A52 P6764J 2016

Judy / by Max Posner

PN6120.A52 R677t 2015

Thinner than water

by Melissa Ross

PN6120.A52 T5979a 2016

Ashville / by Lucy Thurber

PN6120.A52 W55882b 2016


by Tracey Scott Wilson

PN6283 .B413 2016

One-way street

Walter Benjamin ; translated by Edmund Jephcott ; edited and with an introduction by Michael W. Jennings

PN6714 .D57 2016

Disability in comic books and graphic narratives

edited by Chris Foss, Jonathan W. Gray and Zach Whalen

PN6714 .H48 2016

Reading graphic novels : genre and narration

Achim Hescher


The greatest comic book of all time : symbolic capital and the field of American comic books

Bart Beaty, Benjamin Woo

PN682.E46 A78 2015

The art of vision : ekphrasis in medieval literature and culture

edited by Andrew James Johnston, Ethan Knapp, and Margitta Rouse

PN701 .S34 2016

Babylon under western eyes : a study of allusion and myth

Andrew Scheil


'Ungainefull arte' : poetry, patronage, and print in the early modern era [electronic resource]

Richard A. McCabe

PN75.S25 P36 2016

Edward Said and the question of subjectivity

Prasad Pannian


Thinking with literature : towards a cognitive criticism

Terence Cave

PN98.I54 H36 2016

Literature in the digital age : an introduction

Adam Hammond (San Diego University)

PQ145.1.E35 E36 2016

Ecocritical approaches to literature in French

edited by Douglas L. Boudreau and Marnie M. Sullivan

PQ2082.C3 E5 2016

Candide or, Optimism : the Robert M. Adams translation, backgrounds, criticism

Voltaire ; edited by Nicholas Cronk


The unbridled tongue : babble and gossip in Renaissance France

Emily Butterworth


A happy death

by Albert Camus ; translated from the French by Richard Howard ; afterword and notes by Jean Sarocchi

PQ2625.E3 I5713 2016

Invasion 14 : a novel

Maxence Van der Meersch ; translated by W. Brian Newsome

PQ2631.R63 A97313 2015

In the shadow of young girls in flower

Marcel Proust ; edited and annotated by William C. Carter ; The C.K. Scott Moncrieff translation

PQ2637.A82 M875 2016

The philosophical contexts of Sartre's The wall and other stories : stories of bad faith

Kevin W. Sweeney

PQ2718.A36 F7313 2016

France, story of a childhood

Zahia Rahmani ; translated by Lara Vergnaud

PQ307.O75 L37 2016

Postcolonial counterpoint : orientalism, France, and the Maghreb

Farid Laroussi

PQ3897 .B63 2016

The body in Francophone literature : historical, thematic and aesthetic perspectives

edited by El Hadji Malick Ndiaye and Moussa Sow

PQ3949.2.G53 Z89 2015

Theorizing Glissant : sites and citations

edited by John E. Drabinski and Marisa Parham

PQ3989.2.N4623 M6613 2016

Mount Pleasant : a novel

Patrice Nganang ; translated from the French by Amy Baram Reid

PQ4293.P4 M54 2015

The ethical dimension of the Decameron

Marilyn Migiel

PQ6066 .L68 2016

Epics of empire and frontier : Alonso de Ercilla and Gaspar Pérez de Villagrá as Spanish colonial chroniclers

Celia López-Chávez

PQ6105 .R46 2015

Remaking the comedia : Spanish classical theater in adaptation

edited by Harley Erdman and Susan Paun de García

PQ6321.C48 Z75 2016

Authority, piracy, and captivity in colonial Spanish American writing : Juan de Castellanos's Elegies of illustrious men of the Indies

Emiro Martínez-Osorio

PQ6411.L32 P55 2016

The task of the cleric : cartography, translation, and economics in thirteenth-century Iberia

Simone Pinet

PQ6707.O5255 C5413 2016

The sky over Lima

Juan Gómez Bárcena ; translated from Spanish by Andrea Rosenberg

PQ7081.A1 B56 2016

The specter of races : Latin American anthropology and literature between the wars

Anke Birkenmaier

PQ7082.N7 A585 2016

Ethics and literature in Chile, Argentina, and Paraguay, 1970-2000 : through the singular to specific

Carlos M. Amador

PQ7389.G84 Z536 2016

Uniting Blacks in a raceless nation : blackness, Afro-Cuban culture, and Mestizaje in the prose and poetry of Nicolás Guillén

Miguel Arnedo-Gómez

PQ7707.S34 P34 2016

Science fiction in Argentina : technologies of the text in a material multiverse

Joanna Page

PQ7797.P576 A2 2015

Extracting the stone of madness : poems 1962-1972

by Alejandra Pizarnik ; translated from the Spanish by Yvette Siegert

PQ9929.A39 T4713 2015

A general theory of oblivion

José Eduardo Agualusa ; translated from the Portuguese by Daniel Hahn

PR127 .O94 2016

The Oxford history of Classical reception in English literature. Volume 1 : 800-1558. [electronic resource]

[edited by] Rita Copeland


Shakespearean allusion in crime fiction : DCI Shakespeare

Lisa Hopkins

PR1309.D4 O94 2002

The Oxford book of English detective stories

edited by Patricia Craig

PR149.S5 S53 2016

Indecent exposure : gender, politics, and obscene comedy in Middle English literature

Nicole Nolan Sidhu

PR173 .C39 2016

Weaving words and binding bodies : the poetics of human experience in Old English literature

Megan Cavell

PR173 .D385 2016

Joinings : compound words in Old English literature

Jonathan Davis-Secord

PR173 .N65 2016

Old English literature : a guide to criticism, with selected readings

John D. Niles

PR1852 .O36 2015

Reading Chaucer's poems : a guided selection

by Bernard O'Donoghue

PR275.B5 M33 2016

Tropologies : ethics and invention in England, c. 1350-1600

Ryan McDermott

PR2807 .J75 2016

Hamlet : fold on fold

Gabriel Josipovici

PR2819 .V53 2016

The one King Lear

Sir Brian Vickers

PR2976 .C515 2014

Shakespeare's stage traffic : imitation, borrowing and competition in Renaissance theatre

Janet Clare, University of Hull


Shakespeare and cognition : thinking fast and slow through character

Neema Parvini

PR2995 .R93 2016

Shakespeare's symmetries : the mirrored structure of action in the plays

James E. Ryan

PR3014 .W55 2015

Mapping Shakespeare's world

Peter Whitfield


Shakespeare's money : how much did he make and what did this mean?

Robert Bearman

PR3034 .S43 2013

Shakespeare on theatre

edited by Nick de Somogyi

PR3069.I8 B37 2016

Shakespeare's Italy & Italy's Shakespeare : place, "race," politics

Shaul Bassi


Shakespeare's binding language

John Kerrigan

PR3093 .B25 2016

Shakespeare films : a re-evaluation of 100 years of adaptations

Peter E.S. Babiak

PR3095 .D88 2016

Shakespeare, court dramatist [electronic resource]

Richard Dutton

PR3545.M6 Z533 2015eb

Bernard de Mandeville's tropology of paradoxes : morals, politics, economics, and therapy

Edmundo Balsemão Pires, Joaquim Braga, editors

PR3627.A2 J66 2016

An essay on man

Alexander Pope ; edited with an introduction by Tom Jones

PR3667 .C87 2016

Samuel Richardson and the art of letter-writing

Louise Curran

PR3728.P6 M37 2015

Swift and history : politics and the English past

Ashley Marshall


Beyond melancholy : sadness and selfhood in Renaissance England

Erin Sullivan

PR428.B63 D43 2016

Civic and medical worlds in early modern England : performing barbery and surgery

Eleanor Decamp

PR428.P68 H83 2016

Privacy in the age of Shakespeare

Ronald Huebert

PR438.E39 E27 2015

Ecological approaches to early modern English texts : a field guide to reading and teaching

edited by Jennifer Munroe, Edward J. Geisweidt and Lynne Bruckner

PR4453.C6 Z84 2015

New essays on John Clare : poetry, culture and community

edited by Simon Kövesi and Scott McEathron

PR448.P5 M56 2016

Mind, body, motion, matter : eighteenth-century British and French literary perspectives

edited by Mary Helen McMurran and Alison Conway

PR448.R44 D66 2016

The rhetoric of diversion in English literature and culture, 1690-1760

Darryl P. Domingo (University of Memphis)


British writers and paris : 1830-187 [electronic resource]

PR468.D42 L88 2015

Relics of death in Victorian literature and culture

Deborah Lutz

PR468.H63 D36 2016

Time, domesticity and print culture in nineteenth-century Britain

Maria Damkjær (Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

PR468.N3 R65 2016

Romantic ecocriticism : origin and legacies

edited by Dewey W. Hall


The comfort of strangers : social life and literary form

Gage McWeeny

PR508.S53 H65 2016

The substance of shadow : a darkening trope in poetic history

John Hollander ; edited by Kenneth Gross

PR531 .E93 2015

Perspectives on Renaissance poetry

Robert C. Evans

PR5398 .B688 2016

Wollstonecraft, Mill, and Women's Human Rights

Eileen Hunt Botting


Charles Darwin and the church of Wordsworth [electronic resource]

Robert M. Ryan

PR590 .G84 2016

Watchwords : Romanticism and the poetics of attention

Lily Gurton-Wachter

PR6005.H66 Z459 1982

The Agatha Christie who's who

compiled by Randall Toye


Robert Graves and the classical tradition

edited by A.G.G. Gibson


Graham Greene : an annotated bibliography of criticism

by A.F. Cassis

PR6013.R44 Z6315965 2016eb

Graham Greene : political writer

Michael G. Brennan, Professor of Renaissance Studies, University of Leeds, UK

PR6015.U35 Z68 1994

Richard Hughes : a biography

Richard Perceval Graves

PR6019.O9 D8684 2012

Collaborative Dubliners : Joyce in dialogue

edited by Vicki Mahaffey

PR6019.O9 F59386 2016

James Joyce and the philosophers at Finnegan's wake

Donald Phillip Verene

PR6023.A93 Z6885 2015

The theatre of D.H. Lawrence : dramatic modernist and theatrical innovator

James Moran

PR6023.E926 Z7486 2016

Reading C.S. Lewis : a commentary

Wesley A. Kort

PR6029.R8 A7 1977

Animal Farm : a fairy story

by George Orwell ; with an introduction by C.M. Woodhouse


Bram Stoker and the gothic : formations to transformations

edited by Catherine Wynne, University of Hull, UK

PR6037.T617 S63 2015

The snake's pass : a critical edition

Bram Stoker ; edited and with an introduction by Lisabeth C. Buchelt

PR6039.O32 S86 2016

The story of Kullervo

by J.R.R. Tolkien ; edited by Verlyn Flieger

PR6045.O72 Z574 2015eb

Virginia Woolf's influential forebears : Julia Margaret Cameron, Anny Thackeray Ritchie and Julia Prinsep Stephen [electronic resource]

Marion Dell

PR6045.O72 Z6135 2016

The value of Virginia Woolf

Madelyn Detloff (Miami University)

PR6052.A6657 N65 2016

The noise of time

Julian Barnes

PR6054.Y43 A6 2016

White sands : experiences from the outside world

Geoff Dyer

PR6056.R3 Z46 2012

My father's fortune : a life

Michael Frayn

PR6058.A26 A6 2016

The pier falls : and other stories

Mark Haddon

PR6063.C377 B419 1999

The beauty queen of Leenane

by Martin McDonagh

PR6063.C73 A6 2016

The night alive : and other plays

Conor McPherson

PR6069.E3654 Z77 2016

Will Self and contemporary British society

Graham Matthews (Associate Professor in the Department of English, Culture and Communications at Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China)

PR6069.W47 M68 2016

Mothering Sunday : a romance

Graham Swift

PR6101.R672 L68 2016

Love, sex and other foreign policy goals

Jesse Armstrong

PR6102.A57 C68 2016

A country road, a tree : a novel

Jo Baker

PR6103.L43 E94 2016

Everyone brave is forgiven

Chris Cleave

PR6108.U6 L66 2016

The Loney

Andrew Michael Hurley

PR6116.A7425 A53 2016

Anatomy of a soldier

Harry Parker

PR6119.T455 A6 2005

Plays, 1

Simon Stephens

PR6121.N344 H37 2015


Jack Underwood

PR6122.A36 F37 2016

Father's day : a novel

Simon Van Booy

PR658.E35 .S53 2016

Shakespeare's cultural capital : his economic impact from the sixteenth to the twenty-first century

edit by Dominic Shellard (DeMontfort University, Leicster) and Sibhan Keenan (De Montfort University, Leicester)


Unsettled toleration : religious difference on the Shakespearean stage

Brian Walsh


Hamlet's moment : drama and political knowledge in early modern England

András Kiséry

PR830.C59 H63 2016

Style and the single girl : how modern women re-dressed the novel, 1922-1977

Hope Howell Hodgkins

PR878.M36 J37 2016

Exquisite masochism : marriage, sex, and the novel form

Claire Jarvis

PR878.M36 S33 2016

Romance's rival : familiar marriage in Victorian fiction [electronic resource]

Talia Schaffer

PR878.R4 J34 2016

The Victorian novel dreams of the real : conventions and ideology

Audrey Jaffe

PR8801 .O27 2015

The Irish novel, 1800-1910

George O'Brien

PR9185.5.D47 D44 2016

Imagining care : responsibility, dependency, and Canadian literature

Amelia DeFalco

PR9199.3.C6815 B53 2016

Black apple : a novel

Joan Crate

PR9199.3.R4284 W44 2016

Where we live

John Reibetanz

PR9199.4.B475 G34 2016

The gallery of lost species : a novel

Nina Berkhout

PR9275.A583 K56434 2016

In search of Annie Drew : Jamaica Kincaid's mother and muse

Daryl Cumber Dance

PR9369.3.T6 M87 2004

Between two worlds

Miriam Tlali

PR9387.9.S27 Z64 2016

Ken Saro-Wiwa

Roy Doron and Toyin Falola

PR9399.9.M34 S4 1982

The serpent-hearted politician

E.J.E. Makaidi

PR9485.5.H66 R67 2016

Same-sex desire in Indian culture : representations in literature and film, 1970-2015

Oliver Ross

PR9499.3.K57 Z774 2016

Bombay modern : Arun Kolatkar and bilingual literary culture

Anjali Nerlekar

PR9499.3.S975 H68 2016

The house of hidden mothers

Meera Syal

PR9619.3.M83 A6 2016

Waiting for the past

Les Murray

PR9619.4.M38355 A6 2016

The high places : stories

Fiona McFarlane


Barkskins : a novel

Annie Proulx

PS129 .P53 2016

American rhapsody : writers, musicians, movie stars, and one great building

Claudia Roth Pierpont

PS1305 .D54 2016

The historian's Huck Finn : reading Mark Twain's masterpiece as social and economic history

annotated by Ranjit S. Dighe

PS1334 .Z33 2016

Chasing the last laugh : Mark Twain's raucous and redemptive round-the-world comedy tour

Richard Zacks

PS1342.H55 K57 2016

Mark Twain at home : how family shaped Twain's fiction

Michael J. Kiskis ; foreword by Laura Skandera Trombley ; afterword by Gary Scharnhorst

PS1342.H62 W87 2016

Mark Twain, American humorist

Tracy Wuster

PS147 .M36 2016

The Routledge introduction to American women writers

Wendy Martin and Sharone Williams

PS149 .W54 2016

In the neighborhood : women's publication in early America

Caroline Wigginton

PS153.A83 K56 2016

Invisible subjects : Asian America in postwar literature [electronic resource]

Heidi Kim

PS153.J4 G53 2016

Borrowed voices : writing and racial ventriloquism in the Jewish American imagination

Jennifer Glaser

PS153.M56 G66 2016

The non-national in contemporary American literature : ethnic women writers and problematic belongings

Dalia M.A. Gomaa

PS153.M56 W35 2016

Game theory and minorities in American literature

Michael Wainwright

PS153.N5 D467 2016

The twenty-first century African American novel and the critique of whiteness in everyday life : blackness as strategy for social change

E. Lâle Demirtürk

PS153.N5 Z36 2015eb

African American political thought and American culture : the nation's struggle for racial justice

by Alex Zamalin

PS1541.Z5 M483 2016

Emily Dickinson's poems : as she preserved them

edited by Cristanne Miller

PS1557 .D47 2015

Jump back, Paul : the life and poems of Paul Laurence Dunbar

Sally Derby ; illustrated by Sean Qualls

PS2124 .M66 2016

Reading Henry James : a critical perspective on selected works

George Monteiro

PS217.C58 M37 2015

Nineteenth-century American literature and the long Civil War

Cody Marrs, University of Georgia

PS217.N38 K46 2016

Strange nation : literary nationalism and cultural conflict in the age of Poe [electronic resource]

J. Gerald Kennedy

PS221 .S63 2016

Transpacific community : America, China, and the rise and fall of a cultural network

Richard Jean So

PS228.A52 W35 2016

The nature of California : race, citizenship, and farming since the Dust Bowl

Sarah D. Wald

PS228.B6 F39 2016

World Beats : Beat Generation writing and the worlding of U.S. literature

Jimmy Fazzino

PS2384.M62 E87 2016

The Essex and the whale : Melville's Leviathan library and the birth of Moby-Dick

R.D. Madison, editor

PS2429.M5 Z64 2016

Who wrote "The night before Christmas"? : analyzing the Clement Clarke Moore vs. Henry Livingston question

MacDonald P. Jackson

PS261 .M46 2016

The language of vision : photography and southern literature in the 1930s and after

Joseph R. Millichap

PS2657 .K63 2016

William Hickling Prescott : the life and letters of America's first scientific historian

Peter O. Koch

PS271 .C36 2016

The Cambridge companion to the literature of the American West

edited by Steven Frye

PS303 .P68 2015

Future-founding poetry : topographies of beginnings from Whitman to the twenty-first century

Sascha Pöhlmann

PS305 .S54 2016

The lyric in the age of the brain

Nikki Skillman

PS3088 .K37 2016

A refugee from his race : Albion W. Tourgée and his fight against white supremacy

Carolyn L. Karcher

PS310.M57 S55 2016

Slapstick modernism : Chaplin to Kerouac to Iggy Pop

William Solomon

PS3203 .N68 2014

Walt Whitman's selected journalism

edited by Douglas A. Noverr and Jason Stacy

PS3503.E4488 Z7944 2016

Bellow's people : how Saul Bellow made life into art

David Mikics

PS3503.I785 Z695 2016

Elizabeth Bishop's Brazil

Bethany Hicok

PS3503.R8283 Z68 2016

The amazing adventures of Bob Brown : a real-life zelig who wrote his way through the 20th century

Craig Saper

PS3509.L43 P64 2015

The poems of T. S. Eliot

edited by Christopher Ricks and Jim McCue

PS3509.L43 P64 2015

The poems of T. S. Eliot

edited by Christopher Ricks and Jim McCue

PS3509.L43 Z5987 2016

Strategy and purpose in T.S. Eliot's major poems : language, hermeneutics, and ancient truth in "new verse"

G. Douglas Atkins (Professor Emeritus of English, University of Kansas, USA)

PS3509.L43 Z8747 2016

T.S. Eliot, poetry, and earth : the name of the lotos rose

Etienne Terblanche

PS3515.E37 S9216 2016

Everybody behaves badly : the true story behind Hemingway's masterpiece The Sun Also Rises

Lesley M.M. Blume

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The age of Lovecraft

Carl H. Sederholm and Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock, editors ; foreword by Ramsey Campbell ; afterword: interview with China Miéville

PS3535.I233 Z68 2016

Jayne Cortez, Adrienne Rich, and the feminist superhero : voice, vision, politics, and performance in U.S. contemporary women's poetics

edited by Laura Hinton ; with art by Linda Stein

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Once and for all : the best of Delmore Schwartz

introduction by John Ashbery ; edited by Craig Morgan Teicher

PS3545.E6 Z845 2016

Eudora Welty's fiction and photography : the body of the other woman

Harriet Pollack

PS3551.L3923 A6 2016

The final days of great American shopping : stories past, present, and future

Gilbert Allen

PS3551.N27 S67 2016

The sorrows of young Alfonso

Rudolfo Anaya

PS3551.U77 Z56 2016

Paul Auster and the influence of Maurice Blanchot

María Laura Arce

PS3552.A45 G5 2016

Giovanni's room

by James Baldwin ; with an introduction by Colm Toibin

PS3552.L36533 M38 2015

Matters of the sea = : Cosas del mar : a poem commemorating a new era in US-Cuba relations : August 14, 2015, United States Embassy, Havana, Cuba

Richard Blanco ; Spanish translations by Ruth Behar

PS3552.L43 Z84 2016

The theater of Lee Blessing : a critical study of 44 plays

Philip Zwerling

PS3553.I78 Z46 2015

A house of my own : stories from my life

Sandra Cisneros

PS3553.O4752 A766 2016

Admit one : an American scrapbook

Martha Collins

PS3554.E4425 Z35 2016

Zero K : a novel

Don DeLillo

PS3554.I259 Z55 2016

Paratexts and performance in the novels of Junot Díaz and Sandra Cisneros

Ellen McCracken

PS3554.I86 B44 2016

Before we visit the goddess

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

PS3554.O438 A6 2016

Manual for living

Sharon Dolin

PS3554.O884 A6 2016

Collected poems : 1974--2004

Rita Dove

PS3554.U325 I3 2016

I don't like where this is going : a Wylie Coyote novel

John Dufresne

PS3554.U677 R57 2016

The risen : a novel of Spartacus

David Anthony Durham

PS3555.R42 L36 2016


Louise Erdrich

PS3556.R363 A6 2016

Hogs wild : selected reporting pieces

Ian Frazier

PS3556.R3915 Z46 2016

The latter days : a memoir

Judith Freeman

PS3557.R3968 A6 2016

The age of reasons : uncollected poems, 1969-1982

Ted Greenwald ; edited by Miles Champion

PS3561.I483 Z6225 2016eb

Teaching Stephen King : horror, the supernatural, and new approaches to literature

Alissa Burger

PS3562.A7585 S54 2016

She : fiction

Michelle Latiolais

PS3563.A2925 B56 2016

Blood memory

Colleen J. McElroy

PS3563.A7295 Z75 2016

The fiction of Valerie Martin : an introduction

Veronica Makowsky

PS3563.C337 Z774 2016

True and living prophet of destruction : Cormac McCarthy and modernity

Nicholas Monk

PS3563.C337 Z775 2016

A bloody and barbarous god : the metaphysics of Cormac McCarthy

Petra Mundik

PS3563.C3658 A6 2016

XX : poems for the twentieth century

Campbell McGrath

PS3563.C3825 L39 2016

Lazaretto : a novel

Diane McKinney-Whetstone

PS3563.E195 H97 2016


David Means

PS3563.I42175 S94 2016

Sweet lamb of heaven : a novel

Lydia Millet

PS3564.O795 Z57 2016

A critical companion to Lynn Nottage

edited by Jocelyn L. Buckner

PS3565.N383 A6 2016

Don't start me to talking ... : plays of struggle and liberation : the selected plays of John O'Neal

edited with select introductory material by Theresa Ripley Holden

PS3566.E6912 Z977 2016

Walker Percy's the Moviegoer at fifty : new takes on an iconic American novel

edited by Jennifer Levasseur and Mary A. McCay ; foreword by Jay Tolson

PS3568.U812 E94 2016

Everybody's fool

Richard Russo

PS3569.C497 T46 2016

They may not mean to, but they do

Cathleen Schine

PS3569.H284 A6 2016

Kingdoms in the air : dispatches from the far away

Bob Shacochis

PS3569.T48214 L68 2016

Love & friendship : in which Jane Austen's Lady Susan Vernon is entirely vindicated : concerning the beautiful Lady Susan Vernon, her cunning daughter & the strange antagonism of the DeCourcy family

Whit Stillman

PS3569.W17 W35 2016

Walking the dog : a novel

Elizabeth Swados ; with an afterword by Gloria Steinem

PS3570.E692 G66 2016

The good lieutenant

Whitney Terrell

PS3570.H625 S54 2016

She poured out her heart

Jean Thompson

PS3570.O739 E97 2016

Explosion rocks Springfield

Rodrigo Toscano

PS3572.O297 A6 2016


Arthur Vogelsang

PS3573.E565 A6 2016

God's foolishness : poems

William Wenthe

PS3601.M464 E53 2016

Enchanted islands : a novel

Allison Amend

PS3602.A59 A6 2016

Eternity & oranges

Christopher Bakken

PS3603.H3348 A6 2016

Standing water

Eleanor Chai

PS3603.R895 S68 2016

Sotto voce

Nilo Cruz

PS3604.A5376 S94 2016


Stephanie Danler

PS3608.A544 H43 2016

Heat and light

Jennifer Haigh

PS3608.A54567 A6 2016

The fat artist : and other stories

Benjamin Hale

PS3608.A85 I46 2016

Imagine me gone : a novel

Adam Haslett

PS3608.E394 L36 2016

Landfall : a ring of stories

Julie Hensley

PS3608.E766 D43 2016

Dear, sincerely

David Hernandez

PS3608.O45 A6 2016

Dated emcees

Chinaka Hodge

PS3612.E3516 S45 2016

Self-portrait in a convex mirror 2

Paul Legault

PS3612.Y542 B44 2016

Before the wind

Jim Lynch

PS3613.A2834685 A6 2016

If you need me, I'll be over there

Dave Madden

PS3613.C5687 A6 2016

Mz N : the serial : a poem-in-episodes

Maureen N. McLane

PS3616.H45565 A6 2016

Some possible solutions : stories

Helen Phillips

PS3616.O5465 A6 2016

Out of print

Julien Poirier

PS3619.C363 A6 2016

The bed moved : stories

Rebecca Schiff

PS3619.H3485 A6 2016

Energy corridor

Glenn Shaheen

PS3619.M5815 L37 2016

The last painting of Sara de Vos

Dominic Smith

PS3619.P744 C35 2016

Call her by her name : poems

Bianca Lynne Spriggs

PS3622.I2837 A6 2016

Congratulations on your martyrdom!

Zachary Tyler Vickers

PS3623.A3523 A6 2016

The body distances (a hundred blackbirds rising) : poems

Mark Wagenaar

PS3623.H94 Y68 2016

You may see a stranger : stories

Paula Whyman

PS371 .K66 2016

The Ulysses delusion : rethinking standards of literary merit

Cecilia Konchar Farr

PS374.D4 J32 2016

Criminal femmes fatales in American hardboiled crime fiction

Maysaa Husam Jaber, University of Baghdad, Iraq

PS374.G68 J66 2015

The Gothic and the carnivalesque in American culture

Timothy Jones

PS374.I495 P43 2016

The forsaken son : child murder and atonement in modern American fiction

Joshua Pederson

PS374.P62 H84 2016

After critique : twenty-first-century fiction in a neoliberal age [electronic resource]

Mitchum Huehls

PS374.R47 D68 2016

If God meant to interfere : American literature and the rise of the Christian right

Christopher Douglas

PS374.R47 N39 2016

Rhetorics of religion in American fiction : faith, fundamentalism, and fanaticism in the age of terror

Liliana M. Naydan

PS374.T43 S84 2016

Schooling readers : reading common schools in nineteenth-century American fiction

Allison Speicher

PS509.S56 S66 2016

The Sonoran Desert : a literary field guide

edited by Eric Magrane and Christopher Cokinos ; illustrations by Paul Mirocha ; foreword by Don Swann

PS551 .H37 2016

Hard lines : rough South poetry

edited by Daniel Cross Turner and William Wright


Between German and Hebrew

PT2540 .L827 2016

Ludwig Tieck : Leben, Werk, Wirkung

Herausgegeben von Claudia Stockinger und Stefan Scherer

PT2613.R6 T613 2016

Utter chaos

Sammy Gronemann ; translated by Penny Milbouer ; foreword by Joachim Schlör

PT2617.U725 Z65 2016

Comrade Huppert : a poet in Stalin's world

George Huppert

PT2621.A26 Z73297 2016

Kafka's ethics of interpretation : between tyranny and despair

Jennifer L. Geddes

PT2625.A435 Z8757 2016

Cursed legacy : the tragic life of Klaus Mann

Frederic Spotts

PT2662.E7 G6413 2016

Goethe dies

Thomas Bernhard ; translated by James Reidel

PT2662.R215 R8613 2016


Werner Bräunig ; translated by Samuel P. Willcocks

PT2681.E529 I413 2016

In field Latin

Lutz Seiler ; translated by Alexander Booth

PT2682.R56 E4713 2016

The Lamentations of Zeno

Ilija Trojanow ; translated by Philip Boehm

PT401 .H27 2016

Handbuch Nachkriegskultur : Literatur, Sachbuch und Film in Deutschland (1945-1962)

herausgegeben von Elena Agazzi und Erhard Schütz

PT405 .K5264 2015

Nonconformist writing in Nazi Germany : the literature of inner emigration

John Klapper

PZ10.3.D315 Wo 2015

The wolf-birds

by Willow Dawson

PZ7 .B29274 Gra 2013

Graffiti Knight

Karen Bass

PZ7.1.B453 Th 2015

The thing about jellyfish

Ali Benjamin

PZ7.1.J Lo 2015

The lost marble notebook of Forgotten Girl and Random Boy

Marie Jaskulka

PZ7.1.L33 Nau 2015

Naughty Mabel

Nathan Lane & Devlin Elliott ; illustrated by Dan Krall

PZ7.1.M3 In 2015

Ink and ashes

Valynne E. Maetani

PZ7.1.M4353 Bur 2016

Burning midnight

Will McIntosh

PZ7.1.S25 Si 2015

The Sin Eater's daughter

Melinda Salisbury

PZ7.1.W34 Hol 2015

Hold tight, don't let go : a novel of Haiti

Laura Rose Wagner

PZ7.1.Y66 Ev 2015

Everything, everything

Nicola Yoon ; illustrations by David Yoon

PZ7.A3744 Wo 2015

The wonderful fluffy little squishy

Beatrice Alemagna ; translated from the French by Claudia Zoe Bedrick

PZ7.A953 Cat 2015

Catch you later, traitor


PZ7.B174729 If 2015

If you find this

by Matthew Baker

PZ7.B32615 So 2016


Joan Bauer

PZ7.B574 Ve 2015

Very in pieces

Megan Frazer Blakemore

PZ7.C76955 Rem 2015


Eileen Cook

PZ7.E749 HU

The hundred dresses

by Eleanor Estes ; illustrated by Louis Slobodkin

PZ7.G7667574 Lit 2015

Little Bird's bad word

Jacob Grant

PZ7.H18944 Ps 2015

P.S.I still love you

Jenny Han

PZ7.H87398 Ff 1986

Ffangs the vampire bat and the kiss of truth

Ted Hughes ; illustrated by Chris Riddell

PZ7.L5629 Sam 2000

Sam and the tigers : a new telling of Little Black Sambo

by Julius Lester ; pictures by Jerry Pinkney

PZ7.M31827 St 2015

Strictly no elephants

written by Lisa Mantchev ; illustrated by Taeeun Yoo

PZ7.M43151 Un 2016

The unexpected everything

Morgan Matson

PZ7.S5287 On 2015

One family

George Shannon ; pictures by Blanca Gomez

PZ7.S64257 St 2015

Stand off

Andrew Smith

PZ7.S95388 Wal 2015

The walls around us

Nova Ren Suma

PZ7.V4673 Foo 2015

Footer Davis probably is crazy

Susan Vaught ; illustrations by Jennifer Black Reinhardt

PZ7.V586 Max 2015

Max the brave

by Ed Vere

PZ7.W468413 Dar 2016

Dark energy

Robison Wells

PZ7.W66715 Di 2014

Diamond boy

Michael Williams

PZ7.W75477 Lil 2015

Lillian's right to vote : a celebration of the Voting Rights Act of 1965

by Jonah Winter ; illustrated by Shane Evans

PZ8.3.J266 Hen 2015

Henry Hyena, why won't you laugh?

written by Douglas Jantzen ; illustrated by Jean Claude

PZ8.3.T63 Doj 2015

Dojo daytrip

Chris Tougas