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Items Acquired in November 2016 for the University Libraries



U.S. foreign language deficit : strategies for maintaining a competitive edge in a globalized world [electronic resource]

Kathleen Stein-Smith


Assessing foreign language students' spoken proficiency : stakeholder perspectives on assessment innovation

Martin East


Language and cognitive structures of emotion

Prakash Mondal


Working with text and around text in foreign language environments

Halina Chodkiewicz, Piotr Steinbrich, Małgorzata Krzemińska-Adamek, editors


Issues in materials development

edited by Maryam Azarnoosh ... and others


Religion in the media : a linguistic analysis [electronic resource]

P94.6 .H353 2017

The handbook of communication in cross-cultural perspective

edited by Donal Carbaugh


Foreign Policy and the Media : The US in the Eyes of the Indonesian Press

Jarno S. Lang


Racial and ethnic identities in the media

Eleftheria Arapoglou, Yiorgos Kalogeras, Jopi Nyman, editors

P96.S29 S23 2016

Scandal in a digital age

Hinda Mandell, Gina Masullo Chen, editors


Anaphora resolution : algorithms, resources, and applications

Massimo Poesio, Roland Stuckardt, Yannick Versley, editors

P98 .H348 2006eb

A computational model of natural language communication : interpretation, inference, and production in database semantics

Roland R. Hausser

P98 .I58 2016eb

Formal grammar : 20th and 21st International Conferences, FG 2015, Barcelona, Spain, August 2015, revised selected papers, FG 2016, Bozen, Italy, August 2016, proceedings

Annie Foret, Glyn Morrill, Reinhard Muskens, Rainer Osswald, Sylvain Pogodalla (eds.)

PA181 .N55 2016

The rhetorical exercises of Nikephoros Basilakes : progymnasmata from twelfth-century Byzantium

edited and translated by Jeffrey Beneker and Craig A. Gibson

PA3013 .R36 2016

Receptions of the classics in the African diaspora of the hispanophone and lusophone worlds : Atlantis otherwise

edited by Elisa Rizo and Madeleine Henry

PA348.P4 C74 2016

The syntax and semantics of the perfect active in literary Koine Greek

Robert Samuel David Crellin (University of Cambridge)

PA3879 .T43 2016eb

Aristophanes and the cloak of comedy : affect, aesthetics, and the canon

Mario Telò

PA3950.C6 D4 2016

Demosthenes' "on the crown" : rhetorical perspectives

edited by James J. Murphy

PA5637.A8 K3513 2016

At twilight they return : a novel in ten tales

Zyranna Zateli ; translated from the Greek by David Donnolly

PA6003 .F58 2016eb

Variety : the life of a Roman concept

William Fitzgerald

PA6307.A2 M39 2016

How to win an argument : an ancient guide to the art of persuasion

Marcus Tullius Cicero ; selected, edited, and translated by James M. May


Cross the line

James Patterson


Tracing paradigms : one hundred years of Neophilologus

Rolf H. Bremmer Jr., Thijs Porck, Frans Ruiter, Usha Wilbers, editors


Futures for English studies : teaching language, literature and creativity in higher education

edited by Ann Hewings, the Open University, UK ; Lynda Prescott, the Open University, UK ; Philip Seargeant, the Open University, UK


English Language Training in the Workplace : Case Studies of Corporate Programs in China


English as medium of instruction in Japanese higher education : presumption, mirage or bluff? [electronic resource]


English language teaching today : linking theory and practice

Willy A. Renandya and Handoyo Puji Widodo, editors


Teaching EFL Writing in the 21st Century Arab World : Realities and Challenges [electronic resource]

edited by Abdelhamid Ahmed, Hassan Abouabdelkader

PE1301 .H83 2016

Present tense narration in contemporary fiction : a narratological overview


English : One Tongue, Many Voices [electronic resource]

by Jan Svartvik, Geoffrey Leech


The English language in Hong Kong : diachronic and synchronic perspectives

Stephen Evans

PE3727.R5 F7 1961

A dictionary of rhyming slang

Julian Franklyn

PF3065 .S38 2014

Cineplex : intermediate German language and culture through film

Jeanne Schueller, Reinhard Zachau, Carrie Collenberg-Gonzalez

PF3069.U558 G73 2016

Germanistik in Wien : das Seminar für Deutsche Philologie und seine Privatdozentinnen (1897-1933)

von Elisabeth Grabenweger

PG2975 .R49 2016

How Russia learned to write : literature and the Imperial Table of Ranks

Irina Reyfman

PG3361.S57 T713 2016

Hard times in Russia : a novel of liberals and radicals in 1860s Russia

Vasily Sleptsov ; translated by Michael R. Katz ; with an introduction by William C. Brumfield

PJ5054.O9 B4713 2016


Amos Oz ; translated from the Hebrew by Nicholas de Lange

PJ5191.E8 H38 2017

Have I got a story for you : more than a century of fiction from the forward

edited by Ezra Glinter ; introduction by Dara Horn

PJ7535 .M87 2015

The medieval Islamic republic of letters : Arabic knowledge construction

Muhsin J. Al-Musawi


Diary of a child called Souad

Nawal El Saadawi ; introduced and translated from the Arabic by Omnia Amin ; revised and edited by David Palfreyman


Charand-o parand : revolutionary satire from iran, 1907-1909

Ali-Akbar Dehkhodā ; translated and with an introduction and notes by Janet Afary and John R. Perry


Parts of Speech in Mandarin : The State of the Art

by Candice Chi-Hang Cheung


The Chinese language in European texts : the early period

Dinu Luca

PL2274.2.E85 D83 2016

The Chinese language in European texts : the early period

Dinu Luca

PL2302 .C36 2017

The edge of knowing : dreams, history, and realism in modern Chinese literature

Roy Bing Chan

PL2676.A683 W43 2016

19 ways of looking at Wang Wei : with more ways

Eliot Weinberger ; afterword by Octavio Paz

PL2716.A2 2017

Record of Daily Knowledge and Collected Poems and Essays : selections

Yanwu Gu ; edited and translated by Ian Johnston

PL839.A7 A6 2016

Red roofs and other stories

Jun'ichirō Tanizaki ; translated by Paul McCarthy ; translated by Anthony Chambers


Victorian childrens literature : experiencing abjection, empathy, and the power of love

Ruth Y. Jenkins

PN1077 .D53 2016

Words fail : theology, poetry, and the challenge of representation

Colby Dickinson


Celebrity authorship and afterlives in English and American literature

Gaston Franssen, Rick Honings, editors

PN1590.A54 C47 2016

The stage lives of animals : zooësis and performance

Una Chaudhuri


Women, Collective Creation, and Devised Performance [electronic resource]

PN161 .L5

Literary market place : LMP


Writing for performance

by Anne Harris and Stacy Holman Jones


Language and manipulation in House of Cards : a pragma-stylistic perspective

Sandrine Sorlin

PN1993.5.E8 S37 2016

Screening European heritage : creating and consuming history on film

Paul Cooke, Rob Stone editors

PN1993.5.I8 H66 2016

Hong Kong and Bollywood : globalization of asian cinemas

Joseph Tse-hei Lee, Satish Kolluri, editors

PN1993.5.I88 K58 2016

Neorealism and the "new" Italy : compassion in the development of Italian identity

Simonetta Milli Konewko


Screening the sixties : hollywood cinema and the politics of memory [electronic resource]

Oliver Gruner


The political economy of Disney : the cultural capitalism of Hollywood

Alexandre Bohas

PN1994 .M7

Movies and methods : an anthology

edited by Bill Nichols

PN1995 .B6177 2016eb

The Rhapsodes : how 1940s critics changed American film culture

David Bordwell

PN1995 .R53 2016

Cinema's bodily illusions : flying, floating, and hallucinating

Scott C. Richmond


Hong Kong and Bollywood : globalization of Asian cinemas

Joseph Tse-Hei Lee, Satish Kolluri, editors

PN1995.9.A26 B35 2016

Modern acting : the lost chapter of American film and theatre

Cynthia Baron

PN1995.9.C513 G67 2016

Global cinematic cities : new landscapes of film and media

edited by Johan Andersson and Lawrence Webb

PN1995.9.H55 M36 2016

Gay men at the movies : cinema, memory and the history of a gay male community

by Scott McKinnon

PN1995.9.H6 F53 2017

Monsters, demons and psychopaths : psychiatry and horror film

Fernando Espi Forcen

PN1995.9.H6 T695 2016

The turn to gruesomeness in American horror films, 1931-1936

Jon Towlson

PN1995.9.M34 R87 2016

Descended from Hercules : biopolitics and the muscled male body on screen

Robert A. Rushing

PN1995.9.S253 G54 2016

The British school film : from Tom Brown to Harry Potter : representations of secondary education in British cinema

Stephen Glynn

PN1995.9.V66 M37 2016

Envisioning Black feminist voodoo aesthetics : African spirituality in American cinema

Kameelah L. Martin

PN1995.9.W6 H23 2013

Go west, young women! : the rise of early Hollywood

Hilary A. Hallett

PN1995.9.W6 H545 2016

Never done : a history of women's work in media production

Erin Hill


Zoo and screen media : images of exhibition and encounter

Michael Lawrence, Karen Lury, editors

PN1997.I13 N55 2016

The making and influence of I am a fugitive from a chain gang

Scott Allen Nollen

PN1998.3.H58 C53 2016

Classical myth in four films of Alfred Hitchcock

Mark William Padilla

PN1998.3.L4655 M35 2016

Showman of the screen : Joseph E. Levine and his revolutions in film promotion

A. T. McKenna

PN1998.3.M433 A44 2016

The Alexander Medvedkin reader

compiled by Alexander Medvedkin, Jay Leyda, and Nikita Lary ; translated and edited by Nikita Lary and Jay Leyda

PN1999.W48 J47 2016

Celluloid pueblo : Western Ways films and the invention of the postwar Southwest

Jennifer L. Jenkins

PN2071.P78 E35 2016

Theatrical reality : space, embodiment and empathy in performance

Campbell Edinborough

PN2080 .L525 2016

LGBTQ comedic monologues that are actually funny

edited by Alisha Gaddis

PN2266.5 .B69 2016

Ruth Maleczech at Mabou Mines : woman's work

Jessica Silsby Brater

PN2277.S66 G46 2016

Show town : theater and culture in the Pacific Northwest, 1890-1920

Holly George

PN2287.A9 D83 2016

New Deal cowboy : Gene Autry and public diplomacy

Michael Duchemin

PN2297.M3 B33 2016

Four of the Three Musketeers : the Marx brothers on stage

Robert S. Bader

PN2312 .C33 2016

From scenarios to networks : performing the intercultural in colonial Mexico

Leo Cabranes-Grant

PN2598.O7 S45 2016

Peter O'Toole : the definitive biography

Robert Sellers

PN2635 .M37 2016

Staging France between the World Wars : performance, politics, and the transformation of the theatrical canon

Susan McCready

PN3171 .H275 2017

Acting it out

by Juliet Hart, Mark Onuscheck, and Mary Christel

PN3433.8 .R56 2016

The history of science fiction

Adam Roberts

PN3448.E36 R69 2016

Zombiescapes and phantom zones : ecocriticism and the liminal from Invisible Man to The Walking Dead

Lee Rozelle

PN53 .F57 2016

Imperfect fit : aesthetic function, facture, and perception in art and writing since 1950

Allen Fisher ; foreword by Pierre Joris

PN56.5.A35 R63 2016

Adolescent girlhood and literary culture at the Fin-de-siécle : daughters of today

Beth Rodgers

PN56.H55 T45 2016

Third-generation Holocaust narratives : memory in memoir and fiction

edited by Victoria Aarons


Modes of human rights literature : towards a culture without borders [electronic resource]

Michael Galchinsky


Sex, time, and space in contemporary fiction : exceptional intercourse

Ben Davies

PN56.S5 D38 2016

Sex, time, and space in contemporary fiction : exceptional intercourse

Ben Davies


Gender in the vampire narrative

edited by Amanda Hobson and U. Melissa Anyiwo


Walking and the aesthetics of modernity : pedestrian mobility in literature and the arts [electronic resource]

Klaus Benesch, François Specq, editors


Humour in political activism : creative nonviolent resistance

Majken Jul Sørensen

PN6420 .D47 2016

Alliterative proverbs in medieval England : language choice and literary meaning

Susan E. Deskis

PN6790.A7 F67 2016

El Eternauta, Daytripper, and beyond : graphic narrative in Argentina and Brazil

David William Foster

PN751 .B86 R66 2016

Romantic prophecy and the resistance to historicism

Christopher M. Bundock

PN842 .S44 2016

Strangers in Berlin : modern Jewish literature between East and West, 1919-1933

Rachel Seelig

PQ1278 .F35 2016

Fairy tales for the disillusioned : enchanted stories from the French decadent tradition

edited and translated by Gretchen Schultz & Lewis Seifert

PQ2247 .W5613 2016


Michel Winock ; translated by Nicholas Elliott

PQ2672.E963 A8813 2016

The attraction of things : fragments of an oblique life

Roger Lewinter ; translated from the French by Rachel Careau

PQ2672.E963 H5813 2016

Story of love in solitude

Roger Lewinter ; translated from the French by Rachel Careau

PQ4266 .A1 1966


Giovanni Boccaccio ; a cura di Cesare Segre ; commento di Maria Segre Consigli e Antonia Benvenuti

PQ6073.M6 R636 2016

Incomparable empires : modernism and the translation of Spanish and American literature

Gayle Rogers

PQ6329.A6 G76 2016

Exemplary novels

Miguel de Cervantes ; translated from the Spanish by Edith Grossman ; edited by Roberto González Echevarría

PQ7820.P39 N6713 2016

Norte : a novel

Edmundo Paz Soldán ; translated by Valerie Miles


Arguedas/Vargas Llosa : dilemmas and assemblages

Mabel Morana ; translated by Andrew Ascherl

PR2888 .C3

Shakespeare survey

PR4034 .M3 2016

Mansfield Park : an annotated edition

Jane Austen ; edited by Deidre Shauna Lynch


Memories of war in early modern England : armor and militant nostalgia in Marlowe, Sidney, and Shakespeare

Susan Harlan

PR408.W37 H37 2016

Memories of war in early modern England : armor and militant nostalgia in Marlowe, Sidney, and Shakespeare

Susan Harlan

PR418.R7 S53 2016

Space, gender, and memory in middle English romance : architectures of wonder in Melusine

Jan Shaw

PR438.D56 T46 2016

Writing Illness and Identity in Seventeenth-century Britain

PR4536 .W55 2016

Guilty thing : a life of Thomas De Quincey

Frances Wilson

PR4572 .A1 2017

A Christmas carol : the original manuscript edition

Charles Dickens ; foreword by Colm Tóibín ; introduction by Declan Kiely

PR4753 .F67 2016

Thomas Hardy : half a Londoner

Mark Ford

PR478.C58 M37 2017

At the mercy of their clothes : modernism, the middlebrow, and British garment culture

Celia Marshik

PR6003.O6757 A6 2017

The weight of a world of feeling : reviews and essays

by Elizabeth Bowen ; edited and with an introduction by Allan Hepburn


Queering Agatha Christie : revisiting the golden age of detective fiction

J.C. Bernthal

PR6023.E926 C5356 2016

Eight children in Narnia : the making of a children's story

Jared Lobdell

PR6045.A97 Z6824 2016

Evelyn Waugh : a life revisited

Philip Eade


Virginia Woolf and the modern sublime : the invisible tribunal

by Daniel T. O'Hara

PR6052.U894 J47 2011


Jez Butterworth


Ted Hughes and trauma : burning the foxes [electronic resource]

Danny O'Connor

PR6058.U37 Z799 2016

Ted Hughes and trauma : burning the foxes

Danny O'Connor

PR6062.A735 F35 2016

The fall guy : a novel

James Lasdun

PR6063.C4 N84 2016

Nutshell : a novel

Ian McEwan

PR6063.C73 D36 2016

The dance of death

by August Strindberg in a new version by Conor McPherson

PR6070.R364 G87 2016

The Gustav Sonata

Rose Tremain

PR6119.E37 C66 2016

The comet seekers

Helen Sedgwick

PR658.R43 B76 2016

Staging harmony : music and religious change in late medieval and early modern English drama

Katherine Steele Brokaw

PR830.G45 I44 2016

The Victorian ghost story and theology : from Le Fanu to James

Zoë Lehmann Imfeld

PR8722.M68 P35 2016

Imagining motherhood in contemporary Irish and Caribbean literature

Abigail L. Palko

PR9199.3.J54 N49 2016

News of the world : a novel

Paulette Jiles

PR9199.3.L3945 A6 2016

The hideous hidden

Sylvia Legris

PR9199.3.L563 M47 2016

Mercury : a novel

Margot Livesey

PR9372.9.B87 Z77 2016

Art and political thought in Bole Butake

Emmanuel N. Ngwang and Kenneth Usongo

PS1449.C85 B6 2016z

The black riders and other lines

by Stephen Crane

PS153.M4 A53 2016

Ritual structures in Chicana fiction

Helane Androne

PS195.E57 K55 2016

Mania for freedom : American literatures of enthusiasm from the Revolution to the Civil War

John Mac Kilgore

PS2116 .S2 1959

The sacred fount

with an introduction by Leon Edel

PS228.A88 L65x 2016

Performing authorship : strategies of "Becoming an author" in the works of Paul Auster, Candice Breitz, Sophie Calle, and Jonathan Safran Foer

Sonja Longolius

PS3523.I516 Z528

War within and without : diaries and letters of Anne Morrow Lindbergh, 1939-1944

PS3552.O932 T47 2016

The terranauts

T. Coraghessan Boyle

PS3553.A25 T76 2016

The trouble with where we come from

by Scott Caan



Patricia Leavy ; [foreword by Anne Harris]

PS3558.U517 A6 2016

Fire muse : poems from the salt house

Cynthia Huntington

PS3560.I6 B63 2016

The boat rocker

Ha Jin

PS3560.O485 Z48 2016

Love, H : the letters of Helene Dorn and Hettie Jones

Hettie Jones

PS3563.O88456 Z74 2016

Understanding Walter Mosley

Jennifer Larson

PS3563.U787 V35 2016

Valiant gentlemen

Sabina Murray

PS3566.R68 M57 2016

Mister Monkey : a novel

Francine Prose

PS3569.H338 Z46 2016

That self-forgetful perfectly useless concentration

Alan Shapiro

PS3569.K577 P47 2016

The phantom of Thomas Hardy

a novel by Floyd Skloot

PS3569.M5377 G57 2016

The girl from Venice

Martin Cruz Smith

PS3569.O6547 Z877 2016

Understanding Susan Sontag

Carl Rollyson

PS3573.E3928 A6 2016

The ghosts of birds

Eliot Weinberger

PS3601.D3756 .L53 2016

Lickspittles, buttonholers and damned pernicious go-betweens

by Johnna Adams

PS3602.R728 A6 2016

A horse with holes in it : poems

Greg Alan Brownderville

PS3603.A5356 H68 2016

Hour of the ox

Marci Calabretta Cancio-Bello

PS3603.A667 N69 2016

Now that we're men : the play

by Katie Cappiello ; introduction by Jonathan Marc Sherman

PS3603.A746 .L37 2016

Last gas

by John Cariani

PS3608.A52 S66 2016


by Noah Haidle

PS3612.A9515 A6 2016

Virgin : and other stories

April Ayers Lawson

PS3612.U2495 P85 2016

Pull me under

Kelly Luce

PS3613.A56 .I76 2016


by Martyna Majok

PS3614.O387 M43 2016


Katharine Noel

PS3618.O87253 A6 2016

Bodys : poems

by Vanessa Roveto

PS3619.C4927 A6 2016

Take nothing with you

poems by Sarah V. Schweig

PS3619.M536 P75 2016


Aaron Smith

PS3626.I55 P75 2016

Private novelist : fiction

Nell Zink

PS374.G55 K37 2016

Victorian melodrama in the twenty-first century : Jane Eyre, Twilight, and the mode of excess in popular girl culture

Katie Kapurch

PS374.S35 A24 2016

Imagining urban futures : cities in science fiction and what we might learn from them

Carl Abbott

PS374.S35 S55 2016

The science fiction mythmakers : religion, science and philosophy in Wells, Clarke, Dick and Herbert

Jennifer Simkins

PS645 .B47 2016

The best American nonrequired reading 2016

edited by Rachel Kushner and the students of 826 National ; managing editor, Daniel Gumbiner

PS648.D4 H54 2016

The highway kind : tales of fast cars, desperate drivers, and dark roads

edited by Patrick Millikin

PS683.W65 B58 2016

The bitch is back : older, wiser, and (getting) happier

edited by Cathi Hanauer


Global doll's house : Ibsen and distant visions [electronic resource]

PZ 10.H78 AN

Animals do the strangest things

PZ7 .G1273 Sle 2015

The sleeper and the spindle

Neil Gaiman ; illustrated by Chris Riddell