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Items Acquired in January 2016 for the University Libraries


P106 .C46 2016

What kind of creatures are we?

Noam Chomsky

P115.25 .B46 2015

Multiliterate Ireland : literary manifestations of a multilingual history

Tina L. Bennett-Kastor

P128.C68 G75 2009eb

Quantitative corpus linguistics with R : a practical introduction [electronic resource]

Stefan Th. Gries


My PowerPoint 2016

Echo Swinford


Handbook of media economics. Volume 1A

edited by Simon P. Anderson, Joel Waldfogel, David Strömberg


Handbook of media economics. Volume 1B

edited by Simon P. Anderson, Joel Waldfogel, David Strömberg

PA3003 .A44 2015

Ancient obscenities : their nature and use in the ancient Greek and Roman worlds

Dorota Dutsch and Ann Suter, editors

PA3010 .F55 2016

Beyond Greek : the beginnings of Latin Literature

Denis Feeney

PA3975 .A2 2015

Trojan women, Helen, Hecuba : three plays about women and the Trojan War

Euripides ; verse translations by Francis Blessington, with introductions and notes

PA4025.A2 A44 2015

The Iliad

Homer ; a new translation by Caroline Alexander

PA6650.E5 M87 2016

Quintilian on the teaching of speaking & writing : translations from books one, two, & ten of the "Institutio Oratoria"

edited by James J. Murphy & Cleve Wiese

PE1404 .H358 2016

Handbook of writing research

edited by Charles A. MacArthur, Steve Graham, Jill Fitzgerald

PE1408 .T87 2016

Writing essays : a guide for students in English and the humanities

Richard Marggraf Turley

PG3096.B76 B47 2015

Siblings in Tolstoy and Dostoevsky : the path to universal brotherhood

Anna A. Berman


PIC Basic Projects : 30 Projects using PIC BASIC and PIC BASIC PRO [electronic resource]

PJ5054.A65 A2 2015

The poetry of Yehuda Amichai

edited by Robert Alter

PL2470.Z7 D6613 2016

Luxuriant gems of the spring and autumn

attributed to Dong Zhongshu ; edited and translated by Sarah A. Queen and John S. Major

PL2877.A58 M513 2016

The lost garden : a novel

Li Ang ; translated by Sylvia Li-chun Lin with Howard Goldblatt

PL853.S535 Z67 2015

Ishimure Michiko's writing in ecocritical perspective : between sea and sky

[edited by Bruce Allen and Yuki Masami]

PN1035 .P46 2015

Persistent forms : explorations in historical poetics

Ilya Kliger and Boris Maslov, editors

PN1270.5 .B83 2015

Everything to nothing : the poetry of the Great War, revolution and the transformation of Europe

Geert Buelens ; translated by David McKay

PN1576 .M39 2015

Rethinking practice as research and the cognitive turn

Shaun May

PN1580 .B35 2015eb

The world's your stage : how performing artists can make a living while still doing what they love

William F. Baker, Warren C. Gibson, and Evan Leatherwood

PN1590.G39 Q43 2016

Queer dramaturgies : international perspectives on where performance leads queer

edited by Alyson Campbell, University of Melbourne, Australia, and Stephen Farrier, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London, UK

PN171.A33 S26 2015

Adaptation and appropriation

Julie Sanders

PN171.M93 P36 2015

Monolingualism and linguistic exhibitionism in fiction

Anjali Pandey

PN1861 .B43 2015

The Cambridge introduction to theatre and literature of the absurd

Michael Y. Bennett


Holocaust cinema in the twenty-first century : memory, images, and the ethics of representation

edited by Oleksandr Kobrynskyy & Gerd Bayer

PN1991.75 .M34 2016

Radio production

Robert McLeish and Jeff Link


Innovation for media content creation : tools and strategies for delivering successful content

Marlon Quintero


Video field production and editing

Ronald J. Compesi

PN1992.94 .C65 2015

Introduction to video production : studio, field, and beyond

Ronald J. Compesi and Jamie S. Gomez

PN1993.5.A1 R64 2015

Film modernism

Sam Rohdie

PN1993.5.I8 P274 2015

Reel world : an anthropology of creation

Anand Pandian ; with a foreword by Walter Murch

PN1993.5.I88 R435 2015

The Maciste films of Italian silent cinema

Jacqueline Reich ; with an appendix by Claudia Gianetto (head of film archive) and Stella Dagna (film archivist),Museo Nazionale del Cinema, Turin, Italy

PN1994 .T5295 2015

How to watch a movie

David Thomson

PN1995.62 .G45 2015

Dirty words & filthy pictures : film and the First Amendment

Jeremy Geltzer

PN1995.9.C55 B65 2015

Male anxiety and psychopathology in film : comedy Italian style

by Andrea Bini

PN1995.9.E45 B36 2016

I won't grow up! : the comic man-child in film from 1901 to the present

Anthony Balducci

PN1995.9.F34 F33 2016

Fairy-tale films beyond Disney : international perspectives

edited by Jack Zipes, Pauline Greenhill, and Kendra Magnus-Johnston

PN1995.9.H6 D73 2016

The filmmaker's book of the dead : a mortal's guide to making horror movies

Danny Draven

PN1995.9.H835 H86 2016@PN1995.9.H835 H86 2015

Humor in Latin American cinema

edited by Juan Poblete and Juana Suárez

PN1995.9.N67 S64 2015

Flickers of film : nostalgia in the time of digital cinema

Jason Sperb

PN1995.9.O8 L44 2015

Our gang : a racial history of The little rascals

Julia Lee ; foreword by Henry Louis Gates Jr

PN1995.9.R4 D69 2016

Salvation from cinema : the medium is the message

Crystal Downing

PN1995.P7828 J47 2016

Dislocated screen memory : narrating trauma in post-Yugoslav cinema

Dijana Jelača

PN1997.2 .F38 2014

The fault in our stars

Fox 2000 Pictures presents a Temple Hill production ; directed by Josh Boone ; screenplay by Scott Neustadter & Michael H. Weber ; produced by Wyck Godfrey, Marty Bowen ; executive producers, Michele Imperato Stabile, Isaac Klausner

PN1997.A3415 E55 2016

Amar Akbar Anthony : Bollywood, brotherhood, and the nation

William Elison, Christian Lee Novetzke, Andy Rotman

PN1997.G59 T39 2015

Gone with the wind

Helen Taylor

PN1998.3.C3558 O84 2015

Laurent Cantet

Martin O'Shaughnessy

PN1998.3.C358 L4713 2015

Albert Capellani : pioneer of the silent screen

Christine Leteux ; foreword by Kevin Brownlow

PN1998.3.H58 S83 2016

Hitchcock's objects as subjects : the significance of things on screen

Marc Raymond Strauss

PN1998.3.M4645 C88 2015

William Cameron Menzies : the shape of films to come

James Curtis

PN1998.3.P42 R37 2015

Raoul Peck : power, politics, and the cinematic imagination

edited by Toni Pressley-Sanon and Sophie Saint-Just

PN1998.3.W45 M343 2015

Young Orson : the years of luck and genius on the path to Citizen Kane

Patrick McGilligan

PN204 .B35 2016

Readability : text and context

Alan Bailin, Hofstra University, USA and Ann Grafstein, Hofstra University, USA

PN2053 .K58 2016eb

The director as collaborator

Robert Knopf, University at Buffalo

PN2080 .P597 2015

Plays for three

edited by Eric Lane and Nina Shengold

PN2085 .S77 2013

Stage management

Lawrence Stern, Alice R. O'Grady

PN2266.3 .P75 2016

Stages of engagement : U.S. theatre and performance from 1898-1949

Joshua E. Polster

PN2270.A35 B73 2015

Harlem's theaters : a staging ground for community, class, and contradiction, 1923-1939

Adrienne Macki Braconi

PN2287.A53 E93 2015

Woody : [the biography]

David Evanier

PN2287.N5 M38 2015

Jack's life : a biography of Jack Nicholson

Patrick McGilligan

PN2594.13.C45 C86 2016

Child labor in the British Victorian entertainment industry : 1875-1914

Dyan Colclough

PN2874.2 .S83 2016

Staging China : new theatres in the twenty-first century

edited by Li Ruru

PN3352.F35 U55 2015

The medieval presence in modernist literature : the quest to fail

Jonathan Ullyot, University of Chicago


How to write powerful prose : an essay by the author of Style

F.L. Lucas

PN3426.A87 L64 2015

Imagining autism : fiction and stereotypes on the spectrum

Sonya Freeman Loftis

PN3427 .P64 2016

The poetics of genre in the contemporary novel

edited by Tim Lanzendörfer

PN3491 .K46 2015

The late medieval origins of the modern novel

Rachel A. Kent


A novice's guide to speaking in public : 10 steps to help you succeed in your next presentation...without years of training!

Michael Lawrence Faulkner

PN45 .R577 2015

Illegal literature : toward a disruptive creativity

David S. Roh

PN4778 .B3 2016

The art of editing : in the age of convergence

Brian S. Brooks, James L. Pinson

PN4784.E5 S86 2016

The complete editor

James Glen Stovall, Edward Mullins


Television field production and reporting : a guide to visual storytelling

Fred Shook, John Larson, John DeTarsio

PN56.B5 J66 2016

The Bible and literature : the basics

Norman W. Jones

PN56.E7 N87 2016

Understanding pornographic fiction : sex, violence, and self-deception

Charles O. Nussbaum (University of Texas, US)

PN56.I57 M46 2015

Indifference to difference : on queer universalism

Madhavi Menon

PN56.L27 K66 2016

The style and timbre of English speech and literature

Marklen E. Konurbaev, Professor of Philology, Moscow State University, Russia

PN6084.N38 C37 2015

New York : capital of the 20th century

[compiled by] Kenneth Goldsmith

PN61 .V35 2015

The values of literary studies : critical institutions, scholarly agendas

Rónán McDonald, University of New South Wales

PN6149.S2 L54 2015

God mocks : a history of religious satire from the Hebrew Prophets to Stephen Colbert

Terry Lindvall

PN6725 .W48 2016

Black women in sequence : re-inking comics, graphic novels, and anime

Deborah Elizabeth Whaley

PN6727.E4 Z69 2015

Will Eisner : champion of the graphic novel

by Paul Levitz ; introduction by Brad Meltzer

PN73 .E17 2015

Traces of the old, uses of the new : the emergence of digital literary studies

Amy E. Earhart

PN810.H65 A49 2015

On the edge of the Holocaust : the Shoah in Latin American literature and culture

Edna Aizenberg

PN85 .M485 2015

An innocent abroad : lectures in China

J. Hillis Miller

PQ2344 .A2 2015

Azure : poems and selections from the "Livre"

Stéphane Mallarmé ; a new translation by Blake Bronson-Bartlett and Robert Fernandez

PQ2605.A3734 Z65969 2015

Camus and the challenge of political thought : between despair and hope

Patrick Hayden

PQ2637.A274 Z829 2006

Saint-Exupéry : a biography

Stacy Schiff

PQ3980.5 .P43 2015

Front cover iconography and Algerian women's writing : heuristic implications of the recto-verso effect

Pamela A. Pears

PQ3989.2.S62 S654 2015

Souffles-Anfas : a critical anthology from the Moroccan journal of culture and politics

edited by Olivia C. Harrison and Teresa Villa-Ignacio

PQ6329.A7 P38 2015

Cervantes's eight interludes

Miguel de Cervantes ; edited and translated by Charles Patterson

PQ6666.E356 Z79 2015

Dark assemblages : Pilar Pedraza and the gothic story of development

Kay Pritchett

PQ6672.I37 P6713 2015

Because she never asked

Enrique Vila-Matas ; translated by Valerie Miles

PQ7081 .C7364 2016

Critical terms in Caribbean and Latin American thought : historical and institutional trajectories

edited by Yolanda Martínez-San Miguel, Ben. Sifuentes-Jáuregui, and Marisa Belausteguigoitia

PQ7081 .V429 2015

The body as capital : masculinities in contemporary Latin American fiction

Vinodh Venkatesh

PR145 .K56 2015

Imagined spiritual communities in Britain's age of print

Joshua King

PR1912.A2 T56 2015

Reading women in late medieval Europe : Anne of Bohemia and Chaucer's female audience

Alfred Thomas

PR2015 .A38 2015

Beyond reformation? : an essay on William Langland's Piers Plowman and the end of Constantinian Christianity

David Aers

PR2888 .C3

Shakespeare survey

PR2929 .D86 2015

Portraits of Shakespeare

Katherine Duncan-Jones

PR2982 .K37 2015

The drama of memory in Shakespeare's history plays

Isabel Karremann

PR3039 .M34 2015

Shakespeare and the natural world

Tom MacFaul

PR3091 .H56 2016

Shakespeare, performance and the archive

Barbara Hodgdon

PR3562 .D64 2015

Milton's visual imagination : imagery in Paradise Lost

Stephen B. Dobranski

PR428.C637 S74 2016

Confession and memory in early modern English literature : penitential remains

Paul D. Stegner (Associate Professor, California Polytechnic University, USA)

PR438.H63 H66 2015

Home and nation in British literature from the English to the French revolutions

edited by A. D. Cousins and Geoffrey Payne

PR442 .P37 2016

Passions, sympathy and print culture : public opinion and emotional authenticity in eighteenth-century Britain

edited by Heather Kerr, David Lemmings and Robert Phiddian

PR448.P5 M53 2016

British Romanticism and the critique of political reason

Timothy Michael

PR4592.R4 B88 2016

Dickens, religion, and society

Robert Butterworth

PR478.I53 R59 2015

Insurgent testimonies : witnessing colonial trauma in modern and Anglophone literature

Nicole M. Rizzuto

PR478.M6 D38 2016

The extinct scene : late modernism and everyday life

Thomas S. Davis

PR4792 .O38 2016

James Hogg and British Romanticism : a kaleidoscopic art

Meiko O'Halloran

PR502 .W27 2016

Poetry : the basics

Jeffrey Wainwright

PR5264 .C36 2015

The Cambridge companion to John Ruskin

edited by Francis O'Gorman

PR5368.I67 C57 2015

Bernard Shaw's Irish Outlook

David Clare

PR583 .N55 2015

Nineteenth-century poetry : criticism and debates

edited by Jonathan Herapath and Emma Mason

PR6003.E282 Z624755 2016

Beckett's art of mismaking

Leland de la Durantaye

PR6005.H66 Z65 2015

Curtain up : Agatha Christie : a life in the theatre

Julius Green

PR6005.O4 Z7274 2016

Conrad's popular fictions : secret histories and sensational novels

Andrew Glazzard

PR601 .F35 2015

The Cambridge introduction to British poetry, 1945-2010

Eric Falci, University of California, Berkeley

PR6019.O9 Z533474 2015

Joyce's ghosts : Ireland, modernism, and memory

Luke Gibbons

PR6029.R8 Z89 2016

Or Orwell : writing and democratic socialism

Alex Woloch

PR6045.O72 Z4587

Woolf studies annual

PR6045.O72 Z8526 2015

Virginia Woolf and the modern sublime : the invisible tribunal

Daniel T. O'Hara (Professor of English and Inaugural Mellon Term Professor of Humanities, Temple University, USA)

PR6052.E5 A6 2015

The lady in the van : and other stories

Alan Bennett

PR6058.U37 Z584 2015

Ted Hughes : the unauthorised life

Jonathan Bate

PR6068.O93 Z66 2015

From here to Hogwarts : essays on Harry Potter fandom and fiction

edited by Christopher E. Bell

PR6073.I46737 Z79 2015

Jacqueline Wilson

edited by Lucy Pearson

PR6102.A7833 B43 2015

Beatlebone : a novel

Kevin Barry

PR830.S65 B83 2015

Espionage in British fiction and film since 1900 : the changing enemy

Oliver S. Buckton

PR888.O84 B93 2015

Rethinking the monstrous : transgression, vulnerability and difference in British fiction since 1967

Jim Byatt

PR9192.52 .N57 2015

Comparative North American studies : transnational approaches to American and Canadian literature and culture

Reingard M. Nischik

PR9632.5 .L39 2015

Neoliberalism and cultural transition in New Zealand literature, 1984-2008 : market fictions

Jennifer Lawn

PS153.M56 B45 2015

Bridges to memory : postmemory in contemporary ethnic American women's fiction

Maria Rice Bellamy

PS153.N5 S553 2015

Cultural melancholy : readings of race, impossible mourning, and African American ritual

Jermaine Singleton

PS169.S45 A49 2016

Site reading : fiction, art, social form

David J. Alworth

PS271 .H57 2015

A history of western American literature

edited by Susan Kollin, Montana State University

PS338.F48 B56 2016

Rape, rage and feminism in contemporary American drama

Davida Bloom

PS3511.R94 Z6529 2015

You come too : my journey with Robert Frost

Lesley Lee Francis

PS3525.I972 G6865 2015

New approaches to Gone with the Wind

edited by James A. Crank

PS3529.P54 Z85 2015

The Oppens remembered : poetry, politics, and friendship

edited by Rachel Blau DuPlessis

PS3551.L78 Z46 2015

About women : conversations between a writer and a painter

Lisa Alther and Françoise Gilot

PS3552.U3394 R45 2015

The relic master

Christopher Buckley

PS3554.I259 Z64 2015

Reading Junot Díaz

Christopher González

PS3557.O384 Z67 2016

Princess bride and philosophy : inconceivable!

edited by Richard Greene and Rachel Robinson-Greene

PS3560.E474 Z66 2015

Understanding Gish Jen

Jennifer Ann Ho

PS3563.A4345 C55 2015

China doll : a play

by David Mamet

PS3565.R42 A6 2015

Iconoscope : new and selected poems

Peter Oresick ; edited by Judith Vollmer ; introduction by Lawrence Joseph

PS3565.S33 A6 2015

All souls : essential poems

Brenda Marie Osbey

PS3572.O5 Z858 2015

The brothers Vonnegut : science and fiction in the house of magic

Ginger Strand

PS3602.R397 A6 2015

Small mothers of fright : poems

Tara Bray

PS3604.A75 A6 2015

A curious land : stories from home

Susan Muaddi Darraj

PS3606.R3653 F67 2015

Forest primeval : poems

Vievee Francis

PS3607.U49 B48 2015

Between Riverside and crazy

Stephen Adly Guirgis

PS3611.O58 I87 2015

It's. Nice. Outside.

Jim Kokoris

PS3613.O54983 O49 2015

Olympic butter gold : poems

Jonathan Moody

PS3618.O8633 Z57 2016

Divergent and philosophy : the factions of life

edited by Courtland Lewis

PS374.M535 C36 2015

The Cambridge companion to the American modernist novel

edited by Joshua L. Miller, University of Michigan

PS374.R32 M69 2015

The social imperative : race, close reading, and contemporary literary criticism

Paula M. L. Moya

PS374.R37 D39 2015

Emotional reinventions : realist-era representations beyond sympathy

Melanie V. Dawson

PS634.2 .B48 2015

The best plays of 2014

edited by Lawrence Harbison

PT2200.J4 S38 2015

Goethe and Judaism : the troubled inheritance of modern literature

Karin Schutjer

PT2613.E47 Z81553 2015

Stefan George und sein Kreis : ein Handbuch

Auflage Herausgegeben von Achim Aurnhammer, Wolfgang Braungart, Stefan Breuer und Ute Oelmann in Zusammenarbeit mit Kai Kauffmann

PT2621.A26 Z8651716 2015

Kafka and Wittgenstein : the case for an analytic modernism

Rebecca Schuman

PT2635.O84 A2 2015

The hotel years

Joseph Roth ; translated by Michael Hofmann

PZ7.7.G9 On 2015

The only child

by Guojing

PZ7.7.L395 Si 2015

Sidewalk flowers

JonArno Lawson ; illustrated by Sydney Smith

PZ7.B26615 Le 2015

Leo : a ghost story

by Mac Barnett ; pictures by Christian Robinson

PZ7.B26615 Sku 2015

The skunk

story by Mac Barnett ; art by Patrick McDonnell

PZ7.B26615 Tg 2016

The terrible two get worse

Mac Barnett, Jory John ; illustrated by Kevin Cornell

PZ7.B6924 Bi 2015

Big bear, little chair

Lizi Boyd

PZ7.J4134 Fhn 2015

A fine dessert : four centuries, four families, one delicious treat

text by Emily Jenkins ; illustrations by Sophie Blackall

PZ8.2 .T487 2015

The tiger who would be king

James Thurber ; illustrated by JooHee Yoon