Is anyone using eBooks?

Kari Paulson, President of EBL, offered these statistics at the Charleston Conference last fall. I verified them with her today. The stats are from EBL. Kari collected these anecdotal stats to respond to the common question, is anyone using eBooks?

At EBL, in the month of October, 2007
The average patron spent 32 minutes reading online, per title (does not include browse time)
16% of the sessions lasted over one hour
17.5 pages were accessed per session
50/50 split between downloading the titles and using the online reader

She also looked at the overall usage of library accounts who used EBL in both October 2006, and October 2007. Usage grew 464%. Granted, the libraries added additional titles throughout the year, but the increase in usage is still amazing.

I wonder how many of the pages got printed 😉

2 thoughts on “Is anyone using eBooks?”

  1. I like the level of statistical detail EBL was able to provide. It would be interesting to do an ethnographic study on how eBooks are being used by students and faculty.

  2. It would also be instructive to know what was the standard deviation for some of these figures. Does 17.5 pages closely represent the mean number of pages read, or are fewer people reading entire books and most people glancing at a couple of pages?

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